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Family is What You Make It

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When Steve opens his eyes he’s locked inside of a clear cage and the hallway surrounding his cell is a sleek dark gray color. Steve manages to stand with some help from the wall and starts banging on the wall to break out.

“Hello! You're making a terrible mistake!” Steve yells at the top of his lungs.

“No Mr. Rogers, the only person who has made a mistake here is you and your cult,” a familiar voice says and Steve hears the click of heels and a familiar redhead enters the catwalk.

“Miss Potts, let me out of here. Has Tony finally gone off the deep end?” Steve asks.

“Actually Tony doesn’t know that you’re here. He was indisposed when you were apprehended. He doesn't know where you are nor does he care. I on the other hand have quite a few things to say to you,” Pepper says and there's a glint in her eye that Steve recognizes from Peggy back in the day.

“Miss Potts... I know there are probably a lot of things about what happened that you don't understand,” Steve starts to say.

“You're right. I don't understand how you could leave a man who clothed you, fed you, fought with and for you, who dedicated years to you, to die in Siberia. I don't understand how you could turn your back on the voice of the people who you claimed to protect. But, do you want to know the thing I don't understand the most? I don't understand how you could look Tony in the eye knowing that his parents were murdered,” Pepper says.

“There's more to the story!”

“No...there isn't. There's a man with a Napoleon complex ingrained within him but the unmatching body. There's a man who refused to listen to anyone but himself. Even when the other person is the demands of millions crying for him to be a little more responsible and not to treat their deaths as casualties of a war that they didn't sign up for. There's a man that is too much of a coward to tell the man who housed him that maybe the women who raised and cared for him had her life choked out of her. There's a man that so long as I or another Potts lives will never be called hero again. And that Mr. Rogers is all there is to the story,” Pepper says and her heels click on the ground as she leaves.

“Oh... before I forget,” Pepper says walking back to the cage.

“In case you think that you can escape this is a hulk containment cell. One wrong move and it drops you back into the ocean. Tony said that doing something like that would be cruel. But I don't really think that you deserve mercy,” Pepper says and Steve shudders a little but can't help but think that he'd be able to break out of the cell quick enough.

“Oh Tony was right about you. You're almost as stupid as Justin Hammer. Shall I show you how resistant that glass is?” Pepper asks lifting a hand to the cage and her hand suddenly becomes engulfed in fire and Steve leaps back and away from the glass. But the grass doesn't seem to be affected at all.


“While you were off ignoring Tony whenever he needed help I was attacked to get back at him. This happened to me and Tony did his damnedest to stabilize me. I don't like these powers. I like the superhero name he made me, Rescue. I don't want to be a superhero...but I will always be there to rescue Tony. From himself and from the dangers that hide behind friendly faces,” Pepper says and leaves the room. As soon as she's gone the floor opens up to reveal the ocean thousands of miles under where they are and Steve has to wonder where this place is.

He has to wonder where everyone else is. What did they do to poor Wanda? She's just a kid.

He hopes Bucky is able to avoid Tony's twisted revenge plot.