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Family is What You Make It

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“Stark is holding a press conference,” Wanda says walking into Steve’s dorm room which would barely fit him if he was small again, with him being big it’s nearly impossible.

“That’s normal for Tony, Wanda. He always holds conferences about every little thing that happens. I think he enjoys the attention,” Steve says sitting up on his bed to give Wanda his full attention.

“That girl, Skye or Daisy or whatever it is now says we all have to be there,” Wanda says.


“To present a united front. The people need to know that we’re working together,” Daisy Johnson, their assistant handler says. Steve’s not entirely sure why she’s in charge of them but none of his questions ever get answered.

“Why should we? Stark isn’t uniting with us,” Wanda says.

“He isn’t actively trying to kill you, he hasn’t gotten either of you arrested, and he hasn’t attacked you in the press. I think you are confusing united and friendship. We can be a unit and hate each other. According to your own words Miss Maximoff you hate Mr Stark and yet you managed to work with him against Ultron,” Daisy says and Steve sighs as he follows her and Wanda into the the Quinjet where Nat and the rest of Coulson’s team is waiting and Steve takes a seat and they take off.

“So, what’s the point of this conference?” Steve asks picking at the cushion.

“Stop that! I’ll have to fix it if you keep that up,” The male part of Fitzsimmons, Steve hasn’t had a chance to figure out which is which, says and Steve sighs and stops. Tony never used to complain about the wear and tear the things around them went through. He always fixed or replaced them without having to be asked or it even having to be mentioned.

“We’re hoping that by being open with the public about the threat that Thanos poses we can gain support from where they can,” Coulson says.

“What support can civilians offer?” Steve asks.

“With all SHIELD personnel, military, and enhanced humans busy fighting Thanos and his followers and minions we need volunteers to man shelters, to give blood, stock up on food, be ready to evac, make sure they are inside on the day of his arrival if we can’t lure him to Wakanda,” Coulson says.

“Not to mention cluing the public in will show that we are doing our utmost to be transparent so they know they can trust us. Also there won’t be a global panic when ships start landing,” Hunter says and the way he looks at Steve makes him think that somewhere in that sentence was a dig at him but he can’t seem to find it and that pisses him off. It’s like talking to Tony all over again. Every sentence having a dig somewhere in there that Steve wouldn’t recognize until hours later. It always made him feel off center and he hated it.

“Also hopefully we can avoid collateral damage,” May, their handler, says and Steve just knows that was a dig at him, but last time he disobeyed her he was barred from a meal like some sort of child. He is not going through that humiliation again.

“Alright we’re starting our descent. Let’s all just play nice. Don’t talk to anyone, don’t look at them, don’t breathe near them. The last thing we need is the press getting a picture of Maximoff going after Tony with glowing hands again,” Coulson says and the jet lands with a soft noise and they get off.

Tony is the first person Steve sees, along with the man that keeps sending them away with orange...things. The man, Dr. Strange as Coulson had said to them, is laying a hand on Tony’s shoulder and whispers something to him that makes Tony smile and Steve realizes that he missed seeing Tony smile.

“Welcome Director Coulson. Miss Potts told us that you would be coming,” the man in the wheelchair from before says and instead of Magneto being by his side it is a man with blue skin and fur and Steve blinks.

“Senator Hank McCoy, may I introduce Director Phil Coulson of SHIELD,” Charles says.

“Thank you Senator. It was your support that got SHIELD back up and running under government supervision,” Coulson says shaking the man’s hand.

“Hey Furball! Enough ass kissing! Get over here and help the Tin Can with the kids!” The man that looks weirdly familiar to someone Steve knew from the war says and Steve sees he’s motioning to a tall man speaking to several children in a thick Russian accent.

“And it is that attitude that makes me wonder why you allow him to teach,” McCoy says and Coulson is staring at the man in question.

“I...Is that James Howlett?” Coulson asks and the name seems nudge something in Steve’s mind but he’s not sure what.

“Hmmm interesting, Agent Coulson your thoughts are quite loud. Would you like me to teach you how to prevent that?” the wheelchair bound man says and Coulson blinks.

“Yeah, does that mean you know what I was thinking?”

“Yes. You can do that but must tell you he doesn’t remember much of his life. So, take it slow,” he says and Coulson tells them to wait where they are and he makes his way over to James.

“Charles, I just got off the phone with T’Challa, he is stuck in Wakanda but he has sent his mother in his place. She should be arriving in a few minutes,” Magneto says coming over to them and pointedly ignoring all of them.

“Oh a Queen. How exciting,” Charles says.

“You’ve been knighted...several times,” Magneto says.

“Hush or I’ll let Peter put cornstarch in your laundry,” Charles says.

“Maybe that’ll get him to toss that god awful cape,” McCoy says and Magneto glares at him.

“Speaking of Peter, where is he? He was supposed to buy more water for our speakers and the press,” Magneto says and then cups his hands around his mouth and says, “PETER!”

There’s a flash of gray that startles Wanda and suddenly there are three people standing there. One is a brown haired kid that is watching Steve suspiciously, on is a man in a reddish colored jacket, and the third is a boy that looks startlingly like Pietro, a fact that makes Wanda gasp.

“Yes?” all three of them ask and Magneto’s eye twitches.

“Yes, the three of you are comic geniuses. I wish to speak to the Peter who’s genes I provided,” Magneto says and the brown haired kid and older man leave.

“What’s up dad? You and mom having another fight?” Peter asks glancing at Charles, “If you guys separate who gets me and who gets Wendy? Because I kinda want to stay with mom,” he says and Charles chuckles.

“I’ve been trying to get rid of him for fifty years and still haven’t managed it,” Charles says and Peter laughs and Magneto runs a hand through his hair and Natasha stiffens next to him and motions to her arm and Steve looks at Magneto’s arm and notices a line of numbers on his arm and his stomach clenches as he recognizes what they mean.

“Yes yes, you are both adorable. Peter did you get the water?”

“Yeah. Wendy says I told you so by the way,” Peter says.

“Okay so the order is going to go Thor, Loki, Quill, Coulson, Charles and I, Hank, Queen Ramonda, Rhodey and then Tony,” Magneto says.

“You’ll be keeping an eye on him right?” Peter asks.

“Of course. You never know when a sniper or HYDRA agent,” he glances at Wanda out of the corner of his eye making Steve bristle, “Might take a shot at a real superhero.”

“The Queen is here,” Charles says and Magneto goes to join her and they all begin filing onto stage. Tony is already at the microphone and he barely glances at Steve, Wanda, or Nat as they stand as far from him as the stage allows. Something Steve knows was intentional.

Rhodes and Strange are behind Tony with Magneto next to Strange and Charles beside Rhodey and the girl...Wendy, behind them with Peter.

“Hey everyone, it sure has been a while hasn’t it. I know I should have had a press conference when I was feeling better to let you guys know what was going on. I still haven’t fully recovered from everything that happened but I’m well enough to handle what’s going on. I appreciate the outpouring of love you guys sent to my Twitter and I appreciate it. And I’m sorry for not telling you I was better but something came up and I needed to prepare for it...But Thor is better suited to tell you guys about what’s happening so I’ll turn the mic over to him in a second. This is going to be a long press conference guys, we have water and snacks in the back on the orange table. We’ll also be providing a word for word dictation of this whole conference on the UN Accords website and they will be available in multiple languages. That said I will turn the mic over to Thor, we ask that you save questions until the end of all segments so that you have a grasp of the full situation to base questions on. Thank you,” Tony says and smiles slightly at the applause and then steps back.

Steve watches Thor take center stage and wonders why Tony is letting people besides himself talk now when back before he broke up the Avengers he wouldn’t let anyone speak at the conferences besides himself.

It makes Steve wonder what this whole conference is about.