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“How come you never punish me?”

Katsuki’s question was so out of the blue and asked in such a conversational way that at first Momo didn’t quite register it. Then her brain processed exactly what it was he’d asked and she choked on her tea. She coughed loudly and stared at him. He stared back with raised eyebrows, one hand gently stroking Shouto’s hair. Shouto opened his eyes as well and blinked up at Momo from where he was lying in Katsuki’s lap. She looked away from the two of them, cheeks burning.

“What are you talking about?” She hastily turned a page of her book and focussed on the diagram of a microchip in front of her. “I punish you all the time.”

“Well yeah, you kinda do,” Katsuki said. His fingers tangled in Shouto’s hair. “You, like, spank me and stuff and you call me names sometimes. But you never actually punish me. Like really punish me.”

Her cheeks were bright red at this point and she tried to focus on the list of chemical compounds on the page. “What do you mean? How do you really punish someone?”

She could hear the smirk in Katsuki’s voice when he spoke next. “I don’t know. I guess, just get really rough. Hit me so hard that I bleed a little. Make me cry and beg. Choke me.” Momo gulped. Katsuki’s fingers were now running up and down the side of Shouto’s face, tapping on his cheekbones. “I’m just thinking out loud, though. I haven’t really thought about it that much.”

“What about edging?” Shouto said quietly. His feet were resting on Momo’s lap and she saw his toes curling a little.

“Yeah. Or overstimulation,” Katsuki said.

“Sensory deprivation.”

“Being stepped on.”

“A fuck machine.”

“Oh damn. That’d be hot.”

“Hm. We could buy one.”

“Would you use it?”

“Only if you do first.”


Momo looked up from her book to see Shouto sit up on one elbow and kiss Katsuki, his hand in Katsuki’s blond hair. She snapped her book shut, making them break apart to look at her. Her cheeks were bright pink. She tucked a lock of hair behind her hair. Sighed. Swallowed.

“D- do you want to be punished like that?”

Katsuki’s face spread into a wide grin, the one that made it look like his face was going to split in half. He leaned forward eagerly. “Oh fuck yeah.”

“You’re such a masochist,” Shouto said. His arm draped lazily around Katsuki’s shoulders and he yawned.

Katsuki grinned, his hand going to Shouto’s hair again. “Only for you.”

But Momo tapped her book against her lips and frowned. “I… I’ve just never really done that before,” she muttered. “I don’t know if I can.”

“Sure you can,” Katsuki frowned. “Just, like, hit me. A lot. It’s simple.”

Shouto tilted his head to one side, eyes narrowing a little. “Are you okay, Momo? Do you not want to do anything too hard?”

“Well… I don’t know. I mean, I’ve thought about it.” Of course she had. She was in a relationship with Bakugou Katsuki, it was impossible to date him and not fantasise about tying him to her desk and whipping him until he was crying and apologising and begging to be fucked. Momo’s ears turned pink and she shook her head, trying to dispel the images of Katsuki with a ring gag and a body covered in welts. Her heart thumped in her chest. “I don’t know. I just… It might be fun, but I don’t know.”

Shouto leaned forward a little, resting his hand on her arm. “Are you worried about hurting him?”

She sighed and nodded. “A little.”

Katsuki blinked, then gave out a bark of laughter. “You do? Seriously? Aw, Momo, that’s cute. You think you could hurt me.”

“I could,” Momo said, frowning over Shouto’s shoulder at him. “If you’re tied up and I’m not paying attention, you could get hurt.”

“Nah, you’d never hurt me.” Katsuki smirked again, leaning his head against the back of the sofa. “You could try, but you’d never actually do anything.”


“I’m just saying.” He scratched his nose and laughed. “If you don’t want to punish me because you’re worried you’ll hurt me, that’s a stupid reason. Just admit you don’t know how to punish me. That’s fine.”

Momo sighed, rolling her eyes. “Are you trying to provoke me?”

“Obviously. Is it working?”

She laughed, and reached over to place her hand on Katsuki’s cheek. “If you want me to actually punish you, I’ll work on it. But I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.” Katsuki grabbed her hand and kissed her palm, then tugged Momo closer to catch her mouth with his. His other hand fisted in her hair and he moaned.

Shouto shifted, getting up from the sofa. “If you two are going to be like this, I’m going to bed.”

“Suit yourself, half-and-half,” Katsuki said, pulling Momo onto his lap and kissing her collarbone.

Momo laughed as Katsuki’s hands ran up her back. “Do you- Ah! Have to be up early tomorrow, Shouto?”

“Yeah, I have the morning patrol,” he said, leaning forward to kiss her on the cheek. He then moved to kiss Katsuki’s cheek as well, but he broke away from Momo catch his mouth. Shouto straightened up, his lips twitching into a smile. “Don’t be too loud. And Momo, if you ever do punish him… I want to watch.”

“Of course,” she smiled. And then she laughed as Katsuki flipped her onto her back on the couch and crawled on top of her to lick into her mouth.

Okay, so it had been about two years since this entire thing had started. Two years since Shouto found out Momo was interested in bondage, had let her tie him up, and only after that asked her out on a date. And that had been unconventional enough, but then a month later Katsuki had stumbled into the relationship as well. And now here they were, sharing an apartment and working as Pro Heroes and all competing on the rankings. And sure, maybe Momo wasn’t as highly ranked as the other two, but behind closed doors she was the one in control.

Shouto and Katsuki had been very encouraging over the past couple years, enthusiastically suggesting different ways Momo could dominate one or both of them. Both of them leaned more towards the submissive side, but there were times when Shouto would help her dominate Katsuki and vice versa. She remembered on Shouto’s last birthday when she’d gotten out her strap on and she and Katsuki had spit roasted him. That had… That had been a good night.

But even so, Momo had always been a little nervous about going completely crazy. Yes, she enjoyed indulging in a little bit of sadism with Katsuki - he was always so loud and enthusiasm when things got rough - but she was scared of going too far. Even if Katsuki laughed that she wouldn’t be able to hurt him, she worried. This relationship, it was about trust. Katsuki and Shouto trusted her to take care of them when they did a scene, they trusted her to communicate and stop when they asked. And even if Katsuki wanted her to be rougher, she was nervous about taking that last step. What if she enjoyed it too much? What if she got so caught up in hurting Katsuki that she wouldn’t stop if he told her to? What if she hurt him and Shouto outside of one of their scenes?

So many thoughts, so many questions. They swirled through her brain as she and Katsuki they lay together on the sofa watching the news, Katsuki stroking her hair and kissing her neck gently. Momo bit her lip. She breathed in the smell of Katsuki’s coconut shampoo and laughed at his snide remarks at the television. God, she loved him. She just wanted him to be happy.

“I want to punish you,” she said quietly, her thumb rubbing over Katsuki’s neck. “But… I’m a little scared.”

Katsuki lightly pinched her nose. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” he said. “What’s scaring you?”

“It’s just… Intense.” Momo shifted so she was lying on top of Katsuki on the sofa, her hair falling around them like a curtain to cut off the rest of the room.

Katsuki looked up at her, one eyebrow raised. His hands came up to rest on Momo’s lower back. “Yeah,” he said, “Intense is kinda the point. I’m asking you to whip me til I bleed, that’s a major fucking deal.”

She laughed and lowered her head so they were nose-to-nose. Her hands rested on his chest. “What if… What if I like it too much? What if I want to hurt more people? What if I want to hurt you even outside of a scene?”

Katsuki stared at her. He snorted. “Then I’d have to find out what villain had shape shifted into you,” he said. He kissed her softly on the lips. “Because there is no way that you would ever do shit like that. You’re basically a walking ethics books.”

“Am not,” she laughed, kissing him back.

“Are too,” Katsuki said. “And besides. You really think me and Shouto wouldn’t be able to take you out if you went too far? We’d pulverise you, Miss Number-Fifteen-Ranked-Hero.”

Momo laughed and rested her head on Katsuki’s chest. She let him pick her up and carry her to bed, where Shouto was already fast asleep in a little ball under the covers. She went to sleep that night in between her two boyfriends with her head spinning with ideas on how to give Katsuki exactly what he wanted from her.

“Yaomomo-chan, your boyfriend’s trending.”

Momo glanced up from her lunch at Kyouka, who was looking down at her phone with one raised eyebrow. She slurped up the last bit of noodles and swallowed. “Which one?”


“Oh no.” When Shouto trended, it was generally because he’d done a massive rescue or else there was something up with his family. When Katsuki was trending, it could go either way. He’d either saved a bus of crying babies, or he’d thrown the bus into the ocean. Momo wiped her mouth with a napkin and shuffled round the table to look at Kyouka’s phone.

It was a short video, about ten seconds long. Katsuki was in his hero uniform, obviously on patrol. And he had a little group of about five fans around him, most filming him as he walked. Momo sighed. Katsuki had become popular in the past year after he’d helped with a rescue of trapped elementary schoolers. Now, his loudmouthed abrasiveness was seen as part of some sort of ‘bad boy’ facade instead of that just being how he was around people he didn’t know. So now, even if he shouted and swore at the fans who followed him they’d only laugh and make him more popular. God, what had he done this time? Blown one of them up? No, probably not that bad. Maybe.

Momo reached out a finger and pressed play.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” His voice echoed out of the phone immediately, the kind of shouting he only did when he was truly pissed. These guys had probably followed him for a couple blocks.

“Bakusatsuo-san, do you have a girlfriend?” a girl on the other side of him was saying.

“Who the fuck wants to know?”

That had them laughing, and Katsuki grinding his teeth. His hands twitched and Momo knew he was close to exploding. Oh no, this wasn’t good.

“Bakusatsuo-son,” the camera holder said, giggling. “Are you free for a date tonight?”

“No, I’m not!” Katsuki finally snapped, spinning round to glower right into the camera. “I’m going to be busy all night, fucking all of my girlfriends and boyfriends.” And then he put his fingers in a V shape over his mouth and licked towards the camera, glaring so much Momo was surprised the phone didn’t catch fire.

The video ended on a blurred shot of Katsuki’s tongue and Momo wordlessly handed the phone back to Kyouka.

“So,” Kyouka said, switching the phone off. “This’ll probably have repercussions, huh?”

“Yup.” Momo pressed a hand to her face and sighed. They weren’t open about their relationship to the general public. All three of them preferred privacy at the best of times, and they knew the kind of attention they’d get if it came out they were a triad. All three of their fans combined… Momo shuddered at the thought. But even though they weren’t open, that didn't stop a lot of people speculating and a lot of gossip going round about who exactly they were all dating. After this video, Momo just knew that she’d be talked about for the next few days. She was right up there in the ‘Who Is Bakusatsuo Dating’ discussion, along with Shouto and Kirishima and an American heroine named Sunshine who Katsuki had met once at a television interview. People really ran with that one for some reason…

But if this video started trending, that meant there’d be a lot more discussion and scrutiny than she needed right then.

Dammit. Momo loved him, but Katsuki really needed to think before he spoke for once in his life. She checked her watch. There was still fifteen minutes before her lunch break was over and she had to go to a meeting with the chief of police. That should be just enough time to call her boyfriends. Momo excused herself and marched into a quiet part of the Hero Agency, dialling as she went. She stopped by a window, one hand on her hip and the phone ringing in her ear.

Shouto answered first. “Hello? Momo?”

“Hi, Shouto.” Momo sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. “How’s your day going?”

“Uneventful. Three people tried to rob a convenience store, and I had to briefly take over for a school crossing guard this morning so they could give a statement to the police.” He paused. “Have you ever thought about kids, Momo?”

“Um… No, I haven’t really thought about it. Have you been thinking about them?”

“Sort of. I don’t think I’m very good with them, I wasn’t a great crossing guard.” Another pause. “I don’t think Katsuki wants any either.”

“No, probably not. He’s actually why I’m calling. Did you see-?”

And she was interrupted by Katsuki finally joining the call with a loud, “I didn’t know the video would be put online!”

Momo rolled her eyes. “Really, Katsuki? You didn’t think that this video, filmed by one of your fans, of you yelling about having sex with multiple people, would get put online?”

“No! Well… Okay, I didn’t think at the time. Then when I left, I realised I’d fucked up.”

“Katsuki,” Momo groaned.

“What video?” Shouto asked.

Katsuki sighed. “Okay, so there’s a video of me going around where I’m saying I’m going to fuck my multiple boyfriends and girlfriends, and then I mime eating pussy.”

“How do you mime that?”

“You know, man, you put your fingers into a V shape and you lick.”

“Oh. That’s what that means?”

“Yeah. What the fuck did you think it meant?”

“I don’t know. Fuck you or something.”

“Well, I guess that’s half right.”

“Alright,” Momo interrupted. She bit her lip to keep from smiling at the two of them, trying to remember that she was angry. “Katsuki, you know this video’s going to mean we’re probably going to get followed even more. People are going to start trying to work out who you’re dating again.”

“Urgh.” Katsuki gave a sound of disgust. “Yeah. Goddammit.”

“Katsuki,” Shouto said. “How did you didn’t think that this wouldn’t go viral?”

“Look, you two are the smart ones,” he snapped. “You’re the tactician and Momo’s the super genius, I’m just the demolitions expert. Honestly, why didn’t either of you see this coming? This is more on you guys than it is on me.”

“I sort of saw it coming,” Shouto admitted. “Not this exactly, but something.”

“Ha! See? This is your fault.”

Momo pressed a hand to her mouth, but couldn’t help letting a tiny giggle slip past. She couldn’t help it. She could never stay mad at Katsuki, he was reckless but he always made her laugh with his snark. She leaned her head against the window and sighed, getting her bearings. “What are we going to do with you, Katsuki?”

“Oh?” She could practically hear Katsuki breaking out into that wide, crooked grin. “Do you need to deal with me, Momo? Have I been bad?”

“Hm?” Shouto seemed to perk up a little as well. “Are we doing this now? I have twenty minutes’ break.”

“No!” Momo’s ears burned pink and she looked up and down the corridor, horrified someone would overhear. She turned to the window and lowered her voice a touch. “I only have ten minutes. And… I’m not good at this.”

“Yeah you are,” Katsuki said. “Just tell me everything you want to do to me after seeing that stupid video. Tell me it made you angry and you want to make me pay.”

“Katsuki… Did you yell at that girl so I’d be mad and punish you?”

“No. But I won’t complain if that’s what happens.”

“You’re incorrigible.”

“Yeah. So, are you going to do something about it?”

Momo bit her lip, feeling her entire face turn bright red. She glanced up and down the corridor again. Then, in a quick whisper, “Okay, so I have been thinking of a few things. And maybe tonight, if you really want, I can… Punish you.”

“Oh fuck yes.”

“I finish work at four,” Shouto said quickly.

“I finish at six,” Katsuki said. “Do you want me to do anything to prepare? Butt plug?”

Momo pressed a hand to her face to hide the blush that was probably glowing through her fingers. They’d been together for years, but she still got so embarrassed to talk about these things in public. Even if ‘public’ was an empty corridor and she was whispering into a phone. She preferred keeping things to the bedroom, and even then talk was more Katsuki’s thing. Momo always tripped over her words and stumbled, she just didn’t have the confidence to say anything. And Shouto had tried dirty talk once. Once. No, this was definitely Katsuki’s domain. And he was going a mile a minute on the other side of the phone.

“Are you going to pull my hair? Spank my ass? Or not touch me until I’m a mess, just begging you to fuck me? God, that’d be so good.”

Momo chewed her lip and crossed her legs, resting her head against the glass of the window. But she shook her head. “I have to go,” she murmured. “I… I have to do an interview soon.”

“Okay,” Katsuki said. “Think of us.”

“You’ll do great, Momo,” Shouto said. Then, “Katsuki. I’m on a break.”

“Oh shit, should I turn on video?”

“Yes. I’ll go somewhere private,” Shouto said.

Momo laughed, her toes wriggling in her boots. “Just don’t wear yourself out. I’ll see you both later. I love you.”

“Love you, too,” her two boyfriends said in unison.

Momo turned off her phone and pressed her burning cheek to the cool glass. Dammit. She was going to be so flustered the entire time she was talking with the police, she needed to calm down.

No. It was okay. Momo was a professional. She took a breath to compose herself, checked her face wasn’t too red in the bathroom mirror, and vowed to punish Katsuki in a very delicious way when she got home.

This would be alright. They’d been together for a long time, Momo knew Katsuki's limits and likes. He knew his safe words and he was always so vocal, he’d definitely let her know if she was doing something wrong. And Shouto would be there the entire time if anything happened. And… She wouldn’t get angry. She wouldn’t actually punish Katsuki. She’d just… She’d just have fun. This was fun.

Oh gosh, this was going to be so much fun!

Momo felt a little giddy as she pulled up her stockings and clipped them to the suspender belt that Katsuki liked. She looked in the mirror, checking that she looked alright. Her hair was pulled back again, keeping it out of the way so she could focus on what she was doing. Her underwear was the black and red set Katsuki and Shouto had bought her, the ones they said made her boobs look great. She hoped they liked it. No, they definitely would. Everything was laid out on the bed, and she’d gone over everything with the two of them beforehand. This was fine. This was good.

But still, her heart thumped in her chest as she pulled on a robe and padded out of the bedroom to the living room. Katsuki and Shouto were sitting on the sofa watching one of Shouto’s interior decorating shows, but they both looked up as soon as Momo entered. Katsuki vaulted over the back of the chair, his face spreading into a wide grin. Shouto was just behind him, his cheeks pink and his collar unbuttoned. He licked his lower lip.

Momo smiled. Then clutched her face. “Okay, are we good?”

Shouto nodded and Katsuki gave her two thumbs up. She sighed. Nodded. Then turned to walk back to the bedroom with the two men on her heels. In the bedroom, she told them to wait by the door as she stepped over to the bed and let the robe drop.

She felt a flip in her stomach at the sound of breath hitching behind her when the robe fell away. Her cheeks went pink again. And she picked up the black leather riding crop from the bed, feeling its weight in her hands.

She was in control. They both trusted her. She had two Pro Heroes ranked in the top ten standing just behind her, and they both trusted her enough to turn over the reigns. The thought still made her a little giddy. She gripped the crop in her hand and turned to face the two of them, breathing out the nerves and concerns. This wasn’t about her any more, it was about Katsuki and Shouto. She’d make this good for them, just the way they wanted. Momo stepped across the room, and raised the crop to gently tap it on Katsuki’s nose.

“You,” she said with a smile. “Get undressed. And you.” She tapped Shouto’s nose, making his mouth open just a little in longing. “Sit down in that chair, hands on the armrests. You can watch, and you can say anything, but you can’t touch. Okay?”

Shouto nodded and sat down on the chair Momo pointed out. He crossed his feet at the ankles, biting his lower lip. Momo looked at him and gave him a wide smile and wink that Katsuki couldn’t see. Then she turned back. Katsuki was stripped now and standing in front of her with his hands casually behind his head, still grinning.

“So,” he said lazily. “What now?”

“Turn round, kneel down, and hold your hands above your head.” She hit him on the thigh with the crop, leaving a light pink mark. Katsuki turned slowly, moving his arms above his head so that the muscles in his back flexed. When he knelt, his thighs tensed. Momo’s eyes flicked over him, taking in the old scars and freckles that she knew so well. She wanted to lean over and kiss the back of his neck, but that would ruin the entire thing. Katsuki didn’t want tenderness, not now. So instead, she tucked her crop into her suspender belt and picked up the rope instead.

She’d chosen a thicker, rougher rope that night. One that Katsuki would feel digging into him each time he tried to move. One that was rough, and would remind him just what sort of punishment he’d asked for. She ran her thumb over the rough texture, feeling her heart flipping in her chest. And she looped the rope around Katsuki’s chest, then round his shoulders and upper arms. She couldn’t resist running her hand gently over his skin, relishing the feeling of his arm.

He turned his head, eyebrows raised. “I thought you were going to go hard?”

Momo looked at him. Then she grabbed his hair and forced his head back to face forward, her fingers pulling at his hair had him groaning and flexing. Momo felt heat in her gut. She went back to tying the rope up Katsuki's arms, keeping them held above him. And then she looped it into a wooden hoop that hung down from the ceiling, pulling it taught so that he had to get to his feet.

“Good boy,” Momo said quietly, tying off the rope around the hoop.

Katsuki was left standing gin the middle of the room, his hands held above him and his legs wide. He arched his back, wiggling his hips in the air. “Come on, then,” he said with a smile. “Are you going to hit me or- Fuck!”

The cane whipped through the air with a swish and thwacked against Katsuki’s ass, making him jolt forward with a loud swear. Momo stepped forward, her spare hand running gently up and down Katsuki’s back. Then she grabbed him by the hair again, pulling his head backwards.

“Is that… Hard enough for you?” It barely counted as dirty talk, but even that much had her cheeks going pink and her heart beating in her chest. She bit her lip and squeezed her thighs together.

Katsuki groaned and closed his eyes. His fingers flexed in his bindings. “Fuck… Yeah, that’s good. Do it again.”

Momo leaned down and kissed the back of Katsuki’s head. She whipped the cane through the air, the thin wood slicing the air with a delicious swish. Katsuki’s body tensed. He licked his lower lip, his body arching backwards. And then when it hit the second time, he gasped loudly.

“Fu- huck. Oh fuck. Yeah. Again.”

Momo gripped his hair, pulling his head back. “This is a punishment, you’re not meant to like it.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “If you want. Oh no, Momo please don’t hit me with the big bad cane. My weak virgin ass can’t take it. I’m a tiny small baby and- Ah, shit!”

Momo smiled and twirled the cane in her hand. She stepped behind him, pulling Katsuki’s hips back and outwards. There were three red lines now across his ass and she ran her finger over them gently. He shuddered and moaned at the touch. His skin was so hot beneath her fingers. She swished the cane through the air again. Then brought it down again. And again.

Katsuki’s mouth hung open in a constant stream of groans and swears as Momo hit him. His hands tensed, his back clenched, his arms strained against the ropes. And his hard cock hung between his legs, pre cum rolling off the head onto the floor. His entire body was flushed with pleasure and beads of sweat. His ass was red with welts. And Momo’s insides were coiled in pleasure. Her fingers ran up and down his back then fisted in his soft blonde hair to make it stand up even more than it usually did.

“Oh fuck. Harder,” Katsuki yelled as she hit him. He only got louder as she went, his cheeks bright red and his back covered with sweat. “Goddammit. Fuck, it’s so good. Hit me! Oh fuck.”

“You like it?” Momo smiled, getting into it now that she’d broken the ice. She twirled the cane and brought it down on the top of Katsuki’s thighs.

“Shit! Yeah! Oh fuck, Momo.”

“What?” She fisted her hand in his hair again. “You’re being punished, you don’t get to call me that.”

Katsuki closed his eyes and groaned. “Ah… Mistress.”

“Better.” And she hit the top of his thighs again.

“Hah…” Momo looked up at the sound of the small sigh. Shouto was across the room, one hand pressed to his red face and the other gripping the chair so hard his knuckles were turning white. His forehead glistened with sweat and there was an obvious bulge in his trousers. As Momo watched, his mouth slid open and he bit softly on his own finger. His hips bucked up in the chair.

She pointed the cane at him. “Don’t touch yourself.”

He nodded hurriedly. His mouth hung open more, his fingers pressing on his lower lip. Another small moan escaped his lips.

“Looks good, huh Shouto?” Katsuki laughed a little, wiggling his hips and curling his toes in the carpet. “Bet you wish this was you, huh? Bet you wish you were the one all tied up, yeah? Fuck, it feels good.”

“Quiet,” Momo said. The cane thwacked against Katsuki’s legs again.

“Oh fuck. Fuck. I love you. Oh God.”

Momo’s hand ran up and down Katsuki’s back. His ass and thighs were covered in bright red welts form the cane. She twirled it in her hand, squeezing her thighs together. Then she whipped the cane through the air, making Katsuki flinch and groan in anticipation. But instead of hitting him again, Momo put the cane down and instead picked up a small bottle from the bed.

“What? Is that it?” Katsuki looked over his shoulder as best he could with his arms still tied up above him. “Come on, I can go for way longer. You can hit me way harder than that. Come on just punish me.”

Momo didn’t answer. She poured lubricant over her hand, coating her fingers and rubbing them together to warm the oil up. And she stepped up to Katsuki. He tilted his hips back in readiness. Then he swore loudly when she slapped his welt-covered ass.

“Shit! Ow, that fucking hurt.”

“Good,” Momo said. And she grabbed his ass with one hand, pulling his cheek to expose his entrance. She knew how Katsuki liked this, he liked to be prepped quickly and roughly. So she immediately forced in the first finger closely collowed by the second, working him open with practiced precision as Katsuki arched his back and moaned loudly. Lube rolled down the back of her hand and over Katsuki’s taint. She curled her fingers inside him, making him curse.

“Oh, fuck,” Katsuki said. His hands flexed again and he moved backwards onto Momo’s hand. “Fuck me. Oh God, please. Hah…”

Momo smiled. She removed her hands from Katsuki, leaving him squirming in his restraints. Then she smacked him again, hard. He yelled, his back arching backwards into the pain. Then he wilted with a small curse.

“Fuck,” he said weakly. “Please.”

“Spread your legs,” Momo said, picking up something else from the bed. Katsuki did so eagerly, standing with his legs wide and hips back again. But he groaned in frustration when Momo lifted his foot to slip a leather harness up his legs.

“Goddammit,” he snarled as it went up his body. “This shit? Seriously?”

The harness sat at Katsuki’s hips, with a cock ring on the front and a plug on the back. He swore and cursed and groaned, but he positioned his hips to help Momo fasten the buckles at his sides and ensure it was sitting on him comfortably and the plug was snug inside him. It was one of Momo’s favourite things to see him in, all tied with leather with a ring around his cock. It always made him so frustrated, a nice change.

She placed a hand on Katsuki’s hair and turned him round so he was facing the bed. Katsuki’s face was so read, and he was panting. His chest rose and fell with each heavy breath. As he turned, he tried to kiss Momo, but she pushed him away with a grin.

“Shouto,” she said sweetly.

Shouto sat up. He’d been hunched over in the chair, his cheeks now bright pink and sweat sticking his hair to his forehead. His hips bucked up desperately as Momo approached him. She leant down over the chair so Katsuki got a good view of her stockings and underwear. She heard him swear and smiled.

“How are you doing?” She whispered into Shouto’s ear. “Is everything okay?”

“I’m good,” he whispered back. His breath tickled her ear. “How are you? Having fun?”

“Yes!” She kissed Shouto on the cheek, then pressed a finger to his chin to pull him upwards. It was so much fun to have the number two hero stumble after her so easily.

Shouto kissed her desperately, tongue immediately in her mouth and hands on her sides. Momo laughed, hands going to his hair. She ran her fingers through it, calming him and pulling him backwards to the bed.

“Fuck you guys,” Katsuki said, thrashing against his ropes.

Momo ignored him. She kissed into Shouto’s mouth, loving his small gasps and whines as he came undone at her touch. He was quiet, so different from Katsuki, which mean each tiny moan made her heart flutter. She felt him grinding against her thighs, his hips shaking. And they fell backwards onto the bed, Momo pulling Shouto on top of her. He kissed down her jaw to her neck, and over the dip between her breasts. She placed a hand on his hair and pushed him lower, his mouth going over her chest and stomach to her hips before burying between her legs.

“If… If you can make me come, then you get a r- reward,” she stammered. Her fingers carded gently through his hair. “Okay, babe?”


“Oh come on,” Katsuki groaned. “I’m way better at eating you out! Let me do it.”

“Shh.” Momo turned her head to Katsuki and pressed a finger to her lips. She picked up a small remote from the base of the bed and held it up. “If you talk, I’ll turn it on.”

“Fuck you.”

Momo smiled and pressed the switch. The plug inside Katsuki turned on, vibrating at a dangerously low setting. Just enough that he could feel it, but not enough to ever get him off. He groaned, his back arching again and pre cum dripping off of his cock. Momo turned away to focus on Shouto.

“Oh, that’s good,” she sighed.

Shouto was mouthing her through her underwear. She could feel his tongue, hot through the fabric. Momo’s hips bucked up into Shouto’s mouth. Her fingers played with his hair.

“Mmn.” Shouto moaned and pushed Momo’s underwear to one side. And then she felt his tongue slowly licking over her and circling her clit. Momo threw her head back and moaned, her fingers fisting in his hair.

“Ah! Shouto!” She was deliberately loud, intending to punish Katsuki just how she wanted. She rocked her hips up into Shouto’s mouth who groaned in return. His hands on her hips pulled her closer. His nose rubbed against her, and his tongue swirled. He probed into her with his tongue, making her arch her back and whine. Her toes curled in the mattress. Heat pooled in her stomach and she clenched her thighs around his head as she got closer.

“Use your fingers, you bastard,” Katsuki yelled. “You need to use your fingers as well. Ah! Ahh! Goddammit!”

Momo flicked the vibrator to a higher setting and pulled Shouto closer. He moaned and his tongue swirled around her clit. His face pressed into her. She bucked her hips up. Oh God, she was so close. She was so close! Shouto’s tongue swirled over her, and he sucked on her clit making her scream. Her back lifted up off the mattress.

“Ah! Shouto! Don’t stop!”

Her fingers tensed in his hair. Shouto buried his face in her. And then Momo was coming with a long cry, Shouto moving his head and tongue the entire time and her hips thrusting up into his mouth.

“Oh God,” she sighed, slumping down onto the bed. Her hand went limp in Shouto’s hair. “That was good.”

She put her hands on Shouto’s face and pulled him up to kiss her. His kisses were desperate and messy again. He groaned into her mouth.

They broke apart. Momo lay with her nose against Shouto’s. “You want to come, babe?”

He nodded. “Please.”

“Okay. You can use Katsuki’s mouth.”

“He can what? No he fucking can’t.”

With a wide smile, Momo pushed herself off the bed and went to Katsuki. She turned the vibrator down to its lower setting and tucked it into her suspender belt. Katsuki’s entire body was flushed red and pricking with sweat. His cock was hard and heavy in the harness. When Momo stood next to him, he tried to kiss her again and groaned when she pushed him away.

“Down on your knees,” she said, loosening the ropes at the hoop so that he could kneel. When he was on the ground, she tied it off to keep his arms above him again.

Shouto stood besides her, his nose on her shoulder and his mouth pressing kisses to her skin. She turned to kiss him gently, making Katsuki growl. Shouto was the only one who was still fully dressed. His hands fumbled on his belt as he unbuckled it. Momo crouched in front of Katsuki. She pressed a hand to his lips when he tried to kiss her, shaking her head.

“If you’re good and you let Shouto come, then you can kiss me,” she said with a smile. Katsuki growled and licked her finger. She slapped him.

“Hah… Do that again.”


She forced her thumb into Katsuki’s mouth, forcing his jaw open. His tongue lolled forward against his lip. Drool dripped over his chin. And she turned to nod at Shouto, holding Katsuki’s mouth open for him.

Shouto’s hand went to Katsuki’s hair, pulling him forward. Katsuki shuffled across the floor. His eyes slid closed and he groaned when Shouto thrust into his mouth. Shouto and Momo both agreed that as much as they loved Katsuki’s snark, they also loved shutting him up. And Momo adored the sound of Katsuki’s loud swears and insults being replaced with groans and muffled words around Shouto’s dick.

“Mmnh!” Katsuki’s jaw slackened and his hands flexed. Shouto’s grip on his hair tightened and he thrust faster into his mouth. Saliva rolled over Katsuki’s lip onto his chest. His cheeks were red. And he groaned in pleasure each time Shouto thrust into him. Momo sat back on the bed, chewing her lower lip as she watched the two of them. She felt heat coil in her stomach again and squeezed her thighs together. Shouto, usually so calm and collected, had his mouth hanging open and was gasping as he thrust frantically into his boyfriend’s mouth. And Katsuki, the Hero known for being a loudmouthed bad boy, was on his knees with his hands tied and was letting himself be used so obediently. She moaned and curled her toes int he carpet.

“Hah! Katsuki!” Shouto thrusts got faster. His knuckles were white in Katsuki’s hair.

Katsuki groaned and opened his eyes to stare up at him. His mouth was slack and ready. His cock was hard lying against his own thigh. Then with a long groan, Shouto was coming in Katsuki’s mouth. Katsuki whined and swallowed as best he could. Then he coughed when Shouto pulled out, a line of saliva and cum connecting his lip to Shouto’s cock.

He licked his lip and looked at Momo. “Good enough?”

She got to her feet and walked forward. Ignoring Katsuki, she kissed Shouto softly on the mouth and swept his hair out of his face. “You did good. Go lie down, okay?”

He nodded and kissed her again. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

And she turned to Kastuki. He was leaning back, held up by the ropes. They were digging into his arms and chests and she could see the red marks already on his skin. And his cock was throbbing, desperate for release. And yet, he was glaring up at Momo with one eyebrow raised and his hands clenched.

“Come on, I sucked him off.” His muscles strained against the ropes. “Now I get to come.”

Well, Momo couldn’t argue with that. She kneeled down over Katsuki. One hand went to his mouth, forcing her thumb inside. He sucked on it obediently, still glaring at her. He pushed his chest forward against hers. She leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Bakugou’s shoulder.

“Cmm onn,” he mumbled around her thumb. His hips thrust up against hers. Momo’s breath ghosted along Katsuki's skin up to his ear.

“Katsuki,” she said softly into his ear.


She kissed the shell of his ear and laughed. “You said you were going to fuck your boyfriends and girlfriends, but just remember that we both fucked you tonight instead.”

And he groaned weakly, his hips rolling upwards. Until Momo gave in and moved her underwear to one side again to sink down onto him. And as she did that, she turned the vibrator inside of him up to it’s highest setting.

“Oh shit! Hah! Hahhh! Fuck!” Katsuki’s head rolled back into his arms, Momo’s thumb falling from his lips as he yelled. He was thrusting back onto the vibrator inside of him and then up into Momo. She ground herself down onto his cock as well, and pressed her mouth against his to swallow his cries. Katsuki groaned and kissed her wantonly, his tongue thrashing and messy. Saliva rolled down their chins. He bit on her lip, earning himself another slap that had him groaning in pleasure.

“Good boy,” Momo said softly, her hips rocking. “Good- Oh! Oh, right there!”

“Ffuck.” Katsuki thrust up into her again as best he could from his position. His arms strained, muscles pushing against the ropes. His hips were tense and he thrust up into her over and over. The vibrator rumbled inside of him.

“Fuck, I’m close,” he groaned. “Ah… Fuck!” His body thrashed. Momo gripped his shoulders and ground down on him. She clenched around his cock, kissing up his neck. When he begged her for more, she gave in and sunk her teeth into the curve of his shoulder. And at that, Katsuki finally came with a yell of her name and more desperate thrusts. And Momo bounced on him a few more times until she came for the second time and collapsed against his chest.

Katsuki’s breath was hot on her hair. She could feel his heartbeat against her cheek.

Then he said, “These ropes hurt like a bitch. Can you take them off?”

“Oh! Yes, of course.” She hurriedly got to her feet, adjusting her underwear as she went. The ropes were quickly undone, and Katsuki’s arms were free. The rope had done its job, he had red marks and scratches up and down his skin. She rubbed them gently to stimulate the blood flow. Then she helped him out of the harness. He sighed as his cock was taken out of the cock ring. And when he was entirely free, Momo pulled her robe back on and had her two boyfriends lie on the bed.

Shouto’s head rested in her lap and he dozed softly. Katsuki lay in front of her, his head resting on his arms as she gently applied antiseptic to the welts on his ass and thighs. He’d gotten his wish, she’d hit him until he bled. Now he had to lie still and let her take care of him, even if it did sting. Baby.

“I need some ice,” she said, tapping Shouto gently on the cheek. He obediently held out his hand and let it get covered with a thin layer of frost. Momo thanked him and placed his palm down on Katsuki's ass. He groaned at the cold sensation.

“So,” Momo said as she stroked up and down Katsuki’s back, “Was that good?”

“Mmhm,” he sighed, wriggling his toes. “You should do that way more often. I need to yell at my fans more.”

Shouto laughed. “I can freeze his entire ass if you want, Momo.”

Momo settled for kissing the two of them instead.