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The Four Times Keith Kogane Cried Himself To Sleep Alone And The First Time Lance Cried With Him

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Images of crackling flames and raining ash replayed themselves in Keith's mind. His mind was still full of awful, jumbled thoughts. He tried to push the thoughts of his dad choking to death on thick, black smoke, his flesh bubbling under the intense heat, bones breaking as the house crumbled around him. The starry, fresh night around Keith was gone, and his lungs start to clench, trying not to inhale smoke that isn't there. He can practically feel his skin burning. His heart races as he tries to escape the fire that isn't there. The heat from smoldering flames boils the tears waiting to spill over from his eyes. The stars have turned to sparks and there's no air. Keith yells, but no sound comes out. And in the dark night in the middle of nowhere, there isn't anyone to hear him anyways. His eyes overflow, and he waits, in dreadful silence, for it to be over.

This chapter is really short but they get longerrrrr