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On the roof of the Bandou Gym, Haru springs up and down on the trampoline, staring out at the skyline as he prepares to do a back flip. He takes a deep breath and flings himself through the air… and lands a perfect back flip, a smile breaking out across his face.

When he hears applause, he turns his head. Kazu stands by the trampoline, grinning and clapping his hands. And he’s topless, his T-shirt slung around his neck like a scarf, his bare torso shining with sweat. He doesn’t have a six pack or anything like that, but his muscles are nicely toned and…

Wait, why is he admiring his best friend’s naked chest?

Haru blushes, wondering what is going on. He’s never… he’s known Kazu for so long but he’s never felt like this before. Oh… is… is he in love with his best friend?

He goes even redder, and now Kazu has noticed.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asks.

Haru nods and jumps down from the trampoline, trying not to look at Kazu.

“No you’re not. I know you too well, Haruki. What’s up?”

Should he tell him? Or would that ruin their friendship? This is Kazu, the man who started the Breakers with him, his best friend ever. He cares for him so much, and he doesn’t want to wreck their wonderful friendship.

But as he looks at Kazu he realises he’s getting an erection, and he hopes his friend won’t notice.

“Uh… Kazu… how would you feel if I said… I was in love with you?”

Kazu’s eyes widen. “Well, I guess I’d feel relieved that my feelings for you aren’t unrequited.”

Amazed, he grins. “What? Really?”

Kazu nods. “Wanna kiss?”

And when Haru manages a stunned nod, Kazu steps forwards and kisses him softly.