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Come Back Hyung

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And you just left me, with other members
they are here yet why do I feel lonely,

Jin hyung, you know how close we were,
after the fight we had, our relationship grew stronger, I thought nothing would ever break us apart but I was wrong,

I look at our old pictures and think of the times we spent together,

The day we first met, I bumped into you , it was all so awkward at first but then we became closest of all the members,

You kept asking me not to sleep in your bed but I never stopped,
you always hugged me tightly instead of showing me out and cuddled with me,

But now you are gone and there is this vaccum in my heart.

I still got your MAMA coustume , where for the first time we had our moment,
your coat I gifted you on your last birthday and the rings we got together,
I have it all with me, I have your RJ pillow as well , I just need something to smell as you to fall asleep.


Yesterday Yoongi hyung joked about you being his eternal roommate, I could sense the pain behind it,

Hobi hyung doesn't talk anymore, can you imagine him not talking? I bet you cannot,

Namjoon hyung needs his support system, you know how he always goes to you when he is depressed,

Jimin, your cuddly baby won't cuddle or hug anyone anymore,

Kookie, its like all the innocence left in him is gone, he miss bullying you hyung,



I miss your laugh, your handsome face, your angelic voice, your hands , those fingers




Seokjin screamed 'WHAAATTT'

Seokjin folded the paper he was reading written by his one and only Kim Taehyung, he was all sad reading the letter but the last line has him all blushing.
Containing himself he went straight to Taehyung's room.

Taehyung was patiently waiting for his favorite hyung.

Seokjin screams

"Yah! Kim Taehyung, I am not dead. I just went to shoot a reality show in jungle for a month. You wrote me a letter as If I am dead."

Taehyung comes closer to Seokjin and hugs him tighly , holds his ass firmly (Seokjin gulps hard) and whispers

"I missed you too hyung"

"Are you sure you missed me and not my body?"

"You know me so well hyung"

Taehyung is such a tease.
Rather than speaking any further, Taehyung quickly pecks Seokjin's lips and storms out of his room.

Seokjin stood their alone before realising what just happened and then running after his dongsaeng, screams
"Yah! Jinjha! Kim Taehyung do not tease me, this brat aish!