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Time Bomb: Free-For-All

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Time Bomb








Sneak into Katsuki Bakugo’s room while he is asleep and remain inside as long as you dare without waking him up. Your turn ends when you exit the room or when Bakugo catches you.


  1. Don’t wake up Bakugo.
  2. Seriously. Don’t wake up Bakugo.
  3. First player of the round is known as the Risk Taker.
  4. The loser of the previous round is known as the Sacrifice and must take their turn during Bakugo’s afternoon nap.
  5. Each player is required to perform an Initializing and/or a Collection.
  6. Initializing is the act of writing your initials on Bakugo (pen provided).
  7. Collection is the act of taking physical evidence of tactile contact.
    1. Plucking hair is not allowed. Take only hairs that have been shed on the pillow.
    2. Nitroglycerin sweat will be ignited on player to validate.
  8. The timer doesn’t start until the door closes behind you.
  9. The timer stops the moment you open the door.
  10. Don’t tell Tenya Iida.


  • 10 seconds = 1 point
  • Risk Taker = 5 points
  • Initializing (foot) = 3 points
  • Initializing (arm) = 5 points
  • Initializing (hand) = 8 points
  • Initializing (face) = 10 points
  • Collection (hair) = 8 points
  • Collection (nitroglycerin sweat) = 20 points


  • Getting caught = -20 points
  • Waking Bakugo BUT he falls back to sleep = -10 points
  • No Initializing or Collection = -20% points





Whoever has the most points by the end of the round wins. The prize is having next week’s chores divided amongst the rest of the players.





Whoever first gets caught by Bakugo, otherwise whoever has the least points. The penalty is being the Sacrifice in the next game and a guaranteed explosion to the face.

Top Scores:

  1. Eijirou Kirishima - 191 points
  2. Fumikage Tokoyami - 184 points
  3. Izuku Midoriya - 177 points

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kyoka Jirou - Lulled a groggy Bakugo back to sleep with a song. Successfully escaped.
  • Denki Kaminari & Mina Ashido - Collaborated on a comic strip that covered Bakugo’s arm up to his neck. Ashido successfully escaped. Kaminari did not.
  • Hitoshi Shinsou - Brainwashed Bakugo into Initializing himself and returning to sleep. Successfully escaped.





This game is played at your own risk.

This game is played with Bakugo’s full knowledge and consent.

An unlocked door is accepted as his consent.



Iida was awoken from his slumber by a loud airy sound, followed by an explosion, seventeen terrified screams, one very furious shout, and then the sounds of running footsteps combined with the sound of quirks being activated, including more booms from explosions. Confused and concerned for his classmates, the highschooler shot from his bed and all but flew to the commotion by using his own quirk. As he arrived to the scene, he took in his surroundings and tried to figure out what was going on.

Everyone had stopped running around and using their quirks upon noticing the class president. The first thing Iida noticed was how singed everyone's hair and clothes were. Second was the fact there was a combination of blast and fire marks, ice, and acid on the walls, floor, and the ceiling. There were a few dozen russian nesting dolls scattered around as well, some floating innocently in the air, along with Asui and Uraraka herself, smiling sheepishly with guilt upon seeing her concerned friend.

Aside from the two girls floating, everyone else was at least obeying the laws of gravity and were touching the floor, some more than others. Closest to him was Midoriya, who was frozen in place in the middle of helping Todoroki up from the floor, seeming to have been knocked over and part of his waist and thighs frozen to the floor. The two seemed rather embarrassed, especially as their hands were still clapsed together.

Mina, Tooru, Momo, Jirou, and Kouda were in a small group against one of the walls, the girls forming a semicircle around Kouda, who looked like he was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Ojiro and Sato were standing close by, wanting to stay near their nervous friend.

Close by was another small group of students. Kaminari, having been brain fried, was cocooned in tape and thrown over Sero's shoulders. Shinsou and Aoyama were beside them, the French lazer holding onto his purple classmate for dear life, meanwhile Shinsou didn't seem too terribly bothered. They were friends after all.

Tokoyami and Dark Shadow were however stationed near Midoriya and his fallen friend, unable to read either of the emotions, standing there calmly. Across the room was Shoji, who was also on the ground, apparently having accidentally gotten his limbs taped together to where he got off balanced and fell. How that happened was a mystery.

Finally near the back middle of the room was Kirishima and Bakugo. Bakugo was on his back, snarling at Iida with a face that emitted pure fury... And what looked like mild embarrassment. Kirishima was on top on him, literally, seeming to have tackled him to the ground and was sitting on his stomach, quirk active and scorch marks all over, his shirt and some of his pants in tatters. He was smiling at the class president as if he had everything under control.

It was after an almost two minutes of pure silence, other than some quiet panting, before Iida finally spoke.

"What... What the actual hell happened?"


It was a Friday night and the class was dying of boredom, having finish their movie for their weekly movie night in the lounge. It was almost midnight, but none of them felt very tired. Most were either chatting softly to neighbors or on their phones.

Midoriya was snickering at something Kaminari was showing him on his phone, Uraraka and Todoroki behind him smiling and hiding their own laughs, Todoroki succeeding, Uraraka failing. The rest of the girls, minus Uraraka, were in a huddle on one of the couches talking, Mina's hands moving as she spoke, the others listening, even Jirou, who was on her phone. Sero was beside Kaminari, looking for his own video to show to the snickering trio. Tokoyami and Shoji were playing cards with Ojiro and Kouda. No one knows who had brought the cards, but whoever did was a fan of rainbow, as the cards were all rainbow. Aoyama was watching them play, sometimes providing entertaining commentary. Sato could be heard clattering around in the kitchen, and Shinsou was on his phone sitting beside the couch that held the chatting girls. Kirishima was under the table that the cards were being played on, watching something on his phone. Iida and Bakugo were missing, as they had went to bed hours before.

"Anyone up for Time Bomb?" Mina suddenly asked, loud enough for her classmates to hear. Like a group of prairie dogs, they all perked up and looked to their pink classmate, who was smiling mischievously. Even Sato who was in the kitchen came back to the lounge.

"There's a catch though, isn't there?" Sero asked moments after, pointing to Mina's grin. "That grin means nothing good."

"Oh, you know me so well Sero!" Mina replied, "but there is no catch today. I'm offering a new option for points!"

There was a snack from under the table and the four card players jumped. Kirishima crawled from under the table and looked at Mina while rubbing his head.

"The way you said that makes it sound like we're playing a life or death situation." Mina nodded at him.

"This will probably be a once in a lifetime chance to rake in first place if you're not already, or create a farther gap between first and second in Kirishima's case, because we literally may die."

Everyone but Mina, Kirishima, Midoriya, Uraraka, and Todoroki shivered, secretly knowing that even with a hideous temper Bakugo wouldn't kill them. Maybe villains though, nobody was 100% certain about them versus an angry human grenade.

"What makes the new option so dangerous?" Aoyama asked from where he stood, gulping.

Mina's reply was, "You'll be purposely setting off the bomb."

The whole room gasped. A few from excitement, but majority from surprise and fear. Mina continued speaking before an outrage of speaking could stop her.

"Yes, yes, we all know that waking Bakubro up will cause him to most likely attack you, but that's what made Time Bomb so fun, right?" The class slowly agreed, not liking where their classmate was taking this. "Well, I was thinking there should be a new option that can only be played once every two weeks... that's worth up to two hundred points."

Suddenly the class didn't seem so hesitant to agree. They may be wary about Bakugo's wrath, but they were competitive teenagers, and even an explosion to the face at point blank wouldn't stop them going for first place. For this class, even something like eating breakfast could turn into a chaotic competition with just a look from a peer. Even Kouda, known to rarely accept things like such, was looking like he would agree mkre than disagree.

"Two hundred points!?" Midoriya called with surprise. An excited chatter broke throughout the large group, but was brought back moments later by Mina standing up on top of the couch and clapping her hands for their attention.

"Now, you all may be wondering what exactly this new option is," the pink teenager began, "And it's actually fairly simple. You wake Bakugo up with an airhorn to his face." Gasps were heard around the room, this time all from surprise and fear. Not an airhorn. Anything but the deafening cans of noisy air.

"If you survive the aftermath, you get two hundred points. If you get caught or trapped, you get up to one hundred points, depending on the situation and what happens afterward. If someone has to rescue you or pull him off, you get minus ten points. Also, once you perform this option, you can't do it again until Bakugo cools down, and you won't be able to play Time Bomb for at least a day, the time depending from person to person." When Mina finished, she sat back down and listened as ecstatic voices filled the room, talking about what she just said.

"That sounds difficult to manage Mina," Tooru said from beside her. She nodded. The group of girls had been helping Mina out with the plan, but hadn't heard the whole thing until now.

"Yeah, but it's getting a little boring with the same options."

"I don't know about boring," Momo cut in from Mina's other side, Asui nodding in agreement from the other side of Tooru. "I'm pretty sure our heart rates quicken every time we play, regardless of what we plan to do."

"Momo you've only played once," replied Jirou, who was beside her. "You got so scared you lasted about thirty seconds before bailing, and you haven't done a round since." Momo rubbed her neck bashfully.

"Hey Mina!" someone called. Mina and the other three girls turned their heads and saw both Midoriya and Kirishima approach them.

"We were talking about your proposal," Midoriya said to her, voice almost matching his infamous muttering. "And we came up with an idea based on it. We think it'll be more fun and better to manage."

Mina hardly thought before replying. "Tell me your idea!"

This time Kirishima took the lead of talking. "You know those video games where you have a free-for-all with like twenty other people? Well I was thinking we could do something similar to that. We all gather in Bakugo's room, and a few of us wake him up with airhorns. Then we all run and the last classmate standing will get the two hundred points, and second could get a hundred, and third place fifty." Kirishima finished with an excited grin, looking at his friend's reaction, Midoriya watching from the side. Mina's grin slowly grew until her whole raced radiated with a mischievously excited grin.

"I... I LOVE IT! Everyone, new option idea!"

Twenty minutes later, after getting the more hesitant classmates to get on board without Shinsou's "amazing persuasion skills", as Aoyama called his quirk, and for Momo to create a few air horns, the eighteen students gathered around Bakugo's unlocked door, the door having been checked by Tooru as Mina told the class the new plan.

Silently the class opened the door squeezed inside, making sure nobody or any item made any noise, a few having to physically catch Kaminari so he wouldn't trip over something in the floor and make a noise.

It was after Kouda and Aoyama entered, the last two to enter the room, that Mina, Midoriya, Kirishima, and Todoroki quietly stepped closer to their sleeping peer. They could practically hear the ticking of a bomb as they prepared themselves.

Mina held up one hand over her head so everyone could see, moonlight from a window providing the light they needed, as well as the light in the hallway. Then, she started the countdown.

She put her thumb down. Five went down to four.

She put her pinky down. Three





And that was when, class 1-A knew, they fucked up.

Having been startled out of his mind, the sandy blonde shot up from his bed, palms rapidly heating and ready to explode the intruder who woke him.

Upon seeing his entire class bolt from his room, four airhorns dropping to his floor in the process, Bakugo knew what had happened. And boy was he pissed.

Nobody wakes him up in the earliest hours of a Saturday morning by scaring the absolute shit out of him with airhorns while people are watching and gets away with it.

So he literally flies from his bed, using explosions from his palms. Shooting from his room and catching himself against the wall, he snaps his head to the little shits that woke him up.

They looked terrified.

Good. They should be.

With a nice flashy explosion from one of his hands, Bakugo launched himself at the nearest person, not knowing he officially started a free-for-all.

It got chaotic, fast, since these are teenagers with superpowers having a goddamn quirk fight in a hallway at one in the morning. Kouda had a nervous breakdown which caused the girls to turn very protective of the kind boy, Mina had thrown acid, luckily some that didn't burn, everywhere during the beginning of the battle because she had panicked, Kaminari accidentally fried himself when a small chunk of ice hit his back and was now over Sero's shoulder cocooned in tape, there were russian nesting dolls everywhere where did they even come from, Uraraka and Asui were floating with some of the dolls, and it got even worse there. Shoji had gotten trapped in Sero's tape because he was trying to get enough tape to restrain Bakugo and Shoji wasn't looking where he was going, and Shinsou couldn't help at all because apparently incoherent screams don't count as a valid reply for his quirk to activate. It was surprising no one was hurt. Sure, their hair and clothes we're singed, but no one had been burnt. It was probably Bakugo knew better than burning the shit out of them. He did care for all of them, even if he wouldn't admit it.

Other than Shoji, only two other people got grounded, quite literally. First to go down was Todoroki, having slipped on some acid on the floor, and as a reflex iced underneath himself to break his fall. He was a second too late and ended up freezing himself to the carpet. He had sat there for a minute or two realizing Bakugo wasn't going after him and relaxed, until Midoriya showed up and tried pulling him from the ice, both of them forgetting Todoroki could unfreeze himself in a second. They could later blame it on adrenaline and spontaneous actions.

The other person who'd fallen was Bakugo. It was when he was looking over the hallway at his targets when someone rammed into his front, and next thing he knew him was winded and on his back, looking at his best friend's face smiling in victory. The motherfucker tackled him. It was kind of manly actually.

After sending real blasts from his palms at the idiot sitting on his stomach, his hands were grabbed and his palms covered by Kirishima's own hardened hands, blocking any more explosions. Was that considered hand holding, or?

"What's the meaning of this bullshit!?" Bakugo yelled out, trying to get out. But there was a human rock on top of him, and he couldn't get up. "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU FUCKING BASTARDS FUCKING WAKE ME UP AT FUCKING ONE IN THE GODDAMN MORNING WITH FOUR FUCKING AIRHORNS!!?"

"We're playing Time Bomb!" Kirishima happily replied, "Free-for-all edition!"

Before he could scream what the fuck that meant, the room suddenly quieted down, which did the trick for Bakugo to stop squirming and resisting his friend's restraints. Bakugo saw Kirishima look to his left and followed his gaze, and it landed on Iida. Oh yeah. Iida had been asleep... and didn't know about Time Bomb. And he was a mother hen... This shouldn't be good.

Everyone watched him slowly looking around, taking in the damage and everyone's positions, and then slowly but loudly proclaimed, "What... What the actual hell happened?"

Nervous smiles filled the room. Whoops. They landed in hot water today. Eventually, someone answered. It was a floating Uraraka clutching a nesting doll in her hands.

"Uh... We can explain?"

And after a ten minute explanation, a two hour lecture from Iida, a three hour lecture from their teachers, and a permanent ban of Time Bomb, all twenty students sat comfortable in the lounge, clothes dirty and ruined, hair unruly, and all smiles from their chaotically short battle. Everyone agreed the battle was fun, even if there was a breakdown and brain frying involved, and even Bakugo could agree it was a little fun "fighting", even though he purposely missed his shots and had his blasts low so no one got hurt. Because once again he's an asshole, but one who secretly cares for his peers whether he knows it or not.

Overall, the room was peaceful. Happy. That was, until a now normal Kaminari piped up, breaking the silence.

"Wait! ... Who won the free-for-all?"

"... SHIT!"

"Mina, language!"


"Hey Kirishima," Midoriya said as the two watched a cartoon on the couch. The only others in the lounge were Uraraka, Momo, Shinsou, and Tokoyami, who were either doing schoolwork or also watching the TV. "Remember the free-for-all last week?" Those listening snickered from the fresh memories.

Kirishima laughed in response, "How can I forget that?"

Midoriya looked to his friend and Kirishima slightly tensed at his expression. It was a mischievous one, a rivaling one to Mina's. That expression on a normally chill Midoriya meant his ass was about to handed to him by being teased. He swallowed nervously.

"I saw you holding Kacchan's hands while you were on him." Oh no.

"I-I was restraining his blasts! You know that Midoriya!"

"Are you sure it was just for restraining?" The audience of four made an infamous high pitched "ooooo!", waiting for a comeback. Yes they were children. Yes it was absolutely necessary for them to do it too. Kirishima's face was turning red with embarrassment. Midoriya hit something blush-worthy.

But suddenly, Kirishima's pink face lit up with a realization.

"Weren't you and Todoroki holding hands when Iida showed up, Midoriya?" The audience's ooing got louder and more childish as he turned away from Kirishima.

"Don't deny it, I saw you two."

"I was helping him get up. He was frozen to the floor," Midoriya muttered as a reply. It was ineffective!

"Midoriya, he could've unfrozen himself in a second," Uraraka cut in, and zeroed in a stare on her close friend, who was faced towards her.

"Hey don't you say anything Uraraka!" Kirishima quickly exclaimed, Midoriya covering his face with his hands in a gay panic of realization and screaming into them, muffled by said hands. "You had Asui floating with you!"

Uraraka fired back just as fast, "Because she asked me too!"

"I asked but you didn't let me up," Momo quietly cut in, arms crossed. That made three faces reddened now, along with two eye rolls from Tokoyami and Momo, and a smirk from Shinsou. The room got quiet again as the six returned to their own activities.

"I am so glad I'm in this class," was the last statement, commented by the purple haired classmate as he continued his schoolwork, still smirking at the shenanigans he watched the others pull within a span of three minutes.