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Almond milk and cookies

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‘I’ll input our names into this lane?’ Zayn asks, looking to Harry for confirmation. There’s a group of us from the house here bowling, and we’re taking up quite a few lanes. Zayn seems to be putting 1D along with himself and me onto this one lane.

‘Yes Zayn,’ Harry says patiently. Harry hands me the bowling shoes he got me and we sit down to put them on.

‘Louiiiiiis you’re up first!’ Niall bounces over to urge me to tie my laces quicker.

‘Okay, okay I’m going!’ I say. I take a light bowling ball meant for omegas and start bowling.

Soon enough it becomes apparent that Harry and Niall are the only ones good at bowling. Liam and I are fluctuating between last place.

‘Ha ha- you suck,’ Niall teases, poking me in the side. I pout a bit. Harry is quick to be reassuring and pulls me into his lap for a bit. Complimenting my last go.

‘Should we sabotage Niall?’ I giggle into Harry’s ear. Harry smiles widely in agreement.

As Niall is preparing to bowl, I get up and sneak behind him. Just as he is about to bowl I shout loudly and startle him, and his ball goes straight into the gutter. I burst into giggles and Niall turns around annoyed.

‘You little shit!’ he yells, starting to chase me. Oh no, Niall has always been a faster runner than me. He’s going to tickle me to death. I briefly get scared and start to sprint away. I run straight to Harry, who steps out in front of me.

‘Niall it’s still your turn,’ Harry says, hiding his amusement well.

Niall huffs in response but goes back to finish his turn.

‘Again?’ I ask Harry.

‘Nah let’s keep the element of surprise here Pumpkin, wait until next turn,’ Harry advises. I agree with him and sit back into his lap.

A few turns later of me randomly sabotaging Niall, he tries to get back at Harry now that he’s losing. While I’m busy chatting with Liam, Niall sneaks up behind Harry and jumps onto his back. This startles Harry a bit but my Omega lets out a distressed whine that startles me and everyone in the vicinity even more. Harry shakes Niall off, Zayn nearby making sure Niall is okay, and Harry runs to me.

Harry sits down beside me, pulls me into his lap and I burrow into his neck a bit embarrassed.

‘I didn’t mean to,’ I say quietly.

‘I know you didn’t Pumpkin, and it’s fine. Your Omega’s feelings are important too.’

I can smell Niall walk over to us, so I lift my head to look at him.

‘I… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to Cookie,’ I say.

‘Nooo Cookie I’m sorry I didn’t realize it would upset your Omega so much to see another omega unexpectedly be so close to Alpha. It was my fault,’ Niall says softly, looking apologetic.

‘I don’t think any of us did, thank you for apologizing,’ Harry says, ‘you can go bowl, it’s your turn Niall.’

Niall looks at me again and I nod and tell him to go bowl. I burrow back into Harry’s neck and he continues to rub at my back.

A few of the Alphas from the pack had come closer to check that everything is okay, and Harry dismisses them as well.

When it’s my turn Harry comes up with me to bowl, and in between our turns we end up just sitting together as my Omega slowly relaxes. Sometimes we spend it chatting and other times we just sit in peace and quiet.

The next few weeks fly by and before I know it I’m starting to feel symptoms of my heat coming on soon. Niall’s heat finished yesterday, and being apart from him for a few days was nowhere near as difficult as it had been before. I think it has to do with how me and Harry have gotten closer and closer.

We have spoken about us a few times, but we are still getting to know each other. Aside from agreeing that we are seriously courting nothing much has changed. The final is coming up soon, and I hope that my heat doesn’t start until after the results have been announced as I want to be there to celebrate.

‘Pumpkin?’ Harry calls out, walking into our room. Well his room, but I guess I have basically moved in here.

‘Yes?’ I ask from where I’m curled up in his bed. My nesting instincts are always particularly strong around my heats, so I’ve gathered up a bunch of Alpha’s clothes and arranged them on the bed with our blankets.

‘Aw Pumpkin you’ve made such a beautiful nest.’

My Omega preens and I stick my arms out inviting Harry to come in for a cuddle.

Harry obliges and curls up in the nest with me.

‘We’ve got more rehearsals and interviews now. Do you want to come with or stay here?’

‘Can I come with?’ I whisper.

‘Of course, Lou,’ Harry replies, pulling me closer.