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Family is What You Make It

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Steve looks up as he hears someone come in and notices that Wanda is now in her own cell a few feet away from them asleep.

“Wow, I’m really glad I turned myself in now,” Steve hears Sam say and he immediately sits up and stare at his friend.

“Sam? What are you doing here?” Steve asks.

“I’m here to drop these off,” Sam says and holds up a pile of envelopes and taps something on the wall to make an opening in the glass of Clint’s cell and slides them in.

“What are these?” Clint asks holding them up.

“Letters from your family. Tony was supposed to have Vision deliver them but we asked if we could do it,” Sam says.

“We?” Clint asks as Scott comes in looking happier than they’ve ever seen him and passes a tablet through the opening.

“Here, so you can call and see your kids,” Scott says.

“You guys can drop the act. If you let us out we’ll all get out of here,” Natasha says.

“No thanks. We’ve got a good thing here,” Sam says closing the opening in the glass.

“You sold us out?” Clint asks.

“No, but we’re done letting Captain America use us to further his ends. Bucky had the right idea about getting as far away from you people,” Scott says.

“Let’s get going Scott, we promised that we would be back in time for dinner,” Sam says.

“Oh! Hold on one more thing,” Scott says and and passes several pieces of paper. Pictures of your kids. They’ll help you get through your time in here,” Scott says and then closes the window before following Sam out of the room.

“I can’t believe that they would betray us like that,” Clint says as he tears open his letters and starts reading through them. His face growing more and more stormy as he reads them and he grows quiet and reads through them and then turns on the skype function on the tablet and suddenly his cell goes silent in order to give him privacy.

Steve watched Clint talk to someone and it looks like he’s arguing and Steve opens his mouth to offer help explaining but then figures that if they can’t hear him he might not be able hear them. Clint continues to argue and soon Steve grows bored of watching him and turns to look at Wanda, who is still asleep.

Steve has to wonder where Bucky is and how he’ll find Bucky when he gets out of this cell. God only knows what people are doing to him.

He can’t let Tony get his hands on Bucky. There’s no telling what Tony would do to him if given the chance.

Steve refuses to let Bucky be used, hurt or controlled again.