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Can I Hold You?

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Hello and welcome.

This book is solely for bakudeku/katsudeku one-shots. If that doesn't peak your interest, or you simply don't like such content please avoid negatively commenting on this.

For the people that do like this content, I'm glad you're here! I'm here just to post things that I write about these two precious boys. A mass of the time I'll post when I feel like it, but please don't hesitate requesting scenarios or prompts in the comments on this page! I can't guarantee that I'll definitely write it, but I'll keep it in mind! Without further adieu, enjoy the content I have in this one-shot collection! Thank you! ♥



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Pursing his lips, he hesitantly pulled the door to the classroom. A large mass of his classmates were bundled at the entry, leaving him to mentally sulk at the social interaction that was blooming before him. It wasn't necessarily surprising, as the weekend had just come to an end. This only meant fueling the energetic chatter that swirled in the air. It was going to be hard to go through this without fully knowing his circumstances.

"Midoriya! Come look at this video Ashido found, it's hilarious!" Kaminari chirped, the moment their eyes met. At the sound of this, more of his classmates acknowledged his presence. This only brought more interaction towards him. Furrowing his brows, he lowered his stance as sweat trickled down the side of his cheeks while his delicate fingers comforted the back of his neck. He doesn't know what will happen if he speaks, and it was risky even rolling his tongue to formulate his thoughts, because he doesn't know how they'll come out and he hasn't spoke since he got this curse. The only way he ended up figuring out this was happening to him was the rest the little boy's clique had taunted him on his inescapable outcome.

"Midoriya?" Raising his gaze, he met the heterochromic eyes of his fellow friend Todoroki. His features had been contorted into the stoic essence of concern. How was he going to tell them? He didn't know all the details, but what if he was to speak only to have random thought to be blurted out? What's worse is that he'll have no way of telling what thought will be poured into the open world. His choices were limited if he wanted to preserve his reputation.

An idea came to mind.

Quickly rummaging through his bag, he pulled out a standard notebook and a loose pencil. His classmates stares were dripping with curiosity. Izuku hadn't spoken, so context to his current actions were up to interpretation. His actions were rushed though, meaning something important was probably occurring. Flipping through the pages of the notebook, he found a vacant page. Placing the notebook onto a nearby desk, his pencil danced onto the page. Once finished, he presented it to his fellow classmates.

"Long story short,
I've been struck by a truth quirk.
I don't really know how it works,
and I have no idea how long it lasts.
I can seem to control it for now
but I don't know what'll happen later.
So I'm not taking any risks!"

Iida had adjusted his glasses before reading the written explanation out loud. Different expressions had formed onto the students faces, but the most was realization.

"I see.." Kirishima rubbed his nape, before his eyes trailed to the other figure that had just entered the room. Blond spiked hair emerged from the door, before he glowered at the blockage. Bakugou's ruby irises took in the room and only one question had came from his information. Why was everyone around Deku?

"Get out of my way, shitty nerd!" Izuku flinched at the volume that hit the back of his ears, before realizing he was still in the front of the door. He moved back. Stumbling on his footing, he tripped over his own feet. Resulting in hitting his side against a desk, which caused both great pain and a loud disturbance. A low moan emitted from his throat as he gently held his side, wrinkling the fabric that adorned his skin. "Don't get in my way again, damn it!"

"Sorry!" Izuku exclaimed for the first time since entering the classroom. His lips moved on their own. It was more of a nervous instinct that just grew to be. Kaminari had separated his lips for chuckle to come out, as the other students also had a little bit of amusement laced in their features. With all his restraint, he still couldn't help sputtering when the blond comes into his field of vision.

"At least you got him to speak," Kaminari stated, eyebrows raised. Bakugou had turned to face the electric student, his glare raging onto another innocent citizen. If he wasn't so mad all the time, maybe people would like him more. Who knows? Maybe he'll also pick up some girls? In the case that was to happen, he gave the impression that he doesn't have time for such things. He was too focused on his goals. If that wasn't a reason, then perhaps his heart was already sealed off for someone else. "It's scary how much you have control of him," he muttered.

"Oi! What's that supposed to mean!" Bakugou had pushed his yelling onto another person, totally ignoring the warning Iida was repeating about indoor voices. Before Kaminari could even utter a word, Bakugou had turned to investigate himself. What did they mean, "at least you got him to speak?" Analyzing the scene before him, he found his gaze to meet the trembling lips of Izuku, then down to his arms that held a notebook. With an arched eyebrow, he pulled it out of his grasp and read it himself.

"You didn't really need to do that. We were going to tell you anyway, y'know?" Kirishima assured, only to have the blond ignore his reassurances. A low chuckle emitted from his lips, unnerving a mass of the students.

"What? Don't tell me this is actually happening!" A smirk stretched onto his lips, as his gaze was filled with disbelief after reading the written dialogue. Suddenly his demeanour changed. "Well, good luck, nerd." Throwing the notebook over his shoulder, he walked away. Izuku clumsily caught it before it hit the ground. A soft exhale of aspiration had left the nose of the freckled student.


Class was later dismissed, and everyone had just stayed in the classroom before lunch. Izuku had successfully dodged any threatening scenario, but that was rather easy as lessons were in session so there wasn't much talking anyways. He was almost through the day. Just barely. However, if he kept this up nothing truly embarrassing will happen. Hopefully. Uraraka and Iida approached him. Seeing them near, he smiled and waved.

"Hey Deku! You've done well so far! Although, I do miss your incoherent muttering." She sheepishly laughed, her hand trailing to the back of her head. Iida nodded in agreement.

"Midoriya's input is surely missed, as it's quite helpful and insightful." Uraraka turned to Iida as he spoke before wonder swirled in her irises.

"Deku," his gaze drew to her face from his seated angle, "do you think it might've worn off by now? I mean, I don't really know if it's worth not talking at all. There hasn't been any really risky situations-" A loud burst of laughter cut her trail of thought, as the three were attracted by the sudden change of volume.

"Shut up, shitty hair! It was your fault!" The scattered laughter continued, even after the constant threats from the explosive blond. Kaminari held his stomach that ached an euphoric throb. The cyan fabric of Bakugou's pants had significantly darkened, due to the transparent liquid that dampened it. "On my crotch too! I'm going to kill you!" Kirishima flicked a tear from his closed eye while tilting his chair back. Shoulders lax, he arched his head to face the freckled male, his thoughts filling with wonder.

"Hey Midoriya, is it true that you and Bakugou are childhood friends?" Kirishima inquired. Izuku perked up at his name, and processed the redhead's question. Nervously tilting his head, he concealed his emerald iries in modesty. He hesitantly nodded, a shaky smile on his lips. "Wow, that must've been hard. You tolerated his steamy behaviour? What do you even like from this guy?" Shoving his thumb over his shoulder to point at the blond, he triggered even more screeching from the voice box of the arrogant male.

"Hah? I was the one tolerating him! Constantly patronizing me, that nerd!" Bakugou stood up and his fingers curled and twitched in pure fiery, emphasizing his points. However, it was fairly hard. The unpleasant stain on his lower torso only ruined the harsh demeanour he radiated. Before anyone could even retort, Izuku had parted his lips with a blank stare.

"Well, there's lots of things I like about Kacchan," he paused, his face expressing internal conflict even when his features stayed mellow. Bakugou paused, his ruby pallets slightly shrinking in revelation. The rest of the group around Bakugou tuned in, interest peaking. "The smell of his hair," he drawled. Averting his eyes, he stuttered. "The way his eyes burn in passion when a challenge sparks before him. Or the way he smirks. I really look up to him, and I want to get closer to him but he's so far away from my grasp. It's hard. I don't know. Kacchan is just really cool. He does what he wants in confidence, and doesn't lose sight of his goals, I guess."

Silence had rung in the room. They didn't think he would actually answer. After all, they didn't think there was a solid answer in the first place. Along with the fact that he was avoiding any talking. It seemed he couldn't control it. Izuku's gaze seemed to snap back to normal and his hand swiftly raised to his mouth, his gentle cheeks arising in crimson. He couldn't take back anything he said because it was the truth. A long, flustered squeal left his lips at the situation he painted for himself.

The only thought he had was,

"What did Kacchan look like right now?"

Dragging his irises to the male behind Kirishima, he was met with an awkward stare. Bakugou look absolutely baffled. His widened eyes abruptly found something else to look at when they clashed with the opposing male's stare. Turning his head with the trail of his eyes, his hair shadowed over his expression. Izuku strained his lips before turning to look somewhere else. Embarrassment was all he could feel, and he knew it was shown on his reddened face.

"Is that a blush I see on your cheeks, Bakugou?" Tilting his head to gain better view of the shadowed look that was plastered on his face. Kaminari's hair flowed with the point of action, and a grin grew onto his smooth skin. Bakugou flinched, turning to face the male that provoked him. His glare sparked fear into Kaminari, making him back away. "I was right!"

"Shut up! I'm not blushing, why would I be blushing!" Bakugou yelled, his features lining his anger. Yet, there was one thing that was left unchanged-his rosy cheeks. Kaminari's grin grew, and Kirishima chuckled.

"He was right, your cheeks are really red, Bakugou." Bakugou grunted in defeat, leaving the room. Izuku was left dumbfounded at this scene. He was blushing. Bakugou, the explosive brute was blushing, because of what he said.

"I'm going get towels to dry off my pants," he grumbled, shutting the sliding door behind himself. He stood tranquil, his stare trained into the gloss floors. A bunch of thoughts raced through his line of focus, but they all came to one conclusion. The warmth made its place onto his smooth cheeks, while the edge of his lips twitched upwards.

"Shitty Deku."