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Balad of the Cross

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Blood on the pavement,
blood on the blade,
bullets flying, nowhere is safe.
Each to each they say
Yet... where is the safe lane?

Line by line,
Color by color,
Age to age,
Look to one another

You see a stranger,
I see a friend,
God? He sees one to love, befriend, and defend

Choices make and break one and all
Do you see the shadow?
Do you see the light?
How can we get through this night?

I know a path,
though rugged and rough,
that will guide from not enough

Can you see it?
Do you know it?
Do you know of the rough wood and cold nails?
The bridge that was built for one and all

Each to each, one to another
Why leave all others behind?
I was shown the bridge young
Others have found it near death
Yet more know it is there,
but see only the grabbing thorns that line the path

White became black only to be washed by red
It is by red that we need not fear the black
It is by red that we may honor the blue and rejoice in the green
Red spilled upon brown and black that we might walk free

Chains rattle and shake,
only to break in the face of blood soaked wood
Innocence sacrificed to pull us from the muck

I walk with the one who saved me,
though I might stumble and fall
I walk with the one who knows me,
who knows one and all

Born in innocence,
raised in humble craft,
A crown awaits this savior upon his return at the last

So, do I chose shadows, blood, and pain?
Or light, laughter, and service?

I walk the path I picked
The blood spilled was for one and all
The blood spilled was to make the path
The blood spilled was to stand and fight
The blood spilled was to comfort the mother and child
The blood spilled was to shield against the foe
The blood spilled... was to make things right

The blood spilled was Jesus Christ