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Hot Fantasy Night

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A male stripper troupe has come into town and they roped Al into being a performer for one night because adding a real police officer to their ranks for the evening show would give their audience an extra thrill (and somehow, the tank police crew thinks it would be a good idea for boosting their image, although he suspects they just want to razz him for the whole thing).

Of course, Al being the nice guy that he is, bites the bullet and agrees. The strippers give him some training with regards to move sets, techniques, and how to turn women on.

He comes to learn that the ladies from the office as well as from the force have been invited to the show, including Leona.


Naturally, Leona said she'd go because she is highly amused at the notion of Al wearing next to nothing on stage and having to dance for the ladies. (I mean, she did wear a bunny suit once)

She figured she'd be laughing through it all, mostly.


While talking with the stripper dudes, Al wondered what these guys get out of doing this in the first place. One of the guys said he'd love to nail each and every woman in that audience, another said he has a girl at home whom he loves so it's strictly business; the leader of the troupe said he loves it when the ladies he's turned on come to find him afterwards and he gets to give them "the full show", so to speak.


The leader asks Al if he plans on nailing a few of the ladies that night.

He said to him "You've got a great body with great looks, awesome strength, and pretty smooth moves. I'm sure you could get any woman you want."


"It's not just any woman I want." Al replied.

"Oh, so you DO have a special lady in mind, then?"


Al sighed and replied "Yeah, but one who's never seen me in the way I want her to."

"Hmmm," the leader mused "Well, since you're coming out of your element to give this show an extra shot in the shorts, let's see if we can help you impress your dream woman."


"Since you both work together, she's already seen your strength, so that won't have the desired effect on its own. She's a powerful leader, smart, and independent. A woman of this type can be challenging, but it's been my experience that these types are also very hungry. Tapping into that hunger is the secret here."


"You don't have to demonstrate your physical strength as she's already familiar with it. What you do have to show her are your smooth moves, how sexy a beast you can be; the promise of a fulfilling night should she decide to take you home after the show. You have to show her what you are capable of in the sack while keeping it legal on-stage. You get me?"


Al is a little flustered but he knows the guy's right.

"Ok, I've got a few pretty good sets for a woman like this. They're tricky, and not every guy can pull it off.  You're pretty flexible and buff at the same time plus, you seem to be really in love with her. That should work out nicely. Well, let's get started then."


 [This training takes a few days.]


[Let's skip ahead to the evening.]


The ladies have made themselves comfortable and Leona was (at the request of the troupe) placed in front dead center. Strategic placement of course.

The tank police guys are hiding out in the back. The ladies are already getting pretty worked up and it's a touch intimidating. Not sure if they're there to cheer Al on or tease him about it later (maybe both).


Many of the girls are gussied up and looking good (some of them rather whore-ish).  Sporting a black form-fitting shirt with a crew neck, baggy slacks with a belt and short black boots, Leona is obviously dressed for comfort, not male attention.

As the show starts, the ladies are already screaming (except Leona who feels she'll scream when there's actually something worthwhile to scream about). All the men, including Al, show up on-stage and begin their performance.


The men are all on stage performing their dancing routines for the ladies in the audience. Al is busting out some pretty good moves and Leona is intrigued by his dancing.

The leader still whispers a few instructions to Al as they perform. "See that? Your girl showed up here expecting to be bored. You've managed to pique her interest. Now that you've got her looking at you, get your sexy on and tell her with your eyes that these sweet moves are for her. If you can make her blush, you know she understood."


So, Al follows the instructions and sure enough, Leona's cheeks take a light shade of crimson, and she turns her eyes away ever so slightly, while trying (and failing miserably) to hide the playful grin on her face.

"Good job, man! The hook's in, and it's probably pretty deep too. See the way she's squeezing her thighs together? She's heating up fast!"


"Alright. You ready for round 2?"

The look on Al's face is one of pure confidence. He's truly feeling at his best and ready for anything. "Ready when you are." he tells him proudly.


Round 2 is the hottest part of the show. A chair is placed in the middle of the stage. The guys are once again fully dressed in a new outfit (each one is different) and each stripper picks out a woman from the audience, pulls her on-stage, sits her in the chair, and proceeds to give her a personal dance.


Al is saved for last. The second last girl brought up on stage was Sophie, the clerk. She seems a little disappointed that she wouldn't get to be one of Al's choices but she wound up having a very good time with the stripper she was with (once again, this leader is very clever, and he'd be getting lucky with her at the end of the evening).


Cue Al's turn.


"Ok, Al. This is it. Do or die time. I've trained you up the best I could and I've set up everything for you from her seat to your uniform. Make it happen, bro!"


Al flashes him the sly grin he gets when he knows everything's going as planned.

He pretends to scan the audience, deciding who to choose.

For a brief second, Leona feels a twinge of doubt that Al is going to choose her.

The office girls sitting around are screaming at Al to bring Leona up (no doubt, they want to see the unflappable leader of the tank police become at least a little flustered.)

After pretending to hem and haw, like a true showman he "relents" to audience pressure and pulls Leona up on stage, seating her in the chair like a gentleman.


The crowd is going berserk and the tank police guys are straining to get a good look. Leona manages to keep her cool for now, although her cheeks still feel hot and are most likely flushed from that oh-so-sexy look Al shot her only a while ago. Now that she's sitting (and not having to worry about maintaining her balance), she looks up to get another look at him. He's wearing his police uniform, the same one he wears around the station when they're not driving around in Bonaparte. The only difference is that instead of the normally baggy cargo pants, he's wearing a pair of tight-fitting leather ones that leave nothing to the imagination. 

Daring to give him a complete visual once-over, she sees that his confidence level is the highest it has ever been.  He’s standing straight and tall, proud and confident.  She’s not used to seeing Al in such a strong position… and she’s finding out that it’s actually a turn-on for her. 


The music starts and Al begins his one-on-one routine.  His entire body moves with a fluidity that she’s never seen before.  He locks his gaze with hers and removes his tie first, wrapping the ends around his fists and using it as a lariat to pull himself close.  Tossing it aside, he gyrates his hips as he slowly unbuttons his police shirt, removing it seductively from his broad shoulders, throwing it around the back of Leona’s shoulders, bringing her face close to his. His smile is so sexy, she almost can’t look him in the eye.  She hesitates.

“Leona, are you ok?” he asks, a little concerned that maybe she doesn’t want this after all. She swallows hard and says “Yes. I’m just not used to seeing you this way.  I’m not used to feeling the way I am right now.”  He smiles again.  “So how DO you feel right now?”  Her pupils are large and her breathing has quickened.  “Honestly, I’m really, really turned on.  But, how can I feel this way about my work partner?  I…”  Al stopped her mid-sentence by pressing his index finger to her lips.  “Tonight, right now, don’t think of me as your work partner.”  He stands tall before her, straddling her legs, hovering just above her lap.  “Tonight, I’m simply your fantasy.  Enjoy yourself.  You more than deserve it.”


 He starts grinding in her lap, thrusting his crotch forward.  She gasps, and a soft moan escapes her lips.  His parts against hers cause a sudden gush of hot fluid from between her legs.  My underwear is completely soaked.  Damn, he’s so hot I just want to… 

Letting herself be in the moment, Leona reaches out and puts her hands on Al’s perspiring chest, and then exploring his tight abs with her fingers.  Al’s grin widens at her touch and the audience is cheering. 


“Whoa! I can’t believe it!” exclaimed Brenten.  “What is it, Captain?  What do you see?” asked Chaplain. “Al is grinding Leona and she’s feeling him up!  Never thought I’d see the day!”  Specs spoke up “It’s about time those two got it on.  Kind of difficult to dismiss the growing sexual tension between them in the tank bay.”  Nam said nothing but flashed his usual huge grin of approval.


Feeling bold, Leona slid her hand even further down and felt the growing bulge in the ever-tightening leather pants.  Al’s eyes widened in surprise.  He leapt back, wagging his finger and playfully scolding her.  She shot him back a very mischievous smile along with a ‘bring it on’ hand motion.  He cocked one eyebrow, gave a quick nod, and tore away the leather pants to reveal a very small and tight red G-string.  Leona gulped and stared at the very large bulge threatening to free itself from the flimsy garment.  Wow!  He’s huge!  Would it even fit?  She was now blushing an even deeper shade of crimson for having such lustful thoughts about him. 

He turned around and sat on her lap very lightly while rolling his hips to tease her with his muscular buttocks.  She couldn’t help herself.  She reached out with both hands and gave his butt a good, firm squeeze.  He looked back at her and his eyes dared her to do more.  She moved her hands back to his chest and felt the muscles rippling beneath them.  I can’t take it anymore!  I HAVE to touch it!  With one quick move, her hand found his crotch and stroked the hard, throbbing length of him.  She let out a loud groan, combining with the one Al released at the same time. 


“She’s stroking him!  That woman’s wild right now!” Brenten shouted.  “Can she even do that?”  “Of course, Leona always does whatever crosses her mind at the time so I guess this isn’t really a huge surprise.  I wonder how far she’ll take it?” Specs wondered.


As much as Al would have loved to have Leona give him a really good hand job, this is not something this kind of show would allow.  He tore himself from her grasp, turned around, picked her up by the waist and pressed her against him. She instinctively wrapped her arms and legs around him and he thrust himself against her.  Her moans became louder and more wanting. She desired him, and she didn’t care who was watching.  He pressed on, putting on a good show while simultaneously trying very hard to hold himself back.  She was so sexy like this, hungry for him.  The leader had been very correct in his assessment of her.  She was very hungry indeed and Al so desperately wanted to feed her…


After giving one last mighty thrust, he carefully laid her down on the floor and placed himself at her feet.  Like a stalking beast, he got down low and crawled ever so slowly up her supine form, just lightly nuzzling her the entire way.  Her body ached for contact, the incessant throbbing between her legs impossible to ignore.  When his face reached hers, he touched his forehead to hers and looked into her eyes.  They were shiny and bright, and full of passion.  How strange to see from a woman who is often enraged or irritated.  Al has seen Leona’s softer side occasionally, as he is the only one she allows to bear witness to her vulnerability.  But to the best of his memory, he can’t recall a time when he’s seen her with such lust in her eyes, especially when he’s the cause of it.


Acting out simulated sexual intercourse, Al gyrated his hips, his crotch just lightly touching Leona’s most sensitive parts.  She panted and groaned, squeezing her eyes shut and grunting like a wild animal.  He was driving her out of her mind.  She wanted him inside her, to feel every inch of his rock hard length.  She needed relief, she needed him.  She allowed herself to fantasize about Al making love to her right there, right now.  Even his light touch was now enough to provide her with the relief she sought.

Without giving a single thought to the crowd watching her, she gave in to the pleasure that had been building up inside her since she first set foot on that stage.  “Oh, AL!!” she cried out, her entire body tensing beneath him.  Waves of pleasurable relief followed, as well as another gush of hot, clear fluid from her, adding to her already soaked underwear. 

Al stilled for a moment, his mind trying its best to process what had just occurred.  She… she came?! he thought as he watched her come down from the heights of ecstasy, breathing heavily, with eyes closed and sweat dripping from her forehead. 


The crowd rose to their feet, the sound of their applause was thunderous.  Some howled and cheered.  The office girls were probably the loudest in the audience, while the tank police guys in the back were so dumbfounded, they couldn’t say a word. 


Not knowing what to do, Al glanced over to the troupe leader who signaled him to pick Leona up in his arms and bring her backstage.  He complied, collected her up, took a quick bow and disappeared backstage and out of sight. 

“Back here, Al.  We have a bed in that room over there.  I have to hand it to you; you put on one hell of a show out there!  People are gonna be talking about this one for ages.  Making a woman genuinely cum on stage like that is something that doesn’t happen very often.  Yeah sure, a lot of ‘em fake it, but this one was the real deal.  You should go and tend to her.  We can finish the rest of the show ourselves.”  Al nodded and laid Leona out on the bed to rest.


Leona gave a soft moan and opened her eyes.  “Leona, are you alright?” he said, his hand on her shoulder.  She looked over at him and smiled warmly.  “Al, that was amazing.  I didn’t know you could be so sexy.”  He blushed.  Then he looked down and he realized that he was still wearing the red G-string and sporting a raging hard-on.  He tried using the blanket to cover himself up but she stopped him.  “I know that there’s a lot of things you weren’t allowed to do while you were out there because of the rules; but we’re in here now, alone.  I believe the rules have changed.” 


In what seemed only mere seconds, she had deftly removed her shirt and bra.  She lay before him now, topless and with that hungry gaze in her eyes.  He swallowed hard, his throbbing member aching at the sight of her.  “Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked.  She reached out and started stroking the length of him once again.  “You told me that tonight, you are simply my fantasy.  If I’m not mistaken, the night is not yet over.”  He groaned loudly as her stroking became more aggressive.  He remembered the words of the leader: You have to show her what you are capable of in the sack while keeping it legal on-stage.  This was to be the true performance.  Everything else was just the warm-up. 


With that thought, he grabbed Leona’s hand and pulled it away from his crotch.  He stepped away from her and removed the G-string, his massive erection springing forward.  Her jaw dropped at the sight of it. 

He then moved in again to quickly remove her belt, her pants, and her socks and boots.  Standing before her, he lovingly squeezed one of her breasts with one hand while rubbing her through her gooey panties with the other.  She grunted and thrust her hips forward, begging for some form of penetration.  Al smirked.  “Oh, you want more?  Ok, then.”  He whipped off her underwear, which landed with a very wet smack on the floor, and gently but firmly pushed his index finger inside of her very wet folds.  “AH!” she yelped as he went in deep, pulled it out and pushed it back in again several times.  She thrust a second time.  “More?” he prodded.  She nodded.  “Very well, two it is.”  Now, his index finger was joined by his middle finger burying themselves inside her body and coming out again.  “Please...” she whimpered.  “Another? You really are insatiable today.  But who am I to deny you?” he cooed playfully.  The next thrust was of three of his fingers deep inside her.  “AAAHH!” she cried out.  “That’s probably enough fingers.  You’re very tight.  Let’s make you cum now.”  Every thrust was followed by a little bit of wiggling and feeling the folds inside of her before being withdrawn and the process repeated. 

Leona gasped and then screamed as she came hard, her walls firmly holding Al’s fingers hostage until she relaxed again.  “Wow. I’m lucky to be getting these back intact.” he joked.  She would have giggled except that she was too tired to say much of anything at this point.


Without warning, he went and put his three secretion-covered fingers in his own mouth to taste.  “Mmm, you really do taste good, Leona.” 

He noticed that she was staring longingly at his hard member and giving her lips a slight lick.  “My, you really are hungry today.  Perhaps it’s time to feed you.” 

He climbed onto the bed with her, straddling her chest.  She wasted no time in licking the length of him with her warm, soft tongue.  “Oh that does feel good.  You have a knack for this.  I think you’re wanting more, though.  Am I right?”  On cue, she opened her mouth wider and took in the fleshy tip of him.  He groaned, leaned forward on his outstretched arms and pushed himself deeper into her mouth but not so deep as to make her gag.  She moaned with pleasure as he thrust himself gently in and out while she grabbed his buttocks and pushed in time with each thrust.

Her moans grew louder and she began using her tongue to tickle the tip and underside of his cock as he moved it around in her mouth.  He panted heavily as he felt his orgasm approaching. 

“Oh Leona, you do this far too well.  I relent.”  Despite his initial plea, she kept going.  He grunted and groaned.  “If you keep doing what you’re doing, my final act is going to end in the back of your throat.” 

“Mmm” she purred as she allowed him to slide slowly out of her mouth and re-gain his composure.  She shot him that same mischievous grin she wore earlier. 

“Is it any wonder why I love you so much?” he sighed.  He leaned in for a kiss and she met him half-way.  Their lips met, mouths open, and their tongues wrestled for dominance.  They could even taste a little of each other in the mouth of the other.  Truly a lovers’ kiss.  Al slowly pulled away a bit and placed his hot, open mouth on Leona’s neck.  She moaned as he caressed her, the saltiness of her skin combining with her sweet natural scent made for a powerful aphrodisiac.


For over three years, he had tried everything to get her attention and see him as a worthy lover.  Nothing ever worked.  Tonight, he truly gave it his all and she finally took notice.  How on earth could he ever have predicted that learning how to perform a striptease would be such a boost to his confidence and in doing so would turn her on so much?  And now, here they were, both naked and caressing each other with the intent of moving past being merely work partners and into the realm of being lovers. 


Having cooled off sufficiently in order to last, Al was ready to take the final step.  He moved a little further down Leona’s body so as to position himself properly. 

“Leona,” he asked for the last time, “are you sure that this is what you want?”  She said nothing but reached down between their bodies, took hold of his cock and pushed the tip into the soft wet folds of herself.  “I’m going to take that as a ‘yes’” he said, amused. 


She’s pretty tight.  I’ll have to go slow he reminded himself.  As carefully as he could, he started pushing his hard length deeper into her body.  She gasped and winced a little.  Al stopped when he saw what looked like a tear forming at the corners of her eyes.  His heart sank.  This was hurting her.  He refused to move any further. 

“Al, why are you stopping?” she whimpered.  “I can’t do this if it’s going to hurt you.”  He stood firm, determined not to cause her any more pain.  “It’ll be all right.  I have to get used to your size is all.  Please.  Just go slowly and give me a minute or two to get adjusted once you’re all the way in.”  “But Leona, I can’t –” she stopped him mid-sentence by pressing her mouth against his and caressing his tongue with hers.  She held him tighter and used her legs to coax him to keep going.


He gave in to her coaxing and continued pushing himself inside her.  As a tear ran down her cheek, a tear ran down his as well.  At last, he had managed to bury himself up to the hilt.  She panted heavily and smiled at him through the tears.  He moaned as he felt her core move and adjust itself to accommodate him.  She’s so warm and so wet he mused.  To feel it move like this, it feels good.  Leona took a deep breath and began thrusting her hips.  She was ready.  Despite his apprehension, he started to pull out and push himself back in again.  She cried out, but this time, it was not punctuated with a note of pain.  It was pleasure, all of it. 

Encouraged, he thrust again, only harder this time.  “Yes! Again!” she called out.  He didn’t hold back.  Just as he had done with her on the stage floor, he gyrated his hips but while being inside her this time.  She screamed in ecstasy as she experienced orgasm after orgasm.  Finally, he could no longer hold himself back.  He sped up his thrusts and as she came again, her squeezing pushed him over the edge and he shot his hot, sticky load deep inside of her.  She gasped as she felt it enter her.  He grunted as he worked to get out every last drop.  Exhausted and sweaty, he collapsed on top of her.  She held him close and nuzzled his neck.  “I love you, Al” she murmured against his skin.  “I love you too, Leona” he replied breathlessly. 


“So, what now?” Al asked some time later.  “Well,” Leona replied. “I believe standard protocol dictates that you now meet my parents and my annoying kid brother.”  He snickered. “I think I can handle that, if you think you can also handle my folks.”  She ran her fingers through his hair.  “You know, this fantasy was really fun, but I think I like the reality that follows it even more.”  They share another passionate kiss, and start planning their new reality together as lovers and work partners.