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The Four Times Keith Kogane Cried Himself To Sleep Alone And The First Time Lance Cried With Him

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Keith's life had changed drastically in an impressively short amount of time, so it was admirable that he hadn't broken down already. Turns out, being a superhero in space who flies a magical lion takes a toll on your mental health. He imagined how the rest of the team felt. They had family back on earth that they must be missing terribly. That made Keith feel guilty. At least there was no one worried about him. He felt the pinpricks of tears in his eyes. Keith felt like he was drowning, drowning in shame, in sorrow, in homesickness for his little house. It wasn't much, but it was his. It felt like everything had been ripped away from him. "Stop..." he whispered to himself. "Please let this stop." He knows it won't stop. He knows that he needs to let the tears pass, to cleanse him. The soft tickle of tears passed down his face and he wiped them off with his arm. He tried to take deep breaths, to calm the awful gasping, crying noises. He pulled his blanket over his head, and slept.