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Dark Secrets

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It is amazing how a year can make a difference in someone's life.

Andy climbed the steps to the front door, but didn't knock, using her own keys to open it. The house was surprisingly silent considering the hour, indicating the girls were probably upstairs, occupied with homework or video games, what would hopefully give Andy some time to work. The new arrangement made her access to the house easier, especially after Miranda had practically announced their relationship at a function, introducing Andy as her "significant other" to half of New York Society. The young woman had been touched and even more in love, admiring the courage to come out to such a field, since she was perfectly aware that Miranda was the one that could lose something when their relationship became official. Despite that, Miranda´s only reaction about their announcement was to say, in her usual superior way, that no one would tell her how to live her life or whom she should sleep with. To Andy that was definitely a good definition of happiness.

At least, when the reporters started their usual scrutiny into Andy´s life, she wasn´t working at Dark Secrets anymore, but as an editor's assistant, at The Mirror. Consequently, when their relationship was splashed across on Page Six, the only information they could divulge was that Miranda was in love with a young future journalist. What amazed Andy the most, were the unexpected favorable commentaries about Miranda´s good taste to come out of the closet beside such a beautiful and promising young woman.

For obvious reasons, the press have been avidly looking for Andy's attention for a couple of weeks and after a few embarrassed events involving paparazzi, the family agreed that there was no reason for Andy to stay at the door like a stranger would, every time she came to the house.

So, just like that and with no further discussion, Andy gained free access to the townhouse and consequently to the family. Andy knew the keys were nothing more than a symbolic object, considering that lately she has been in the Priestly's house more, than in her own apartment. The girls were already used to her presence, calling her a hundred times if eventually she didn't come "home" to spend the night with them. Their mother, for her part, would make Andy´s life a circus if for any reason they didn´t sleep together, calling Andy in the morning just to share her cranky mood and sharp remarks. Miranda wouldn´t be satisfied until she complained at least ten times about Andy´s lack of worry about her health, severely compromised by the lack of sleep caused by her lover´s absence.

Andy climbed the stairs to the second floor, heading to Miranda´s study and to what became "her work desk", to enjoy the rare silence and finish a college assignment. After a half hour of editing and scribing a text she should deliver to her teacher next morning, the door opened to reveal a distressed red hair girl, holding a crumpled sheet of paper. Caroline ran to her, hugging her tight. "Hey, Andy, you´re home!"

"Of course I am, we are having popcorn-games night aren´t we?"

"Well, we are if I ever finish this math homework. Cassidy finished her's an hour ago and is playing guitar hero! That sucks!"

Andy laughed and made a small gesture for the girl to approach and sit on her lap. "Come here babe, let me see it. Why hasn't Cassidy helped you with homework?"

Caroline ruffled, resting her chin on her right hand. "Mom forbade her from helping me, after she found out that I was not learning math. Now, I have to do this crap all by myself, but I can´t understand, you see… I´m dumb!"

Andy smiled again, kissing the soft hair. "Hey, you´re not dumb! You´re just having a temporary difficulty and we´re going to work this out. Come, sit here by my side and let me see it. I´m going to help you, but you must understand that I won´t do it for you, okay?"

Caroline opened her mouth to complain, but Andy cut her off. "No arguing young lady, you must learn it. Unfortunately, that´s how it works: in life, sometimes you need to deal with difficult things and learn how to manage them to get what you want. And in this case, you want to pass math. Go ahead, show me."

They worked together for almost an hour as Andy showed the girl how to solve most of the problems. That was how Miranda found them, discussing a problem and laughing when Caroline found the result of an equation. The older woman leaned on the door jamb, impressed by Andy´s amazing ability to deal with Caroline´s difficult temper. The young girl had a hard personality, so like Miranda's and even her father had problems breaking her strong will and stubbornness. Miranda smiled and nodded, thinking about that beautiful easy smile that melted any Priestly´s heart, regardless of age.

Oblivious to Miranda´s presence, Andy hugged the girl affectionately. "Congratulations Caroline! You did it, you see?"

The girl had a genuine smile on her face as she hugged the young woman back. "Thanks Andy, that was awesome! I´m going to tell Cass I´m not dumb."

"Oh sweetheart, of course you´re not dumb, you just have a hard time with abstract concepts, with is perfectly normal at your age. I used to have the same problem when I was a child and believe me, it will pass if you insist on learning and don´t create a mental block."

"Right, no mental block… I get it! Thank´s Andy. Can we have pizza now?"

Andy kissed the girl´s cheeks and turned her chair, smiling warmly as she noted Miranda´s presence for the first time. Following Andy´s gaze, Caroline saw her mother at the door, running to her, with open arms. "Mom, you´re home early!"

Miranda enveloped Caroline in a tight hug, looking directly at Andy above the girl´s head. "Yes darling. How is your homework going?"

Caroline smiled and hugged her mother back. "I did it! Andy just gave me some instructions and I did it, all by myself! She´s a genius! Can I call Cass to help us with the pizzas? I believe I deserve it!"

Miranda nodded and kissed her daughter's head. "Of course, darling. Andrea and I will join you in the kitchen in a minute."

The adults laughed, as the girl ran to the third floor, calling for her sister. Miranda presented Andy with a meaningful look and a rye smile as she closed the door behind her. "So, besides your mathematical abilities, what could you offer to a tired, lonely woman, that could only think about her beautiful young lover, all day?"

Andy stood, covering the space between them in three large steps, just to be enveloped in a passionate embrace, as Miranda´s warm lips found hers. They kissed for a long moment, enjoying the simple pleasure of being together. Andy nuzzled Miranda´s cheek, giving soft pecks all over her lovely features. "Oh my poor, dramatic baby, what can I do for you? What about a hot bath and a massage?"

Smiling, Miranda again took those luscious lips that drove her crazy, night after night. "A massage is definitely a good start, but hardly enough. You´re staying tonight, darling?"

Andy frowned. "Honey, I´ve stayed for the last two months, why should I go home tonight?"

Miranda placed an open mouth kiss on Andy´s neck, sucking a spot she knew would drive her young love crazy. Andy hissed and hugged her closer. "Miranda, we can´t do that now, the girls…"

"I know…. I´m just punishing you for calling that horrible place you share with your friends "home" instead of here, where your family lives."

Andy was pleasantly surprised by Miranda´s words, even thought her heart recognized the growing feeling of belonging. "My family, you and the girls? I really love the sound of that…"

"You look surprised, why is that? You are perfectly aware that I wish that you would come live with us. A year has gone by and I don´t know what you are waiting for! I love you, my daughters love you. Sometimes I think that you are not sure about us…"

Andy held the older woman face between her hands, forcing Miranda to look directly in her eyes. "Miranda, this is absurd! How can you even think that I don´t want to be with you? I´m sorry, it is just… Are you sure about it, my love? Don´t you think it is too soon? I would be devastated if we took this large step before it was the right time, and you regret it."

Miranda smiled, grabbing her lover´s waist more firmly. "No, I don´t think it´s too soon. On the contrary, my darling … In my opinion it´s not soon enough. Fifty two years is a long time waiting for the love of my life, don´t you agree? We are just postponing happiness and that´s unacceptable! "

Nodding in wonder, Andy kissed Miranda´s soft lips, holding her tightly to her chest. "We are not postponing happiness! We are already happy and you´re right, nothing would make me more happy than to come live with you."

They shared a comforting embrace and Andy sighed. "God, sometimes it´s hard to believe we´re celebrating a year tomorrow night, time flies…"

Miranda looked at her suspiciously. "So… About our date tomorrow… Could you at least tell me where are we going and what´s that surprised you have for me?"

Andy hugged her again, nibbling her ears, as she whispered. "No, I won't! You can wait for a day Priestly, don´t be so impatient. Tomorrow, we´ll have a very special celebration but you must wait! Believe me you will like it."

Miranda sighed, but didn´t insist. "If you say so…."

"Andy smiled against Miranda´s neck. "Tomorrow I´m all yours and you´re going to love every minute of it, I promise."

"Yes, you´re definitely mine, darling and I have no intention of letting you go."

"Well, that sounds pretty fine to me, because I have no intention of leaving you, ever…"

They kissed again, only to be interrupted by an impatient knock on the door. "Mom! Andy! We´re hungry, C´mon!"


"Good evening Roy, you know the address."

The driver only nodded and smiled, as they entered the car, sitting comfortably close to each other. Andy smiled at Miranda, taking her right hand and kissing her knuckles. "Are you ready to go, my love?"

Miranda smiled back and nodded, mesmerized by Andy´s beauty. The young woman was stunning – her dress and make up impeccable. She was wearing a beautiful black short dress that emphasized her curves and legs - a present from Miranda who was clearly thinking about a special occasion when she chose it.

Andy took a black silk scarf from her purse and Miranda opened her mouth to protest, just to be cut off. "Honey, we had this discussion ten times last week, if you don't want to come, just let me know and we're going back home, but if you do, you must put this blindfold on. That´s not negotiable."

Miranda looked directly into her eyes, with that frosty glare that would melt men and women everywhere. Unfortunately, her famous stare never worked with her young lover who would find it amusing or even "cute" - to Miranda's utter despair, of course.

"C'mon, Miranda. I'm starting to wonder if you don't trust me."

"This is a low blow. Of course I trust you, with my life."

"I have to use all the weapons I have, because I'm determined to make our anniversary a perfect night, so could you please stop complaining and just relax for twenty minutes?"

Despite the annoyed words, Andy smiled again and tied the scarf around Miranda´s eyes. The older woman complied under protest, holding Andrea's hands all the way to the mysterious place, where they would have some kind of celebration. Miranda had also intended to celebrate the date, but her purpose was more specific and her gift was resting in her purse. After exactly twenty minutes the car stopped and she heard Andy opening the door. "Come sweetheart, give me your hand."

Miranda extended her arm and accepted the help, feeling the ground under her feet unsteady as Andy strong grip enveloped her waist. A shiver took her body as Andrea's lips, almost touching her ear, whispered softly. "Come with me my love, your anniversary gift is waiting for you."

Miranda let the young woman guide her steps, through what seemed a back door and stairs. Her temporary blindness somehow attuned her other senses more keenly and she was certain that she could recognize a few sounds and scents. "Darling, this place sounds and smells familiar, are we at…"

Andy kissed Miranda´s lips, interrupting her words. Miranda heard the sound of keys and a door being unlocked. "Be patient my love, you won´t regret it."

A minute later Miranda was sitting on a soft surface, maybe a couch or a bed, while she heard her lover moves around her. Just when she would ask again where they were, Andy´s gentle fingers took her blindfold away and Miranda blinked slowly, adapting her eyes to the low lights. She gasped at the sight of her lover, not dressed in black dress anymore, but in a red semi-transparent corset, matching panties and garter. Looking around, she finally understood they would celebrate where everything began: Dark Secrets.

The bedroom was familiar to her, since it was the most opulent in the house. It was not just richly decorated, but had a small stage and a pole, that allowed private dances for the patrons.

The young woman looked at her intensely, maybe waiting for her reaction. Miranda was torn between the image her Andrea presented and the need to understand the meaning of what she was seeing. Her words were confused. "Darling…. This is… I mean, you are…"

Andy interrupted her with a nod. "My love, tonight is our first anniversary and I thought we could celebrate here, where everything began."

She came closer, taking one of Miranda´s hands and bring it to her lips. "You know, I remember that first night perfectly, the moment you came to me… I felt so offended by your offer, but at the same time, excited by your beauty and arrogant confidence. It took me only a minute to fall in love with you. Since then, so much has happened and you became my life, my everything. I love you with all my heart and now, I can give you, freely, what you asked me that first moment."

Miranda had tears in her eyes, at the wonderful feeling of being cherished and loved. "Darling, I don´t know what to say, you are… God! I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life. Are you dancing for me?"

Andy nodded, biting her bottom lip to avoid the nervous giggle that threatened to burst forth. Miranda´s face was priceless, shocked even.

"A year ago you asked me for a private encounter. Well, I accept your offer now, Mrs. Priestly."

Miranda was looking from her face to her body, drinking in the alluring image of Andrea´s body and attitude. Her sweet and tender lover seemed an entirely different woman, looking at Miranda in a sexy and almost dangerous way.

"Well Miranda love, I know you have a lot of experience at this, so I don't need to tell you the most important rule, do I?"

Miranda's brain was in a fog, fighting hard to process any thoughts beyond the vision that was her lover. "Ah... rule? What rule?"

Andy gave a mischievous smile and approached, resting her hands on Miranda´s thighs while she placed a light, almost imperceptive peck on Miranda's lips. "The most important rule on the stage, while the girls are dancing you can look, but you can't touch."

An outraged gasp left Miranda's lips, as her eyes narrowed. "What?" She blinked several times, gathering her thoughts. "Let me see if I understand this, because my reasoning is considerably slowed right now... Are you saying that you dressed like that for me and that I'm having a lap dance and a striptease, but I can't touch you? Honestly darling, is this a present or a punishment for something I did?"

Andy took two steps back, stretching her arms above her head, holding the pole. "Yes, that's my gift for you and you must receive it the way I planned. That's all." Miranda gave her a predatory glare, that alone, was enough to arouse Andy more than anything, but she made an effort not to demonstrate. "So, what is going to be, Miranda? Do you want your gift, or not?"

Miranda snorted in frustration, holding the edge of the bed with both hands. Her voice was hoarse as she mumbled. "Oh, God, are you sure about this rule, because if I faint from frustration, you're going to be so embarrassed to receive the medical team dressed like... like this…"

Andy approached the bed, traced Miranda's features with one finger and kissed her lips. "I really intend to make you faint from pleasure, but you have to wait darling, I´m sorry."

Andy turned away and pressed a button on a small device, which brought a soft beat to the room. The music was sensual and slow, comforting and arousing at the same time. Andy was feeling nervous and slightly embarrassed because it was the first time she tried to please a lover like this.

Even thought she was confident that she would be able to perform the moves she learned from Serena - who have been thrilled to help, giving her valuable advice on how to arouse a partner - she was still uncertain if she would succeed in bringing Miranda the pleasure she intended.

Andy covered the distance separating her from the small stage and closed her eyes, becoming aware of the sensual rhythm, as her body begun to move around the pole. She grabbed it with a hand, softly undulating her hips from side to side and her right leg made a fluid arch around the pole and she tilted her head back, offering her lover a good view of her neck and cleavage. She opened her eyes and locked them with Miranda´s, noting the woman swallowing hard as her knuckles became white, holding the sheets. Andy touched her own body, caressing her breasts and belly as she danced, slowly approaching the bed. Miranda´s eyes roamed hungrily over her body, which gave Andy a new sense of confidence and courage to continue.

Still moving with the music, Andy lifted one leg, placing it besides her flushed lover. Even in the low lights, with her body in that position, she would offer her lover a good view of her breasts and sex, barely covered by tiny silk underwear. Calculating her movies, she touched Miranda´s legs, before straddling her lap, as her lips and tongue found their way to Miranda´s neck and ears.

Miranda´s was visibly panting, her eyes deep pools of desire as she tried to take Andy´s lips. "Let me kiss you darling, you´re so hot dancing for me. I know you want me to take you, you are crazy about it, aren´t you? Let me please you."

Andy smiled mischievous, but kept silent, slowly bringing her hands to the first button of her red corset, intended to reveal a little more of her breasts. She kept up her sweet torture, licking and nibbling Miranda´s neck and chest, touching freely the body she'd grown to cherish in the last twelve months. "Yes, I want you to take me, more than anything, but you won´t until I say so."

Andy moved from the older woman´s lap, but not completely, keeping the proximity, but dancing out of her mouth´s reach. She was feeling bold and powerful, but she couldn´t trust her own conviction, if Miranda´s touched her. Despite her display of controlled sensuality, she was aroused like never before. When her fingers touched the second button, that would finally reveal her breasts, Miranda groaned in frustration.

"Oh God, I'll marry you, give you half of my fortune and my immortal soul if you let me touch you!"

Andy nodded and returned to Miranda´s lap, nibbling her lover's ear. "No way, sweetheart. There's nothing you can give me that will make me stop what I planned, so, stop fussing and enjoy."

Miranda frowned and stopped, looking at Andy with a hurt expression on her features. "Darling, are you saying you don't want to marry me?"

Andy stopped her ministrations and stood from Miranda's lap, resting her hands on the hips in an annoyed attire. "Honey, are you serious that you want to discuss this right now? We're having a moment here, would it be too much to ask you to shut up and..."

"But, darling, I just asked you to marry me and you just… refused."

Andy narrowed her eyes and tilted her head, not understanding a single word coming from Miranda´s lips. She was so engaged in her performance that she barely heard what the other woman had said. "What are you talking about, I did no such thing? Are you serious about it? Are you proposing now?"

"Well... yes, I am." Miranda looked embarrassed, averting her gaze, which Andy found absolutely adorable. All her irritation vanished and she giggled, straddling Miranda's hips again and holding her neck, until her lips were almost touching.

"Oh, my love, why on earth, after a year with you, would I think I could control a situation or predict your actions?"

Andy kissed her lover with abandon and Miranda reciprocate, but after a moment the young woman realized Miranda's arms were not holding her as it should be expected. She stopped the kiss and looked at the older woman. "Is there something wrong sweetheart?"

Miranda raised a perfect eyebrow in challenging. "What are you talking about, darling?"

Andy looked at Miranda's hands, still obediently holding the bed. "Honey, I was supposed to dance, strip and make sweet love to you, but you ruined my intentions. Now, I´m in need and trying to seduce you in a more traditional way, but for some unknown reason you´re not touching me. Along with that, your body is stiff as a board."

"Well, you haven´t mentioned the "not touch clause" was revoked. Besides, we were having an important conversation and you still haven´t answered if I´m making love to my girlfriend or my fiancé. "

The young woman closed her eyes and a bright smile covered her face. "Yes."

Miranda kissed her softly, nuzzling her nose and cheek. "Yes? For the touch clause, or to the proposal?"

Soft arms held Miranda´s closer as brown doe eyes looked directly at her. "Yes, for everything. Yes, I love you; Yes, you´re free to touch me, Yes, I´ll marry you, crazy woman! Now, please, for God sake, shut up and make love to me!"

Miranda kissed her deep and carefully changed their positions, sitting Andy at the end of the bed. Miranda stood, but before Andy could protest, the older woman retrieved something from her purse. Kneeling in front of her young lover, she took a deep breath, holding in her pale hands a small, black velvet box. Andy gasped, shocked.

"Andrea, the last twelve months were the happiest of my life and today I can't imagine my life without you. You match my passion, my temper, my life. You complete me and I love you from the bottom of my heart."

She opened the little box and took an elegant diamond ring from it. "I would be honored if you'd agree to be my wife. This ring is mostly an anniversary present for you, but if you accept my proposal, it will represent my love and commitment to you. Be mine forever darling, make a life with me?"

Andy was flabbergasted, looking from Miranda's face, to her hands. "Oh, my God, you are seriously proposing."

Andy had tears in her eyes as she looked at the older woman, with a lack of words. Suddenly, Miranda was knocked onto the floor under Andy's weight, as the young woman kissed her mouth passionately. "Yes, yes! I want to marry you, be yours, share a life with you! I love you!"

Andy's laughs of joy warmed Miranda´s heart and she pulled Andrea off the floor and along with her to the bed, before sliding the ring on her finger. The young woman straddled her hips again, but this time, Miranda had no restraints and she turned them, keeping Andrea captive under her body. Andy held Miranda´s head for a moment, smiling tenderly.

"You know Miranda, if you weren´t so adorable, proposing in the middle of my dance I would kill you for ruining my plans for the night."

Miranda smiled back, tracing a wet trail of kisses between Andy´s breasts and neck.

"Darling, as much as I loved the dance and the prospect of an exclusive striptease, take off your clothes - especially in such a beautiful underwear - is really one of my greatest pleasures and definitely something I would like to do for myself."

Andy relaxed under Miranda´s kisses and caresses, giving up all the control over her body or the situation. "Hmm, don´t expect the same courtesy from me, my love. If you ever strip for me, I won´t be satisfied until the last piece of clothing is flying across the room."

They laughed together and Miranda raised a perfect eyebrow. "Would you like that? A strip, from me? Seriously, darling?"

Andy offered her the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. "I´m totally serious, that´s fantasy material baby, you have no idea… I would marry you, give you my immortal soul and fortune, if I had one to offer."

Miranda nodded, but smiled, capturing Andy lips again. "Well, in this case I must prepare something really special for our honeymoon don´t you think?"