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Book of Salt

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(F/n) - First Name
(N/f) - Name of Friend
(E/c) - Eye Color
[Word Count: 4697 (ง ˙ω˙)ว]

Last day of classes before spring break ..

"Okay everyone! That's all enjoy your break! Class dimissed." As your last teacher left the classroom, your classmates squealed and began to animatedly chatter amongst each other.
You were keeping all your things when your friend,(Name of Friend) tapped your back. [If you have no friend bc ppl are mean use my name,Mar. I got your back always]

You turned around and saw she had her face plastered with a smirk. And you knew something's cooking and its not good.

"Oya! (F/n)-chan!" She greeted innocently.

"Yo, (N/f). Sup?" You replied and on cue. Her eyes sparkled.

"Well do you have any plans during spring break? Uhmm... there's .."

She responded in an unsure and cute voice while fidgeting her hands. "a hot spring that I'd like us to visit together! Please come?" She looked at you with puppy eyes and you just can't help but say;

"Okaaaay~",at the back of your mind you know someone's gonna argue with you about this.

"Huh? You agree!! Yaaay! I'm so looking forward its this Wednesday to Sunday (F/n)-Chan! So prepare" your friend enveloped you in a hug and walked happily away.

"Ack! Wait a minute (N/f), four days! But what about the tickets? And I'm sure that Kageyama won't agree about this. What about your boyfriend? Tsukishima wouldn't agree either, right?"

You bombarded her with questions and she stared at you as if you were talking alien.

You left her and gave her a minute, while squeezing her hands to let her process all you've said.

'Oh! That's what you're worried about? I have booked tickets already silly! Ohh and Kageyama ang Kei won't disagree about it, don't worry I've got everything under control",and with that she left the classroom and you were totally shocked about what she said.


( ・๎ω・๎) Evening before the trip

Wednesday is about to come and so was the hot spring trip you've had with (N/f).

Your boyfriend, Kageyama Tobio hasn't said anything yet when you told him about the trip, the day your friend invited you. Maybe this was what she meant about not worrying.

Packing your things and bringing a lot than you should because you know that your idiot friend would be upset if you'd bring a lesser bag. After shoving the last item you laid down in the floor , panting and sweating a little. You decided to call your boyfriend to remind him of your trip tomorrow and because you missed the idiot.


*dial sounds*

Tobio: Hey (F/n).

You: Toobio-kuun. What are you doing right now?

T: Nothing much. *shuffling sound* What about you?

Y: I'm done packing that's why I called *you rolled over your chest facing the floor* and about tomorrow's trip, I --

T: Well its okay (F/n). You didn't have to worry about it. *grunt noise*

Y: Ohh, what are you doing Tobio?

T: Uhh. Nothing! J-just hurling a heavy box, I'll call you later okay? Bye! *beeping sounds*


Your boyfriend hang up and that's unusual for him to do but you thought that he was busy so you decided to clear up the mess you made and sleep early so you won't be late tomorrow.


*Kageyama's POV*


To: Hime-sama ❤


10:23PM 10/12/16


Hey. Princess, are you asleep? Or upset? Have I done something wrong? Please don't ignore me.


I dialed her number again but she still won't pick up. Regularly she's still awake at a time like this reading manga, watching anime or being a glutton. So why won't she pick up? Could she be asleep or upset? Dammit. These thoughts are driving me nuts. How the fuck will I tell her about 'it'!? Dammit. I should've just left the bag when she called. Well better get some sleep for tomorrow.


To: Hime-sama ❤


10:23PM 10/12/16

Goodnight and sweet dreams, Hime-sama. I love you. ❤


*Your POV*


You dreadfully opened your eyes because you feel the sun blinding you. You feel yourself sweating and so you sat up. "Ahhh why does it have to be so hot today. What time is it, geez. HOLY CRAP!!" seeing the sun high up the sky you remembered that its Wednesday and you're going on a trip with (N/f)-Chan.

As quickly as you could you showered, dressed and headed out your baggage and phone with you. While on your way you saw on your phone screen messages and missed calls but you ignored it when you saw its already 9:28 AM and your ride arrives at 9:45 AM.

You hurriedly dialed your friends number. Arriving with a little time to spare your best friend told you that someone's coming with both of you. Before you could even ask your friend waved somewhere far ahead and grinned widely.


"Gwaaah. They're here! Just on time!" While she said that you turned around to see what she meant. You can't believe what you saw so you rubbed your eyes and pinched yourself as if you were dreaming, but you aren't.


The bus stopped right in front of both of you and before anyone can say anything, a carrot head popped his head on the window and frantically waved at both of you.

"(L/n-chan)! (N/f-chan!) Good morning! I'm so excited I can't control myself. Sorry!" Hinata yelled

"Hinata! You idiot! You shouldn't apologize for being excited! Embrace it like a man!" Tanaka said striking a pose.

"Let me see! Let me see the two girls too!" Nishinoya also exclaimed at the same time, trying to peel Hinata away from the window.

"Uhhh, Hinata-kun be careful that's dangerous." Asahi carefully said at the same time.

That was the scene that greeted you when you got in the bus. Looking for a certain someone your attention was brought to where your friend was.

"Kei! Good morning! I thought you wouldn't come with us. So why are you here? Hmm, don't ignore me." She keep on poking Tsukishima on his cheeks causing him to make a 'tsk' sound.

Then he brought her face to his chest, an arm draped around her shoulder to restrain her his hands on her nape and sat her beside him while looking out the window to hide his blush.

Filled with 'aww' and the scene was very heart melting you didn't notice someone was behind you until you bumped into each other.

"Ah! I'm so sorry I wasn't lo---king." Your words were left hanging when you saw Kageyama in front of you, his hands scratching his nape. But before you could say anything, Takeda-sensei asked everyone to sit down and quite down a bit. Of course you sat beside your boyfriend, and he knows you wanted to know why he didn't say anything about coming to the trip.

"Oi, stop sulking." He tried to be mean but it didn't get him anywhere.

"*deep sigh* okay fine. I get it that you're upset because I didn't say anything and I'm sorry. I wanted to surprise you but I'm not good at it. I tried to tell you last night but you were asleep already, I think. I tried to call you! I even texted you to--" he was cut off with your squeal.

"Oh no! My phone! I haven't checked it yet. Wait." You held up a hand towards Kageyama's face.


As you opened your phone, you saw it was flooded with missed calls and messages.

Missed Calls: 95

Messages: 115

You opened to see who it came from.


(N/f): 15





Call logs:

(N/f): 9




Shocked you looked at your boyfriend and saw that he was rugged and dark circles were under his eyes. You gave him an apologetic look and he replied with an exasperated sigh. You just giggled and pecked his cheeks causing him to blush and look away. You then plugged your earphones on your phone gave him the other bud to share your music and you leaned on him. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed the top of your forehead. The rest of the trip was a blur.


ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)* Upon arriving on the Hot Springs ..


You got off the bus last with your friend and both your boyfriends. You talked to her about 'why she didn't say anything else to you' her only reply was 'because you never asked' you just wanted to face palm the shit out of her but you just sighed and let the topic go.


After settling the things and knowing what rooms they'll be sleeping in. The teacher invited everyone for dinner. It was the usual dinner attitudes.

Hinata, Nishinoya, Kageyama ate like their life depended on it. Daichii, Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Asahi, Tanaka, Ennoshita, Chikara, Tsukishima, Takeda-sensei, Coach Ukai ate properly with smiles on their faces, except Tsukishima of course.

You can't help but notice your friend telling her boyfriend to eat more like Hinata and him telling her "I'm eating just fine. At least I know where the nutrients fron my food go, unlike those two (points Hus chop sticks at Hinata and Nishinoya)"

These words were heard clear by Hinata and Nishinoya causing them to look at Tsukishima.

"I jush dishayaonsjskzb uhmm hzjakan." Hinata replied mouth stuffed with food.

"Idiot. Nobody can understand you." Tsukishima replied with a cringe expression on his face.

"Oi! Tsukishima! Is that a way of speaking to your senpai!? Unlike you my receives are solid and my arms are strong. You're the one who should eat more, every time you block its as if your arm would fall off any second. Nyahahahahaha!" Nishinoya replied striking his pose with both hands on his hips.

Tsukishima just ignored this and proceeded eating but when he looked at me and Kageyama his face looked like he just had a good idea.

"Hey wait, Kageyama? You really are a shithead. *menacing laugh* (L/n)-Chan is right beside you yet you eat like a savage. Aren't you ashamed? Where's your manners, King?" Tsukishima gave Kageyama a look of displeasure.

You know this was Tsukishima's personality so you let it pass but Kageyama didn't. He gave him a glare, placed his plate down and ate slowly. SLOWLY.

You gave Tsukishima an exasperated look and you raised your plate higher then began shoving food down your throat like Hinata.

Thus wasn't new to you simply because you enjoy acting like a glutton, secretly but now you didn't want Kageyama to think its discouraging if he ate like that so you showed him you can eat like that too.

You heard 'ohhhh's' on the table and laughter. Kageyama smiled at you and then ate like how he ate before. You can hear Tsukishima being scolded by your friend and that's how dinner went.


(⊙ω⊙) After bath time ..


You were the last one to exit the bathroom with a towel wrapped around your body you were walking towards your room drying your hair when you bumped into a hard chest. You made sure to hold your towel so it won't fall and felt arms hold you so you could stand up.

Looking at who it was , it was Kageyama. You gave him a smile and stepped back to thank him when you realized he was SHIRTLESS.

A blush creeped up your face and he saw it making him smirk at you. He was about to taunt you when you made a fun for it and locked yourself in your room. That was totally mind blowing.


ლ('ڡ'ლ) Few hours later, everyone's asleep ..


You kept on tossing and turning on your sleep and you felt so uneasy. You just had a bad dream and you were sweating. You could hear a light snore from (N/f) so you decided not to wake her up to invite her into taking a dip.

You went out in a towel and a spare one and went to the springs.

It was past midnight so nobody was around, you reached the girl's bath and immediately submerged yourself in the spring. You felt at ease and relaxed so you decided to doze off a bit. While you were relaxing on the hot spring bath alone you didn't notice someone enter the room, until you heard someone sit down beside you. Looking at where the stranger sat you realized it was none other than your boyfriend.

As fast as light you covered yourself and sat away from him. Exactly 5-meters away, causing him to cock his head to the side and smirk evilly at you.

"K-kageyama T-Tobio! Why are you here! You idiot. I'm taking a bath!" You scolded him, your face a bright shade of red.

"Ahh but (F/n)-chan don't worry I've locked the door so no one can come in. Is it bad to just want to take a bath with my girlfriend?" He said in a flirtatious tone.

"W-well the others will know an-and --- where are you going!?" You asked as he came closer towards you.

"Where else? I want to hold you, (F/n). I want to try something new tonight." He managed to back you up in a corner his blue eyes sparkling mischievously as he looked at you as if you were an appetizing treat.

"S-something new? Ahh, Tobio what are you --" he pressed himself against you, trapping you with his body in between your legs and smashed his lips into yours in a sloppy wet kiss that sent your mind elsewhere. You felt him press his body against you harder and remove the towel your wearing exposing your body to him completely. Kissing you torridly he bit your bottom lip and you gasped, he took that opportunity to stick his tongue at your mouth as he deepened the kiss.

You felt him grind himself against you that made you hot and filled you with desire. You gasped and whispered his name, drowned in passion as he continued assaulting your mouth, you wrapped your legs on his waist and felt his erection on your inner thighs, he knew this and grinded himself harder causing you to wrap your arms on his neck and tug at his raven hair. You both panted for air and just as you were about to say something, Kageyama devoured your neck and gave it sloppy wet ticklish kisses that trailed down your sweet spot making you tighten the grip of your legs l on his waist and neck leaving you moaning and a hot mess.


All thoughts of stopping vanished as he reached your sweetest spot and licked, sucked and bit down on it. You gasped his name over and over again. "Ka-kageyama ahh~" each time you say that he assaults you even more leaving you wanting more.

You felt him smirk at your sweet spot and he gave it a soft kiss as he whispered in you ear dirty words that made you hot and blush red. Kageyama took this chance to kiss you torridly and his hands roamed your body. From your legs to your ass and gave your butt a squeeze making you yelp and taking that to shove his tounge in your throath.

Sucking your tounge he traced his hands in your sides and as he reached your stomach he immediately squeezed your breast that caused you to moan in his mouth. He kept rubbing your nipple while kissing you and you ended up arching your back and rubbing yourself in his hard body. Just as you fell to euphoria he stopped kissing you and looked down at his hands in your breast, you looked down to and blushed at what you saw. His hands were totally squishing your boobs and he went on with squeezing and rubbing it making you moan and arch your back.

"So beautiful, so perfect." You heard him whisper as he devoured your sweet spot again, you felt so numb and hot you just want him to fuck you. But his mouth left trails of hickeys as he went down to the valley of your breast and exhaled.

"Ahhh so good so soft and delicious." He licked your cleavage and began to suck on your right nipple. Drawing circles and sucking while squeezing your other nipple. You can't help but moan loudly at the contact.

"Ahhh Tobio, that's so ahhh!" Thoughts vanished and all you thought was the pleasure he was giving you.

Tobio then proceeded to the next nipple, harder more rougher than the other, you screamed his name and tugged his hair. His free hand trailed down your stomach and pass your mound and to your inner thigh.


Where he retraced his trails leaving goosebumps and pleasure to shoot out your entire body. He rubbed your clit causing you to moan louder while he continued to assault your breasts sucking at both of your breast. He then rubbed his finger on your clit causing you to scratch his back.

"T-tobio , ahh please. Pleas" you begged him not knowing what but he seemed to get this as he inserted four fingers at once. Pumping so fast that it took your breath away.

"Fuck! Kageyama! Ahhh! St---" he kissed you again this time rougher and demanding than before. All thoughts left you as you felt pressure build up in your stomach. Paying more attention to the fingers pumping faster and faster by the second your head rolled back as you slowly and surely reached you climax but Tobio expected this and simultaneously stopped.

Panting for breath and utterly desperate for release you opened your eyes to see him looking at you with lustfull eyes. "What the fu--" before you could finish he lifted you up so your ass was sitting at the edge of the pool him between your legs.

"Ka-kageyama ! Oi! Wha-- ahh!" He spread your legs wide causing you to fall, your head against the floor you felt him place your legs on both his shoulders. Your legs spread wide apart you felt him caress your inner thigh causing you to arch your back and feel his breath on your vagina. Before you could say anything he leaned and sucked your clit like his life depended on it. You writhed against him as pleasure filled your entire being, his tongue creating havoc licking your folds and sucking you up. You tried to sit up but his hands prevented you as it was placed above your stomach.

'To-tobio! St-o-sto- ahhhh. Ohhh fuck. That feels so good. " you moaned as he thrusted is tongue in and out of you.

Drawing circles, you feel the familiar knot in your stomach but it vanished as he rammed four fingers inside you, pleasure turned pain but as he was rubbing you his tongue was sucking your clit and pleasure soon replaced the pain. Knowing your almost at the edge, he picked up the pace making you scream so loud waiting for the most awaited release. Kageyama then pressed his face harder in your pussy and pumped faster than before and you felt yourself shatter to millions of pieces reaching the climax. He continued to lick you dry as you were quivering with mini-orgasms.


"Ahh so fragile, so delicious. Fuck." You heard him say as he pulled you and sat you up. Licking his fingers clean of your juices you felt more hot and he knew it.

"I'm not done with you yet, Hime-sama." He kissed you again and presses himself on you as you felt his erection press against your stomach you knew what you needed to do. You got in your knees your face directly towards his hardened remember. The pool's water reached just above your breasts and his hips. You teased him by licking and sucking the tip first , making sure to create a popping sound as you released him.


He groaned and that was your cue to shove him till the back of your throat making you gag. He's big indeed but perfect for you. You licked his testicles and sucked each of them making him moan and fist some of your hair. You perfectly knew how to tease him. As he guided your mouth to swallow his length he started pushing in and out of you in a fast rhythm meaning he's about to come.

"(F/n) swallow everything. I'm cumming! Fuck!" His cum shot down your throat and you swallowed the warm fluid tasting it, some dripped at the corner of your mouth and Kageyama made you lick it clean using his dick.


"Were not done yet." He then lifted you to the side of the pool and kissed you hard placing himself between your legs, you parted panting looking at you in the eyes. He then raised your right leg and left leg to rest it at his shoulders causing you to be pulled towards him and your thigh next to his member. He looked down and so did you you saw him slowly enter you, in and out slowly. Teasing you, you moaned in pleasure and grinded yourself to him.

"Wait princess." He smirked and kissed you then penetrated you. He trusted so fast while kissing you hard and pinching your nipples that you actually squealed his name loudly and long.

"Ka-kageyamaa! Ahh! Mhhm!" He drowned all your moans with his kiss and your head rolled back due to extreme pleasure. You scratched his back as he quickened his pace and going deeper as he pulled you tight against him. The pressure building inside of you every thrust he makes, you were preparing for a very big climax which he gave you as he came too. His juices warming your insides but he never stopped thrusting in and our of you and your orgasm lasted so long you actually peed but he never stopped. It was like torture but its so pleasurable.

'Ka-kageyama! A huh! I'm I'm coming ! Again stop please! Please! Ahh Kageyama fuck!" You pushed him using both hands but you're too weak and so he kept on driving in and out of you, your orgasm never stopping that your entire body was shaking with it that you felt yourself in a state of never ending euphoria.

"Kageyama! Ahhjy, stop! Its too much its so good fuck! Fuck! Ahh. Kage-kageyama pleaseeee...." You held on to him for dear life as he continued to fuck you mercilessly your orgasm never stopping that you peed yourself.


"Just a little more.. Fuck!" He came and that sent you into overdrive your body quivered so hard and so long your body was so sensitive that as he released his cum you kept in having mini orgasm and screaming his name with your head and eyes rolled back and drool coming out your mouth. His cum dripping inside you every time you had mini orgasms.

Kageyama lifted you up and brought you to the steps and sat you down on the second step. The water reaches your upper half at your stomach and the rest of your body submerged in water.

Kageyama made you lie in the steps and positioned himself on top of you. You opened your eyes to see him looking at you. "Tobio-kun, I love you". "I love you too (F/n)-Chan. More than you could imagine." He gave you a wet Eskimo kiss and whispered as he gasped for breath "were not done yet"


Before you could react he slammed himself into you causing you to squeal and he rested his head on your shoulder whispering dirty words that brought you to euphoria and all you felt was the way he thrusted himself in and out of you that the water added some sort of something that made him more bigger , each thrust more pleasurable. He began in a slow tormenting pace but he suddenly placed your right leg on his shoulders that he went deeper into you causing you to moan so loud that it echoed inside the room.

He shut you up by kissing you hard and fucking you harder than before your screams are muffled by his kiss and it turned him on he quickened his pace even more. You felt the familiar feeling in your stomach and just as expected he knew this too. He replaced his lips with his hands covering your mouth and nose disabling you from breathing.

"Don't you dare come yet. Unless I tell you to come you don't come and don't breathe. Got it!?" You managed nod but you just wanted to come to breathe.

He pumped faster and faster and harder than before you squirmed as you ran out of breath and pleaded to let him make you come already you can't stop it anymore but he never gave the command and continued to thrust deeper into you. You squirmed and your eyes rolled back as pleasure enveloped you and desperate to catch your breath.

You felt yourself turn blue and gag but Kageyama kept on fucking you and as you reached higher and higher and higher he came and that caused you to squeal his name muffled by his hands and all you heard was 'come for me (f/n)!'

Then you felt yourself collapse and come so hard that it lasted so long. Kageyama's member was still inside you as you sucked him dry. Just as the ultimate orgasm subsided your body was attacked with mini-orgasm that made you quiver. Kageyama just picked you up and sat you on between his legs. Massaging you as you were too exhausted to even open your eyes.

He gave you the best sex of your life and you knew he meant it wasn't the last of it.

You heard him say ; "I love you so much (F/n) Hime-sama. Now sleep if you want."

You felt his lips kiss your nape and his hands brush your hair from your face. You managed a small "I love you you idiot. I'm so tired and satiated." And you dozed off.

Leaving a blushing and satisfied Kageyama to dry you off and tuck you into bed, later.


(∩'∀`@)⊃ Because I'm nice, here's an extended ending (^_^メ)


The next morning you were totally cranky because you didn't get enough sleep and you were so exhausted.


Thus your mood was everywhere. In the morning, you accidentally yelled at (N/f) for waking you up to eat breakfast. Luckily, she just threw a pillow at you and said


'Gawd. You guys were so loud!' She ran away with an obnoxious laugh leaving you blushing with embarrassment.


During breakfast, Tsukishima made fun of your face according to him, 'You look like you're wasted for three days straight. Kageyama must've been savage.'

This caused you to choke on a single grain of rice, everyone on the table to hide their laugh except Tanaka, and Tsukishima to have experienced your angry tantrum.

The next persons to detonate you were Nishinoya, Tanaka and Hinata. They were busy making silly noises while you were trying to catch sleep. It was tolerable at first but just as you grasped the state of going into deep slumber the three of them yelled so loud about something concerning 'Oikawa Tooru', they seem to be picking a fight and when you saw it was just on a magazine you lost your cool and threw pillows at their heads.


After that, they were scared that they left. The day passed by and the last person you talked with made you so angry that you slept skipping dinner in a foul mood. It was none other than Kageyama's inconsiderate behavior.


[Lewl. Don't ask why. I gave you a long chapter. Its the first time, writing a lemon one shot and a 4k+ story ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)]