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“You sure you know what you're doing, kid?” the pirate asked Sabo. He thought the guy was called Juru or something, but wasn't sure. Too many new names to keep them all straight.


“I should be asking you that, old man,” he shot back cheerfully. “The Revolutionary Army has a reputation for going after places like this. The Whitebeard Pirates don't .”


*We've freed--”


Sabo snorted, cutting the other off as they got into position. “You free them when you come across them. When was the last time you went out of your way?”


Juru? Jizo? Whatever his name was glowered. “If we didn't need your help, I'd show you a thing or two about respect, brat.”


“Well, we are at the right place for it.” Sabo gestured towards the rows upon rows of overcrowded cages. With the use of Haki they could sense the others getting into place, surrounding the hellhole. It wouldn't be much longer before they were ready to make their move.


The Whitebeard Pirate huffed, “Can't believe Marco let himself get caught. Even if he was in disguise.”


“Well, it's lucky for us. This is a floating island; no log pose reading. Without that vivre card who knows how long this hellhole would be operating,” Sabo pointed out, eyes scanning the pens without really seeing them. It wasn't the first time he'd led a breakout and likely wouldn't be the last. The scope of this particular operation was much larger than he was used to dealing with. It was easy to see how the slavers had set up the whole island, most of the land being set aside to hold the large number of slaves for later sale.


There were so many they outnumbered the Revolutionary members who had come by at least ten to one. As much as Sabo loathed to admit it, without the help of the Whitebeard Pirates there would have been no way to transport that large a number.


Judu must have been thinking the same, “You sure that place you want to take them to will have room?”


“Most of them.” Sabo allowed, “There's more than I expected, so it'll be tight.”


“Well, there's a few villages under our protection, too.”


“Might need them. Might not. I expect about an eighth to join the revolution if it pans out like usual. Koala’s working on setting up a second retreat for the rest in case we need it.” He shifted, eyes following the near invisible flare in the sky.


“That's the signal,” Jupo growled, moving forward, Sabo right behind him. Their mission was the easiest. Find Marco and get him out as the Whitebeard crew focused on causing a distraction. Freeing the rest of the slaves fell to those revolutionary members with the most experience doing such things. Sabo mentally wished them all luck as he darted between cages.