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Ice Queen Victoria Thaws Her Heart

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Chapter Nine: Matters


    Amanda awoke, still entwined, bosom to bosom, with her fragrant Gretchen, her bare backside pressed against Marina’s warm shoulders and buttocks. Amanda moved her face closer to her sleeping Fiancée’s, and closed her eyes again, as she was soothed by Gretchen’s soft breath caressing her cheek. Her slight movement awakened Marina, who turned to face Amanda’s back and plant a soft kiss on the back of Amanda’s neck, whispering, “Good morning, my sweet Amanda, you are so warm and soft to cuddle up to!” The light pressure of Marina’s nipples, against her back, elicited from Amanda a cringe and a giggle that caused Gretchen’s eyes to pop open, in turn. “Guten Morgen, Amanda, Mein Lieber!” This was followed by a sleepy smile and a little peck on Amanda’s lips. Amanda sighed and returned Gretchen’s kiss, the tips of her little bosoms stiffening with desire, as she embraced Gretchen harder, in order to feel those lovely breasts pressed against her own, Amanda felt a twinge up inside her Lily. “I love you, Gretchen, would you please roll on your back so that I may rest on top of you for a moment?” Gretchen had caught a mischievous glint in Amanda’s eyes, but decided to play along anyway, as she clasped her young Fiancée to herself, while rotating the both of them so Amanda ended up on top, cheek to cheek. Amanda kissed Gretchen playfully, as she spread her thighs and scooted lower to pop up, straddling Gretchen’s hips, while lightly grinding her moist Lily against Gretchen’s bushy mons. “Lily says good morning to her Orchid, Gretchen, but don’t worry, it’s just a little wake-up kiss on the edge of Orchid’s lip!” Gretchen sighed, smiling with her eyes closed as she delighted in Amanda’s playful enthusiasm, then she chuckled and pulled Amanda back down against her. “Und So, Mein kleiner Schatz, this is how Lily teases her Orchid?” Amanda pouted and pecked Gretchen’s lips, still slowly grinding her hips as she looked contritely into her lovely Gretchen’s eyes. “Lily’s not teasing, Gretchen, she just loves her Orchid more than anything in the world, and she wanted a little kiss, that’s all!”

    Marina sat up in bed and laughed as she playfully spanked Amanda’s bottom. “You’ve become a sexual powerhouse, Amanda dear, but your playful lovemaking with Gretchen will have to wait until we are back in our room, later this evening. It’s time for the two of you to shower and dress, we have a busy day ahead of us. Gretchen, you may need to let Amanda borrow some of your clothes, since she’ll need to be dressed nicely when, once we’ve had our breakfast, we go to take care of our business at the Arcadia Bay Police Station and, of course, the shopping mall, afterwards.” Amanda smiled, then squealed with delight as she pulled Gretchen out of bed with both hands, feet planted on the rug as she leaned back with all of her weight and paced backwards. “Let’s shower together, Gretchen, so that I can wash your pretty Orchid!” Once in the bathroom, Amanda was fascinated as she watched Gretchen unbind the braids that framed her face. “Gretchen, my fairest maiden and my own true love, could you, please, braid my hair to look like yours? I’d, also, heard Marina tell me to borrow your nice clothes, so, could I, please, wear your blouse, vest and matching skirt from yesterday? I know that they aren’t fresh, but they aren’t dirty either and I would very much like to wear the clothes that have your scent in them.” Gretchen smiled and pulled Amanda into an intimate, naked hug and kissed her soft, parted lips passionately. “Did you forget about my soiled panties?” Amanda blushed and giggled. “Lily would very much like Orchid’s scent and wetness pressed against her little lips, it’s almost as good as a kiss from her! Oh yeah, and Orchid can wear my stained, damp panty-briefs, so that she can be closer to her Lily, how does that sound?” Gretchen laughed softly. “I’d never thought of that, you are a very clever young woman, Liebchen, but, since we are going to be in public all day, we need to wear fresh undergarments. We could hang our soiled panties on the bathroom towel rack to dry them out, then we can exchange them so that we have something to snuggle our faces into when we sleep alone, that way we have each other’s comforting scent to help us go to sleep.” Amanda was thoughtful and a little sad. “Oh, Gretchen, I’d forgotten that you and Marina would be leaving soon.” Gretchen nodded, with tears brimming in her eyes, then pulled Amanda into a sweet kiss as the two sobbed and hugged each other again. “Ach, Meine Liebling, it will be so hard for me to be apart from you, I will do everything in my power to reunite us!”

    Gretchen brought her own loofah and a bar of hand-made, unscented olive oil soap, then took Amanda’s hand to lead her into the bathtub/shower, drawing the curtains closed. “Considering our special scent, Amanda, we use only plain soaps and unscented shampoos, it would mask the effectiveness of our feminine allure if we used perfumes and deodorants. You have already remarked about how you prefer to wear my soiled clothing, these are infused with my perspiration and body oils, which will combine well with your own exquisite body odor once the clothes warm up against your skin.” Amanda smiled as she hugged Gretchen, nuzzling her fragrant breasts before straightening to kiss her Gretchen once again. “I wish that we could just stay sticky and smelly together!” Gretchen laughed. “I’m starting the shower now, Amanda, we can wash each other’s private places, and you know, unsere Orchidee und Lilie. Bathing can be so much fun when we do it together, and don’t forget to poke meine kleine Rosenknospe, my little rosebud, with your playful soapy fingers, then I’ll tickle yours back! Don’t worry, Amanda, we will still get smelly together at bedtime, when we will practice a new love-making technique, we will lay on our sides, with my face between your legs while your face is between mine, kissing and loving each other’s Lady-flowers at the same time.” After so much enthusiastic and playful bathing (spiced up with tickles, giggles, swats, screams, pinches, yelps, squeezes, sighs, nips, moans and passionate kisses), Gretchen stood in the bedroom, with a white towel wrapped, turban-style, around her hair, a terrycloth bathrobe open, exposing her breasts and privates, while she was busy behind her seated Amanda, combing out and expertly braiding her beloved’s blown-dried hair, tying the ends with bows made from thin red ribbons. When Gretchen had finished, Amanda tilted her head back, with a smile, as Gretchen bent down to plant an upside-down kiss on Amanda’s lips. “You finish dressing, Liebchen, while I dry and braid my own hair.” Amanda stood, then moved into the open folds of Gretchen’s robe to briefly snuggle her Fiancée’s warm, soft nakedness. “I just want to hold and kiss you every chance I get, my own dearest Gretchen, because you are, now and always, my one true love!”

    Amanda twirled in front of the full-length mirror on the bathroom door, delighting in her hair, parted along the crown of her head, with two thick braids down the front of each shoulder. “Oh, Gretchen! I look just like a little German girl!” Gretchen stood behind Amanda, chuckling. “Einer lieblich Deutscher junge Dame, Fräulein Amanda, but you are a young Lady, nearly as tall as me, soon you will be taller, a proper head of our household, one day!” Amanda turned to smile at her lovely Gretchen, who was dressed in a plain white blouse with a light grey blazer and mid-calf matching grey skirt. “When people see us together, they’ll think that I’m your younger sister from Deutschland, and then I’ll curtsey and say ‘Guten tag!’ Oh, Gretchen, I’m going to try my hardest to learn your language!” Gretchen folded Amanda into a gentle hug and murmured in her ear. “Whenever we are together Amanda, Meine Liebe Frau, you will learn the Deutsch of love, then it will come to you naturally as we speak more and more of it in our home.”

    Marina had just come out of the bathroom, from applying her make-up and brushing out her short bobbed style blonde hair, she was dressed in a burgundy silk blouse with charcoal blazer and slacks, sporting a tasteful dark grey pearl choker and matching earrings. “Amanda, dear, I’d texted your father, Richard, to meet up with us at The Two Whales Diner, after he sees your little sister, Lynn, off to school at her bus stop. She’ll be taking an absence excuse note to the school office for you, so don’t worry about consequences from spending a few days with Gretchen and I.” Amanda smiled and moved to hug Marina. “You’ve been so good to all of us, Marina, but why are we meeting with my father so early?” Marina gave Amanda a peck on her cheek, then rubbed the lipstick off with her thumb. “After Gretchen and I saw the whipping scars on your bottom and upper thighs, we realized that we could have forensic photos taken of you, while we are at the Arcadia Bay Police Station, but we need your father with us to file a child abuse report against your mother, and possibly, to have her arrested so that we have a stronger position for the court to arrange that your father have sole custody of you and Lynn. I know that this is a very serious matter and a lot to for you to handle, Amanda, but we need to know something before we may proceed. Did your father know about your severe beating?” Amanda, eyes brimming with tears, sniffled and wiped her cheek. “No, Marina, father was always careful never to see Lynn and I undressed. Mother had me stay at Aunt Marsh’s place, while I healed up, after lying to my father and the school that I was contagious with an infectious illness, saying that she didn’t want the rest of us to get sick. Oh, Marina! Aunt Marsh would berate me and slap me for being a ‘sinful little harlot,’ forcing me to read the Bible all day, every day, and pray on my knees in a dark closet, for hours on end, begging the Lord for forgiveness of my many, many filthy transgressions! It was the most horrible time of my life, Marina, but afterwards, both Aunt Marsh and my mother threatened me and swore me to silence about what they’d done to me for that whole nine days!” Marina nodded, solemnly, as Gretchen wept and trembled, while holding Amanda’s shoulders from behind, after hearing of her sweet Amanda’s cruel ordeal. Marina continued. “Didn’t any of the adult staff at your school notice your wounds, didn’t anyone ask you about them?” Amanda shook her head as she snuffled. “It’s a Christian private school, there’s a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ practice, where disciplined students are concerned, so, if the coach saw my scabbed-over cuts, in the locker room, she never said anything. The other girls saw me naked in the showers, but it isn’t unusual for us to have the marks of beatings from our parents. ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ being the commonly held belief in our Christian congregation, after all.”

    As Marina pulled the rental sedan into the parking lot, on the north side of The Two Whales Diner, they saw Richard Marsh waiting for them in a beat-up, rusty and faded ‘Sea Island Green’ 1950’s era Ford pickup truck. The door of the old truck creaked as Richard stepped down and slammed the door behind him. With reddened, brimming eyes and a sad little grin on his face he, hesitantly, paced towards them, clutching a wrinkled note in his hand. “I’d say ‘good morning’ to you, Marina, except it really hasn’t been. Miriam and my sister, Esther, were busy last night, they’d rung up the Church phone tree and blacklisted me with the Church Elders and other ‘like-minded’ notables in our congregation. I’m suspended from my Pastoral duties, pending review, but I can tell that the damage is already done. So, here I am, Marina, likely out of employment, house and car, with just a few of my own things thrown in the back of my hobby classic, here, and ‘Praise the Lord’ that she still runs.” Marina hurried to intercept Richard with a prolonged hug and kisses on his cheeks. “Oh, my dearest Richard, I’m so sorry for your troubles! These unfortunate developments are about what Gretchen and I expected, after witnessing Miriam’s meltdown in Bev and Vicky’s hospital room last evening, but something’s come up that may put a stop to some of Miriam’s vindictiveness!” Richard sobbed and hugged Marina tighter. “Please forgive my tearful, unmanly display, Marina, but you are such a comfort to me when I need it the most! Miriam refuses to speak to me anymore, but she did leave me this harsh note, denouncing me as a Godless blasphemer and demanding a divorce.” Marina held Richard’s sobbing face and pulled his open, weeping mouth into a tender kiss, refusing to break away until his passion ignited, and he returned her kiss with fervor.

    Marina broke off and butterfly kissed Richard’s wet eyelids, then smiled at him reassuringly. “Please don’t be upset with yourself, or with me, Richard, you are a good man, with a true heart, and you should be with someone who will show you the love, care and attention you deserve! Don’t you see it Richard, that someone, who is head-over-heels in love with you, is holding you now, if you will have her?” Richard blushed. “I do have deep feelings for you, Marina, but you and I are still married to other people, we’ve just been seen kissing in public, so, I’m already living down to my bad reputation, but, Marina dear, what about yours?” Marina laughed and kissed Richard forcefully. “Gregory and I are still very good friends and we have a clear understanding of our boundaries as business associates, but we have been hoarding our completed and signed divorce papers until such a time as one of us finds a new conjugal partner. I’m humbly asking you to marry me, Richard Marsh, once your own divorce is settled. Gretchen and I will help you expedite a favorable divorce, and the good news is, we will be able to get sole custody of your daughters awarded to you, before you even initiate the divorce proceedings. So, Richard, if you say ‘Yes,’ then I will text Gregory our agreed upon code word, allowing him to submit our divorce papers, immediately. Now then, with that being said, dear Richard, do you accept my proposal of marriage?”

    Richard gulped and embraced Marina, hoarsely whispering into her ear, but just loud enough for Gretchen and Amanda to hear. “Yes, Marina, of course! I’ll marry you, but, since you are the one who proposed marriage to me, whose last name will we be registered under?” Marina grasped the sides of Richard’s face, again, kissed him affectionately, then held Richard’s gaze with a serious, adoring expression. “Good point, dear, I’m still named on ‘The Chase Space’ holdings, a widely recognized moniker. I don’t particularly like the idea of a hyphenated married name, though, so, perhaps we should take a page from Bev and Vicky. How about if we decide on changing our married last name to ‘Chasemarsh?’ It would still be easily recognizable on our business ventures. Oh, and I failed to mention that I am the Senior Partner of ‘The Chase Space,’ I’ve been in charge for years now, so therefore, rebranding our venture to ‘The Chasemarsh Space,’ will be unopposed. Besides, Gregory would prefer to settle for his substantial monthly stipend so that he can be free to pursue a life of ‘World Travel’ and indulge his passion for ‘Foreign Romance.’ And, just so we’re clear, Richard, when I said, ‘Our Business Ventures,’ I meant yours and mine.” Gretchen and Amanda were giggling and hugging each other with glee, at this unexpected development, then Amanda ruefully quipped. “I’m not going to say anything about this, father and my new mother Marina, but please, just wait until after Bev and Vicky are married, I want to see the look on their faces when it turns out that each one is married to her sister!” Marina’s face lit up with a naughty grin. “Oh, Richard, now we really must do it! Both couples will be ‘Chasemarsh,’ it’s legal because Bev and Vicky aren’t blood related, but it’s just too funny for words, I’ll never get tired of teasing them about it! But, on a more serious note, their financial future will be assured, since we all share the same last name.” Richard nodded, grinning. “Well now, this is just getting better and better, I find that my appetite has returned, how about we all hammer out the details over breakfast?”

    Seated at that auspicious booth, second from the end, near the jukebox, Marina and Richard sat, hips pressed together, facing the entrance, while Amanda and Gretchen snuggled in the opposite bench, arms wrapped around each other’s waists. A good-looking blonde waitress, with strong features and a warm smile, ‘Joyce,’ her name tag announced, greeted the foursome with a tray of coffee mugs and fixings on one hand and a full coffeepot in the other. Richard smiled up at the waitress. “Good morning, Joyce, I believe that all of us would like a cup of your famous fresh-brewed coffee, to start out with.” Joyce smiled. “Well now, Pastor Marsh, care to introduce me to your new friends? Oh, hello there, Amanda, you’ve sure matured since I saw you last, such a lovely young lady you’ve become! So then, Amanda, who is your charming girlfriend?” Richard opened his mouth to divert Joyce’s inquiry, but Amanda beat him to it. “Hello Joyce, I’d like you to meet my Fiancée, the future Mrs. Gretchen Marsh!” Gretchen, blushing, flustered and put on-the-spot, offered her hand, nonetheless, to greet Joyce. “Ich freue mich, Sie kennen zu lernen.” Joyce blanched in surprise, as she gingerly gripped Gretchen’s fingertips, then doubled over laughing. ”Oh, Amanda, you naughty girl! You shouldn’t take advantage of visiting foreign relatives with your jokes, you had me going for a second, there! Is Gretchen a distant cousin, or something?” Amanda thought better of her rash declaration, deciding to hide the truth in plain sight, then squeezed Gretchen hard until she squeaked, and quipped up at Joyce with a big smile. “Isn’t she just the prettiest thing, Joyce? I love her so much that I want to squeeze her to pieces!” Joyce rolled her eyes, then turned to smile at Richard and the elegant Lady at his side, with an inquisitive arch of one eyebrow. Richard cleared his throat and decided to follow Amanda’s example. “Joyce, I’d like to introduce you to Marina, she’s my new partner.” Joyce smiled, ‘I’m so pleased to meet you, Marina,” accepting the introductions at face value. Joyce then poured the coffee and went back to the counter to fetch the menus. Richard and Marina smiled into each other’s eyes as she squeezed his thigh under the table. “I’m calling the Harbor Inn to reserve a couple more rooms, until we can shop for more private and permanent quarters.” With that, Joyce returned to place menus on the tabletop, then left to pour coffee for some of the other waiting customers.

    As Richard finished the last of his bacon and cheese omelet, he recalled something that Marina had alluded to in the parking lot. “Marina, when you’d mentioned that you and Gretchen could ensure that I had sole custody of my daughters, what did you mean?” Marina patted her lips with a napkin, took a sip of her coffee, then turned to Richard. “I didn’t want to mention this, Richard, until after we’d finished our breakfast, because it will most certainly upset you. Gretchen and I discovered the raised scars of recently healed cuts crisscrossing Amanda’s bottom and the back of her thighs, from a severe beating with a green branch switch that Miriam had punished her with, in your absence. Richard, did you know anything about that?” Richard blanched in shock, then turned to Amanda with sorrow. “Oh, Amanda, honey, why didn’t you tell me?” Amanda sobbed. “Aunt Marsh had me hidden away in her house, for over a week, punishing me with threats and making me read the Bible and pray all day! Don’t you remember when mother told everyone that I was infectious?” Richard blushed. “I was busy with a Church Retreat that week, so I wasn’t paying attention to how out-of-the-ordinary Miriam’s explanation was, I’m so sorry, darling!” Marina cleared her throat and returned the conversation to her main point. “Ahem, Richard dear, please focus now! Amanda, Gretchen and I need for you to accompany us to the Arcadia Bay Police Station, so that we can swear out a complaint and have forensic photos of Amanda’s scars on record, and then, we may request that both Miriam, along with your sister Esther, be remanded into custody, for questioning concerning this egregious case of physical and emotional child abuse. Since Gretchen and I were, originally, going to obtain police reports concerning Kate’s attempted suicide, we can also tie in our witness statements, describing Miriam’s abusive behavior towards Kate and Vicky, with the emotional trauma Kate had suffered, from Miriam and Esther’s past abuse, as a factor driving her towards her suicide attempt. These two incidents, together, should help Gretchen convince the Court to award sole custody of your daughters to you, Richard, in addition to restraining orders filed against both Miriam and Esther Marsh.” Richard, holding his breath during this shocking denouement, let out a whoosh. “Oh yes, Marina, certainly! I want to file charges against those two conniving harpies! Their twisted love of the Lord Jesus certainly didn’t carry over into sparing any compassion and forgiveness concerning Kate and Amanda! I don’t dare let them get their talons into poor Lynn!”

    It was mid-afternoon before the collection of interrelated witness statements was finalized to Richard, Marina and Gretchen’s satisfaction. While making her inquiries at the Arcadia Bay Police Station, Gretchen was referred to the very helpful Social worker, Geraldine Boudreau, from Tillamook DHS/Child protective Services, specializing in child abuse investigations. Geraldine skyped with Gretchen and pertinent documents were electronically exchanged, she planned to drive over to Arcadia Bay that evening, staying in the Harbor Inn for the duration of her investigations. Richard left the Police Station, in his old pickup truck, to intercept Lynn at the school bus stop before Miriam could spirit her away to Aunt Marsh’s house. As promised, Marina, Gretchen and Amanda drove to the small downtown shopping mall, where there was an authorized wireless services and smartphone shop. Marina purchased two i-Phone 5 boxed sets, in addition to high-impact phone covers and quality ear buds, setting up Amanda’s account under Gretchen’s name, while the second smartphone was set up for little Lynn, under Marina’s name. Marina was so excited to, once more, play the Fairy Godmother for her prospective little stepdaughter, as she imagined presenting Lynn with the surprise i-Phone, so they could skype, text and chat together anytime. Marina’s head was in the clouds as she fantasized about her future wedding day, when Lynn’s wish for Marina to rescue her from Miriam and become her mother, would finally come true. Richard phoned Marina to let her know that he’d picked Lynn up at the bus stop and was heading over to The Two Whales Diner, to meet with his other three Ladies for an early dinner, before visiting Bev and Vicky at the hospital.


    Vicky was still intermittently stirring to a groggy wakefulness, murmuring semi-incoherently in response to Bev’s concerned inquiries as to how Vicky was feeling, then sinking into another bout of drugged slumber, as Bev held her close, kissing Vicky’s face and sighing to herself as she waited for her beloved Fiancée to shake off the lingering effects of anesthesia and return to normal awareness. Bev had texted Max to ask her to postpone any visits until after lunchtime, giving Vicky enough time to fully wake up and, hopefully, feel up to eating the hospital lunch. Bored with the interminable waiting, and sexually aroused by the warmth and closeness of her lovely slumbering mate, Bev ruminated and fantasized over the kinky possibilities opening up to her as a result of Vicky’s recent infidelity with Max. Kate’s womanhood deliciously cramped and tingled with sexual tension as Bev rubbed her moistened Lady’s engorged lips, absentmindedly sucking her own mucous of arousal from her fingers, then repeatedly returning them for more. Bev’s face heated to a crimson flush as she recalled her promise to flog her bound naked and helpless miscreant betrothed as punishment for her weakness in succumbing to temptation with Bev’s former crush. Oh, hell! What good does it do to lie to herself? Bev still had wanted to ravage Max’s alluringly feminine, soft and fragrant understated body, with a painful, throbbing craving, every time she’d pulled Max into a hug, Bev resentfully envied her Vicky’s bold determination to break down Max’s inhibitions and obligate Max to taste what should have belonged exclusively to Bev, that being Vicky’s precious orgasmic flow. Bev softly panted, with her ramped-up arousal, as her heated imagination formulated fitting little punishment scenarios for Max and Vicky, even as she stroked her beloved’s hair and planted a special Bev-scented kiss on Vicky’s parted lips. Bev reached for her phone and rang Max’s for a voice chat. “Max?.. Hey, sweetie, I have a huge favor to ask, is that Okay?..Yeah, well, is it possible for you and Taylor to bring her Submissive and Dominatrix sketches to the Hospital, you know, the ones of her and Vicky? Uh-huh, yeah…No, I really think it would be a good idea for all four of us to look at them together…Vicky isn’t as squeamish about the whippings, anymore…I want to see all of them before I start my own series of erotic and kinky drawings…Oh yeah, one more favor, Maxie, could you bring me an assortment of long leather bootlaces, if you can buy several styles, you know, round, square and flat cross-sections, the longest you can find, I’ll reimburse you, of course!..I have a lot of time on my hands, and so, I’d like to braid a variety of whips to use on Vicky…no, really, I’m not kidding!..Sure, Max, if Vicky agrees that all four of us will hook-up, then, sure, I’d be pleased to intimately whip you, as well!..Okay…I love you too, Babe! Oh, one more thing, Maxie, please don’t bring Courtney with you for this, just us couples only, Okay?..See you when I see you, buh-bye!”

    Bev put down her phone as she felt a nudge from Vicky, who was smiling weakly up at her. “I heard most of that, Bev, and I promise to get well as soon as possible, so you can give me my richly deserved punishment, and please, Bev, don’t hold back when you whip me, I really need for you to hurt me bad, Bev, because I’m so sorry for what I did to you and I really love you!” Bev leaned down to give Vicky a lingering kiss and noticed the dry tackiness of her beloved’s tongue, when she broke away, she saw Vicky lick her lips and gasp. “Oh, Bev, I’m sorry, Babe, my mouth is so dry, that kiss must’ve been so gross!” Bev smiled down at her worried darling and reached between her own thighs to scoop a last, slick film of her own private mucous, then playfully dabbed Vicky’s parched lips with herself. Vicky’s eyes popped open wide as she licked around her slippery lips and savored the intimate surprise. “More, please Bev?” Bev nodded, with a mischievous grin and pressed the control to lower the head of the Hospital bed. “Move your IV arm out of the way and I’ll straddle your mouth, Babe, then you can suck and sip me until you drink your fill! Oh, Vicky, I’m so aroused that my insides are aching with my desire for you! I didn’t picture my first time like this, but sweetheart, I just can’t wait for you any longer!” Bev carefully held her weight above Vicky’s face as she gently lowered her fragrant, sopping bush to cover Vicky’s questing lips, then pressed her hands against the wall as she undulated her dribbling womanhood back-and-forth across Vicky’s open mouth. Oh! The almost unbearable electric thrilling, from her Vicky’s avid sucking, nibbling and licking, was sending shivers through Bev’s body as she felt her insides spasm and clench, throwing back her head as she suppressed a scream, squeezing out a long, hoarse moan as she felt her own hot gush pulsing over her Vicky’s choking, gasping, gulping face. Bev nearly collapsed down onto her beloved treasure’s nose, but rocked forward instead, feeling a brief, delightful sting as some of her pubic hairs were ripped away by her Vicky’s clamped teeth, as Bev banged her forehead against the wall, hands splayed to hold her trembling thighs up off of Vicky’s glistening face. Bev gasped and smiled to herself as she felt Vicky wrap her unencumbered left arm around her hips, urging Bev to lower herself down on Vicky’s face for some more licks and sips along her cooling, viscously clotted, bushy Lady parts. Vicky lightly smacked Bev’s bottom to signal that she was finished, so Bev swung her left thigh away from Vicky’s face and rearranged herself to lick clean her Fiancée’s sticky face and sip herself from the matted tresses of Vicky’s ragged pixie-cut hair.

    Good timing, as the nurse pulled aside the privacy curtain and sniffed audibly, with a wry grin on her face. “Well then, nice to know that somebody’s feeling better? You two could be heard up and down the hallway you know, so I’ll close the curtain and come back in ten minutes, giving you two lovebirds enough time to compose yourselves, okay?” The curtain rattled closed and the mortified pair clutched each other as they heard a soft chuckling while the considerate nurse left the room. Bev gasped. “Oh, Vicky! I’m so embarrassed!” Vicky pecked her Bev on the cheek and held her tight. “I’m not, Babe, because I’m sure that these nurses have seen everything, in the course of their duties, and besides, they now have some new stories to tell about that delightful engaged lesbian couple!” Bev kissed her Vicky full on the lips. “I forgot to thank you for my first intimate climax, Vicky, my own true love, you were wonderful, sweetheart, I can never get enough of you after this!” Vicky returned Bev’s kiss with her probing tongue. “And, my sweet and salty little ‘Bev-erage,’ I forgot to thank you for quenching my thirst with yourself! Oh, my loveliest Beverly, I want to drink of you so deeply, Babe, that I can never satisfy my thirst for you!” Bev smiled and returned a passionate kiss. “Uhm, Babe? It’s ‘Bev,’ never ‘Beverly,’ so then, what about your own arousal and climax, Vicky?” Vicky pursed her lips, then grinned. “Ten minutes just isn’t enough time for you to eat me out properly, dearest, so how about we take a rain check until ‘lights-out’ tonight?”

    The smiling nurse returned to check Vicky’s torso bandage and IV drip, tch-tching. “Well, Miss Chase, at least you didn’t pull a stitch and start bleeding again, and, since your ribs can stand the punishment your Fiancée likely dealt you, it looks like we’ll be removing the IV and the torso wrap this evening, after visiting hours are over. Love certainly seems to work wonders, Ladies, you both will be discharged several days earlier than we’d thought, most likely in thirty-six hours or less. Lunch is on the way, Miss Chase, you must be ravenous, so, I’ll be back to check on you later, and no more bedpans, Miss Chase, I trust that your Fiancée can help you to the bathroom, from now on?” Not long after that, the cheerful candy-striper, Chelsea, arrived to serve Vicky and Bev their lunch trays, Bev was pleased to share some of her lunch with her starving bed mate, who rapidly cleaned her tray then began to filch items from Bev’s. The two napped, contentedly, with Bev cupping Vicky’s breasts with her left arm while her bent knee rested across Vicky’s crotch, Bev’s own moist Lady occasionally grinding slowly against Vicky’s hip, as she dreamt of making love with her intended. Sometime later, there was the sound of cheerful chattering approaching, from out in the corridor, then Max and Taylor appeared, from around the edge of Vicky’s privacy curtain, both wearing expressions of naughty delight as they climbed up to sit on the edge of Bev’s empty bed as Taylor noisily slid the wide portfolio onto the low drawers between the beds. Taylor, impatient to share her sketches with Bev, chirped. “Wakey-wakey girls, it’s show time!” Bev groaned and unwrapped herself from her sleepy Vicky as both yawned and stretched. Bev conscientiously tugged down Vicky’s backless gown, which had been thrown back over her right shoulder during their sex play, in order to somewhat better cover her bosoms and privates, Then Bev sat up on the edge the bed, her bare legs crossed as she fumbled around to find her cast off panties and pajama bottoms. Max chuckled, as she held up the wadded items, sniffing them with obvious enjoyment. “Looking for these, Bev?” Bev blushed as she realized that her clothing had been tossed over to her bed when she’d snuggled with Vicky on her return from Post-Op. “Do you mind, Max? Please hand them over and stop looking at me like that!” Max, with a mischievous smile, slowly slid off of the bed and stood close to Bev, the clothes behind her back, out of Bev’s reach. “Uncross your legs, Bev, I want to look at your pretty-pretty, then I’ll slide your panties up over your ankles and pull them up for you!” Vicky complained. “What are you playing at, Max? Leave my Bev’s Lady parts alone! Or I’ll…”

    Max retorted fiercely. “Or you’ll what, Vicky? You seduced me into sucking your climax from my fingers and our intimate moment really hurt Bev and Taylor! We’re all here, now, to cement our bonds as a foursome, so that we don’t lose our cherished engagements with the women we’d promised to marry! I have a bag of leather bootlaces here, so that our Bev can craft some sweet whips to punish you and me with, Vicky! Now, just bear with me while I kiss our Bev between her legs, so put your glasses on, Vicky, I want you to watch us, and no arguments from you Bev! Now, my darling Bev, kindly lay back and spread your thighs, because, ready or not, I’m going down on you!” Bev, sobbing, laid back, with her head pillowed on her Vicky’s lower belly, the almost comforting sensation of her betrothed’s anxious fingers stroking through her hair as she wept. Bev could feel Max spreading her knees apart and gently sniffing and nuzzling her damp bush, before probing Bev’s sticky little crease with her tongue tip. Bev was sobbing, with hitching gasps and moans, as her abject humiliation was overwhelmed by her uncontrollable desire for Max’s sensual attentions. It made Bev’s shame so much more poignant as she heard her Vicky weeping while Max took her revenge out on Bev’s traitorous little Lady. Vicky wailed in grief, anger and frustration as she painfully yanked Bev’s hair at the moment Bev cried out during her exquisite, but involuntary climax. Bev sagged, guiltily enjoying the delicious afterglow as Max attentively lapped up her cooling, viscous flow. Max planted tender kisses on Bev’s sensitive Lady’s little hot pink lips, then knelt back to begin sliding Bev’s panties over her ankles and up her thighs, as promised. “There now, Bev, that wasn’t so bad, was it? You know, sweetheart, that I’ve never stopped loving you, just as Taylor has never stopped loving your Vicky. Let’s be fair to our Fiancées, my darling Bev, join me now, and snuggle with me in your bed, so that we can allow Taylor to enjoy some Vicky time.” Max looked back at Taylor’s tear-streaked, hurt expression. “Is that okay with you, Babe?”

    Without waiting for a reply, Max gripped Bev’s wrist and yanked her upright, then pivoted to swing her forcefully against the side of her own bed, narrowly missing a collision with Taylor. “Get in bed now, Bev, and leave room for me!” Then Max pulled Taylor upright and gripped the sides of her face, forcing a passionate kiss on Taylor’s resisting lips. Max drew back and slapped Taylor hard before gripping her face again, glaring fiercely into Taylor’s hurt and fearful eyes. “You will kiss me like you really love me, Taylor, and you will taste Bev’s arousal on my lips and you will enjoy it!” Taylor whimpered. “But I really do love you, Max! I’m sorry for what happened with Courtney this morning! You just wanted to go down on Bev to punish Vicky and me, I get it, Max! I’m sorry!” Max moved in for a more tender kiss as Taylor wept, Max gradually stilled her Fiancée’s turbulent emotions with tenderness, until Taylor responded with passion and aggressively tongued Max to swallow her Bev-tinctured saliva. Max drew back and then pecked Taylor on her lips, affectionately, as she smiled into Taylor’s sorrowful eyes. “I love you so much, Tay-Tay, but when I saw you asleep with Courtney’s face between your legs, I lost it! I couldn’t just whip Courtney senseless under the roof of her parent’s house, so I had to let it go. But my bottled-up resentment needed an outlet, Tay, and our sweet Bev just happened to present me with the perfect opportunity to settle accounts with you and Vicky! I’m going to apologize to Bev and love her up a little more, and so Taylor, I want you to do the same and go comfort our Vicky.” Bev cried out from her bed. “What did I ever do to you, Max, to deserve you violating and humiliating me like that?” Max gave Taylor a light shove towards Vicky’s bed, then crawled next to Bev, pulling her forcefully into an embrace. “You broke my heart, Katie-Cakes, when you left me for Victoria! Now that I’ve irrevocably broken the ice on our proposed foursome, I intend to expend all of the unrequited passion I’d built up, for my dear departed Kate, into you, Bev! Now quit your fucking whingeing and kiss me, Bev, because I know that you are going to enjoy intimately punishing me, for all of this, at your earliest opportunity!” Bev sobbed and sniffled, then tentatively kissed Max lightly on her lips, as she smiled ruefully, with moist, brimming hazel eyes. “I want to look at Taylor’s naughty sketches now, Max, so that I can get a better idea about what style of whip I’m going to beat you with!”