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Family is What You Make It

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“Hello friends and people of Midgard. I know that this all must seem quite sudden and worrying. I…” Tony watches Thor take a deep breath and glances at Loki who nods encouragingly and Thor turns back to the audience and continues, “as some of you may have realized, I left Midgard shortly after the Ultron attack on Novi Grad in Sokovia. I found the realms in a state of chaos because of the work of a being known as Thanos.” Thor says and Hela walks to stand by his side.

“I am Hela, first born of Odin, Goddess of death and ruler of Hel. I am familiar with the victims of Thanos’ mad quest.”

“He goes to a planet and murders half of the population before moving onto the next,” Thor says.

“He has set his sights on Midgard because Midgard has something he wants. The infinity stones. Powerful items which when united will allow him to murder half of the universe with the snap of a finger. We have a few in our possession and are researching ways in which we can destroy them,” Loki says and Thor holds up a hand to quiet the flood of whispered words that had started when Loki had stepped forward.

“We will not allow Thanos or his Black Order to win,” Thor says and steps back with Hela leaving Loki at the podium.

“I am not going to stand here and pretend that we don’t all know who I am and what I’ve done. I am the man that led the invasion on New York. No number of apologies will make up for the things I’ve done to Midgard, but for what it is worth, I am sorry. In the interest of time I will not recount why I invaded except to tell you that you can find detailed accounts of why I invaded and what I plan to do to help against Thanos. Behind me is Farbauti, Helbindi, and Byleistr the royal family of Jotunheim, Tyr the best general in the Asgardian military, and Eir, the most skilled healers in the nine realms. They too will be helping with the fight against Thanos.” Loki says and steps back allowing Peter Quill to take the podium.

“Thanos is not to be underestimating and neither is his Black Order. Each one is lethal and fiercely loyal to him. Even if we destroy the infinity stones he will keep attacking planets and will likely attack Terra anyway. There is no reasoning with him, no bargaining, there is either kill or be killed when it comes to Thanos. Rest assured we will make sure that it is him that dies.” He says sitting down.

“Hello everyone. My name is Director Phil Coulson with SHIELD. We will be offering assistance in every area that we can. Shelters will be set up and staffed with trained medical professions as well as Vanir healers and the best medical equipment that Stark Industries can provide. Trained Agents will perform wellness checks on those who choose to remain at home. We will also handle sending bi-weekly progress reports to the Accords Council and posting it on SHIELD’s official site. And information updates for the public will be held every Friday,” Coulson says with the same no nonsense tone Tony remembers.

Charles rolls up to the podium and Erik helps move the mic down for him before slipping his on over his ear.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am Charles Xavier, most of you know me as the leader of the X-Men and most of you know my husband Erik. We would first like to thank each of you for the support that you have given to the mutant rights cause. It means a great deal to my students and their futures. Rest assured that the full might of the X-Men,” Charles says.

“And Brotherhood,” Erik slides in.

“Will band together in order to fight Thanos,” Charles finishes and Erik readjusts the mic and they let Hank step up.

Tony thinks about all the questions people are going to have about what happened during the “Civil War’ and why he was gone for so long and he wonders how he is supposed to answer them without causing the public to worry, because that is what the truth will do. They will worry and there will be less support for them, but if he lies...the public deserves more than that.

Tony feels a hand on his and looks down to see Stephen’s gloved hand slipping into his and Tony tries to pull his hand away. The tabloids will have a field day if they see this! Stephen will never know a minutes peace if they see them holding hands.

He tugs his hand away but Stephen holds onto it tighter until Tony stops struggling to pull away and Stephen runs his thumb over the back of Tony’s hand soothingly and Tony looks up and he realizes that he completely missed Hank and Queen Ramonda’s speeches and now Rhodey is taking the podium.

“My name is Colonel James Rhodes, known as Rhodey to my friends, Rhodes to my enemies, War Machine to the world and James to my mother,” he says making the audience laugh.

“I am here to assure you that every branch of the US Military as well as a steadily growing number of other militaries are joining forces to aid in the fight against Thanos. Even private security forces are adding their personnel,” Rhodey says and Tony takes a deep breath and Stephen squeezes his hand before Tony moves to the mic.

“ that you guys know a little about the situation do you guys have any questions?”

Don’t ask about Civil War, please don’t ask about civil war.

“Mr. Stark, what exactly happened to you in Siberia?” a reporter asks.


“I went to Siberia in order to stop Zemo from releasing a troop of Winter Soldiers. When I arrived I fought two enhanced individuals and when the fight was over my suit was badly damaged and my chest had been caved in. HYDRA arrived and decided that I would make a good consolation prize due to Zemo’s Winter Soldiers now being dead. Luckily Erik and Charles’ team found and rescued me before HYDRA could take me,” Tony says glancing at Rogers who is looking anywhere but at him.


“Have the enhanced people on your side signed the accords?”

“Yes, each of them has or is in the process of reading them over. Detailed bios will be uploaded to the UN Accords site as they become complete,” Tony says.

“Including Captain Rogers’?”

“Yes. Director Coulson is in the process of going over the bio with him to be uploaded,” Tony lies easily but hates himself for it. But, he needs to keep the public’s faith in the team.

“Mr. Stark, have you begun construction on a new suit?” another reporter asks.

“Yes, I have begun the plans and will begin construction soon. Iron Man will stand against Thanos,” Tony says.

“Fat lot of good you are without a suit. Without it you’re useless,” a loud voice in the crowd says and Tony takes a deep breath

"Your know, someone once asked me take away my suit and what would I be,” Tony says glancing over at Rogers who is now looking at him. Tony holds his stare for a second then turns back to the crowd and says, “at the time my answer was that I am a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. And I am all those things...well I’m no longer a playboy but I digress.”

Tony looks over at his family and they nod encouragingly so he licks his lips and says “I was was wrong. That answer was glib and not entirely accurate. Take away the suit and I am still Tony Stark. I am still the man that tricked terrorists into letting me build things with barely any supervision. I am still the man that took the weapons I spend my life making and turning them into the suit that would be my salvation and that would later save lives. I am still the man that built Iron Man metal plate by metal plate. Take away my suit and I'll just build another suit and another one after that. And I'll keep building suits until Earth no longer needs me to build them. Because the whole world seems to be mistaken about who I am. Tony Stark never has and never will be Iron Man, but Iron Man will always be Tony Stark."

Tony takes a deep breath and steps back from the mic, “I would like to thank everyone for coming. The press conference is over,” Tony says walking off stage, ignoring Rogers calling his name and walks right into his boyfriend’s arms and they lean through a portal right into their waiting bed where Tony’s adrenaline crash promptly causes him to fall asleep and Stephen holds him close as he too falls asleep.