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Seiðr and Ice

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Seiðr and Ice

Summary: Harry Potter has always been a special boy but what would happen if he was raised by someone other than the Dursley family? Would he still be the same courageous wizard hero or will things change thanks to the influences of his new guardian?


Lily felt tears burn her eyes as she flung the nursery door close behind her. She had run just like James had told her to and it was all for Harry's sake. The one-year-old didn't seem to take very much in as he was placed into his crib. Lily's hand was secure around her wand as she heard footsteps creaking up the stairs. She quickly scrubbed at her eyes so no tears were obvious, she would not show any emotion towards that man. Lily made sure that she was blocking the crib as the dreaded Dark Lord came into the room. His wand was firm in his hand and he a look of anger on his dis-formed face. It soon changed to a look of triumph as he caught sight of the one-year-old and a whey-faced Lily. Lily scowled at him and made sure her wand was pointed at his chest, she had to protect Harry just long enough and she knew some rescue would come. The room was silent for a moment as the pair sized each other up. It was the Dark Lord who then spoke with a deep set anger.

“Stand aside girl,” He commanded.

“No, I won't let you kill me, son,” Lily shot back.

“You don't need to die you, stupid girl, just stand aside and I will let you live,” He hissed.

The words made Lily's skin crawl and she stepped as close as she could to the crib. Lily took several deep breaths and was more than prepared to face death if it would save her son. She loved him more than anything else in the world and she could not see him dead for the sake of a prophecy that had been half heard and to Lily sounded rather self-fulfilling. She was well aware of those types of prophecies and she hated them. They had torn families apart and had left children bereft of parents and that was something Lily could never stand for. She gathered her courage once more.

“I will not stand aside! Please don't kill Harry...not Harry. You can kill me but not my boy, I won't let you kill my boy,” Lily spoke softly.

Something seemed to flicker across Voldemort's eyes and Lily could have sworn she saw some sort of regret or even pity. The moment was short lived as a dark cloud seemed to pass over the Dark Lord's face and he held his wand delicately and sneered at Lily. Lily closed her eyes and then sent a silent prayer and hoped that it would be heard and that Loki would come to their rescue. Loki had been Lily's lover in the year that she had thought James dead. The union had brought Harry to them and he had been over the moon to learn that he had a little boy. That was when he had explained what had happened to his family and he had made a vow to always protect her and Harry from any harm. Lily just hoped that Loki would be able to get their son on time and would be able to take him to a place where he would be safe and happy and would grow up without the shadow of the Dark Lord hanging over them all the time.

“You are making a big mistake Lily Potter, you will die and then I will kill your son,”

The sibilant words made Lily's spine stiffen and all her muscles shiver. The voice was one of a cold-blooded killer and reminded her of an automaton as if he was just working through the motions. She could feel the tears begin to slip down her cheeks. James was dead and now she was going to as well. Her young son would be left defenceless and would die at the hands of this man. Lily bit down on her lip and watched as the man drew up his wand and sent the bright green spell towards her. The sound in the room was silent as Voldemort watched Lily drop to the floor her glassy eyes thankfully focused on the ceiling. He set his eyes upon the boy and then brandished his wand once more and then let a strange smile stretch over his mouth. A part of his mind was screaming at him to stop but he cast the killing curse towards the child,


Loki woke suddenly in a cold sweat and a feeling of foreboding running through him. His mouth felt like sand he clumsily reached out for a glass and then knocked back the water and tried to focus on what he was feeling. His heart began to race when he realised that his beautiful Lily had died to defend young Harry. Loki got out of his bed and then threw on some clothes and felt anger overwhelm him as he trod the well-known path along the branches of Yggdrasil. All he could think about now was Harry and he had to find the young boy. Loki soon found himself on Midgard. The cold air was chill and carried with it the dusty smell of snow, thick grey clouds scudded by on mass it clearly would not be a nice day. The dreary grey clouds and the dampness of the air almost seemed to make the rigid formality of the houses even more disgusting to Loki as he strode along the pavement with a distinct purpose. He would not allow anyone to stop him from finding his son. His green eyes scanned each of the houses his lip curling with disgust but that expression soon dropped when he picked up a strange sense of presence, almost as if this person used Seiðr or something almost similar to that. He stepped forward the presence growing ever stronger until he came to a house with a brass number four displayed proudly on the door, the only odd thing about the house was the small bundle of blankets left on the doorstep. The presence by now was almost screaming at Loki who settled his gaze on the bundle of blankets, he could just see a tuft of jet black hair and the beginnings of a chubby pink face. This was Harry, this was his little boy. He opened the gate and walked down the neat and well-tended garden but that wasn't the focus for Loki, the little boy was his only concern right now. He gently picked up the little baby and held him close to his chest, he could see a livid scar on the boy's forehead that was in the shape of a lightning bolt. He gave a small sniffle and then snuggled closer to Loki as if the trickster would keep him warm and happy. Loki gave a soft sigh and then walked to the nearby garden wall and sat down, it was still too early for the house occupants to be awake so he knew that no one would be looking at them.

"What's that you've got little one?" He asked

The movement of the little boy had revealed a letter that was written on thick parchment, Loki carefully pulled it away from the boy's hand so that he would be able to read the letter. His green eyes scanned the text and he became very angry indeed, he didn't know how to articulate his words so he simply used his magic to burn the letter. The ashes scattered to the wind and mixed with the white flakes of snow that was now starting to fall in a thick flurry. He would not allow his son to be raised with Lily's relatives, she had hated them and had often complained to Loki and wished that Petunia would come to her senses one day. Loki doubted that would ever happen. Loki made sure the boy, Harry, was well sheltered from the worst of the weather as he began to walk away from the house. During this time the boy had not woken once almost as if he was content to rest in Loki's arms but the peace and quiet didn't last long. Harry opened his eyes and Loki was amazed to see the vibrant shade of green they were and how brightly they seemed to shine even in this dull weather.

"Mummy?" Harry asked
"I'm sorry Harry, she's gone to Valhalla, she's not coming back. I loved her too." Loki said heavily
"Valla?" Harry asked.
Loki nodded his head at the boy and was rather impressed with him even if he did have limited speech and understanding of the situation. He moved Harry so that he was carrying the young boy on his hip, his small face was pressed into his neck and Loki could feel the hot tears run down his skin and onto the cloth beneath his armour and it made his heart wrench, one so young as Harry should not have to face or even understand death even in such a limited form. Loki kept on walking and soon enough the child quietened and was gripping onto him tightly and the two of them soon stepped onto the branches of Yggdrasil. The magic that swirled around them and seemed to thread through them was enough to distract Harry as his eyes looked around him constantly, Loki let an amused smile flicker across his face as he looked down at the boy. He was surrounded by a strong magical energy that crackled in a resplendent way and seemed to only be tainted a little by an ugly dark colour that surrounded his head. Loki frowned and was tempted to stop and deal with it but he would have to deal with that once they were at a more secure location. They came off the branches and were faced with a run-down country house, the brick was crumbling and the garden was dire need of control.

"What do you say we fix this up mmh?" Loki asked
Harry nodded his head but looked cautious and weary, he still didn't trust Loki fully but he was feeling safer than he had done on the step. Loki snapped his fingers and the house and garden were no livable and furnished in a way that every comfort was taken care of. Loki had to take care of Lily's little boy, even if he wasn't his son the boy was special and needed protecting. Loki wanted to give him a good life, a life that was happy and not filled with abuse, he was sure that Lily's sister would have been a monster toward Harry. Loki placed Harry on one of the chairs and the boy just sat there looking at what was around him with some interest. Loki carefully walked over to Harry and then placed a hand over the young boy's head and began to use his magic to work out what the foreign presence was. He soon found out and limited the power it could have over the boy and those around him and decided that he would have to see Hel sooner rather than later. Only his daughter would be able to remove this dark stain without harming Harry.
"How about we get you some breakfast and then you can play?" Loki asked the small boy
"Yes..." Harry nodded vigorously
The mistrust the boy had hadn't gone away but was easing slightly, Loki would have to do a lot of work to earn the boy's trust and make sure that he grew up knowing all he needed to about magic and his family. Loki made sure that the young boy was fed and had a toy to play with, while Harry was playing the thoughts raced through Loki's mind. Who had given Lily and James to the so-called Dark Lord? What had he done to Harry? Was he truly gone and would Harry ever be safe if he were to go into the world his mother had loved so much?