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Family is What You Make It

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“T’Challa, can I speak with you for a moment?” Scott asks trying to catch up to the king.

“What about?” T'Challa asks.

“I want to turn myself in. I miss my daughter, I miss Hope, and I miss not having to run,” Scott says and T'Challa purses his lips. It should be possible to get him the the accord's council.

“If you wish I can contact the people sent to apprehend you. They would be fair and gentle with you,” T'Challa says.

“And,” Scott clears his throat, “do you think Maggie will still let me get to see Cassie?”

“I believe that several friends of Mr. Stark have been talking to her and pulling strings to ensure that you’ll still be able to see her. I don’t however know what your punishment might be. You caused significantly less damage than most of your fellows. Miss Van Dyne did not press theft charges against you, Mr. Stark did not press charges against you for assault and property damage. I’m unsure about what Germany will do,” T’Challa says.

“It doesn’t matter so long as I can still see Cassie,” Scott says softly eyes on the ground.

“I will advocate for house arrest if you are sure that you wish to turn yourself in,” T’Challa says.

“No, I did the crime and if I can’t handle the time I never should have done it,” Scott says and walks with T’Challa down the hall while T’Challa sends a message to Charles. He can’t help but wonder why all of a sudden Scott wishes to leave and asks the man as much.

“I miss Cassie and Hope, and I just don’t feel like the others understand what they did. They were talking about what happened in Lagos and Romania like it was nothing. Like they didn’t hurt people and even kill people. Then they were talking about Wanda and I found out she was HYDRA and I found out about what happened with the Hulk and’s just wrong you know? It’s one thing to do your own dirty work and kill people, it’s another thing to make someone who is dedicated to protecting life, end it,” Scott says.

“Indeed it is Mr. Lang. Professor X says that his people will come to collect you within an hour. Anything you wish to bring with you can be left with them for safe keeping. I would not alert the others to the fact that you turned yourself in. They’ll likely react badly and cause more damage than they already have,” T’Challa says and walks with Scott back to the wing of the palace dedicated to the Rogues.

“I also wanted to warn you. Wanda was talking about using her powers to help the others get out of here to get Cap’s shield back. I don’t know what long term effects her powers can have on people but I really don’t want them to be suffered by anyone here. That’s just like super rude and probably illegal. Especially since it would put an entire country in danger,” Scott says running a hand through his hair.

“I appreciate you warning me. I will look into ways of blocking her powers,” T’Challa says as Scott enters his room to begin packing. He takes a plain T-Shirt and cargo pants and tears and rips at them and then works on making them look as dirty as possible so that it’ll look like he was on the run. He doesn’t want then to suspect that he was receiving help from someone.

“Scott? What are you doing?” a voice says behind him and Scott turns and looks at Sam.

“I’m just fooling around you know? There’s nothing really to do around here,” Scott says and Sam just gives him a look.

“You’re turning yourself in aren’t you,” Sam says.

“Yes. I miss my daughter and this side is kinda turning out to have been in the wrong. Turning myself in seems like the right thing to do, but I need to look like I was on the run so T’Challa won’t get in trouble,” Scott says.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. When everything was going down I thought I was doing the right thing you know? But now that I think back on it I’m starting to see everything for how it actually was and not just what I thought it was,” Sam says.

“Plus, Cap and them are going to get themselves in so much trouble when they try to get his shield and I know that it won’t end well. I don’t want any part in it,” Scott says.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Sam says and a pile of clothes lands besides Scott on the bed.

“Pass the scissors. If I’ve been on the run for a couple weeks I need to look the part,” Sam says holding out his hand. Scott smiles relieved that he won’t be going in this alone and passes the scissors over. They make quick work of their clothes and then go to meet T’Challa in Shuri’s lab.

Standing there are three mutants who look indifferent to both their surroundings and the people around them but Scott is marveling at everything in the lab.

“Chuck said we were only picking up Lang,” a man in a flannel shirt says though it’s more like a growl.

“I was unaware that Mr. Wilson also was intending to turn himself in. I vow that there is nothing amiss,” T’Challa says.

“Yeah, I feel the same way Scott does and I want to make sure he doesn’t have to do all this alone,” Sam says.

“Logan, we should check in with the Professor about this,” the second man says his voice thick with a Russian accent. The third man, more like a boy, really keeps sneaking glances around at all the tech.

“I will call him,” T’Challa says reaching for his phone but the first man, Logan, holds up a hand.

“No need. Chuck can get into our heads from even this distance. He just won’t without an invitation...or a compelling reason,” Logan says. A few seconds later his eyes open and says, “okay they can both come. You should alert the council about the change in number. They don’t like surprises.” Logan says and they nod and T’Challa sends a notice to the council.

Sam and Scott let themselves be cuffed and spend the ride quietly watching the world pass by. Sam finally musters up the courage to ask, “do any of you know anything regarding Rho...Colonel Rhodes’ condition?”

“Pissed,” Logan says and the other two nod emphatically.

“Apparently his main motivation in physical therapy is to get his legs strong enough so that he can personally kick Rogers’ team all the way back to jail. Tony threatened to tie him to the bed. Said he wasn’t letting Rhodey out of his sight ever again. Was very funny,” the third person finally speaks and it’s with a heavy German accent.

“But how is he?” Sam asks.

“He took a nose drive from several hundred feet in the air in a heavy mechanized suit. He’s doing a little better than most would. Dr. Cho is really something,” Logan says and the plane starts to begin landing procedure.

They’re home.