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The Four Times Keith Kogane Cried Himself To Sleep Alone And The First Time Lance Cried With Him

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And so, Keith finds himself leaning against his bed again, ready to burst into tears. Because that's what he does. He's a weak dumbass who can't control his emotions. And now the Red Lion apparently likes fire which should be a great thing because that's a pretty useful power but no. Keith can't stand fire. Fire is Keith's worst fear. He can hardly cook, for fear of tripping and plunging his hand into the burning flames, or screwing up and his little house, the only thing he has left, burning to the ground. He's afraid of his flesh melting, his clothes burning, his hair smoking. Keith's fear of fire is worst than fear, worst than a phobia. Fire haunts Keith. And now it's his power. Great. Totally great. This is so fucking great. Keith feels useless. Keith is useless. A useless superhero whose afraid of his own powers. What a failure he is. Hot tears fill Keith's eyes, and yet again, Keith tries to muffle his crying. The rest of the team can't know this. They wouldn't understand, except maybe Shiro. But it's easier, simpler, to just hold it in. Why bother people with your own problems when they have more.