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Sing along to the pain

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"I’m sorry but you shouldn't get your hopes up kid"  The sound of the doctor shattering his dreams rang about in his head. That day had been the worst. Well it's been 10 years since and there wasn't much he could do about it.


Izuku laid there and wondered what life would be like if he DID develop a quirk. Albeit he would never know for sure considering his unfortunate circumstances. The pale light beaming in through the window in Izuku’s room had finally alerted him that he should be getting up soon. It wasn't like he was gonna get to sleep that night anyway. Sitting up, Izuku looked around for suitable clothes to go on his morning run in. Finally settling on some he had a quick bout for breakfast and was off, It was still early so at least he didn't have to worry about school just yet .


Ugh school… he thought to himself bitterly, the place where he would much rather sink into the background and settle into his somewhat plain looks. Become an extra as kacchan would put it. Shaking his head izuku continued, As much as he wanted Kacchan was no longer his friend.


Besides, There's no way Kacchan would let me sly away into the background Izuku thought to himself. Wait… his thoughts stopped Isn't that what Kacchan has been trying to do? Izuku wondered what Kacchan was really after with the relentless harassment, then he remembered. He’s trying to stop me from being a hero… Well he’s gonna have to try a lot harder than that Izuku had a slight smile on his face as the thought came to pass. Now would he say this to his face? That was a different story.


Lost in thought Izuku hadn't seemed to notice where he was running, Sure he was vaguely aware of his surroundings. Enough to stop so he wasn't hit by a car at every intersection but not enough to know how long or how far he had been going for. Sometimes he’d return to reality to stop and read something on a store window but he’d be right off almost as fast as he had started.


Izuku returned to his house around 6. Which gave him enough time to have a quick show, change and finish his breakfast. With a quick goodbye hug to his mom he was off for the day.


Class was not ok. Until it had reached the point where he’d basically been called out.

“Oh right, Izuku… Didn't you want to go to U.A Too?”  He felt like he wanted to die.

As the class was laughing their butts off while he tried to haphazardly explain himself he made the mistake of glancing over at Kacchan, He was seething in his seat. Dear lord I really am gonna die! Izuku screamed in his head. Izuku had tuned out everything until the bell rang, he had began  putting his stuff away, Just as he was gonna slip his Hero analysis book into his bag it was plucked out of his hands. Looking up slightly startled he was met with the not at all angry face of Kacchan


“Don't Even Think of Applying to UA you shitty Nerd. I'm gonna be the only one from this Shitrag of a place to make it” He all but yelled at him. “And what's this? Still planning for a future that’ll never happen?” Kacchan looked at the book in his hands


“H-Hey give it back Kacchan!” Izuku pleaded  as he reached for the book, It was held further from him


“If you want a quirk so bad maybe you can take a swan dive off the roof and be luck to get one in your next life” Kacchan said with a sick smile as he pressed the books in both of his hands and with a loud CRACK His notebook had been burnt to a crisp. He had barely noticed the trio laughing their way out the door as it was tossed out.


After getting over the initial shock, Izuku made his way down and retrieved his book, just to see if he could salvage anything from it.  Flipping through the soggy pages, he found that the writing was legible, if not a little bit smudged.

He found himself walking home in a mood that was anything but good.

Stupid kacchan… if i actually did jump you'd be charged with inciting suicide and your hero career would be no more! Izuku had only entertained the idea of jumping, If only to smite his once friends career. He quickly shook it off. The idea of dying wasn't really one he was keen on.

He passed under a bridge still lost in thought when the sound of running water caught his attention, then a voice


“You’ll do just fine” A voice said as Izuku turned around, Much to his horror he was met face to face with something made entirely of Sewage. Eyes floating about with ill intent.


“V-V-VILLAIN” He yelled as he made an attempt to run. He didn't get very far as his world was consumed by a slightly transparent yellow green color. Ew… he thought to himself as he began thrashing to even try and free himself. He didn't even pay attention to whatever the sludge was saying as he grasped at the liquid covering his nose and mouth. Black spots danced across his vision.


C’mon! C’mon! I just need…. To… get this… off His thoughts were beginning to get clouded. Not good. He made a few more futile attempts but none seemed to show any benefits. I’m sorry… Mom… He sent a quick apology to his mother who was no doubt very worried by now.


‘NEVER FEAR’ a muffled voice yelled from somewhere to his left ‘FOR I AM HERE’ he remembered that phrase. It couldn't be… Could it? There was a gust of wind and suddenly he could breathe again, however he was already gone.


“All… Might?” he asked aloud. suddenly everything had gone black


When he had come back to, his cheek was being patted. Opening his eyes he was met with one of his posters. I'm back home…. He thought for a brief moment, then everything came back. And he realised that this wasn't one of his posters and in fact, the real deal.


“A-ALL MIGHT!” He had sat up immediately and scuttled back, he began looking frantically for something so he could sign it. “M-my notebook where's my…”  Had it fallen out? Where was it? If he didn't have something for his all time idol to sign then he would never let himself live it down. He found his notebook some feet away, he scrambled to pick it up and flipped to a new page “C-Could you sign this?” He looked down at the paper that was supposed to be blank and found that “ HE ALREADY HAS! ” he screamed in his head, eyes widening.


INDEED I HAVE YOUNG CITIZEN, NOW IF YOU WERE TO EXCUSE ME, I MUST GO DELIVER THIS VILLAIN TO THE POLICE ” All might said his voice boisterous. Izuku panicked, he still had so many questions! He couldn't let this opportunity go to waste! “W-Wait All Might! I still have a few questions i’d Like to ask you personally!”


POST IT TO THE FANPAGE AND I MAY SEE IT LATER ” one puff of dust, a quick decision and a second later he was flying, holding onto all mights leg, and travelling at speed higher than he thought possible


H-HEY! I LOVE MY FANS BUT LET GO! ” All might shook his leg a little


“I’d rather not die! This height will surely kill me if i let go now!” Izuku argued back


O- THAT IS FAIR ” All might said as he steered their direction to a nearby rooftop


Once on the ground again he turned to his idol


That was very dangerous for you to do young man- ” All might spoke, disappointment clear in his voice. Izuku cut him off.


“DO YOU THINK I CAN BECOME A HERO LIKE YOU!” he all but yelled to get his point across. “I-...I’m quirkless but… I just think that going around and helping people with a smile like you do is the coolest thing ever!” he finished, shutting his eyes.


Be more realistic young man. ” the sound of All mights voice rang.


Some of the Villains i face are far too dangerous to be dealt with without a quirk. I suggest going for something more out of the way if you're still adamant on helping people like the police force. ” He continued


Izuku was almost shaking at this point. The sound of shuffling brought his attention up to his idol. Except it wasn't his idol, It was a scrawny man in oversized clothes and steam trailing off of him.


Ah crap ” Scrawny man had stated.


“WH-” Izuku gasped “Imposter! You’re not all might!” He yelled


I can assure you kid that it very much is me ” after that He was launched into a long explanation. All might left with the request not to make what he saw public.


A few minutes passed. As Izuku got himself  ready to go home the ground shook. In the distance he could see smoke rising too.


“A Villain Attack! I gotta go see what's going on!” Izuku started off only to stop a few steps later, remembering what had just happened “R-right…. Guess i’ll just head home then”


Izuku found himself crossing paths with the scene anyway on his solemn walk back. “Why am I even here...? Did I subconsciously go this way to see what was going on?” he thought as he peered into the crowd. A flash of green caught his attention. Hey it's the sludge guy… Didn't all might get him?!  His mind began asking questions until it hit him. It must’ve fallen out when I grabbed onto his leg! He was responsible for this. Pushing to the front he heard a familiar “DIE” and the sound of an explosion shortly followed. “What's kacchan doing here?” he thought to himself as he made it up front. Oh. Dread slowly filled his body as he stared at the sandy haired boy currently fended off the sludge threatening to suffocate him. “ Why aren’t any of the heros doing anything! ” he inwardly. The hostage looked over at the crowd of people, izuku was pretty sure he saw tears threatening to spill.


“HEY KID WHAT ARE YOU DOING! GET BACK HERE” one of the heroes off to the side yelled, He wondered for a few seconds who they were yelling at. Then he found himself  much closer to the villain then before. “ They're yelling at me… oh ” he had no time to think before the sludge noticed him. Think! Think! C’mon Izuku Think!  He had tossed his school back at the sludge aiming for an eye, the contents spilling out of the bag had hit its mark and it recorded, giving its hostage a moment to breathe.


“DEKU! What are you doing here” Kacchan yelled from within the slime.


“You looked like you needed help!” Izuku himself was crying, and clawing at the slime to try and pry him out. There was a brief moment of silence between to two before kacchan had resumed his process of trying to explode his way out. This time however it seemed like there was renewed vigor in his explosions. Izuku didn't have much to do to counter what happened next though


GET OUT OF MY WAY! ” The slime had yelled, slamming a slimy tendril into his side. Izuku flew off to the side and crashed into a wall. Agony flared up through his right side. I'm pretty sure I broke something Izuku hissed and stood back up. He half limped half ran back at the slime, trying to get back to getting his once friend out. Only to be swatted aside again. He hit the same wall this time, crashing through it and into a burning building. He landed with a sickening crunch. He went to stand up again, this time more pain flaring up his leg. He barely got back to the slime before it came.


DETROIT SMASH !” The winds hit the slime, peeling it off of kacchan faster than it could reform. It couldn't hold in the hundred mile winds that bombarded it. In the next moment, it was gone. Izuku let himself fall at this point, All his energy had been sapped away. He was met with a painful, but dreamless black.




The days that followed were more or less a monotonous routine. He had been lucky enough to be able to heal quickly due to the doctors quirk and to be let off in the same day but it still hasn't healed him from the words he had received from his idol. He trudged his way home as golden hour had set in.


Maybe that dream was stupid after all… ” he muttered to himself. As he walked down his path home. His thoughts were not allowed to continue very far past that when a sudden “ YOUNG MAN! ” had been yelled from somewhere in the vicinity.  The same scrawny form of all might burst onto the short path he was walking on, knocking him back.


“A-A-ALL Might!” He stuttered out. Toshinori nodded.


Young man. ” He started again “ Many heroes have stories from their school days, and the one thing they all have in common is that their bodies moved before they could thin. Earlier today, with the slime villain, That is what happened with you. Is it not? ” All might inquired. He nodded, Wondering what he could be going on about.


Your actions today have reminded me what a true hero is. Young man, what is your name? ” All might asked looking him down with his rather unsettling but piercing blue eyes.


“Midoriya. Midoriya izuku. All might-san” He had stammered out his name, staring back. All might nodded.


Very well. Young midoriya! I believe that you are suitable to inherit my power! You can become a hero! ” All might said, raising a fist in the air.


Izukus mind took back, memories flashed of the doctor, of his mother, of kacchan… Of everyone, Telling him to give it up already, and him holding onto the slight chance that he could… that he WOULD get there. Izuku looked at his current situation, Finally hearing the words he’s wanted to hear for so long, from his idol no less… and he cried.




Looking back on that day made put a smile on his face, He continued to lug the trash on the beach around until a whistle blew nearby “ YOU’LL NEVER BE FIT TO WIELD MY POWER IF YOU DON'T HURRY UP YOUNG MIDORIYA ” at hearing those words izukus body went YEET and he started lugging trash faster.


So 10 months passed, Of grueling and tedious work to build mass on his frame. It was successful for the most part and thankfully he had not exploded the second the hair finished making his way through his system.


He stared up at the gates of UA “ This is where it all begins ” he thought to himself as he began walking towards the entrance. “Out of my way Deku” a familiar raspy voice said as it shoved passed him. “Well, hi to you too kacchan... “ He muttered as he balanced himself.


“Alright let's try this again” he said as he started again. However today was not his day. Something caught his foot and he found himself plummeting to the floor. Face first.

Alright. I guess this is where I die. His thoughts were cut short as his momentum stopped. He looked to his left and was met with the face of something rather…. Soft? He couldn't tell.


“Sorry for using my quirk on you. I just thought it’d be bad luck if you fell on the first day” her voice sounded bubbly and happy. The girl righted him on his feet and put her hands together “Release!” Suddenly gravity was a thing to his body again and he took a second to getting used to standing on his own again.


“Whoa! A gravity manipulation quirk? That's so cool!” He let himself speak and ramble out various techniques and ways to utilize her ability before he realized he was probably talking for too long.


“Ah- i'm rambling again, sorry. Thank you for helping me. I’m Midoriya Izuku. You?” He said, putting his hand out


“Uraraka Ochako.” she smiled, taking his hand and shaking it. “We should probably get inside before all the seats are taken” she continued.


“Y-yeah, lets go” he agreed as they walked into the building trying desperately to ignore the voice in his head freaking out over recent events.


After the briefing he had aligned up with Uraraka at the entrance to their eam area.


“You ready for this?” He asked staring up at the closed gates


“As ready as I’ll ever be, Midoriya-kun” she responded.


CONTESTANTS, READY! SET! START! ” the sound of present mic yelling go, accompanied with the sound of the gates pulling open had set everybody off into the fake city.


“Good luck!” They wished each other as they set off in their own directions to gather points.


Izuku had been lucky enough to find a 1 pointer pretty early on. Well to be exact it had found him. He also found himself frozen to the spot.


Oh what the hell! Come on, move izuku! He screamed at himself. Yet found his feet firmly stuck in place. The robot was advancing and he was still yet to move.


He hadn’t much more time to get moving before a beam of light blue shot passed and put a hole through the robot.

“Merci pour les points mon ami!” Finding movement finally returning to his legs he turned to whoever was speaking the french. A very… sparkly blond waved at him as he ran off.


He ran around the arena only coming across broken robots and scraps. He was starting to get desperate. He ran into a large group of people on a main roadway by the entrance. In the net moment, the ground started to shake.






“What the hell?”




“That’s the 0 pointer!” someone had yelled pointing at something off to his right.


Turning his head he understood exactly why. That thing was MASSIVE. People started running and he had just started to join them too until he heard it.


Help! ” The voice was faint but it caught his attention. He turned. Finding the soft brown hair of the girl had met earlier this morning. She was trapped beneath some rubble that must have been knocked over when the 0 pointer came tumbling in.


“Uraraka!” he yelped as he sprinted towards her. Looking up at the 0 pointer he knew that it was moving way to fast for him to get her out safely.


“When the time comes, feel it in your heart!”


He crouched down, feeling a slight burn in his legs


“Clench your buttcheeks and yell with your heart-”


He pulled his fist back as he met the robot eye to eye (eye to… camera?)



His fist connected with the robot and the metal crunched in on itself like foil the sheer power of the punch had sent the robot flying back, further destroying it, and the city. ’ I-... I did it!’


Suddenly more pain had flared up his arm and legs. It was agonizing. The wind rushing past his face brought his attention to the ground, which was in the process of coming closer uncomfortably fast.


“Ah! Ok I didn't think this far!”




Ochako winced as she saw how Midoriya's limbs flailed behind him like like they were made of paper. She was still in awe at how easily he had taken care of the 0 pointer. However not she was more concerned with how fast he was falling. She had to time this right, and sure she'd feel like hell after but she didn't care.


As soon as Midoriya had crossed close enough to her, she reached out and slapped his cheek activating her quirk. His momentum halted an he hovered there for a second. The nausea hit her like a truck.


“Re-... Release” She managed to wheeze out in between the stars spinning around her head. She didn't fight her lunch coming back up either.



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Izuku couldn't believe that he hadn't even thought about rescue points.


For god’s sake it was hero school! Why wouldn't they count Heroic acts?! Especially those of rescue. He mentally slapped himself for not taking that into account. He stared at the little metal coin that his letter had came in and laughed. As well as cried. Laugh-cried? Craugh? He shook his head not wanting to dwell on what the correct combination would be for crying and laughing.


“Izuku? Is everything alright?” His mom asked through his door. He smiled walking over and opening it.


“Oh Izuku im so sorry-” she started upon seeing his tears, He cut her off with a hug.


“I made it Mom…. They’re happy tears I promise” He gave a weak laugh.


It wasn't short after that He and his mom had a celebratory Katsudon while talking over the events of today.


The following couple days were spent collecting all the things he would need for U.A. Which mainly just consisted of his uniform and a few notebooks.


So shortly after he found himself getting off a train and walking up to the gates of eastern Japan's most prestigious Hero school. He had walked onto campus still messing around with his uniforms tie. A bit uncomfortable and no matter how much he fiddled with it it still constantly fought for his attention. However it wasn't enough to keep his mind from going absolutely nuts over the interior of U.A. Constantly grasping at the information around him as he made his way to the classroom. Once he was done gawking at the place he stopped in front of what he assumed was his classroom.


The door was really big. Like it reached the ceiling big, And considering the height of the halls were close to 15 ft it was v-e-r-y big. ‘Maybe for gigantification quirks’ He reasoned as he stepped inside.


“-DO YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OUR UPPERCLASSMEN WHO USED THIS DESK BEFORE US?!” it was the same blue haired boy from the entrance exam that called him out who had yelled/scolded someone. Oh wait no it was Kacchan.


However Katsuki didn't have a chance to respond as he turned around.


“Oh! Its you!” Blue boy had all but strode over to him before promptly diving into a deep bow


“I must apologize for judging you earlier in the exam! You clearly understood the purpose on a level I had overlooked! I am Iida tenya, pleasure to make your acquaintance” Iida, said not moving from his bow.


Not completely used to people well… Talking to him. Izuku barely sputtered out his own name. “I-I’m Midoriya I-Izuku. Nice to meet you too” He had managed to get out before another voice caught his attention behind him.


“Midoriya-kun!” a happy, bubbly voice said. Turning around he found her. “Ah! Uraraka-san!” He gave a smile and waved.


“I’m so glad you made it! And we’re in the same class too!” Ochako smiled as she continued “What do you think orientations gonna be like?” he didn't get a chance to respond though as yet another voice had cut in.


“If you’re only here to make friends then get out” Izuku peered over urarakas shoulder and found… a yellow caterpillar? It stood up from its shell nad he realized that it was in fact a man. He ushered them in and they all took a seat.


“It took you all 8 seconds to settle down. In a fight that may cost you your life. So we’re going to shoot to change that, At least you know to quiet down. My name is Aizawa Shouta I will be your homeroom teacher for the year.  Get changed and meet me in the field in 15 minutes or you're expelled” Aizawa said tossing , what everyone guessed was a P.E Uniform Onto the ground.


“You can't do that it's the first day of school!” someone yelled out from the back.


“U.A prides itself on its freeform curriculum, that extends to its teachers as well. Now, get to the Field. Aizawa retorted leaving the room.


It took a second for everyone to realize what had been said before they all scrambled to find the changing room. As soon as everyone was out of the changing room and onto the field Aizawa pressed a button.


“12 minutes. Slow. alright. We’ll knock that down to 5 minutes by the end of the term.”


There was a pause, considering nobody really knew what to do.


That was until Kacchan was called up and threw a ball further than he could a good 10 times over. Oh dear…


“Today we’re doing a quirk apprehension test. In your old schools you would take physical benchmarks without your quirks yes? Well that is physically debilitating toa society with superpowers. So bakugou, since you got first on the exam come here”


Aizawa-sensei handed katsuki a ball as he got up.


“I want you to throw it. Use your quirk. Only rule is you dont leave that circle.”


Katsuki being Katsuki had pulled a good 705.2 meters from the throw. After a short explanation and threat of expulsion for the person in last place (which got another outcry from uraraka) They had started.


And Izuku was not doing well. For one, He still couldn't control one for all correctly meaning he only had one shot at making a score that was anything close to heroic standard. The real kicker was how much he really didn't want to get expelled.


For the 50-metre dash, he had gotten especially poor scores in comparison to who he was up against.


For the grip strength test he had gotten above average which had done little to calm him down after hearing an outcry from one of the students about someone being able to get 807 kilos.


The Standing Long Jump had been okay but he pales in comparison to the frog girl.


The Sustained Sideways Jump was going painfully slow and he knew at this rate he’d be expelled if he didn't get his head on straight soon.


Finally it had gotten to the final test. The pitch. “This is it. I have to go all out here” he muttered to himself as his name was called up to the circle. Taking the ball from aizawa-senseis hand he stood in the circle.


“When your ready go” Izuku stared at the ball in his hand. ‘Alright. Here goes nothing’ He reeled his arm back feeling one for all course up his arm. With a small battlecry he launched the ball


And watched it land.


“Eh…?” he managed out with something of a blank face. ‘Why didn't it… go…’ he thought as he stared at the place where it had landed.


“I erased your quirk” Aizawa sensei stated as Izuku brought his attention to his teacher. Something about this look struck him down. Especially the glasses. Then it hit him.


“Eraserhead” Izuku got out. As he stared at his teacher. Which only prompted a raised eyebrow from him.


“You know your heroes well kid. That won't save you here though. If you are crippled and can’t move after one blow that makes you more of a liability to your team than anything else. Try it again. However break your arm and don't bother coming tomorrow” Aizawa-sensei handed him the ball once more and had gone back to looking at the clipboard. Standing back up Izuku stared at the ball.


Reeling his arm back again izuku threw, this time putting extra effort into letting his finger be the last one to be in contact with the ball. Channelling one for all into that one section he watched as the ball flew knocking holes in clouds and eventually disappearing. The pain in his finger was certainly enough to bring tears into his eyes he turned to his teacher with a renewed sense of determination.


“Aizawa-sensei…” He called watching as he looked up. “I can still move” He finished as the machine beeped. Aizawa held up the number to the class reading 903.2. A sense of relief washed over him.


“Whoa! That's even further than you bakugou!”


“Finally something heroic!”


“Your finger!”


“SHITTY DEKU, WHEN THE FUCK DID YOU LEARN TO DO THAT. HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING IT FROM ME ALL THIS TIME!?” Kacchans outburst followed with his swift advancement immediately had Izuku freezing in pace preparing for a confrontation. However halfway through Kacchans advancements he had halted.

“HEY WHAT IS THIS SHIT. RIBBONS?! YOU THINK RIBBONS ARE ENOUGH TO STOP ME?! LET GO!” Katsuki yelled pulling at the material around him.


“It’s a capture weapon. A special alloy woven in with the fabrics which makes it extra durable against attacks. Now stop using your quirk. Your giving me dry eye here.” He said pulling out tear drops. “Now come on we’re going to look at the results”  


After the whole ordeal was done Izuku nearly broke down when he saw his name in 19th place. Right above the grape kid, who actually did break down in tears.


“Mineta, clean out your locker and don't bother showing up tomorrow” Aizawa sensei had said ‘holy crap he really wasn't kidding!’ Izuku thought to himself as he watched the grape kid, whom he now learned was Mineta, sulk off.


“Alright class is dismissed. Don't forget to grab a syllabus on your way out and Midoriya, go to the nurse to get that finger checked out ” Aizawa sensei had said not looking up from his board.




He had been halfway out the front gates when he heard it.






One of the he voice was definitely not Kacchans. Turning around he found uraraka and Iida.  ‘Why is uraraka calling me that now’? he thought as he waved.


“Uraraka-san! Iida-kun!”he said as they caught up with him. They talked for a little while, most of it was about what had happened today, and most of that was Iida scolding him on hurting himself. He gave a small smile. Maybe this year he could have friends and maybe even some sense of normalcy.


“Hey, Uraraka-san?”




“Why are you calling me Deku now?

“Oh! Cuz I heard that one kid, bakugou call you it and i thought it was a cute nickname, why?”


“It’s just he calls me that to make fun of me”


“Oh my. Well… I kinda like it. It sounds like “you can do it!” ya know?


“Then i guess it’s alright!”


“Midoriya you’re too accepting!” Iida said as he ushered them along the path.


Izuku bid Iida and Uraraka goodbye as they had to take a different train. He made his was up the steps of his place after his walk home and opened the door calling out to let his mom know he was home. She poked her head out from the kitchen


“Oh! Izuku! How was school?” she asked as he pulled his shoes off and gave a a greetings hug.


“It was cool, I got to meet some new people, I even made a few friends-” he continued to ramble about his day and all the people in his class. He continued for a while his mother nodding every so often.


He and his mother had continued to talk about his day over dinner before he had sent himself off to bed.




“I AM-” The voice started. He already knew who it was “COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!” He gave a small chuckle.


“Whoa! All might really is a teacher here!”


“Is that the silver age suit! It’s so 80’s!”


“He’s a lot taller in person. Kero”


“HAHA! YES INDEED IT IS I! HOWEVER THAT IS NOW WHAT I’M HERE FOR. TODAY WE WILL BE UNDERGOING SOME BASIC COMBAT SIMULATIONS!” All Mights voice rang out to the class. People started looking at each other. Some excited for the upcoming and some fearful.


“FOR NOW, GET YOUR HERO COSTUMES ON AND MEET ME IN GROUND BETA!” All might clicked a button and the wall opened up with numbered cases popping out.


Izuku flexed his fingers in the gloves, trying to get used to the feel of them. His costume had a forest green color with accents of black along the torso and arms. As well as a mouth guard to cover what the cowl on his head didn't.


He was knocked out of his thoughts when he heard Uraraka call out to him. “Deku-kun! Your costume looks amazing!” he turned fiddling with the mouth guard once again but ended up halting halfway through. Uraraka’s costume definitely fit her space vibe. The mostly tight clothing had probably been a choice to counteract the effects of her nausea from prolonged quirk usage but what were the gauntlets for? Stylistic choice? Most likely. It looks good on her-


“Deku-kun? Your muttering again” Uraraka tapped his shoulder. Snapping him back to reality. He gave a nervous laugh.




“All might-sensei! How will the teams be chosen?” he asked as all might pulled  a box out of seemingly nowhere.


“TEAMS WILL BE CHOSEN BY DRAW” All might answered.


“Hm… this seems a bit unprofessional of a top hero school….” Iida trailed off.


“Maybe it's because on the field you rarely ever get to pick your partners, especially on patrolls. Plus the villains won't wait for you to pick someone you synergise with” Someone trailed off from the side. He couldn't remember exactly what her name was but it was the girl with the creation quirk.  This caused Iida to spit forth an apology about underestimating the reasoning behind it.




Izuku was grateful to have been paired with Uraraka but had found himself in the not-so lucky position of being against bakugou. He stared back at the explosive teen the beady red eyes only getting across the message of ‘you're fucked’ As all might ushered the other teams off. He turned to uraraka.


“Alright so I think i have a plan that might work”


“what ‘cha got Deku-kun?”


Izuku started on how exactly he planned on winning this and gong over the steps needed to achieve this. Once he was done he looked up at her with a look that said ‘got it?’she nodded.


“PLANNING TIME IS UP HEROES! TIME TO INFILTRATE!” The sound of all might coming in through their earpieces came in. they shared a look before he held out his arm.


Uraraka tapped his arm and he jumped up pulling her along to the roof. They made their way down and into the top floor scouting the halls.


“If we run into Kacchan then you go on ahead to find the bomb. No doubt he’s left Iida to come after me” He said as he peered around a corner. He heard Uraraka give a quick huff in confirmation before they continued down the halls.


Things we’re going smoothly until they weren't.


They had been going down a hall until The temperature in the room took a sudden rise.


“Uraraka-!” He yelped pulling her aside as an explosion went off in front of their faces. The heat and force of the blast had gotten a bit too close and His mask was now it tatters. Only half of it remaining. “Go!” he stood back up turning over to Bakugou as the sound of Uraraka’s footsteps racing down the other direction became the only sound between the two of them for a while.


Katsuki attacks again. However Izuku has been studying him for years. He knows the ins and outs of his style. He steadies himself.


The next actions are a blur . One moment there's a punch coming his way an next he's thrown someone over his shoulder. Taking his chance while Kacchan is still stunned He turned and runs off ready to find uraraka and end this while he still can. He tapped the earpiece


“Uraraka-san. Did you find it?” he asked turning a corner.


“Deku-kun! Yeah I did it's on the 3rd floor  but I don't think I can get to it just yet”


He cursed under his breath as he made his way down a some stairs..


“Alright be right there” He said as he continued his way down. Making his steps quick but silent as he could.


“DEKU! Get out here! Your shitty ass can't hide forever!” Kacchans voice sounded from down the hall. How did her get here so fast? He turned down the opposite hall watching over his back to be sure He wasn't following him. Partway through he crashed into something. Stumbling back he regained his composure and looked up. Katsuki stood there a manic grin on his face


“Oh fu- OOF” His words were cut off with a sudden punch to the gut sending him back a few feet. Landing on his ass he looked up just in time to be able to roll out of the way of another punch. He stood up and ducked beneath an explosion.


“STOP FIGHTING AND FIGHT ME” Kacchan yelled. As he threw force after force his way.  He Haphazardly spun out of the way of a punch. He couldn't do that. Too much power and he might blow him up. He’s going to have to make do without one for all for the moment.


“USE YOUR QUIRK DUMBASS, FIGHT ME WITH THE QUIRK YOU’VE BEEN HIDING FROM ME ALL THESE YEARS” He threw another punch, this time backed with an explosion.


“YOURE LOOKING DOWN ON ME AREN'T YOU, YOU SHITTY.” Izuku felt his collar get yanked and he flew back, hitting the wall on the other end.


“USELESS.” Izukus collar was grabbed yet again and he struggled against the grip of the boy in front of him. “Kach-” he was cut off


“LITTLE.” The force behind getting slammed into the floor knocked the wind out of him. Forcing a cry from izuku's lips.


“FUCK!” He was thrown across the hall once again sliding to a halt. He coughed. blood threatening to force his way up his throat.


‘He's going to kill me’ Maybe that was the fear talking in Izuku’s mind. Scratch that it most definitely was the fear talking. He began to stand up. On shaky legs he stared down the explosive boy in front of him. The manic grin on his face not leaving. Why hasn't all might called it off already!? Ohmygodimgonnadieimgonnadiehesgonnakillmeandimgonnadie


Struggling to stand back up, Izuku began limping away, painfully slow. It was as if Kacchan was teasing him at this point. Pushing him to do something.


“Deku-kun!” The bubbly voice of Uraraka sounded from down the hall.


What's she doing here! She should be with the bomb! ’ He made eye contact with her  as Kacchan turned.


“Tch. Came to save your boyfriend huh?” he spat. Uraraka said nothing as she stared him down. “You wanna take his place?” he continued. Izuku knew Kacchan wouldn't hold back just because it was a girl. Come on this was Kacchan .


“Stop! Stop it! Stop it kaCCHAN STOP IT!” He yelled before he could think, he was moving before he could think as well. The pain in his side flared up with every step. He’s seen Kacchan fight. He should know what to do but the fear in the back of his mind is telling him to run.


He slams his fist into his side and kacchan groans as he stumbles down the hall a little bit. He immediately retaliates with a right hook amplified by his explosions.


Just as expected.


He ducks and slaps the hand away and it flies over his head. He rises from his half crouch and brings his knee up as it makes contact with the explosive boys torso he rolls away. He gets up just in time to see Kacchan rushing him without the sound of explosions accompanying him.


This terrifies him. Kacchan never fights without explosions and the only time he ever did was when he was beating him up back when he was a kid before his quirk manifested.


His punch is wild and driven almost solely by fear.


Kacchan ducks beneath them. His arm lashes out and he raises a gauntlet pulling a pin on the side as he swings it over his head


At first He didn't feel anything.. Then the shockwave hit.


It rocks him and sends him flying. It feels like his organs in his head have been shoved around from the shaking going on above it. He flies back hitting a wall. The rest of the explosion taking out the floor above them and blasting a hole in it.


That could've been my face ’ He thinks grimly


“You’re going to die if you don’t use your quirk,” Kacchan warns, his face burning with rage. “You saw what the one gauntlet did. I’m going to fucking blow you away with the other.” His voice is low.


Izuku stares and terror rips at his mind as Kacchan raises one hand in a fist. “W-what is it going to  prove?” he stammers, crawling back in horror. “That you beat me? Everyone already knows that you’re miles stronger.”


“You just don’t get it. You think you can say the shit you say and run. Now fucking use your quirk!” He yells as he moves


Ok! He’s gonna start with a right hook. As always . He thinks ready to dodge the other direction. This feels off though. Different. He argues with himself


Oh Shit . He curses He’s planning around me. He wouldn't be stupid enough to fall for it twice. He dodges into the right punch ready to block the next hit from the other side.


When none comes his eyes widen and he realises he’s made a mistake. Kacchan's eyes are wild. No sense of reason shown to be present or anything.


Suddenly he’s grabbed and shoved aside and hears a  high pitched yelp that he already knows who its from and he already knows how badly the situation has gotten.


He feels the shockwave first and knows that whoever tried to save him will only go down with him. Both him and his partner are sent flying from the force of the shockwave. Then the pain hits and its excruciating. The yells from alongside him only confirm his suspicions.


Izuku & his counterpart scream. A gut wrenching scream that sends shivers down the spines of anyone who heard it. Which at this point is everyone in class.


Then the darkness takes them.

Izuku wakes in a dark room. He sits up frantically beads of sweat trailing down his head. He looks around frantically. Surprisingly enough he can see perfectly fine. As if there's something bringing light to the eternal void he's in. Its silent and he's scared. Then a voice chimes in.


“Stop! Stop it! Stop it kaCCHAN STOP IT!” The voice sounds like him. Except it’s garbled and distorted. It lacks any sense of Humanity to it. It can't be him. There's no way.


“That couldve beeeeennnn my facce” The voice chimes again. The same staticky voice from before. It drags out syllables in a sing song like manner.


The course of events leading up to him being in here struck him.


“U-Uraraka!” He yells looking around frantically. Looking for any confirmation of the girl being there.


Suddenly his head starts hurting. It's a piercing pain almost as if someone's driving a hot needle through his skull. He pulls his hands to his face and screams. He presses his hands to his eyes as if it’ll help ease the pain.


But he sees instead. He sees from multiple points. As if looking through the eyes of multiple people. He's back in the hallway again, with kacchan and the debris but this time he doesn't feel anything but anger. All of his theoretical eyes focus in on the frozen form of Kacchan. There's something in his eyes he can't quite pinpoint


“What did you do?!” He yells more concerned for the safety of his partner. But he hears it as well. This time in its like static.


“What did you do?!” Multiple voices chime, all starting to move in on Kacchan.




Katsuki was terrified.


His mind returning to him and the veil of red finally removing rom his eyes as he stares at the aftermath of what he's done. He stares at the unmoving forms of Deku and the other girl.


Come on. Move. come on move! I-... I can't be a… I cant! Move please! He yells in his mind for his mouth is too frozen to move.  He hears footsteps come down from the hall.


The cracking noise in front of him that fills the room is all that grabs his attention though. There's something floating in the air and when katsuki focus’ in on it it looks like sand. Except its black. He thinks of it as Sut for a second until he traces it back to where its coming from. The black sand is emitting from Deku.


What the fuck. He thinks for a second. He’s alive? There's a pause in his mind as everything goes blank.


The gasp for breath in the corner that comes from the girl brings him back once again. She rips off her helmet as if its acid. Tossing it aside the once pink helmet crashing to the floor now a charred brown. she sits there. Staring at the ground gasping for breath before she turns. The skin on the side of her face is red and purple like its been severely been burned. Probably because it has. He remembers. By you .  He shakes his head. As the girl rushes over to Deku and kneels by his sound. She shakes him.


There's a flash before she can say anything and All the black sand in the room starts clumping together. The ones still emitting from Dekus unmoving body forming chunks and coming together like magnets.


The one thing he knows after looking at the finished product of the black sand creatures is that those can't be human . They Are featureless with nothing but equally black bandages to hold its shape. The sand from beneath it spilling out and floating back up to fall beneath the bandages. The creatures are all still at first doing nothing but stand there and sway back and forth as if waiting for something.


Then they all focus on him. Staring him down and slowly advancing towards him.


“What did you do?!” They all scream. They scream in a voice that's familiar but so completely wrong. It distorted and jumbled and so fucking wrong. It’s like the sound is phasing in and out of reality. He winces as he stares at them.


They screech this time.


For some reason he cant move. He can't bring himself to move as he watches all the creatures start doubling over in pain. Each one of them exploding into black sand as they hit the floor.


“DEKU-KUN!” The girl from before is yelling now. Shaking him vigorously. She can move? “WAKE UP DEKU-KUN WAKE UP” She's yelling and he doesn't blame her.


As the last one of those things falls to the floor Dekus body jolts and suddenly he’s gasping in breath and looking around like he’s been blind his whole life and has finally gotten his vision back.


For what feels like the first time in forever. Everything is silent.




Chapter Text

The class stared at the screen in horror. The realization sets in slowly. The shock and the fear don't totally subside but it's enough for them to regain at least some composure.

"Oh god... " Mina says from the back breaking the silence. Covering the lower half of her face to prevent herself from throwing up. Her eyes glazed over and staring blankly ahead.

The silence and tension permeates around the room. Most of the students just stare in shock at what played out.

"A-Are..." Someone starts "Are Midoriya and Uraraka Okay?" It was stupid to ask of course. Everybody knew that at point blank range the blast from one of those gauntlets could take someone's head off. Based on the example earlier- it showed that bakugou was very keen on showing off the gauntlets ability to blast through the concrete.

That's exactly what the blast to the pair was though. Point blank. If by some odd miracle they were okay then surely this would result very badly for Bakugou.

The smoke in the cameras cleared and they were met with a scene. A Scene indeed.

Midoriya was tossed against the floor his arm at a terrible angle and head smashed into a piece of debris from the ceiling. It almost looks as if his head caved in with the amount of blood oozing down the piece of rubble. The sight alone made the students stomachs turn.

Uraraka, who had taken the brunt of the blow wasn't faring much better either. She lay on her side the side of her helmet scorched and smoking. One side having shattered against the floor and the pieces lay amongst the floor. She was bleeding from the side, and like Midoriya.

Lay completely motionless .

Their bodies emitted some smoke having just been at the forefront of an explosion. The residual heat was still slowly making its way out.

"Holy shit"

"Oh Dear god"

"They aren't.... Are they?"



The various outcries from class 1-A from seeing their classmates severely injured and on the floor did nothing for morale.

And on the first battle simulation too .

"Look something's happening!" Someone shouted pointing at the screen. Midoriya's body had began shaking, a black substance seemingly forcing its way out of his body like a sponge expelling excess water. They watched in mild horror as midoriya's arm seemingly willed itself back into place, The bones snapping back into place from underneath the skin and flesh.

They watch as Uraraka suddenly sits up gasping for air and throwing her helmet to the side. Revealing her injuries. The side of her face now being a bright pink and red. After taking in her surroundings She rushes over to the opposite side of the room where Midoriya landed and begins looking over him. They aren't entirely sure what she's doing or what she's saying.

The class looks at each other shifting uncomfortably.

Another shout brings their attention back.

" What the hell are those things " some asks as multiple figures slowly fade on screen. They'd be right to do so because what the fuck .

The class stares at the creatures. There's only about 7 or so. But they all look identical and they all look terrifying.



" Ghosts. "

People started throwing up ideas on what they could be. However all conversation ceased the second they started moving. They were slow. Wrapped in dark bandages and moving as if every inch of their being was in pain or being weighed down. Part of their face darkened and voidlike.

They all move in sync. All Staring at Bakugou. All of them slowly turning their bandaged heads and just looking at him. Staring. Observing. Like a scientist looking over a specimen.

They all move as if yelling something. The body language of the hive seems almost accusing .

Bakugou stares back at them looking almost scared. Which from the couple days that they knew the blunt and abrasive teen, Most likely wasn't something he was keen to do.  A few heavy seconds pass but it feels more like a good few minutes before anything else happens. The hive all clutch their heads as they double over, each one falling to the floor and exploding into a puff of black sand.. If the hive had mouths instead of expressionless voids then they'd totally be screaming right now.

As soon as the last one fell The motion of Midoriya's body frantically reanimating brought their attention yet again. To the green haired teen. He shot up his body taking in air like a vacuum and his eyes darting around as if he'd seen the horrors of an abyss so deep the creatures that dwell in it can only stare back and force you to listen to a song so piercing that it slowly kills all who hears it and he's finally been awarded the ability of looking away.

The silence retakes the class as they stare. The fact that they had survived was baffling in itself. Almost as if something held them there in the land of the living, If only barely.


Izuku could only stare.

He could only stare Idly as he was carted off alongside Uraraka to get their injuries checked. Was this what shock is like ?

He sat there wondering where the mobility in his limbs had gone and paying little attention to his surroundings until he felt a firm pressure to the side of his face and a wave of tiredness washed over him.

Oh . he thought. Its recovery girl . He did very little to fight against the fatigue coming over him. Instead choosing to succumb to it. Letting the inky darkness consume his consciousness.

This would be the 2nd time today that Izuku woke up in a place that wasn't his bed. He squinted as he let his eyes adjust to the lighting. He blinked feeling the cloth on his face shift with every movement of his facial muscles. Wait… bandages? Where was he? Looking around he let his eyes focus on his surroundings. It was a lab of some sort. Definitely not recover girls office because he knows how that looks from how many times he's been in there.

“So you wake” A voice said as the owner of said voice steps out from the shadows. Izuku looks him down. He’s old. Or he looks old. His slim eyes seem to take the surroundings around him into account.

“I’d expect a bit more to show from a variant.” The man says as he pulls a chair from out of nowhere and sits down across from him. He has a hat on that covers his sandy hair. The word for the hat slips Izuku's mind but he knows its french. Izuku goes to stand but finds himself strapped to the seat. Looking down he finds that he’s not wearing anything. Well except for the copious amount of bandages that wrap around him from head to toe. He looks back up at the mad in the hat.

“Tell me… what is it…? Midori?” the man asks tilting his head to the side.

“How does it feel to die for the first time?” The question completely throws him off. He hadn't died. Had he? He was right here? In the flesh! No way he could have died. He was alive. As far as he could tell death is permanent. The man laughs cutting him off.

“Thinking out loud huh? Not the worst. But you should learn to keep those thoughts to yourself. Might accidentally slip some information to the enemy” The man says sighing as he takes a minute.

“Not going to say anything?” He asks.

“I don't know who you are. Nor do I know where I am” Izuku responds finally speaking. His voice doesnt come out right.

“Thats fair. You may refer to me as Mr.Sato.” He didn't answer his second question but okay.

“What about where I am?”

“I’ll answer that when you answer my question”

“But I didn't die”

“On the contrary young Midori” The man in the hat smiles.

“You did die. Along with that girl as well. That explosion was more than enough to cave your head in and singe that girls face off a good amount.” The man continues as if that cleared everything up.

“If we died then why did we come back?” izuku looks at the man waiting for an explanation, one that actually answered his question.

“Because you aren't human. You're much better than that.” The man responds. “You see. The moment you died your body was going through such a rush of emotions that it triggered something dormant in you. Tell me. Do you know what an Ajin is?” The man asks. Izuku shakes his head no.

“Thats fair. It seems that after these… -Quirks as you call them- showed up. The abilities that an Ajin possesed passed under the radar as a quirk. Which makes sense. A Paralyzing voice seems quite normal nowadays does it not?”

Now that Izuku thought about it Paralyzing voice quirks seemed to pop up a lot. Similar parameters and conditions. Almost Identical even.

“However what about the ability to come back from death?” The man asks leaning forward from his seat. Izuku has never seen such a quirk. As those were especially rare. Maybe 1 in a few trillion? It was a wild guess but in a world with superpowers and such. It didn't seem too far fetched.

“Let me tell you young Midori. Ajins were genetically modified by the government way back when in an attempt to make immortal soldiers. To win a war without facing any casualties. Now obviously these got a little out of hand later down the line. But! Some Ajins are special- you see some Ajins not only are immune to normal means of death but also have the ability to summon a ghost. “

“A ghost?”

“Oh that’s right. your first experience with yours was with a flood”

“Flood? Wait hold up I don't know any of this terminology!”

“I wouldn't expect you too, You’ll become familiar with them soon enough. Now shall I continue?” Izuku nods.

“Your abilities to come back from death spread out in a radius around you in a flood. Which is how you were able to heal per se your partner. However expelling that type of energy drained you quite a bit and the connection you had to the ghosts you've summoned severed and they all dissolved.” The man continued.

“Wait what about the void! And how i could see through the ghosts! I-I still don't know what's going on!” Izuku said pulling against his restraints.

“Being able to use your link while still in limbo is quite new to me as well. However given your circumstances I wouldn't throw out the possibility” The man said standing up and walking towards Izuku. He pulled out a small pocket knife.

“However I suggest you  start getting familiar with the sensation of dying to heal yourself. It’ll help in the long run to be able to reset without a second thought.”The man said as he began cutting at Izukus restraints.

“What do you mean? By Reset?” Izuku asked a little bit unnerved by the fact that he’d have to kill himself  to get back to 100%

“You see Midori, If an Ajin dies and their body parts are severed. Then they’ll Just reattach. Like 2 magnets coming back together again” Izuku gagged at the thought. “However if the parts are too separated then they’ll just be regrown. So when you're injured and need to get back to the battle. Just Pop a cap in yourself and you'll be back to the battle in no time.  ” The man said as he cut through a few straps, Freeing his left arm. Izuku flexed his fingers.

“Now. No Ajin has ever reached the limits of how many times they can die. But I wouldn't go dying all over the place just because you can.” The man cut the strap around his torso freeing izuku from the pressure that was slowly cutting off his circulation.

“Maybe you can give summoning a ghost a try in your own time kid.” The man said starting on the straps holding his right arm down. “For now though Our time is beginning to cut short. We’ll meet again soon.” With the final word his other arm was free. Standing up he turned to the man . Who just stood there before motioning his hand to across the room.

Turning to what He was pointing at. Izuku found a door. That stood out against the dark vignette of the room. Or maybe that was just his vision. For now though It didn't really matter. He walked towards the door ready to leave the room he had gotten all this expedition from.

“Before you go” The man called out. Halting Izuku from turning the knob he had his hand on. “I Suggest keeping this on the down low. Who knows what the humans will do if they found out. After all the last few incidents involving us Ajins weren't too… positive.”

Izuku said nothing as he opened the door and took a step out into it without looking.


It was dark when he stepped through with only the sound of soft beeping to fill the null darkness around him. Oh wait no your eyes are just closed. Idiot .

He peeled his eyes open to the tiled ceiling he was familiar with.

“Oh! Good you're awake.” Someone said as he let his eyes adjust. He let a few seconds pass as he pushed himself into a sitting position.

“Recovery girl-” He started as he let himself lean against the headboard of the bed.

“Ah ah ah- Save your energy hun. Don't speak” She said as she pressed a machine around his finger. And fiddled with a few instruments to take his vitals.

“You certainly had us worrying young man” Recovery girl said as she wrote something down before pressing something to his forehead.

“How long was I out for?” he asked as he watched her put the medical instruments away into a bag. She looked up at him.

“A good 2 days hun” She said as she returned to her computer.

“WH-WHAT! 2 DAYS! I’m So behind on all my work!” Izuku made to get up but was stopped by a stern look from the 3 and 3/4ths ft woman sitting on a chair. He slowly sank back down into the bed.

Long story short. It took Izuku an Extra day to get out of the Health office. Not to mention how his mother reacted when he got home. So now he's sitting on his couch on a saturday morning wondering exactly what the man in the hat had been going on about. He thought for a while letting the ambient of the television play to fill out the silence.

Wait. you have the internet. Just go look there.

Mentally Berrading himself for not remembering that he lived in the age of google chrome, He got up and went to his room sitting down at the computer desk and giving the mouse a bit of a waggle to wake it up.

He went to type something into the search bar when he couldn't seem to find what to call it in his mind. Agens? A- ah-.... He knew it started with an A so it shouldn't be too hard to jostle out of his head. It took him a while before he got something remotely close and at that point he just let autofill do the talking. Then he saw it

'Aj in Shinya Nakamura incident 20XX'

There we go! Ajin! That's what it was. That's when he got curious. Who was this Shinya nakamura guy?  Izuku clicked through article after article reading up on Shinya Nakamura and Ajins in general. Soaking up any information that he could on the topic. By the time he was finished with the information expedition it was mid noon.  He let himself go over the information in his head to connect the dots with the information given to him by the Man in the hat.

I need to test this . He thinks to himself as he hastily puts his shoes on and sprints out the door leaving a messily written note on the counter for his mom to find when she gets off work.

Izuku makes his way the neighborhood until he reaches the outskirts of the woods that he used to play in when he was younger. He slowed his pace down to one of a brisk walk as he began to make his way through the dense woodland. He wanders for a bit looking around for a suitable place to start, only letting himself come to a stop when he reaches a clearing. He stretches with his arms high above his head before he stares down at his hands.

Where do I start?

It was a good thing to ask as he had absolutely no idea what he was supposed to be doing exactly, nor how he was gonna do it. He brought his hand up to his chin as he thought.

Maybe I should start with trying to summon that ghost thing. If anything that should give me a surefire sign of whether or not to continue with the studies. If I can summon one then Maybe I could try a rese- He shakes his head saving the thought of ‘ resetting ’ For a later time.

“Alright. Ok” He took a breath “How do I summon it” He spoke aloud as he got himself ready. Maybe it’s like one for all? He pondered. Maybe I just have to… Pull it out? As crazy as it may seem, it made sense in his head. It was a vague plan but it was still a plan nonetheless.

Izuku took a deep breath trying to clear his mind in order to maybe. Just maybe. Make this easier. Closing his eyes he starts. Alright. Just gotta look inside myself and feel around for it. Maybe something unfamiliar? Something that wasn't there before. A foreign intruder. He looks. He feels. He tries and Tries but for what feels like a long time he doesn't find anything. That is until it clicks.

It's like a strand of hair Thin and delicate, Too much pressure and it’ll break so Izuku mentally grasps it and careful not to apply too much force, He pulls.

The sensation is nothing like he's ever experienced before. It's Like throwing up. Except spread about his whole body. It feels a bit. - Gross- but he powers through anyway. Its agonizingly slow at first, But as the process speeds up the sensation just dulls off into a comfortable ache. Like when you flex a muscle for too long and it starts to burn . After a few seconds of this - Which felt more like a few minutes - Its the clicking that brings him out of his little trance.

He opens his eyes and what's in front of him is what startles him the most. Its tall. Much taller than Izuku. He takes a step back and watches in mild fascination as it does the same. Izuku stared at the creature in front of him. The dark haze that made up its body was wrapped in equally black bandages. it looked like something straight of a nightmare. He raised an arm, and it was soon to follow. It was mimicking him, like a ghost . The Ghost itself was rather plain looking. A Slender form with long-ish limbs with the only identifying feature about it being the large dark mark on the left side of its head.

“So that's where you got your name from huh?” He says to himself as he waits. Is it gonna do something? At all? Or is it just gonna just stand there?

The bush rustled nearby, alerting him to something nearby. As if sensing his panic and distress, The Ghost stepped between him and the bush, almost to defend him. The stance was similar to the one he used when getting ready to use one for all. However, Izuku's attention was brought elsewhere as a small rabbit popped out of the bush staring at him and the ghost with curiosity.

“Oh. It's just a rabbit. No need to be- AH!” He yelped as he watched the Ghost bring its arm back, as if going to kill the poor creature. I have to stop this! But how?! Ohgodohgodohgodohgod - STOP!

As if almost reading his mind, The ghost stopped. Just inches from the rabbits face- Which in turn scampered off. Izuku gave a sigh of relief. Sliding down a tree into a sitting position. He watched the ghost stand up straight. What could this thing do exactly? He hasn't really gotten to see the extent of a ghosts abilities when he was reading up on them.

So izuku spent the next couple hours with his ghost experimenting. Commanding it to do things mentally, As well as verbally. And seeing how long he could hold the thing out for. As well as how to get rid of it. The findings he had weren't exactly remarkable but they'd help if he needed to get out in a pinch. He had found out that:


  • Ghosts were really strong. The full extent of their strength Izuku doesn't know but what he does know is that they're strong enough to carve into rock with little  resistance.




  • They could jump pretty high. Just over the height of a small building. Which if he needed- could really help in escapes.




  • If left alone they just kinda… Dissolve. The black sand substance that they’re made of just floating into the air in a straight line like billowing smoke.




  • Ghosts are kinda weak to water. Like they just kinda disappear into a puff of black sand when hit with some.




  • He could summon a ghost about 7 times in a row. He should probably try and get that number up.




  • Sometimes a Ghost would have a mind of its own and just wander, and do things as it pleased -Which Included Violent things- So Izuku would always have to be mindful when not directly using his Ghost.


Izuku sighed as he watched the ghost dissolve into the air.

“I need to continue this tomorrow”

Chapter Text

Somewhere in Japan, There's a seemingly abandoned warehouse. The exterior is rusted and dirty, The windows are broken in and the lights are out. However the moment you step inside it appears that this seemingly abandoned building isn't so abandoned after all. As the interior hasn't fallen into disuse quite yet. Still quite dirty- but not quite useless either.


“Are you sure we can trust this kid Mr. Sato?” A man started, His long greased back hair falling still behind his head, he adjusted his jacket pulling at the maroon covered sleeves “He seems like he might be another Nagai” The man picks up an empty soda can and tosses it across the room. It hits the wall with a clang and falls to the floor.


“Who knows Tanaka. All we have to do is wait and see how he turns out.” The other man in the room responds. His voice tired and rough around the edges. “This Midori kid has potential”



Izukus sunday morning was spent back in the woods. Today was different though. Today he wasn't going to be using up his time testing with his ghost. ( correction: Most of his time, He was still gonna test with it ) No. Today he was going to be testing his mortality. He had done some more research on Ajins and the extent of all the things they could do. Thanks to the inhumane experiments run and the countless videos of such experiments floating around on the internet he had seen what should happen once he dies. The thought still unnerved him a little bit and there was always a voice in the back of his head saying ‘ what if you don't come back? What if you throw away your only chance to become a hero for some weird dream you had of a man in a hat?


He still shook it off for the most part with arguments like ‘ If i’m not an Ajin like the man says then how was I able to make a ghost? ’ which only sometimes works but its enough of an argument to get him to stop thinking about it for a little while.


However as Izuku stared over the edge of the cliff that fell down to the sea.There was a nice rock ledge way far down that would certainly kill him if he fell onto it, without losing his body to the currents . However he couldn't quite shake the voice. If I don't try then I’ll never know .


Izuku steels his nerves. If by some odd chance he doesn't come back then this would all be for nought.


Ok yeah nope, not today. I’ll just go back to messing around with my ghost for today thanks ” He says as he begins to turn around from the edge. It all goes smoothly at first until he hears the rumble and feels the ground give away beneath his feet. He let a scream escape his lips as he plummets downwards the wind whipping at his face and pulling at his hair. He watches in sick fascination as the ground grows closer and closer and closer until it hits him. There's a dull thud at first and agonizing pain as he feels his bones crack and shatter- Then its darkness.


And just like when you're falling asleep and it feels like you're falling then suddenly you're not- his body jerks alive. Izuku gasps as he comes back into the world. He looks around taking in his surroundings, and below him he sees it- well feels it mostly. Its wet and sticky and its undoubtedly blood and its splattered against the floor spreading out in sharp edges and globs along the floor like particularly dark red acrylic paint.


“O-Oh God” He rasped, His breaths coming out shaky and uneven He lifted his arm, which followed his command without any pain or ache- Which was impossible considering the height at which he fell . At the very least it should be severely broken. suddenly he felt something rising in his gut and he made no resistance to stop its sudden climb.


Once he had been done letting his bile go in a nearby shrub he wiped his mouth with his forearm and looked around for the path that led back up. He sighed something of relief as he saw the kinda narrow extrusion in the rock wall that made a simple slope up and eventually met with a grassy patch on top. He stumbled his way back up to the top of the cliff and as soon as he was sure he was back on solid ground he let himself fall to the floor a few feet away from the trees.


Letting his breaths come and go. He waited as they slowly went from the shaky breaths to even and calm while blankly staring up at the sky. He let a few minutes pass before sitting up again.


What the fuck-! Are you alright!?


Izuku jumped at the voice and immediately turned to see who it was. He stopped. Did he know him? He had wild purple hair that stood up in every direction, He had deep bags beneath his purple-ish eyes. Lack of sleep maybe ? Not  to mention he was much taller than Izuku, by like 4 inches maybe?-


Oi! You in shock or something? From blood loss? ” He spoke again. Which knocked izuku from his stupor. He stammered out a “O-Oh! Y-yeah i’m fine, just had a bit of a fall is all” Which he got a look of disbelief in turn.


“You call that a ‘bit of a fall’? Bloody hell” He spoke again as he pointed down at izuku's body. He looked down at his own clothes before realizing how terrible it looked. His shirt had been multiple stained a dark red blood patches on it and tears in the side and his pants were not faring any better either, Equally bloodstained and torn.


“Oh…” was all he could get out.


You look like you just died and came back and all you have to say is ‘oh’? ” The purple haired teen said as he sat down a few feet from izuku. Oh how amusing that statement would be if it weren't for izuku's slight disbelief in his own death.


“Yeah… I guess you could say that” Izuku said whilst still lost in thought. Which earned a look from the purple boy.


“What? Did you actually die and come back? If so that's pretty cool. Quirk or something?” The purple teen started, “I’m shinso, and you? I don't really feel comfortable calling you blood boy in my head this entire time” Shinso continued sticking his arm out for a shake. Izuku looked at it for a second.


“Midoriya, Midoriya izuku.” He shook his hand before turning to him. “So… You aren't gonna call the police?” He asked staring at shinso, who thought for a second before opening his mouth and  closing it abruptly and then speaking “You know that's fair, but you're alright now… Right?” Shinso said his tone becoming a little bit worrisome at the end.


Izuku nodded “yeah I'm good… At least… At least I think so...”



Izuku was a little less than thrilled to find himself spending his sunday afternoon back at school. Don't get me wrong it was his dream school but he enjoyed his little moments away to wind down. However as he sat in the principal's office surrounded by multiple teachers ( and his mom ) He really found the ability to speak to be absent from him at the moment. He was here to try and get the story straight but even he doesn't even know what happened in all actuality. He let their words come to him in waves, float about in his head for a little, then wash away.


He paid little attention to the things being said around him mostly because he’d much rather forget this whole thing happened and move on . He messed with the hem of his shirt as he stared absentmindedly at the floor.


“Midoriya, are you listening?” He looked up. It was Aizawa-sensei. He gave a weak hum in response that could really be interpreted either way as a sigh floated about the room. Whatever decision that they had come to Izuku was sure that he probably shouldn't be trying to dissuade them from it either. They’ve probably done this enough times to get it done smoothly.


“That is all, Aizawa-san will escort you to the door” Izuku heard whom he learned was Nezu say as he gave a silent nod as he stood up, followed by his mother and his teacher. The walk outside back to the car was as silent as it was awkward.


So you know that he means it when he says that he's glad to be out of there. He's not as content to be out of there as he should be on the way back but for the most part he just blames that on the AKB48 blaring from the car radio. To which Izuku responded to by taking out the small notebook and pen that he kept in his back pocket and writing down new applications of his quirk combined with his new abilities as the ideas came to him. If it helped get his mind off recent events than he’d take it. He only stopped when he felt his mom pull up somewhere.


“Mom?” he asked setting his notebook and pen back in his pocket. Sitting up straight from his weird ‘ back on the seat cushion and legs half in the air ’ position that he’d gotten himself in when he was writing. “Where are we?” looking out the window he noticed it. It was a small building, looked kinda homey from the outside.  


His mom chuckled “Come on, you might like this place” She said as she got her stuff and made to leave the car. He was soon to follow still mildly confused at the events. She led him up and into the small building, the door opening with the ringing of a bell as he walked inside.


The first thing that hit him was the meowing every few seconds. Then it was the sight of- oh my god there's so many cats . He looked around at all the little creatures as they moved around, slept, and jumped to places with ledges that were dangerously thin to stand on.


“See? I knew you’d like this place” His mother smiles as she walks up to the counter. probably to get some time with the cats.


“Oh hey it's you!” The voice knocked him out of his thoughts, he looked up to find the familiar shade of purple hair, but this time sitting at a small table, surrounded by cats and one even finding a comfortable spot in his hair- which got a good smile out of Izuku.


“Shinso!” Izuku smiled, greeting the boy.



It was Midnight and Izuku found himself climbing the fire escape of his apartment complex and sitting on the edge of said building his legs dangling recklessly off the edge. It wasn't like he could really die if he fell...well... Most likely he won't. He sighed as he kicked his legs and stared up into the night sky, watching what little stars he could see due to the light pollution. He watched the horizon line staring blankly as the multitude of lights in the distance blurred and blended together.


Where are we? ” The voice sounded to his left. He jumped and turned to the voice, only to see his ghost standing there, swaying back and forth waiting expectantly for something.


“H-Hold on, I didn't summon you! How’d you get out?” He asked, knowing full well that his ghost won't give him an answer. Instead choosing to wander around on the gravel flooring on top of his complex. Izuku quickly dismissed his ghost before it could do anything harsh, watching silently as it dissolved into the air the Dark sand billowing up in a line. As soon as that was finished and he was sure the last of the Black particles were gone, The sharp sound of something exploding rocketed to his ears. It was faint but in the distance a cloud smoke seemed to rise


“A-A Villain!” He shouted as he stared at the still rising cloud. He stopped for a second before shaking his head.


So that’s how he found himself clad in a hoodie and holding onto his ghost for dear life as it jumped from rooftop to rooftop. It was kinda… Thrilling . The air rushing past his face and the weightlessness every time his ghost leaped into the air with him in tow. However the ghost made one final leap and they stopped on a nearby rooftop from where the scene seemed to be happening. Izuku scanned the scene for any hero he could recognise ( which were all of them really ) He managed to pick out Kamui woods from the crowd, as well as- Whoa is that Cloud nine ! Izuku smiled staring down from his vantage point.


Cloud….. Nine...? ”  His ghost rasped out standing idly beside him.


Izuku ignored it and watched on as the two pro heros faced up against…. Izuku didn't know who it was but his quirk seemed to have to do something with the blade that replaced his arm from the wrist up. Oh he also has a hostage… Damn . He thought as he stared down at the scenario going on. The girl that was currently being held at blade point had tears brimming at the edges of her eyes and looked so… so helpless.


So…. Help...less ” His ghost repeated. Had he been saying that outloud? He didn't get time to think it over when a black blur fell past his vision and a loud impact filled his ears and the next time he looked down there it was.


“GHOST!” He yelled out in exasperation at the creature. God even his will to help people carried over into the damn thing and this is what happens. Oh well. Might as well utilize this situation. Shaking his head, He ran across the building until he was a little it behind the blade man and even if it was incredibly stupid- He jumped. The fall was fast, calculated and he nearly missed .


But he didn't miss and he did made contact, and upon doing so kicking his legs in opposite directions causing the villain to stumble back, dropping his hostage- who in turn ran forward into the crowd of heroes. With the situation handled the heroes began rushing in. Izuku turned to his ghost, latching onto it once more silently commanding it to get us the hell out of here and holding on tightly as his ghost scaled the wall the talons in its feet and hands digging into the concrete wall and propelling the group upwards, they kept going after that. Izuku- still relishing the feeling of the wind in his hair and the weightlessness in his gut, And his ghost, slowly dissolving as the duo safely made it back to the safety of the apartment complex fire-escape.


He gave a silent thank you as he slipped back into his room, doing a quick sweep to be sure that he hadn't awoken his mother before returning to his bed. Which this time did finally let him sleep. At least somewhat peaceful.


Izuku was back in the room again.


“Ah welcome back! I see you've gotten the hang of your ghost?” Izuku turned, It was Mr.Sato. He nodded as he looked around and then down at himself. He gave something of a sigh of relief that he wasn't just wearing bandages to cover him up, and instead it was his uniform.


“Quite the nice scar you've got there midori. Truly shows the hardships you've been through.” Mr.Sato said. Izuku winced. Right.. His scar… ‘I’d forgotten about that’ He shakes his head.


“Why am I back here again? I thought this was a dream… a really weird dream sure - but a dream nonetheless. “ At that Mr.Sato laughed.


“This is a bit of a new predicament for us as well, But alas here we are and I can only take it that you've done your research on the topic?” Izuku nodded.


“Then I take it you have some questions about us?” Izuku nodded again.


“Then ask away, young Midori” Mr sato finished, sitting down on a chair that most definitely wasn't there before. Izuku decided to start off with something new


“How do I tell If I died?” Mr.Sato looked surprised at this.


“Well that's certainly a first, I'd think you'd be able to tell once your heart stops or your system fails young midori. But let's just say that it's an almost comfortable darkness that develops your being. Once you get used to dying you'll just stop feeling the pain that comes before it.” Izuku nodded silently, trying to make sure he remembered this for when he woke up, so that he could write it down.


“Can Ajins die of old age?” He was curious as for as long as you get old, so do your organs, until they're all so old they can't do their functions properly. Assuming an ajin would make it through an entire lifetime without dying a single time, would his organs, one day, stop working and result in a way of death? Also, considering that every time an ajin dies and comes back his organs are renewed, when they discover themselves as ajins, do they stop aging? Maybe they still age, but much slower than a human? Mr.sato sighed this time.


“That is still unknown in our little community really, Some of us are 120+ at this point and they don't show any signs of kicking the bucket yet. However maybe they'll end up passing soon so I’ll  keep an eye out for you.” Izuku nodded ‘so for what seems to be Ajins are immortal, yet still affected by age.


The world cracked around him and Mr.Sato seemed surprised at the advancement as well. He barely managed to open his mouth in protes when he suddenly Jerked awake, breathing heavily, the fatigue clinging to his bones and pulling at him trying to get him to go back to sleep.


“Izuku honey! Come on breakfast is ready!” He heard his mother call from the kitchen. He sighed.


“Be right there mom!”


heres a pic i made for Izukus ghost 


Chapter Text

Izuku didn't like school.


Not. at. all. Now he liked UA don't get him wrong but there were still aspects that continued their run from his last school into this and he certainly noticed.


One of them being that the school treated him like he was made out of easily shattered glass. The only difference was that instead of it being because he was quirkless, it was because half his face was burned and if you ask him that's hardly anything to worry about considering he died twice over already. He refocused on the paper in front of him and absentmindedly filled out the information and answered the problems that he knew off the top of his head, still just a tiny bit annoyed at current events.


It was rinse & repeat for that day. Head to class, focus on work, ignore the staring, leave Most of it being spent in his mind and wondering if his week could get any worse. However before he knew it the day was practically over and he was packing up and heading out towards the gates.


“Deku-kun!” The bubbly, familiar, and oddly comforting voice of Uraraka came into hearing range. He turned around giving a small smile and wave as she caught up to him, slowing down to his pace as she neared. She seems so unaffected by it…. Actually it's hardly noticeable on her. Which doesn't make sense considering she was at the forefront of the blast… Was it just as Mr.Sato said? Was his healing radius...thingy that effective? He had severely underestimated his own abilities. Oh shit shes getting closer-


“Uraraka-san” He greeted in return, finally coming back to reality. before she turned to him. “You’ve been ignoring everyone the whole day! Is something wrong?” The question caught him slightly off guard. He had been so used to being ignored by people that he hardly noticed. He made a noticeably forced a chuckle.


“N-No… Just been a bit stressed lately” He rubbed the back of his neck. Liar . He wasn't stressed. Sure he had a lot on his mind but it wasn't necessarily getting to him. It wasn't like those nights where he stressed and stressed until he vomited. No it was different. It was something leaning a little bit more towards… Annoyance? He couldn't tell what it was directed to per se but it was definitely there.


“You suuuurrreee ?” Uraraka dragged out the last word, leaning into his personal bubble and looking him directly in the eyes. He sighed. As he stared back, an emerald green to a soft brown. The little staring contest the two had going was cut short as Izuku gave in and shook his head


“I guess i'm just adjusting to the changes.” He said beginning to lead the conversation as the two walked off school grounds.


“What do you mean?” Uraraka asked, following suit and keeping close pace as the duo walked, and walked.


“I mean- … Like-....” Izuku couldn't find the words for it, at least that's what he rationalized his lack of speech for in his head. He took a deep breath before speaking again. “It's like- This is all really new to me… I would've thought that this was going to be a nice school year and I’d actually might have some friends along the way but no. Second day and we both nearly die . Its like everywhere I go trouble follow” Izuku sighed. As they crossed the street onto the opposite end not really paying attention to where the two were walking.


“Oh my... “ Uraraka started, trailing off a little bit before resuming “Well I mean, It's the beginning of the year, Im sure this is as worse as its gonna get. The only thing to top this as worse spot of the year would be if we end up getting attacked by some big villain association” Izuku laughed at the exaggeration. She’s always so positive .


“At UA? I'm sure nobody is stupid enough to attack the place where there's constantly at least 6 pro heroes around at all times. Even more so with all might working there now” Izuku continued, as he and Uraraka crossed yet another street.


“Oh come on, they’re Villains. I'm sure they'd to it just to try and do something incredibly stupid, like trying to kill all might” Uraraka said as the two stopped at the train station. Izuku inwardly cringed at the thought of his mentor dying but he shook it off as he began to wave goodbye to Uraraka.


“Wait Deku-kun!” The voice stopped him in his tracks as he turned.


“Let's exchange numbers, That way I can contact you if i need you” Uraraka finished smiling. As soon as Izuku was done fighting the voice in his head screaming about how a girl asked for his number, he quickly entered his information into the gravity girls phone and vice versa. As soon as the two were done, He sent a quick text to be sure he didn't forget and with that the two were off. It wasn't really long before the train ride back got boring and he pulled his phone out.


Midoriya : Hey, Its Deku. We Didn't have homework from Ms.Kayama right?


That was wrong, He did know that Midnight assigned homework and he had already done part of it during lunch but he kinda wanted to talk to someone to get the ride over and done with a bit faster. Oh she responded .


Uraraka : Oh! I think it was to answer the performance task. Why?


It took Izuku a couple minutes to respond due to his shaking fingers but he did eventually get out a response.


Midoriya : Just wanted to make sure, I don't really want to drop credits and suddenly be moved out of the hero course.


Uraraka : Wait- they can do that?!


Midoriya: I Dunno, But It seems reasonable to think they would. + more Motivation to not fail??


Uraraka: That's true… Any reason to keep yourself from failing is a good reason!


Izuku sighed a content smile sitting on his face as his stop pulled up. The few minutes between responses making the conversation a bit short but well perceived in making his ride shorter. Or… Feel Shorter.


Midoriya: Gtg , I’ll be back later. C’ya.


Uraraka: :3 bye!


Izuku stared at the little cat face emoticon on his screen before closing the app, shoving his phone in his pocket, and getting of the train mostly ready to get home. Izuku swiped his train pass at the terminal as he exited the station, coming up the stairs and letting the sun hit his eyes. He started the final walk home and pulled out his phone to check the newest hero articles and see what was going on in the world he was going to be entering soon. As he scrolled a new article caught his eye.


Hooded Vigilante Resolves Hostage situation !


Eh? A New Vigilante ? He clicked the article slightly eager to find out who would be joining the likes of knuckle duster or popstep. He read through the article slowly getting more and more anxious as he read on.  With the similarities between this and his late night venture last night were practically Identical so this has to be him. Which means he’d been caught.


The hooded man seemingly called upon a mummified creature to distract the Villain holding the woman hostage, before leaping down himself and causing enough damage for the villain to let go of the women. At this time the man latched onto the creatures back and the two scampered up a wall.


Oh crap. Izuku thought as he scrolled through and noticed the video they had attached at the bottom of the article. He tapped it and he watched through the events of last night from a different perspective. Which in itself was kinda cool, but either way it was nothing that was going to keep him from scolding himself from getting caught on camera. Come to think of it what were people saying? As soon as he was finished watching him kick the guy for the umpteenth time  he scrolled down into the comment section.


Guest1137: There's no way that that mummy thing can't be his quirk.


Guest1455 : Just another kuckleduster clone if you ask me. The police will get him in no time. I doubt he’ll show up again.


UpsandDowns: He looks kinda familair


Guest1455 In reply to UpsandDowns: How??? We only ever saw the back of him?


UpsandDowns in reply to Guest1455: You can see his hair poking out from his hood and I can almost swear I've seen him around.


Guest1455 In reply to UpsandDowns : So? A lot of people have green hair? Same as A lot of people have cactus’ for heads. There's no way you can narrow it down from so little information.


UpsandDowns in reply to Guest1455: and you can do better?


Guest1455 In reply to UpsandDowns : Does it matter? You aren't going to get anywhere with this.


Comment Deleted


Comment Deleted

Comment Deleted


Izuku stared at the comment thread. If I'm gonna be pulling that type of shit again then I need to hide myself better. Wait…. Whoa says that I WILL be pulling that stuff again? As far as he could tell that was a one time thing and that was as far as it was gonna go. Izuku shook his head as he entered his home, calling out to get his mother to let her know he's home.

Izuku was excited for the ‘Field trip’ They had today. Yeah it was really just rescue training but come on! It was taught by The Space Hero: Thirteen ! So of course he was going to be excited. He got to meet Another pro hero! Well pro heroes were constantly surrounding him now but it was still endlessly amazing for Izuku. He got on the bus that they had been instructed onto to actually reach the center for today's training. As the last few students got on, Aizawa-sensei looked us over before instructing the bus to move, And shortly after the whole thing dissolved into conversation.


“Hey, Midoriya-chan?” Izuku looked up at the Frog girl in front of him. Her green Hero suit giving off a slight glare from the sunlight in the window.


“You and All-Might have very similar quirks.” Tsuyu finished. THAT WAS WAY TOO BLUNT! Oh god that means that it's gonna be obvious that this power isn't his and that he's gonna be found out and kic-


“All Might doesn't break his bones every time he does something though.” Izuku looked up at the spiky red headed teen internally thanking him for that comment. Tsuyu nodded “The effects are still there though. I don't know how many people can alter the weather from a single movement” Ok Damn Tsuyu really gonna out me like this.


“If your talking powerful quirks then how are we not gonna mention Todoroki” The girl with the ponytail said, suddenly butting into the conversation. What was her name? Yaoyorozu? Either way she was correct. Despite not knowing the full extent of his abilities yet there was still a mountains worth of potential there.  The conversation continued as izuku felt the bus slow to a stop.


“Alright everyone off, Were here” The sound of their tired teachers voice cut through the bus as everyone began to get up and off. After a quick pat of his pockets to make sure he didn't leave anything behind he walked off the bus and joined the class as they walked up the stairs to the massive dome building. The first thought from Izuku being WHOA THIS pLACE IS HUGE AS HELL ! Which in itself wasn't wrong the place was about the size of an amusement park, but instead of rides it was disaster simulations.


Pretty soon it was time and one of the other teachers he was excited to meet in person stepped out and began the explanation. Thirteen went on saying stuff about the dangers of your quirk and how you have to be careful when using it in rescue situations. As well as using an example of their own quirk. It was cool seeing it in action as their ability went on to demonstrate on a nearby rock, and Izuku watched in fascination as it broke up into tiny pieces and floated off, disappearing into Thirteens finger. That's so cool .


This continued for a couple more minutes before it happened. It was a black mist that formed in the center of the field at the bottom of the stairs. Izuku thought it was apart of training at first but that thought was thrown off when he heard Aizawa-sensei yell at thirteen to “GET THE STUDENTS OUT OF HERE”  before he ran off. That was the point in which panic settled into Izuku. Oh shit this is real. Those are actual villains and everybody is going to die .


Izuku turned to follow the rest of his class but was soon stopped as the black mist had blocked them from the door. Nobody moved, everybody frozen still and ready to either fight or flee. Izuku stared at the black mist. It was oddly familiar to the stuff he used to make his ghost. Could he possibly…? No he probably shouldn't as that would only further their situation. He tore his eyes away from the black mist and back to his teacher, who was currently fighting off too many villains at once. This wasn't going to end well.


The sudden obstruction of his vision with some fine dark mist and the pull of gravity was certainly a surprise to him. He yelped in surprise as his feet fell from the ground and began to pull him into some short of aportal? Izuku couldn't tell. He reached out to something, anything to keep him rooted but alas he slipped through.


He was falling towards some water and his only thought was shitshitshitshitshitshit- . But before he knew it he had breached and was now staring down a humanoid shark as he swam desperately away, the water both propelling him and slowing him down as he swam. There was a blur of green and yellow, a pull around his torso and suddenly he was about as airborne as a bird before he was back on solid ground. Well as solid ground as a boat would be.


As soon as he was done regaining his bearings he looked up to see who had torn him from the water, half ready to fight and half ready to thank them. He gave a sigh of relief as he didn't have to fight anyone yet .


“Tsuyu-” He started as he stood up straight, looking over the edge of the boat to survey their surroundings.


“Call me Tsu” The frog girl interrupted before letting him continue once more.


“Tsu-chan” He corrected himself  “whats going on” he asked hoping to god that someone would be able to fill him in on the utter chaos going on around him. At least then he'd be able to at least deduce a plan to either get out and get help or to at least fight back until help did arrive. He stared over the edge of the boat as Tsuyu stated the information that she did know. Which like Izuku, Didn't know much at all. The two filled each other in on the gaps of each of their stories and came to the conclusion that this…. League of villains…? were trying to kill all might, and as the blue haired… hand-man said. They apparently had a way to do just that.


This situation would almost be comical if it wasn't as dangerous and life threatening as it was.  He made a mental note to ask If Uraraka secretly had a foresight quirk or something but for now he had to focus on how to get out of this without anyone else dying. The two of them paced about along the boat for a few more minutes before it hit him. They don't know our quirks. If they did there's no way they'd put someone with a frog quirk in the water area . He turned to Tsuyu.


“What is it midoriya-chan?” Tsuyu asked as she met his stare. He started with a gentle explanation slowly going more in depth as he let his wild idea that would most definitely be fatal but his trump card was immortality so it's not like he could let anyone else could do it.


So that's how he found himself breaking his entire finger to clear the way for the two of them to fly over the water. It wasn't like he wasn't used to going long distances without touching the ground he did it with his ghost all the time- Correction: Once but it was glorious - But at those moments he actually had a way to land and this time the both of them were spiraling towards shallow waters at an unreasonably fast pace so he was only mildly panicked, At the last second though Tsuyu pulled them down fast enough that they were just shy of the water that was only a couple feet deep.


They stayed like that for a few moments, beneath the water trying to regain their composure before slowly rising to the surface. They were at the shoreline at this point, the center of the field just ahead of them where multiple hopefully unconscious bodies of villains lay, scattered about. Izuku was almost impressed because Aizawa sensei had to have done that and it only furthered him into his coolest hero ever book. He didn't really get much time to dwell on it though because next thing he knew his homeroom teacher was being beaten into the ground like a ragdoll by some horrifying… incredibly buff… Bird?  Izuku wasn't sure what exactly it was but It looked like a bird. Whatever it was it was beating up his teacher and there was so much blood.


“Well well well, look at what we have here.” The raspy voice sounded above him. Izuku found himself tearing his eyes away only to be met with whom Izuku guessed was the Hand man. The hand around his face and gripping his arms and legs stood out the most.


“We can't have any loose ends now can we? Best make an example of you all for when the final boss gets here” The voice of hand man continued as he reached out towards tsuyu. Time slowed as Izuku's mind went into overdrive. ok ok ok think. His quirk has something to do with hands. If it wasn't powerful or offensive then he wouldn't be taking us on without any backup. Either that or he's counting on us to not have offencive type quirks. That leaves two options-AH SCREW IT HE’S GETTING TOO CLOSE TO TSUYU !


Izuku reeled his arm back channeling one for all through his veins feeling it well up in his chest- But not too much because he wasn't trying to kill the damn guy - before yelling


“SMMAAAAAASHHHH” He let his fist fly forward the green streaks of lightning spark over his skin before his fist suddenly stopped and smoke and dust filled the air obstructing is vision once again. Oddly enough his arm didn't break- It still hurt but didnt completely bloody shatter - so… did that mean he finally had control over his quirk? Or did he subconsciously make the decision not to go too far?


Once the dust and smoke settled he found his fist in the abdomen of the bird creature. No way! He couldn't have moved that fast! He yelled in his ind as he tried to reel his arm back. Keyword here: Tried. Because the next thing he knew his arm was being grabbed in a death grip and he suddenly couldn't move.


“TSU! GO!” He yelled desperate for his friend to not get caught up in something where she could die. He wasn't going to let it happen for as long as he could live. Which at this point could be considered a very large finite number.


“B-but Mid-” She started before Izuku sent her a glare


“Go! Get to the others! I’ll Be fine! Go!” It wasn't long before the hand man let out a chuckle.


“Oh you’ll be fun to play with” Izuku turned back to the hand man. What did he mean ? Either way it wasn't good so Izuku could probably count on losing a life here.


“Nomu…” Mr.handy started. “Let him join his teacher over there.” As soon as the words were uttered Izukus world was suddenly sent into a blur as he was sent flying across the field. This was nothing like the fun weightlessness no it was more like the fearful weightlessness from the fall off the cliff.  He felt the wind fly past his face before he suddenly hit something solid and his body molded around it, He felt something crack within his chest. Oh there goes a rib . He thought grimly as he weakly pulled himself from the floor. He let his vision clear as he looked looked around. The sound of battle hitting him and crashing back into his ears.


Wait… Battle ? Finally coming back to reality Izuku noticed some of his classmates engaging what villains were left. Where did they even come from ? They were also fighting with the bird thing- or Nomu- as Handy guy called it. Come to think of it where was handy guy? Izuku looked around finding the familiar blue haired hand fetishist alongside the pile of black mist that separated everyone. Izuku shook his head as he began running towards his classmates to at least try and help them out, all while ignoring the pain in his chest. The sudden chill of the air accompanied with the crunch of ice rapidly forming Izuku found the battlefield encased in a sudden cold front with the ground freezing up the legs of the Villains, immobilizing them.


“Todoroki!” he called to the dual colored boy before making his way over to him.


“Where are the others? Are they okay?” Izuku winced with every breath he had to take. The dual haired boy looked at him before opening his mouth. “I believe they are all in the process of regrouping. I made my way through most of the zones and they all seem to be okay. At the moment We are in the process of extracting Aizawa-sensei from this situation.” his voice formal and sharp.


“O-Okay. But what about-” Izukus words were cut short when The sound of Ice shattering caught his attention. Izuku turned around slowly to find that the nomu was now free, the ie in shards at its feet. “ That… ” Izuku continued “There's no way we can take that thing on alone!” He finished as he and todoroki each got into their respective fighting stances.


“Then I guess we’ll have to stall for time” Shouto responded. Soon another voice joined in. “Hey you guys! Don't leave me out of this! I wanna help too!” Izuku turned his eyes meeting with the spiky redhead before. “K-Kirishima!” He yelped. As the redhead boy waved before crashing his hands together, his quirk activating and jagged rock-like spiked pushing out from beneath his skin. Izuku nodded.


The three of them got to work as The nomu charged once again. The lineup the three had wasn't ideal but they worked in tandem. Each trying to distract the creature when it got too focused on one or the other, But neither of them doing anywhere near enough damage to knock the thing down or immobilize it for long. This cycle repeated for a couple minutes, Izuku's movements getting sluggish as time went on. Where were the heroes ! He yelled in his mind as Kirishima took the nomus attention off him for a brief minute giving him a short second to breathe.  


You know… A voice sounded in his head. You could just reset. Your energy would be back and you could hold out for a little longer . It was true that he could pull a quick reset and be back in the battle refreshed but if the villains caught him doing so then they’d lose the element of surprise when they really needed it. Who said you guys don't really need it now ? The voice came back. It had a point. However izuku didn't get much time to think it over before something grabbed his leg. He yelped. Shit. I was too lost in thought. He reprimanded himself as he whipped through the air held by his leg. He winced and cried in pain every time his body crashed against the floor, more and more things breaking and his vision getting more and more vignetted.


“Midoriya!” He heard his classmates shout in surprise as they witnessed his body be thrown into the floor. Only to be picked up and thrown against something else, The sound of his cracking bones ringing cutting the air. He could almost swear he heard someone say “why am I here”  but his world was slowly coming to a close. A Bitter end almost.


Better me than anyone else. Izuku thought as he let his eyes close and feel his body crash into the floor once again before his world went dark.

Chapter Text

Toshinori was not an angry person.


He tried not to be. After all he was the number one hero. He had eyes on him at almost all times, people looked up to him! He had to be a good influence for the people and if he was angry and acting on a whim all the time then it certainly wouldn't be a good reflection on his part. Plus the one time he did act on a whim he ended up destroying half a city in a fight. Toshinori shuddered. Never again .


Either way, when he made his way to USJ with the other teachers after learning of an emergency breech- The LAST thing he wanted to see was his predecessor being beaten into the ground by a bird creature. He fought back the urge to yell ‘LET GO OF MY BOY’ as he let the grim expression that made his way onto his face as he instead shouted his catchphrase and hastily made his way down to his students, tossing his jacket to the side.


“Ah! The Final boss has arrived!” All might turned to the voice and found… Hands. Like, A lot of hands. Too much to be healthy but either way he wasn't going to be talking to this person for much longer. He was smart enough to be able to deduce  that Blue-haired-McHandsy seemed to have launched this attack. Which by extension- means He's harmed his students. Something he cannot forgive.


“Nomu…” he continued “Kill him” All might was confused at first. If they had something strong enough to kill him then his students really were in danger. Especially If they tried to take it on. He couldn't let that happen. He doesn't even want to think about what would happen if Young Midoriya tried to take the thing on. Sure he was selfless but It would be reckle- Oh fuck


All might watched in terror as the bird creature that was currently holding an incredibly limp Midoriya in its hand. Dropped the young boy and charged him.


Let me say this again…


Toshinori was not an angry person.


He really tried not to be. After all, He was the number one hero! People looked up to him. He had to set a good example and if he was acting on the whim of his anger then it wouldn't be too good of a reflection on his part. However, The sight of his predecessor, being flung about like a wet towel. The sight of his seemingly unmoving and lifeless body. The fear that came along with that.


All might would say that he's acting within reason when he pours his fears and anger into his punches. Far more than what he would ever need to do when resolving a normal altercation, whether it be a low end or a high end villain- But still not enough to make the damn thing explode when he punched it. However as the smoke cleared and the creature was relatively unharmed, all might wondered if he should be putting more force into his punches.


Shinso would never really forget the time he met the bloodied kid in the woods.


It wasn't the best circumstances to Meet someone on but it sure as hell made for a fun story. He didn't really expect to meet the kid again after that but they just so happened to have run into each other again at a cat cafe that he frequents at later on that day. It was fun, they talked and had a few laughs. One of them from Shinso noticing how he would Glace up at the small kitten sitting in his hair every so often, all while Shinso tried desperately to keep a straight face.


Needless to say, Midoriya was shinsos friend and it only solidified him into his good books when he didn't see him as a villain from his quirk.  However the kid also had a bit of an odd quirk himself, the two really dropped the topic shortly after, choosing to move on to what they do as pastimes, where they go for school and some other aspects of their lives.


Shinso learned that they both attend the same School- Albeit midoriya was in the Hero course and he was in Gen Ed. It was still fun to know. Shinso really liked having Midoriya as a friend. It was a normal routine that he wouldn't really mind settling into.


Shinso was kinda looking forward to meeting his friend again, So at the end of the day he walked the halls of UA slowly stopping at the gargantuan door that was class 1-A. He heard some talking inside so obviously there were people in there. He stopped by Class 1-B first but nobody knew a Midoriya there so this was the only option left. He sighed as he knocked on the door. The sound on the other side of the door seemed to silence. He slowly slid the door open, poking his head inside, scanning the crowd for the familiar head of hair that looked suspiciously like a piece of broccoli. His confusion spiking when he didn't find it.


“Yea? What do you need?” someone spoke after the silence began to twist into one of tension. He scanned the crowd once more. Maybe he missed him? That had to be the case. So he scanned and still, no head of green seemed to show itself. He paused.


“I-Is…” He paused “Is Midoriya here today?” He asked looking at the crowd of students. Who all seemed to get a little crestfallen at the mention. Was he just sick or did something happen? Sure once Ms.Kayama came back from suddenly rushing out she seemed more or less exhausted and even just a tiny bit anxious but she didn't really mention anything else.


“If he's not then I can jus-”


“The Nurses office”  someone cut him off. Shinso stopped. It was the brown haired girl that spoke, she seemed pretty sad at the mention. Was he injured. Did something happen? Shinso stood still what did this mean???? Shinso didn't take long in terms of getting there. Hell his leisurely stroll turned into something of a brisk speed-walk down the halls. It appears that just after he arrived the door opened itself, revealing a very tired looking midoriya. Not to say that Midoriya was the constantly tired type- Well no he actually was. From how little he knew him the boy always seemed to be on the verge of passing out. Which isn't too far from Shinso himself. Except shinso ran almost exclusively on coffee at this point and he hasn't seen Midoriya ever have a cup of the miracle drink. Nor had he mentioned ever wanting one either so shinso was also kinda curious as to where all that extra energy came from.


“Ah-” Midoriya started. Kinda surprised from seeing him there. “Shinso” Midoriya flashed a smile. Ah- too bright . He shook his head at first before looking midoriya over.


“I heard that something went down today in the heroics course”


Ah… Yeah I guess you could say tha-


“How bad was it?”




“You don't have to tell me if you don't want to Midoriya”


It's just that there was a bit of a standoff with some villains


Shinso flinched. Villains? They were freshmen. Barely out of middle school and they were criminals already targeting them? Yikes.


“You didn't engage did you?” Come to think of it that was stupid to ask. Of course Midoriya engaged he's to reckless for his own good. Plus, why else would he be in the nurse's office if he did not engage and got himself injured somehow.


“You know what? Don't answer that. What were you thinking?” God he sounded like his mom when she's fussing over his injuries. There was a pregnant pause between the two of them. An Awkward silence that permeated for a little bit too long.


...That it's better me than anyone else?


“What the fuck Midoriya.”


What? ” The surprise in his voice evident, as if he had reasons to back up his claim that he'd be better off taking the beating than anyone else in his class. To be fair It'd be better off if they all got out of doge and nobody got injured but this wasn't the ideal world therefore there was always gonna be shit he didn't like and right now this qualified as shit he didn't like . He wasn't about to let one of his first friends go out and get himself killed. Even if some weird supernatural force kept him from dying it would still be days before Shinso let that happen.


Normally Shinso wouldn't let himself get this attached to someone after only 4 or so days of knowing them but Midoriya Izuku was something else.





Izuku had come to realize that dying while training was really annoying.  It was almost uncountable- the amount of times that Izuku had thrown up since he'd reset.- actually hard reset a total of 4 times now, And a total of 4 times of tossing his bile about . The first two were accidental due to being in a time when he didn't know that he was an Ajin exactly but the last two had been because 1: stupid OP bird creatures and 2:  because he was too stupid to realize that Ghosts take sarcasm as orders and the term “just kill me now” Was enough incentive for his ghost to put one of those three clawed hands through his chest. Either way Izuku died of blood loss and awoke being slightly annoyed at himself.


He looked around. His ghost was gone. Alright so they disappear upon the hosts death. Fair . Izuku made a mental note to write that down later as he pushed himself up, sighing at the sight of his shirt. I really liked this one too. Shaking it off, He decided that would be enough for today and he was back on his way home before the sky had enough time to be fully overtaken by the streaks of oranges and reds that came along with sunset.


It wasn't long before he was back home, lying comfortably across the couch, his knees brought up to support his notebook as he did his homework. He was just finishing up when his phone buzzed. Picking it up and sliding the notification to get a better look, he read the bubbly sounding text from the equally bubbly girl.


Uraraka : Hey there Broccoli boy!


Broccoli boy?  Izuku gave a light chuckle before typing a reply.


Midoriya : A New nickname? really?


Uraraka : Yes really! Besides, everybody has been real moody for the past while so I thought I could… yanno- Lighten things up !


Midoriya: That's a fair point you have there.


Midoriya : Besides, your personality is bubbly and contagious enough that I'm usually pretty happy by just being around you .


Izuku hit send without a second thought.


Uraraka : Aw! U////U Thanks Deku-kun


Midoriya : I thought I was broccoli boy.


Izuku sighed, he would probably never get used to the odd Emotes the girl used in her texts. That being said He had no idea what this one was and it will probably take him just a little bit longer to figure out what it is. Nor would he ever really know exactly what to think of Uraraka- or just friends in general. The concept was still kinda foreign to him so he hoped he could take to the adjustment by the end of this week.  He was knocked out of his mind with another text.


Uraraka : you are broccoli boy!


Midoriya : What about Deku


Uraraka : That too! Who says you can't be both?


Midoriya :


Midoriya : Touche.


Izuku put his phone down as he finished up the last few problems on his homework before putting it away. He washes up and checks his phone one last time, quickly clearing any notifications before calling it a day and slamming his face into his pillow, ready to fall asleep. Ready to get some rest.


Turns out that's not what the world wants though.


1AM comes and goes. 2:30 is arriving shortly and all izuku can do it stare up into the ceiling and battle with the voice in his head about another late night venture. Come on! It's not like you’ll be caught . You're just going on a little stroll to clear your head . Isn't that what we said last time? Well yes but I doubt anything will happen now . Bet. Bet what? Bet that we’re gonna end up tangled in something again. Your point ? I'd rather not get expelled thanks.


Izuku stopped. “Great i'm talking to myself now. What the Hell.”


“For the love of all things good can I please just get some sleep” He pleaded with any unknown force out there, to at least just let him get some shut eye. His muscles ached and screamed at him to rest but his mind was like that one video of the later in the hallway banging pots and pans together yelling “ I aint get no sleep cuz of yall! Yall aint gonn get some sleep cuz of me! ” It was at this moment that Izuku would much rather take the thought of needlessly resetting instead of needlessly staring into space.


Before he knew it the next day was here and Izuku was pretty damn tired. His morning routine was sluggish at best but by the time he had arrived at school it was a bit better and he could at least exist in this plane of reality without the looming threat of passing tf out in the middle of the halls. He stretched his arms above his head and yawned trying to rid the fatigue from his bones but it did little to help the feeling. Today was going to be a long day .






“Hm?” He gave in short reply as he turned to his friends, he smiled. The action forcing his eyes to kinda close shut from their already half lidded state but hey, it was a blissful 3 and a half seconds of darkness and he wasn't complaining. He peeled his eyes open with much effort god I wish I was asleep oh my god .


“Deku-kun if you’re that tired you shouldn't have come to school” Izuku could almost hear the frown in her voice. Maybe she was right. No way in hell he'd be able to pay attention today. He inwardly sighed. He's just going to have to power through for the while to at least try and do. He gave a hum and a nod in agreement before lightly resting his head on his desk and let himself fade into the Nth dimension before homeroom started. The combined forces of his fatigue, the repetitive motion of something stroking his head and the ambience of the classroom- he was quickly downed into the darkness.


It wasn't long before he was awoken. “As much as I want to sleep as well Midoriya, we can't have that. Feel free to sleep on your own time though.” The also tired voice of his homeroom teacher gently tapped him awake. He gave a short hum in reply as he sat up fully. He blinked a few times the effort doing little to help his eyes come from their half lidded state.


Soon enough, It was lunch and Izuku had practically collapsed into his soba.


“Midoriya!” The sound of the familiar voice snapped him up.


“Shinso! Great!” He snapped to the head of wild purple hair. The request already spewing from his mouth before he could finish thinking of it.


“Could you do me a favor and order me to-”




“Not yet!-” Izuku ignored the chorus of ‘ MIDORIYA !’ and ‘ Are you okay deku-kun?! ’ behind him.


It was a long 5 minutes of explaining ( and begging ) before he gets anything close to what he wants. It's not exact really, all shinso gives him is a cup of coffee with some unhealthy amounts of espresso shots. Wasn't what I was thinking but it works I guess . The day was monotonous and kinda dragged on but as soon as it was over Izuku found himself in the comforting company of Uraraka and Iida as they walked.


“Hey! Did you guys know that someone cleaned up good ol’ dagobah beach a while ago? Like the entire thing?” Uraraka said as she turned to look at the the two of them. Izuku froze. I forgot about that. He inwardly shook his head.


“Yes! Quite the feat indeed! Nice to see someone restoring a recreational spot to its former glory!” Iida said as the trio continued walking, The residual summer heat still on their backs.


“Hey! I know! We should get everyone to make a stop there sometime after the sports festival!” Ochako said, a determined glint and shadow glossing over her eyes. Sports Festival?! When was that! Did he miss something ?!


“Ah, Deku-kun. You were asleep when it was announced.” Izuku blanked. How could I miss such crucial information! Gah I'm so stupid ! It took awhile for him to stop bashing himself for his poor decisions, But once it was done Izuku found himself wishing his friends goodbye and getting on his train home. It was while he was sitting on said train, his thoughts caught up to him. Alongside devising battle strategies and possible tactics. His lack of control over his own powers had popped into his head.


I don't have full control over one for all yet. I can't just go dying to heal myself in the middle of a fight. The seconds it takes to re-animate could cost us the battle. I Need To learn how to control this. It's not Like I can rely on a reset. Come on Izuku get control over yourself! Channeling all this brain power into one topic is only going to hinder me in the long run! I need to evenly spread out my strategies to cover everything. Evidently, I will need to also gain better control with One For a- HOLY FUCK I GOT IT!


Ah, The woes of getting an epiphany. At least this way He know what he has to do going forward. He eagerly waits for his top this time around. Ready to sprint off the moment he can and get to training. He assumes he has a few weeks until the actual festival. That means he has no time to waste. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure . Come on. That has to apply here right? Or maybe it could be reworded into. An ounce of preparation is better than a pound of winging it and breaking several bones in the process . Maybe that was more accurate?

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