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Poisoned Heart.

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"(Y/N), I think I'm in love with you!" Sam said happily, turning away from his friend. You were just about to leave Stardew Academy until Sam texted you to meet you in the Music club room. You thought he wanted to show more of his music he worked on, not wanting to confess to you out of the blue. From behind him, you saw Sebastian tense up some. He went in front of Sam some and spoke up.

"Sam, you said you wouldn't say anything!" Sebastian said, sounding irritated. He turned back to you, expression lightening up some. "(Y/N), I was wanting to tell you that you really made me happy while you were here, but I guess someone had to interfere..."

"Hey! It's not my fault I realized I loved them! You're the one who made me jealous of you taking all her attention from me!" Sam shouted. This shocked you. The two always were close, and rarely argued. Seeing them argue over you like this worried you.

"Well, I guess this is their decision," Sebastian retorted, notably twitching at his cheek, making him look like he's about to pounce at Sam and rip his throat out. "Either they accept you or me."

"Fine," Sam said, crossing his arms. "Don't know why you'd choose him, though."


"OKAY, I'LL SHUT UP NOW, DAMN!" You looked between the two, worrying about disappointing either one on your choice. Eventually, you closed your eyes, letting the first one that came to your mind to be your choice.


"S-Sebastian," you said, opening your eyes, looking to him. You smiled at him. "I'll choose you."

"What?!" Sam yelled, shocked, looking from you to Sebastian. He just sighed to himself and went to pat his friends back in affection. "Good job, Seb. Guess you won them anyways, man. I'll let you two have some time alone then."

Before you or Sebastian could say anything, Sam left you both alone in the room. You look back to Sebastian still smiling, "I guess you and I are a thing now, huh- Seb?"

When looking back, Sebastian was smiling too, but something about his face felt off and... eerie.

"So that's all it took to make you mine?" he asked, walking in front of you, that expression never leaving his face. Fear began to build in you on what he meant. "This whole time, I could have just told you. That's all it took. But something inside was waiting for something else to happen. Something that would make you with me forever, never leaving for someone else."

"W-what are you talking about? You're really freaking me out-" you were cut off when feeling Sebastian's hands placed onto your shoulders.

"(Y/N)... promise me you will NEVER leave me for anyone else!" Sebastian said, sounding more deadly now, the smile turning creepier. "Not for Sam. Not for Shane. Not for ANYONE. Promise me you'll be mine. PROMISE ME YOU'LL STAY WITH ME FOREVER!"

"O-okay! I promise!" you say, not realizing you were now against a wall, Sebastian trapping you.

"Good..." Sebastian trailed a hand to your hand, caressing your lips and cheek lightly, "because if you break this promise..." his thumb lightly press into your cheek, nail drawing blood some, "...I may never forgive you again... but I could just take them out of our lives. I could take ALL OF THEM OUT OF OUR LIVES! So nobody will ever make you take your eyes off me!"

You didn't say anything, just tried to make yourself smaller. Tears began to form, making you hiccup some. Sebastian just rubbed your tears away and softened his smile again.

"Hey, don't cry! I'll make sure you're safe in my arms. Nobody will ever hurt you again, and I'll make sure of that," you were about to retort, but was only met with lips on yours. You just gave yourself in, not fighting back. Because if you did, you'd be risking yourself for death. Sebastian released your lips and backed away from you, offering his hand out. "Let's get out of here now, okay?"

You just nodded, taking his hand quietly, looking to your feet.

"Hey..." you looked up to Sebastian in response, "I love you."

You just smiled nervously and nodded back at him as you two headed out.

"I love you too," you said back, voice sounding raspy.

Short End - You Chose Sebastian

 "Sam..." you said. You looked to him happily. "I feel the same way."

"ALRIGHT!!" Sam ran and hugged you, picking you up some and spinning you. You couldn't help but laugh at his reaction. Meanwhile, Sebastian's expression seemed to turn darker. You didn't really acknowledge it, after being set down and feeling Sam peck your cheek. The peck made you giggle some. "Hey, maybe you'd like to head out somewhere, if it's not too soon to ask."

"Sure," you answer him.

"Um..." Sebastian spoke up, sounding calm. "Sam? We still need to work on that song remember? After all you wanted to before the year is up."

"Heh... right... (Y/N), how about tomorrow, after school's over? Then we can have our first date?"

"Sounds like a plan," you responded, hugging him close before heading to the door, "see you tomorrow, then. Bye you guys!"

"See ya!" Sam waved eagerly. You waved back as you left. But as you left, something felt off. More as though the school felt more empty than usual. As if you were the only one there. While walking down the hall, you ended up bumping into someone, mostly because you weren't paying attention. 

"Ah shit... sorry about that (Y/N). I didn't see you there!" you looked up and saw Abigail there.

"No, you're fine. Kind of helped me there, actually."

"How so?"

"Well, some reason the school feels like it just turned empty. Like everyone just vanished," you explained. You and Abigail began to walk to your lockers, which were pretty close to one another.

"Oh. Well, I'm still here, so not everyone vanished," she explained. You nodded, getting what you had left in your locker and head to the front of the school. You and Abigail said your goodbyes, heading in different directions. Even while talking with her, something felt off. It felt like eyes were peering at you from far away. You tried your best to play it off as you reached your home. Hopefully, tomorrow will feel better. Yeah, because after school, tomorrow, you had a date with Sam. Knowing him, the date could, probably just be going to a small restaurant and then go home with him to watch a movie. You felt better at that thought. Just you and Sam tomorrow. On a date.

You know nothing could mess this date up.

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"Jeez, Sam, didn't know relationships excited you this much," you said to nobody, looking at your phone. All morning, he's been texting you all sorts of messages. They were mostly stuff about how he was excited for today. You made sure to reassure him you were excited, too.

You were walking to school alone, as usual. As you saw the school gates come in view, that same feeling from yesterday was filling around you again. Mostly with how there was usually students all waiting for class to start out front. Today, nobody was there. Not a single soul. As if the school just up and closed today. You ignored it and head inside to your locker. When putting your stuff in, you felt your phone go off and checked it. It was Sam, as usual, but the message was less energetic.

"Can you come back to the music room? I want to show you something important. No, I NEED to show you!" You just shrugged off as nothing bad, thinking Sam was pulling some kind of joke. You closed your locker and made your way to the room Sam said he was in.

"He probably wants to surprise me with a gift, that dork," you said, walking in the dark halls. Wait... Dark halls?

You looked around and half the lights were off. As if someone forgot to turn them all on for today. You couldn't help but notice the halls looked dangerously creepy to walk down. Something didn't feel right anymore. Nothing felt right, actually. This all made you start to worry about Sam and you start to run for the music room.

Upon reaching the room, the door was closed tight, it took you a bit to open it. "SAM! TH-THIS ISN'T FUNNY! OPEN THE DOOR!" you shouted. One last tug, and the door opened. "Okay, now what did... y-you..."

The room was dark. Too dark. You could tell the curtains were drawn close pretty well. Not a single drop of sunlight in the room... but something else seemed to spread the room. Something... red? It was all over the walls, especially on the back wall, but it was on the floor too. In forms of small pools. Your eyes followed where the pools went, and they were getting bigger and bigger until something sat in a bigger pool.

"No... nonononono, please don't be what I think it is..." you went to find the light switch on the wall. You turned it on and nearly screamed at the sight what you saw:

On the walls were a bunch of writing saying so many things as if to you.

You don't belong to him.

You made the wrong choice.

If you just chose me, this would have never happened.

You will be mine.

Mine mine mine MINE MINE MINE MINE.

The pools on the floor, as well as the writing, you did recognize as blood. And not just ordinary blood. You saw the blood lead to a decapitated body, head in it's lap, making you recognize who this was. It was Sam. While in shock of seeing Sam dead right in front of you, you didn't notice someone else in the room until they spoke.

"So you already saw?" you turned and saw Sebastian. His usual hoodie was donned around his waste, but clearly stained in blood, telling you who killed Sam.

"W-why did you kill him? I thought you were friends!" you cried out.

"I thought so, too. But he stole you away from me. He won your heart," Sebastian pulled out a slightly stained knife and then looked to you. "If he were my friend, he wouldn't have stolen what was clearly mine. But look where he is now."

You watched Sebastian saunter over to Sam's body and picked his head up by his hair, some leftover blood still dripping from the inside. You felt sick seeing this.

"You know, knowing Sam, he'd be making all sorts of cruel jokes about this. Too bad he already lost his mind to do so," Sebastian gave a creepy smile then looked to you, slowly holding the head out. "You still want to tell someone who's DEAD that you still love them? That you'd love to go on a date with him? Marry him?! DO YOU EVEN WANT TO FUCK HIS WINDPIPE?!"

Fear was overwhelming you. All you could do was try not to puke and feel tears streaming down your face. Sebastian eventually just dropped the head and looked to the body, still smiling.

"You know, I didn't really mean to kill him..." he explained. "I guess it was then I realized how obsessive I've become of you since I met you."

You just looked up at him quietly, letting him explain.

"Yesterday, we weren't rehearsing own new song... in fact, obviously, we were doing the exact opposite..."


"See ya!" Sam waved eagerly, watching you wave and leave the room. He smiled and turned to Sebastian. "Okay, let's get back to the- woah! you okay?!"

When turning around, Sam saw Sebastian having his head down, sniffling, trying to hide his tears. "I thought you said you'd help me, not yourself..."

"Well, sorry I realized I liked (Y/N) when you told me all of that! Plus they was the one who chose me, right?" Sam just patted Sebastian's shoulder. He didn't budge. He just kept sniffling and wiping his tears away. "Come on, stop crying and lets continu-AWK!"

While talking, Sebastian had suddenly jumped at Sam, pinning him against a wall by his neck and squeezing hard.


"Take it back..." Sebastian said, his voice sounding like ice and his eyes now filled with a beast's rage." "TAKE IT BACK! TAKE BACK THAT YOU LOVE THEM! I TOLD YOU THAT I WANTED THEM!"

"S...Seb... st-o... ple-ase..." Sam reached his arms at Sebastian's trying to pry them off so he could breathe.

"They were suppose to be mine... not yours... but you had to interfere. YOU HAD TO, DIDN'T YOU!"

"P-please... let... g-g-"

"They made the wrong choice... they chose you... and not me... they should be with me... they should be with me..." Sebastian continued repeating this for another 15 seconds, digging his nails directly into Sam's windpipe, making him unable to speak now.

"Se... Se... S-S-SEB..." suddenly, as quiet as this started, all movement from Sam stopped, alarming Sebastian. He looked down to his friend, his arms that were trying to pry himself free were now limp, in his lap, his eyes saying his was dead.

"Oh shit... oh shitshitshitshit! I didn't actually mean to kill him!" Sebastian tried shaking Sam. "Please be joking! PLEASE!"

Sebastian stopped shaking his friend and a new thought that hit him.

"If he's dead now," Sebastian felt for a pulse. None, "that means..."

He went from frowning to smiling a Cheshire grin. He pulled a pocket knife he generally carried out of his hoodie.

"That means (Y/N) still can end up being mine. They won't have a choice!" he looked at the pocket knife and tossed it aside. "This won't be sharp enough. I need something that can cut skin..."


"Like I said, I didn't mean to kill him..." Sebastian said, finishing up his explanation. You noticed he was kneeling at Sam's head now, knife carving at his face, drawing some blood onto the blade, "...but something got the best of me... something like... being love struck? Overwhelmed?"

"I-Insane..." you say, not meaning to say it aloud.

"Well, I guess that's what it was. Pure insanity..." Sebastian's voice began to sound shaky, his smile turning twisted. "That's what got to me! Sam, you somehow drove me to insanity by doing that yesterday, you know! THAT'S WHY I KILLED YOU!"

Sebastian began to laugh, scaring you even more. While his sanity seemed to be dropping, though he probably lost it all just in yesterday, you looked to the door, which was still open. Sebastian wasn't looking anywhere at you, so you took this chance to quietly, and slowly, slip out of the room and find help.

As you tried to move slowly, not making too much noise, you saw Sebastian pick up Sam's head again, talking to it as if Sam were still alive. It didn't help that the new gashes in Sam's face were gushing a lot of blood, making you sick. You pushed the sick down, as you moved closer and closer to the open door. Right when you were at the door frame, escape just one more step away, Sebastian got up, looking to you.

"(Y/N)... where do you think you're going?" he asked, not even looking bothered.

"I-I was..." you tried to think of something to say. Simply telling him you were trying to escape would kill you. "I was just heading to the bathroom, to... wash up..."

You gave Sebastian a nervous smile, hoping he bought it. He looked bothered at first, but his smile came back. "Okay. Just make sure you don't run off... or I'll, sadly, have to hurt you..."

You just nodded, walking to the bathroom. Once you were down the hall, out of sight of Sebastian, you ran off, trying to find someone else in the school. As you ran, you saw someone just walking. Silhouette or not, you knew who it was based on his stance.

"SHANE!" you cried out, running to the man.

"Huh? (Y/N), what's with the-" you covered his mouth to quiet him.

"No time to explain, we need to find somewhere to hide!" you didn't let Shane respond. Just grabbed his wrist and hurried into a storage closet in the hall. You tried your best to lock the door, or hold it close.

"Okay, what the hell is going on!" Shane exclaimed, obviously confused by all of this.

"Shh! If you're going to talk any louder, you're going to get us both killed!" I whispered, but quieted down when hearing a voice in the hall.

"(Y/N)~ you weren't in the bathroom! You didn't run away from me, did you? I don't want to hurt you now~" the voice sounded like it was getting below you, as if descending down stairs. You let a breath out and peaked out the door.

"Was that Sebastian? What did you do to him?" Shane whispered, sounding creeped out. Again, you didn't answer, just quickly run out the door, still holding his wrist, and hurrying to hide into a bathroom, locking the door shut and sighed with relief. "So you going to explain."

"I..." you start, but you don't know how to explain this all to Shane, someone who had no part in what had happened, "don't know... it was just... Sam and Sebastian both confessed to me yesterday, but I accepted Sam. After that, everything went wrong. Everything went all wrong. Now Sebastian has gone blood and lust thirsty for me after killing Sam... I-I don't know what to do..."

When you stopped explaining, you noticed Shane was quiet. He usually was, but something didn't feel right. You turned away from the door, seeing he was nowhere to be seen.

"Sh-Shane?" you scanned the bathroom. One stall was slightly ajar. You went to investigate, but before you did, above the stall you saw, what looked like a rope, hanging from the ceiling. In the stall you heard gagging, like someone was crying for help. You kicked the door open and froze. Well, you did find Shane! Just not how you wanted to find him. Not to mention someone else in the stall.

"It's too bad..." he spoke. You didn't have to hear him to know who it was. "Unless you don't get something for him to stand on, he'll die in... 45 seconds? Unless Shane wants me to make it quick?"

You quickly looked around the room, finding nothing for Shane. Panic was filling your veins. By now, you wasted five seconds. You ran to the door, unlocking it quickly, looking for something tall and sturdy. You ran to a classroom, grabbing a chair, and ran for the bathroom again, but dropping it at the new site before you: Sebastian, holding a knife deep in Shane's stomach, insides spilling some.

"Oh, sorry! Looks like he wanted the quicker way out!" Sebastian said, taking his knife out, letting the guts spill out more, and licked the blood off. You couldn't hold it anymore. You collapse onto the floor, chair clambering down in front of you, feeling yourself, finally, regurgitate all that you tried to hold back this whole time. "You poor thing... guess seeing actual corpses in front of you isn't so welcoming, huh? I think they make this place more lively, even if that sounds more ironic."

You watched Sebastian approach you, smiling at you and holding a bloody hand out to you.

"Come on, just say you love me and I'll make sure you don't see anyone else dead~" Sebastian said. You just smacked his hand away, trying to get up yourself. This was a mistake as Sebastian lifted you up, pressing you against a wall and holds the knife threateningly. "Hey, if you're going to keep running from me, you're just going to make this harder, not just on me, but yourself. Like I said earlier, I don't want to end up killing you too soon. But you running is making that my next intention every time."

"LET ME GO!" you screamed, sobbing loudly, hoping someone would hear you.

"Hey hey, shhh~! I don't want you to cry," Sebastian said, trying to calm you down. Then he had a better idea and let go of you. "I have a new idea for you, and it involves you running and hiding from me like you did with Shane. I'll let you run and hide in anywhere in this school, but don't run out of the school. It's not fun if you cheat, after all. If you make it through the next 24 hours without me finding you here, I'll let you go, far from here, and you can act like none of this ever happened. But if I end up finding and catching you, you have to be mine."


"Wait, I'm not done!" Sebastian barked, making you quiet down. "Anyone you encounter and I find you both, I'll spare you, but kill them, no matter who it is. Also, if you hear my voice in the same room you're in, and I don't find you for 5 minutes, you can try to sneak passed me and hide somewhere else. If I find you sneaking out before those 5 minutes are up, I'll kill you. Got it?"

You just nodded. Sebastian then stood back, still smiling.

"Good. Now I'll give you 20 minutes to hide," was all he said last before watching you run out, looking for somewhere to hide. "Good luck, (Y/N). If you manage to hide from the whole time, that is."