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Let it shine

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“Come here you” Thor reached for Loki, who tried to slide away but wasn’t quick enough. He was pulled back into bed, where Thor’s prominent erection was not so easily hidden.

“You have a concussion” Loki protested, “you’re on bed rest.”

“I am in bed” Thor replied logically, his hands warm and strong on Loki’s body. “Come now brother, I have missed you.”

Loki came with some reluctance, but once ensconced under the blankets and held close to Thor’s warm chest any protests began to ebb away. Thor was so large, so firm, so warm, and he wanted to lie in his arms forever. The way the thunderer kissed him like he was something precious to be savoured helped.

They slid against each other slowly, lazily, hardness pressing against hardness, and Loki nigh-sobbed as Thor suckled at his nipples, heavy and swollen with milk as they were. It was obscenely hot to have Thor experiment with drinking from them like Hela did when hungry. It made his hunger intensify, and he ground his hips against Thor’s, moaning in tormented pleasure.

“Loki” Thor panted against his neck, sliding a strong hand between them to stroke them both as they pressed and ground together.

“Thor” Loki answered, his voice hoarse as pleasure coursed through him. It was too long since they had last done this.

But Thor’s hands and his cock and his mouth was soon not enough for Loki, who felt the lust that had been missing for so long return with a vengeance. He wanted Thor inside, wanted to be split open and made to take him in.

“Lie back” he whispered, pressing Thor down amongst the blankets, “let me-”

He sat up slowly, straddling Thor’s hips, guiding his hard cock into his own trembling quim, wet and eager like he hadn’t felt for so long. He gave a long, satisfied moan as Thor pushed inside, gloriously large and thick and fitting just so. Thor’s eyes were heavy-lidded with pleasure, staring up at Loki in desire and awe, even as he laid back and let Loki do the actual work.

They rocked together slowly, Loki needing the time to get used to the intrusion, the feeling of being nigh-on split open. Soon, however, he began to rock his hips faster, moaning continuously as Thor’s hip rolled against his, Thor’s heavy hand wrapping around his cock and stroking in tandem with his rocking hips.

Loki’s fingers scratched red welts down Thor’s chest as he moved faster, rising up and sinking down on him in a rhythm they both knew well, feeling Thor’s hard cock set every nerve ending alight with pleasure.

“Oh” Loki gasped as Thor twisted his hand just so, thumb swiping over the leaking head of his cock, even as his hips snapped up as Loki sank down, making the joining just that bit more intense.

“Thor” he moaned in appreciation, head falling back in pleasure as he rode faster.

“Loki” Thor gasped, arching up to kiss his suddenly ravenous mouth, pumping into him with quick hard strokes that had Loki cry out at ever downstroke.

They clung to each other in desperation, drinking the cries from the other’s lips as they rose higher towards ecstasy, bodies rolling together in a slow, languid rhythm.

When Thor reached his peak, he did so buried fully in Loki, who’s fingers dug into Thor’s back as he too found his pleasure.



Sigyn was humming as she entered the kitchens, neatly avoiding the kitchen staff bustling about the place with the experience of one that had done it many times before.

“Sorry” someone said as they nearly collided with her, hiding behind a large basket of freshly baked bread.

“No, my fault” Sigyn smiled, stepping aside. Nothing could spoil her good mood today.

She went over to where the kettles were kept, taking a small one from its shelf and going to fill it with water.

“Sigyn!” A voice called, and she turned around.

“Sorry, Gertrude. I’m just here to make some tea for Prince Thor. He’s got-”

“A concussion, yes we’ve heard.” The woman who had called was a greying, matronly woman wearing a dirty apron, her hair matted with sweat. But she gave of a motherly air that Sigyn, who had been orphaned while barely more than a child herself, had always loved.

“It’s alright dear, I was just surprised at seeing you here. You haven’t been by in some time. I heard you have a new station.”

Sigyn smiled again, nodding, and put the kettle on to boil.

“Yes” she confirmed, “I am rather busy looking after Hela.”

Getrude smiled at the happy girl, feeling a stone fall from her heart. Sigyn had been dear to her for years, since the days the girl came looking for work and was set to washing. She was a hard worker, but frail. And the loss of little Aili hadn’t helped.

The trauma of losing her daughter had sent Sigyn into a very, very dark place for a very long time, and there had been times where Gertrude had feared for her life, if not her sanity.

But now she seemed to be doing well, if the way she puttered about the tray and hummed was any indication.

“What sort of tea do you want?” Getrude asked as she spiced a stew and checked on a pie baking in one of the ovens.

“Oh, I have special tea.” Sigyn smiled, pulling a small pouch from her pocket. She withdrew some leaves Getrude didn’t recognize and put them in a small teapot.

“Got it from the healers?” Getrude asked.

“That’s right. Prince Thor has a concussion.”

“Yes, you said. Let me know if it helps, might be useful to have some of whatever it is on handy.”

“I will” Sigyn promised, still smiling that wide, beaming smile.



Fandral was making his rounds around the stables, or at least that was the official version. In reality, he was trying to figure out who could possibly have caused the damage to Thor’s saddle, leading to his accident. They had decided to keep the details of the accident from both princes, as there was nothing they could do anyways. Thor was bed bound for at least another day, and Loki would just panic.

He moved slowly, trying to think of how to start his investigations. He couldn’t imagine any of the grooms having had anything to do with it; they wouldn’t risk their livelihoods on attempting to harm their prince.

But someone had, and he had to acknowledge that. Someone wanted Thor harmed, and he couldn’t believe it had only been in jest. You didn’t damage a stirrup as a joke.

“Sir?” Asked a young voice and he looked up to see one of the grooms, a lad that was little more than a boy, stare at him with wide eyes. “Shall I saddle your horse?”

“No, thank you. But perhaps you can help me. Were you on duty the morning prince Thor had his accident?”

The boy shook his head.

“No, but I can fetch my friend. He saddled the horse.”

“Please do so immediately.”


When the boy returned, he was followed by a boy slightly older and taller, who seemed to think his boots were the most fascinating thing in existence the way he wouldn’t stop staring at them.

“Boy” Fandral said, not unkind, “is it true you saddled prince Thor’s horse?”

The boy nodded sullenly, but didn’t look up.

“Did you notice anything amiss with the saddle?”

The boy shook his head, still not speaking.

It was a s Fandral had suspected; most likely it had started as a small cut, that had been aggravated during the hunt and ended with the stirrup coming loose.

He mulled this over for several minutes, trying to figure out what to do next, when the boy looked up and Fandral found his eyes full of tears.

“I didn’t mean-” he began.

“It’s alright” Fandral said gently even though it wasn’t, “it wasn’t your fault.”

The boy clearly didn’t believe him, but Fandral could understand that. Until there was proof that someone else had done it, the boy was under suspicion and his life couldn’t be easy.

“I know you didn’t do it” the other boy, the one that Fandral had spoken to initially, said vehemently.

“Thank you” said his friend.

“I need you to think back to that morning” Fandral said, trying to divert attention back to the matter at hand. “Did you see anyone in the stables that didn’t belong there?”

The boy thought long and hard, then he shook his head.

“No… I don’t think so. There were people in the courtyard but-”

Fandral sighed. It wasn’t what he had wanted to hear, but he had to make the best of the situation.

“Alright” he said, “thank you both.”

And with that, he sent them on their way, leaving him alone to his thoughts. He couldn’t shake the suspicion that there was something there, something he was missing.



Sigyn could see Thor’s eyes drooping, so she took Hela from him and tucked her back into her basket. The child was sleeping, and didn’t stir. Thor gave her a tired smiled.

“Thank you for the tea” he said, and chose not to mention that it had tasted awful. If Eir had wanted him to drink it, then drink it he would. Or Loki would never let him hear the end of it.

“It was my pleasure, your majesty” Sigyn replied politely, bowing her head so he couldn’t see her face.

She tucked the blanket more securely around Hela and stood to leave.

“Where are you taking her?” Thor frowned as Sigyn turned towards the door.

“The stables, sire. We go every day. She likes the horses.”

Thor nodded slowly. He had been fascinated by horses when he was little, of course his daughter would be too.