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Family is What You Make It

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Steve walks into the conference room close behind Coulson's team to find Tony and his team sitting in the auditorium already. Tony is leaning close to Stephen whispering something to the man that sounds like gibberish, but then again a lot of the stuff Tony says sounds like gibberish.

Steve ignores it and sits on the other side of the room with Nat and Wanda and Coulson heads up to the front where Fury is standing and they begin discussing something under their breath.

"Stark's sensors have detected a large ship, multiple large ships, heading for Earth. We have had both Loki and Quill confirm that this is Thanos' attack. Stark how long till they arrive?" Fury says.

"If they stay at their current speed then maybe a day. Probably less, though. Thanos must have some idea that we are planning to destroy the mind stone and time stone. They are the most dangerous," Tony says.

"According to you. You just want to get rid of Viz," Wanda says.

"Mind stone, capable of controlling minds. Time Stone, capable of reversing time. Meaning Thanos can undo us destroying other stones with it," Tony says.

"How go our efforts on destroying them?" Fury asks.

"I should have a method operational in an hour. Carol was helping me. Will that be all Fury?" Tony says.

"No. I have one more question for you... What did you say to me when I offered you a position as Avengers consultant?" Fury asks and Steve stares.

"Where did I mess up?" Tony asks and suddenly there's a green skinned Man standing in his place.

"Stark has never once referred to me as Fury to my face," Fury says.

"Are you bloody kidding me? After all those times I got caught because I called you Nick and this time I pick the one person who calls you Nick, only for me to call you Fury?" The man says and Steve watches as Carol also turns into a green man.

"Talos, I hope this means that you are intending to help fight?" Fury asks and Steve can't do anything but stare along with everyone else.

"Yes," the man Talos says and Strange pulls out his phone and makes a hand movement and Tony and Carol come out of it.

"Hey Nicky, guess who just destroyed the Space, Time, and Reality stones," Tony says before sitting in Strange's lap.

"Don't you think you should have waited for orders first?" Steve asks.

"No. We had discussed the options at length and his is what was decided," Tony says.

"What meetings?" Steve snaps.

"Meetings including people who actually matter," Tony says.

"Okay so that takes care of the pressing danger. To kill us he has to fight us. None of this one snap bullshit. He has to kill one at a time?" Rhodey asks and Tony nods.

"Buys us more time to kill him," Nebula says.

"Stephen are you okay? I know you vowed to protect it," Tony says.

"Yes. The danger it posed outweighs my vow," Strange says.

"We better get into positions. Thanos will be coming soon," Tony says and they nod and head out to Central Park, which had been cleared out and warded to lure Thanos in and trap him in the park.

Steve can see the outline of the ship in the sky.

It's bigger than anything he's ever seen in his life.