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Family is What You Make It

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“What now?” Tony groans when the ground finally stops shaking. He stays in bed as the other people around him get ready to fight whatever caused the shaking. Rhodey rolls over to stay beside Tony along with Johnny and Kurt stays beside him as well.

“Charles? Any idea what that was?” Erik asks.

“I believe there are a couple of old friends who wish to see you again,” Charles says as Tony hears lightning and thunder cracking outside.

“Thor?” Tony says a little surprised that the God of Thunder would have come back after being gone for so long.

“As well as another old friend who you have missed dearly,” Charles says.

“Brucie?” Tony says because that’s the only person he can think of.

“You should go see for yourself,” Charles says and Tony finds himself being lowered into a wheelchair and Kurt grabs him and he finds himself upstairs on the lawn staring at a ship that is definitely not a Quinjet.

“Brucie!” Tony cries out flailing in his wheelchair and Bruce smiles that familiar smile that he always gives when Tony is up to his old antics. But then Tony can see the exact moment that Bruce realizes what exactly Tony is sitting in because his face falls and fills with worry.

“Whoa whoa. Breathe Brucie. I don’t need the chair, but my nannies insist I use one,” Tony says as Bruce immediately begins fretting over him.

“What happened to you?” Bruce demands looking at him and dashing over and away from Thor and the group of people disembarking the ship. Tony tries to see the people coming off the ship but suddenly his view is blocked by Bruce fretting over him.

“Brucie, I’m fine. I promise,” Tony says dodging his friends prodding fingers and sometimes batting them away. Still trying to avoid answering the question that Bruce had asked him. When Bruce is finally satisfied with his health status he steps back but Tony still can’t see.

“Tony. What. Happened?” Bruce asks voice cracking a little.

“Remember back when we first met...what you called the Avengers?” Tony asks.

“A timebomb?”

“Well...the counter hit zero,” Tony says not able to meet his friend’s eye. He’s waiting for Bruce to blame him. To ask him what Tony could have done to prevent it or fix it. Like so many other people are asking online.

“What did they do?” Bruce asks and Tony glances up at him.


“What did they do? Obviously you aren’t in a wheelchair for fun. So, what did they do. How did they hurt you this time?” Bruce asks and Tony looks away from the concern swimming in Bruce’s eyes and gives him a quick rundown of “Civil War” leaving out what caused the fight in the bunker. Bruce doesn’t need to know about that.

Bruce opens his mouth to speak but suddenly he’s being pulled up into Thor’s arms for a hug and he has to wiggle away a little so that he can breathe.

“Hey there Point Break...What’s up with your hair?” Tony asks running a hand through the newly shorn locks.

“It is a long tale my friend, nearly as long as that of your Civil War,” Thor says and hugs Tony again and whispers in his ear, “my Heimdal told me everything that happened between you and our former allies. Just know that I am on your side,” Thor says and Tony feels himself smile softly as he’s placed back into his chair. As he’s adjusting back to his chair a woman steps up beside Thor.

“Friend Anthony this is Brunnhilde. She is a Valkyrie. I met her on the same planet that I found Banner on,” Thor says and Tony whips his head towards Bruce so quickly that he’s afraid he’ll get whiplash.

“Talk. Now,” Tony says and Bruce and Thor launch into a tale about how Thor was on an exploration of another realm when he fell through a wormhole and landed on a planet called Sakaar. Then they tell him about how Bruce, in Hulk form, was a gladiator. Tony is on the edge of his seat by the time they recount their escape and he wraps himself around Bruce refuses to budge.

“I’m glad you’re safe,” Tony says and when he sits back down he recognizes why Bruce’s clothes are so familiar.

“Are you wearing my clothes?” Tony asks grin cracking across his face as he watches the tension melt off of Bruce. Anything for his friend to feel comfortable.

“Yeah. How the hell do you even breathe in these?” Bruce asks tugging at the collar.

“Do remember that I am smaller than you in stature,” Tony says and Bruce smiles and there’s a sound of clearing throats and Tony looks over at the other people who Thor was blocking his view of you and Tony doesn’t bat an eye at the appearance of the people behind him.

“Who are you guys?” Tony asks.

“We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.”