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zero's garden

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walking into the sterile feeling building he called work for the third time this week left an odd feeling in shoutos chest, as it always did. he could smell the tension in the air as well as the determination of the hungry work man eager to rise up in the ladder of success.

Don't get him wrong the young businessman enjoyed working but the plain walls and lack of colour and thirst for power always put him off, it just highlighted how boring life seemed to have gotten after moving back to Japan a year ago to work for his father.

After travelling and seeing so much of the world and the different cultures that co-exist and how people come together regardless of the gain the person next to them may or not bring them, it feels like such a downgrade to work in such a lacklustre environment were people would do anything for you whilst knowing what your status could get them..

The split haired boy sighed as he greeted the receptionist with a too big smile, same as every other day. He grudgingly climbed each staircase today, in an attempt to change things up a bit.

By the time he had gotten to his office, his heart rate was well raised and he felt a little more alive and ready for the day.

He made his way to the head office room were his father resided. ''sorry I missed your call this morning father, what was it you wanted to tell me'' shouto gently brushed the slightly longer peises of hair from his sight before taking a seat on the soft leather chair before his father.

Enji Todoroki, an intimidating, hard-headed businessman to most, but a slightly neglective father by name to shouto.

''glad to know your time overseas hasn't completely made you ignorant to your father'' shouto had to stop himself from rolling his eyes, enji todoroki wants to talk about ignorance? how rich. his fathers face wore a look of indifference, much like the one he wore as he told shouto of for the first of many tattoos he had gotten in England.

''anyways I hope you haven't forgotten about the meeting with Mr Okinawa'' how could he forget that sleazy, inappropriate man.

shouto's first ever encounter with Okinawa didn't paint the best image of the 50 something years old businessman. However, if his father wanted to make good with Okinawa it meant he would be asked to spend a few good hours of his day picking up the perfect bouquet of flower from the flower shop down the road and he could finally escape the cutthroat environment parading as a friendly business place.


The outside of the shop was elegant to put it into words. the sign was black with white cursive writing going across 'Zero's garden'.

shouto pushed open the glass door resulting in a shy bell chime to ring throughout the room. the interior of the flower shop was unlike most, dark wooden floors with dark walls, it would have felt like a shrunken down version of his father's building had it not been overflowing with the vibrant flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

His admiration of the interior decorating was cut short by a familiar yet unfamiliar voice.

''Oh, it's you again halfie, if I didn't know any better ide say you only come here on days that I work'' he wasn't too far from the truth, but that wasn't something he needed to know.

''so what can I get you this time, pink carnations? mothers day is still a while away though'' the blond went on, completely unaware of how he made shouto's heartbeat.

Katsuki Bakugo, had been the best part about moving back to Japan, ever since shouto started working for his father he also started building a bit of a friendship with the fiery blond. the two had quite a lot in common, including their interests to travel the world and see endless things as well as their dislike for snobs though bakugo admits to thinking of shouto as a snob once upon a time.

''actually I was wondering if you could do something for a business partner I'll be meeting with, in about an hour and a half'' blue grey-eyed boy said. ''ah, good business partner or meh business partner?'' katsuki questioned '' I don't think I understood that question'' '' I mean is the guy a business partner you like or are you just doing what the man on top says''

this wasn't the first time katsuki had referenced his father, in fact, the two had had many discussions about their personal lives during shouts bouquet hunting.

''well, if I'm being honest has not my favourite person on planet earth'' shouto said to be polite, in actuality he despised Mr Okinawa he was slimy and conniving in shouto's opinion and it seemed his disdain was obvious.

''uh huh, that face tells me you'd rather tell the guy to fuck off than negotiate business with him'' the blond wore a signature smirk, ''I've got the perfect idea'' and off he went to the back room plucking out fresh flowers, cutting the stems, moving from one side of the room to another, his gloved hands moved with such fervor and confidence it never ceased to surprise shouto, how such a foul-mouthed man could handle such a delicate thing as flowers with such ease.

the bouquet was big, proud and beautiful much like the man that crafted it, his face of concentration highlighted his features, even more, his sharp ruby eyes that scrutinized every leaf and petal, his kissable lips forced into a slight frown. moments like this shouto wondered if people came for just the flowers of if like him they to were captivated and enthralled by the explosive blond.

once the bouquet was wrapped katsuki's now bare hands held them over the table, traces of a smirk still lingered.

''not gonna ask what the flowers mean this time halfie?'' he playfully asked and who was shouto to deny him that question.

''well i tried not to make it to obvious, one google search of the flowers and you could be in some big trouble, so most of the flowers like the Alstroemeria are symbolic of wealth, prosperity and fortune yada yada, however, there are other flowers like yellow carnations which unlike the white and pink ones symbolizes disdain. basically saying yes you're rich and powerful, but I don't particularly like you also there are some orange lilies, Georges flowers, not particularly nice but the beauty distracts''

katsuki finished his explanation and looked absolutely pleased with himself and shouto couldn't help but join the blond as he smiled at the meaning of his bouquet.

after paying there was just one thing shouto had to do. 'just ask him if he's free later this evening'. ''Um, katsuki, I was'' his palms gathered sweat as they held the bouquet 'gosh I can't do this' ''never mind, it wasn't important.'' and with that, the dual coloured haired boy left cursing his own cowardness and leaving the blond confused.


for days shouto thought of his failure to invite katsuki to dinner and decided using words just wasn't going to cut it, at least not words that he currently used. if he was to sweep the blond of his feet he would need to speak the language the part-time flower shop employee understood best. the language of flowers.

he marched into the flower shop determined to accomplish his goals. ''morning what can I do for you'' katsuki said without looking up, shouto made his way to the counter, the red-eyed blond finally looking up at shouto, his eyes showed shock and some other unidentifiable emotion.

'' I would like a 4 individual flowers arranged into a bouquet if you have them'' shouto said handing over the list he had copied after spending the night deciding what flowers truly expressed what he felt for the man before him.

PINK CAMELLIA - (Longing for you)
RED CAMELLIA - (You're a Flame in My Heart)
WHITE CAMELLIA - (You're Adorable)
RED CARNATION - (My Heart Aches For You)

shouto knew for a fact that katsuki was well educated on flowers and would quickly catch on to the meanings and after katsuki's minutes rummaging in the back he emerged with gloved hands and the four flowers tied together lightly with a red ribbon.

''This is quite an interesting selection of flowers you've got here, someone special?'' the blond asked he lips drawn to a line as he handed the flowers to shouto.

''yes someone I really want to get close to and express how they make me feel'' he said as he looked down, palms sweating as he took a hold of katsuki's hand, and gently placed the flowers back in his gloved palm.

the silence was deafening, katsuki took hold of the flowers and walked away to the back room. shoutos heart dropped 'perhaps this was a mistake' he thought, but before he could leave the shop katsuki came back with a small bouquet the size of two palms.

the bouquet was made from one flower, in particular, an orange flower with smaller grain lick pods sprouting from the centre and the only other flower was centred to the firey flames of the other flowers.

shouto watched as katsuki quietly took a hold of his hand not unlike the way he had done to him and placed the flowers in his palm. hanging of one flower was a little tag with the names of the two fowers.

AMBROSIA (Your Love is Reciprocated)
TIGER LILY ( "I dare you to love me.")

it was so much like katsuki, all shouto could do was smile and shake his head before looking back up at the blond ''so hows 8 o'clock tonight halfie, show me a good time and I might give you more than flowers''