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Under the sea and stars

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A 4 year old wondered a lonely tower, standing within the sea. Half of it submerged beneath the waves. The 4 year old was the Prince of Musutafu, Prince Izuku. Who had been cursed at a young age, he had been locked within the tower to wait for his true love to free him from the tower and the curse.


By Night one way, by day another.

This shall be the norm

Until you find true love’s first kiss.

And then take love’s true form.


This curse caused Izuku to transform with the rising moon. By day he was human, wondering the top of the tower, by night he was one of the merfolk, swimming around in the bottom of the tower.

But he was alone, all the time. Day in, day out. However, that all changed with a young mer exploring.


Aizawa Shouta was one of the 7 princes of the merfolk. He was known to be silent, the fastest of the princes, his tail scale were black, and his fins were white and Yellow. The Young prince had hear enough of his father, always talking about finding his ideal mate. How there were plenty of lovely mermaids in their city. Aizawa didn’t care for any of them. So, he swam, planning to explore the sea. That’s where he found the tower, dark eyes watched it cautiously, that was until he heard crying. He swam up to the side and leaned on a sticking out area by a window.

“Hello?” He asked. Expecting some sort of grown human convict, he stared as a child came into his sight. The child looked at him, watching him, before giving him a small wave. “Why are you crying?” He asked

“I’m lonely…” The child muttered.

“Why are you alone?”

“I am cursed.”

“By whom?”

“A witch.” Aizawa frowned, so humans had witches too? But, usually the witches left children alone, unless the parents were caught doing something they disagreed with and thus placed a curse upon their child to either punish them or protect the child.

“How do you break the curse? Maybe I can help.” Aizawa offered, without really thinking.

“I have to wait for true love’s first kiss.” The child sat by the window. “I was told he will come for me when he is ready.”

“Your true love was chosen?” Aizawa stared at him, the child nodded. Maybe that is why the curse was place, because he would have never given a chance to find love on his own. Being cursed and needing rescue was one way of finding someone worthy of his heart. “What’s your name?”

“Izuku.” The child said, he held his hand out of the bars on his window. “Nice meeting you.” Aizawa accepted his hand, he was so warm…

“I’m Shouta, I’ll be your friend.” He said. “I’ll keep you company.” Aizawa found himself promising. Izuku smiled, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Thank you!” he smiled.

“No problem…” Aizawa glanced away.

“What is the sea like?” Izuku asked, Aizawa looked back at him. The child was staring out across the sea. Aizawa relax against the tower and began to talk about life in the sea.


And that is how things worked for six years, Shouta visited the boy during the day, Izuku wouldn’t tell him what the curse did to him at night. But the mer didn’t press the human boy about it. Izuku and Shouta would sit by the window and talk, they enjoyed the time they shared together

“Shouta!” 10 year old Izuku laughed as Shouta splashed him with water using his tail. Even though Izuku was laughing, Shouta did not miss the sad undertone to his voice.

“Are you sad?” Shouta asked, Izuku froze, before looking away. Shouta sighed, he reached between the bars and cradled the humans face. “Please. Let me help you.”

“M-my parents visited me… earlier…” Izuku told him “...They finally came by…”

“That is good right?” Shouta frowned, he knew how much Izuku wanted to see his parents. The human was too good, too pure of heart, he could not bring himself to hate his parents for locking him up.

“They brought my one true love with them… so he is aware of who I am before he continues his own preparations for his journey to rescue me...he…” Tears began to stream down his cheeks. Shouta carefully wiped them away.

“What happened my little sea turtle?” Shouta cooed him with a calming tone.

“He-he just stared at me, be-before saying ‘I’ll guess he’ll do’... He, he doesn’t care…” Izuku cried. “He can’t be my one true love,... he…”

“He isn’t, he clearly isn't. True love can not be chosen by those around you. It needs to be decided by you and you alone. If you don’t like him then… then I guess I shall rescue you before he does.” Izuku looked at him.

“Do you mean it?” Izuku asked, his voice hopeful.

“I shall have to go on a journey first, to prove to you I can make you happy. It’s… it’s a mer thing. But, I will be back, and I will bring down this tower and take you home. I am sure my father can make you one of us.” Shouta smiled.

“You will have to go away though…” Izuku frowned, Shouta nodded. Izuku covered one of Shouta’s hands with his own. “I’ll miss you…”

“I will miss you too, little sea star. But I will be back. I promise you, I will be back.” Shouta said. “Just, hold on for me. Okay?” Izuku nodded.

“I will.”  They stayed together a while longer, before Shouta headed home.


“There you are…” Yamada hurried to his half brother, only stopping as Shouta swam right by him.

“Is father in a meeting?” Shouta asked, Yamada turned and swam next to him.

“Nope, why? Is something wrong?” Yamada asked

“No, all is fine… or at least will be.” Shouta said, entering the throne room, Yamada stayed close to him. The King of the merfolk smiled at his two boys.

“Shouta, Hizashi, what brings you here?” He boomed.

“I wish to take the mating journey.” Shouta answered quickly. Hizashi stared at him with his mouth opened. The King, laughed joyfully.

“So, a young mer has finally caught your attention! I give you my bless wholeheartedly. “ The King smiled. Shouta nodded, and headed to his own room to prepare for his journey, Hizashi followed him, demanding answers.

The next day was the first day in years that Shouta and Izuku did not speak. Izuku stared longingly at the ocean, whilst Shouta began his travels upon the oceans currents. Izuku only hoped Shouta would finish early and come back to him

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5 years passed, Izuku grew up, and began to work on his own escape. His own way to surprise Shouta when he got back. That, and so he could really stretch his tail and fins. He had began to to knock out bricks, which was harder than it sounded. Izuku took a deep breath and pushed again, finally the 6th brick shifted and fell to the bottom of the sea. Izuku stared out into the ocean before him… he was free. He shuddered at a tickling feeling running through his tail. He quickly swam up and sat on the edge of the flooring as the curse changed his form once again. He sighed, tonight . He thought. Tonight, for the first time, he would be able to explore. Maybe even find the merman from his childhood, if he had returned from that journey he had gone on 5 years ago. Shouta. His mind whispered, Izuku covered his cheeks and sighed. Not the time to get flustered over a crush that will get you nowhere. Izuku sighed, getting to his feet and getting changed, he sat by the window as he did every day with a book, hoping the merman would come to him that day - as he hope everyday.


“Welcome back, your highness.” Guards bowed as Aizawa swam through the doors of the palace.

SHOUTA! ” He grunted as he was crashed into. Yamada was hugging him tightly. “I missed you so much.”

“Yeah, yeah, can you let me go. If you break it, I will kill you.” Shouta warned, Hizashi let him go.

“Can I see what you made?” He asked curiously.

“Come with me to see father then, he will want to see it too.” Shouta sighed, his half brother squealed and swam with him.

Shouta groaned at the site of all his other half siblings too.

Shouta! Welcome back my boy! ” His father smiled “ I trust your journey went well

“Very much so.” Shouta nodded, noticing how his family were watching him expectantly.

May we see this mating gift you have worked on for the last few years? ” His father asked, Shouta sighed, but reached into his bag and pulled out his gift, a crown of seashells and pearls. The occasional green gem he found from shipwrecks. “ It is beautiful, my boy. I am sure the mermaid this is for will love it. ” Shouta just nodded, looking down at his handy work. I hope Izuku likes it.




Izuku watched as the sun set and the moon began to rise, and as soon as the curse had done it’s thing, Izuku dived down and out of the hole he had managed to create. It felt amazing! To finally be free of swimming in his cage, it was amazing. Izuku let out a laugh and continued swimming. His friend had mention the merfolk village, he wondered if could find it.


Izuku found the city, and entered it, he

looked around the streets with wide eyes, there were some night shops open. This place was so cool. Izuku stopped by a shop and looked across the sea bed, it was littered with sea life, plants, fish. It was beautiful. Izuku jumped as he saw a piece of fruit, at least he thought it was fruit , next to his face. He turned to see a large Merman, holding it out. He had an amused expression as Izuku just gave him a confused look. Izuku looked at the fruit, was this for him.

“You can take it.” The merman spoke, his voice deep, tired, but caring too. Izuku nodded and accepted the fruit.

“T-thank you.” He muttered, Izuku noticed a lot of the merfolk out staring at him in surprise. Izuku shrunk away from their gazes. But one growl from the merman, caused them all to turn away.

“Ignore them, you are new here, aren’t you?” He asked,

“N-no...Not… ye-yeah…” Izuku replied, the merman continued to watch him, until he realise that he was making him uncomfortable.

“Would you like a tour?” He offered.

“I, I should head home… but, I-I will be back tomorrow night...m-maybe then.” Izuku told him. The merman seemed to think about it.

“I shall meet you tomorrow then, Have a safe journey home.” The Merman gave him a kind smile, before swimming off. It was only then that Izuku realised - He had never ask his name, but… he looked familiar…




“Hey, I heard you spoke to a cute little mermaid.” Yamada Hizashi smirked, swimming up to his half brother. “Are they the one you made the crown for?” Aizawa scoffed from where he sat at the window, he continued to watch the small green male mermaid make his way through the city, and towards an exit.

“He is very cute.” Kayama Nemuri added, catching the site of the mer before he vanished. She had been a good friend of Shouta and Hizashi since they were young.

“He looks like the one I made it for… but, it can’t be…” Shouta muttered.

“It’s been 5 years, Shouta, people change in that time.”  Nemuri patted his shoulder. Shouta frowned, his was night, he never saw Izuku at night, his curse affected him than… did… did he become a mer at night? Those question swam around his mind as he looked out the window. “It’s late, you have been travelling for a long time, maybe you should get some rest. Your little mermaid can wait a few more hours.”

“Yeah…” Shouta nodded. Tomorrow, I will rescue him… he thought, as he headed to bed, moving the crown into a special box.




Izuku sat on the side of the flooring, his tail dipped into the water as he waited for the sun to rise. That Merman was on his mind, he looked a bit like Shouta - just older. It has been 5 years… He thought to himself. Izuku covered his face and took a deep breath. If it was Shouta, he would come to his tower within a few days. He had been away, he was sure his family missed him too. Izuku looked towards the barred windows of the tower. I wonder if my family misses me… He wondered sadly.

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The following morning, Shouta tried to wake before the rest of his family to try and get to see Izuku, but he was pulled to breakfast by Hizashi and Nemuri. Before his whole family fussed over him, mostly asking questions about his little mermaid, Shouta tried to push them away, but then his father needed him to sit in the court with him. With was mostly a load of nobel mermen sitting around discussing Shouta’s mating journey and gift. Then spent a lot of time trying to guess who the gift was for. And before Shouta knew it, most of the day was stolen from him.

You don’t seem to happy my son, what is wrong? ” His father asked, the nobles looked at him, silently demanding an answer.

“It’s be five years, I had planned to seek out my love today. But instead, everyone has seemed bent of stealing my day so I can not.” Shouta looked up at his father with a tired glare.

Oh, of course, so sorry. Go and find them my son! ” His father gave him an honest smile. Shouta didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly swam from the room. “ Ah, to be young and in love. ” He smiled.


Shouta had forgotten to grab the crown from his room - oh well, he was going to see Izuku again!  He saw the tower ahead, he swam to the surface and stopped by the window.

“Little sea star? Izuku?” He called, there was no reply. “Sea star?” He asked, trying to look in. He couldn’t see anything. He frowned and dived down and looked around the tower, that is where he saw the exit. He frowned, had someone broken in? He swam in, there were no lose bricks inside… which meant Izuku had been the one to create it. Had he run away? Shouta swam up, and froze at the sight he saw when he breached the surface. Izuku was on the floor, next to his bed, fast asleep. His panic vanished and he smiled down at him. Shouta carefully pushed himself on to the floor, and reached for the blanket on Izuku’s bed, and draped it over him. Izuku mumbled something in his sleep, snuggling into his blanket. “My silly starfish…” Shouta muttered fondly. “You could have caught a cold, sleeping without a blanket…” He ran his fingers through the curls, they were so soft. Shouta smiled, could he be even cuter than this? Shouta couldn’t bare to leave Izuku in this state, asleep and with a whole in his tower in which anyone could get in. He smiled and was happy just to sit there, stroking Izuku’s hair. He barely noticed when the sun began to set.

But he looked up as the sun sank below the horizon, and the Tower fell dark, there was a light glow coming from under the blanket Izuku was covered in. Shouta watched with wide eyes as his future mate changed before his eyes, a tail and fins of emerald green,ruby reds and pearl whites. He is that mermaid… He thought. He sat with shock, until Izuku stirred slightly. Shouta silently vanished before the surface and fled from the tower, sure Izuku wouldn’t be happy if he found out Shouta had found out his secret. Shouta stopped between the city and tower, settling on a rock. Izuku became a mermaid during the night… It was a lot to take in, but Shouta could understand why he kept it quiet. For one, he couldn’t escape the tower. Secondly, the curse was obviously something Izuku saw as a thorn. Could I show him the blessing side of it all? Thirdly, he would have been afraid how Shouta would have reacted. Of course he would have been worried about that, Izuku was a worrier. He cared more than anyone else he had ever met, and it was endearing in its own way, but worrying too. Shouta sighed, happily, he was just as beautiful, his tail was beautiful. Shouta was caught up in own thoughts, when he saw the object of his thoughts swim by, beloe the rock.


“Lovely Night.” Shouta called, causing Izuku in mermaid form to freeze and look up at Shouta. Shouta smiled, as Izuku gave him a small wave, just like he had when they had first met.

“I-I guess so…” Izuku stammered.

“Would you like to join me for a swim? Or..” Shouta swam down. “Or would you like that tour I offered.”

“I… I would, um… a tour please.” Izuku blushed. Shouta held out his hand with a kind smile.

“Come along then, we have much too see.” He said, Izuku reached out and accepted his hand.


Shouta made sure to show Izuku the whole city, but managed to keep out of sight of his family. Izuku looked around the city in wonder, Shouta explained the design and how people worked. Izuku listened to every word, taking it in. But, Shouta had already known his mate was clever. With two hours to sunrise, Izuku gave Shouta a week smiled.

“I-I should head home. T-thank you, this was, this was nice.” Izuku smiled

“I am happy to help.”

Izuku glanced back, he seemed to realise he was being followed and sped up, Shouta smiled in reply. He silently sped after him. The green mer dodged behind a rock, Shouta settled on the other side. He could feel his own heart pounding. How many other mers had spoken of the chase. He never expected it to be so… titillating. On the other side of the rock, was the most beautiful mer he had laid eyes upon, that mer, just happened to be his sweet little Izuku, the cursed Human, locked in a tower. Quick as a flash, SHouta swam around the rock, only to realise he had gone. He swam up, but still couldn’t see him. He must have swam off to the tower whilst his mind was distracted. Shouta settled on top of the rock and smiled. The chase had only just begun, and Shouta was going to show Izuku the life of the merfolk every night, he knew he had to inform Izuku that he knew of the effect of the curse. But, for now… Let the chase begin.

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That morning, Shouta was out before his family this time. He spent no time getting to the tower. Shouta smiled as he saw a shadow move inside.

“Little sea star?” He asked.

“Shouta!” Izuku called, quickly settling by the window. He froze slightly when he saw him, Shouta smiled.

“You have grown.” He said, Izuku smiled and shook his head.

“Of course I did, it’s been five years…” Izuku stopped. “Do you know…” He stopped himself. Shouta knew what the question was.

“I saw… last night… I was there at sunset. You were asleep. But, I left, I thought you would be mad with me being there, seeing you;re secret like that.” Shouta admitted. Izuku sighed, but smiled.

“What did you think? Of my night form?” He asked, a little nervous.

“Beautiful.” Shouta answered immediately. Izuku blushed. “You become one of us, every night?”


“Does it hurt?”

No, it just sort of… tingles.”

“Would you like me to help you out of their, or do you want to wait until tonight?” Shouta asked.

“I, I would really like to get out of here.” Izuku gave a small sigh. Shouta smiled and dived down and swam in and up the tower.

“Come here then.” Shouta held open his arms. Izuku gave a nervous smile. He slipped into the water and clung to Shouta. “Hold your breath.” Izuku did so, Shouta dived down and out, before bringing Izuku to the surface. Izuku took a deep breath and sighed in relief. Shouta smiled down at him, Izuku blushed.

“It’s good to be out of there.” Izuku muttered, Shouta chuckled.

“Well, you ain’t ever going back.” Shouta smiled, and nuzzled his neck, Izuku gasped.

“S-shouta!” Izuku muttered embarrassed.

“Yes?” He asked innocently, Izuku pushed him playfully.

“You know what you’re doing…” Izuku pouted, the Merman laughed.

“I do, let’s get you somewhere where you can stand without me holding you… “ Shouta smiled. Izuku nodded, and let Shouta swim him to safety.


They stopped in a cove, away from any human eyes and Shouta assured him that no other mer came to the place as Shouta had claimed it as his hideaway cove as a child. Izuku sighed as he dipped his feet into the water, Shouta watched him quietly.

“This is your first time out of the tower as a human, isn’t it?” Shouta asked, Izuku nodded.

“It’s strange and a little scary…” Izuku admitted. “Though, I know i am safe with you.”

“I will always be here to keep you safe from this moment on.” Shouta promised. Izuku smiled at his words.

“I never asked… how was your journey, did you find what you were looking for?” Izuku asked,

“Yeah, I did.” Shouta smiled, his mind going to the crown in his room.

“Can you tell me again it?” Izuku shuffled forward a little, Shouta stared at him.

“Wait… what?” He asked

“About your journey, what was it like? Did you see any sea monsters? Do sea monster even exist?” Izuku began to rambled question.

Yes they do, I met one. They had something I was looking for.” Shouta told him, pride sweeping into his voice.

“What happened?” Izuku was watching him with wide eyes, hanging on every word he said

“I had to fight it for the item. 3 seconds flat.” Shouta boasted. Izuku watched him somewhat amused.

“Huh, I see.” Izuku gave him a look, scotting a little closer. “What actually happened?” Izuku asked with a laugh in his tone. Shouta looked away, How did he know I was lying? He went a red a little.

“I had to sing it to sleep for three nights…” Shouta admitted. Izuku gasped happily.

“You can sing?”

“Um, yeah. It’s a simple thing all Merfolk can do. My brother is a better singer than me though.” Shouta answered

“Can you sing me something?” Izuku asked “Please?” Shouta sighed, he couldn’t say no to him. Was there any merman who could refuse a request from his mate? Even if he wasn't his mate-yet. He took a deep breath and began to sing.


If I never knew you

If I never felt this love

I would have no inkling of

How precious life can be

And if I never knew you

I would never have a clue

How at last I'd find in you

The missing part of me

In this world so full of fear

Full of rage and lies

I can see the truth so clear

In your eyes

So dry your eyes

And I'm so grateful to you

I'd have lived my whole life through

Lost forever

If I never knew you

If I never knew you

I'd be safe but half as real

Never knowing I could feel

A love so strong and true

I'm so grateful to you

I'd have lived my whole life through

Lost forever

If I never knew you

I thought our love would be so beautiful

Somehow we made the whole world bright

I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong

All they'd leave us were these whispers in the night

But still my heart is singing

We were right

If I never knew you

There's no moment I regret

If I never knew this love

I would have no inkling of

If our time has gone too fast I've lived at last

How precious life can be

I thought our love would be so beautiful

Somehow we'd make the whole world bright

I thought our love would be so beautiful

We'd turn the darkness into light

And still my heart is singing

We were right

We were right

And if I never knew you

I'd have lived my whole life through

Empty as the sky

Never knowing why

Lost forever


Shouta glanced at Izuku to see his reaction, and was panicked to see tears in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked, Izuku sniffed and nodded wiping his eyes.

“It was beautiful…” Izuku gave him a teary smile, Shouta reacted forward, cupping Izuku’s face as he had when they were younger. Using his thumbs to brush away his tears. “Shouta… can  ask you something?”

“Go on.” Shouta nodded.

“C-can I have a hug? I have just wanted to hug someone for so long…” Izuku glanced down nervously. Shouta didn’t voice his reply, and just pulled the human boy close, holding him as no one had before. “Please don’t let me go…” Izuku mumbled as he cuddled into Shouta’s side.

“I don’t plan too.” Shouta told him.



I got me so fanart of Izuku's merman form! Huge thanks to RMRamirez for this - check out their tumblr here -

Chapter Text

Izuku had ended up napping against Shouta, who was waiting for the sun to set so he could swim with his mate, take him to the castle and present him the crown as his mating gift. He held the human close to his side, Izuku sighed and cuddled into him.

When the sun began to set, Shouta nudged Izuku awake, the boy yawned and sat up.

“Um…?” He looked a little dazed.

“It’s sunset my little sea star. Time to wake up.” Shouta smiled, Izuku mumbled tiredly, before looking up at him. “Good evening.” He smiled down at him.

“Um…” Izuku stretched and yawned. His half-lidded eyes gazed out of the cove as the sun vanished below the horizon, before looking down at his legs as they became a single tail and fins. Shouta floated before him, holding out his hand.

“Come with me.” He said, Izuku took his hand.

“Always.” Izuku smiled. Keeping hold of Shouta’s hand, Izuku followed him as they headed towards the city.

“Izuku.” Shouta said softly, Izuku looked up at him, and his breath was taken away as Shouat’s lips claimed his own. He looked up at Shouta in surprise, a blush creeping along his cheeks. Shouta was looking back at him with intense eyes that created a twisting sensation in Izuku’s stomach, the younger mer closed his eyes and leaned into the kiss. Shouta wrapped his arms around his waist to hold him closer. But they finally broke apart. Izuku panted and looked up at him with red cheeks.

“Shouta…” He was breathless. That was his first kiss… was it true love's first kiss? He would only find out when the sun rose.

“I promised to rescue you from your tower. And, I still want to follow through with everything. Will you stay with me, little coral. Will you stay with me and be my bride? Be my mate?” Shouta asked

“But… you’re a prince right? What if you want kids, what…” Shouta silenced him with another kiss.

“I guess I have some things to explain. Come on, little starfish.” Shouta smiled and continued to lead him. They made their way through the town. Then Shouta avoided all the guards by swimming straight up to his bedroom window. They both sat down on his bed, Izuku felt a little nervous.

“Humans only have the genders Male and female, right? Born with one sex organ each, which makes their gender.” Shouta said.

“I believe so…” Izuku nodded, he wasn’t too sure.

“We merfolk are a little different. We are intersex creatures”  Shouta said, going a little red. Izuku looked at him confused. Shouta took a deep breath. “By intersex, we have both sexual reproduction systems…”

“Oh. Oh… ” Izuku’s face flared up.

“Yeah, that will probably take some time for you to adjust to that information.” Shouta smiled down at him. “Want to spend the rest of the night, I can get you to the surface before sunrise…”

“I… I might not need to return…” Izuku muttered. “My curse… it’s meant to last until I get true love’s first first… and…”

“I took your first kiss…” Shouta muttered, mezmerised.

“I was hoping you’d be the one to take it…” Izuku blushed, “But with true love’s first kiss, I shall take upon true love’s form… so…”

“You’ll be a mermaid from this point on…” Shouta muttered, before pulling Izuku close and rubbed his cheek against Izuku’s curls. “Then stay here forever, I’ll take care of you.” Izuku relaxed in his hold.

“I will.” He replied softly, allowing his eyes to fall close.


Izuku yawned as he snuggled into his bed, hugging his pillow tightly. A deep chuckled caused him to stop, this wasn’t his bed… and the pillow… He slowly opened his eye to see… To see Shouta, gazing down at him. Their tails were wrapped around each other. Tails… he was still a merman, Shouta was his true love...

“Morning…” Shouta muttered and buried his face into Izuku’s curles, the younger mer gasped and hid his face against Shouta’s chest, which shook with his chuckles. “Don’t hide, my little sea star. I have been waiting five years to see your eyes again. To hear your voice.” Izuku peeked up at him, Shouta smiled and ran a hand through his curls. “And now I will get to see and hear you everyday, and every night.” Izuku whimpered and hid his face again.Shouta chuckled again, holding the younger one close.Suddenly the door burst open.

“ShoutaaaaAAAAHH!” Hizashi yelled as Shouta launched a pillow at him. Hizashi saw the second mer and gasped. “IS THIS HIM?” He completely disregarded his brother to pull Izuku up. “Hi, I’m Yamada Hizashi, call me Hizashi, you are so cute, how did you meet Shouta? How did you make him fall for you?” Shouta pulled Izuku away from the excable blond,  holding him around his waist, and his tail twisting around Izuku’s “And he is just so protective of you... how cute! ” He gushed. “Has he met Father yet, or the others yet?”

“No… I only got him back last night… I haven’t even given it him yet.” Shouta glared at the blonde.

“Oho, well, I shall leave you two to it then.” Hizashi beamed. “We’ll talk later!” He added to Izuku. Shouta groaned once he was gone. Izuku peeked up at him.

“Shouta…” He muttered, Shouta looked down at him. “Given me what?” He asked, Shouta smiled, and settled Izuku down on his bed, he went to his shelves, and picked up the box he had placed the crown in.

“That journey I went on, it is called the mating journey. All mermen take this when they find the one they wish to spend their lives with.” Shouta explained, Izuku blushed. “On this journey, we make gifts for the one we love and this, this is what I made for you.” He opened the box and Izuku’s eyes widened. Emerald eyes drifting over the jewels and shells.

“May I wear it?” Izuku asked

“It is yours.” Shouta smiled, he set the box to the side and placed the crown on Izuku’s head, it rest around his brow. Izuku blushed, and smiled.

“H-how do I look?” He asked.

“Beautiful.” Shouta replied, cupping Izuku’s face and kissed him deeply. “But, you have always have been.”  Izuku blushed and pressed a hand to his cheek. “Come my little coral reef. Let’s get ready for the day, I need to introduce you to my family.” Shouta held out his hand, and Izuku took it without hesitation.

Chapter Text

“Do I look alright?” Izuku asked, trying to straighten out his curls, Shouta chuckled and took Izuku’s hands.

“You look fine, you don’t need to change what you look like for them.” Shouta smiled, brushing a few curls from his eyes, Izuku peeked up at him, blushing. “Come along now. Knowing Sekijiro, he’s probably eaten most of the good stuff, but hopefully, Tensei would have stopped him.” Shouta took Izuku’s hand and hurried Izuku along. The smaller male giggled.

“How many brothers do you have?” He asked

“6. There are seven of us all together. Most of us are half brothers.  Tensei and Tenya are full brothers.” Shouta explained. “Actually… I think Tenya is around your age.”

“Oho… I have never anyone my own age before…” Izuku muttered. “Well, aside from him…”

“Well, you will never have to see him again. You shall not have to worry about a thing.” Shouta smiled.  They stopped before a large door. “Now, don’t panic. I am here… and Hizashi has probably told them all you are here, so, they shouldn’t be too surprised.” Izuku squeezed Shouta’s hand.

“Okay… I’m ready…” He nodded, Shouta smiled at his bravery, before adoning his usual expression and pushed opened the door. Sure enough, all 6 of his brothers, their mothers and their father looked up as Shouta entered. Izuku peeked around him, he mental counted how many people were there and almost froze in fright, Shouta glanced down and gave him a reassuring smile.

This is the one you have chosen as your mate? Bring him forward my boy. ” His father smiled. Izuku slowly moved so he stood next to Shouta, still nervous at being the centre of attention.

“Look at that colouration on his tail, have you ever seen such vibrant colours?” One of the mothers gasped, they continued to mutter about different traits, his hair, his eyes, his freckles. Izuku was soon hiding behind Shouta again, who in turn was glaring at the woman for making him uncomfortable. Instead, he ignored them all and led Izuku over to where he usually sat, Izuku taking the seat next to him. Sitting between Shouta and Hizashi.

“What’s your name sweetie? Don’t forget to speak up a little.” A woman said, but it was more of an order from her tone.

“Here’s an idea, leave my mate alone, he’s not someone who is going to become your play toy!” Shouta glared.

“Oh Shouta honey, we all know that he is likely to be one of many wives you will have.” The woman smiled darkly. Izuku froze, Shouta was glaring at her, mouth shaped into a snarl.Izuku clung to Shouta’s arm.

“I will have no one else other then Izuku, he is all I need.” Shouta said, gritting his teeth.

“You say that now…” ANother mother began.

“Shouta’s pretty narrow minded when he’s decided something. Izuku’s going to be his one and only.” Hizashi smirked.

“All young heirs say that.” One of the mothers said.

“Well, I mean it!” Shouta growled, getting increasingly annoyed, so he took Izuku’s hand. “Let’s get something to eat from the town, it will be quieter.” Izuku gave a small nod, as Shouta led him from the room. The princes watched them leave the room, before turning to glare at the women.

“Seriously, what the hell was that all for?” Hizashi exclaimed!

“It’s better for him to learn that no king has ever had one lover, the faster he accepts that, the better we can all get along.” His mother said

“Just because you’re all jealous that Shouta has chose one mer to love forever, doesn’t mean you get to brate him like that.” Kan Sekijiro growled, before getting up. “Breakfast in town sounds good right now.” His other brothers agree and also left the room. Leaving the king, sitting in surprised with his wives.


“This place is good.” Shouta began to swim into what looked like a cafe. Izuku looked down at his fins, Shouta looked back at him. “Izuku?”

“Is it true? What they said?” Izuku frowned a little, Shouta sighed.

“Yes, most kings have had multiple mates. I have always disagreed with it, I still do. You’re the only one I need.” Shouta rested his forehead against Izuku’s. “You are my one and only.” Izuku blushed happily.

“So, who knew Shouta was a secret sap at heart? You had us fooled.” Shouta and Izuku looked up. The other six princes were heading their way.

“What are you all doing here?” Shouta asked

“Joining the more pleasant company of out family. Now, breakfast here sounds great.” Hizashi smiled. “Besides, we want to know your one and only Shouta.”


It caused a lot of staring, all the princes sitting there, with Izuku practically sitting on Shouta’s lap. After everyone had orders, they glanced at Shouta, who was hugging Izuku close.

“So, I think we should all introduce ourselves.” Tenya said. “From oldest to youngest.”

“Great Idea, Shouta is actually the first prince and thus the next heir to the throne.” Hizashi beamed. “I’m the second prince, Yamada Hizashi. But you can just call me Hizashi, or Zashi!”

“I’m the third prince, Iida Tensei.”

“The fourth Prince, Kan Sekijiro.”

“The fifth Prince, Maijima Higari.”

“The sixth Prince, Ishiyama Ken.”

“The Seventh Prince, Iida Tenya. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Tenya bowed his head.

“I’m Yagi Izuku, it’s nice to meet all of you.” Izuku smiled softly.

“You are just so Precious!” Hizashi gushed, Izuku blushed and ended up curling into Shouta embarrassed. Shouta pet his head to comfort him.

“Yagi…” Tensei muttered.

“You may recognise the name… but let’s leave that discussion for a more private setting.” Shouta said, accepting the tea he had ordered.

“Alright then, how about how you two met?” Tensei asked

“Also more private setting.” Shouta told him. Suddenly all their orders came in. The other princes dug in happily. Izuku poked at his, which were pieces of colourful… things. Izuku wasn’t too sure what they were. “It’s just fruit, Izuku.” Shouta assured him. Izuku blushed, mumbling a thanks. He picked up a purple piece and popped it into his mouth. He gasped and hummed happily, pressing a hand to his cheek as he chewed.

“So sweet.” He smiled, picking up another piece. “You need to eat too Shouta, not just having a drink.”  Shouta let Izuku feed him the piece of fruit. The six princes all watched the scene with wide eyes. Shouta gave them a smug look as their eyes seemed to all scream one question.



Chapter Text

After breakfast the princes headed back to the castle, Izuku remaining close to Shouta’s side, their hands together as Shouta interacted with his brothers. Izuku glanced up, to where the surface was. He wondered if he had any siblings now… and if so, did the same happen to them?

“Izuku?” Shouta asked softly, Izuku turned to him, to realise they were at the castle doors.

“Sorry, my mind was elsewhere…” Izuku blushed, looking up at him apologetically.

“Clearly, do you want to talk about it?” He asked

“I...I am not sure…” Izuku frowned.

“Well, I am here if you ever feel like you want too.” Shouta smiled, Izuku looked up at him.

“Thank you.” Izuku said, the princes went into a living room like area.

“This is the princes common room. Our space to escape… well, father and our mothers.” Tensei said, upon seeing the expression on Izuku’s face. “Now, are you going to explain why your mate has the surname of a royal human family on the surface.” He looked at Shouta.

“Because, he unfortunately he is… Cursed until he found true love.” Shouta explained.

“My parents arranged a marriage between me and a prince of a neighbouring country. Then someone cursed me to take upon a mer form upon the light of the setting sun.” Izuku added “They… they ended up locking me away in the tower in the sea… until a time they own they said was my true love came to rescue me…” Izuku looked down as tears gathered int he corner of his eyes. “He wasn’t my true love, he didn’t care. He probably still doesn’t. And I don’t want to go back.”

“Besides, he is in true love’s form now.” Shouta added, wrapping his arms around Izuku, who blushed. “They would have to get passed me to get now.”

“Think they ever imagined their son would be charmed by a merman?” Hizashi laughed “You’re family now Izuku, so come to us if you ever need anything. Oh, have you seen the library?”

“What’s a library?” Izuku asked, the princes were silent, whilst Shouta had a sad expression.

“H-How young were you when they locked you away?” Tensei asked

“I have been in that tower for as long as I remember… I don’t know anything for outside of it, I only know of the sea from what Shouta had told me.” Izuku answered

“Do you know how to read?”

“I taught myself.” Izuku nodded.

“Well, a library is basically a room for books. Come on!” Tensei said


Izuku stared at the shelves of books, eyes wide. Shouta smiled as he watched him. The princes were also smiling. Izuku swam over to look at the books.

“Can I read these?” He glanced back at his new mate, Shouta smiled and nodded.

“Read as many as you want.” Shout told him. Izuku beamed, quickly swimming over to hug Shouta, before hurrying back to find a book that he found interesting.

“He is adorable and love him.” Hizashi smiled softly.

“Yeah… damn, I want a mate as cute as him…” Kan muttered, Shouta just smirked at them all smugly, before he got his own book and settled down on a sofa in the corner, stretching out across it to read. He was soon joined by Izuku who snuggled against him with his own book. Shouta once again gave his brothers a smug look.

“Stop bragging Shouta.” Hizashi huffed




A few hours later, Izuku was falling asleep against Shouta’s chest. The younger mer cuddled into his mate, Shouta had wrapped his arm around Izuku’s waist, keeping him close. The other princes watched them with small smiles. Once the younger mer had fallen asleep against him, Shouta looked down at him.

“Come on you.” He said, tone soft. He placed his book to the side, and placed Izuku’s on top of it. He carefully manoeuvred the boy until he was in a position where Shouta could carry him.

“We’ll get some servants to bring some food up for you.” Tensei smiled, Shouta nodded his thanks, carefully swimming from the room and heading towards his own bedroom. He stopped down the hall when he saw his father’s mates outside his room, muttering quietly between themselves. Shouta held Izuku closer as he swam forward.

“Get away from my chambers.” Shouta growled, his tone leaving no room for argument. The woman quickly turned, making a path to his door out of instinct. He didn’t look at any of them as he swam passed, making sure Izuku remained asleep.

“Prince Sh…” His own mother began, but he quickly shut the door of them. He didn’t want to deal with them after what they had said that morning. I looked down at his young mate and sighed softly. He listened as the woman were muttering amongst themselves again. He listened silently.

“He is aware that mates don’t actually share rooms with the royals, right?” One asked, Shouta scowled, carefully swimming over to his bed and tucked Izuku in, before swimming back to the doors and opening in them. The woman jumped, he glared at them all.

“Get away from my chambers, and do not approach my mate.” He warned. “I will know if you do.” He threatened, before closing his doors again and returning to his mate’s side. He settled on his own side of the bed and sat running his fingers through Izuku’s hair.

Around 10 minutes later, there was knock on his door.

“Enter.” Shouta called out, next to him Izuku stirred, emerald eyes opening tiredly. A guard opened the door for a maid to entry with a tray. He recognised the maid as the one Tenya was friends with, Uraraka Ochaco, he believed her name was.

“Your brother, Prince Tensei, requested I bring some food for you and mate sire.” The maid bowed her head.

“Yes, thank you.” Shouta nodded in thanks. She smiled and place the tray on the bedside table as Izuku took his time waking up. She bowed before swimming towards the door. “Oh, can you ask the guards not to let any of my father’s mates come close to my room.”

“Of course, please enjoy your meal!” She beamed and closed the door quietly behind her. Izuku mumbled quietly, reaching for Shouta. The prince chuckled.

“So needy when you wake up.” He said softly, pulling him close. Izuku sighed

“I like hugs…” He said

“I guessed.” Shouta chuckled. “Come on, starfish, you need to eat.” He took a piece of fruit. “Or, would my mate like me to feed him?” He asked teasingly. Izuku opened his eyes to pout up at Shouta. But the prince just chuckled. “You are so cute when you are teased, little coral reef.” He smiled. Izuku blushed, before sitting up and yawning. “Open wide.” Shouta smiled, Izuku opened his mouth, Shouta fed him the piece of fruit.

“Mmmm, tasty…” Izuku smiled, pressing a hand to his cheek as he chewed. Shouta smiled and took a piece himself. He barely finished when Izuku held up a piece for him.

“I want to feed you too…” He blushed. Shouta chuckled, leaning forward to eat the fruit.

“Thank you, but it is I who should be treating you.” Shouta smiled softly. “You are my queen after all.” Izuku blushed lightly. “come here.” Shouta pulled Izuku closer, and soon Izuku was lying down, his head rest on the upper part of Shouta’s tail. Shouta smiled down at him. “That’s better.” Shouta slowly ran his hand through Izuku’s curls. Izuku let out a relaxed sigh, clearly enjoying himself. Shouta happily fed Izuku, the younger mer still slightly embarrassed by his soft treatment but enjoying it all the same. Shouta silently promised to continue treated Izuku like the Queen he was to help him forget his life in the tower.

Chapter Text

Izuku felt movement next to him. He grumbled quietly reaching and wrapping his arms around Shouta to keep him from moving.

“Sleep Shouta…” He mumbled.

“I would, my beautiful coral reef, but I have lessons I must attend.” Shouta replied softly. Izuku opened his eyes and looked up at Shouta tiredly.

“Lessons?” He repeated.

“Yes, to prepare me for when I am king.” Shouta nodded. “I assure you, I would rather sleep at your side, but I must attend these.” Izuku pouted, Shouta smiled. “I shall join you at lunch, and we can spend our afternoon together. Why not go and find Tenya? He is also your brother now, and your age. I think it is time you found yourself some friends.”

“Friends…” Izuku muttered, his tone almost sounding mesmerised.

“Yes, you deserve some friend. I will ask Tenya to come your way. I am sure he will be happy to introduce you to some of his friends.” Shouta smiled. Izuku sighed, Shouta took his hand and kissed it. “But you should sleep some more if you wish, I will join you later.”

“Okay.” Izuku nodded, Shouta got up from the bed, and ended up tucking the blankets back around his mate. Izuku smiled at him softly before he left.  Shouta left the room, though the urge to join his mate back in bed was hard to ignore as he made his way to his lessons. Though, he planned to smuggle his mate back into his room once the lessons were over.

Izuku woke not too long later, sitting up in the bed and looking around the room quietly, he was silently missing Shouta. But Izuku knew those lessons had to be important. For Shouta to rule the ocean one day. Izuku frowned, if he hadn’t been locked away, would he have to go through such lessons? As far as he knew, he was the oldest child of his parents, that would make him the heir to his parent’s kingdom, correct? Izuku sighed and got up, straightening the covers of the bed, before  having a looking around the room, not really having a chance to have a good the previous day. There were mostly a few trinkets here and there, small things Shouta had found when exploring. Izuku picked up a golden coloured shell that seemed to sparkle. Izuku smiled and put it down and continued to look around. He passed a mirror and froze to look at himself. He was brought away from his image by a knock at the door.

“Coming.” Izuku called and swam to the door.

“Izuku! My brother sent me your way to introduce you to my friends!” Tenya said as soon as Izuku opened the door, Izuku giggled a little. He smiled at the teen mer.

“I know, thank you.” Izuku nodded.

“It’s no trouble at all. We all agreed to meet just outside the town, it is the only place we can all get away from our families and responsibilities for a while.” Tenya explained, Izuku shut the room door behind him and he began to follow Tenya.

“That’s fine with me… I never really had friends before… so, I am a little nervous.” Izuku admitted.

“I assure you, my friends are happy for you to join us. They are quite excited to meet you.” Tenya said, Izuku gave a small smile.


“Oh, wow, you tail is beautiful!” A mermaid with a green and purple tail swam into Izuku taking his hands in her, he stared at her in surprise. “I have never seen a mer with a Koi pattern before, oho, or a mer with freckles. They are so cute.” She cupped his face.

“Ashido, I don’t want to be explaining to my brother why you have your hands all over his mate.” Tenya sighed.

“Yeah, he is pretty scary.” A blond merman shivered. Izuku glanced over Ashido’s shoulder to look at him, taking note of his tail, bright yellow and with lightning patterns.

“Shouta’s not scary.” Izuku said, Tenya smirked slightly looking away as his friends stared at Izuku.

“He is really sweet to him.” A mermaid smiled, her brown hair short, and her tail a light pink. “I’m Uraraka Ochaco. I am a maid in the castle, it’s nice to meet you properly.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Izuku smiled, but the Ashido was still clinging to him.

“This one is Ashido Mina… Mina, you can let him go now, I think he is a little embarrassed.” Uraraka said.

“Sorry.” Ashido backed off, but still grinning.

“I’m Kaminari Denki!” The lightning merman beamed.

“I’m Asui Tsuyu, but just call me Tsuyu.” A mermaid with a tadpole like tail gave him a blank eyed smile.

“And this is Shinso Hitoshi, he is actually Shouta’s second cousin.” Tenya said, waving an arm at a purple haired and tailed merman, who gave Izuku a strange look.

“It’s nice to meet you all, I hope we can be friends…” Izuku bowed his head a little. He squeaked a little as Ashido bumped hips with him, wrapping and arm around his shoulders.

“We are going to be beasties, just you wait.” She beamed.


The group showed Izuku to a coral reef near the city. Izuku sat next to Uraraka , who began to play with his hair.

“Your hair is so soft.” She commented, before placing a flower in his hair. Izuku smiled softly.

“Thank you?” He said

“It was a compliment.” Uraraka told him.

“Heard the kings mates were giving you trouble.” Shinso said, watching him carefully.

“They don’t seem to like me very  much, no.” Izuku frowned. “I’m not sure what I did for them not to like me….”

“You probably did nothing, the lot of them are witches, the bad kind.” Shinso lay back on the rock he was on. “No offence Tenya.”

“None taken, My brothers and I were all ashamed of how they acted. I feel Shouta will stop them getting at him.” Tenya nodded. “Don’t worry about them Izuku, they are just jealous.”

“I won’t let them bother me!” Izuku smiled, before glancing up. “It’s really nice out here.”

“Yeah.” The others agreed. The teen mers lounged on the rocks. Izuku listening to the others talk.

“What about you Izuku? What do you enjoy doing?” Kaminari asked

“Um, reading? I like losing myself in a good book.” Izuku answered. “I…well, I never had much else to do before I came to the city.”

“Oh… then we can help you find a hobby!” Ashido beamed, her stomach growled. “Right after we have lunch!”

“It’s lunch time?” Izuku sat up, the teens smirked, Tenya chuckled.

“Shouta should finish his lessons soon. I think he’ll like it if you went to meet him.” Tenya smiled.

“Before you go.” Uraraka added another flower to his curls. “There, now go and get your mate!” Izuku beamed and swam off before turning to look back at them.

“Can we hang out again soon?” He asked

“Anytime!” Ashido beamed, Izuku smiled happily and quickly headed to the castle.”


Shouta had lunch taken to his chambers as he went to look for his young mate. He found Izuku looking around the halls

“Little sea star.” He said, Izuku turned beaming to Shouta. He swam to the prince and hugged him, shouta chuckled. “I am guessing you have fun.” Shouta said, Izuku nodded.

“I have friends…” Izuku mumbled. “I’m happy.”

“You deserve to be, my love. Now, I am starving, and want some alone time with my mate.” Shouta held him close. “So, how about we go and eat lunch?”

“I’d like that.” Izuku smiled, they held hands as they headed back to the Prince’s chambers.


Some art of Izuku's friends! By me


Chapter Text

It wasn’t until the weekend when Shouta found himself free to spend time with his mate. And the first part of his plan was snuggling with Izuku in the morning. Shouta nuzzled Izuku’s curls, sighing happily as his mate slept in his arms. He had requested the guards to turn away anyone who tried to see him.  Izuku mumbled quietly in his sleep.

“Shouta…” He said, waking up tiredly.

“You can go back to sleep my love.” Shouta said, holding his mate close. Izuku just hummed in reply, cuddling into him.

“If I go back to sleep… will you nap with me?” Izuku asked.

“Of course.” Shouta smiled.

“But if I stay awake… we can spend time together.” Izuku looked up at him, green eyes glittering.

“Whether we be asleep or awake, I will be content as long as you are in my arms.” Shouta told him, Izuku blushed happily.

“Me too.” Izuku muttered, cuddling into Shouta. They lay like that for a while, Shouta rubbing Izuku’s back with his hand.

“Is there anything you’d like to do today? Go anywhere?” Shouta asked

“No, I just wanna be here with you.” Izuku mumbled into his chest. Shouta smiled, petting his mate’s head. They had about 10 minutes of just lying there, enjoying each other’s company, when there was a knock at the door. Shouta groaned.

“Who is it?” He asked angrily.

“Shouta it’s me… and you ain’t going to be happy either way…” Hizashi called from the other side of the door. Shouta sighed, he gave Izuku an apologetic look, before the both of them got out of bed, Shouta opened his door and let in his brother.

“What is it?” He asked

They arranged several meetings for you today.” Hizashi said, holding out a list. “With ladies, Okiku, Romi, Hisae, Nozomi, Hizuru and Mutsumi.”

“You’re fucking kidding!” Shouta stared at him in disbelief.

“And you have to attend… Father sighed it…” Hizashi held it up. Shouta stared at the notice in fury.

“Those, fucking….” Shouta growled, Izuku watched him concerned, green eyes looked at the noticed.

“Would I be allowed to come with you?” He asked, Shouta looked at him, Izuku smiled up at him. “It doesn’t say you have to go alone.”

“That is a great point! Take Izuku with you and just play nice for a bit. Of course, If any of them get too close to you, Izuku would have a natural reason to them away from you. They aren’t your mates and you’re clearly not interested in them. This is a great opportunity to show them Izuku is the only mer for you.” Hizashi beamed. Shouta sighed but smiled down at Izuku.

“Very well. When and where is it?” He asked

“In about 2o minutes… on the ball room balcony, the kitchen staff have set out a lunch table… They made sure to prepare some of Izuku’s favourite.” Hizashi gave his brother a wink. Shouta sighed.

“Come on my coral reef. Let’s get this over and done with.” Shouta said, Izuku nodded, taking his hand.

“Give them hell!” Hizashi laughed.


“Such a nice view…” Izuku commented, taking the seat on Shouta’s right, the prince pushed their chairs together, so they could lean against each other. Shouta smiled as Izuku looked out across the sea.

“On my next day off, I am going to plan a trip out so I can’t be forced into shit like this.” Shouta muttered. “I just wanted to spend some alone time with you.”

“Well, at least we are still spending some time together… even if more people have to join us… think they’ll like me?” Izuku asked

“Sea star… these… these ladies are the daughters of noble men, they all want to be where you are. They want to be my mate, even though I have clearly stated no many times. They will likely have the same opinion of you as my fathers mates.” Shouta said, looking a little grim.

“Oh…” Izuku frowned.

“Do you still want to be here for this? I could stay a few minutes and then say I had original plans and then come and find you… you won’t have to see them.” Shouta told him.

“There’s a chance I could meet them in the castle halls though… isn’t there…” Izuku sighed, Shouta nodded. “I’ll stay here, with you. Because it is safer.”

“I will always protect you sea star.” Shouta kissed his forehead, Izuku blushed happily.

“Prince Shouta!” A girly voice cried, several echoed after it. Izuku curled up close to Shouta as the 6 ladies joined them. One eyed Izuku distastefully.

“We were not informed you’d be bringing… a guest…” She grimaced.

“This is my Mate, Izuku, lady Mutsumi. I suggest you treat him with respect.” Shouta narrowed his eyes. “Besides, I was not informed of this little… get together until an hour or so ago. We had plans.”

“I see…” The ladies sat down, but they did continue to send small glares in Izuku’s direction as he and Shouta sat side by side, tails touching. Izuku felt very out of place, Shouta could feel him trembling slightly at the unwelcome attention.

“You could have told him you were just looking for another mate, I am sure he would understand!” The smallest of the ladies smiled.  Shouta clenched his jaw, Izuku glanced up at him sadly.

“Lady Hizuru is quite right. This is mean to be a private meeting between us, to see if we are still compatible.” Lady Mutsumi said

“We never were compatible.” Shouta said. “I have told you all no multiple times. And it’s not a private meeting, not when I had no place in planning it. I was forced into this.” Shouta glared at them in turn. “And if anyone glare at him one more time, I will be asking the guards to escort you out.”

“He’s just a weak mer, who clearly has no place in this high society.” Another lady burst out.

“Lady Romi…” Lady Hiuru hissed.

“No, look at him.” Lady Romi pointed at Izuku, he shrunk under her glare. “I doubt he would even be able to carry a guppy full term, so there is no point in having him around!” Izuku frowned at little confused, guppy? Izuku jumped as Shouta got up, his dark eyes now red and the ladies shot back.

“Get out. NOW!” He commanded, the ladies wasted no time in swimming away, the currents around them had picked up.

“Shouta…” Izuku asked, Shouta wrapped his arms around him, buring his face into Izuku’s curls. The younger mer could feel him shaking. Izuku cuddled into him, the older relaxed a little.

“We have to go and speak to my father. Now.” Shouta said. The two of them quickly swam to the throne room, where The king dat with his mates on his left and the princes on the right. The ladies were there, also, with their parents.

My boy…” His father began.

“If you dare, set up any more of those stupid dinner dates without my permission, you better believe the guards will be dragging them off the moment they get close to me or Izuku.” Shouta said, glaring at his father, his mates and the nobles. “And if you dare insult my mate like that again, you face the same punishment as one else.” Izuku stuck close to his side, he glanced at the other princes, who were sharing their brother’s expression. “I am going to say this one more time, and I hope you all listen this time. Izuku is my one and only mate. I don’t need no one else.” Shouta said, he squeezed Izuku’s hand. “let’s go.”

“Told you he wouldn’t be happy with it.” Tensei sighed, shaking his head at his father. The doors slammed shut behind them.

Chapter Text

Shouta and Izuku escaped to the hidden cove. Izuku clung to Shouta as the older mer pet his head.

“They hated me… why do they hate me so much…” Izuku muttered, his face down cast as his check was pressed against Shouta’s chest.

“Because they are jealous.” Shouta replied. “Mers like them aren’t worth our time, sea Star.” Shouta gazed down at his mate, Izuku looked troubled, the ghost of tears cast within his eyes. Shouta frowned, “Sea star, please tell me, what’s on your mind?”

“Will they ever like me?” Izuku asked. Shouta frowned, all his little mate wanted was acceptance. And they couldn’t give him that.

“We all have people who don’t like us, we just need to learn to accept that, to move on and not let their opinions change who we are.” Shouta told him. Izuku leaned against his chest, Shouta wrapped his arms around him. “we may not enjoy having people dislike is, but there is little we can do to change how they feel without staying true to ourselves and our beliefs.”

“Should I try to ignore them? I don’t know if I would be able to do that.” Izuku asked

“Yes, or a better way to do it. Concentrate on those who do like you.” Shouta smiled. “They are the ones who matter the most.” Izuku nodded, Shouta wrapped his tail around his smaller mates. “Concentrate on me.” Izuku blushed and looked up at him.

“I always do.” He mumbled, Shouta chuckled and rested his forehead on Izuku’s.

“I am so glad I met you, Sea star. I would never be able to meet someone as amazing, as beautiful as you.” Shouta smiled, Izuku blushed and smiled back.  “Now, what would you like to do today, now we’re out of the castle and no one will come looking for us after my outburst.” Shouta asked.

“I would like to see where else you would escape too.” Izuku said, Shouta took his hand.

“Come along then.” Shouta told him. He dived down, letting going of Izuku’s hand. The younger mer giggled, and dived after him.




Prince Shouto stood at the head of a ship, taking in the sea air. He finally completed the trials set for him to complete to prove his strength and to win the hand of Prince Yagi Izuku of Musutafu. It had been, something like 6 years since he had first seen the prince. His age, but cursed, apparently not long after the announcement of his engagement to the dual coloured prince. Shouto couldn’t deny Prince Izuku was a rare jewel. His emerald eyes shining with their own inner light, green hair that twisted into curls, and freckles dusted his cheeks, at their first meeting his cheeks were still rounded with baby fat. His future husband was beautiful, he was pleased he had been arranged to marry Izuku.  Of course, upon their first meeting, he tried not to show any emotion, he had to seem strong to his future husband, had to seem king-like. He wondered how the other prince would react to return, and to his new freedom? Shouto had many plans involving Izuku when he got back to shore with his love, he wanted to show him the two kingdoms, the forests, the creatures. He wanted Izuku to experience freedom to it’s fullest. Shouto knew he would appreciate that. He stood straight when the tower first came into sight, it stood alone against the sea and the sky. He glanced down when he thought he saw something green and shimmering beneath the waves.

“Be careful there, My prince. These seas are a known home to the merfolk. They would be all too happy to drag you ‘neath the waves, ne’er to be seen again.” The captain called.

“I see” Shouto repeated, sure he had heard of them. They were spoken of in many books, and those who worked upon the seas spoke of them so often, he assumed they were the words if tales and drunk sailors… maybe not. He looked up again, eyeing the tower as they came to a stop. Shouto jumped onto the small dock, pulling out a key, to unlock the tower door. He took a deep breath before inserting the key and turning it. The door creaked open. “Prince Yagi Izuku, I am here for you.” He called entering it. He froze as he looked around, there was nothing, no one here. “Prince Yagi Izuku!” This was impossible… he stormed out.

“My prince?” The captain asked

“Prince Yagi Izuku is missing from the tower. We must return to my father and the royals of Musutafu immediately.” Shouto said, the captain nodded. The ship set off again, moving away from the tower, Shouto watched it go. I will find you. He promised


Izuku giggled as he and Shouta swam around each other, in a under water dance of their own making.  Shouta watched his mate swirled and spinning in the water, a bright smile upon his face, eyes shining with such light. Shouta found himself falling in love all over again.

“..outa… Shouta?” Izuku was closer now, watching him with concern. “You…”

“You’re beautiful.” Shouta said, causing Izuku to blush.

“Shouta!” He mumbled embarrassed, Shouta chuckled, pulling Izuku close to him.

“What? It’s true, your eyes, your freckles. Just, you.” Shouta smiled, Izuku’s cheeks were warm and red. Shouta smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I am luckily to have found you.”

“What were the chances of you finding my tower?” Izuku smiled, “ I am happy you found me Shouta, maybe it was never a curse… but a blessing.” He muttered.

“I can see that. Izuku, my true love blessing.” Shouta smiled.

“Shouta, my blessed hero.” Izuku blushed, cuddling into him. Their tails twisted around each other. They floated in silence, enjoying the company of each other. Unbeknownst to them, a mer was hiding in the shadows, blazing blue eyes softened at the sight, with a small, triumphant smile, the mer swam away in silence, leaving the true mates alone.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke to a strange bubble of heat low in his stomach, he hummed softly, snuggling closer to his older mate who lay next to him. Strong arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer, a tail wrapped around his own.

“Shouta…” Izuku moaned his name quietly, he heard a deep chuckle above him.

“You sound very nice, little sea star. Having nice dreams about me?” Shouta asked, his tone teasing. Izuku opened his eyes and looked up at his mate, Shouta was watching him with a soft smile. Izuku mumbled incoherently and cuddled closer. Shouta chuckled again and pressed a kiss to Izuku’s forehead. Izuku yawned, wanting to fall asleep again, enjoying the heat from his mate.

“I have lessons again today, my sweet coral reef,” Shouta told him. “Though, lying here with you would be more preferable.”

“You’ll be back at lunch, right?” Izuku asked, looking up at him. Shouta nodded, running a hand through Izuku’s curls.

“As every other time. Would you like me to send Tenya this way again today?” Shouta offered. Izuku thoughtfully about it, before shaking his head.

“Not today.” Izuku decided. Shouta was somewhat surprised with his choice but nuzzled his head quietly. They remained like that for a little while longer, before they had to part. Once alone in the room, Izuku looked around. Something seemed off, the bed didn’t feel right. Izuku grabbed the blankets and Pillows and headed to the corner of the room. He settled the objects down and began to rearrange them until they looked better. Izuku smiled, before collecting all the other soft objects in the room, adding them to his work, making sure it was right. Once he was done he curled up in it, it wasn’t perfect, but it would do for now..


“Was kinda hoping Izuku would join us today.” Kaminari sighed, the teens were hanging around int town that day as Tsuyu was looking at some new fruit that had been traded in.

“My brother said Izuku didn’t want to join us, but I also recall him saying Izuku wasn’t too keen on being alone.” Tenya frowned. “I am wondering, maybe he could be ill, and thus wants to keep his distance in fear we may fall ill next.”

“Well, let’s go and check on him, if he is ill, we can look after him.” Uraraka smiled.


Tenya and the others froze as they entered the room, their eyes wide as they saw Izuku curled up in what they saw was a nest of everything soft from the room. Izuku squirmed lightly, opening his eyes, he saw them. Tenya immediately bowed.

“Sorry for intruding! EVERYONE OUT!” Tenya ordered. Izuku found himself oddly pleased that they had gone. He huffed lightly, before curling up again.


Shouta listened as his professor droned on about something he was already well learn in. He was half debating on bailing early and returning to his mate or sucking up and staying for the remainder of the lesson. That was before Tenya burst into the room, Shouta sat up. Something was obviously wrong as Tenya would never interrupt his lesson.

“Shouta…” He began

“Prince Iida Tenya! Surely you know the importance of these lessons!” The professor Scolded.

“I am aware, but…” Tenya began again, but the professor cut him off.

“Prince Aizawa has to learn this to help him run this kingdom successfully. There is nothing you could possibly say that gives you the authority to interrupt.” The professor frowned. “He does  not have time to listen to your foolish remarks.”

“Izuku’s nesting!” Tenya burst out before the professor could interrupt him again, the professor stared at him in surprise. “But of course, that means nothing. It is just a foolish remark.”  Tenya glared at the professor.

“Tenya, inform Father of this. No one is to approach my room until this is over.” Shouta said, before looking at the professor. “Never speak to my brother like that again. Anything he says is worth more time then any you say.” With a flick of his tail, Shouta was out of the room, and on the hunt for more pillows and blankets. Tenya left after him, heading towards the throne room to inform the king.


Shouta entered his room, arms holding on to all the blankets and pillows he could carry. Izuku was in the corner in the starts of his nest. Shouta felt a strange swelling feeling in his heart. His mates nest. He thought. He placed the pillows and blankets down next to the nest and got closer to Izuku. He ran his hand through his curls, causing the greenette to squirm. Izuku opened his eyes and looked up, he was soon up and cuddling into Shouta once he realised who it was. Shouta chuckled.

“Hello little turtle. What a lovely nest you’ve made.” Shouta crooned proudly at his mate. Izuku glanced at his nest, before noticing the blankets and pillows Shouta had brought. Shouta smiled as he backed up a little, Izuku immediately going for them and adding them to his nest, eyes glazed over with concentration.  When he was done, Izuku grabbed Shouta and pulled him down next to him. “I got you.” Shouta hummed, holding him close. Izuku snuggled close, he finally felt a lot better, this was perfect. Izuku frowned a little and looked up at Shouta, who’s eyes filled with concern. “Are you okay?”

“I-I have no idea what I’m doing…” He admitted.

“It’s your new instincts, your nesting.” Shouta explained. “It… is is basically your mind and body preparing you to get ready for your heat?”

“Heat?” Izuku repeated.

“Your body is basically ready to.. um… accept a child… to put it simply.” Shouta said, Izuku blushed deeply and hid his face into Shouta’s chest. Shouta smiled. “For now, just follow your instincts. Is there anything you feel you need? More Pillows? Blankets? Food, I should go and get food. Is there anything you want to eat?”

“Can I have some of that purple fruit, the really sweet one?” Izuku asked,

“You can have whatever you want.” Shouta kissed his forehead. “I’ll be right back.” Izuku remained curled up his comfy nest, Shouta smiled at him softly as he headed out to get food. He spoke to the kitchen staff, asking to stock up on fruit for him and his mate during his nesting and Heat, the happily obliged, Shouta took a platter of fruit back to his chambers, growling at the site of three of his father’s mates outside his room.

“What are you doing!” He growled threateningly. They jumped. “I told you to keep away from my chambers and my mate.”

“He needs to be moved to the nesting wing.” One said, Shouta growled at Hizashi’s mother.

“He and his nest shall be staying in our chambers. I do not trust you around him. No away from my room. If I find you out here in ten minutes I will be calling th guards to force you away.” Shouta growled, entering his room and closing the door loudly behind him, creating a few bubbles. Izuku peeked up.

“Shouta?” He asked.

“It’s okay, my little starfish, everything is fine.” Shouta smiled calmly. “I got you that fruit you wanted.” Izuku perked up happily. Shouta took pleasure in feeding his mate, Izuku relishing in the treatment.

Chapter Text

Izuku nested for 7 days, Shouta would go back and forth collecting more blankets and pillows for the nest and getting food. The guards doubled all watches on the halls leading to the first princes’ room, no one was allowed to pass. They had already had to chase of the kings mates of multiple times. Shouta had sent a formal complaint to his father, along with a warning. If they were to try approaching again, he would happily allow Izuku to defend his nest – and that usually didn’t end well for the non-nesting mers. Shouta always made sure the kitchen has stocked up on Izuku’s favourite fruit, the pre heat would be coming up shortly, than Shouta would have to start storing the food in their room as they would be leaving during Izuku’s heat, that would last five days.


“Shouta…” Izuku mumbled, wrapping arms around Shouta.

“I’m here, what’s wrong sea turtle?” Shouta crooned softly.

“Hungry…” Izuku pouted.

“I shall get you some food.” Shouta smiled, the change in Izuku’s scent was clear, the pre heat had begun. “I’ll need to go to the kitchen, I will be back as soon as possible.”

“Bring food.” Izuku told him, Shouta chuckled lightly, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead.

“With food.” Shouta was able to leave the room without causing distress to his mate. That was known to happen on occasion. Mers in preheat and heat were extremely emotional sensitive, and some where known to become distressed if their mate was to leave them alone during that time. Luckily, Izuku seemed to be a mer who was a little more emotionally stable during a heat, which was calming.


Shouta tapped the several boxes of fruit the kitchen staff had gotten ready for Izuku’s heat. He frowned, the best thing to do would to take all of them up to his chambers, but the staff were out, and he could not carry them all alone.

“Oh, Prince Aizawa, do you need anything?” He turned to see Uraraka and a few more of his brothers friends.

“I would appreciate some help carrying these boxes to my chambers. The pre heat has begun and I would rather not leave my chambers constantly today to bring up the boxes… it may cause Izuku distress…” Shouta said

“We’d be happy to help!” Uraraka beamed, Shouta nodded in thanks, he picked up two of the boxes, the teen mers grabbed the last few. They carried them up to Shouta’s chambers, placing the boxes outside the door.

“Thank you for your assistance,” Shouta said, with a small smile and a bow of his head.

“It was no trouble at all!” Uraraka smiled

“Yeah, just tell Izuku we’ll see him after it’s over, we’ll hang out by the coral reef again.” Kaminari grinned. The teens swam off, Shouta smiled, Izuku and Tenya had found themselves some good friends.

“I’m back,” Shouta said, carrying in the two boxes of fruit. Izuku perked up from his nest. “Hang on, I have a few more boxes.” Shouta brought in the rest of the fruit, before locking the door behind him. He grabbed some fruit and took it over to Izuku, who curled into him the moment he re-joined him in the nest. Shouta crooned softly, snuggling into his smaller mate. “Zu, so loving.” Shouta smiled. Izuku cuddled into him. He got a small knife from a draw and cut a piece of fruit into slices. “Open up my sea star.” Shouta smiled, Izuku peeked up at him, and let Shouta feed him.

“So tasty…” Izuku mumbled happily. Shouta smiled and placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Want some more?” He asked Izuku nodded. Shouta happily feeds his mate, Izuku laying his head on the upper part of Shouta’s tail, the older mer feeding his small slices of fruit, not to upset the smaller mers stomach. His free hand petted the soft curls.

“Um… Shouta?” Izuku asked.

“Yes?” Shouta continued to pet his head.

“The queens… I could smell them hanging around outside when you were out… what are they doing out there…” Izuku asked

“They are being pests,” Shouta growled. “Don’t let them worry you, they are still jealous that I only want you. And they don’t have my father to love for themselves.”

“They were talking about a guppy…” Izuku muttered

“Ah, I see they don’t think you will bare an heir,” Shouta said and shook his head. “I need to speak to my father about keeping them away from you, and the noble mermaids… I don’t trust them…”

“What is a guppy shouta?” Izuku asked

“It is what we call a newborn child. I believe humans call them Babies.” Shouta explained. Izuku was silent for a moment.

“I want a guppy with your hair…” He then said quietly, “As dark as the night…”

“I would want a guppy with your eyes, startling emeralds.” Shouta smiled. “Though, I think any guppy that looks like you would be adorable. Like your freckles.” He brushed his thumb over Izuku’s cheeks, Izuku blushed.

“They're not that special… I bet lots of mers have freckles…” Izuku mumbled.

“No, actually. I don’t think there has ever been a mer born with freckles. It would be cute if we were the first. A tiny guppy with cute freckles across their cheeks, your eyes, a true jewel of the ocean.” Shouta wrapped his arms around his mate, pulling him closer. “Any guppy of yours is sure to be beautiful.” Izuku smiled and snuggled into him.

“Little Guppy…” He mumbled, Shouta pet his head with a small smile.

“A Little guppy of our own…” Shouta muttered with a smile.

“What would we call them?” Izuku mused, his cheek squished against his chest.

“Um. I am not sure. Any names you have in mind?” Shouta asked, willing to indulge his little mate.

“Um.” Izuku hummed. “Umiko.”

“Ah Child of the sea.” Shouta smiled. “Beautiful.”

“What about you Shouta?” Izuku asked

“Takumi.” Shouta answered. “It has a few meanings depending on how it is written.”

“Takumi and Umiko…” Izuku said happily. “Our guppy will be so beautiful…” Izuku was slowly falling asleep. Shouta patted his head and remained quiet. He knew Izuku’s heat-addled mind told him guppies sounded great, Shouta knew that Izuku might not be prepared to carry one just yet. He would to ask for some Eshreaf plants to be brought to his room, knowing the plants released a mist of pollen that would act as a form of protection against pregnancy. But the chance of getting pregnant during a first heat was extremely low…so maybe he shouldn’t worry. Shouta curled up around him, softly pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“Rest well, sea star.” He whispered.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke early in the morning, no light yet streamed from outside, but the pale blue of the outside ocean told him the moon was still watching over them. He felt a strange sensation running through his tail, different to the feeling he had during his transformations, it was like someone was lightly running rose thorns across his tail, he squirmed, frowning as he tried cuddling closer to Shouta, but that only caused the pain to spike a little more. Izuku whined softly, he blushed, what was he doing? Izuku clung on to Shouta a little tightly, unsure whether to wake him up, he whined again at the spiking pain.

Shouta woke up, feeling his mate’s grip become tighter and hearing his soft whimpers. Shouta wrapped one arm around his mate. He glanced down, seeing Izuku’s blushing tinted faced burying into his chest. “Izuku…?” He said in a gentle tone, hoping to coax is mate into looking at him. He ran his free hand through his soft hair, messaging his scalp. “Is something wrong?”

Izuku whimpers, the pain his in his tail spiking again. He looked up at him, his bright emerald eyes were tearful "Shouta... I feel weird... it hurts..." He whimpered, pushing his head back into Shouta's chest, his tail curling, he sought comfort from his mate. "Want it to stop..."

Shouta realize what's wrong with his mate and glance down to his tail which is twitching and spasming. His rub Izuku back close to him and brought him out of the bed. "shush Izuku, It's going be alright." He smoothing him kindly as he cup's Izuku face in his other hand.

Seeing Izuku beautiful bright jade eyes that made his heart beating harder

"Shouta..." Izuku whimpered, rubbing his cheek against Shouta's palm." W-what's happening? W-why does it hurt so much?" He asked, his tone scared and worried.

Aizawa lean closer having their foreheads touch, feeling each other breathe exchanging and brushing off their skin. Izuku was warmer and flushed and now his going to be in first heat, sharing his experience with him. "You're going in your first heat Izuku." He calms him with his deep alluring voice. His thumb swipe under his eyes knowing his tears disappear in their surround water but still does it.
"Don't worry I'm here with you for that Izuku. Now tell me what you're feeling right now?" He gentle kiss his cheek and hum in low tone, calming his mate.

“I… Pain… like rose thorns…”Izuku whimpered, “down my tail…hot…” he grumbled a little, trying to get himself closer to his mate. His body was trembling slightly. “A-are all heats like this Shouta… is it always painful?” He asked, his hands holding on to his mates arms.

"Sometimes but it's nearly always painful at first. It's all different to others when they have their first heat." Shouta sway themselves around the room getting much coolness around the room for Izuku sake. He still keep his closeness as he hum a little louder for his mate to only hear him. They float around the room as if they were dancing under water, just only them in the room and no one else. Just them swaying around the waters in forever dance.

Izuku leaned into Shouta, the slight swaying relaxing him, and softening the pain in his tail.  But the heat remained, though slightly cooled by the water. He sighed, he felt as if his mind was drifting aimlessly, like a leaf caught in the tides. It was nice, being this close to Shouta was nice.

Shouta hands roam down to his hips and sway his tails, entwine with Izuku's tail. Their fins and fin tails brush each other; feathering them out beautifully and elegantly like silk. Mostly Izuku's fin tail was. "Feeling any better my starfish?" Shouta took lead again as he moves them other side of the room. He wants to confirm and ready his bride before the whole room heats up becomes their beginning of mating. Izuku lay his head on his shoulder with half lid eyes open. At first he was scared and unsure but now he is feeling the same tingly again in waves.

Izuku hummed lightly in reply, with the pain now dulled to just tingles down his tail, only slightly different to his own transformation with the rising and setting of the sun. But the heat did not stop, it seemed on to gain in strength. “It doesn’t hurt… but…” He flushed

“Tell me sea star, don’t be afraid to tell me.” Shouta said, kissing his forehead.

“It’s so hot… like fire…” Izuku frowned, blushing. “No pain, just… hot…”

"hmm.... I'm going to massage you in place may be confuse you. So trust me. It will feel nice." Shouta whisper in his ear that brought heavy shivers down in Izuku spin. Izuku was distracted with how comfortable he was in his lover's arms. Feeling the huge hands roams all over until... weird sensation on his belly tail that scared him. Shouta’s hands gently rubs all over Izuku body until his right hand touches down to Izuku's tail; where there was two slits further down from the belly button. The two slits were Izuku's major two organs that Shouta spoke about.

Izuku clung to Shouta, feeling a little breathless as his mate touched him. It was a strange feeling, it scared Izuku, but he knew he was safe within Shouta’s arms, he just had to put more faith in his mate. Shouta paid careful attention to Izuku’s reactions, making sure he was alright, knowing he would stop if Izuku looked uncomfortable or too scared to continue. Izuku could feel a heat boiling in his stomach, the heat scorched him from the inside, causing him to shudder.

Shouta pulls away and turn Izuku around in his embrace. Having Izuku back against his chest and his hand still on the belly tail of Izuku's. His fingertips glazes his two splits, feeling the smooth bumps. "Izuku do you still remember about our organs in our kind?" He carefully position himself, seeing Izuku face better.

Izuku flushed, his eyes watching Shouta’s hand, he couldn’t help but snuggled back against his chest.

“Y-you said, that we h-have both male and female parts.” He said, “That we can decide which one is our main…um, function…”

"Yes that's correct. Do you see right here, you have the two split on your tail's belly?" He pats on his hip. Izuku nods as he could see the two slit. Shouta shows him in front of him. Shouta's hand point the top but doesn't dare to touch it. "See this one.... this is your male organ. In your language... the penis...."

Izuku blushed brightly, but nodded. “S-so, the bottom is the female o-organ?”

“Yes, this one is your vagina.” Shouta nodded. “This is your main organ, but both can be used.” Shouta told him. “Because the vagina is your main organ, you also have a womb, so you can carry a guppy. We spoke about that all yesterday.” Shouta pressed a soft kiss to Izuku’s shoulder. He let his fingers brush against Izuku’s lower slit, causing the younger mer’s breath to hitch. Shouta held him a little tighter. “It’s okay my little sea turtle. It may feel weird, but you’ll feel good after, promise.”

Shouta gently tug the lips of the split causing Izuku to an immediate reaction. Shouta kiss start to leave trail of butterflies kiss to his forehead and down to his neck and shoulder. Whispering soft love words for Izuku to get used to and be prepared. Izuku felt mix between love from Shouta doing sweet touches and feeling sweet waves of tingling in his lower tail due to Shouta rubbing his female entrance. He never felt this good but also scared what's going to happen next.

“Shouta…” Izuku whimpered, his tail twitching, reacting to Shouta’s stimulus. She was subconsciously pushing back against his mate, enjoy the calming warm of his body, and tingles ran through his body, but the fear was still there… was it normal to be afraid of this? “Shouta…. I… I…. Scared…” He ended with a small whine. Shouta immediately stopped in in his actions, dark eyes watching his mate concerned.

“Would you prefer to stop and just snuggle sea star?” He asked. Izuku felt a slight panic within him at his words. He was quick to respond by shaking his head.

"it feels good...." he turn red, shying away to hide his face. Shouta chuckled lightly.

“It’s meant to feel good, but I know this is all new for you. Don’t hesitate to speak out of you want to stop” Shouta advised him, rubbing his check against Izuku’s. The younger mer once again relaxed against his mate.

Izuku nods as he press his fist against his lips, watching Shouta's hand caress his lower split. He felt more blood rushing in his head and lower part of his body growing hotter. He was intrigue of his mermaid body works as he never learn the human body proper from his parents. Shouta slip his middle through the lips, feeling the huge jolt from Izuku. He stops his finger entering half way.

Izuku letting a whimper moan, before he covered his mouth, a little shocked he had made such a noise. Shouta chuckled a little.

“Does this hurt?” He asked, wanting to make sure Izuku wasn’t hurt from the sudden entry. Izuku shook his head, his cheeks enflamed. Shouta kissed his cheek. “This is going to feel strange at first, but you’ll feel good. I need you to trust me, okay?” Izuku nodded.

“I t-trust you S-shouta.” Izuku blushed,  Shouta took that as a sign to continue, he began to slowly rubbed his finger inside the koi scaled mer, Izuku watched his mates hand, blushing furiously, trying to hold back the small mewls and moans that escaped his throat. Shouta finally enter his finger in feeling the hot inside of Izuku as it twitches. Izuku bit his lower lip, closing his eyes, but a small mewl escaped.

Shouta hum in delight of hearing his sweet mate moans sweetly. "I think you're ready my star fish."

"R-ready?" Izuku asked, his greens hazy with the heat, and confusion.

“I am going to start prepping you.” Shouta explained, “This will make sure, when we finally come together, you will be able to take me. Understand?” Izuku was a deep red at this point, Shouta chuckled and nuzzled his neck. “You need to tell me if you want to stop though, okay?”

“Y-yes… O-okay.” Izuku nodded. Shouta kissed his cheek and began to move his finger. Izuku’s breath hitched at the feeling, his whole body shivered at the feeling. Shouta took time to kiss the freckles that trailed across his shoulders, but his eyes were locked on to his squirming mate’s face. His eyes were closed and softly panting. Shouta slowly eased in a second finger, Izuku let out a soft moan, he then covered his mouth, somewhat mortified that he could make such a sound.

Shouta  kissed his cheek. “It’s okay Sea star, that sound is fine, it shows me that you’re enjoying yourself, so I am doing this right.”

“I-it does…?” Izuku blushed looked back at his mate, Shouta’s gaze was filled with warm a love as he nodded.

“Yes, please keep showing me how I am doing sea star, your sounds are so cute.” Shouta smiled. Izuku shivered at his tone, Shouta began to scissor his fingers, stretching Izuku’s hole. Izuku let out a whimpering moan, his tail twitching.

Shouta love the feeling of Izuku insides, the twitching hot tender Shouta was stretching. Izuku moans and whimpers became sweet melody to his ear of pleasure. Shouta felt themselves sinking to the ground floor as he doesn't mind the cooler stone ground meeting his back tail and Izuku light weight against him. "ah~!" Izuku cries of pleasure when he felt on certain spot Shouta touches.

“Does that feel good Izuku?” Shouta asked, his breath ghost against the green haired mers ear. Izuku shivered and nodded. “Use your words Sea star.”

“F-feels good Shouta..” Izuku whimpered.

"that's good." Shouta whispers as he felt himself grew in heat as well. Izuku moan triggers him in his own heat moment as he carelessly hooking his fingers hitting the same certain spot, over and over earning more different pitch moans and tone cries from Izuku. It's was pleasing to see his mate now in pleasure and his arms clingy to him even more.

Now Shouta wants to take the next step as he tongue finally lick his back neck, tasting his Izuku skin to be not salt but sweet unique taste he never taste before.

“You’re being so good for me.” Shouta mused, nuzzling his neck, “Do you think you’ll be ready for me soon sea star?”

“I-I’m ready Shouta… I’m Ready…” Izuku moaned softly, Shouta kissed his neck before nipping it lightly.

"Good. Let's move to the nest shall we?" Izuku misses Shouta's hand as he removed it from his slit as he was hooked on to it. Shouta swam, carrying Izuku back to the nest gently. Izuku likes the feeling softness as he want to snuggle with Shouta again. Shouta chuckle when he seeing Izuku meowing when he lay out in the nest, all cutely and cuddly.

Izuku looked up at him with flushed cheeks, he held out his arms to Shouta. “Shouta…” He said, his voice heavy as wanted his mate to cuddle with him, to get closer. “Please…” He whined lightly. Shouta smiled softly and happily embraced his mate, he loved how cuddly Izuku was like this, it was cuddlier than usual.

“Leave this to me Sea star. I’ll take care of you.” Shouta promised.

Shouta pulls away cuddle feast, ready himself. "Izuku... I'm going to show you my male organ now." Shouta felt so smug as he was actually proud of male organ to be his main since his female organ was his second best but much smaller. Izuku daze at Shouta hands sliding down his torso and place themselves on his Shouta's larger split he now notice. It looks like it was ready to burst anytime now. Shouta press side of the lips of his split to grow out his pointer bright pale pinky penis. He glance at his mate catching the awe and gasping reaction from Izuku.

'It's huge.' Izuku could only think of Shouta's 'penis'. His tails twitches and aches for it. "This is my 'penis' Izuku." Shouta said in deep lower tone. It sound so seductive and imitating as Izuku get the shivers down his spine to tail.

"It's so big." Izuku whispers. He never seen other guys penis beside his own when his was a still a human, before. He reach out for it but paused of uncertain if he could touch it or not. Shouta notice his hesitant to touch him. Izuku wanted to reach out and touch it, to make Shouta feel as good as he made him feel, but he was worried that he would go wrong and hurt him, or do it so badly that Shouta would just leave. Izuku was stuck with what he should do, but Shouta caught on to what was on his mates mind rather quickly.

“Do you want to touch it Izuku?” He asked,  Izuku flushed brightly. “Go on, my little sea star. Do what you would like.” Shouta smiled, kissing his cheek. Izuku carefully reached forward, his left hand touched the shaft of Shouta’s manhood. The older mer let out a low moan, Izuku took that as a go ahead, that he was doing it right. He wrapped his hand around it, both of his hands, feeling over the shaft with new found confidence and a large amount of curiosity. Shouta let Izuku take the lead, watching as his younger mate entered a territory once closed off to him, he found himself wondering if the younger mer had ever touched himself as a human, from his look and distinct exploration of his manhood, he had a strange sense of pride knowing that his penis was likely the first one Izuku had ever touched.

He chuckles, as Izuku press the tip of his pointer bring him rush waves of pleasure down his body. Izuku sweet touches on his hot region made him almost made him lost his sense to his wild instinct. He gently pulls Izuku close against his body, feeling his whole hot body matching with him. Izuku stumbles and stutter of the sudden closeness, having no idea what's going to happen next. 'too cute.' Shouta thoughts. "Izuku.... do you know what's going to happen next?" he ask as he awaits for his innocent and yet heated answer. Izuku’s head tilted a little in confusion, as he thought about it. His freckled cheeks flushed. He shook his head, looking a little upset.

“I-I don’t know… I don’t know Shouta…” He blushed, looking somewhat ashamed.

“There is no shame in not knowing Sea star, just means I have more to teach you. I like teaching you.” Shouta nuzzled him, kissing his neck. “Shall we start your next lesson?” Izuku nodded bashfully, Shouta smiled, pressing a kiss to his lips.

Shouta reposition himself on top of him, where his dick is touching Izuku's lower lips of his slit. He once against press his forehead against Izuku staring dreamlessly into his lovely emerald eyes he loves. Breathing the same waters they're sharing; their hair brushing each other skins. "This is when I will enter you with my penis Izuku. This is the part I would use my penis to enter your female part and create some so beautiful together." He explain kindly and romantical.

“T…this is how you make a guppy…” Izuku mumbled slightly, Shouta chuckled.

“That’s right, this is how we’ll make a guppy.” Shouta nuzzled closer to him, before whispering in his ear in a breathless tone. “Let’s make a guppy Izuku.” He pressed their bodies closer together. Izuku whimpered a little, flushing and nodded.

“I-I want your guppy Shouta.” He said, emerald eyes shining. Shouta knew the chances were low, but in this intermate situation, Shouta couldn’t deny the idea of his mate with a round stomach, baring his child was a delicious vision indeed. Shouta began to slow push his manhood into Izuku’s virgin heat. Izuku mewled at the feeling, clinging on to Shouta as if he was the only thing keeping him from floating off.  Shouta cooed words of praise to his smaller mate.

“Look at you, taking me so well.” Shouta whispered in his ear. “Nice and hot, just for me, such a good boy.” Izuku whimpered lightly. Soon, Shouta groaned, his manhood surrounded by Izuku’s heat, he moved slightly causing Izuku moan out loudly. “So... tight…” Shouta groaned burring his face into Izuku’s neck, kissing and biting him, marking him as much as he could, Izuku continued to mewl, his body shuddering at the simulation Shouta was giving him. Izuku could feel a warm heat fill him, cooling the fire he felt in his viens. Izuku slumped against Shouta, the prince panted as he released inside Izuku, nuzzling the bite marks across his neck. “So good Izuku, so good.” He praised breathlessly. Izuku snuggled against him. Shouta curled around him, still locked within Izuku’s heat. Natural response, to try and keep all of his seed in. Izuku felt so content with Shouta's filling. His tail and body shuddered haplessly after his mate warmth let him. Shouta grin seeing his lover reckless in his arm as he left more butterflies kiss on him and gently rubbed his hips and back. They cuddle more from their intense aftermath of their first time. Izuku meow in delight and purred into Shouta’s shoulder and rub himself against him. Shouta found his actions cute. Wrapping his arms around Izuku to hold him close, the younger mer began to settle calmly against his chest. The pain of the heat no longer bothering him, Shouta rubbed his cheek against Izuku’s green curls. “You are perfect Sea star.” He said quietly. Izuku hummed lightly at his voice and curled up against him. Shouta watched him lovingly. “What did I do right to get someone as perfect as you?” He mused quietly to himself.

Chapter Text

Prince Shouto jumped over the side of his ship, landing the moment they had gotten close to the Musutafu docks. He had spent a lot of time in this kingdom, more time then he dare spend in his own. It allowed him to avoid his father, whilst getting to know his future in-laws and his future people. When spoken off, Shouto was known as a quiet, but kind prince. But as he walked to the castle, with the expression of determination and slight worry, and alone when the people had known he was going to collect the Prince trapped within the sea tower, did cause the people to see him to worry.


“Shouto, my boy!” King Toshinori beamed as the Prince entered the halls, Queen Inko smiled brightly, eyes shining with excitement.

“Prince Izuku is missing from the tower.” He said, Inko covered her mouth with a horrified look.

“How? No one could reach it, the guards station on the cliff side would have seen any approaching ship.” Toshinori looked just as confused.

“I promise you, I will do all I can to try and find him. I won’t rest until he is safe home again.” Shouto promised.

“My boy, I will need to investigate the site myself, would you prefer to remain here, or come along?” Toshinori asked

“I will remain here.” Shouto said, Toshinori nodded, calling for a few men to accompany him. Inko came and rested her hands on Shouto’s shoulders.

“Go and rest.” Inko smiled softly. “I know how hard this is on you too. And I have little doubt the littles one will come and see you in your chambers. Mirio is not due to be back from his hunting expedition until tomorrow.” Shouto nodded. Inko patted his shoulder and nudged him towards the door. He silently made his way through the castle. He was meant to be doing so with Izuku. He headed straight to his room, naturally it was Prince Izuku’s room, as his betrothed, he got to share the room too, he always found it too quiet. Shouto settled on the bed, surrounding himself in silence. This was meant to be a joyous occasion, sweeping the cursed prince into his arms, bringing him home… he was not mean to return alone. He found himself wondering what sounds the room would be filled with if Izuku had been there… was he the quiet type or talkative.

“Where are you Izuku?” He asked into the room.


A few days passed, the younger prince and princesses, Prince Ryuu, Princess Hikari and Princess Hana were happy to see the dual haired prince, though they had been sad to hear their older brother had gone. The first prince, and heir to the throne, Prince Mirio somehow did not seem surprised at all. Shouto cornered him about it once.

“Why were you not surprised about your brother being missing?” He asked, Mirio looked at him.

“If Izuku is anything like me, and I doubt he isn’t. I wouldn’t not let myself sit and wait for someone to rescue me. I would do it myself. Besides, Merfolk live in the sea, Prince Shouto. Is it hard to believe one could have fallen for him?” Mirio asked

“He wouldn’t, he knows we’re…” Shouto began. Mirio gave him a dark look.

“Maybe you should ask Izuku what he would want before you claim him as yours, Prince… My parents may agree with this whole thing. But I make my displeasure with it all quite known.” Mirio walked off, leaving the confused prince behind.

All the family sat at the table for dinner, Mirio pointily ignoring his fathers request to join the search for his little brother. Assuring him that he had a feeling Izuku was quite fine.

“There was a hole in the bottom of the tower, the bricks pushed out. So Izuku apparently escaped himself.” Toshinori explained.

“But why?” Princess Hana pouted. “Does he not love us?”

“What was that foolish boy thinking?” Inko sighed.

“That he wanted to be free, maybe.” They all jumped, turning to see the witch who had ‘cursed’ Izuku. Her black, blueish hair hanging loose, blue eyes blazing. Toshinori stood, sword drawn. She held up her hands. “I am only here to talk.”

“You must be the cause of my missing son.” He glared, she just laughed.

you locked him in a tower with no human contact. Which is good, it did allow a rather curious merman to come across him.” The witch smiled. “Your son is safe, and you should see the two of them. Aw, you just want to smush their cheeks together! They love each other. Would you take his feelings into account?”

“What about my feelings?” Shouto asked, she shrugged.

“To Izuku, you’re feelings don’t matter. It is how he feels about it. Besides, the first time you met him you said, ‘he’ll do.’ To his face! Do you know how much that hurt him? He actually had faith in you before that, after, not so much.” She told him. “He didn’t want to love you after that, and you only have yourself to blame. Thus, after that the merman promised to save him…  what happens from this point will determine how prince Izuku sees you all in the future. Whatever love he has for you is limited, don’t destroy it.” She said, before any royal could say anything, she vanished.

“A…A merman..” Shouto muttered.

“My poor baby….” Inko sniffled.

“Mother, she said he was happy…” Mirio began

“This can’t be happening…” Toshinori slumped in his chair, Shouto glared.

“This is not over. I am still getting Izuku back!”  Mirio gave him a look, but did not speak out.


Mirio rode down to the beach, everyone asleep. Leaving his horse at the edge of the sand, Mirio went to his hidden meeting place. Hidden in the shallows was his love, and male mermaid, Tamaki Amajiki.

“Mirio…” He said, smiling a little. “You seem worried.”

“A little, but I know it will all be fine in the end. How is everything in the city?” Mirio asked

“Oh, the Prince’s new mate went into heat, it is uncommon for a mer to have a child during their first one. But people are excited anyway.” Tamaki smiled softly.

“So, very well.” Mirio smiled. “I wish them the best.”

“I am sure they will appreciate that.” Tamaki nodded, they sat together just talking as the moon rose higher into the sky.

Chapter Text

Shouta woke to Izuku squirming closer to him, he chuckled and wrapped his arms around him. It had been five days, so Izuku’s heat had cooled into his after heat. The green koi mer was more clinging than usual, wanting him as close as possible at all times.

“Izuku, what are you doing?” He asked, Izuku peeked up at him, emerald eyes shining.

“Snuggle with me Shouta.” He begged, Shouta chuckled.

“Is that what all the squirming is about.” Shouta asked teasingly, rubbing his cheek against Izuku’s head. “You just wanted to snuggled together?”

“Shouta is so warm, and perfect for snuggling.” Izuku pouted up at him. “Don’t you want to snuggle Shouta?” Shouta blushed, staring at his younger mate.

“Looking at me like that is cheating.” Shouta muttered, messing with his curled. “You know you are too cute to say no too.” Shouta cuddled him close. Izuku giggled happily.

“I know, you never make me sad, you’re too kind.” Izuku smiled.

“You’re too cute!” Shouta squeezed him. Izuku giggled.

“Um.. do we have any fruit left?” Izuku asked.

“A bit yeah, you hungry sea star?” Shouta looked down at him. They were curled up in the next, Izuku nodded. Shouta regretfully left Izuku alone in the nest to get him some fruit, and some for himself. When he turned, Izuku was sitting up, cuddling a pillow. Shouta smiled softly and returned to his side.

“You have something on your mind sea star. What is it?” Shouta said

“I’m okay, just… happy, very happy.” Izuku flushed, Shouta smiled and kissed his forehead.

“I am glad.” He said. “I will do everything in my power to make sure you are happy.” Shouta caressed his cheeks. “That is my main purpose, to keep you smiling.”

“What about the kingdom?” Izuku asked, “Shouldn’t that be your main concern?”

“It’s not mine yet. My father still rules, so he is the one who should be dealing with the issues.” Shouta explained. “I love my kingdom, and my people. But as I am just the heir, for now and forever, you are my main concern.” Shouta kissed his forehead. “If anyone tries to tell you differently, send them my way.” Izuku giggled softly as Shouta nuzzled him.

“Love you Shouta.” Izuku giggled happily.

“Love you too, Sea star.” Shouta smiled. Shouta had the joy of feeding Izuku the fruit. The smaller mer, blushing happily at the treatment. Shouta watched him lovingly. “I am sure Tenya and your friends will be happy to see you again. I’m sure they’ve missed meeting with you the past few days.” He said, feeding Izuku another piece of fruit.

“I can’t wait to go to the reef with them again. Ashido said she is going to help me find a hobby. I think it’s going to be fun!” Izuku smiled

“I’m glad you like being around them. They’re good friends.” Shouta ruffled his hair. Izuku nodded in agreement. “Give a few more days for the heat to cool. It will pass in no time.”


“Izuku!” Ashido laughed when Izuku met up with them 5 days later. She didn’t seem to realise Shouta was floating back, watching with a smile.

“Good Morning Ashido.” Izuku beamed and hugged her back.

“You look so good, how was your heat? Tenya mentioned it was your first one ever.” Ashido asked

“That is a bit personal Ashido.” Tenya said

“Oh hush, let me have some gossip.” Ashido pouted. Izuku giggled at them as they began to bicker.

“It’s going to be great to be able to hang with you guys again.” Izuku smiled

“Likewise.” Kaminari nodded. “Ashido’s been dying for gossip since you went into heat... sorry. She was the same way with me.”

“For you too.” Izuku looked at him curiosity.

“I’m a male mermaid too.” Kaminari smiled. “Ashido is very curious how heats works for us.”

“I found it somewhat painful.” Izuku frowned “Until Shouta helped get rid of it.” Kaminari nodded in understanding.

“I’ll leave you with your friends. I’ll see you for lunch.” Shouta chuckled. Izuku beamed.

“See you later Shouta!” Izuku waved. Shouta turned to give him a warm smile before swimming off.

“Aw, you two are so cute! You know the king never shows affection like that.” Uraraka said

“Let’s continue this talk at the reef.” Tenya advised, the group nodded. It was no surprise that Kaminari and Uraraka latched themselves next to Izuku, both being mermaids. They tended to group if one had a heat, especially if they were close. Kaminari and Uraraka sat next to Izuku at the reef, Izuku smiling at the two of them.

“Anyway, you said the king doesn’t show affection?” Izuku asked

“He has quite a few wives, he doesn’t want to show favouritism.” Tenya sighed “They are jealous because you are Shouta’s one and only he can give you all his love.”

“Um... that seems unfair. Does he not love them?” Izuku frowned

“Yes...” Tenya began

“Then, it does matter. If you love them all, you can share your love. Love is an infinite emotion.” Izuku said, he blushed. “Or, at least... that is how I feel...”

“Aw, that is so sweet.” Uraraka smile

“You have a good point. However, our father seems unaware of this fact.” Tenya said

“That’s a shame.” Izuku sighed

“But, Prince Aizawa is treating you well, isn’t he?” Tsuyu questioned, Izuku nodded

“Shouta is very kind, he doesn’t get angry if I don’t know something, he teaches me, and he likes hugs, and I like hugs too.” Izuku flushed happily.

“Aw.” Uraraka hugged him. “You are very cuddly Izuku.” Izuku giggled, blushing.

“I’m glad he found you, he looks happier.” Shinso said

“He really does.” Tenya nodded in agreement.

“Shouta makes me happy to.” Izuku beamed. “I really want to make him something too.”

“I think that is a cute idea.” Uraraka smiled, sharing a knowing look with the mers around her. “What would you make him?” The mermen watched as Izuku discussed gift ideas for Shouta. When they decided upon a necklace, they went on a hunt for items.”


Shouta was listening to his teacher drone on. He glanced outside to see Izuku, Tenya and their friends seemingly to be looking for something, he looked back at his teacher, his mind on what they could possibly be looking for.

“and done... does it look Okay?" Izuku question. The necklace Consisted of shells around the neck of the string with a pearl they had found at it's Centre.

“I know he'll love it." Uraraka beamed. Izuku blushed, Carefully lifting it up.

“ Hey, it’s almost lunch time." Tenya told him, he gasped s holding the gift to his chest.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He beamed

“See you tomorrow.” They waved him off, as Izuku swam away.

“Shouta’s going to love it." Tanya muttered.


“ Shouta!" Izuku  giggled and Swam into his mate, who had turned with open arms. the Castle workers all smiled at the sight. “I made you Something." Those words Surprised everyone.

“You did?” Shouta asked, intrigued and excited.

“ Yep, it's not as pretty as your gift to me .” Izuku held up the necklace, blushing. "I tried to make it Pretty." He Stopped as Shouta Pulled him into a hug , nuzzling his hair.

“It’s beautiful. I love it thank you."  Shouta Smiled. Izuku beamed and snuggled into him.

“what’s going on?" A voice asked, Shouta looked up glaring, Izuku turned to see Lady Romi, Izuku flinched. Remembering the last words she had Spoken to him. ‘I doubt he would even be able to carry a guppy full term...’ with what he knew now he Could understand why Shouta had been so angry.

“ My mate just Present me with a mating gift. I am sure you can understand this is a rather happy time." Lady Romi looked furious, but Shouta took Izuku's hand and swam to their room. Shouta wanted to get back to their nest. He didn't have the heart to remake the bed, and the nest let them sleep closer together.

Chapter Text


Shouta and Izuku curled up in the nest the moment they got to their room. Shouta Carefully lay the necklace next to Izuku’s crown.

“you really do like it?" Izuku asked, watching Shouta from the nest.

“usually it is just the Merman who presents a gift, the Mermaid usually bare a child in acceptance... the giving of a gift from a mermaid to a merman, well, it's a sign of eternal love. Love that will last forever. I am honoured, Sea star." Shouta Joined him. "It adds us being bonded in anyway no one will understand. That you are truly My one and only.” He nuzzled Izuku. The smaller mer giggled, and snuggled into him.

“I’ll love you forever Shouta.” He yawned. “Ever and ever.”

“Likewise Sea star. Until the stars fade from the sky, I will love you.” Shouta whispered, running his fingers though Izuku’s hair until he fell asleep, Shouta watched him with a soft smile. “Sleep well my love.” He kissed his forehead. He pulled Izuku closer, glad he had requested food to be brought up. From what he had hear, the first heat was the most exhausting for a mermaid. Most mers had chosen their preferred gender by the age of 10, thus at that age they would have their heats. Shouta couldn’t help but wonder what else occurred during the time after their first heat, he knew he should have done his own research. Izuku sighed against him, Shouta continued petting his mates hair. There was a soft knock at the door, Izuku whined softly, arms wrapping around Shouta, who chuckled when he notices his mate pouting. “Don’t get so jealous sea star. Come in.” He called. Izuku opened his eyes as the door opened, it was only Hizashi. He smiled at them softly.

“Sorry to intrude, but there’s something father wants you to do tomorrow. And for once, you might like it.” Hizashi smiled

“Really? It better be good.” Shouta sighed

“A small meet and greet at the day-care. I’m sure Izuku would love to see the guppies, and it would be the perfect time to introduce him as your mate.” Hizashi said

“Can we go Shouta?” Izuku sat back, looking at the older mer with a hopeful expression.

“How can I say no when you’re so excited?” Shouta chuckled, kissing his cheek. Izuku giggled gleefully, Hizashi smiled.

“I’ll confirm the arrangements. I’ll leave you two to enjoy your private time.” Hizashi smirked and the left, closing the door behind him.

“Gonna see guppies…” Izuku mumbled excitedly.

“Yes, I’m sure they will all be happy to meet you too.” Shouta smiled, he blushed. “Right, you need to eat before having a proper nap.”

“Okay.” Izuku nodded, Shouta got the two plates of lunch.

“This is something new, so tell me what you think.” Shouta smiled.

“Oh, what is it?” Izuku asked

“Seaweed wraps.” Shouta replied.

“Sea weed’s edible?” Izuku seemed surprised.

“Yes, I have seen humans eat it too.” Shouta smiled, taking one and popping it into his mouth whole. Izuku giggled.

“I don’t know if I can eat it like that.” Izuku took one.

“You can eat it however you want, sea turtle.” Shouta told him, taking another. Izuku took a small bite, chewing the raw fish and sea fruit wrapped in the sea weed. Shouta watched him quietly. Izuku smiled, taking another bite. “I am taking that as you like it.” He smiled, Izuku nodded happily, cuddling back against Shouta. Shouta ran his hand though Izuku’s hair. Izuku found it comforting, leaning against Shouta happily eating his lunch. “You were really excited about meeting guppies.” Shouta smiled, ruffling his hair.

“Guppies Shouta, small guppies. Will I be allowed to hug them?” Izuku inquired.

“I think that will be allowed.” Shouta nodded, smiling at his mate. He could just feel how perfect of a mother Izuku would be to any guppies they have.


The next day, Shouta chuckled as Izuku was worrying about if he looked okay. He took his mates face in his hands, Izuku stopped and looked up at him.

“There is only one thing you need sea star, wait there.” Shouta kissed his forehead, he went over and took the crown mating gift, and carefully placing it on Izuku’s head. Izuku reached up to run his fingers against it. “Time to show the city you are mine.” Izuku blushed happily. There were so many mers in the streets, all waiting to get a proper look at the next king’s mate. Of course, upon seeing Izuku, many saw how lucky their prince was. Izuku was smiling and talking excitedly, as Shouta listened and watched him with a loving expression.

The parents of the young guppies couldn’t help at the pure joy they saw on their prince’s mates face, and couldn’t help but chuckle lightly as their guppies happily swarmed around him. Shouta just smiled. Izuku giggled happily, one guppy had clutched his tail in a hugging hold, Izuku let himself just soft slow as not to harm them.

“Your mate is so beautiful, you majesty.” One mermaid smiled. “Is he expecting of his own? He seems to be harbouring those maternal instincts.” Shouta stopped, Hizashi glanced at his brother.

“That won’t be possible.” He shook his head

“But, didn’t you share his heat a while ago?” Another questioned

“That was only his first heat. I believe the chances of baring after sharing a first heat was close to non-existent.” Shouta said, suddenly the other mermaids looked at Izuku in understanding.

“I hope you are prepared to deal with some hoax pregnancy traits, sire.” One smiled. “A first heat shared with a mate… despite rare, can lead to him feeling and acting as if he is expecting.” Hizashi chuckled and patted his back.

“Good luck Brother.” He tease, Shouta just rolled his eyes. Surely it wouldn’t be that bad…


He never expected how much more clingy Izuku would become. Hizashi laughed as he walked into find Izuku refusing to let go of Shouta’s tail, pouting and with tears in his eyes.

Chapter Text

Faux pregnancy….

Of course, it had been something he had heard about, even if just in passing. Shouta never thought his own mate would experience it, it saddened him that is was not a true pregnancy, but Izuku was still young, and he didn’t know if Izuku would be prepared to carry and care for a child.


The said mer of his thoughts was currently sleeping at his side, the sun not yet risen in the sky far above, leaving the city in darkness, aside from the glowing moss that was their only light source. Shouta slowly petted Izuku’s hair as his curls danced with the soothing waves of the ocean. Shouta smiled at him softly, before kissing his forehead softly.


“Love you, sea star.” He whispered with a smile.






Shouta huffed lightly at Izuku’s snuggling, the sun had finally risen, but apparently Izuku did not seem happy with it, burying his face into Shouta’s side as if trying to hide from the from light. He had sent a message to his father, he was going to have to take time off due to Izuku’s faux pregnancy symptoms.  Izuku was extremely clingy, his arms currently around his chest, their tails wrapped around each other. All in all, Shouta wasn’t complaining. He got to spend so much more time with his mate, he loved it. Izuku yawned and nuzzled into him.


“Shouta.” He mumbled, Shouta glanced down at him. Shouta ran his fingers through his hair.


“You doing okay Izuku?” He asked, Izuku looked up at him with tired eyes.


“Yeah… I’m hungry…” Izuku said


“Want me to get some of your favourite fruit?” Shouta smiled, Izuku seemed to think about it before shaking his head. “No? How about some of the fish and sea weed?” once again Izuku shook his head. Shouta looked up at the ceiling, cravings were always difficult, he had no idea what Izuku wanted… what he could stomach. “How about we go into the market? They have a few stalls there, we can see if we can find something you like.”


“Can we?” Izuku asked, jumping at the idea of going outside.


“Of course, my love.” Shouta smiled softly




Izuku sated at Shouta’s side as they ventured outside into the streets below the castle. The merfolk of the kingdom were happy to see him out and about. They were all aware Izuku was experiencing his faux pregnancy, and many were excited for it. A Faux pregnancy would allow them to see what kind of breeding pattern he would follow, the cravings. It was like a trial run, but without the joy of a guppy at its end.


Izuku was looking around at the food stalls excitedly. Shouta smiled at him, rubbing his cheek against his curls.


“Anything you like the smell of Izuku?” Shouta asked


“Anything?” Izuku looked up at him.


“Absolutely anything.” Shouta nodded, Izuku beamed, sniffing the air, and began to lead Shouta through the stalls. All light seem to cast of Izuku’s scales, reflecting the color of his scales around the area like a diamond, Mers would stop to admire. Shouta smile, Izuku was truly like no other, and he was all his.


Izuku stopped by a stall, he eagerly pointed at a cat fish rubbed in spicy herb. Shouta smiled, he looked at the vendor.


“How many would you like sir?” She asked beaming.


“How many would you like Zu, we can always come back for more.” Shouta asked.


“Can we get three?” Izuku smiled, Shouta looked at the vendor, who immediately handed over three spiced Cat fish.


“Please enjoy!” She bowed, Izuku accepted them happily. The couple went to a small balcony overlooking the lower parts of the city. Shouta held two of the spiced catfish as Izuku dug into the first. He hummed happily, taking a quick second bite. Shouta smiled softly, he then look over the scene of the city. Izuku noticed and looked too as he ate.


“It’s pretty.” Izuku said. “I like it.”


“So do I. It is calming.” Shouta nodded, Izuku finished his fish, before looking at Shouta. He chuckled and handed over another one of the fish. Izuku beamed and took a large bite. Shouta chuckled, leaning down and nuzzling his mate lovingly. Izuku flushed happily, nuzzling back.


“Love you Shouta.” Izuku said


“Love you too sea star. How about we go for a swim to my secret cover after you’ve eaten?” Shouta suggested. Izuku nodded.


“Would we be able to get more of this first?” Izuku happily took the third one.


“Of course.” Shouta smiled




Shouta was surprised to see a human and mer in the cove when they got there. The human got ready to leave, but his eyes fell upon Izuku and he froze. Izuku looked at the human curiously.


Shouta glanced between Izuku and Mirio, and then to the other mer.


“I know you…” Izuku muttered, looking at Mirio. The blond human smiled softly.


“I am glad you do… at least, a little. You are my younger brother after all…” He smiled sadly. He looked at Shouta. “Thank you, for being there for my brother, for freeing him. And for making him happy. I know he never would be able to do that for him.” Shouta was a little surprised but nodded.


“Brother…” Izuku muttered, swimming closer. “M-Mirio…” He whispered, Mirio beamed.


“That’s me! Remember me?” He grinned. Izuku nodded


“A little, you would always smile at me. They would never cause of the curse…” Izuku bowed his head.


“It’s only a curse if you see it as such.” Mirio told him. “I am going to be honest with you Izuku, they were jerks. Your so-called curse was never a curse. It was a blessing. Your blessing brought you and…um…” Mirio just stared at Shouta.


“Prince Aizawa Shouta of the merfolk.” He said, Miri chuckled.


“You found yourself someone so much better then Todoroki. At least he knows how to show emotion… Todoroki when to your tower, found you gone and reported it to our parents. The witch came and told us about you were with a mer. She said you were happy. He… Todoroki immediately asked about how his feelings counted in the matter. He doesn’t realise… they don’t. If you don’t want to be with him, his feelings won’t change that. But they will continue to look for you Izuku, you need to be careful.”


“I will not let any harm come to him.” Shouta promised.


“I’ll hold you to that, Prince Aizawa.” Mirio nodded, and he beamed. “So, can I hear how you two met?” Izuku immediately burst out, telling the story, Mirio settled on a rock to listen.


“My prince…” The mer began.



“You love the human.” Shouta said. “Be good to him.” The mer nodded.


“I will.” He replied shyly, they looked back at the two brothers, both of them smiled softly.

Chapter Text

Shouta could watch as his mate began hording things. It started off small, blankets, pillows as Izuku began to increase the size and comfort of the nest. Whilst he was building he made Shouta lie there so he could get it right. Shouta would just remain still, watching Izuku work. He smiled at the small determined look on his face. He smiled at him, Izuku glanced up and looked at Shouta confused.


“Shouta, why are you smiling at me like that?” He asked


“Because I love the look on your face when you’re working.” Shouta smiled, he reached out and cupped Izuku’s cheeks. “You look so cute.” Izuku blushed and snuggled closer to him. “tell me Izuku, how do you feel about the nest right now? Do you need some more blankets?”  Izuku swam back a little and surveyed it.


“More blankets… and maybe a few more pillows…” Izuku mused thoughtfully, looking around the room. Shouta smiled.


“Why don’t I go find some, and then I will settle back in here, so you can finish it up?” Shouta suggested, Izuku’s eyes lit up.


“You would do that?” Izuku beamed.


“Of course, I would do anything for you.” Shouta smiled softly, kissing Izuku’s cheeks. “I will be right back with everything you need.”


Izuku beamed happily when Shouta returned with many extra blankets and Pillows, with additional aid from his brother. He was quite happy to lie in the nest as Izuku built around him. Once done, Izuku looked over his work, pleased, he join his mate and snuggled into him.


“It is perfect Izuku, my mate is just perfect.”  Shouta smiled, cuddling his mate close. Izuku crooned happily.


“Shouta, can we go and collect shells tomorrow? Smooth shiny ones?” Izuku asked.


“Of course my dear.” Shouta agreed, smiling softly.


“Thank you.”  Izuku sighed happily, curling into his mate, tired. Shouta held him close as his smaller mate began to nap.




The next day, the two of them went out. Shouta grabbed a bag feeling they would be collecting a lot of shells. The hording side of his Faux pregnancy. At least it would prepare them for when the time actually comes.


“Um…” Izuku looked around for shells, Shouta found one. He ran  his thumb across its smooth surface.


“Hey sea star, how about this one?” Shouta swam over to him, Izuku looked up, his arms already loaded with shells. Shouta chuckled lightly. “Why don’t you put those in the bag, so we can get more?”


“Right!” Izuku quickly swam to the bag they had brought and put the shells in carefully . Before swimming to Shouta to look at the shell he had found. “Perfect!” He added it to the bag.


They continue searching for a while, until Izuku noticed someone swimming their way.


“Tamaki!” Izuku beamed, Shouta looked up. The other male mermaid smiled and waved. Izuku swam over. “Are you going to see my brother?”


“We meet every day if we can, sometimes he goes traveling… he has a good reputation with other beings.” Tamaki smiled.


“Other beings?” Izuku asked, Shouta smiled.


“I have a few books on them if you wish to have a look.” Shouta offered. Izuku looked at him and nodded excitedly.


“Would you two like to join me in seeing Mirio. He always asks how you do.” Tamaki smiled,


“Oh…” Izuku looked at the shells in his hands.


“Izuku is going through his hording stage.” Shouta explained.


“Oh… well, you can pop by after if you wish, we will be at the cover until night fall.” Tamaki smiled.


“I’d like that.” Izuku nodded.


“We will see you both later.” Shouta said, Tamaki smiled happily and swam off.


“You don’t mind?” Izuku asked, watching Shouta, who smiled.


“You enjoy seeing your brother. I know how much I love my brothers, I wouldn’t stop you from seeing him.” Shouta smiled, ruffling his hair, “Why don’t we collect more shells, we can show them to Mirio when we meet them.” Izuku’s eyes shone happily.


“Okay!” He nodded




“Hording?” Mirio asked, Shouta sighed. Of course Mirio would be curious about it all.


“A trait of his faux pregnancy…” Shouta explained.


“Oh…. OH…” Mirio stopped, Shouta watched him silently. Mirio was watching his brother as he and Tamaki were looking through shells. “Your kids would be super cute.” Shouta smiled softly.


“Yeah, they will have him as a mother, so I think that is a given.” Shouta said


“When the time comes… can you get Tamaki to get me, I would love to meet my nieces and nephews.” Mirio smiled.


“I think Izuku will ensure that will happen.” Shouta replied.


“Shouta! LOOK!” Izuku swam over, holding you a shell that was black and green in color, Izuku beamed. “It’s like us!” Shouta could feel his heart burst at how cute his mate was being.  “We could make a small crown with it for our guppies!” Mirio gave Shouta smirk.


“I think that is a great idea. I could find some green and black gems on the surface for you if you would like?” Mirio suggested, Izuku gasped and nodded.


“That would be great!” Izuku smiled. Shouta smiled at his mate, he would be the perfect mother…




That night as Izuku slept, Shouta left the room, had requested his brother meet him that night. He had to get their advice.


“He is so excited about having a guppy… I am worried how he will take the news this is all due to a faux pregnancy…” Shouta sighed, his brothers glanced at each other.


“It… I have heard it can get depressing for them. After it’s over, they just… stop for a while.” Tensei frowned. “He will be a little out of it for a while, but they usually perk up again after a few weeks.”


“A few weeks…” Shouta repeated


“It will be hard for both of you, but you’ll make it.” Hizashi patted his shoulder. Shouta couldn’t help the sinking feeling in his stomach.


He returned to Izuku’s side and curled around him, Izuku squirmed lightly, cuddling closer to his mate. Shouta kissed his forehead.


“It’s just me, Sea star, I’m right here.” Shouta whispered, Izuku mumbled lightly and smiled softly. Shouta petted his head.

Chapter Text

Izuku couldn’t really describe how he felt upon waking up that morning. But he knew it wasn’t a good feeling, it was bad… very bad. He felt incomplete. Shouta woke from beside him.


“Morning my lovely mate.” Shouta croon, cupping his cheeks. Izuku nuzzled his hands.


“Morning Shouta.” Izuku mumbled, Shouta watched him with concern.


“Are you okay sea star?” Shouta asked


“Feel weird.” Izuku replied.


“How so?” Shouta sat up and pulled him close.


“Not sure yet…” Izuku admitted


“Would you like me to get you some breakfast? See how you feel after?” Shouta asked. Izuku nodded. Shouta pressed a kissed to his forehead. Izuku smiled softly, watching Shouta leave. Izuku curled up in the nest, his arms subconsciously wrapped around his stomach.



Shouta was quick to hurry to Izuku’s side once more, he knew the effects of the Hoax pregnancy were over. Izuku was probably feeling it, feeling that he wasn’t carrying a guppy. And it broke Shouta’s heart. He wasn’t sure he could comfort Izuku the way he needed.


“Shouta!” Hizashi swam over. “Good Morning! Izuku not with you today?”


“I think the Hoax Pregnancy is over… I am not sure I will be able to cope with it… I certainly know Izuku won’t.” Shouta sighed, Hizashi put a hand on his shoulder.


“We’re here for you Shouta, for both of you.” Hizashi said


“Thank you… I should get back to him.” Shouta looked down at the food he had grabbed from the kitchen.


“Off you go then. Good luck.” Hizashi said, Shouta nodded and continued on his way.



He entered his room and saw how Izuku was curled up, he froze and took a deep breath.


“Hey Sea star, I’m back.” Shouta smiled and swam over to him. Izuku peeked up, a small smile on his features. Shouta sat in the nest by his side. “Here you go, this will make you feel better.”


“Thank you Shouta.” Izuku sat up, he happily took a bite of the seaweed wrap, his eyes widened a little.


“Spice catfish and that favourite fruit of yours, all wrapped up.” Shouta smiled, Izuku smiled.


“I like it a lot. It’s nice.” Izuku muttered and took another bite. Before holding it out for Shouta, he chuckled and took a small bite, Izuku smiled when he did and blushed happily. But it wasn’t long after they had finished that a small frown appeared on Izuku’s lips.


“Izuku?” Shouta asked, his voice filled with concern. There was a small spark of realisation in his eyes.


“I-I’m not pregnant….” He muttered, is voice small and broken. Izuku looked at Shouta. “I am not carrying guppies… but… but why….” Tears welled up in his eyes.


“It’s… I heard from others, that after a first heat that Mermaids often go through what they call a Hoax pregnancy… That… their body makes them think they are… it is rare for a mer to have a guppy during their first heat… Not impossible… but…” Shouta stopped and looked away. Izuku sniffed, his arms crossed against his stomach, Shouta rested his forehead against his mates. “I am so, so sorry Izuku…” Izuku sniffed as he cried, Shouta rubbed his cheek.


“I-I don’t understand…” Izuku whimpered.


“I don’t really either. I wish I did… but… your body… it was acting like you were pregnant… even though you, you weren’t…” Shouta said sadly, rubbing away Izuku’s tears. The green mer curled into Shouta and cried, it tore at Shouta’s heart.  He held his mate close, unable to stop his own tears, he nuzzled Izuku. “I am so, so sorry Izuku.”


“I-Is it because I’m cursed? Did it make me unable to carry them?” Izuku sobbed.


“No Izuku, no, you’re not cursed. You’ll be able to have a guppy.” Shouta tried to comfort him, but it was clear that Izuku was lost in his own despair.


“But… It’s a reason they gave me a away… I can’t do anything, I can’t carry a guppy… I’ll never have a guppy…” Izuku cried, Shouta could only whisper the opposite, hugging his mate close, rocking him through his pain. His self-worth is so low… he feels that he cannot do anything, that he isn’t worth it… because his parents never showed him he was worth the world. Underneath his pain and sorrow, Shouta was raging. He was so angry, a small part at him self that he had not once considered Izuku would fell that way, that was a big mistake on his part, he would have to right that wrong when Izuku was of a more stable mind… but most of his anger was directed at his human family, minus Mirio, as Izuku’s older brother really seemed to want what was best for his brother and was happy that Shouta got him first. But, his parents… Oh how Shouta hated them with a burning passion right now. How could they do this too their son, how could they have locked him in a tower, never visit, never show they care only, lowering Izuku’s self-worth. If Shouta had not gotten to Izuku on time… he had no doubt Izuku would have simply become subservient to this Prince Shouto. He had to find a way to piss them off from the sea…I wonder if Mirio would be interested in getting involved…




Shouto stared down at the map in front of him, adding an X to the last place he had search, he had had no luck. Finding Izuku seemed like an impossible dream… Shouto shook his head, he had to find and rescue Izuku, he belong with him. He failed to notice Mirio watching him with an annoyed expression. It didn’t change when Toshinori entered the room.


“Any luck my boy?” He asked


“No… I just… he wouldn’t have gone too far right?” Shouto frowned.


“I should hope not…” Toshi agreed.


“You know,  he could be just avoiding the surface?” Mirio said. “That witch said he found someone and was happy. Maybe he doesn’t want you to find him.”


“Then, he doesn’t know what is good for him my boy, once we get him home, he will see this is the best place for him.” Toshi said, Mirio frowned, his parents would never see what damaging opinions they had on Izuku.


“And if bringing him here ends up being against his wishes, and he never sees what fantasy realm you see… I will not to be blamed if he turns out to hate you.” Mirio warned and stormed out.

Chapter Text

It had been two days since Izuku had that break down, yesterday Izuku had been in such a mood it was safe for Shouta to leave the room, he ended up sleeping in the prince common room. He felt bad, it wasn’t Izuku’s fault, and the mood swings from after it was something that was different for all the mermaids. He decided to go and check on Izuku, to apologise for everything. He opened his door and was lucky his reflexes were so good.


Shouta came to a stop just in time, his mouth feel open. His room had become a death trap. All sorts of sharp long objects had been placed as a defence, he looked around in panic.


“Izuku?” He called.


“Shouta?” He heard Izuku replied happily.


“What the hell…” Shouta began, then took notice of how happy Izuku was… what was going on?


“You can swim over it all.” Izuku told him, Shouta was confused. Had Izuku set up all this? He had practically made it impossible for anyone to get through to the nest… unless they swam up… Shouta made his way over him, and froze once more as he saw Izuku, his young mate lay curled up in the nest, cradling three pods…Guppies…Shouta joined him. Izuku watched as his mate looked at the pods with a mixture of love and confusion. But the younger mer was obviously protecting them with everything, he had not seen a pregnancy factor like this before. Mers could have several kinds, this… this was a mix of two.


“It wasn’t a hoax pregnancy…” Shouta muttered… “But, this… a mixture of Burrow and nest and Pods cradle… You are like no one else sea star.” He smiled, Izuku sighed happily as Shouta cuddled him close. Resting a hand on one of the pods, it was warm, soft and he felt a little movement within. Izuku watched him with a love-filled expression. “Three guppies…” The larges one shifted lightly as the guppy inside swam into the side. Shouta chuckled lightly. “Little terror.” He said fondly.


“They are going to be beautiful.” Izuku mumbled happily, cuddling the pods.


“Of course they will be, you’re their mother.”  Shouta smiled kindly. The middle size pod was the most active, the guppy inside refused to stop moving, it caused Izuku to giggled every time it shifted. The smallest was still, but the guppy inside had moved so it was as close as possible to Izuku. “My brothers area going to be excited to have some nieces or nephews to spoil. I am going to have to tell my family… I know we are all expected in court in a little bit. I can go and just say that I am needed and inform them.”


“Can you find and tell Tamaki first? So he can tell Mirio?”  Izuku asked


“Of course, I will be back as soon as I tell the court. I will tell you the queens faces, you know they are going to be shocked.” Shouta smiled, Izuku giggled and nodded.


“We’ll be here waiting.” Izuku said, Shouta felt his heart burst at hearing that. He carefully swam from the room.




“Tamaki, off to see Mirio?” Shouta caught the mermaid just before he left the city.


“Oh yes, will you and Izuku be coming by later?” Tamaki asked


“No, actually…” Shouta pulled him aside to give them privacy. “Izuku… he has three guppies, in the pod stage. He is have a burrow and nest, with a pods cradle pregnancy.”


“Oh my…” Tamaki’s eyes shone, “I am happy for you!”


“Thank you, I am here at Izuku’s request, could you tell Mirio?”


“Of course.” Tamaki nodded. The two parted ways and Shouta then headed to the main throne room, after all, he needed more time off, he had to wait until his guppies burst from the pods. He’s heart beat happily in his ears as he thought of them. Their three little guppies. Not to mention, Triplets, a rarity. Shouta smirked, Izuku was the perfect mate, none could beat the blessing he was to be beside.


“You are late, my boy.” The king glared down at him.


“Sorry, but I had to check on my mate this morning, as it turns out, I will be off court for a while. I have three guppy pods to protect with my mate…” Shouta smirked, there was silence before everyone understood the meaning of his words.


“WHAT?” The queens gasped, Shouta just widened his smirk at their shock. His father looked extremely shocked, his brothers, well, they looked excited. The idea they would soon have three nieces or nephews to spoil was a first for them.


“Yes, he has a rare maternal instinct too. A cross between Burrow and Nest and Pods cradle. My room is currently too dangerous to enter for anyone other then I. And he is cradling the pods. They should be born within the month.” Shouta said proudly. He then left them all to decide how to deal with the information. Shouta returned to Izuku’s side, curling around the other side of the pods, his tail twisting around Izuku’s.  Izuku smiled and cuddled closer, their pods carefully protected between their two bodies.




Tamaki beamed at Mirio as they met that day.


“What has you in such a good mood today?” Mirio asked


“You’re brother, three guppy pods, they will be born within this month!” Tamaki beamed. “One common, two is rare, three even rarer, and- and Izuku is having three!”


“Triplets… I am an uncle to triplets!” Mirio muttered in shock, before smiling wildly, he laughed and hugged Tamaki.  “I need to figure out something to get them… It is human royalty custom to present a gift to every prince and princess born… Oh, I could ask the other races!” Mirio decided.


“I think that is a beautiful idea. Are you going away again?” Tamaki asked


“Sadly, yes, the endeavor kingdom is causing issues with the dragons. I need to find out what is going on.” Mirio nodded. “Could you keep and eye over Izuku and Shouta for me. Tell them where I am going.”


“Of course. You will have to hurry though, to see them.” Tamaki said


“I will, I will be as fast as I can.” Mirio promised. “And I think I have a way to piss my parents off.”


“What’s the idea?” Tamaki asked, Mirio smirked and began to explain.

Chapter Text

It was two weeks later when the Pods began to show signs of being about to burst, Izuku rubbed a hand over each one, cooing them softly to calm them. Shouta watched him softly. The first pod to burst held a girl. Her hair soft black curls, freckles dusted her cheeks. Her tiny tail as black as her fathers, with red and white patches, her fins, yellow with the same red and white patches. Shouta gathered her up in his arms, she squirmed. Shouta chuckled lightly, Izuku watched them with a soft smile.


“I think, Umiko, should be her name.” Shouta said, Izuku smiled softly. The next pod burst soon after, it was a boy, green hair, and freckled. His tail was green like his mothers with white and yellow patches. His fins were yellow with white and black patches


 The final pod held another girl, identical to Umiko. Takure and Inari. Izuku nuzzled them all, cuddling them close to his chest. Shouta kissed the babes forehead, and captured Izuku’s lips.


“They are all beautiful, I need to inform the castle. More protection will be placed around the room now.” Shouta said


“Hurry back.” Izuku told him


“I will be as fast as I can.” Shouta promised.



“The pods have burst!” Shouta told the gathered court, glaring at the queens and noble mermaids who had been trying to ruin Izuku’s name. “Two girls and a boy.” He added, the civilians all congratulated him happily, his brothers were talking excitedly, most likely talking about the best gifts to get them.


“What are their names?” Hizashi asked


“Umiko, the first born, Takure, and Inari.” Shouta said proudly, he didn’t let the sour expressions of his father and his wives get to him. His mate had three health guppies and all four were well. It was a time for huge celebration.




Shouta returned to his room soon after, he could hear the cheering and celebration as the news reached the streets. He returned to the room and closed the door behind him. Izuku was playing with the triplets, the sharp objects all taken down and stored in the corner of the room. Shouta sighed and swam over, catching Inari as she swam up. She giggled, as Shouta spun her around.


“Where do you think you’re going princess?” He questioned, she looked at him with her wide emerald eyes.


“She has the urge to travel, like her papa.” Izuku smiled, Takure was curled against his Mama’s stomach, Umiko was playing with his tail.


“One day, I will take you to the place I met your Mama.” Shouta kissed Inari’s forehead, sitting in the nest and smiling. “How are you feeling Izuku?”


“Happy. So happy.” Izuku smiled, petting Takure’s hair.


“He’s clearly a Mama’s boy.” Shouta chuckled. Izuku smiled and snuggled Takure close, the guppy cuddled closer to his mama, his little tail fins swaying lightly in the soft undersea tide.


“Do you think we can go and introduce them to Mirio?” Izuku asked


“If that is what you want to do, but we can do that tomorrow, today, let us just rest.” Shouta said and chuckled at the look on Izuku’s face. “But, if you want to show them off, why don’t we go to the prince common room, my brothers will be there.” Izuku nodded and smiled, Umiko and Inari swam to their Mama, and snuggled against him next to Takure.




Hizashi was close to bursting when Shouta, Izuku and their guppies joined them in the common room. Inari was off almost the moment the door closed behind them, she bumped into everyone and everything thing before Tensei caught her. Inari looked at him, he chuckled.


“So, this is the energic one.” He smiled.


“Inari.” Izuku smiled, Umiko was clinging to her father’s tail. “Umiko currently likes tails, and Takure…”


“Is a simple Mama’s boy.” Shouta smiled. Takure refused to let go of Izuku, but it was clear Izuku was fine with it, one arm wrapped around him. Shouta winced and looked down at Umiko bite his fin. “Don’t bite too hard sweetie, it hurt.” Umiko just looked up at him, before biting again. Izuku giggled and scoped Umiko up. He kissed her forehead.


“Behave little one, it is rude to bite the tails of others.” Izuku said, Umiko looked at him, before snuggling into his side, Izuku giggled.


They are so precious… oof…” Hizashi gasped as Inari rammed into him. “Charming…” He gasped, Shouta chuckled




Mirio’s eyes widened in joy when he saw Izuku sitting on a rock, cuddling a young boy, Shouta played in the water with two other babies.


“Izuku!” He cheered, his little brother looked over.


“Mirio!” Izuku smiled, holding the boy close, he dived into the water and swam to him, Shouta was close behind. Mirio settled at the edge of the water, looking at his nephew and two nieces. “Meet Umiko, Takure and Inari.” Izuku introduced them.


“They are beautiful.” Mirio smiled “You must be so proud.” Izuku nodded.


“Would you like to hold one?” Izuku offered, Mirio nodded. Inari, being more adventurous then her siblings seemed the happiest to be held by Mirio. She clung to him, her tail wriggling wildly.


“Hello Inari.” Mirio greeted, holding her up, Inari giggled. “She is gorgeous… It is good to have a side of our family that will be safe from the toxicity of our parents.”


“Are they still looking for him?” Shouta asked


“Yes.. I actually have an idea to… well, annoy them.” Mirio smiled, settling Inari in his arm, she was starting to tug at his sleeves, putting it in her mouth to chew. Her small sharp teeth making holes in the fabric.


“I am all ears.” Shouta smirked. Izuku rolled his eyes but smile softly.


“Well, what if I was to mention that I saw some little baby mers that had green curls. That looked like my dear little brother the witch had even said had fallen in love with a mer.” Mirio smiled, Shouta smirked.


“I like that idea.” Shouta nodded.


“Takure is the only one with green curls.” Izuku muttered, kissing the boys forehead.


“Yeah, but they don’t know that.” Mirio winked. “I will tell you how they react.” He smiled at Inari and his completely ruined sleeve. Inari looked up at him with large innocent eyes. “You are going to be trouble… I am already so proud of you.” Mirio beamed, Shouta and Izuku chuckled, before Shouta winced again, lifting up his tail to reveal Umiko cling onto him by her teeth.


“At least one of them is well behaved.” Shouta looked at Takure, still against his mothers chest. Takure looked up at his father, before hiding his face into Izuku’s side. Izuku smiled and cuddled him close.

Chapter Text

The first night of having the triplets was calmer then Shouta expected. Takure was naturally calm was watching his mother making small edits to the nest, making it bigger, adding more pillows. Shouta went off to get more blankets and Pillows, Umiko and Inari followed after him, and it was seen by all castle staff. Shouta let them pick a pillow each to take back to the nest. Umiko even looked for another one, one Shouta knew she was getting for Takure. Shouta beamed at them proudly, they had inherited Izuku’s kindness and forward thinking. He carried the blankets and a few extra pillows back to the room, his guppies swimming at his side. They got back to the room to find Izuku showing Takure how to help shape the nest, the male guppy following carefully. They worked the new blankets into the nest and settled the pillows down, Umiko held out her second pillow to Takure who accepted it and hugged it. Shouta smiled softly as the triplets set their pillows down right next to each other, Izuku swam to his side and hugged him happily. Shouta chuckled and twirled around with him.


“I’ll go and get us some dinner. You and the guppies can rest, it’s been an exciting day.” Shouta smiled


“Are all guppies as energetic as ours?” Izuku asked


“It depends, see pod births are rare, but whilst in the pods, they are developing and learning with what they can hear of the outside world. So, ours are more so than others. You can see how their personalities are all very distinctive. Umiko is a fighter for sure, but a clear leader too. I let her, and Inari pick out a pillow, and she got an extra for Takure, she has your kindness and pure heart. Inari is an adventurer, she is curious, just like you. She is filled with a wonder to rival yours. And then, little Takure. He is just so filled with love, he is quiet and shy, but I feel we have yet to see a hidden fire in him, one that I can find in you too.” Shouta smiled. “They are all special, and they are all like you, it is beautiful.”


“They are like you too, I can sense it in them.” Izuku smiled, before he blushed when his stomach growled.


“I will be back soon sweetheart.” Shouta kissed him and left the room. Izuku turned to the guppies, who watched him with bright eyes, Izuku smiled and curled around them, the three of them cuddled into him happily.



Shouta returned with a tray of fish for the guppies and some seaweed wraps for him and Izuku. He entered the room and found his mate and guppies cuddled in the nest. When the door closed, the four of them looked up, four pairs of identical emerald green eyes.

“I have brought food.” He smiled, setting the tray down, the guppies swam over, taking some of the fish, Izuku helped himself to a wrap. After dinner, the small family settled into the nest.





Shouta awoke to Izuku snuggling into him, between them, Little Takure, face squished against his Mother’s chest. He glanced down, seeing Umiko sleeping by his tail, the corner of his fin being used as a chew. Inari was a wake, and swimming around. Shouta slowly escaped his family pile and swam over to her.


“What are you doing little one?” He asked Inari looked up at him, her green eyes looked at something she held in her hand, she held it up to him. Umiko, awoken by the lack of tail to chew on, swam over and looked at the item too. Shouta smiled it was a small green gem, he held up a figure showing them to wait and swam to a high shelf, picking up a box. He swam back down and settled down in the nest, his daughters came to his side, watching the box with bright eyes. “What you have, is a jewel, a precious stone. Like these.” He opened the box, his own collection of small precious jewels, the girls let out small gasps. “That one is a jade…” Shouta went through some of the jewels letting the girls look over them. They made soft chirping noises as they admired them. Shouta smiled softly. He noticed Takure, still lying next to his mother’s chest, watching them curiously, and tiredly. Shouta smiled, he rested the box on his tail and held his arms out to him. Takure slowly swam from his mother's side and into his father’s. Takure cuddled against him, chirping lightly, his sisters, cuddled up to him too. Shouta held them in his arms and continued to show them the jewels. Takure was taken with all and any green jewels. Shouta smiled at them softly, kissing their heads.



Izuku stretched out his tail tiredly and yawned, opening his eyes to see Shouta showing their guppies jewels, he lay there silently. Watching them with a soft expression, the guppies making a series of excitable chirping noises. It was Umiko who noticed he was awake first. She swam, shoving the jewel in her hands into his face, Izuku chuckled, and carefully maneuvered her hands so he could look.


“It’s beautiful, it’s the same colour as your eyes” He said, Umiko chirped happily, Izuku kissed her cheek, suddenly, Inari and Takure swam over to also show their jewels, Izuku praised both of them, saying how lovely they all were, giving them a kiss also. Shouta was quick to scoop the three into his arms, he grinned at Izuku.


“My beautiful Queen, I present the three greatest jewels in all the seas.” He said, Izuku giggled, ruffling the hair of the triplets.


“They are truly the greatest gifts in all the seas.” Izuku replied. Umiko wiggled out of Shouta’s arms and went for his tail fin. Shouta chuckled, letting Inari and Takure go, as he swam from Umiko, she laughed, chirping, chasing after him, Inari swam after her sister. Takure happily settled by his mother and looked up at him. Izuku smiled and snuggled him close. “How about we going and get some breakfast, um?” Izuku suggested, Takure chirped happily in agreement, it didn’t take long for Shouta, Umiko and Inari to come with them.



~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ And a nice lil surprise for you all~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


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The small family were sat in the dining hall before the others, even before the king had arrived. The maids had happily began to serve them, Uraraka and Izuku hugged happily, she was glad to see her friend, she smiled at the children that hid behind their father, looking at her. Umiko made the first move, maybe seeing how her mother was nice to the other mermaid, she darted around and lightly chewed on Uraraka’s tail. Uraraka giggled


“A little trouble maker I see.” She said


“She is going to cause all the problems… I am already so proud.” Shouta smiled, “And I am glad she isn’t…” He words cut short as Umiko had returned to his side and began to chew his tail again. “You know what, never mind.” Izuku giggled.


“That is Umiko. I believe her chewing your tail is a sign she likes you.” Inari, taken with her sisters bravery, swam close to Uraraka, surveying her as she swam around the older mer. Watching her curiously, making soft chirping sounds. “This is Inari, our little adventurer.” He looked towards Takure, who was cuddled into his father. “And Takure is a little shy and loves his hugs.”


“They are beautiful, I am so happy for you.” Uraraka smiled but stopped as the King and Queens entered. Uraraka entered. Uraraka bowed, slightly wished him luck and left. Izuku settled next to Shouta. Inari sat on her father’s tail, Takure on his mothers. And Umiko, seemingly able to sense the tension in the room, settled between her parents, watching the queens silently, Izuku could almost see the malicious plans forming in her mind, the look closely resembling her fathers. Something that cause Izuku to smile softly.


“Good morning.” Shouta greeted civilly, he honestly wasn’t in the mood to deal  with them today – he just wanted to eat breakfast with his beautiful family. Shouta had already began to plan their escape the castle with his mate and guppies for the day, just to avoid them all, and the Nobel mers who would no doubt cause a ruckus.


“Those are your children?” The king glanced over them. Inari looked at him bored, and with an expression identical to her father’s annoyed face. Umiko was practically staring him down at this point, but little Takure flinched as he looked at him. Takure clung to his mother, Izuku wrapped his arms around Takure protectively. “Your son is rather skittish.”


“You are staring at him, what do you expect?” Izuku glared, holding his son protectively. Umiko let out a small chirp mixed in with a growl, not happy with them being there. Shouta placed a hand on her head to calm her. Umiko settled down lightly but was still glaring as if wishing a harsh death upon them.  “Maybe we should go and have breakfast elsewhere. Umiko clearly isn’t please with them being here.” Izuku said,  looking away to Shouta. Shouta was looking at him so proudly.


“Good idea. We can apologise to the cooks later. Come on little ones.” Shouta got up, Inari swam from Shouta’s lap. The sisters swam with their father to the door. Izuku was still holding Takure, the only boy still nervous from them staring.


“That guppy is clearly wrong, they all are…” One queen hissed, and Izuku silently fumed. He had never really been angry before, but now… He turned to them.


“At least guppies will have a kind heart and won’t be selfish bastards like you who try and throw dirt on someone’s name just because you don’t like them. Didn’t your parents teach you manners? You are all disgraceful!” Izuku huffed and swam off, Takure was looking up at his mother with wide eyes, filled with amazement.


“You have gained confident, my love.” He smiled.


“No one will insult my guppies.” Izuku huffed.


“I know, and everyone will know now too.” Shouta chuckled.




 The family went to the small café in town. The mers of the town all stopped when seeing them. They all cooed over them. Takure was a little bit bashful at the attention, but not afraid as he been with the queens. Inari was darting around, interested in everything she saw, more often then not swimming right up to other mers, looking at them for a moment, before returning to her parents, chirping happily. They watched happily, Izuku kissed Inari’s check each time she returned to him. Umiko was clearly looking for something specific. She seemed to have found what she wanted and swam to a small stall, the vendor saw how she was looking at a small blue flowers, before Shouta or Izuku could call out, the Vendor gave her a small bouquet of them. She smiled and chirped in thanks returning to her family. She went to Takure and carefully swam next to him and Izuku as she began to put the flowers in his hair, Takure was blushing proudly.


The family settled in the café, Takure looking proud with the flowers in his hair.


“You look so pretty.” Izuku smiled and kissed his cheeks, before turning to Umiko. “ And you, you wanted to cheer him up, you are such a good girl. I am proud of you.” Umiko looked proud of herself and Izuku kissed her cheeks too.


“She is going to be a great queen one day.” Shouta said. “Now, I will get us something to eat.” He went to place an order, Umiko was immediately up to follow her father, to give aid where she could. Izuku smiled softly. Inari sat next to Takure, the two of them chirping together. Izuku watched them, he may not have known much of what a family should be like,  but this was nothing like his own. Izuku smiled, relaxing, this was what a real family was…. And he never wanted it to end.




“Oh, you should have seen what I saw when I was passing the sea earlier today.” Mirio commented as the whole family settled around for dinner that night, Shouto was once again with them. He was always there. Mirio thought to himself.


“What?” His parents watched him hopefully.


“Three baby mers. So small and cute.” Mirio smiled. “I couldn’t see much, but their tails were a beautiful koi like pattern with green curls on their head, freckles on their cheeks.” He almost smirked at the expressions on everyone’s faces. “To be honest… they actually reminded me of how Izuku looked as a baby. Small world right?” He said. Shouto was glaring into his dinner, muttering something that sounded close too. “That’s impossible.. right…” Mirio was proud and smiled. Before proceeding to explain how rare it must have been for the luckily mother to have three babies like that, and how they were likely an honoured member of the Mer society. “Like Dragons, they can usually only have one, but from what I recall when learning, it is much easier for dragons to have multiple children from one hatching then it is for a mer to carry more then one. So triplets is pretty close to a blessing.” He let his words sink in, and he was not surprised at how quickly his father changed the topic of the discussion.

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Izuku chuckled as his guppies swam around him, Takure doing well to keep up with his more active sisters. They had gone to the coral reef after breakfast to relax and keep out of the castle. Shouta watched from where he lay on the rocks, smiling softly. The three guppies cuddled into there mother.


“I love all three of you so much!” Izuku cooed, snuggled them all, the guppies chirped in replied.


“The four of you look all so cute together.” Shouta smiled, Izuku looked over at him.


“We’d look even better with you snuggling with us too.” Izuku commented.


“Yeah, but I do like watching you.”  Shouta sighed. “Such a dilemma.” Izuku rolled his eyes at him, before whispering to the guppies quietly. Shouta frowned suspiciously at them, before he was accosted by his three kids, Izuku smirking as Umiko, Takure and Inari were now siting on him. Umiko happily chomping on his tail. Shouta looked at Izuku in betrayal.  Izuku swam over and kissed his cheeks. “Oh, dear. I have been defeated.” Shouta sighed, resting his head on Izuku’s tail. Izuku smiled and began to un his hands through Shouta’s hair.


“I like this.” Izuku sad softly. “You, me, our guppies…” Shouta looked up at him.


“Your parents are on your mind… tell me what’s wrong sea star.” Shouta reaches up and cupped his cheek.


“It’s just….” Izuku frowned “They had me for longer then we’ve have the guppies and they didn’t seem to think twice about sending me away… and I don’t even want to imagine sending them away… I am just so confused about this all.” The guppies moved from their father to comfort their mother. Izuku smiled softly and snuggled them, Shouta sat up and kissed Izuku’s forehead.


“I never understood it from the moment you told me. A real family would never do what your parents did, they would have kept you close, loved you like you deserved.” Shouta said. Izuku rested his forehead against Shouta with a small smile.


“Like you have… thank you Shouta.” Izuku smiled. Shouta smiled.


“I am always here for you Izuku.” Shouta promised.


“We’re sorry to intrude, Prince Shouta… but the king requests your assistance…” Two guards came over to the family.


“Are you joking?” Shouta growled out, the guards looked ever so apologetic.


“We wish we were, sir.” The second guard bowed his head. Shouta sighed and turned to Izuku.


“We’ll be here, you can join us after.” Izuku smiled.


“I love you.” Shouta kissed him, and gave each guppy a kiss of their own, before he turned to the guards. “Whilst I am gone, I want you two to remain with my mate and guppies. If the queens come to speak to him, do not let them pass.”


“Of course sire.” The both bowed, Shouta swam off, Inari swam up to inspect the guard, the both looked at the young guppy with soft smiles. “Princess.” They bowed.


The guards watched over the next Queen play with the guppies, smiling, whilst making sure the queens were not approaching. They did spot Tenya approaching with his friend. They were wondering if to stop them, but the wave and cheer from Izuku told them it was fine. Tenya and his friends swam passed, Tenya giving them a thankful glance.




Inari and Umiko swam over to greet Uraraka, swimming around her, before returning to their mother. Takure was holding on to his mother, looking at the new comers shyly.


“How are you feeling Izuku? It was a shame to miss you at breakfast, but I assume something happened to make you and Shouta miss it.” Tenya said


“Yes, Takure was too nervous around them. And I think Umiko was ready to fight them.” Izuku looked over at the first born. Umiko huffed and puffed out her cheeks.


“And they wouldn’t be able to touch her.” Tenya chuckled. “Because my father mated multiple mers, they are all consorts, as you are Shouta’s only, you will gain the title Queen and will be much higher then them. And the fact the guppies are royal born. They touch the guppies, if anyone does to harm them, they can be put to death for threatening the royal bloodline.”


“So, they can’t touch them, at all?” Izuku asked, Tenya shook his head, Izuku sighed in relief, snuggling Takure. “That is a relief.” He jumped at little as Kaminari squeaked, Umiko chewing his tail happily. Izuku began laughing. “She likes you.” Kami looked at Umiko, who looked back up at him with her green eyes, still lightly chewing on his tail.


“I am honoured, princess.” He smiled. “But, you are also a terror. Make the queens life hell for me, alright?” Umiko let go of his tail, nodding, chirping to him. “If you need help planning, I am happy to help.” Umiko seemed extremely proud of herself for getting Kaminari’s aid, Izuku giggled.


“We al knew Umiko would be the trouble maker, Inari the second one. She is going to get into places she isn’t meant too.” Izuku ruffled her hair. Inari looked up at her mother and smiled, swimming around him before joining Umiko and Kaminari, chirping to her sister. “And seemingly with follow her sister into battle.” Izuku sighed lovingly.


“They are so much like you and Shouta, it is so cute.” Mina smiled, she looked down at Takure, who looked up at her shyly. “So cute.” He blushed and hid his face. “This one is so like you, it is so adorable!”


“Takure is a big mama’s boy.” Izuku kissed is head, Takure chirped happily. The calm was suddenly interrupted.



“How dare you!” The group turned to see the queens being stopped by the guards.


“We have our orders from Prince Shouta, we are to keep you from the next queen and the true heirs.” Guard one said.


“You have my person to remove them from the area with force if they refuse to leave.” Tenya called over.


“Of course Prince Tenya.” The second nodded,


“How dare you!” One queen snarled, they continued to argue. Izuku sighed, Takure was now curled into him, terrified. He swam forward through his friends.


“Please, can you removed them now? They are scaring Takure. And at this rate, I can not promise Umiko and Inari won’t act out to protect him.” Izuku said. The guards nodded, they blew a whistle, calling more guards to them. It was a sight to see them all dragged off. Izuku hugged Takure close. “It’s okay baby, you’re okay.” Izuku cooed, snuggling him close.


“Your majesty, sorry to bother you.” Izuku looked up to see a merman swimming over with a tray of food. “We, all of us in the market, heard the commotion. And we put this together to gift to you, we will always be happy to assist you.” The merman said.


“Thank you for your support.” Izuku smiled kindly. The queens might not like him… but at least the mers of the kingdom did.

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Shouta came back that night, very annoyed with his father, and the queens. He did not let his mate or guppies escape his embrace, not that they wanted too.


Shouta was being forced back into his studies, much to his displeasure. But he had a plan, knowing that the queens and his father would likely try and interact with Izuku without him being there, Izuku scowled when Shouta told him the possibility.


“So, what do we do?” Izuku asked, Takure on his lap. Inari had settled on her father’s lap. Umiko was swimming around them slowly.


“The prince common room, they are not allowed in there. It will give you time to get to know my brothers.” Shouta smiled.


“That is true, and the guppies can get to know their uncles better.” Izuku smiled, Takure cuddled into them.




Izuku was up before Shouta as his guppies were up with the sun. Izuku smiled as he played with them until Shouta woke up.

Shouta woke to the soft giggles of his mate and guppies. Rolling over, he watched them swimming around. Inari noticed he was awake first, she dart over, ramming into his chest. The breath was taken from Shouta’s chest, before he chuckled.


“Good morning to you too princess.” Shouta sat up, holding the wriggling Inari in his hands. She looked at him and pouted,  he let her go, only for her to swim off and try and ram him again.


“Ah, Inari, what did I say.” Izuku asked, she stopped and looked at him. She chirped in a sad away, Izuku swam over. “It’s okay sweetie, but we know you father needs to do things today, and if you ram him anymore he might bruise, and he will have to be uncomfortable.” Inari turned to her father and chirped again, sounding much like an apology.  Shouta smiled and kissed her forehead.


“It’s okay. We can play rough later okay?” He promise, Inari nodded. “And until then, you can ram your uncles.” Inari brightened up and darted away to her siblings.




Izuku and the guppies were the first in the prince common room. Izuku having requested some food brought for him and the guppies, to help them avoid the king and the queens. As they were waiting, Izuku picked up a book, his children gathered around him as he began to read to them.


When the other Princes entered they had picked up the food from a maid and were silent as they listened to Izuku reading to the children. But the entrance of them with food was enough to distract the guppies from the story. Izuku turned to them.


“We picked up the food you requested. Saved the maid the journey.” Hizashi smiled, putting the tray on a table, Inari and Umiko darted to the table, Takure seemed to want to go with them, but also wanted to stay close to his mother.  Umiko had noticed and got extra from him, Inari got extra for Izuku. He smiled and kissed their foreheads.


“You girls are so good.” He said, he looked back at the princes. “Thank you.”


“Always happy to help!” Tensei smiled.


“Tenya told us what happened yesterday.” Higari said. “Are you okay?”


“We’re fine… I just wish I understand why they were doing this. I have never done anything against them before.” Izuku sighed


“Jealousy.” Ken answered


“They cause us nothing but trouble.” Sekijiro added. Hizashi winced, Umiko had found his tail and was now happily chewing on it. Izuku giggled.


“Umiko really likes you.” He smiled. Hizashi huffed, raising his tail so Umiko was eye level with him. She stopped as she met his eyes, before going right back to chewing.


“You really aren’t gonna stop.” He muttered, lowering his tail. “I guess this is my life now.”


“She keeps chewing Shouta’s tail too.” Izuku said “She hasn’t actually bitten my tail before…” Izuku noticed. Umiko let go of Hizashi, swimming to her mother and nuzzled her, Izuku giggle. “Ah, I get it, you bite the big mermen to show you own form of affection. You are a clever girl Umiko.” Izuku smiled.


“Did I ever bite tails?” Tenya asked


“You did almost take a chunk out of father’s tail once, ah, good times.” Tensei chuckled. Umiko’s eyes lit you.


“Umiko, no going around taking chunks out of people.” Izuku warned, recognising the light in her eyes as one Shouta got when he was planning. She pouted.


“We’ll help you plan Umiko. We can make them all pay for being mean to your mama.” Hizashi said, Umiko chirped happily and swam back over to him. Latching on to his tail once more.


“She is going to raise havoc when she is queen.” Ken chuckled.


“I know, isn’t she amazing?” Izuku smiled happily, watching her proudly.




Umiko and Inari played around with their uncles, Takure remained with his mother, watching them carefully. Izuku rubbed his back.


“Do you want to go and play with them Takure?” Izuku asked, Takure looked up at him, Izuku smiled. “It looks like you want to play.” Takure chirped quietly cuddling into him. “You still really shy.” Izuku said softly, raising his hand to ruffle his curls. “It’s okay, I like having your company too.” Takure blushed and looked up at his mother happily. “Why do you and me read then, we can find an interesting book together.” Takure nodded. They looked for a book together, choosing one Takure had tried to pull from the shelf. They settled on the chair to read together. When Umiko and Inari got tired, they joined their mother and brother with the book.


Come lunch time, they ate in the common room, Izuku listening to the brothers talk as his guppies were trying to give him food, he chuckled, and he told them he was okay and they should eat.


After they had eaten, the four of them went to sleep, the guppies snuggled up together on their mother’s chest. The princes smiled, it was nice to see the nicer side of their family growing.




Mirio was far from his home kingdom, far from any kingdom belonging to any human. Before him lay the mountain range that was home to the dragons. He sighed and spurred his horse onward, he had a worrying message to inform them of.

Chapter Text

Author's note:

Okay a very quick update, it is better in here than in notes cause not everyone reads the notes. Anyway. Due to me getting a job my Update schedule has changed again. It can be found on Tumblr and Twitter, But Main fics will now only be updated on Monday's and Fridays. Nii-chan stays the same!



The only sound around Mirio was the sound of the horse shoes on the rock path. E reached into his saddlebag and pulled out the letter he had been given by a spy inside Enji’s castle. It was worrying, the letter writer had been spying on the dragons. It was clear Enji was up to his twisted games again – it wasn’t a surprise, but it was a horrible realisation on what he was actually trying to do this time round.


“We should try hurrying, we’re near the scaled bridge.” Mirio muttered to himself and spurred his horse onward.


After a short trip through a mountain pass, Mirio reached the scaled bridge, at it’s centre its guardian, a silver dragon by the name Tetsu. The silver dragon bowed his head in welcome.


“Prince Mirio, a surprise, here for a vacation visit?” He asked


“No, urgent business of the highest importance.” Mirio answered. “A dragon is current the main target of King Todoroki Enji. I come with a warning.”


“Then pass, Prince of Peace, don’t delay.” Tetsu moved, allowing Mirio to gallop pass. “And Careful on the cliff pass, there has been many a rock fall recently.” Tetsu gave his own warning. Mirio shouted back in confirmation of hearing the warning, as he raced onward, slowly as he came the cliff path. That was a slow, treacherous part of the journey, only small stones fell as he crossed, but he could see the more unstable parts above him. Threatening to fall as he walked beneath. He once again picked up speed on a normal path, one that would take him straight to the dragon city, the castle visible from his view point, carved deep into the mountain side.




The dragons were fearsome beasts, stories told of their treasure hoards, but they also forgot to mention their intelligence. The current King and Queen was Masaru and Mitsuki, their only son Katsuki, was next in line with his mate, Eijirou. Their hoards of treasure had been long hidden with the aid of a prince of the Merfolk. The relationship between the two races had become strained, until Prince Shouta had asked for a ne alliance, to start again when he was finally King, Mitsuki had agreed without question. They could feel he was one to be trusted, and could see the dragons prospering from a friendly relation to the mers. The relationship between the Humans and dragons were… well, the relation between humans and any mythical being was non-existent, until Mirio, he had gone to them all, and spoke. He first spoke of his baby brother, and what his parents did to him. They were as outraged as he, to basically abandon a babe because they felt forcing him to marry someone against his knowledge was a crime for many of them, something Mirio would join once he became King, to completely outlaw any arranged marriage. He spoke of a world he wants to build, a world where all living beings are connected via a peaceful alliance.  Mirio was one they felt they could trust, and after the years, that trust had only grown. Mirio had been going between the different races as a messenger, uniting them all. It lead to his friendship with the spy within Todoroki castle, a Nymph by the name of Nejire. She was a master of illusion magic, and energy magic, giving her the power to hide her true features to be able to create wind-formed avian life to send messages. Her messages always got through with now issues, it had saved many a magic being from being trapped and slaved within Todoroki Castle as part of his magical being zoo. A circus piece for him to admire alone. Mirio warned the beings in question every time he tried to target a magical being, he had watched amused as the king became more and more enraged.


Mirio got out of the forest, Dragons nodded their head to him when he passed. He only got of the horse as he reached the base of the steps ascending to the castle. Mitsuki and Masaru raised their heads as he hurried in, Katsuki was there also, his mate was in their nest, guarding their eggs.


“Your majesties.” He bowed.


“Prince Mirio, a quick vacation?” Mitsuki asked


“No, Dragons have been targeted by King Todoroki Enji, one in particular, News straight from Nymph spy, Nejire.” Mirio straightened himself up. As did the dragons, Mistuki and Masaru were alert, Kastuki, well, not different from usual, he looked ready to kill.


“Who?” Katsuki demanded.


“Calm down son.” Masaru told him, looking at the human before him. “Did they name the dragon or describe them?”


“By Name, your majesty… I fear their may be a human spy in the city…” Mirio frowned


“We shall keep and eye out, no dragon will be harmed.” Mitsuki said, she huffed. “Which dragon did he think he could take from our city?”


“He doesn’t  target a dragon from the city…. But from the castle…” Mirio sighed, He turned to Katsuki. “Prince Katsuki…”


“He is not getting my mate!” He snarled


“He doesn’t want you mate, he wants you.£ Mirio told him. He looked back at Mitsuki and Masaru. “We can assume he knows Katsuki’s status and feels he may have leverage over the dragons as a whole if he has him.”


“Um… that is a logically way of thinking… as he doesn’t know us as a race. Katsuki, just watch where you’re going, if your caught, raise him hell.” Mitsuki huffed.


“Naturally.” Katsuki said


“Which brings me to more news your majesties, better this time… From the mers, or well, the prince of mers and… my baby Brother Izuku.” Mirio said


“Oh, the poor baby cursed to marry Todoroki’s son?” Katsuki said, jaws twisting into a terrifiying smirk


“Yes, seems… he caught Prince Shouta’s eye, and well… he is now a mother to triplets.” The dragons crooned at his words.


“Such a gift, we knew Shouta would be a blessed king, and your little brother is in safe hands” Masaru said


“I know. But it also ties with the warning as Shouto… and my family… they plan to catch Izuku… they are going to try and well, int heri words, fix him.” Mirio said.


“I will keep and eye out, we will not allow him to be taken, if he is…” Mitsuki begam


“I would help by allowing myself to be caught to be protect him within. The eggs would have hatched by then and Eijirou will agree with me on this… A mer baring three children on a first heat… Don’t you think it might be that?” Katsuki asked


“It is a possibility, we can only wait.” Masaru replied


“I am confused.” Mirio frowned


“There is a prophecy amongst the magical beasts, Prince… we will tell you if we can confirm that is what is occurring.”  Mitsuki told him, Mirio nodded, trusting them.