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A Place Where Someone Loves You

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Yoongi used to be scared of the nightmares. He used to dread them like dark clouds on the horizon—a promise of howling winds and battering rain. Sure, he still lived with them. Dreamt of blood-smeared hands and muted wailing, like his head was dipped underwater. Sometimes the body beneath him was a stranger. Other times, it was someone he loved. Yet each time he startled awake with a gasp, hair matted to his forehead with cold sweat, there was an arm snaking around him. A gentle, coaxing touch. And finally, the raspy, tired voice of his mate.

“Yoongi, you okay?”

And when he said no, when tears pricked his eyes, a warm body wrapped around him, and he was encompassed by the soothing scent of vanilla and citrus. It was always Jimin that brought him back from the trenches of his nightmares. Jimin’s touch firm against him, shushing him as he held the alpha.

Jimin was his solace.

And in the morning after, Yoongi got to wake to his daughter’s smile, his son’s curious eyes, and Jimin’s presence—calm and reassuring.

The bad days weren’t quite so unbearable when Yoongi was reminded of the home he’d found himself in. The home he’d been fortunate enough to create alongside Jimin.

Yoongi roused late one morning after a nightmare. There was the babbling of a baby outside the closed bedroom door and Jimin’s hushed voice.

“No, don’t go in there, Bibi. We’re letting Appa sleep in.”

“Is Appa okay?”

“Yeah,” Jimin said quickly. “He just didn’t rest well last night. Why don’t you go play with Iseul? He’s getting talkative again.”

“That’s how he talks? Doesn’t make much sense,” Eunbi huffed.

“He’s speaking his own language right now,” Jimin said, snickering. “He’ll pick up on ours soon enough.”

Yoongi pushed his hair back and sighed, eyes squinting against the filtering light. Neither he nor Jimin had gotten much sleep, yet his mate was kind enough to get up and take care of the kids on his own. Yoongi detangled himself from the sheets and moved toward the door, opening it to face Iseul in a rocker, Eunbi hovering over him, and Jimin stretching on a yoga mat.

“What’s your favorite color, Seulie?” Eunbi asked, playing with his tiny fingers. “Mine’s gray. Jaehwa says that isn’t a color, but Jaehwa’s dumb.”

“Don’t call people dumb,” Jimin corrected, arching his back.

“Well, her favorite color is red, but I think that’s dumber than gray.”

“Y’know, one day you two are going to get along,” Jimin said, probably more as a reassurance to himself. “Especially once you’re going to school together.”

“I’ll never be friends with an alpha,” Eunbi sad indignantly. “They’re too loud.”

“Even Appa?” Yoongi asked tiredly, leaning in the doorframe.

Eunbi perked up, attention whipping toward him. She shook her head vigorously. “Everyone but Appa.”

“Oh that’s good to hear,” Yoongi chuckled.

He passed by Jimin, patting his bum before Jimin lowered down into a plank. “Morning,” Yoongi said quietly, lingering beside Jimin. “Sorry about last night.”

“It’s fine, Yoon,” Jimin said softly, glancing up at him briefly. “You don’t complain when I’m the one startling awake.”

“Of course not,” Yoongi muttered. He moved through the living room toward Eunbi, crouching down to run his fingers through her messy, fluffed hair. “What were you doing in your sleep? Battling pirates?”

“Nuh uh,” Eunbi said firmly. “I was the pirate.”

“Pardon me for the mistake,” Yoongi said with a smile. “How’s Iseul?”

“I think he’s trying to talk to us, but he’s only using his alien language.”

“Maybe we need a translator,” Yoongi nodded along.

Iseul squealed then, kicking out. Yoongi squeezed one of his feet. The baby’s eyes widened; he gurgled.

“When d’you think he’s gonna walk?” Eunbi asked, poking his other foot.

“We’ve probably got, what, seven or eight more months until he’s taking any steps?”

“Yup,” Jimin agreed. “Eunbi’s first steps were at ten months old.”

“We’ve got some time,” Yoongi concluded, looking back at Eunbi. “But he’s at an age where he’s awake more now, and he actually listens when you talk. That’s more exciting than a newborn.”

Eunbi nodded. “Uncle Taetae’s baby is really boring.”

“You haven’t seen Chungae in a while, Bibi. He’s older now. Older than Iseul,” Jimin reminded. “You’ll get to see him today, though. We’re going to the park with everyone so you can all play.”

Jimin straightened up, stretched out his back, then sat down. “Do you wanna go, hyung? Joon-hyung and Jin-hyung should be there.”

Yoongi plucked Iseul out of the rocker, cradling the baby against his chest.

“Sure,” he said, figuring he could afford an afternoon off. He might as well spend as much time with their entire family as he could before Jimin went back to work. The omega was currently in the process of working off the remaining baby fat and getting himself back in shape.

Yoongi bounced Iseul in his arms, grinning when his son cooed in delight. Iseul watched Jimin from over Yoongi’s shoulder, gaze never leaving the bright expression of his papa.

“Baby’s already having fun, huh?” Jimin said sweetly, walking over to place a hand on Yoongi’s back and lean around to poke Iseul’s nose. “Look at those chubby cheeks. I had those cheeks when I was a kid.”

“Still do,” Yoongi said.

Jimin sighed. “Well, at least one of my children looks like me.”

“I mean, Eunbi…” Yoongi began, giving up on his thought as they both glanced down at her.

“Yeah, she’s still a carbon copy of you.”

Iseul rested his head on Yoongi’s shoulder.  Yoongi stifled a laugh, swinging around to face Jimin. “Is that a bad thing?”

Jimin broke into a smile. “Not with this pretty face,” he murmured, squishing Yoongi’s cheeks. Jimin rubbed Iseul’s back; he’d probably fall asleep soon if he remained in Yoongi’s arms.

“I always knew I was only eye candy to you,” Yoongi said.

Jimin shook his head and leaned in to kiss Yoongi gently. “Oh c’mon, hyung. You’re beautiful on the inside too,” he teased.

Eunbi grabbed onto Yoongi’s leg and stared up at their exchange curiously. “What’s eye candy?” She asked slowly.

“You know those little chocolate balls wrapped in foil you get around Halloween?” Yoongi said.

Jimin rolled his eyes and smacked Yoongi’s arm.

“What? Are you really going to tell me that’s not technically eye candy?”

“Bibi, your appa is a dork,” Jimin muttered. “Let’s go take a bath and get ready to head to the park.”

Eunbi relinquished her grip on Yoongi’s leg and followed Jimin toward the bathroom.

Yoongi looked down at a napping Iseul. “I’m right, even if he won’t admit it.”

Iseul sniffled.


They walked to the park from their apartment, Yoongi pushing the stroller, Jimin holding Eunbi’s hand, and the sun bright on the horizon. Jimin and Eunbi were wearing color-coordinated dresses, white with pink accents. Jimin had placed a headband on Eunbi to keep fringe out of her eyes, a little bow attached on top.

Iseul stared and babbled up at Yoongi while the other two skipped on ahead. “I agree, Seul. They are very cute,” Yoongi said.

Jimin instructed Eunbi to look both ways before they crossed the street. When they reached the park, Eunbi jumped onto the grass and followed a trail of dandelions, plucking them as Jimin trailed behind her. Yoongi stopped at the sidewalk.

“Making a bouquet, Bibi?” He asked.

She nodded. “Gonna give it to Uncle Taetae.”

“That’s nice, baby,” Jimin cooed, picking the few she missed.

Yoongi pushed the stroller further along, noticing Seokjin and Jungkook already resting on the curve of a grassy hill. Yoongi waved at them and Seokjin waved back. Jungkook was lying down with his eyes closed, Chungae sprawled out on his chest. Yoongi parked the stroller in the grass as Seokjin rose to meet him.

“Oh, hello,” Seokjin sang, just about shoving Yoongi away to look down at Iseul. “Pretty baby, I’ve missed you.”

“Y’know, sometimes I think you like my offspring more than you like me,” Yoongi murmured.

“You’re correct,” Seokjin said unabashedly. He leaned in wrapped his arms around Iseul, lifting him out of the stroller and into his embrace. He strolled away toward his previous spot in the lawn. Yoongi rolled his eyes and followed after.

“Is Kook asleep?”

“I think so. He laid down and seemed to be passed out within ten minutes,” Seokjin said, settling on the ground. He held Iseul out and observed the baby with a grin. “You’ve got such a chubby face. And that adorable, squishy tummy.”

Iseul gurgled back.

Seokjin bounced him as Yoongi sat between Jin and Jungkook.

“Where are your kids?” Yoongi asked.

Seokjin nodded toward the play structure behind the small hill. Sure enough, there were Jaehwa and Heeyoung, accompanied by Taehyung. The three were wandering through the structure. Taehyung was helping Heeyoung, the younger alpha girl, up a set of stairs when Jimin and Eunbi approached.

Eunbi rushed to climb up to them, holding out her little bouquet of wildflowers for Taehyung. Taehyung beamed as he accepted them, then leaned in to hug Jimin.

“And Namjoon?” Yoongi prompted.

“In the sandpit,” Seokjin replied, attention glued to Iseul.

Further away was the boxed off sand area, Namjoon and Yoongi hovering over a half-complete castle.

“Joon handles Yoon-ah much better than he does the girls. Jaehwa and Heeyoung just want to run everywhere.”

“Today Eunbi was talking about how loud alphas are,” Yoongi commented.

“Well, she’s not wrong,” Seokjin chuckled. “Consider yourself lucky that both your kids are omegas.”

“Oh, I do,” Yoongi said. “It’s never entirely quiet with an infant around, but it’s much less chaotic than anyone else’s household.” Yoongi glanced at Chungae, the little boy’s nose twitching and lashes fluttering. “That Jeon kid’s got quite the set of lungs.”

Seokjin hummed. “Apparently he doesn’t scream as much now.”

“Iseul never screams. He only wails.”

“Yes, I get it. You’ve been blessed,” Seokjin stated, cuddling Iseul against his chest. He buried his nose in the omega’s mess of black hair. “He smells so nice. Like rain and flowers.”

“That’s one of the reasons Jimin wanted to name him Iseul,” Yoongi said.

“’Dew.’ It matches his sister’s,” Seokjin noted.

“I think we’ve exhausted the water names. I don’t know what we’d do if we had a third.”

“Oh, Jimin hasn’t told you?” Seokjin asked, expression open.

Yoongi felt his heart thump in a moment of panic. Then Seokjin’s façade cracked, his lips twitching up in the beginning of a smirk.

“Don’t even joke about that,” Yoongi gasped.

“Sorry,” Seokjin laughed. “You should’ve seen your face, though. You looked terrified.”

Seokjin gazed out at the kids being chased around the playset by Jimin and Taehyung. Taehyung’s fingers were curled and outstretched like imaginary claws, his lips set in a snarl as he followed Heeyoung at a mild pace. Jimin chased Eunbi and Jaehwa to the slide, where the two girls sat quickly and locked hands before making their escape down. Meanwhile, Taehyung swooped in and picked up Heeyoung, the girl squealing in delight as he spun her.

Yoongi and Seokjin’s attention shifted toward Namjoon, still sat peacefully in the sandpit with Yoongi. Namjoon was digging small holes into the sides of their now complete castle, nestling decorative pebbles wherever Yoongi pointed.

Seokjin looked at Iseul and sat him down on his thigh. He ran his knuckles along the baby’s soft cheek, smile gone and expression contemplative.

“Jimin might not be expecting, but, uh…” Seokjin trailed off, suddenly a bit shy.

Yoongi’s eyes widened. “Seriously?”

Seokjin nodded. “I’m not supposed to tell anyone yet, since I’m only six weeks along. But you can keep a secret for a little while, huh?”

“Sure,” Yoongi said, resting back on his hands. “Wow. A fourth kid. That’s a lot.”

“Fourth and fifth, actually,” Seokjin quietly corrected.

Yoongi nearly choked on air. “What?”

Seokjin chuckled lightly. “Yeah, twins. Joon just about fainted when we found out.”

“Shit, you’re gonna be huge.”

Seokjin shoved him. “You kiss Jiminie with that mouth?”

Yoongi chuckled. “Honestly, though. Are you worried about handling five kids? That sounds insane, hyung.”

“I’ve got three down,” Seokjin reasoned. “And Yoonie’s already pretty self-sufficient. I think it just requires a lot of organization, which I’m very good at. And patience. So much patience.”

Yoongi shook his head, baffled. “How did this happen? Where do you even find the time to have sex anymore?”

Seokjin arched a brow. “What, you need tips, Yoongi?”

Yoongi scoffed. “We very meticulously use birth control for a reason.”

“Right, because I definitely needed to know that.”

“You’re the one who asked, hyung,” Yoongi shrugged.

Iseul began to whine then, the beginnings of a wail bubbling up. They both snapped to attention.

“See? He didn’t wanna hear any of that either,” Seokjin said with a pout, bouncing him in an attempt to calm him down. “Is he hungry?”

“He’s fine. He ate just before we left.”

“Well, it isn’t the diaper.”

“Just give him ‘ere. He gets fussy sometimes,” Yoongi murmured, reaching out to take his son. He pulled Iseul close, letting the baby nuzzle into his neck. “My scent seems to calm him down,” Yoongi explained as Iseul went silent.

Iseul also seemed happy to hide his face from the bright sun overhead. It was warmer than the forecast had predicted, the thick temperature broken by only a few stray breezes. The tress scattered throughout the park barely swayed.

“I knew you’d be a good dad,” Seokjin said abruptly, observing them.

Yoongi wrinkled his brow. “Why do you say that so victoriously? Like you had anything to do with it?”

“Hey, I encouraged you to get with Jimin.”

“Yeah, like that made any difference in my fathering abilities.”

“Well I like to think I played a part in the whole fathering thing happening in the first place,” Seokjin huffed.

“Right, because you definitely didn’t make him uncomfortable that first night we met him.”

“Excuse you, he was charmed by me.”

“You come off strong, hyung,” Yoongi retorted in mild amusement.

“Without me to distract you, you might have never left your jacket.”

“I don’t know, I was pretty distracted otherwise.”

“Just give me some sort of credit, Yoongi,” he sighed.

“Sure, if you’re fine living in a delusion.”

“Why’re you guys always fighting?” Jungkook grumbled, rousing awake.

“What, no hello?” Yoongi questioned.

“Uh, hey hyung,” he said groggily. Jungkook blinked against the sunrays and patted Chungae’s bum. “Has the little guy been asleep this whole time?”

“Like a rock,” Seokjin said.

“He was up all night crying. I’m surprised Tae has so much energy,” Jungkook said, propping himself up to glance at the scene on the playground. Jaehwa was yelling each time Taehyung pushed her higher on the swing. “God, how did I sleep through that?”

“You do what you have to for survival,” Seokjin answered solemnly.

Chungae stuck out his tongue and wriggled. Jungkook looked down at him.

“Oh, precious baby,” Seokjin cooed. “I want him.”

“You can’t have all the kids, hyung. You may think Joon could handle it, but let me tell you, he definitely can’t,” Yoongi said.

“No, go ahead,” Jungkook replied. “Take him. We could use a break. To be honest, I can’t imagine how much more exhausting it would be to have more than one kid.”

Seokjin shrugged. “It kinda plateaus after two.”

“I seriously doubt that,” Yoongi muttered.

Seokjin offered his arms out to take Chungae. Jungkook lifted him gently, the baby grunting from the disturbance. Seokjin grasped him with an ‘oof,’ bouncing Chungae for a moment as if testing his weight.

“Wow, he is heavy for only three months.”

“Fifteen weeks, actually,” Jungkook corrected. Then his face fell. “What have I become?”

Yoongi patted him on the back comfortingly. “The shift happens without even noticing. You’re a true dad now, Kook.”

As Seokjin brought him closer, Chungae slowly glanced between Jungkook and Seokjin, gauging whether he was fine with the exchange. Then he placed his palms on the omega’s cheeks. Seokjin’s brows rose curiously. Chungae stuck his tongue out further.

“He’s a weird kid, isn’t he?” Jungkook said.

“I mean, I wasn’t going to point it out, but yeah,” Seokjin agreed.

“I think he’s modeled after Taehyung.”

“Y’know, that would make a lot of sense.”

There were footfalls behind them, softer in the grass. Yoongi had the mind to pull Iseul away and onto his lap before a small body collided with his back, arms wrapping around his neck.

“Hi, Appa!” Eunbi exclaimed, breathing heavy.

Jimin was a few steps behind, just about collapsing onto the lawn beside Yoongi.

“Hey, guys,” he greeted, handing Iseul to Jimin.

Eunbi leaned over to wave at Iseul. “Hi, Seulie.”

He blinked up at her.

Eunbi petered away to settle beside Jungkook, poking his cheek in greeting. She asked him about his favorite color, and their conversation took off from there.

Seokjin lowered his voice to speak directly to Jimin. “Are the kids still getting along?”

Jimin brushed his hair back, flushed and out of breath.

“Yeah. Really well, actually,” he replied. “Eunbi was fine with the idea of him since I was pregnant. Now I think she’s just fascinated with the fact that he went from there,” Jimin indicated toward his stomach, “to here,” then down to Iseul.

“We’re just grateful for it while it lasts,” Yoongi added.

Jimin nodded. “I mean, ideally they’d always get along, but I’m sure there’ll be some sibling rivalry at one point or another. Maybe when Iseul’s old enough to talk back to her.”

Jaehwa and Heeyoung clambered up the hill, shoving at each other and trying to run ahead.

“Hey, be gentle!” Seokjin yelled. “You don’t need any more grass stains!”

“But I’m winning!” Jaehwa wailed back.

“Winning means nothing when you hurt others in the process,” Seokjin said, dead-serious. “Now sit down.”

Jaehwa grumbled and walked over to Eunbi, avoiding her father indignantly.

Heeyoung plopped down next to Seokjin and clung to him. “Which baby this?”

“Chungae,” Seokjin informed. He pulled the infant away from Heeyoung’s curious hands. “You can’t touch right now. You’re all dirty from playing.”

Taehyung came up behind her and patted her head. “Next time, Heeyoung,” he promised. Taehyung flashed a smile at Yoongi before moving toward his mate, settling behind Jungkook to mess with his hair.

Heeyoung turned around to look at Jimin. She pointed. “Which baby this?”

“Iseul,” Jimin said sweetly. “Notice their difference in size? That’s how you can tell them apart.”

Heeyoung’s eyes widened as she looked between the two babies. “Oh,” she said excitedly. “Big and small.”

“Yup,” Jimin agreed, leaning down to nuzzle Iseul’s cheeks. “Both my babies are small. Isn’t that funny?”

Heeyoung nodded. “’Cus they omegas?”

Jimin hummed. “Could be. I’m also not that big either.”

“Papa!” Eunbi exclaimed, already on her feet and running over. Yoongi grunted as she collided with his back again. “Wasn’t Seulie an oopsie baby too?”

“What?” Jimin said, startled and confused. He looked at Taehyung for an explanation.

Taehyung’s expression was sheepish. “I may have mentioned that Chungae was an, uh, oopsie baby.”

“Papa said that too, huh?” Eunbi persisted.

“Well, um, we definitely planned to have Iseul,” Jimin said, treading cautiously. “He just happened a little sooner than we’d expected. Like, a couple years too soon.”

“I dun’ get it,” Jaehwa said.

Eunbi turned toward her. “It’s like when Appa orders something online and you get it before you’re supposed to.”

“Appa definitely had something to do with it,” Taehyung piped in.

Jimin shot him a warning look.

“Do you have to send him back?” Jaehwa questioned.

“Send unnie back!” Heeyoung said excitedly.

“No. No one’s getting sent back,” Jimin said swiftly.

Yoongi stifled a chuckle at the way the exchange had escalated. Jimin nudged him in annoyance.

Chungae sneezed almost violently, the sudden noise silencing everyone.

“Told you alphas were loud,” Eunbi muttered.


When they returned home mid-afternoon, Eunbi was passed out on Yoongi’s shoulder. Iseul would follow her shortly if left in the stroller. After a long day of playing, Jimin and Yoongi laid the kids down for a nap. Yoongi tucked Eunbi in her bed and closed the bedroom blinds while Jimin laid Iseul in his cradle by their own bed.

Yoongi returned to their room to find Jimin still leaning over the cradle, tracing over Iseul’s button nose and across his chubby cheeks. He ran his fingers through Iseul’s soft hair before pulling away.

Jimin retreated into Yoongi’s awaiting arms, snuggling into him with a sigh. “I might need to nap too.”

“You did quite a lot of running.”

“Mm. And Iit was surprisingly warm out. I thought about going to the convenience store a block away and stealing some popsicles.”

Yoongi laughed hoarsely. “How would you manage that?”

“I’d stick them in my dress, under my arm. The cashier would be too busy looking at my thighs to notice.”

“Wouldn’t it be suspicious if you left without buying anything?”

“You’re right, it’d work better with a partner,” Jimin said firmly. “We could grab the baby monitor and go down there now. In this plan, we’d feign a fight. We could be looking at condoms and start arguing over birth control. It ends in a heated kiss, of course. The cashier just has to glance away so he doesn’t make the scene any more awkward. That’s when we make our escape. The popsicles are still in my dress in this case.”

Yoongi pulled back to look Jimin in the eye, brow arched. “I’m not sure if I should be impressed or frightened.”

“Both. I’m a miraculous feat of nature, hyung.”

Yoongi’s gaze softened as he took in Jimin’s devilish grin and crescent eyes. Despite his exhaustion, he looked about ready to conquer the world, one shoplifted popsicle at a time.

“Never change, Min Jimin,” Yoongi murmured fondly.

“’Course not. You’re stuck with me for a very long time,” Jimin giggled.


Jimin watched him for a moment, quiet. He nodded. “Promise. From now ‘til the end.”

He pulled Yoongi into a kiss, loving, warm, and every bit addicting as the first.

Yoongi held tight to his words, undoubting of Jimin’s sincerity. There was no reason to be sacred of the nightmares. Their pasts weren’t going to disappear, but they no longer needed to keep running. They were going to be okay, because they’d found a home in each other—together until the end.