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Twice Orphaned, Still Fighting

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Amelie was sitting on a rock drawing in the dust with a stick when he arrived. A tall guy, taller than her dad, in dusty clothes. Most things were dusty around here, but he looked like Hayley did when she arrived. Travel dust. No sign of a bike or car, so he must have walked. She didn't trust him. Turning, she called for her Renny "Gee! Gee! There's a stranger here! Who is he I don't like it help me!" Gerard rushed out, ready to defend their adopted daughter. Then they grinned. "McCoy. Fancy seeing you around." "Way Senior. Built yourself a family, did you?"
The two of them shook hands. "Amelie, this is Travie. He's one of ours. Decaydance." "Is he the one Madi always talks about?" Travie looked greatly confused. Gerard took pity on him and explained "Genevieve Beckett goes by Madeline Pendragon now. She talks about you a lot. Misses you." "She's here? Are Bilvy and Gabe with her?" He seemed hopeful. "I'm sorry. They were gone before we brought her here. We found them."
Travie looked at them, heartbroken. There was a sharp gasp behind them. "Travie? Oh my god I thought I'd lost you. That we'd lost you." Madi flew at him, almost knocking him over. Billie and Hayley followed shortly behind, Billie glaring, Hayley smiling. "And you are?" said Billie, sharply. Travie stuck out his hand in a friendly manner. "Travie McCoy. This young lady's third father."