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Seiðr and Ice

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The cold air was chill and carried with it the dusty smell of snow, thick grey clouds scudded by on mass it clearly would not be a nice day. The dreary grey clouds and the dampness of the air almost seemed to make the rigid formality of the houses even more disgusting to Loki as he strode along the pavement with a distinct purpose. His green eyes scanned each of the houses his lip curling with disgust but that expression soon dropped when he picked up a strange sense of presence, almost as if this person used Seiðr or something almost similar to that. He stepped forward the presence growing ever stronger until he came to a house with a brass number four displayed proudly on the door, the only odd thing about the house was the small bundle of blankets left on the doorstep. The presence by now was almost screaming at Loki who settled his gaze on the bundle of blankets, he could just see a tuft of jet black hair and the beginnings of a chubby pink face. He opened the gate and walked down the neat and well-tended garden but that wasn't the focus for Loki, the little boy seemed to call out to him as if the two had been searching for each other a long time. He gently picked up the little baby and held him close to his chest, he could see a livid scar on the boy's forehead that was in the shape of a lightning bolt. He gave a small sniffle and then snuggled closer to Loki as if the trickster would keep him warm and happy. Loki gave a soft sigh and then walked to the nearby garden wall and sat down, it was still too early for the house occupants to be awake so he knew that no one would be looking at them.

"What's that you've got little one?" He asked.

The movement of the little boy had revealed a letter that was written on thick parchment, Loki carefully pulled it away from the boy's hand so that he would be able to read the letter. His green eyes scanned the text and he became very angry indeed, he didn't know how to articulate his words so he simply used his magic to burn the letter. The ashes scattered to the wind and mixed with the white flakes of snow that was now starting to fall in a thick flurry. Loki had known both James and Lily Potter, he was sure that they wouldn't have wanted their son to have been sent to such a mundane place. Loki made sure the boy, Harry, was well sheltered from the worst of the weather and he began to walk away from the house. During this time the boy had not woken once almost as if he was content to rest in Loki's arms but the peace and quiet didn't last long. Harry opened his eyes and Loki was amazed to see the vibrant shade of green they were and how brightly they seemed to shine even in this dull weather.

"Mummy?" Harry asked

"I'm sorry Harry, she's gone to Valhalla, she's not coming back. I loved her too." Loki said heavily

"Valla?" Harry asked.

Loki nodded his head at the boy and was rather impressed with him even if he did have limited speech and understanding of the situation. He moved Harry so that he was carrying the young boy on his hip, his small face was pressed into his neck and Loki could feel the hot tears run down his skin and onto the cloth beneath his armour and it made his heart wrench, one so young as Harry should not have to face or even understand death even in such a limited form. Loki kept on walking and soon enough the child quietened and was gripping onto him tightly and the two of them soon stepped onto the branches of Yggdrasil. The magic that swirled around them and seemed to thread through them was enough to distract Harry as his eyes looked around him constantly, Loki let an amused smile flicker across his face as he looked down at the boy. He was surrounded by a strong magical energy that crackled in a resplendent way and seemed to only be tainted a little by an ugly dark colour that surrounded his head. Loki frowned and was tempted to stop and deal with it but he would have to deal with that once they were at a more secure location. He was also surprised by how closely their magic seemed to match. Admittedly, Lily had been his lover when James had dropped off the map for almost a year on Order business. She had thought James dead and she had needed Loki as much as Loki needed her, he did wonder if Harry was a product of that. He would have to check that at some point, later on, it did explain why he had decided to come to the middle of the most boring village in Midgard. They came off the branches and were faced with a run-down country house, the brick was crumbling and the garden was dire need of control.
"What do you say we fix this up mmh?" Loki asked.

Harry nodded his head but looked cautious and weary, he still didn't trust Loki fully but he was feeling safer than he had done on the step. Loki snapped his fingers and the house and garden were no livable and furnished in a way that every comfort was taken care of. Loki had to take care of Lily's little boy, even if he wasn't his son the boy was special and needed protecting. Loki wanted to give him a good life, a life that was happy and not filled with abuse, he was sure that Lily's sister would have been a monster toward Harry. Loki placed Harry on one of the chairs and the boy just sat there looking at what was around him with some interest. Loki carefully walked over to Harry and then placed a hand over the young boy's head and began to use his magic to work out what the foreign presence was. He soon found out and limited the power it could have over the boy and those around him. Something told him that now wasn't the right time to remove it. There would come a time in the boy's future where that would be done but not now, what told Loki that he wasn't sure as he wasn't often prophetic in nature.

"How about we get you some breakfast and then you can play?" Loki asked the small boy

"Yes..." Harry nodded vigorously

The mistrust the boy had hadn't gone away but was easing slightly, Loki would have to do a lot of work to earn the boy's trust and make sure that he grew up knowing all he needed to about magic and his family. Loki made sure that the young boy was fed and had a toy to play with, while Harry was playing the thoughts raced through Loki's mind. He had to find out who Harry's father was, Loki was almost sure that Harry would have Lily's sense of loyalty and fiery nature. He could also sense a somewhat quiet nature about the boy and the way looked at his toy indicated he was contemplating something more than how to play with it. As Loki watched the boy play his heart swelled with affection, the boy was worth protecting and guiding, the darkness infecting the boy was a concern but Loki would keep his eyes on it as Harry grew.

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Chapter One

It had been a loud crash that had woken Loki in the middle of the night, the crash sounded as if something or someone had broken the glass part of the door to get into the house. He pushed himself out of the chair and then quickly dashed down the hall to where a five-year-old Harry was awake and looking rather fearful. Loki gave him what he hoped was a reassuring smile and then looked around him carefully to make sure that nothing was disturbed in this room, he glanced over his shoulder to Harry who was clinging to the old and faded blue blanket he had. Loki made a gesture for him to be quiet which got a nod from the boy who snuggled deeper under the quilt and blanket. Loki left him there and began to walk down the hallway to where the living room was when he entered the room he saw the silhouette of a relatively tall male. He glared at the unwelcome shape and was nearly taken off guard when the lights flicked on and he was facing Hawkeye and the Black Widow but a sneer soon played across his face and he tried to appear as calm as possible in this face of this intrusion. The two were watching him with barely concealed weariness and that was something that he did not like. He had barely moved across the room when Iron Man and the captain appeared with a fight clearly on their mind.

"Please, do sit down and tell me what I can do," Loki spoke

"Don't try and pull anything Reindeer Games," Iron Man warned.

"What could I possibly pull? Why are you here?" Loki asked.

Those in the room seemed to be even more wary of his apparent cooperation and pleasant demeanour, Hawkeye made sure to have an arrow ready to fire while Black Widow held her gun so that she could take a kill shot on Loki if she needed to. It was the captain who made the first move as he pushed aggressively towards Loki sending the trickster back a few inches, it did not take long for the others to join in. Loki was thrown onto the table by Stark and that caused the table to splinter into pieces, Loki then had to roll to dodge a bullet that had been fired towards his head. All movement stilled in the room when a scream echoed into the room, Loki turned to see Harry stood in the doorway watching the fight with tears rolling down his face. Loki brushed off the splinters of wood and then rushed over the young boy and then wrapped him securely into a hug and then pressed a gentle kiss to the top of his head. He had hoped the boy would stay put, he guessed that the noises had disturbed Harry enough to seek Loki out. The Avengers stood there with dumbfounded faces, they had not expected a young boy to have come running into a fight, least of all for Loki.

"It's alright Harry, I'm not hurt no one is going to hurt you," Loki told him.

"They're scary..." Harry muttered

"They're not scary. They are good people Harry, just a little...angry with me." Loki explained.

Loki gave Harry a small smile and then picked him up so that he could hold him close and make sure he was safe from harm and wouldn't be hurt. He turned to face the Avengers and fixed them with an icy glare, he had intended to keep Harry away from any violence. The young boy was clinging to Loki as if his life depended on it, Loki wanted to chide the boy for being a coward but he couldn't. Harry then turned his emerald gaze to those who had come into his home and frowned at them with his eyes full of mistrust. Loki sighed and then moved Harry's weight so it was more comfortable for him and it would be easy for movement.

"Sorry for making you upset kid but Loki is dangerous, come here buddy," Hawkeye spoke

"No! He's a good man, he looks after me." Harry spoke stubbornly

"Where are your mommy and daddy?" Stark asked

"Mummy is in Valhalla, my daddy is here," Harry said with a shudder as he thought of his mother.

There was silence following the statement and the Avengers looked uncertainly at Loki clearly wondering if he had been the one to do away with the mother. Loki said nothing and gave Harry a cuddle to give the young boy some comfort, he then put the young boy down on the floor, Harry just clung to Loki's leg and didn't let go even when Loki tried to make him go back into his room. Loki sighed and then placed his hand on Harry's head in a show of comfort and that he wasn't angry with him. Harry watched as Stark approached him and then bent down so that he wasn't that much taller than Harry. The faceplate of his suit was up so that the boy could see him smiling and wouldn't think him bad.

"I'm sorry to hear about that, my mom is gone too. So Loki's been taking care of you huh?" Stark asked

"Yes, he's been teaching me about our family and magic," Harry said proudly

"That's pretty cool but we have to take Loki for a bit. He did a bad thing and we need to talk to him about it." Stark spoke.

If it was fear or anger that triggered the magic Loki wasn't sure but all the glass in the room shattered into pieces and a green glow seemed to surround Harry's hand as he pushed Stark away from him and the others who entered the house and had fought Loki. Loki closed his hands around Harry's and the glow around the boy seemed to dim and then dissipate, the young boy was breathing heavily and had tears sparkling in his eyes. Loki hugged Harry and then cleaned the tears away from the young boy's face. He had been brave to take on the Avengers even if it had been in anger. Stark looked at Loki who had now picked Harry up and walked over to the sofa and placed the boy on there with the blanket to cover him, Loki, of course, was sat with the boy and was calmly looking at the others.

"If you wish to talk to me you must do it here. Harry will eventually fall to sleep." Loki said looking pointedly at the boy.

"I will, sorry..." Harry said faking a yawn.

Loki rolled his eyes and then let his gaze rest on the Avengers who were all now seated in the room, everyone apart from Stark seemed to be rather uncomfortable with the situation. Loki made himself comfortable and then made sure Harry was well tucked under the blanket and at least feigning trying to sleep. Loki let out a deep sigh and then let his gaze rest on Stark for a moment who was currently helping himself to some whisky that was kept in the liquor cabinet. A glass was soon handed to everyone but Harry who was gripping his blanket in a way to try and provide himself with some comfort.

"I take it you have some questions?" Loki asked

"Yeah, first off...who's Bambi?" Stark asked pointing at Harry

"My son in every sense of the word," Loki spoke with a challenge in his voice.

"Okay, now about that invasion of New York..." Stark began not inclined to push yet.

Over the next few hours, as Harry dozed, Loki and the Avengers spoke to one another. Loki explained about Thanos the mad Titan, he also told them what the All-Father had done to him as punishment and it had seemed to please Hawkeye. He then told them about each of his children and how he had come to earth when he had spoken about the torture and the death of his beloved Lily his mouth ran dry. He had gratefully taken the glass of whisky that Stark had handed him and then continued on with the story. Once the questions had been asked and answered the Avengers had agreed to add Loki as a potential friend to the Avengers. They were still nervous around him and Fury would no doubt want Loki to prove his claim which Loki had agreed to. Wanda had read his mind and had gone through most of his thoughts in regards to the Titan and the actions before that happened and up to when he took Harry from the doorstep.

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