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Ice Queen Victoria Thaws Her Heart

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Chapter Eight: Bloodline


    Nine-thirtyish, in a dimly lit grotto of the Rue Altimore Restaurant, the satiated group was lounging around the ample booth, picking at the shells and bits from the shredded remains of the enormous crab leg basket that all, except little Lynn, had shared, her tastes ran more towards fish sticks and tartar sauce. Richard Marsh, mellowed with amiable feasting and wine, leaned against the horseshoe shaped booth’s cushioned back, his arms spread along its top, loosely embracing the shoulders of Marina, on his left, and Gretchen, on his right. Lynn was curled up asleep, with her head pillowed on her Fairy Godmother Marina’s lap, with Marina gently running her fingers through Lynn’s hair, eliciting little moans and lip-smacking’s from the contented little lady. Amanda had her side pressed firmly against her Miss Gretchen, her head resting in the warm and aromatic crook of her true love’s neck and shoulder, Gretchen’s right arm holding her close. Amanda kept her eyes closed in simulated resting attitude, with her left arm around Gretchen’s waist and the other hand tucked between those silky knees, whenever Gretchen reached for wine or tidbits, otherwise, with their fingers interlaced on Gretchen’s lap. Amanda was long practiced in the art of appearing not to listen, so that she could pick up more details from careless adult conversation. Richard had become more than a little infatuated with his elegant, erudite and knowledgeable future In-Law, the Lady Marina, her attentive interest to his every word had him utterly captivated, especially after nearly two decades with his wife Miriam, who would invariably, rather be heard than have to take the time to listen to the little he was inclined to say. That extensive monolog he’d delivered, which was punctuated by Miriam’s slap, had to be the longest string of words that he’d ever, successfully, delivered into her ears, and likely the last one, too.

    Turning to Gretchen and his daughter, Amanda, Richard had mixed feelings. He’d witnessed his daughter’s determined seduction of Gretchen’s heart and even had to resist the overflow of tears from his own brimming eyes, as he empathized with the heart-rending spectacle of Gretchen’s sobbing capitulation to Amanda’s onslaught. How was it possible that the same plucky lawyer, who had bested his wife, could crumble so readily at the blunt, simple arguments for true love, that his middle daughter had delivered with such naïve confidence?  Hugs, kisses and endearments aside, Richard shuddered at the implications should Amanda, being below the age of consent, force her affections on poor Gretchen. The distraught young woman was blameless, clearly aware of the many consequences from pursuing a budding relationship with his daughter, yet, legal impediments aside, Richard was determined to morally support the two lovers, since clearly, any permanent separation would destroy them both. So therefore, he had to broach the subject that was uppermost in his thoughts. “Gretchen, if I’m not being too impertinent, what is the legal age of consent where you come from?” Gretchen sniffled but managed a sad smile. “I’m glad that you asked, Richard, you’ve been exceptionally kind and tolerant towards me, considering what is happening between your daughter and I, and I have many concerns, also. To answer your question, in Österreich und Deutschland, uhm, Austria and Germany, the age of consent ist vierzehn jahre alt, hmm, fourteen years old, so you see, Herr Marsh, if I were home over there, with Amanda, it would draw little attention. But here, in the states, I am already a statutory offender!” Richard was saddened. “Gretchen, I just want the two of you to be happy, I would apply for Amanda’s passport, but being a minor, her mother would also have to give consent, and the two of us are not on the best of terms, right now. What can we do?” Gretchen grimaced, then smiled ruefully. “Only one parent’s permission is needed, after Amanda turns sixteen, but the other parent could still file an objection and stop the passport from being issued. Now you see why I am so sad, Richard, I can only visit Amanda surreptitiously, risking incarceration should your wife discover us and decide to denounce me.”

    At that moment, Amanda couldn’t contain herself anymore and had to redirect the conversation. “Emancipate me, then I won’t be under mother’s control, anymore!“  Richard blinked and shook his head, Gretchen gasped and turned to kiss her perceptive mate. “Ach du meine güte, Amanda, you’re brilliant! A married minor is automatically emancipated! Richard, California had just lifted its ban on same sex marriage, and it is legal for a minor to marry with the consent of one parent or guardian, although a court order must be obtained in the county the marriage is to be performed. Amanda, meine geliebte, there are still a few hurdles, but it is possible!” Amanda smiled. “Father, would you really do this for us?” Richard considered. “I’m sure that, between Gretchen, Marina and myself, we can come up with a plan. Your mother and Aunt Marsh could still put a stop to everything, if they get wind of this, as I’d be taking my minor daughters across state lines without their permission. We also need to wait until your sister, Bev, is released from the Hospital and cleared of her legal issues, and that her Fiancée, Vicky, is well enough to travel, since we’ll want them with us for the courthouse wedding. I’m sorry that there will only be the bare bones civil ceremony, but, and it’s just an idea, perhaps for your one-year anniversary, we may all travel to Germany and have a nice ‘renewal of your vows ceremony,’ since you can always remarry and get a nice, frameable souvenir marriage license and wedding photos for your wall?” Richard broke down and wept, shaking his head as he wiped his eyes. “I’m sorry, Amanda, it just now hit me that my little girl is going away to start her married life! Oh Gretchen, I know in my heart that this is what Amanda needs to be whole and happy, and you both have my blessings, but Please see to it that she finishes her education? Now I’m sad for little Lynn, since she’s going to grow up alone!”

    Marina stroked Richard’s cheek to get his attention. “Don’t forget, Richard, Lynn has a Fairy Godmother watching over her now. Might I suggest that you place Lynn in a boarding school, as near as possible to where Amanda and Gretchen will be living. Gretchen would enroll Amanda in the same school, or another close by, and the sisters would be able to visit each other as often as they like.” Richard nodded. “I’m likely to be divorcing and out of a job at the same time, then there’s that in-state joint custody issue.” Marina squeezed Richards shoulder. “Lynn’s Fairy Godmother is looking out for you also, Richard, our capable Gretchen and I will handle the details and the finances, and at the very least, when the dust has cleared, you will be starting a new life and your daughters will still be in it. For now, let’s drive you and our girls to your house, so that they may go to bed, then Gretchen and I will return to the Harbor Inn to do the same. When we have finished our business tomorrow, I’ll give you a call so that we may all meet up at the Hospital while Gretchen and I say our goodbyes to the young women, before we drive back to Portland.” Amanda sniffled. “Oh, father, would you please allow me to sleep over with Gretchen and Marina? This will be my last time to be with her for a long time!” Marina spoke before Richard could reply. “Remember, Richard, I’ll be their chaperone, nothing untoward will happen and these two do need more time to get acquainted. We would be pleased to have Amanda accompany us on our rounds tomorrow, then we’ll reunite at the Hospital.” Richard smiled and nodded. “Alright, Marina, that would be the most compassionate thing to do, you may have your sleepover, Amanda.”

    The rental sedan idled in the driveway of the Marsh residence, as Gretchen and Marina waited for Amanda to return with her overnight bag, Marina decided to alter their itinerary. “Gretchen, sweetheart, we’ll have a lot to teach Amanda, and tonight will not be enough time to bring her up to speed, so, I’m going to call Gregory and let him know that we may be staying over in the Harbor Inn, at least a couple more days, are you going to be alright with that, dear?” Gretchen smiled through brimming eyes. “That would be a Godsend for me, Marina, we need to teach my little Amanda how to be a woman, and I will treasure every moment I have with her!” Richard stepped down from the front stoop, holding Amanda’s hand and carrying her tote. As he approached the car, Gretchen exited the front passenger seat and opened the rear door so that Amanda could slide in and take the tote from her father, after giving him a kiss goodnight. Richard gave Gretchen a hug and murmured. “Take good care of my little girl, Gretchen, now leave quickly before Miriam shows up in my car, I don’t want her knowing about anything we’re doing!” Gretchen gave Richard a peck on the cheek, then slid into the rear seat beside Amanda, the car door closed, and the sedan turned out of the driveway and down the rural road, back to Arcadia Bay.

    Once in the motel room, Amanda set down her tote and looked around with excitement and anticipation, surprised to note that there was just one large bed. “Miss Gretchen, where am I going to sleep?” Marina answered. “We will all be together in that bed, with you between us, Amanda, but Gretchen and I have a lot of things to show you, so we won’t be doing much sleeping.” Amanda turned to Marina as she nervously grasped Gretchen’s hand. “What kind of things? You told my father that we wouldn’t be doing anything improper!” Gretchen led Amanda over to a chair and sat down, motioning for Amanda to sit on her lap. “Do you trust us, dear?” Amanda nodded, a doubtful look on her face, Gretchen held her and gave her a peck on the lips, then Marina continued. “Amanda, you made the decision to propose marriage to Gretchen, and she accepted, you are no longer a young girl, from now on you must think and act like the woman you have chosen to become. Gretchen and I will show you everything that we can, while we are with you, so therefore, we’ve decided to extend our stay with you for as many days as we need to train you, but you must agree to follow all of our instructions, no matter how uncomfortable they may make you feel, do you understand?” Amanda nodded, with a serious pout. “I’ll do anything you say, Marina, because I need to be with my Miss Gretchen!” Marina smiled and nodded. “Alright then, Amanda, to start with, you are a woman now, Gretchen is your equal, she’s twenty-three years old, only nine more years than you, so she is also a young woman, just as you are. From now on, you should address her as simply Gretchen, just like you’ve addressed me as Marina, we are all women here.” Amanda looked a little confused. “Marina, you said that I’d proposed marriage to Gretchen, but I don’t remember saying the words ‘will you marry me?” Gretchen spoke, emotion breaking her voice. “Amanda, you bound my heart to yours, forever, with true love’s kiss, and then you told your father that it would be unfair if he didn’t bless our engagement, like he’d done for your sister and Vicky. We were already betrothed at that moment, you are my suitor and I am your maiden, I will become your wife, your Mrs. Gretchen Marsh!” Amanda smiled, then frowned. “But you are the full-grown adult, Gretchen, shouldn’t I be your wife, shouldn’t I become your Mrs. Amanda von Reichenbach?” Marina laughed. “Amanda, dearest, now do you see why we need to instruct you? In German culture, you are also, now, a full-grown woman at fourteen years old, and as the suitor who proposed marriage, you, Amanda, give your last name to the maiden, Gretchen, who takes it as her own. In this case, since there is no husband involved, the two of you will become wives to each other, but traditionally, you are the head of the household, and Gretchen Marsh is your obedient wife!”

    Marina regarded Amanda seriously. “Let’s get started, then. Amanda, how much did your mother tell you about those Lady parts between your legs?” Amanda blushed and hid her face against Gretchen’s neck. “She said that they are nasty, and it is a sin to touch them, she whipped me with a switch and cut up my bottom, when she caught me rubbing myself! When I get pains and blood comes out, mother calls it the curse.” Gretchen blanched. “Mein Gott! What a barbarian!  Das dürfen wir nicht erlauben! Ach! We cannot allow this, Miriam! Amanda, Mein Liebchen, we must show you the truth, but we need to all undress to do so, ja?” Amanda looked alarmed, so Miriam suggested an activity to ease her into the exercise. “Amanda, dear, your mother lied to you about your Lady parts, you probably haven’t even seen your own, have you?” Amanda nodded. “Just the front of my little crack, when I look down to wipe myself after I pee. Mother would punish me if she saw me looking at it.” Marina nodded and smiled encouragingly. “When you looked, did you see any hair growing around it?” Amanda smiled shyly. “A few, at first, but there are more, now!” Marina smiled again. “That’s very good, Amanda, now I would like you to slowly and carefully undress your Gretchen, until she is completely naked, so that you can see, and feel, what a natural woman’s body is like.” Amanda blushed. “I was never allowed to see my mother undressed, she would have punished me if I’d looked, I’m so nervous, Marina!” Marina gave Amanda a tender and sympathetic look. “Now that we know how badly your mother treated you, we will show you self-defense moves, in the next few days, and practice them until you can stop your mother from ever striking you again! But you must trust us now, Amanda, for how can you enjoy your wedding night if you’ve never understood anything about our women’s bodies? So then, to begin with Gretchen is your Fiancée, Amanda, she has given all of herself to you now, her heart, her soul and, Amanda, her body as well. Your Gretchen is waiting for you to unwrap her, she is your gift, do you understand?” Amanda, with trepidation, cautiously approached her Gretchen and began by removing her vest and unbuttoning her blouse, the whole time, Gretchen smiled into Amanda’s eyes with the most profound love and desire, giving Amanda a peculiar sinking, twinging feeling low in her belly, like a knot tightening above her Lady parts.

    Upon unhooking Gretchen’s brassiere, Amanda gasped at the loveliness of Gretchen’s womanly, soft breasts, with their large, pale rose colored, silver dollar sized areolae and the pert little nipples standing out. Marina encouraged Amanda. “Touch your Gretchen’s breasts, Amanda, rub your cheek across her softness, delicately inhale her scent and suckle her proud little nipples, taste the loveliness that is your Gretchen.” As Amanda nuzzled the bosoms of her true love, Gretchen sighed with contentment and gently drew Amanda’s face to press between her breasts, bending her neck to plant kisses on the crown of Amanda’s head while inhaling the fragrance of her young intended. “I love you, mein Amanda, my bosoms are yours, to love and caress from now on, but for this moment, we’ll stand close together as you take off my skirt and undergarments, Mein Liebchen!” Upon facing Gretchen, who had stretched her arms and folded her elbows above her head, Amanda was drawn to the silky hair in Gretchen’s armpits and leaned in to nuzzle and sniff that precious little grotto, clasping Gretchen’s shoulders to pull her face deeper, Amanda inhaled slowly and sighed, kissing Gretchen in the warm hollows beneath her arms and eliciting a chuckle from Gretchen as the sweet sensation tickled and delighted her. Amanda pulled back, beaming into Gretchen’s smiling eyes. “At school, when we go to Physical Ed Class, and the teacher makes us sweat, the girls armpits smell so strong afterwards, but not like yours, Gretchen, I love the smell of your underarms!” Marina asked. “How did your own armpits smell to you, Amanda?” Amanda turned her head to smile back at Marina, surprised to see that she had, also, been undressing when Amanda’s back was turned. “Uhm, uh, oh yeah, mine never smelled bad to me, some of the other girls were jealous because they said that I smelled better after I’d sweated.” Marina dropped her bra on the floor and stood with her hip cocked and one hand resting on it as she caught Gretchen’s eye and nodded. Amanda was fascinated at the glimpse of Marina’s compact bosoms, with their pink little nipples and Marina’s pale, toned, perfect skin. Gretchen gently turned Amanda’s face into a wet and more passionate kiss, further aggravating the delicious clenching of her insides. “Amanda, Liebchen, please finish undressing me, you are missing out on the best part of me!”

    Amanda squatted on her heels as she tugged down the skirt to Gretchen’s ankles, and then, with her face close to the junction of Gretchen’s thighs, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her beloved’s full-coverage beige mom panties and eased them down, gasping, as she uncovered the faint stripe of hair, from around Gretchen’s navel, leading down to that fragrant, honey-colored jungle of her Gretchen’s mons, and oh! Those engorged, wet pink lips! “You are so beautiful down there, Gretchen, your pretty Lady looks like an orchid flower, she smells so good!” Amanda dropped to her knees and embraced Gretchen’s hips as she buried her nose and cheeks into that divine, aromatic bush, filling her nostrils and lungs with that indescribable odor of love. Amanda wept as she rubbed her face back and forth in that newly discovered country she so desperately needed to explore, trembling as her insides spasmed and a trickle soaked her own briefs, dribbling down the insides of her thighs. “Oh, oh Gretchen! Oh, no! I’m leaking between my legs! What’s happening to me, Gretchen?” She felt Marina’s warm hands under her armpits, gently helping her to straighten up as Gretchen held her face for the deepest, most loving and passionate kiss she’d ever experienced. Gulping her Gretchen’s saliva and swooning from the quaking of her core, as she continued to spasm and leak out, she’d lost her muscle tone and gone limp as the two naked women gently guided her to lay back on the edge of the bed. Gretchen kissed her tenderly as her skirt and panties were pulled down to her ankles and discarded, then, the most marvelous sensation of all blissed Amanda out as she felt her Gretchen’s lips and tongue licking her little wet crease and lapping the cooling spill from her sticky inner thighs. “What happened to me, Marina? I feel so weak and loose inside!” Marina leaned down and planted a sweet kiss on Amanda’s lips, then a few littler butterfly kisses on her eyelids. “You love your Gretchen so much, that the feel and fragrance of her nether lips, that very core of her womanhood, awakened the love and yearning in that sweet, innocent, most sensitive place between your thighs, Amanda, and your own little womanhood gushed with your orgasm, all on her own, without even being touched! Gretchen is sipping and swallowing your most precious flow, for within your essence of love is such powerful feminine magic, your gift and your treasure, for your betrothed maiden to enjoy, in her adoration of your sweet innocence. Amanda, you are so profoundly and truly loved, and as of this moment, you have become a whole woman!” Amanda closed her eyes and sighed as Gretchen rose from between her thighs and pulled her up into an embrace, Amanda’s clothed bosoms pressed against Gretchen’s bare breasts, Gretchen murmured next to her ear. “I love you, Amanda, more than words can say. Kiss me now, and taste yourself on my lips, Liebchen, then it is your turn to explore my little Lady and learn, as Marina guides you, what you may do to please her!”

    Marina helped Amanda to rise and unbutton her blouse, discarding her little training bra to expose her own small, swollen, sensitive bosoms, that had suddenly blossomed in their sexual awakening. Gretchen sighed in rapt adoration of her little Amanda’s sweet, nubile young form, then gasped sharply and wept, running her fingertips delicately across what she saw, the cruel crisscrossing white scars laced across Amanda’s pert buttocks and down the backs of her thighs, permanently marring the perfection of Gretchen’s little bride-to-be. Gretchen wailed out her grief, weeping as she imagined her helpless little Amanda screaming and writhing, while her cruel mother, Miriam, lashed Gretchen’s beloved Amanda bloody. “Oh, no, no, no, this must never happen, again! Amanda, my love! Look what your mother has done to you! Oh, my beloved, let me hold you!” Amanda sobbed as Gretchen embraced her, falling back on the bed with Amanda on top of her, face-to-face, their naked bodies entwined. “Mother punished me the most, Gretchen, she never beat Lynn or Kate as hard as she beat me, I don’t know why she hated me so much, what did I do?” Marina answered, sobbing at what she saw on Amanda’s buttocks and upper thighs. “This confirms what Gretchen noticed about you from the first time you’d embraced, Amanda, you and Gretchen share the most notable trait of your common bloodline, you both broadcast the allure of the enchantress, a much sought-after trait, all but forgotten in these modern times, but the source of legends and tales from the remotest ages. Your mother was instinctively reacting to something about you that she couldn’t consciously comprehend, but her strict Fundamentalist Christian upbringing triggered her abhorrence to what she interpreted as sin. I am so sorry this happened to you, Amanda, but your Gretchen and I are watching over you and little Lynn, from now on!” Amanda and Gretchen wept together and kissed, repeatedly, holding each other tenderly, until the storm of their emotions had calmed, Amanda was the first to speak. “I feel better now, Gretchen. I’m ready for you and Marina to teach me about our Lady parts.” Gretchen sat up as Amanda wrapped her legs around Gretchen’s hips, her own moist little Lady pressed against her betrothed’s soft, warm lower belly. “When will our Lady flowers kiss, Gretchen?” Gretchen sobbed through her tender smile as she kissed her Amanda’s sweet lips. “You are learning so fast, my precious darling, but that special kiss must wait until after we have wed. Now, I’m going to scoot up onto the bed, place a doubled-up pillow under my hips and open wide my thighs for you, so that Marina can teach what you must know about our womanhood.”

    Marina stood behind kneeling Amanda, her left hand gently caressing reassuringly across Amanda’s neck and shoulders as her right hand pointed out the details of Gretchen’s spread open privates. “The pubic hair is on the mons pubis, some call that cushion of fat over your pubic bone the mons veneris, or more poetically, ‘The Mound of Venus,’ named after the Greek Goddess of Love, so then, the pubic hair usually also covers the labia majora, the larger lips that protect the labia minora, those pretty, dark pink, kissable smaller lips that hold everything else we are interested in, do you still follow me, Amanda?” Amanda looked back and smiled brightly at Marina. “May I touch my Gretchen’s pretty Orchid?” Marina kissed Amanda’s forehead. “That is your pretty orchid, from now on, Amanda, and you should be the only one touching her! So, gently spread her little lips and we can see what is hidden between them.” As Amanda delicately opened Gretchen’s moist, warm little Orchid, Gretchen moaned and shifted her hips, Amanda stopped, alarmed. “Did I hurt my Gretchen, Marina?” Marina squeezed Amanda’s shoulder. “No, Amanda, but your touch is exciting your Gretchen, making her ready to make love with you, so, we should hurry through the basics, then afterwards, you may give Gretchen’s orchid the affection she needs. Now then, the larger opening at the bottom is the entrance to Gretchen’s vagina, do you see the thin little membrane just inside of her opening? That is Gretchen’s hymen, as you can see, hers is still intact, signifying that your Gretchen is an unblemished virgin, meaning, that no man has ever penetrated her with his penis, thereby, breaking her hymen and taking her virginity.” Amanda looked back at Marina, puzzled and worried. “I accidentally saw father’s big weenie when I opened the bathroom door while he was shaving, I closed it before he could see me, then I asked my friends at school about it, we made jokes, so, daddy’s weenie is his penis?” Marina chuckled. “Well, that saves me some time, at least you found out what a man’s penis is, but you’ve never seen it engorged, growing very large and stiff. When a man is sexually aroused, he wants to thrust his stiffened penis deep inside the woman’s vagina and pump it in-and-out, until he squirts his semen inside her. That’s the thick, milky discharge from his testicles, those are in a sac called the scrotum, tucked behind his penis. The semen has the swimming sperm cells which fight to fertilize her tiny egg and start a baby growing inside her uterus, but we can go over that another time, when I can show you images on my smartphone, okay?” Amanda scrunched her eyes shut and shuddered. “That sounds so scary and gross, I’ll never let a man do that to me or my Gretchen!” Marina had a sad, serious expression, letting out a little sob. “Oh, Amanda, I don’t ever want that to happen to you, but you and Gretchen will always be in danger of violent rape, when a bad man attacks a woman and forces his penis inside her against her will. That’s why you and Gretchen must practice self-defense and fighting techniques, in order to protect yourselves and each other. I’m sorry if that upsets you, dear Amanda, but that is the nature of the world we live in!”

    Marina composed herself and continued with Amanda’s lesson. “Now, Amanda, carefully spread the lips of Gretchen’s orchid and look for a teeny-tiny little dimple a little higher up, that’s it, now carefully open it up a little, see? That’s the urethra where your urine gushes out when you pee. Now, we come to the heart of the matter, those little chevron-shaped folds, above the urethra, are the prepuce protecting Gretchen’s glans clitoris. Carefully uncover that precious little knot of nerves, the clitoris is where Gretchen is most sensitive to your touch, so then, Amanda, when you carefully caress her, or better yet, kiss and lick her there, you build up her sexual arousal to the moment of her climax, that’s when she arches her back in ecstasy, as her vagina gushes out her orgasmic flow, that very same precious essence of love that your Gretchen had sipped after you had your first orgasm with her. Now then, before I go in the bathroom to shower, and leave you two alone for a while so that you have some time to practice loving Gretchen’s orchid, I’m getting a mirror and my i-phone light, so that you can see your own Lady flower, then you may look at mine, so that I can show you an important difference between us, okay dear?” Amanda reluctantly straightened up and stepped away from her waiting Gretchen, then she turned and squatted with her thighs spread wide, looking down at a mirror on the carpet, between her legs, as Marina held the bright LED behind her buttocks, illuminating her Lady flower in the reflection of the mirror. “Amanda, spread your little lips and move around a little, until you can look up into your vagina, what do you see?” Amanda gasped. “I see my hymen! Oh, the hole is so small! My flower is so delicate, I’m going to call her Lily, and, someday soon, she’s going to kiss pretty Orchid after Gretchen and I are married!” Marina chuckled. “Oh, you are so sweet, Amanda! Now, I’m going to lay on the bed next to Gretchen, and I want you to look carefully into my vagina, then tell me what’s different, okay?”

    Amanda knelt, holding the I-phone light shining on Marina’s vulva as Marina spread the lips to expose her own vagina for Amanda’s inspection. Amanda sighed, a little sad at what she saw. “Oh, Marina, the hole in your vagina is wide open, I don’t see a hymen! Your flower doesn’t have much pubic hair, either, but she’s still very pretty, may I sniff her?” Marina laughed softly. “Of course, you may, Amanda, but sniff carefully and don’t touch my Lady flower, since you are betrothed to Gretchen now, the only Lady flowers you’re allowed to touch are your own lily and Gretchen’s orchid. So then, you see that I have no hymen, and that’s because I am a married Lady with a husband, once upon a time, he put a baby in me, and she grew up to become your future Sister-In-Law, Vicky.” Amanda smiled as she remembered pretty Vicky, then leaned close to inhale Marina’s scent. “You smell different than Gretchen, not as strong, but I like your smell, just the same. I’m sorry, pretty flower, but Marina says that I shouldn’t give you a kiss, so please don’t be sad!” Marina sat up and pulled Amanda into an affectionate hug and kissed her tenderly on the lips. “My flower thanks you for being so sweet with her. So now, lessons are finished for tonight, I’m going to take a long, hot shower before bed. It’s time for you to give Gretchen’s orchid that little kiss you’d promised her, then the two of you should snuggle together, naked, and I’ll join you in bed so that we may all sleep until morning. Take your time and enjoy loving your Gretchen, sweet Amanda!”

    When Marina collected her mirror and i-phone, she, once more, gave Amanda a peck on the lips, then leaned over the bed to whisper in Gretchen’s ear and plant a last, longing, loving kiss on the lips of her ex-lover, now Amanda’s betrothed, becoming once again, just Marina's companion and friend. As Marina stood, Amanda was saddened to see a tear tracking down Marina’s cheek, as she turned towards the bathroom, sobbing softly. When Amanda crawled up on the bed to embrace Gretchen, she saw fresh tears running down the sides of her cheeks from the corners of her eyes. Amanda started weeping, seeing her Gretchen so sad, and held Gretchen’s face in her hands as she bent down to kiss the tears from her face. “Please, my Gretchen, don’t be sad because you can’t love Marina’s flower anymore. I was a little sad, too, when Marina stopped me from kissing hers, but you have me to love you from now on. And I do love you, my Gretchen, with all of my heart!” Gretchen wept as she embraced her Amanda. “Remember, meine Geliebte, how our Marina sacrificed her love so that we could be together, always we must hold her in our hearts, dearest Amanda!” Amanda and Gretchen kissed, at first with tenderness, as they were saddened for Marina’s loss, then their passions ignited and they clutched each other as their bodies moved against each other in sweaty, rhythmic writhing, Gretchen gasped. “Ach! Amanda, meine Liebling, you must take me now!” Amanda kissed Gretchen, awestruck by the raw need in her beloved’s eyes, then she separated from her intended and repositioned herself, kneeling, once again, at the side of the bed with her hands firmly grasping Gretchen’s undulating hips. Amanda brought her face in to nuzzle Gretchen’s fragrant, damp bush, inhaling her musky scent as she brought her lips in to gently touch those precious, wet pink petals of her pretty Orchid. The flavor and scent, of her Gretchen’s arousal, sent a hot flash through Amanda’s body and knotted her insides at her womanly core, sending a responding dribble of her own desire to wet her inner thighs. Amanda gasped and moaned as she passionately probed the soaked opening of Gretchen’s vagina with her tongue, sipping and swallowing that viscous trickle of Gretchen’s love for her. Her beloved’s moan of desire prompted Amanda to gently lick and suck the delicate folds concealing her Orchid’s clitoris, heightening Gretchen’s moaning and writhing. Gretchen stiffened, arching her back as she cried out. “Amanda!” At that moment, the pulsing flow increased from Gretchen’s interior as Amanda hastily lowered her open mouth to cover Gretchen’s vagina as she greedily sucked and swallowed all of the love juices that she could. As Gretchen relaxed, with a long sigh and a moan, Amanda clutched her lover’s hips in desperation. “Gretchen! It’s happening to me again!” Gretchen hurriedly sat up to grasp Amanda under her arms to pull Amanda over her perspiring torso. “Straddle my mouth, Amanda, hurry!” Amanda spread her thighs, propped on her knees to either side of Gretchen’s face, as her Lily pressed against her Gretchen’s open mouth. Looking down, all Amanda could see were Gretchen’s wild eyes as her insides spasmed violently, Amanda clenched her eyes shut and threw back her head to scream as she could feel herself cramping and gushing ecstatically, releasing her flow into her Gretchen’s thirsty mouth. Amanda greyed out for a moment as she luxuriated in the sensations of her Gretchen sucking and licking her Lily. Amanda rolled to the side and lay in a loose tangle of her own limbs, breathing heavily. Gretchen sat up and stretched out next to her Amanda, gently rearranging her sweet lover so that they could cuddle, bosom-to-bosom and face-to-face, exchanging languid kisses and murmured endearments as they gradually slipped into a sweet slumber.


    In the dim light of six in the morning, Bev was gently shaken awake by the nurse who brought the gurney into their room. It was time for Bev to release Vicky from her embrace and go back to her own bed, to wait until her Fiancée was returned from the Post-Op recovery room. Sitting on the edge of her own bed, Bev morosely regarded the proceedings as the nurse and an attendant carefully slid Vicky onto the gurney, attached her IV and cavity-drain bags to an upright stand at the head of the gurney, then wheeled her from view, as Bev sighed and called out. “I love you, Vicky, I’ll be waiting for you here, when they bring you back!”