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Call An Uber?

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Reader 1st person POV



This had to be one of the most ordinary days I’d witnessed in my whole entire life.

A clear and uneventful morning leading straight into the annoyingly peaceful afternoon, and I had still only picked up and dropped off a measly number of people. Yes, I was an Uber driver, and had been for about a year and a half. It paid well enough most of the time, and the job fit perfectly because of my flashy, newly bought car.

Despite it all, today was an obvious exception to most of those things.

The lack of activity could be blamed on a number of scenarios, for instance a public holiday or event was stirring attention somewhere else. Whatever it was, it was decreasing the number of customers in this usually bustling city of Seoul much to my dismay. I needed good cash, and I had been working my ass off lately, even closing myself off to social media and other forms of communication with friends to focus solely on working.

I need a real job… 

Suddenly, as if God had decided to answer all of my prayers, a loud ding emitted from my phone and I almost veered off the road in sheer astonishment.

“Thank fuck!”

I had seriously been considering driving aimlessly for an entire day, but for some reason I was abruptly fortunate. I pulled up quickly onto the curb and examined the request, almost questioning if I had imagined the whole thing out of desperation.

The name read ‘J’. Literally just the letter, boldly sitting in the middle of my screen. I raised an eyebrow, and normally would have considered declining the request if it seemed too prank-worthy, but I needed this job. I don’t think the person had ever ridden before, as there wasn’t a clear rating to be seen anywhere. Once again, I needed this job.

The pinpoint appeared nearby and I luckily only had to drive for about five minutes before reaching the destination. It was located just outside a large shopping mall in central Seoul, and even though this was a seemingly quiet day, it shouldn’t have been this empty. There were of course a few groups of people and individual shoppers wandering about, in and out of the entrance looking for easy buys. Even so, I knew this place to be quite popular and to say I was astounded would be an understatement.

There must be something going on in the city somewhere. 

Even if people’s attention was focused elsewhere on this particular day, I could almost say it was a turn in my favour, considering the reduced traffic of both pedestrians and vehicles. Making a grab for my phone about three minutes after looking around for ‘J’, I considered sending him or her a text to ask where they were. The place was basically empty, so spotting someone on the lookout for their ride shouldn’t have been too difficult.

“They mustn’t be out yet,” I clucked quietly to myself, typing out a message to indicate I had arrived.

The gentle hum of my engine was the only sound accompanying me as I waited. After another thirty seconds, I received a simply reply of “there soon”. I glanced at the simple words a second time before lightly scoffing.

“Okay ‘J’, I’m in no rush.”

Still amused over the less than eloquent reply, I leant back in my comfortable leather seat and hummed to myself to pass some time. I would’ve usually had the radio going, and would probably turn it on once my passenger finally arrived, but for now I wasn’t really in the mood for any background distractions. I liked silence when it was comfortable, and especially in a place such as this shopping mall, it was rare to come by.

The reverie was soon shattered when faint sounds of various screams erupted from somewhere in the distance, and I instantly jerked my head up with squinted eyes to observe the area. The paved courtyard outside the mall wasn’t occupied by a single human being, which was even stranger than before. The only moving things I could eventually see where a couple of dirtied napkins being thrown around in the slight breeze, and a ripped paper cup from a popular juice bar rolling around caught in the same fate.

The frantic screaming continued. Should I be worried? The shouting wasn’t in terror or anger, that much I was sure of. I usually would pin it on some brawl breaking out nearby, but these sounds where mostly female when I listened closer. In any sense, it definitely sounded intense.

I wondered briefly if maybe there was some massive sale happening at a famous shop brand down the street, causing a flurry of panic within female shoppers. The anticipation from the sounds caused me to tap my fingers on the steering wheel in curiosity.

Then it happened. An enormous group of Korean women and probably a few men, some looking fairly young even, flocked around the corner of a building in a hurry.

Was the sale here or something??

My eyes widened in shock, as the group only seemed to be growing in numbers. Many were holding their phones out, as if recording something, and I scanned the rapidly moving crowd to spot the source of the commotion.

Two well-dressed men seemed to be caught in the centre of it all. The pair that stemmed this chaotic crowd were clad from head to toe in designer clothes, including darkly coloured masks and sunglasses, not to mention the hoods covering their heads. The shorter of the two donned a lighter colour palette through a milky white button-up, while the other was dressed in a charcoal black hoodie and black ripped jeans.

They appeared to be trying to escape the bundling mass of people, as they moved quickly and swiftly ahead of the horde in their haste. I gripped the wheel in surprise. The screams where deafening and I could feel them grating my nerves. I hoped my client would not be caught in this mess. I wanted out, and I wanted out as soon as possible.

Maybe they’re famous, maybe idols?

A small excitement sparked at that thought, but I was still daunted by the scene playing out in front of me. If they were idols, I felt incredibly sorry for them. This was a clear breach of privacy and personal space, and they didn’t deserve it at all. This was the reason for hatred against K-pop fandoms all around the world.

“Who do they think they are?” I found myself muttering, eyebrows furrowing in disappointment.

Suddenly, the more brightly dressed man glanced around and pointed directly at my car, turning to his well-built friend to shout something hurriedly. I stiffened and my breath hitched when both started sprinting towards me, their fans following desperately to try and at least touch them.

Oh no.

My breathing sped up and the situation suddenly dawned on me. The empty mall, the shady name and blunt text response. The timing…

I unlocked all my doors and gripped the wheel harder, if that was even possible. The mass of people followed the two guys as they drew closer to my car, and I prayed to God that they didn’t leave any scratches or dents by the time I was gone. The one that acknowledged me first reached the car, and I jumped slightly when he opened the passenger door and clambered in swiftly. The other darkly dressed one threw himself in the backseat next and I jumped again when both doors slammed shut simultaneously.

“Hello!” The first guy cleared his throat from where he sat next to me and I could see he was bouncing his knee in apprehension, obviously wanting to scoot the fuck out of there, but still trying to be polite towards me. His breathing was shallow and I could see large beads of sweat rolling down the side of his half hidden face. I was in no mood to sit around and ponder about him.

“Fuck this,” I replied with a squeak and the second after the passenger door closed I shifted the gearstick and floored the pedal. Making sure that no people were in my way before skidding slightly around the pick-up bend. Only the sound of one singular hand slapping the boot of my car made me wince, but I was glad there was no other physical contact on my precious red Hyundai.

Only the sound of laboured breathing could be heard amongst sighs of relief as we pulled away from the mall. I looked into the rear-view mirror to see some people giving a hearty chase down the road, but most of the fans had broken away and were just waving towards my car as we rolled down the street.

Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, and I could feel a small smile resting on my face at the thought of escaping something like that. What a turn of events for this tedious day! A muffled gasp caught my attention and I looked into my mirror again to see the darkly dressed guy’s eyes screwed shut as he laughed breathlessly, one hand slapping his knee in unrestrained reaction. His friend was just leaning his head back against the headrest as he gulped in large breaths of oxygen through his plump lips. They had both pulled down their masks and lifted their shaded glasses to catch their breaths, but the sight caused my own eyes to widen dangerously.

Holy fuck, Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook are sitting in my car. What in the ever-loving…

My breathing hitched at the realisation, but I continued to drive steadily. The thing I needed to focus on most of all was getting away from the crazy population of the city. I knew internally I was freaking out a little at the thought of members of my favourite boyband sitting in my own car, but I kept it under wraps knowing they would definitely not appreciate another bout of whatever that shemozzle was before.

I guess nothing goes unnoticed when you’re that famous. Why the hell were they alone?

Jungkook stopped laughing as he looked at my wide-eyed and slightly terrified expression. He suddenly grew apologetic due to his unexplained laughing.

“Sorry, uh, just how you drove off… sorry,” His voice died down as he gradually started to regain his composure, and I watched a shy demeanour suddenly take over his form, as if he had been hit with a realisation of overstepping his bounds. Jimin just turned and glanced pointedly at him, and then back at me to search wearily for a response.

“No it’s fine, I’m just a tad shaken,” I huffed out an exasperated breath, amusement showing on my features at the maknae’s sudden behaviour change. The idol next to me cleared his throat as I turned another corner, luckily no traffic barred my way and I was easily able to fly down the main road.

“We’re very sorry for what happened back there, that was probably quite troublesome for you. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

“Seriously don’t worry. You guys definitely needed an escape from…that. I’m glad to help, honestly,” I smiled to ease any worry radiating from the two flustered boys.

“J, right?” I chuckled, glancing upwards into the mirror to lock eyes with Jungkook, not missing the way Jimin tried to conceal a smirk from the younger member.

“Ah, he’s not that creative with names it seems,” The older boy’s melodic speaking voice caused my lips to part in an involuntary breath of awe. I had always loved Park Jimin’s voice, whether it be singing or speaking or doing literally anything. Jungkook’s amused exhale and gentle chuckle also made me quite soft.

“Ah, sorry about my rude message too,” He looked downwards and bowed slightly. I noticed how politely he spoke and my insides turned to jelly once again. I felt warm and fluffy.

“Don’t worry guys, how could I expect an essay when you were running for your lives?”

The two boys couldn’t contain their amused smiles as they exchanged another glance, seemingly conflicted. I could tell they didn’t know quite what to do with themselves in this situation, as they surely seldom had to get rides from anyone else other than their own personal drivers. I saw Jimin’s brows crease in concentration next to me, as if he was trying to figure out how to maintain his sense of professionalism. His hands fidgeted with the hem of his shirt anxiously.

“You guys may want to start with an explanation, if that’s alright?” I decided to help the boys out. If I could establish a comfortable atmosphere here, it would be much easier to converse and work out what to do.

“I notice you put the next street over as your destination, but I’m fairly sure you’d both want to go further than that,” I make my point with a raised eyebrow and gesture to my phone sitting on the dashboard, destination showing clearly across the bottom of the screen.

Jimin clicks his tongue and leans in to read my phone more clearly, and my skin tingles at his closer proximity.

“Seriously Jungkookie, any other place would’ve been better,” Although his tone was whiny with complaint, I could see the traces of a smile dancing across his features. He was obviously trying his best to remain stern.

“Ah, sorry hyung. I didn’t have all that much time in this case, did you forget?”

The cheek of this boy.

Jimin turned around and pointed at the younger boy while failing to hold back a giggle.

“Oi, show some respect you brat.”

Jungkook was also chuckling to himself, and I couldn’t help the smirk from tugging at my lips involuntarily. The group these guys came from always had this certain dynamic of playful teasing that won over so many fans. I include myself in that list honestly, as I always managed to have a good laugh watching their energetic interactions. It reminded me of my youth, even though I was still fairly young at the age of 22.

They were fine joking around with themselves for a bit, but I could tell they were still very conscious of me and my presence in the car. They stopped chuckling and Jungkook cleared his throat noticeably in the back, silently handing over the responsibility of the situation to his elder.

“Um, sorry about that as well,” Jimin began to launch into a heartfelt apology, his bouncy blonde hair lowering with his head in a meaningful bow. I stopped him softly with a smile and made steady eye contact for a couple of seconds. His eyes were confused and I knew he was trying his best to deal with the situation properly, like his leader would.

“It’s fine, no more apologies please,” I added with a chuckle, easing the tension successfully as he leant backwards in his seat to relax.

“I just want to know how you both ended up there, if you don’t mind sharing that is. Also feel free to give me somewhere to drop you both off.”

Jimin glanced over me once more as if calculating my chances of being a threat. I made sure to keep my expression calm and clear while focusing on the empty road in front of me.

“Do you know us?” The sudden question from behind caused Jimin’s head to snap backwards, and my heartbeat to speed up incredibly. It wasn’t an accusing tone Jungkook used, but more on the curious side. Jimin still showed slight disapproval before turning his gaze back to me, a newfound curiosity also flashing across his features. It seemed he became a little shy after the topic of their fame rolled around, but I could tell he still wanted to know pretty badly.

“I’d consider myself a pretty big fan, not insane but you get what I mean,” I manage to force out, swallowing the lump in my throat at the thought of explaining my admiration for them.

They were literally sitting in my car and I never thought I would be shy, but here I am with an embarrassed blush alighting across my face. Jimin widened his eyes next to me, his mouth parting slightly in his surprise. Jungkook inhaled a sharp breath before letting out another hearty chuckle.

“Wow! I never would have known.”

“Neither, I guess you must not be as emotional as many ARMY are when they see us,” Jimin smiled at the thought and I knew he didn’t mean anything bad by the comment.

“I’m just here to do my job. I’m not usually one to express my emotions that intensely, but I’ll let you both know that you’ve made my entire day.”

I saw Jimin turn his radiant smile towards me with an abashed sound.

“Thank you, you’ve done so much for us already. Thank you for rescuing us.”

I saw him throw a questioning glance at Jungkook, who in turn squinted his eyes in confusion.

“It’s (Y/n). You can use honorifics if you want, but I don’t care much for them,” I explain softly, easing his sudden bout of guilt for not even knowing my name.

“Ah, thanks once again (Y/n)-ssi.”

Both of the boys were nervous, as they had just learned that I was a fan and were probably expecting me to flip out on them at any given moment. I knew Jungkook was shy around girls especially, but even he was kind of uncharacteristically silent in the back.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to freak out on you,” I assure them, keeping my eyes fixated on the road in front of me, my expression amused mostly.

“I’m curious as to why you guys were alone with no protection out there. That usually doesn’t seem to happen.”

“No, definitely not,” Jimin sighed and I heard Jungkook hum in agreement.

“We didn’t mean to get separated from the others, we were all meant to just be shopping,” Jungkook huffed, and I could tell the maknae was still shaken from his escapade from the mall. His eyes were still slightly widened from the adrenaline spike.

“Yeah, everyone was together, and then we weren’t. Then the fans appeared and all we could do was run. Jungkook had to download Uber and make an account and everything on the spot. Lucky you were there because our drivers weren’t going to be around until a few more hours.” Jimin provided, his voice rough and raspy from weariness and relief. I could tell the shorter boy was finally beginning to relax in the presence of the vehicle.

“Shit, I gotta call the Boss!” Jimin whipped out his phone and groaned when he discovered a couple of missed calls from his manager already.

I gave him a nod to let him know he could make the call safely. I wouldn’t record it or anything shady like that, I respected them too much and it wasn’t in my nature at all. Jimin gazed at me a final time before finally deciding to place his full trust in me. I was already driving the car he was hitching a ride in, so I basically had already gained the trust of the two band members.

“I’d like to thank you as well (Y/n)-ssi, you really did save us back there,” Jungkook commented quietly as he leaned forward so I could hear. Neither of us wanted to interrupt Jimin as he fell into a heated discussion with his manager, or Namjoon from the sounds of his replies over the phone.

“It’s okay Jungkookie, I know you guys deserve a much-needed break after all that. Sit back and enjoy the ride is all I'll say,” I sighed and finally decided to relax as well, releasing the tension in my muscles to sit more comfortably. I noticed Jungkook smirk cutely at the nickname I had accidently slipped, and was just glad that he didn’t react badly.

“No, I swear she’s fine. She won’t do anything like that hyung,” Jimin’s suddenly louder response caused my smile to drop and my eyes to swivel around to the blonde boy. His temperament had grown agitated and I could see he was having difficulty trying to convince his leader. His round cheeks were blown out in exasperation and I could clearly read the worry flitting across his expression.

“Jimin-ssi, if he wants to talk to me he can,” I offered softly so I didn’t spook him, raising my eyebrows in encouragement.

“No thanks it’s fine, I do trust you,” Jimin shook his head and I can’t help but smile at his kind yet stubborn nature. These boys had no idea who I was, yet they put their faith in me and my driving skills for longer than they even needed to.

Jimin finished up with his call after another few minutes of stressed reassuring.

“Um, (Y/n)-ssi? I have an address I need to put in,” He turned to me after letting out an explosive sigh, and I nodded my head to my phone resting on the dashboard.

“Go ahead, I don’t mind about distance.”

Jimin smiled at my response and shyly reached forward for my phone, still trying to be respectful.

“Hyung said it would be ideal if you dropped us off somewhere nearby the dorms so there’s no suspicion, but apparently all nearby areas are swarming with fans trying to figure out what’s going on.”

“Shit,” I breathe, the full realisation dawning on me. If their fans found out who I was, I wouldn’t be left alone for a while. I could imagine receiving threats and loads of unwanted attention, possibly not even being able to leave my house for a few days at the very least.

“So you’ll have to drop us at the actual dorms then.”

“What?” I question instantly, as it sounded like the dumbest thing I’d ever heard.

“Isn’t that the area where most of the fans would be?”

“Well, most likely, but there's security,” Jimin ran a hand down his face as if trying to massage away the sudden bout of stress brought on, and I could see just how tired he was from all the disorder.

“Why not drive you somewhere far away and get your driver to pick you up or something?”

“I did suggest that, but they just want us back as soon as possible so they can calm everyone down.”

I guess that makes a little sense, as watching another car pull out of the building might cause the fans to suspect the worst. They could even believe that I kidnapped the two band members instead of saving them. Well, that and there was absolutely no reason for their company to trust me with two of their idols that much.

“Okay, but one of you lend me a mask or something. I’m not going in there with a death wish.”

Jungkook chuckles from the back seat, and I’m slightly startled due to not hearing from the younger boy for a while.

“You’re right though, here you can use mine. I have my hoodie anyway.” A hand appeared next to me holding a familiar black mask, the faint but fragrant smell of a rare cologne wafting around me at the action. Of course anything he’s worn would smell this expensive. Seeing how normal they can act, it’s hard to remember just how rich they actually are.

“Thanks.” I slipped on the mask and the smell was now stronger. I almost swooned.

“It’s actually not as far as I thought,” I commented when the map displays the route to take. I knew the traffic was most likely to be more congested in this area than the city mall was before, so I decided to take a couple of back routes.

“Good plan,” Jungkook piped in with a nod and I see the excited grin plastered on his face.

“What are you so happy about?” Jimin scoffed with a raised brow.

“I dunno, just this whole thing is so… exciting? Nothing like this has ever happened before,” Jungkook replies while trying to smother his grinning, but failing miserably.

“True, you guys would usually be living a careful life, right?” I decide to join in, not satisfied with sitting there in silence. Jimin and Jungkook don’t seem to be shy or guarded around me as much as they were, but I knew they were still keeping face amongst all the drama.

“Of course, we don’t want our precious fans to worry about us,” Jimin went on in a level tone, his hand flying up to emphasise his point. I still can’t get over how good his voice sounds in person, and how it’s this close to me.

“Speaking of fans, you’re an ARMY?” Jungkook’s cheeky lilt gained my attention, and caused me to look up and lock eyes with him in the rear-view mirror.

“What of it?”

I try to suppress my sharp exhale of amusement, but fail miserably as well. Kookie’s adorable expression of playful confidence, bordering on egotistical even, makes the laughter bubble up.

“Well, obviously you’d have a favourite.”

The question causes me to now laugh loudly, smacking the wheel once.

“Ah, I should’ve seen this coming honestly.”

Jimin clicked his tongue at his junior band member.

“As if it matters,” His voice is also playful, and I can tell he’s just as curious as the maknae by how he looks across at me with raised eyebrows and a small knowing smirk adorning his full lips. They were both taking this as a joke, and I was not going to be any different.

“Of course it matters Jimin, this is the question that decides my fate,” I feigned offense, and watch as his smile causes his eyes to disappear in the cutest way imaginable.

“Oh shit, I forgot the honorific,” I spluttered, another embarrassed blush swarming over my cheeks.

“Its fine, you mentioned you don’t care for them before, so I can live without it.”

I smirked at him and shook my head slightly.

“You’re actually too nice.”

His melodious chuckle is interrupted by the mischievous maknae in the back.

“Hey, don’t change the subject hyung. Who’s your favourite member (Y/n)?” I noticed he took instant advantage of the honorific drop, and almost slipped an amused snort.

“Well it’s not either of you, that’s for sure.”

I know they can tell there’s a certain level of sarcasm in my tone, but they still let out varying noises of defeat.

“What, no way. It must be Jin-hyung then,” Jungkook groaned and I couldn't contain a giggle. His narcissistic nature was showing, and this time I wasn’t even sure if it was a joke or not. Jimin chose to pipe in as well, obviously enjoying the mystery that was my ‘supposed bias’.

“Nah, I reckon it’s Tae. She’s weird enough to be a perfect match for him.”

Oh my, he really went there already.

Both of the boy’s breath hitched, as if they thought I was gonna act all offended and kick them out on the curb.

“Honestly, if you think Tae’s weird then I’m a whole other level. Although I guess I can never know who you guys are behind the screen.”

Jimin visibly relaxed after hearing me take the joke, but then grew serious again after my last comment.

“We’re fairly genuine to our fans,” He defended, but he wasn’t insulted. Jungkook nodded in agreement from the back, still smiling from the joking around that happened before.

“Of course, that’s why you’re one of my favourite groups, but you have to admit it is kind of impossible for someone like me to make a judgement on someone I’ve never met.”

“That is true, we really do try hard for you guys. I never thought super hard about that,” Jimin looked upwards as he pondered, and I felt proud that I’d gotten more than enough glimpses of both their true natures just from this simple car ride. Though, maybe they were just good actors.

“We may be one of your favourite groups, but I’m still waiting for the member,” Jungkook started lowly from the back, his sentence breaking off into his famous high pitched giggle when he saw my deadpan expression staring him down in the mirror. Jimin joined in and I sighed in defeat.

“Okay. I don’t have one.”

There’s a small silence, but both boys explosively let out sounds of understanding.

“Ah, you’re one of those.”

I was about to question what Jimin meant, but Jungkook cut me off.

“I was just about to pin her as a Yoongi stan.”

The sudden and serious statement made me cackle, although the sound was muffled by the black fabric of the mask over my mouth.

“Oh boy, you have absolutely no idea. My best friend…” I trailed off as laughter gripped me, almost causing me to veer off the road uncontrollably.

“Jesus Christ, watch out,” Jimin breathlessly squeaked as he made a grab for the wheel to steady the moving car. I gripped the wheel harder in fear, but amusement washed over me once again.

“Hyung did your voice just-”

“Shut up.”

I can’t stop the laughter, but I managed to regain control. My chuckles were now borderline wheezes, and I hear Kookie in the back sharing the same demise.

“As I was saying,” I began, but snort as the memory of Jimin’s voice crack is brought back to the front of my mind. Jungkook is in shambles, but Jimin is just sitting with his head buried in his hands next to me, shoulders shaking as he tries to avoid his inevitable embarrassment.

“Stop,” He drawled it out and reached behind him to smack the chortling maknae on the knee somewhat harshly. I knew he hated that he just got embarrassed in front of some stranger, who had also been established as a pretty avid fan. Poor chim.

“You forget I’ve seen videos of your many embarrassments,” I offered in between chuckles, and saw his face scrunch up in an adorable cringe before he sighed in defeat.

“Yeah, I give up.”

He still chuckled and shook his head, the tinkling sounds causing me to bring a hand up to clutch my chest dramatically. Both boys laughed cutely once again at my reaction, Jimin’s eyes disappearing as he covered his face bashfully.

“You sure you’re not a Jimin stan, noona?” Jungkook chimes in. I raised a brow and decided to skilfully avoid the question.

“Ah, so you picked up that I’m older than you?”

Jungkook stopped, his jaw going slack at the sudden question, and I found myself face to face with the famous ‘Jungshook’ instead. I almost can’t contain myself.

“Oh, yeah maybe? It kind of actually just slipped out.”

I find myself giggling at the return of his shy persona, and he smiled bashfully at the floor in response. His tongue pushed out one of his cheeks in shame adorably.

“Yah, don’t assume such a thing,” Jimin chuckled, obviously grateful that the heat was finally off of him.

“Don’t worry, I’m the same age as Jiminie I believe,” I decided to help the poor boy out, craning my neck forward to check the next turn off for oncoming cars.

We were actually almost to the destination, and the trip had flown by way too quickly. After Jungkook made a noise of comprehension, Jimin looked around suddenly and grunted in surprise.

“Crap, I was meant to call Namjoonie back a few minutes ago.”

“What are you doing hyung?” Jungkook chided in flippant scolding, to which Jimin responded with another angered slap. He brought out his phone and dialled a number quickly, obviously not concerned that I could very well easily read and memorise it in two seconds flat.

As If I would anyway.

I fell silent as Jimin waited for the phone call to connect.


Jungkook 3rd person POV


Jungkook also waited, breathless at the thought of how dire the situation was to their careers as a whole. This was such a strange occurrence to the famous band members, and he thought about how normal and relaxed the car ride had actually been when compared to how awkward they thought it was going to turn out.

When Jungkook had made the Uber request originally, he and Jimin were prepared to face the worst. Anyone who had the opportunity to drive a car unsupervised with two famous idols in tow could easily turn the tables and expose them more, or maybe even do worse things…

He shook his head at the thought and silently swallowed the bile rising in his throat. He glanced over to your form sitting in the driver’s seat, stiffened slightly due to the very important call being made.

You had been nothing but kind and understanding so far, not to mention hilariously easy going. Jungkook found himself respecting you immediately. You could have freaked out and demanded autographs or photos from them at any time. You could have decided to not drop them off where they wanted and just continued to drive for eternity. You could have even taken them anywhere you wanted to, but no, you listened to them, respected their privacy and even agreed to risk your reputation to drive them into their dorms where countless fangirls could eat you alive if they found out.

You were just amazing, and Jungkook knew his hyung felt similarly. Well, considering how he defended you without question before when Namjoon probably jumped to conclusions, it was evident that Jimin trusted you too.

Jungkook was completely numb from bewilderment. Everything could have gone wrong for them in their haste to escape the mob of their excited fans, but it didn’t, and it was all thanks to you.

These fans are our purpose.

Although if he was honest, he wouldn't mind at all if you got all flustered and cute while gushing over him. Just a little bit.


Reader 1st person POV


I watched as Jimin jerked the phone away from his ear suddenly, a loud voice booming loudly through the tiny speaker to reach even my ears. Jimin’s face winced as he brought the phone back to his ear hesitantly.

“We’re so sorry for the mess Sir, but it worked out.”

I knew that he was most likely talking to his manager or director with how his language changed. He ruffled his blonde hair anxiously and continued to listen to the voice on the line, eventually chewing his bottom lip in another bout of anxiety.

“Wait, we’re almost to the dorms, she’s got a mask on and everything-” Jimin was cut off and my eyes darted in between him and the road ahead to try and figure out what was happening. His breathing had sped up and I could see his own eyes meeting mine a few times worriedly.

What is going on?

We were getting close to the dorms, and I had noticed before how the housing had become wealthier the more I drove through the city. The streets were becoming beautiful and cleaner. I knew that the boys lived in most likely the richest place in the city, and this place was by far the definition of that.

One thing I also noticed is that there were a few groups of girls dotted here and there that were walking or sitting around the footpaths. Some even saw my car and started pointing and taking photos while jumping up and down.

“Well, there goes my anonymity,” I sighed and slumped further in my seat, as if to hide my face better than it was already hidden. The only sound as I drove onwards was Jimin’s occasional reply into the phone next to me. His responses were becoming less worried, but still sounded unenthusiastic.

“Yes I understand, okay I’ll tell her,” Jimin sighed and I held my breath at the sound of the call being hung up. My curiosity was nothing short of burning, and I instantly turned to the blonde boy when he looked at me pointedly.

“Um, our manager needs you to come in with us so you can speak with him and sign some stuff.”

I look forward again and nod once in understanding.

“Yeah, I knew this would most likely happen. Confidentiality right?”

I crack a smile at the thought of actually going in and meeting the famous Bang Sihyuk, CEO and founder of Bighit Entertainment.

“Wow,” I breathed after fully getting my head around what was happening.

“I guess you never thought this would happen,” Jungkook chuckled from the backseat, and I scoffed in disbelief.

“Yeah it’s not every day you meet two members of Bangtan and their producer.”

The sarcasm was heavy, and the two boys grinned in amusement. Jimin leant forwards to rest his head on the dashboard in a weary manner.

“Ah, I’m so sorry for forcing you into this mess (Y/n)-ssi.”

“What did I say about apologising? I love you guys and your music, this is the least I can do to repay you for all the happiness you have brought me,” My voice becomes emotional and quiet as I let out my pent up feelings. I didn’t know how exactly I could express my bundling thoughts into formed words, but I felt as though that might have been just enough to let them know how ecstatic I truly was that this miracle had happened to me.

“You must be an angel,” Jimin smiled at me so sweetly and genuinely that I had to rip my gaze away from him in order to not tear up. I heard Jungkook sigh in awe at my words, and I looked up to see him smiling shyly at the ground before glancing up.

“Fans like you are the reason we have made it this far (Y/n).”

Jimin turns his head and gives Jungkook a look that says 'Well that was fucking sappy' but I can’t help but smile wider and let out a tiny gleeful squeak unknowingly.

His words had caused my emotions to storm again, and I was so happy to hear them in person that I didn’t even know what to do with myself. I gripped the wheel tighter so I wouldn’t let go and do anything stupid. Since I had my mask on, they could only see my smile through how my eyes and cheeks bunched up. Unfortunately, the mask wasn’t large enough to cover my entire cheeks.

“Awe you’re so cute when you blush like that,” Jimin laughed loudly, reaching out to poke my reddening skin. I gasped and knocked his hand away softly with one of my own.

“Leave me alone, I can’t control it or anything.”

Jungkook was also sniggering in the back, his cheeky nature making a comeback as I shook my head to try and rid myself of the heat.

“Sorry for that noona.”  

Now he was using the word to tease me, and I fought the urge to slap him like Jimin did before.
“Silly boy, I swear you’ll never make me blush again.”

“You sure about that? I’ll accept the challenge.”

“And we’re here!” I draw out the first word to hopefully try and cut him off. I could still hear him giggling in the back, his knowing smile small and mischievous.

The sight before me was spectacular, if that was even enough to sum it up. The area in which BTS lived was absolutely breathtaking, and I knew that this was in fact one of the, if not the richest place in all of Seoul.

The gardens were amazingly well grown and maintained, while the architecture was marvellously planned and constructed. Modern was also an understatement, as this place seemed borderline futuristic. To describe it in one word, magnificent.

“I don’t even know if someone like me should go in there,” I spluttered, my voice cracking multiple times in sheer astonishment.

“Don’t be silly, how else are we gonna get in there?” Jimin joked and I snorted lightly at his change of demeanour.

“Walk, silly,” I teased and shared a cheeky glance with the maknae behind me when Jimin gasped.

“Rude, and here I thought you were a fan?”

“I’m joking Jimin, alright how do we actually do this?” I looked around and saw a parking space out the front of the main building. Jimin gestured towards it and nodded, giving me the go to proceed.

There were no fans lurking around this place due to the security, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape any photographers if they were there. Luckily we had only a few brief, yet concerning encounters with the fans while driving in to the complex itself.

If Kookie hadn’t given me the mask I would be dead meat. 

I parked the car carefully and fell back into my seat with a sigh. Jimin and Jungkook eyed me with concern clouding their features.

“We’re so-”

“Park Jimin, will you listen to any words I speak?” I tilted my head and blink rapidly at him with a smile on my face. He sees my playful, yet tired expression and shakes his head with an annoyed groan.

“I probably will never stop apologising for the trouble we’ve caused.”

I sighed again and exaggerated a pout, almost mockingly. Jungkook lets out a huff and a click of his tongue, bringing back his cocky attitude.

“Come on hyung, she already said it doesn’t matter.”

His tone causes Jimin to narrow his eyes towards the back accusingly and I watched as the younger member sits back down, satisfied with his reaction.

“Thank you maknae,” I rolled my eyes and suppressed a chuckle at his scoff, catching Jimin’s amused and appreciative look. I observe around one more time before turning my gaze upwards to glance at the building next to us.

“Okay it’s now or never boys, run and don’t look back.”

Chapter Text

Bold= English


"You make it sound like we're gonna die."

"Yeah well you will, if you don't move your ass," I swing open my door, tugging the mask higher on my face and swishing my (h/c) hair around to cover the rest partially.

Hopefully any lurking cameras wouldn't sneak a peek of my flustered appearance, because that would be embarrassing in itself. I had worn only the lightest makeup possible today. Of course I didn't want to look like a troll in front of my customers, but now that I was breathing right next to two perfect, ethereal human beings, I suddenly wished I had made a better effort to impress.

"Quick!" Jimin's abrupt gasp snapped me out of my thoughtless gazing and I turned around to see Jungkook walking towards me swiftly. Jimin was already heading inside, but had thrown a worried glance back in my direction when he saw my frozen form on the pavement. I instantly started at the sudden pressure on my lower back and jumped forward when Jungkook's large hand pressed into me.

"You probably shouldn't touch me if people can see," I murmured and led the way through the sliding doors into the cooled administration room.

Jungkook's tentative hand jerked away as if he had touched a burning hot iron, and I just hoped he didn't think I was upset.

The weather had been quite warm outside, but I hadn't taken too much notice because of the exceptional air conditioning of my car. I whipped my head around one last time to blow a tiny kiss to my precious baby parked outside, as it was still new and had already been through an exciting car-chase of sorts. Even copping a harsh slap to the ass in the process.

I'll be back soon Red.

I turned back around to see the cheeky maknae giving me an incredulous look with one eyebrow raised.

"Don't judge me, it's new."

When Namjoon came to fetch his two younger members, he was definitely far from pleased. As soon as he entered the room all three of us were sitting in, he gave me a quick glance over up and down while his expression hardened slightly. He still managed to flash me a small, strained smile as he dipped his head respectfully. He was truly a kind soul, and it was obvious that he would need to make an initial judgement based off a first look.

His professional demeanour continued as his careful eyes flickered to Jimin and Jungkook. He had already gone through the initial apologies and displays of gratitude as soon as he bowed, but now his expression was disappointed as he beckoned the other two members in the room.

"You two come with me."

Damn, his leader voice was definitely no joke! I felt myself squirm in my seat, probably from the uncomfortable tension suddenly flooding the room. Namjoon looked as good as ever, silvery grey hair styled in a way that just made me speechless, but his usually calm and thoughtful expression was tired and stressed.

Poor guy, he must have torn his hair out over this. I hope he doesn't think I'm insane or something.

I knew there was absolutely no way he would trust me completely on the first meeting, but seeing as though his fellow band members had mentioned their fortunate escapade, his gaze seemed softer than it could've been.

Thinking about what could've gone wrong made me shudder, and I pushed the thoughts away as the two boys I had shared a car with for the past half an hour jumped to their feet. I was sad, but I mean who wouldn't be? I had fangirled over them so many times and when I actually met them, it seemed like it was nothing but a dream! I knew they couldn't stay though, and when it came down to it, I was most likely viewed as just another fan. Just another fan that they had happened to meet coincidentally, but still nothing too estranged from a fanmeeting event where girls from various backgrounds would provide them with gifts and words of encouragement.

Why would I expect anything different from this?

I forced down the bile rising in my throat and avoided making eye contact with any of the boys, as I couldn't bear watching them go. The realisation that they had halted in their movements took me way too long, but as I snapped up to meet Jungkook's conflicted expression, I suddenly gasped.

"Oh, sorry!"

I tugged off the mask he had graciously lent me and held it out with a shaky hand in the younger boy's direction. His eyes flashed with recognition and even surprise, much to my own confusion.

"Oh, that...I won't mind if you keep it, I have plenty of others."

I let out a sharp breath and smiled forlornly.

"Creepy, you're giving me your clothes now?"

I laughed loudly when he rolled his eyes and dismissed me with a wave of his hand jokingly, bunny smile flashing. Jimin also couldn't help but grin at the maknae's chivalrous attempt and how it had completely backfired.

Someone cleared their throat deeply and I met the pointed look of Namjoon once more, although his gaze had settled the tiniest bit at seeing his fellow members act comfortably.

"(Y/n)-ssi, is it?"

"Yes, I'm sorry to make you wait so long Kim Namjoon-ssi. You must have been worried sick," I struggled to be as respectful as I could, my eyebrows knitting together in concentration as I spoke. Did I even use the correct honorific? Maybe I should have used something higher because he's the leader of the group. Ah, I don't know!

A chuckle broke me from the horrifying contemplation and I flinched slightly as Jimin bent down to enter my line of vision.

"Don't worry too hard about all the honorific stuff, Namjoonie-hyung will understand."

I nodded with a cringe alighting my features, annoyed at my own obvious floundering with their language. I had been in the country for a couple of months, so why couldn't I just get my act together and converse properly?

" speak English by any chance?" Namjoon ventured with a smile that made his dimples pop adorably. I let out a big sigh and ran a hand through my windblown hair while nodding.

"Yep, I'm from (Y/c). But I do understand Korean fairly well, it's just the honorifics and technicalities that trip me up a bit."

Jimin and Jungkook groaned simultaneously at the revelation that I was fluent in the language they practiced the most, and I couldn't help but smirk. They must have had some suspicion, as I don't exactly look Korean anyway, but there was always the notion that I could have been born to foreign parents and grown up here.

"I never would have known! Your Korean is still great," Jimin whined lowly and I couldn't help but laugh, the look in my eyes eventually becoming apologetic.

"That's fine, it's alright to just use 'ssi' anyway," Namjoon nodded and I relaxed my shoulders in relief.

"But hyung, she told us she doesn't mind if you don't use them for her," Jungkook was next to pipe up, and I was surprised he even remembered such a thing at this point in time. I just smiled and shook my head in response.

"The thing is, I don't mind either way."

"Yes, well we should be going anyway," Namjoon cut off the conversation and glanced at his watch, looking back around at everyone in the room.

"Thankyou (Y/n)-ssi for taking care of the boys, something like this shouldn't happen again."
At the sound of their leader's stern voice, the boys both hung their heads slightly, and I knew that even though the situation had worked out for the best, it definitely was not ideal for this kind of thing to happen when their careers could be put on the line.

"It's alright, Jungkook's mask is the only thanks I need," I decided to joke so that I could see the younger boys smile again, and I was rewarded with the most beautiful pearly white grins yet. Namjoon chuckled and motioned with one hand for the boys to leave the room before him.

Jungkook turned and threw a small wave and bow in my direction, in which I returned before he exited the room with a sigh, letting out all of his pent up stress. Jimin followed with the same gestures and I responded with a faintly sorrowful smile. Ah, what I wouldn't give to just spend a whole day with them.

A chorus of 'thankyou' is all that's heard before I'm left alone with the leader of BTS. To say I'm not a tad intimidated would be a lie.

"Once again, you have truly done us a service. We are glad to have a fan such as yourself supporting us."

"Thank you, you have no idea how much you guys have helped me already, so please don't feel as though you owe me anything," I quietly responded and watched as his eyes clouded with admiration and respect suddenly.

Maybe he regretted acting so robotic and cold when he came in, but he was the leader and professionalism mattered so much when you were faced with a situation that called for big demonstrations of leadership. Namjoon smiled and bowed again, reaching out to shake my hand kindly before leaving the room to join the others. I knew all that was left was meeting the CEO of Bighit Entertainment.

Yeah, because that's something to just brush over.

God, so much was happening to me today. How could I possibly go back to streaming endless amounts of videos and fangirling over pictures when I had actually spoken with three members of the band itself? I forced down the niggling thoughts of 'that's only three out of seven' and grunted apprehensively.

You're lucky enough as it is, don't be greedy.

The thing is, nothing about my long-distance relationship with the boys was normal anymore, and I wondered if the girls who attended fan-meetings felt exactly the same way. The fact that they were just normal guys with normal thoughts had always crossed my mind when I watched them through the screen, but seeing it in action proved to be disarming at the very least.

Stupid world famous idols, don't play with my heart like this.

The meeting and disclaimer signage with Bang PD had gone well, and I was consistently surprised at how kind-hearted and open he was with everything that had gone down. All the staff I had encountered were nothing short of accommodating, and they were continuously apologizing for the mess caused. Even though I had told them many times it was truly a blessing in disguise, they remained insistent on the matter.

"Please, I want you to take this as a token of our gratitude," Bang PD smiled warmly in my direction, and before I could refuse he held out a slip of paper. It was a cheque, and my eyes blew wide when they scanned the tiny bold numbers printed neatly on the surface.

"Please, I can't accept this, I already got paid for my service."

Before the short man could shake his head and insist further, a light knock sounded on the frosted glass pane of the office door before opening. In stepped a young woman who bowed repeatedly for her intrusion, her short night black hair bobbing up and down along with her.

"I'm terribly sorry Bang PD-nim, but the donor from Chile has arrived back at the office ahead of schedule."

The founder of Bighit nodded in understanding, clearing his throat to speed up whatever process was happening. He turned back to me with a reassuring glance and I took a deep breath, fully understanding I wasn't really able to refuse his generous offer.

"Right, well thank you once again for your service, I have other things to attend to it seems. It was lovely to meet you."

The cheque still flaming in my left hand not going unnoticed, I forced myself to return his smile with a gulp. He gestured softly for the door and followed me out, the young woman looking quite flustered as she shifted from foot to foot just outside the bleak office entryway.
The building's interior was very modern and clean-cut, and I knew it was probably very, very different from the actual Bighit Entertainment building itself. Seeing as it was meant for living arrangements and not vital meetings such as the one mentioned earlier.

I exchanged formalities with Mr.Bang once more before I turned for the exit of the dormitory building, my big and exciting day coming to a close just like that.

"I'm sorry, but it seems our Spanish interpreter has called in absent today. I've just been informed that the donor came without one," The hushed whisper from the woman reached my ears as I took a couple of steps towards the large glass doors. I heard a sharp click of a tongue and a deep, masculine sigh from behind me.

"Well what are we going to do? I don't know enough Spanish for an entire face-to-face meeting like this."

"Does anyone else in the company?" The woman's voice was growing frantic, as she was apparently about to drown in her sudden bout of panic.

"Why the hell was this not scheduled better?" Bang PD's tone was irritated, and I honestly could not blame him. What kind of interpreter would just call in absent on such an important event? Even if the sickness was life-threatening, there were ways to organise something to compensate for it, or give some warning to reschedule.
A small smile stretched my lips as I twirled around on one of my heels happily, once again facing the distraught looking woman and CEO who were deep in hurried conversation.

"If I said I was fluent in Spanish, would that help?"

Chapter Text



My pen glided across the paper with ease, and I couldn’t help but smile when my signature looked back at me from the page on the table.

Reading through the three folders of fresh information had taken nearly an hour and a half to finish, but I only had myself to blame for that. I always took way too long to analyse everything I was getting myself into, never one to take massive risks when it came down to business.

I knew I would never refuse this deal though.

It had been a week since the ‘fateful’ encounter. The spontaneous incident in which my entire world had forever changed, and the evidence sat right in front of me on the very table my knees knocked lightly against in anticipation. The same table situated in the main Bighit Entertainment building itself.

“Well shit, I knew I recognised the car!”

A familiar voice broke me from my trance, and I flicked my eyes upwards to see a very excitable Jungkook jogging towards me. His face was split into a somewhat shy grin, and I could immediately see how the corners of his eyes crinkled in joy as he finally reached my side.

To my shock, the surprises didn’t stop there, and I watched as six other very familiar people followed in their youngest member’s stead. The sliding doors to the company’s building finally slid shut, and so did my mind as the sudden nerves took hold.

“Hello noona, what a surprise! What brings you here?” Jungkook queried as he stood beside the couch where I was seated. I stopped my eyes from flickering over to where the other members of Bangtan were standing a few meters behind, and smiled warmly at the younger boy.

“You probably thought you’d seen the last of me right? It’s a bit of a long story, and all of you are probably busy so I won’t keep you,” I swallowed apprehensively as my eyes tore from his widened ones to gaze further behind. All of them were here, in the same proximity as me.

Controlling my breathing was a priority, sorry Kook.

I looked up again when someone made a loud noise of recognition, and Jimin jolted forward with his eyes blowing wide cutely. All of them were in light, breathable active-wear of sorts due to the heat, but the sight of Jimin’s exposed biceps in particular caused me to swallow thickly.

“(Y/n)-ssi? Wah, I knew Jungkook wouldn’t just go up to a random girl like that. How are you doing?”

I laughed as the maknae huffed at his elder’s words, and crossed one leg over the other to face them properly. Seeing as I had met these two once before, the going was a little less rough as it would have been if all seven of them had just jumped straight over.

“Nice to see you again Jimin-ssi. I’m doing amazing surprisingly, how about all of you?” The smile was natural, but I was surprised I could even keep a level tone when my emotions were positively storming beneath the surface.

I could see Hoseok and Seokjin exchanging curious murmurs with each other as they observed the interaction from afar, while Taehyung was animatedly questioning Namjoon much to the latter’s gradual irritation. Yoongi remained still, but he had tugged one of his earphones out to gather snippets of whatever was happening. He wasn’t glaring, but his thoughtful gaze speculated as it switched between me, the maknaes and eventually Namjoon instinctively.

“We’re great, just about to start daily practices, actually,” Jimin returned my smile instantly and I nodded my head in understanding, my ruffled hair swinging into my eyes annoyingly. The amount of times I had run my hands through it in the past hour or so caused it to become messy, and it had been infuriating me more and more as time dragged on. I caught Namjoon’s inquisitive gaze behind Jungkook’s shoulder when I flipped the straying hair away, and saw him tightly smile before gracing me with a tiny courteous wave. I knew he was just as curious as Jungkook had been about my presence in the Bighit building.

I waved back, and saw Taehyung joining into the silent exchange with his own doubly excited hand gestures. I couldn’t believe how instantly warm and friendly the boy already seemed in person.

“Are those the things you had to sign after…the other day?” Jungkook wondered after looking back at his hyungs, then down to the sheets of paper sprawled on the table. My pen loudly tapped the documents twice before I smirked.

“Nope, those were signed on the day. This’ll sound pretty straightforward, but I somehow got a job here.”

“You what?” Jungkook’s shook eyes and slacked jaw made themselves known, and he exchanged surprised gazes with Jimin and Namjoon behind him before smiling widely.

“That’s great noona, what will you even be doing?”

Namjoon, hearing the sudden shift in conversation, couldn’t douse his flames of curiosity any longer it seemed. He tentatively made his way over with his large hands stuffed deeply in the pockets of his shorts.

“What’s happening, kids?”

“(Y/n)-ssi just said she got a job here, that’s amazing,” Jimin chuckled and I bowed in gratitude towards both him and Jungkook as they congratulated me. Namjoon’s eyes flashed with a few emotions before settling down. His eyebrows raising high before furrowing, then lifting high again as he nodded with a gentle smile appearing on his tanned face. I could understand if he was suspicious, as my entrance into the company had not been the most professional one out there.

“That’s great (Y/n). I guess you can let us know the details later, but for now, welcome to the Bighit family,” His dimpled grin and outstretched hand of welcoming and acceptance caused many feelings to swirl around within me. I was so truly blessed this fortnight, seeing as though I had landed a brilliant job and met some of my favourite people in the process. Experiencing Namjoon’s kindness was just a sweet cherry on top.

“Ah, thank you so much. I know I’ll love being here,” I grasped his significantly larger palm and shook it confidently, relishing in the feeling of his slightly calloused hand engulfing my own. I knew I probably held his gaze for a heartbeat too long, but it didn’t remain. The moment was interrupted by some staff calling them from down the hallway.

Probably their choreographers.

“Ah, when will we see you again? You still didn’t mention what you’re doing,” Jungkook spluttered when the older members began traipsing away to follow the sound of the impatient voice. Taehyung looked back with a pout, and I pouted back light-heartedly to let him know I was just as eager as he was to finally meet. The others, including Namjoon, left with polite smiles and waves, obviously having their priorities straight unlike the two vocalists standing before me.

“I’m an interpreter now. And you two should seriously think about getting to practice,” I raised an eyebrow, craning my head to see where the others had disappeared to down the hall. Jimin at least had the sense to start making his way backwards, futilely tugging on Jungkook’s shirt. My suggestion had a delayed effect, but Jungkook finally bowed again before turning around to follow the blonde boy.

“Have fun, I’ll talk to you guys another time!” I called and returned to my paperwork after hearing their hasty farewells. My hands and face were tingling from all the interaction I had barely been able to comprehend. How was I not a stuttering mess whenever they acknowledged me? I’d always thought for sure something like that would be the case if I ever met them. Hell, whenever I thought about meeting them, it would always be at some kind of fanmeet where I would only get a few choice words to say…or more like rehearse.

With a sigh, I recalled how this situation had morphed into an integral part of my life, that part being my career. Even though I was only a mere Uber driver, it seemed pure luck had rained down upon me within the span of just two days. I must have cured diseases in my past life for these things to be granted to me so suddenly.


“If I said I was fluent in Spanish, would that help?”

The woman whipped her head around to gaze at me thoroughly, and I suddenly felt uncomfortable. Why had I just gone and boldly inserted myself into their predicament? Bighit was a large and successful company, they could figure something out for sure. Rescheduling to add another day wouldn’t even be a problem if the donor could stay in a hotel somewhere in the city, just for example.

Still, it’s not like I know the circumstances.

“Uh, Miss-” The woman stopped her awkward approach when Bang PD raised a hand suddenly. His smile turned in my direction, and I felt my shoulders relax when I was reminded yet again of his direct, but kind attitude.

“You’ve done us a great service already Miss (L/n) (F/n), we couldn’t trouble you further.”

I opened my mouth to respond when the loud ringtone of the woman echoed along the walls of the dormitory reception. She picked it up and I kept an eye on Bang PD’s face while he scanned over her. When her facial expression winced, Bang PD frowned deeply with a sharp exhale, and he turned back to me when she shook her head at him. This obviously indicated something I missed, but it most likely meant whatever help they had tried to line up for themselves had failed.

“Well, it turns out we may need your help once more. Miss (F/n). I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay you as much as I did before.”

“Please, I seriously don’t need to be paid for this one. It’s on me,” I smiled and my keen, pointed gaze left no room for argument. The short man sighed and shook his head with a chuckle, looking at his assistant beside him before gesturing for me to follow them outside.

“We’ll be heading to the actual Bighit building for this meeting, are you an experienced interpreter?” The woman begrudgingly agrees with her boss’ plan, and falls into step beside me. I wouldn’t be driving my own car out of here, but would be dropped back later apparantly. I answered her as we all clambered into a transport van.

“I’ve done some work with interpreting, and I have a Bachelor Degree of International Studies to support it. I earned that back in (Y/c).”

The woman’s eyes widened, and she exchanged a glance with her equally impressed boss before returning it to me.

“So how many languages are you fluent in?”

“Five actually, that’s Korean, English, Spanish, (language choice 1) and (language choice 2). It’s different levels of fluency, but I can definitely hold conversations in each,” I smiled, feeling proud of my achievements so far.

Yes, even though I was only a mere Uber driver, I still had big plans for my future. Hence why I was even travelling to Korea in the first place. It was to continue my studies and gain experience for various languages. I was planning to enrol into a famous university at some point during the next couple of years, and I was filled with overwhelming glee that I was going to receive some first-hand work experience with interpreting today. Only a couple of months into my travels!

“That is truly amazing, every company needs someone like you,” Bang PD spoke in awe, and I dipped my head to him in appreciation. The woman wrote something on her planning clipboard and then reached down to fling a text to whoever had called her before.

“Say, how would you feel if I asked you to work for Bighit, Miss (Y/n)?”

His words shocked me to my very core, and I almost choked on my own saliva in response. The woman also balked at his words before an understanding and calculating expression appeared. She nodded slowly and then met my eyes with her strikingly serious ones.

“You would be such an asset, as our current interpreters are only numbered few. They don’t have the extent that you do either, and a wider range of languages means a wider range of opportunities. Boss, this is…” She trailed off and her hair whipped around with her head as she caught Bang’s chuckling grin.

“I know, why do you think I asked?”

My mind was reeling from the new turn of events. Working for Bighit? I was surely dreaming. This was something majority of fans wished for with their whole, open hearts. To be close to their favourite idols for most days of the week, and to see what goes on behind the scenes to the shows and vlogs.

How do I even wrap my brain around this?  

“I-I would actually love to, but it’s not really that easy, right?” I stammered, my eyes blown wide and my heart erratically hitting my ribcage with every spoken syllable.

“No, there’ll be heaps of paperwork and necessary background checks, etcetera etcetera,” Bang PD began, “But I basically had an interview with you before. I would love to have you on our team, and I’m sure you’d love to be on ours.”

His smirk and chuckle was enough to have me burying my face into my hands in embarrassment. Heat was flaring up my neck, and I knew the tops of my ears weren’t dissimilar.

“I know I’m a fan, but I promise it wouldn’t get in the way of anything,” I laugh along with him, my emotions almost spilling out onto my cheeks as I fully revelled in what had happened.

I’m going to work for them? And in turn help the process of Bangtan’s success? Bloody hell what has even happened to my life?

The music industry had actually interested me too as a teen, but getting to try both career pathways in one bundle was too good to even be true. My heart was fluttering.

“Yes, well, we’re going to see how you go in the meeting here, but from what I’ve already gathered you have very strong willpower and morals. I easily judge people when I meet them, and I can tell you put everything into what you do. You’re compassionate and make decisions quick and easy, as shown by how you rescued our little ones today. Without your help, they would have struggled, and with your help now, I know we can strive for larger goals in Bighit’s future. In addition, that’s helping Bangtan Sonyeondan strive for larger goals within their careers too.”

I closed my eyes, unable to stop the spread of inevitable happiness throughout my very being. Breathing deeply, I joined his gaze from across the car seat with a sparked confidence, and I saw the assistant even smile at me approvingly.

“I won’t let you down, Bang PD-nim.”

Chapter Text

Another three days passing brought forth another fresh steaming pile of emotions.

I was due to start my job at Bighit in the following week, and had been dropping in to meet with Bang PD and the staff regularly since the initial signing of the documents. Its only purpose was just for me to get to know everyone, since I would start off in the company playing a major role, and for me to get comfortable in the environment. PD-nim knew I was not used to working for such large and famous companies, and I was so happy he had taken that into consideration.

Another meet-and-greet done today, and I was trembling. I didn’t know why it had all suddenly decided to drop on me now, but my only solace was the splash of vivid crimson sitting out in the otherwise monochrome carpark of the building. I yanked open the car door with shaking fingers and all but fell into the familiar leather seat, my breathing uneven from the tightening within my chest.

Don’t get me wrong at all, the company was absolutely amazing, and so were all the staff and their immediate hospitality. Bang PD was like a second father to me already, and I’d even had him ruffle my hair once today after he’d laughed heartily at one of my jokes. His assistant, which I now knew as Chang Soojin, or just Soojin-unni as she had told me to use, was becoming a reliable colleague and friend pretty quickly too. I had met many members of the staff, including the coordi noonas, managers, stylists etc. Even a group of interpreters who specialised in only a few languages.

Hence why they employed me so quickly. I had thought to myself when finding out they only knew English and Korean.

There was that one Spanish interpreter, who had been absent on the ‘fateful day’, but he was now doing fine and had profusely apologised to me afterwards. I felt bad for the guy, as I probably seemed like a warning replacement if anything of disarray was to happen again.

Bighit can be bloody scary, damn.

My breathing had evened slightly, but stress was still coursing thickly through my veins. So much had happened and changed in my life recently, and even if it had an overall positive effect, my mind was still left reeling. This was the kind of sudden responsibility that made me want to revisit my childhood days, to let go of being an adult and to be surrounded by nothing but carefree bliss.

A light rapping on my car passenger window tore me from my strangling thoughts. I gasped, squinting my eyes to glimpse at the darkly clothed figure before sighing. The person had thoroughly frightened me, and I wasn’t very happy about it. They crouched down to look in, and when they saw I was making no move to stop them, they pulled open the passenger door hesitantly.

“Is this Uber operating?” Yoongi softly asked.

I was still irritated that my precious alone-time had been ruined, as I was going through quite a bit of anxiety about my life in general, but I couldn’t bring myself to refuse the impassive man at the moment. After even more thought, I came to the conclusion that having someone to talk to would probably help me the most right now. When I nodded slowly, sighing again in an attempt to regather myself, he lowered his head knowingly.

“Uh, if it’s a really bad time I-”

“No, Yoongi. Wait is it even okay to not use honorifics? Should I call you oppa?” I shook my head, my voice steadily gaining life again from how croaky it sounded before. I hadn’t cried, but I was definitely on the verge before he had made his appearance.

Yoongi settled into the passenger seat holding a lidded coffee cup. He was dressed in dark but flowy clothing, and I questioned his sanity briefly considering how hot it was outside. It was mid-afternoon at the moment, but we both didn’t seem to have schedules planned.

“Even though I’m not against it, I feel like dropping the honorifics would work better for you. I won’t get offended,” He hummed, sipping his coffee. I noticed how tired his eyes were under his cap, and I instantly felt bad for being annoyed with him before. He adorned a black mask too, but it was sitting under his chin so it was easier to drink and talk.

“Did you also want coffee? I could offer to get you one.”

His sudden question caused me to blink in confusion. Then I realised I had been eyeing the cup in his pale hands quite intensely. His dark eyes were blank and his pale blue-white hair was slightly roughened from the breeze outside. Trying not to fawn over him, I broke out into a strained chuckle while my hands came up to slap my cheeks in embarrassment.

“No no no, I wasn’t…Ah I’m sorry, I just have a lot going on at the moment,” I decided to let the cat out of the bag with another sigh. He may as well know what was going on behind my outwardly apparent emotions. I didn’t even know how I was meant to hold a decent conversation when my insides were such a nervous wreck. I knew I would build myself up again eventually, but he had just happened to catch me at a vulnerable time.

“Yeah, I could tell,” He started “I followed you out because I saw you running out here shaking like a leaf. I guess it sounds kind of creepy when put like that,” He shrugged, eyeing the dashboard of my car while I just tried to take in his quiet observation.

“No, actually I appreciate it. You haven’t even met me yet…ugh why am I doing everything backwards right now?” I rested my head onto the steering wheel, positively exasperated. I hadn’t talked to Yoongi before, but here I was acting like a total idiot and making him worry about my mental health.

“Don’t worry about it, you’re all I hear about these days,” He sighs with a groan, letting his head roll back to rest against the leather headrest. My own curiosity was tickled.

“Really? Let me guess, ‘the crazy Uber chick who somehow managed to get herself involved with shit that didn’t concern her’?”

He laughed silently, the gummy smile melting my bundling insides into a puddle, and suddenly everything was alright. I didn’t have to have everything in my life figured out right now, I just had to make the most of my time with these amazingly driven individuals, who had undoubtedly captured my heart, and this job which was actually my passion to begin with. I didn’t even know how I hadn’t freaked out over the fact that the Min Yoongi, worldwide famous producer and rapper, was sitting in my car. He was sitting in the same seat the Park Jimin had sat in about a week and a bit ago. I needed to shut down my brain before it began to burn a hole into the back of my skull from overworking.

“That would be funny, but no, definitely not. I just wish the young ones would let me sleep, but they’ve been excited. I swear I’ve already met you ten times because of that.”

I snort in amusement, absolutely loving how blunt he was about the whole situation. Too many people, since I had arrived in the country, were overbearingly polite and careful with their words. I was not used to it at all, and it made the ‘foreign’ experience all the more jarring. Yoongi probably understood this to an extent, so I was grateful that he tried his best to be more comfortable right away.

“Look, can I start driving? I just need to clear my head a bit. Maybe I can introduce myself properly,” I exhaled loudly, my nerves significantly calmed since chatting a little. Even though I felt terrible at the thought, I couldn’t help but be grateful that it was Yoongi who had paid me a surprise visit instead of one of the others. His presence was somewhat reserved and I had trouble reading the guy half the time, but his company was the type I needed instead of something loud and overwhelming.

“Sure, I did kind of barge in so you can continue with whatever you were doing.”

You mean almost having a mental breakdown?

“But I do want to actually meet you, because if I have to hear your name around the dorm one more fucking time without knowing who you are, I may just snap.”

I laughed loudly, his grunted words causing amusement to roil around in my chest. I figured I would question him about exactly what was said a bit later. For now I just needed to relax and ease my worries, and driving was my channel for exactly that. I started reversing out of the carpark, silence finally befalling the car, and was grateful to finally leave behind the line of black company vans surrounding me. I found it ominous if I was completely honest. Engulfed by the view of several identical black vans was a little unsettling when the only car I was used to was Red.

When did I even decide to name my car? It’s such a boring name too.

“Well, I can start by saying my name is (L/n) (Y/n). (Y/n) is fine, and you already known I don’t care for honorifics. I come from (Y/c), and I landed a job at Bighit Entertainment by letting two of your band members hitch a ride. Ultimately escaping their foreseeable deaths,” My dramatic tone increased the longer I spoke, and I could see the corners of Yoongi’s lips turning up gradually.

“That sounds about right. Jiminie told me you were a big fan, but you are really collected when you see us. I appreciate your efforts, but feel free to let it out if you need,” He tilted his head with a smirk, his ‘Genius Suga’ persona surfacing within the span of two whole seconds. I just bit my lip to contain another amused giggle.

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m not one to freak out after the initial shock. Most of my extra-ness is of the internal type, I’m afraid.”

He shook his head in mock disappointment, eventually flashing me that famous expression where his lips stretched across his whole face. I covered my cheeks with one hand to stop my bubbling amusement to erupt.

“Stop please, or I’ll crash!”

He simply sipped his coffee, smirking again at my reaction. I knew I hadn’t actually doused his ego, but his antics still aided in lifting my spirits higher and higher. As I tried to figure out where I wanted to drive, Yoongi pulled out a small notepad full of scrawled notes and scribbled out lines.

“Well, you already know who I am, that much I can guess. Now that we’ve met, I can tell those kids to shut up and do something useful.” He continued. Even though his tone was full of complaint, I knew he loved every single one of those boys wholeheartedly.

“Where are they now?” I asked through a smile, glancing down as the rapper flicked through his notepad to the page he had last used.

“Practicing more, at least I know Jimin, Jin-hyung and Jungkook are. We’ve got a big concert and a comeback soon, so everyone is riled up.”

“Yeah, that seems like a packed schedule for at least a few months. I’m really excited for what you guys have in store though, it seems too unreal that I actually get to see everything behind the scenes for the first time in my life,” I sighed in awe, thinking about a new album and new content. How could I even go about it normally when everything was different? Wait, was I going to get a discounted album? I surely hoped so.

Yoongi looked at me carefully before making a few notes in his notepad, his fingers working the pen deftly through long and hardened experience. His ripped black jeans were tighter than I initially thought they were, but my attention only went there because he was tapping his foot rhythmically as he wrote.

“Lyrics?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow in his direction and diverting my attention. I was driving towards the outskirts of Seoul, hoping to find somewhere quiet and peaceful to settle for a bit. The drive had flown by, but I was sure the sky wouldn’t darken just yet

“Yeah, just the usual. I help write a lot of songs, and lyrics always just flood into my brain at the most random times, you know?” He murmured, flicking backwards to another page and filling in another empty space.

The realisation that I was driving somewhere random and unknown hit me suddenly, and I briefly wondered if taking Yoongi with me would ultimately end up costing me my job. I was suddenly reminded of a similar occurrence with two maknaes, generally causing the managers and Namjoon to lose their marbles.

“Um, I was gonna drive to somewhere random, but I just realised that your managers would skin me alive if they knew I took you with me. Does anyone know you’re with me?”

Yoongi looked up, his eyes, which were once laser-focused on his lyrics, now scoured into my own and I gulped suddenly. His long, dark eyelashes were always beautiful, but they were even more mesmerising in person and this close. They contrasted so nicely against his milky skin that I almost lost focus on the road again.

I may just crash and kill someone one of these days.

“I texted a few people,” Was all he said before returning to his notepad, and I shrugged indifferently. He was an adult, and he could make his own decisions. I just hoped I didn’t cop any roastings later for it.

“Can I show you something?”

I glanced sideways, seeing him picking at his nails with his teeth apprehensively. It seemed he was stuck on something to do with a lyric, but I didn’t know how I could possibly lend a hand. His lyrics were always so impactful and flowed so nicely. How could I form my own opinion when everything I had heard so far was nothing less than fantastic?

“Yeah? Just lyrics or something?” I probed, willing my feelings of disbelief down into the depths of my subconscious.

“Well, I’m trying to tie together my verse in one of the new songs, and I almost have it. I want someone fresh to have a look,” He held out the pad and I pulled over onto the side of the smaller road. We were now definitely nearing the more ‘nature’ side of Seoul anyway, and the city fell away behind us as my eyes scanned over Yoongi’s handwriting. The last line struck a chord deeply within me.

“This is real you, and this is real me” – which one is “you”? Which one is “me”?

“Wow, this really hits hard,” I breathe, reading over the snippets of the verse he had written again to fully absorb what was going on. The whole thing was emotional, and raw. I could imagine his voice rapping hard to form these thoughts, the angry and hurt emotions seeping in.

“I can feel the struggle through the lyrics. It’s like you’ve been through a love that is fake and...a cruel betrayal I guess?” I meet his eyes again, and grow a little confused when a chuckle of irony falls from him. It must have been some joke I didn’t understand.

“I’m glad you feel so much from it. I’m actually going to try a different technique with this track, so expect some changes from my usual style,” He smiled again, taking the notepad before I can catch any glimpses of the other notes. I huff with annoyance.

“You’re not just gonna tell me?”

“Just because you work for Bighit doesn’t mean you get every special privilege,” He deadpanned, and I almost reeled at the thought of bothering him with my question. Then, he smiled again while tucking his notepad away.

“Plus, you’re a fan, so my goal is to keep it a secret for as long as possible.”

“Mean,” I grunted, pulling onto the road again so I could start to head home. The sky was darkening, and I knew there were only so many boundaries I could push before I crossed the line. Yoongi seemed to know this too, but he avoided addressing the subject for some reason.

“Where do you want to be dropped? I’ll have you know I’ve been charging you handsomely for this Uber service,” I mutter, still pretending to be pissed off at him for hiding information.

“I’ll buy you a coffee next time, I promise.”

Chapter Text


Getting home after the calming car ride seemed a tad anti-climactic. Weariness from the day piled high onto my shoulders, and as I threw my bag into the corner of my bedroom, I all but flopped onto my bed unceremoniously. The small apartment wasn’t much, but it was enough to sustain me. The landlord was at least polite, and the rent was luckily just within my budget for now.

Well that’s changing, Bighit’s about to save my ass.

It consisted of a small kitchen and a cosy living room all in one tiny, but open space. A door led into the one and only bedroom of the apartment, which was also lacking in spaciousness, but it wasn’t as if anyone else was living here. All in all, it was adequate for me despite it not really being what I was used to.

Laying silently on the bed allowed my thoughts and memories from the day to shroud my mind. I remembered how helpless and overwhelmed I had been feeling when escaping into the carpark of the building, and how my responsibilities had come crashing into me like swelling waves of inky ocean water.

I felt lost in that moment, but Yoongi had consoled me to a point where I felt stable and supported. Even if he didn’t mean to show it directly, of which I wasn’t so sure, his way of letting me know he cared hadn’t been lost on me. I was usually good at noticing these things, so I was surprised to see that he wanted to show the gentle side of him tonight. I guess I really was finding out how these boys lived and I was seeing their thought processes with my own very eyes, something vital that was missing in my connection with them before.

Things were happening quickly, but I was ready to let them happen with welcoming, open arms. I was going to absolutely adore this new lifestyle, so why let stress weigh me down like a pile of bricks? I just wouldn’t let it.

Rolling over to smooth down the pale bedsheets with my fingers, I couldn’t help but let my mind drift to the sharp eyes of Yoongi, the dazzling smile of Jimin…and just all seven of them. I needed to let them know how their fans felt, and I needed them to let me know if they had any doubts about their popularity and future. This could be one of my purposes, and a goal combined with many, many Armys. If I had the chance to console them, just like Yoongi had with me, then I would jump at the opportunity with no malignant intentions. I only wanted to help them, and share with them the happiness they had given me throughout the years. To groove out their misgivings and stray negativity that allowed unnecessary stress and anxiety to build.

This was my purpose.


Another scorching day meant another short meeting. Nobody wanted to stay inside a sticky office filled with the sounds of stuttering air conditioners and fans, so Bang PD let us go earlier than usual. When I say earlier, I mean mid-afternoon anyway, so it’s not like it’s actually early.

I was now starting out with my new job, and so far things had been great. The staff were continuously friendly, and the workload was nothing too devastating. Since the company had been a little short on multilingual interpreters, the amount of language related jobs had been growing over time. I could have been overwhelmed, but instead I handled it pretty well, and Bang PD continued to praise me for my efforts.

Things were going splendidly, but I wondered about what was going to happen with my Uber job. Would I just stop? It wasn’t like I needed the money from it now, so what would even be the point of it? Meeting new people from all cultures and backgrounds wouldn’t even be an issue at all. Maybe, just maybe the idea of giving up my job as a glorified taxi driver was an imminent one.

“(Y/n)-ssi, could you please drop these down to the stylists? I translated the articles like they asked, so they’ll want to have a look as soon as possible,” One of the company’s translators called and held out some papers from where he sat in his wheeling chair. The office had been bustling today, but I knew it was because everyone was focused on preparing for the upcoming BTS concert. I had just finished off everything for the day, so this little side job wouldn’t be any hassle.

“Of course, I was about to bring them some coffee anyway. They’ve been working tirelessly,” I smiled at him and grasped the papers. It seemed they had wanted select articles about their fashion sense, hair styling and makeup to be translated from various languages.

I scurried to the kitchen area where I had already started on the coffees. Someone had graciously told me how most of the stylists liked their drinks, and I knew they would need it after how much they had been testing makeup supplies and hair products downstairs. I shuddered at the thought of having my fingers sticking together from the amount of hairspray circulating the room.

The basement was pretty much where everything happened. Practices, auditions, coaching etc. You name it.  After dropping off the notes and coffees, I was showered with gratitude from the stylists and I was shocked to see just how tired and worn-down they were. It wasn’t a massive concert that we were all preparing for, but they must have been trying out heaps of new things. This thought caused excitement to curl deep within the pit of my stomach.

Maybe there’ll be new hair colours soon?

“No worries, make sure you get some rest!” I reminded them before letting the door to the makeup and changing room click shut.

I was right about the hairspray thing, it was seriously suffocating in there. At least they had some air vents open for ventilation, but I felt bad for those kind-hearted women. They would most likely be staying there into the hours of the night too.

I began to walk back towards the elevator, but my eyes were caught by a bright light flooding from one of the main practice areas. One of the doors had been left wide open, and I glanced inside to see a very expansive room enclosed by pure white walls. The floor was made up of tawny brown floorboards, or maybe vinyl, I wasn’t quite sure. I think it had only recently been renovated.

“(Y/n)? Hello!” A clear and high-pitched voice made me jump, and I looked further into the room to spot Jimin resting in one of the black, wheeling chairs of the studio area. His fading blonde locks had been swept back completely, and I could tell he was tired and sweaty from practicing.

To his left was Hoseok, who seemed distracted until Jimin’s exclamation, and the last person in the room was none other than Taehyung. As soon as the deeply-voiced singer found out I was hiding in the doorframe, his eyes blew wide.

“Hey Jimin, Hoseok-ssi and Taehyung-ssi,” I bowed, as was the custom, and made my way into the room. I looked around to take everything in, as it was incredibly large.

I turned when I heard footsteps, and was greeted by a very bright and bubbly Taehyung.

“(Y/n)? Ah, it’s so great to meet you finally!” He bowed also and I instinctively reached out to shake his hand, smiling when he brought both of his warmer ones together around mine.

They’re so big, what the hell.

Ripping my line of sight away from his fingers, I glanced behind him to see Hoseok making his way forward too.

“Hello, I’m also happy to meet you (Y/n).”

I exchanged similar greetings with the fiery redhead, but stepped back when Jimin intervened with a whine.

“No, no,” he ran forward and grasped his two bandmate's shirts gently to pull them away, “Don’t crowd her, we’re all smelly from practice!” His disgusted expression made me grin again, and I shook my head.

“Don’t worry about that, a little sweat won’t kill me.”

Hoseok laughed while playfully batting away Jimin’s hands.

“Sorry about that, we are kind of gross right now,” He started airing out his shirt with one hand while strolling over to where one of the three water bottles rested along the wall. I noticed that they were the only people in the room, and puzzled over the thought that they were usually here with a manager or something.

“What were you guys practicing? And where are the others?” I queried, and watched as Taehyung flashed me a boxy grin. Jimin just groaned and ran his fingers through his hair yet again.

“We’re practicing for the concert, but I only came a couple of hours ago, the others are just at home I think,” Taehyung explained, patting Jimin’s back heartily.

“Jiminie and Hoseokie-hyung have been here all day. They’re so fit.”

I looked at the two dancers as Hoseok jumped over to tickle Tae lovingly, Jimin just smiled at their loud antics. I was beyond surprised, as none of the members even seemed too tired. They were just slightly out of breath.

“That’s amazing! You all have so much energy to be able to practice so much,” I earned all of their attentive gazes, Hoseok instantly gracing me with his own beaming smile.

“Thanks! We’re just having a little break, but we’ll start again soon. Would you like to watch?”

My heart almost leapt out of my chest at the thought.

“Would I? Of course I’d love to watch you guys dance,” I clapped my hands together in excitement, my eyes bright and shining. This made Taehyung reach forward with both hands to make a 'flower' under my flushing face.

“How cute!” He cooed, and Jimin pulled him away again. An eye-smile was stretching across the shorter boy's face in the most endearing way possible.

“Very cute, very cute,” Hoseok laughed and ran off to start the music again. All three of them were in light clothing, but Hoseok was wearing a white short-sleeved t-shirt while the other two adorned button-ups varying in style. All three wore long black Puma pants, most likely because of the ambassadorship they were part of.

“Ah, I don’t want to mess up in front of (Y/n),” Jimin tilted his head and looked at me with a somewhat pained expression. When I raised my eyebrows at him, he pouted and shook his hair out of his downcast eyes. I felt like I needed to step in.

“Jiminie, you’re an amazing dancer, you’d even make messing up look good. Plus, it’s only practice.”

“Yeah Jimin-ah, she won’t mind,” Hoseok helped me out and as the music started blaring from the speakers again, the rapper jogged over to jab Jimin teasingly in the side.

From my words of encouragement, Jimin brightened and smiled in my direction again before joining the others with a serious glint in his eye. I sat against one of the pristinely white walls to watch the action unfold before me, knowing I was about to witness something magnificent. Taehyung started moving his hands and bobbing his body to the beat in that hilarious way he usually did in mock dance practices, and I couldn’t help but snort in amusement.

“Oh, Taehyung is improving! It must be because we have a lady in the room,” Hoseok shook his head, breaking out into chuckles when Tae moved to hit his shoulder in protest. His bashful smile switched to me, and I nodded my head in approval.

“I'm loving the skills though.”

Suddenly, the starting track for ‘Fire’ began playing loudly through the speakers, and my ears perked in recognition. Was I actually going to see this performed in front of me? I knew this dance all too well from the countless videos I’d seen.

“Are you guys ready?” Hoseok hollered into the open space, and I watched them line up a few metres back from the large mirror. They must be performing this at the upcoming concert, but I wasn’t sure why they needed so much practice seeing as they literally performed it at most live events.

“I’m so joining in!” I throw my cardigan across the room and jump to my feet, rolling up my sleeves in determination. I didn’t even care if they thought I was the strangest person in the world right now, because this was ‘Fire’.

As the first ‘bultaoruene’ resonated against the pale walls, I ran into the middle of the room and launched straight into the first part of the dance. Despite wanting to come across as serious, I couldn’t keep a cool and collected demeanour and opted instead to laugh loudly. The others were no different, and as my arms started moving wildly, Jimin fell to the floor in a breathless wreck. Hoseok exaggerated his surprise by cupping his hands around his mouth and cheering me onwards while Taehyung mimicked him with his own loud whoops. All three ended up on the ground as I continued to dance, biting my lip to feign seriousness.

I didn’t try to replicate their dancing, as I knew I couldn’t reach their level, but I still shook my hands rapidly and closed my passion-filled eyes to parody something that resembled it. The music stopped, and I fell to the vinyl floor as well, my breathing shortened due to how much I was cackling. Hoseok had stumbled over to pause the track, and I could hear him suffering just as I was.

“Oh my-Oh my God that was great. Did you learn the whole thing?” He gasped out, making his way back over to where I was sitting with my head pressed into the cold floor. My whole body was shaking and erupting with shamed giggles, and when I rolled over I hid my face in my hands to stop the embarrassment from showing.

“I’ve seen it too many times to not dance to it,” I sigh eventually, hearing the two younger members regain themselves too.

“I was not expecting that, you have to dance with us, I’m begging you,” Taehyung ran over, his deeply toned sentence breaking up into various airy chuckles. Jimin was the last to get to his feet, but his face was completely reddened and his hair was even messier than before.

“We’ll teach you the rest. I think we’ve practiced the actual dances enough for today, don’t you think hyung?”

Hoseok exhaled loudly, his eyes crinkling with his smile after regaining his composure. 

“Yes, you’re right. And the newest member of the dance line needs some instruction.”

I was still on the floor, but at the dancer’s statement I fell over again. Taehyung and Jimin both smiled at my pained expression.

“Guys, I wouldn’t be able to dance the whole thing properly, let alone with dancers like you next to me.”

“Thank you for the compliment, but you are going to learn this. No buts,” Taehyung held out a helping hand, and I grasped it to help me get back up onto my feet. I then turned to Hoseok.

“Okay sonsaeng-nim, where do I start?”

All three boys laughed again, and Hoseok straightened himself, puffing out his chest to seem scholarly. Taehyung pointed to him while his box grin widened.

“Hobi-hyung is literally everyone’s dance teacher, he can teach all of us right now.”

At this, the greyish-brown haired boy rushed to line up beside me and looked sideways expectantly. Jimin chuckled uncontrollably, but chose not to line up. I nudged Taehyung into a straighter position with my elbow as Hoseok began pacing in front of us, massaging his chin with two fingers thoughtfully. He lowered his voice to sound gruff and strict, and I had to blow out my cheeks to keep it in.

“First lesson of the day, the chorus choreo.”

“Yes, teacher,” Taehyung and I chanted in unison as if being scolded, and Jimin nearly fell over again. Hoseok waved his hand dismissively and the whole act was dropped. I fell into the boy beside me, suddenly embarrassed again, but not being able to contain myself any longer. Taehyung patted my shoulder comfortingly while stifling his own sounds.

“Honestly, we weren’t joking about you learning the dance though,” Hoseok started and came over to grasp both my forearms, tugging on them to lead me forwards. I groaned and sent a look that screamed ‘help’ towards Jimin and Taehyung behind me, but they both just snorted.

I cursed Jimin for betraying me like this. I thought he was my friend.

“Jimin-ah, Taehyung-ah, you’re going to help too,” Hoseok beckoned them over, and I could only grumble my complaint.

“Okay, just get Jimin to show me some steps and I’ll see if I can do it properly,” I straightened my arms, which were still being pulled by Hoseok, and tapped my feet a couple of times to get ready. The red haired dancer finally dropped his hold, but looked down at his hands as if he had touched something strange and foreign.

Jimin nodded at my request, and I paid close attention as he lined up in front of the mirror and ran through the starting choreo to the chorus. As both he and Hoseok showed me a slowed down version, I managed to get it all memorised. Taehyung clapped his hands to congratulate me, but his face fell when the phone in his pocket started buzzing incessantly.

“Sorry guys, it’s my turn to help Jin-hyung with dinner tonight. I have to go,” Taehyung fake sobbed and I watched as Jimin went along with it to hug him comfortingly. Hoseok pretended to cry as well, and I couldn’t help but think this whole scene looked like he was about to be sacrificed to the Devil or something.

“Bye (Y/n), I hope I’ll see you soon,” The lively boy called as everything returned back to normal, and I couldn’t help but revel in the easygoing atmosphere surrounding me suddenly. I hadn't even met two of these people yet, but somehow I'd managed to skip past all the initial awkwardness of first meetings.

“Of course, definitely soon!” I vowed, and the singer left while grabbing one of the sports bags that rested by the door, continuing to walk backwards and wave rapidly. He was just too cute, and the way his eyes glimmered with hope just before he left was etched deeply into my mind, even long after he was gone.

“We’re fine to teach you something, before we have to go anyway,” Hoseok turned back to us, and I almost face-palmed at the thought.

“Please don’t waste your time, I don’t even have a dancer’s body,” I replied, my voice drawling out in protest.

“(Y/n) you do! Even if you were playing around before, you could still dance,” Jimin fought my statement, and I scoffed at his widened eyes. He was seriously against people belittling themselves.

“Plus, everyone gets better with practice,” Hoseok joined in, nodding his head cutely as his hands rested on his hips. Jimin ran through the dance again, and I sewed their teachings together to try and copy him. I was shorter and had a different body shape to both dancers, but I tried to alter the moves to accommodate for that, and actually ended up pretty proud of the outcome.

“I just don’t like how I can’t flow properly when I come up from the first move,” I grunted, trying out the steps again. Jimin hummed considerately before moving to stand behind me.

“Move your hands super quickly, and maybe keep this arm up so it’s easier,” He lightly grasped one of my forearms while I stayed frozen in the same position, and I actually saw in the mirror how it could help me. I was very much aware of how gentle his touch had been and how close his body was to mine, but it was only to observe my form to see if anything else could be fixed. It didn’t help my racing thoughts when his warm puffs of breath made the hairs on the back of my neck tingle.

“And since you have to move your feet soon after, maybe don’t put so much weight on them beforehand,” Hoseok piped in, and moved my other arm down so I could focus on my feet this time around. He had been firmer than Jimin with his touch, but the singular fact that both of them had touched my arms in the span of a minute was enough to leave me breathless. I followed his instruction, and gulped when the dancer’s lips quirked up into a knowing smirk.

“See, speed it up and try it now!” Hoseok bounced to get on my other side while Jimin stood and watched his partner add his own extra tips. I found out just how useful a wall-sized mirror was when learning to dance, and when complimented by Hoseok’s timely sound effects, it wasn’t hard to get down the moves.

“Pa, pa and...boom. See, you have it. You’re a natural,” Hoseok reached up to exchange a sharp high-five, and I complied before covering my face again. This was almost too embarrassing, and I just knew how badly my cheeks were flaring.

“See hyung, I told you she was cute when she blushed,” One of Jimin’s fingers came to poke my cheek, just like he had done that one time in the car, and I reeled away from him.

“Ah, don’t tease me, how rude!”

Hoseok and Jimin chuckled, and I heard the older dancer agree with my words in another fresh bout of mockery.

“She’s right Jiminie, don’t embarrass her too much or she might just faint because of you.”

I growled, and they both stifled their laughing.

“As if I would faint, it’s not like I’ve never received a compliment before.”

“Ooh, cocky,” Hoseok tilted his head back and I smiled as both boys shook their heads at each other with crossed arms.

“Hey!” I pushed both of them away using their broad chests, scrunching my face up angrily. Knowing it wasn’t convincing in the slightest, I inwardly cursed my constant failure to hide emotions.

“But seriously, she has that natural aegyo,” Hoseok pointed out with wide eyes and Jimin opened his mouth in surprise before agreeing wholeheartedly. I groaned loudly and ran over to grab my cardigan, surprised I didn’t end up on the floor again.

“I’m leaving, before my face burns clean off,” I announce, pointing an accusing finger at the two chuckling dancers who were making their way over to gather their belongings and drink bottles.

“Remind me to never be alone with you two again.”

“But (Y/n),” Jimin licked his lips and smiled sweetly, “We’re not making any promises.”

The duality of this man scared me.

“Whatever, I actually should get going though,” I noted forlornly, not continuing to joke even though I really wanted to. The boys both nodded while seeming sad also, but Hoseok lifted his head to smile kindly.

“It was really fun to dance with you, please consider learning with us again (Y/n).”

“It sounds like you’re trying to sell me something, but sure I’ll think about it.”

Jimin erupted into giggles and slapped his elder on the shoulder before curling into him, just like he usually did when he laughed really hard. Hoseok just pressed his lips together and tilted his head to seem hurt.

“Please do,” He agreed in a broken whisper, but I steeled my throat from letting anything close to laughter escape its clutches. I would be here for way too long if I couldn’t control myself.

“Okay bye!” I shout, listening to their farewells before ducking out into the chilled hallway.

Time had seriously flown by, and I remembered that I would have been home hours ago if I hadn’t been so severely side-tracked. I sighed with weariness as I finally made my way towards the steel doors of the elevator, listlessly passing a trashcan full of several empty coffee cups.

Chapter Text




“Hyung, I’m not burning this am I?”

Seokjin clicked his tongue and wandered over to where Taehyung was hovering over a sizzling pan. The contents were steaming thickly, and the hissing sounds were loud enough to mask a horde of hungry trainees.

“No, it’s meant to be like that. Let me know when the onions turn golden.”

“Okay,” Taehyung exhaled sharply and stirred whatever was in the pan once more, trying his best to avoid splatters of searing oil. The younger vocalist was known for his smooth and seemingly perfect tanned skin, so having little burn marks littering the surface would be super annoying.

Suddenly, the front door jolted open, and both guys working in the busied kitchen whipped their heads upwards at the sound of loud voices filtering through.

“Confidence is seriously so important,” Jimin’s voice was raised, as if he seemed agitated. Hoseok replied with his own murmur of agreement, but both dancers drew to a halt when they breathed in the scents emitting from the kitchen.

“Wow! Hyung that smells amazing,” Jimin sighed and took a seat at the countertop, making sure to rest his sports bag underneath the chair.

“Hey, I helped,” Taehyung pouted and stirred again, playfully whining to gather everyone’s attention. Seokjin chuckled and reached over to turn the heat of the stove to a lower temperature, finally allowing Tae to stand upright with no danger of getting burned.

More compliments towards the delicious smells emerged when a couple of the remaining members trudged into the living area. Namjoon and Yoongi returned to their conversation soon after, they had most likely been discussing their recently recorded tracks.

“Can someone get Jungkookie? It’s almost ready,” Jin asked and then tasted the food with a small spoon, smacking his lips and groaning at the heavenly mix of flavours.

“I thought you always said to never taste the cooking,” Hoseok snorted and then shrugged at Taehyung’s blankly confused expression. Nobody had gotten up to rouse their napping maknae, but they all knew he’d be drawn to the smell of food sooner rather than later.

“Were you guys just out for practice?” Namjoon questioned when he spotted the dancer’s sports bags under the bar stools. He, Yoongi and Hoseok had plopped onto the plush couch in front of the TV to relax, waiting for dinner to be dished up.

“Oh, best practice ever!” Jimin swirled around in his stool, almost toppling over a glass of water in the process. He ignored Seokjin’s warning mumble, and focused solely on his leader.

“True, wait what happened after I left?” Taehyung gasped and rested his wooden spoon inside the steaming bowl of vegetables, much to Seokjin’s disappointment.

“Well, we didn’t get to stay for too much longer, but we taught her the chorus part,” Hoseok broke off into loud sniggers as he recalled the memories, and Jimin slid off the stool to join into the conversation.

“Wait, you were teaching a girl how to dance?” Namjoon lifted an eyebrow while Seokjin reluctantly turned the stove off to let the food simmer gently. He was too curious to miss out on this information.

“Yeah, it was just (Y/n),” Jimin provided, and Namjoon eventually nodded slowly, still seeming utterly confused. Taehyung, after receiving the eldest’ permission, cutely jogged over to where everyone was gathered either on top of or in front of the couch.

“She dances really well, but doesn’t give herself enough credit for it,” Hoseok’s eyes were blown, and his voice had an almost offended tinge to it. Jimin nodded, smiling and shaking his head at the thought.

“It was so funny, I never expected her to just start dancing like that.”

“Neither did I!” Taehyung exclaimed with a voice full of shock, “I was laughing way too hard, I feel kind of bad now.”

“Nah she was fine, she’s actually really laidback. It’s really strange to see, but it just makes her fun to be around,” Hoseok grinned when Jimin and Taehyung nodded eagerly in agreement. Before anyone else could input, the sound of shuffling footsteps brought everyone’s attention to the hallway.

“Why are we talking about (Y/n)-noona?” Jungkook rubbed his eyes, which were bleary with sleep, and hastily joined Taehyung on the floor in front of everyone else. Most of the boys chuckled at their youngest member and how it looked like he had abruptly woken himself just for this conversation.

“Wait, if we’re talking about her, why hasn’t Yoongi-hyung told us off?” The dark-haired maknae’s question triggered various sounds of realisation, and everyone’s eyes swivelled to the mostly silent member in question.

“Well, I’ve now met her, so I can’t get that angry over it anymore,” He revealed, and Hoseok blinked rapidly.

“What? You didn’t tell us?”

“When?” Jungkook and Jimin chorused, the latter giggling quietly afterwards.

“It was only last week sometime, so I would’ve brought it up eventually,” Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows suddenly, “And I told Namjoon, so it wasn’t as if it was a secret.”

Namjoon nodded, his smile stretching wider and his dimples making an appearance.

“Yeah I knew, I just didn’t think it was a huge deal…obviously I was wrong.”

“You’re all missing something really important!” Seokjin suddenly cried out, his voice rose as he playfully slapped the armrest of the couch next to him.

“Why am I the only one who hasn’t met her?”

Everyone laughed loudly at their eldest member and his angry outburst. Hoseok grasped both of Seokjin’s shoulders and coddled him, fussing in a high-pitched voice.

“It’s okay hyung, your time will come.”

“Why are we overreacting about this? It’s just like meeting anyone else, for crying out loud,” Yoongi’s insulted tone battled his small smile as he protested loudly.

“Well, s-she’s different than the average person!” Jungkook stammered, and Jimin made a loud noise of agreement, pointing to Jungkook and nodding.

“She’s a foreigner, and I’ve never seen her be shy about anything, it’s actually really interesting.”

“Well, she’s been embarrassed, that’s for sure,” Hoseok covered his mouth to stifle his laughing, and Jimin turned his pointed finger to the rapper, sharply exhaling in amusement.

“Jungkookie even promised he would make her blush one day, but Hoseokie-hyung and I bet him to it.” The blonde gloated.

“Hey, not even fair,” Jungkook clicked his tongue, suddenly reminded that he had, in fact told her he would accept the challenge.

Seokjin shook his head, still bewildered over the conversation that had transpired. This girl had suddenly appeared in their lives and now she had left her mark. He could only grow annoyed because he would never admit it, but he was fairly jealous. Why did he have to miss out on every single time she was there? He shook it off, trying to regain somewhat reasonable thoughts, and got to his feet to dish up dinner for the night.

“No more talk about (Y/n), we have delicious food to eat.”

“I don’t care what anyone says, I think she’s really pretty. Jiminie, please tell me you felt how soft her skin was,” Hoseok held out his open palms towards Jimin, and the younger widened his eyes.

“I thought I was the only one who noticed that!”

“Hey, that’s weird, I hope you guys didn’t do anything creepy,” Namjoon huffed in disbelief and a look of concern crossed his features. He was completely stunned, but he was still smiling.

“No hyung! It was just her arms!” Jimin buried his face into his hands, face erupting just like it had back in the dance practice room. Hoseok just laughed and slapped Namjoon’s back in resistance.

“Yeah Joonie, don’t be perverted.”

Yoongi eyed Jungkook who was just sitting there looking dazed and confused about the entire situation, and couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter before diverting his attention to the darkened window. Taehyung was giggling, and he reached forward to slap Jimin’s knee.

“So that’s what happened after I left! You guys are terrible.”

Jimin groaned and batted away anyone who tried to tease him further. He wondered why nobody was beating up Hoseok, seeing as though he was the one to bring up the topic in the first place.

“Yah! I’m serious, if you all want dinner, no more talk about (Y/n), if I hear (Y/n) one more time…” Seokjin shook his head, also concerned about the shift the conversation had taken.

When not one of them responded, the black-haired man craned his neck around to see what had caused the silence to befall.

Jungkook was observing the floor with a tiny shy smile plastered on his face, his eyes darting side to side and his lips pressed together apprehensively.

Jimin’s smile was wider as he brought his hands up to his face, the blush still dancing across his cheeks as he tried to massage it away. He ruffled his blonde hair, as he usually did when he was feeling bashful, and for some reason swallowed nervously.

Taehyung had regained a fairly blank expression, but Seokjin knew he was thinking hard because the boy’s teeth gnawed occasionally on his bottom lip before running his tongue over the pressured skin.

Yoongi was still gazing out of the window absent-mindedly, his brows knitting together from time to time, and that was the only indication that he was thinking about anything at all. The rapper bounced his left leg whenever he lost focus like this, so it wasn’t hard to see that he was currently lost in another world.

Hoseok was busying himself by organising the contents of his bag, but his lips would suspiciously quirk every two seconds, and he even chuckled randomly once before getting up to make his way over to the dining table.

Namjoon had gotten to his feet as soon as Seokjin had warned him, but his gaze was glazed over with deep and conflicted thoughts. His fingers fiddled with the bottom of his long, black shirt distractedly, and Seokjin observed with astonishment how his leader’s full lips eventually tugged up into a meaningful smirk.

“What, are you all fucking whipped!?”

Chapter Text


Soojin’s heels clapped loudly against the hardened floor as she sprinted through the office. Her straight black hair swung uncontrollably in her haste, and her hands were clammy from the sudden exertion.

“Unni! Why are you rushing?”  I called hopelessly, left to trail in her rapid footsteps in a desperate attempt to catch up.

I had only just arrived at the building for work five minutes prior, but my wrist had been grasped after just stepping into my own office. Soojin’s flurried instructions and widened eyes were all I was provided with before being forced to apparently run for my life.

“We need more people down at the concert hall! There’s no-one available, hurry!”

My eyebrows furrowed as my brain grasped at her words, not really understanding what was happening. The concert was tonight? How could I even forget something like that?

Shit, but I thought we didn’t get involved with the concerts?” I questioned the short-haired woman, clad from head to toe in office-wear ironically just to fortify my point. We had stopped sprinting once we reached the carpark outside and I squealed when the assistant bundled me straight into one of the transport vans out the back. I was extremely surprised at how spontaneous everything seemed at the moment.

“Well, we don’t usually. But I received a call for help, and you were the only person who didn’t have a packed schedule for tonight,” Soojin huffed, combing her hair away from her flustered face. She didn’t join me, but instead waved a hand towards the driver as a signal to depart.

“Sorry for the short notice, you’ll have fun though!”

Before I could even open my mouth in protest, the door was closed with a thud and I was left to wallow in the deafening silence. Sighing in defeat, I wondered if these kinds of things always happened around Bighit Entertainment.

“Oh my…we’re so sorry (Y/n)-ssi.”

I glanced up to see the remaining seats taken up by three other women, much to my surprise. They looked just as shocked as I did, but I could tell they were relieved they had actually received the help they wanted.

“We didn’t expect Soojin to rush you over here like that, I apologise,” The oldest of the bunch shook her head and muttered drowsily. She was obviously used to the stressed out assistant being excessively dramatic.

I noticed they were all dressed in darkened clothing to remain hidden if they ever needed to be directly backstage, and I was just glad I hadn’t decided to adorn anything too flashy or bright for the working day.

It’s a bit of a change, but I didn’t have anything else planned anyway.

“It's fine, I’m willing to help out with anything the stylists and backstage crew need. What will I be doing tonight?”

The women were surrounded by plastic boxes full of stylistic and colourful stage clothes, but one also held a smaller crate full of makeup and cleaning supplies in her lap. I was a bit confused about what particular job they would be doing for the event.

 “We’re bringing over supplies for now, but we just help out with anything that needs to be done. Usually we have many other volunteers, but tonight we had too many people call in absent.”

I fought the sudden urge to roll my eyes at the statement. This exact thing had happened when they needed an interpreter a few weeks back. Why were employees so unreliable as of late?

“Okay, so we’ll be pretty pressed tonight, right?”

“Yep, unfortunately,” The eldest spoke again, looking crestfallen all of a sudden.

“But we’re good at what we do, so we’ll be able to hold it together for them the best we can.”

Admiration for their resolve sizzled within me, and I nodded to try show the same attitude. I would do my best to make sure everything flowed nicely as well, even though I had no experience with backstage shenanigans.

“If you could,” the one holding the smallest crate piped up, “Would you please take these down to the stylists when we get there? You can station yourself in the dressing rooms and help them with anything they need for the night.”

I was growing more excited by the minute, and the thought of spending more time with the stylists at an actual concert made me grin broadly. I was actually really good friends with them now, as I still made occasional coffee stops downstairs whenever they needed the extra energy.

“Of course, I’ll do my best.”

The crate wasn’t too heavy to lug around, and there was no trouble navigating the concert hall based off the given instructions. The entire hall was flurried with excited workers, and I almost got trodden on by way too many anxious supervisors and staff while trying to get to the stylist’s hallway.

Damn, these functions are intense…

I finally managed to reach the humid room, trying to rush in time for the stylists to gather everything they needed. The concert was due to start soon, and usually all the makeup and necessary last-minute fittings would have been done already. Something must have gone wrong with the entire line of communication.

I could only manage a throaty cough when I entered the dressing room, as the stinging smell of scented hairspray laced the air way too thickly for me to even breathe. Nobody else seemed to be having a problem though, because I was instantly greeted with ease.

"(Y/n)-ah! Thank God you’re here!”

“(Y/n)’s here?” A male stylist popped his head around one of the ajar doorframes, and I managed a smile when he bowed and hurriedly took the crate from my outstretched arms. Obviously they had been wanting these extra supplies for quite some time.

I glanced around to see darkly dressed people promptly going about their usual jobs, but my breath hitched when I saw a few of the performers themselves seated in the wheeling chairs assigned for the hair specialists.

Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin.

Even though I now knew them personally, seeing them within my vicinity caused my heart to beat erratically. I was continuously flooded with love and admiration for these boys, and having to contain it for so long was probably detrimental to my health. The sudden spike of adrenaline from the thrilled atmosphere did not help my churning emotions.

My mood dampened slightly when I saw the effect of the miscommunications painted clearly on each of their features. Yoongi was still cool and collected, having his earbuds plugged right in and his eyes closed placidly as a hairdresser worked gel deep into his fading locks.

Namjoon was fiddling impatiently with his fingers, his teeth worrying his bottom lip occasionally as he tried to analyse the situation. On the outside, it looked as if he was as composed as ever, smiling at anyone who made contact with his perusing eyes, but I knew he was growing frazzled at the edges due to everyone freaking out.

Jimin and Jungkook both looked quite lost, in one way or another. The younger members were glancing around and tapping their toes against the hardened flooring in bouts of anxiety. Jimin kept glancing at the maknae next to him, almost as if majority of his burden was a direct result of worrying too much about the other boy, and I saw him murmur a few soothing phrases here and there. It wasn’t as if they were a complete mess, as they had obviously dealt with poorly planned concerts before, but I knew it still wasn’t pleasant for anyone.

Not one of them even knew I had entered the room.

“(Y/n)-ah, can you please, please do me a massive favour and straighten his hair? I’ll be back very soon!” One of the noonas scrambled towards me and dropped a large straightener right into my startled fingers. I snapped my eyes upwards to see the woman’s pleading gaze boring into my own before she darted away to address a more urgent matter.

I eventually shifted my gaze to Jungkook’s chair, which she had abruptly abandoned, and slowly began to make my way in that direction.

“Hey, maknae,” I smirked and rested one hand on the boy’s rigid shoulder, coming up to push his swivelling chair further into the makeup bench. His doe eyes widened and I felt his whole body jerk underneath my touch, letting me know just how on edge he truly was.

“(Y/n)-noona? What?”

“Hey, hey. Everything’s gonna be fine, don’t get so tensed up or you’ll give yourself a cramp,” I chided, keeping my voice steady while attempting to plug in the straightener swiftly enough. If I wanted the boy to feel prepared, he needed this done as quickly as possible. Probably even quicker than that.

Under my hand, which I had begun to rub against his shoulder sympathetically, he sighed deeply and loosened his posture. Feeling playful, I raised my fingers upwards to comb through and ruffle his messy dark strands of hair. He chuckled at my actions and even tried to duck away eventually, but I was just glad to see his cheeky smile again. The mirror was a little dirty from dustings of powders and sprays that just continued to build up, but I could still see what I was doing clearly.

“I have to straighten this mop now, so hold still you brat,” I teased the younger boy with a whine, as he wouldn’t stop trying to move away from me.

“Well, well. What brings you here Ms. Uber?” A deeper voice suddenly droned from the seat to our left, and I turned my eyes away from Jungkook’s gleaming ones to figure out where it was coming from. There, I was met with Yoongi’s curious pucker, which in turn morphed into an amused smirk at my expression.

“I don’t know what kind of show you people are running, but this seems more like a zoo to me.”

He laughed brusquely and pressed his tongue into the side of his cheek, catlike eyes crinkling up with his smile in the most adorable way.

“You’re definitely not wrong there.”

“(Y/n)? When the hell did you get here!?” A breathy tone, which undoubtedly belonged to Jimin, caused me to smile wider before turning my head in the opposite direction. He was currently getting the finishing touches done to his makeup via the powder brush, but I must have been pretty identifiable. It was probably the bluntness.

“I’ve actually been here for about ten minutes or so, but you guys were way too stressed out to notice. I hope you all know things are getting sorted out as we speak, it just looks like bomb-zone because humans are awkward and don’t know how to deal with their shit.”

All three of them snorted or exhaled their mirth, and I even saw Namjoon who was scrolling through his phone absentmindedly nod in agreement. The taller man’s whole frame trembled once as a sign of laughter, and I sniggered inwardly at the thought of him eavesdropping. The leader was sitting one seat further down than Yoongi, but it seemed like he wasn’t going to join into the conversation just yet.

“Well, that’s a relief,” Jungkook mumbled, casting his eyes downwards once more before sighing again. I couldn’t massage his shoulder comfortingly anymore because my sole task was now straightening his freshly cleaned hair, but I still badly wanted to engulf the wearied boy in a heartfelt hug to help him forget all his misgivings.

“I know you guys would do great out there, regardless of what went down backstage anyway,” I continued, running my fingers gently against Jungkook’s scalp once I had straightened out all of the kinked tresses. He leaned back into my hand, a small smile appearing at the kneading sensations against his skull. All of his worries were hopefully grooved out in these short moments of serenity.

“If she’s here, someone get Jin-hyung before he blows a fuse,” Yoongi exclaimed indignantly and jerked out both of his earbuds to look around. I watched with confusion as the other members gasped and started calling out loudly for the eldest member. Jimin couldn’t contain his chortles and leaned over to wack Jungkook dramatically.

“Quick, he’ll starve us if we let this happen!”

“Ah, thank you so much (Y/n)! You can go back to what you were doing now,” The woman from before suddenly appeared next to me, and my eyes tore away from Jungkook’s peaceful expression to see her smiling visage.

“Wow, you’ve done an excellently thorough job, maybe you should be in the styling room with us instead of that stuffy office!”

I giggled, handing over the warmed straightener into her pale, awaiting palms.

“I’m sorry unni, but your room is no less stuffy. How do your lungs even function with that much hairspray in your system?”

She sighed and shook her head knowingly before returning to work on Jungkook’s hair. I noticed he had once again tensed up in the shoulders, and I had to bite back a growl of disapproval.

“Okay…I guess I’ll see you guys some other time, maybe after?” I managed to half-sigh, surprisingly more saddened than I thought about leaving them. Jimin, Yoongi and even Namjoon had turned to fully give me their attention while Jungkook just met my gaze directly through the mirror in front of him. All four looked taken aback, and I didn’t even know what they were so dumbstrucked or amazed about.

“Break a leg, I’ll be cheering from wherever I am,” I began to back away, teasingly blowing a kiss towards all of them to break the tensioned air. At the gesture, Jimin reached upwards sharply to catch the kiss with widened eyes, and this caused everyone to break out into giggles and chuckles.

I continued to help out wherever I was needed, mostly carrying boxes and supplies around the concert hall whenever there was an impromptu need for them. I even ran into a breathless Taehyung a good fifteen minutes or so before the concert was about to launch. Since the walkway was tiny, I quickly pressed myself into the wall with my hands splayed on the painted surface to let him pass by.

“(Y/n)? Hello! I’m sorry, I’m in a rush,” He grinned widely, and rested both of his large hands on my shoulders to inch along as quickly as he could. He had clearly been rehearsing, so the body heat radiating from him was borderline crazy.

“Hey, good luck out there!” I called after him when I finally I managed to regain some breath into my body, and received a half-hearted wave and a booming ‘Thank you!’ in return as he continued to sprint down the narrowed space. My eyes trailed his slightly wavy grey-brown hair as it bobbed with his movements, and I endlessly thanked whoever invented bandanas.

 It was time for the boys to get fitted with the clothes they would be performing in, and I quivered gleefully at the thought of seeing their dances and vocals up close. This would be the best concert experience I could ever possibly dream of.

“It’s going to start soon!” A woman who was part of the backstage crew ushered me out of the walkway, and I met up once again with the three helpers I’d arrived with. Their brows were glistening and their breaths were ragged. I knew they’d been working just as hard as I had been.

“Well done, all of you,” The eldest chuckled airily, “Now we’ll be sidestage to help with equipment and props. When you feel like you don’t have a job to do, talk to that blonde haired coordinator standing next to the curtain.”

I followed her gesture to see the significantly younger looking woman who was preoccupied with ordering workers around rapidly. Even though she was under fire from the stressful organisation, she threw out directions and commands like a programmed machine gun. I gulped as I watched her alternate between muttering into her headset and calmly directing every single person who so much as peeped in her direction.

The others headed off, obviously already having things to see and get done, but I was left to consult the coordinator herself.

“There’s so much to do, but everything is being looked into. Could you please go to the left wing and speak with the crew there? I think there was something about quick changes,” The blonde woman barely took a breath before dishing out the instructions, and I knew things were really starting to intensify as the lights of the concert hall dimmed.

The sounds of loud cheering and screaming only flooded my ears now, and I was left baffled on how they had been tuned out for so long. The adrenaline must have worked its way into my head and created metaphorical ear-plugs.

Wow, maybe you’re just going deaf already. Let’s face it.

The excitement continued to bundle within me as I ducked into a different walkway that crossed backstage. I hadn’t been over to this side yet, but I knew it was where the resting and recovery section was most of the time.

“Okay, are you the helper?” A middle-aged woman with deeply set eyes greeted me as soon as I emerged into the open space, and I could only nod enthusiastically. She smiled warmly in relief and guided me over to where a few piles of clothes were lined up against the back wall.

“This is where quick changes happen, but it’s only occasionally and there’s never a point where all the members need a quick change of clothes at the same time. You’re here for us if we need the extra help, it’s always good to have another pair of hands when things don’t work out.”

“That’s understandable, I’ll look out and help if I need to,” I respond with confidence, and only receive a brisk nod in reply. The concert had begun, and the shrill screams of fans rose upwards until it was a literal roar of exhilaration and awe. I was suddenly disappointed, because I just realised I wouldn’t actually see any glimpses of the concert at all, and would just be stuck back here listening to the action unfold.

Well, it’s better than nothing. This job has already brought me a lot more than I could have ever asked for.

I strained my ears intently to listen to the boys as they greeted their fans affectionately, just as they usually did, and tried to conjure up the image of their smiling faces. Their declarations of their love for ARMY used to make my heart clench and squeeze with pounding adoration, but now I felt disconnected. It was as if they were addressing something completely separate, almost like…I wasn’t even a member of the fanbase anymore?

It wasn’t as if I was any less of a fan, it just felt so different and alien to identify as normal now. Especially as an International-ARMY, who were known for collectively struggling with the idea of never meeting the boys and only getting rare visits. I suddenly felt as though my fortified world as a fan had shifted on its axis.

When ‘Fire’ started blaring through the speakers of the stadium, the tumbling thoughts vanished and a smile suddenly erupted onto my features. Memories of the action-packed lesson back in the practice room at Bighit caused me to shake my head fondly, and I fought the urge to break into the dance routine Hoseok and Jimin had effortlessly taught me, right then and there.

Maybe they were reliving the same memories? I doubted it, but it would be hilarious to see their faces during this performance and catch any random, straying grins or chuckles. I guess I could just hop onto YouTube whenever I got the time later, just when the curiosity would start to eat away at me.

As the minutes flew by, I hung back against the wall a few metres away and glanced around to see if my help would be required.

Suddenly, a couple of seconds after the third song –‘Save Me’- drew to a close, the sounds of hasty footsteps ricocheted against the walls. There was barely any warning before three of the members burst into the area and scrambled for the piles of clothes on the ground. In the darkness of backstage, I could just distinguish the features of Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok. The three rappers.

They quickly shrugged on oversized coats and the crew helped them speedily by looping shimmering chains around their sweaty necklines. I figured they must have been going out to perform one of the ‘Cyphers’, as suggested by their suddenly badass fashion sense. I watched with wonderment as the heavily breathing performers worked themselves up to deliver their savagely-natured disses.

A couple of minutes had passed since they left and the loud, banging track was pulsating through the air around us. When the final verse opened up, more panting bodies arrived into the changing area sidestage. The vocalists must have been gearing up for their own performance after this one, and I was eager to possibly hear ‘Dimple’ or maybe even ‘Lost’? Anything would’ve literally been A-Okay with me at that moment.

The vocalists tried their best to silently remove their shirts in the quickest way possible, but it wouldn’t have mattered much because ‘Cypher 4’ had enough noise to accompany a battlefield movie scene. Plus, they were getting enough help from the crew members to shuck their decorative getups in no time. All except a very flustered Seokjin…

Seeing the oldest member of BTS up close for the first time rendered me speechless, and it suddenly struck me that he was the only one I hadn’t actually met. My eyes scanned over the broad-shouldered man as he tugged off his shoes and snatched at the clothes to find the right button-up shirt. The song was drawing to a close, and he was fumbling with the buttons of his shirt despite the shakiness of his fingers. It looked like he was way too hyped up to even look in a straight line, and I saw that he still hadn’t even fixed up his earpiece.

Everyone else is occupied! Shit, why am I forced into this with the one member I haven’t spoken to?

I instantly jumped to my feet when the black-haired man bit his bottom lip in frustration, looking towards his bandmates desperately for help.

Seokjin's eyes blew wide when I swiftly appeared in front of him and gently knocked his hands away from the buttons of his snowy white dress shirt. I averted my eyes away from the view of his exposed chest, because the sight would surely muddle with my mind. The wafting tendrils of fragranced cologne and body sweat were already doing enough to my insides as it was, and I really didn’t need the added suffering.

“Fix your mic-earpiece thing!” I whispered urgently and snapped the buttons of the shirt into place quicker than he ever could have. His concentration flew back to the task at hand, and I felt rather than heard his rickety sigh of pure relief. There was only about a minute left before all four of them had to rush out onto stage, so I kept a level head and willed any tremors far away from my fingertips. The man towered above me, so my average height had somehow become useful for once. Only when it came to doing up shirt buttons, it seemed.

Seokjin looped the cord of his earpiece back around to the correct position, making sure to avoid knocking my rapidly moving fingers, and craned his neck from side to side to loosen the muscles. Sweat gleamed from his hairline down to the flawless skin of his collarbone, and I couldn’t even bring myself to be disgusted by the coating of it on my fingers just from his clothed chest alone. I now knew why changing outfits halfway through a concert was such a brilliant idea.

“Are you (Y/n), by any chance?” His hushed voice suddenly whispered close to my eardrum, and I looked upwards to see him covering his mic with one careful hand. He had leaned in slightly to make sure I had heard him, and I gulped at the scorching temperature blooming from his body. My cheeks were definitely serving consequences.

“Well, how did you manage to figure that out?” I smirked in an attempt to push down any unnecessary noises, finally finishing up with the buttons and leaving him to smooth out any fabric creases.

He did so, and I saw his eyes sparkle with triumph as he rolled his shoulders to release any cramps.

“You’d find it weird if I told you why,” He shook his head with a smile and reached up to wipe at the smattering of salty droplets cascading down his jawline. I raised an eyebrow at the statement, blaming it on the obvious lack of time, and reached behind me to grab a blue, bleach-stained towel resting over a chair.

“I’ll question that later, for now you should have a drink,” I murmured and reached up to smooth his bangs away, letting me dab at his sweat covered brow. He looked positively stunned at my forwardness, but then broke into a mischievous grin and spread his feet further apart so he could lower himself enough for us to be at eye-level.

“Hey, I’m not even that short,” I grumbled, narrowing my eyes while continuing to wipe at his jaw more forcefully than before. He almost fell over because of his unbalanced stance, and ducked his head away from my violent towelling, covering his mouth with one hand to muffle his laughter.

“You guys better stop messing around, you’re going out in twenty seconds Seokjin-oppa,” A hand tapped my shoulder harshly and I whipped my head around to see the coordinator fixating me with a warning glare. She then scoured it over Seokjin before muttering into her headpiece and departing towards the stage manager’s desk.

I puffed out my cheeks and met Jin’s equally terrified expression, my heartbeat hammering at the daunting encounter. Then seeing his offended pout made me purse my lips, and we could both barely contain ourselves from snorting with amusement again. It was so weird how things seemed to get funnier when you really weren’t supposed to laugh.

“Stop, or you’ll get me fired,” I cleared my throat softly, trying to stop my lips from quirking at every single movement or sound he made.

“Oh, so it’s my fault now? I seem to remember a certain somebody attacking me with a towel…”

Before I could even bite back with a witty reply, Jimin hopped over and tugged Seokjin by the loose flowing fabric of his shirt.

“Hyung, we have to go on!”

I heard Seokjin curse under his breath before he adjusted his earpiece and rolled his wide shoulders once more. His exhilarated but nervous demeanour had made a comeback suddenly, and I felt bad for distracting his focus from the actual concert.

“You’ll do great,” I flashed a thumbs up to both boys, and received a heartfelt smile from Jimin in return. Seokjin nodded towards me with one corner of his lips tugged up, and I felt my brain start swimming when he winked.

Not usually being one to back down from a challenge, I dared to throw my own wink back. He definitely wasn’t expecting that, and I turned away with a chuckle upon seeing his widened eyes and confronted expression. He had tried to turn to Jimin and point at me accusingly, but the signal was finally given for the boys to venture out onto the stage and the vocalist instantly fell back into his serious stage front.

I could only watch them go, feeling giddy that I had finally met the famous Worldwide Handsome and his luckily genuine sense of humour. I had been so scared that everything he portrayed for the fans was just a mere persona, but now that I knew he truly was the dork we all knew and loved, I could rest easy.

Next thing I know, we’ll be battling it out to see who has the best dad jokes.

As the concert finally mellowed out into the bittersweet goodbyes and thankyous, I was tasked with packing away the supplies and loading them into the transport vans behind the venue. The process took longer than usual, as the organisation was still short on helping hands, but the concert itself had definitely been a huge success.

Humid night air filled my nostrils, and I observed the glittering stars above me serenely. I considered how the world was seriously full of countless blessings: friends, family, joyful memories, wealth, education, sleep, laughter, love…and boybands, I guess. The conclusion, which only took seconds to figure out, was that I was just lucky to have experienced them all.

Well, hopefully I would.

"(Y/n)! Wait up!"

I turned and saw a very flustered Jimin running at full pelt towards me. His hard-soled shoes echoed against the concrete of the emptying carpark, and I couldn't help but smile fondly at his excitable expression.

All six of the remaining members appeared from the double glass doors, and I knew I was about to be faced with the combined elation of them all. There was absolutely no feeling like pulling off a successful concert, and today I could even consider myself a part of it. hopefully, this wouldn't even be the last time.

Chapter Text


“You guys…”

I shook my head in disbelief, knowing exactly how the smile wouldn’t leave my face for the rest of the night. It was still slightly warm, but the boys were dressed after having showers, so they wore jumpers and coats to prevent sickness. I breathed in awe at the sight of them.

“You’re all absolutely amazing.”

Taehyung, who was one of the first to reach me, couldn’t stop beaming at my shakily delivered words.

“Thankyou! (Y/n)-ah, you’re the best!” He yelled in an excitable manner, and without warning he thrust himself harshly into my arms. I could feel how much his body was trembling with uncontained happiness. That was obviously the explanation for this unplanned attack.

“Tae!” I let out a surprised huff, but it became muffled by his thick woolly coat as he smothered me. I was stunned, but there was no way I wasn’t going to return the hug wholeheartedly. The other boys immediately moved to stop their bubbling bandmate and I knew Namjoon would likely be the most disgruntled. They weren’t prepared for me to duck Taehyung’s head and roughen up his hair with one frisky hand.

“You’re too cute,” I pinched one of his cheeks and laughed when he puffed them out in an even cuter display of glee. His friendly and outgoing nature would surely be the death of me, but where exactly did his sexiness on stage even come from? I guessed I had never really seen the more earnest or mature side of the boy just yet.

“Alright, alright! Don’t kill the girl,” Yoongi piped in loudly from the back of the group, but his smile was still there, even if it was only small and hidden under a partial look of disgust. I glanced around to see the other members sharing a similar brightened mood full of accomplishment, and I couldn’t even blame them after how exhilarating the night had been as a whole.

They were certainly used to this experience, which was a similarity I couldn't share even as an ARMY. The fact that they could still be this happy about performing for their fans, even after several comebacks and widespread concerts, was just an incredible feat in itself.

“I’ve never watched you all live, only through a screen,” I stepped back from Taehyung to address them all, knowing my eyes were undoubtedly starting to water.

“It…it was just so much more than I could ever imagine. Every single one of you has such an unbelievable stage presence, and I could only catch glimpses the whole time! Everything I could hear, the fans chanting along with your live vocals and rapping. It was all so surreal, I was-”

I trailed off, moving my hands rapidly to try and formulate the thoughts whirring around in my head into words. Korean words at that. I knew I was launching into a full-blown rant, but didn’t even care. They needed to know these things. I mean they surely did know already, right?

Namjoon stepped forward and nodded at me with a gentle smile resting on his features. I looked into his eyes and saw genuine, glowing happiness within their depths. He was truly grateful for the support, and with the way he reached forward to softly give my shoulder a squeeze along with the nod, I knew he felt more than heard what was trying to get across.

“Aw, she’s lost for words!” Hoseok chuckled and ran up to stand next to where Taehyung was smiling.

“Thankyou (Y/n)! Guys, look at our little staff-ARMY,” He stood behind me, and took care not to let his large duffle bag knock me over. I just knew he was making little cutesy hand gestures behind my head.

Seokjin grinned and made a big deal of pulling a finger heart unexpectedly from one of his pockets, dampened black hair falling into his mischievously glinting eyes. Well, at least he didn't blow a kiss.

Oh shut up, you know you'd eat it up like it was the last box of cereal on earth.

“Do you want me to take back what I said?” I threatened and tried to whack Hoseok’s hands away, but he just continued to tease me while darting out of the way. I was about to lose my composure from the sight of his facial expressions alone.


At the deep and commanding voice, all of us turned to see one of the managers beckoning the group towards a line of black transport vans. I was suddenly brought back to reality, remembering that they would be travelling back separately and celebrating their own success in the dorms with ease.

I really needed to stop wanting more than I could have.

“Oh, sorry manager-nim!” Namjoon called before bowing quickly to me with kindness and hastily taking his leave. Most of the others followed without question, but Jungkook turned his whole body to wave back in my direction.

“Thanks for all your help noona!”

I smiled brightly and waved both hands, noting that some of the other members followed their maknae’s example and yelled back their own variety of appreciative phrases.

“Thanks Kook-ah, and all of you better get some rest!”

They began to pile into the van slowly, as if not wanting to leave. I was kind of confused, because wouldn’t they want a well-earned resting session right about now? At least Yoongi was quick to ditch his bag and scramble into the vehicle to find a comfy seat. I did notice one member in particular lagging behind the rest, though.

Jimin had become sluggish, and it only occurred to me then how silent he had been after his initial call of my name.

“Hey Jiminie, not so fast,” I jogged a few strides to catch the pale-haired boy, grasping onto the sleeve of his hoodie to stop him in his tracks. Knowing his manager wouldn’t be happy with the delay, I searched for some help desperately with my gaze and eventually caught the troubled eyes of Taehyung and Yoongi.

Please create a diversion!

Suddenly seeing their bandmate in such a state had already made the members grow concerned, but they all ultimately caught on to what I wanted to do. In a brilliant spark of a plan whispered by an ardent Seokjin, Namjoon patted at his pockets wildly and groaned before leaning forwards.

“Hyung, I think I left my phone in the dressing room.”

The manager, who had finally settled into the driver’s seat, turned off the van with a sigh and pointedly glowered at the leader. I silently blessed Namjoon and all of his clumsiness as he hurriedly rushed past back inside the venue hall, leaving me with a reassuring smile as he left. Jimin followed the rapper with curious, concerned eyes.

“What is-”

“Jimin, are you alright?” I gripped his sleeve harder, willing for his attention to be brought back. The younger boy looked down at the sudden pressure and then followed it upwards. I kept my voice gentle and probing, not wanting him to think I was excessively pitying him and his uncertainties.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” He smiled, but I saw past the softened exterior.

An obvious strong front, how should I go about this?

“Are you sure? You were a bit quiet. Why didn’t you leap into my arms like Tae?” I joked, and thankfully he produced a smaller but more genuine half-smirk.

“Ah, Taehyungie can be a bit much sometimes, but if you wanted a hug from me all you had to do was ask.”

I could tell there was still a few doubts sowed within his mind, maybe about his performance? He needed attention when it came to this kind of negativity, and he could have all of mine without even asking for it. No doubt Hoseok, Tae and Kookie had been onto him already.

“In your dreams,” I laughed, “I was gonna tell you how I especially enjoyed your performance, but I don’t know anymore.”

“Really? I was off-key for like most of the concert,” He turned his gaze downwards and I could feel the hurt curling deeply within my chest. It wasn’t even my own, but it still made a painful lump rise into my throat. My decision was made before I could even grasp at what my mind was conjuring.

“Hmm, can I have that hug?” I raised an eyebrow, and watched as his saddened eyes began to gleam with surprise and a tinge of warmth.

“What, now?”

“Of course you silly, I always thought you’d be the best hugger so I want to prove myself right,” I held out my straightened arms, waiting for his response but also prepared for refusal. I knew it was quite strange, and I knew that he was nervous because the people in the van were eyeing us off like helpless prey.

“What happened to ‘in your dreams’?” He snorted, but I saw his uncovered hands twitch needily.

I turned to look behind me, meeting Yoongi’s gaze within the van once again with my own and letting it sharpen in yet another signal. He instantly tapped into my brain’s wavelength and reached out to pull the members into a small huddle, effectively creating a diversion. Damn, these boys were on fire tonight with their skills in clairvoyance.


I only heard the sharp breathy sigh from Jimin before suddenly, I was warm again. He was obviously smaller than Taehyung, but that only made it all the more cosy. I felt as though I fit into his frame like a precious puzzle-piece.

I barely had any time to turn back around, but I knew he would’ve been too shy in any other circumstance. I brought my hands up to encircle him immediately, not wanting him to start getting any second thoughts.

“Jiminie, I want you to know just how much I love your vocals,” I squeezed him back, relaxing my tense body and allowing my chin to nuzzle into his shoulder.

“I want you to know that to us, it doesn’t even matter if you’re not perfect, because nobody is. Your singing and dancing are continuously our own version of perfection, no matter how different one performance is from the next. You may get told this all the time, but I just really need you to know it right now.”

He relaxed even more into my hold, and I noticed how I had unconsciously started rubbing one hand in lazy circles on his back for comfort. His hands tugged into fists behind my waist before he was suddenly pulling back. I thought about how cute, but considerate it was that he didn’t dare to even touch me with his own palms.

“You’re sweet. Thanks for telling me that,” His voice was clipped with emotion, but his smile was the realest one I had caught in a while. My breath was taken away by how effortlessly an airy giggle followed in the wake of his words.

“Jimin I’m serious, stop hurting me with your self-doubt,” I wailed and playfully bumped his arm with my own. His expression morphed into another bout of laughter with his eyes disappearing into crescent shaped moons.

“I’m sorry! Why did you hug me if I was hurting you?”

First of all, it was you who hugged me…

“Sometimes I can’t express things completely in words, and you know what they say about body language,” I murmured and saw him nod in understanding. He was flushed, and I knew the shy boy had once again finally returned.

“Ah, you’re right. Well I needed that anyway, you’re amazing (Y/n). Everyone’s always having to boost me up, I’m sorry.”

I forced myself to keep my eyes trained on his, even though intense emotions of profound gratitude and respect were swimming within them. I wouldn’t be able to call myself strong-willed if my heart couldn’t even take Park Jimin being sincere.

“Stop, before I hug you again.”

He looked like he wanted to stand and test the theory, but he was interrupted by the loud commanding tone of his manager again. Maybe Jimin wanted to celebrate together just like I did? The idea was a bit farfetched, but hope was being ignited and fuelled the longer I spent standing in the carpark.

Wait, how long had Namjoon even been back from finding his ‘phone’?

“Oh,” Jimin tilted his head in disappointment and sighed, “I forgot about that, are you alright to get back?”

He was suddenly concerned again, and I almost clicked my tongue at the unsurprising turn of events.

“Yes Jimin, I’ll be fine. But if you don’t rest up properly, I will hunt you down.”

“Oho, and what?” He challenged, adjusting the strap of his own duffel bag onto his shoulder. I only noticed it now for some reason, as it must have been abandoned on the ground for most of the encounter.

“I’ll…torture you into eating a healthy meal and going to bed,” I finished with crossed arms and flashed a defiant expression. His irises of deep mahogany sparkled with amusement, but I didn’t want to keep him occupied for too long.

“Actually I don’t have access to the dorm, I’ll tell Seokjin-oppa to do it for me.”

He chuckled and shook his head, shuffling from foot to foot as he procrastinated on bidding his farewells.

“I’m sure ‘Seokjin-oppa’ would love to have you over for dinner one night anyway.”

“Really?” I balked, seriously not expecting the somehow sarcastic response. Would I actually be able to visit them one day? The very thought caused me to get so excited and sceptical that I had to fan myself to get rid of the heat alighting my face.

“I would. We all would,” Jimin continued, scuffing at the ground with the toe of his shoe before smiling up at me once more. I couldn’t help but think this whole scene probably looked like an awkward confession to any passer-by.

“Jimin-ah, we need to get going! Jin-hyung’s stomach is making noises again,” Hoseok exclaimed suddenly from an open van door, and I jolted at the sudden reminder that they were all still waiting for their blonde-haired companion.

“Fuck, Jimin please go before I’m the meat they decide to grill,” I grimaced and squeezed his forearm in reassurance before backing away. He nodded at me with blown out eyes dramatically, and I had to stop myself from laughing even more.

“Bye you talented human!” I waved and turned to step right out of the situation, praying to dear God the manager didn’t roast the living hell out of the poor boy. It was my fault more than anyone’s, although I did have a few helping hands.

I didn’t stick around to hear a reply, and scanned the area for my own ride home. It seemed there were still a few people packing up, and I felt guilty for being lazy with most of it.

Hey, I did help in another way I guess.

I realised with disdain that my ride with the three female crew-members had already long left the scene, and I had been so quickly thrust into the vehicle that I didn’t even have time to think about driving out here in my own Red. How convenient could you possibly get?

“I guess I’m calling an Uber.”

Chapter Text



“Uh, no you don’t.”

I gasped when the phone was suddenly plucked from my hands. It had been a struggle to find a close-by Uber service, but one had honestly just popped up!

“Bang PD-nim?”

The older man chuckled and returned the phone to my trembling hands. When had he even appeared next to me? He was dressed so casually that I had to look twice to make sure it was even him.

“I can drop you home for a lot less, trust me (Y/n),” He laughed again and I had no choice but to follow him speechlessly. A week or so ago, this would have been quite strange and inappropriate to many people, but I knew the stout CEO well enough now to place my trust in him.

“T-thank you so much, you really don’t have to…” I spluttered, and gawked when his expensive car came into view. I didn’t know why he had even come along to the concert, as I thought he usually didn't get involved with the stage side of things, but he had obviously come of his own accord.

“It’s fine. After everything you’ve done for us tonight, it’s the least I can do,” Bang PD sighed and I knew he was thinking about Soojin’s brashness from earlier in the day.

“That’s completely okay, I really enjoyed myself tonight,” I stated calmly, thinking hard about what I was about to suggest.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind helping out like this more often. If they ever need anyone, that is.”

Bang PD smirked at me, and I knew he was teasing at the underlying feelings caused by the members themselves. There was no denying that it did play a big role in my offer, but it wasn’t everything of course.

“I can think of a few reasons why, but unfortunately it’s not in your job description.”

I laughed and exhaled in slight disappointment, my shoulders sagging in defeat.

“I know, it’s only if they need someone though.”

The car ride was silent for a few minutes, and we would be reaching my house soon upon seeing how fast his flashy car zipped around the streets and backroads of Seoul.

“I have something serious to say, (Y/n).”

I immediately grew apprehensive at his tone, I mean who wouldn’t after hearing something like that? I picked at the leather seat underneath me and willed my eyes to not drift towards the scenery rocketing past the window. I needed to show him my full attention here.

“I came tonight for one reason only, and that was to monitor you.”

Back at it again with the bluntness it seemed. Classic Bang PD.

“Monitoring me? That sounds kind of sinister,” I pursed my lips and trained my gaze onto the man’s bespectacled face. He wasn’t looking back, but why would he when he was trying to drive? I was glad to not be confronted with his piercing eyes, because the anxiety about the direction this conversation had taken would have consumed me whole.

“It’s not that bad,” He chuckled, “I just wanted to check up and see how you were doing, but you never saw me backstage. Heaven forbid Soojin-ssi actually informed you of anything properly. I wasn’t doing anything, and I hadn’t visited the concerts for a while.”

I shook my head and snorted along with him. He knew exactly of his assistant’s behaviour, and it seemed he definitely wasn’t the only one. This wasn’t the outcome I was expecting, but I felt appreciative of his caring nature nonetheless.

“What I noticed…” He then drew out, and a sense of uneasiness fell onto us both.

“Was your relationship with Bangtan themselves.”

Now the hammer dropped. Horror lit up like a fire inside me, and I suddenly thought about all my interactions with the boys so far. My eyes scanned the disappearing road in front of me as the cogs within my mind started breaking to pieces. I was only a mere staff member, therefore I couldn’t expect anything more or less than simply that, but thinking about it now reminded me that I definitely had not been acting like it.

I must have gone too far. Hell, I literally hugged two of them tonight! That’s a recipe for scandal disaster right there, what the fuck (Y/n).

“I can see your brain working, please don’t overthink about what I just said,” Bang PD’s tone became louder as if trying to speak over the flurry of thoughts. I couldn’t help but swallow thickly and sit back deeply into the plush car seat behind me. I rubbed the clamminess off my palms and steeled myself to hear whatever he had to say next.

“Sorry PD-nim, I know I’ve been…closer than I need to be, I guess.”

He suddenly let out a wheeze of a laugh, and I wished I could look into his mind to understand what was happening. He took one glance at my furrowed brows and stifled another laugh.

“No way (Y/n), I wasn’t going to say it was a bad thing at all! Well, hear me out please. I want to be serious for a minute.”

I let out a bellowing sigh of relief, and managed to let any amusement die down. If he wanted to be this serious, it would have to be something extremely important.

“The boys are solely focused on their idol careers, so when it comes to hiring new staff we try to avoid potential ‘risks’, so to speak. It’s a precautionary thing, but you don’t have to concern yourself with that because you’ve managed to prove yourself many times. You’ve been working with us for only a few weeks now, but you’ve only solidified my opinions.”

I was smiling now, because the man’s words were so heartfelt and honest. I wondered if he was about to somehow open up to me. This didn’t usually happen, right? Or maybe it did because he just liked being a boss that the staff could be comfortable and adaptable with.

“You have the best of intentions, I know this for sure, but that isn’t the problem,” He continued while gaining a more solemn tone, “The issue itself, is attachment.”

Another hammer, ah yes. I should have seen this one coming from a mile away.

“Now, I don’t have a problem with you and the boys getting along well. Many of the staff are close with them, and it’s not something out of the ordinary because there are so many staff members that have been with us from the beginning. It’s only natural.”

When he turned to gauge my response from over his glasses, I found myself nodding in earnest understanding. I completely agreed with what he was saying, because there was no way you wouldn’t form some kind of bond with the very people who had helped you rise to the top. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the man was trying to get at exactly, though.

“You-” He stopped and cleared his throat loudly, obviously racking his brain for the right words to use. It left me dumbfounded, because Bang PD had always come right out with whatever was on his mind. Sometimes it was a little too harsh, but most people valued his opinions and appreciated his level of honesty whether it hurt them or not. This industry did teach their employees to deal with no-nonsense attitudes.

“Not including the backstage crew at the venue, you have been one of the youngest staff members we’ve hired in a while,” He finally sighed, and my mind created the imaginary train tracks leading straight to his point.

“I’m not fearing the attachment you may develop if you continue to spend time with them, but I do fear things going awry or their focuses being taken away from their careers. Usually I would remove you from the situation without question right away, but I saw you with them tonight-”

I flooded with sudden embarrassment when he looked upwards to think again, as that meant he had most likely seen the hugging too. There was a cold dread settling into my stomach at the thought of getting ‘removed’. That would mean the cost of my job and everything I had worked for so far. I would feel empty, because now that the boys were in my life, I didn’t want them to just vanish.

Oh God, why had I let myself get attached already??

“I understand, actually,” I gulped, “And it would probably be for the best if I didn’t see them as much,” I managed to force out through half gritted teeth. It really did hurt me to say, but I could see that it was the best option. Who knew what hardships would come later if I continued the way I was going?

“That’s not what I’m saying, I said I saw you with them tonight, but I didn’t mean it in a bad way,” Bang PD started to slow down the car, and I knew we had finally reached the entrance to the carpark of my apartment building.

At his statement, I couldn’t help but feel confusion tickling the edges of my mind. The founder of Bighit shifted sideways in his seat to give me his full attention. Now, he could finally focus without having to divert his thoughts to not crashing and killing us both.

“They were nervous wrecks before the concert started. And I know this because I went in there just before you arrived to have a chat with them all. I knew Namjoon-ah would be just fine, and they all would’ve been in the end, but seeing the members like that is never comforting.”

I was fully enraptured by the man’s words, because I had never heard him speak with such a deep and sympathetic tone before. I wondered when he had last talked to somebody like this.

“There wasn’t much I could do. I’ve supported them through the years and they know they can always confide in me if they ever need to,” He continued while nodding forlornly, “But when it comes down to live events like these, there’s only so much I can say to help them out. And I'm rarely around as it is.”

“It’s nearly impossible to get rid of the nerves and doubts once they’re there anyway,” I murmured, my eyes distant as I fiddled with my own hands uneasily. The environment was more silent than ever now that we had managed to get the time to stop and think.

“That’s what I thought too, but then you came in,” Bang PD chuckled and started tapping his fingers on his leather lined steering wheel to an imaginary rhythm.

“I literally watched as you made their tension disappear like it was nothing. Many people envy you when it comes to your ability to read a situation like that, because it was like you knew exactly what to do, and I’m sure they appreciated it more than you know.”

I almost choked at his sincerity. I hadn’t seriously done all that much, just held a small conversation before the show had commenced. It was only because one of the stylists had asked me to help out, otherwise I may not have even made contact at that time.

“Really? Thank you so much for saying that,” I dipped my head lightly, because I also wanted to hide the sudden spell of emotions from showing too much.

“Afterwards as well,” He sighed, and I watched him smile in complete awe.

“They were so happy, but you made them even happier in an instant. Jimin-ah too. Anyone who cared to watch could see it.”

At this point, I couldn’t help but grin and laugh in amazement. Maybe I had just felt so ecstatic in their presence that I didn’t even know their behaviour was changing too.

“This isn’t something they’ll likely admit, but I think I have an idea about how they’re feeling,” Bang PD cleared his throat, “You might just be the consolation they need, (Y/n). They have always had each other and their many supportive staff to help them find their footing, but I think you might be the key to keeping them there. To reassure them, using your viewpoint as a fan of sorts.”

He finally stopped to breathe, and my mind was churning once again at the revelation. He wasn’t even finished, and it seemed he had much left to say.

“You’re basically like a spokesperson. I know they wouldn’t have a reason to doubt anything you tell them from their music choices to even their stage images. Min Yoongi came to talk with me the other day, telling me all about how exactly he’d gotten over the stump he had with some lyrics.”

“Ah, that boy,” I muffled another chuckle and the softest of smirks made its way onto my features. I was honestly so happy to think about being a positive influence in their lives, it made me glow from the inside out.

“It’s why I’ve made a decision,” Bang PD spoke again, and I recognised the familiar firmness to his tone that usually meant he was about to drop something big.

“Taking into account what I mentioned before about the attachment, I think it could actually help us out instead. As their presence worldwide grows, so will the pressure, and I want someone they’re comfortable with to be there for them as a support.”

“So, me? What will happen? What am I going to have to do exactly?” I stammered, feeling considerably warmed and buzzed with excitement at the producer’s words. Everything he was saying sounded like a wistful dream to me right now, but to say I also wasn’t feeling the pressure would be a lie.

“Nothing extravagant just yet,” He held up a hand while stifling a chuckle, “But it’s why I’ve decided to involve you in more activities.”

Okay, now the excitement was ready to detonate.

“And that’s why I’m asking you to go along with them on their next tour.”

Chapter Text



Red, Red, Brownish? Brown I guess.

Well, things had definitely taken a turn.

Brown, even darker brown.

Was my brain even working? It had been days, but I still didn’t even know the answer to that question. Ever since I had returned to my apartment that night, things had been hard to grasp. The cogs were in tiny pieces, littering the floor inside my head.

Brown, brown.

My finger stopped and tapped the can in front of my eyes, almost as if trying to calibrate my scattered thoughts and feelings.



Okay, so now my life had truly reached a peak of its existence. People very rarely lived their dreams, but here I was. A living and breathing example of the word lucky.

I had expressed my shaken gratitude to Bang PD just before he had to leave. He had many important things to see to back at his company, and I had no intentions of keeping him waiting in the carpark just because I couldn’t flounder any more with my words. I really hoped he would forgive me for my moments of delay...

“You’re a blessing.”

Am I a blessing? I think I’m just the blessed one here.

The plastic bag was gently taken from my fingers and I looked up to see the slightly concerned gaze of the stylist raking over me.

“Are you okay, (Y/n)-ah?”

I smiled and shook my head in pure disbelief.

“I truly am. Sorry if I seem a bit dazed, it’s not something to be worried about.”

The stylist tilted her head fondly, and I rolled my eyes when she jerked her hand forward to pinch my right cheek.

“You’re so cute, please say you’ll stay with us for a bit longer?”

I frowned and looked down pointedly at my wristwatch, seeing that my small break was almost due to finish up. The hopeful tinge alighting the taller woman’s eyes flickered out as I sighed and shook my head.

“Sorry, I have work to do. And this room is slowly killing me, I swear,” I whined to try and lighten the mood. I didn’t want the workers to feel sad just because I had to leave and do my actual job. The fact that most of my break had been spent driving down to the shop was sad enough on its own.

“You know we’re trying to get better ventilation,” Another woman piped up from where she was organising makeup supplies, and I smiled when every person in the room let out an amused groan simultaneously.

“Our lungs are a small price to pay,” A male stylist snorted with disdain.

I left the room to joke amongst themselves, as I was already spending way too much of my time in there as it was. The basement was becoming like a second workplace, but it was only because I finished my jobs as an interpreter quite swiftly as the day went on. Practical things like interviews were happening rarely at this point in time, but I knew once the boys had their comeback, things would change immensely.

I passed the brightened practice room as usual, and smiled to see some of the boys already delving right into their daily routines. This time, every single one of them was warming up to the sound of the choreographer’s snappy instructions. I felt proud and awed at the sight of their determination to practice so hard, getting every miniscule move down to the point of pure perfection.


I grunted with surprise as my attention was torn away from the narrow door window. I hadn’t even realised I had stopped to observe through the glass, but now a deep and weary sounding voice had broken me from the trance.

“Yoongi, damn you’re quiet,” I laughed airily, resisting the urge to clasp at my chest to calm the rapidly beating heart contained within. I glanced at the man in front of me, noting his attire to be fairly casual but sporty at the same time. His faded hair was partially hidden under a black cap, but I knew it was because he was due for a cut sometime soon.

“Sorry, but you’re just too easy to scare. You remind me of Hoseok,” He smiled a tiny smile and leaned forwards to glance into the practice room. I watched as his facial expression grimaced slightly.

“You don’t want to head in yet?” I took a few steps so I was out of the door window's view, and leaned against the adjacent wall. I didn’t want to accuse him or anything, but it was quite clear that he was reluctant.

“It’s not that,” He began, and I was surprised when he moved to stand in front of me slowly. It seemed he also didn’t want to be accidently seen by the other members practicing inside the room.

“I’m just lazy, and I already practiced so much yesterday that I’m worn out already by looking at them.”

I knew that wasn’t entirely true, as the rapper had a lot of stamina when it came to spending long hours at a time performing. Just as they all did, in fact.

“Poor you, why don’t you take a few minutes to chat with me then?” I suggested jokingly, and saw him raise an eyebrow before grinning with amusement. That gummy smile could literally brighten any of my gloomy days.

“Fine, if you insist,” He nodded thoughtfully, and I held back a betrayed gasp at how quickly he had turned the situation around to be in his favour. All that escaped was an abrupt noise of protest, and he laughed again at my widened eyes.

“I seriously did want to talk with you though,” He looked down, but his voice remained the same calm levelled tone. He messed around with the drink bottle in his hands while I nodded and rested my back against the wall more comfortably.

“It’s about the other night. I actual...I actually wanted to thank you.”

My mind slowed down as I processed his words. He had lifted his gaze to meet mine intently, and I was so surprised to see how much their inky depths had softened from their initial sharpness. I couldn’t help but suddenly notice how much livelier he looked, compared to when I had taken him on the car ride that one time.

“The concert night? I think I have more to thank all of you for,” I smiled at the thought, memories of the experience flooding right back through me.

“While that is true, I wanted to thank you for what you did for Jimin,” He continued on a serious note, his hands fiddling even more with the plastic bottle. I knew it was hard for him to open up to others so quickly into a conversation, but I appreciated the sentiment nonetheless.

“When he gets like that, it just confuses me. We all know he works the hardest to be the best he can, and even then he has this belief that it’s never enough. I don’t think I can ever understand where he gets the negativity from, but in his mind he views the smallest mistake as something bigger.”

I nodded in agreement, but I felt kind of bad. I didn’t want to talk too deeply about Jimin and his insecurities when he wasn’t there to hear my thoughts. I wasn’t sure why, but it just felt rude for me to launch into something I had so much to say about.

“I just wanted to thank you for the comfort. I mean, we all have our doubts especially when it comes to performing, but I’m glad you were there for him when we couldn’t see it,” Yoongi finished bluntly, and I knew he had a similar feeling of guilt when it came to talking about the younger member. I felt so warmed by his outward display of care and appreciation that I made sure to show it through my eyes.

“I’m so happy you’re saying this, I would love nothing more than to be honest with all of you and let you know just how talented and inspirational you are. Those doubts will probably never go away, but I believe they can be changed with hard work and confirmation. That's why I’ll try and provide that in any way that I can.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened the smallest fraction before they returned to normal, and I didn’t miss the sharp exhalation that fell from his lips as he cast his gaze downwards.

“Wow, you…”

He stopped and I watched as his face broke out into a shy smile before he sniffed and continued to smile while looking straight at me instead. I hoped I hadn’t overwhelmed him too much.

“That’s all we can ask for, thank you. I literally don’t know what else to say.”

“It’s fine, I don’t expect anything more in return,” I chuckled to break any deep and emotional tension resting on our shoulders.

“Just keep making music. We love it as much as you do, I hope you know that.”

Yoongi nodded, a proud smirk working its way gently onto his face.

“Well that goes without saying, I don’t think I could ever stop.”

I glanced my head to the side, watching to see if anyone was approaching before pouting.

“If you did I think I would have to file a complaint. You’d have more than a few hundred girls suing you then.”

He raised both brows and huffed quietly.

“Would I now? My money is disappearing.”

My giggle was cut short as the door to the room opened and the bright light filtered out into the hallway where we were talking. A curious Namjoon appeared and held the door open as he trailed his eyes from me to Yoongi, then back to me.

“Hey (Y/n),” He dipped his head formally, then turned a questioning glance to his older bandmate.

“How long have you been out here, hyung?”

Yoongi looked around aloofly and shrugged, turning on his heel to start making his way through the door. Namjoon looked taken aback, and as a result I covered my mouth with one hand to stifle a snort of amusement.

“Sorry, it was my fault for making him chat,” I explained while calming down, waving my hand in an apologetic manner. Yoongi furrowed his brows and pursed his lips in response.

“Well, I talked, so it was both of our fault.”

Namjoon also shrugged and looked behind his shoulder quickly.

“Well, you know how he gets when you’re too late,” The leader warned with a hushed tone so no-one inside would hear him, and Yoongi nodded in a brooding thought before turning back to where I was still standing pressed against the wall.

“See you (Y/n).”

I waved my goodbye and returned Namjoon’s small nod of acknowledgement before the door was slowly brought to a close once more. The air of the hallway felt colder now that I was left alone in it, and I shivered before rushing over to the elevator doors to make my escape.


The day was now drawing closer to nightfall, and I blinked my eyes tiredly at the computer screen in front of me. I had barely had any rest for the past couple of nights, just because I was positively brimming with excitement over thinking about touring. I really wanted to bring it up with the boys to hear their thoughts, but the conversation with Yoongi before hadn't been the right time or place really. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut forever, so it was either they found out some other way or watched as I fangirled my way into their day to day schedules.

I had just finished the translating tasks sent via email, and breathed a deep sigh of relief at the sight of the sent work. At least now I could go home and treat myself to some wine and snacks whenever I pleased.

“(Y/n), I just got a message from downstairs,” One of the other office workers came into the work area with a slightly confused expression painting his features.

“Said they had a surprise?”

I hummed suspiciously before standing up straight and letting the wheeling chair roll away behind me. My hair, which had fallen out from being tied up all day, now flowed over my shoulders in an uncontrollable way. I let my eyes gain a dramatic glint.

“If I don’t come back, call the police.”

The man laughed before shaking his head, and I smiled before packing up my desk and preparing to head to the elevator yet again.

I seriously need to pick a place to work and stay there.

The ride down seemed to take milliseconds, as I was so full of anticipation that time lost all presence. What did the stylists mean by surprise? This could literally be anything, so I was actually a little scared to be completely honest.

I nervously shifted from foot to foot as I halted outside the large door, raising one tentative hand to rap lightly on its surface. I was definitely not prepared for what would happen next.

The door opened slightly and I jumped when Seokjin’s face appeared from around the edge. He looked worn out from the day of practicing, but he instantly broke into a grin when he saw me loitering outside the entryway.

“Hey (Y/n)!”

Then his face fell as he threw a quick glance into the room behind him.

“Um, what brings you here?”

Things were weird, I could tell by the way he was purposefully holding the door to block off my curiously wandering eyes.

“Oh, (Y/n)-ah! Come in, come in!” The excitable voice of my stylist-unni broke through the heavily guarded atmosphere, and I watched as Seokjin furrowed his brows in a semi-protest. It seemed like he really didn’t want me to actually see what was happening behind the door, but I knew he would lose the battle eventually.

“Hyung let her in!” Taehyung’s voice now perked up from somewhere within the room, and I couldn’t let the flames of my curiosity dwindle anymore. I giggled with triumph as Seokjin’s shoulders sagged in defeat, and he swung the door open to let me pass hesitantly. I wondered why he was so defensive, but soon learned when my eyes drank in the scene.

The boys were seated in front of the mirrors lining the makeup room, but some were walking around while either looking at their phones or chatting to stylists. Each one looked up when I entered the strongly scented space. I tried to avoid crinkling my noise at the sharp aroma of dye, but the notion fell to the back of my mind when I fully registered the sight before me.

Because now, every single one of their hair colours were black












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Chapter Text



“This is what I bought at the store!?”

The whole room collectively snickered at my dumbfounded and awestruck expression, but I couldn’t help flailing my arms in uncontained shock.

Oh my fuck! They’ve done it now.

“ARMY was found dead in a ditch,” I muttered under my breath, trailing my eyes from one amused member to another.

“Are you serious (Y/n)-ah?” My favoured stylist groaned with feigned disappointment, and I watched as she rested her hands on her hips with a smirk.

“You had no suspicious thoughts while buying black hair dye for the company hairdressers?”

My breathing faltered as I considered the idea, and eventually found myself biting my lip in sheer embarrassment. How had I seriously overlooked something so plainly in my sight? Everyone laughed at my expression, and I knew soon enough the blush would be back and better than ever before, providing Hoseok and Jimin with enough tease-material to last for an entire week.

The stylist, who I should probably be referring to as Chiyong-unni or just Chi-unni, had become a close friend of mine during the past few weeks. The reason she allowed for everyone to shorten her name was because she had spent many years of her life over in America, and in turn had gotten used to being called ‘Chi’. I found it a little strange, but I was so glad to have someone I could relate to in the company that I forgot to care.

Chiyong was the taller woman with softened red highlights appearing occasionally whenever she would move her head, and I loved so many things about her. Well, of course I loved how she let me spend time in the makeup room and help around with their daily tasks, but the way she cared so deeply for everyone around her was so heart-warming to see. Plus, her skills within the art of hair and makeup could not be equalled.

“You look so shaken, are you okay?” Seokjin’s concerned tone brushed past my ears, and I snapped out of whatever spell I was under when he waved a hesitant hand close to my nose.

“Ah! I’m okay, I’m fine. Just…Oh my God let me sit down so I can have a good look.”

I ‘gracefully’ darted over to the mirrors and grabbed a spare chair before plopping down forcefully. Amongst the hushed chuckles and murmurings of the boys, I could finally savour everything I was taking in visually.

They had all gathered closer towards the middle of the room, and it was only then that I noticed the dampened texture clinging to their preened locks. They must have seriously only just had the dyeing finished when I came down to visit. The sight of the boys, with their unblemished skin being framed by strikingly darkened bangs, was definitely enough to shoot a lovesick arrow straight through my heart.

“Okay done,” I clapped my hands together and rose to my feet purposefully.

“Wait, no comments?” Taehyung and Hoseok both protested while the others all exchanged looks and either laughed or returned their eyes to me. Yoongi was smirking as he watched the younger ones widen their eyes with attentiveness.

“She might prefer to keep her opinion to herself,” He chided lowly, and I saw Namjoon nodding in agreement behind his fellow rapper.

Before anyone else could whinge, Chiyong waved her hands around to shoo them back to their places. Since they were all at various stages of getting their coal-coloured hair treated properly, they still had about an hour in the room before they were able to leave.

Seokjin came up to stand beside me with his arms crossed and an amused smile beaming.

“You could have boosted their egos a little,” He scoffed playfully, and I giggled when Taehyung shot him a glare from where he sat in one of the chairs.

“You guys probably know what I would’ve said anyway, don’t stress,” I crossed my arms as well and turned my face to the much taller man beside me.

“So you didn’t need anything because it was already black?”

“I only had touch-ups. You’re right, because it was already like this,” He looked upwards dramatically and blew air into his soft straightened fringe loudly, causing me to screw my face up in amusement.

He scanned his puppy eyes around the room at his nervous bandmates fondly, and I was in awe at how strong the love inside them actually was. These boys seriously did think of each other as brothers, and I was so enamoured with their dynamics with each passing day. Well, of course I didn’t actually see them every day, but it was still a nice thought to consider.

“Oh, that reminds me,” I suddenly clicked my tongue, “Bang PD-nim said I could come on the next tour with you all!”

Chiyong gasped loudly and I swore I heard Taehyung grunt in pain when her nails accidently dug a little too deep into his scalp. The few stylists cheered while the boys themselves fell speechless. I was glad to see most of them smiling though.

“(Y/n)-ah I know you’re a translator and all, so how will you get to spend time with us?” She asked with a longing tinge added to her bubbly tone.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll find some free spaces, but I don’t know yet,” I sighed, but lifted my head when an arm gently nudged into my shoulder.

“It’ll be tiring, but it will be an amazing experience for you,” Seokjin nodded and smirked yet again down at me, his eyes sparkling with a hidden mischievous glint. I chuckled with a hearty sound of agreement about the ‘tiring’ part.

“This is great!” Hoseok grinned while trying his best to keep his now darkened head at a standstill. The stylist who was working with him kept growling with annoyance every time he tried to swing around to look at me.

“(Y/n)-noona can come on all the staff outings too,” Jungkook suggested quietly, and there were a few hums of agreement from various corners of the room. Taehyung smiled at me through his mirror so cutely that I had to bite the inside of my cheek to stop myself from cooing. The addition of Jimin's own supportive honeyed eye-smile from across the room did not help.

I started chatting with Seokjin after the general murmurs of congratulations and surprise had died down, and he instantly launched into some hysterical anecdotes of other staff ‘outings’ that had happened on the past tours.

We both jumped when Namjoon slotted himself into the conversation with a single wave politely, and Seokjin blinked at him with confusion curling the corners of his lips downwards.

“Sorry, can I steal (Y/n) for a few moments?”

His tone was guarded and levelled. I trailed my eyes over the leader’s face to catch onto any signs of discomfort or distaste, but there was only a look of thoughtful concern marring his tanned features.

“Sure, see you oppa,” I blew a tiny kiss towards Seokjin and watched him double-take before shooting me an agitated glower. I had recently discovered just how fun it was to tease him, and I was fairly sure there wasn’t anyone else who bothered to try and beat him at his own specialty.

“Hey, I take back what I said in the car. If you’re calling him oppa then I shouldn’t be any different,” Yoongi piped up from where he sat by the mirror, and the members laughed at his exaggerated expression of offense. His shaggy midnight hair had been straightened until it almost covered his feline eyes, ripe and ready for a good trimming.

“Yeah, if you’re Jimin’s age shouldn’t you be calling most of them oppa?” Chiyong raised an eyebrow as she massaged some specialised gel into Taehyung’s thickened locks.

“It felt weird to just call him Seokjin, because he’s the oldest,” I defended myself with a groan, but managed to hold together the scraps of my confidence until the end.

“Plus, you guys will never know if it’s a joke or not.”

“That’s just mean, I don’t know what you guys are even complaining about,” Seokjin tilted his head and rose his tone of voice with a smile.

“Let me have the respect I deserve, who cares about the rest of you?”

I snorted at his savagery, and let the argumentative hollers fall behind me as I turned to face a grinning Namjoon once more.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to waste time,” I bowed slightly when his expression became serious again. It sounded like he had wanted to join in with the childish joking around, but there seemed to be too much on his mind for that.

“No it’s fine, please can we go out? Just for a little, I promise,” He gestured towards the ajar door, and I swallowed with uncertainty for the first time in a while. Now that he had charcoal black hair, he looked less intimidating than he had been with the stunning silvery colouring - sometimes crimped for Mic Drop performances which were intimidating.

And hot, don’t lie.

The thing was, he looked so bare and natural right now that I couldn’t bring myself to feel that uneasy about his sudden request. I mean sure, he was acting in a really strict sense and it saddened me slightly, but I knew he was just trying to understand a few things. I was exactly the same when it came to that aspect.

“Are you nervous? Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” Namjoon sighed when we made it through the door and let it close quietly. I watched as he averted his eyes to his feet and scratched at his eyebrow, as if trying to formulate thoughts in that wonderful mind of his.

“No, of course not. Can we sit on that bench? I feel like we have a lot to say,” I pointed to the worn out looking wall-bench that sat a few metres away from the room.

“Good idea,” He nodded and followed in my airy footsteps.

I realised that this was the first time I would actually be talking to the leader by myself, and I also thought about how he probably would have wanted this to happen a lot earlier. Maybe even after the first meeting.

The realisation was a guilty one, because I knew I should’ve made a better effort to touch base with him more closely before joking around with his closest friends, or family dare I say.

“You’re really sharp, I’ll give you that much (Y/n),” Namjoon chuckled after mulling over my statement for a few seconds, and I smiled back at him to let him know I was grateful for the compliment. I just needed to let him get everything that was on his brain out into the open, because I loathed the fact that he was more closed off to me than most others were.

It’s a selfish thought, because I know all too well how hard it is to accept people into your life so quickly after meeting.

“I just wanted to talk about the whole Tour thing you brought up,” His tone fell into a more serious one and I scanned his facial expression intently from next to him on the chipped bench.

“I’m going to be frank, I’m not sure it’s the best idea.”

I nodded gradually, my mind rolling his words around to try and see things from his point of view.

“I’m not offended, it’s okay,” I smiled when he looked at me with so much sincerity and worry clouding his oaky eyes.

“In fact, I might have an idea where you’re coming from, but do you think you could just tell me why you think so anyway?”

Namjoon cleared his throat meaningfully, and I saw his full lips purse when he sighed with contained relief. The dimples were almost popping and he was barely smiling, how endearingly sweet could this man actually get?

“Thank you oh God. You had no idea how scared I was,” He laughed and I saw with astonishment how his tensed up shoulder muscles relaxed when he straightened his broad posture.

“Namjoon-sii? Uh, forget it. I hope you don’t mind the honorific drop,” I muttered before meeting his gaze with my own once more, making sure to chase away any lingering trickles of embarrassment.

“Namjoon, maybe I haven’t told you, but I really want to be someone you guys can talk to openly. If you get what I mean. I won’t run away if I get hurt, or lash out at you all if I’m angry. I don’t know, I just don’t work like that,” I shrugged, but made sure to be sincere about it.

“Yes, well…I gathered as much, I suppose,” He fumbled around, clasping his hands together in a nervous manner which really surprised me. He must really be detesting his own thought processes to be this unsure about everything.

“Um, to answer your question? I don’t want to tell you not to come, it is your choice by all means. I’m just-”

He cut himself off with a sigh before rubbing at his face with both hands in exasperation. I didn’t really know what to do in the situation, but letting him know I was open to anything was a massive priority. I hated when people shielded me from harsh honest words.

I inched closer to him on the seat, swallowing my urgent voice to let him think for as long as he needed to.

“I’m just worried about them, you know?” He finally forced out, but it was easy to see how much it made him cringe up inside. He was hating this so, so much.

“Ah, I understand. Wait, is this about the whole attachment thing?” I jumped ahead while trying to think of an outcome for the conversation. It was polite of him to try and take the roundabout way towards the point, but anyone who knew me would know that wasn’t how I rolled.

He grunted in surprise, and I smiled as he kept his hands curled into fists against the bottom half of his face. His perfectly neatened eyebrows rose skyward before furrowing in deep thought.

“Uh, well that’s one way to put it…”

He exhaled a puff of air in pure disbelief and amusement before clearing his throat and removing his hands to rest back down in his lap. He looked up and met my gaze solidly with his own, but I could now only spot softened kindness and certainty looking back at me.

“Okay you obviously know what I’m trying to get at more than I even know it myself, so I’m just going to try and put everything out upfront.”

I nodded at him eagerly, as I was finally glad to see his walls tumbling down around him. It might have sounded evil in a way, but I truthfully wanted to have a mutual understanding with the guy at least.

“The more time you spend with us, the more I see everyone opening up around you. But it’s not something strange to us, because we make friends all the time wherever we go. There’s…”

He trailed his eyes downwards and I vaguely noticed how he had started moving his hands along with his speaking. It must only happen when he wanted to talk about something deeply and seriously. He swallowed before continuing, and I held my breath.

“There’s something different with you, because - I don’t really know how to put it. Uh, you’re like uncharted territory? There hasn’t been someone with such power, like you, in our company I guess. We interact with the staff all day every day, but with you it feels more personal and friendly than typically work-centric as usual.”

My chest bloomed with sudden realisation, and I just knew my mouth had fallen open into an ‘o’ at the feelings fluttering around inside my brain.

“Oh! I get what you mean, of course. You probably all expected me to come into the job as a professional and nothing else, right?”

Namjoon clicked his fingers in agreement and tucked his bottom lip behind his teeth to show just how deep his level of concentration was running. I knew the burst of joy I felt at how the dots were connecting was a joy shared with the leader himself.

“Exactly, so you can imagine my surprise when you turned out to be, well, you.”

“Thanks Joonie,” I chuckled.

“You know what I mean,” He grumbled with a smirk, “I was just worried that shit could happen, but I did know, and still know now that you don’t have any bad intentions. I guess I was also worried because I hadn’t gotten to know you yet, and I still don’t think I do know you enough to fully make a decision for myself. In fact, all of us probably don’t. I’m just more overly cautious than the rest, I think.”

I pondered over his careful words while nodding occasionally, the deep intelligence and consideration of this man had seriously struck some kind of chord within me. Had he seriously been having this much on his mind the whole entire time?

“In saying that, I’m not trying to baby the other members or anything, but it’s just in my nature to try and be concerned about them when it comes to certain things. I’m sorry if I seem standoffish because of that.”

“No way,” I jerked to try and reach out my hand to touch his arm, but then thought about the discussion and retracted it to curl up on my lap reluctantly.

“You already know I understand where you’re coming from. I’ll have you know that Bang PD-nim already came to me about almost the exact same thing, didn’t he tell you at all?”

Namjoon’s eyes were resting on my withdrawn hand intently as he shook his head, drying black locks beginning to stick out in fuzzy flyaways the longer he left it untreated.

“No, but I guess I will after I see him next. There’s a lot I have to discuss with him, now that you’ve mentioned it anyway.”

I watched in fascination as he dropped his shoulders in a relieved sigh before upturning one of his large palms towards the ceiling. He hesitantly brought his other hand to face the same direction before nodding towards my own hand laying pointlessly against my legs.

Wait he wants to hold it?

I suddenly smiled at the thought, but raised my eyebrows in questioning before reaching forwards and letting both of my hands rest inside the cave his warm fingers had created. They curled to gently squeeze mine in a light touch.

“I’m sorry if you felt hurt by any of this, ARMYs always love to hold our hands, so I figured you might be similar,” He explained hastily, almost as if confused by his own actions. Then his eyes crinkled and he seemed to shrink into himself from the embarrassment, trying to pull his hands away while shaking his head and averting his attention.

“That was really dumb, please forget this happened.”

“Namjoon,” I warned, “Give me your hands now, before I resort to using force.”

He laughed loudly before quickly slipping his grasp back into mine, still refusing to flip his gaze upwards until a few silent seconds had passed. I craned my neck downwards and saw him shake sharply before his face finally lifted and I could actually tackle the adorable dimpled smile up close.

“Why would I reject you? I’m glad you told me what was on your mind, because I probably would have asked you about it sooner or later,” I clicked my tongue and playfully chided the man while returning the squeeze he had given my hands before.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen from now on, but spending time with all of you has become one of the best parts of my life so far. I know it seems super selfish, but I don’t actually want to give it up if I can help it. I want to show you all my gratitude, and until then I cannot just stand by and treat you all as simple ‘colleagues’.”

I hummed while looking down at our conjoined hands, almost quirking a grin at how much larger his were as they enfolded mine completely.

“Where would even be the fun in that?” I finished, knitting my eyebrows together quizzically and looking up to see his general reaction.

“Honestly?” He raised his brows and spoke clearly, “Life would have continued normally for us. Just as hectic and full of ups and downs…”

He smiled downwards softly.

“You would’ve helped us gain more recognition worldwide, but it would’ve been from the sidelines and we would have never gotten to see who you are as a person. That’s not what we’d want at all.”

“Same, because that other outcome? It probably wouldn’t have gone down all that well, and you know it,” I laughed, finally allowing my hands to slip from his steady hold. I liked to have an outward show of confidence, but being exposed to Kim Namjoon’s smile and physical touch was causing my inner bashfulness to raise its ugly head.

“Yeah, we know it,” He nodded, the smile never faltering.

“Hey um, forget what I said about the Tour.”

Since I had now stood up from the bench, I looked down in confusion while he scratched the back of his neck self-consciously. His brightened eyes blinked as he rushed to try and explain himself.

“I mean after clearing up some questions I had, I honestly think it would be great for you to come along. Every tour needs a good interpreter, how else would we last the endless interviews and meetings without them?”

He would make this about something practical.

I giggled and was glad to see him understand the humour. He got to his feet as well, and I was stunned once more by his towering height. Seriously, what did these guys eat to grow this big? Even Jimin was pretty tall compared to me, and I knew a certain maknae would get a kick out of that one.

“Thanks once again,” I half-bowed because I was uncertain if I should or not, but Namjoon just waved a discouraging hand in my direction.

“Please, there’s no need for the formalities. It’s sad to see you struggle when you don’t need to.”

“Damn, you can forget I ever bowed in the first place then,” I crossed my arms and pointedly turned my back to the man behind me, only hearing an airy chuckle in response before I was being pushed back towards the door firmly.

“Don’t be a brat. Actually, (Y/n)?”

I turned around again while resting my hand on the handle of the door, only a breath away from opening it and plunging deep into the loud shenanigans of the styling room once more.


“Jin-hyung said something to me a few days ago, but I didn’t think about it until just now,” Namjoon rubbed at the back of his head as he thought hard about something.

“But, I think my point of view has changed a bit after talking with you. Would you like to have dinner with us tonight?”

Wow, I had seriously not foreseen this.

“Of course!” I clapped my hands together cheerfully, “Where would we go? I haven’t had much of a chance to explore the city restaurants just yet.”

“Uh, about that. Hyung wants to cook for you, he told me this,” The rapper sighed and shook his head, but I knew he loved how Seokjin took the time and effort to care for every single one of them in the dorm. Even so, there was no helping the second hand embarrassment that arose whenever his hyung would make seemingly absurd suggestions regarding their lifestyles.

“Oh, well you know that would be an amazing thing for me, but is something like that even allowed?” 

“It’s just friends having dinner and drinks, it shouldn’t be a problem. But I guess it would be best if you weren’t seen by the public, just in case.”

I shuddered at the thought, but also felt excitement coursing right through my very being.

“Plus, I know the guys really wanted this. I mean, I do too of course, but it’s just something that’s been going around lately,” The leader wrapped it up with a gentle smile directed straight at me, and there was no way I couldn’t melt at the sight.

“You already know my response. Maybe now I can find out all the shit talking that’s been happening in that house of yours,” I sniggered, raising an inquisitive eyebrow and letting my hand slide off the door handle.

“Not shit talking,” Namjoon smirked, “But talking nonetheless. I’m now wondering what you would be like drunk, I feel like it would be hilarious.”

I rolled my eyes with a half-hearted scoff and chose to open the door, letting the noisy sounds of pointless chatter fill the humid atmosphere again.

“No way, I’m not gonna expose myself like that.”

“We’ll see,” Is all he smartly replied with before entering the room with a nod to the stylists. I muffled a grumble at his newfound cockiness and swept my eyes around the room. The whole debate had long finished up, and now most of the boys were caught resting as they had their scalps treated.

“Hyung, you were out there for a while. Is (Y/n) okay? Or did you talk her ears off?” Jungkook giggled from where he had cracked one eye open, and I saw Taehyung joining in with his own naughty grin. Their leader just lightly slapped the back of the maknae’s head before raising his tone and goofing around just as badly.

They were just way too cute for their own good sometimes.

Wait, am I actually going to their dorm?



















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Chapter Text

Bold= English

I had definitely been excited, but something had caused my spirits to dampen substantially. Funnily enough, I wasn’t even meaning it a figurative way.

The rain pelted down and created rivulets of icy water trickling down the concrete walkway in my stead. In turn, tiny rivulets cascaded down my neck and back as I tried my very best to sprint through the watery onslaught towards the dorm building.

This had been a major fuck up on my behalf. The boys, after being informed of the night’s plans, had bid their farewells a few hours ago in the Bighit building. Everyone had been so excitable, and Seokjin had immediately brightened at the news. His smile never faded as he started interrogating me on my favourite foods, and he even asked one of his managers if he could journey home early to get a head start on the dorm’s clean-up.

Seeing everyone so lively and keen had warmed me on the inside, but I was still fairly nervous at the whole ordeal. Hanging out with them in their dorms? That was something I never saw coming, and I just hoped things wouldn’t be too awkward or strange for them. I would just be myself and keep the air comfortable, and if I needed to leave, so be it.

Well that had been the plan, but the weather seemed to have other ideas. Foolishly, I had paid no attention to the forecast and even forgot that the building’s parking spaces wouldn’t be as empty as they had been that very first time I dropped off Jungkook and Jimin. The distance was far greater than I would’ve liked, and of course I hadn’t thought to prepare an umbrella for myself. Who even went into the rainy season of the year without keeping an umbrella in their car? It just made my foreignness even more obvious.

I just wish I’d worn a hooded jacket at the very least, now I have to go in there looking like a drowned rat!

It was humid, but that didn’t stop me from shivering my ass off when I finally made it into the side-entrance of the building. I had been instructed to use this door instead of the main entrance, and luckily my staff key allowed me access. I needed to be inside the building ASAP.

Dampness clung to my form and skin like a disease, and I felt as though my very bones were seeped through with…cold. Just pure cold, I didn’t know how else to put it. Teeth chattering and breath rasping out in a flurry of huffs, I was in no state to even think straight as I jogged my way through the building to find their front door.


“Coming!” Seokjin called, but I could only whimper in response.

“Sorry, I was…Oh my God (Y/n)!”

I cracked open my eyes and winced as my teeth clacked together some more. I resisted the urge to push past the tall man to get inside quicker. Quicker into the inviting warmth.


“Forget ‘hello’, get in now before you die on our doorstep!”

Seokjin tugged me into his chest by my shoulders and gave me a little squeeze while he reached to pull the front door shut behind me. I nuzzled into his body heat as if it was the best thing I had ever felt, and heard his sympathetic grumbles above my head.

“Did you go through a car wash? Shit, I didn’t even know it was raining.”

He must have just taken a look out the window, but I was too busy searching for more warmth that I couldn’t care less. He rubbed his hands up and down my exposed arms comfortingly, and the feeling was like pure bliss against my shivering skin. He shuffled further into the room as if to get me settled in, but I jolted at the realisation of what I was doing. I looked down to see the remnants of rain droplets seeping into the thin fabric of his flimsy button-up shirt.

Eek! Sorry Jin, I’m getting you all wet. Oh my God!” I jumped back from him while guilt flooded my whole being, widening my eyes even more when the rest of the boys suddenly rounded the corner of the hallway to see what the commotion was.

“No, stay here,” Seokjin muttered, and I was shocked to hear his voice deepening into a deathly serious timbre. He tugged at my arm once more and I furrowed my eyebrows, realising he was somehow trying to shield me from the eyes of the other members.

“(Y/n) hello!” Taehyung waved and took a few steps forward, but Seokjin warned him with a single ‘ah!’ and a brisk shake of his head.

“What’s wrong? (Y/n), why are you soaked?!” Jimin gasped, and the situation dawned on every single one of the black-haired boys visibly.

“Shit, Kook-ah can you get the blankets from the hallway cupboard?” Namjoon commanded with concern lacing his features as he stumbled backwards towards the lounge, searching for any blankets or pillows that could come in handy. The younger boy rushed off without a word, and I was so grateful for their worry even if my life wasn’t that threatened.

“T-thanks guys, sorry I’m such a dickhead,” I chuckled while sucking in air harshly through my gritted teeth. I would honestly give up anything if it meant never feeling cold ever again.

I tried to step around Seokjin’s embrace, but he tightened his arms around my shoulders so I couldn’t budge. It was confusing, because I wasn’t actually touching his body and there was hardly any heat getting transferred as a result. Why was he insisting on this?

“Hyung, why are you hiding her like that?" Yoongi mumbled as if reading my thoughts, slight unease flashing in his eyes as he scanned the scene before him. I noticed his hair was ruffled on one side, almost as if he had freshly awoken himself from an intense nap. Cute.

“Yeah, we should get her a hot drink and make sure there are enough blankets,” Hoseok took a few steps forward, his usually cheerful face had fallen into a worried frown. I took notice for the first time how casually most of them were dressed; wearing the kind of trackie pants and t-shirts you would usually throw on if you were planning to relax at home all day.

My favourite fashion, in all honesty.

“Just…I wouldn’t come any closer guys,” Seokjin chuckled, finally breaking his stern display and shuffling sideways towards one of the opened hallways. I had no choice but to move with him, muffling laughter at the sound of my shoes squeaking against their floor.

Oh shit.

I looked down, finally letting click in my mind what I had been wearing during my perilous journey through the storm.

“Oh, are you running her a hot bath Jin-hyung? That’s a good idea too,” Taehyung lifted an attentive finger, his facial expression mainly blanked with surprise. I noticed how a crease appeared between the young vocalist’s eyebrows while he tried figuring out his elder’s actions.

“Oh, is that a white shirt? I see why you’re hiding now,” Yoongi nodded solemnly, but smirked when he saw Seokjin purse his thick lips. Vivid red heat crawled to the tips of his ears, partially hidden by his wavy black tresses.

“It’s okay Jin. Thanks for trying to save me, but I can cover myself now,” I stifled a snort as I looked up at the man who was trying his very best to help keep my dignity intact. He was seriously so gentlemanlike in the goofiest way.

“Uh, yes…of course,” He dipped his head politely and backed away, blinking eyes giving away how embarrassed he actually was. I pulled my arms tighter around my shaking shoulders, forcing a smile to let them all know I was okay at least.

“Jungkookie where are those blankets? I can’t stand watching her suffer,” Jimin craned his neck and made sure his voice bellowed down the hallway, his hands wringing together in apprehension.

Suddenly, they all surged into action and I was ushered towards the lounge area where the heaters were situated. Taehyung came the closest, gesturing with one hand while using the other to loosely loop around my shoulders. Seokjin still hung back, but followed us as we gathered in the cozier part of the room.

“S-sorry, it took longer to find than I t-thought,” Jungkook blurted as he hurriedly returned with an armful of knitted blankets. I swore I even saw one with sleeves huddled within the depths of his monstrous pile. Namjoon was already waiting in the lounge, but was unsuccessful in finding anything else useful enough.

Don't think I missed that cute little stuttering habit of yours, Kookie.

“Forget this, she really does need a hot bath,” Hoseok murmured while I stretched out my hands (exposure forgotten) towards a heater against the wall. Not that it helped, because Yoongi had only just turned it on and it wasn’t even fully functioning yet. I could bet my last dollar that there was a heated flooring system in the apartment too, but again, nobody turned it on during these months.

Why am I such an idiot?

“I seriously shouldn’t trouble you. Usually I’d say the best option would be for me to head home and fix myself up, but I was looking forward to this so much I just thought it’d be better to show up anyway.”

When I mentioned going home, many of their faces dropped into disheartened but relieved expressions. They probably would have been so disappointed and saddened if I hadn’t even made an appearance.

“No way, I’m going to run a bath now,” Seokjin jolted towards the hallway, but Namjoon stopped him with one raised hand.

“Hyung no, you’ve been watching dinner this whole time, and we know how upset you’d be if all your efforts went to waste. Please let someone else do it.”

I stood helplessly on the sidelines as Jimin and Taehyung volunteered instantly, darting towards the hallway after flashing me reassuring smiles.

“Actually, we forgot to ask if you would even be okay with this,” Hoseok laughed, and he brought one hand up to cover his mouth while his eyes widened with realisation.

“What are we doing? Can we even be normal?” Yoongi groaned, but still smiled as he shared the humour around. Namjoon glanced at me bashfully before letting his gaze fall to his feet in shame.

“It’s okay you guys, God!” I snickered amongst all the trembling, “Why are you apologising for your kindness?”

They all stopped, but Yoongi just shrugged nonchalantly in response. The room was filled with Seokjin’s laughter as he watched his bandmates nervously flounder. Jungkook couldn’t hide a grin, but still kept glancing over to me every now and again to show his concern.

“Can you at least have this blanket until the bath is ready?” Namjoon sighed in sympathy as he grasped a warm looking quilt from Jungkook’s pile, now resting on the couch, and sharply thrust it in my direction.

“Of course, thank you. Thanks to all of you, for just dealing with me right now,” I shook my head, mulling over the fact that I had dampened what was meant to be a fun and cheerful night.

“It’s really nothing.”

“No way.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

They chorused their disagreement with serious tones, and I had to stop myself from getting amused by it all.

“Ah, you’re all too good to me,” I smiled and started hopping from foot to foot to try getting my blood racing around my body again. Before anyone could reply, Taehyung’s booming shout echoed down from the bathroom.

“(Y/n)! It’s almost ready!”

The boys immediately gestured for me to start heading down, and I let out an overwhelmed shout before slowly jogging towards where Tae’s voice had filtered from. The embarrassment was real.



The boys gathered in the lounge room quietly while exchanging various looks. Jimin and Taehyung had their sleeves rolled up to their elbows, the former’s cheeks flushed from the steam of the hot bath while the latter still had some bath bubbles clinging to his shirt.

“She settled in okay?” Seokjin asked, clearing his throat loudly.

“Yeah, I just hope it’s good enough,” Jimin nodded, but trailed his eyes downwards.


 “What?” Yoongi suddenly exclaimed.

“Why are you all weird?”

“I dunno hyung,” Jungkook piped up, “This whole thing is a bit weird, isn’t it?”

“Okay, there’s a woman bathing in our house,” Hoseok brought up his hands for dramatic effect, and every single member either nodded or voiced their agreements openly.

“Yeah, this is strange.”

The room was filled with awkward, yet boisterous laughter for a few seconds, but every single one of them was happy the tension had dissipated. None of them even knew why it had existed in the first place.

“Ah, I feel like a schoolboy again,” Namjoon scrunched his face up into a cringe, and Seokjin slapped the leader’s shoulder in embarrassment from where he stood nearby.

“All of you are making this so much worse,” Jimin giggled, unable to control himself as he fell into an equally grinning Taehyung.

“Yeah, is it too hard to be adults?” Yoongi raised a questioning eyebrow, but everyone could see he was just as amused. He played with his bottom lip using one finger, but it wasn’t hiding the subtle hints of a smirk.

“Shut up! What do we do when she gets out?” Seokjin’s voice rose a few octaves, bringing to light the burning question nobody had bothered to address.

“Oh, clothes…” Hoseok trailed.

Everyone’s hearts pounded.




So um…clothing? What was I meant to do?

I splashed at the steaming water as I furiously pondered. The bubbles swirled and floated around me like wisps of cloud, and I suddenly smiled at the memory of Taehyung proudly announcing that they had been his idea.

These boys, man.

The water had definitely chased away the chill settling into my bones, and it was like I could feel deep-rooted icicles melting straight off my skin. Of course there were no icicles, but it had sure fucking felt like it.

I sighed with relief, but my worries were once again brought back to what I would wear when I got out. It would have to be soon, because I had been soaking in the tub for about ten minutes now, and my fingertips were starting to morph into watery prunes. Of course, the foresight to ask if they had a dryer wasn’t something I had, so now I was just stuck having to come up with another plan.

I drained the bath and started drying myself off with the towel Jimin had graciously lent me, eventually wrapping it around my body and checking the view in the mirror. Just in case there were parts showing, you know? I could afford to be a bit paranoid, I mean seven boys……men were literally just a few rooms over. Seven men I just happened to adore and admire, in fact.

“Uh, guys?” I called as I cracked open the door of the bathroom to look out into the hallway. The soft fabric of the towel fit my form snugly, as I did not want it to slip under any circumstance.

I heard muffled shouts and a flurry of fumbling footsteps from the lounge room down the hall, and I cocked a brow in confusion.

“Ow, you’re on my foot!” Jungkook’s cry of protest rang out the loudest from the noises, and I couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh.

“What are you guys doing? Just so you know, I’m wearing a towel. I was gonna ask about clothes?”

My body was half hanging out of the doorway as Jimin came into the view of the lightened opening further down. He was obviously pushed because I could see the way he fell into position with an expression exploding with alarm. He brushed back his thick, dark hair and nervously cleared his throat before pointing.

“There’s a pile next to the door, they’re just some of our clothes! I hope you don’t mind,” He smiled a little too brightly, but I ignored it to shift my gaze to where there was a neatly folded pile of clothes. They were resting against the wall across from where I stood, but that wasn’t my main concern.

 Wait…their clothes? Their…

“Oh! Thanks so much, wow,” I stepped out into the walkway and bent down to sift through the heap. There was a pair of trackie pants, a long sleeved shirt and a large black hoodie, but I already knew they were going to be massive on me. The hairs lining the nape of my neck tingled with disbelief.

I didn’t register that Jimin’s eyes had flared and his head had whipped to the side when I ventured out of the steaming hot bathroom. His feet seemed to move before his brain as he jumped back towards where the other members were lounging, bottom lip disappearing behind his teeth.

“Yeah no, I’ll swim in these,” I sighed, fingering the drawstrings of the pants and shaking my head in frustration.

“Do you guys mind if I wear the hoodie as a dress?”

I was greeted only with silence, and I couldn’t help but wonder what they were thinking so deeply about. I knew it wasn’t something they heard every day, so it would be quite a weird thing to have an answer to. 

“Actually never mind, I’ll try my best!” I called back, retreating to the bathroom to change.

I did try to the best of my ability, but the result was exactly what I had seen coming. The pants fell into folds the further down they went, and I had hiked them up to just underneath my boobs already. The shirt and hoodie were my salvation in the end, because my bra had been one of the wettest pieces of clothing out of the lot. I needed all the coverage and padding I could get.

As expected, the boys burst into laughter as soon as I stepped out into the larger room. Seokjin had busied himself in the kitchen as he finally started plating up the dishes, and I was surprised to see Yoongi right in there with him, helping out. The black-haired rapper pursed his lips to try and suppress a smirk of amusement, but he failed miserably and I watched as his shoulders shook with wheezing chuckles.

“Alright, you’ve had your fun,” I whined, tightening the messy ponytail I had thrown my hair into during the bath. I stopped myself from pouting, because I knew that would be way too childlike.

“What am I meant to do with this now?” I lifted one leg and gestured wildly to the saggy fabric.

“Oh it’s so cute, I think I need a photo,” Taehyung wiped at the corner of his eye and looked around the couch, seemingly for his camera or phone.

“Over my dead body,” I grumbled, and stomped over to try and stop him in his tracks. This earned more teasing and laughing from the boys, and I felt like I could just die from the embarrassment. Why couldn’t I have just worn a raincoat?

“Honestly, the hoodie would be fine. It actually is like a dress,” Hoseok commented, and I saw a few of them nodding in agreement.

“I didn’t know Jungkook-ah was that massive compared to her,” Namjoon turned to his fellow rapper in surprise, and the comment received more hums of acknowledgement.

It’s Jungkook’s? Oh God, I can’t…

“I knew I recognised the smell, I couldn’t tell what it was though,” I bundled up the hoodie in both hands so I could surround myself with the scent a little more, and surprisingly, it didn’t gross anyone out.

“You know how he smells?” Namjoon exchanged a look with the now shy, reddening maknae seated on the floor just below the couch.

“No,” I waved my hands dismissively.

“Remember I wore his mask for a while that one day? It smells the same, I think it’s cologne,” I explained, and was relieved to see Jungkook smiling at the floor in front of him. He scrunched his nose up adorably in the process.

“Ah, Jungkookie’s repayment for our special Uber ride,” Jimin chimed in from the kitchen area with an airy laugh, and I saw the maknae suddenly reach up to pull his own hoodie over his head in a bout of embarrassment. The way he was hiding made me want to just cuddle him to death.

“Best repayment ever, okay I’m ditching the pants,” I declared as I tripped for the third time while trying to take a mere few steps. The boys hadn’t stopped sniggering at me since I had come out, and I really needed to be able to walk properly to even function as a human being. Luckily, the hoodie was an old stretched one, so it actually almost came down to my knees. Bless Jungkook and his love for oversized things.

I tugged off the trackies and kicked them to the side in annoyance, stifling a snort upon hearing more chuckles from Namjoon and Hoseok.

“Now you can all leave me alone.”

“Hmm, we’ll see,” Taehyung bit his lip as he got to his feet and made his way over to the kitchen slowly. Seokjin’s high-pitched cackles had died down, and he was now motioning for everyone to start sitting up at the dining table. From how clean and polished it was, I guessed it hadn’t been used that often. It made me smile softly, thinking about how special this dinner was to them and to me.

“Take a seat,” Seokjin nodded from behind the kitchen counter, “It won’t be long now.”

I tapped at an imaginary watch on my wrist just to tease him a little, and saw his face drop into a deadpan so quickly it could’ve given me whiplash.

“I’m joking! Guys I’m scared,” I jogged around to find a seat at the table, drinking in their amused grins and failing to keep my own at bay. I finally settled in between Yoongi and Jimin, but the table was small enough to keep everyone included. I loved that singular fact so much.

“To our first dinner with (Y/n)-ssi. I can tell it won’t be the last, especially with our tour coming up,” Namjoon raised his drink before Seokjin could even sit down, and I glanced around with widened eyes to see that they had even poured a wine for me when I wasn’t paying attention.

“Cheers!” I joined into the festivity, feeling so happy and excitable I could’ve combusted.

“Now,” Yoongi began after everyone had quietened down. The grating sound of plates being moved along the kitchen counter faded into the background.

“I think we all have a few things to ask you, (Y/n).”















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Chapter Text



“There’s no way I’m going through the whole ‘who’s your favourite’ thing again,” I groaned and placed my wine glass carefully down on the tabletop.

I should really remind myself to ask them for the brand, this stuff is amazing.

“Not exactly what I had in mind,” Yoongi tilted his head thoughtfully.

“And what do you mean again, you’ve been asked?” Namjoon looked around at his members in brief disappointment.

“Jungkookie did as a joke, on that first day,” Jimin piped up while raising a reassuring hand. In response, the maknae shrunk down into his seat in humiliation.

Seokjin had finally served up dinner with a few helping hands, and he joined into the conversation energetically as soon as he took a seat.

“You all know it would’ve happened sooner or later!”

Everyone shook their heads knowingly while I giggled and looked down at my food hungrily.

“Wow, I can’t believe all this narcissism. Hoseok’s my favourite because he hasn’t said anything about it yet.”

The mentioned man stiffened in his seat at my words, and nobody could contain their laughter or complaint at my nonchalance. They had probably expected me to skillfully avoid the question or ignore them, but instead I insulted them. Such a great dinner guest.

“I’m not buying it, you had a different answer last time,” Jungkook protested with a click of his tongue, and I was glad to see his embarrassment evaporate into thin air.

“For the sake of keeping peace and keeping everyone in the loop, I will recount she said we were all her favourite,” Jimin raised his wine glass again, and earned chuckles from around the table in response to his wide-eyed expression. Yoongi looked to the side and pointed suddenly to where Hoseok was raising his eyebrows and pouting his lips in disapproval.

“Well, I like her answer from tonight better,” He mumbled before almost spitting out his drink. The others were raising their voices to continue the entertaining debate, but I had to cut it off before things got too out of hand.

“Alright! You can ask me literally anything after we eat, because my mouth is watering too much,” I demanded while trying to pull up the hoodie slipping off my shoulder. Dining with them was proving to be quite the hilarious ruckus.

“Yes, thank you! At least someone here has a brain,” Seokjin, who had actually been tucking into his food the whole time, put down his utensils just to blow me the tiniest of kisses. I responded by simply smooching into the air before giving thanks for my food and gratefully taking a bite.

“I will say, the way you worded that last bit was suspicious though,” Jimin leaned over after a few moments into eating, and when his low tone tapered off into a knowing chuckle, I swallowed deliberately and fixed him with a pointed look. He raised his eyebrows suggestively once before slipping back into his signature eye-smile.

“It’s the language barrier, I don’t know Korean,” I became serious and took another mouthful of my food while changing my expression into one of concern. The black-haired vocalist widened his eyes at me accusingly and pointed, searching for Namjoon’s support with his gaze.

“If you use that as an excuse, he’ll get hurt,” Yoongi joked from my other side, and I couldn’t keep a laugh at bay any longer.

“Okay I won’t. But in all honesty if I say something that comes across as weird, it won’t be a language barrier,” I explained clearly so the whole table could hear, and earned only looks of confusion.

“I always know what I’m saying.”

Everyone had varying levels of reaction to my sincere expression and words, but I loved how Hoseok’s laughter and overall brightened features lit up the whole room. He was really such a mood-maker.

“That means you did mean it the way I said though?” Jimin questioned quietly, and I just continued to eat in indifference. This made the boy hum in curiosity before he also fell implicitly silent to finish off his meal.

“Seokjin you’re actually a living legend. Why haven’t you opened a thousand restaurants worldwide yet?” I groaned after swallowing the last mouthful, my stomach full and taste buds singing with happiness.

“I do cook for the world,” He replied smugly, and my face fell into perplexity.

“What do you-”

“Oh! Oh hyung…” Taehyung pointed to his elder and placed one hand over his heart while smiling sweetly.

What? Oh…

“The members are-”

“Enough please, there’ll be enough cheese here for another meal,” Yoongi complained while reaching across to calm down a few other members who were only just realising the joke and letting out either sounds of disapproval or admiration.

“I actually love you. Okay guys we can all appreciate this one because we know it comes from the heart,” I quelled the arguments by standing up abruptly.

“Let’s clean up so we can praise Seokjin some more and actually chat properly.”

The eldest turned to look at Namjoon.

“I legitimately think she’s my soulmate.”


“I can think of something fun right off the bat,” I began after everyone had settled into the lounge room. I recalled how a couple of hours before I had been standing in the exact same room, forming a puddle underneath me.

“But first, can someone get Yoongi?” I called, pulling my legs up so I could sit with them crossed on the comfortable couch.

“I’m here, I’m here!” Yoongi made his way back into the room with a soft singsong voice, grunting with effort as he slid into his favourite seat by the window.

“Yeah, don’t think I didn’t miss you slinking off just when the dishes had to be done,” I narrowed my eyes and watched as the rapper broke out into a gummy smile.

“Exposed, hyung she saw right through you,” Namjoon chuckled dryly, and the other members added their own jabs before I waved the complaint away with one hand, laughing the whole time.

“Okay I’m sorry, it’s a free country. Anyway, I said something fun…so how about you just ask me whatever you want, but it’s like twenty questions. You only have a limited amount in this game,” I held up a finger while proposing my idea, and of course they all exchanged thoughtful glances.

“Ooh, this is interesting. So not twenty from each of us?” Hoseok sat next to Yoongi on the other couch while everyone else gathered into a circle of sorts. The two youngest members ended up on the ground, but they didn’t seem to mind. Maybe it was a usual occurrence.

“Nope, you guys work it out,” I giggled mischievously.

“I mean, I probably have hundreds of questions for you all in comparison, but I heard what Yoongi said before so I just guessed you were curious. Anything you’ve wanted to ask a fan, but never had the time.” 

The members fell uncharacteristically silent, and I wondered what they were thinking about. Had I made things weird? I’d already done some questionable things, such as having a bath and wearing their clothes, so surely this wouldn’t be the turning point.

“(Y/n),” Namjoon began timidly, “I think you need to know…You need to know that we don’t see you as just another fan. You’re your own person.”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise, looking around to catch onto any other reactions.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Yoongi’s brows furrowed and he leaned forwards so everyone could hear him clearly.

“I think I noticed this recently, but you’re a bit fixated on trying to be ‘just another fan’ in the way you speak to us. Like, we appreciate that you are one and we value every word that you say, but that’s not how we actually see it. Everyone is still unique.”

“Wow, you saw that I was acting that way?” I breathed, absolutely astounded that he’d been more observant than I originally thought.

“I guess I did give myself a pep talk before coming into the company…but I didn’t realise it was becoming such a big part of everything I did, ” I looked up, puzzled and trying to remember the last time I thought of myself as just me in this situation.

The specific responsibility of trying to embody their fanbase as a whole had actually consumed my very own wishes. I noticed with a jolt that I had been trying to do everything I could to satisfy other people this whole time. Well, majority of it anyway, because I still indulged whenever the time seemed right.

I had been trying to do something just because thousands of people never had the chance to, but in turn, I had lost touch with the relationship concerning myself and the boys. I remembered how detached I felt at the concert, but how life-changing it had still been nonetheless. What was happening to me?

“Look, you’ve put her into an existential crisis,” Seokjin muttered, and the sound of his somberly toned voice snapped me from my trance like the click of a finger.

“No way, I’m fine,” I smiled, and surprisingly saw everyone’s forms relax from their tensed up positions. I really must have looked troubled.

“I just kind of realised…what I’ve been doing I guess,” I sighed, widening my eyes and suddenly feeling weariness pile onto my shoulders.

“Am I the only one who’s lost? What has she been doing?” Jungkook questioned while scanning the room, wrapping his arms around his knees for comfort due to the severe atmospheric change.

“I don’t think I fully understand either,” Hoseok agreed hesitantly, sharing a look with a pokerfaced Yoongi beside him.

“This is fine, consider this question one,” I cleared my throat and brought back the relaxed attitude I felt the most at ease with. I would hate to make my first dinner with them completely all about me, although that thought was hypocritical since I suggested the game in the first place.

“The question is ‘What have I been doing?’”

Everyone chuckled at my use of Jungkook’s seemingly oblivious question, and I felt so cheered at the sight of his apprehension fading away into a small bunny smile.

“Before I joined the company,” I began calmly, “I was just a fan. A fan from far away who admired and respected this boyband for everything they had achieved, and everything they had been through.”

“Aw,” Jimin tilted his head back in absolute awe, and I saw Namjoon raise a hand to his heart almost absent-mindedly. Yoongi nodded for me to continue, his eyes shining over with well-hidden emotions.

“When that changed, I guess I felt the needs of everyone else as well as my own. I…God I wish I was better with words,” I cut myself off with a tiny overwhelmed cry and buried my face into my hands. All I heard were the impressed noises of the members, and Taehyung’s silky baritone as he replied.

“That wasn’t even bad. I think it’s pretty hard to explain anyway, don’t worry yourself (Y/n),” He smiled sweetly up at me from the floor, and I couldn’t beat down the urge to reach out for him in the midst of my flooding feelings. It could’ve been his hand, or it could’ve been his slipper; I didn’t care as long as I made sure he had my full gratitude. Luckily, he chose the former, and I let him cradle my fingers loosely within his own larger ones as I continued with a smirk.

“Bless your heart. I think all I’m saying now is that I’m going to stop trying to focus on being the perfect fan everyone would have expectations of. I’ve been given an opportunity to work a great job in a great company. Meeting you guys was a definite bonus, but I don’t plan to take that for granted in any way.”

“I think that totally deserves applause,” Hoseok slapped his hands together while squeezing his eyes shut, and I yelped again in protest as everyone joined into the noisy praise.

“No! I’m so sorry I made this into something deeper than necessary!”

“Don’t be, you needed to know and so did some of us apparently,” Yoongi chuckled while eyeing the maknae on the floor. Jungkook only stuck his tongue out in a cheeky response.

“Let’s move on, my heart can’t take this,” Jimin muffled out from where his head was hidden behind his hands in his lap, and I saw Seokjin sigh deeply in some type of relieved agreement.

“Jiminie forgive me, I got all emotional I’m sorry!” I leapt to my feet and urged Seokjin to move his ass over so I could drape myself over a crouched Park Jimin. He raised his head instantly and shook it to ease my worries, but I still squeezed his shoulders and rocked him gently to make him laugh again. Everyone felt the tension dissipate as soon as the young vocalist chuckled loudly, trying to push me off but I wouldn’t let him.

“Yes, let’s move on. If you want deep answers ask me some other time if we’re alone,” I announced boldly, still clinging onto Jimin who had relaxed into my tightening embrace.

Luckily this hoodie is thick enough and long enough to cover me, because this would end very badly if it wasn’t.

I folded my legs further underneath my butt so the clothing would stay fixed in one spot, shifting my body so I wasn’t hugging Jimin, but still leaning onto his shoulder with one bent arm comfortably.

“Okay, can we start with simple questions? Like, what’s your favourite colour?” Taehyung suggested with an excited grin, and I answered confidently with no hesitation. They all nodded, liking the simple and playful direction the game was taking.

“Don’t be afraid to get random. Funny questions make this hilarious, and I speak from experience,” I lifted myself off the warm body underneath after a few more questions, sinking to the ground so I could get closer to the others on the floor.

“What’s the weirdest one you’ve ever had?” Jungkook queried, and everyone else hummed in support, interests obviously perked from my foreshadowing.

“Well,” I pursed my lips, “I don’t think we wanna go down that road.”

“Okay let’s not,” Seokjin snorted, barely able to contain his amusement.

“Why not? I want to know,” Taehyung grumbled, getting annoyed at all the secrecy. Everyone kind of chuckled to themselves, but Jungkook was the only one who averted his gaze with a knowing smirk gracing his lips. Finally, the young man actually felt like he understood what the fuck was happening behind all the obscurity. 

“Another day, another time Tae,” I clucked my tongue with a smile.

“Get me drunk and we’ll see what happens.”  

A moment of risky thought-filled silence passed, but Seokjin jumped right back in with more questions for me to answer. They were about halfway, numbering on ten, but I was snickering at seeing them struggle to limit themselves. They didn’t want to waste any opportunities.

“Guys can we discuss and agree on them from now on? I don’t want anyone to blurt something stupid and ruin our chances at coming up with good questions,” Namjoon grunted, peeved after Taehyung had asked me ‘what’s your favourite dog breed, or are you a cat person? Oh, and favourite animal?’ 

“Good idea. She also said we could be random,” Yoongi nodded, now leaning so far forwards off the couch to be closer to everyone. It looked like he would topple off at any given moment.

“Ha, I just thought of something,” Hoseok clapped his hands together and smirked teasingly, his coal-black wavy hair looking a bit ruffled.

“(Y/n) are you dating anyone?”

“Nope, I wouldn’t be able to do abroad for that long, and having a job in Korea as an Uber driver wasn’t exactly the ideal for meeting dateable people,” I answered immediately, not even having to think about it too hard.

“I mean, if I got some time one of these days I wouldn’t be against visiting a nightclub or something. When was the last time you guys even did that?” I gasped as the last thought entered my mind, seeing some of them scoff as if it was the funniest thing they’d ever heard.

“Every concert is a nightclub for us, minus the alcohol and hooking up,” Hoseok declared with a lively lilt to his tone, and I was pleasantly surprised by his boldness. Actually, he’d been pretty out there the whole night.

“Oh God, imagine your concerts with all of that,” I raked my hands down my face in exasperation.

“That shit would be crazy! They’d need paramedics on stand-by.”

“Well, I know that there are concerts like that in overseas countries, America?” Jungkook looked to his elders for help, and a couple nodded uncertainly.

“They’re in many places, but they have age restrictions and I definitely see why BTS concerts are not tolerable with that stuff. You wouldn’t be able to sell your light sticks…” 

I left them to take that however they wished, and gestured to move onto the next question.

“Well, does that mean you’ve never dated?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow curiously, earning sharp questioning looks from a few other members. There was no denying these questions had been nestled in the deep, dark depths of their minds.

“I have, nothing too serious though. I was too busy studying,” I groaned and fell back so my head was resting against the couch behind me. This coaxed Seokjin into playing with my hair distractedly while he thought. As Namjoon and Yoongi continued the conversation, I reached up and untangled the hair-tie from my locks so the vocalist could carry on undeterred.

“Did you ever have a favourite hairstyle from the group?” Seokjin asked softly while combing his fingers through my hair, and I felt my mind whirring slowly at the question.

“I would come up with a favourite for each member, but I’d need to think pretty hard about it,” I hummed, sweeping my eyes across the room to each of them and eventually settling on where Jimin sat looking down bleakly at his hyung’s hands disappearing into my tresses.

“Okay, but I will forever love orange on you Jimin. The orange was an actual blessing, every time I see the Run music video or the performance of ‘Perfect Man’, I think I tear up a little.”

Jimin’s frown flipped into a grin as he sat up straighter.

“What, why?”

“It’s just so beautiful. So wholesome. I love it so much, and I probably always will.”

“Maybe I should ask to dye it back,” Jimin chuckled with his eyebrows raised in my direction, reaching up to smooth back his darkened strands away from his forehead. I craned my neck around to pout at the younger man.

“I would die. For the record, I’m not saying you have to do it again because that was an era that’s gone now. I honestly love any hair colour and style you guys have,” I turned back around and felt Seokjin’s long fingers once again combing out my knots delightfully.

“Everyone’s ‘Dope’ designs were fucking hot though, sorry excuse my language. Do you guys even know how great that music video and style was? Oh my lord, can I get started here?”

“Look who’s asking the questions now!” Taehyung bellowed in amusement and I balled my hands into fists at the thought of launching into a rant about their own video. Did they even know? I was sure they would know by now just how absolutely fantastically they worked that style.

“I should let you all know, you only have three questions left anyway.”

“What? Seriously where did they go?”

“Taehyungie did you seriously just leave us with one left?” Jimin whined while Hoseok slapped his knee in pure humour, cackles loud and unrestrained.

“That’s bullshit, can we kick him out of the game and get all the questions he asked back?” Yoongi appealed and Seokjin, Namjoon and Jimin shouted their agreement with no hesitation. Everyone had burst into laughter at the pure betrayal written across Taehyung’s features.

“I won’t count them. But you better make sure these next three are worth it.”

Chapter Text




So now ‘worth it’ meant ‘life or death situation’.

I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip and strained my ears, trying to make out what was being whispered amongst the group formed into a circle on the other side of the room. They really wanted to get to the good stuff.

“No, I won’t let you,” Seokjin’s defiant tone slipped out into a hearable range, and I gulped suddenly as Jimin also shook his head snappily from side to side.

What did they want to ask?  

In the end, they finally dispersed and I uncurled myself from the ball I’d formed on the couch. The boys returned to their seats silently, and I drifted my gaze over each one of them in confusion.

“Well you guys have definitely gotten serious. What do you have for me?”

They all looked to Yoongi, and I instantly knew they’d chosen him to be the spokesperson since he seemed to be the most efficient in situations like this.

“(Y/n), what’s your story?”

I let out a soft noise of understanding.

“Well, that’s pretty broad. Can you rephrase it to be more specific?”

“I just mean in a general way. Your life. Also, I can see you’re trying to get us to waste questions so it’s not gonna work.”

“Damn, fine,” I chuckled, seeing the others quietly laugh at my futile attempts as well.

So I told them everything I could. Basically about where I had grown up, how I had come to learn Korean during my University terms in (Y/c) via online courses. How I had discovered their band one lonely night as a teenager, and how I had even saved up some funds to travel and study abroad. I didn’t really choose to dwell on my family or high school life all that much in comparison.

When I finished, everyone was left to think over everything for a few moments. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at all, it was like I’d lived the perfect, but most tiresome life ever. I knew a few of the members such as Taehyung, Namjoon and Yoongi were looking at me curiously. Actually, it was as if they could all see I hadn’t chosen to share a few things.

“Wow, you’ve worked so hard for everything,” Hoseok breathed, and the developing tension crumbled.

“Yeah, well it’s not like it’s anything uncommon here. I can’t even hold a candle to how hard you have all worked to be where you are today,” I nodded, my eyes tracing the patterns of the floorboards tenderly.

“As much as we love the acknowledgement, this is about you. Stop losing focus guys,” Yoongi waved both hands from side-to-side to gain their attention.

“Look at her, you know she’s trying to fool us like the little minx she is.”

I narrowed my eyes at him playfully and eventually smirked when everyone’s eyes landed on me in suspicion.

“Hey, it’s not my fault if you muck it up. I’m just being honest here.”


The night continued until I finally had to leave. I did still have an early start for work and I didn’t want to jeopardize that just for a few more hours with some of my favourite people. After noting my avoidance of certain subjects, Yoongi instantly reorganised his thoughts and threw knowing looks to his bandmates before quitting the game altogether.

I guess I could say I was tad relieved, but I knew I’d be open with them eventually. Only time could tell.  

The rain had dwindled significantly, and I was so glad I wouldn’t have to face another drenching on my way outside. My clothes had taken a while to dry, but despite it all Jungkook insisted for me to wear his hoodie home anyway. No matter how many times I refused, they all eventually jumped into the persistence and I was left no choice in the matter.

My home seemed cold and uninviting compared to the dorm. It was small, so I should’ve been okay, but I longed for the warm glow of laughter and companionship. Just company itself, as I had apparently grown accustomed to. My phone vibrated beside my head resting against the pillow, and if I had known what the call would mean, perhaps I wouldn’t have answered so quickly.

 The feeling of companionship and laughter I’d recently discovered and fallen so deeply in love with? Well, it would soon become a foreign concept.


The call wasn’t anything but a simple request for help. Maybe an hour or so of extra work a couple of nights a week? No biggie, and I barely had time to feel tired because the boys were continuously finding spare nights to have me visit. It wasn’t that frequent, since we were all fairly busy people, but each time Seokjin (more often than not with the input of the others) would come up with new dishes to surprise us all.

Jungkook even slipped to me once that he hadn’t seen his hyung this enthusiastic about cooking for a while, but I told him it was because everyone’s reactions were probably the same every time. I was just someone new in their lives, so we could all afford to be a bit overly excited.

We never ran out of things to talk about, and I never found it strange how easily I fit into their nightly routine like a puzzle piece. I found myself wishing and hoping to spend more time there than I did my own home. Was that a little weird? Probably. Did I care?...

The most outrageous thing that had happened so far had been when I had actually grown tipsy from all the wine. Nobody had been expecting it, but when it happened Namjoon had immediately jumped up to call a taxi for me. God knows what I’d been doing to elicit something like that, but I hadn’t questioned it since. Now, we had all learned to never pour too much on a work night, but I was forever ashamed I hadn’t realised my limits sooner.

Another call, a few weeks later. The phone rattled against my empty dining room table like a tiny shrill bell. Annoying and disorientating.

“Can you come in tonight? You’re the only one who can take care of all these new clients.”

“There’s even more? Can’t Bighit hire more people who speak (language choice 1)?” I muttered, shrugging on a blazer and pulling out the back of one of my heels before rushing out of the apartment. Keys in hand and eyes flaming.

“PD-nim is trying, but it’s seriously hard criteria to meet. We struck gold with you, I must say,” Soojin sighed, but I knew deep down she didn’t actually care for my complaints. It wasn’t as if I could change much with simple words.

“I’ll be there soon. Do you know how late I’ll run this time around?” I grunted while clambering into my car and looking around to see if the carpark was void of movement.

“We’ve had a real influx in the past few days. So far you and your team have kept up, but I’m hoping a few more hours will be the only difference now,” Her voice had twinges of concern poking through, and I knew despite the hardened exterior she was getting worried for the wellbeing of the company and its workers.

“Yeah, let’s hope,” I laughed, easing some of my weariness and hopefully some of hers in the process.

“See you later, unni.”


I wondered how my brain could keep up with all this code switching, because I was sure I couldn’t handle it for much longer. I was basically swapping between two to three languages in each spoken or written sentence I participated in. Completely fried was an understatement for the state of my brain these days.

The hours had ticked past midnight, but I soldiered on. Years of hard work hadn’t built me to be some weak-ass who left everything for ‘later’, when that later actually meant nothing more than ‘procrastination’. If I put hard-boiled effort and time into what I did now, the results would be way more satisfying and successful than originally planned.

A few of my co-workers were the same, and for that I was so grateful. They stuck by my side and helped me with little tasks despite not even being able to help with the actual language related issues. I handled emails and calls from people around the world, and it was so relieving to know that there was a loyal team holding me up from behind every step of the way.

“I know you’re on break, but there’s a face-to-face meeting scheduled in half an hour,” Bang PD leaned one arm onto my desk, worry causing a frown to tug at his lips.

“Can you handle it?”

I smoothed my straying hairs back with one hand and took a deep breath, letting a smile mask any weariness I felt.

“Of course, I’ve already had my break.”

He returned the smile and squeezed my shoulder appreciatively, seeming impressed by my show of resilience. In my opinion, all the employees here were known for their toughness and ability to withstand long hours, so I wasn’t sure why there were more than a few people throwing sympathetic glances in my direction lately.

A week after the change, I decided to ask about it since it was quite honestly irking me.

“Well, it’s because we know there’s not a lot we can help you with. Bighit is known for working hard, since we’ve been a small company in the past, but we’ve all worked together for it,” A translator enlightened me hesitantly.

“But you are helping me? You guys are doing all that you can anyway,” I pursed my lips, not even tearing my eyes away from the computer screen in front of me.

“Yeah, but…”

I looked up to see him swirling around the coffee in his cup grudgingly.

“We would like to help more. Every time someone looks at you, you’re knee-deep in paperwork or you’re putting on that bright smile while you talk on the phone, even though it’s plainly obvious that whatever you’re hearing on the other end is…less than intelligent.”

I laughed at that.

“Okay, I understand. But it’s my job, there’s no room for complaint.”

He closed his eyes and sighed, shoulders drooping in defeat.

“Please don’t overwork yourself (Y/n)-ah. Nobody here wants that at all. Nobody.”

His words rung through my ears long after he was gone. The very idea of ‘overworking’ had been settling in the back of my mind for my entire life. I wasn’t going to cower in fear against working a little extra; hard work equaled positive results. That was the way the world had always worked, and that was the way it always would.

If I wanted to be something positive to this company, overworking was something I would do.


“Okay, another meeting at two-thirty tomorrow, make sure you have that in your notes,” Soojin informed as she strutted past my desk, causing me to widen my eyes and scuttle around for my pen hurriedly. Things didn’t usually slip my mind, but I wasn’t going to take that risk.

Thankyouuuu,” I hummed lowly, the word soon becoming like a broken record put on repeat.

“Please remember to lock up tonight, or if you’re staying the night again do you remember the security code?” Soojin retraced her steps before scooping up her bag and coat to leave, glancing at me in concern.

“Of course, don’t worry about me unni,” I let the tiniest hint of a smile tug at the corner of my mouth before it fell again. My hair was probably unruly at this point, as this day in particular had been quite tedious and I knew just how fidgety my hands could get.

“We all do, though,” Came her gentle reply, and I was even more startled by the presence of her manicured hand patting my back encouragingly, not even a few seconds later.

“I’ll let you know that Bang PD-nim is searching harder than ever. He might not say it often, but he really cares about you.”

I gawked up at her as if she had grown another head. Was this really the Soojin-unni I knew? Her black hair had grown a little longer, but she still looked exactly the same.

“Also, Chiyong wanted me to tell you she’s gonna file a missing person’s report if you don’t get down there one of these days.”

I let the warmth trickle through my being like soothing honey. Hearing that my stylist friends were also worried just topped off the whole lot, and I knew the exhaustion I was feeling was just adding onto the seemingly endless pile of throat-tightening emotions.

“Stay healthy,” Soojin murmured as her hand slid from the fabric of my blouse, and suddenly she was gone. Alone once again, left with nothing but the sound of my own computer engine whirring softly as it trudged on through the night; kind of like me.

I hummed to myself as the minutes ticked by, the eerie silence and darkness of the office around me closing in further and further. It was as if I was suffocating, but I knew I would almost be done the more time I spent working. The finish line was surely in sight, but I think I may have been wearing a blindfold. Something struck me.

I haven’t seen the boys for about a week and a half.

It would’ve been at the last dinner almost a fortnight ago. Of course, none of us had even gathered the few brain cells necessary to ask for numbers or contact details, so here I was in my own little world, not even knowing if they were okay.

I thought about my friends overseas. Were they okay? What’s even been going on in the world? I didn’t even think to have the news on at any point either, so how was I meant to know if the world was about to end? I got to my feet, looking around and blinking as if I’d just awoken from a heavy coma. This empty office wasn’t meant to be my home, but here I was. Living and breathing here as if it was a vacation getaway.

I wondered how they were doing, if their practices had gone well, if their songs were coming along nicely…

I wondered if they missed me, perhaps as much as I missed them.

My eyes landed on a lonely coffee cup sitting on the end of my desk, forgotten and unnoticed. I reached out in a detached state of confusion, only to find that the cup was full and untouched. Someone had left this for me at some point, but I hadn’t even had the awareness to accept and acknowledge the much needed sustenance. I turned the cup around, and read the messy handwriting on its surface.


I always keep my promises.


Then I broke down.

Chapter Text





I didn’t know how long I stayed there, curled up into a sobbing wreck.

The urge to drop everything and run to them was almost too overpowering, but I knew I couldn’t no matter how desperately I longed to. Though they would probably argue against that idea, I knew realistically the boys shouldn’t have to deal with a somewhat mentally unstable person like me at this time of night.

I want to be surrounded by them, just once more.

I wanted to be in their presence, wanted to see their smiles and hear their rambunctious laughter. To me, it would’ve been a healing process. Instead, I tucked my head into my arms and knees as if they were a shield, tears flowing as I thought about how tired and depressed I felt all of a sudden.

Why had I overworked myself when everyone had told me not to? Why had I continued to drown my life into it all as if nothing else mattered? Nothing had changed. Friendships had been lost, connections had been severed with those closest to me just because I couldn’t bring myself to focus on anything but study and work. Nothing had changed since my time in (Y/c), and the very realisation caused the fatigue I’d been ignoring to weigh me down like a pile of bricks.

Suddenly, exhaustion clouded my consciousness and I felt as though my fighting spirit had finally fizzled out. There was no way I would be able to keep going like usual, because this epiphany had made everything I’d kept bottled up come flushing out with no restraint.

I can’t do this to myself anymore. I just don’t know why I didn’t realise it sooner.

I should’ve heeded their warnings. I should’ve listened to my parents back then…

“What’s wrong? Oh no, no…”

It was a deep, hushed voice filled to the brim with anxiety and urgency. I wanted to lift my head, but I just couldn’t manage the small movement. I felt like my very soul was tired, everything was aching internally and externally. I had seriously worn myself down to a pile of dust on the floor.

Then, warmth bloomed and scattered across my body as a pair of strong arms encircled and held me. They lifted my shaking lifeless figure forwards into the chest of their owner, and I whimpered when a very familiar scent swirled around my nostrils.

“Noona what do I do? Are you okay?”


As much as I wanted to answer the frightened maknae, I could feel my consciousness slipping away from me. The emotional stress had really taken its toll, and I could only barely register the feeling of a sturdy body against my own as he cradled me softly. I could hear his stuttered breathing as he looked around frantically in search of help.

“Shit, why isn’t there anyone here?” He wailed softly, and I finally felt myself slip away as I was lifted into his arms effortlessly. He must have been scared, but I could not feel any safer locked into place against him.

Jungkook’s POV

The young man didn’t know what to do, but he did know he needed to help you somehow. The first thing that flashed to the front of his mind was ‘hospital’, but after leaving the darkened office and jogging out into the front lobby, his thoughts raced with concern.

He darted over to the couch where he’d seen you for the first time in the Bighit building, placing you down and sighing in pent up frustration. He needed to call someone and ask for help, he didn’t know if you were just passed out or actually really sick, but he did recall Yoongi mentioning how you were working yourself silly these days.

“(Y/n)-noona, can you hear me? Please…” He sat you up carefully, reaching up to move some hair off your forehead which was beginning to develop a layer of sweat. Your expression had been peaceful, as if you had been simply sleeping, but now that he’d removed you from his embrace you had come to be distressed again. His large doe eyes scanned your form in sparks of fear.

Fuck this, she needs help. It could be serious.

His fingers fumbled with his smartphone as he pulled you into his side once again, making sure your breathing was even and calm. His heart clenched when your hand gripped weakly at his hoodie, bunching it together ever so slightly. He zoned out the sound of his phone dialing as his focus remained on your face pressed into the fabric covering his collarbone.

When the driver pulled around the corner, Jungkook lifted you into his arms again in a state of shock. Where should he go, and what should he even do? He wasn’t good at thinking fast in these situations, he could only go through with what he thought was the best plan.

“Is that girl alright?” The driver twisted in his seat, all signs of weariness vanishing as he took in the scene. Jungkook didn’t want to let you go, so he kept you tucked in beside him as he clambered into the back-seat of the car.

“Um, I don’t know. What should we do? I think she fainted, or she’s so tired she fell asleep. She won’t wake up and I’ve tried.” Jungkook rushed, annoyed that his voice seemed to be strained with worry. He should’ve been calm and collected, but the maknae could feel his heart racing a million miles an hour.

“If she’s fainted then it’s not likely to be life-threatening. You should get her somewhere safe and lay her on her back,” The driver instructed while quickly shifting the car into gear.

Jungkook was glad someone seemed to have their mind in check, because he was still struggling. He tightened his grip on you and cursed himself for not acting sooner. He was at least relieved to hear you breathing deeply and properly. The guess he had was that you had passed out from fatigue, and there didn’t seem to be any other problems, but you had given him one of the biggest scares of his life.

“Where does Miss live? If you take her to her house to get some rest I can wait outside for you,” The driver asked quietly, but Jungkook’s guilt reached a new peak.

“I don’t know, sorry hyung. I’ve never asked where she lives.”

The driver hummed in acknowledgement.

“Is it bad enough to go to hospital? Should we call Bang PD-nim?” Jungkook swallowed nervously, looking down at your face closely in case you started showing other worrying symptoms. As he leaned down, his eyes widened when you moved even closer into the warmth he was providing. Your hair was still slightly sticking to your skin, and he noted with a jolt that your eyes were puffy and red despite their now serene expression.

“Noona why were you crying?” He mumbled more to himself, shifting so you could be more comfortable. The smell of your perfume was still lingering over his whole body, and he swallowed thickly once more when he felt your figure pressing into his firmly. He couldn’t help but think you were so pretty while you slept, even with those red-rimmed eyes.

Stop it, she’s unconscious for crying out loud.

Jungkook snapped his head to the side, pursing his lips and urging his thoughts to stop running away from him. Now that the driver had calmed his fraying nerves and given him direct guidelines, his immediate panic had settled down into a dull uneasiness.

“No, she should actually wake up soon. We need somewhere safe and comfortable, because she needs to be taken care of properly if we want a full recovery. Maybe I should call the boss to find out her address,” The driver’s thoughtful tone brought Jungkook back down to earth, and he found himself massaging your arm in a sign of comfort. He hated seeing you this worn down.

“Please, this probably sounds strange, but I don’t want to leave her. I’m worried,” Jungkook chewed on his bottom lip apprehensively, knowing how whiny and cliché he was sounding.

“Can we please go home?”


Jungkook kept his steps smooth and slow as he carried you down the hallway to the dorm. He knew this was absolutely absurd and he shouldn’t have even thought to take an unconscious employee back to his house, but the driver had agreed that waking up in a place that was familiar and comfortable would be the best for you. 

Yeah, if she had never been here I wouldn’t have done it.

His nerves were still running wild as he reached the door. He had called Namjoon as soon as he could, just because he felt like his leader would know what to do. You were so far under that the young man barely had to worry about waking you, but he still tried his best to do everything quietly and slowly.

The call had gone a little like this:

“Jungkook-ah, do you know what time it is? What’s wrong?” Namjoon’s sleepy voice grunted on the line.

“Hyung I’m coming home now. I’m sorry I stayed out practicing so late, but I have a problem,” Jungkook explained nervously, very aware of your soft breaths brushing past the hairs on neck. When the driver had agreed to change routes for the Bangtan dorm, he had turned a little too sharply in his haste, and Jungkook now found that you were a lot closer to him than he could really handle. At the same time, he didn’t want to move away, and he felt even guiltier because of it.

“What? Talk to me,” Namjoon’s voice was clearer now, and Jungkook knew his hyung had sat up and was hanging on every word attentively. He pressed the phone harder to his ear to stop it from trembling.

“Its noona…I found her passed out in the office and I didn’t know what to do.”

“(Y/n)? Where are you guys now? Did you go to a hospital?” Namjoon furrowed his brows, climbing out of bed so he could clumsily pull on a pair of tracksuit pants and throw on the closest shirt he could find.

“Er, no. I didn’t know if that would be best, I’m coming home hyung. I’m sorry, I panicked,” Jungkook’s voice was small as he winced and prepared to get scolded, but it never came.

Namjoon only sighed, feeling sympathetic of the younger member and growing saddened at the sound of the maknae’s distressed tone. He ran a hand through his hair and pushed down any of his fretful thoughts about your safety.

“You’re alright kid, just come home and we’ll figure it out.”

Reader POV

I didn’t remember much, just the feeling of being warm. I chased it because it was the only thing that was making me feel secure, little did I know it was all to the expense of a certain black-haired boy’s feelings and emotions.

When I awoke, I found myself straightened out onto my back lying on what seemed to be a mattress. A very comfortable one at that, but for some reason it was on the floor. I blinked blearily and looked around to see a room which was decorated to a modern style. There were pieces of music production equipment and a few computers dotted throughout the whole room, and I had an idea of the owner based on these facts alone.

I got to my feet, feeling gross because I was still wearing the same clothes I’d worn when I’d fallen unconscious the night before; minus the shoes. It looked like it was morning judging by the dimmed lighting from the windows and the sounds of the birds chirping outside, so I knew I had slept for a good few hours at least.

Why do they always end up saving my ass? It’s as if I can’t even fend for myself.

I took a deep breath as I left the room, feeling so ashamed of myself. My hair was probably a bird’s nest and I probably looked like walking zombie in general. I seriously needed to go home and get my shit back together. No matter how badly I wanted to stay and be with the members, I couldn’t be seen like this anymore.

When I gathered my shoes and slipped out of the room silently, I checked the pockets of my coat to find my phone still safely inside. Displayed on the screen were a few text messages from Bang PD himself telling me to call him as soon as possible, and I felt another bout of shame bubble up within me at the thought of his reaction to the situation.

He must think I’m pretty useless right now.

In the living room slept Jungkook. He looked pretty stiff and uncomfortable curled up on the couch, and I instantly padded over to where he was; feeling so helpless and guilty it hurt. The boy looked perfect and calm on first glance, but I could see the twinges of stress tugging his eyebrows together, and I could see his lips forming a tiny frown as I looked closer.

“Oh, Kookie…” I bit my lip, urging the welling tears to disappear as I sank slowly to my knees next to him. I knew I wanted to leave, but there was no way I was walking through that door without showing him all my gratitude. Before I had blacked out, I had felt his presence holding me in his arms last night. I knew it was him just based on his build and cologne, despite the fact that his sweat was masking most of it.

“(Y/n), are you okay?” He mumbled, tired eyes cracking open one by one. I watched as his expression roused into an alert and concerned one. It was surprising, because I thought it was actually really hard to wake him, but he must’ve been pretty on-edge and light with his sleep in this instance.

“Jungkook. I’m so sorry, I promise you I’m better. I won’t say that I’m completely fine, but I’m definitely better,” I dipped my head, reaching out to let one of my hands touch his arm comfortingly. He glanced down at the contact breathlessly before grunting and attempting to sit upright with a sharp inhale.

“No, no. Please, don’t get up because of me Kook-ah. I…I think I have to leave, but I wanted to say thank you for what you did. I was really not in a good way and you helped me, thank you for bringing me here,” I rose to my knees and guided him to lay back down. I ran one of my hands through his hair soothingly, just like that one time backstage. The action had calmed him down then, and it seemed to work a little this time too.

“Noona don’t go. We all want to know if you’re okay, Jimin-hyung was…” He protested with a sleepy croak and trailed off, not even being able to let his smile linger for longer than a few seconds. He was too anxious and it was beginning to show.

“I know, and I love you all for that, but I just need to go home and get myself together again. I’ll talk to PD-nim too, because he hasn’t left my phone alone for the whole night.”

Jungkook smiled for longer, wary eyes scanning my face so thoroughly I had to look away. He and the others were so caring, but as a result I knew they would all be hesitant to let me leave so quickly. I really had to get out before I had even less of a chance to.

“You’re a superhero Kook-ah,” I sighed, craning my head downwards and planting a quick, gentle kiss to his warming cheek as a token of my appreciation. I might’ve been mistaken, but I swore I felt his body go rigid at the sensation.

I’ve wanted to do that for so long, you would not even believe how full my heart feels.

“You can have your bed back, I hope I kept it warm enough for you,” I winked and straightened myself again, hoping that I’d succeeded in lifting the blanket of tension for now. I didn’t like it when people were worried about me constantly, as I’d worked so hard to establish myself as capable and strong-willed. This had been a little setback, but I was going to try and build myself back up.

I didn’t hear anything else as I slipped on my shoes at the front door and exited the dorm. Outside felt much, much colder and I rubbed at my goose-bump covered arms hopelessly. It always pained me to leave, but I also couldn’t stay any longer. God knows just how pitiful I had looked to them all last night.

“Good morning, Miss (Y/n)-ssi. Rough night?” The Uber driver asked in a friendly tone as I climbed into the back seat of his Mercedes. I didn’t feel sociable enough to sit in the passenger seat, and I knew it was a shit excuse, but I didn’t really care at this point.

“You could say that. I promise I’m not a hooker or anything,” I chuckled dryly, realising how I must’ve looked based on my messed up clothes, makeup and hair alone. The driver only laughed and shook his head, understanding that his strange client didn’t really want to chat all that much.

I looked at the scene in front of me, thinking about how far I had come from…this.

That used to be me sitting in the driver’s seat right there. It used to be me trying to make small talk, judging people based on general appearances and wishing for a short ride if they turned out to be unpleasant. That used to be me, getting people from A to B and relishing in the different personalities I’d encounter.

Even though it used to be me, I would never go back.

I had found so much happiness here, and I was literally going to leave soon to be part of an amazing concert tour. I had no time to be fainting and causing everyone to stress out. As I pondered over this for little longer, my spirits sunk.

Maybe it was actually best to spend some time alone, to help us all get back to normal.

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Everything with the building last night was taken care of. (Y/n)-ssi, don’t worry yourself so badly. I need you to remain home for a few days and stay healthy. It does hurt to say this, but if you continuously sacrifice your sleep and time to overwork, you could fall seriously ill. If you’re ill for too long, that will most likely endanger your career with Bighit Entertainment. Please rest well, and we will await for your eager return. Regards, Bang Si-hyuk.’


Last time they had seen you, it had been an unconscious you. Each member remembered the exact moment they had awoken from sleep, only to hear the exasperated tone of their leader pacing around the house.

Seokjin, Jimin and Hoseok met in the hallway while exchanging concerned glances, having heard Namjoon as he noisily trudged down from his own room further along. The members could easily detect the hidden stress in their leader’s voice, and that fact alone had caused a distinct impulse to find out exactly what was happening.

Yoongi’s door opened slowly from the same end of the hallway Namjoon had appeared from, and he blinked the sleep from his narrowed eyes warily.

It’s not like Namjoon to be worried like this, something must be pretty bad. Worse than usual.

The rapper joined the others entering the lounge room with his coal-coloured hair still ruffled from the pillow, feeling only a little annoyed that his sleep had been interrupted; not only by his fellow bandmates, but by his own burning curiosity as well. Seokjin led the group as they followed Namjoon into the spacious room, only hearing quiet mumblings of reassurance until one final word echoed louder than the rest.


Taehyung finally appeared from where his room adjoined onto the lounge room, rubbing at his face and still clutching onto the pillow he had used for cuddling. Each member wore loose pajamas except him, which was understandable because it was a really hot night. Perfect for going shirtless.

“What’s going on?” The younger boy’s deep, rumbling voice threw everyone into a tensioned silence, and Namjoon nodded once before hanging up the phone and plopping down onto the couch heavily.

“Namjoon-ah what did you mean by hospital?” Seokjin asked gravely, already expecting something bad just from the word itself.

“Where’s Jungkook?” Jimin marched over and pulled open the mentioned boy’s bedroom door, only to find no-one sleeping inside. The worry lodged itself deeply into the chests of everyone except Namjoon; Hoseok blinking in confusion and Taehyung taking a deep breath as conclusions and scenarios popped into his mind one by one.

“No, don’t worry about him. It’s not him, it’s (Y/n),” Namjoon explained, tapping his fingers against the arm of the couch as his mind spun. Everyone took note of how their leader also looked freshly awoken, eyes slightly puffy and darkened hair an absolute whirlwind.

“Kook-ah found her passed out in the office…and he’s coming back here.”

The information hit each member like a train. Everyone felt the initial fear igniting and spreading inside them uncontrollably as the silence stretched for a few seconds longer.

“Before we start freaking out and asking the proper questions, why is he coming here and not going to the hospital?” Seokjin spluttered, eyes widening a tenfold. The eldest jumped to his feet in alarm, imagining Jungkook out there all alone with you being unconscious right there with him.

Taehyung instantly rushed over to sit on the couch, eyes massive and unblinking, mouth hanging slightly open in shock. Jimin fought to push down his own trickles of apprehension so he could sit next to Tae and wrap one arm around him comfortingly. Both of them struggled to fully compute what had just been said.

Yoongi studied the floor, and he studied it hard. Many tumbling thoughts entered and left his brain one after another, but he couldn’t grasp onto anything quick enough. He felt upset, he felt frightened, baffled. He even felt a little angry, knowing that you had been there and not doing anything to stop something from happening. Hoseok shuddered next to him, obviously having similar thoughts but choosing also not to express them too loudly.

“Is she okay? We need to help her,” Hoseok chose instead to exclaim, sharing an equally stressed look with Namjoon and looking around to try and figure out what to do.

“What’s happening with Jungkook, what did he say?” Seokjin then piped in, still fixing his concentrated gaze onto Namjoon, as if trying to unlock all the answers by reading his mind.

“He’s scared of course, and he’s coming home because he didn’t know what to do and just panicked. Let’s think about this and set up somewhere comfortable. As far as I know, she’s still unconscious and yes Hoseok, we’re going to help the best we can,” Namjoon finally launched into action, calming everyone’s nerves with his stable tone and use of initiative.

“Can we call the first aid here or something?” Jimin pleaded softly, one hand gripping onto Taehyung’s shoulder instead of rubbing it like before. The worry he felt was raging, and it was as if it was consuming him whole.

“I think we should tell the driver to turn around and go to hospital anyway,” Yoongi finally voiced hoarsely, still not fully awake, but feeling the sharpness of anxiety all the same.

“She’s coming here, there’s no stopping it hyung,” Namjoon shook his head with a dismayed expression, not used to seeing his level-headed bandmate so troubled. When bad things like this happened, it was usually easy for the members to gather together and come up with a solution, but this time it was different for reasons other than the obvious it seemed.

Each of them felt as though their concern had been bumped up to a new height.

“Let’s set up Jungkook’s room since his bed has been made since this morning, I will not have her on the couch,” Seokjin muttered, the distress tearing at him even though he didn’t want it to. The vocalist had told himself so many time that there was no danger of your life being lost, but he still felt just as strongly.

She’ll be just fine, why are we all feeling like the world is gonna end?

He knew his brothers were in the same boat. He saw Yoongi’s inner conflict flashing, he saw Jimin biting his lip way too hard and he saw Taehyung looking so blanked out and worried it was saddening. He saw Hoseok beginning to gather sweat upon his creased brow, he could see Namjoon’s hands wringing together. He could feel his own heart racing, like the thundering hooves of a racehorse.

“We’ve been around the staff long enough now to learn how they handle fainting. I think coming here was actually a pretty good choice on Jungkook’s behalf,” Seokjin finally continued, feeling his shoulders relax as he saw some of the tension vanish from his member’s faces. Yoongi nodded slowly, but Seokjin knew his mind was elsewhere when he saw the rapper’s brows furrow again.

“You’re right, so let’s get our shit together,” Namjoon chuckled, and everyone seemed to come to their senses at the same time.

Seokjin sighed, his earlier sleepiness crashing back into him. There had been an enormous adrenaline rush for all the members as they tried to work out a plan, but now it had settled ever so slightly as they cleaned up their maknae’s room and prepared a glass of water and some pillows.

Jimin couldn’t share in the curtain of relief just yet, because he was still fretting over you and Jungkook both. Was the young man even alright? How did he find you, and how did he manage to keep you safe while he contacted for help? Nobody even knew where he was at that exact moment, and that thought was nagging at him in an unrelenting way.

“Hyung, how do you know for sure that Jungkook-ah is okay?” Taehyung murmured when most of the members were settled back onto the couches. Jimin whipped his head around to trail his eyes over his leader, feeling as though Taehyung had literally stolen the words from his mouth.

“He’s alright, just shaken as anyone would be, but he’s strong and can handle himself,” Namjoon smiled reassuringly.

“Is he literally carrying her all the way here? Couldn’t he have just stayed with her until she woke up?” Hoseok breathed in disbelief after being silent for most of the night. Everyone was still sleepy because of the ungodly hour, but now they had all fixed themselves to look a little less messy. Taehyung still rested his head into the pillow he’d brought out, but even he had a bucket load of questions now that he was more awake.

“Everywhere the driver can’t go I’m guessing, and once again he panicked. I’m guessing you wouldn’t really want to just stay in the office with no help, but I’m sure any of us would have gone straight over if only he’d just called,” Namjoon shrugged, inhaling deeply as apprehension still tugged at him. Everyone could feel the lingering dread, but at least things were a little better now that they’d sorted out what to do.

Suddenly, the sound of the front door opening pricked at everyone’s ears, and each member sat up straighter as Jungkook entered the room. Their youngest bandmate was heaving slow breaths to be the quietest he could, but everyone’s eyes were instead focused on your sleeping form curled up into his chest.

“Jungkook-ah over here!” Namjoon whisper-shouted as he gestured with one hand, Seokjin and Hoseok copying the movement by pointing in the direction of his open bedroom door. Everyone’s attentive gazes were focused solely on your face as they tried to see if you were alright.

“She’s…she’s sleeping now, I think. She was that tired,” Jungkook murmured softly, grateful that you were too far gone to wake up easily. Everyone could see he was still uncomfortable at having you so firmly pressed to him, and Yoongi couldn’t even suppress a fond smirk at the scene.

Now that you were here, now that you were in the sight of them all, they could breathe again. Now that you were here, they could see how tightly you clung to their maknae as if he was your very own life essence. You looked so beautiful and at peace while you slept, nothing like the lifeless figure they’d all been expecting to see for some reason.

“She passed out and fell asleep? Oh my God how much has she been working?” Jimin fumed, getting to his feet to follow Namjoon, Seokjin and Jungkook as you were carried towards the bedroom. Everyone saw how anger was beginning to grip the shorter boy, and Yoongi couldn’t help but feel similarly when Jimin clenched his fists and whirled back around.

“She can’t do this to herself again, no way, we can’t let it happen. I can’t…”

“Jimin-ah there’s not much we can do,” Hoseok looked up from where he sat on the couch, expression solemn as he also came to the harsh realisation.

“She…she chose it, so there’s not much we can do except try and convince her not to.”

Jimin grumbled under his breath and sat back into the couch with an exhausted huff. It was Taehyung’s turn to reach over and comfort his best friend, feeling just as helpless as he thought about how to get you to take better care of yourself.

“I shouldn’t have thought a coffee would be enough. I should’ve waited to speak to her properly,” Yoongi pushed his tongue into his cheek in regretful irritation, thinking back to how he’d seen you countless times typing away at your computer, but not doing anything to interfere.

“You tried your best,” Hoseok smiled gently in assurance, feeling bad that everyone felt responsible in their own unique ways.

They had grown so attached to you, but none of them had realised until something drastic had happened. They all felt torn up at the thought of you risking your health, and they did feel responsible because in the end, it was all for them.

You worked for their company, therefore you worked your ass off for them. Everything you were doing was helping them with their own careers, every translation and every meeting you took part in. It was all for the company, but in turn, it was the very foundation of their success and presence worldwide. Thinking about that made the boys feel even more in awe of you, and they recalled Hoseok’s words from your very first dinner together.

Wow, you’ve worked so hard for everything.”

“She’s settled in, my guess is that she’ll be out until morning,” Seokjin was the first to emerge from the room, expression calm and visibly relieved.

“So, she didn’t wake up at all?” Taehyung questioned, wishing you would just wake up and guarantee to them that you were fine. He wanted desperately for you to promise to never do that to yourself again. He knew he wasn’t alone when he wished to hear your voice again, full of life, cheeky and cheerful.

“No, even though I really wanted her to, it’s for the best she gets the rest she needs,” Seokjin sighed and everyone hummed in agreement sadly.

“It’s been so long since we’ve seen her. Why did it have to be like this?” Jimin buried his head into his crossed arms, hiding his expression from everyone as Taehyung continued to rub circles into his back soothingly. Jungkook and Namjoon came out of the room just as it happened, and the youngest member widened his eyes as he took in Jimin’s trembling shoulders.

“I’m sure she’s not stupid. This shouldn’t happen again,” Yoongi muttered, looking forwards boldly as if the words were more of a confirmation for himself. He knew you were smarter than that, and he knew that you would most likely be kicking yourself for seeming so vulnerable. He had seen how strong-willed you were as a person, but also knew from experience how much that confidence could be shattered if you lost faith in yourself.

You hadn’t lost faith in anyone but you, and he swallowed a pang of sadness at the very thought. Hopefully you would come back to them and fill the hole you had left, because even though he hadn’t expected to, he had felt its emptiness just as much as the rest of them.


Reader POV 

The hustle and bustle of the airport was just as I’d expected. Crowds were never really my thing to begin with, but today that was the last thing on my mind.

The week and a half had passed without much of a problem, and I’d gone back to work after a few days just as Bang PD had suggested. My colleagues were of course distraught over the news, and I always felt their worried glances burning into the back of my head. It was kind of humiliating.

I’d been given temporarily shortened hours, despite my protest, and had a massive conversation with the CEO himself about the whole situation. I’d already vowed to myself that it wouldn’t happen again, but I figured making the pledge to him was just as important. He had questioned if going on the tour was still okay, but my heartbreak must have shown because he instantly retracted the statement. I’d spent enough time away from everyone as it was, and the loneliness was starting to eat away at me.

I missed them so much, it was bordering on painful.

Yet, I knew I had to spend time away. I had to stay away so could come back to them as the person I had once been. The girl they’d grown to know and care about? She had to be revived first.

I looked around the airport patiently, rereading the text sent by the manager a few more times. I was waiting for the team to show up, as the fans had already been barricaded to the side and I was sick of having to listen to all the excited shrieking and murmuring floating around in the air. Getting in with my bags and grabbing my pre-bought ticket had been hard enough.

The screams rose to a collective roar, and I just knew the black vans had pulled up to the curb outside. I got to my feet and tugged the handle of my hand luggage upwards, ready to roll out and join the managers when they finally figured out all the bags. The boys would be escorted in afterwards, but I felt excitement blooming at the thought of walking the airport aisle with them.

I’m just an interpreter, why would I even be walking with them?

I snorted to myself quietly and pushed my way through the throng of the crowd loitering behind the main concentration. I knew I should’ve hitched a ride with the rest of the crew, but the timing hadn’t worked out, and driving my own car was something I loved doing anyway.

“Ah (Y/n)-ssi, I’m glad we found each-other,” The manager bowed when I reached the other side, and I bowed to return the friendly formality. It was weird, standing in the wide open space while the loud, lively fans were gathered along one whole side. I took a deep breath and smoothed my (h/c) locks out of my face for about the sixth time that morning, finding that I was surprisingly getting used to the constant noise.

“There’s hyung-nim, we should be good to go.”

At his words, I fixed the black mask I was wearing so that it was resting just below my lips. The air was too hot and humid to be wearing it the whole time anyway. I craned my neck to see a few suit-clad managers and officials enter the runway beside us, preceded by a few uniformed security officers. The manager urged me to start walking beside him with a smile, and I harshly pushed down my eagerness the catch a glimpse of the boys.

I’m going to spend the whole tour with them, it’s fine, calm yourself.

But I couldn’t, and I knew the sudden eruption of screams from the fans wasn’t going to help me keep my focus for long. I missed them way too much to just ignore them now.

They entered, and I swore the noise was bordering on deafening. Seven casually dressed men, flanked by managers and security the whole time, were quickly strolling down the runway while waving and smiling to the girls and boys lining the barricade. Their names were worshipped, tears were being shed at the very sight of them.

I honestly feel the same, but luckily that’s on the inside.

“We’ll be just in front Miss (Y/n),” The manager lightly nudged my arm so I would bring my attention back to him, and I realised with a jolt how much my breathing had sped up. I nodded and followed him as we started to walk forwards, not being able to help glancing back a couple of times to see the loves of my life inching closer and closer.

Taehyung spotted me first. His eyes enlarged as he reached out for Jimin who was walking in front of him, and eventually the latter was raising the sunglasses from his nose so he could get a better look too. To my horror, both boys looked like they were about to make a bee-line for where I was. It was as if they had suddenly found something they’d lost a while ago, but Namjoon managed to stop them with one warning tone. An order which just happened to be loud enough for them to hear over all the ruckus.

I tore my gaze away as I spotted the recognition clicking into Seokjin and Hoseok a few metres closer, their eyes also blowing wide as they fought the sudden urge to call out. I was so desperate to see them, so desperate to touch them and laugh with them. I hated the fact that I hadn’t bothered to visit them for weeks, because now I was regretting it so much I felt like crying.

Why am I so fucking emotional and useless?

I yanked the mask up to cover my face once more, hoping it would hide the embarrassed blush covering my cheeks. I had almost lost every smidge of self-control I had just at the sight of them. Who knew what would’ve happened if I’d just abandoned my common sense and leapt into their arms? In the middle of an airport too!?

“Somebody put me on a leash,” I muttered under my breath, clenching my hands together until the nails dug into my clammy palms.

“Excuse me?” The manager questioned and leaned closer to hear.

“Nothing, nothing! Don’t worry,” I laughed it off, feeling my emotions finally ease at the feeling of laughter bubbling in my chest. The manager and I waited with the rest of the staff as the boys and security were let on first, my eyes following their figures with longing. The screams had faded as everyone made it to the walkway leading into the plane, and I handed my ticket to the pretty flight attendant quickly.

The sooner I made into my seat the better, because I literally had no idea where my feet would take me if I caught sight of them even once more.

“You’ll be heading just down here to Business Class,” The woman pointed with a beaming smile plastered on her features, probably permanently fixed there from how often she had to showcase it.


“Business Class, really?” I gaped, squinting down at my ticket.

“Yes, please move along,” She urged with a tinge of amusement. I must have looked so stupidly confused at this point.

When did my ticket get an upgrade? Did I seriously not look at it properly until now?

My jaw dropped a little more when the manager I’d walked with gave me tiny salute accompanied with a sly smirk.

“I’ll see you on the other side, Miss (Y/n).”

Wait, he’s going to Economy? Why…

I shook my head firmly and started walking so I wouldn’t hold anyone up. Maybe Bang PD had just felt bad because of the whole fainting thing, but I would seriously prefer him to save his money if this was his way of showing it. I shakily made my way down the significantly wider aisle and made sure to keep my hand luggage pressed closely into my stomach.

I was not expecting an arm to shoot out and pull me down into an empty seat. A tiny yelp escaped me as I fell into the soft cushion, the hand still gripped onto my forearm carefully the whole time. I didn’t even know if this was meant to be my seat number or anything, but before I could growl in protest, my voice died down in my throat.

A pair of sharp eyes looked deeply into mine, and somehow I instantly knew this was going to be a very emotional flight. 














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His hand peeled away from my arm as we continued to just stare in utter disbelief.

“(Y/n), uh, I’m sorry. I don’t really know why I pulled you like that,” He looked away, eyes returning to normal as he came down from the height of shock. He seemed apologetic, but I would have none of it.

“Shut up.”

I exhaled sharply and looped one arm through his closest one, full of unbridled glee at finally seeing him again. My bag was somehow shoved into the storage compartment underneath, and the people had luckily stopped walking down the aisles. I felt the armrest digging into my hip as I tried to get closer, but it was probably a good thing that it kept me in my own seat.

“Yoongi, oh my God…” I whimpered, feeling my throat tightening with emotion. It seemed the feeling had become quite a norm for me these days.

I felt his body twist slightly as he glanced around, and I fought the urge to fully wrap my arms around his lithe form. For now, I would settle on just the arm contact. Any form of exchange, whether it be via touch or speech, would be enough after all these weeks of absence.

“Do you care about personal space?” He murmured in a low tone, and my eyes snapped open in alarm.

“Ah! I’m so, so sorry. I forgot you didn’t appreciate it, I just-” I jerked away and swallowed nervously, cursing myself for forgetting my manners so easily.

“No. I’m asking if you care, stupid girl. Move this fucking thing.”

I smirked at his use of language, but held my breath when he tugged the armrest upwards so it was out of the way. He grunted with effort in the process, and I only had a moment to laugh at his gritted teeth and squinted eyes before he was pulling me closer to him. To my surprise and delight, I was now able to half-smother him with no trouble.

“Since when were you okay with this?” I gasped in wonder, allowing my arms to tighten around his upper torso. He didn’t let his hands touch me at first, but after a few seconds he sighed deeply and let them fall onto my shoulders.

“It’s a one-time thing, don’t get used to it. I’m cold.”

I knew he was craning his head to look around inconspicuously, but I still smiled at the feeling of his hands slowly looping further around my shaking figure. He was like a steady scaffolding holding me together, and I just wanted to fold myself into him to stay there for eternity.

“I don’t mean to sound sappy, but we really did miss you. I’m serious.”

I sat back into my own seat and scanned his bare face, seeing that he was avoiding my gaze in a strange bout of shyness. As soon as I moved away, he straightened his lazy posture and cleared his throat self-consciously.

He really detests being openly affectionate, doesn’t he.

“Min Yoongi, you have no idea what kind of hell I’ve been through without you guys,” I chuckled, wiping at my eyes wearily and letting my expression mirror all the heavy relief being dumped onto me. I was so elated to speak with him again that I swore I could feel my fingers trembling.

“Hell? Where the hell have you been? Last time I saw you…last time we saw you, you looked half dead. Why’d you have to up and leave like that? Kook-ah felt so bad about letting you go,” He grumbled bluntly, eyebrows furrowing as he suddenly bore holes into my head with a sharpened glare. I resisted cowering away because I knew he didn’t truly mean to come across as intimidating. Instead, I opted to sigh and loop my arm around his bicep once more, just wanting something to cling onto. It was as if it was a physical reminder that he was actually here with me, and not some magical figment of my imagination. Yoongi hesitated, but eventually shuffled over in his seat to allow me the small action.

“I thought staying away was a good thing. I thought I would be able to act normal with you guys now after a little time, but I didn’t realise how much it would hurt,” I choked out, wanting to turn my face away but not being able to leave his side. I felt bad because I knew that out of all the members, he was probably the least likely to enjoy this kind of attention.

He seems okay with it so far, ugh I’m sorry…

“You know that’s bullshit. You could’ve talked to us, we wouldn’t just ignore you if you tried to talk about something serious. Jesus, especially if you were feeling depressed in any way. (Y/n), please,” He mumbled in slight annoyance.

“I know that. I guess I’m just used to shutting myself away, and it finally backfired on me,” I sighed in defeat.

“Seriously, I’ll get angry if you do anything like that ever again,” He threatened, but I knew he was being playful despite the clenching of his jaw when he looked down at me. He obviously didn’t want to open up here on the plane, but I was grateful he’d put up with me as much as he had already.

“It sounds like you already are,” I raised up my readied fists.

“I’m not the only one, Jimin-ah and Jin-hyung almost blew fuses. I wish my seat wasn’t so far away so I could throw you into their dungeon for the whole flight.”

“Rude, do you want me to survive or not?” I opened my mouth in indignation, watching as his lips quirked slightly before they fell again. He turned to me with a deep exhale, eyes softened and darkening with a meaningful gleam.

“I promise,” I lowered my voice and smiled genuinely, “I’ll keep mine because you kept yours.”

With a confirming nod, he lifted his hand and met my outstretched pinky finger with his own. Knowing I’d caused them to worry was bad enough, but I knew they would never turn their backs on me during even the darkest of times. I didn’t know why I hadn’t thought about that when I needed it the most.


The plane ride had been smooth and heartwarming so far, thankfully. Yoongi and I caught up on everything we’d been missing out on for the past few weeks. I felt so bad learning how discouraged everyone had felt during my little ‘spell’. I didn’t realise how much of an influence my presence would have on them overall, but it was touching to think about.

Wow, talk about selfish.

I found it weird that Yoongi’s seat had somehow ended up separated from the others, even in Business Class, but he had just said things sometimes ended up that way. It seemed a little suspicious in my opinion. I decided that I would question Bang PD about it later on if I was ever sitting idly around.

Eventually we touched down in Japan, and I shared one last lingering glance with the quietly spoken rapper next to me before I gathered my belongings and joined the rest of the crew leaving the aircraft. Yoongi would have to wait for the bodyguards to organise the rest of them before he was able to leave, and I wanted to believe I wasn’t alone in feeling the aching loss all of a sudden.

It's not really possible to feel this attached, right?

I blamed it on my recent breakdown and happily touched base with the other managers. The crew would be getting a few maxi taxis to the hotel whereas the security would be hitching a ride in the private vehicles with the boys themselves. A roll-call was a must for our growing numbers in this case.

My attention shifted as the guards appeared from the exit gate, Yoongi following close behind since he had been the closest to the front of the plane. More guards followed with the rest of the members in tow, and I stifled a snort when they all rushed to gather around Yoongi like a flock of hungry seagulls.

I just knew they were battering him with questions about me, because even if he was segregated from them during the flight, I knew the information would spread like wildfire. Hell, he had probably sent them a text before switching on Airplane Mode. I watched in amusement as Yoongi tiredly reassured them, but I couldn’t call out and wave because I was already being ushered out towards the transport.

The reunion would have to wait a little longer, as frustrating as that was.


The moment of truth had finally arrived.

The same manager who knowingly ditched me on the plane had sent me text with the room numbers of the boys. I suspected Bang PD was somewhere behind the scenes with this scheming dude, but didn’t look too much into it. I was too happy to see them all again to care.

PD-nim wanted me to spend more time with them anyway, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he hatched something out of this.

I blew my cheeks out in a deep breath, looking at the door in front of me like it was the scariest thing I’d ever seen. I knew they were all there because I could hear the loud joking around filtering from inside. It must have been the room of the one member who was sleeping by himself for the few days in Tokyo.

I raised my hand tentatively, wondering if I was going to spoil their good mood by making an appearance. Yoongi had given me all their numbers on the plane ride over, but I was so used to not texting them that I found it hard to just start straight out of the blue. Maybe I should just text Yoongi since he’s the one I’d spoken to most recently.

Yeah, I’ll do that…

I sent him a short message asking if it would be okay, but felt my blood run cold when the room fell into an eerie silence. You could suddenly hear a pin drop. Had I already made things go sour?

“Good one,” I whispered to myself shakily, feeling a pang of uneasiness all of a sudden.

There was a loud exclamation and soon I heard the shuffling of feet nearing the door. It seemed my ‘private’ text had somehow spurred a few of them into action, and my heart leapt from my chest when the door was flung open to reveal a panting Seokjin. His hair was slightly disheveled and he looked positively breathless, but nothing could stop either of us from jumping at one another.

“(Y/n), I feel like neck-slicing you right now. Oh my God…”

He squeezed me so tightly I felt my muscles screaming in protest, but I loved it enough to return the gesture just as cruelly. He clung to me tight as I moved our conjoined bodies around, finally allowing myself to look in and see the rest of them gathered in the lounge; but my sight wouldn’t last long because Taehyung was suddenly careening into my back like a bulldozer.

“(Y/n)!” He cried, looping his arms around so I was fully sandwiched in between the two vocalists. I couldn’t stop chuckling as the air was pushed out of my lungs forcefully. Taehyung made tiny sobbing sounds deeply buried into my hair, and for once I couldn’t actually tell if it was fake or not.

Another body draped itself over our little group, and I saw Hoseok’s gleefully laughing face poking in through the gap in the side of the circle. Everyone in the room was either fake-crying loudly or laughing at the whole ordeal, and I couldn’t help but feel so…at home. I truly did belong here. I seriously didn’t know why I ever thought leaving was such a good idea.

“What!? Where is she?”

At the loud tone of voice, I lifted my head to see Jimin sprinting down the hallway. He was shaking his hands as if trying to air dry them from a toilet break, but as soon as he caught sight of me he sighed heavily and marched over full of purpose. My little serenade broke as he drew closer, and I was almost carried clean off my feet at the force of his hold. I heard Namjoon laugh loudly in the background, but my blood was rushing so loudly through my ears that I could barely tell.

“You are such a dumbass, you know that?”

“Yeah, I missed you too Jiminie,” I smiled, feeling emotions well up again way too quickly. I clutched at him tighter upon feeling his whole body tremble, and I knew we both wouldn’t be able to let go without some outside interference.

“Alright Jimin-ah, let the poor girl breathe,” Yoongi chuckled after a few moments. I recalled how he’d said the exact same thing when Taehyung had hugged me after that one concert a while back. He obviously didn’t like seeing me being squished to death.

“I don’t want to,” Jimin whined in a pouty tone, and I let a delighted grin spread widely across my face.

That was actually adorable!

I craned my neck to see the Yoongi sitting at the dining table, tapping his leg nonchalantly as he watched the scene unfold before him with a gentle smile. Namjoon stood nearby, fidgeting with his hands as if waiting for a time to step in. I could easily see the way his brows creased with an itching need to speak or do something.

“Jimin, I need to get around to everyone first. It’s been a long time,” I tapped his shoulder blade a couple of times and he finally freed me from his vice-like grip. The way his softened gaze trailed over my own was so tender and loving. I felt like just looking at the boy was a warm hug in its own way.

I pattered over to Namjoon and looked up at him worriedly. His deep, kind eyes were basically speaking to me already, asking me if I was actually alright. I hoped my expression could convey my response back, I didn’t want him to worry any longer.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused, honestly,” I dipped my head, feeling like I’d created so much stress for him due to the member’s actions too.

“What did I say about bowing?” He smiled that dimpled smile, and soon I was being pulled against yet another warm body. Namjoon’s hug was stiffer and more abrupt, but I felt all of his relief and affection through the movement nonetheless. I felt seriously lucky to live in this lifetime.

“I…I really missed you all, I’m so sorry for everything,” I started, but cleared my throat when my voice cracked. I really hated when my throat tightened so much it was hard to breathe and speak properly, but I couldn’t stop the raging storm of happiness and guilt from ravaging my insides as I exchanged understanding looks with each member.

“Somebody hold me back before I smother her,” Taehyung complained loudly, and I heard the tinkle of Jimin’s giggle as the other 95’ liner rushed to intercept him.

“More cuddles later, okay Tae? Where’s Kookie?” I looked around, noticing the absence immediately. It seemed that the atmosphere never felt quite right when one was missing, but I had only started to pick up on it more recently.

“He’s napping. Didn’t get much sleep on the plane apparently, but I was just about to ask him to join us here,” Seokjin smiled, clapping his hands together cutely and heading towards the door of the room.

When he returned with Jungkook in tow, there was a little more shy hugging from the sleepy maknae before everyone settled into the usual steady conversation. I felt so happy and warm to be with them again, and their smiles were so bright and lively I could tell they felt no different.

“We have a few days of holiday here, why don’t we get out and have some fun sometime?” Hoseok suggested eventually.

“Really? I didn’t know you would have so much free time,” I mumbled around a mouthful of potato chips. The boys had already bought countless little snacks and goodies for their trip, and I felt annoyed that I hadn’t bothered to buy anything myself.

“Yeah, well we’ve been practicing for the ‘Happy Ever After’ fanmeeting for a while now. The staff thought we could use a break,” Namjoon sighed, memories of their endless hours spent practicing flitting through his mind. I breathed in absolute awe.

“You guys never cease to amaze me. Aren’t your bones tired yet?”

They all nodded solemnly, and I wasn’t expecting the synced response so I barely contained a high-pitched snort of amusement.

“We need to get rid of the gloom then, let’s let loose and have fun for these few days we all have.”

They instantly agreed. Hoseok perked up again with a loud and excited voice.

“Why don’t we commemorate (Y/n)’s return to the family right now by having drinks together for once? I’ll probably regret it myself, but it could be fun?”

I hid my giggle with one hand as I remembered the last time I had witnessed a drunk Hoseok. He literally lost the plot whenever he had too much, and Taehyung also apparently got really hyper (I hadn’t seen yet). That’s why they avoided it half the time, but tonight they seemed willing to crack open a few for the sake of celebration.  

“I’ll go get some beers,” Namjoon chuckled, keen on actually having a fun time for once.

Everyone seemed excited and cheerful now that we’d settled on some fun plans for the next few days. Everything was good and wholesome once again, I felt like I could finally let all my stress melt away into nothing, and fortunately the boys felt exactly the same.


This had actually been such a great idea, there’s no way I would deny it.

“Oh my God, Taehyung-ah leave your shirt on please,” Seokjin clicked his tongue, cheeks reddened from the heat and the alcohol. Nobody was shit-faced, but we were all on the tipsy side anyway. The night had been so hilarious and eventful even though it had only been about two hours since Namjoon had brought the drinks over. Wild conversations had taken place, but now everyone’s attention was directed to where the young vocalist was pulling roughly at the hem of his shirt.

“Sorry, I was wondering how (Y/n) would look in oversized clothes again,” Taehyung frowned, also seeming a little confused at his own actions as he shook out his messy black hair. I raised a questioning eyebrow, remembering the hoodie, but for some reason a few members hummed in agreement.

“I have a few oversized things,” I mentioned, a little puzzled but laughing at the expressions of the guys. I took another sip from my beer as they continued to debate over the topic.

“I reckon big sweaters are the best,” Jungkook pursed his lips thoughtfully.

“Hmm true, but big button-up shirts though. Like, the office shirts?” Namjoon flicked one of his hands for dramatic effect, and received many drawn out sounds of awe.

“Sexy as fuck,” He finished by slicing the air with that hand sharply.

“The hoodie wasn’t too bad,” I stepped in thoughtfully, “I would actually consider buying myself a few massive ones because I was really comfy that night.”

“Just steal Jungkook’s then, it’ll cost a lot less,” Yoongi laughed airily as he swirled his bottle around, eyes crinkling in amusement.

“Stealing clothes is a big no!” I pretended to whack him, but failed pitifully as he just shifted out of the way. We were all sitting on the carpet with Seokjin and Yoongi taking up the limited space on the edge of the bed. Surprisingly the floor was soft and cushioned compared to what I had originally expected.

“God, I wish I won,” Hoseok sighed, and I realised he had been staring at me absent-mindedly for the past few minutes.

“We all wish we won,” Jimin tapped his elder’s knee from where he sat beside him, and I knew his chuckle didn’t hold its usual light innocence.

“Won what?” I drawled out, already suspicious and glaring at both members with narrowed eyes.

Suddenly, the room burst into protest and Seokjin was scrambling forward to shut Hoseok up before he revealed something. Namjoon’s eyes were also widened in warning, but I couldn’t help laughing at Hoseok’s smug smirk and Jimin’s playful gasp.

“You are all idiots,” Yoongi laughed loudly from his seat on the bed before shifting further towards the edge, and coming closer to where I sat.

“The reason you wore Jungkook’s hoodie that night was because he won in rock paper scissors.”

Everyone groaned in defeat and I watched as Seokjin buried his face into his hands in pure embarrassment. Namjoon squeezed his eyes shut, but still grinned as his shoulders shook with laughter, throwing a glance in my direction to see how I would react.

“Wait, so you guys played rock paper scissors to see whose clothes I would wear?” I sat up onto my knees, eyes wide and expecting. Taehyung was giggling cutely from where he sat, fingers fiddling with his shirt again even after his eldest hyung’s warning. Jungkook was deceased on the ground, so utterly ashamed he wanted to sink down into it.

“That is the best thing I have ever heard-”

My sentence cut off as I wheezed, imagining the group of fumbling awkward boys playing a game to see whose fucking clothes I would wear for the night. Absolutely. Golden.

I’m dying, God help me.

I looked up with tear-filled eyes to see Jimin on the ground looking straight back at me, eyes equally as watery from the painful laughter. At the sight, we both exploded again. I swore my stomach was getting stabbed somehow.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry but that’s amazing. Guys…” I wiped the tears away and saw Seokjin returning to his seat with a bashful smile, cheeks the most vibrant shade of pink I had ever seen. I couldn’t see Jungkook’s face since he was hiding, but his red ear-tips were enough to go on.

“Don’t be embarrassed, please! It’s amazing, thanks for sharing Yoongi,” I looked up and reached out my hand for the rapper to high-five triumphantly.

“Is there anything else I should know about, right now?” I took another sip from my almost finished beer, urging any amused thoughts to stay well away in case I spat liquid everywhere.

“Let’s see,” Hoseok stroked his chin, earning foreboding giggles from both Jimin and Taehyung.

“That night we had to send you home because you got drunk off wine?”

My heart thumped suddenly.

“What?” I drew it out in a low tone, not liking the direction this was taking now that the focus was on me instead of them.

“No, no!” Namjoon laughed, almost sloshing his beer all over the place as he jerked around. Yoongi finally seemed to recall what was being referred to, and let out one loud knowing ‘ha!’ before bringing his legs up to sit underneath him on the bed. Tonight had been the most I had ever seen his gummy smile on display.

“We sent you home because you started stripping to the music!” Hoseok shouted, trailing off into roaring laughter as everyone erupted into noise around him. Some were shouting, some were laughing; some were even rolling around on the floor uncontrollably. Okay that last one was Jungkook, but the whole thing was a mess in general.

“No way! No! No I did not!” I shrieked, placing my beer down to rush over and start shaking Hoseok by his broad shoulders firmly. The embarrassment was swirling around in my head now, and I suddenly understood Seokjin’s pain as my cheeks crawled with heat.

“You didn’t get very far, but you were lucky Namjoonie was quick to act,” Hoseok covered his mouth with one hand to stifle the laughter.

“I had to hold your hands so you didn’t take off your bra underneath your shirt,” Jimin snorted, eyes forming crescent moons as he collapsed again at the sight of my horrified expression.

“How did I get that bad off wine?” I cried, absolutely exasperated at the news and trying my best to imagine what had gone down.

“We don’t know, but that’s why we never had that much since,” Seokjin’s loud and high-pitched laughter echoed around the room as he tried to speak through it. I groaned and rolled down onto the floor to lay on my back, face burning up.

“Okay no more stories, I don’t want to know anything else.”

Hoseok eventually calmed down enough to flash the group a growing smirk. The loud and bubbly rapper had obviously just come up with an idea, and everyone exchanged confused looks when he reached behind his back for his phone resting on the ground.

“Let me quickly look up some fun games to play.”

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Well of course it ended up being Truth or Dare. What other ideas could a group of drunk dumbasses come up with? The truth was there were none, and I knew I wasn’t alone in sighing knowingly at the final verdict.

“Okay but this site has good reviews, it just shuffles and gives you a random one,” Jimin mumbled to Hoseok as they sat side-by-side scrolling through the links.

“This is a bad idea!” Jungkook complained, his voice cracking slightly due to overuse. The young man had broken free of his shell the longer the night had continued, and I was definitely seeing how he acted normally with the members. I barely even knew who the shy Jeon Jungkook was anymore.

“I think we’ll gain some juicy stuff from it,” Seokjin hummed with a smirk.

“(Y/n) will want to run away if you guys go all out,” Yoongi warned, glaring down at his bottle distastefully. The rapper didn’t actually seem to enjoy drinking as much as most of the others, but I noted he could hold his liquor really well. As for Taehyung…well the boy couldn’t even stand beer so he was laughing and being crazy on his own agenda.

“Trust me, I’m not running. With any luck you’ll roll me out of here,” I took another swig from my freshly opened bottle.

“Might wanna slow down there. If we actually have to roll you, I’m afraid this carpet won’t be so clean right after,” Namjoon whispered beside me.

I had gradually shifted over to sit right next to the leader as time had flown by. Luckily, he had no argument when I accidently leaned into him due to the slight fuzziness clouding my mind.

“Don’t worry, I don’t get that bad. I hate when things come back up,” I shuddered and sat up straighter, feeling as though a bucket of ice cold water had been dumped over my head all of a sudden.

“No thanks, you’ll make me sick,” Hoseok grimaced.

“Quick, let’s get the game started already.”

It started off pretty mellow, just the usual lame ‘truth or dares’ you would expect from any lame app. The boys managed to find out a little more about my friends overseas, but when the topic of family reared its ugly head, I managed to avoid it as expertly as usual. I almost caught the way Taehyung’s dark eyebrows drew together in silent questioning for the following seconds after. Soon, Jimin was caught downloading a riskier version of the game with a gigantic cheeky smile plastered on his face.

“Oh, things are getting exciting,” I gasped, jumping onto his sinful wavelength eagerly. Taehyung and Yoongi seemed to be the only completely sober ones at this point, and everyone could see that they were just finding their own amusement by watching the rest of us make fools of ourselves.

“You’re gonna make it good (Y/n), because we already know each other too well for games like this to be a whole lot of fun,” Seokjin claimed in a half pouty tone, lowering his head to exaggerate the point in that loud voice of his. I huff in response.

“I hope you guys knew you could ask me anything anyway.”


My lungs were gone, just gone.

“(Y/n), are…” Hoseok pursed his lips and groaned in embarrassment before covering his face with one hand. I read the words on the screen in front of him with an evil chuckle.

“No I’m not a virgin, I’m honestly disappointed you couldn’t get that one out Hobi-yah.”

“Leave me alone! How am I meant to not expect a slap in the face for asking it?” He widened his eyes and shrieked quietly while shoving the flickering screen over to Taehyung.

“Fuck, marry, kill out of Yoongi-hyung, Jin-hyung and (Y/n),” Taehyung turned to the maknae sitting next to him with the phone sitting in front of his crossed legs. Jungkook smiled before sucking in air through his teeth in smug thought.

“Definitely kill Yoongi-hyung, marry Jin-hyung for his cooking, and do (Y/n) because duh.”

I laughed, looking at Yoongi as he scoffed in disbelief and then trailing my gaze over to where Seokjin was just nodding slowly as if he knew it was going to go exactly like that. These questions had been fairly outrageous sometimes, but none of us could bring ourselves to care because it was just so much fun. Of course, though, there had to be a voice of reason at some point.

“Okay guys, make this the last one because Sejin-hyung will actually reap our souls this time,” Namjoon sighed, beer long discarded after rethinking his life choices for a few minutes.

“Aw, okay. He was pretty mad last time,” Jimin sighed, biting his lip and grunting in slight annoyance. I helplessly admired the red plushness escaping the grasp of his teeth, wondering how I could possibly exist in a room filled with flawlessly handsome beings such as the seven surrounding me. I also wondered what hilarious, embarrassing stories could come from the implication.

We all watched the flashing screen intently.

“Oh, it’s a dare, but a choose one. I’m choosing (Y/n) because I really don’t know just how far she’ll go,” Yoongi chuckled to himself, holding the phone steadily and looking up to meet my gaze without a single blink. I returned it with a raised eyebrow before copying everyone else in watching the words pop up on the screen.

Player goes around to every other player and kisses the body part they like the most on them.

What the…

There was a collective ‘oooh’ from the more vocal members, and then a few seconds of silence as everyone wrapped their heads around what they had just read. Yoongi’s lips parted to stutter out a dismissal.

“You don’t have to-”

“Wait but this is tricky, I definitely have more than one for everyone so I’ll need a minute to think about it,” I groaned, racking my brain for thoughts on how to go about the dare.

The boys sat in shock around me, exchanging glances of alarm and growing interest. They had obviously never seen or heard of anything like this at all, and the fact that I had already agreed to go through with it was baffling enough.

“Um…” Namjoon started and broke off into an airy chuckle, falling silent when I whipped my head up to burn holes into his careful gaze.

“It said body part, like physical body part, so anything abstract is out of the question even though those things make up a massive part of the list of likeable things. But it’s okay, I think I can manage my lists for now.”

They were positively stunned as I rose to sit on my knees excitedly.

“Alright, so this is happening!” Jimin giggled, rubbing his hands together to get rid of his lingering shock and flashing an eye-smile towards everyone.

“Who’ll go first?” Hoseok grinned with surprise lifting his brows higher and higher. Beside him sat the equally shaken forms of Taehyung and Jungkook as they shifted their eyes to their elders nervously. Taehyung seemed fully lost, but I recalled feeling happy that he seemed eager too.  

“I’ll go, a little kiss shouldn’t faze anyone,” Seokjin raised a hand in a cocky manner, eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at me from across the room. I felt like my heart was being attacked by the sultry glint in his gaze, but slid over to him on my knees without question. I could already feel my thoughts running wild and my ears throbbing with rushing blood.

Let’s hope they think my face is red from the alcohol.

“Hmm, I just thought of something,” I tilted my head, feeling my loosened hair fall over my shoulder as I looked up to Seokjin’s looming figure in front of me. We were both sitting up against our calves, but he still towered over me easily.

“When it comes to physical traits and such, there are things I love that can be said the same for others. But I don’t want to double up on something because then it doesn’t seem special….”

I just believed they understood what I was rambling about. It was enough help that Seokjin glanced upwards in thought before nodding firmly to acknowledge my words.

“Just know that anything I choose can apply for any of you,” I pointed around the room, smiling at their continuing looks of absolute shock and anticipation. Yoongi seemed more interested than ever, and I noticed he was leaning forwards on the edge of the bed next to where Jin and I sat while tapping his left leg lightly in concentration.

I turned back to Seokjin who jumped slightly at my movement. He exhaled and fixed me with that confident look once more, and I could barely contain the resulting heat swirling within me. There were so many options to choose from; the flawless skin of his cheek, his rounded nose, his wide shoulders and partially exposed collarbone…

“Okay,” I clapped my hands together after being lost in consideration for a few heart thumping moments. The boys were restless and hanging on my decision as if it were the most intriguing movie they’d ever seen.

I moved forwards and brought both hands up to cup Seokjin’s face gently, looking deeply into his searching eyes before closing my own and pressing my lips to his softer pillowy ones. I felt the hurried breath hitch in his throat before he suddenly moved to kiss me back just as gently. I pulled away feeling like my lips had just brushed against feathers, and huffed at the realisation of what I had just done while looking at the pure shock and confusion written across his features. The sounds of grunts and gasps of surprise faded into the background around us.

“Lips to die for, and wow…that was definitely not a mistake. Are they actual pillows?” I brought a finger up to my lips to feel their thickness before reaching forward to run my thumb across his bottom one slightly. The sheer fullness was killing me, and if it wasn’t that then his flushed cheeks and darkened gaze surely would have.

“I guess I should keep talking. It could’ve meant laugh, smile, humour. Anything really, there’s so much to choose from it’s hard to pick just one,” I finished with a small shake of my head.

“I was not expecting you to go all out,” Yoongi breathed.

“I know I said you’d run away if we did, but I’m starting to think we might have to run instead.”

I laughed as I finally turned around to see the other members gaping at the scene in front of them. Jimin was hiding his grin behind his hands as he chuckled gleefully.

“Wait, I forgot to ask if anything would be too far for you guys,” I pressed my lips together in sudden fear, turning back to Seokjin who had cleared his throat quietly and regained his composure by shifting on the edge of the bed.

“No it’s fine, like I said, a little kiss wouldn’t faze me,” He smiled sweetly, eyes closing in the process. I couldn’t handle how cute he was being, but then the air changed again when he maintained eye contact and winked suddenly. I blinked at him before abruptly blowing him a kiss and turning away, acting like it had never happened. His laugh was all I could hear for a solid ten seconds or so.

“Well this is turning out to be extra fun, I put together a name shuffle so we wouldn’t have to worry about picking the next person,” Hoseok chuckled, exasperated at the turn of events and breathless from giggling too much, especially with Jimin next to him for the entire ordeal.

“And…it’s you Hoseokie-hyung,” Jimin collapsed into laughter, slapping the shoulder of his elder as the younger man watched the sudden nerves take hold of him. It was funny how Hoseok’s seemingly brilliant idea had put him right on the spot.

I shook my head at their antics before stepping over the abandoned chip bowl to reach the other side of the circle. Seven pairs of eyes followed my movements in absolute wonder.

“Hobi, Hobi, Hobi,” I tutted, pouting as I thought hard about what I was going to choose.

“You’re dancing is just amazing, but of course I couldn’t kiss that. I would probably kiss your whole body if I could, but unfortunately we’re only limited to one.”

Namjoon balked somewhere behind us.

“The fact that we can’t blame your bluntness on a language barrier makes this even more remarkable.”

Yoongi fell back onto the bed as his body racked with laughter. Everyone couldn’t contain themselves at seeing the brightly-natured Jung Hoseok fluster so easily.

“P-please go easy on me,” He bowed dramatically, and I knew he was taking a playful direction to make the situation less daunting for everyone watching, and participating.

“Hm…no guarantees. Hold still so I can look at you.”

He brought his face up and I couldn’t help but smile at the way he broke into an amused grin so simply and easily. The cheerfulness this man exuded was so infectious, and I hated that I couldn’t choose that as my favourite thing in this case.  

“Can I kiss your whole face?”

The room erupted around us while Hoseok furrowed his brows in genuine thought for a minute or two.

“How can it be possible?”

“I dunno, if dancing skills were a physical thing I would’ve ravaged that a long time ago. I have to settle for something simpler, so I reckon something like your smile actually. You can light up a room with that weapon,” I hummed, inwardly snickering at the way his body went rigid at the idea.

“I know the answer seems obvious, but how does that actually happen? That doesn’t sound exactly easy,” He spluttered, rubbing his hands against his pajama pants once before wringing them together and looking around the room with smile.

“Actually I’ve already mentioned smile so I can’t. Here’s a better idea,” I clicked my fingers.

He snapped his eyes shut as I moved in slowly for the kill, but I didn’t end up where he thought I was going. I brought my hands up to tilt his head to the side on a slight angle, brushing my lips along the edge of his jaw and planting a soft kiss to the point that curved upwards towards his earlobe. I noticed through lidded eyes how his throat constricted and how he shuddered at the probable tickling sensation, but I could feel myself getting sucked into the moment far too quickly and heatedly. If I didn’t cut it short, I was going to be in a lot of trouble and I knew I wasn’t the only one.

“Jawline. Shit could cut you.”

My breath fanned across his blush-tinted skin and I heard him swallow. I stretched forwards with my hands and poked into his sides so he would crack a smile again, hoping to cool down as well in the process. It was the most endearing thing to hear and feel him chuckle so close to me, and I couldn’t help breaking away with my own laugh as he fell backwards dramatically.

“I was not expecting that, you totally got me.”

I covered my face to hide the broadening grin and tried to forget the way he felt. Things were getting too fuzzy for my mind to comprehend the strings of thought racing through it. Hoseok erupted with a beautiful pink or red colouring whenever he drank, but I knew it wasn’t really normal for it to spread that far down his long neck.

“Now you’ll all know how it felt,” Seokjin muttered in a low tone, watching as Jimin leaned over to shuffle Hoseok’s digital list again. The mentioned rapper just continued to lay on his back while sporting a lazy smile, raising his eyebrows and nodding in response to being called out.

“Next is Taehyungie!”

“Ugh, where do I even begin with you,” I groaned, shuffling over gradually on my knees much to everyone else’s enjoyment. Taehyung hummed quietly as he smiled at me with such fondness, I felt my breath being stolen from my lungs in a forceful attack.

On my way over, I couldn’t help but feel flattered at seeing Jimin’s expression flicker with disappointment every time his name wasn’t called. It wasn’t overly obvious on his behalf, but I was bursting with happiness at the thought of him wanting a kiss that badly. It seemed to be a bigger deal to most of them than it even was for me, and that was seriously saying something.

“A lot of things have been said already, but…”

I moved closer and saw Taehyung’s breathing quicken before calming down right after. His shadowy eyes became half-lidded for a split second as he tried to predict my next actions; little did he know I would take him right off guard by extending my arms and grabbing hold of his long forgotten and slightly shaking hands.

I brought them towards me and smoothed his long fingers out so they were carefully tucked in between my thumb and pointer finger, then brought them up to my lips so I could somehow peck most of them at once. The action was so unexpectedly sweet and innocent he visibly cooed.

“Aw, adorable.”

I felt my stomach flood with embarrassment as he flashed me that award-winning toothy grin, cheeks also brightening along with the moment of shock.

“I don’t know, you’re hands are just beautiful. You guys think I’m the weirdest person ever, don’t you?”

“No way, that was the sweetest thing!” Jimin protested loudly, eyes wavering a little from the alcohol I suspected.

“I honestly don’t know what I’m expecting at this point. Nothing should surprise me anymore,” Yoongi grunted with a tiny nod to himself, and I saw Jungkook also nodding slowly in agreement out of the corner of my eye. The youngest member had just been silently watching everything with an attentive and confused stare. I wondered if it was because he was uncomfortable or if he was just feeling apprehensive in a good way.

Well, if they were they would’ve said something a while back.

“Hoseok-ah, shuffle the thing,” Seokjin pointed to the phone discarded on the floor and Namjoon raised his eyebrows in agreement, moving around to sit comfortably on the textured floor.

“I hope you guys aren’t scared,” I snorted, leaning away from Taehyung who was looking down at his hands and flexing his fingers curiously. I somehow did a backwards somersault to reach the middle of the circle, hoping to the dear lord I didn’t flash anything I wasn’t supposed to.

Maybe I should’ve cut back on the drinks earlier than this…

“Ooh, our leader! Namjoonie!” Hoseok cocked a suggestive eyebrow, and the rest of the hyungs who were sitting on the other side of the room couldn’t contain their laughter. Jimin was also a lost cause at this point. I felt like they wouldn’t even need to do any training or practices for the next month because of how badly our abdominal muscles were suffering.

“Namjoon, it’s too hard to kiss your brain,” I whined while lethargically rolling my body over to that half of the circle. Seokjin and Yoongi chorused a loud ‘wahh!’ in response while the leader himself averted his gaze to chuckle quietly.

“Always the brain,” Hoseok smiled, leaning over when Jimin whispered something into his ear. I was too far away to hear what it was, but their naughty giggles fell away as I drank in the man in front of me eagerly. He was just so incredibly handsome. The cleverness and nobility radiated from him in waves, and I had absolutely no idea how I could brush all of that aside to choose something purely physical. Yes, something physical…

“Okay, come here with those,” I sighed and surged forward to collect his face gently within my hands. He didn’t jump at the movement, but I heard him inhale sharply and his softened eyes didn’t seem to know where to go all of a sudden.

“You better smile for me,” I growled, feeling successful when he couldn’t help but break into a chuckle at my playful words. 

I kissed one dimple easily, but when I moved to grace the other one, shouts of noisy complaint burst from every corner of the room.

“No, only one!”

“You said one each (Y/n)!”

“Hey, don’t break your own rules,” Yoongi laughed dryly, no sound escaping but the amusement evident from the way his whole body shook. I widened my eyes and threw my hands up as if I’d committed a serious crime. Namjoon buried his face into his hands, eyes permanently squeezed shut in adorable shyness.

“Alright, I guess I just don’t have self-control when it comes to him,” I shrugged with a smirk.

Taehyung and Hoseok laughed, pointing when Namjoon raised his eyebrows in pure shock and disbelief. I watched Jimin rushing to shuffle the phone for the next ‘victim’, as I would say, and reveled in the atmosphere we’d created for ourselves. It was such a change from how I had been feeling as of late. So much of a change, it could’ve given me whiplash.

The past few weeks had been just mental, in a bad way. It had made me realise just how ignorant and careless I’d continued to be, even after so long. Moving to Korea was supposed to be a big and important step in my life. I was meant to leave behind all the stress and hardship I’d put myself through back in (Y/c), but I guessed it had just been too thoroughly wired into my brain to be abandoned so easily. I couldn’t escape the clutches of my past and every sorrowful memory it would hold… but seriously, living in the moment was what I should be doing. Enough of that depressing bullshit.

Here I was with one of the biggest rising boybands in the world. I had never felt happier, being with the very people who had kept me glued together for all those tiring years. It would definitely take time for them to fully realise everything they had done for me, so during that time I tried so hard to give back all that I could. It had even come back to bite me a little, and I felt frustrated that they’d had to selflessly help me out again, even if it was in a different and much closer way.

“(Y/n)? You in there?”

Jimin’s careful voice lacing with concern slammed me back down to Earth. I flicked my eyes around the room to see everyone gazing at me with various emotions. Mostly curious, some longing to find out what I was worrying about, Yoongi in particular gaining a hardened look of realisation and proceeding to tilt his head, wordlessly asking ‘do you want to talk about it?’

I hated how perceptive the man was sometimes.

“It’s me,” Jimin continued tentatively, a wide smile gradually appearing with every second that passed. I cleared my mind and closed my eyes, bringing my hands together in a sign of prayer as I let only thoughts of Park Jimin roll around in my mind.

“Let me decide for a solid minute or two?” I appealed, but it was to no avail.

“Make up your mind silly girl, we haven’t got all night,” Yoongi mumbled in a pouty tone of protest. The rest of the guys couldn’t help but crack smiles at their grumpy bandmate’s well-known cynicism, but it was all in good humour.

“Alright you ass, don’t make Jimin sad or I’ll have to take legal action.”

Yoongi sat up stiffly as the threat was made, mouth ready and waiting to lash out with a witty reply, but I was too busy sidling up to a uncontrollably chuckling Jimin. The vocalist had definitely seemed to sober up a little since he had stopped drinking, but he was still a little delirious and it was honestly so adorable I found it disarming.

“Jiminie stop moving!” I grumbled, reaching out to hold onto his biceps firmly to keep him in place. At my sudden touch, he fell still and grew a little more serious. I knew he had started to think a bit more than he had been before, and the way he cleared his throat and shifted to be more comfortable proved that point even further. He had been waiting since the game was suggested. Hoseok knew this too, and I smirked when the rapper edged further away from us so the moment would be ours alone.

“I’ve made a decision,” I claimed pointedly, still making a deal out of him acting all loud and wild. He rolled his eyes at the subtle teasing, but fidgeted with excitement once more before taking a breath and giving me a small smirk of reassurance. Wait, a smirk? Did this boy literally just do a 180 and turn the tables on me? I swallowed nervously as I took in the way Jimin was looking…almost hungry. He was so sweet and giggly before, but the man I was looking at now completely threw me off my guard.

Holy shit, I feel like I’m about to be eaten alive.

I guess I shouldn’t have exaggerated it that much, but in all seriousness he had let all signs of his tipsiness evaporate into thin air. This didn’t seem like a simple game any longer.




Chapter Text



Knowing I had a decision, Jimin inched closer until I could basically feel the body heat oozing from his skin. The rest of the room was silent as they waited for what I would do. I could barely register the presence of the others at the moment though, because all I could seem to focus on were the smoldering oak-brown eyes in front of me. Even in all their makeup-free glory, they were magnificent in the way they helplessly drew me in and made me feel all kinds of things.

I gave myself one final nod before rising to my knees and leaning further towards him. Taehyung and Jungkook were unblinking like owls as they followed the movements with their widened gazes. My hands never left the muscles of Jimin’s upper arm, and I felt them tense suddenly as my face moved downwards to his jaw. I let my eyes trail the clear, albeit with a slight sheen of sweat, yet beautiful expanse of his collarbone and neckline before finally planting a gentle kiss on the bump I found in the middle. I felt his Adam’s apple move underneath my lips as he gulped against his will, and I wished I could see how he looked during the moment.

I wanted to see his head tilted upwards, showing an expression which would mean his reaction to the contact. I wanted to see how his eyes darkened and how he fought the urge to bite down on his bottom lip for a few heart-stopping seconds. I could only see the way his fists clenched while they rested beside him against the ground, as if he wanted to mix them into the action so badly, but couldn’t because it was only meant to be a stupid game.

“His…throat?” Taehyung pondered aloud when I pulled away. What had only taken two seconds had felt like a lifetime for me, and I had to divert my attention when the feeling of my lingering breath caused a shiver to travel the length of Jimin’s spine noticeably.

“Nope. I know it’s not quite right, but I meant his vocal chords,” I shook my head, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the idea.

“Oh! But it’s impossible to be direct so you just went over the top?” Hoseok closed his eyes and breathed in awe, reaching out for a sharp high-five much to my amusement.

“Oh, how thoughtful of our (Y/n),” Seokjin murmured, also shaking his head in wonderment before clapping slowly and laughing along with the others.

Jimin sat displaying a small tender smile, bringing one hand up to brush his fingers against the skin of his neck briefly. He then tried to hide his face while chuckling in pure bashfulness, and I again drew blanks on how quickly his whole demeanor could change in less than a second.

“His voice gives me actual life, what more can I say?” I pursed my lips and shrugged.

“Actually there’s a lot more, but I won’t go into it because I think Yoongi over there will skin me alive.”

Amidst the chuckling, I saw Jimin bring his gaze up to look at me meaningfully from across the room. It was noisy again, but I watched him mouth a tiny ‘thank you’ while straightening his posture. He was positively glowing. I couldn’t help but return the warm smile straight away, because I felt so delighted that he was happy and confident with the praise I’d implied through the kiss.

“Jungkook-ah and Yoongi-hyung to go. Rock paper scissors or just shuffle?” Hoseok managed after the sudden chatter had died down.

“Shuffle the damn thing, Kook-ah looks too scared to focus right now,” Yoongi snorted, a gummy smile making an appearance as he picked on the younger member.

“I’m not scared at all,” Jungkook complained, moving to knock the hood off his head and ruffle his night-black bangs until they weren’t as tangled. Taehyung nudged a teasing elbow into the maknae’s arm, boxy smile never failing as he messed around with the other boy. Namjoon had been quiet for a while, but he was still fully absorbed into what would happen next – exactly like every other being in the room, including a certain grumpy man himself.

 “Hyung it’s you!” Jimin and Hoseok squawked together, amusement reaching a new peak as the name flashed brightly on the screen.

“Well about time, I thought I was going to die here without getting my kiss,” He grunted, shifting so he was perched on the very edge of the bed.

“Oi, don’t mess up my bedsheets so much,” Seokjin scolded from beside him, leaning his large body backwards to try and smooth out the covers with his arms.

So it is Jin’s room, looks like I was kind of right anyway.

I eventually got to my feet because Yoongi was too high for me to reach properly from the floor.

“Do you want me on the ground?” He inquired passively, but I narrowed my eyes at him for his questionable choice of words.

“No, the bed is fine,” I answered just as boldly. The whole room exploded and all we could hear was the soundless chuckling of the two youngest members, the loud cackles of Hoseok, Namjoon and Jimin, and the semi-muffled squeakiness belonging to Seokjin as he tried to keep it in.

“Well there’s a lot to think about with you. I love the brilliant rapping skill, but your tongue is a little too hard to kiss, right?” I decided to take it further with one cocked eyebrow.

“Yes, it’s moving a little too fast for me unfortunately,” He kept a level tone much to my surprise, but the response itself caused me to double over. We already needed to dig graves for the rest of the room as it was.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you jus-”

“I don’t know if I should have regrets right now,” Yoongi laughed quietly and licked his lips once as he glanced at everyone dying around him. I adored the way his sharp eyes were curved into little crescents, and I also felt my heart clench at the sight of the little crinkles appearing at the edges.

“I’m allowing myself two for this one,” I announced loudly before striding forwards and slowly leaning over his smiling face. Given enough time to react, Yoongi took note of my close proximity and straightened his sitting position. His smile faltered only slightly, but I still caught it.

“Is this okay for you?” I asked softly so only he would hear. The words were drowned out for the others anyway because of how they started to reprimand me for changing up the rules.

“Yeah, thanks for asking though,” He smirked and nodded once, casting his gaze downwards because he didn’t really know what else to do. He wasn’t pouting, but he had that stare where he just flattened out his smile and looked like an awkward ball of fluff. It was so cute and loveable, I just wanted to squish his cheeks together.

Who would even know this is one of the fiercest rappers in the world?

I leaned over him slowly again, and was grateful that he angled his face upwards so I could figure out where I was going. Since he was sitting, the height made it so the top of his head only just fell short of mine.

I cupped his face with two hands, telling him to close his eyes before brushing my lips over each of his eyelids ever so lightly. It was a strange place to kiss, so I kept the contact literally as feathery as I could, only grazing over them to indicate I had been there. I felt his eyes flutter when I pulled away, and resisted the urge to giggle when his eyelashes suddenly tickled the underside of my chin and cheek. He had apparently snapped them open as soon as he could, surprised despite saying he wouldn’t be before.

“Wow, Yoongi-hyung’s eyes are pretty unique,” Namjoon noted from down on the floor, earning noises of agreement from a few others. They laughed openly at how the eldest rapper just continued to nod indifferently. He still seemed a tad shaken, but he chose not to let it show all that much.

“Okay Jungkook, I think they all want to go to bed soon. I’ll try and be quick,” I hopped over to the other side of the circle, kind of stunned to see that he wasn’t looking as wide-eyed as he had before. Maybe he’d just gotten over the shock since he’d watched everyone else go through the same thing?

“Since it’s the last one, make it really surprising,” Jimin suggested, right before continuing to exchange whispers with Hoseok and now Taehyung too. I was suspicious of them and their offhand chuckling, but there was nothing I could do but just suspect that they were all up to no good. Seokjin, Namjoon and Yoongi also eyed them questioningly from the other side, but I could only sigh and share in their confusion.

I turned back to Jungkook and saw him shift his eyes suddenly to the side, as if he didn’t want to be caught looking. The trio of misfits chuckled again, and I looked back and forth between the two in an even greater amount of suspicion.

Okay, he’s acting way too weirdly for it to be normal. And those three are definitely up to something… Hold on, what if they made a bet?

I inwardly gasped in realisation, looking back at Jungkook and narrowing my eyes to see if he would reveal anything. He definitely looked way too confident, and it was like his sense of competitiveness was overriding the fact that he was usually uneasy around women. Well, around women trying to kiss him anyway.

I’ll make him crack.

I turned back and smirked at the three others before shuffling forwards, and by the sounds of it someone had caught onto the fact that I’d noticed their little plan. Jungkook seemed only slightly uneasy now, but I knew he wouldn’t be prepared for what I was about to do.

“Is there anything you’re not comfortable with?” I asked with a teasing lilt to my tone. The boy in front of me cleared his throat and pouted in thought.

“I’m not sure what you really mean by that, but anything is fine I guess,” He answered, and I choked down an evil laugh of foreboding.

“Okay, well Jungkookie you have many physical features I love, but sadly I’ve used a lot of them for the others already,” I sighed, moving closer until we were at a distance that allowed me to finally touch him.

I looked into his slightly widening eyes to make sure he was fine before reaching downwards and tugging on the hem of his hoodie. His breathing hitched severely, but I knew he was way too stubborn and determined to give up on winning whatever he’d agreed too.

“Abs. Never a necessity, but I can’t say they’re bad on the eyes.”

With a mischievous chuckle, I witnessed the moment his mouth went dry and his brain clicked with understanding. I left him no time as I tugged the hoodie up some more to reveal the boy’s stomach, abdominal muscles tensing due to his slightly leant back position. I knew everyone was holding their breath behind us as I swooped down to plant my lips against the smooth ridges of his stomach for a tiny second. To my surprise, he let out a massive exhale above me and clenched the muscles even firmer.


I pulled away and looked upwards in curiosity, because that voice was way too broken and breathy for my liking. He was looking down at me almost as if he was pained to do so, lips red and ravaged by his teeth from the looks of it. His brows were furrowed, and he looked away with widened eyes after holding my gaze for too long.

He’s flustered!

I turned around to see every pair of eyes trained ruthlessly onto Jungkook and I, but tried my best to ignore the pure heated amazement hidden within each gaze.

“Did he lose?” I asked the group of three who had let their jaws drop in unadulterated shock.

“W-what?” Seokjin stammered, finally moving to turn to Yoongi beside him and then switching to look at the same group I was looking at.

“You noticed!?” Jungkook suddenly whined, and I turned back with a knowing laugh bubbling to the surface of my lips.

“Yeah, those three were way too obvious and I knew you were acting weird.”

“He lost, we bet that he couldn’t make it through without getting shy or without blushing,” Taehyung explained, giggling at the defeated expression of the maknae who was groaning out a dry laugh and rolling around on the floor. I noticed his cheeks and ears turning a marvelous pinkish-red as we spoke.

“Now he owes us our next meals,” Jimin hummed, triumphant for winning but still seeming shocked over my unbidden actions.

“How did you know? You could’ve helped him win.”

Jungkook sat up again.

“Yeah, why didn’t you help me? It was three against one!”

I hid my chuckle behind one hand, loving how funny this whole thing was. The other three hyungs who seemed out of the loop were now joining into the shenanigans too, but I figured they’d be used to random pranks being pulled around the dorm or studio every once in a while. Maybe even more often.

“You seemed too cocky and confident, I felt powerful so I wanted you to lose. Sorry Kook-ah.”

He shook his head, glaring at me playfully before sighing a deep sigh and making sure his hoodie was fixed up properly.

“Well, you definitely won. You guys can’t blame me for that.”

The trio shook their heads fervently, and I burst into laughter at the scene. My mind wasn’t swimming as much as it had been about an hour ago, but I wasn’t completely all there yet. It seemed like a few others also weren’t, but Namjoon would soon have them sorted out.

“Alright kids, you know if we stay here too much longer we won’t be feeling great tomorrow. We have to be in good shape for our fans here in Japan, and for any ‘holidaying’ we want to do,” The leader grunted as he got to his feet, collecting the beer bottles around him to throw away.

“You’re right, we don’t want Sejinnie-hyung to murder us,” Hoseok picked up his own bottle, sticking out his tongue and screwing up his face in disgust.

“I should get back too, I’m not even sure what I’ll be doing here yet,” I muttered, finally realising how my drinking actions tonight could have repercussions later down the track.

“Where’s your room? We should walk you,” Jimin smiled after collecting his own trash, but I shook my head softly.

“It’s just down the hall, thanks anyway. Tonight was great fun, it sucks we can’t let loose and go to clubs and parties together, but I hope we can have drinks again sometime,” I chuckled wickedly, moving to tie up my hair after finding the discarded hair-band in a random corner.

“Definitely, I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in one night for a while. It’s great to have you back,” Hoseok blinked his eyes in bewilderment, and Namjoon agreed wholeheartedly along with most of the others.

“It was funny watching, but I’d like to have something next time too,” Taehyung announced, weariness suddenly noticeable in the way his deep voice became a little croaky. I looked around to see all of them in various stages of sleepiness. Namjoon yawning, Jungkook rubbing at his eyes, Seokjin’s head slowly sinking forwards until he suddenly jerked himself awake.

“All of you get some well-earned rest. I’ll see you in the morning chumps,” I waved, earning a few more playful remarks and farewells before heading out to go to my own room. The air out in the hallway was crisper, and I breathed in heavily before turning on my heel.

I’m so happy spending time with them again. I love them too much, separation was not a good idea after all. Plus, did I just actually fucking kiss them all!?

“Why were you in Seokjin-ah’s room at this hour (Y/n)?”

Wait, Soo…

My heart skipped a beat as Soojin stood in front of me, her eyes calculating as she awaited my response. She was dressed more casually than I had ever seen her, but the most surprising thing was just her presence here. I didn’t think she’d be coming along on the tour too! I literally thought she was an assistant back with the company, not someone who managed on tours as well.

“Unni! I didn’t know you were coming to Japan. Actually, they’re all in there, we were just hanging out,” I spluttered, feeling like I was being judged all of a sudden. I guessed it did look pretty bad to anyone who didn’t know about my closeness with the boys, but I thought she would’ve known. She was Bang PD’s assistant after all.

“Yes, well I manage tours a few times a year depending on if it’s necessary or not. I would advise against ‘hanging out’ with them like this, you’re meant to be an interpreter and nothing more. There’s too much risk here.”

The dread and disappointment welled up inside me, because I did know all of this. I knew about my place, and I knew about the risks. These were things I had accepted and overcome as time had gone on, but here Soojin was planting those seeds of doubt all over again.

“I understand, I’ll head to my room thank you,” I dipped my head, eager to get out of the conversation and away from her piercing gaze.

“See that you do.”

I walked past as she entered her own room silently. It seemed it was terrible timing, because she must have been coming back from the bathroom or something just as I had left Seokjin’s room. It would’ve looked bad to her in every way imaginable, but I thought about how much better it would’ve been if I’d left the room just that little bit later or earlier.

I would have felt so much better not seeing her at all, because now I knew that this tour might turn out to be way tenser than I had expected.



Chapter Text



Stars twinkled high above as the night air filled with the sounds of beeping cars and chirping cicadas. I looked out across the city from high up on the balcony, not even afraid of the sheer drop just below my bare feet. I thought long and hard about how the night had gone so far.

Concerts are always so electrifying, I thought wistfully.

Considering the recent drop of the Face Yourself album which had basically demolished the charts, the boys had brought their top game by practicing for hours and hours for this and their upcoming comeback too. They really deserved so much. I turned around and looked back into my messed room, ignoring the way my phone was lighting up from countless unwanted texts and notifications on top of the nightstand. With shoes roughly pulled on and black mask tugged high, I prepared to go out on a simple walk.

I can’t ignore them forever, but maybe just while we’re in Japan… I told myself, liking how empty the corridors were during this midnight hour.

Walks were rare for me, but I really wanted to see some of the city while I was here. The silence was calm accompanied with my cushioned footsteps, but they were unexpectedly joined by another pair as a darkly dressed figure fell into place beside me.

“Where are you off to?”  Asked the muffled voice behind the mask. I looked up at Taehyung from under my hoodie, thinking that this was the quietest I’d ever heard him so far. I didn’t even know where he’d materialised from.

“Walk. You?”

“Same, can I join?” His voice sounded slightly rough and raw behind the cloth, but I knew he was trying to rest it as much as he could.

“That’s not even a question Tae.”

We walked outside making sure our faces were as hidden as they could get. We would’ve looked pretty dodgy with our dark hoodies as well, but as long as we didn’t attract the attention of fans it would be fine.

“Japan is beautiful, I always love coming here,” Taehyung started suddenly. It was almost like I could hear the gentle smile resting on his face.

“First time for me. Take me somewhere?” I tilted my head and became excited at all the possibilities. Knowing Taehyung and his tendency to savour every picturesque landscape that ever crossed his path, it wasn’t hard to imagine my desire to take a journey with him.

“I would take you anywhere you wanted to go.”

His timbre softened as he moved his head to the side, mimicking the tilt of my own head and looking into my eyes purposefully. My heart seemed to jerk within my chest. He sounded so heartfelt, so warm.

“Let us take you back to (Y/c) one day,” He murmured eventually. I almost drew to a halt right in the middle of the pathway, shoes scraping noisily against the washed stones.

“No, Taehyung. Anywhere but there.”

His eyes flickered over me once more, the pale glow from the lamplight cascading over his sun-kissed cheekbones as he flipped his hood back. The park was pretty, but he was more beautiful in my eyes.

“Will you open up to me – us one day?”

My heart sank.

“I don’t want to push. Jiminie has told me I’m a good listener and I really feel like you’d have a lot to say. Actually, I know many of us have noticed…” He trailed off when he realised his rambling, looking down at me cautiously.

That I'm hiding stuff?

“I just don’t want to go back there any time soon,” I snapped, not entirely knowing why I felt angered. It was just all my thoughts running wild again, thoughts of how I had been treated back then. Thoughts of being back all too quickly.

“Can we drop it?”

Taehyung widened his eyes at my dismissal, looking around for a few seconds and furrowing his brows. He hadn’t meant to set me off like some kind of bomb, I was certain he hadn’t meant to do that at all.

“Of course, don’t worry about it,” His voice was only slightly clipped, shameful that he had crossed a line that should’ve apparently remained uncrossed.

“Hey, why don’t we go and look at that koi pond?” He smiled tightly and stuffed his hands into his pockets. I followed him with a sigh, leaving my hood on despite watching him act freely in the glow of the illuminated gardens.

“Taehyung, you don’t have to cheer me up all of a sudden. I’m sorry I went off like that.”

We finally stood at the edge of the pond, guilt coursing its sporadic way through my heart. He glanced at me with a small broken smile.

“(Y/n) its fine, I said I wouldn’t pry so I won’t. I shouldn’t have asked really, it’s obvious that I can’t read an atmosphere,” He crouched down to look closer at the pond, sniffing in sharp finality. I scolded myself for putting up more brick walls. The flashes of vivid orange, white and red appeared every now and again as the fish smoothly tumbled around in the murky water.

“It’s my family,” I began sourly, “They weren’t the most supportive out there. They were somewhat decent people, but openly not supportive of what I wanted to do. I shut myself away from them early on, and found my own way into the world as soon as I could. There’s a bit more but I’ll save it for now.”

Taehyung stood up. The boy’s fingers were dripping from when he had tried to stir the water a little, but my attention soon moved to his face as he stepped closer. His parted lips and strong penetrating eyes were the only things I could even remotely consider a reaction, as his expression was majorly blank with concentration.

“(Y/n)…I’m truly sorry to hear that, oh my God,” His gaze fell to where my hands rested by my hips before reaching forwards to squeeze one in his own. I squirmed at the feeling of the pond water smearing onto my skin, but still appreciated the gesture.

“This is why you can’t hide your feelings. At least talk to one person, a close friend or something, because I know you haven’t. I can’t imagine how you’ve been alone for so long.”

“You love and respect your family so much Tae, along with most others in the company. I don’t want to come and shit all over that with my own crappy story, you know?” I squeezed his hand in return, but he clicked his tongue in disappointment.

“When I went through a hard time, the members said to me ‘we can’t fix this for you, but we’re here to give support’. I’m serious, it made me realise what I was doing wrong, so you should to. Many people are here to understand you (Y/n), if you just let them see...” His voice was sad; bittersweet if I must find a better word for it. He looked at me imploringly, the urgency plain and clear. I had an overshadowing feeling that his intentions and focus had moved on from simply my family at this point.

“I know you’re right, but it’s not easy,” I whispered with a slight crack.

He saddened even further, but I felt a sharp movement ripple from the contact of his hand.

“Why are there people here this late?” Taehyung’s grumble brought my attention flying back. The hand which encompassed mine tugged softly, and soon we were jogging out of the park. I looked behind to see a few people milling around the area. They didn’t seem suspicious, but I knew we wouldn’t want to be the ones taking that kind of risk.

We made it back to the hotel in one piece, breaths coming out in pants and hands somehow still intertwined. I looked at our hands between us as we continued to make our way to the rooms.


My eyes snapped upwards as he stopped in his tracks, fingers suddenly slipping from my grasp as he turned around to face me. The yellowish lighting was harsher than the gentle lamps from before, so I felt myself missing the night sky above as we talked.

“Please don’t yell at me, this is nerve-wracking…”

“Tae what is it, you goof?” I chuckled, leaning further towards him although that seemed to make him even jumpier.

“I just thought, well since the guys are asleep and Jiminie and Jungkookie are getting up extra early for their special practice, I just wanted to ask if you might stay with me,” He spoke quickly, as if blurting out the words would get rid of the burden sooner. His puppy eyes scanned my face carefully.

“In your room? Is that allowed?” I bit the inside of my cheek, thinking hard about the pros and cons of the situation.

“Sometimes I just make my way into other rooms, or I’m alone, or someone comes with me. Now that I think about it you’re a woman so it might be too weird, ugh I’m sorry,” He laughed it off, moving to unlock his own door right behind him.

“Tae I’ll stay with you, let me get my pyjamas.”

This would have seemed very weird to anyone right now, but I knew how Taehyung was with his sleeping habits. He just liked something or someone to hold; purely platonic unless one of us said otherwise.

Which is not happening, even though I wouldn’t be agains-

Jesus, now was not the time or place.

Besides, I was done questioning most things at this point. Let whatever happens happen, you know?

I slipped into my own room and got changed in record time. My phone still sat on the wooden nightstand, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at it just yet. Taehyung had made me think about rekindling some fires, but I wasn’t ready to fully let myself go. I made it back to his door in no time, knocking with confidence despite the apprehension tickling my insides. I wasn’t scared or nervous, but I wondered if he was.

“Just brushing my teeth, come in,” Taehyung mumbled around the toothbrush as the door swung open. I looked around the dimmed space with a smile, noticing we were quite similar in how we preferred darker spaces during late hours.

His space was exactly the same size as mine, obviously, but I already felt more comfortable than I had before. Maybe it was because the hotel room had literally been made his. It had only been a few nights, but already the room just radiated his energy. Designer clothes were hung in various places and skincare products lined the surface of the coffee table. The smell of faint cologne and shampoo lingered in the air.

I jumped into the bed gratefully, already feeling warmer.

“Thanks for doing this.”

The bed dipped under heavier weight and I felt him scoot closer behind me. I craned my neck and turned around to face his sleepy gaze, somehow not feeling surprised at the comfortableness of it all.

“Its fine,” I mustered up a tired smile, feeling even warmer when he returned it and reached out to lazily drape one arm around the curve of my waist. He smelled like the body wash provided by the hotel, but he wore it well.

We rested against the pillows and just stared at one another for a few seconds. I couldn’t believe I was actually here next to Taehyung in the darkness, but at the same time it felt like I belonged nowhere else.

“I feel like talking more, I just have so much to ask you,” He murmured quietly, urging me to move slightly closer using the one arm he had curled around my body. I felt a shiver of pure happiness travel the length of my spine, and I snuggled into the fluffiness of the pillow a little more in response.

“Ask away, I haven’t seen you in a while,” I forced open my eyes to look at his face resting inches away on his own pillow. The striking stare met me right away, but I didn’t feel like I was being stripped away this time. Instead, it felt like my mind was being gently probed and admired.

“I know people usually think I’m the weird and thoughtless one of the group, but the thing is I actually see a lot. I saw a lot in you when we first met, even though we did some stupid things,” He chuckled softly and traced the outlines of my shoulder blade with his fingertips.

“I always knew you were carefully watching, it’s easy to see how observant you can be Taehyung,” I rolled my eyes. His own eyes glimmered with appreciation before his face slowly hardened into something more serious.

“(Y/n)…I think you should fix things with your family.”

I studied the collar of his pyjama shirt closely.

“This isn’t me just saying one of those dumb things, I believe you can really do it.”

The hand smoothed over my shoulder now, being more of a comfort than anything.

“I’ll try if I can. But you won’t find me in (Y/c) anytime soon, can we talk about something else?” I sighed.

“Right, I just had to put that out there,” Taehyung’s hands continued to calm me by trailing patterns into the skin of my shoulders and back. I came to the realisation that I was a bit touch-starved.

“Can I talk about the guys?” He suggested with a smirk. I finally let my face angle upwards again and flashed him a confused and questioning look.

“What about them? You’re suspicious all of a sudden.”

Taehyung slowly pulled me into his chest so he could hold me properly. I nestled into the slope between his neck and shoulder, losing all my stresses and worries by bringing my arms up to loop around his body as well.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. I thought you were meant to be smart (Y/n),” He giggled in a low tone. I felt the vibrations travel through the mattress.

“Tae, why am I concerned?”

“I don’t know.”

I could hear the slow and steady beats of his heart, but I knew mine must have been raging pretty rampant at this point.

The cheek of this boy just…

“Spit it out before I slap you.”

“Don’t ruin it, I’m so comfy,” He whined like a child. It was like he was just a big loveable teddy bear wanting to be showered with affection 24/7, but the longer I thought about it the more the description seemed to fit Jimin.

Taehyung took my thoughtful silence as a plea to continue, so I felt rather than saw his sigh of defeat as he smiled down at me.

“Many of us have reasons to believe you’re a danger to us all.”

I knew he was being sneaky with his words, but I chose the most believable scenario that popped into my head. The statement lingered in the air heavily for a few seconds as I fingered at his soft pyjama shirt.

“Fuck, I know I don’t act like I should and it’s very potentially dangerous, but I seriously can’t help myself sometimes. I don’t know if you guys ever think about how I’m a massive fan, but it’s really no lie. I would spend every minute of my day making sure you all knew how amazing you truly were.”

“(Y/n), once again, I thought you were smart and not dense.”

“Oh shut it, you’re really asking for a slap to that ugly mug of yours.”

“We all know ‘ugly’ and I shouldn’t be in the same sentence.”

I tried to clamp my lips together but the laugh wormed its way out too quickly. Unfortunately it came in the form of a raspberry, and I felt Taehyung’s form stiffen as the air rushed past his neck.  

How could I forget, ‘Most handsome face of 2017’?

“I’m ticklish, get away!” His complaint ripped through the silence of the bedroom.

Any other day I would’ve taken complete advantage of this moment, but the atmosphere wasn’t right for it this time. My face pulled away from the embrace to see his expression, and I was then giggling quietly when I saw how utterly done he looked.

“You’re a danger to us all because you make us feel things, strange things.”

I exhaled calmly, letting my eyes continue scanning his oddly apprehensive expression. He seemed very okay with sharing the information, but he had no idea how I was going to react.

“I’m…not entirely sure how you want me to take that. Like, I understand sexually if you guys haven’t had any good action in a while, but if you’re meaning things like feelings then…well I can’t say I don’t feel the same, I just don’t know what to do about it,” I looked down, but smiled softly as I thought about what I’d just said, which was completely insane. Who ever thought this would be a conversation that would take place with Kim Taehyung?

“Well, I think you pretty much hit the nail bang on the head,” He murmured in a matter-of-factly tone. His deep voice rumbled with hints of laughter, and I found myself enjoying the sound way more than I should have.

“You guys are too cute. You’re saying all of you feel this way?”

Taehyung cocked one brow, and it was incredibly disturbing for my poor heart.

“Sexually or feeling-ly?”

I widened my eyes in shock. Was it excitement? Arousal? Confusion? I didn’t know what I was feeling, but I knew the curiosity was now in control of me instead of me controlling it. The fact that he was completely fine with this was making me so giddy and thrilled anyway.

“Uh, both? Wow, talk about a confidence boost…”

Taehyung chuckled airily and his features scrunched up in embarrassment. Once again I was reminded of his playful nature, and how he tended to act childishly just out of the blue sometimes. I loved it so much, but I also now loved the toned down side of him that had remained calm and level-headed for the whole night thus far.

“’We are men’ as Yoongi-hyung and Namjoonie-hyung would say. I don’t think any of us could deny it if it came to the truth. We’re all pretty enamored at the moment.”

I blinked up at him, and it was as if I had never seen the boy before. He was so comfortable and so easygoing with absolutely everything. I couldn’t believe the sudden maturity rolling off him in pulsing waves. My fingers clenched into his shirt a little harder, and his eyes shifted from my gaze to the strange pressure in questioning. A sharp breath left my lips as my mind reeled.

They all really feel this way? Should I even be knowing this?

“You don’t have to respond with anything, I mean we’ve all talked and even though no-one’s actually said it, we all just know. We’ve been together for too many years to not see these things, you know?” Taehyung chuckled through another wrenching smile, and I felt warmth spreading through me once again.

“Of course. I just can’t believe this happened somehow. Actually, shouldn’t this be bad? I know this kind of thing usually wrecks friendships, but for some reason I just feel…like it won’t?”

“Yeah, I feel the same. That’s why I’m even managing to tell you!” He snorted as if the fact should’ve been apparent. I growled at him in mock annoyance, causing him to purse his lips even though his trembling shoulders gave him away.

“Well damn, I just remembered that whole kissing thing that went down the other night. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself,” I huffed with a sudden spurt of confidence, raising my eyebrows in a show of cockiness. Taehyung let out a single sharp laugh that dripped with insinuation.

“You definitely weren’t the only one to enjoy yourself that night…”

Implications! My fucking God, Tae…

“And what exactly do you mean by that?” I let my jaw hang open slightly as the suspicion flooded into my gaze. The boy was not getting away with that subtle tease.

“Absolutely nothing! Turn around so I can squash you more,” He smiled innocently, but my eyes hardened into a glare at the mischievous glint flashing through his gaze.

“Normally I’d complain but you’re lucky I adore you so much.”

I narrowed my eyes at him once more before turning around and settling deep into the cloud-like pillow. His pitched giggle of glee was all I heard before his arms were thrown to squeeze around me tightly. It was so tight I could feel the air whooshing out of my lungs, but at the same time I had never felt so loved. He eventually loosened the grip and his head unburied itself from in between my shoulder blades to settle behind my neck.

“Thanks (Y/n). You’re the best, make sure you remember that.”


I blinked the heavy sleep away, mellow dawn light casting beams across the soft surface of my pillow and the distant song of a lonely bird floating through the air somewhere outside. It would have been a perfect morning, it really would’ve been if not for the dull vibrating of the watch clasped onto my wrist.

I stifled a yawn and felt tingles travel along the length of my spine as the body connected to my side shifted ever so slightly. Taehyung breathed softly into the skin of my neck as his arms wound around my body like tendrils of wild grapevine. I shuddered out a sigh as the feeling of his lips moved across my shoulder almost absent-mindedly. I didn’t think he even knew he was doing it, but my mind tore away from the sensation as the watch began vibrating again.

Moving the bedcovers to the side so I could glimpse the gleaming screen, my eyes popped when the words ‘incoming call’ came into focus hazily.

“Tae I have to go, now.” I rasped while trying not to choke on my own croaky voice. I slid from his embrace easier than I would’ve thought possible, but the feeling of a warm hand tugging me backwards soon destroyed any hope I had of escaping.

“(Y/n) please stay, that was literally the most comfortable I’ve ever been,” He urged with a slight pout to his tone. I didn’t dare look back, for the situation was too dire for me to be swayed now.

“Another time. My mother is calling me and I left my phone on the nightstand in my room.”

He fell silent in shock and let my arm go instantly. I moved to gather my bedtime things in a rush, not really wanting to leave because of the peaking anxiety but knowing it was seriously for the best. I willed the emotions away as I looked behind in detached sadness.

“She never calls me…They never do.”

I heard Taehyung’s sharp and shaky intake of breath behind my back. The sheets fell to the side as he sat up abruptly, seeming at a pure loss for words but finding his broken voice eventually.

“Go on then! Quick!” He slurred urgently, and I looked behind to see his beautiful eyes widened in surprise and maybe something like eager anticipation. Was it faith? I didn’t want to stick around to look into it too much, I needed to know what my mother wanted. I needed know why she was contacting me now of all times.

I nodded to him in appreciation, still missing the feeling of his strong arms locked around my figure. If I had the time and forethought, I would have asked him if he wanted to cuddle more often, but of course I just blindly rushed towards the door in my haste to answer the voice calling for me. The voice which had nurtured me as a child, but then thrown me away later down the track. It was the voice I needed now more than ever.

I threw open Taehyung’s door and didn’t look back before jogging out into the hallway, which was basked in the same morning glow that had woken me from slumber. I wanted to run to my door and dive for the phone hanging on its last few dials, but the sound of a light gasp jerked my head back around to face the other direction.

“My Goodness… (Y/n) what on Earth do you think you’re doing?” Soojin demanded, sharpened eyes darting from Taehyung’s door to my pajama clad form. My heart began racing for a different reason as my throat immediately ran dry.

“I went easy on you the other night because I believed you hadn’t educated yourself on the guidelines, but this is beyond absurd.”

I gritted my teeth together as her eyes narrowed in my direction. I hadn’t been able to explain anything yet because I was simply frozen in place by her icy glower. It was as if I could physically touch the disappointment and distrust radiating from the manager in front of me.

“Don’t try to justify your actions. How dare you sleep around with one of the members during tour, creating such relationships while they’re working? Those of which shouldn’t exist in the first place!”

Embarrassment curled its claws upon my cheeks like searing irons. I was being called out right in the middle of the hallway, and it was not pleasant at all. What she had said wasn’t exactly right, but it still made me out to be all the wrong things. A shameless slut even though I hadn’t done anything remotely sexual. A rendezvous point for scandals even though I hadn’t the slightest of malignant intentions.

I couldn’t even open my mouth to formulate a response in the face of her amounting fury. The shame was too strong and it was swallowing me whole. Muffled footsteps sounded from behind Taehyung’s door, and we heard a small crash before the handle was yanked open again soon after it had closed behind me.

“Manager-noona, what’s going on?” Taehyung questioned lowly, concern and slight fear, or maybe guilt clouding his puppy-like gaze. He had thrown on a random shirt and shorts before appearing, but he still looked like he had been freshly shaken awake for the events taking place.  

“She obviously slept in your room and that kind of illicit activity is knowingly forbidden. I’m not even going to ask what actions the two of you might have gotten up to, but I definitely expected better, especially from you Taehyung. She’s new, but you’ve been in this industry for years now,” Soojin scolded harshly, voice snappy and unforgiving.

“We seriously didn’t do anything, believe me,” Taehyung held out his hands with palms facing outwards to try and cool down Soojin’s anger. The door clicked shut behind him and I couldn’t even muster a chuckle when he jumped. We were both treading on the thinnest layer of ice possible.

“I don’t want excuses or explanations, when it comes down to it (Y/n) broke the rules even after I warned her. If I had been in my right mind that night I would have reported her to Bang PD-nim then,” Soojin clicked her tongue and took a few steps towards me. I had to force myself not to cower in the frontlines of her crushing presence and hostility. I exchanged a terrified glance with Taehyung; him visibly wanting to fix the situation and explain, but unfortunately not being able to.

“Woah, woah, what is going on? Can we all calm down?”

At the sound of the familiar comforting voice, a rickety sigh left my lungs. A couple of doors had opened and Namjoon, along with Yoongi, had ventured out apparently for their daily training.

Wow, what a clusterfuck to walk into, so early too.

“I just caught her sneaking out of Taehyung’s room hardly dressed,” Soojin sniffed while looking me up and down in cold hard disapproval. Namjoon’s head swiveled to me and Taehyung in shock while Yoongi sighed deeply and lowered his head in even more disappointment. I could barely keep my overwhelming surges of guilt and mortification at bay.

“I’m sure-” Namjoon began, always one to try and diffuse the conflict, but I cut him off.

“If you heard what Taehyung said before, nothing happened. My relationship with them is purely platonic, and we were literally talking as friends! If you knew him, you would know that he does this with the members all the time,” I argued, my voice rising only slightly in anger before I brought it back down. I released another shaky breath to try and calm my fraying nerves.

“She’s right,” Yoongi stepped in with a hoarse, uncleared throat. My head tilted in his direction to acknowledge his support. My appreciation for the rapper was so intense and overpowering at that point, I was ready to burst from the combination of relief, humiliation and fury I felt towards the assistant standing in front of me. Taehyung ran both hands through his hair forcefully in frustration.

“It was me who asked her noona, this is all on me.”

“No way,” I spluttered, “I agreed, of course I have a part in this too.”

“Enough!” Soojin spat, becoming fed up with everyone rallying against her.

“It’s crossed the line regardless of how it happened. I’m going to call up PD-nim right away.”

My heart dropped into my stomach and I felt devastation crashing into me violently. There was no way she would do that, right? Looking at how she viewed the matter already revealed how the CEO would react to the news. I was looking at the very termination of my budding career.

“And what good would that bring, huh?” Yoongi scoffed, somehow riling up all of a sudden. Namjoon reached out and knocked his fingers against his elder’s shoulder in a gentle warning to back down. I saw caution and distress igniting the leader’s gaze as he moved his eyes from Yoongi to me. The boys were supporting me because they knew exactly how the night would have gone down between me and Taehyung. They had all experienced it for themselves!

“The sooner her bad influence is away from the company, the better. Your careers are in danger if she gets too close and attached to you, and you all know this so don’t try to fight me,” Soojin bit back and strutted forward, black hair swinging as she marched towards her room and her phone.

The fear consumed my very being, because I was basically watching my job walk away along with her. I choked back an oncoming sob and my feet unknowingly carried me forwards slightly before I fell to my knees in bewilderment. It was all over. Taehyung gripped at his hair and held his clenched fist close to his body so he wouldn’t lash out and punch something nearby.

“Excuse me, but are we not the judges of that? Can we not see what endangers our careers at this point?” Yoongi furrowed his brows and shrugged off Namjoon’s advancing hand. Soojin stopped where she was a few feet ahead of him, and I ran one hand down my face as the silence became deafening.

“With all due respect, Miss, I’m sure both of them meant no harm. They’re both young, and what (Y/n) said is true. We’re all close friends at the moment, and Taehyung has shown this behaviour with us quite frequently,” Namjoon held out one soothing hand in Soojin’s direction.

“Shut up Joon,” Yoongi growled, ready to pounce.

“If you send her back on that plane, how is it any different from sending me back, or Taehyung? She serves as much of a purpose here as we do.”

Soojin scowled even deeper, if that level of hatred was even attainable. Her voice cut like a grating knife against my bones.

“We can get another interpreter easily enough.”

Everyone held their breaths as the words made their rounds. I gasped as suddenly both Yoongi and Taehyung moved towards Soojin with voices heightening in a collective rage and disagreement. If Namjoon hadn’t lunged to hold them back, I didn’t know what would have happened. I got to my feet and darted forward to help Namjoon, stepping in front of them and pleading for them to quell their anger with tearful eyes.

“Please, I need to deal with this. I can…”

A single tear rolled down my cheek, and it was like I could watch the hearts of the three men standing in front of me break. I wiped it away furiously, cursing my existence for letting myself become this weak in front of such powerful figures.

“Call him unni, but all I ask is that I hear what he has to say as well.”

I looked over my shoulder and saw her expression scrunch in instant refusal, but for some reason her demeanor changed and she crossed her arms in mild displeasure.

“You don’t have the right to ask anything of me regarding the matter, but I suppose having you there to overhear makes enough sense.”

I whipped my head back around, only almost smiling when I saw the pointed daggers Yoongi was glaring at her with. The fact that he was willing to stand up for me this passionately moved me so much, but before I could show any gratitude, I had to deal with the problem at hand. If I didn’t sort this out, I was potentially never seeing him or any of them in person again.

“Can she at least prepare, maybe get dressed and collect herself in her own room before dealing with this unnecessary issue,” Taehyung suggested with cold undertones lacing his voice. I had never heard the vocalist act this distantly towards anyone, but when he did, oh boy it was terrifying. Namjoon sighed so deeply I thought his lungs would follow through with the breath. I stepped towards him and reached out to tug on his sleeve softly while Soojin mulled over Taehyung’s request.

“Namjoon, I’m really grateful for the understanding and support, I will truly try my best to get PD-nim on the same page, I promise.”

The concern still shadowed his warm chocolate brown irises, and I knew he was annoyed at the whole situation, but he still nodded and shifted his arm in my grip to squeeze my hand reassuringly.

“Keep yourself safe. You know what you did more than anyone, (Y/n).”

He was warning me to not only keep myself safe, but my job too. I was astounded at how he knew just how much my career and connection to them mattered to me. The slight fear in his eyes told me he was just as scared of losing me too, and that thought alone spurred me onwards.

“I don’t see why you’d need all that over dealing with your boss right now,” Soojin responded, ice shards still stabbing into everyone she addressed.

“You could let her be decent at least, my God,” Yoongi groaned, rolling his eyes at the stupidity of it all.

“Yeah, she hasn’t even been to her room yet,” Taehyung urged, eyes flickering to me pointedly. I frowned in confusion until the realisation hit me like a pile of bricks.

The call! My mother!

My heart thudded so hard against my ribs I thought it would break them. The grip I had somehow created on Taehyung’s forearm tightened suddenly as I launched into action, ripping myself away from the group and diving for my door handle in desperation. I had forgotten all about what should have been the main concern at hand, my family. Instead, Soojin had dragged me away from what mattered most to deal with some petty formalities.

One or the other; what do I deal with first?





Chapter Text

Bold = English





Books, clothes, equipment… It didn’t matter what was, if it was in my way it was getting shoved in my haste to reach the phone. It was like I could feel the storm of anger awaiting me on the other side of the hotel door, but priorities did come first. Soojin could go fuck herself for all I cared at the moment.

My thumb hovered over the tiny green telephone symbol for longer than necessary. Was it urgent enough to put above my job at the moment? I wouldn’t be surprised if my mother had just pocket called me or drank a little too much. It was too strange to have any positive implications. To be frank, I was probably trying too hard to convince myself otherwise because the opportunity to stall was too tempting to ignore.

Anyone who knew me well would know just how much I loved to procrastinate problem solving. Long lasting ones weren’t an exception in any case.

(Y/n), you finally showed up.”

What? Fuck, I must have tapped it while I was lost in my brain.

Mother,” I responded through gritted teeth. Trepidation weighed my tone down to the floor and below.

Then there was a silence that made me feel as unsure as ever. If you asked me to explain the feelings caused by the echoingly empty sound, I couldn’t tell you. It was as if she was carefully handpicking her next words. Tiptoeing so cautiously around her thoughts, just in case I didn’t like what she had to say and barred myself away once more.

She’s too foolish to understand that I can see through her, even if she’s not physically here.

I fiercely fought down the urge to grind my teeth in anger and chose to wait patiently instead. If she had to take the time to think about what she was saying then she obviously wanted to be in my favour somehow. I could not for the life of me understand how she’d possibly thought that was a scenario that existed, but apparently it did. 

Honey…how have you been these days?” 

A surge of bile bubbled up through my windpipe. This problem was becoming borderline cancerous.

You better get to the point before I hang up,” I seethed. The plan was to keep my tone calm and neutral but there was no way the hurt wasn’t going to seep through the cracks. Hearing how fake and desperate she’d become just single-handedly destroyed what little snippet of respect I had left, buried deeply somewhere there in my heart.

She scoffed almost soundlessly before heeding the request.

Fine, if it’s really going to be this way. I need money. Your dumbass father has gone and crashed the car again, but this time he’s pretty fucked. We can’t afford all these bills and I really need some booze if I’m gonna stay sane in this shithole. You’re the only child still attached to us so you’re going to be the one to get your dunce of a dad out of debt.

I felt my chest tighten the longer she spoke, albeit rather roughly, but the words were still heavy with wrenching information. I didn’t know exactly how to feel, but I knew this whole situation would be a hell of a lot easier without the tugging family ties making me second guess everything.

Hold on, how bad is the accident?” I growled, trying to ignore the rest of her sentence about alcohol and shitholes. The thought of my own father being severely injured made my heart skip a beat in sudden fear. It wasn’t too bad, was it?

Pretty bad I guess. He was in the ER, and I’m fairly certain the doctor said something about rehab? Acute rehab? Ugh, can’t remember.”

This is fucking bad, and she can barely bring herself to care!

Tears unwillingly pricked at the corners of my eyes and I furiously blinked them away.

Is he on life support or something?

Not anymore. Dunno why he’s still being a dickhead and drink driving everywhere. Something was bound to happen eventually, and if it was up to me they should have slapped a band aid on it and sent him on his way. These fancy doctors just want to leech money from us.”

“You realise that money is what kept him alive, right?” I murmured in disbelief. There was a raging war of conflict taking place in my mind, and I couldn’t even fathom how she was being so nonchalant about all of it. Her own husband had almost died and she was blaming the hospital for their crippling poverty.

(Y/n), darling…”

There it was again, that wickedly sweetened voice that could only be a feeble attempt at manipulation at this point.

I’m only going to think about it for the sake of life and death, I literally can’t believe how fucking disgusting you are. Don’t consider me attached to you ever again,” I choked out in a haze of fury. I could feel every shred of dignity and hope I had left for my family burn away into cloudy ash before me.

I should have known better.”

And with that I hung up. The silence was too deafening, too close and invasive to be even remotely comfortable. I didn’t even know why the disappointment and vindication was hitting so hard and fast either, because in the back of my worrisome mind I always knew that nothing good could come from such a reach. Wishful thinking; it seemed to be something I lived by too closely.

My eyes blurred with a watery film as I brought the phone screen upwards again. Soojin was waiting for me like a brewing storm outside, but I knew that I just couldn’t stitch myself back together for a meeting mere minutes after feeling my tendrils of a childhood slip away from me.

‘Can you come in here for a minute or two? It’s okay if you and Yoongi left already.’

I sent the text to Namjoon after a second of hesitation. I knew normally I would’ve dealt with the emotion and carefully hidden it away to move on with my working life. I wouldn’t have allowed anyone see past the drawn curtains into the darkness behind, but things had changed drastically over the past few months.

Since I had pulled that stupid stunt and distanced myself from everyone I cared about, things had changed. Yoongi’s words rang clearly through my head again and again like a broken record.

“You could’ve talked to us, we wouldn’t just ignore you if it was about something serious. Jesus, especially if you were feeling depressed. (Y/n), please…”

Then Taehyung’s.

“This is why you can’t hide your feelings. At least talk to one person, a close friend or something, because I know you haven’t…”

“I’m here.”

I sniffled in surprise as the hotel door clicked shut suddenly. Namjoon was by my side in less than a moment, breaths coming out in quiet pants even though he seemed to be trying his best at controlling the strained puffs.

“Oh God, you really ran back here for me?” I sighed, trying to tip my head back to get rid of the annoyance termed tears.

“I was only down the hall, trust me,” Namjoon assured softly, taking notice of my sorry state of emotions and instantly switching his gaze to one full of concern. I watched as his perceptive eyes trailed down the length of my arm to the phone clasped into my shaking palms.


I almost jumped when he moved to slowly unclasp my fingers from around the warm device. The man took the rectangular object and slid it carefully onto the surface of the bedside table before taking a seat beside me on the bed. His honeyed voice was nothing but soothing to the ears.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Then I spilled it all, like a broken dam rushing to meet what physics required of it. His eyes hardened as I spoke about my mother and her overall attitude, but softened when I couldn’t help voicing my newfound conflictions. I wasn’t surprised to find myself cradled into his broad chest by the end of it.

“A-and Taehyung had just pretty much convinced me to try reaching out to them last night. Now I’m forced into making a decision I don’t even want to find myself making. It’s just that…if he dies I will never forgive myself, and I really, really fucking hate that.”

I was almost ready to openly cry into the flimsy polyester shirt he wore, but once again I found myself holding back in fear of losing face. I never knew why I just couldn’t let it all go for once in my life. Maybe it was something too utterly routine for me after years and years of practice.

“Nobody can blame you for feeling that way about your own father, (Y/n). It’s like a natural instinct to try and protect those closest to you,” Namjoon murmured lowly. I let my eyes droop shut as I tuned into the rumblings coming from his chest.

“That’s the thing. I’m not close to them at all.”

A hollow sigh was next. His body relaxed further as he grew used to the feeling of my tears sinking through his exercise shirt, because even though he was the one to bring me into the reassuring hold, he still wasn’t accustomed to such a close proximity with someone other than his bandmates. I felt so indebted to him in every way.

“Even so, it’s family. You feel this connection that no-one else can, and even if you don’t like who they are as people, there will always be a love there that you might think is just too unexplainable. Now that I think about it, your nature to care about others probably made you even more susceptible.”

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes. He was always able to just come out and spin my thoughts into the words I couldn’t come up with. He just seemed to understand the very world we lived in, along with all of its nasty people and ideologies, in a way I struggled to. I was shocked at how he was able to take any point of view, turn it around to see the other side of it, and grasp the concept just as easily. An optimistic part of it nonetheless.

“Namjoon, why are you just so amazing and poetic?” I chuckled after a minute of contemplative silence. He’d fidgeted slightly when I hadn’t responded, wondering if he’d done something wrong or made things worse. He was a little goofy sometimes, but nobody could deny how brilliant he truly was as a person.

“I’m not really,” He huffed bashfully, and I was shocked again when I felt one of his large hands come up to stroke my hair in comfort. It was so weirdly easy to be comforted by him after such a stressful morning.

“It’s just easy to see why you’re feeling the way you are. Take my advice and think hard about what you want to do about it.”

I felt the pad of a finger wipe away the last of my salty tears from my skin. The action was so sweet I couldn’t help but lift my head to meet his heartwarming gaze. The sight of his slight smile and tiny dented dimples made my heart almost stutter to a halt.

“In the end, they may only be using you and may only continue to turn a blind eye to the wonderful daughter they have, but at least you know you did what you believed was right. Use the love they may not feel to love yourself and the person you are.”

“Namjoon, stop before I…”

Taehyung I wish you could look, because this is me opening up. It’s ugly isn’t it?

More tears suddenly flowed and for once I couldn’t hold it back anymore. Namjoon’s face fell as I sobbed loudly into his chest, the liquid remorse tumbling out unstoppably. I couldn’t see his saddened expression of relief, but I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling the pent up tension flow away along with the waterworks. His muffled ‘shh, it’s gonna be fine’ and gentle strokes of encouragement to my head began gradually replacing the emotions with joyous ones.

I felt so much appreciation and love for the man it almost hurt.

“I haven’t cried in front of anyone since primary school, up until this morning in the hallway and now here,” I whimpered after a few minutes, almost letting myself doze off to the feeling of his presence enveloping me. How long had it even been? I knew that even though it was something new for me, I wouldn’t let the spell go on for too long considering the second problem waiting to snatch me away outside.

“I’m just glad you even told me as much as you did. Taehyung might have mentioned that a few of us could see your pain, even if you didn’t know it was there yourself,” Namjoon said after clearing his throat slightly. I felt bad that I’d forced him into staying with me through the bout of misery, but his words violently struck more than one chord.

Yeah, and he also mentioned something else.

I was suddenly reminded of Taehyung’s big revelation from the night prior. The feelings they all had for me in differing forms. I forced myself to keep my eyes trained forward, but there was no way Namjoon hadn’t noticed the way my body tensed up all of a sudden.

I can’t ask him about it now, or confirm it. They’re in the middle of a busy schedule and I also have stuff to deal with. I’m going to have to wait until we’re back in Korea to confront them about it.

I relaxed again and finally removed myself from Namjoon. He looked up at my standing figure with slight confusion, not really being sure of my stability or composure just yet. I could only sigh to let us both know that I was feeling a hell of a lot better than before.

I took one amused moment to glance over his slightly ruffled black tresses, probably having little to no effort put into the style for a day such as this one. Soft hours were now open in the messy hotel room.

“Thank you so much, I really needed…all of that,” I smiled crookedly, indicating that I was ready to move on with my life and away from the dilemma of my family for now. Namjoon got to his feet quickly after almost knocking over the vase of flowers on the bedside table. He grunted in surprise while I laughed and grabbed for his flailing hand to help keep him steady.

“It’s fine, you know it always is. You’ve been through more shit this morning than most go through in a week or months. I’d say you deserve a shoulder to cry on whenever you need one,” He spoke seriously and nodded, averting his widened eyes down to where I still held his hand within my own. These guys really did love a lot of hand attention, I did come to find after all this time.

“You’re sent from the heavens Namjoon,” I chuckled airily, feeling so many feelings but nowhere near as crushingly as I had earlier.

“You confused me with you, angel,” He replied abruptly, moving with a confidence I rarely saw to shift a stray lock of hair away from my face. His smile was so warm and his line incredibly cheesy, but I felt something within me snap. The love was too intense for me to overlook.

I stepped forward and reached up to cradle his smiling cheeks into my palms. There was a need to rise onto my tiptoes before my lips finally grazed his in a very restricted but needy kiss. I fought back a smile when I felt his muscles slacken in absolute shock, but then he was returning everything wholeheartedly. His large hands pulled me closer by the waist and his lips started moving against mine just as surely, as if it were something that had been waiting to happen for too long.

I almost felt myself get lost in the sensation, but something nagged at me the further I slipped away into the moment.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” I gasped, pulling away reluctantly and squeezing my eyes shut in burning shame. I was embarrassed of myself for not upholding the pact I’d created about leaving the whole feelings thing until later on, plus I had basically thrown myself at him without giving anything resembling a warning.

“Why are you sorry? I think you just made me the happiest man on Earth,” Namjoon protested in shock, eyes wide and hands spread open to anticipate any sudden movements I made to escape. His cheeks were flushed a rosy pink and I found it undeniably gorgeous to contrast his complexion.

“I promised to leave it, but I just couldn’t control myself. Can we finish this-”

I made a little circular motion with one finger.

“-once we get back to Korea? I just have to speak to everyone.”

Namjoon nodded and agreed tentatively. I could tell by the way his brows furrowed slightly that he’d probably figured out the reasoning behind my request, but he would have to wait to question Taehyung at another time. I inwardly thanked him for his overarching awareness.

“If you see Tae, tell him I’m alright and that he needs to stop blaming himself. I know he’s probably taking this badly. I’ll fix it all,” I continued in a more level tone of voice, bringing back the sense of professionalism as I began thinking of how I was going to go about this predicament.

“Of course. Good luck out there,” He gave my shoulder an awkward pat before moving towards the door. I sighed regretfully as the leader left without another word, the strange tension lingering but somehow not becoming an overpowering force.

It’s your own fault. You went and kissed him, so now you’ve gone and confused everyone and yourself.

I didn’t know what lay in store for me now, as the news would surely spread like an untamed wildfire; stemming from Tae and Namjoon undoubtedly. What a bloody dumb thing to do, considering I’d just been accused of fucking around with one of them already.

My phone vibrated against the smooth surface of the bedside table loudly. Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, being the devil incarnate herself.

‘We’re waiting in the office area downstairs, I suggest you make it snappy or I’ll get on with this myself.’




Chapter Text



Things were weird.

I’d never felt this way with them before. The atmosphere was suffocating me and I felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Helpless, like being caught in a rip and getting tossed out into an ocean of uncertainty.

Seven pairs of eyes blinked back at me warily as they waited for me to make a movement.


~ Hours prior ~ 


 “You know this is unprecedentedly outrageous! I refuse to believe you had any say in this…disaster just waiting to happen PD-nim,” Soojin fumed at the glaring laptop screen in front of us.

My eyes narrowed slightly to try and make out the producer’s pixelated expression displayed there, but it was hard to exactly decipher his reactions through the video chat. Soojin and I were seated in an unused office room on the main floor of the hotel, the only other being in the room was the man himself; even if it was via long-distance delivery.

“I’m afraid I did, actually,” The man began with a slight edge to his tone that even the densest person could detect amongst the subpar audio quality. I felt ashamed and sympathetic for him since he had only just awoken by the looks of it. Once again, I inwardly sighed at the thought of anyone having to wake up to something as trivial as this.

“(Y/n)-ah and I have talked about getting closer to them, and I mean that in a way where she’s able to judge that closeness whilst taking boundaries into consideration,” He noted.

“But you must surely know how this could turn out! Did you hear what I said about her hotel activities?” Soojin continued in a firmer tone, not backing down against the commanding presence of her boss. I glanced at her concerned expression, her slightly frazzled appearance, her anxiously fiddling hands residing in her lap. Was there something else to this or was I missing the point, because I knew she wasn’t usually as nitpicky as she was coming across.

“Soojin-ah, of course I had all the necessary fears and speculations. In all honesty, I’m shocked because I thought we had agreed to place our trust in (Y/n) all those weeks ago. What suddenly changed? Did you two have some other falling out I should know about? Because this is going to get troublesome,” Bang PD grunted, his brows furrowing from the confusion and wavering irritation. Before Soojin or I could exchange looks and opt to speak, he drawled onwards to try and settle the dispute.

“Spare me for now ladies. I value both of you highly in my company, so let us work this out when we’re all together and face to face, okay?”

The shame prickled higher up my neck and cheeks. I couldn’t believe he was being this relaxed about it all, considering Soojin’s overall crabbiness and my refusal to back down against her accusations. The past twenty minutes or so had been ugly to say the very least, yet somehow he had taken it all and dealt with it the way he knew best.

“Yes, thank you PD-nim. Once more, I apologise for the trouble,” I stood up and bowed instantly. After hearing my side of the story he’d let most of his concern simmer down into glowing embers, but I knew he was still banking on me for a thorough explanation when I got home.

“I guess, but I hope you know of my strong disapproval,” Soojin concluded with the distaste still rolling off her tongue like bitter water. Her black hair shone as she moved to close the device, bidding her final farewells.

How could he not know?

“Yes, but I will have no more of it until a later date. Do I make myself clear? Carry out your jobs and ensure the success of the tour as you’re meant to. I suggest you come to a temporary truce until it is done. (Y/n), you’ll refrain from such intimacy for the time being, and Soojin-ah you’ll lay off a little to keep the peace. If I hear of anything else, consider yourselves on warning for suspension.”

His words rang clearly through my mind as the call was finally disconnected.

Then, an uncomfortable silence ensued that I couldn’t shake no matter how badly I wanted to. The tension was cold and foreign to my senses.

“You heard the boss. Obviously the group comes first in all of this, but there’ll be no more messing around,” Soojin spoke, but it was weirdly soft compared to her defiant tone from before.

“And that means you’ll stop watching me like a hawk every time I so much as speak to them,” I parried. Try as I might, keeping every drop anger at bay was too difficult to pull off successfully. The coldness of the white room remained frozen in place as our sharpened gazes met.

“Can we talk even a little about this? I don’t know exactly why, but it seems like there’s something driving you into loathing me all of a sudden. I know I haven’t been here all that long, but I thought we were a team.”

The apprehension curled its way up my spine as the words left my lips. It was dangerous waters, I definitely knew that, but I just couldn’t keep the curiosity confined to the inner workings of my brain any longer. I watched as she inhaled quickly and sharply, as if I had just verified her cause for resentment.

“What are you implying, girl? Do I have to remind you of my position here, and how much longer I’ve been around? Around everyone?”

Girl? Wow…

“Calm down! I’m not implying anything Soojin…sunbae,” I growled in frustration, trying to figure out how to diffuse the ticking bomb she was embodying. Could the maturity please make its way into the building? The situation was getting too tedious and difficult for me to break down.

To my surprise, her shoulders slumped and she slowly sank down into the seat on the opposite side of the table. I could only stand frozen on the spot as I watched the fiery rage ebb away from her stabbing expression, wondering if something I’d said had done the trick in taming her uncontrollable temper.

“Just…call me unni.”

What the fuck is happening?

I stood in stunned silence as the manager ran her hands down her perfect face in exasperation. Then I reached a conclusion. There must’ve been some kind of hint earlier in the conversation, some clue as to why she was acting out the way she was. There was no other explanation that made any sense to me.

“You mentioned being here for a long time. Are you jealous or something?” I choked out, trying to fight back at the hurt clawing its way up my throat. I hated trying to wheedle the truth out of someone like this, and especially if that someone was a person superior to me that I respected. Usually.

“What?” She whispered sharply. I was shocked to see her eyes widening in fear and her head jerking upwards in disbelief. Had I touched a nerve? Was she really jealous of how close I was with the boys? Going off the reaction I’d just seen, it was as if I was more than just correct.

No way, is she in love with one of them? I can’t believe it!

“Are you jealous? Because if you had just said how you felt at the start I could’ve easily understood your situation! All you had to do was talk to me,” I sighed, slumping into my own chair across from hers and heaving my chest up and down in a sigh of revelation. Her amazed stare drilling into my own only solidified my suspicions further and further the longer it held. The silence stretched for moments longer until she finally worked up the nerve to respond.

“I-I don’t know what to say…”

Then she cleared her throat and I noticed a light blush of embarrassment scattering across the pale skin of her powdered cheeks. She seemed to be trying to pull her dignity back together to hold the conversation, which was something I wish she’d attempted a few hours back honestly.

“You had me so angry and upset. All you had to mention was the truth, I thought you knew me better than that. You know I’m not a little kid, right?” I mustered up a small smile, but it was tight on my face after having spent so long turned downwards in a deep frown.

“Okay, you got me. I’m jealous, as petty and childish as that sounds to my ears. Y-you just suddenly came into it all and I guess I just reacted the way I did. I should have brought it up, but I didn’t think you’d take to the confession lightly,” She breathed, eyes still slightly guarded as she scanned my expression for any hints of judgement or mockery.

“What do you mean? Look, I’d be happy for you to do what you’ve been doing. If I was coming onto whoever it was too strongly, all you had to do was let me know and he would’ve been all yours. I didn’t come here to steal anyone’s man,” I joked, trying to get her to finally open up and spill all the juicy information.

Her face only fell into one of pure stupefaction.


“Please, you can tell me all the goss! Who is it?” I beamed, resting my head into my palms. Who would’ve thought that the erratic secretary would have this weighty of a secret? When she only blinked and pursed her lips in bafflement I urged her onwards with another giggling whisper.

“Who do you have a crush on?”  

She hesitated, but as I opened my mouth to ask something else her resolve melted away and I saw her carefully constructed wall fall apart in front of me.

“It’s you!” She blurted abruptly with her hands thrown into the air.

“You have a crush on me?” I balked.

“No! It’s you I’m jealous of, and it has nothing to do with your relationships!”

My jaw dropped as she got to her feet suddenly. The chair scraped harshly against the tiled ground and it would’ve fallen if the tilt had been any more drastic. Her desperate eyes bore into mine with a desperation I had scarcely seen from the woman.

“And it’s not jealousy. If anything, it’s fear.”

She walked around the table to face me properly. Now that she’d let out whatever was plaguing her mind, her demeanor was much calmer and more collected. The manager actually looked rather sad and humiliated to be speaking in the first place.

“(Y/n), you terrify me.”


Walking down the hallway, I struggled to accept and move on from Soojin’s shocking news. The ground became slightly unfocused as I mulled over her parting statement for the literal fifth time.

“You terrify me because you’re only moving up the chain. Who knew all of us would be hoping to hold on to our positions, in such a short time too? You must understand how we can only see PD-nim’s lenience as…favouritism I guess,”

Stylists bustled past my dawdling form in the hall, but I barely noticed their nudging shoulders in my strange daze.

Ignore it, you know you have to focus.

I huffed and raised my head in determination. The concern would have to be pushed to the back of my mind for now, because I had a show to interpret. My hand clamped down on the door handle a tad too tightly.

Why am I going in here?

The structure swung outwards and I peered inside, scrambling to remember why this room had specifically come to mind. Stylists were rushing because the show was bound to begin in a matter of minutes, yet I was still very occupied and distracted. Then, my question was answered as I met the eyes of a certain black-haired leader.

The boys let their hushed conversation dwindle into silence as I appeared, but I couldn’t muster up the smile I normally could have. I couldn’t, because I hadn’t been greeted with anything of the sort to begin with. To my uneasy surprise, all seven of them awkwardly shuffled away from each other and averted their eyes.

“(Y/n),” Namjoon finally spoke, nodding politely with a tight-lipped smile. I frantically tried to scout out the others to see what was wrong, but they only regarded me with the same general niceties that Namjoon had.

“Guys, what’s up?” I murmured, looking to the gentle leader for a much needed explanation. He let his eyes wander to the rest of his bandmates before looking back to me. Only Yoongi and Jimin had the balls to look me in the face. Taehyung looked like a mixture of reluctance and concern, but even he held back for some strange reason. It seemed like he desperately wanted to ask me about absolutely everything, but I felt a tingle of hurt stab my heart when he refused to look away from the surrounding walls.

Namjoon didn’t respond verbally, but I saw his pointed look and the uncomfortable way he nibbled on his bottom lip. I’d interrupted a very important conversation, and it suddenly clicked that I had probably been the subject of it.

Seven pairs of eyes blinked back at me as they waited for me to make a movement.

Oh…Oh no. He told them. They know everything, from Tae’s big news to my embarrassing kiss with Namjoon. God help me.

I swallowed my sharp intake of breath and felt my fingers curl into my sweaty palms involuntarily. This was why they were so far out of their comfort zones. They were still recovering from the shock of learning that I knew. Yoongi was acknowledging me with a gentle and understanding gaze, but he made no move to ruin the silence and instead chose to see how I would handle it.

Jimin on the other hand…

His sudden stumble tore my eyes away from Yoongi and I felt my breath hitch when I glimpsed the younger’s expression. It was pained, upset, and unsure. The small tears gathering in the corner of his lined eyes glinted in the light of the room, but only horror lit up inside everyone else. He was broken.

“Jimin-ah,” Namjoon and Taehyung chorused in low anxious whispers, but it was to no avail when their concern only fell onto deaf ears. The mentioned vocalist shook his head lightly to try and avoid showing his emotions; a method I knew only too well. Before I could even open my mouth to ask, he sniffled and marched towards the door without another sound.

I whipped my head around and called after him.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” Taehyung groaned, eyes wide and guilty as he jumped to his feet. I held up a hand and thanked the stars when Jungkook stepped in and wrapped a strong arm around his hyung’s chest. Now, instead of uncomfortable, the room looked troubled and uncertain of what to do next.

“Jimin!” I called again and backed towards the door shakily, hoping to catch him before he got too far. He hadn’t taken the news well obviously. Finding out that I knew about his feelings probably sent him into a bout of panic and insecurity. One that had been just too much to handle once I’d actually shown up in front of him.

How could I save this?









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