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Family is What You Make It

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Stephen is sitting with Bruce in the kitchen looking through new teas to try when Peter walks in his hands tangled in the hem of his sweatshirt and he shifts uncomfortably.

“Ummm, Dr. Strange, Dr. Banner, can I ask you a question?” Peter says

“Sure, what’s the matter?” Stephen asks motioning for Peter to sit and the teen shifts a little.

“I was listening to Dr. Banner talking to Eddie and well, do I know if my bodily fluids contain radiation?” Peter asks.

“Oh…” Bruce lets out and goes to pull Peter into his arms.

“I’m lost,” Stephen says.

“Because of my gamma radiation my fluids spit, sperm, tears have high levels of radiation. It’s dangerous levels for anyone who isn’t Eddie, apparently Venom helps keep him safe,” Bruce says.

“I know that part but I’m failing to see how that would affect Peter,” Stephen says.

“Because my powers came from a radioactive spider bite,” Peter says softly.

“Oh,” Stephen says softly and puts a hand on Peter’s shoulder.

“Come on, I’ll get Tony and Bruce can test you,” Stephen says.

“No! I mean...I don’t want him to know until we’re sure that it’s something we need to worry about,” Peter says.

“Are you sure. It might help if you have someone you trust down there with you,” Stephen says. I trust you guys, besides Mr. Stark has a lot on his plate with the news conference coming up. I don’t want to add this to his growing list of worries until I’m sure that it’s something he needs to worry about,” Peter says as they go down into the lab and Bruce performs the test as quick as he can and they play cards while they wait for the results.

“Are you ready Peter?” Stephen asks as Bruce reads over the results and his face relaxes into a look of peace.

“There’s no radiation,” Bruce says and Peter bursts into tears and practically melts into Stephens arms.

“Hey, hey. You’re okay take a deep breath. You’re okay,” Stephen says rubbing his hands down Peter’s back. Peter hiccups softly and Bruce comes over to rest a hand on Peter’s back. Peter hugs both of them.

“I’m sorry for listening into your conversations Dr. Banner,” Peter says.

“It’s...okay? I’m glad it inspired you to find out about whether or not you needed to worry about it. But next time if you hear me having a conversation let me know before you freak yourself out,” Bruce says and hugs him tightly and Peter smiles and they head to the kitchen to have some ice cream the kid deserves it.