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A Sweet Scent of Peaches and Vanilla

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Aesthetic 1

“Let’s go to my place, we can keep studying for tomorrow’s test there” Jimin says to a very sleepy Jeongguk whose hands are buried in his hair.

“I can’t do this, I don’t remember anything. I shouldn’t even have enrolled in this course, fuck!” the younger boy says, stacking his books and gathering his notes in a folder. “I knew I should have taken Advanced Photography instead of Omegas Rights; what do I even know about Omega law, God” he keeps complaining “I will be so done when I fail this and not having enough credits for the scholarship.”

“Yah! Stop complaining you dumbass!” says Jimin, hitting Jeongguk on the head with a heavy book. It’s the “Omegas Rights” manual; it has a blonde male omega on the cover, caught in the action of waving a flag with the omega symbol on it. Even though it’s 2018 and people are generally more open-minded about omegas – accepting them as human beings – they still don’t have a fair status in society. Alphas are – and have always been – the leaders of society, considered superior and perfect; betas, instead, have a generally lower status, but live peacefully, mating with their own gender as a general preference. There are cases in which alphas or omegas mate with betas, but they are quite rare, since their scents are very different and biologically, alphas are attracted to omegas and omegas to alphas, while betas – who are the minority – usually stick to their own gender, because their scent is very distinctive and they are naturally drawn to it.

“Hey there boys, we’re closing now”, the librarian comes up to them “it’s just about nine.”

“Yes, sorry, we’re just leaving”, Jimin politely smiles to the older woman, while putting on his coat. He then turns to Jeongguk, who still has a distressed look on his face. “Let’s go to my place and revise the last chapter. Come on, you know the first two by heart and we will just read the last ones again. Wait!” he says enthusiastically “You can crash on my couch and tomorrow we can go to the exam together! We can wake up around seven and do a final revision and then head to uni a little later, since I can borrow my brother’s car” he says, trying to comfort his dongsaeng.

“Your brother? He’s at your place?” Jeongguk asks while putting on his black beanie. He’s never met the infamous omega, but has certainly heard a lot from Jimin. They have been friends for over two years now – two young alphas, who had met at a dance class and had immediately hit it off by sharing a lot of passions and a great longing for their families. Both had moved to Seoul from Busan, danced together in a crew and spent way too many hours playing overwatch together, which had irrevocably drawn them one to the other, rendering them best friends from the very start.

“Yes, he’s finally divorced, but he can’t really live by himself, which sucks. So we’re sharing my flat, but it’s quite crowded at the moment, since Yoongi is at my place almost every night.”

“He’s basically moved in now, when will the wedding be?” Jeongguk teases his friend. They get out of the library and start walking to the hyung’s house, which is a block away. It’s a quite dark and cold November night and there are not many people around.

“Yah! I’m not getting married, stop saying that. You know how Yoongi is; all liberal and shit. He doesn’t care about a piece of paper, and neither do I.” 

“Yeah, I don’t really believe it, hyung. I know that you’re a softie alpha, and it’s ok, you know that I’m too.” Jeongguk chuckles in his scarf. “Are you sure that your brother will be ok with me just coming over unannounced?”

“Yes, don’t worry. He’s just moved in himself” the older says “it’s actually a little weird that he seems to be this ok, considering everything that’s happened in the past year; with his mate cheating and then finally getting that divorce you know.”

“Yeah, he’s my age and has already mated, married, divorced while I’m still here, working part time at a bar and studying my ass off. I feel like he’s lived a big part of his life already.” Jeongguk sighs. He’s always been admiring Taehyung even though he never met him in person. But Jimin is one who talks his heart off, especially telling about his younger brother’s brave choice to go against their parents’ wish and to mate for love and then to manage to get a divorce – which is something almost unheard of for omegas.

“He has been through a lot, yes. Just act like yourself and everything will be fine. I’ve been dying to introduce you two. I’m always telling him about how I kick your ass in Overwatch.” Jimin says jokingly, running a little forward when he sees Jeongguk’s furrowed brow.

“Come here, mochi. Let me kick your ass for real.” He says, sprinting after Jimin and managing to grab his coat, catching him in a headlock and rubbing his hair.

“Yah! Yah! I give up, I didn’t tell him, I was joking! Have mercy muscle bunny!” Jimin laughs and manages to get freed. He pulls up his hat, which had slipped away in the collision. “Yah, seriously! Stop working out, you’re scaring the shit out of me! Why do you need all those muscles and abs, huh? Are you trying to impress someone?” Jimin pokes his dongsaeng’s bicep.

“We both wish it were true hyung.” Jeongguk says in a low voice, looking at the early Christmas lights on the street. They are almost at Jimin’s house; thank God, it’s freezing.

“Haven’t you been seeing Bambam?” he says, eying the sudden tension coming off in waves from the younger alpha.

“Yeah… It’s just – Well I don’t know.” Jeongguk starts hesitatingly, stopping in front of Jimin’s apartment building and waiting for his hyung to enter the building first.

“What don’t you know? Weren’t you totally crushing on him when you texted, last week?”

They go up the stairs, talking in a lower voice.

“Well, yeah. He seemed great and we have so many things in common. But – well, it’s weird, but his scent seems quite… I don’t know. Is it weird if I say that I just don’t feel it? We went to the cinema and had ice cream and then we sat down on a bench and he was cold, so I gave him my coat and he cuddled up to me and it was weird…”

“Well, you were nervous, maybe? It’s the first time having an omega this close, I can understand if you were a little anxious” they stop in front of the door. Jimin leans on the wall in the deserted corridor.

“Yes it was my first time being this close to an omega, but his scent just didn’t make me feel everything that it is supposed to? I don’t know? Am I being irrational?” Jeongguk asks, leaning on the other wall.

“Well, I don’t know actually. You know how it happens in novels: people just meet and scent each other and are crazy in love…”

“Just like it happened with you and Yoongi hyung”

“Yes” the blonde smiles softly, “I don’t know what it was about Yoongi, when…”


Both alphas jump a little when a voice interrupts them. “Yoongi what?” a mint-coloured head pops from the staircase. “It’s impolite to talk about me when I’m not present. What are you even doing out here? It’s freezing.” The older Omega steps in between them, kissing Jimin lightly on his lips.

“Hi babe” Jimin says, “I was just rubbing my happy love life in Jeongguk’s face”. The younger alpha says, stretching out his tongue in the youngest’s direction.

Jeongguk smiles sadly. “Yeah, it’s not even a secret that I will die single and alone” he says.

“Oh come on!” Yoongi elbows him “you are still young and handsome, you will meet the one soon enough! Wait, are you staying over?” he says, fishing for the keys in his pocket.

“Yes, we are going to revise again and then take Taehyung’s car to get to uni tomorrow. Let’s go in!”

The three of them are crowding in the hallway, entering together at last.

As soon as he steps in the door, Jeongguk’s nostrils flare instinctively and he stops abruptly. A great sense of relief washes over him, while he is trying to understand what is actually going on. He feels surrounded by a sweet scent of peaches and vanilla, which is affecting him in such a weird way. He is confused. Where does this come from? Then it hits him. He whips his head around and meets hazel eyes. Some beautiful eyes. On a beautiful face. On a beautiful body. What’s even…?

“Jeongguk?” Jimin’s voice echoes for the second time. “Are you ok?” he asks, almost concerned. His eyes wander from his brother to his best friend, not really understanding what is going on, nonetheless, he is sensing a weird atmosphere.

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Night Aesthetic

Jeongguk tells himself to try to relax, taking his eyes off of Jimin’s brother. His heart is racing, because he’s standing in Jimin’s doorway – as he has a gazillion times before – yet he feels as if he’s fluctuating; immersed in a scent he has never smelt before; he’s not even crazy about peaches or vanilla individually, yet, he can’t have enough of the sweet and delicate fragrance, so he keeps sniffing the air, trying not to be too obvious.

The atmosphere is tense, but then – somehow – Jeongguk manages to be in control of his own feelings and emotions (maybe that acting class did pay off?) and he awkwardly starts pulling off his shoes. “Uh, sorry I just-“ he starts, looking at his own feet “I just remembered that I needed to text Namjoon hyung” he says awkwardly, faking a little laughter, trying to lighten the mood.

“Yah!” Jimin hits him on the head with his scarf “I was worried you were having a stroke or something, you’re not even funny! Stop overreacting, I know that the exam is tomorrow and.. Oh! Wait” the alpha stops, remembering that his brother is still standing there, looking at them with a frown on his forehead “Taehyungie, this is Jeonngukkie, Jeonggukkie, my little brother” he gestures between them, unaware of the tension that had been building up in the small space just minutes ago.

Jeongguk lifts his head, coat and beanie discarded and passes a hand through his brown hair, trying to be presentable. It’s Taehyung who steps forward, extending his hand for Jeongguk to shake. It’s weird for an Omega to shake hands with an Alpha, but Jeongguk already knew that Jimin’s brother was different from any stereotypical person of his gender. Taehyung was standing proud, dressed in a white silken robe that didn’t leave much to the imagination and gave the younger a clear image of the short pinkish pajama he had underneath it. His legs were smooth and he was barefoot, casually standing in an apartment hat wasn’t his – which he seemed to own, nonetheless.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard much about you”, the Omega said with a deep voice, looking into Jeongguk’s eyes with insistence. Oh, right.  Jeongguk was still a little shocked by everything, trying to ignore the animalistic side of his brain – which wanted to bury his head in the Omega’s neck and just scent him, and… maybe… taste… have a quick lick of that long neck that… He saw Taehyung’s brows lift almost comically and was brought back to reality, quickly extending his hand to shake the older one’s.

“Hi. Hi. It’s nice to meet you too- ehm. Taehyung hyung” he managed to say, trying not to breathe from his nose and not to focus too much on the soft – yet strong hand – he was shaking. He had been taught that Omega’s hands are to kiss on the back very lightly, since they are fragile little creatures, yet he was taken aback by Taehyung’s strong grip, which was way too strong; as if he was squeezing the hand with all the force of his body, to make a point or something. Jeongguk didn’t shake back, he just let the Omega show off his physical force and stood there, watching him cryptically, because he just couldn’t understand what was happening. He was certain about two things though: First, everything he knew about Omegas wasn’t applicable to Taehyung; second, he thought that he knew his own emotions and yet – there was a voice in his head that was pulling him to the older boy.

“What smells so delicious?” Jimin interrupted Jeongguk’s musings “have you made jajangmyeon?” he asked Taehyung, walking into the kitchen.

The Omega released the Alpha’s abused hand and turned around, following his brother and leaving a very flustered Jeongguk behind.  “Yes, I knew you had an exam tomorrow so…”

As Jeongguk was about to follow the Omega, he was pushed against the door by Yoongi. He suddenly remembered that even Yoongi wasn’t a stereotypical Omega, because he could be really scary at times.

“What was that?” he asked in a low voice.

“What was what?”

“You’re not fooling me, Jeon. I know Jimin is oblivious, because he’s just as a dickhead Alpha as you are, but I could definitely smelling what was going on, and so could Taehyung. So I’m asking again” he got even closer, forcing Jungkook to push himself even closer to the door. It was funny: a tall and bulky Alpha pressed against the door and really scared because a much shorter Omega with mint-coloured hair was threatening him; but this was the reality of things. Sometimes there were gentler Alphas and scarier Omegas – it was the beauty of the 21st century. People acted how they wanted and weren’t forced into a stereotypical behaviour and both Yoongi and Jeongguk knew that. They had been friends since Yoongi started dating Jimin and the Omega had been – in these few years – like an older brother to Jeongguk; teaching him many things, especially that he wasn’t a lesser Alpha if he was shy, liked cheesy romantic comedies and wasn’t of a violent nature, like many of his friends. Jeongguk respected his hyung immensely.

“I- I don’t know. I just- when I got in here… his scent- wait. What exactly did you scent?” he didn’t even know how to answer Yoongi.

The Omega stepped away, because there was someone coming their way, but Jeongguk could see that his features had softened a little.

“Hey, what’s taking you so long? We’re having jajangmyeon, your favourite!” Jimin said, pulling the young Alpha in the kitchen. “Taehyung didn’t even know that you were coming, yet he made your favourite! See! It’s a sign that you were supposed to be here.”

Jeongguk tried to smile weakly; suddenly remembering that Taehyung was there. Standing with back turned to them, stirring the thick black sauce, which had a divine smell. “Yeah, I just- well, Yoongi…”

Seeing the younger Alpha struggling, Yoongi pulled him by his pink shirt, “We’ll just go on the balcony for a sec. I need a cigarette and Jeongguk was telling me about the song Namjoon hyung is producing…” he said neutrally, smiling like a little angel to Jimin, who didn’t even question his words.

How does he do that??? Jeongguk watched closely, trying to learn something more from his hyung. He knew that he would never be able to pull such a straight face while lying. Not that Yoongi was a liar, but he was just so cool and composed at all time.

“Oh right. Namjoon hyung is doing so much at the moment, I talked to Seokjin hyung the other day and he told me about his busy schedule at the moment” Jimin started, then turned to his brother “oh, you need to meet Seokjinnie hyung, he’s the cutest, he has this bakery and…”

Jeongguk was pulled away. “This is our clue to go”, Yoongi whispered, pushing him out the door to the balcony.

“It’s freezing, hyung”, Jeongguk managed to say hugging his sides dramatically.

“Yeah, maybe it will stabilise your Mighty Alpha hormones.” The older said unbothered, taking out a cigarette and lighting it.

“My- hormones?”

“Are you seriously not aware of what was going on in there?” Yoongi started impatiently, “I hope you didn’t scare the living shit out of Taehyung, but it didn’t seem like it. I hope.” He said, looking down at the dark street.

“I’m? I don’t know? Why did you think that I scared him?” he asked in a small voice.

“Well, you were kind of… your scent started to spike something like…”

“Like what?”

“Like you were horny as hell, I’ve never smelt something like that from you and I think it has traumatized me for life”.

There was a moment of silence, in which Jeongguk had suddenly forgotten about the cold and the dark and he was just staring at Yoongi.

“Listen, it’s not a big deal, it happens sometimes that people get- uhm…” Yoongi said; more than half of his cigarette smoked.

“Oh my God.” Jeongguk covered his face with both of his hands, his brain suddenly understanding as to why Taehyung had taken his hand in a death grip – he wanted to make me submit. “Oh God” he kept repeating, not aware that Taehyung was watching over his brother’s shoulder – while Jimin kept rambling about stuff – and seemed to understand exactly what the whole exchange had been about. He smiled a little at Yoongi, who tried to awkwardly hug Jeongguk while signalling with a thumbs-up that everything was ok.

“It’s fine, don’t think too much about it.” Yoongi said again, giving up on the hugging part since Jeongguk was so much bigger than him, so he tried at least to uncover the younger’s face. “Yaaah. It happens. Taehyung is a very attractive Omega, I bet he gets that kind of reaction every time.” He smiled a little, trying to lighten Jeongguk’s mood.

“Yeah. But I’m not that kind of knothead. I don’t –“

“I know you are not.” Yoongi interrupted him, managing to take Jeongguk’s hands away from his eyes. The Alpha seemed really terrified and mortified and about to cry. “Hey, stop it. Seriously. You’re overreacting. Seriously.”

Jeongguk took a deep breath, nodding.

“It’s not like he’s going to hate you, don’t worry.” His cigarette almost smoked.

“It’s so impolite to meet a stranger like that. I – I don’t even. Like, seriously, Yoongi. I only thought about uhm- well I only wanted to scent him like for a second…” he seemed to stand taller “Like most of the time I didn’t even think about that; his scent just hit me and I thought about how lovely and delicate the combination was, I swear to God. Like- I don’t even know how to- I mean…”

When his friend started stuttering, Yoongi took a little pity on the Alpha, because he knew about his inexperience and extreme shyness.

“I must say that it took me a little by surprise at first, because it seemed like you were about to jump him then and there, it was just sudden…” at that, Jeongguk’s shoulder slumped “BUT!” Yoongi quickly added “Jimin talks to Taehyung all the time about stuff and about you and I’m pretty sure he knows that you don’t…”

Jeongguk’s head snapped up, making Yoongi realise his mistake.

“I mean, he’s probably…”

“Oh my God” Jeongguk buried his face in his hands again. “He knows that I’m a loser virgin Alpha and then he meets me and I have an asshole reaction and now he thinks I’m just a sexual deviant.”

Yoongi started to laugh at this. Poor Jeonggukie.

“It’s so fun, yes, hyung. Thank you, now I’m going to jump from this balcony, bye” the younger joked, taking his hands off his face.

“Well, I’m not sure about the kind of first impression Taehyungie had, but I can tell you this” Yoongi said, putting off his cigarette “a traditional Omega would have submitted then and there, but he didn’t. I think that he kind of – well liked it.”


“Well, try thinking about it like this: he’s divorced because his mate cheated on him with some younger guy and he lost much self-confidence because of that. And now he meets a young Alpha who is very much his type, who displays such a strong attraction to him publicly… I mean… I would have slapped you. But, I would have also been flattered.”

“Oh God.”

“Stop this, Jeon, I swear if you don’t uncover your face I will be the one to push you from the balcony.”

Suddenly, Jeongguk listened to him. “What do you mean by “Just his type””?

Yoongi was laughing again. “Oh, you caught that, huh? Well, let’s say that a little birdie told me that Taehyung told him that…”



“Jimin is the little birdie ok. So what did he tell you.”

“Yah! If you keep interrupting me then I won’t tell you anything.”

“Sorry hyung” Jeongguk bowed a little.

“Well, Jimin told me that his brother had quite a hard time at first, but then he also said something like: “Now that it’s over with Minho I want to find someone who is the opposite: a gentleman Alpha, tall and strong, who will want me - and just me, and won’t be afraid to show everyone that he’s crazy for me.”

“He- he said that?” Jeongguk stuttered out. “But I’m not- well… I’m not that straightforward and-“

Yoongi punched him on his arm. “I’m not telling you that you have to do something now, calm down. I’m just saying that Taehyung is not a little damsel in distress and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself – he might even like you. But well. You know, I should also probably tell you something like “he’s Jimin brother, if you hurt him, I’ll hurt you more or something”…”

“Hyung! –“

All of a sudden the door to the balcony opened, letting lukewarm air and that delicious smell out. Taehyung peeked out: “Guys, is everything ok?” he asked, watching Jeongguk with insistence.

He’s behaving as though he knows exactly what…

“Yes, sorry, you know how I get when we talk about music” Yoongi said, winking.

“Well, then dinner is ready, come in.”

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Saying that dinner went well is an overstatement. Or, maybe, it did go well for everyone, except for Jeongguk, who was getting more and more flustered with the passing of every minute.

Jimin’s apartment was quite small, so they were all sitting at the round table, which was usually where Jimin and Yoongi had their dinners or where the Alpha laid out the books to study. At this moment, though, there were four people sitting together at the table quite tightly.

Jimin and Yoongi were all over each other, as usual – the Alpha talking about all kind of stuff, with the Omega tenderly gazing at him while sipping on the wine. Taehyung’s robe had slipped a little, revealing his pink pajama top, since he was slumped on his chair, legs stretched in front of him. Jeongguk had to take the seat next to him, since Jimin and Yoongi immediately sat next to each other, but the younger Alpha was really making progress since he managed to control his hormones.

What Yoongi had told him, on the balcony, had struck a chord with him. He had never experienced such a strong physical attraction to someone – that’s why he was getting over his first and instinctual reaction. He was embarrassed, at first, but Taehyung had never showed any sign of distress after that handshake, that’s why the Alpha had managed to calm down somewhat – being hyperaware of his reactions and banning all hormone-driven thoughts. He had also got used to that peachy-vanilla scent – which was still one of the most pleasant ones he had smelt, but he was not so deeply affected by it as before.

He could even have enjoyed dinner, but Taehyung was very similar to his brother in character: he talked a lot, was bashful and brazen – especially he used to show his euphoria while he was talking by casually touching the person he was talking to. So, naturally, when Jimin said that Jeongguk worked part time at a cozy little coffee shop down the corner, Taehyung jumped a little on his chair and grabbed Jeongguk’s arm exclaiming “No way! I was looking for a small coffee house around here! And I hate Starbucks!” At that, Jimin started laughing. 

They all jumped a little at the clap of thunder, the rain had started just after everyone had returned home.“Yeah, it would be a great idea to have you hang out there, instead of moping around the house. Plus, if JK is there I know at least that you are safe.”

“Stop worrying so much. Oh my God. You’re so annoying.” Taehyung answered, his hand still on Jungkook’s arm. Then he turned his head towards the flustered Alpha, with a sweet smile. “Gukkie do you brew real coffee at the coffee house? Like, real good coffee?”

“Uh, yeah.” Jeongguk answered, feeling his cheeks heat up. He was used to being called “muscle bunny” or “JK”, but never had someone called him “Gukkie”, and the combination of the pet name and those sweet brown crescent moon eyes looking into his, had short-circuited his brain. Plus, Taehyung was still holding his arm, and it felt really. Weirdly. Right.

“When is your next shift?” Taehyung asked with the same vigour.

“Uhm. The day- after- tomorrow?” why did it sound like a question?

“Yeah, he had to have someone cover from him, since we have the Omega Rights exam tomorrow morning and will play videogames all afternoon after that.” Jimin snickered.

“Oh, then I will drop by the day after tomorrow!” Taehyung said turning to Jeongguk “I need to give you my number, so you can text me the address.”

“Yeah, sure.”  Jeongguk tried to calm down, looking at the painting behind Yoongi, in order to at least act relaxed, but he met the other Omega’s eyes, who smirked at him while sipping at his wine.

“Can I have a glass of that?” He suddenly asked Yoongi, pointing at the Cabernet.

“Oh! JK is having a drink with the grown ups! Cheers!” Jimin mocked him, lifting his beer can.

“Don’t you like to have a drink, once in a while?” Taehyung turned to question him again. Meanwhile, Jeongguk had managed to fill his glass a little more than it’s proper etiquette to and hurried to have a long sip. The bitter taste was awful. Jeongguk hated alcohol, but he really needed something to calm him down.

“Our JK is an outstanding young man, doesn’t smoke, nor drink or do drugs.” Yoongi said like a proud parent.

“I like a glass of wine, occasionally” Taehyung said “but it is really bad for my skin”.

Jeongguk had managed to empty his glass in a few gulps and felt the heaviness and tartness of the wine loosening him up a little. Finally. He turned to Taehyung then, feeling a little empowered by the liquid courage.

Taehyung looked at him with a surprised expression. “What?” he asked.

You have issues with your skin?” he asked the Omega, having an excuse to make his eyes roam on those angelic and smooth features.

“Well-“ Taehyung seemed taken a little aback by the unexpected question.

“Your skin looks flawless. You shouldn’t even have to worry about it.” Jeongguk said casually, putting his chopsticks back in his plate. He had eaten a lot.

“Yah! What did I tell you! And you don’t believe me!” Jimin said to his brother “your skin is perfect.”

Taehyung seemed shy for a second, and Jeongguk felt butterflies in his stomach. The Omega’s scent had got a little sweeter for a few seconds, since he was pleased by the compliments. “Well, it’s because I eat a lot of fruit” he said in a small voice and then stood up, gathering the plates.

“Sorry JK, my brother can’t take compliments, you should know” Jimin said smiling, seeing that his brother was getting flustered and was piling the plates to escape the room.

“Let me help you” Jeongguk offered, standing up. Jimin grinned, happy not to have to wash the dishes. 

“It’s ok, I can do it” Taehyung answered, going for the little kitchen with his hands full.

“Let’s go sit on the couch” Yoongi told Jimin, who stood up enthusiastically; while they were passing by, Yoongi smirked and winked at Jeongguk, who was cleaning the table with a cloth.

Jeongguk was a little flustered at that, but he followed through his course of action and gathered all the glasses, carrying as many as he could to bring them into the kitchen.  As he got there, he spent a few seconds looking at Tahyung’s back, before making his presence known to the Omega by saying: “here, I got the glasses. Let me help, I can dry.”

Taehyung looked at him over his shoulder “I told you that you didn’t have to. It’s fine, leave them here.”

“But I want to help.” The younger answered, carefully placing down the glasses and taking a cloth to dry the dishes.

They spent a few minutes in silence, each engrossed in their own work. As they finished, Taehyung smiled at Jeongguk “thank you”.

“Of course. Thank you for dinner, it was delicious.”

Taehyung smiled again and was just about to walk out the door when Jeongguk suddenly managed to tell something he had been dying to tell the Omega since the balcony talk. “Taehyung hyung-“

The Omega turned around and looked at the Alpha with a questioning look “You know you can just call me Tae, I’m barely older than you” he said smiling.

“Tae” Jeongguk tried the name, it sounded good.

“Yes, what is it?” The artificial light of the small kitchen made him look even more beautiful, and Jeongguk was starting to get shy and flustered again, but he just needed to say it.

“I’m – Well, I want to apologise for before-“ he started, not managing to look at the other in the eyes. He fixated his eyes on the door behind the red haired Omega “I didn’t mean to-“ it was harder than he thought “I didn’t mean to disrespect you in any way- I-“ he suddenly stopped, as he perceived the other one walking towards him. He still didn’t have the guts to look him into the eyes; but as he heard a low chuckle, Jeongguk finally lifted his eyes to meet the other’s gaze. Taehyung’s features were soft and relaxed, he had a little smile.

“You don’t have to apologise, Jeongguk” he said shaking his head.

“No, I do.” The younger insisted, scratching the back of his neck. Taehyung was just about to say something, when Jeongguk spoke again “I’m not- like that. I don’t want you to think that I’m –“ as he was trying to explain it to the Omega, he noticed that the other one had furrowed his brows and he stopped talking.

“You mean…” Taehyung said “That it was nothing? Like- You are not attracted to me in that way?” he asked very casually.

“No! I- What?” Jeongguk wanted the floor to swallow him whole. “I mean, you’re… I-“ he was becoming a stuttering mess and Taehyung started laughing at that.

“I’m kidding Gukkie” the Omega put his hand on Jeongguk’s arm again. “Sorry” He said, noticing that the Alpha was blushing furiously, “You get cute when you’re flustered”, he said, pinching the Alpha’s cheek.

“I’m not cute” the younger answered, getting a little angry at that last remark – he was a baby alright, but he hated being babied by Taehyung.

“No you’re not. Not cute at all” Taehyung answered, winking at him. He was just about to walk out the door, when he stopped for the second time. “It’s fine, really. I don’t hold it against you, alright?” he said with a serious expression “come, let’s go to the living room, If I remember correctly, Jimin and you still have to revise something?” he said, tilting his head.

“Oh no” Jeongguk suddenly remembered his exam. “Why did you have to-“ as he said that, the light went out in the kitchen and in the whole apartment and there was a sudden clap of thunder. Jeongguk wasn’t afraid of the darkness, but he jumped a little when he felt someone grabbing him and hugging him tightly. His nose was filled with peaches and vanilla, there were two arms around his shoulders and a body pressed against his, soft hair in his face and in his nose. Taehyung was holding tight and Jeongguk stood frozen for a second, before he moved his arms to hug the Omega’s back.

“I’m- I’m afraid of the darkness” Taehyung whispered and his warm breath tickled Jeongguk’s neck.

“It’s fine- It’s nothing” the younger replied, before being cut off by Jimin’s voice “Tae, are you ok there?”

“Yes, Minnie” the Omega said louder.

“Can you stay where you are for a few minutes? I’m going with Yoongi to see if we can manage to turn on the generator. Alright? Do you want to come with me?” he sounded concerned, while there was the noise of keys rattling and Yoongi talking to the neighbour.

“It’s ok. I’m with Gukkie.” The Omega said, holding the younger Alpha even tighter, since there was another clap of thunder.

“Alright. Don’t worry, It will pass soon, hang on there.” Jimin said, his voice already echoing from the entry.

Perceiving that the boy in his arms had started to shake a little and that his scent had soured, Jeongguk tried to lift his spirits by rubbing his back and sounding very calm “it’s alright. If you let me get my phone I can turn on the flashlight and-“

“No, don’t move.”

“Alright. You know, I used to be afraid of the darkness as well…” Jeongguk said while he kept running his arm on Taehyung’s back; that robe was so soft…

“Really? You?” Taehyung asked incredulously.

“Yeah, me. I’m afraid of many things still.”

“How did you get over it? The fear of the darkness?” Taehyung asked lifting his head a little. His breath was tickling Jeongguk’s chin now and the younger boy was dizzy from the sweet scent of the Omega for a second, but then regained his composure.

“I have a friend who went to war in Kabul. And he said that the darkness is the safest place to be.”

“But-“ Taehyung lifted his head a little more and his hands had left Jeongguk’s shoulders and were now leaning on the Alpha’s chest. Jeongguk tried not to think about the fact that his heart was probably racing like crazy and that Taehyung had to feel it, since it was beating so fast. In fact, Jeongguk feared even that, if they were silent, his heartbeat would be clearly audible in the small room. “But you can’t see anything, how can you be safe?” Taehyung asked in a small voice.

“Well, if you can’t see anything, it means that anything can’t see you either. You’re protected by the darkness.” Jeongguk said, leaning his head forwards a little, sensing that Taehyung’s neck was very close to his nose. If he could just get a little closer…

“Oh, I’ve never thought it that way” Taehyung said, his arms roaming on Jeongguk’s pecs. “I don’t know if it can help me, though. I’m very afraid.” He finished, placing the palm of his right hand right over Jeongguk’s heart, while the other one was placed a little lower.

“It’s alright.” Jeongguk said, trying to desperately breathe normally, to slow down his heart “it’s not like you can get over a phobia this fast. And maybe you won’t ever feel safe in the dark, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He said as calmly as he could.

“Wow.” Taehyung said, his left hand roaming a little on Jeongguk’s stomach “Is this all muscle?” he said in a hushed tone, pressing his hand on Jeongguk’s abs to feel the body against his. Jeongguk didn’t answer – he was a little overwhelmed with having Taehyung in his arms and now his hands caressing his body… Don’t think about it. Think about sad things. Think about Yuri on Ice not having another season yet, which sucks… “Wow, sorry. I didn’t mean to grope you like that in the dark” the Omega chuckled, stopping his hand from roaming further.

“It’s – ok.”

“It just took me by surprise that a college student and part time barista would have the time to have a body like this” the older said, his breath roaming dangerously close to Jeongguk’s lower lip. “Do you ever sleep?”

“Yeah, I sleep- a lot.”

“Hm…” Jeongguk was a little taken aback, because he had managed to suppress his scent, yet he could sense that Taehyung, who was getting more pliant in his arms, had started to smell just a little… sweeter? He didn’t really control the motion of his head, but suddenly he felt his cheekbone leaning just under Taehyung’s ear and he distinctly perceived as the Omega bared his neck to him, his left hand coming up to Jeongguk’s neck and pulling him forwards. He gulped a few times – his hands having stopped the caresses on the Omega’s back had found a place on the older boy’s hips. He was a little hesitant, because he knew that Alphas liked to scent Omegas, and it wasn’t a purely sexual act; it was a way, for the Omega, to show trust in someone and to bring them closer. Close friends scented each other, even family – yet Jeongguk had never scented anyone he was attracted to, let alone an Omega with such an overpowering scent.

“It’s ok” he heard Taehyung whisper, “I want you to”.

At those words, Jeongguk pressed his nose on the side of Taehyung’s neck and inhaled. He was still for a few moments, because he just could not describe, putting emotions into words, what he had felt in his core; he just knew that he felt very light all of a sudden, as if everything had faded away, just peaches and vanilla were left behind and the warm and soft body in his arms.

He inhaled another time and had to forcefully tear himself away, because there was still a little voice in his head that wanted him to do a further step and taste… but he just had to put those urges aside. Taehyung had let him scent him, which was quite a big deal. Scents were important – they were the deciding factor to people’s relationships, because you wouldn’t feel comfortable being around somebody whose scent you didn’t like. Especially, scents were the decisive factors for lovers, since they were supposed to pull you to a particular person and – if that person felt the same way – a romantic relationship could be successful.

There was another clap of thunder; Taehyung shuddered a little, but he remained with his neck bared, head tilted to the side and his hand still around Jeongguk’s neck. At the realisation that some time had passed, Jeongguk pulled away, after a final sniff, asking: “Do you- Do you want to scent me too?”

Taehyung was still for a second and it embarrassed Jeongguk. Alphas didn’t really bare their necks to people, it wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Of course what are you thinking, idiot! Only weak, loser Alphas-“

“You would let me?” Taehyung finally asked.

“Sure.” Jeongguk answered too eagerly.

“Then, yes. I’d love to scent you” Taehyung whispered, while Jeongguk was tilting his neck.

Taehyung’s hand found its way to Jeongguk’s shoulderblade and the Omega pressed his nose on the Alpha’s neck, lightly inhaling the area just underneath the little choker on Jeongguk’s neck.

It felt weird for the Alpha. He had been scented several times by Jimin and Yoongi, by Jin, Namjoon and his family, but this was another thing altogether. It felt intimate and lovely, and he knew that, by scenting him, Taehyung would have access to the core of his scent, and he hoped – he really prayed – that the Omega liked what he smelled like; at least the tiny bit that was needed for him to let him stick around. It was as if Taehyung had understood the Alpha’s doubts; because suddenly he made a little noise that sounded like a moan. Jeongguk stood frozen – heart still racing – until Taehyung leaned back and embraced him like only a few minutes ago, as if nothing had happened.

“Your scent-“ the Omega started “It feels...”

Jeongguk felt like he was on the verge of being rejected with that hesitant affirmation, stiffening a little. As he was just turning his head normally, Taehyung chuckled, “I have a childhood memory linked to your scent. A very happy one” He pressed himself even closer “My grandmother used to have lavender bushes in her garden, just near the porch. She would make me sit on her lap and would read me stories and sometimes I would fall asleep in her arms. Other times I just closed my eyes, pretending that I was asleep, and she would keep reading, so I focused on projecting the images of the story in my head, while there were birds chirping and the wind would occasionally blow, carrying the lavender scent to where we were sitting.”

Jeongguk remained still, hypnotised by the beauty of the image Taehyung had painted in his mind.

“I thought there was something familiar about your lavender scent, now I know for sure.” Taehyung chuckled, pressing his nose on Jeongguk’s chin. “It makes me-“ just as his mouth was roaming dangerously close, both of them suddenly jumped, because the light was back on and they could hear Jimin and  Yoongi talk from the corridor.

Chapter Text


There had almost been a little... “incident” when Jeongguk was standing in the dark and closing his eyes because he felt that he was just about to be kissed by Taehyung. Even though he had never kissed anyone, he could tell from the shift in their smells - which were oddly intertwining -  and then he felt the Omega’s breath on his… But then the lights were back on and Taehyung distanced himself – a weird look on his face, while he walked out the kitchen, to join Yoongi and Jimin, who were just entering the room.

After making sure that his brother was ok, Jimin dragged Jeongguk on the sofa and the two of them revised the last chapters of their book, while Taehyung and Yoongi played chess at the kitchen table. The only sound in the apartment were the two Alpha’s voices, which were repeating all over, until both of them were satisfied and even Jeongguk was confident that everything would be ok.

Before bedtime, Jimin brought out a pillow and blanket for the sofa and around midnight everyone went to bed. As Jimin and Yoongi were in their room, Taehyung got out of the guestroom and went to where Jeongguk was just about to lie down.

The Alpha was a little surprised to see the Omega without the robe, in his very short pink pajamas – try not to stare at his long legs. “Hey, I was thinking – do you need a pajama or something?” Taehyung asked.


“I know that Jimin and Yoongi are nowhere near your size and I’m neither, but I have some comfy clothes, so-“

Jeongguk smiled. Omegas were very mother-like and were drawn to always provide for Alphas, and Taehyung was doing just that.

“It’s ok, don’t worry. I don’t need one. I don’t sleep in pajamas, I’m always too warm” he answered with a smile, while taking off his choker and his pink shirt. He was standing in the white tshirt, the muscles on his arms very prominent.

“Alright. But do you need some clothes for tomorrow?”

“You’re very kind” Jeongguk said, “but I have a few clothes here, I often stay over.”

“Oh” Taehyung looked a little embarrassed “sure, I just wanted to tell you that you can borrow anything from me. I should go- goodnight.”

“Thank you” Jeongguk managed to say, before the door closed and the Omega went back into the guestroom.

At first, the Alpha couldn’t seem to fall asleep; he wanted to think about everything that had happened in that long evening – but then he was just lulled into sleep by the lingering smell of peach and vanilla.

As he opened his eyes, Jeongguk was a little confused at first, because he wasn’t used to the new surroundings, but he was feeling just hot – noticing that the blanked was covering him up until his neck. He sat on the couch and didn’t notice that Taehyung was standing not too far away, placing some lunchboxes on the dinner table. The Alpha yawned and stretched shirtless and then he stood up and started to do some morning exercises.

“So that’s how you get a body like that, huh?”

At Taehyung’s first words, Jeongguk immediately stopped and turned around, suddenly very conscious of the fact that he was only wearing some black boxer briefs, which were quite tight and Taehyung’s eyes were shamelessly roaming all over his body.

The Omega was dressed in a blue kimono that greatly complimented his body and red hair;  he was also chewing on a carrot and leaning with his back on the table. “Sorry”, he then said, “I didn’t mean to startle you, I’ve made some lunch for you guys and will set the table for breakfast now”.

“Alright”, Jeongguk was a little lost, because he didn’t remember where his clothes were “do you need some help with that?” he asked.

“I just need you to get dressed, Jeonggukie” Taehyung turned around, going back into the kitchen.

Jeongguk was flustered again and scrambled to Jimin’s room, turning on the lights. The couple in the bed shifted and made unhappy sounds. Especially waking Yoongi was very dangerous, but Jeongguk needed to put something on, because he felt very self-conscious and apologetic.

“Yahhh!!! Do you want to die???” Yoongi sat on the bed, throwing the pillow towards the Alpha standing in front of the bed.

“Yes, hyung I do want to die right now. I need my clothes” Jeongguk answered.

“Stop worrying about the exam, it will be fine” Jimin said, starting to get out of the bed, going to the dresser and taking out Jeongguk’s spare clothes. Some ripped Jeans and a black hoodie: just typically JK. Jimin put some of his own boxer briefs and socks on top of that, because they were basically brothers and they shared everything.

“Your brother just saw me doing morning yoga in my shorts and I want to dig a hole for myself and hide there forever” Jeongguk whispered.

Jimin started laughing out loud at that, patting his friend’s arm. “Well, I’m sure that you’ve given him a nice morning show” he said, his eyes almost closed – because Jimin couldn’t see when he laughed this hard.

“You should hang around more then, I’m sure that Taehyung needs a distraction after all that he’s gone through” Yoongi said with a smile, taking off his batman pajama.

Jimin laughed even louder at this. “Aw, poor bunny. Don’t worry, I will tell him not to terrorize you too much. He’s always been very flirty like this, don’t take it personally.”

Jeongguk gulped a little at this. Jimin was obviously not aware of what had been going on between them, and he really wanted to say something, but he didn’t quite know himself. Maybe Taehyung was flirting with him like he did with other people, Jeongguk just didn’t know it. They had met only last night. He was obviously a gorgeous Omega with a very agreeable and delicate scent, he was probably liked by many other people and – if this was the way he rolled – then maybe he did let other semi-stranger people scent him, so maybe it was just Jeongguk who was making everything up in his mind. His mood soured instantly, but Jimin didn’t seem to notice the real reason as to why it was happening.

“Stop worrying about the exam, JK. Here” Jimin gave him the clothes and Jeongguk went to change into the en suite bathroom.

Jeongguk was confused. He felt like Jimin had just pulled the floor from under his feet, insinuating a doubt in his mind. He had already been confused before, because he was taken aback by the physical reaction he had had after smelling Taehyung’s scent, and then they had had that kitchen encounter – and Jeongguk was sure that something had happened between them, but then again, could he be sure, if he had never experienced something like that before? He looked at himself in the mirror, taking a deep breath. He was over thinking and rushing everything. He had to be more controlled about his feelings, not wearing his heart on his sleeve and just blindly following what his hormones told him. He nodded to his reflected image and started dressing. He also took some of the toothpaste and hurriedly smeared it on his teeth with his index finger. He combed his hair with Jimin’s hair brush and stood tall in front of the mirror. Jeongguk, get a grip! His inner voice suggested. It’s the day of the exam! Focus on that! “I can do it!” he said to himself in the mirror.

Breakfast happened quickly, Jeongguk’s face was in his book, Jimin was only focused on his notes. Yoongi had left for work and Taehyung just sat at the table next to the Alphas and chewed on his fruit salad. As they needed to leave, the Omega handed them a lunchbox each. Jeongguk was a little surprised, and he smiled at the Omega. Taehyung had seemed a little thoughtful ever since he had seen the Alpha almost naked.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to.” He said a little shy, peeking in the box.

“It’s teriyaki chicken, cheese and salad sandwiches, an apple and chocolate milk.” The Omega said a little uncertain.

“Wow. I- It’s perfect” he gave the Omega a sincere smile, all teeth, “Thank you”.

“Yah!” Jimin had slapped him on the ass. “It's the best lunch in the world, we get it! Let’s go, otherwise we’ll be late!” Jimin winked at his brother and they went out.

The exam went well and Jeongguk was the first to hand in the papers and to walk out the room. While he was waiting to Jimin to come out, he suddenly remembered that he had not drank since the start of the exam and took out his water bottle from his backpack. Oh. He then noticed the lunchbox and smiled to himself. Maybe he could eat his apple while waiting for the other Alpha, he was a little hungry, all of a sudden. As he opened the box, a little tissue fell out. Jeongguk bent to pick it up, but then he noticed that there was something written on it with a red pen. He picked it up and noticed that it said “Fighting Gukkie ♡“ next to a phone number. Jeongguk smiled at the tissue; he remembered how Taehyung had told him that they needed to exchange numbers, because the Omega wanted to come over at the coffee shop where he worked. Happy because the exam went well, and because of the little heart in the message, Jeongguk took out his phone very bravely and saved the contact in his phone.

He then put the tissue safely in his pocket and took a bite of the apple. Should I? He mused. He finished the apple and then started a message. It took him some time and a few edits, but he finally sent it.

Me: Hey Tae, I found your message :) Thank you again for lunch!

Did it sound ok? He was obviously paranoid, but he didn’t have to wait a lot for an answer, since his phone vibrated almost immediately.

Tae: Gukkie!!! ( ω ◕✿ ) How did the exam go????? ▽` )

Jeongguk stared at his phone for a second, a smile spreading on his face. Taehyung is even cute via text, help me.

Me: It went well, I’m waiting for Jimin and then we’ll have lunch :)  What are you up to?

Tae:  YESSS!!!! ( 0 ) ┛┗ ( 0 ) NOW YOU CAN PLAY VIDEOGAMES ALL DAYYY ALL DESERVED ( ノ◕ヮ◕ ) *: ・゚✧ I’m out having coffee with a friend ;)

Oh. Jeongguk felt a little jealous for a second, but he quickly put the sentiment aside. As he was thinking what to write back, Jimin walked up to him, so he just put his phone away, ranting about the exam with his friend.

After lunch, Jimin was driving them to Jeongguk’s place because, obviously, the younger Alpha spent all his money on his videogames and projectors, so that’s where they usually went to play. Moreover, the  Alpha shared a little flat with his hyungs Namjoon and Seokjin – who had mated a few years ago – and Jimin enjoyed their company immensely.

In the car, Jeongguk took out his phone and had another look at the message:

Tae:  YESSS!!!! ( 0 ) ┛┗ ( 0 ) NOW YOU CAN PLAY VIDEOGAMES ALL DAYYY ALL DESERVED ( ノ◕ヮ◕ ) *: ・゚✧ I’m out having coffee with a friend ;)

What should he answer?

Me: Hey, sorry, Jimin got out and we had lunch, we were starving :) he’s also happy with how the exam went :) I hope that you had fun with your friend :)

Sent. Oh God. It does sound cringy even to me.

Me: I also wanted to tell you that the sandwiches were delicious and I will need you to tell me what you put in that Teriyaki sauce, I make it as well, but yours is so much better :)

Tae: I can’t tell you Gukkie, it’s a secret • • *kekekeke*

Jeongguk smiled at his phone. Cute. Adorable.Then, another text came in

Tae: You can come over one day and I can show you how to do it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tae: !!!! THE TERIYAKI SAUCE!!! <('o'<) (>‘o’)>

Jeongguk couldn’t stop a little giggle.

“Whom are you texting? What is that silly happy face you're making?” Jimin said, focusing on the road.

Shit. Shit.

“I- uhm…”

“Did you start talking to Bambam again?” Jimin asked with a smile on his face.

Jeongguk felt a little guilty about dragging the other Omega into this, but he still didn’t want to tell his friend. So he just did what he could think of in that moment, he said: “Yeah.” Even though he had not heard of the guy in more than 10 days, when he had had that weird reaction because of the closeness with the Omega. Bambam had made a move, but Jeongguk had made it painfully clear that he wasn’t interested in him. When they had parted that night, it was awkward, and it was clear to both of them that nothing romantic could happen between them. “But it’s not like that.” The younger Alpha added, feeling guilty about lying to Jimin “There’s nothing going on between us.”

Jimin turned to look at his friend with a questioning look. “Uhhh, ok. Well you looked happy, that’s all”.

Jeongguk stretched in his seat and quickly typed

Me: lol :) It’s a deal. TTYL, we’re almost at mine :) have a good afternoon :)

He then put away his phone, before rising further suspicion. “Of course I’m happy!!! The exam is finally over and we can play overwaaaaatch!!!” he said enthusiastically patting Jimin's thigh, “ALL AFTERNOOON!!”

Chapter Text


Jeongguk was at home alone after Jimin had gone away around seven. They had spent the whole afternoon playing games, having a long dinner and drinks with Seokjin and Namjoon and, now that his flatmates had gone to the cinema – since Seokjin insisted that they had to have a romantic date night every week – Jeongguk found himself in front of the TV, bored, half-watching an old comedy and half-thinking about beautiful tanned legs peeking from pink shorts…

He instinctively took out his phone. There was an unread message from 10 minutes ago.

Yoongi: Yah!

Jeongguk furrowed his brows, but then went to write the message he had meant to.

Me: Hey Tae, what are you up to? :)

He mused for a second if he had made the right choice writing that message, but he didn’t have to wait long for an answer, Taehyung was a fast texter.

Taehyung: Hey, nothing much. Reading. What about you?

Jeongguk looked at the message with furred brows

Me: Are you ok?

Taehyung: ?? Yes, I’m fine thanks, how are you?

Me: Were did you hide the kawaii faces and the caps locks? :)

Taehyung: Oh, well. I’m a little tired, that’s all.

Me: :(  ok, did Jimin get home safely?

Taehyung: Yes, he got home about half an hour ago.

Me: Did he tell you how I kicked his ass at literally every game? Kekeke :)

Taehyung: No, he didn’t tell me; I went to my room pretty soon.

Jeongguk was very weirded out by the conversation he was having with Taehyung. Something was off, he knew it – but then again, he had tried to confront the Omega about it, but he didn’t have any answer.

Me: :(  You know that I’m here if you want to talk about it.

He waited for a few moments, but it seems like he wasn’t going to get an answer. It’s so weird, he thought. Something had happened, probably between Jimin and Taehyung. But the latter wasn’t willing to talk about it. Jeongguk couldn’t help thinking about Taehyung being upset; he was feeling strangely anxious himself. As his phone rang, he jumped to see what Taehyung had answered; except, it wasn’t him.


Me: What, hyung?

Yoongi: Why did you tell Jimin that you were seeing Bambam again? Are you? I’m confused.

What the...???

Me: No, hyung, I’m not seeing Bambam, I stg. Why?

Yoongi: Well you obviously said smth 2 Jimin? He said smth like “JK was texting his boyfriend Bambam” and he basically said how you looked happy and shit.

What? This was one of those moments when Jeongguk wanted to kick his friend. If he had only known the truth! He was texting Taehyung, not- Wait! That’s why the Omega was upset? He thought that Jeongguk had a boyfriend?

Me: Did it upset Taehyung?

Yoongi: Well, YOU DIDN’T HEAR IT FROM ME, but he’s been sulking ever since.

Jeongguk was unexpectedly uplifted by this message. Yes, Taehyung was upset and this affected Jeongguk a great deal, but he had a little confirmation that maybe Taehyung was feeling this way because he was displaying a sort of jelousy. The butterflies in Jeongguk’s stomach were released from the cage he had trapped them in.

Me: Hyung, do you really think that I have a chance with him?

Jeongguk’s heart was beating fast, his eyes locked on the screen. The little dots kept moving, signalling that the other Alpha was writing. It was a long message.

Yoongi: You should take your time and know each other, but it’s obvious that you are very scent compatible. It makes me think of when I met Jimin and we hit it off immediately… But you have to remember that he just got divorced, I don’t think that he’s ready to jump into another relationship this fast. You must be patient with him.

The smile on Jeongguk’s lips disappeared immediately; of course, he wasn’t oblivious to that. He knew that Taehyung was keeping up a good charade and he was way too cheerful to be someone who had just divorced and had left his mate. Alphas and Omegas were made to be together; and if two people decided that they wanted it to be forever, they took the next step by mating. Nowadays the couple didn’t need to undergo the rituals that were traditional half a century ago – which was to consume each other’s blood by performing a mating bite on each other’s necks. Modern mating was a sort of spiritual wedding, where the couple made many promises to each other and, finally, pricked their fingers to let a little bit of their blood mingle. In older times, matings were forever; and even if the couple wasn’t happy, was illegal to break such a deep blood-pact. Nowadays, Alphas could divorce from Omegas if they were unsatisfied or if the Omegas weren’t fertile. But for an Omega to be the one to ask for a divorce, it was more complicated. There needed to be actual proof against the Alpha and not every judge wanted to go through with it, even though sufficient proof had been given. Jeongguk thought a lot about that, and came to the conclusion that Taehyung's ex husband had done something much worse than simply cheating, for Taehyung to get a divorce.

Me: I know hyung, thank you. I will be patient.

Yoongi: :)

Jeongguk put away his phone and walked to the kitchen to have some water. Then he heard the door opening and Jin’s voice. He was rambling about something with Namjoon and they stopped as soon as they saw the Alpha.

“Hey JK! I thought that you would have gone to bed by now” he said coming close to ruffle the younger’s hair. “Is everything alright? You seem a little weird today.” He said, inspecting the other closely.

Namjoon stepped next to them, placing his head on Seokjin’s shoulder. Namjoon was a much more dominant Alpha than any other Jeongguk had met. He was professional, had a great reputation and nobody messed around with him; but Namjoon had also been a sorts of father to Jeongguk, since he had moved to Seoul. Namjoon had protected him several times and then trusted him to let him move into the apartment he was sharing with his boyfriend. Seokjin had been everything for Namjoon since they had met, when the Alpha had walked into the bakery owned by the slightly older Omega and had kept coming back, since Seokjin hadn’t agreed to go on a date with him.

The fact that Namjoon was more dominant and typically Alpha didn’t in any way undermine his relationship with Jeongguk, who was much shier and gentler. The older Alpha had taught him, just like Yoongi, to accept himself and to be proud of himself the way he was – actually they encouraged him not to change his personality just to be what was expected. Love yourself, Namjoon had told him, and Jeongguk had made it his mission in life to become a good dongsaeng, to study, workout, work and always be someone his hyungs could be proud of.

“Well, something did happen, actually”, Jeongguk whispered, while Seokjin’s hand was still ruffling his hair.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Namjoon asked very carefully.

“I don’t want to ruin your date night” the younger said smiling shyly.

“Yah, come here” Seokjin dragged Jeongguk to the couch and sat next to the young Alpha, while Namjoon sat on the armchair across them. Since both of them were looking at him and waiting for him to talk, Jeongguk relaxed a little and started to talk a little hesitatingly.

“Well… It seems like the past two days have lasted an eternity. I- … well, I’ve met someone.”

Seokjin’s hand stopped rubbing Jeongguk’s back for a second.

“He’s… Well… An Omega and he’s- Jimin’s brother.”

Namjoon’s eyes widened at that. “Didn’t Jimin’s brother just get a divorce or something like that?” he asked.

Jeongguk looked at his hyung and lowered his head a little. “Yes, that’s him.”

There was an awkward moment of silence in the room, the only sound was made by the friction of Seokjin’s hand on the back of Jeongguk’s hoodie.

“So- wait.” The Omega asked gently “you met him and  what happened?”

Jeongguk gulped a little at that. “Well - when I first scented him I - I had a strong reaction to his smell, and when I apologised to him for that the power was cut off and – well he’s afraid of the dark so he hugged me and then we scented each other and –“

“Woah ok” Namjoon had sat forwards, leaning towards Jeongguk. “He let you scent him even though you basically didn’t know each other?” he asked very surprised.

“Yeah – then – well … I let him scent me too and – he made me understand that he liked my scent a lot. I swear that it felt as if my scent was wrapping around his and it was weird –“

Both Seokjin and Namjoon were looking at him with wide eyes now.

“Do you know that- “ the Omega said “when you do a mating ritual you get to the point, after pricking your finger, that you can feel your scent intertwining with your mate.” He said slowly.

Namjoon shot Seokjin a weird look. “What Jin is trying to say-“ the Alpha said “Is that – well it’s weird to scent a person when you first meet, but it’s not unheard of. What seems very strange is that you felt the harmony in your scents. It just doesn’t happen lightly like that, Jeongguk.”

The younger Alpha felt very confused. It seemed like Namjoon hyung was scolding him for making something up.

“It just did happen.” He said very convinced.

“I do believe you-“ Namjoon said, “but did you talk to Taehyung about it?”

The obvious question threw Jeongguk off.

Seeing him hesitate for a long time, Seokjin resumed his action of comforting Jeongguk. “You know that Taehyung has had this kind of experience before, since he was mated. I – well we both think” he said, shooting a glance at Namjoon “that it would be best if you sat down with Taehyung and had a talk about it.”

Jeongguk put his head in his hands. Yes, he wanted to talk to Taehyung, but he had a feeling that he would end up heartbroken after the conversation.

“You can’t just pretend nothing happened, Jeongguk.” Namjoon said, reaching forward to place his hand on the younger Alpha’s shoulder. “You need to know what his side of the story is, otherwise you will keep torturing yourself and he will probably be doing the same.

At these words, Jeongguk lifted his head, nodding.

“I just – well, I just – I don’t want to make him upset and -” He didn’t manage the last words, because all the tension he had built up had suddenly burst and he found himself crying on Seokjin’s shoulder.

The Omega immediately wrapped his hands around the Alpha and comforted him with soft words. He tried to make his scent a little sweeter, because he knew how his unique scent of rose had a calming effect on Jeongguk.

The first time the Omega had comforted the younger, Namjoon had felt angry, because Seokjin was his and wasn’t supposed to caress another Alpha that wasn’t him; but very soon the jealousy disappeared. Jeongguk was a beautiful young man – inside and out – and, especially, he always brought happiness to others and gave much, not asking for much in return. He was very shy and introverted, but his interntions were always pure, since he had a very big and kind heart. That’s when Namjoon understood that it was as if Jeongguk was his and Seokjin's child; they cared for him, taught him things and always helped him out. Now, he watched with mixed feelings as the Alpha cried his heart out. Obviously, he was sad that Jeongguk felt the first pains of love – but on the other hand he was extremely proud that his Jeongguk was growing up – even though he had some reservations about Taehyung. He had never met the guy, but he had heard a great deal about Jimins's brother from Yoongi, since they worked on music together. Namjoon was uncertain about what was in store for them, but he somehow knew that Jeongguk could be the person that Taehyung needed to heal from the wounds of his past.

Me: link.

Me: What I just sent you is the location of the coffee shop where I work. I hope that you will come and meet me tomorrow :) I work from four to nine pm.

Had it been the right move to write this text? Should he have left the Omega alone? Jeongguk simply didn’t know. But after he had cried his heart out, Namjoon and Seokjin had given him the advice to do what he felt was right and to be respectful of the Omega’s decisions. Now, lying in his bed, he couldn’t help thinking about Taehyung, eventually deciding to do the first step and to try to talk to him. He spent ten minutes looking at the screen of his phone, and then eventually put it on the nightstand, since he felt his eyes close. He had had a long and tiring day and now he felt like collapsing. Just as he was about to fall asleep, the light of his phone brightened the room for a split second – the Alpha opened his eyes, a little confused, and then turned around in his bed making a discontent noise; ultimately falling asleep. For a few seconds, there was a message on the display before the light went off, and the room went back to darkness:

Taehyung: Yes, see you tomorrow Gukkie ◕ ◡ ◕ !

Chapter Text

Jeongguk got at the coffee house way too early and way too happy about going to do another long ass shift; the reason was Taehyung’s short cute message he had discovered upon waking up. Needless to say, it had brightened his mood instantly; he had got up around half past six and, being really excited, went to prepare waffles with eggs and bacon for his mated flatmates.

Seokjin’s expression upon seeing the morning buffet when he entered the kitchen to fix something quick for everyone – probably instant pancakes – was bewildered and then he smiled. He went to hug Jeongguk from behind and teased him singing an old love song:

“…When it comes to you,

There’s no crime;

Let’s take both of our souls and intertwine…”


The whole day, Jeongguk was watching the clock, in order to curse at time passing slowly. He started reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, went to do the grocery shopping, spent some time at the gym and then finally he went to work, a huge smile on his face. Even his co-worker made fun of him, because there should be nothing to be this excited about when going to work. Jeongguk made sure that his hair was extra tidy and chose to dress all black under his white shirt with the logo of the coffee shop. He had even picked a black shirt for which he had got many compliments, since it made his muscles more prominent and was unbuttoned just the right amount to show his collarbone.

At first, Jeongguk was estatic, serving customers in record time and whipping his head around every time the door opened; he slowed down around half past eight pm, when the last customers had left and Jeongguk had just counted the income and cleaned up. He was just about to take off his apron, as he took out his phone to read Taehyung’s last message

Taehyung: Yes, see you tomorrow Gukkie ◕ ◡ ◕ !

Either he had changed his mind or something had happened. God, I hate feeling like that. Jeongguk really wanted not to care sometimes, but he just had to worry. As he was taking off his apron, the little bell over the door chimed.

“I’m just about to close”, he said, not even looking at the newcomer.


It probably was the scent that hit him before that unmistakable voice.

Jeongguk turned around and faced Taehyung, who was standing in the doorway, half drenched and trembling.

Jeongguk didn’t even think about how annoyed he had been until a second ago; he just walked straight to the Omega. “What happened?” he asked.

“It’s raining out. It just started.” Taehyung answered, hugging his sides and shivering.

“Yes but where’s your ombrella?” Jeongguk asked, his eyebrows furred.

“I didn’t take one” the Omega said defiantly.

“We’ve been having bad weather for a whole week and it’s supposed to be bad until after Christmas and you just go out not even wearing a proper coat or a jacket.” Jeongguk scolded for a second.

Taehyung didn’t say anything back, his eyes just kept looking at the Alpha’s heated expression. He is so gorgeous, his hair wet sticking on his forehead, dripping a little; his clothes sticking to his body – but, above all, maroon eyes with a hint of sadness and longing in them...

“Come here.”, Jeongguk closed the front door of the shop and took Taehyung to the spare room. He went for his gym bag and took some fresh clothes out. It was a pair of black sweats, a black hoodie and black socks. “Take these, you can change in the bathroom right here.” He showed the Omega the room.

Taehyung hesitated for a second. “Why do you have spare clothes everywhere?” he asked, a little smile on his lips. How can someone be mad at him? Jeongguk’s brain asked him.

Jeongguk relaxed a little. “I always carry some around. Sometimes I end up sleeping at friends’, other times I impulsively decide to go and workout, so I always make sure to have some clean clothes with me.”

The Omega’s fond smile grew a little, his eyes crinkling adorably at the sides.

“What?” Jeongguk asked.

“You’re cute.” Taehyung said very casually, turning around to go and change.

As he got out and went into the shop, there was an exquisite scent in the air. Cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla…

Taehyung immediately found Jeongguk, who was standing behind the counter warming something up with the steam of the coffee machine. The younger one seemed to immediately perceive the other’s presence, because he turned his head, taking in the sight of the gorgeous Omega in his clothes. Something possessive and proud sparked inside of him.

“Thank you for these, they are very comfy” Taehyung said referring to the clothes, “although they are some sizes too big and I look like a potato sack.”

“You’d still look gorgeous in one.” Jeongguk said impulsively, then blushing. “here”, he said to distract Taehyung, who was still looking  at him weirdly, “I made you some hot chocolate; this one is my blend, the Kook’s special” he said with a smile, pointing at the poster with the beverages. Taehyung turned around and found that it was true, Jeongguk had really created his hot chocolate and it was on the menu.

“I love hot chocolate” the Omega said, taking the steaming mug that was offered to him, “thank you”. Then, he looked around himself, as if suddenly aware that they were not at anyone’s home, but in a public space. “Uh- Is it ok for us to be here?” he asked, looking at Jeongguk.

The Alpha smiled. “Don’t worry, my boss lives in Hong Kong, he only shows up once a month and it’s always prescheduled. He trusts the few of us who work here with his life.” Then he pointed at a little table next to the counter, where there wasn’t any window out and nobody passing by would notice them. “There, sit down, I’ll be right there.”

Jeongguk came back to the table with a little towel and, at Taehyung’s surprised expression he pointed at his hair. “You will catch a cold like this, try to dry it a little bit.”

The Omega started fractioning his hair a little, but the result was that his hair was standing in all directions. “I look like a poodle now” he laughed at himself.

“Here”, Jeongguk took out a little comb from his pocket.

Taehyung started to laugh out loud. “Yah, what else do you have in store? Can I call you Mary Poppins?” he asked jokingly, thanking the younger one and combing his hair quickly.

A silence followed. Taehyung looked incredibly relaxed and at ease, shoes discarded and occasionally blowing on the hot chocolate, before taking a little sip and licking his lips with the tip of his pink tongue. Jeongguk followed all these actions with his eyes; God had he missed him. And he had only gone one day without seeing him. I’m in big trouble… He just felt like he needed to have that dreaded conversation, but couldn’t seem to find a way to start it.

“Are you still cold?” He asked then, “I have my jacket in the back”.

Taehyung looked at him with a weird expression. “I’m fine… You shouldn’t be doing all this, you know…” he said with a lower voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Jimin said that you have a boyfriend; I bet that he wouldn’t be happy to see you giving me all these attentions.”

Jeongguk was relieved; here it was starting.

“It’s all a misunderstanding” he said, looking at Taehyung’s confused expression “I’m not with Bambam; nothing happened between us. Ever. I- I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Taehyung looked at him as though he was trying to gauge if the other was telling the truth or not. “But- Jimin said that you were all giggly about some texts in the car the other day.” They were silent for a bit. “It’s none of my business, sorry.” He said ultimately, looking at his mug.

“Taehyung” Jeongguk said looking to catch the other’s gaze “I was texting you in the car. I had asked you about the Teriyaki sauce and you told me that you would teach me how to do it.” He concluded, finally locking eyes with the other one “The teriyaki sauce!!!” he said imitating with poor body language the kawaii emojis Taehyung had sent him.

The Omega burst in a laugh, covering his face with his big hands to hide his blush.

“Yes, now you imagine reading that and not having to laugh.” Jeongguk smiled and then continued “I didn’t tell Jimin anything, because, well- I don’t know where we stand.” He concluded, proud of himself.

Taehyung’s expression became sad all of a sudden.

“I like you a lot, Jeongguk.” He said cautiously “I’ve never met anyone whose scent was so compatible with mine; I swear I had this feeling the other day, that we were so much more than-“

Taehyung didn’t finish, because Jeongguk sat a little closer, taking Taehyung’s hands in his.

“I like you so much, God. It’s nerve wrecking and –“

“Jeongguk I can’t”, Taehyung said, looking at their united hands. He just knew it; he had known all along. His heart was destined to break and he would suffer for the rest of his days.

“I-“ Taehyung started “I didn’t know if to show up or not, honestly. It frightens me how much power you have over me” he said in a small voice.

Jeongguk squeezed Taehyung’s hands, trying to make the Omega look at him “You don’t need to be scared, I’m never going to hurt you” he said with god-knows-what courage.

Taehyung’s eyes lifted to meet the younger one’s. Jeongguk had a determined look on his face, yet, the other hyungs’voices were echoing in his head: respect his wishes, be patient.

He took a deep breath and said “Listen”, which managed to catch the Omega’s attention “I know that you don’t know me; God I’ve known you for barely three days.” He said grimacing. “But I want to get to know you and I want you to know me.” The Omega listened carefully. “I’m not going to pretend to know what happened in your past and the last thing I want to do is to push you away from me, by insisting on something you are not ready to do. I- I will wait. However it takes; I want you to get to know me – the real me – and I want to be worthy of-“ he didn’t manage to finish, because, suddenly, Taehyung’s lips were on his.

To say that he was taken aback would be an understatement. Jeongguk remained still, feeling the softness of Taehyung’s pillowy lips and the underlying scent of peaches, vanilla and his hot chocolate. Just after he had gathered his courage to kiss back, the Omega interrupted the kiss.

Jeongguk was breathing a little heavier, his eyes sparkling with raw emotion.

“This-“ Taehyung said “This kiss is a guarantee. It is my way of saying that I want you to wait for me.” He said, “even though it might take a while”.

Jeongguk nodded, his hands squeezing Taehyung’s for a last time. “Friends?” he asked, a smile spreading on his face.

“Yes, friends for now.”

Chapter Text


Jeongguk felt like he had been on cloud nine since that night at the coffee shop. Taehyung had told him that he reciprocated his feelings and that he wanted to get together, just not yet. If the Alpha had one quality it was patience; he had gone all these years without having a relationship, because he was never satisfied enough and was waiting for the right one. Now he had found him, but it was a little more complicated. Jeongguk was willing to wait, to let Taehyung take all the time he needed to heal and to be there for the Omega. He replayed in his head the scene where he had walked home Taehyung after that night, squished close under Jeongguk’s umbrella. He still wondered at his bravery, when he had turned around and had said: “So- it’s basically- I’m courting you now”. To which the Omega had burst in laughter.

“Jeonggukkie what are you talking about? It’s 2018, there’s no such a thing as courting anymore”.

The Alpha felt his cheeks redden, yet he continued: “I know, but – it is how relationships were built between scent compatible partners in the past?” he asked in a lower voice.

Taehyung was still giggling. “You know that you would need to ask my family for permission to court me, right?” he had said.

“Oh shit” Jeongguk seemed to realise after a while “Jimin – are we telling Jimin?” he asked, terror in his eyes.

Taehyung laughed even harder at this, grasping Jeongguk’s hand tight. “Yah!” he scolded “are you chickening out? What about the courting proposal?” he teased. “No, seriously? You’re afraid of Jiminie?” he said, his boxy smile all teeth.

Jeongguk knew that he was making a fool out of himself. “Well – I don’t know actually. Maybe a little?” he answered thoughtful. “But I’ll get over it, for you”, he went on, as he perceived Taehyung’s mocking smile turn into something softer.

“Alright, then.” The Omega said, as they were in front of Jimin’s apartment building. “I can come with you, you know, when you talk to him” he added “I know that Minnie is very protective of me lately, and I haven’t opened up about what happened with Minho – and I’m not ready for that yet…” Taehyung said, smile gone.

“Are you sure that I’m not pressuring you into this? We can also not court, I can wait for you –“

The smile reappeared “Jeongguk”, Taehyung scooted closer, wrapping his arms around the Alpha, mindful of the umbrella the other one was holding. “Can I scent you?” he asked, his nose already on Jeongguk’s throat.

The Alpha relaxed at that, baring his neck a little, putting his free arm around Taehyung’s lithe frame and cherishing that little moment. “Of course you can, you don’t need to ask, you know” he said shyly in a low voice. He enjoyed the feeling of the Omega’s cold nose and his warm little breaths on the column of his neck. As he was satisfied, Taehyung pulled back, giving a tiny kiss on the skin he had scented and bared his head a little on the side for Jeongguk to scent him.

It was the second time he had been allowed to, yet Jeongguk felt like he had missed it out all his life because he just couldn’t get enough of the feeling of familiarity and calming effect of peaches and vanilla. He felt like he had detached himself from reality and from the world, going out of his own body and feeling the other like a part of himself.

“Gukkie” Taehyung whispered.

“Can you feel it too?” Jeongguk said, brushing his nose on that gorgeous neck one last time.

“Yes”, the Omega gripped the other’s shoulder tightly. “It’s as though you were a part of me already.”

“What is it?” Jimin was sitting across Jungkook, who was nervously mixing his banana milkshake with the yellow straw. “You’re making me nervous as well, what happened?” the other Alpha said, drinking his strawberry shake that matched his hair.

“There’s- something I need to tell you…” Jeongguk said, his heart pounding in his chest.

“You’re not leaving uni, are you? You’re not going away?” Jimin said, forgetting his shake and looking at Jeongguk with big and terrified eyes.

“What? – I – no. I’m not going anywhere” Jeongguk said, his heart fluttering because of how much Jimin cared about him.

“Did you find a new best friend?” the other said, as if it was an interrogation.

“No!” Jeongguk said, trying to sound really convincing to try and calm the other Alpha. “It’s nothing like that, I wouldn’t just leave you” he answered.

“Oh, thank God” Jimin sat back, grabbing his milkshake and taking a big sip. His eyes widened on a sudden and he put the glass on the table, leaning forward and looking at Jeongguk like a crazy person. “Oh my God, you’re in love with someone??!”

The two girls sitting at the table next to them looked over irritated, since Jimin had yelled it out.

Jeongguk placed his face in his hands, hiding his embarrassment.

“Oh God, I’m right!!!” Jimin whispered excitedly and started jumping on his seat a little. “JK tell me, tell me!” he said still in a low voice, leaning to pull Jeongguk’s hands away from his face.

“Yes” the other whispered.

“Yaah!” Jimin had heard him and was loud again, ignoring the stares he was getting from the other customers.  “Stop being like this and tell me everything!”

Jeongguk wanted the other to stop being so loud and there was one way to shut him up really. Or, otherwise, it would even get worse, if Jimin started beating him up in front of everyone.

“You’re so going to kill me” Jeongguk said, seeing Jimin’s eyes darken.

“It’s not Yoongi, is it?” Jimin whispered, his eyes in killer mode.

“What?” Jeongguk made a grimace “no, what even?”

“Neither are Namjin?”

“Oh God, no.”

“Is it someone I know?” Jimin said, in a better mood.

“Maybe I should just tell you, so we can get over with it already” Jeongguk said, sick of the games. He had told Taehyung that he would tell his brother; the Omega’s face still clear in his mind, when he was teasing him and telling that he would chicken out. If Jimin was not alright with this, then he would have to really stop being his best friend. Suddenly it hit him, how Taehyung would always be his choice number one from now on – even though he knew him for such a short time.

“Alright, I’m ready” Jimin said, a little mischievous smile on his lips. Jeongguk stopped for a second, trying to remember his hyung in that moment, because he didn’t know if he would see Jimin smile at him anymore like that.

“Something happened with – “ I can’t do this. I fucking can’t “Taehyung”. Jeongguk felt a sudden sense of relief. There, he had said it.

Jimin was smiling bright. What the -

“I told you he was onto you when you gave him his notes!” Jimin smiled and went on, since the other Alpha was still confused “I wouldn’t think that he’s your type, but…”

“Wait, who are you talking about?” Jeongguk asked, his brows furrowed.

“Taeyong, from dance class?” Jimin answered, a little confused. “It’s him, isn’t it?”

“No, Jimin. I’m talking about your brother. Taehyung.”

The cat was out.

Chapter Text

Jimin blinked twice, looking at the nervous and fidgety Alphain front of him with a weird expression.

“What do you mean my brother?” he asked the silly question, because he didn’t know what else to ask.

“Your brother Taehyung, I want to court him.” Jeongguk sat a little straighter in his seat, a more determined expression on his face. He shouldn’t be weak for Taehyung’s sake, they were in this together.

“You – you what?” Jimin stuttered, completely flabbergasted by what the other had said. He kept blinking in a rather comical way; not really believing what was being said to him.

“What I said.” Jeongguk looked like pouty and stubborn child.

“You don’t … even … know him? I mean –“ it looked like Jimin had taken him seriously for one second and was weighing his words, not to offend the other Alpha. “You’ve just met him the other day? What are you talking about?” then his expression relaxed “is this a prank?” he smiled a little. Seeing Jeongguk’s expression, his brows furrowed.

“No, Jimin. I swear on my life” Jeongguk said, putting a hand on his heart.

“Yah!” the other one slapped the hand away, almost making his forgotten milkshake topple from the table. “Don’t do this kind of shit, you don’t swear like that.”

“Jiminsshi I’m dead serious!” Jeongguk raised his voice a little, burying his hands in his hair, desperately wanting Jimin to believe him. “I’m in love with your brother, and I want to court him.” He said solemnly, looking at Jimin’s eyes.

There was a moment of silence, in which Jimin was taking it all in. Finally, now he believes me, Jeongguk thought, examining the expressions the other Alpha was showing. There was disbelief on his face, surprise and anger.

“I don’t – I don’t understand.” Jimin finally said after a while, looking at his friend sceptically.

 Jeongguk took a deep breath. Well, at least he didn’t jump me… yet… “When I got at your place, to study for the exam…” he started slowly, “I smelt your brother from the doorway and I was so confused, because I had never –“ he lowered his eyes to the table “I had never had such a strong reaction to a scent before and…”

“Wait – “ Jimin interrupted him, “I don’t – You’ve – My brother’s scent has triggered your hormones?” he asked in an even lower voice, as if he was talking about a secret.

Seeing that Jimin was looking at him intently, the younger Alpha gulped and nodded. Jimin’s expression was getting angrier. “What – wait – did he – did Taehyung notice?” he asked very protective.

“Yes, he – “ Jeongguk swore that he could see a vein throbbing in Jimin’s neck, “he knows and he feels the same way as I do”.

“What?” Jimin said much louder, hitting the table with his open palm. “What are you even talking about?” he went on.


“No, don’t Jiminsshi me! You’ve – you told me that you were seeing Bambam? What is the truth? I don’t understand Jeongguk and I don’t like that you’re dragging my brother in this, when he’s not-“

“I’m not seeing Bambam!” Jeongguk said louder; they were getting a lot of curious and angry stares, since they were quite visibly having an argument. “I was texting Taehyung that day in the car!” he said, waving his hands around.

“Are you even – “ Jimin yelled back, suddenly stopped by the waiter, who put a hand on the Alpha’s shoulder.

“Sorry to interrupt, but you’re causing a scene and disturbing the other customers” he said “maybe you can go on talking outside?” he suggested with an uncertain smile.

“Yes, here” Jeongguk put some money on the table, getting up and urging his hyung to do the same. As soon as they were outside, Jimin strode to the car and the younger followed him.

“I don’t –“ Jimin said, sitting in the driver’s seat and looking at the other with a serious expression “I don’t even know If I’m more mad that I’ve been kept in the dark or that you just… made an assumption that someone who has gone so much in his life is ready to jump into another relationship like that.” He said, not even looking at Jeongguk while saying the last part. Betrayed, he has a betrayed expression on his face.

“I am telling you though Jimin, Taehyung and I – we decided that you should know –“ Jeongguk said, emphasising the ‘we’ “that there is something between us that is like – a magnet which – pulls me … and him… I can’t really describe it –“ Jeongguk stuttered. At Jimin’s silence, he went on “nothing happened between us, we just – we kissed once and –“

Of a sudden, Jimin’s wild expression was on him again “You kissed?” he said, his mouth gaping.

“Yes it – happened but – he’s told me that he’s not ready to start anything anew and I know that. I’ve told him that I would wait for him to –“

“No, Jeongguk!” Jimin said loud, his voice echoing in the car “you must back off! You’re pressuring him into something he’s not ready to get into! He told you so himself!”

“What happened between us is not – “ Jeongguk was trying to make a point, but was rudely interrupted, yet again. Jimin was livid.

“No! Stop it!” he grabbed his pink hair “Taehyung has suffered so much these last months and before that even –“ his voice broke “he was so different when I saw him, after the divorce. He was saying that he couldn’t visit me, but I think that his husband wouldn’t let him do much outside. When – When I saw him, just before he moved into my place, he had weird bruises on his body and – he – his husband had beaten him, I’m quite sure of that, even though he never told me the truth.” Jimin looked at Jeongguk with pleading and teary eyes “he has lost so much weight and self confidence since he got married and he’s not the person I’ve grown up with – you can’t – you shouldn’t … you should leave him alone, because he needs time to get over all that shit and I bet there is so much more I don’t even know and I will never know, because he doesn’t talk to me.” Jimin said, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

Jeongguk was partly intimidated, partly feeling sad for his friend’s reaction.

“I –“

“Did he tell you? What happened with Minho?” Jimin asked.


“Then how can you even –“

“Jimin I can help him get better” Jeongguk said, his eyes pleading “I would never hurt him, Jimin, you know that, you know me –“

“Actually it’s – it’s like I don’t know you anymore, Jeongguk” the other said, wiping his face. “you’re starting to scare me” he said with a serious expression. “But you need to stay the fuck away from him, I’m not kidding”, he turned to the younger.

“Don’t ask me that, I – I can’t” Jeongguk said with a stern expression. “I won’t, I’m going to court him properly and give him time”.

“It’s 2018, nobody has courted anyone in centuries” Jimin said grimacing.

Jeongguk smiled. “He said the same thing.”

There was a heavy silence in the car. Jimin was looking forwards, watching as the people were taking their afternoon strolls in the park near the little café they had had their milkshakes. His expression was unreadable, yet it struck Jeongguk how quiet and thoughtful his friend was; he had never seen him this serious and worried about something. It felt so good having told him the truth, yet he felt like they had distanced themselves so much in the last half an hour.

“I will –“ Jimin finally said, not looking at his friend “I need to hear what my brother has to say but –“ he said “I’m not – I’m very … disappointed by you.”

Jeongguk gulped. Jimin was not throwing punches at him, yet his words hurt a lot.

“I can’t believe that you would not listen to me, even after I told you that Taehyung is not ready-“

“It’s not your place to say it” Jeongguk said “It’s his. And he did tell me that he’s not ready-“

“So why then – why are you here arguing about it if he told you?” Jimin yelled again.

Jeongguk was exhausted, this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. “He said he’s not ready now-“

“And what makes you think that he will ever be?” the older Alpha stared at Jeongguk. “Why don’t you listen to me? You need to leave him alone, Jeongguk. Please, I don’t want to fight with you on that.” Jimin said emphasising the last sentence.

“No, Jimin.” Jeongguk said sternly.

“Get out.”

“What? –“

“Get the fuck out of my car Jeongguk and don’t talk to me ever again.” The older Alpha said calmly, eyes fixed on the road ahead of him.

Jeongguk stared in disbelief at the pink haired boy for a few seconds, and then silently got out of the car, slamming the door shut and walking in the opposite direction to his home – his heart so much heavier.  


Chapter Text


Jeongguk was walking home, quite sad about the outcome of the evening. He knew that Jimin would have been protective of his brother, but he hoped that his friend wouldn’t get this mad at him. After all, there were so many asshole Alphas in the city – Taehyung’s ex-husband included – and Jeongguk was almost the opposite; a calm, shy, sweet Alpha, who was just so right for Taehyung. Jeongguk was confused, sad and hurt about Jimin’s words. What hurt more was that the other Alpha didn’t trust him enough, even after everything they had gone through.

Being at home and talking about what had happened with Namjoon had helped him a lot; his hyung had listened – as he always did – and told Jeongguk that Jimin had been shocked about the confession, and that it was a reaction he had kind of expected, since Jimin had a very strong personality. Probably – Namjoon added, it wasn’t that he wouldn’t trust Jeongguk with his brother, he was just feeling hurt and betrayed because nobody had told him what had happened, so he had leashed out.

Jeongguk hoped that Namjoon was right; he also wanted to call Taehyung, but he didn’t think that it was the right time. God, why was love so hard, he thought while doing some push ups. He couldn’t sit still and started exercising, his eyes fixated on his phone. Just at that moment, the phone rang, signalling that he had received a message. The Alpha laid down on the floor and grabbed the device swiftly.

Taehyung: Hey Gukkie ╰(◡‿◡✿╰) what are you up to? •ᴥ•

The Alpha was a little confused at Taehyung’s good mood. Had he talked to Jimin? Should he ask?

Me: I was just exercising a little, what about you?

Maybe he should just bluff and see where the conversation was going.

Taehyung: ✿。✿ oh ok. I’m taking a bath right now; I just had a long talk with Minnie …

Me: How did it go?

Me: Can I call you?

Taehyung  (▰˘◡˘▰) yes, of course.

Jeongguk selected the call button and put the phone on his ear.

“Hey handsome” Taehyung’s voice was very calm. Jeongguk could envision the cute smile on his face – but then… he also realized that the other one was in a bath … implying that he was … naked…

“Hey, sorry, I just realised that you told me that you were taking a bath.”  He said a little embarrassed, his anxiety calmed by Taehyung’s carefree laughter.

“Yes, listen” there was the sound of water splashing. “I have just bought some bath bombs in the afternoon. I’ve found a purple one that smells like lavender and has golden sparkles in it. It’s very messy” he giggled.

Jeongguk’s heart was pounding in his chest again; Taehyung was taking a bath surrounded with his scent.

“Any particular reason you chose lavender scented bombs?” he asked hiding his face in the crook of his elbow. Flirting on the phone is easier, because Taehyung can’t see me getting all flustered.

Taehyung giggled again, the sound extending Jeongguk’s lifespan.

“Well, I thought it would smell much better, to be honest. It’s very artificial and… glittery. It just means that I will need to take a better whiff next time we meet.” Taehyung said with a seductive voice.

Next time? Didn’t Jimin tell him to stay away?

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk said in a serious voice “I talked to Jimin – and it didn’t go very well.” he was almost whispering.

He heard Taehyung’s sigh. “I know”.

There was a moment of silence, Jeongguk could hear the occasional splashing of water.

“I want to see you” Taehyung added “can we go to the movies later?” he asked very casually.

“Didn’t – Jimin tell you to –“ he couldn’t really bring himself to say those words.

“To stay away from you?” Taehyung asked. At Jeongguk’s silence, he proceeded “Gukkie” he said “Jeonggukkie, I’m not staying away from you and I have made it very clear to my brother.”

“Did you – did you have an argument?” Jeongguk said, a little hopeful at the Omega’s words.

“Well not really, I don’t like to argue. He just got back and was looking miserable; he then asked me what was going on between us and I told him and –“

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him that we liked each other a lot and that I wanted to get to know you, because you’re the sweetest and the cutest” Taehyung giggled.

“Stop” Jeongguk said, hiding his face again.

“You asked me” the other said playfully. “Well then he asked as to why I hadn’t told him sooner and I said that it was something that had just happened and that he shouldn’t get this worked up, because I’m a grown up and I know what I want.”

Jeongguk took a deep breath, relief washing over him a little.

“I don’t want him to be angry at you” Jeongguk said in a low voice.

“No, he’s not really angry…” Taehyung said “he’s just keeping a grudge because he was kept out of it. I know him, he will calm down eventually.”

“I was freaking out, Taehyung, you have no idea –“ Jeongguk said, a huge weight getting off his chest.

“Did he yell at you?” The Omega asked with a reassuring voice.

“Well – yeah… He kind of told me to fuck off and not to talk to him anymore” Jeongguk confessed.

He heard Taehyung sigh. “He will come around, just let him be for now” Taehyung said. “I know you care a lot for him, I’m sorry”.

“It’s ok” Jeongguk felt like consoling Taehyung “I – I won’t give up on this, I don’t want to.”

“So” Taehyung’s teasing voice was back “Aren’t you supposed to be courting me now? Don’t you want to go out with me?”

“I didn’t exactly receive a blessing, but I want to take you out, yes.”

“Are we going to the cinema?”

“What do you want to see?” Jeongguk asked.

“I don’t know. Let’s go and get surprised” the Omega said.

“Gukkie it wasn’t a good idea” Taehyung said, pushing himself even closer to Jeongguk, who was stuffing his mouth with popcorn, eyes glued on the screen.

Jeongguk looked at the Omega, who had glued himself on Jeongguk – luckily he had wanted to take one couple seat, so there was nothing in between them.

“Yah, hug me” Taehyung whispered, “I’m afraid Gukkie”.

Jeongguk gulped, putting the popcorn away from his lap, since Taehyung was moving so much and was threatening to spill the bag on the floor. He put an arm around the Omega, who instantly buried his face in the crook of Jeongguk’s neck, breathing him in. Jeongguk was sensing that the other was calming down a little.

“Do you want to leave?” he asked in a hushed tone, caressing Taehyung’s back.

“No, you said you waited for this movie to come out for some time now.” He heard the other whisper back.

“Yeah, but I can download it and watch it from home. I don’t want you to be so scared.” Jeongguk said, his lips close to Taehyung’s ear.

The Omega relaxed, even though there was a shooting scene, which had immediately caught Jeongguk’s attention, his eyes were glued on the screen. This movie is so good, he thought, but he would have passed on it for the Omega’s sake.

“I’m good, can I stay like this?” Taehyung said, reaching out to hold Jeongguk’s arm tightly.

“Yeah, sure” Jeongguk said back, leaning back a little, trying to make a comfortable position for Taehyung.

Throughout the movie, the Omega didn’t watch the screen anymore, he just remained close to the Alpha, his nose in the crook of Jeongguk’s neck and his hands caressing his arm slowly. Jeongguk couldn’t reach out for the popcorn anymore, because he was busy comforting Taehyung with his free arm and he found himself nosing in the other’s hair every once in a while, making sure that the other one wasn’t emitting any distressed scent.

As they walked out the cinema, Taehyung was looking at Jeongguk shyly, wanting to hold his hand. Jeongguk said that, the next time they would go to the cinema, Taehyung had to chose anything, but that he didn’t mind how things had turned out, making the other blush and look away. As they got in front of Jimin’s apartment building, they saw that Jimin and Yoongi were on the balcony, having a smoke.

“Well, goodnight.” Jeongguk said, letting go of the other’s hand.

“Hey, come here” Taehyung said “You can’t send me off without a last scenting”, he said, grabbing Jeongguk’s hand again and pulling him into a hug.

“You had your nose on my throat for hours” The Alpha said with a smile, his arms automatically reaching out to pull the Omega towards him, closing the space that was separating them and baring his neck a little.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t have another whiff” the other pouted, placing a little kiss on Jeongguk’s neck, before he pulled away and bared his throat in exchange.

Jeongguk was very aware that the couple on the balcony could see what was happening, since they were standing next to the Christmas lights and decorations in front of the building. That’s why he held himself back a little, only sniffing for the shortest time, very discreetly.

“Don’t overthink it” Taehyung said, looking at Jeongguk’s eyes with a little smile on his face “everything will be fine, Gukkie” he said, before turning away and walking towards the doors.

Jeongguk waited until the Omega was inside and then looked up, where he met Jimin’s stare. The other one didn’t seem angry or anything, he was just looking at him. Jeongguk eventually looked down and headed home.

Chapter Text


Jeongguk was tired, He woke up and he suddenly remembered that Christmas was just two weeks away. His mood soured instantly when he remembered that his best friend hated him and that he had spent so much time and money on his present - a new game Jimin had whined about for weeks which he had bought with the tips at the coffee shop. Taehyung´s voice rang in his head: eventually everything would be fine. And yet, he still needed to find a present for the Omega. But why could he get him if he didn´t know a lot about Taehyung? It was really time to sit down and have a talk, because yes, Jeongguk was falling hard and fast, but he didn´t know a lot about the person he was falling for.

He decided to text Taehyung and looked for his phone, noticing that he had two unread messages

Taehyung: Morning Gukkie ☆(❁‿❁)☆  did you sleep well?

Jeongguk had an instant smile on his face and he knew that all the trouble and fights were worth it; Taehyung was worth it.

Me: Hey beautiful :) Yes I had a great sleep; do you want to get a hot chocolate with me this afternoon before I head to work? :)

Maybe that way he could have Taeyhung there, to get to know him and to finally understand what he could get him for Christmas.

Taehyung:  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ Yessss (∪ ◡ ∪)

Jeongguk and Taehyung spent a few days meeting up randomly and having drinks together or going for walks and just talking to each other. They had an infinite curiosity about each other and there was never a dull moment when they were together.

Jeongguk had learnt so much about the Omega and each new little piece of information made him realise more and more how much he and Taehyung had in common. They both loved romance, eating hamburgers with banana milk, watching sunsets, the colour purple, the smell of rain... They had gone to the movies, to Lotte World, had spent time taking photos of each other... They had had several little dates. It was three days before Christmas when Jeongguk walked home with a present for Taehyung. He had found the perfect gift and couldn´t wait to give it to the Omega.

"I´ve talked to Jimin this morning" Seokjin told a very sleepy Jeongguk, who was holding on his coffee mug with barely one eye open "I have convinced him to keep up our traditional dinner, so it will be a little more crowded, but the two of you will have to get along for one evening." He stated.

Wow. Jimin had really agreed to sit at the same table with me? Jeongguk didn´t know whether to be anxious or indifferent. They had had one dance practise together since that day - because Jimin had skipped the class on the day after he told Jeongguk to get out of his car and to get lost - and that time Jimin had pretended as if he hadn´t known him, which had hurt the Alpha incredibly.

Today, another dance practise was scheduled, since they were to have a showcase on Christmas Day at a children´s hospital. Everyone of the dance crew was focused and excited; it was a performance with a huge crowd which couldn´t afford tickets to see the performances they did at the dance school, most of the viewers were sick children and their relatives, which made this event even more special.

Going to change into his dance outfit, Jeongguk saw Jimin going to get something from his locker, which was close to his own. The other didn´t spare him a glance, and Jeongguk just sighed. He needed to focus on his performance. After a difficult choreo, Jeongguk had a short solo, in which he had to do a freestyle side jump, a step he had perfected with time. Yet, that day, his foot betrayed him and he didn´t land correctly, twisting his ankle and falling. He made a sound of distress, instinctively reaching for his ankle and closing his eyes because of the sharp pain. Shit. Fuck. No, it wasn´t happening.

"Jeongguk did you hurt yourself?" he heard the only other dancer who had remained at practise: Bambam.

"Yeah, God" Jeongguk tried to sit up a little and touched his ankle to inspect the injury. It just hurt. A lot. Like hell.

"Shit, what do we do?" Bambam said, "Can you get up?" he asked, to Jeongguk, who was shaking his head.

Jeongguk was just about to have a full on panic attack, thinking in his head that he had broken his ankle and that there was no more performing for him for a long time. If ever.

"What happened?" Jeongguk turned around hearing Jimin´s voice. The other Alpha had just gone to shower and got out with his clothes on and a beanie covering his half-wet hair.

"I think that I’ve broken my ankle" Jeongguk said through gritted teeth.

"Let me see" the older Alpha knelt down and touched the joint, at which Jeongguk made a distressed sound, "Shit" Jimin said, "We gotta bring you to the hospital, I got here with Taeyhung´s car, I can drive you" he said reassuring the younger Alpha. Jeongguk furrowed his brows, but he let the other two help him out and, leaning on Jimin, he got out of the building and into the car.

"Thank you" he told Jimin. The other didn´t say anything back until they got at the ER. Jimin parked the car and helped Jeongguk in, talking to a nurse and explaining what had happened to the other Alpha. Jeongguk was immediately sent to the doctor to do a scan. As he got out, he was a little dulled because of the painkillers and he had been given crutches, with which he manoeuvred himself outside, a little clumsily.

In front of the door, Jungkook was surprised to see Taehyung, biting at his nails while Jimin was just sitting there, looking at the posters on the wall.

"Hey!" Taehyung immediately came forward, a worried expression on his face. "Come, sit here" he helped Jeongguk to sit just two seats next to Jimin.

"What are you doing here?" Jeongguk asked, a little smile on his pale face.

"Jimin called me telling me what happened so I rushed here" Taehyung said, kneeling in front of Joengguk. "Are you in a lot of pain? What did the doctor say?" he asked, rubbing the Alpha´s thighs to reassure him a little.

"I just had a scan, he will know when the results come in – in like ten minutes." Jeongguk tried to smile at the Omega, but grimaced instead.

"Does it hurt a lot?" Taehyung asked

"Not much, I´ve got some painkillers and a shot of something." Jeongguk said.

Taehyung´s eyes were so worried and Jeongguk felt like he was about to cry himself. "I´m afraid that it´s broken" he whispered, being immediately engulfed in a tight hug. "I´m afraid that I will have to stop dancing" he said, letting it all go and starting to sob and cry in earnest, clutching at Taehyung´s sides.

"Sssh" the Omega reassured him, caressing his back and his hair and letting him cry his heart out. "Let´s see what the doctor will say, Gukkie" he said, trying to console the other, who was breaking down. After a few minutes, Jeongguk felt like he had cried all his tears out and was only feeling a little nauseous because he hadn´t had dinner and the painkillers were giving him heartburn. He also suddenly remembered that Jimin was sitting just next to them, while he had his nose stuck into Taehyung’s throat, scenting him to calm down, while the other was displaying his affection way too much. Jeongguk tried to sit back, his eyes still red and puffy, face wet because of the tears. Taehyung reached out with his hands to wipe away the tears and gave Jeongguk a little smile, which the Alpha returned. Then, Taehyung leant forwards and pecked Jeongguk sweetly on the lips. The kiss hadn’t lasted long, but it helped to calm down the Alpha, who was looking at Taehyung in awe –

“Mr. Jeon?” The doctor interrupted.

Jeongguk lifted his head up, meeting the eyes of the doctor. “Yes”, he said.

“It’s your lucky day, it seems that your ankle is a little sprained, nothing more”. It was an immense relief for the Alpha. “You’ll need to take the medication I prescribed and take it slow for a week. Otherwise you’ll be fine”. The doctor smiled, saying goodbye to the trio.

“See, what did I tell you?” Taehyung smiled, helping Jeongguk to get up “let’s go get you into bed” he said.

Jimin awkwardly stood next to them. “I can drive you home”, he said to Jeongguk, looking into his eyes for the first time after a while.

“Yes, thank you” the other Alpha said warily.

The ride back was quite uneventful. Jeongguk was sitting in the back of the car with his leg stretched out and Taehyung kept staring at any sign of discomfort from the rearview mirror.

“I’m fine Tae”, Jeongguk said with a smile, “you don’t need to worry so much”.

“Of course I do.” The Omega said. As they arrived at Jeongguk’s apartment building, he got some help from Jimin to get out and then Taehyung was suddenly there, grabbing the Alpha’s backpack. “Let me carry it.” He said.

“Tae, it’s fine, I can manage til the elevator. Go home with Jiminie” Jeongguk said, forcing a smile.

“Oh, no way. I need to take care of you” the Omega said casually; then he turned around and spoke to Jimin “I’m staying over at Gukkie’s, I won’t be back tonight.”

What? He was going to – stay over? Where? Jeongguk met Jimin’s cold gaze. Then the other Alpha just nodded his head and went to the car, driving away.

Taehyung turned to Jeongguk and started walking towards the door. “Are you coming?” he asked “Do you want me to help you?”

“Did you just – Did you invite yourself over?” Jeongguk asked, a small smile on his face.

“Yeah”, the Omega shrugged.

“You know that I don’t have a guestroom and that you can’t fit on our couch, right?”

“Jeongguk, can’t we share your bed? It’s big enough for two” Taehyung said very matter of factly. “I will behave, I promise” he said, winking at the flustered Alpha.


Chapter Text



Namjoon and Seokjin were very surprised at the sight of Jeongguk that evening. He didn´t only show up with the Omega he had been talking about for days, but he also came into the apartment in crutches and dizzy, because they had not only given him painkillers at the ER, but he got also a shot of something akin to morphine. The introductions were made quickly and to say that Seokjin fell in love with Taehyung is an understatement. The two Omegas connected immediately, because they started fussing about the injured Alpha, going to cook a delicious meal together and sitting him down on the couch with a pillow under his foot. Jeongguk napped for almost an hour before dinner was ready and everyone had sat down at the dining table. Taehyung had put a pillow on a chair, so even Jeongguk could sit there with them and they had a lovely conversation; embarassment immediately replaced with a sense of family and belongingness. Jeongguk coudn´t help but grin every time Seokjin cracked one of his uncle jokes, because Taehyung laughed so wholeheartedly each time and he smelled just so happy.

"Yah, Jeongguk-ah! Don´t do anything stupid, because I want him as son-in-law, did you hear me?" Seokjin said, an arm around Taehyung´s shoulders. The young Omega grinned shyly. It was time to go to bed and they said the last words before parting each for their bedroom. Seokjin went with Taehyung to the kitchen, because the older one wanted to show him where everything was in case he needed to cook or to find basic necessities on the next day.

Meanwhile, Namjoon helped Jeongguk into his room and sat down on the bed with the other Alpha.

"What is that?" Jeongguk asked, pointing at the plastic bag in Namjoon´s hands.

"It´s for you" the other said, "it´s time for you to be ready and to have everything you need." he said cryptically, handing the bag to the younger Alpha. Jeongguk looked at him with a curious expression and he peeked into the bag. He gaped at the content, becoming as red as a tomato.

"Hyung!" he said, covering his face with his other hand. Condoms. And Lube.

"Jeongguk-ah! Don´t act like you won´t be spending the night with Taehyung, I want you to be ready for whatever happens" Namjoon said, patting the other´s shoulder.

"He told me that he is not ready yet, and I don´t even know -" the younger started, but was soon interrupted.

"I know how these things go; people say things and then, because the circumstances are just right, things happen. You don´t need to use these now, but when the time comes, you´ll be ready." the elder said, a little smile on his face.

"Thank you, hyung" Jeongguk said honestly, "I - well... Taehyung is experienced, while I will make a fool out of myself, I already know, God-" the younger said with a sad expression.

"Don´t be like this, you´ll see that it will go well. Let him teach you, he is clearly head over heels for you and won´t keep your inexperience against you." Jeongguk sighed at the older´s words. What had he done in his life to deserve such wonderful and wise hyungs? He leaned forward, embracing Namjoon.

"Are you sure that you´re ok? You look a little pale to me" Taehyung said, looking at Jeongguk who was lying in the bed with his hands behind his neck. Jeongguk´s foot was lifted on a little pillow and the Alpha had changed in some shorts and in a white T-Shirt with Namjoon´s help.

"Yes, I´m fine, I´m just a little dizzy" he said, nervously biting on his lip, when he saw what Taehyung was doing. The Omega started to unbotton his shirt in front of the bed, wanting to change just there, in the middle of the room.

"Aw, Seokjin hyung is just adorable, I can´t wait until he has the baby!" Taehyung squealed, discarding his shirt. He had a thin undershirt underneath and what looked like... a bralette? Jeongguk gulped, fixing his eyes on the ceiling.

"Can I borrow a T-shirt from you?" Taehyung asked, looking at the Alpha.

"Y-yea. Just grab whatever you want, from the dresser behind you" the other said, not making eye contact.

 "Are you uncomfortable with me being half-naked?" Taehyung joked.

"No, it´s fine".

"Then why don´t you look at me?"

Jeongguk looked at the Omega, who was pouting; his hands on his hips. Taehyung gave him a little smile and turned around to get the T-shirt. Damn, his silhouette was so beautiful; he had a lithe body, golden skin and the posture of a dancer.

"Can I borrow this?" the other said, lifting up a simple black T-shirt.

"Sure, yes. Do you also want some pants?" Jeongguk asked, trying to act nonchalant.

"It´s fine, I think that it will be long enough, you´re huge." the Omega said jokingly, taking off the undershirt with a quick motion. Jeongguk remained flabbergasted, his mouth going dry at the sight of the Omega. Some male Omegas wore bras, because their breasts were like those of females; made to feed eventual children. Usually, though, male Omegas´ breasts were smaller than average and only grew to a fuller size when they were pregnant. Taeyhung wasn´t an exception; what Jeongguk could tell was that his breasts weren´t prominent, yet they weren´t too small, complimenting his body perfectly. The Alpha had never really thought about Taehyung´s breasts, because the Omega dressed casually and had always comfy shirts, yet there they were, covered by a small piece of black lacy lingerie. As if Taehyung had caught Jeongguk´s stare, he started to unbutton his jeans and let them slide on the floor, kicking them away with a swift motion. Jeongguk couldn´t bring himself to stop staring at the perfect body in front of him. God. The Omega´s panties were of the same colour and with the same patterns of the bra. He looked like one of those male Omegas in Adults’ magazines. Damn, he looked so much better than any other human being Jeongguk had even imagined.

Taehyung smirked “do you like what you see?” he asked teasingly, pulling Jeongguk’s T-Shirt over his head. He had been right, the clothing piece was too large on him and covered half of his thighs.

Jeongguk realised that he hadn’t given an answer yet, so he just nodded his head, while the other took off his bra from under the T-shirt in a quick motion and made his way to the bed. How will I ever fall asleep? Jeongguk thought to himself, trying to think of sad things in order not to be too horny to even function.

“Are you comfortable?” Taehyung asked for the utmost time, laying down in the bed quite closely to where the Alpha was. There was much room on the king size bed, yet he had decided to scoot over, really close to the other.

“Yes”, Jeongguk said. Finally, his brain was functioning again.

“I didn’t mean to terrify you, I’m sorry. I told you I would behave…” Taehyung said giggling a little.

“No, it’s – I mean – you’re just … gorgeous. I – was a little ehm … you’re really beautiful” Jeongguk somehow uttered, hating himself for stuttering. Taehyung smiled, a little embarrassed.

“Can I turn the lights off?” he asked, “you should rest”.

“I’m not sleepy, we can watch a movie if you want?” Jeongguk said, “I have a projector and we could chose something you like from Netflix”.

Two hours later, Taehyung found himself in Jeongguk’s arms, his head resting comfortably on the other’s chest. The movie they had decided on, a romcom was over and it was late. They turned off the devices, yet Taehyung didn’t move from his spot, nor both of them showed any signs of wanting to go to sleep.

“I have never been held like this” the Omega whispered.

“What? I don’t believe you” Jeongguk said laughing a little.

“I swear.”

“You were married for two years?” The Alpha said “it’s not possible.”

After a longer pause, Taehyung put his hand on Jeongguk’s chest and said: “My ex husband – he wasn’t exactly one for cuddles.” Jeongguk’s face fell at this; but luckily the lights were off. He didn’t really know what to say, but luckily the other went on. “Minho was the exact opposite of what you are”, he whispered. Jeongguk started rubbing the other’s back in a circular motion. He didn’t know what to say exactly. The opposite in what way? Should he tell that he’s sorry? Sorry for what? “At first” Taehyung went on “he was the person that made me fall in love with him, because he was just so Alpha, you know… strong, mean, sexy… “ Does this mean that I’m not sexy? “I went against everyone’s wishes and decided that I wanted to be with him, but I should have listened… After a year, I had understood that I wasn’t happy already” he said, scooting a little closer.


“He started to make me feel unsure about my appearance, commenting on my clothing  style and on my weight, telling me that I was starting  to be fat. I knew that it wasn’t supposed to be like that… that he was just being mean, and yet I let it slide, dieting and trying to change myself into becoming what he wanted…”

“Tae…” Jeongguk said, horrified by what he had heard.

“Ssh, let me tell you; I need to tell you everything” the Omega said, grasping Jeongguk’s hand and intertwining their fingers. “Then one day he started telling me that I shouldn’t see my friends, and my brother, because they were a bad influence, so I stopped visiting – even Jimin – because I know that Jimin would have seen what was going on and Minho wouldn’t have liked it; so I just made up excuses until… well one night Minho and two of his friends showed up after they had gone out for drinks… and they complimented him for having such a lovely husband and Minho asked me if I had made dinner for them all. It was impossible to know that he would have invited someone over, because he hardly ever left someone else in our house – so obviously I said no, to which he said something like “If you don’t have something for them, at least let them have your body-“.

Jeongguk’s harsh intake of air made Taehyung’s narration stop for a second. “No” he whispered, his mind going wild.

“Please, let me finish” The Omega said “I – I tried to resist them, but I couldn’t. They were three Alphas, I was alone and eventually I submitted, letting them have me.” He whispered.

Jeongguk was absolutely petrified. He had known that Taehyung’s husband had abused him mentally but… this was rape, it was monstrous what the other one had endured. How could he be that strong after having gone through that…

“I – they left many bruises on me, they even kicked me, trying to dominate me.


I sneaked out on the next day to meet an Omega lawyer in the city and he told me that I needed to go back home and to be a better husband, because what I was doing was slandering my husband’s name. Yet, I didn’t give up, I just couldn’t. I heard from people who give up on everything when they are in hardship, but it didn’t happen to me. I felt so strong because of what had happened, I knew that I couldn’t give up – Jeongguk you’re holding on too tight” he said, caressing the other’s chest. “Eventually, I remembered that Jimin had a friend who was a lawyer and I went to meet him in the late afternoon. After I had told him what had happened to me, he brought me to a doctor and made him file a list of my injuries, taking photos as proof. He told me that I shouldn’t have to be afraid anymore, because he would make sure that I would be safe. That same evening, he managed to file a lawsuit against my husband and had temporary custody over me; on the next day I went to my place with some policemen and took all my belongings and I stayed with my lawyer, Jung Hoseok, for a week. I couldn’t go back to Jimin in that state; he would have known immediately and I just knew that I couldn’t tell him, because he would have blamed himself for not trying harder when they tried to persuade me not to mate. I – well this is it.” Taehyung concluded, “I wanted you to know, Gukkie”.

Jeongguk’s mind was racing. He was so confused and angry and vengeful and sad. “I’m so sorry Taehyung” he said “Thank you for telling me, but I’m so sorry for … everything you have gone through… I- I can’t erase the past, but I promise you that I will never hurt you and will make it my mission to make you happy every day” he said very eloquently, holding Taehyung pressed onto his chest and rubbing his back with one hand.

“I know” Taehyung whispered “You already do” the omega lifted his head and searched for Jeongguk’s lips in the dark, pressing a little kiss onto them. “You make me feel happy and worthy and beautiful”.

“It’s because you are” Jeongguk said, leaning forwards for a kiss, like the other one had done “you are everything.” He said.

“Gukkie, can I fall asleep in your arms?”


Chapter Text


Jeongguk woke up, because he felt someone touching his face, poking his cheeks and nose. Immediately, his nose was filled by peaches, vanilla and lavender, a heavenly mixture. He heard a little giggle, feeling his nose being poked. Before opening his eyes, he smiled a little, pulling closer the Omega who had his head on Jeongguk’s arm.

“What are you doing?” he whined jokingly.

“You have a cute nose, did anyone ever tell you?” Taehyung answered, booping it even more.

“It’s ugly” Jeongguk complained.

“It’s pretty and squishy”, Taehyung said, starting to laugh when Jeongguk opened his eyes a little.

“Yah, stop it” the Alpha grabbed Taehyung and wanted to turn them around, when he suddenly stopped “ouch, ouch” he said with a grimace of pain, quickly stopping and trying to lift his foot a little.

“Oh Gukkie, I’m sorry, let me help you” Taehyung said, all jokes aside, sitting up in the bed and looking for the little pillow to place under Jeongguk’s foot. What the other didn’t notice was that, while he bent down, his shirt had lifted up, giving Jeongguk a full display of his behind, covered only by the see-through lace panties. The Alpha stared for a second, and then lifted his eyes to the ceiling, pressing his eyes shut. Jesus Christ he would die – because of the injury or Taehyung’s body, he still didn’t know.

“Is it that bad? Jeonggukie?” Taehyung exclaimed worried, coming close to the other one and inspecting him.

“Taehyung” Jeongguk said, “It’s ok, but – please… You need to put some pants on”.

“What?” the Omega was a little confused, then he got up the bed giggling. “Gukkie I’m sorry” he said blushing, trying to pull down the T-shirt as much as he could, the other hand on his mouth.

Jeongguk laughed fondly at the Omega, pointing to the dresser. “Second drawer”, he said, sitting up a little and trying to get out of bed.

“Wait, let me help you” Taehyung said, putting on the first black shorts he came across which were a little big, but luckily had some small strings, so he managed to tie them onto his waist. “Is it better like this?” Taehyung giggled, making a turn like a ballerina.

“You look good in everything, but in my clothes…” Jeongguk bit his lip a little, “you look cute and tiny” he said.

“Here” Taehyung handed him the crutches, helping Jeongguk up and going in for a hug. “I want to keep this T-shirt, it smells like you” he said, stopping to scent the Alpha.

“Keep everything you want” Jeongguk said, nosing into the other’s neck.

“Beware, I will take you seriously” the other said.


“I want to keep you as well, is that ok?” Taehyung asked, looking into the Alpha’s eyes.

“I’m yours already”, Jeongguk pressed his lips to the Omega’s for a second.

The couple had breakfast with Seokjin, since the Omega was at home, feeling a little nauseous.

Taehyung whipped out some pancakes and then also washed the dishes, insisting that the two needed to rest.

“Jeonggukie, he’s the one, I’m telling you again!” Seokjin whispered to the young Alpha, a huge smile on his face. “Don’t let him get away, do you hear me?” he hit the other playfully on the back of his head.

“I know, I will fight to keep him, I promise” Jeongguk answered.

They had lunch and Namjoon joined them; they all agreed that Taehyung should stay a few more days, if he wanted to, but the Omega needed to get back home to grab an overnight bag – and his lotion and skincare routine products – and Jeongguk insisted on helping him.

“The doctor said that you should take it slow”, Taehyung repeated, helping Jeongguk to sit on the backseat, “this is not taking it slow”. The Omega sat at the drivers’ seat, eyeing the Alpha in the back.

“I want to be there if Jimin has to say something.”

“He is my brother; he can talk to me if he has anything to say.”

“I don’t want him to think that I won’t stand up for you.”

“Gukkie, you have crutches, you can’t stand up for anyone” Taehyung giggled, casting him a teasing glance.

As they parked, Jeongguk was becoming nervous. “Are you sure you want to come up?” The Omega asked.

“Yes, Tae”.

They went inside of the apartment, Yoongi opening the door and smiling at Jeongguk.

“Yah, JK, you looked much better than I thought”, he said, stepping forwards and patting the younger on the back, “come in, we were just having coffee”.

Jimin looked up from the book and at his brother.

“I just came to get some clothes, I will be staying over for a few more days” Taehyung said; not really giving the other time to answer and going into his room. Jimin seemed like he was about to say something, but Yoongi interrupted him.

“Yeah, it seems a good idea having him help you out a little, shouldn’t you be resting?” he said, fixing a chair next to where Jimin was sitting for the younger Alpha and manoeuvring him there.

“Yeah”, Jeongguk sat down, “it sucks that I won’t be able to do the showcase, but at least it’s nothing serious”, he said, sipping on the coffee.

There were a few moments of silence, since Yoongi wasn’t so talkative and Jimin was sulking. “Will you do my solo part?” Jeongguk turned to Jimin, who was surprised to be talked to. The other Alpha looked at him for a second and then nodded his head, resuming his reading.

“Good, I will come to see you, it will be the first time for me to actually watch, without dancing” the younger smiled, turning to Jimin, who wasn’t still looking at him. Jeongguk’s face fell a little and he took another sip of the coffee.

“Luckily it’s a free event, so you won’t need to buy a ticket like I always do” Yoongi laughed a little, trying to lift the mood.

Jimin stood up and went to Taehyung’s room, leaving the door open. “Why are you packing so much stuff? Do you know he only has like a week of recovery or so” Jimin said “Is that lingerie?” he asked, in an angry voice.

“I need to have some underwear, don’t I?”

That is not underwear it’s red and see through.”

Jeongguk choked a little on his coffee, his imagination running wild since he had already witnessed the black see-through panties and he didn’t know if he was ready for red lingerie next. Oh God. Yoongi was snickering next to him, lifting his eyebrows comically and giving him his signature gummy smile.

“Jimin what is your problem? Am I not allowed to wear sexy lingerie for my boyfriend? I’m a grown man!” Jeongguk gulped. The words sexy, lingerie, boyfriend ringing in his ears.

“Did you sleep with him?” Jimin asked furious.

“What if I did?”

Jeongguk sighed, going to get up, but Yoongi stopped him. “Don’t get between them”.

“Stop being an asshole and just accept that your brother and your best friend are together, stop giving him such a hard time, it’s none of his fault.” Taehyung’s voice rang.

“Whatever” Jimin said, tired of arguing with the other. He went to the living room and sat at his place, next to Jeongguk, while Taehyung was taking the last things from the bathroom. “You hurt my brother and I snap your neck, I don’t care if you’re my best friend, I will make you suffer Jeon” Jimin said looking at the other Alpha.

“We are?” Jeongguk asked, “best friends? I’m still your best friend?” he asked with a little smile.

“I want to punch you but I also don’t have any other friends, so” Jimin shrugged, going back to reading his book.

“That’s good, because I got you your Christmas present hyung” Jeongguk said to the other.

Jimin looked up at Jeongguk and the corners of his mouth lifted a little.

“I got everything, aw how cute, did you reconcile?” the Omega emerged with a small suitcase.

“Yes” Jeongguk said, while Jimin said “no” at the same time.

“Let’s go, we need to buy Seokjin’s vitamins” Taehyung rushed him out of the door.

In the elevator, Taehyung smiled “guess it was a good idea for you to come by” he said, “I told you that Jimin would not be angry for a long time, he misses you like crazy. Honestly, everything he talks about is I did this with Jeongguk and that with JK … like… I was so bored by you before even knowing you” he joked, while Jeongguk was trying to playfully kick him with a crutch.

“Did you seriously pack some red see-through lingerie?” Jeongguk asked, enjoying at how the Omega blushed at the comment.

“I just picked some out to provoke Jimin” he said, giggling.

“Oh, ok.”

“Are you disappointed? Didn’t you tell me to cover up? I’ve just taken some clothes so I can stay nice and covered” the other said with a smirk, walking to the car.

Chapter Text


Jeongguk was ready to share the bed with the Omega that night, having already experienced beforehand how nice it was to sleep with Taehyung; he was cuddly and always a little cold, which soothed Jeongguk, who ran hot at all times. Taehyung used to whisper things while sleeping and, before falling asleep, he was especially cute and soft - he had also called the Alpha ´babe´. Jeongguk felt so lucky that he had met the boy, who was also Jimin´s brother and - even though he wasn´t on the best terms with his best friend, he knew that they would sort their stuff eventually.

"Alright, I´m done unpacking" Taehyung said, emerging from Jeongguk´s closet in a pair of pale green pajamas. He had long pants and a thin undershirt of the same colour and no bra, since Jeongguk was able to see the curve of his small breasts and his perked nipples. "Did you manage alright with the shower?" the Omega asked the younger, who was laying in bed with his foot up, as he had before.


 "You know, I could have helped you and we could have saved water." Taehyung said, sitting up in bed and taking out his skin care set, starting to apply creams and serums on his skin.

“You mean … we should have taken a shower together?” Jeongguk asked, a little confused.

“Yes, why not?” Taehyung turned around, looking at the Alpha with a neutral expression.

“Are you … teasing me or are you being serious?”

“No, I’m serious” the older said, “I’m not suggesting that we mate and get married, but I feel very attracted to you and I think you do too, so I don’t think that there’s anything wrong in exploring each other’s bodies.”

Jeongguk’s eyes were about to pop out.

“Exploring?” he asked, his mouth agape.

“Yeah, you seemed very interested in my lingerie, you know; I have more and you could also touch me” Taehyung said, sitting closer to the Alpha. “I am sorry if I seem rather impatient, but my heat is due around New Year’s, that’s why I’m so clingy and needy already” he said, laying down in bed and getting really close to Jeongguk.

“Your – your heat?” Jeongguk found himself a little speechless. What did the Omega imply with that?

“I thought that we could share it? If you want to…” Taehyung said, pressing his face onto the Alpha’s chest.

Jeongguk was really surprised and didn’t know what to say. Was Taehyung going to be ready for him? Was he going to go through with it, even though he still hadn’t had Jimin’s blessing? Was he ready to lose his virginity? Well, the Alpha only knew the answer to this last question, because it was a big yes.

Taehyung looked up at the silent Alpha. “We don’t need to, I understand if –“

“No, I want to” Jeongguk said hurriedly. “I want to help you with your heat; I’m just a little – I hope you could teach me what you liked.”

“I would like it if you touched me” the Omega said in a whisper, “and kissed my neck”.

Jeongguk felt dizzy by the sudden sweetness in the other’s scent; a spike of blossoming vanilla which signalled that his Omega was aroused.

“Now?” Jeongguk asked confused.

“Yes?” Taehyung answered, taking one of Jeongguk’s hands and pressing it to his bony hip, guiding it to the curve of his ass.

“Wait! Just one second!” Jeongguk said, pulling away and getting his crutches to get up.

“Where are you going?”Taehyung said with a frown.

“Please, stay right there,I’ll be right back, I promise” the other said, going to the door and closing it behind himself. He hopped quickly to the other bedroom, going in without knocking. Jin was lying in bed with a face mask on, reading a book, while Namjoon was asleep, his hand around Seokjin’s midsection.

“JK”, Seokjin exclaimed surprised “is everything ok?” he asked in a whisper, not wanting to wake up the other.

“Yeah, I’m fine, but … hyung-“the other said hopping to the side where Seokjin was and awkwardly sitting down on the floor “I think – he wants to do it” Jeongguk said.

“Why are you here then?” Namjoon’s voice broke the short silence.

“I’m – I don’t know I freaked out” the younger said.

Seokjin sighed and whispered “JK, you know you don’t have to do anything right? You can just tell him that –“

“No, I want to! I want to do it so much but I –“

Namjoon interrupted him again: “JK, stop panicking and let him do the thing.”

“Yeah” he said “yeah, I’m gonna do it!” Jeongguk said, trying to convince himself.

“Do you have condoms and lube?” Seokjin asked.

“Yeah, Joon hyung gave me some.”

“Awe, babe, really?” Seokjin patted Namjoon’s back with a fond smile on his face.

“Alright, I’m gonna do it!” Jeongguk said with some more enthusiasm.

“Just relax, JK, it’s going to be ok, just remember to make sure he’s comfortable”, Seokjin smiled at him, while the younger was trying to stand up with his crutches and went to the other room.

"Hwaiting!" He could hear Seokjin's giggle when he closed the door. 

“Is everything ok?” Taehyung asked, putting away his phone.

“Yeah, sorry, I just – got thirsty” the other said, struggling a little to lay down again.

“I’m sorry” Taehyung started “I know I told you that I wasn’t ready and now it seems like I was jumping you, I – just I don’t know, because I felt like I wouldn’t have sex ever again after Minho and then I met you, and… I don’t know. I just – I feel my heat coming up and”

“It’s ok” Jeongguk said, sitting closer and placing a hand on the other’s thigh. “We can do whatever you want.”

“I want you to have a saying in it as well” Taehyung smiled a little embarrassed.

“You know I’ve never kissed anyone before you, don’t you?” Jeongguk said honestly, “I do, want to be with you” he said “you will just need to – well – to show me … what you like.”

“I want to take things slow, we don’t need to – do it right away” Taehyung said, “I’m just a little needy because of the hormones, but I don’t want to pressure you into –“ he was cut off by Jeongguk’s lips on his. It was a different kiss than the pecks they exchanged. It started slow, but then got heated really soon.

“Let me” Jeongguk said “let me put my foot up it hurts like that” he said, positioning himself in the centre of the bed taking off his T-shirt in a swift movement.

Taehyung started to giggle.

“What?” Jeongguk said.

“You’re cute.”

“I’m not cute, I’m sexy” Jeongguk said, flexing his pecs.

“Yeah, you’re a sexy bunny” Taehyung said, trying not to smile.

“You don’t think that I’m sexy?” Jeongguk asked with a pout.

“Just shut up” Taehyung said, sitting on Jeongguk’s lap and bending down to kiss him. “Your hands” he said “touch me”.

“Like this?” Jeongguk placed his hands on the Omega’s back, caressing him.

“Mmh, more like this”. Suddenly Taehyung placed the other’s hands on his chest. Jeongguk felt like he was about to combust, because the other was being bold, and he loved it. Taehyung was kissing him hard and Jeongguk’s hands were on the other’s breasts, which were so soft and – the Omega was definitely wearing some kind of bra underneath his undershirt.

“Is that okay?”

“A little harder, don’t be afraid of hurting me.” Taehyung exclaimed, moaning a little.

“Can I take this off?” Jeongguk went for the undershirt.


Jeongguk felt so courageous and took off the little piece of green silk and he remained speechless. Taehyung was wearing a tiny white and very transparent bra. Jeongguk couldn’t take away his eyes, since he had never seen a naked person he was attracted to.

“Is that ok?” Taehyung asked, “too much?”

“You’re so unreal” Jeongguk whispered, gathering his courage to touch him again, “why do you have so much see-through lingerie?”

“Why? You don’t like it?”

“I do, I really hope that you’ve also packed the red one...”, Jeongguk said, feeling very bold.

“Hmm, maybe I have…” the Omega started to move his hips, feeling the Alpha’s erection under him.

Jeongguk moaned, his mind blacking out. “I’m not sure that I –“ he whispered in between kisses.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it” the other whispered, “just enjoy it”.

Jeongguk was feeling really horny, excited, and he couldn’t really think straight because Taehyung’s smell was so overpowering his senses, mixing with his own lavender scent. The Alpha really had to take deep breaths and to control the force of his hands, because a part of his brain was yelling at him to claim what was his, but he didn’t feel like he could ever be overpowered by that Alpha urge. His hands were on Taehyung’s chest once again, touching and teasing, trying to remember which touches made the other moan. In between kisses, Taehyung kept riling up the other, sneaking one hand on Jeongguk’s crotch to feel him up. Jeongguk moaned really loud at this, suddenly feeling way too much at once.

“Tae” he said “Taehyung I’m –“

“Yes” the other answered, teasing Jeongguk’s earlobe, sucking at it while palming him harder through his shorts.

Jeongguk moaned, hips bucking up. He tried to hold back, but everything was just too much, so he just let go, shaking. He squeezed his eyes shut, holding onto the Omega on top of him.

“Sorry” he said, overwhelmed and short of breath “I’, sorry –“

“Why are you sorry, didn’t you enjoy it?” Taehyung said, stroking the Alpha gentler.

“I – Oh my God” the Alpha put his hands on his face, covering his blush. “I just came in my pants”, he said mortified.

“I told you that I was going to take care of you” Taehyung giggled, removing his hand from the other’s crotch and pulling on his undershirt, still sitting on Jeongguk’s midsection.

“Wait” Jeongguk suddenly grasped the other’s hips “you didn’t – I want to –“

“It’s fine”, the Omega said.

“It’s not, you asked me to put my hands on you and I barely have.” Jeongguk exclaimed.

“You can make it up to me another time, I wanted to make it special for you”, Taehyung said with a small smile, leaning down to kiss the other. Jeongguk felt like he wanted to grab the Omega and to make him feel good, but he was also dizzy – because of the medication, the orgasm and the fact that so much had happened in the last half an hour.

“I’m a little embarrassed though” he said “I didn’t expect you to be this intense, that lingerie just – you’re so beautiful, I wanted to claim you on the spot.” The younger said, watching Taehyung in his big eyes, leaning forward to caress his face.

“When did you get so not-shy?” the Omega smiled, leaning on the hand on his face.

“I love you” Jeongguk said out of the blue.

Taehyung looked at him seriously for one second, then got off of his lap.

“You should clean up, lover boy, it’s going to be bad if you don’t”, he said with a smile.

“I – I didn’t say it just because –“

“I know” Taehyung closed his eyes. “I just can’t – when I’m this hormonal it’s not a good idea to be talking about feelings” he said smiling and looking away. “Do you want me to help you?” he asked to the Alpha, who was a little wobbly on his feet.

“No, it’s fine, I can manage”.

Later, in bed, Taehyung was cuddled up on Jeongguk’s chest. The Omega giggled out of the blue.

“What is it?” Jeongguk was about to fall asleep.

“I love how comfortable you’ve got holding me tight like that”, he said with a smile “at first you were terrified of me, now you just grab me and squish me” he giggled again, when Jeongguk’s hand went to tickle his armpit.

“I wasn’t so terrified” Jeongguk said, happy that the lights were off and that his blush wasn’t visible.

“Yes you were, and now I feel like I’m corrupting you.”

“If it is what it takes for you to say that I’m sexy, then I’m happy with that”, the younger said, laughing at himself.

“Hm, I will think about it, but you will never not be a bunny, you know that, right?”

“Go to sleep” Jeongguk said feigning to be offended, kissing the top of Taehyung’s head and pressing him closer, inhaling the happy scent of peaches the other was emanating.

Chapter Text


Jeongguk came to sit at the breakfast table, feeling Seokjin´s and Namjoon´s inquiring eyes on himself.

"Here, let me help you" Taehyung placed a pillow on the chair next to the Alpha and immediately went to fix him a cup of coffee and plated some waffles and bacon. "Here you go", he said sweetly, "I think that I should go buy the last things we need to start on the Christmas dinner" the Omega exclaimed.

"I can go with you, let me just finish-" Jeongguk was saying, stuffing half a waffle into his mouth.

"No, no. You should rest, you can´t help anyway with those crutches, I just need to be quick so we can start on the roast, I will be back soon, there´s a shop just around the corner" he said, placing his hands on Jeongguk´s shoulders. "Plus, I´m already dressed and ready and will meet Hoseok hyung, Jimin and Yoongi there, so we can all come here and spend the afternoon together before dinner" he concluded, leaning down to peck Jeongguk on the cheek.

As soon as the Omega was out of the door, Seokjin hurried to sit next to Jeongguk, who was still stuffing his mouth with breakfast. “Did you do it?” the pregnant Omega asked impatiently. Namjoon put down the newspaper for the second time, his eyes on the other Alpha.

“Well, not all the way, no” he said, blushing a little at the memory of his hands on the Omega’s breasts and at the little moans Taehyung was making on top of him.

“Uhm, but what you did went well?” Namjoon asked discreetly, not wanting to invade his dongsaeng’s privacy too much.

“Yeah- he – guided me through … some things…” he answered, blushing.

“Aw, how cute you are” Seokjin pinched Jeongguk’s cheeks.

For Jeongguk, meeting Hoseok was quite intense, because, after all, he was the lawyer who had helped out Taehyung when he had hit rock bottom in his relationship with Minho. Only Hoseok, Taehyung and Jeongguk knew the truth about what had happened to the Omega, and Jeongguk felt so much gratitude towards the young beta since Taehyung had told him what had happened. Jung Hoseok was an amazing man because he had helped his boyfriend. But Jeongguk felt really at ease with him and he had never felt this connected to a Beta before. Hoseok sported a big smile the whole time, all teeth, and he was just like a ray of sunshine and happiness.

“Babe, sit down, you should rest” Taehyung said for the utmost time.

Jeongguk was about to say something back, but Jimin stirred him to a chair. “Take a break, JK, he can wash the coffee cups by himself, you can’t do anything with those” he said, pointing at the crutches.

“Yeah” Taehyung leaned down to peck the Alpha on his lips, just next to where his brother was.

Jeongguk felt a little flustered and uncomfortable, because he felt like rubbing the thing into his friend’s face, which was the motive they had fought in the first place. Seokjin, who was sitting at the table next to them got up, sensing that he needed to give them some privacy; he joined Hoseok and Namjoon in the living room, sitting next to his Alpha – his scent helped settle the baby, who was kicking a lot on that day.

Jeongguk felt a little awkward at being left alone with Jimin, who had warmed up a little in the last days, but there was still a huge elephant in the room.

“I just need to know” Jimin said, breaking the ice “did you sleep with my brother?”

“No!” Jeongguk answered immediately.

“But?” Jimin said, noticing the other’s hesitancy, as if he wanted to add something.

“Jimin – I – we made out, but we will, eventually - we will sleep together” he said matter of factly.

Jimin was silently looking at the other Alpha for a second, not answering. Jeongguk’s mind was racing. Was Jimin ever going to be ok with them being together? “Jimin – listen, Tae- he said that his heat is coming up and –“ the other’s eyes were on him now “he wants to share it – with me” he said.

Jimin was looking at him with big eyes.

“I’m not going to hurt him, hyung. You know me!” Jeongguk said, feeling his foot throb. “Fuck”, he said, taking a nearby chair and putting his foot up. “Goddamn”, he massaged the part immediately over his calf.

“I know I can trust you” Jimin finally said, “I just –“ he put his hands in his hair, “he did the same thing with Minho – he was just obsessed with this person and – well I didn’t know Minho, but I trusted my brother. And now – I feel like I trust you, because I know you – but I’m not sure that he is ready for all of this.” The Alpha said, shaking his head.

“Didn’t you and Yoongi mate after a month you knew each other?” Jeongguk asked “didn’t Jin and Namjoon sleep together on their first date? Why is it so hard to believe that – that Taehyung and I are so compatible?”

Jimin nodded his head. “If there’s one person I could trust with my brother it’s you, Jeongguk.”

“Then can we stop fighting already? I won’t – If you’re uncomfortable with us sharing his heat, then I will tell him that we –“

“No” Taehyung said, coming out of the kitchen. “We are not delaying anything because you’re uncomfortable, Jimin.”

The older Alpha looked at his brother “I’m sorry, I – well I didn’t know it was this serious between the two of you.”

“I love him” Jeongguk said without hesitancy.

“Gukkie aw God whatever happened to you?” Taehyung said covering his face and giggling.

“Yah! Disgusting!” Jimin joined his brother’s laughter, “alright JK” he said, standing up and hugging the other Alpha wholeheartedly.

Jungkook sat content on the couch between his best friend and his ... boyfriend and he was happy that they had finally resolved their issues. Jimin was a good friend and everything he wanted was for his brother to be happy, so Jeongguk could understand his first hesitation when it came to admitting the relationship that had formed so quicky between him and Taehyung. Nonetheless, Jimin trusted him and it made Jeongguk feel proud; he would prove Jimin how worthy he was to be with his brother.

Taehyung squished himself closer, until Jeongguk lifted his arm to let him relax against him.

"You two are disgustingly cute" Yoongi said, lifting his beer "that you may be happy together" he toasted. Everyone lifted their glasses, they were drinking wine and beer since dinner was over. It was time to exchange the presents, and Taeyhung couldn´t really sit still. He felt like a big surprise was coming and Christmas holidays always excited him.

"The presents!" Taeyhung exclaimed, going to fetch his packages for the guys in the room. They all agreed that each of them would open a present and then give theirs to another. There were many tears, since Namjoon and Jin got a lot of presents for the baby - cute little onesies, bottles, diapers and little toys which made the pregnant Omega cry in a hormonal rush of happiness; there was laughter, when Jeongguk and Jimin got themselves the same game - because Jimin wanted to gift it to his friend so he would have an excuse to play at it as well, while Jeongguk had done a selfless gesture, but they quickly settled on exchanging one at the game shop; there were further laughter when Jimin unboxed some sex toys he had got from his friends, at the sight of which Jeongguk blushed furiously. Jeongguk generally got some books, game and Taehyung got him some workout gear, while he had given the Omega a little bracelet with blue and white stones.  

After everyone had exchanged their presents, they had another drink and then Yoongi suddenly stood up.

“I need to say something”, he said.

Everyone was looking at him in a weird way.

“I’m ready”, Yoongi said, a serious expression on his face.

“What are you talking about?” Seokjin said, sipping a little on his chocolate milk.

“I’m ready to propose” he said, looking at Jimin. The Alpha’s eyes got big all of a sudden.

“What?” Jimin whispered, while Taehyung started to clap his hands in excitement.

“Park Jimin” Yoongi said, kneeling in front of where the Alpha was sitting “will you marry me?” he said.

“Yes, yes” Seokjin whispered.

“Are you serious?” Jimin asked, a little sceptical.

“Yes, Jiminie. I know I’ve been saying that it doesn’t matter to me” Yoongi said, taking one of the Alpha’s hands in his, “but I know that it matters to you and I want to make you happy.”

There was silence, before Seokjin started sniffing. “Sorry” he whispered to Namjoon “it’s my hormones oh my God” he said pressing his hand on his mouth.

Taehyung started to get agitated, so Jeongguk rubbed his hand on the other’s back.

Yoongi fished a little box out of the pocket of his jeans, at the sight of which Jimin got a weird expression on his face; a mixture of excitement and fear.

“Is that a ring?” Taehyung asked, clapping his hands again.

“Sssh” Jeongguk said, taking the Omega’s hands in his “don’t ruin the moment” he whispered in Taehyung’s ear, while the other turned around with tears in his eyes.

“Gukkie, I can’t believe it awww” he whispered.

“Will you marry me?” Yoongi repeated, opening the little box with a white gold band in it.

Jimin teared up a little, his hands in front of his mouth.

Everyone was waiting. Because… wasn’t he going to say anything?

Then, the Alpha threw himself on Yoongi, who managed to catch him and not fall down. “Yes, yes” Jimin said, kissing the Omega.

Taehyung jumped up at this, while everyone else started clapping and congratulating the newly engaged couple.

Chapter Text


The boys were having so much fun after the proposal. After dinner, they had settled down and had a drink and were a little sleepy after exchanging the presents. But, after Yoongi’ssurprise, everyone cheered and teared up. Yoongi sat at the piano and started to play some songs, while everyone else stood around him, singing. Jeongguk was feeling happy, because everything felt so right and he was feeling like a part of a big family. Seeing Taehyung smile and sing happily made him feel in the right place in the right time. He put his arms around the Omega and held tight to him, while singing along the others. This new found love overwhelmed him at times.


Jeongguk sat on the corner of the bed, exhausted after the long evening. It was already almost one A.M., because the party had gone on for hours and eventually Jimin and Yoongi had left for home, while Hoseok crashed on the couch of Seokjin´s and Namjoon´s apartment. Since Jeongguk lived there, he payed a symbolic  rent  - even though Seokjin had told him that he didn´t need to, because there was one extra room and the couple felt lonely as they had moved in and Jeongguk was such a good addition to the household. He was a person they both could talk to in the rare occasions in which they fought, but also because he was a great chef and helped Seokjin a lot with the cooking.

"I can´t wait for the wedding!" Taehyung exclaimed excited "I hope that Namjin´s baby will be born until then! Aw Gukkie!" he squealed.

"Namjin?" Jeongguk asked frowning.

"Oh God, Jeongguk-ah! You need to read more fan fiction instead of working out all the time! Namjin is the couple name of Namjoon and Jin!" the Omega said "Nam-Jin!"

"Oh" the younger said, "so we are what? Jeonghyung?" he asked puzzled.

"Ugh, it sounds horrible, Gukkie! It must have a nice ring to it like... TaeGuk... Taekook!" he said lighting up. "Taekook sounds cute".

"Taekook" Jeongguk repeated with a small smile, craning his neck to meet the other´s lips.

"Gukkie, we need to talk about my heat", the other said on a sudden.

"What about it?" Jeongguk asked, a little preoccupied.

"I thought -" the Omega said shyly "that we should have sex before my heat happens." There was a moment of silence. Jeongguk felt like he was about to faint. "You know" Taehyung said, noticing how the other had paled "When I´m in heat... Well I get in touch with the animalistic side of myself and - well it´s like... I´m horny all the time and can´t think straight" he said, sitting down next to Jeongguk, who was looking at something on the wall behind the Omega. "I don´t want our first time to be like that" he concluded in a small voice.

"No, I mean-" Jeongguk was feeling awake and preoccupied all of a sudden, "I understand, yeah. I- when did you tell me that it will hit? Your heat..."

"In about two or three days?" the Omega said. "I feel all hot and bothered already, it´s crazy".

"Alright, so... uhm... I mean I - I have condoms and lube and -"

Taehyung smiled at him, shaking his head.  "We can use lube if you want to bottom, but I self-lubricate Jeonggukie, I´m an Omega, did you forget?"

“Oh, oh” Jeongguk stuttered; he wasn’t a real mean Alpha, but would he? Want to bottom?

“During my heat I must bottom, because I just – need it” Taehyung giggled, “but I’m up for anything if you feel like trying” the Omega said, noticing that Jeongguk was turning shy, but not really understanding how much this new pieces of information affected the Alpha. Jeongguk’s head was almost spinning, since he hadn’t really thought much about sex before meeting Taehyung. Alright, he was a healthy young man and he had touched himself and explored his body, but he had never thought about bottoming. Or being taken, by an Omega. Jeongguk wasn’t one of those people – who discriminated Omegas – yet he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Would it make him a less of an Alpha? He immediately thought about Namjoon, who would tell him that “no, it is 2018 and you should be yourself”… But – who was he really?

Taehyung stood up, interrupting the younger’s thoughts. “I feel so hot, damn. Do you mind if I sleep in my panties tonight?” he said, already unbuttoning his pants.

“Uh- It’s fine” the Alpha said, remembering that it was really late and he was tired. As Taehyung stepped out of his pants, Jeongguk’s breath hitched.

“Oh, yes, it’s the red lingerie” Taehyung said, suddenly remembering what he was wearing. “It was supposed to be your last present” the Omega giggled, taking off his white sweater and undershirt swiftly. “Merry Christmas” he said, standing proud and half naked and doing a little pirouette in front of Jeongguk, whose mouth had gone dry. Taehyung was only wearing a thin red bra, which was transparent and had some little white butterflies embroidered on it and some small panties, which had the same pattern of the bra, but which were so small that they barely covered the other’s crotch. They were high-waisted, making his smooth legs appear even longer and perfect.

Jeongguk’s mind short-circuited for another second. He couldn’t believe at how beautiful and perfect the Omega’s body was. He had no flaws – maybe was a little too skinny, but he ate a lot and took great care of himself.

“Do you like it?” Taehyung asked coyly, approaching the Alpha.

“I- yeah” Jeongguk said, placing his hands on the other’s hips. Taehyung sat in the lap of the Alpha.

“Is your foot alright? Do you want to lay down?” the Omega asked, embracing and scenting the other.

“I’m fine” Jeongguk’s was a little white lie. Yes, his foot hurt, but he didn’t want the Omega to stand up, not because he was so undressed – and, well, sexy – but he had missed scenting him.

“Your scent” Taehyung whispered on Jeongguk’s neck “it’s triggering my heat”.

Jeongguk gulped, caressing the other’s back. Taehyung had started to smell like peaches really intensely. The notes of vanilla and peaches seemed to separate and alternate when he was horny, which made the Alpha’s mouth salivate.

“Gukkie” the Omega whispered, “take this off?” he started tugging at Jeongguk’s sweater. After they disposed of it, Taehyung went immediately for the other’s jeans, starting to unbutton them.

“Wait” Jeongguk said, “let me, I want to - make you feel good” he said.

“But please, take them off, I can’t feel you” the Omega pleaded, his eyes of a dark shade of brown.

Jeongguk stood for a second admiring him. “Your eyes” he said, “they are darker”.

“I want you” Taehyung said, “desperately”.

“Lay down” Jeongguk said, reaching for the buttons of his pants to take them off. Were they going to? – Well Taehyung had said that his heat was only a few days away and he wanted to have sex before that… and he had worn that lingerie on purpose – did it mean that they were supposed to do it? Somehow, his fingers started shaking a little, betraying his anxiety. Luckily the Omega was already on the bed, so he couldn’t see his weird attempt at taking off his jeans. Damn, it hurts, Jeongguk thought as he had to slip his foot out of the fabric. His foot still hurt like hell when he made some movements, but the doctors had assured that it was normal, that he would heal in a few weeks.

“Gukkie”, Taehyung moaned.

Jeongguk turned around, seeing that the Omega had taken off his bra and was running his hands on his breasts. Damn.

“You are stunning” he said, placing himself next to the Omega, mindful of his foot. “I can’t –“ he said with an embarrassed expression “I would lay over you, but I can’t bend my foot like that yet”.

Taehyung smiled “It’s alright, you can stay like this for now; I can ride you later, you don’t have to do anything”.

At these words, the anxiety came back. Taehyung wanted to ride him? The sexy image in his brain was replaced by a list of insecurities popping up; was he going to last enough to satisfy the Omega? Would he be big enough to reach the other’s sweet point?

His thoughts were interrupted when Taehyung pushed himself closer, going in for a deep kiss. The Omega was a perfect kisser – he was patient and passionate, making Jeongguk forget about his insecurities for a few seconds.

“Touch me” the Omega said in between kisses.

Jeongguk’s hand shot up, cupping one of Taehyung’s breasts, making the Omega bite on his lip, not to make much noise. As Jeongguk’s fingers brushed his sensitive nipple, the Omega moaned a little louder. Jeongguk wanted to touch him also with his other hand, but he was lying on his side, which made everything too hard.

Taehyung seemed to understand his struggle, so he just pushed the Alpha down on his back, straddling his thighs.

At this, Jeongguk could use both of his hands to pleasure the Omega and he did; he played with the other’s breasts for a while, until he decided that he wanted to taste them, making the Omega scoot a little on his stomach, so that he could reach them easier with his mouth. Taehyung was very pliable in his hands, accepting Jeongguk’s timid initiative with eagerness. He bit on his lips even harder, closing his eyes while his hands were fisting Jeongguk’s hair, making a mess of it. The pull was a little painful, but Jeongguk enjoyed the other’s dominance, since he was holding Jeongguk’s face right where he wanted it.

Jeongguk soon found out what the Omega liked the most, because Taehyung would moan a little louder when he flicked his tongue on his nipples, but his scent would spike when Jeongguk took the little rosy bud in his mouth, sucking on it.

“Yes, more – Jeonggukie” Taehyung was a mess and – he was making a mess. Jeongguk realised that he was feeling a little cold on his stomach, and then understood that Taehyung had started to … self lubricate ... A lot. Oh God.

“Gukkie, please…”

Jeongguk didn’t really understand what he was supposed to do.  He knew from porn what sex was and how it happened but everyone liked it differently, wasn’t it? How could he know what Taehyung wanted? Was it alright if he put a hand in the other’s panties? Was it ok if he grabbed his ass, spreading his cheeks and playing with his hole? Immediately, Jeongguk thought about what the Omega had told him, about his ex husband and he started to be more nervous. How much time did have to pass for Taehyung to want that again? He made it clear that his heat necessitated penetration, but was it something he wanted to do because his heat asked him to submit to his nature, or would he enjoy it? Why had Taehyung brought up the idea of Jeongguk bottoming? Was it because he wasn’t sure about wanting to do that again when he wasn’t this hormonal?

Taehyung grabbing the hand on his hip made him get back to reality. Oh yes, his face was still pressed in Taehyung’s beautiful little breasts, while the other was looking at him with even darker eyes.

“Like this” Taehyung said, slipping Jeongguk’s hand in the back of his wet panties.

Jeongguk gulped a little, his heart racing. Surely it meant that… his hands went to spread Taehyung’s cheeks apart, so that he could fit his index finger there, touching the other’s hole. Holy smokes, Taehyung wasn’t only wet, he was slowly leaking a sticky substance which smelled like heaven. Peaches and Vanilla, Jeongguk thought; immediately wanting to taste Taehyung there. He had seen some porn in which the Alpha ate out the Omega, but, again, it wasn’t something Alphas did a lot, since Omegas were the ones which were responsible for their Alpha’s pleasure. The slick was supposed to help with penetration, but it was a little frowned upon for Alphas to enjoy it in other ways. Yet, Jeongguk felt his mouth water – who knows if Taehyung thought it weird if he – but then, yet again How could Jeongguk say what he wanted if he hadn’t tried anything yet? Jeongguk’s finger slipped inside the tight ring of muscle and Taehyung let out a shaky exhale, pulling at Jeongguk’s head hard until their lips connected.

Jeongguk liked the dominance, yet he wasn’t really enjoying the force used by the other, since he had already a pain in his foot. Which was throbbing. Damn it. Only when he felt Taehyung bounce up a little did he realise that his finger had stilled; but the Omega was actively… pushing his ass back, thrusting on Jeongguk’s finger, trying to find his sweet spot.

“Jeonggukie” Taehyung exclaimed flushed, his hands leaving the other’s hair, settling on Jeongguk’s shoulders, “I want you” he moaned.

“I’m here” Jeongguk said, not really knowing what to say. Do people say “I want you too?”

“Get inside of me” the Omega whined, a grimace on his handsome face. His hair was matted, pressed on his forehead. Jeongguk was kind of proud to having reduced him in that state.

“I am” the Alpha said, slipping another finger next to the one which was still touching around, trying to find the Omega’s prostate. Where? Where was it? How was he supposed to know? Did he just have to feel around? Would Taehyung let him know when he found it? If he found it? Was it deeper? What If his fingers weren’t long enough? Jeongguk was feeling frustrated again, kind of feeling like a person lost in the middle of a forest. Was there a right path in between dozen? Would he find his way? Would he succumb in the middle of the trees and just die there and eventually the bugs would–

“Jeongguk-ah” Taehyung exclaimed, stopping.

Oh. What? The Omega’s hand was somehow on Jeongguk’s clothed dick. Realisation hit Jeongguk and he wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide there. He was painfully – soft.

As he made eye-contact with the Omega he saw that the other’s heated expression of lust had vanished and a worried and confused one had taken its place. Jeongguk was speechless for a second, and then he was mortified, embarrassed and anxious.

“Just-“ he swallowed hard “just give me a second and I-“ Jeongguk’s hand went on his underwear, stroking himself through the cotton.

Taehyung was looking at him with wide eyes for a second. Jeongguk couldn’t meet that gaze. God. How embarrassing. What had even happened? How could he fail like that? They hadn’t yet had sex and he had already screwed up, badly. He tried to make himself hard, but the thoughts in his head just didn’t make it happen.

“Jeongguk” Taehyung said again.

God, why is he calling me by my full name, this is bad. This is so bad. “I- It’s – Just let me-“ Jeongguk said, stroking himself harder.

“Stop” Taehyung said.

Jeongguk’s hand stopped. He was pathetic, yes. It wasn’t doing much anyway. Even his Omega had noticed how much of a failure he was, that’s why he had pitched the idea that he would be a better top. Taehyung’s hands went on Jeongguk’s chin, trying to make the other look at him. Jeongguk couldn’t bear another look of disappointment, not by Taehyung. He felt like he was about to hyperventilate.

“Gukkie” Taehyung whispered “look at me”.

Jeongguk shook his head, eyes stubbornly on Taehyung’s pierced belly button. The first tears stinging in his eyes.

“Babe” Taehyung said, “babe, please look at me” his voice was so sweet. Maybe he wasn’t angry?

Jeongguk took a deep breath and lifted his eyes, meeting the other’s gaze. As soon as it happened, a tear strained Jeongguk’s cheek, rolling down to his chin. Taehyung’s expression wasn’t one of anger, yet there was confusion.

“Did I do something wrong?” Taehyung asked softly.

How could he even think of being at fault? Jeongguk felt another wave of shame take over him, new tears rolling down.

“No” he whispered “it’s me – I’m” he started, looking away.

“Gukkie look at me” Taehyung said, “please talk to me”.

“I’m just not-“ the Alpha said stuttering.

“You’re not ready?” Taehyung asked apprehensively.

“No, I am” Jeongguk said with decision. “I just – I tried so hard” he realised what he had said and shamefully bent his head down. “I tried so much not to ruin things and I did, I-“.

“What do you mean?”

“I screwed up.”

“No, I mean – what do you mean by “I tried so much”?” the Omega asked, understanding what the issue was. “Did you feel pressured by all of this?” he asked in a small voice.

“No! Taehyung, I-“

Taehyung nodded his head a little. “Jeonggukkie, you didn’t ruin anything, stop saying that. I – well I told you that I needed time and then I ask you to have sex out of the blue, I understand if it unsettled you for a second, I’m sorry…”

“No, don’t” Jeongguk looked at the other with tears in his eyes “please, don’t be sorry, I’m the one who should be, I-“.

“Gukkie, it’s not the end of the world.” Taehyung smiled sincerely. “Goddamn, look at me” he said a little angrily, to which Jeongguk’s head snapped up. “What did you think about?” he asked with a reassuring smile.

Jeongguk was a little hesitant “Uh- uhm. I- I wondered where the right spot was to – to make you feel good”.

Taehyung flashed his boxy grin at that. “Jeonggukie, please, you know you can talk to me and ask me things, even when we’re intimate.”

The Alpha felt much better at these words, feeling like a fool for ever thinking that Taehyung could be mad at him and leave him for somebody else.

“Stop doubting yourself so much” Taehyung said, pressing his forehead to the other’s “you made me feel so good, God I was feeling myself drip” he giggled. “Look at me, just me, don’t be afraid” Taehyung said, “I love you, you’re everything I want” the Omega said, his eyes shiny.

“Tae” Jeongguk felt his tears again, “I will. I will stop doubting myself.”

“I’m glad we had this talk” Taehyung said with a sincere smile, “we will be great together, I just know. We belong together.”

Chapter Text


“I was so embarassed I wanted to dig a hole in the ground and just hide there forever” Jeongguk told, while Seokjin’s windshield’s laughter ringed in the kitchen and Namjoon was failing in trying not to smile.

“Aw Jeongguk-ah! It happens to the best of us” Namjoon said, with a small smile.

“Yeah” Seokjin said, almost in tears. “Namjoon-ah was a virgin as well when we met” he said surprising Jeongguk.

“What? Really?” Jeongguk’s eyes widened. The married couple looked at each other and there was a teasing glimpse in Seokjin’s eyes. “Didn’t you two sleep together on your first date?” Jeongguk inquired.

“Yeah…” Namjoon started, rubbing his neck. “It didn’t really – go that well” he smiled, blushing.

Seokjin looked at his husband with a big smile, one hand rubbing his big belly. “And yet here we are, still together after that fiasco”.

Namjoon laughed out loud, while Jeongguk was trying to understand what was happening. “Wait, tell me!” he said, pouting.

“Well…” Seokjin started, but he was interrupted by Namjoon “let’s say that it didn’t last long” he said with a shy smile.

“Yah!” Seokjin scolded, hitting Namjoon playfully on the back of his head.

 Jeongguk’s eyes widened even more, giggling because he secretly loved how much power Seokjin had over his husband. Jeongguk loved it when the Omega bossed the other around – even more so now that he was pregnant. There was nothing in the world Namjoon wouldn’t do for his husband. Jeongguk was hit by the realisation that this was how he felt towards Taehyung.

Long? Are you kidding me? I was there! It was over before the third thrust” the Omega proceeded.

 “Really?” Jeongguk said a little shocked.

“Well…” Namjoon started, wanting to defend himself.

“Yes, Jeonggukie, I swear.” Seokjin interrupted.

“And you didn’t – like…” The younger started.

“Dump him?” Seokjin asked.

“Well, yeah” Jeongguk said, a little afraid that it would be his destiny.

“Well, I didn’t know he was a virgin before that, but I understood when it happened”, Seokjin said, suddenly going a little soft, gazing at his husband with a fond expression. “And when it happened – well, honestly I was a little let down because I was horny as hell, but –“

“But?” Jeongguk urged him.

“But he was just so cute, and inexperience isn’t really –“

“Isn’t really what?” Jeongguk interrupted him.

“Yah!” Seokjin said angrily. “I’m trying to express it, stop interrupting me, you brat.”

“Sorry hyung, I’m just curious.”

“I was saying that inexperience isn’t much of a turn off really, because I felt it was like… an honour to get to be his first. I had had a few boyfriends before Namjoon-ah and having someone to teach things the way I liked them was rather a turn-on” he concluded with a thoughtful expression.

Jeongguk’s eyebrows shot upwards. “Really?” he asked, suddenly seeing things from another very refreshing and welcome perspective. “So – like if I fail – again, you are telling me that…”

“There is no such thing as failing, Jeongguk-ah” Namjoon said. “It takes time to learn to control one’s body for intercourse.”

“Ugh, Namjoon-ah, stop talking like my grand-uncle, it’s sex, sex” Seokjin interrupted, rolling his eyes dramatically. “You sound like an encyclopaedia, I think that JK here wants the real tea.”

“Tea?” Namjoon and Jeongguk asked simultaneously with confused expressions.

“Oh God, you’re like grandpas. How did I find myself living with two cavemen?” Seokjin said taking a deep breath. “Don’t worry baby” he said, talking to his bump “I will teach you what real tea is”. He said, walking to his room.

“Like do you think – he means that - I should make him a cup of tea?” Namjoon said, suddenly attentive.

“I have no idea what ‘real tea’ means, I think that we have some chamomile and some herbal thing Taehyung took here for breakfast.” Jeongguk answered, watching as the older Alpha started to put up a kettle for the water.

“About the previous topic…” Namjoon resumed, turning to the younger Alpha “I agree with what Jin said; I did – well – it didn’t go well and – well I was surprised when he called me back on the next day setting up another date. We sat down and he told me that it wasn’t an issue, because he was interested in me and – well our scents matched perfectly…” the older narrated with a nostalgic smile. “Anyway, our second and third time didn’t go the best as well – the truth is that experience requires… well… practise. So don’t worry, really, I know that It seems like a big deal to you and your ego, but I’m sure that Taehyung is much more patient than Jin and he knows beforehand that you’re inexperienced.”

“But, hyung” Jeongguk asked “how did you find yourself having sex with Seokjin on your first date as a virgin? Didn’t you – I don’t know, like –“

“Oh, yes, I was terrified” Namjoon smiled, covering his eyes for a second; his dimples showing adorably. “He just asked me if I wanted to go up to his apartment for a cup of ramyun after dinner, I didn’t know it was like – code word for ‘let’s have sex’. I just realised when he pushed me against the door and started to take my clothes off. I realised that I couldn’t really back off then.” He said with a smile.

“Oh God” Jeongguk put his hands on his face, embarrassed at the situation. “I would have died. You’re so brave, hyung.” They burst in laughter, Jeongguk trying to imagine the funny scene in his head. He was so relieved to have had this talk; it was incredible how Seokjin and Namjoon always managed to make him feel alright, turning over his tragic perspective on things of life.

“Do you need help with that?” Taehyung walked to Jeongguk, who was trying to fix his tie.

“I didn’t wear one since Namjoon’s and Seokjin’s wedding” he said with a grimace.

“Let me” Taehyung stepped closer, taking the fabric in his hands and quickly tying it.

Jeongguk looked at the Omega up close. “You look beautiful” he said.

“Oh” Taehyung said, looking down “thanks, so do you.”

“No, I mean – you really do, I’m not just saying it” Jeongguk said, taking the other’s hands in his. Taehyung looked at him with a small smile. “I like this colour on you” the Alpha said, touching the lapels of Taehyung’s black silken dress shirt. “It makes your eyes stand out”.

Taehyung’s eyes widened. “Thank you, Gukkie”, he managed to say, before the other kissed him. At first innocently, then more passionately.

“Come here” Jeongguk pulled the Omega on the bed, next to him.

“Gukkie” Taehyung laughed, sitting down on the bed while Jeongguk’s hand had already managed to sneak under the other’s shirt, going straight for his breasts. “We are going to be late” he said, moaning a little. “Your showcase…” he said between kisses.

“It’s in one hour” Jeongguk said, glancing at the watch and pulling the Omega on top of him. “We’ve got plenty of time to practise a little…” he said.

Taehyung took off his shirt in a swift motion, getting rid of his black bralette as well. “what if there is traffic, we will be late, it’s a twenty minutes ride” he said, going for the Alpha’s shirt. “Why did you even make me dress up if you wanted me naked?” he asked, bending down to kiss the other.

“I – it wasn’t planned, you inspired it” Jeongguk said, brushing a strand of hair out of Taehyung’s eyes.

“I did?” Taehyung asked, studying the other’s eyes.

“Yes”, Jeongguk was feeling bold. “I kinda want to try something…” he said, a little nervous. Taehyung had told him that he could ask anything, but – well, he didn’t know what the Omega considered as ‘hard limits’ in the bedroom.


“I – well, I wondered if it would be – if you –“ Jeongguk started to stutter again. Goddamn, Jeon, his brain yelled at him. “Can I eat you out?” he asked, blushing.

Taehyung’s eyebrows shot up, a comical expression of surprise on his face.

“Like – I know it’s not really something that couples do, I just –“

“You want to – eat me out?” Taehyung repeated.


“My ass?”


Taehyung grinned at that. “Oh God, yeah – yeah, sure, yeah” he said, starting to unbutton his pants. “Where did you get this idea from?” he asked, his scent spiking, anticipating what was about to happen.

“Well, I heard that Omegas’ scent is the strongest in their slick, and I – well kinda –“

Jeongguk was kissed vigorously. “It’s fucking hot, Jeongguk” he said, sitting naked on the bed. Jeongguk just couldn’t take his eyes off that body. He had seen him naked on several occasions now, yet he couldn’t make his heart slow down.

“How do you want me?” Taehyung asked, biting his lip.

“Hm” Jeongguk considered; he had taken his medication after lunch and his foot was kind of numb at the moment thanks to it. “Why don’t you lay down on your stomach?” he suggested.

“Alrighty” Taehyung was in position in a few seconds.

Woah, that ass. Jeongguk tried not to hyperventilate, the reality of what he was about to do dawning on him on a sudden. But he wanted to.

He stroked Taehyung’s backside for a few seconds, then went down to kiss it. Teahyung had turned his head as much as he could, observing the other attentively.

Jeongguk ran his hand on the inner side of the Omega’s thigh, dangerously roaming next to his crotch, feeling the other shudder. He smiled a little. He knew that the Omega wasn’t wet yet, because he couldn’t smell his slick, so he decided that he would try to give the other a – blowjob? He wasn’t so sure, yet he moved his hand in between the other’s spread out legs and carefully turned him on his back.

“What –“ Taehyung exclaimed, taken aback by the change of position when Jeongguk’s mouth went directly to his cock, sucking him in.  “Oh”, he moaned, arching his back. “Yes” he went straight for Jeongguk’s hair, pulling at it a little. It was a weird sensation to Jeongguk, since he gradually felt the other’s semi-hard cock get really hard into his mouth. The taste was a little salty, but he still tasted of peaches and vanilla, such as everything related to Taehyung. He tried to remember what they had said in the Youtube tutorial he had seen in the late afternoon – about how to orally pleasure an Omega – while, at the same time remembering to what the Omega responded with more eagerness. On a sudden, then, he felt almost dizzy because of the other’s scent. He ran a finger between Taehyung’s cheeks and he felt that the other had started to get wet. Like, really wet. He suddenly let go of the Omega’s cock, to which he heard little whimpers of displeasure - soon replaced with moans, when he parted Taehyung’s legs a little more, lifting the Omega’s thighs to rest on his shoulders, while he licked him up. The taste was incredibly sweet and addictive; it was like eating a warm peach pie when the jelly hadn’t set yet and was still a little sticky and warm. Jeongguk closed his eyes and enjoyed this experience. One of his hands went to his throbbing dick, starting to pump himself.

“Gukkie” he heard Taehyung in between moans. He opened his eyes and he was confronted with the Omegas’ dark gaze; pupils blown up. “I’m close” the Omega said, pulling a little rougher on Jeongguk’s hair. The Alpha took it as an order to hurry up and went to suck more vigorously on the rim and licking up even faster the slick, which was really starting to flow out the more the other insisted on cleaning him up. He was close? Was it that easy? The Alpha thought to himself, suddenly very aware that he hadn’t really thought that he could make the other cum just like this; it was something he wanted to try, which had made the other feel so good - even though Jeongguk wasn’t really focusing that much on it. Maybe, not to think was the right idea, Jeongguk thought; focusing again only on the taste and on his hand pumping his cock. He was close too, really close.

“Guk” Taehyung arched his back “I’m –“ he said, starting to shake. His hole quivered, clenching shut and opening, gushing out a little more slick. Jeongguk tried to burn in his brain the image of the Omega who came on himself untouched, moaning sweetly and making a mess on his stomach.  He slowed down his rhythm, only lapping slowly, while he shut his eyes and pumped himself harder, coming a few seconds later. He stopped his ministrations, resting his head on Taehyung’s thigh, his eyes closed in his afterglow.

“My God”.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that Taehyung was looking at him.

“I made a mess” Jeongguk smiled apologetically, lifting up his come stained hand.

“That –“ Taehyung said still with a short breath. “That was the best thing anyone did to me in my life”.

“Yeah?” Jeongguk asked blushing. Awkwardly, and very self conscious about the fact that he had stained half his pants with come, Jeongguk reached to grab his black tshirt in which Taehyung had slept that first night and started to wipe out the come on the Omega’s belly, before trying to clean up the mess on himself. “Shit” he said, “I don’t have any other dress pants, I will have to go in jeans” he said with a bunny smile.

“Wait, come here” Taehyung pulled the younger by his wrist. “I’m – like – how did you even think of this?”

Jeongguk felt his cheeks burning. It was obvious he had surprised the Omega, he could tell by the other’s delicate scent. When Taehyung got really cheesy or romantic, his scent would always become much subtler and softer.

“I looked it up on Youtube” the other said truthfully.

Taehyung giggled all of a sudden “what?!” he asked, his hand cutely suppressing his laugh.

“Yeah” Jeongguk said blushing.

“Like –“ Taehyung was still giggling “what did you type in?”

“How to pleasure an Omega” Jeongguk said still serious, to which Taehyung burst out laughing.

“Oh, you’re – you’re the cutest oh my God”.

“Well you did seem to enjoy it” the Alpha smiled, enjoying how the Omega was flirting with him.

“Oh, you have no idea, I think that you will need to do more of that, because it may have become my favourite thing ever” the Omega said, before suddenly getting serious “wait, did you enjoy it too?” he asked curiously.

“What do you think?” Jeongguk pointed at his pants, stained with the white sticky substance.

Taehyung started to giggle again, making the other smile. “You said that you were going to be less self conscious and I must say that I felt a little preoccupied, because – well I don’t want you to change. I like how cute and sweet you are” Taehyung said, looking at the Alpha fondly. “I didn’t expect this though, I didn’t even consider that someone would ever – woah, fuck, it’s late, we will be so late oh my God.”

The Omega shot up, starting to pull on his clothes in a hurry. He was done in seconds and then turned to Jeongguk, whose hair was still crazy because of how much Taehyung had pulled at it. “Let me help you with your jeans” the Omega said with a fond smile “and we will resume this talk later.”  

Chapter Text


“Where did Jeongguk go?” Taehyung asked Seokjin, who was sipping on his orange juice. They were in the hall of the hospital where the they had all gathered after the showcase had ended.

“I think he’s on the phone” the Omega said, pointing at the little balcony near the buffet. Indeed, there was Jeongguk, leaning on the door and talking to someone on his cellphone.

“Uh, ok” Taehyung said with a confused expression.

“Yah! Didn’t you have enough of him?” Jimin said jokingly, hitting his brother playfully on the arm. “You were literally late to the showcase because you’ve been doing dirty stuff even before such an important event!”

“I told you there was traffic”, Taehyung said.

“Yeah but you don’t reek of someone because you were stuck in a car with them” Jimin answered with a little wink. “What is he even doing?” Jimin turned around to look for Jeongguk, since his brother had his eyes fixed on the Alpha by the window.

The group of seven friends went to dinner together after the showcase and Jimin was in an excellent mood, because of how good it had gone. Hoseok’s laughter at Seokjin’s jokes was contagious and there was an excellent mood at the table – well, except for Taehyung, who was picking at the food with his fork.

“Hey” Jeongguk whispered, leaning towards the Omega who was sitting to his left “don’t you like the steak?” he asked “do you want some of my fish?”.

Taehyung shook his head a little, “No, I’m not really hungry…”

“Are you tired, do you want us to head home?” Jeongguk asked, a little anxious about his Omega not wanting to eat. Was it his heat? Already?

“No, I’m fine Gukkie” Taehyung turned to the Alpha, giving him a little peck on his lips and a small smile. Jeongguk wasn’t really one to fool, but he decided that he was going to observe his Omega to understand what was going on. At that moment, his phone rang again. Shit.

“Sorry” he said, attempting to stand up with his crutches, “I need to take this” he said to Taehyung, who was looking at him with a weird expression.

“You can take it from here, why do you need to get away?” the Omega asked with a pout.

“I’ll be right back, babe” Jeongguk said, leaving the table.

“What’s with him?” Yoongi asked, having observed the exchange between the two.

“He’s a busy Alpha” Seokjin said cryptically, a big smile on his face.

“Babe, don’t” Namjoon intervened.

“Don’t what?” Taehyung asked “Do you know what is going on with him?”

“It’s not our secret to tell” Namjoon said with a smile “don’t worry”.

“So, what is this secret?” Taehyung asked Jeongguk, as soon as they were in the Alpha’s bedroom.

“Secret?” Jeongguk said, taking off his dress shirt.

“Yes, who were you talking to on the phone the whole night?” Taehyung asked directly, looking into the eyes of the Alpha, trying to find any hint that the other was lying.

“Oh, that” Jeongguk said, scratching  his head and then going to take the rest of his clothes off. Taehyung didn’t offer to help him out of his clothes that night, it meant the Omega was really pissed.

“Yeah” Taehyung asked, still fully dressed.

Jeongguk smiled, looking fondly at the Omega.

“What?” the other asked, putting his hands on his hips.

“Are you – being jealous and possessive?” Jeongguk asked teasingly.

“Do I have a reason to be?”

“Come here” Jeongguk said.


“Babe, come here.”

“Who were you talking to?”

Jeongguk smiled. “It’s a surprise for you”. He enjoyed seeing the expression of the other shift so drastically.

“What?” the Omega said.

“Babe, come to bed, I promise I will tell you” Jeongguk said, already under the covers.

Taehyung took his clothes off, remaining in his usual undershirt and blue panties “I don’t like this”, he said pouting, “it’s not funny”.

“I didn’t want you to find out, I didn’t mean to make you jealous” the Alpha said, “but Seok Jung couldn’t call me sooner…”

“Seok Jung?” The Omega entered the bed, going to position himself between Jeongguk’s waiting open arms.

“Yes, he’s Seokjin’s brother” the Alpha said, enjoying the feeling of the embrace of his Omega.

“I’m confused” Taehyung said, placing his hands on top of Jeongguk’s chest and looking at him.

“Well –“ Jeongguk started “I know that your heat is coming up really soon, and –” he said, brushing away a strand of red hair. Taehyung widened his eyes a little. “It would be a little weird for us doing it while the guys are in the house” Jeongguk said giggling.

“So you’re sending off Seokjin and Namjoon to hyung’s brother?” Taehyung said a little alarmed.

“No, no” Jeongguk reassured him. “I kind of – well I thought to take you away somewhere for a week”, he said, waiting for Taehyung’s excitement to show.

“What?” the other whispered.

“I thought it would be nice not to spend your heat here or – at Jimin’s. So I called Seokjin’s hyung – who has this cabin in the woods and –“ at these words, Taehyung’s eyes widened impossibly “well he will be there tomorrow to give us the keys and show us around” he concluded.

“Tomorrow?” the Omega said, his scent already spiking towards excitement.

“Yeah – well obviously I couldn’t full on surprise you by taking you there blindfolded and drive – but – well you will need to drive” the Alpha smiled nervously.

“Oh my God” Taehyung said, sitting up on a sudden and still looking at the Alpha with a bewildered expression.  “You’re not kidding?” he asked again.

“No, babe”.

“Gukkie!” Taehyung pounced on the other, who laughed wholeheartedly. “It’s the best surprise ever!” he exclaimed, a little too loud. He squeezed the Alpha in a tight embrace, kissing him soundly. “But wait – “ he said on a sudden “how – I mean he didn’t rent you the cabin for free, didn’t he?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about it” Jeongguk said with a smile.

“Of course I do, I don’t want you to be broke because of me” the Omega pouted.

“Do you remember that I told you how my boss from the coffee shop lives in Hong Kong?” Jeongguk asked.

“Yeah” Taehyung furrowed his brows.

“It’s also him – and well, he’s family.” He said a little cryptically.

“What? – Wait, are you and Seokjin related?” Taehyung frowned.

“Well, yeah, somewhat” the Alpha smiled, while the other started to pout, impatient to find out the truth.

“My brother is Seokjin hyung’s brother’s mate”.

“Oooh!” Taehyung said, suddenly realising as to why Jeongguk had said that his employer trusted the few employees with his life. “Wow that’s so cool!” Taehyung exclaimed, really excited. “Does it mean that I get to meet your brother as well?” he asked hopeful.

“Yeah, they just got here the other day and will spend New Year’s eve here; it’s somewhat a tradition for us to gather all together.”

“Aw Gukkie, I’m so excited” Taehyung said, but then he was frowning again “wait, didn’t you say that you spend the holidays together? But they are giving us the cabin for one week? We aren’t coming back for New Years’?” the Omega asked.

“Well – I thought that since it’s our first – well pretty much a lot of firsts” he said blushing “I would want to be with you on New Year’s eve, cuddling in bed and just being together. But if you want to get back to be with your brother and our hyungs it’s –“ Jeongguk was saying, before his lips were claimed.

“Yes, let’s just be together; the two of us” the Omega said, a big smile on his lips.

Chapter Text


“Hey” Jeongguk caressed the naked back of the Omega, who had just opened his eyes after a long sleep. His scent had become so much sweeter and his cheeks had got a nice touch of pink.

“Gukkie” Taehyung cuddled up to him, nosing the Alpha’s neck. “you smell so good.”

Jeongguk held onto him tightly “You’re very close to your heat, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I think it’s coming tomorrow or the day after” the Omega whispered.

“I will be yours, tonight” Jeongguk whispered back, feeling a big sense of anticipation.

Taehyung leaned back, to look at Jeongguk in his eyes. “You know we don’t have to –“

“I want to, I’m ready.”

The Omega looked at him sceptically.

“Listen, you’ve noticed it too” Jeongguk said, “of course I’m a little nervous, I don’t think that I will never not be, since it will be my first time, but I’m more excited than afraid” he said honestly, kissing the Omega’s nose.

There was a knock on the door, which then opened and Seokjin peeked into the room. “Hey guys, breakfast is ready, you should hurry up”.

“Do you have any advice?” Jeongguk asked, sitting on the table in Namjoon’s studio. He was wearing a yellow shirt tucked into his blue jeans.

“You should set up the bed before anything” the other Alpha said, turning into his office chair. “take some of your bedsheet with you, because those at the cabin won’t be enough; Omegas in heat are very messy” he said chuckling. “Oh, and keep some towels and wipes near the bed, just to make sure you have everything close by – he won’t like it if you just get up and wander around the house; he will get way too clingy for the three days of the heat” Namjoon said, while Jeongguk nodded his head. “Also, take some of the time you have today to do some fruit salad and quick snacks, because you’ll need to keep him fed and hydrated, he won’t really care about food and water.”

“Ok, food and water” Jeongguk repeated.

“Also, make sure he takes some of his toys with him.” The other said, making Jeongguk frown.

“As in -?” he asked.

“Sex toys” Namjoon stated matter of factly.

“But – I mean, I will help him out” Jeongguk frowned, crossing his arms.

Namjoon started to laugh at this, “well, yeah, you will. But it will get very intense; you shouldn’t wear yourself out, because you need to be strong enough to take care of him.”

Jeongguk nodded at that.

“It won’t make you any less of a man; every Alpha needs a little help” the older Alpha smiled reassuringly, “As a matter of fact, it will spice things up – sex toys are fun” he said winking at Jeongguk, who was blushing.

“Oh, alright” he said.

“I’m sure that everything will be alright” Namjoon concluded. “Do you have enough condoms?” he asked casually.

Jeongguk felt his cheeks heat up even more. Did people just talk about these things with so much ease? When would he be comfortable enough to do so with someone who wasn’t Taehyung? “Yeah I- I have those you gave to me” he said, trying not to stutter too much.

“Good, then you have plenty” the other Alpha smiled, “off you go, then, pack those sheet and have fun! Don’t forget to text me when you have some time and let me know if you have any other doubts or – well anything” Namjoon concluded.

“Thanks hyung” Jeongguk got up to hug the other.

“Don’t mention it” the older Alpha leaned back a little, letting himself being scented. “You know that I’m always here for you” he said.

“Alright, I’ve got everything” Taehyung exclaimed excitedly, closing his suitcase. “I’ve basically repacked all of my things” he giggled “plus the black t-shirt that I stole from you”.

“Did you –“ Jeongguk cringed a little inside, trying to sound as nonchalant as Namjoon “did you pack some – toys” he asked, not looking at the Omega directly.

“Yeah, sure” Taehyung said “I’ve got plenty”.

“Good - that’s good” Jeongguk took a deep breath, putting some bed sheets into a bag, with the things he went to buy while Taehyung had a long shower. Taehyung went to stay close to him, while Jeongguk stored condoms, lube, some massage oil, an Omega friendly perfume-free shower gel and shampoo (since Omega’s noses were very sensitive while in heat) and baby wipes.

“Wow, someone is organised” Taehyung smiled fondly.

“Namjoon hyung gave me some advice”, Jeongguk smiled.

“What’s there?” Taehyung pointed at a little cooler.

“Uhm, fruit and Gatorade.”

Jeongguk felt the Omega’s scent shift a little, he was moved. “I thought that we could order in some pizza and Chinese food, because I’m not really able to walk around and cook with my foot” Jeongguk was feeling a lot better, he didn’t even need the crutches anymore, he just used one to lean a little on the side where his foot was injured.

“Why are you so perfect?” Taehyung said nosing at the Alpha’s neck.

Chapter Text

“Here we are” Jeongguk said from the passenger seat, “you can park here next to my brother’s car, they will give us the keys to the garage later, because it’s safer to put the car in at night, there are wild animals wandering out of the woods” the Alpha concluded.

“Wow” Taehyung was a little speechless.

Jeongguk turned around to glimpse at the Omega, who was looking at the house with a stunned expression. It was no surprise that Seokjin’s family was wealthy – since the Omega had opened a bakery at a young age, but this cabin was really something else. It wasn’t huge, but it was a cute wooden cottage on two floors, just outside the city, next to the woods.

“That’s them, come on” the Alpha said, walking outside of the car to his brother, who was already running up to hug him. Jung Hyun’s pleasant scent of lilies invaded Jeongguk’s nose and the two brothers held tight one onto the other.

“Jeongguk! Look at you!” the other Alpha shrieked, lifting up his baby brother as if he weighed nothing.

“Hyung!” Jeongguk cried out, fearing to be thrown down “my leg, be careful!”

The other immediately seemed to understand, so he placed down carefully his brother “ugh, sorry”, then Jung Hyun’s eyes went to look at the Omega who walked outside of the car at that moment. He grinned, his bunny teeth similar to his brother’s, even though they had a different facial structure otherwise. “And you must be Taehyung” he said, walking up to him, enveloping him in a hug.

Taehyung was still for a second, then he hugged the other back, pleasantly surprised that Jeongguk’s brother smelt like purple flowers as well. “It’s nice to meet you” he said a little shyly, since he had immediately understood that the other was an Alpha and he himself was just about to go into heat. Jeongguk seemed to understand and placed himself casually between his brother and the Omega, who clung to his boyfriend’s arm.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be insensitive, I forgot about – ehm –“ Jung Hyun said, scratching the back of his head.

“Don’t worry”, Taehyung said with a little smile “I usually like hugs and I like your scent a lot” he said to the Alpha, blushing a little.

Jeongguk’s brother was visibly embarrassed and quickly said “ehm – well, come in, Seok Jung is just making some stir fried rice and other food for you to have these days…” he said while they walked up the house.

“Aw, that’s so sweet of him” Taehyung said, very touched.

“You know how Seokjin goes overboard when he cooks?” Jeongguk said, turning around to look at the Omega “well, it’s a family thing” he said with a smile.

As soon as they stepped into the house, they met Seok Jung, because he was just putting food into some containers. “Hey!” he exclaimed, walking to meet the couple. He patted Jeongguk’s shoulder and extended his hand to Taehyung, keeping a respectful distance. “I’m very excited to meet you, JK and Seokjin have been talking our ears off about you” he said, delicately holding Taehyung’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to know you” Taehyung said “both Seokjin and – well – Gukkie are wonderful people I’m so happy to have met them” he said, blushing a little.

“Well, we are staying another two weeks, so I’m sure that we will catch up after – uhm” Jung Hyun said, scratching his head.

“Yeah” Jeongguk intervened.

Heat, honey, repeat after me, after his heat” Seok Jung said, rolling his eyes, laughing out loud with Taehyung “aish, the Jeon boys” he said, high fiving the Omega.

“Alright” Seok Jung smiled, we should go now and give you two some alone time.”

“Sure, I’ve stocked the freezer with stir fry, there’s lasagne, vegetable cream soup and meat for burritos. There’s also pancake mix in the fridge and all the basic stuff if you want to do something else” he said, very similarly as his brother would have.

“Wow – that’s – thank you” Taehyung had widely opened his hazel eyes.

“Thanks hyung” Jeongguk smiled, hugging his brother in law.

“Oh God, your brother is so like you” the Omega giggled as soon as they were settling into the bedroom downstairs “he’s so cute and awkward awww” he gushed, smiling brightly.

“How about Seokjin’s brother? He cooked all that stuff in an hour!” the Alpha replied, preparing the protection for the bed he needed to put under the sheets.

“I wasn’t expecting for him to be an Alpha” Taehyung said, taking out his clothes and putting them into the closet.

“Yeah, they are a little unconventional, but they have been together forever” Jeongguk answered with a smile “my brother started courting him when they were like sixteen, almost fifteen years ago.”

“What? Seriously? Wow!” Taehyung was stunned.

“Yeah, that’s how I’ve met Seokjin and have eventually moved in with him and Namjoon.”

“But, your brother and Seok Jung don’t have any kids?” the Omega said instinctively, then blushed, because he realised what he had said and he didn’t want to sound as if he was judging them. “I mean –“

“No, they haven’t, they could have adopted, but they have two dogs and they don’t plan on expanding the family” the Alpha said, trying to gauge the other’s reaction. “It’s kind of – well, Jung Hyun is different than me in that aspect; he never really liked kids or wanted to have any…” the Alpha said, his heart beating out of his chest. Were they going to… have that talk?

“So – you mean, that you would like to have kids?” Taehyung said, very casually.

Yep, they were having that talk. “Yeah” Jeongguk said, turning to look at the Omega in his eyes “eventually, yes.”

“Oh, that’s – a relief…” the Omega put his suitcase away “me too, absolutely” he said.

After dinner, Jeongguk went to wash the dishes; he was happy about how easier it was for him to move because his foot wasn’t hurting so much.

“Are you feeling ok?” he asked the Omega, who was sitting on the couch, in front of the fireplace.

“Yes, just a little sweaty” the other replied.

Jeongguk had noticed how the other had been flushed all day, his rosy cheeks giving him a cute touch of colour on his cheeks. His scent hadn’t changed much tough; it was a little sweeter, but nothing like what he was expecting. He finished up quickly and then went to sit next to the Omega, who immediately clung on him.

“What about a bath?” Jeongguk asked, scenting the other.

“We don’t have to –“ Taehyung was getting a little anxious “I don’t want to push you –“ he said, sticking his nose in the neck of the Alpha.

“I’m talking about a relaxing bath, there’s a Jacuzzi on the backdoor veranda” Jeongguk answered “I would carry you there, but it will take another week for that, I think”.

“Aw baby” the Omega cooed, standing up, “let’s go then” he said, stretching out his hand to help the other out.

The Alpha showed him how to get to the backdoor patio, which was accessible from the balcony of their bedroom.

“This house is insane” the Omega said, stunned at the Jacuzzi in a corner. It was sheltered enough to be safe from any animals, because there was a fence all around the patio. “I’ve never taken a bath outside in winter” he giggled, going next to the Alpha, who was letting water into the tub.

“The water is warm enough, you’ll see it’s very relaxing” the Alpha tried to sound casual – even though he knew that they were going to be in that tub in a few minutes, both naked. He had seen the Omega naked before, but he had never been fully undressed in front of the other and, for some weird reason, although he had a great body and knew it, he was feeling anxious. He was also nervous about what else was going to happen on that night – but because he had been reassured by Namjoon and Jin, he decided not to think too much and to let himself enjoy the night. “Alright”, he said, turning to look at Taehyung, whose hands went to his shirt, starting to unbutton it. “Let me help you” he said, “you must be quick, you’ll freeze otherwise” he smiled, unbuckling the other’s belt and letting his pants slide down.

“Do I take it all off?” Taehyung giggled, embracing his sides and shivering a little.

“You decide” Jeongguk answered, going in for a little kiss.

The Omega looked at him for a second and then bent to take down his lilac panties and bra, stepping up the small stairs to the Jacuzzi and giggling as soon as he was into the hot bubbly water. “Woah” he said, splashing the water around him “It’s so cool” he said, laughing out loud.

Jeongguk looked at the other with a fond expression, Taehyung was beautiful, dangerously sexy and then cute like a baby or a kitten. He just had it all.

“Gukkie, come on!” the Omega stretched his arms out.

“I’m just going to take two bathrobes, otherwise we’ll freeze to death” the Alpha answered.

“Oh! Yeah, sure, that’s a great idea” Taehyung giggled.

Jeongguk went inside, opening the bags with the bed sheets and towels, fishing out the bathrobes and a few smaller towels they could use to dry off their hair. He stopped, finding the lube and condoms and put them on the nightstand with the wipes and another towel. Maybe, they were going to –

He then went outside and took off his sweater in a swift motion, going for his belt and tugging his pants and underwear in one go. As he glanced up, he saw the Omega looking at him with dark eyes, biting his lower lip. He quickly entered the warm water, sitting next to the other. “Mmmh” Jeongguk exclaimed, stretching out his feet, “I had forgotten how beautiful it was here” he said, looking out towards the dark forest.

“I’m a little afraid of wild animals” Taehyung said, scooting closer to the Alpha.

“Babe, they can’t get through the fence” Jeongguk put an arm around the other “plus, the light and noises keep them at bay, they are a little scared of us too” the Alpha knew that the “wild animals” were innocuous deer, bunnies and maybe a few foxes, but he enjoyed how the other was being clingy.

“Oh, ok” Taehyung said, his hand on Jeongguk’s thigh.

“Let me scent you” Jeongguk was feeling like the other was holding back; was he closer to his heat? As the other bent his neck, the Alpha quickly understood how Taehyung didn’t seem to be in heat; he was merely – hornier? “Come here babe” Jeongguk went for the other’s hips, pulling him into his lap. He then went for the Omega soap and a sponge and started to wash him up.

“Can you use foam in here?” Taehyung asked, enjoying the rubs.

“It’s Omega soap, very natural” the Alpha answered, going to wash the Omega’s hair.

After the other had returned the favour, Taeyung’s sat facing the Alpha, his legs interlaced behind the other’s back. “Gukkie” the Omega whispered, burying his nose in Jeongguk’s neck.

“I’m here babe” Jeongguk started running his hands on Taehyung’s back, going to caress his backside.

“It’s not my heat –“ the Omega said “not yet”.

“I know, it’s fine – I told you that we could – practise” Jeongguk felt like the other would tell him that they didn’t need to – as he had done in the past, because he felt like he was pushing himself onto the Alpha, so he just went for it, parting Taehyung’s cheeks and brushing his fingers on the Omega’s hole, which was already coated in a little slick.

The Omega moaned at that, clinging to the Alpha’s shoulders.

"I really liked what" Taehyung said in between moans "what you did last time - I" he was silenced by the Alpha, who claimed his lips in a long kiss.

“Yes; I want to –“ Jeongguk said taking a deep breath “I want to eat you out, let’s go inside.”

Chapter Text


Jeongguk was a little overwhelmed: he was laying in bed, holding his Omega close, Taehyung was snoring a little, but he was making cute sounds, so the Alpha just brushed his soft hair away from his eyes. Jeongguk had never loved anyone like this – and Taehyung had changed everything in his life, making him fall hard for him. Jeongguk tried to reach for his phone on the nightstand and found 2 unread messages.

SeokjinHYUNG: Our brothers just came to dinner and couldn’t stop gushing about Taehyung <3 hope that everything is going well – ily

Jiminie: everything ok? Tae isn’t answering my texts :*

The Alpha smiled a little, going to answer to his hyung first.

Me: Hyung, all went well, we – well we did it.

Me: Hey Jimin, all fine, he’s asleep and we were quite busy having dinner and then watching Netflix.

Which… was the the truth – omitting everything that had happened in between…

Jiminie: Busy, huh………

Me: …

Jiminie: Is he on his heat yet?

Me: Not yet, no, but almost I think?

Jiminie: I know it’s kinda weird and he’s my brother – but let’s pretend he’s not for a second so tell me, did you do it? O.O

Jeongguk was feeling awkward and he understood his friend’s discomfort; of course he wanted to talk to his best friend about his not being a virgin anymore… but the person he had had sex with was his friend’s brother, so it was really a little awkward.

Me: Yeah.


Jeongguk was about to answer when his phone buzzed another time.



Yoongi: Congrats on losing your virginity, hopefully everything went ok.

Oh God, this was embarrassing. Why did Yoongi sound like his grandmother?

Me: tell Yoongi as well, so I don’t need to text you both, but all went fine. It was great, he’s perfect and I’m in love.

Jiminie: Damn right he is and you better be, Jeon.

Jiminie: Love you :* stay safe and let us know if you need anything :**

SeokjinHYUNG: Are you both ok? – ily

Me: Yeah, don’t worry, it went great – it was just perfect, I’m happy hyung :)

SeokjinHYUNG: AWE JK!!! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO, you’re a beautiful couple, I’m glad he’s there for you, you deserve so much and I wasn’t willing to let you go for just anyone – ily

Jeongguk smiled at the screen.

Me: Thank you hyung, thanks for the tips and all the help also with the cabin :*

SeokjinHYUNG: It’s nothing, Joon and I will help you in any way possible, you know it :) - ily

Me: Hyung goals aw :D how are you feeling, how’s the baby?

SeokjinHYUNG: Kicking as hell, he’s missing his uncle’s scent around the house; I may have borrowed one of your sweatshirts to pretend you’re here with us :( We all miss our maknae :/ - ily

Me: Aw, I miss you too :(

JoonHYUNG: Seokjin is fine, just gets a little emotional because of his hormones, so he went to take a shower but insisted that I told you to have fun and to be safe. I should also add that I’m happy for Taehyung and you; I hope you have only happy times ahead :) Be safe and enjoy each other’s company and remember that we’re here for anything :*

Me: J you’re the best hyungs in the world, where would I ever be without you :* Thank you for all the tips, I will treat him right, I promise :*

Jeongguk put his phone away, a huge grin on his face. He knew he should sleep, because the heat was looming over them, but he just needed to rethink at everything had happened that night.

5 hours ago:

"I really liked what" Taehyung said in between moans "what you did last time - I" he was silenced by the Alpha, who claimed his lips in a long kiss.

“Yes; I want to –“ Jeongguk said taking a deep breath “I want to eat you out, let’s go inside.”

Jeongguk felt a little weak on his knees, seeing how the Omega was covered in his fluffy bathrobe on the short walk to the bedroom and then dropped it, as soon as he was next to the bed. The Alpha followed the other’s example and crawled on the bed, on top of the Omega, who started to kiss him immediately and to push his hips up to grind on the other. Since they were naked, the friction was even more intense and Jeongguk started to moan, feeling himself harden against the other.

“Babe, let me –“ he said, “spread your legs” he suggested, wanting to repeat the position in which he had pleasured his Omega with his mouth – namely with Taehyung laying on his back.

“No, let’s –“ Taehyung seemed impatient “let’s do a kind of a sixty-nine” he said, biting his lips.

Jeongguk gulped, because he didn’t really know how to position himself, while the scent of the Omega was getting sweeter and sweeter, he must be so wet…

“Let me –“ the Omega understood the other’s confusion, “can I sit on your face?” he suggested, while Jeongguk opened his eyes wide.

“Uh – What do you mean like…”

“You can eat me out while I suck you off” Taehyung said, biting his lip.

“Uh – yeah, uhm… sure, let’s do it” the Alpha said, his heart beating out of his chest. Taehyung had suggested to give him a blowjob and – well he remembered the other time it had happened and how good it felt. He wasn’t so sure about the logistics, but Taehyung was there, helping him to get into position. He got really close to his face and just sat over it. His ass really close to Jeongguk’s mouth. The Alpha was taken aback by the bold position and the intensity with which he smelt peaches and vanilla – he could almost feel the delicious taste of the other’s slick in his mouth. As he put his hands on Taehyung’s thighs to push him back a little more, he had to stop for a second, because the Omega had immediately taken his semi-hard cock into his mouth and started to suck on it. The Alpha was mesmerised for a few seconds, until Taehyung scooted a little back, suddenly reminding the other that he wanted to be taken care of. Jeongguk started to lick and suck at the slick, feeling how Taehyung would moan around him. It was a perfect position, the Alpha had to admit, but he was feeling himself being riled up very quickly.

“Tae” he said after a few minutes, “Tae, stop”.

“Is everything ok?” The Omega asked panting a little, shifting away, sitting on the bed next to Jeongguk’s face.

“Oh my God” The Alpha breathed in deeply “I was just about to come” he said with dark eyes.

“Why did you stop me?” Taehyung asked, his cheeks beautifully flushed, lips plump.

“Because I want to – I want us to do it” Jeongguk said bravely, going as far to look at the other into his eyes. “If you want to” he added quickly.

“Of course” the Omega answered “of course I want to – I want you so much inside of me” he said.

“Well – there’s – there’s condoms – on the – on the nightstand” the Alpha stuttered out, reaching for the box on the nightstand. His hands shaking a little, as he took out a little packet.

“Let me” Taehyung offered, reaching out to help the other. “Here you go” he said after a few seconds. “I think – hm” the Omega bit his lip, thinking. “Maybe you should lie on your back, this way you won’t put too much pressure on your foot” he suggested.

“You want to ride me?” the Alpha said, a little out of breath – he was excited and terrified, but mostly excited.

“Yes, do you want me to?” the Omega said teasingly, sitting on Jeongguk’s stomach – his backside teasingly pushing towards the other’s erection.

“Yeah, God, yes”  The Alpha grabbed Taehyung’s ass was anticipating what was to happen.

Taehyung bent down to kiss the Alpha sweetly and slowly. He then looked into the other’s eyes “Are you absolutely sure? We don’t have to” he said honestly, brushing a strand of hair from the Alpha’s forehead, which was glistening in sweat.

Jeongguk went to kiss the other and told him “Babe, I want to be with you, I’m sure like – a hundred percent” he smiled at Taehyung’s little giggle after his answer.

“Alright then” the other said, positioning himself and starting to make the Alpha slide inside of him.

Jeongguk was feeling a little overwhelmed, but he was not lost to his feelings – everything felt perfect, Taehyung was mesmerizingly beautiful, his eyes tight shut and his mouth forming an “o”. The feeling was definitely new, feeling engulfed and constricted, but he was inside Taehyung – the love of his life – and it just felt so good. The Omega bent down to kiss the other again and started to move his hips, which had the Alpha moan.

“Are you –“ Taehyung whispered “are you ok?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah” Jeongguk felt weird to have to reassure the other. “Does it – do I feel good?”  he asked in turn.

“Gukkie, you’re just perfect” the Omega said in between moans, taking the Alpha’s hands and placing them on his chest.

Jeongguk felt very reassured, all of a sudden, because he realised that one of his worst fears – not lasting more than three thrusts – hadn’t happened; moreover, he felt like he would last, not knowing how he was sure about it, but he just felt like there was no danger of him coming any time soon. Not because it didn’t feel good, but just because he was able to control his body, desperately wanting to please his Omega first and to watch him come undone.

“Like this, touch me like this” Taehyung whispered, starting to pick up the pace. “Is it – good like this? Do you want me to slow down?” the Omega asked.

“Babe, you feel so good, don’t slow down” Jeongguk said back, starting to move his hand on the other’s breasts and sneaking one hand further down. The scents of vanilla and peaches had blended with lavender and the Omega was producing more and more slick – his little moans silenced, because the Omega was biting on his lip. “Let me hear you” Jeongguk said a little emboldened, his hands halting Taehyung’s hips.

“What – what are you –“

“Let me sit up” Jeongguk scooted a little back, sitting on the bed with Taehyung in his lap. The Omega immediately resumed his movement, while Jeongguk had a better access to the other’s neck, kissing a trail from his ear downwards. The Alpha bent down a little, so he could reach the Omega’s breasts with his mouth, making the other moan out loud.

“Gukkie!” Taehyung grasped the other’s shoulders tightly “right here, it’s right – oh – Gukkie I’m –“ he said, suddenly clenching tight on the other, stilling for a second and resuming the movements slower.

Jeongguk’s eyes went on the Omega’s face, witnessing how he clenched his eyes shut while he came on the Alpha’s stomach. Jeongguk felt incredibly turned on by that and by the sudden tightness, coming in turn inside of the condom, still buried deep into the Omega.

They were still for a few seconds, only Jeongguk’s hands caressing the other’s back.

“Are you ok?” The Alpha whispered, leaning to scent the Omega, who had collapsed against him and was still breathing heavily.

“Gukkie” The Omega turned his head, kissing the other. “How did you – I –“ 

Jeongguk smiled a little, because the Omega looked so small and cute, “you what?” he asked.

“That was – amazing” the Omega purred, nosing at Jeongguk’s scent gland. “I never came this hard” he giggled, wiggling his hips.

“Don’t” Jeongguk said, feeling a little sensitive.

“So how was it?” the Omega asked, lifting his hips a little to let the other slide out. Jeongguk felt very empty all of a sudden, immediately reaching out to take off the condom and to tie it so he could dispose of it, “your first time?”

Jeongguk reached out for the wipes, starting to clean himself up. “I – well I don’t know –“ he said “I was terrified, but – I – you’re just – like amazing, I – well you know that I love you, I’ve told you” the Alpha looked away, suddenly feeling shy “and – this, well I want to do it again and –“

Taehyung smiled “I surely hope so, you’ll get plenty when my heat hits” he answered. “I love you too, Gukkie” he said, pushing down the other and laying on top of him, enjoying the cuddles he was getting. “You know –“ the Omega said after a while “I’ve never thought that I would be with someone again like this –“ he whispered getting a little emotional.

“I’ve got you, babe” Jeongguk said, “I will never let you go”.

Chapter Text


Jeongguk woke up and felt a little confused. Oh, yes... he was in Seokjin’s brother’s cabin. Oh, yes... Taehyung was there with him, oh…yes… they had had sex last night and it was incredible. The Alpha turned on his side to inspect the sleeping Omega. Taehyung looked so peaceful and sweet, his cheeks a little more flushed than the day before, his scent a little sweeter and his lips parted a little. Jeongguk smiled, leaning forwards to kiss the other on the lips. He didn’t want to wake up the other, but he just couldn’t resist.

“Mhm” the Omega mumbled, scrunching his nose.

“Good morning” Jeongguk scooted closer to envelop the naked body in his arms.

Taehyung’s hand roamed on Jeongguk’s chest and abs, sliding down to his crotch. “It’s a good morning, indeed” the Omega whispered, leaning towards the other  and going to scent Jeongguk, running his fingers up and down the Alpha’s erection. “Will I always get up to this?” the Omega asked, kissing the column of Jeongguk’s throat.

“Yeah – in the morning you will, yes” the Alpha said, reaching out to cup the Omega’s ass. “Are you – did your heat start?” he asked, feeling how wet the other already was.

“No” Taehyung whispered, climbing on the Alpha’s lap.

“Do you want to – oh – are we – do you want to have sex?” Jeongguk asked, cursing himself mentally for his incapacity of asking such a simple question without making a fool out of himself.

“Don’t you?” Taehyung asked, leaning down to passionately kiss the other.

“Yeah, yeah” the Alpha’s hand flew on the nightstand, grabbing the packet of condoms.

They had done it twice in a row without having breakfast and Jeongguk’s stomach started to make noises.

“Babe, I think we should eat” the Alpha said to the Omega, who was laying on top of him, half asleep, making cute noises because Jeongguk was caressing his back and his scalp.


“You know I was told that I should feed you” Jeongguk said, a little smile on his lips. “Come on, we have so much food and I am truly starving” the Alpha said, pushing the Omega to the side a little.

“You’re right, I want to cuddle though” the Omega pouted, slipping on Jeongguk’s black Tshirt and the robe he had discarded on the previous night.

Jeongguk went to open the fridge, seeing how many containers of food there were. “Babe, what do you want to eat?” he turned around, looking at Taehyung.

The Omega came up to him, sneaking his hands around Jeongguk’s middle. “Mhm” he looked into the fridge “how can we even decide when there’s so much?” he asked “mhm, what about stir fried rice and sausage?” he asked.

"The rice is unbelievable" Taehyung exclaimed, his mouth stuffed with the stir fry. "Seokjin´s brother is an even better cook than him, oh God" the Omega said in between bites.

Jeongguk enjoyed watching his Omega eating. It was a little weird, because Taehyung had a great appetite - for food and sex - and his cheeks were constantly blushed; yet he wasn´t on his heat yet. It was almost noon and, at this rate, Jeongguk thought that the other´s heat could kick at night or later in the day, since the Omega´s scent remained quite mild.

"Do I have something on my face?" Taehyung asked "or am I just that pretty?"

Jeongguk choked a little on the coke he was sipping "you know that you are that pretty, don´t get me started", he said a little awkwardly "I was thinking about your heat... do you feel any different?" the Alpha asked nonchalantly.

"No, still the same old me" Taehyung exclaimed. "Maybe I´m a little horny" he said, walking closer to where the Alpha was finishing his dinner, sitting on his lap and burying his nose on Jeongguk´s scenting glands "but otherwise I´m alright" the Omega said.

"What are our plans for today, then?" The Alpha asked, turning his head to the other, who was smirking a little. "What?`" Jeongguk asked.

"Don´t you want to" the Omega whispered, kissing Jeongguk on the neck "to spend the afternoon in bed" he said, "with me?"

Jeongguk couldn´t take his eyes from the other. "Watching Netflix?" he asked, a little provokingly, sneaking his hands under Taehyung’s Tshirt.

JoonHYUNG: How are things?

Me: Hey hyung! :) everything is ok, Taehyung and I are watching Netflix, what about you?

JoonHYUNG: Oh! Taking a break ;)?

Me: Uhm – he’s not on his heat yet…

JoonHYUNG: Aish, so you’re ACTUALLY watching Netflix :D

Me: That’s what I said :) How are Seokjin and the baby?

JoonHYUNG: They are fine; today Seokjin ate sardines and chocolate!


JoonHYUNG: Yeah, I hope that the child will have a healthier appetite when he is born -.-“

Me: The baby will be just perfect :* 


 "I can't believe that my heat isn't there yet" Taehyung said with a pout; he was laying in bed in Jeongguk's arms. 

"Yeah, it's weird; you smell just a little different and yet your body temperature is a little higher", the Alpha said, kissing the other's head. 

"I'm glad we got to practise though" the Omega giggled, placing his hand on Jeongguk's toned abs. "I thought that you would need - I don't know, Sparknotes or something" he teased. 

"Hey, stop it" the Alpha said, tickling the other.

"No, seriously" Taehyung said, grabbing Jeongguk's hand and trying to stop the tickles. "I think that you lied a little on being a virgin, you're like - a sex God" Taehyung said very honestly. 

"Yeah?" Jeongguk blushed a little, trying not to look to pleased about the comment. He had been so freaked out before they did it and during the first time - then, from the second time on he enjoyed it thouroughly. 

"I'm curious though" the Omega inquired "you told me that you never kissed anyone" the Omega said. 

"It's the truth" Jeongguk answered.

"I do believe you, just - wasn't there anyone you actively liked?" Taehyung seemed curious. 

Jeongguk was a little uncomfortable talking about his previous crushes, but it was something couples discussed at a certain point in their relationship, wasn't it? "Well -" he said, "I don't know, there was a girl in my maths class -"

"A girl?" Taehyung jumped up a little excited "so you like girls too?" 

"Uhm - I don't - I like only you" the Alpha said. 

"Aw, how are you so cute all the time" Taehyung leaned up to kiss the other lightly. "But I mean, you liked girls and boys too?" he asked again "like, you're bisexual?"

"I -" Jeongguk stopped to think for a second. "I haven't really labelled myself before like that" he said "but yeah - I mean - I've liked two people before you and one was a girl, so - I guess" he said shrugging a little.

"And the other one was Bambam, right?" Taehyung asked.

Jeongguk felt like he was being interrogated - but, somehow, he liked how Taehyung was being territorial and wanted to know everything of Jeongguk's life before him.

"Yeah - that was... a little different" the Alpha said. "I am friends with Bambam still - we go to many classes together and he's also on my dance crew" Jeongguk gulped, sensing how Taehyung lifted his head to look at him into his eyes. Not like he was lying to the Omega, it just made him a little nervous how the other was inspecting him closely. 

"Yes, I remember" Taehyung said "he's the one you were with when you hurt your leg?"

"Mhm - Well I kind of - we hung out a lot with Jimin and other friends and - once we went at a party and I had a few beers and he came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go out with him - and I said yes and we started texting a little, because he went out of town for a few months" the Alpha went on "and it was great - I mean - via text everything seemed really cool, we got to know each other a lot and he was just fun to talk to - and he flirted a lot and I did too" Jeongguk felt like Taehyung's scent had soured a little so he went on quickly, forgoing the details "anyway we went out a couple times and once - he leaned on me and scented me just out of the blue and I - well I scented him too and -" the Alpha was struggling for words.

"And?" Taehyung was getting impatient.

"And something was - off? Like - he smelt lovely but - it wasn't anything special? Like when I smelt you for the first time - even across the hall - I - well" Jeongguk still felt kind of bad talking about it and he blushed a little.

"Oh" the Omega giggled "yes I remember, I'll never forget how you stared at me half-lusty half-panicked" Taehyung giggled. 

"I wasn't panicking" the Alpha tried to defend himself, "I was just surprised and - when I saw you -" he said, looking at the other in his big brown eyes "I fell in love with you in a second" he concluded, smirking a little.

"You'll give me diabetes Jeonggukie" Taehyung cooed, squeezing Jeongguk's sides. "I don't think that I fell in love with you at first sight, though" he went on, a little smile on his face. 

"What?" the younger asked.

"Yeah, I mean- you get inside my house and -" 

"Jimin's house" 

"Anyway, you get inside like a big bad Alpha and I just wanted to smack your behind" the Omega said "I thought to myself 'look at that asshole Alpha being all bossy like that, who does he think he is'" Taehyung said, bursting in laughter with the other. "It was only after - when you got out of the balcony break with Yoongi that I actively looked at you - since you refused to look me into my eyes like you were scared - and then you looked at me with your bambi eyes when I wasn't looking at you and I must say that I was very confused that you had been the same person who seemed to get off of my scent. And well - then after you apologised I just thought that you were cute and then - when the power got cut off and I hugged you tight... and I didn't want to let go of you ever since" Taehyung concluded, while Jeongguk was looking at him fondly, his heart beating fast. 

"Let's not do that" Jeongguk said "let's not let go of each other, ever".


Chapter Text

Jeongguk went to the kitchen to grab some Ice Tea. It was so hot, the weather was sunny and the sea breeze was blowing on the patio. As he came back, his eyes landed on the Omega sitting next to the lavender flowerbed. His eyes were fixed on the book in his hands, the other resting on his belly.

“Here” the Alpha extended Taehyung the cold beverage, while the other sighed in relief, giving the other a small smile.

“Thank you, Gukkie” he said, sipping on the straw, a pleased expression on his face.

Jeongguk remained there observing the other and then he scooted close, scenting his neck; Taehyung smelt like peaches and vanilla with a hint of refreshing bergamot and pink grapefruit. The Alpha nodded his head proudly, kissing Taehyung’s neck and sneaking a hand on the curve of his belly.

“Do we smell good?” the Omega asked, resting his hand atop the other.

“Mhm, just the best” Jeongguk answered, “she’s not even born yet and I just know that she will break many hearts”, he said fondly.

“Or he” the Omega corrected.

“I just know it’s a she” Jeongguk said “you smell too delicate and sweet”.

“Maybe it’s a little Omega boy” Taehyung said, meeting the other’s eyes.

Jeongguk smiled wholeheartedly; just the image of a baby with Taehyung’s and his features after he had carried him or her for so many months made him lose his mind. He was impatient; but he didn’t want the baby to come out just yet, because he enjoyed how cranky and sensitive his mate had become. He would wake him up in the middle of the night demanding back rubs and weird food combinations; some days he would cry for an entire hour because their little puppy, Yeontan, was asleep adorably or because he couldn’t bend down to take off his socks. Taehyung was just –

Disappearing in the distance. Because there was an echo. Another voice – Taehyung’s voice? Calling him? But what was happening? How –

Jeongguk shifted on a sudden and it was dark. He was laying in the dark and there was someone – Taehyung – poking his side.

“Gukkie” he moaned.

Jeongguk understood three things at the same time; 1. He had been dreaming. 2. He wasn’t at home but in Seok Hyun’s cabin. 3. Taehyung’s scent was overpowering everything around them and he could feel himself harden just because of the thick pheromones the other was producing.

“Oh, you’re –“ Jeongguk said, still confused.

“In heat, yes” Taehyung moaned, one hand already behind his back … was he… fingering himself?

“You’re not pregnant” Jeongguk said out loud, even though he was thinking it in his head. The other’s expression was priceless. He stopped his urgent masturbation and had opened widely his eyes.

“I’m – what? Pregnant?” Taehyung asked.

“I – I just” Jeongguk was like a rabbit caught in the headlights; he gulped, “forget it” he said, taking off his briefs.

“Did you dream that –“ Taehyung resumed his previous activities, spreading in the middle of the bed “that I was pregnant?” he said with a smirk, biting his lip.

“I – well, I –“ Jeongguk didn’t know what to say.

“It’s ok” Taehyung urged him “we can talk about it another time, Guk, I need you” he whispered “take it all off”.

Jeongguk was hurriedly grabbing a towel from next to the bed and made the Omega lift his ass a little.

“God, what’s taking you so long?!” Taehyung said impatiently; his fingers buried deep inside himself.

The Alpha was about to hyperventilate and to come just from the smell and the thick pheromones – as if the image of the Omega masturbating wasn’t enough. He grabbed a condom and put it on quickly.

“Come here” Taehyung said, spreading his legs.

“Like – like this? Me on top?” Jeongguk asked a little confused.

“Yes, missionary Gukkie. I will do the job later”, he said “just please, hurry the fuck up”.

Jeongguk smiled, complying. As he pushed inside of the other, Taehyung immediately started to moan obscenely and he grabbed the Alpha holding tightly onto him. The Omega’s hands sneaked around Jeongguk, grabbing his ass and pushing and urging him to quicken the pace.

“Harder, Gukkie, harder” Taehyung exclaimed, his scent making Jeongguk’s head spin.

Jeongguk tried to position his foot in a way it didn’t hurt, but he still felt a little uncomfortable. What mattered was to make the Omega feel good; he had signed up for this, now he had to follow through with it.  The Alpha’s thrust hard, but he didn’t get the reaction he wanted from the Omega, so he started to move his hips a little, in order to find the right spot.

“Hmm” the Omega moaned “Gukkie, please”.

Feeling that the other was getting impatient, Jeongguk sat up a little, pulling the other with him and trying from a different angle. He pushed in hard – God, Taehyung was so wet and tight around him…

“Yes!” the Omega exclaimed “Right there – there, keep – oh – oh” his eyes rolled back a little, grasping the Alpha’s arms and squeezing really hard, until it was almost painful. “I’m – Gukkie” Taehyung moaned, squeezing his eyes shut. He clenched around the Alpha inside of him and Jeongguk felt something weird; as he tried to pull out, Taehyung made a noise of complaint and stopped him. “No, don’t – “.

What was going on? Why – Jeongguk couldn’t think further, because he felt himself coming, spilling into the condom inside of the Omega.

“What –“ Jeongguk said very overwhelmed. He tried to pull out again and Taehyung grabbed him painfully on his arms.

“Stop doing that, it’s uncomfortable, stay still!” the other said, catching his breath.

Oh. “Did I – did I just –“

“You knotted me” Taehyung said a little gentler “don’t try to pull out, it will last 15 to 20 minutes and it will make me come again”.

Jeongguk nodded, suddenly remembering that yes, he was an Alpha and yes, he had a knot. It felt weird, but it felt good. He felt Taehyung’s warmth around him and he was on the verge of coming again.

“Lie down on me” the Omega said “it will make your foot hurt less; sorry I insisted so much” Taehyung whispered, “I get very bossy when I’m in heat” he admitted, watching the ceiling.

“You’re so hot when you boss me around” the Alpha said with a sincere smile and blush.

“Yeah?” Taehyung smelt very sweet all of a sudden. Then, he seemed to remember something and quickly added “oh, wait! Tell me about your dream!” he said, suddenly excited.

“Uhm” The Alpha was getting nervous.

“You have literally no place to hide, Jeon Jungkook” Taehyung pinched his cheek. “Come on, I won’t be mad, just tell me” he said.

“Well – you were – you were sitting on the porch of a house somewhere at the seaside and there was a bush of lavender and you had – a huge belly” Jeongguk stopped for a second, suddenly embarrassed at what he was saying.

“Did it look good on me? Was I like – all fat and swollen or did I look good on the eye?” the Omega asked, seemingly genuinely concerned.

Jeongguk laughed out loud at this. “Your cheeks were a little rounder maybe –“ Taehyung’s eyes opened dramatically “and your breasts, they looked – great” Jeongguk said, blushing a little.

“Yeah?” the Omega was suddenly smelling very sweet and he started to squirm a little.

Since they were already knotted, Jeongguk couldn’t do much, even though Taehyung was ondulating his hips a little, pulling at the knot and moaning.

“Tae” Jeongguk said, really close to coming again. Knotting really was amazing. He suddenly felt the Omega still and shudder a little, just before he felt him come onto his belly. Jeongguk could drown in that scent. He closed his eyes and came once again.

A little later they had caught their breath again, Jeongguk felt his knot deflate and he was free to move out of the body underneath him; Taehyung was a wreck: his limbs heavy, flushed cheeks, swollen lips and matted hair. Jeongguk smiled, bending down to help the other up, half carrying him to the tub in the bathroom, minding his hurt foot.

Heat really was exhausting.

Chapter Text

Heats were exhausting.

Jeongguk wiped his mouth, while eying Taehyung, who was still in the afterglow of yet another orgasm. The Omega finally released the Alpha’s hair and whispered heavily “oh God, Gukkie, your mouth is everything”.

The Alpha was quite proud of himself, but he also felt very exhausted physically. They had had sex more times than he could remember, before Jeongguk admitted to himself that he needed some help, because he couldn’t make it on his own. So he used the toys the Omega had brought along – one was a big dildo with a knot which was creepily very similar to Jeongguk’s own intimate parts – and then he decided on using his mouth and his fingers, which also seemed to get the Omega off.

“Here” the Alpha stretched to get some of the Gatorade, “you should have some”.

“No” the Omega made a disgusted face. “I don’t want that” he said, wrinkling his nose.

“Babe, it’s electrolytes and sugar, you really need some, you haven’t had a drink in hours” the Alpha said worriedly, while the Omega was still shaking his head.

“I said no, I will go get some water” Taehyung said, starting to wipe away the dried cum on his stomach.

Jeongguk sighed, reaching out to help the other. “Stay here, I will get some” he said, leaning in for a little kiss. He stood up on shaky legs and covered the Omega, who was looking very sleepy.

“Do you want a burrito?” the Alpha asked, his own stomach rumbling “I’m going to make a few and will get some fruit, mhm?” he leaned to get another kiss of the Omega, who was stretching out his arms wanting a hug.

“No, don’t go for a long time!” he said dramatically, “I’m not even hungry!”

Jeongguk smiled, because the Omega had got really clingy – just as his hyungs had said – and it was kinda cute and heartbreaking.

“Babe, I’m starving” Jeongguk said, kissing the Omega’s hair.

“I’m not letting you go” Taehyung said stubbornly, clasping his arms behind the other’s head.

The Alpha laughed, pulling a little in order to lift up the Omega with his whole blanket around him, while the other started to kick a little, surprised at the action. “Then I’m gonna take you with me”

“Gukkie, put me down!” Taehyung said a little shocked, then giggling. “You shouldn’t – it’s bad for your foot, Gukkie!”

“It’s too late now” the Alpha said, carrying the other in his arms to the kitchen and placing him on a seat by the counter.

“I can walk, you know” the Omega said pouting, “what are you doing?” he asked, seeing that Jungkook had taken some oranges and had started to juice them. 

“You don’t want to drink a Gatorade, so I’m making you fresh juice, you need electrolytes and vitamins” the Alpha said, putting the juice in a glass and adding some water to it.

“Aw, Gukkie” the Omega said cooing and sitting back, happily admiring the naked Alpha.

Jeongguk then started on lunch, since the Omega seemed to be calm and peacefully sipping at his juice and chewing on some grapes. He had decided to do some burritos since he had the filling ready and he only needed to cut some veggies and heat up the tortillas.

“Hey” Taehyung answered the phone, his mouth half full of food. “Yeah, yeah, we’re just having food” he mouthed Jimin to the Alpha, who was happily inhaling his food; food! Fucking finally.

The Omega started giggling, his eyes closing adorably “yeah, we are” he said with a mischievous smile and wink to Jeongguk. The Alpha blushed, imagining what his friend had asked his brother. “Uhm, probably another day or two” Taehyung said, which made the Alpha gulp a little, because heats were amazing, but he wasn’t used to having sex… much less to have so much sex. “Yes, he’s right here” the Omega passed the phone to Jeongguk, who cleared his voice.

“Hey” he said – it was a little weird talking to someone who wasn’t his Omega.

“JK! How are things going?” Jimin’s voice was cheerful and it made the Alpha smile.

“Everything is alright” Jeongguk said, a little awkwardly “how are things with Yoongi?”

“All fine here, it’s nice to have the apartment to ourselves” the other Alpha said “maybe you’ll find yourself a nice place when you mate my brother, huh?” he asked.

Jeongguk blushed “uh, I’m – well – I think –“ he stuttered.

“I’m kidding, JK, relax” Jimin laughed out loud “ok, so you haven’t changed that much after having sex, thank God” he whispered and then yelled out “Yoongi! He just stuttered!... Yeah!... Pay up!” there was a little collusion, during which Jeongguk made a weird expression, which made Taehyung ask repetitively “what? What?”.

After the Alpha got back on the phone he said “sorry JK, all good, don’t worry, we’re not evicting anyone, we’ve actually looked into a bigger place, so there would be a room for my brother and also another guestroom for emergencies and –“ the Alpha went on rambling.

Jeongguk frowned and put the call on speaker, since Jimin was talking, so his brother could also hear what was being said. Taehyung giggled when Jeongguk abandoned the phone on the counter and went to brew himself some coffee.

“… and then we went to see this other place and there was a this old woman with like five cats –“

Taehyung smiled fondly at the phone, listening to the soothing voice of his brother, while Jeongguk was starting to get impatient, because his inner clock had already adjusted to Taehyung’s heat needs – because he got really horny every hour or even less. He leaned to scent the Omega, surprised how he wasn’t smelling sweet yet.

Taehyung seemed to understand exactly what the other was thinking, so he tilted his head a little, to scent the Alpha, his hands roaming on Jeongguk’s ass.

“Jimin” Jeongguk said, not having paid much attention at what the Alpha was saying “listen I – we gotta go – uhm” he said into the phone.

“Oh, yeah, sorry” the other said “sure, go and have fun kids” he said, before they exchanged their goodbyes and hung up.

Jeongguk sighed in relief, going to scent the other again, because maybe Taehyung was horny now. He sniffed under the other’s ear, but the scent remained delicate and neutral, just peaches and vanilla.

Taehyung seemed to enjoy the cuddle and leaned his head on the Alpha’s shoulder.

“Babe” Jeongguk asked “are you ok?”.

“Yes” the Omega replied “I’m so full and maybe a little sleepy” he murmured.

“Uh, ok, let me take you to bed” the Alpha said, going to lift up the other as he had before, like a princess.

“Gukkie, you shouldn’t put so much weight on your foot” the Omega complained, hiding his face in the crook of the other’s neck.

“It’s ok, don’t worry about it” Jeongguk answered, laying the other in the bed, joining him under the covers. “Isn’t it weird?” he asked as the other had settled into his arms “more than an hour has passed since – well since the last time –“ he said, caressing Taehyung’s back.

“Mhm” the Omega whispered “it’s because I’m exhausted, I need just a little sleep and then we can continue” he answered, closing his eyes.

Jeongguk smiled, happy to take a little break as well – even though he couldn’t help but think that it was weird for Taehyung to smell so … normal … because he had had a very strong and sweet scent for the whole time he was in his heat… Eventually, he closed his eyes and both fell asleep the early afternoon, while it started to snow outside.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk was startled as he opened his eyes. He was in the bedroom and it was pitch dark. Taehyung was sleeping with his back turned to Jeongguk and the Alpha was a little concerned how so much time had passed since the last time Taehyung needed him with... his needs. Jeongguk turned his head to the side, taking his phone to check the time. It was winter so it was dark already in the late afternoon, right? He asked himself panicking a little, while the clock on his phone told him that it was a little after ten pm. They had slept for about… nine hours? Jeongguk’s heart started to race and he slowly scooted a little closer to the sleeping Omega to scent him. Why did Taehyung smell so normal and neutral? Jeongguk put his nose behind the Omega’s ear and sniffed more, to which the other awoke.

“Jeongguk?” he asked, “why is it so dark?” Taehyung sat up, launching himself on the Alpha.

“Hey babe, sorry, I just got up, we slept until late” he said, running his arms on the other’s naked back to soothe him.

“What do you mean until late?” the Omega was still holding on, so Jeongguk stretched out his hand to turn on the light on the nightstand. As the light was on, Jeongguk looked at the other, who was looking tiny and cute, his hair dishevelled and a confused expression on his face.

“It’s just past ten PM” Jeongguk said.

“What?” Taehyung asked with his eyes wide opened “but – do I –“

“You don’t smell like you’re in heat anymore” Jeongguk said to the other, gauging his reaction.

“What?” Taehyung asked again dumbfounded.

“Did it end already?” Jeongguk asked the other, a little naively.

“It can’t just –“ Taehyung looked at the other with wide eyes and his scent soured at the instant. “No, it can’t be” he said.

“It can’t be what?” the Alpha was freaked out because the Omega stood up abruptly from the bed. “Taehyung?” Jeongguk stood up as well, walking to the other who was walking up and down the room, what was happening? “Tae!”

“Are you this dense? Really?”

Jeongguk felt like he was about to have a panic attack, because he felt like something terrible must have happened for the Omega to react in such a harsh way.

“Taehyung” he whispered, “what is wrong?”

The older boy looked at Jeongguk, his gaze softening. “I’m sorry I – well I don’t know for sure actually I don’t mean to scare you like this”.

“I don’t –“

“I might be pregnant”.

Jeongguk’s jaw dropped comically, while his eyes got really big. “You –“ he repeated.

“I don’t know, it’s – heats don’t just end like this” the other said.

Jeongguk’s heart was racing and his mind was full of weird thoughts. Pregnant. Taehyung was - might be pregnant? With a baby? Their baby? Jeongguk was about to – be a father? ... A baby…?

“How –“ he asked “it’s not – A baby?” he asked, his voice almost breaking.

“Jeongguk” Taehyung tried to calm him down, but the Alpha was feeling weirdly ecstatic.

“We’re having a baby?” the Alpha asked, a little smile on his face.

“I don’t know I –“

Jeongguk saw Taehyung’s expression morph into a grimace, just before he started to cry, burying his face in his hands. The sight left him heartbroken.

“Babe” Jeongguk went to hug the other, “babe” he was terrified of the other’s reaction. “Babe try to calm down” he whispered, shaking himself. “Please, calm down” he said, “please”.

Taehyung sobbed for a few minutes on the other’s shoulder before calming down.

“We don’t know anything for sure yet”, Jeongguk said, wiping the other’s tears. “Come, sit down, drink a little water” he said, giving him the glass of water from the nightstand. “Let’s talk about it, calm down” he said, wondering at his own clear head.

“I don’t –“ Taehyung started “I don’t really know how it could end like this, it never happened to me before”.

Jeongguk’s heart was breaking at the sight of the teary eyes of his Omega; the other should never have to cry like this. “Should we – should we go to the ER and see what they tell us?” Jeongguk asked “because otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Maybe we should”, Taehyung said, taking a deep breath. “Or maybe I should call Yoongi first” he said, “I don’t know, God” the Omega rubbed at his eyes “but yes, maybe we should go to the hospital for a check-up, they would know better”.

“Babe, no matter what we find out –“ Jeongguk started.

“No, don’t” Taehyung interrupted him, starting to sob again “don’t say anything right now, please”.

The two of them arrived at the ER and Jeongguk asked to see a specialised Omega doctor. It wasn’t really possible, they told him, since they didn’t have an appointment, but somehow the Alpha managed to make them an appointment with the doctor who had just come back to do her night shift.

“What can I help you with?” the doctor asked; she was a middle aged beta woman; her smile reassured the couple immensely.

“I went into heat the day before yesterday” Taehyung said “but it ended last night and it barely lasted for one day” he said, gulping a little.

“Mhm” the doctor said cryptically, writing on her notepad “and this is your mate, is he?” she asked, leaning her head in Jeongguk’s direction.

The Alpha straightened a little in his seat, nodding.

“We’re not mates” Taehyung said.

“Not yet” Jeongguk added.

“Oh, alright” the doctor said. “Well, I assume that you spent your heat together” she said, while Jeongguk nodded vigorously.

“Did you use protection?” the woman asked.

The question made Jeongguk anxious. Why was the doctor already assuming that Taehyung was pregnant? Was it really the only option?

“Yes, we used condoms” the Omega said.

“Are you on an anticonceptional pill?” the woman asked him.

“No” Taehyung said in a low voice. “Is it – do you think that I’m pregnant?” he said.

“Well, there can be several reasons for a heat to end abruptly and the most common one is conception, yes” the woman said “but there are also other reasons, like a bacterial infection or an autoimmune disease” she said.

Taehyung’s smell spiked all of a sudden; he was afraid. Jeongguk, who shared the same feeling at what the woman had said, got closer with his chair, putting an arm on the other’s shoulders, offering protection.

“Don’t worry” the doctor said “I will take a blood sample and we will know straight away if it’s an illness and we can start a therapy immediately; it’s a good thing you came as soon as it happened.”

Jeongguk and Taehyung spent almost the whole night at the ER, going through different blood and urine tests. The Omega was distressed and Jeongguk tried to comfort him, but kept in mind that he shouldn’t be too imposing even though he felt incredibly protective because the other was so fragile.

“Gukkie” Taehyung said, grabbing the Alpha’s hand. “If – if I’m pregnant…” he couldn’t seem to keep talking.

“Babe” Jeongguk kneeled in front of the other, going in for a tight hug. “If you’re pregnant then we’re going to have that baby and I will be there forever and I will love the both of you”. The Alpha was surprised at how decisive he was sounding.

“What?” Taehyung retreated, looking at the other.

“What?” Jeongguk asked in return.

“Are you being serious?”

“Babe” Jeongguk was incredulous that the other didn’t believe him. “I dreamt that you were pregnant the other day and it was the most beautiful dream I had ever had” he said sincerely. Fresh tears gathered in the other’s eyes. So Jeongguk took him in his arms again. “How can you doubt that? You know that I love you” the Alpha said, while Taehyung took a deep breath and nodded, smelling his own delicate self again.

Chapter Text

Taehyung was being miserable and Jeongguk felt the same sentiment. The Omega had been asleep for half an hour and the Alpha could feel himself calming down a little. The night had been wild, the day before as well, but right now everything he wanted was to curl into bed with the other and hold him tight.

“Gukkie” the Omega opened his eyes, “come here” he said, stretching out his arms.

“Babe, I thought that you were asleep” the Alpha said, getting rid of his Tshirt and sitting into bed.

“I think I’ve slept a little” the other said, scooting a little on the bed.

“How are you feeling?” Jeongguk asked, gathering the Omega into his arms. He put his hand on the flat belly of the other, caressing it.

“I’m tired” the other whispered, nosing at Jeongguk’s neck.

“Mh, we should try to sleep, it’s late, or early” the Alpha said, burying his nose in Taehyung’s hair.

“I’m a little relieved Gukkie” Taehyung said in a low voice.

“I know, it’s kind of bittersweet though, isn’t it?” the Alpha answered, holding the other a little tighter, his hand suddenly stopping the massage on the other’s belly.

“I love you” the Omega lifted his head, looking into Jeongguk’s big round eyes in the early light of dawn; the Alpha noticed how there were dark circles under his boyfriend’s eyes. “But I’m not sure that we were ready to have a baby right now” he said carefully, “and I know that when we will be – when the right time comes – you will be an amazing father” the Omega said with a tiny smile, his eyes curving adorably.

“I know –“ Jeongguk started “it’s not even – it’s not about being ready to me - because I know that I will be only yours forever and that you’re it for me, but – realistically, I can’t support you and a baby, I’m still working my ass off and finishing college. I would have dropped off, obviously, but –“

Taehyung’s brows furrowed. “Is that –“ he sat in bed, making Jeongguk look at him “is that the only reason as to why you’re relieved that I’m not pregnant?”

“Well –“ the Alpha was a little confused, wasn’t it obvious that you needed to have money to raise a child? “Yeah? Obviously?” he said like a question.

“Money is not an issue” Taehyung said, relaxing a little against the other.

“How is it not?” Jeongguk pulled at the other’s arm “come back here” he said, not settling down until Taehyung wasn’t laid down in his embrace again.

“I have money” the Omega said in a lower voice.

“Well, I have savings too” Jeongguk said “but if we had a baby – then we would need to find a place for ourselves first and that takes a lot more of what I have in my bank account. I’m sure that either Jimin or Seokjin would let us live in either place, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable… I mean, I could have asked some money to Namjoon, he already told me that –“

“Gukkie stop” Taehyung said, sighing dramatically. “I have money” he repeated “a lot of money”.

Jeongguk was very confused all of a sudden. What? Taehyung was Jimin’s brother and Jimin wasn’t really… like … wealthy? He ate cheap ass ramen soups with Jeongguk at school and after dance practise and got angry when he had to spend extra money on things, because he wanted to save as much as he could for the future. So –

“Yeah? More than what I have in my saving account?” Jeongguk said teasingly, raising his eyebrows comically.

“Oh you bet” the Omega smiled, playing along.

“Yeah? A bet hmm?” Jeongguk tickled the other. “Seriously, I have almost seven hundred dollars saved up, that’s a whole lot of money” the Alpha said proudly.

Taehyung started to laugh really loudly, scrunching his nose adorably. “Oh Gukkie” he repeated, covering his face with his big hands. Jeongguk laughed as well, going back to tickle the other.

“Can you beat that, huh?” the Alpha said, adoring how Taehyung was being happy.

“Yes, obviously” the other said, wiping at his tears “stop it, I’m dying” the Omega said with a heavy breath. The Alpha stopped the tickle attack and settled back into the bed. “I have half a million in my bank account” Taehyung whispered in a neutral tone.

“Yeah, sure, me too” Jeongguk retorted grimacing.

“I’m telling you” Taehyung scooted back a little, looking at the other. Taehyung was – being … honestly serious? Jeongguk was – very confused? “Hoseok hyung he – didn’t get me only a divorce, but also a great settlement” the Omega said.

“Wait, what?” Jeongguk was suddenly really serious as well.

“My ex husband comes from a relatively wealthy family –“ the Omega started “and when we divorced his lawyers offered me two hundred grands not to address – what had happened between us…” he said “but obviously I didn’t want it. I didn’t want his money –“ Taehyung said, “I didn’t want anything to do with him anymore”.

Jeongguk felt how Taehyung was getting a little distressed, so he caressed his back rubbing circular motions.

“But Hoseok talked me into the whole situation. Of course I was hurt and could not be objective about the whole situation; but he’s a lawyer – a really badass one –“ he added with a small smile “he basically told me how I should think of money, because - well I would have been alone – a divorced, homeless and penniless Omega, how pathetic.”

“Babe –“ Jeongguk interrupted.

“Anyway” the other went on “he talked me into not accepting that money, because he could make me get much more, and he did” Taehyung said “he basically exposed everything my ex husband had done to me, physically and psychologically and he requested for me to get a divorce and compensation for moral damage in monetary terms as well as the house we were living into.”

Jeongguk was really impressed at this. He had met the young lawyer and, to him, he had seemed a funny and sweet guy – but the more Jeongguk got to know about the other, the more he was impressed. “Woah” he said.

“Yes, and it all happened” Taehyung said. “I’ve sold the house though” he added “just last month – and I gave my brother some money, even though he didn’t want to accept it – I just wanted for him to move out of that tiny apartment and finally they are going to”.

The Alpha nodded to that but he still had one question “wait, so – why were you at Jimin’s place all this time if you could have afforded to be by yourself?” he asked.

“I didn’t want to be alone” the Omega said with a small voice “I was afraid” he said sincerely.

Jeongguk pressed the other even closer. 

“Jeongguk you’re suffocating me, don’t forget that you have all these muscles” Taehyung said, tapping on the Alpha’s forearm.

“So – if the money issue is settled, what are we waiting for? Let’s have a baby!” Jeongguk said with an evil grin on his face.

“Are you –“ the Omega was startled for a second, opening his eyes wide. “Ha – ha, Jeon Jeongguk, so funny” the Omega pinched Jeongguk’s cheeks.

The Alpha was smiling a little, shaking his head. Woah. That was – unexpected? Awesome, because money did solve lots of problems?

“We should be looking for a place though – for the both of us” Taehyung said seriously, “we will need a place to get back to and I’m honestly not going back to be sleeping by myself – ever again” the Omega said, placing his head on Jeongguk’s chest.

“Are you asking me to move in together?” the Alpha said excitedly. He was a little terrified to be living away from Seokjin – who had basically replaced his mother in every sense - and he already felt how much he would miss Namjoon’s calm aura. But – living with Taehyung? Cute, adorable, sweet and dangerously sexy Taehyung? Was it like – a dream come true?


 “Living together? Like – when I come back from whatever thing I’m doing you’ll be there?” the Alpha asked a little naively.

“Yes, being all like ‘how was your day, honey?’” Taehyung said, impersonating a female voice.

“And I’d be like ‘honey, I’m home!’” the Alpha said in a deep voice, adding: “Oh God, is this real life? Are you – are you sure?” the Alpha asked, his heart beating very fast.

“Jeongguk you were ready to have a baby! A little clone of both of us? Another whole person!” the Omega exclaimed “and you are almost insecure about living together with me? I’m lowkey offended”.

“Actually - I’m – excited!” Jeongguk exclaimed cheerfully, doing a little happy dance while lying down with the Omega half on top of him and shaking his little fists in the air, while Taehyung started to laugh wholeheartedly.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk was making breakfast at dinner time, preparing some extra fruits for the sleeping Omega. Luckily, the other had nothing too serious, only a small fever that had caused his hormones to be unbalanced. That’s why his heat had disappeared for the whole day the day before – he had got some medication at the hospital and two shots, which had made him feel a little better, but he was still a little weak. The Alpha knew that he had to call Jimin to tell him the news, but he was a little anxious nonetheless.

 He plated an omelette with toast, put the fruit he had cut into pieces – some pineapple, peaches and an apple in a little bowl, he then juiced some oranges and prepared a macchiato, adding some caramel topping, just as Taehyung liked it. He put everything on a little tray and he went to the room, sitting next to the sleeping form of the Omega.

Jeongguk stroked the other’s hair smiling at how the orange dye had already faded, making Taehyung almost a blonde. It suited him a lot; God, everything suited Taehyung…


“Babe, breakfast is ready” Jeongguk whispered, leaning down to give a light kiss to Taehyung’s temple.

“I want to sleep” the Omega whispered pouting.

“You’ve slept a lot” the Alpha said; “it’s late afternoon, you must eat something and have your medicine” he insisted.

“I can’t” Taehyung whined, stretching out his arms.

Jeongguk sighed, leaning down to gather the small form into his arms. “Babe, you must eat, come on, you can rest later”. The Alpha pulled the other up a little more, starting to put the pillows behind his back, so that the other could sit back on it. As soon as Taehyung was more or less sitting back, the Alpha leaned the tray near him and started to cut his food.

“Are you going to feed me?” the Omega asked with a wary smile.

“I want to help out” the Alpha said.

“Thank you Gukkie, I can manage to hold a fork”.

“We should call your brother” Jeongguk said, gauging his reaction.

Taehyung was chewing on a chunk of pineapple “and tell him what?” he asked.

“That – well that you’re sick”.

“He will only worry if you tell him” Taehyung mused, “besides, I will be better in a few days”.

“Do you want us to go back home?” Jeongguk asked.

“What? Why?” the Omega cringed. “I want us to stay here, it’s so beautiful and peaceful.”

“Babe, it’s up to you, I just want you to be better and happy” he said, encouraging the Omega to keep eating, even though Taehyung started to have a stomach ache.

Taehyung was feeling bad; it was very visible on his pale and tired face and Jeongguk didn’t know what else to do than drive the other to the ER. The doctors had said that if the medicine was not effective, then he should come to the hospital to get stronger shots. Antibiotics were quite strong and made the other smell weird – Jeongguk hated seeing him like that.

“Hey” Jimin answered on the third ring “how’s the heat going, JK?”

“It’s – he’s not in heat anymore, hasn’t been since yesterday” Jeongguk said, rubbing his eyes while he was sitting on the plastic chairs outside of the room where they had taken Taehyung for a scan.

“What? What do you mean he’s not in heat?” the other Alpha was a little confused but sounded very worried. “Jeongguk if he’s preg-“

“He’s not pregnant, ok?” Jeongguk interrupted in a very irritated voice.

“Oh – ok – then –“

“He’s sick, has a kind of virus and is on antibiotics right now; I’ve taken him to the hospital and he’s gone in for a scan right now.”

“Oh God, I – you should come back home then” Jimin suggested.

“I know, I told him so too, but he wants to stay here” Jeongguk answered, a little anxiously.

“I don’t like this…” Jimin sounded quite pissed.

“I know, but you have to know that I’m here for him now and I will be in the future. We’ve – well we’ve talked about getting our own place after we get back” he said.

There was a moment of silence and then Jimin sighed.

“We’ve also – uhm – well we’re not having a baby right now, but we’ve got a scare when his heat stopped abruptly and – well we’ve talked about it and we want to – have a baby…”

“Jesus Christ!” Jimin sounded desperate.

“- eventually, not now” Jeongguk stated, rolling his eyes even though the other couldn’t see him.

“Well, do as you like, you’re both grownups, I don’t want to fight you anymore”.

“I would do anything for your brother, Jimin, anything in the world” Jeongguk said, sighing. “Right now I only want him to get better and if he wants to stay at the cabin for the few days we have left before I start to work again, then we can be here. He will get some stronger medication and will rest and have me as a personal nurse” the younger Alpha explained.

“Alright, but please, keep me updated and if anything happens call me immediately, ok?” Jimin said. Jeongguk knew that it was hard for his friend not to freak out and jump into the situation to try to help out – because Jimin was the most selfless and generous person he had ever known – but the other Alpha was really showing Jeongguk a lot of trust by doing so. It made Jimin much honour.

Several days had passed at the cabin; Jeongguk truly had transformed into a nurse, cooking for the Omega, washing his hair and body when he was taking a bath, changed the sweaty sheets, made him take his meds at the right time and measured his temperature; but, most importantly, he held him tight into his embrace, told him silly jokes, sang him sweet lullabies and let him choose what they watched on Netflix.

It was the day after New Year’s Eve and Taehyung was feeling better. The night had passed very uneventfully; they had watched TV and Taehyung gave the Alpha a passionate kiss at midnight, because it was tradition to do so. Otherwise, they were too isolated from the rest of the world to hear the noises of celebration, fireworks or music. Somehow, it seemed like any day, even though it was a special one and the start of a new year.

Other than that kiss, the couple hadn’t had any intimate moments, since Taehyung was ill and Jeongguk had become very protective and caring about the Omega. But as he was starting to feel better, his hands started to roam more onto the Alpha and he asked for kisses more frequently.

Jeongguk had done packing their bags, sitting down on the bed where Taehyung was propped up.

“I don’t want to go tomorrow” the Omega pouted, looking out of the window and at how the snow was falling.

“I know, me neither” the Alpha put his arm on Taehyung’s skinny knee from over the duvet.

“Come here” Taehyung said, pulling the other’s arm towards him.

“I need to take my clothes off” Jeongguk answered, a little oblivious of what was happening.

“Let me”, Taehyung knelt on the bed, starting to pull Jeongguk’s sweater over his head.

“Aw, thanks babe” the Alpha relaxed for a few seconds; but then Taehyung’s hands arrived pretty quickly onto his crotch, palming him through his sweats. “What – are you doing?” he asked, his voice a little high.

“What does it look that I’m doing?” the Omega asked seductively, biting his lower lip.

“Oh!” Jeongguk jumped up a little, grabbing Taehyung’s hand while it was still on his crotch. He interlaced their fingers and looked at him weirdly. “You mean –“ he said with wide eyes.

Taehyung was looking at him with big eyes as well. “What?” he asked.

“You want to –“ Jeongguk asked,  blushing furiously.

“Aw, Gukkie! Why are you so shy all of a sudden?” Tahyung started to giggle and then to laugh very loudly, his boxy smile shining. “Sex. Do you want to have sex?” the Omega said, covering his mouth at Jeongguk’s flustered expression.

“Uh – yes, sure – ok” Jeongguk said nervously, trying to regain his composure and not to be embarrassed, while Taehyung was still laughing his ass off.

“Babe, you’re so cute aw” the Omega threw himself on the other and hugged him tightly.

“I just –“ Jeongguk “I didn’t think that you’d feel up for it yet” he said, hugging back the other, who had started to scent and kiss Jeongguk’s neck.

“I am feeling much better” the Omega said.

“That’s – that’s good” Jeongguk said, while his nostrils where filled with sweet peaches, which were to signal that Taehyung was horny.

“Don’t be nervous” Taehyung whispered, while his hands were sneaking under Jeongguk’s tshirt, “we’ve done this before”.

Jeongguk was trying to transform his embarrassment into excitement and helped the other take off his black tshirt, going for Taehyung’s top with shaky hands. Of course he wanted the other as well – he wanted him all the time – but just the scent of the other had made him really hard really fast.

“Y-yeah” Jeongguk couldn’t stop stuttering, but he was actively taking Taehyung’s clothes off. “I missed your scent like this” he added a little more confidently, going to scent the Omega behind his ear, before leaving open mouthed kisses on the side of his neck.

“Yes” the Omega said “yes, I’m going crazy how much I want you inside of me” after opening the other’s jeans, he pushed the Alpha on his feet to make him take off his pants.

Jeongguk did that, taking off his briefs and tshirt next in a heartbeat, just before joining the other on the bed, lying in between Taehyung’s open legs.





Chapter Text

Jeongguk was lying in bed. Another heat was very exhausting, yes, but the Omega seemed perfectly happy and comfortable and it was everything the young Alpha needed. He turned his head a little to observe the other, who was leaning half on top of him, their legs interwoven, while Taehyung’s head was on Jeongguk’s chest. The Omega’s arm was around the other, holding him tightly.

“I think that it’s over for good” the Omega whispered, looking into the other’s eyes.

“Hm, well, I’m a little glad, for myself actually…” the Alpha teased, covering his eyes a little. Caring for an Omega in heat – twice – had proven to be more difficult than he thought. He had needed the use of some toys more than once, because even though he was young and had a lot of stamina, he couldn’t keep up with the sexual urges of a heat.

“…but, I’m also going to miss having so much sex” he said, while Taehyung was giggling.

“Not like we’re not going to have any sex outside of my heat?” Taehyung said, feigning to be a little offended.

“Yeah, it’s just…” Jeongguk was getting serious all of a sudden.

“What?” the Omega was looking at the other with big eyes. “What do you mean?”

Jeongguk understood how the other was freaking out a little. “No, I mean – it’s me, I get nervous, you know me” he explained himself; even though Taehyung was still looking at him with furrowed brows.

“I don’t think that I really understand what you’re saying…” he said.

“Ugh –“ Jeongguk started, covering his eyes with his arm. “When you’re in heat, I just get instantly horny, just by scenting you, because your pheromones do it all for me; but when you’re not –“

“What?” The Omega sat up on the bed.

“I always start to overthink stuff and – well you know, you remember how it went badly the first time” the younger one said, making a sad grimace.

“It’s not like it went badly?” Taehyung said, suddenly understanding what the other was implying. “Babe, we have got to practise a little more” the Omega giggled. “I know what your body is capable of” he added, while the other was getting more and more flustered.

“Yeah, alright” the Alpha said, trying to change the topic.

“Jeonggukkie, you’re adorable,” Taehyung said with a big yawn.

Just as the couple was about to go to bed for the last time at the cabin, Jeongguk’s phone rang.

“Who is it? It’s almost two A.M.” Taehyung asked with a big frown.

“Let me see” Jeongguk got up, reaching for the phone on the nightstand. The display said it was Namjoon calling. What?

“Hello?” Jeongguk said, worrying as to why his hyung was calling him at that hour of the night.

“Jeongguk?” Namjoon said in a quite loud and euphoric voice.

“Who is it?” whispered Taehyung, while Jeongguk put the phone on speaker.

“Yes?” the Alpha answered, “Namjoon hyung?” he asked, half answering the Omega’s question.

“Jeongguk, you’ve become an uncle!” the other Alpha said.

Jeongguk would always remember this moment, when his heart stopped for half a beat and his eyes swelled a little with tears. His hyungs, the two people who had loved him, accepted and taught him through some of his most difficult times had just become parents.

“Hyung – congratulations, oh God” Jeongguk said, while Taehyung put a hand on the Alpha’s shoulder in a sign of affection. “How is – how is Seokjin hyung? How is the baby?” he asked a little overwhelmed.

“Everything is fine. Seokjin is doing great, everything went super smoothly and he was in labour for a very short time and the baby – he is adorable” the Alpha said, his voice broken with excitement.

“He?” Jeongguk repeated, “a little boy?”

Taehyung reached forward to catch a little tear rolling off the young boy’s cheek.

“Yes, Jungsook” Namjoon said. “His name is Jeonsook”

“Jungsook” Jeongguk rolled the name on his tongue, wondering at how the chosen name was similar to his own.

“We wanted to name him like you” Namjoon said, “but then we know that it would have been hard to have two of you to call with the same name and it would have been a mess…” the older said.

“Hyung, I don’t – I don’t know what to say, I’m so happy” Jeongguk said; wishing to be closer to his friend.

“Congratulations!” Taehyung added, visibly touched by the situation “I’m sure that you will be wonderful parents” the Omega concluded.

“Thank you, Tae” Namjoon said, “guys, I need to go now, I should go back to the room, Seokjin is ready for visits now” he added.

“Of course, we will pass by tomorrow” Jeongguk answered “give a big hug to Seokjin and – to Jeonsook”.

“I will, thank you boys, sorry for waking you” Namjoon said.

“No we –“ Jeongguk said a little too quickly, but then realising his mistake. “Uhm – we –“ he stuttered a little.

“Oh, I forgot” Namjoon said “I’m sorry if I interrupted anything then”.

“Don’t worry, my heat is over” Taehyung said very eloquently “and we will be back tomorrow.”

“Yes, we will come to meet you tomorrow” Jeongguk added, just before they ended the call with the other.

Jeongguk and Taehyung had a brief chat after the call, mostly because Jeongguk was feeling very euphoric and happy, but also a little sad that he couldn’t already hold the little bundle that was half-Namjoon and half-Seokjin in his arms. Taehyung made sure to hold him extra tight and to kiss him a little more than usual just before the both of them fell soundly asleep.

Chapter Text


Jeongguk couldn’t take his eyes off Taehyung, who was holding a baby in his arms. Seokjin and Namjoon’s baby, Jungsook. It was a collective moment of happiness for the group; Jeongguk and Taehyung had come back from their little New Year’s escapade, Yoongi and Jimin were unpacking from their place to move into the new and bigger house, and Hoseok happened to be in town and decided to join them to go and visit the new parents. Seokjin and Namjoon were pretty exhausted but euphoric; nonetheless they were thrilled to have their friends in this special moment.

Taehyung was rocking the newborn, trying to make him fall asleep after Seokjin had fed him. The Alpha’s brother and Jeongguk’s brother were surrounding him and they were having small talk with the Omega. A baby suited him. A lot. Jeongguk couldn’t help but recall the dream he had had in which Taehyung was carrying their baby and the memory of when the Omega had freaked out at the cabin, thinking that he was pregnant.

“Oh my God are you serious, Jeon?” Jimin said in his ear, making Jeongguk jump a little.

“What?” he asked.

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking about” the other Alpha said. “It’s creepy how much of a pregnancy kink you have”.

Jeongguk felt himself blush and was really flustered. “I don’t –“ he stuttered “it’s not a kink” he managed to say.

“Yeah, sure” Jimin crossed his hands. “You better wait and mate him before you get him knocked up”.

“How can you –“

Namjoon, who joined in their conversation, interrupted Jeongguk. “Who is knocked up?” he asked, turning to see what Jeongguk was staring at. “What?” he asked confused “Are you serious?”

Jimin rolled his eyes sighing “he’s not pregnant.”

“Who is not pregnant?” Hoseok turned to them, interested in what the group was talking about.

“Oh my God” Jimin said again, while Namjoon started to giggle.

“You mean Taehyung?” Hoseok asked Jeongguk, who wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide there.

“Well, obviously he’s not pregnant” Jeongguk said, trying to make them stop.

“And he won’t be for a long time” Jimin added, looking sharply at his friend.

Jeongguk sighed. It was hard being Jimin’s friend and Jimin’s brother’s Alpha. Jimin was very protective of his brother and – even though they were past the fights – he kept being a little difficult.

“We will have a baby when we want to and you don’t have anything to say in the matter” Jeongguk asserted himself. Yes, he was a timid Alpha, but he wouldn’t let others dictate his life and choices.

“Excuse me?” Jimin said, uncrossing his arms and furrowing his brows.

“What is going on here?” Taehyung came to stand in between the two Alphas, giving them both an angry look. “He just fell asleep, stop it” he whispered angrily.

Namjoon reached out for the little bundle and Taehyung’s gaze softened immediately, looking at the baby for the last time, before handing him to his father. It was a painful thing for an Omega to part with a newborn and Jeongguk understood how Taehyung felt; that’s why he put an arm on the small of his back soothingly.

“He’s so adorable” Taehyung said to Namjoon, looking at how much the baby looked like both his parents even though he was still a tiny tiny baby, barely one day old.

Namjoon smiled sweetly at him “yes, and he seems to have slept a lot this first night, let’s hope for the best” he said, while going back to his mate, who was waking up.

The group spent some more time at the hospital, but then, eventually they separated and Jeongguk and Taehyung went to Namjoon and Seokjin’s apartment, where they were going to spend a few days. Seokjin had told the other that there was a free loft in their same apartment building and they managed to get an appointment to see it on the next day.

Jeongguk was at work and it felt surreal. He had been away for not even two weeks, but it felt weird to be back to the coffee house. His life had become a before and after Taehyung. Undoubtedly, the Omega had changed It all for the better and had made him find purpose. Jeongguk was happy; genuinely thrilled for his future maybe for the first time. Seeing Taehyung at the hospital holding Jungsook had made him think about how much he wanted to become a father one day and how impatient he was for all this to happen. Obviously, he knew that they could not have a baby this soon – even though his Alpha was screaming for him to make a further step – and that he needed to be patient and he would eventually get what he wanted the most.

“Hey, you’re back!” a voice behind him said.

Jeongguk turned around and saw that Bambam was walking towards him with a huge smile.

“Oh hey” the Alpha answered, a little embarrassed to meet someone he was almost romantically involved him.

The Omega went in for a sudden and very tight hug and Jeongguk felt a little anxious. Did he have to tell the other about Taehyung? Was he supposed to as a – friend? Did people who had almost… maybe… dated... talk about their romantic interests?

Bambam sat down on a chair at the bar. “Weren’t you supposed to be back like three days ago? I came in asking for you every day but your co-workers told me that something sudden had come up, I was a little worried” the Omega said.

Oh here it was. Did he really have to –

“Oh, it was nothing much – uhm – what are you having?” Jeongguk tried to avoid the answer.

The Omega smiled knowingly “I will have a Kook’s blended coffee with extra cream” he winked.

Jeongguk was a little flustered. Was Bambam flirting with him or was he simply enjoying him getting flustered like all of his friends did? He turned his back to the Omega, while he took his time to blend the spices.

“Is Taehyung alright?” the other asked, which made Jeongguk whip his head around. How did Bambam know about them being together at the cabin?

“Yes he – is fine” Jeongguk stuttered a little with many questions in his head.

“Jimin told me – at practise” Bambam seemed to read his mind “that you went away to spend Taehyung’s heat together” he concluded.

Jeongguk was flustered, he didn’t know what to say.

“You know you could have told me” the Omega went on, while Jeongguk put the cup of coffee with extra cream on the saucer next to a teaspoon. “It’s not like I’m mad or something” he concluded, trying to lock his eyes with the Alpha.

“I’m sorry I –“Jeongguk couldn’t meet the other’s gaze, a little disappointed at himself and embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to make you feel – uncomfortable” he finally managed to say.

“It’s ok, JK, don’t worry” Bambam said with a reassuring smile. “I’m glad that you’re happy, I really am”.

Jeongguk glanced at the other, who had a very honest and calm expression. Maybe he had misread all the signals Bambam had given him. Why did he suck so much at people and feelings?

“I would like us to be friends, like we were – you know, before the crazy dating idea” Bambam said giggling.

The Alpha sighed in relief, happy that they both felt the same way about the future. “Me too, Bam, me too” he answered with a sincere smile.

“I also want to meet Taehyung!” Bambam said enthusiastically.

Jeongguk smiled fondly at his friend “yes, you will, you’ll meet him soon, I’m sure”.

“Can’t you call him over?” the Omega suggested with a mischievous smile.

“Well, I don’t know…” Jeongguk thought about it. He missed Taehyung a lot... But, then again, the Omega had gone shopping with his brother and Jeongguk didn’t want to intrude in their alone time. He was about to say something, but he suddenly inhaled something that made him stop his next words. Was it… How was it possible that he smelt Taehyung’s distinctive scent of vanilla?

Bambam kept rambling, while sipping at his coffee. “I wanted to kick myself at the Christmas showcase, I had planned to stay with you after the competition, but I had to go to my family dinner and I didn't manage to say hi to you both. But I am so curious to meet himn now that I know how important he is for you.”

“Yes, he is, he’s –“ Jeongguk was confused again. Now he could even smell peaches. So delicate, so sweet. He closed his eyes for a second, staring at the door.

“He is - what?” Bambam said, turning around to see what Jeongguk was looking at with furrowed brows.

“He is…” as on clue, the door opened and Jimin got into the café, followed by Taehyung with fluffy ash-blonde hair held back by a bandanna. Jeongguk’s heart skipped a beat. It was incredible how the mere sight of the Omega could affect him so much. Moreover, the Taehyung was looking at him with a bright boxy smile and hearts in his eyes and Jeongguk could only stare in amazement at the beauty that was walking towards them – as if the rest of the world had suddenly disappeared. "He is here". 

“Hey Bam! Mind if we sit here?” Jimin asked, already pulling a chair out for himself.

“Sure, Park, come join me” the Omega said with a smile and then turned to Taehyung. “And you must be Taehyung, It’s nice to finally meet you” he said, stretching out his hand for the other to take.

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you too, Bambam” Taehyung said politely, stretching out his hand to shake the other’s.

“What are you doing here?” Jimin jumped into the conversation with his dancing partner.

“Hey” Jeongguk said to the Omega “you look beautiful”. Immediately, he realised that he had said it quite loudly and that Jimin was rolling his eyes at him.

“You literally saw him two hours ago, Jeongguk” Jimin said dramatically, inspecting the menu of the coffees.

“I like what you did with your hair, it suits you a lot” Jeongguk said, keeping his eyes on the Omega and not minding what Jimin had to say. He had seen Taehyung with many hairstyles and colours – because his hair had been red and then orange-ish and blonde-ish and now he was simply stunning, as always.

“Thank you Gukkie” the Omega lowered his eyes shyly and fluttered his eyes.

“I want to puke” Jimin said.

“Stop it” Taehyung elbowed his brother in his ribs. “He’s so thoughtful” Taehyung added, looking at his Alpha.

“Go and give him a kiss” Bambam suggested to his friend, who was blushing furiously.

“I want a caramel macchiato, barman” Jimin butted in, lifting his menu and pointing at the beverage with insistence.

“Sure” Jeongguk said and then he returned to gaze lovingly at the Omega “and what can I get you?” he asked with a little wink.

“I would like one kiss, yes” Taehyung said, fluttering his eyelashes shamelessly.

Bambam clapped his hands “This is better than a drama oh my God!”

Jeongguk stepped away from the bar and walked towards Taehyung with a small smile, leaning down to kiss him on the cheek.

“I said I want my caramel macchiato!” Jimin said louder, while everyone else was laughing. “The service sucks at this bar!”

Chapter Text


Jeongguk finished his shift at work and went back to the apartment. Taehyung was staying at Jimin’s for the week, because Namjoon and Seokjin’s house was very crowded. Seokjin’s brother and Jeongguk’s brother decided to stay over a little while to help with the baby and Jeongguk offered them his room, while he slept on the sofa. Taehyung insisted that he should come with him at Jimin’s place, but Jeongguk had to study for a few exams and he told the Omega that he needed to focus for the last papers and took some time for himself. Obviously, he texted Taehyung all day and the Omega was around a lot, especially when Jeongguk was at work. Taehyung would pass by with his books and sit somewhere, sipping on a tea or coffee for hours. Of course, he was distracting and the Alpha paid extra attention to all his movements and always brought him something sweet with his order – if it was a little piece of cake or a new pastry – and he enjoyed how the Omega would look at it in confusion and then would meet his eyes, giving him a little cute smile. After his heat had passed, Taehyung was still a little clingy, but he also wanted to spend some time with Jimin – whom he had neglected greatly – and his friends – mostly Alphas Jeongguk didn’t personally know; this sudden change in his demeanour had unsettled the Alpha a lot at first.

“What’s wrong?”

The voice made Jeongguk jump. He realised that he had been staring into the fridge for a long long time.

“Are we out of banana milk?” Seokjin asked, looking past the other’s shoulder. “Oh no, there is a whole pack of it right there” he said, pointing at the left corner.

“It’s nothing hyung” the Alpha said, reaching out to take a bottle of his favourite beverage and was about to go to his room.

“Is Taehyung coming to dinner?” Seokjin asked, furrowing his brows.

“Uh – I don’t think so, no” the other said.

“Hey, I’m talking to you, come here” the Omega said, crossing his arms.

“Sorry hyung” Jeongguk said, turning around and taking off the hood on his head, passing a hand through his hair.

“Did you two fight?” the Omega asked softly, reaching out to comb the Alpha’s untidy hair with his fingers.

“No, I don’t think so” Jeongguk said.

“What’s with you two, huh?” Seokjin asked worriedly “I thought that you wanted to spend some more time with Taehyung”.

“I don’t know – since his heat ended, it’s like –“ Jeongguk struggled to put his feelings into words.

“He’s a little distant?” Seokjin asked.

“I don’t know – he’s been spending a lot of time with Jimin and his friends and he invited me to go over, but I had to study so I didn’t go.”

“And did you study now? Are you done?” Seokjin asked carefully.

“Yes, I did. I have two finals ina few days” Jeongguk answered, lowering his head.

“So now why are you moping around the house instead of going to see him?” the Omega asked with a smile.

“I – well I don’t know” the Alpha lowered his head. “I think it upset him that I asked him for some time to study and –“

“What? No, I don’t believe it for a second!” Seokjin said, “why don’t you go and surprise him, huh? I’m sure he misses you just like you do” the Omega suggested.

Jeongguk thought about it for a second. Yes, he wanted to see Taehyung so badly. But was it ok for him just to barge in at Jimin’s place unannounced? What if the Omega was out with his friends? It wasn’t like Jeongguk was jealous, no. He had just felt a little neglected and put aside and it hurt.

“Come on, JK, go take a shower and dress nicely, you can also take some of the cookies I’ve made his afternoon, I will prepare a Tupperware for them, Yoongi is crazy for my chocolate-chip and coconut cookies.” The Omega started to rummage around the kitchen.

“Uh – alright” Jeongguk decided that at least, like this, he would have an excuse to show up at his place even if Taehyung was busy. Of course, Seokjin had always been three steps ahead of him. God knows how many steps ahead was Taehyung. The Alpha went to shower, thinking about Taehyung’s sweet smile at the café – when he would come to meet him every day and then ask for a little kiss. Not to mention how much he missed being actually close to the Omega, holding him and kissing every inch of his body… Was it possible that he was feeling – sexually frustrated? Jeongguk didn’t really know, he had just been a virgin not so long ago and many things still felt confusing and too personal to ask to his hyungs. He finished the shower and went to put on some black jeans and a red shirt, for a change. As he was done styling his hair and brushing his teeth, he went to the kitchen where Seokjin was waiting for him, little Jungsook in his arms. Jeongguk smiled, going to kiss the little baby’s smooth cheeks and he took the bag with the treats. The drive to Jimin’s house was short and uneventful and Jeongguk was actually nervous to be close to the Omega.

As he knocked at the door, it was Yoongi who opened it, looking at Jeongguk in confusion. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Hey, Yoongi hyung, I stopped by to bring these” he said, lifting up the bag with the cookies.

“Uh –“ the Omega let the other in “what do you have there?” he asked cautiously.

“Chocolate chip and coconut cookies” Jeongguk said with a bright smile, as Yoongis eyes enlarged.

“Nice” the Omega said, immediately going for the Tupperware.

“Is – uh” Jeongguk started, looking around the house. It seemed like Yoongi was alone at home.

“Taehyung you mean?” Yoongi asked, his mouth full.

“Well –“

“He’s in his room” Yoongi pointed at the door.

Jeongguk looked at the door, a little unsure about what to do. Was it really ok for him to barge in unexpectedly? Or should he just leave? Would Taehyung be mad at him if he found out that Jeongguk had come to visit and hadn’t said hi to him?

“Come on” Yoongi pushed Jeongguk in the direction of the other’s room “he misses you like crazy” he whispered.

“He does?” Jeongguk asked, feeling a little flicker of hope in his chest.

“Are you this clueless?” the Omega said, walking away with the Tupperware.

Jeongguk took a breath and knocked at the door.

“Yeah” a voice said softly “come in”.

The Alpha opened the door and the fragrance of the Omega inebriated his senses. Sure, his scent was strong in the apartment, but in his room, it was distinctively stronger. The Omega was tucked in his bed, a mask on his face, hair held up by a bandanna and he was reading a book, some soft music playing in the background.

“Jeongguk!” Taehyung exclaimed in surprise. He sat up abruptly, his mask almost falling off.

“Hey” the Alpha smiled, suddenly feeling very stupid about all his worries and paranoias.

“What are you doing here?” the Omega asked, taking away the mask carefully and wiping away at the excess with a tissue.

“I came to see you” the Alpha said honestly, to which a sweet scent of peaches bloomed in the room.

“Oh –“ Taehyung seemed really astonished.

“Is it – like a bad time or should I have called beforehand?” Jeongguk started to fidget with his hands.

“Don’t be silly” Taehyung said, sitting up in bed and stretching out his arms for the Alpha “you know that you can come over whenever you want to”.

Jeongguk sighed in relief, sitting down on the bed right into the other’s arms. The Omega sat in his lap, embracing him tightly.

“How did your studying go?” he asked, humming a little as he scented his Alpha thoroughly and hold onto his shoulders, pulling him towards him, so Jeongguk could scent him as well.

“Alright, I finished most of it, I will just need to revise” the Alpha said, while sinking his nose on the other’s exposed throat.

“Mhhh” Taehyung whispered, kissing Jeongguk’s neck lightly “so you’re free for tonight?” he asked a little provokingly, in his low and sexy voice.

Jeongguk gulped twice, trying not to pop a boner from the teasing. “I thought to take you out – on a date” he said a little out of breath.

Taehyung seemed to have a different opinion; he sat in the other’s lap and started to grind his hips on the Alpha’s; kissing Jeongguk straight on the lips with a lot of passion.

Having the Omega all over him; inhaling that wonderful fragrance, made Jeongguk a little dizzy. He held onto Taehyung tightly, pulling him towards him and actively encouraging him to press on his semi hard dick. He had missed him so much, God. When Taehyung’s hand went under his sweater to roam on his abs, Jeongguk ventured his hand in the backside of Taehyung’s pajamas – he stopped abruptly when the door opened, all of a sudden.

“Hey Jeong-“ Jimin said, immediately spinning around and dramatically covering his eyes with both hands. “Jesus Christ!” he uttered.

“You should have knocked on the door” Taehyung said, sitting back on the bed, while Jeongguk put a hand on his crotch, readjusting himself.

“You just got here and you’ve already –“ Jimin said a little heated, his back still turned.

“We have had sex already – a lot” the Omega said, rolling his eyes.

“I wanted to take him out – uhm, on a date” Jeongguk said, feeling a little uncomfortable for his friend and embarrassed. “It’s not like we were about to –“

“Don’t worry JK, it’s fine, uh –“ Jimin said, turning around. “Did you see the apartment next door to Namjoon and Seokjin yet?” he asked, leaning on the doorframe.

“Yes, it’s actually tiny, but –“

“It’s cozy, Gukkie” Taehyung interrupted.

“Yeah, cozy. It has one small bedroom, a bathroom, a little kitchenette and a quite large living room” Jeongguk said, recalling the visit at the apartment.

“It has a beautiful view” the Omega said “and it’s very bright, the windows are huge.”

“Are you moving in then or are you still looking for something else?” Jimin asked.

“We will move in next week as soon as the current tenant leaves” Taehyung said, taking Jeongguk’s hands.

“Alright, well then, I’ll go to – uhm”

“We are going out too” Taehyung said, standing up and walking to his dresser. “Gukkie is taking me on a date”.

“Sure – sorry for earlier, I will knock next time” Jimin concluded, walking out and closing the door behind him.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk was feeling very full after the dinner they had got on their date; Taehyung was leaning against him and they both just looked at the kids playing in the park. They had decided to stick to their previous plan to spend some time together in the form of a date, since the past weeks had been very busy for the Alpha.

“What am I going to do now?” Taehyung sighed, nosing at Jeongguk’s jacket.

“What do you mean?” Jeongguk leaned back a little, embracing the other a little tighter.

“I mean like –“ the Omega started and then stopped “you have university and work and I’m just –“ he sighed again, feeling a little helpless.

Jeongguk was a little surprised at these words. “I mean, what did you do uhm –“

“When I was married?” Taehyung finished the sentence.

Jeongguk gulped at the bittersweet emotion of having talked about the Omega’s past; a topic he didn’t want to take lightly.

“I didn’t do much” Taehyung said in a low voice.

“Is there something you’d like to do?” Jeongguk asked, musing If he had offended the other with his straightforwardness.

“I don’t know –“

“You know that I wouldn’t be opposed to you having a job or doing something for yourself, right? It’s not like I am expecting for you to be home and cook and clean all day, I will do my share of housework, you know that, right?” the Alpha asked, trying to move a little, so he could see the other’s expression.

Taehyung sighed again, a few times. Jeongguk was expecting an answer, but he didn’t think that Taehyung would start to cry abruptly, holding him tightly.

“Babe” the Alpha said, hugging the other even closer.

“I don’t know what to do, Jeongguk, I –“ Taehyung sobbed uncontrollably “I didn’t have any – purpose in – in life” he managed to say in between the crying and sniffling.

Jeongguk’s heart was breaking a little at the sight of the love of his life crying his eyes out, but he also felt relieved that the other’s insecurities had come to the surface a little. It was painful to experience, but, hopefully, facing them, they would make the Omega feel safer and they would find a solution together.

“Babe, everything will be fine, hey” Jeongguk took out a packet of tissues and handed them the other, “you can do whatever you want to, you’ll find something, I’m sure” he whispered, letting the other cry on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, it’s not like – I’m not sad” Taehyung said, wiping away his tears and hiccupping a little, “I’m just – excited and I want to do so much, but I don’t know where to start” the Omega said “it’s a little overwhelming”.

“I will support you no matter what you want to do” Jeongguk said, placing a little kiss on the other’s nose.

“I thought that I’d like to attend university” the Omega whispered “I always wanted to study literature but I’ve never had the chance to”.

“That’s a great idea, babe” Jeongguk said, very relieved that there was something Taehyung wanted to pursue and it would be quite easily attainable.

“I don’t think that you can enrol before September, but you can take that time to study for some of the exams beforehand; it takes some time to gather the books and print out the syllabus –“  the Alpha stopped, seeing how the Omega’s eyes had got big and hopeful.

“You’re going to help me, right?” Taehyung asked in a low voice.

“Of course” Jeongguk said “it’s not far away from my university as well” the Alpha said, getting a little excited.

“Gukkie” Taehyung started to cry a little more, burying his nose in the other’s neck. This time, Jeongguk could tell that they were not sad tears.

The Alpha was into bed, texting with Seokjin.

SeokjinHYUNG: That’s great, JK. You can also tell him that I need another baker this summer if he wants to; he’s always welcome.

Me: Hyung, you’re the best. I think that he would enjoy that a lot to spend the time.

SeokjinHYUNG: He’s a very promising baker too! I was very surprised by his éclairs.

Me: I know, I will be getting fat very soon! :D

Jeongguk smiled at the screen, while tapping the message.

“Whom are you writing to?” the Omega asked, coming out of the bathroom. His hair was beautifully fluffy, blow-dried after the shower and he smelt like vanilla and peaches and apricots – because Taehyung used a whole set of apricot-scented cosmetics, shower gels and so on. All of that made him even more delicious.

“Seokjin hyung” Jeongguk answered, eying the very short purple kimono of the other. It was of a super smooth fabric, was it velvet? Suddenly, Jeongguk gulped, wanting to touch that piece of clothing – and … possibly … what was underneath it. It had been quite some time since the last time they were intimate and, obviously, Jeongguk missed him.

“Do you like it?” Taehyung made a little pirouette, having the kimono ride up even further on his bronzed and smooth legs.

“Purple suits you a lot” Jeongguk managed to say.

“Yeah?” Taehyung asked, biting his lip provokingly, while he untied the knot keeping the fabric together, his eyes on the Alpha’s. Jeongguk’s eyes fell on the skin that he exposed little by little. Taehyung was wearing purple lacy lingerie and the Alpha’s jaw dropped all of a sudden. The Omega came on his side of the bed and pushed aside the cover, to sit on the other’s thighs.

“Are you tired?” he asked, leaning forwards to scent the Alpha’s neck.

“I’m not if you’re wearing this for me…” Jeongguk answered, caressing the other’s back and smooth skin. He leaned forwards to kiss the smooth skin under the Omega’s neck and just over his breasts, on his chest.

“I’ve missed this” Taehyung whispered, his voice quivering a little.

Jeongguk was overwhelmed, the Omega’s skin was so soft and his scent was sweet, delicate; and the unique fragrance was beautifully wrapping itself around his own, making him dizzy. His hands shook a little from excitement and arousal. He made the thin fabric slip on the Omega’s shoulders and undid the little hooks of the bra on his back, making the item of lingerie fall on his lap and leaving Taehyung’s chest uncovered. The Alpha stood a moment to admire the other’s stunning beauty and then he put his hands on his chest, caressing the Omega’s perked nipples and making him moan. Jeongguk leaned forwards to kiss him lightly and then placed him down on the bed, hovering over him. Taehyung locked his arms around the Alpha’s neck, while the other grinded on him, only wearing his briefs and a white Tshirt. Jeongguk pulled off the top, and then kneeled on the bed.

“Take them off, Gukkie” Taehyung’s cheeks were flushed prettily and he urged for the other to take off his underwear.

“I want to eat you out first” Jeongguk said, already anticipating the experience.


Jeongguk leaned down again and, keeping his eyes on the lust blown of the Omega, he placed open-mouthed kisses on Taehyung’s hipbones and then his head was abruptly pulled up, because the Omega got his hands in his dark brown hair and was directing it towards his crotch. Jeongguk smiled at this, enjoying it thoroughly when the Omega took control over him like this.

“Come on” Taehyung whispered, a little out of breath.

Jeongguk enjoyed teasing the other, by kissing him through the thin purple panties. Taehyung complained a little, making distressed sounds while he moaned at the same time. Jeongguk was getting dizzy from the strong and aroused scent of peaches and pheromones the other was making.

“Jeongguk!” Taehyung exclaimed, very impatiently.

The Alpha chuckled, taking off Taehyung’s underwear with his hands and finally putting his mouth on the Omega’s semi-hard cock. He mouthed at the tip and then engulfed it in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down a few times. The Omega’s scent was intoxicating, sweet and overwhelming and – mixed with his delicate taste – it was driving Jeongguk out of his mind.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Taehyung’s started pulling at the younger’s hair a little harder until he got the Alpha to swallow him whole.

Jeongguk was choking a little, because Taehyung wasn’t really small for an Omega, but he wanted the other to feel good, so he just breathed through his nose and started sucking on earnest, having his hair pulled even harder.

“Fuck” Jeongguk didn’t even register the words properly, as he felt the Omega coming down his throat in a few hot spurts. He gagged a little and his movement made Taehyung pull hard at his head, stilling him. Jeongguk had to stay very still, but he managed to sneak one hand in his shorts and grabbed his hard rock shaft. He only needed to stroke himself twice and he was coming in his pants.

“Fuck, did you just –“ Taehyung asked, noticing that he was still holding Jeongguk in place by his hair, so he released his grip immediately, grimacing at the feeling of that hot mouth leaving his spent cock.

“Jesus” Jeongguk whispered, wiping at his mouth, “ that was intense” he said then.

“Too much?” Taehyung asked, shifting on the bed to grab the wipes while Jeongguk was taking his underwear off with a disgusted expression.

“What? No, no” the Alpha said caressing Taehyung’s thigh.

“I got a little carried away –.”

“It was hot” Jeongguk said, kissing Taehyung’s nose, “I love it when you get dominant, you know”.


Jeongguk leaned down on the bed, pulling the Omega into his arms and the comforter over them. “Of course, I think that I like to be a little – submissive?”

Taehyung, who had just settled, sat up a little. “What are you suggesting with this information?” he asked, very interested.

“Well, I had told you how – uhm – I was interested and – open to –“

“Gukkie, look at me”.

“I wouldn’t mind trying to bottom if –“

“Of course, of course” Taehyung clapped his hands in excitement.

“Not now though” Jeongguk smiled at the other’s reaction “I have a long shift tomorrow and I want to snuggle with you naked”.

“Aw Gukkie, you’re no fun” the Omega said, turning off the lights and laying back into the embrace.

Jeongguk’s hands travelled on the soft skin of his lover, settling on his back.

“Cuddles” Taehyung whispered, yawning.

Jeongguk chuckled at his, starting to draw some patterns on the other’s skin with his fingertips. He then started to sing a lullaby in a very soft voice. When the song was over and there was silence, the Alpha noticed how the other had fallen asleep, snoring a little.

“I’m no fun, huh?” he whispered with a smile, closing his eyes and falling asleep after a minute had passed.

Chapter Text


A year had passed and Jeongguk and Taehyung had settled in their apartment. It was weird at first, because they were madly in love, but they also had little moments of tension; like when they were cooking and Jeongguk was constantly trying to put some spices in the food, altering the flavours Taehyung had thought of. The Omega was often surprised at how much Jeongguk liked doing house chores; especially baking and cleaning around; it wasn't like Taehyung was a stereotypical Omega, who wanted to spend his life in the house, doing all the house work, but he was quite territorial when it came to certain little details. They didn't exactly fight - Jeongguk was way too soft and he would steer away from discussions, trying to talk things out if there were any issues - but the Omega would hold a grudge or pout, until Jeongguk acknowledged that and made something to be forgiven. Sometimes it was flowers, sometimes singing a song to the other, holding onto him while he was cooking or simply whispering sweet words in his ear. Taehyung was way too gone for the Alpha to be angry for a long time, so they worked things out, step by step.

"Baby where are you?" Jeongguk's voice came from the phone.

"I've just finished class, I will be back soon, the Omega said, balancing his bag and some books from his course.

"How soon? I need to prepare the fish and I don't want you to eat it cold" the Alpha asked.

"I am just like ten minutes away" Taehyung answered, "weren't we having burgers tonight?" he asked.

Jeongguk frowned. Taehyung loved fish and was always very eager to have it, so Jeongguk had gone to the market himself, choosing the freshest trouts to bake in the oven with some green beans. He had also bought a bottle of expensive Chardonnay and some flowers, because he wanted to surprise his mate once in a while, because Taehyung was studying hard at university, and was at the very top of his classes. He wanted to cook, to watch a movie, to eat Taehyung out and to make love to him gently.

"Uhm - "

"It's alright, don't worry, I'll have whatever Gukkie" the Omega said.

Jeongguk frowned again. It wasn't like Taehyung to talk like this. He sure was stressed and dismissive when he had to study, but he was generally very interested in food.

"Ok, I'm waiting for you, love you".

"Love you Gukkie", Taehyung hung up.

When Taehyung got into their apartment, he immediately went to put down his bag and things before venturing into the kitchen, from where a delicious smell of fish was coming. As soon as Jeongguk saw him, he smiled brightly, taking out the bouquet of lilies and lavender, handing it to the Omega.

"Aw, Gukkie" Taehyung said a little weirdly "what's the occasion?"

"Must there be one?" Jeongguk stepped closer to the other, handing him the flowers and noticing his pale expression. "Babe, are you ok?" he asked, placing his hand onto Taehyung's forehead. It didn't seem like the Omega was running hot. "It's not your heat? Isn't it?"

"No, not yet", Taehyung answered, leaning his face into the hand and smelling the flowers he got. "Thank you Gukkie, they are the most beautiful" he whispered, enjoying the scent of flowers, "I think that my stomach is a little unsettled" he admitted, while Jeongguk pulled out the chair to make him sit down.

"It's a good thing I've cooked lightly then" the Alpha smiled, "there's baked fish fillets and some green beans."

Taehyung smiled brightly, "my favourite".

"Yes" Jeongguk said, kneeling in front of the Omega, so that he was almost on his eye-level, "I've thought a little at what you told me last month“, that I should take more time off from work". He started, taking the other's hand. "And you're right, I know that since I've quit at the coffee shop and finished university I've been working my ass off with the dance crew and we've come very far and yet this is not what I want, to be this far away from you all the time."

"Babe, you know that I want for you to be happy and dancing makes you happy" Taehyung answered with a small smile.

"Yes, but - I want to be more present, I want to cook for you and to be there when you get back from university and to spend more time together. Would you want that too?" he asked.

"Of course, honey" Taehyung's eyes were teary and he hugged tightly the other.

"Come on, food is going to be cold", Jeongguk said energetically, not noticing how Taehyung was sitting stiffly. He took out the fish and served two generous portions, placing one in front of the Omega. "Have a good -" he stopped abruptly, as Taehyung was running off the kitchen. Jeongguk frowned, not understanding what kind of joke it was. "Babe?!" he asked, following the other to the bedroom and noticing that he wasn't there. "What -" Jeongguk turned to the bathroom and heard the other retching. As soon as he understood what was going on, the Alpha went to kneel next to the Omega, keeping his hair out of his face.

"Go away" Taehyung said weakly, just before vomiting again.

"I'm not going anywhere" Jeongguk turned to the sink and grabbed the little hand towel wetting it with cold water and placing in on the Omega's forehead. "It's ok, Im holding you up" he said, noticing how much the other was shuddering.

Taehyung leaned back on the other, while he was wiping his mouth. "It's ok, it's over"he said, standing up wobbily to brush his teeth.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Jeongguk asked worriedly, looking at the pale face of the other.

"It must have been the brownie" Taehyung said.


"Yes, I had a brownie on my way here, I got hungry all of a sudden" the Omega admitted.

"Hmm", it was a little weird that the Omega had got a snack on his way home - especially because Jeongguk had baked a lot in the previous days and Taehyung had eaten a lot, stating that he wouldn't eat sweets for months, while stuffing his mouth with cinnamon rolls. Nonetheless, Jeongguk didn't judge him or think anything weird; he was only concerned about the other and hoped that he would feel better soon. "Do you want to eat some fish at least? It should be good for you since it's light and -"

"No, no" the Omega said with a horrified expression.

"Uh -" Jeongguk helped him up.

"I think that the fish smells weird and it made me feel sick", Taehyung said, wrinkling his nose.

Jeongguk frowned "what? It's really fresh, I got it at the fish market myself earlier, I checked thoroughly", the Alpha said a little offended, because the whole feast he had arranged had basically been rejected by the other. He quickly regained his composure though and helped the other to the bedroom. "Do you want some tea to settle your stomach?" the Alpha asked, leaning down to kiss Taehyung's forehead

"Yes, but I'm also a little hungry" the Omega pouted, "weren't there any green beans? I can have those and some ramen?" he suggested.

"Are you sure that you will be fine eating those? I' don't think that -"

"Gukkie! It was the fish, I'm telling you! I'm starving, please" the Omega said getting frustrated.

"Alright" Jeongguk said with a frown, "wait here, get into bed" he got into the kitchen and started preparing another plate for the Omega and heating some hot water for the ramen, looking at the other dish. He leaned down to smell the fish, closing his eyes. Everything he could smell was a delicious smell of fish and herbs. Jeongguk frowned, taking a fork and slicing into the meat of the fish, having a bite of it. The taste was exquisite, and it was cooked to perfection; the meat was moist and delicious. He stood there, having another bite and another, quickly cleaning up a serving. He then proceeded to bring the food to the Omega, who had got into his silky pajama and into bed. Taehyung looked tiny surrounded by the pillows and Jeongguk smiled at him.

"Here you go" he said, sitting next to Taehyung and placing on the bed a little tray with the vegetables, ramen, some bread and green tea.

Taehyung frowned "did you just - eat the fish?" he asked.

Jeongguk blushed a little. "Yeah, I wanted to try it since it smells alright to me" he started.

"Can you just -" the Omega frowned "can you please go and brush your teeth? The smell is killing me".

The Alpha looked at the Omega weirdly and then went to brush his teeth thoroughly, he also used some mouthwash and flossed. The more time was going by, the more lowkey offended he was getting. As he got back to the room, the Omega had finished his food, chewing on the last bites. Jeongguk waited until he was done and he took away the little tray, bringing it to the kitchen and quickly washing up the plates.

He went to the bedroom then, sitting into the bed. Taehyung was laying on his side, probably trying to fall asleep. Jeongguk sighed a little, turning off the light on the nightstand and leaning back on the bed.

"Gukkie" the Omega suddenly turned around and launched himself on the other. "I'm sorry I couldn't eat your dinner, it was so sweet of you preparing all of that" he whispered, squishing himself onto the Alpha.

"Don't worry, I just want you to be okay" Jeongguk said, holding onto the Omega's back.

"I'm more than ok" Taehyung whispered.

"Night, babe" Jeongguk said, yawning.

"Are you very sleepy?" the Omega asked.

Jeongguk opened his eyes, noticing that the other was moving around. "A little", he replied.

"I'm -", Taehyung kept fumbling, until Jeongguk reached out for him in the dark, noticing that the Omega was getting undressed. "I want you to eat me out".

Jeongguk started laughing out loud. "What are you doing?" he asked, suddenly very aware that the other's scent was starting to overpower even his own. He felt the Omega's hands on his hips, and he was suddenly very naked, since his shorts were being yanked off.

"Come on, hurry up", Taehyung fumbled around.

"How are we doing this?" Jeongguk was still laughing because of the other's determination.

"I'm sitting on your face, lay down".

The Alpha stifled another laughter and licked his lips, suddenly very awake and excited about this weird turn of events.

Chapter Text


Jeongguk got up with the sun shining on his face. Damn curtains, they really needed some new curtains. He looked around and he found himself alone in bed. Taehyung was already awake? The Alpha stretched a little and then quickly got up to look around the house, because Taehyung didn’t just get up early in the morning.

“Hey” a groggy voice greeted him as he got in the kitchen.

“Hey babe”, Jeongguk went to kiss the blonde haired Omega, who was sitting at the counter chewing on some croissant.

“I got these at the bakery, they are fresh” the other extended a little bag with some deliciously smelling breakfast treats.

Jeongguk’s eyes widened. Woah, Taehyung had not only got out of bed sooner than him, but he had also gone to the bakery one block away to get breakfast? Awesome.

“That’s amazing, thank you” Jeongguk smiled to the other, but then he frowned “did you also get coffee?” he asked, seeing that the other was sipping some kind of herbal tea.

“Uh, yes, I got you your americano, over there” the Omega pointed at the counter next to the microwave.

Jeongguk smiled brightly. “Babe, thank you, that’s so unexpected but adorable” he said, sitting close to the other and embracing his waist, while sipping a little at the hot beverage. “Did you have your coffee already?” he asked.

Taehyung was chewing on his chocolate croissant “not really, you know? I kind of woke up wanting to drink some tea, I haven’t had some herbal stuff in a while” the Omega said nonchalantly.

“Oh, alright” the Alpha said, peeking into the bag with the treats “can I have the blueberry muffin?” he asked, already reaching out for the treat.

“Sure, I got them for you” Taehyung smiled, leaning to kiss the other gently.

Taehyung’s lips lingered on Jeongguk’s and they both leaned into each other, prolonging the kiss. Taehyung got up from his chair and sat into the other’s lap, tightly holding onto the Alpha’s neck and going in for a passionate kiss.

Jeongguk was a little confused, but he let the other’s hands roam under his t-shirt.

“I want you”, the Omega whispered into his ear, making the other shiver.

“You’ve got me, I’m all yours” Jeongguk said, nosing at the other’s throat. He stopped for a second, opening his eyes wide and nosing at the base of Taehyung’s neck.

“What?” Taehyung asked, carding his hands into Jeongguk’s hair.

“Have you put on perfume?” the Alpha asked, a little weirded out.

“Uh – no?”

Jeongguk was confused.

“Guk!” Taehyung pushed him away a little. “What is going on?”

“You smell different” Jeongguk said, looking at Taehyung, who was visibly pouting.

“Different how?”

“Like – lavender and – like peaches but – maybe apricots?”

Taehyung’s expression changed from annoyed to confused and weirded out. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “I always smell like peaches and I do smell like you since we live together, we mated and we fuck – a lot” Taehyung said, leaning away a little.

“Uh – yeah, never mind…” Jeongguk gulped, being self-aware at how weird he was being in the last days. Or was Taehyung being the weird one? But it was weird though, because he usually had a very sharp sense of smell and the Omega just smelled different than usual. And Jeongguk knew, for God’s sake. Nonetheless, the Alpha buried the tiny voice that was screaming that somewhere deep into his mind and only focused on his Omega, leaning in to kiss him.

Taehyung was leaning backwards though, and Jeongguk opened his eyes, as he smelt a strong scent of distress coming from the other so suddenly. He wasn’t really aware of what was going on, but Taehyung was running off to the bathroom and he started retching as soon as he got there, leaning down on the toilet and choking a little. Jeongguk ran into the same direction, holding the other up and supporting his forehead while the blonde threw up his breakfast. Jeongguk was very confused about the whole situation and the waves of distress coming from the other were making him anxious. Did he really not realise that his Omega was feeling sick? And if so, how long was this going on?

“Babe, it’s ok, I’m here” he said, wetting a cloth and placing it on the other’s nape. He supported the other without putting pressure on his stomach, while he was emptying everything he had just had for breakfast.

“Just hold on” Jeongguk lifted up Taehyung bridal style when he was done brushing his teeth with shaky hands. “My little princess, huh?” the Alpha said, kissing the blonde’s head.

“Gukkie, my stomach aches” the Omega protested, while his smell was getting sour.

“We’ll get you dressed and then you and I are going to the hospital”, Jeongguk stated, carefully placing his mate on the bed.

“No” Taehyung answered, crossing his hands on his chest, “I’m not going to the hospital, it’s not like I’m dying” he protested, laying down and covering himself with the duvet.

Jeongguk sighed. Most of the time the aggressive and dominant nature of his Omega was a turn on; but now it wasn’t exactly helping the cause. “You don’t need to be dying to go to a check-up, you know?” he said, starting to take out some clothes for the other to wear.

“What are you doing?” Taehyung sat on his knees, infuriated.

“I’m taking you to the hospital, this is final” Jeongguk said, looking at the other’s eyes. Taehyung was visibly taken aback by his mate having such a strong and decisive reaction. But he wouldn’t not push. Jeongguk knew that he was walking on thin thin ice and that the other’s forte was certainly not patience…

“Oh, it’s final, you said?”

“You were just sick when you had your heat and –“

“That was inconvenient, wasn’t it?” Taehyung yelled at him “it sucked that my heat was interrupted so soon, so you couldn’t fuck me properly, didn’t it?”

“What are you – it’s not the point –“

“Stop being an asshole to me, I don’t need a babysitter!” the Omega took the clothes the other had prepared and threw them on Jeongguk, who caught them awkwardly.

That was intense. Their first fight fight. Taehyung had called him an asshole and Jeongguk didn’t really … Well, he knew what to do, actually. He could be an Alpha, fit into everyone’s stereotypes and just dominate the other, using his Alpha voice to get over every argument, like traditional Alphas did. But, no matter how hurt he was, it wasn’t him. He wasn’t like that. Kids had made fun of him all his life throughout high school, because he wouldn’t get into arguments and rather be bullied than show his dominant side; but he had learned that it was ok to be different. He just held onto the clothes, nodding his head. “Fine, whatever you want”, he said coldly.

Taehyung was visibly angry. Then he pouted and looked very indecisive for a second. He was staring at the Alpha, then he turned his head to look out of the window and his expression changed. His lip quivered twice and then he broke down crying. “Gukkie, I’m sorry”.

Jeongguk gulped. It’s not like he was angry or offended much, but Taehyung was really being weird. And this troubled him. A lot.

“I’m so sorry – I – “, the Omega started to hiccup, and tears were copiously running on his cheeks. “Please, Gukkie, ple – please I didn’t –“.

“Shh”, Jeongguk sat on the bed, gathering the other in his arms. Taehyung held tightly onto the other and cried in his shirt desperately.

“I don’t know how I – I didn’t ever – I don’t – think that you’re – you’re not an asshole, please”, Taehyung cried desperately.

“I know, it’s alright, don’t worry” Jeongguk tried to hush the other “I’ve been called worse”, he tried to console the other, making a joke, but it only made the other cry even more.

“Taehyung, it’s ok, it’s not the end of the world”, Jeongguk said, furrowing his brows at the weird scent of distress of the other. It was so thick and – Taehyung still smelled like apricots and it was so confusing, but the other was also crying his eyes out and he was so desperate. “Babe, ssh, please, you’re freaking me out”.

“I can’t – I – I”

Jeongguk took a long while to calm the other down. Taehyung was shaking, he was pale and – to his Alpha – he looked different, but also sick. It was a weird situation, because everything that mattered to him was Taehyung’s health and happiness. And yet, it was the second time his Omega was unexplainably sick, which made him worry a lot.

The sound of his phone on the kitchen table made the Alpha quickly get up from the bed – where Taehyung had just fallen asleep – and he went to answer the call, for the phone to stop ringing.

“Yeah, Jimin”.

“Hey, JK, what are you up to this fine Sunday morning?”, his friend asked, but before the other could answer, Jimin kept talking “Yoongi and I are barbecuing for lunch, so I’m calling to let you know that we got plenty of meat and beer and –“

“No, we can’t – “

“Oh, come on, JK, are you still on your honeymoon phase with my brother? You know that I love you, but that’s just not an excuse to –“

“He’s sick”, Jeongguk interrupted.

“What do you mean sick?”

“I mean that he has been throwing up for two days and he’s acting weird.”

“Can’t you like – take him to the hospital so they can check on him? Do you need me to tell you that?” Jimin was losing his nerve. Jeongguk shut his eyes tightly. His mate’s brother was even worse than Taehyung when it came to being stubborn. And he was an Alpha. And he was very comfortable in his skin, using his Alpha voice when he felt like it was needed. And he was doing just that.

“I told him that I was going to take him, but he got angry like – a mad person and then he had a full-on panic attack and he wouldn’t stop crying for an hour. He’s being weird lately”, Jeongguk said. He was feeling a little guilty about exposing his mate like this, but he trusted Jimin and it was necessary that his brother knew.

“That doesn’t sound like him” Yoongi’s voice came through. “Drastic changes of mood point to a hormone imbalance. Are you sure that he’s not about to go to heat?” The Omega suggested.

“No, not yet, his heat shouldn’t kick for another month. But – there’s something else –“ Jeongguk furrowed his brows. “His scent is like – different”.

There was a brief silence on the other side of the line. Then Jimin asked: “How different, what does that mean?”

“It’s like – I know what he smells like. Yet, it seems like he smells of something – more; like he smells more like me and – there’s like – a scent of apricots –“

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” Jimin said through the phone.

“Don’t – Jiminie” Yoongi tried to interrupt him.

“What! It’s not like he didn’t want it all along –“

“What are you talking about?” Jeongguk wanted to show his impatience by raising his voice, and yet he couldn’t be too loud, because he didn’t want to disturb the sleeping Omega. He put the phone on speaker, while reaching for the vegetables to prepare a soup, hoping that the voices wouldn’t awake Taehyung.

“Is Taehyung on his birth control?” Yoongi asked, after a hushed conversation with Jimin.

“No, he stopped taking it last month” Jeongguk tried to think at how maybe it was a reaction of his hormones, which were suddenly unbalanced.

“Are you having safe sex?”

“Yes” Jeongguk answered instinctively, before thinking about what the other was implying. “Do you think –“

“You should go and buy a pregnancy test”, Yoongi’s voice was blurred in the distance. It was crazy and unbelievable. But it made sense. A lot. Taehyung throwing up smelling the fish and then claiming that it was bad; him eating chocolate –  lots and lots of chocolate –  the mood swings, the morning sickness, the sudden arousal, the extreme anger and desperation, the shift in his scent…


The Alpha turned around to face his mate, phone still in his hand and a new expression on his face.

“I have to go” Jeongguk said, hanging up the call and placing the phone on the counter, never taking his eyes off Taehyung.

He was awake, standing only in his green silky pants and tank top; his hair a mess and his eyes red from all the crying. He looked afraid and small, his hands pressed onto his flat stomach.

“Do you think that I might be – pregnant?” he asked, while Jeongguk was walking to him.

“I – it would make sense” the younger said, holding onto Taehyung’s forearms.

“Yeah, I – yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about chocolate and this morning I got up just to go get those damn croissants” Taehyung said, his eyes getting teary again, but his little smile started turning into a beautiful laughter.

Jeongguk looked at the Omega with new eyes. Realisation, relief and maybe a little hope filtering his vision. He was beautiful. The most perfect human being he had ever seen or thought of – in his pyjamas, bed hair and red eyes.

“I want to –“ Taehyung sobbed “I want you to take me to the hospital so they can check me out and – “

Jeongguk hugged him tightly, smiling like an idiot but also crying a little.

“Yes, let’s go, babe, whatever you say I will do”, he teased, gaining a little kick from the other. “Just, stop crying please”, Jeongguk said, wiping at his face, while the other was getting hurriedly dressed, putting on what he had thrown at his mate earlier.

“I can’t – I just can’t seem to stop crying” Taehyung smiled a little, before starting to sob again.

It was going to be a long ride. Jeongguk looked at the other fondly, keys to his car in his hand.

Chapter Text


Another morning awoke the sleeping pair.

Jeongguk opened his eyes and everything he could see was a mop of blonde hair in front of his face, tickling his nose – probably the reason why he woke up in the first place.

He shifted a little to see how the Omega was sleeping peacefully; his mouth a little open. Jeongguk secretly loved how the other would drool in his sleep and then, as he was confronted with the evidence, he insisted in denying everything.

Then he was hit with the realisation. Or, better, he scented the distinctive added scent of his mate and his heart started racing again. A baby. There was a tiny little bean of a baby squished in between of them, safe and protected in Taehyung’s belly. The Alpha smiled proudly, recalling the events of the previous night. They had gone to the hospital and Taehyung had done a standard urine test; as it was positive, the doctors invited them to take a blood sample, just to be completely sure of the result. And it was positive. At first, they were both quite shaken and couldn’t realise what was really going on. Jeongguk was afraid that the other would be insecure or uncertain about the situation, yet Taehyung had surprised him. The Omega was silent, but his smell remained sweet and pacific. When Jeongguk asked him if he was alright, Taehyung smiled to him and said that he had thought to finish university before committing to full-time parenthood; but, now that he was really pregnant, he didn’t even think about putting school at the second place. “There’s online courses, Gukkie” he said, “plus, I worked my ass off with the exams for the free credits, there’s not much left for me to do and I can easily get the notes from my friends and study at night” he had bravely stated. “I want this baby more than anything”, the Omega had admitted, hands on the flat curve of his stomach with teary eyes.

Jeongguk was suddenly very emotional; and he sighed. It was a feeling that would never leave him. He would always be full of wonder and amazement at the thought that he had contributed in creating a life; that his mate would carry a life inside of him and, ultimately, that the baby would be born and gradually become a full-fledged person he would need to take care about for the rest of his days. Jeongguk wasn’t anxious about the responsibility, but, rather, he was feeling weirdly ready and impatient to support both his mate and his child.

“I can hear you thinking”, a sleepy voice interrupted his musings.

Jeongguk turned his head to the side and was met with the most beautiful and barely opened hazel eyes.

“Good morning, babies”, the Alpha teased, leaning to kiss Taehyung on his lips.

“Uh, let’s not fall asleep naked anymore”, the Omega said, scrunching his nose adorably.

Jeongguk’s eyes fell on the other’s form and he reverently caressed Taehyung’s naked back. “I told you to put some underwear on, you were just too worn out last night, babe”, Jeongguk said with a small smile recalling the heat of the middle of the night, when Taehyung had woken him up with an amazing blowjob, while he was fingering himself and the bed had become quite wet with slick.

The doctor had told them the previous afternoon that an increased appetite for food and sex was expected and Jeongguk wasn’t really complaining about it; moreover, the Alpha was more tender and caring than ever; worshipping the body of his Omega and lavishing it in kisses and soft caresses. He felt weirdly possessive and protective, tightening his gentle grip on the other as he rode him desperately, coming as soon the Omega did, because just the force of the other’s orgasm had managed to throw him off and to make him come right away. Taehyung was sexier than ever and dangerously in command and Jeongguk enjoyed it immensely.

“Are you feeling ok? Nauseous?” Jeongguk asked, seeing that the other had sat on the bed, putting on his previously discarded pyjama top.

“No, I think I’m ok”, Taehyung said, stopping a second and considering. At that moment, his stomach made a growl and they both started to laugh.

“Yeah, I’m on it”, Jeongguk smiled, getting up and fetching some underwear from the dresser.

“It’s fine, I’ll go, get ready for work honey, get a shower” Taehyung stated, walking to the other and kissing him lightly on his lips.

“I feel like I should call in sick today…”, Jeongguk frowned. He had been become a prominent dancer in his crew, with Jimin and Bambam and they had won several competitions in the last year. When he wasn’t busy with dancing, Jeongguk had taken up working as a modern dance instructor and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He had a good pay check, kind colleagues and the kids he taught were very talented and passionate about dance. Jeongguk had been a full-time instructor for a year, but then he decided to cut his hours, because he was away from his mate more often than not and it was weighing a little on their relationship. It turned out to have been a great idea, now that they had a baby on the way.

“Because you’re really feeling unwell or because you don’t want to leave me?” Taehyung asked from the kitchen.

Jeongguk frowned. Of course, Taehyung was right. It wasn’t ok to just call in and mess up everyone’s schedule.

“Babe, I will be fine on my own, don’t worry”, Taehyung said, “besides, we’ve invited the hyungs over tonight and I will probably spend the afternoon cooking anyway. It’s not like you’re missing out on something.”

“I don’t want you to be sick all of a sudden, while you’re alone”, Jeongguk said pouting, still naked and with clothes in his hands. He would take a shower, yes.

“Gukkie it’s ok, it’s not like you can be with me 24/7, I will manage” the Omega smiled at the other, preparing some pancake batter from scratch. He eyed the Alpha, who was still furrowing his brows. “If anything happens, I can call Jimin and Yoongi, you know they live like two doors away, yes?” Taehyung suggested.

“We are still telling them tonight with the others?” Jeongguk asked, determined to simply go to work and check up on the other as much as he could. He needed to get used to it.

“Yes, I haven’t told him anything” Taehyung answered taking out a pan. “I’m not complaining, but aren’t you getting cold love?”

Jeongguk looked down at himself, noticing that – yes – he was still naked, and the window of the kitchen was opened. “Uh, I’m gonna go then – “he said turning around.

“Hurry up before that pretty behind of yours starts giving me some naughty ideas”, he heard the Omega saying.

He turned his head with a smile and enjoyed how Taehyung was checking him out, head leaning on one side and a spatula in his hand.

“Don’t blame it on my behind when the pancakes are all burnt” he answered teasingly.

Jimin: You left me on read yesterday. Is the dinner tonight an occasion to announce something important and lifechanging?

Shit. Yes, had texted him the previous night, inquiring about his brother’s state and Jeongguk had ignored him, basically because he had been euphoric and distracted by Taehyung. He had to tell Jimin though. With Taehyung, he had decided not to tell anything to the hyungs before dinner, to surprise them all. But, honestly, maybe it was better to tell Jimin sooner than the others? Jeongguk knew how protective the other was when Taehyung was concerned, and he was a little afraid that Jimin would get angry, ruining the announcement and a joyful moment of celebration. Jeongguk could already see Taehyung crying unconsolably and so he decided to prevent it, if possible.

Me: Sorry hyung, I was very busy. Honestly, yes.

He took in his breath while the other was typing. It seemed to be a very long text, or Jimin had simply deleted it and restarted it several times.

Jimin: Is he really pregnant?

Me: Yes, we got confirmation yesterday.

Jeongguk waited for an answer and for a sign that the other was writing back, but he saw that Jimin wasn’t online anymore. He frowned. Great. Just great.

Me: I’m sorry this is upsetting news to you. However, we are planning to announce it tonight and if you’ll be pissed about it, then you should rather stay home than come over. To Taehyung – and myself – it would mean the world to have you there; celebrating such an occasion with us. But the last thing I want is for you to upset Tae with your tantrums since he is very sensitive these days.  I don’t want him to cry forever, because he thinks that you hate him or our baby – your future nephew or niece. Don’t fuck up, Jimin, I’m not asking nicely.

Jeongguk looked at the screen and was about to put his phone away, satisfied with his text, when he saw that Jimin had read the message and then had logged off again.

Great. Just great.

“Let me heat up the stew” Seokjin said from the kitchen, taking out all the necessary containers of food he had brought over.

“Hyung, you’ve brought too much, Tae has cooked all day and – “

“Don’t worry JK, Tae and I have organised everything. Go and wake up Jeonsook, please, I’ll feed him before we have dinner” the older Omega said, skilfully taking out pots and pans from the kitchen.

Jeongguk shrugged and went to the bedroom, where, in the middle of the bed, little Jeonsook was taking his nap. Jeongguk smiled at the baby fondly, he was so adorable laying on his stomach with his butt up in the air and a finger stuck in his mouth. Jeongguk sat down on the bed and slowly patted the other’s back and caressed the soft baby hairs on his head. His heart jumped a little at the thought that a baby like that was growing inside Taehyung and he smiled when the little pup opened his eyes and looked around confused.

“Come on, Sook, let’s go to have dinner!” he said enthusiastically, making weird faces until the baby started to smile. He lifted Jeonsook up and sniffed his diaper; since he was already in the room and had an easy access to the baby bag Seokjin had brought along. It didn’t seem like Jeonsook had wet himself during the short nap. He took the sleepy baby to the living room, where Namjoon was sitting next to Taehyung and chatting with him, while Seokjin was still in the kitchen.

“He’s up”, Jeongguk said to Seokjin.

“I’ll be there in five minutes, the Omega said.

Jeongguk held the baby and threw him a little up in the air, making him shriek.

“JK what are you doing to my baby?” Seokjin’s voice came through.

“We are playing!” Jeongguk answered, holding up the baby and moving him around making helicopter sounds.

“Don’t overexcite him, otherwise he won’t eat”, the Omega said. Jeongguk stopped at that, holding the baby in his arms and sitting next to Taehyung on the couch. Jeongsook had soon lost interest in the Alpha, since he was obviously not being thrown around anymore, so he extended his little arms and said “Tata”.

Namjoon stopped talking to Taehyung, turning to look at the baby, who had started to talk, but was still very shy. Taehyung babysitted Jeongsook a lot and it was adorable how the two of them got along.

Jeongguk handed the baby to his mate, watching closely how Taehyung’s expression was gradually changing. The Omega was having his same thoughts; they were having their own baby soon and holding a toddler was charged with a surplus of meaning. Also, Jeonsook seemed to have sensed the different scent of Taehyung, a maternal scent, so he just laid his head on Taehyung’s chest and closed his eyes again, yawning. Namjoon seemed surprised at that, eyeing the Omega for a few seconds and then he looked at Jeongguk, who couldn’t take his eyes off Taehyung.

“Are you – “ Namjoon started and then shook his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make it weird but – are you having a baby?” he asked Taehyung, who opened his eyes wide.

“What?” the Omega answered, visibly taken aback by the question.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t – “

“No, why are you asking? Is it that obvious?” Jeongguk intervened.

“It’s because your scent is – “, Namjoon started and then looked at the youngest, “obvious?” he repeated.

“We – “, Taehyung caressed the baby’s thin hair and then looked at his Alpha “we wanted to tell you guys later, actually…”

Namjoon was still speechless, his eyes wandering from Taehyung with Jeonsook and Jeongguk. He stood up then, going to full on throw himself on the young Alpha, engulfing him in a tight hug. Jeongguk laughed at that, feeling very constrained and squished by Namjoon’s strong and heavy body. “Congratulations JK, I’m so happy for you”, he said, leaning back a little, until he could sit on the couch as well, not crushing the other too much. “You’re going to be a dad!” he said excitedly, squishing the Alpha’s bunny cheeks and kneading them. “A baby having a baby”, he said with a sincere smile.

Jeongguk pouted at this, trying to make the other stop. “Hyung, stop it” he said. But then Namjoon suddenly stopped and turned around, looking at Taehyung for a second.

“Aw, come here you” he said, engulfing the other in a hug and sandwiching Jeongsook in between them. “You two are going to be the cutest parents, the baby is very lucky to have you” he said in a low voice, trying to be too loud for Seokjin not to notice.

“Thank you, hyung”, Taehyung’s voice was a little weird, and Jeongguk soon understood why. As soon as they had stopped hugging, Taehyung’s hand which wasn’t holding up the baby went to his face, wiping away his tears. “I’m sorry”, he said, taking deep breaths “it just keeps happening like – I can’t control it” he sobbed a little.

Namjoon smiled fondly at the other, patting his back a little awkwardly.

“Let me – “, Jeongguk said to the elder, standing up and pushing himself in between the other two, until he was sitting next to his mate, holding him close and comforting him.

“Territorial, aren’t we, daddy?” the other Alpha teased, pinching Jeongguk’s side and poking his arm.

Taehyung laughed out loud at this, still crying, which was funny for all three adults on the couch.

“What is happening?” a voice interrupted, and they all looked up at Seokjin, who kneeled down to comfort Taehyung. “What happened?” he asked in again, being visibly shaken and ready to throw punches.

“I’m pregnant” Taehyung told him, trying to dry his tears.

“Weren’t we telling them later?” Jeongguk pouted at the Omega, while still rubbing his back.

“They all know already”, Taehyung stated as a matter of fact.

“Yeah, well but – “

“What, wait” Seokjin seemed to have gone from shocked to confused to shocked again to emotional and then to excited in a few seconds; if you asked Jeongguk, it was hilarious to witness.

“You’re – “

“Yes” Taehyung said, his lower lips quivering dangerously.

“Let me – “ Namjoon stood up and reached out to take away the baby, just in time before Seokjin crushed the other Omega into his arms, while the other clung to him and sobbed uncontrollably.

Jeongguk smiled at this, knowing that his hyungs would have accepted such a news with joy and enthusiasm; even though he hadn’t expected Namjoon to be such a softie to his mate – which had probably made the other start to cry. Jeongguk felt a little sorry for Taehyung and his crying issue, but there was nothing he could do, really, since it was a hormonal thing and would eventually stop. He then suddenly remembered that Yoongi and Jimin hadn’t arrived yet and he looked at his watch with a frown. Did Jimin really stay at home because he was pissed at them?

Chapter Text

After Jin had fed the baby, the guys decided to have dinner. Jimin and Yoongi weren't there yet and, honestly, Jeongguk thought that they weren't coming at all. He was a little angry at his friends, but nonetheless tried to keep up a happy façade for his mate.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Jimin and Yoongi?” Taehyung turned to his Alpha, who was smelling weirdly. Since he was pregnant, Taehyung’s sense of smell got even keener than usually and he could sense every small fluttering of his mate’s emotions.

“They are late I think –“

“Jeongguk, can I talk to you for a second?” Taehyung grabbed the Alpha’s wrist and pulled him into the little bathroom.

“Are you alright?” the Alpha hovered over the other, his hand sneaking on the flat surface of the other’s stomach. Taehyung’s furrowed brows softened immediately.

“Gukkie, you’re being a little overprotective, aren’t you?” the Omega said with a sweet smile, his hand lingering on Jeongguk’s.

“I – yeah, I guess”, Jeongguk blushed a little, “what is it babe?” he asked a little softer.

“Did you tell Jimin? About me being pregnant, didn’t you?”

Jeongguk was taken aback a little. He couldn’t really lie to the other – especially when Taehyung was watching at him with his big hazel eyes which could search the inner depth of his soul.

“You did tell him” Taehyung seemed a little confused and he furrowed his brows. “Is he – like – did he say anything?” he questioned the Alpha.

Jeongguk was in a tight spot. Literally. Squished between the sink and the body of the Omega. His hand still on the other’s stomach, searching a contact with the tiny baby. He looked at the other’s saddening expression and his heart broke a little. Damn Jimin, he would punch him square in the face when – His train of thought was interrupted when they heard the doorbell ring. Taehyung’s head whipped up and he looked right into Jeongguk’s eyes for a spit second, before opening the door and storming out.

“Sorry, we were held up –“

Jeongguk left out a long and shaky breath as he heard Yoongi’s voice, followed by Jimin’s. Fucking, finally, he said to himself, breathing in deeply and looking at his pale reflection in the mirror. He put the murderous instinct aside and decided to see what would happen with Taehyung’s brother. Hopefully I won’t have to fight him… the Alpha thought, puffing out his chest and walking out to stand next to his Omega, who looked like he was on the verge of tears, watching at his brother who had a weird expression on his face.

“Hey guys” Jeongguk put himself between Taehyung and Jimin, looking at the other Alpha with an angered expression.

“Yah, JK, step aside, will you?” the other reached out to pat his friend’s shoulder with a wink. What the…? Jimin was hastily undoing the zipper of his hoodie putting up a show. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him weirdly, while his zipper got stuck in his t-shirt and he started cursing. Yoongi had successfully undone his zipper and he wore a t-shirt that said “ME TOO!”.

“What is going on guys?” Namjoon asked with a frown, little Jeongsook in his arms was staring at the newly arrived as well.

“Shit, wait, just a second” Jimin said, turning around, while Yoongi was standing there weirdly.

“You too what, Yoongi?” Jin whispered to the Omega, who shook his head with a frown.

“Just a second” Yoongi whispered back. As if the others couldn’t hear them, crowded together in the corridor.

“Jiminie –“ Taehyung said, but was interrupted by a loud cheer of the other, who turned around, holding his sweater tightly shut and not revealing what he wore underneath,

“Sorry, it got stuck, but –“, he opened his T-shirt “surprise!” he said quite loudly, looking at his brother’s expression.

Taehyung stared at the t-shirt of his brother for a second and Jeongguk’s eyes were on his Omega, as he perceived that his scent changed abruptly, and his lower lip started to quiver dangerously. As he started to cry, Jimin leaped forwards to gather him in his arms. “Congratulations, Taetae” Jimin said, holding onto his brother very tightly “I’m so so happy for you”, he said honestly and with tears in his eyes.

“Awe, I’m about to cry too, gimme the baby – “, Jin whispered to Namjoon, reaching out to take the Jeongsook in his arms to distract himself from the adorable display in front of him.

Jeongguk blinked in surprise and then his shoulders relaxed visibly. He was surprised, a lot. Jimin showed up with a bright blue t-shirt that said WORLD’S BEST UNCLE EVER and Yoongi wore a matching one with ME TOO printed on it and the Alpha couldn’t hold back a grin. Yoongi saw his expression morph and he stepped forwards to envelop the Alpha in his arms. “Congratulations, baby daddy” the Omega whispered, holding tightly on his dongsaeng.

“Thank you, hyung” Jeongguk said back, holding back his tears.

“You know, your threats weren’t necessary, he was hyped from the very start; in a good way” Yoongi whispered again, looking at the other with a fond expression.

“I’m –“

“I know, don’t worry, he’s happy that you’re this protective, he will be even worse I’m afraid”, Yoongi said, leaning back, because Jimin and Taehyung had stopped embracing and the Alpha was drying his brother’s tears.

“Wait, let me hug this little brat here” Jimin told Taehyung, who nodded happily, and was soon embraced by Yoongi, who was visibly emotional as well. “Come here” Jimin smiled brightly at Jeongguk, extending his arms towards him and hugging him very tightly. With the force of an Alpha.

“Jimin, I’m sorry for the message – “, Jeongguk whispered, but he was interrupted.

“No, you did well, JK, you did what you thought was right, don’t worry” Jimin answered. “I’m happy for you two, you’re very lucky to have each other. I’m sure that the baby will be perfect, and you’ll make an amazing dad” Jimin said, leaning back to look at Jeongguk into his eyes.

The younger Alpha gulped, fresh tears making his eyes shine. He still needed to get used to being called a dad; it felt surreal in a sense. When he had found out about the baby, he had been so happy, because there would be another little person with them. But he still needed to transform the abstract idea of a baby into a reality; into the fact that he, Jeon Jeongguk, would become a father, with a huge sense of responsibility.

“Thank you, hyung”, he said to Jimin, who was wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Do you like our t-shirts? We got them printed out literally 5 minutes ago and changed in the elevator” Jimin snickered, standing close to his Omega.

“Stay there, I need to take a picture”, Namjoon said, fishing out his phone.

“Great idea, hon”, Jin intervened, blowing his nose and kissing Jeongsook’s nose. “You’re going to have a little cousin, are you happy Sook?”, he asked the baby, who was reaching out to squish his father’s cheeks. “Yes you are, aren’t you?”

The doorbell rang again and Jeongguk looked at the door raising his brows.

“Who –“, Yoongi turned around, while Jimin opened the door behind him.

“Hey guys, I made it anyway!” a very cheerful Hoseok made his way into the apartment. Jeongguk smiled brightly, since the lawyer had told them that he had some errands for work and wouldn’t be able to join them. “I managed to file al the documents and I took a cab at the very last minute”, the red-haired Beta explained.

Then, he looked at everyone hurled up in the corridor and he frowned. “Why are you guys all crying, what happened?”, he asked suddenly, his expression changing.

Taehyung was sporting a huge grin on his face when he laid to bed that night. “I’m happy Gukkie”, he told the Alpha, who was looking at him with adoring eyes.

“I love you”, Jeongguk scooted closer, enveloping the Omega in his arms and kissing the exposed skin of his collarbone, lingering there to scent the very delicate scent of apricots, which made his heart flutter every time. His hand sneaked on the other’s midsection – where it rested pretty much all the time. “We will need to move, you know that, right?” he whispered onto the other’s skin.


“And we will need to hurry up before you get too –“


“What?” Jeongguk snickered, “yeah, no uhm, I mean… tired and –“

Taehyung joined the laughter and nodded. “I know; the sooner the better…”

“I don’t want us to move too far away though; I think that this position is the best”, Jeongguk went on, his hand stopping its circular movements.

“Yes, I agree. I like having Jimin and Yoongi close by”, the Omega whispered, “but I’d also like to get a place for ourselves and – to have a little garden?” he suggested.

Jeongguk smiled softly. “We could get you a pet? I remember you told me that –“, the Alpha was alarmed since the Omega’s face changed all of a sudden – he looked lost and sad for a second. “Would you like that?”

“Yes, of course, yes” Taehyung’s smile was brighter than ever.

There were little sparking tears in his eyes and Jeongguk scooted a little closer, giving the other a little kiss on his nose. There were times when Jeongguk almost forgot about the Omega’s dark past. He liked to know that Taehyung had opened up about everything to him, but there were still times in which Jeongguk could see something sad into the other’s eyes and – as much as he wanted to make his Omega the happiest and luckiest person in the world, he knew that it simply wasn’t possible for him to forget. There was always a shadow of the past marriage and husband looming over them – even though Taehyung managed to gradually store all the bad feelings in a little corner of his mind – they could simply pop up when something happened that reminded the Omega of the past. Jeongguk was a young Alpha, but he knew all of this and, when things got a little rough, everything he could do was take Taehyung into his arms and reassure him, because they were alright now, and it was everything that mattered.

“Come on, let’s take a selca”, Jeongguk said out of the blue, reaching for his phone.

“Why? Now?” the Omega pouted and frowned.

“Yes, we need to start the album of the baby as soon as possible, come on” he smiled, turning on the front camera.

“You’re weird, Jeon Jeongguk”, he said giggling and poking the Alpha’s side; fixing his bangs and making a little V with his fingers and a cute smile on his face for the camera.

Chapter Text

“Honey, we’re home!”, Taehyung’s voice came from the entry and Jeongguk woke up from his nap with a jump. He looked outside and it was already dark. Just how much had he been asleep?

“Hey”, Jeongguk walked to the front door to greet his Omega and Jimin, who were just taking off their shoes.

“Had a good sleep, JK?” Jimin teased, pointing at his hair and giggling. His eyes disappearing because he was laughing too much.

“I – “ Jeongguk patted his hair down, noticing the awkward way it had dried when he had laid down on the sofa, “I tested out the new couch”, he said with a smirk.

“Gukkie”, Taehyung smiled and went to embrace his Alpha, “you have some paint on your cheekbone, right here” he tried to remove it, but it seemed to have dried and cemented on the other’s face. “You said that you would take it easy today”, the Omega scolded with a frown.

“I did take it easy, I showered and fell asleep on the couch”, Jeongguk answered, putting up a kettle with tea for Jimin and taking out some cookies on a plate.

Taehyung immediately grabbed a chocolate cookie and shook his head.

“You put together all the shelves in the kitchen and you still painted the room of the baby”, he insisted.

“Let him be, our JK is a healthy young man!” Jimin intervened, taking a cookie for himself.

“He is practising a lot for your showcase and he’s slaving around the house all day”, Taehyung answered to his brother unamused.

“I want everything to be ready as soon as possible before the baby arrives”.

“We still have five months until that, Jeongguk”, Taehyung sighed.

“You will soon need to rest more, and I want you to be comfortable and our house to be furnished and ready. What if the baby comes earlier than it’s supposed?”

The Omega sighed again and looked at his cookie.

Jimin looked at the couple and intervened: “Listen, I’m sure that we can all have a meet up here tomorrow and speed up the rest of the work. Yoongi and I planned on going to the gym, but we might as well come here and lift some boxes. Seokjin and Namjoon are also just a call away and tomorrow is Sunday, so they will both be at home. And as for Hoseok, I’m sure that he would be happy to give a hand. We can all have some dinner and beer afterwards, how does that sound?”

"And - we're done!" Jeongguk wiped the sweat from his forehead, smiling brightly at the cupboard he had just assembled in the babies' room. "Now we only need to put in the diapers and stuff –“ he said to the Omega, who was putting some stuffed plushies on the shelves next to the crib.

“It’s all ready”, Taehyung sighed, leaning back to cup his growing belly.

“All we need is the bun in the oven to be properly baked”, Jeongguk came to stand behind the Omega and put his hands on the other’s.

Taehyung chuckled, turning his head around to glance at the Alpha, who was smiling his bunny smile, all teeth. “Gukkie, your puns are terrible sometimes” he said, still giggling.

“You love my bad puns”, he said, leaning down to scent his Omega’s new alluring and milky smell, kissing the column of his throat.

“I do, yes”, Taehyung said, leaning his head backwards, on the Alpha’s shoulder and breathing out profoundly.

Jeongguk’s heart missed a few beats; it had probably been a month since they had been intimate and the Alpha missed his mate in that sense, but he also waited for the other to initiate intimacy, and – with the move and settling into the new house – honestly, they hadn’t had all the time in the world. Jeongguk had gone back to practise a lot because of the upcoming showcase and he would come back home very tired; he would have dinner, a shower, and then he’d work for hours at the new house. Taehyung did his share of work, but he refrained himself from putting him and the baby in danger, so he mostly unpacked boxes, sewed some custom sized curtains and decorated around the house, to make it more homely. And he cooked and cleaned, taking some hours every afternoon to study for his finals. It had been a crazy month, and Jeongguk had thought about sex a lot, but he didn’t feel like asking for it, when Taehyung would cuddle up to him at night, whispering a very tired good night. It was because of all that that he slowly slid his hand on his Omega’s hip on the hem of his sweatpants, pulling at the material a little, in order to slide his thumb on the naked skin of the other. He started kissing the other’s neck with more purpose, gaining soft pants from the Omega, who had become like jelly in his arms. As Jeongguk was about to let his hand roam onto Taehyung’s side, the Omega stopped the motion by suddenly jerking up on his feet.

“Gukkie…”, he said, fixing his pants “we should go to bed”.

Jeongguk wasn’t really prepared for a rejection, he thought that Taehyung was suggesting a better place, since it wasn’t the best idea in the world to have sex in the babies’ room. “Let’s go then”, the Alpha took the other by the hand and hurriedly led him to the adjacent bedroom.

As soon as the door was shut, Jeongguk hovered over the other, going in for a deep kiss, pulling the Omega towards him. It was a little weird, because of the six month’s old baby bump in between them, but the Alpha loved every second of it. As he was pulling Taehyung towards himself – to get closer to the bed – the Omega pulled back.

“Gukkie, I’m really tired”, he whispered.

Oh. Alright. The Alpha remained silent for a split second.

“When I said bed – I meant… bed, I’m tired”, Taehyung said with an apologetic little smile.

“Sure baby, sorry I got a little – uhm, carried away”, Jeongguk answered, scratching the back of his head.

Chapter Text

“How are things at home?” Namjoon asked while taking a sip of his beer.

Jeongguk had decided to go to dinner with his hyung, since Taehyung was enjoying a spa weekend with Seokjin and Yoongi. The Omegas deciding to take a break together to get some massages and pedicures – which basically meant having a long sleepover together and gossiping about their Alphas and God-knows-what.

Jeongguk sighed. Home was lonely without Taehyung. Even if it meant that he was only away for three days. “All good, I’ve got my hands full with Yeontanie all day.”

“Oh yes, did you leave him with Jimin?”, the older Alpha asked, remembering the cute puppy JK and Tae had got last month.

“No, he's doing good by himself. We are leaving him alone at times, he's got his dog activity. Jimin is studying for his driving license and I’m leaving him some space, honestly. With Taehyung living so close by and him getting bigger and bigger, Jimin is getting a lot more protective as well and – well it’s not easy to have him around as much, him being an Alpha and all – I don’t know, I’m stupid –“, Jeongguk said, before taking a long sip of his beer to shut up. Why did he always have to rant for such a long time?

“No, you’re not stupid, JK, it’s how it is, I know”, Namjoon reached out to pat his dongsaeng on his back.

“You didn’t seem to have any problems with me hanging around the house when Jin hyung was pregnant”.

Namjoon smiled, while turning his attention to the television screen at the bar, where a soccer game was being broadcast. “I don’t mean to sound rude, but I didn’t exactly perceive you as a threat around my mate” he said turning to the younger Alpha, his dimple showing.

“So – you’re telling me that I perceive Jimin as a threat?”, Jeongguk was puzzled.

“Not you, yourself, more like your Alpha”, Namjoon answered, rolling his eyes. Seeing that Jeongguk had remained silent, the older Alpha went on. “You’re a pacific Alpha, JK, I understand that you haven’t really had your animalistic side in charge and it’s new and unsettling. But it’s biology: your mate is expecting and you’re being protective of them both. While Jimin is Tae’s brother, meaning he’s not a concorent romantically, he’s feeling more protective of his brother as well, which makes them spend a lot of time together.”

Jeongguk frowned, taking a sip of his beer.

“You’re jealous. Simple as that”, Namjoon rolled his eyes.

“I’m –“ Jeongguk thought about it. Yeah, possibly he was jealous. Not only of his mate, but also of the baby, who wasn’t born yet, but was already pampered and spoilt by all the little presents and ideas his brother’s hyung had; but, also, Jeongguk really missed spending some time with Jimin – it being just the two of them playing videogames.

“It’s ok, happens to the best of us”, Namjoon patted him friendly on the shoulder.

“It’s – well –“ Jeongguk gulped a little, unsure if he could just speak his mind.

“There is something bothering you, isn’t there? You’ve been weird for some time”, Namjoon observed the other, while typing a message to his babysitter.

“I didn’t know whom to ask, but I guess that you’ve been through your mate being pregnant…” Jeongguk was stalling.

“Well?”, Namjoon asked with a frown.

“It’s about –“ Jeongguk looked around, to make sure that nobody was looking at them, “it’s about sex”, he whispered, blushing a little.

Namjoon laughed out loud at this, which made the younger Alpha flustered even more.

“It’s ok, JK, come on, tell me, sorry”, he said, trying not to smile.

Jeongguk took another sip of his beer and looked at the beverage, thinking about how to formulate his next sentences.

“It’s like – at first, when we first found out he was pregnant – well – hormones and all, we – uh – had a lot of – sex… It was great and –“.

“Nothing quite like pregnancy sex, isn’t there?”, Namjoon winked. Seeing that the other still had a weird expression, he regained his composure and frowned. “Sorry, go on.”

“As I said, at first it was amazing, but now – it’s been months since we last – since he started showing he – is making up all kinds of excuses – I – I’m not and I didn’t insist. Usually we just kiss and then things heat up and – well it’s usually him initiating. And – well he started showing and he started dressing in the bathroom and being a little distant in that sense.”

“Did you try initiating?” Namjoon asked.

“Yes, a few times, he even seems like he’s into it, but then he just says something like he’s tired or he just cuddles up to me and he makes me understand that he doesn’t want it.” Jeongguk frowned. “Saying it out loud makes me seem like I’m some kind of pervert.”

“What? No, Jungkookie, no, it’s totally normal.” Namjoon reassured him, “you’re his mate, it’s normal that you want to be close to him in that sense, pregnancy pheromones are strong and they pull you to him.”

“Was it – when Seokjin hyung was pregnant –“ Jeongguk didn’t know how to ask about his hyungs sexual life and it made him flustered.

“He didn’t push me away, no, but all Omegas react differently; I think that you should talk about it with Taehyung; he’s your mate and you need to have an open communication between the two of you.”

“But – he’s the first one to speak about stuff and now he’s the one who’s not talking to me and I –“

“You take charge of talking for once. If there’s something wrong, you’ll need to know.” Namjoon saw how the other had tensed up “listen, I think that it could be an issue related to the change of his body. We all know how he wants to eat healthy and do his yoga exercises to stay in shape and now, well, pregnancy has him put up some weight and it could be that he’s not comfortable with that?” Namjoon explicated, looking at the thoughtful expression of the other’s face.

“I don’t know – It makes sense, I guess?” Jeongguk wanted to hit himself. With a chair. What the hell? How hadn’t he thought about it? Of course, there was something wrong about Taehyung not wanting to take his clothes off in front of him, but Jeongguk had thought about it all wrong.

“Think about it, you still have one day until he comes back. If you sense that something is off, then talk to him. You can do it.” Namjoon finished his beer and looked at his watch “I really need to go now, the babysitter is waiting for me.”

“Hyung” Jeongguk stood up and awkwardly embraced the other, who was still sitting on the high chair, “thank you.”

“Gukkie, I’m back!” Taehyung shrieked from the entry, making Jeongguk jump from where he was preparing dessert. While he was making his way to the doorway, he could hear that Yeontan had already joined the Omega, barking in excitement. “Hey, you little baby, you’re so so cute! I missed you!”

Jeongguk laid his eyes on the Omega as the other was holding up the little ball of fur and giving it little kisses. He leaned on the doorframe and enjoyed the immediate sensation of his Alpha calming down and wallowing in his mate’s peaches, vanilla, apricot and lavender scent. 

“No kisses for me?” he asked, while the other’s eyes turned onto him.

“Hey” the Omega’s voice was soft and full of sentiment. “Come here”, he gestured, putting the little barking dog on the ground and opening his arms to the other.

They spent a few moments scenting each other and hugging. Jeongguk’s hands immediately found the round belly of the other, which had a nice curve to it since the Omega was already on his seventh month. Was it possible that the belly had grown so much in the past three days? The Alpha knew that it wasn’t, but the absence of his mate for what seemed like a long time had made him think so.

“I’ve missed this bed”, Taehyung said, lying back on the bed.

“And how about me? Did you miss me?”, Jeongguk said playfully, deciding not to put on his pyjamas for bed. He was going to sleep in his briefs; which he occasionally did.

“Of course” the Omega giggled at how the Alpha threw himself on the bed; crawling to place his head on Taehyung’s belly to talk to the baby, as he did every night.

“It’s your daddy again! I know I know, I didn’t say hi for two nights in a row, but your dad was away to get massages and to relax… and I missed both of you like crazy” Jeongguk said, feeling Taehyung’s hands carding his hair. He looked up and saw that the Omega was smiling at him sweetly. Jeongguk gave the belly a little kiss and crawled up the covers, not taking his eyes off the Omega, whose eyes got a little bigger and worried. The Alpha got under the duvet and laid down onto his side, while Taehyung did the same, facing his mate. They looked at each other for a split second, before Jeongguk’s hand came up to caress the other’s jaw. “You’re so beautiful”, he whispered.

Taehyung sighed, lowering his eyes.

“Hey”, Jeongguk scooted a little closer, until his nose touched the other’s. He placed a little kiss on the tip of the Omega’s nose and then pressed forwards, to make his lips slide over the other’s. Taehyung eagerly kissed him back, which made Jeongguk reach out with his hand, placing it on the other’s hip and pulling him a little closer. As expected, Taehyung broke the kiss, sighing.

“Gukkie –“

“What is wrong?” the Alpha whispered, “don’t you want me like this?”

Taehyung sighed again.

“It’s not like –“ Jeongguk laid a little back, facing the other “it’s not like I’m angry or I want to push you in any way -  I just want to know if there’s something wrong, if I did anything to upset you or –“

“No, of course not” the Omega interrupted “you’re amazing”.

“Is it because you’ve –“ be delicate, Goddamn. “Is it because of the baby?”

Taehyung shook his head. His eyes getting sad.

“Are you getting undressed in the bathroom because you don’t want me to see you?” Jeongguk didn’t know how to say it, so he just went for it. Damage control was necessary now. Taehyung’s lip quivered a little. “Let me hold you, please”, he said, extending his open arms.

Taehyung looked at him for a second and then he scooted closer, until he was almost on top of the Alpha, his belly leaning a little on Jeongguk’s taut stomach. The Alpha held him close, holding his back with one hand and running his other hand on the Omega’s bicep. “Baby, I’m love with each part of you and I’m in awe at how your body is changing”, he whispered into the other’s hair, “you’re so damn sexy”.

“Gukkie my feet are swollen, and I feel like I’m bloated – all day every day.”

“Your body is creating a life, baby, and I’m so proud of you for being such a good parent already. You eat healthily, drink lots of water, take all your vitamins and do your exercise –“

“I also eat a lot of chocolate and sweets”, Taehyung had started crying a little.

“Yes you do, and it reassures me that the baby has good taste already, like his daddy”.

“Gukkie –“

“You’re stunning, Taehyung, you won’t make me change my mind, when it’s already set and it has been all this time.”

Taehyung lifted his head and looked at the other, gauging his expression to make sure he was telling the truth. Not finding anything that told him otherwise, he pushed himself up a little, pressing his lips onto the other’s with a sigh.

Jeongguk kissed him back slowly, until he could clearly scent the other’s arousal. He was a little confused, not knowing what he was allowed to do.

“Do you want to?” Taehyung whispered, his eyes still shining from the tears.

“I will always want you”, Jeongguk answered, kissing back the Omega and letting his hands slide on his mate’s body, after what had seemed like a long time.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk was having the time of his life; he was taking off Taehyung's clothes after a very long time and their scents were intermingling in a way that made him want to cry in relief. The Omega was looking at him with big hazel eyes and there was still a hint of worry and fear in them, but Jeongguk wanted to do everything in his power to make the other feel good.

"You are looking at me like you want to eat me up", Taehyung said coyly, laying himself on the bed and casting a seductive glance to Jeongguk, who was hurriedly taking off his sweater and shorts, still wearing his trademark white t-shirt and black boxer briefs.

"Maybe I am about to eat you up", Jeongguk played along, loving how Taehyung was starting to feel like himself again. Since the beginning of their relationship, namely, the Omega had always been the shameless one, enjoying how easily his body affected his Alpha. Jeongguk knew that Taehyung loved teasing him with all sorts of lingerie and he knew that the Alpha liked being the shier and submissive one; so that the Omega had started to  top occasionally and to use his own sex toys on the other, making their sexual life generally exciting. Since the sudden gain of weight, though, due to the baby, Taehyung had started to doubt himself and his sexuality and this was the first time Jeongguk felt like the other was starting to get comfortable.

Jeongguk crawled on the bed, not taking his eyes off the other. "You are so beautiful", he whispered, leaning down to kiss a trail from Taehyung's chest bone to his ear.

"Mhhh", the Omega moaned, "help me take this off", he said, pulling a little at his large pink nightgown.

"This is cute", Jeongguk smiled at his mate, touching the fabric, it was a soft cotton with a pattern of pink bunnies; "is it new?", he asked, genuinely interested.

"You know that I can't fit into my pyjama pants anymore, right?", the other asked, having managed to successfully remove the piece of clothing. He only remained in a beige lacy bra and matching panties.

Jeongguk forgot how to breathe for one second, his eyes trailing onto his mate's uncovered skin. Just how long had it been since he had last seen him undressed? It didn't seem like the longest of times, even though Jeongguk knew that months had passed... But Taehyung was always with him, it's not like he hadn't seen him. And yet, the other's body seemed to have changed a lot in the meanwhile. Except for the obvious belly, which had a very nice and round shape to it, the Omega's breasts had grown at least a full size, making them stand out on his body, which was... softer, perfect. Jeongguk interrupted his thoughts as he felt the other's hand on his bicep.

"Is it -"

"You're stunning, I-", the Alpha interrupted the other, "I've never seen anything more beautiful than you are right now in my life", he said honestly, placing his hand on the lower part of the Omega's belly, caressing the soft skin.

"Gukkie", Taehyung covered his face, blushing.

"Is this new as well?", Jeongguk bit his lip, tracing the border of the other's panties with his thumb.

"I did some shopping..." the Omega admitted, giggling.

"Yeah, I can see that, but, as much as I like it all, especially this...", the other hand of the Alpha went behind the Omega's back, to play with the bralette's clasp, "I think that I should take it off". With a swift movement of his fingers, he managed to undo the piece of clothing, making the other shiver a little.

Taehyung grabbed the other's face in his hands and went in for a passionate kiss, making Jeongguk almost topple over onto him.

"Careful", the Alpha giggled, resting his weight onto his arms and kissing a trail from Taehyung's lips down his throat and nearing his chest. As he was just about to kiss the Omega through the loose bralette, the other pulled up his head by grasping his hair.

"Don't get too excited, they are quite tender", the Omega said, making the other nod vigorously.

"Just tell me anything, you know that", he whispered, looking into Taehyung's eyes and finding all the trust in the world in those brown eyes.

"I'm telling you right now that I'm leaking already and you haven't even properly touched me; this isn't gonna last long", the Omega smiled.

"Who said that I'll be satisfied with you coming only once?", Jeongguk whispered, removing the half-undone bralette completely and throwing it off the bed, to dedicate himself fully to the other's needs.

"Where are you going?", Taehyung giggled, sitting up on the bed with a little pillow behind his head.

Jeongguk was feeling on cloud nine. Or ten. Or eleven. How could his happiness and relief be contained in cloud nine only?  "I'm making us a snack, so that we can turn on Netflix and cuddle all night long", he answered. "Do you have any preferences? Sandwich? BLT? Chicken mayo? Just a plain salad? Stir fried rice?", he asked, putting on his underwear and turning around to face the Omega, who was now laughing out loud.

"Gukkie, I'm not even hungry", the other said, wheezing as Jeongguk's brows furrowed comically.

"Well, you haven't had food or water in at least two hours and I don't want the baby to be dehydrated and hungry because we've been busy and selfish", the Alpha crossed his arms onto his chest, "so you don't have much to complain; you can choose; I could even whip up a quick pasta dish."

Taehyung's laughter morphed in a sweet smile. "Hmmm. I'll choose a chicken mayo sandwich with lettuce then", the Omega answered, biting his lip and tilting his head, being cute because he knew the other couldn't resist his sweet face.

As expected, Jeongguk's frown disappeared. "It's coming right up! Oh!" the Alpha did a weird turn, which the other wasn't clearly expecting, "I almost forgot!"

The Omega widened his eyes in question "yes?"

"Orange juice, apple juice, milk, water?" the Alpha listed, making the Omega start to giggle again.

This time, Taehyung grabbed the little pillow behind his head and aimed at the other. "Gukkie, you're terrible!"

 Jeongguk was impatient. The baby was growing and kicking, and the Alpha loved every moment of the pregnancy...but Taehyung was getting more and more exhausted with the passing of every day. He was nearing the eight month of pregnancy and they hadn't yet established the primary sex, since, every time they went to the doctor's, everything they could see was little feet and the baby's side profile. Fortunately, from what they could see, the baby seemed to have Taehyung's nose, which was a big deal to the Alpha. He had had a little discussion with the Omega, who claimed that this obsession with his nose was all in his head, because, come on, his nose was adorable and squishy. Jeongguk didn't think so. At all. Although, the point was that the baby wouldn't show as much as Jeongguk wanted to see. "He's camera shy, awe", the Omega smiled with little tears in his eyes; Taehyung was ok with the baby's gender being a surprise, but he was also very curious. They had decided, ultimately, that if the gender would show, at a certain point, they would want to know it.

Today was another day in which Jeongguk's hopes had gone up, and then sunk down immediately, as he saw the position in which the baby was positioned. "Is it even normal for the baby to be like this all the time?", He complained to the doctor, who was observing the monitor.

"Gukkie, the baby moves all the time!", Taehyung complained.

"It's normal for the baby to find a position they feel more comfortable in and spend most of the time like that", the doctor said, reassuring the Alpha.

Jeongguk sighed, going to hold his Omega's hand. "Sorry I get so impatient", he whispered, leaning down to kiss Taehyung's forehead.

"I do have some news for you, even though it is not about the primary gender...", the doctor intervened, giving Taehyung the tissue box to clean himself up after the ultrasound.

Taehyung frowned and his grip on Jeongguk's hand tightened.

"What is it?", Jeongguk asked, his heart pounding quickly.

"I have the results of the latest blood tests and I can assure you that your baby is very healthy and strong" the doctor started, while the couple gazed into each other's eyes fondly for a few seconds. "I can also tell you that the secondary gender of the baby is determined already."

Jeongguk stopped breathing for a second. Of course. It was a question of blood cells or something like that, which determined if one was an Omega, a Beta or an Alpha at birth. He didn't really like biology... "Do we want to know?", he turned around, facing Taehyung, who was seemingly very emotional.

"Are you kidding?", the Omega asked, "you don't want to know?"

Jeongguk sighed, "it's not like I want to impose what I want... and if you think that we need to know because I -" 

"Babe!", Taehyung squished his hand, "I want to know! Do you?", Taehyung seemed excited and there were still little tears in his eyes.

"Yes", Jeongguk grinned wide, before turning his attention to the doctor.

"Well then, congratulations", he said holding up the Omega's file, "you're having a baby Alpha!"


Chapter Text

Jeongguk was freaking out.

“He will be alright, don’t worry too much”, Seokjin patted the young Alpha on his shoulders. They were at the ER, sitting in the corridor on some foldable chairs. The older Omega was rocking little Jeonsook who had seemingly caught up on the worry of his parents and Jeongguk’s distress and would not stop crying. “Can you hold him for a second?”, the Omega tried to calm the other down by handing him the baby. Jeongguk was a natural with the child and maybe it would make him think of something else having his hands busy.

“Where are you going?” Jeongguk asked, seeing that Seokjin had got up and was about to walk down the corridor.

“I’m getting us coffee, it’s getting late”, the other answered, turning around and walking away.

Jeongguk turned his attention to the little Omega in his arms, rocking him on his knees and trying to be in control of his scent. Obviously, the distressed Alpha smell was bad for the child. “Sssht, it’s alright, hyungie is not upset anymore”, the whispered to the child, peppering his chubby cheeks with kisses, which made the other calm down eventually. Jeongguk reached out to wipe away the little tears in Jeonsook’s eyes. He thought back at Taehyung and he tried to stay calm.

Three hours ago

Jeongguk was sitting on the couch and browsing the Netflix menu. There’s always too much to watch and so little time… And now it would be even less, with the baby coming in a month. The Alpha was thrilled, excited and he was getting impatient, but he kept his mood up; especially because it helped his mate a lot. The Omega was exhausted, emotionally unstable and kept complaining all day about aches in his feet and stomach. They had eventually decided to skip dinner with the hyungs and to order in and chill a little on the sofa; Jeongguk offered to give his mate a foot massage and the Omega settled down next to him.

“Gukkie, something’s not right”, Taehyung complained all of a sudden, bending a little forwards and running his hands on his lower abdomen. 

“Babe?” Jeongguk leaned towards him and looked at him in concern.

“I’m having cramps all morning and now it has started to worsen”, he answered grimacing.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me?” Jeongguk jumped up, his face going pale “We’re going to the hospital this second”, he exclaimed, ready to fight the other if necessary.

“Yes”, the Omega looked at him with a worried expression, holding out his hands for the Alpha, who helped him up.

“Can you walk? Should I carry you?” the Alpha asked.

“No, Gukkie, it’s fine, I can manage”, Taehyung smiled weakly and uncertainly, “can you only grab my grey hoodie with the zipper? I’m a little cold”.

“Of course, love”, Jeongguk skedaddled and came back in a second. “Here”, he helped the other into the piece of clothing. “I don’t want you to worry about it alone, you know, you should have told me sooner that you didn’t feel well.”

“Gukkie, it’s normal to experience some cramping at this stage of the pregnancy, I didn’t think too much of it”, Taehyung explained himself, while the other was helping him to get in the car.

“Yes but you said it’s worse than this morning, what do you mean by that?” the Alpha asked, sitting in the car and checking onto the others’ seatbelt.

“I don’t know, I feel like the cramping is getting more and more frequent. I hope it’s not early contractions”, the Omega said, placing a hand on the big curve of his belly, leaning back in the seat.

“Do you want me to lean your seat back?” the Alpha asked with concern, turning to face the other as he was manoeuvring his way out of the parking lot.

“No, it’s fine”, Taehyung answered gritting his teeth and squeezing the belly with his hand.

Jeongguk started to get really really worried, glancing on the other as much as he could, although he was speeding to the hospital, just a few blocks away.

The couple rushed to the ER and Jeongguk sprinted to the front desk, explaining to the secretary that his mate had to see a ob-gyn immediately, since he was eight months pregnant. The panicked look in Jeongguk’s eyes convinced the nurses immediately, and they found a wheelchair for the Omega, who was brought to the emergency obstetrician. Jeongguk felt a pang of anger and worry as the doctor had told him to wait outside; even after complaining several times, the doctor had told him to wait for the Omega during the check-up, so he was left with nothing else than his phone in his hands. Calling Seokjin hyung had seemed the only option to the Alpha and, luckily for him, Seokjin and Jeonsook were just heading home from the nearby grocery store and were able to join him soon. The older Omega had tried to reassure him, because if something urgent had been the matter – like Taehyung giving birth to the baby – other nurses would have rushed the Omega to that other room at the hospital. Everything was going to be ok, it’s best for the doctor to be thorough than to make a shit diagnosis. Jeongguk had just finished his coffee and smiled at Jeongsook’s peaceful expression as he was reunited with his father, when the door opened. He jumped up, the expression of a crazy person painted on his features. The doctor stepped out and closed the door behind himself. Jeongguk looked at the room behind the doctor, worrying as to why his Omega wasn’t coming out. Everything was ok, right?

“What is it?” he asked out of breath, looking at the older man.

“Nothing serious”, the doctor said with a smile, patting Jeongguk’s shoulder “your mate and the baby are perfectly alright”, he went on, while Jeongguk felt a wave of relief washing through his core, making him sigh deeply. “He’s just getting dressed”, the doctor stated, seeing that Jeongguk was looking at the door insistently. “I’ve also told him how I recommend that he takes it slow this last month of pregnancy, because the baby is quite small and he shouldn’t wear himself out. I recommended for him to lay as much as possible and to avoid all kinds of effort. I would also recommend that you don’t engage in penetrative intercourse –“ the doctor stated very matter-of-factly. Jeongguk felt his cheeks heat up at the last sentence, but he nodded his head anyway; he would do anything to have a healthy baby and to secure Taehyung’s well-being.

“Gukkie, I’m coming!” Taehyung yelled from the bedroom.

The Alpha panicked, grabbing the plate with the pancaked and syrup and sprinted to the room where him Omega had been segregated for two weeks.

“I’m so tired of this bed, Gukkie, I want to walk around the block and get some fresh air!” The Omega pouted. He looked miserable; under-eye bags very prominent on his handsome face, dishevelled bed-hair.

“Baby, how about we walk in here for a while? You know that you shouldn’t really take the stairs, the doctor –“

“I know what the doctor said!” the Omega pouted, “I am miserable here though”, Taehyung complained, little tears gathering in his eyes.

“Sssh”, the Alpha put the breakfast down, walking to the side of the bed where Taehyung was sitting up, a cushion behind his back and between his legs. “Taetae, endure it a little more, we’ll have a beautiful baby very soon”, the Alpha pulled the other into his arms, nuzzling his throat and inhaling that enhanced peaches-vanilla-y scent. He felt how the other relaxed from the contact and melted into the embrace. “How about I call in sick today and we spend it playing overwatch or binge-watching Netflix and I can make us some burritos and then massage your feet, huh?” he said, trying to make the other calm down.

“No, Gukkie, it’s fine, really. Tomorrow you’ll have a free day and we can do it all, but today you shouldn’t miss work”, he sighed. Since he knew that Jeongguk had his mind set on comforting him, he said the only thing that could convince the Alpha: “I will call Jiminie over”.

Jeongguk sighed, nodding his head. It was true, if there wasn’t an emergency, he shouldn’t skip work simply to be with the other. “If anything happens, you call me, alright?” he asked.

“I know, yes”, the Omega smiled a little, leaning forward to capture the Alpha’s lips in a sweet kiss. “Go get dressed, you’re quite late”, the Omega whispered.

“Promise me that you won’t go walking around and tiring yourself out”, Jeongguk said, observing the other.

“I promise”, Taehyung said with a small smile.

As Jeongguk was having his lunch break with Hoseok, he glanced at his phone for the first time that morning. The Alpha’s heartbeat sped up, as he saw that he had 7 missed calls from Jimin and several messages.

He didn’t even read the messages, dialling back the other Alpha immediately.

“Jeongguk!” Jimin answered panting, “finally!”.

“What happened?” Jeongguk asked holding in a breath.

“I just got Taehyung to the hospital”, Jimin said.

Jeongguk sat down at the nearest chairs, suddenly getting very pale.

“Jimin –“

“His water broke, he’s going to have the baby very soon!” Jimin said cheerfully, “hurry up and get your ass here, I’m with Yoongi and Seokjin at the second floor of the hospital”.

Jeongguk would never forget how he felt in that moment: every fear was being washed away, replaced by a sudden sense of relief and bubbling excitement.

“I’ll be right there”, he said, ending the call.

“Where are you going?” Hoseok asked, looking at his watch, are you going back to the studio already? Aren’t we having coffee after lunch?” he asked frowning.

“I’m about to become a dad”, he said with a bright smile, feeling his eyes water because of the words he had chosen, “I need to go to the hospital this second”, he said, putting some bills on the table of the diner.

“Let’s go then, I’ll take you there!” Hoseok said excitedly, calling his office and telling the secretary to cancel his appointments for the evening. “Let’s go!”

Chapter Text


Jeongguk was running in the corridor of the hospital until he found the floor on which Taehyung was supposed to be. He stopped right as he turned the corner, since he saw his hyungs in front of a door.

“Jeongguk!” Seokjin exclaimed, Jeonsook in his arms.

Namjoon was biting his nails , but he stopped as soon as he saw the other and grinned. “Come on, baby daddy, he’s waiting for you inside”, he said, patting the younger Alpha on his shoulder. There was a general commotion and Jeongguk was confused, while everyone else encouraged him to enter the room.

“Is it ok if I just go in?” he asked, remembering how the ob-gyns tended to let him stay outside during the latest check-ups, because he tended to get very territorial when it came to his mate being pregnant and feeling unwell. Jeongguk took a deep breath and peeked inside the room, where Taehyung was laying on the bed, his expression distressed. Jimin was holding his hand and turned around as he saw the young Alpha.

“Here he is!” he said, to which Jeongguk stormed inside, taking a deep breath and hurrying to the Omega. Taehyung was wearing a hospital gown and his hair was matted and stuck to his forehead.

“Gukkie!” the Omega whined, stretching his hands out.

“Baby, I’m here”, Jeongguk kissed his forehead, letting the other scent him thoroughly, he grabbed Taehyung’s hand and gulped at the force of the other’s grip.

“It hurts, Gukkie”, the Omega gritted his teeth, going through another contraction.

Jeongguk was utterly heartbroken and felt useless, but he knew that he couldn’t show his worry to the other – rather he had to be his strength. “Breathe deep in, my love, look at me” Jeongguk smiled as the Omega’s eyes found his and he started to imitate the younger, who was breathing in exaggeratedly, only to release a huff of air a few seconds afterwards.

Jeongguk couldn’t believe it. Only a few hours ago they were all panicking, doing breathing exercises, the idea of a baby still an abstract idea; something that hadn’t happened actually. Now, a few hours afterwards, Taehyung was sitting back on his back, an exhausted expression on his face while their baby was being passed around the group of friends, who had started to cheer loudly, as soon as they found out that a little baby girl was born. The Alpha sat beside his Omega, brushing his hair away from his eyes.

“Hey”, Taehyung whispered, reaching out to grab Jeongguk’s hand.

The Alpha took the little hand to his lips and kissed it. “Hey baby, you did so so good, I’m so proud of you”, Jeongguk said, leaning down to place a small kiss on the other’s lips.

“It went much easier than I expected”, Taehyung said with a bright smile.

“You were very brave, babe, I love you so much”.

“I love you too, Gukkie”, Taehyung leaned forwards, until their lips collided in a very long and sweet kiss. The intimate moment was interrupted by a loud and shrill cry. Jeongguk’s head whipped around, until he found the source of the noise, his eyes landing on his baby daughter.

“Give her over”, he said to Namjoon, who was holding her, cooing and making weird noises.

“Hey, hey!” the Alpha complained, seeing that the little bundle had been taken away on a sudden. “Sure, take her” he said to Jeongguk, who was already cradling and comforting the baby in his arms.

The Alpha looked down at his daughter, making sure that she was alright, sensing her distress which was probably a signal that the young baby Alpha was hungry. He turned to Taehyung, placing the little bundle in his arms in his other father’s hands. The other hyungs shuffled around to give him some privacy as he latched the crying baby onto his chest. Jeongguk roamed protectively onto them, smiling at the sight of his daughter’s seeming satisfaction while she sucked greedily.

“It’s going well, I think?” Taehyung inquired, looking at the baby as well. “The nurses said that it might take some time for her to adjust, but it seems like it’s ok?”, the Omega asked, locking his eyes with the Alpha’s.

Jeongguk’s emotions couldn’t be named or contained. So many things had happened that night and he had gradually passed the stages of being nervous, impatient, so happy he couldn’t breathe and now – as he was looking into his mate’s tired but smiling eyes – he was weirdly calm and felt a sensation of fullness in his chest.

“She seems more than satisfied”, the Alpha answered softly, caressing the baby’s soft hair. “She’s greedy like me when it comes to food, it may seem”, he chuckled.

“Are you nursing her already?” Seokjin came close to the other side of the bed, feeling very confident to invade the other Omega’s privacy like that. After all, since Seokjin had had a baby first, the older Omega had been there for all of Taehyung’s pregnancy; listening to him and giving him valuable tips and sharing his experience with the younger one.

“Yes, it seems like she won’t need a bottle anytime soon”, Taehyung joked, while the other was nodding his head.

“Welcome back home!” Jeongguk opened the door to their flat, the carrier with little Naeun in his arms and Taehyung trailing behind.

“Gukkie, what –“ Taehyung was cut off, when the lights turned on suddenly and the other hyungs jumped out of seemingly nowhere, screaming a very loud “SURPRISE!”.

The new parents froze in their steps and looked at the sleeping baby, who suddenly opened her eyes and started to yell and cry in response, suddenly very afraid.

Jeongguk felt a growl in his throat, but he managed to contain it, trying to make his scent as sweet as possible, while he picked up little Naeun, leaning her onto his neck, so she could scent him and calm down. “Sssht, ssht, my baby girl, nothing happened” he whispered soothingly, while he eyed his hyungs with a sharp expression.

“I said we should say welcome home, rather than yelling it”, Yoongi intervened, pointing his finger at the loudest person in the crowd.

Jimin’s shoulders fell a little. “I’m sorry I got excited”.

Taehyung chuckled at the scene, walking behind Jeongguk and inspecting the baby, who had calmed down almost immediately and was now trying to fight sleep, while leaning her nose on her father’s throat.

“It’s ok, don’t worry”, the Omega said, “in fact, it’s great having you here on our first day back, thank you”. He walked to his brother, hugging him tightly. “How about we order in and you all spend dinner here?” he asked, almost certain that everyone would agree to spend some time together.

Damn. A baby was a lot of work. And by a lot, Jeongguk thought that he couldn’t even stop thinking about Naeun‘s needs as she was peacefully sleeping in the little cot beside the bed for the first time ever.

“God, I missed this bed”, Taehyung groaned, sitting next to the Alpha, whose eyes were fixed on the baby.

“I’m glad that you could come home, I was going insane knowing that you both were there and I couldn’t be with you at night”, Jeongguk placed his hand on his Omega’s knee. “I was worrying about your not being able to hug me at night and I stayed up worrying”, he confessed, blushing a little. Thankfully, the lights were low…

“I hugged a small pillow”, Taehyung whispered, leaning his head on the Alpha’s shoulder. “But I could only sleep on my back these past two weeks because of my c-section”.

“Of course”, Jeongguk turned around to look at his Omega, “I’m glad that you’re recovering so well”, he said, leaning in for a kiss.

Taehyung smiled, pressing his lips on the other’s and enjoying the feeling of being home again.

“Come, lay down” Jeongguk helped the other, until he was in a comfortable position, since he couldn’t put much weight where his scar was.

“Mhm, I want to make out with you”, Taehyung chucked, as the Alpha turned the lights off.

“What? But we can’t really –“

“Just make out, Jeongguk, I missed you like crazy”, the Omega whined, his scent very peachy and vanilla-y.

“I missed you too, my baby”, Jeongguk sighed, closing his eyes and nuzzling towards where the Omega’s face was.

Their lips interlocked easily as they shared a long and heated kiss. And another. And then another, until they fell asleep like that, noses brushing and happy smiles on their lips.

Chapter Text

“Dada look!” Jeongguk’s eyes turned just in time to witness Naeun slide down the slide at the park, Yoongi already bent down to catch her from falling. The slide was a little too steep for a four years old, but Naeun was very much like Taehyung except for Jeongguk’s nose - which was dramatic for the Alpha - she was fearless and wasn’t satisfied with things that were supposed to be for her age. She always sought adventurous routes, climbed and wanted to jump from high places, but it was all in her Alpha nature. The girl looked at her father with a huge grin on her face that showed her bunny teeth and Jeongguk’s heart clenched in his chest. Damn, she was so pretty.

“Well done, baby, now come down!”, he tried to convince her. Taehyung would be pissed if they would be late for dinner, since he had insisted on cooking fancy.

The girl’s eyes narrowed and Jeongguk knew that she wasn’t happy about the idea of going home already. They had been there for only two hours.

“Dada! Slide!” She turned around to point at the slide and extended her arms towards Yoongi. “Up!” she told him, bouncing in his arms, because she knew that her uncles couldn’t resist her. The Omega looked at the baby and knew that he had to let her win this time. Jeongguk looked at Yoongi and thought about shaking his head, but he could see how the other was already far too smitten to tell the baby girl no. So he just nodded to him, lifting up one finger to signal ‘just once’.

“She will always win, won’t she?”, he told Jimin, who was grinning aside him, watching as Yoongi helped the girl to climb up the wooden stairs to get to the slide.

“At this age yes, I guess, but she is a very obedient girl, Jeongguk”, the Alpha told his friend.

“Yeah, she’s always very polite”, Hoseok butted in. “You’re both doing a hell of a good work with her, you know? My colleague is so busy at work that her child is always being babysitted and that’s not the most positive environment and solution for her. The kid won’t listen to her anymore and is growing hostile to spite her.” The red haired Beta said.

“We’re lucky that we can afford to work only part time and while she’s at daycare”, Jeongguk sighed, “we’re so damn lucky.”

“Plus, you get so much free time since we’re always stealing her or she’s with her cousin”, Jimin said with a fond smile.

Jeongguk nodded with a smile. The girl was the little princess in his friend’s circle and she was always excited to go on hikes with Hoseok and his wife, to spend time with Yoongi and Jimin who showered her with presents and had her for sleepovers at least once a week. The couple had had a beautiful wedding and yet, they decided to wait a little more until having a baby. Yoongi came to realise that he did want to have a child, because seeing Naeun and growing so attached to her had made him change his mind; yet, they decided that when the time was right, they would adopt a baby in need, because the Omega had decided not to have kids on his own and Jimin had accepted it, because he respected his mate and wanted to do a selfless gesture with an adoption. As for Seokjin and Namjoon – well they had had another baby a year after Naeun’s birth and were now a happy family of four with the addition of two sugar gliders and a big golden retriever, who was jokingly named Rap Monster by Jeonsook. They liked to have Naeun over, because she was a very positive influence on Jeonsook, because the two kids liked to do painting contests and, since he was a good cousin, Jeonsook would let the little girl win, even if her drawings had an abstract style.

“Dada!” Naeun shouted from the top of the slide, to have her father’s eyes on her, “Hobb, Minn!”

“Yes, princess, come on!” Hobi jumped up comically, waving his hands and hips. Jimin burst out in laughter and so did Naeun, before sliding down very quickly. Yoongi caught her just in time and spinned her in the air.

Jeongguk smiled and got up from the bench, to get to the girl and to the Omega. “Dada, we go home?” she asked with a frown.

“Yes, baby, daddy Taetae and Tanah are waiting for us at home”, he said, fixing her skirt.

“Oke”, she nodded.

“Come on, I’ll drop you off”, Jimin said. As the group was walking to the car, Naeun stuck to Jimin and wanted to hold his hand. Of all hyungs, Naeun was especially attached to the blonde Alpha, since she was born. Taehyung said that it was because Jimin was family and she could sense that stronger bond by scenting him. Jeongguk thought that it was due to the endless patience of the Alpha, who would listen to the girl babble nonsense and would teach her many random things playfully, always with a fond smile on his face and a praise on his tongue. The Alpha was undoubtedly Naeun’s favourite person beside her parents and Jeongguk was so glad for that.

Dinner had been a big deal, with soup and steak, mashed potatoes, salad, chocolate brownies and Jeongguk, like Naeun was falling into a food induced coma after having helped the girl to bed.

“I’m so full”, Jeongguk complained, as he was washing the dishes.

“You did have a second serving of dessert”, Taehyung playfully pinched his cheek, since the other couldn’t fight back, his hands deep into scrubbing a pan.

“It was so good, babe, but why did you cook so much just for us?” the Alpha asked.

“Do we need a special occasion?” the Omega asked, drying the dishes.

“Well, no, but preferably yes? I will gain so much weight like that, it’s not even funny”, the Alpha said, ticking the other with his soapy hands, since Taehyung had started to laugh mid-sentence.

“Stop!”, the Omega squirmed, trapped between the sink and the Alpha’s body. Jeongguk’s eyes changed intensity and Taehyung immediately leaned forwards to kiss him. It had been like that since Naeun was born; they had had amazing, mind-blowing, earth shattering sex and it was because their bodies were in perfect harmony and sync with each other. They both exactly knew what the other wanted and how he wanted it, so they had become very good at making love to each other and they often sought that kind of comfort between them – especially when Naeun went to sleepovers to her uncle or cousin.

As Jeongguk was kissing down the Omega’s throat, his hands roaming on the perfect curve of Taehyung’s ass, the Omega stopped him. Jeongguk made a whine of complaint, pouting.

“Let’s finish clean up and go upstairs, I have something for you”, the other said with a smile.

“Alright!” Jeongguk grabbed the sponge and started to comically rub at the dishes, making the other laugh out loud.

Once they were upstairs, Taehyung instructed for the Alpha to sit on the bed and to wait for him. Jeongguk gladly accepting, expectation killing him. He unbuttoned his shirt and decided to leave his wifebeater on, so that the Omega wouldn’t make fun of him undressing like this. Jeongguk didn’t know what to expect. Would it be lingerie or a new toy? They had been experimenting a lot in the bedroom and the Alpha couldn’t be happier. He frowned as he saw Taehyung come out of the bathroom dressed as before, a deep blue silky shirt and black pants. The Omega smiled and sat next to him on the bed.

“What is it?”, Jeongguk asked, still expecting to be surprised.

And – yes – he was surprised. Floored, even.

Jeongguk was sitting with his hyungs at the restaurant, being careful to cut the pizza in small enough pieces for Naeun. The little Alpha girl was five years old; as loud as she was adorable, her bouncy Hazel curls and her angelic features made her look like a small and harmless girl, but she also had a fierce Alpha side to her, especially when it came to protecting her Omega father.

“Are you alright?” Jeongguk turned to his mate, who was watching his food with a frown.

“Yeah, I’m just really full, it’s a shame that I can’t even finish a whole pizza”, the blonde Omega answered with a sigh.

“I think that I can manage these two slices”, the Alpha said, swapping their plates and making the other laugh.

“You’re adorable”, Taehyung said, boxy smile in full display.

“No, you are”, Jeongguk answered, leaning forwards to kiss his mate.

“So how did he tell you?” Namjoon asked him, as they were sitting in the latter’s apartment, playing videogames while the kids were doing another drawing contest.

“He made this grand dinner and desserts and the whole ordeal made me think if maybe I had forgotten about something like, I don’t know, an anniversary or stuff like that, but I didn’t, hyung. You know how I always memorise dates quickly enough.”

“Yeah”, Namjoon said, while overtaking him with his cart. Baby Mario was always a quick player.

“Daddy, look!” Naeun came from the living room with a paper in her hand, Jeonsook trailing behind her with a smile.

“What is it baby?” Jeongguk paused the game and leaned down to take the paper from the girl’s hands. He smiled at the sight of the landscape and the three people in it. There was a couple holding hands and a girl next to them. The painting was quite detailed and clean and it looked really good for a five year old.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Jeonsook suggested, standing next to Jeongguk and inspecting it.

“Sook taught me how to do the grass, it’s so cool”, the girl boasted.

“Yes, the grass really makes the difference, you’re right” Jeongguk said, fluffing the kid’s hair “Well done”, he high fived him.

“But she did the people all alone!” Jeonsook said, wanting for the little girl to be complimented as well.

“Of course they are beautiful as well!”, Jeongguk complimented, high fiving his daughter, who was grinning her adorable boxy smile.

“What is that on Taehyung-ah’s shirt?” Namjoon asked, leaning from Jeongguk’s shoulder.

“It’s the baby!” Naeun said clapping her hands “My little brother or sister”.

Jeongguk was positively fuming. He was going out of his mind and it wasn’t even funny. What the hell was that? Taehyung was walking towards him after having spotted him and he was going to interlace their fingers, as Jeongguk pulled him close, kissing him deeply.

“Oh, hey Gukkie”, Taehyung said with a surprised expression. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to pick you up, aren’t you happy to see me?” the Alpha asked, leaning down to scent his mate and to place a hand on his belly to reassure himself, more than the other.

“Of course, love”, Tae hugged the other tightly, unaware of how Jeongguk was boring holes into another Alpha’s back.

“Who was that?” he asked, because he couldn’t hold in the anxiety anymore.

“Who was who?” the Omega asked, looking into his Alpha’s eyes.

“That guy you were just talking to”, Jeongguk tried to sound nonchalant, even though his jealousy was showing at this point.

“Oh, that was Park Seojoon, my former professor”, the Omega smiled. Jeongguk didn’t like the smile at all. Who the hell was Park Seojoon and why did he put his arm around Taehyung’s side like that?

“Alright”, Jeongguk said, eyeing the other until the latter disappeared into the university building.

“Are you being jealous?” the Omega asked, a teasing smile on his lips and a knowing glint in his eyes.

“Me? No, what are you talking about?” Jeongguk coughed a little, trying to hide his obvious annoyance.

“Do you remember me telling you how I helped him out for the extra credits and now he’s invited me to dinner to his place to –“

“What?” Jeongguk jumped, highly offended. “He’s invited you to –“

Taehyung was openly laughing at this point and Jeongguk didn’t like it. At all. “He’s invited me with my mate to join him and his mate for dinner so we could talk about a further project, Gukkie! He’s married with a beautiful woman and has three kids. He’s not interested in me and I’m only interested in you, my jealous muscle bunny”.

Jeongguk blushed, lowering his eyes a little. “That’s – yeah –“ he said awkwardly.

“You’re adorable, baby, let’s go pick Naeun up, come on”, Taehyung said, containing his boxy grin.

“Sure”, Jeongguk let himself be pulled towards the car, where he made sure to open the door for the pregnant Omega. “I’m sorry, you know that I trust you –“ the Alpha started, but couldn’t find his words anymore.

“It’s alright”, Taehyung said “can we stop at the bakery on Naeun’s school’s block? I want a chocolate muffin”.

“Sure”, Jeongguk said, eyes fixed on the road. “You know how I am not a control freak or jealous person right?” he said again.

“Gukkie, you’re overthinking it”.

“You being pregnant just makes me more – alert of your surroundings”, Jeongguk sighed, hating to admit his jealousy.

“Baby, I know, don’t worry. It’s kinda sexy when you get all worked up and start questioning me”, the Omega joked.

“Taehyung, it’s not funny. Some people behave in the worst way when they get jealous, it’s not something to joke about”, Jeongguk said, wanting for the other to understand how sincere he was being.

“Gukkie, I know” the Omega rolled his eyes. “But, about that role-play, how about you play a detective next time and interrogate me for possession of lacy lingerie?” the Omega suggested, giggling.

Jeongguk burst in laughter. “You’re incorrigible”, he said, eyeing how the other was winking his eyes in a flirty way.

Taetae: Morning Gukkie uwu where are you and the babies? ( )

Me: Hey baby, did you already wake up? :* We went to have breakfast so that you could sleep a little longer :*

Taetae: ()*:・゚  Gukkie uwu ( uwu (♥‿♥) thank you lysm

Me: Do you want to have breakfast in bed? Naeun would bring you something up? :*

Taetae: ♥‿♥ it’s ok, don’t worry, I’ll join you in a minute.

Me: oki ( ^ ^)

Taetae: kekeke Gukkie you’re the cutest ( ♥‿♥) uwu

Me: :) :*

Jeongguk was sitting at their breakfast table, managing to feed little Jiseok with some of the pureed apples he got from the kindest waiters at the resort they were staying. The cute baby was eating greedily, smearing the food all around his high-chair and was smiling and cooing to two of the waitresses who were making cute faces at him.

“He’s so adorable!” they giggled, making Jeongguk smile. Yes, he knew that the one year old was one of the most beautiful babies in the world – of course, he wasn’t biased, not at all, - but he needed to feed him and the waitresses were distracting him.

“Daddy can you help me with this exercise?” Naeun asked, turning to the Alpha with her copybook. Jeongguk turned his attention to his daughter, who was dealing with her maths homework.

“Baby, can’t we do maths this evening?” Jeongguk asked, wondering why his daughter would bring her homework to the breakfast table.

“Daddy said that the sooner I do it the more time I will have to enjoy the holidays and tonight we are going to swim with the dolphins!” the girl explained.

Jeongguk smiled at that. Of course, Taehyung was the best influence in the world and their kids were lucky to have him as a father. The Omega was caring, but he was also a little strict when it was needed. With Naeun everything was quite easy; she was a bright girl and preferred to read books and to play with her dog; there wasn’t much need to coax her into doing her homework, because she liked doing it, feeling that it was more like a hobby than a duty.

“Here they are –“ a waitress escorted Taehyung to his family’s table.

“Hey”, Taehyung leaned down to peck Jeongguk’s lips “good morning babe”, he said, turning to smile at Jiseok, who got suddenly excited at the sight of his father.

“Dadada!!!” the baby extended his hands, bright round eyes shining and a big toothless smile in full display.

“Hey princess”, Taehyung leaned down to kiss Naeun’s head and his eyes fell on the open book in front of her. “How is the homework going?” he asked with a smile, ignoring the youngest baby for a second.

“It’s fine, daddy was helping me with this”, she said, turning to Jeongguk, who told her how to proceed.

Jiseok’s lips quivered and Taehyung turned to the baby as his face was scrunching up, ready to burst into tears. “It’s ok, I’m here”, he said, pulling up the boy in his arms and sitting at the table.

“What can we get you sir?” the waitress asked, smiling to the Omega.

“I’ll have an americano, please and some pancakes” Taehyung asked politely.

As the waitress went to the kitchen, Taehyung smiled, “can we be on a holiday forever?” he asked sighing.

“As soon as I come back from the dance competition in the Philippines I will make you breakfast in bed for a week, promise”, Jeongguk said.

“Uncle Joon wants for us all to have a sleepover next weekend when you get back. We wanted to do it sooner, but he said that we should wait until you’re back, so that daddy isn’t alone at home.” Naeun intervened.

“That sounds about right”, Taehyung nodded, sipping at the steaming mug of coffee he had received and winking at Jeongguk, who got all flustered and blushed.

Some things never change...