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The Four Times Keith Kogane Cried Himself To Sleep Alone And The First Time Lance Cried With Him

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Keith slammed the door to his home closed and threw himself onto his bed. Why was he like this? He had one job, and he had failed. He'd be expelled from the Garrison and nothing mattered now. Keith had left the Garrison boiling with fury and hold up a middle finger, while the Garrison essentially did the same. He shoved his pillow onto his face and screamed. Fuck the Garrison, fuck everyone there, fuck himself for being such an idiot. He flopped onto his bed, and, for the first time in months, cried. Keith was a loner, an introvert. But this was the loneliest night of his life. He sobbed in sympathy for himself, in hatred for himself, he told himself he'd be better off dead. Finally, exhausted, he slept.