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Center of Attention

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It started off as just another day in the life of Midoriya Izuku. Wake up, get ready and take the five minute walk from Heights Alliance to the main UA academic building. He readjusted the straps of his backpack, smiling to himself as he thought about how pleased Iida-kun would be that he was arriving early for class. The poor class rep would probably be busy rushing about trying to wake up Kaminari-kun and Mineta-kun this very moment.

A perfectly normal day.

It was, till the bushes by the path began rustling violently.

Izuku jumped, raising his fists and letting One for All surge just beneath his skin. His eyes narrowed at the rustling shrubbery.

It could just be a cat. Or a villain.

It turned out to be neither when a young man in a worn suit stumbled out of the bushes. It didn't stop Izuku from shrieking and activating his Full cowl as he jumped back, dropping to a proper fighting stance and causing the man to take a hasty step back .

"Who-who are you?" It was a testament to Izuku's growing self-confidence that he did not bolt or immediately start apologising for activating his quirk.

The strange young man smiled sheepishly at him as he raised his hands placatingly. Izuku now noted that he looked barely out of high school, and that he wore a band on his arm showcasing the name of one of the popular regional news channels.

A reporter?

"Sorry, sorry! That must have scared you!" The man laughed waving his arms a little. "I'm just a reporter."

Izuku exhaled in relief, deactivating his quirk and dropping his arms .

"It's alright!" He bowed his head.

"Sorry for startling you ! And, um, excuse me for asking, but what were you doing there? one is authorised to enter UA without a visiting pass."

The man's expression immediately turned disgruntled. "I know! I did try to apply for one! But man, UA sure puts on a lot of airs with their "exclusiveness and high security" ! I know it's logical after all the villain attacks, but still, I'm just one journalist looking for a ten minute interview... "

He perked up as he took a closer look at Izuku. "Hey! You're a first year, aren't you? That crazy finger-breaking guy from the sports festival! Lost to Endeavour's son...uh, what's your name...ah, right! Midoriya!"

Izuku winced. Crazy finger-breaking guy? Is that what people thought of him? Well...the finger-breaking was kinda true. He almost forgot to answer the reporter's question. "Uh... that's me."

"Sweet! Nice meeting ya! I'm Matsushida!" Izuku blinked as the man bound forward eagerly. "Hey, so do you think you could set me up for an interview with one of your teachers? All Might is still teaching, isn't he? It'll be real quick, I promise! I definitely won't disrupt the class or anything!"

"I'm sorry," Izuku stepped back as the excited man continued to breach his personal space. "But... I'm not in any position to do this sort of thing. I'd get in trouble. Maybe-maybe you could try to convince one of the staff?"

The man huffed. "They'd just kick me out! You know that! C'mon man, do me a solid here. I'll definitely make it up to you. I'll make sure you get a good spread in the newspaper too! 'Promising young talent at UA, Midoriya!'"

Izuku's nerves were starting to fray. "S-sorry, but I really shouldn't. B-besides, I really don't like being the center of attention. I'm sorry!"

With that, he bolted, ripping the sleeve of his blazer out of the man's grasp as he grabbed at his arm to try and stop him.

Matsushida huffed as he dusted the leaves off his second hand suit, watching the curly haired boy fleeing into the building. "What a bummer. These UA people are all just too uptight." He chuckled as he began making his way around to the very edge of the campus from where he had snuck in, his eyes falling on his hand as he uncurled the fingers. He sighed. "That kid really doesn't seem to like attention, huh? Too bad for him."


Izuku caught his breath as he dragged himself up to his class' floor . He kind of understand now why Aizawa-sensei liked avoiding the media. They were always so pushy. He wondered if he should report an unauthorized entry on campus to one of the teachers.

But Matsushida-san seemed harmless. Izuku would feel bad for having him thrown out. Either way, he would either have to give it up and leave by himself, or he would question other students and eventually get found. There was no need for Izuku to say anything.

He pushed open the door to the class and was about to step in when he heard brisk footsteps and a booming voice behind him, alerting him to his friends' arrival.

"Let's be quick, Uraraka-kun! We'll be late for the first bell!"

"It would be easier if you let me run, Iida-kun!"

"Absolutely not! One of the fundamental rules of conduct in a school is to never run in the hallways!"

Izuku smiled fondly as he turned to see his best friends speed walking towards him as they argued. "Good morning, you two!"

"Oh! Good morning, Deku-kun!"

"A very good morning to you, Midoriya-kun! I am glad to see that at least one of my classmates knows the importance of punctuality!"

"Hey! I come early too, you know!" Uraraka pouted at Iida as they stepped past Izuku, but abruptly stopped in her tracks, nearly causing Izuku to bump into her as he tried to follow her in.


"Uhh...Hm?" Uraraka turned her head to look back at Izuku, her eyes wide as she tilted her head side to side, her nose scrunching.

" something wrong?" Maybe Izuku smelled? Did he forget to shower? No, no he definitely did shower. And brushed his teeth. Fighting off a wave off embarrassment, he lightly touched her shoulder.

And nearly fell back out of the doorway as she shivered from head to toe as if she had been doused in cold water.

"Uraraka-san?!" By this point, Iida had noticed her strange behaviour too.

"Uraraka-kun, are you unwell? Your face is flushed!"

The brunette finally managed to speak, tearing her eyes away from Izuku. "O-oh, don't worry about me, Iida-kun! Sorry to worry you two, I'm fine! Just...spaced out for a second there." She tugged on the strap of her backpack and breezed past Iida to her desk before he could protest.

Iida and Izuku exchanged looks.

What just happened?

They didn't have much time to ponder or question Uraraka further, however, as the rest of their classmates began filing in as the first bell rang.

"Hey, guys, morning!" Ashido bounced in with the perenially twinkling Aoyama behind her.

"Good morning!" The three present chorused as Ashido threw her bag into her chair and flitted over to chat with Uraraka.

Izuku returned his attention to moving to his desk and taking out his things in preparation for their first class when he suddenly felt someone breathing down his neck.

"GYAAH!" Izuku jumped and spun around, clutching his chest as he came face to face with Aoyama. "Aoyama-kun! P-please don't do that! You scared me!"

"My apologies," he said smoothly, equally smoothly pulling out a circle of cheese from his pocket to flourish in Izuku's face. "But I have here an absolutely exquisite sample of Roquefort cheese that you simply must try."

"Can't... can't it wait till lunch break? N-not to be rude, I would love to try it....but homeroom is going to start in a few-mf!"

"Nonsense," Aoyama took the opportunity to shove the cheese into Izuku's open mouth. "Fine cheese must be savoured in the present. It cannot wait! Tell me, it is exquisite, is it not?"

Izuku swallowed the cheese and gaped at Aoyama.

He was pretty....strange usually, but this was....a little too much? He jumped back, knocking his lower back into his desk as Aoyama produced another piece of cheese, shaking his head rapidly since he was afraid to open his mouth and have more cheese shoved into it.

"You didn't tell me if you liked-" Aoyama was interrupted by a chair being kicked into the side of his legs, causing him to fall back onto Sero's desk.

"Get away from my place, glitter freak."

Izuku was sure he had never been so grateful for his childhood friend as Bakugou glared at Aoyama before spinning his own chair around and dropping into it, feet immediately being propped up on the desk.

Though that was a rather mean thing to think in the circumstances.

I'm so sorry, Aoyama-kun. Izuku gave the sparkly boy an apologetic look as Aizawa-sensei walked in, yawning and dragging his sleeping bag behind him and asking everyone tiredly to settle down, which worked more effectively than the yelling and robotic chopping Iida had been doing for the past couple of minutes.


Izuku couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched. In between classes, he tried his best to ignore the feeling, keeping his eyes glued to Kacchan's back.

Which, was, sadly, not the best way to distract himself, he found when the explosive blonde whipped his head around and caught him staring.

"What're ya lookin' at, Deku? Haah?!"

Izuku's cheeks flushed in embarrassment as he quickly looked away, raising his hands to hide his red face from the blonde. "N-nothing, Kacchan! I was j-just thinking!"

"Thinking about what?"

Kacchan had twisted around in his seat, and was now leaning towards Izuku with an arm on his desk, blood red eyes narrowed.

Izuku tried to keep himself from hyperventilating as his inner Izuku squealed at the proximity and the smell of Kacchan's musky cologne filling his nostrils.

There was really something wrong with that reaction, wasn't there?

He had just finished mentally kicking his masochistic inner self into orbit when Kacchan visibly tensed.

His narrowed eyes widened, becoming hazy for a moment before clearing.

"K-Kacchan?" Izuku asked hesitantly, afraid to ask if he was alright. He didn't want to set him off.

Kacchan pulled back, shaking his head as if to clear it of something before turning again to face the blackboard. Weird.


Lunch break came around and Izuku was on edge. He had seen Uraraka-san and Aoyama-kun watching him with strangely intense expressions for most of the morning.

He considered asking them about it during break, but thought the ensuing conversation might take longer than ten minutes, so he kept quiet and in his seat till lunch, watching the rest of his classmates slowly move out to the cafeteria.

Before he could head over to them, he was intercepted by Todoroki.


Izuku froze when the hand that fell on his shoulder froze as well. Literally.

He turned to see Todoroki take a shaky breath, an unsettled expression on his normally passive face as he stared at Izuku's face, then at the hand frosting over on Izuku's shoulder. He pulled back quickly, muttering an apology.

"It's okay, Todoroki-kun." Izuku fidgeted as Todoroki let his left hand hover over Izuku's shoulder, thawing the thin layer of ice on his shirt.

"Um...are you okay, though? It's unusual for you to lose control of your quirk like that..."

"I'm fine," Todoroki looked up and Izuku almost started at the unexpected soft smile on his face. His hand fell to Izuku's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Thanks for asking."

No sooner had the blush crept up Izuku's cheeks that the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

Eleven years of experience with this told him that the one who was approaching was angry and was-

"What are you doing to him, Half an' Half?"

Izuku nearly shrieked when he felt a warm, thick skinned palm wrap around his wrist and jerk him back and away from Todoroki's grasp.

Izuku stood on his tiptoes to look over Kacchan's shoulder to see Todoroki-kun's stormy expression.

"Stand aside, Bakugou. No one asked you to butt in."

Izuku could practically see Kacchan's upper lip curling to bare his teeth aggressively.

"Don't tell me what to do, bastard. You keep your paws off Deku, you hear?"

"How strange, we finally found something in common. I don't like being ordered around either."

What. What in tarnation is going on here?

Izuku gaped as the two entered a staredown, Todoroki's icy glare matching the intensity of Bakugou's fiery one.

"Um, guys...?"

They paid him no heed, stares unwavering. Todoroki's eyebrows furrowed and his mouth pulled into an ugly scowl while Bakugou outright snarled at him like a savage dog.

"Stop this unbecoming behaviour at once! Todoroki-kun, I expected better of you!" Thank god for Iida-kun.

The tall boy pushed in between the glaring duo, breaking the staredown as he turned to Kacchan, agitatedly chopping at the air.

"Bakugou-kun, why must you always go out of your way to antagonise your classmates?! It is not befitting of a hero to-"

"Shut up, four-eyes! Before you start lecturing me, tell that half an' half fucker to keep his hands off my Deku!"

....... My Deku?

Okay, Izuku.exe has stopped working.

The curly top stared slack jawed at the fuming blonde, who was screaming and shouting now at Iida as usual, as if he had not just staked claim on the kid he used to bully for almost their entire childhood. It took a few seconds for the conversation to actually start filtering through again.

"Bakugou-kun, I insist you stop using such crass language-"

"I don't give a shit! All of you extras need to just do as I say and stay away from Deku! "


"You have no right to decide anything for him, Bakugou."


"Grr! Say that again, Todoroki, I fucking dare you!"



All three of them fell silent, staring at the red-faced Izuku, fists clenched and eyes misty. "All of you just be quiet! What is wrong with everyone today!" he howled, whipping around to face Uraraka and Aoyama, who had not yet left and were watching with equally stunned expressions. "You two have been staring at me since morning like you're plotting my murder!"

He glared at Todoroki and Iida. "You two are arguing over me like I'm not even here! I can stand up for myself, so stop coddling me!"

"And you..." His watery eyes met Bakugou's astounded red ones. "I don't even know what's wrong with you! Why're you being so possessive?! Don't want your favourite punching bag taken away from you, huh?"

"Idiot, that's not-!" Whatever Bakugou was going to say, Izuku didn't hear it. He grabbed his bag and ran out of the classroom.

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Izuku came back late for the next class.

"Young Midoriya, where were you?" All Might's concerned voice made Izuku feel like shrinking into a ball of guilt. He'd undoubtedly worried everyone with his childish temper tantrum.

"I'm sorry I'm late." He kept his eyes on his red jordans. " I, uh..."

"Nevermind, young man." All Might cut across him, saving him from having to fumble for an answer. "It's alright, go on and take a seat. We're just about to get started."

"Y-yes, sir!" Mentally thanking his mentor as he scurried to his desk, he determinedly ignored the blonde seated in front of him as he took his seat.

The heroics class for the day consisted of standard field first aid procedures. They worked in randomly assigned groups, thankfully, and he gratefully took the opportunity to work with Shouji-kun and Sero-kun.

He left the building immediately after class, only pausing to quickly reassure All Might that he was fine before speeding away.

He felt terrible.

He had yelled and said mean things to his friends.

Even the stuff he said to Kacchan.... he'd been cruel to him for a very long time, but that didn't mean Izuku should do the same, especially now that they were slowly trying to mend their relationship.

He scuffed his feet morosely against the paved path as he wandered about aimlessly, away from 1-A's dormitory. As much as he owed everyone an apology, he really couldn't look at them without dissolving into tears at the moment. Especially after he'd fled the class even after hearing Iida-kun and Uraraka-san call out to him.

"Oh, hey, it's you again!"

Izuku promptly fell sideways into a bush.

"Oh my god, you're one jumpy kid, aren't you?"

Izuku spat out a leaf to see a man with curly brown hair and a worn old suit staring down at him.


Izuku leapt to his feet, scarcely believing his eyes. "Y-y-you're still here?! How?!"

Matsushida laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Well, about that...I was gonna split before I got caught, but then I kind of felt bad for you, I am!"

Izuku blinked. "Bad for me? What do you mean?"

"Uh, about we sit down somewhere?"

They ended up sitting in a tree.

"Is this how you hid from the patrol?" Izuku asked, disturbed that anyone who could climb a tree could get past UA's security.

He rubbed at his head where he had accidentally smacked it against a thick branch on the way up.

Matsushida laughed. "That, my young friend, is a story for another day! I'm guessing you have your own problems right now, so let's talk about you, hm?"

"How do you know I've been having problems?"

Matsushida rubbed the back of his head again. A nervous habit? "Ah, that's because they might have been my fault."

Izuku's mouth fell open. "Your fault? But-but how? It's my friends that have been acting strange-"

"After they come in close proximity with you, correct?"

Izuku frowned before nodding.

"That's because I accidentally touched you" -He pulled at the kid gloves he wore- "without these."

The gears in Izuku's head turned. "No way. Your quirk.."

"Yup," Matsushida confirmed, popping the "p". "It's called fascination. My touch can transfer to a person or even an inanimate object I have contact with for even a brief amount of time, a peculiar little pheromone that cloaks the affected's body. People who come close to you and inhale this pheromone become enraptured by different ways and to different degrees, all depending on my emotions at the time I tag you."

Izuku swallowed. "That's...."

Ridiculous, he wanted to say. He loved studying the variety in quirks, but this was just...what even?

It seemed like someone had just made up a quirk to have him afflicted by it and make his life miserable.

Nevertheless, he tried.

"So....basically my friends are....fascinated with me?" That did explain the staring.

"Broadly speaking, yes." Matsushida plucked at the lapel of his suit. "Though how they find you fascinating....that depends on the individual breathing in the pheromone. Everyone reacts to it differently. My quirk is a fickle thing."

"Alright, long do the effects of your quirk normally last?"

Matsushida shrugged. "Dunno. Could be a few hours, a few days, maybe a few weeks. Like I said, a fickle thing."


"But we can maybe get some idea from how they've reacted to you. Most cases, the people affected by the pheromone are quite clingy to the affected object or person, and spend a good few hours mooning over 'em and not being able to stay away. What's the status in your situation, kid?"

"Uh, so...a couple of them had been staring at me like really intensely? And one of my friends who is usually a little...distant, was um, openly nicer, I guess? And one of them..well, we don't exactly get along very well, and he kind of, like, tried to protect me? "

Izuku left out the part where Kacchan had called him his. He still didn't know what he meant by it, and for the sake of his sanity, he would really not like to think about the implications.

Matsushida, in the meantime, was looking at him with wide eyes. "No physical clinging?"

Izuku shook his head, turning red at the thought.

"No petting and pampering? No over the top compliments, no declarations of adoration, no unhealthy obsession?"

Hah, thought Inner Izuku bitterly. Don't know about the others, but I'm no stranger to unhealthy obsessions .

Izuku squashed out Inner Izuku.

"Wh-why are you asking this?"

"Well, these are the usual symptoms people experience when my quirk is activated when I'm feeling some strong emotions. And trust me, I was pretty bitter when you scampered off."

Izuku paled. "I'm-I'm really sorry!" He bowed his head, his inherent tendencies again coming to the forefront. "I didn't mean to be so rude! I was just-"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it, you would have got a good scolding from one of your teachers," Matsushida waved him off, giving the back of the boy's head a friendly (but hard, damnit, why) smack, right on the spot where he got bopped by a branch.

"I'm the one who should be apologizing here. It was immature of me to get annoyed at you." The man slowly grinned at Izuku as he straightened up, mumbling about buying a helmet . "I should also thank you, too. You didn't tell anyone I was here."

"How did you-"

"You think I'd still be here if UA was actively searching for an intruder?"

"Oh. R-right."

"But. Leaving that aside for now," Matsushida leaned forward, frowning. "If there have been only subtle inclinations might be in for a ride pretty soon, kid."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

Izuku could feel dread pooling in his stomach. Surely, it wouldn't get worse...

"It's going to get worse," said Matsushida grimly. "A lot worse. You might wanna mentally prepare yourself. Oh, and I hope you're a good runner."

Could Izuku please stop getting those ominous, vague warnings?

"Please don't tell me they're going to turn into zombies."

Matsushida face-faulted.

"Zombies? What the hell, no. Why would you think that?"

Izuku chose not to answer him.

"Then... what's going to happen?"

Matsushida sighed and ran his hand through his unkempt hair. "I don't know for sure if it's what will happen because of the nature of my quirk but....there was only one time someone produced subtle reactions. Was my cousin brother. The day after that, though...."

Izuku swallowed thickly. " What happened to him?" he asked in a hushed voice.

"Poor kid was traumatised. Said everyone was out to get him. Not like that!" Matsushida snapped, seeing Izuku's eyes water as he covered his mouth.

"Everyone he had come in contact with the previous day, and those he met the next, started lusting after him!"

...and Izuku's train of thought was completely derailed, leaving him floating over an abyss.


Matsushida continued. "Since both of your cases are similar up to this point, it's best to prepare for the worst and assume that the pheromone is going to grow stronger and completely remove all inhibitions and filters from those affected by tomorrow."

Remove inhibitions?

"They're gonna be jumping your bones, kid."

Inner Izuku fell screaming into the abyss.

And he fell screaming out of the tree.


When he came to, it was to Matsushida shaking him violently. "Shit, kid, are you okay? What the heck was that for? I know it's shocking, but you need to calm down! Coulda got us found!"

"M-ma?" Izuku slurred, blinking to bring his surroundings into focus.

"Hey! What's going on over there?!"

"Crap! I gotta run kid. Remember what I told you!"

Izuku's head throbbed as he watched Hound dog chasing after the reporter.


Izuku ended up in the infirmary. Again.

He swore Recovery girl was actually considering kicking him out when Hound dog brought him in with the nasty bump on his head.

After a quick check up, and a couple hours to sleep off the worst of the minor concussion, Hound dog came in to ask him about the unauthorized entry. Izuku told him he was a reporter . He lied hastily that he had been sitting in the tree when the reporter called out to him and fell out in surprise.

Luckily for him, Hound dog seemed to buy his panic as embarrassment and didn't question him further, leaving him to Recovery girl to scold.

He was apologizing profusely even while he left to go back to the dorm.


Aaaaand then he remembered his conversation with the reporter.

He stopped outside Heights Alliance, sweating profusely despite the chilly November night.

He can't avoid them forever. He'd try to sneak in, but...he needed to apologize. Matsushida-san said he would probably have time till tomorrow, so might as well get this out of the way now, so that he could call in sick tomorrow or something, because there was no way he was going to school with his classmates....lusting after him.

Oh god.

He made it all the way to the second floor before he was accosted.


Izuku let out an unmanly squeal as Uraraka glomped him, rubbing her cheek against his chest.

"I'm so sorry, Deku-kun, I didn't mean to upset you!" she said, which Izuku would have found touching had she not been rubbing herself against him like a cat.

"And I definitely wasn't plotting your murder! I wouldn't dream of it!"

"U-U-U-Ura-" That was all Izuku managed as the girl squished herself to him.

"Deku-kun, please! Say something!" She squeezed him tighter.

He wished he could say something too.

But his brain was too busy short-circuiting.

"Uraraka. I think you should let Midoriya go. You're crushing him."

Izuku was finally able to breathe. He gasped for air and coherence as Uraraka turned to look at the slightly amused Todoroki.

"As cute as he is, you should avoid doing that."

Welp. There go Izuku's efforts to gain coherence.

"C-c-cute!?" He squeaks, causing Todoroki to blink.

To Izuku's further shock, the boy's cheeks turned slightly pink as he mumbled. "Did I say that out loud?"

Oh no.

It was happening.

Inhibitions were being lifted~ sang Inner Izuku in a fake spooky tone.

"Bed!" shrieked Izuku, bolting to his room before locking the door and sinking to the floor.

So much for the apologies.

He'd never be able to do them if this was the situation!

Only a few seconds later he heard more footsteps and Iida's voice outside the door, talking with the other two in a low voice Izuku frankly didn't know Iida was capable of.

He groaned and covered his face with his hands as he heard a knock on his door.

"Midoriya-kun? Please open the door."


"Midoriya. Open up."

"T-Todoroki-kun, sorry but...," Izuku swallowed.

What was he doing?

He stood swiftly, unlocking and opening the door before he can change his mind.

Not looking up to see their faces, he bent at the waist to bow to them properly.

"Please forgive me for the way I acted today! What I said was so uncalled for; I'm really ashamed of myself and I promise I will never worry you like that again!"

He felt large hands grip his forearms to pull him up straight. "Look up."

He looked up and nearly winced at Todoroki's reassuring smile. "It's fine, Midoriya. I understand. It's frustrating to not have your opinion taken into consideration. I'm sorry too."

"I, as well. Please forgive me for my insensitivity," said Iida, bowing.

"M-me too, Deku-kun," piped up Uraraka. "I'm sorry I freaked you out with my strange behaviour." She blushed and looked away. "I.. don't know what came over me."

Unfortunately, Izuku knew exactly what came over her. He wondered if he should tell them.


... But it was so embarrassing to tell ! Besides, he was certain that warning them would do no good. Uraraka seemed to be aware that she was acting off, and Todoroki later caught his slip of tongue. He still couldn't believe Todoroki-kun thought he was cute.


...... Izuku wasn't able to call in sick. He had forgotten about the class test they were supposed to have the next day, which had weightage in their term end marks.

So, like the good student he was, he studied for the test, double checked all his stationary before bed, got up early and left for school early to be well in time for class and to avoid any bone-jumping friends while trying not to have a panic attack.

Okay, Izuku. Just breathe.

The test is in first period, you can finish it quickly and then just call in sick for the rest of the day.

Never mind the fact that Recovery girl will kill you and you just promised not to worry your friends any more, though who knows if they're in the state to worry about that now.

He makes it to the classroom and his desk ten minutes early and safely.

And then the classroom door shuts with a bang that causes him to jump three feet in the air.

He's shaking as he turns his head slowly to meet red eyes that seem to practically glow with delight.


Chapter Text

"K-K-Kacchan?" Izuku tried to keep his tongue from twisting upon itself as Kacchan stalked closer, his eyes keeping Izuku's pinned.

Maybe he'll just ignore him. (Sure, that's why he closed the door.)
Maybe he's back to normal. (That look in his eyes is definitely normal, yeah.) Okay Inner Izuku, time to shut up!

Both Izuku and Inner Izuku squeaked when two hands slammed down onto his desk, such a familiar thing now.

What was not familiar however, was the sexy, sexy smirk on Kacchan's face as he leaned forward till his forehead touched Izuku's.

"I finally caught you alone," he whispered raspily, his breath hot against Izuku's face. "Now, what should I do with you, hm?"

Right. Izuku was either going to be dead if Kacchan was planning to torture and murder him, or he was going to be dead if Kacchan stayed in his personal space while continuing to give him what looked awfully like bedroom eyes.

Point is, he was dead either way.

Izuke figured he had nothing to lose. "Sit at your desk and ignore me the whole day?"

"Tsk. Don't act smart with me." Kacchan was still whispering, and Izuku was genuinely starting to feel scared by the lack of noise now.

"You know I came here to play with you." He shifted his head so that his lips were ghosting on the shell of Izuku's ear. "Be a good boy and play with me, Deku."

Izuku denied momentarily losing consciousness due to those words and the feel of Kacchan's lips on his ear.

He would deny it, even if he didn't know how one second he was sitting at his desk and the next he was draped over his chair and Mineta's desk with Kacchan pushing his legs apart.

He didn't deny screaming.

"Kacchan! Wha-wha-wha-!" It was all he managed as Kacchan moved to stand between his legs, uncomfortably close and - oh god- he was leaning over him.

He smirked that devilish smirk again, one that assured Deku he was taking the most sinful path to hell, where Kacchan was the ruling devil.

"Didn't I tell you, silly Deku? Playtime starts now."


Izuku thinks it speaks for itself how badly he needs help when he's kind of disappointed that Playtime is over before it even begins.

Kacchan is roaring in unrestrained fury as he bombards the ice encasing his lower body with small explosions while a mumbling Izuku is whisked away by the grim Todoroki.



"Jungle gym."


"Ah, no! ....Todoroki-kun?! What-?!" Izuku whines and buries his beet red face in his hands. To be seen in such a position! How mortifying!

"Midoriya, its okay." It seems Izuku said that out loud.

Hands fall on his shoulders, and he peeks up through his fingers to see a rare look on Todoroki's face that his fan club would have killed to see.

Izuku can practically see the shoujo sparkles and love bubbles around him as he promises. "I'll protect your innocence with my life."

To be honest, Izuku thinks his innocence is already halfway gone with the R-rated fantasies from his...encounter with Kacchan persistently being floated around his head by Inner Izuku.

Not that he doesn't appreciate Todoroki-kun's effort though.

"Thank you, Todoroki-kun."

"For you, anything."

Aaand Izuku can tell that Kacchan wasn't the only one affected by those stupid pheromones.


Their touching moment is completely ruined when the door to the 1-A classroom is blown clean off its hinges.

Izuku shrieks in fear and nearly jumps into Todoroki's (waiting?) arms.

Kacchan looks absolutely livid, red eyes glowing like a demon's as he steps out onto the soot-blackened door lying on the floor and zones in on the two of them, Izuku clutching Todoroki's arms while the brave fire and ice user pushes Izuku out of his line of sight.

That seemed to be a mistake.

Kacchan bared his teeth at Todoroki in a feral snarl. "You. Get. The fuck. Away. From him."

Todorki-kun (that brave, brave man) simply gave the explosive blonde a wintry glare, his voice cold and steely as he said, "And hand him over to you? Yeah, right."

Kacchan stalked closer like a predatory animal, mini explosions popping along his palms.

"Stay back, Bakugou," warned Todoroki. Izuku felt the temperature of the air around them plummet several degrees and his next breath fogged over as icicles started forming at Todoroki's feet. "I don't want to hurt you."

"FUCK YOU, BASTARD!" Kacchan snapped, throwing his hands back and propelling himself forward with twin explosions at breakneck pace.

Izuku did the thing he did best.

Rationalise and take the best course of action.

So he ran.

He was pretty good at doing that too.

Hearing a deafening BOOM! followed by ice cracking and shattering behind him and he apologized mentally to his friend, hoping that Kacchan wouldn't keep fighting Todoroki-kun and would chase after him instead. Which meant he had to put as much distance between himself and Kacchan as possible, because he absolutely did not want Playtime to resume. Really. Definitely not.

"One for All: Full cowl! Eight percent!"

Green electricity crackled around him as he sprinted, bouncing off the walls to propel himself further away.


"Kirishima-kun, be careful! Kacchan's on a rampage!"

"Wha-? Bakugou is? What happened now?!"

Izuku wasn't able to answer since he was already forty feet away. It was better to keep away from people.

Didn't want them turning into raging maniacs, or collateral damage to King Explosion Murder's wrath.


"What the heck are- "



Oops. Might be a little too late for the latter.

Maybe it was a good thing it was Kirishima with his hardening.


Izuku panted as he leaned heavily against the door of the emergency stairwell on the top floor of the building.

It looked like he had managed to give Kacchan the slip for now.

"So you're hiding here too, huh?"

Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin for the fifth time in two days when he heard the voice, spinning to find a boy with spiky black hair and elfin ears standing to his side, his forehead pressed against the wall.

"It's a good place to hide. No people with over the top expectations."


Izuku approached the third-year, mind screaming at him to ask the boy for help in possibly restraining Kacchan or knocking him out as gently as possible, before he remembered his condition and jumped back.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Amajiki turned, equal parts anxious and curious.

"S-sorry! Please, just stay away from me!"

Amajiki's shoulders immediately slumped and he looked even more depressed, if that was even possible.

"It's alright, I'm already used to people thinking I'm a nervous freak..I don't blame you....I guess I'll just go then..."

Izuku wanted to tear his hair out and cry as the mumbling third year pushed the stairwell door open and left. He hadn't meant to hurt his feelings! Oh god, why did this always happen-


"HYAAHH!!" Izuku screamed as he was lifted off his feet by arms wrapping around him from behind.

"Iida-kun, put me down-!"

Iida promptly set Izuku on his feet, though he kept his hands in a crushing grip on his forearms as he spun him around, bending his knees slightly to speak to him at eye level, as one would a child.

"Midoriya-kun, thank goodness I found you! Are you unhurt?!"

"Y-yes, I'm fine, but K-Ka-"


Izuku literally jumped at the sudden vehement shout. Oh no, don't tell him Kacchan already killed someone-?!

Iida seemed to take a few seconds to grind his teeth and compose himself. Slightly. Which meant though he spoke in a voice closer to acceptable volume, in his agitation he shook Izuku like a ..Izuku forgot the simile. Sorry. Hard to when he could feel his teeth rattling in his skull.

"That... savage has been going about wrecking the school with his quirk, yelling obscenities that I shudder to even think about!" Iida visibly shuddered (just to get the point across) before meeting Izuku's gaze grimly. Which thankfully meant he had to stop shaking him. "The point is, that vulgar demon is coming to unspeakable things to you."

Thank you, Iida-kun. Izuku's brain had not been deep-fried properly enough.

"And I, Iida Tenya, as the class representative of 1-A, an aspiring hero candidate and most importantly your friend, cannot allow it while I still breathe! I will protect you from that fiend, Midoriya-kun, I swear upon the name of my family!"

Izuku teared up. He knew he was a crybaby, but he couldn't help it.

Even if the fascination quirk might be addling their behaviour slightly, he couldn't believe his friends would go to such lengths to protect him. He was blessed to have them.


And ONCE AGAIN, a touching moment between him and one of his best friends is ruined by a door being exploded off its hinges.

Deja vu?


Kacchan's voice was hoarse. Probably from screaming obscenities.

Heavy footsteps stomped around two floors below them. " I'M GONNA CATCH YOU, THEN RIP ALL YOUR CLOTHES OFF AND FUCK Y-"


Iida's righteous anger, however, only served to give away their location to aforementioned monster.

There was a series of small explosions and Kacchan came flying into view from below, laughing like a maniac.

"I've got you now!" he yelled, throwing his arms back to blast himself towards them.

Izuku screamed at the same time Iida cried, "Recipro burst!" and the next thing he knew he was tossed over Iida's shoulder as they rocketed away from the incensed Bakugou.

He used bigger explosions to propel himself after them, gaining ground rapidly on them as Iida's engines began to stall.

"Midoriya-kun!" Iida zipped around a corner, ignoring their upperclassmen yelling and staring at the ruckus.
He used the last of his recipro to direct a furious kick at the toughened glass window, shattering it and throwing a screaming Izuku out of the window.

Izuku flailed like a crazed chicken as he plummeted.

RUN?! On what, air?!?!

Luckily, Izuku was a quick thinking boy, and remembered the finger flicks he had been working on.


The jet of pressurised air produced by his flick propelled him upwards enough to soften his landing somewhat.

He landed with an ooof and a wince, scrambling to his feet to see what had become of Iida.

He was greeted by the sight of Kacchan falling straight towards him.

"Kacchan-no!" Izuku activated Full Cowl and jumped away from the blonde as he lashed out an arm.

"S-stay back, Kacchan!" warned Izuku, raising his fists as the other made a perfect landing, smirking now that he had his prey alone again as he got to his feet. "I-I don't want to fight you!"

"Stupid Deku," Kacchan purred - PURRED - as he stalked forward slowly, as if he was approaching a skittish animal.

"Ya don't have to fight. Come with me, and I'll show you a real good time." He licked his lips as he said it, and Izuku could feel the various parts of his cerebrum systematically shutting down.

"Yeah, make you feel real good," he growled - and Izuku didn't even realise that he had deactivated One for All and that Kacchan was standing right in front of him till he felt hot hands squeezing his waist.

"Uw...ah?" Izuku said intelligently.

Kacchan smiled, pulling Izuku flush against him. "Look at you; so cute. Already tongue-tied. What will you do when I put my d-"

"Oh no, you don't!" Izuku snaps out of the bizarre trance (which he really REALLY struggled against, mind you) when he and Kacchan are hit by......foam?

Followed up by a large red can nailing Kacchan in the side of the head and dropping him like a sack of potatoes.

Oh. So that's where the foam came from.

"K-Kacchan!" Despite all previous danger to Izuku's virginity - ahem, his LIFE - he dropped to his knees to check on the blonde, who groaned woozily as he touched the growing bump on his head. Well, at least he was still alive.

"Midoriya-chan, run, kero!" croaks Asui as an enraged looking Todoroki rushes to him.

"Do as Asui says, Midoriya. I'll take care of Bakugou."

Izuku didn't think "taking care" of him meant tending to his injury, and would have protested if he suddenly didn't feel a soft hand wrap around his forearm, and his feet consecutively leaving the ground.

"Don't worry about him, Deku-kun. You're coming with me now."