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Ice Queen Victoria Thaws Her Heart

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Chapter Seven: Chasemarsh


    Bev was snuggled up against her Fiancée when a loud patter of feet and squealing voices announced the arrival of Bev’s little sisters, eleven years old Lynn and fourteen years old Amanda. Lynn shrieked in glee as she leapt onto Vicky’s bed and tussled with her oldest sister…”Huh, Katie? What happened to your hair?” Bev clutched her littlest sister in a bear hug and bit her ear until she squealed. Amanda stood in the space between the beds and smiled uncertainly as her gaze shifted from her playful sisters to the beautiful lady with glasses snuggled up with Kate. “Hi, I’m Amanda, Kate’s sister and the little one is Lynn. Are you the lady who saved Kate’s life?” Vicky blushed and smiled. “Hello, Amanda, I’m Vicky and, yes, I held your sister to keep her from falling, but two other friends helped save both of us. You’re very pretty, Amanda, just like your older sister, Bev. I like your glasses and your beautiful long hair!” Amanda blushed, then smirked. “Thank you, Vicky, did you know that Beverly is Kate’s middle name? I didn’t know that she used it, Kate never called herself ‘Bev’ around us.” Vicky blushed in return. “Oh, that’s because we have nicknames for each other, most people know me as Victoria, but I like it when Bev calls me Vicky.”

    At that moment, Bev’s parents caught up with the younger girls and entered the room, appearing around the edge of Vicky’s privacy curtain. Bev’s mother, focused on Amanda and Lynn, scolded her daughters. “This is a hospital, Lynn, you don’t run screaming through the halls! Amanda, you’re supposed to take better care of your little sister, she shouldn’t be jumping into the patient’s beds! And, uh…Kate? What did you do to your hair, and why are you in bed with that sick woman?” About that time, Bev’s father, Pastor Richard Marsh, moved cautiously into view and cleared his throat for attention. “Ahem, Miriam dear, you saw the names on the whiteboard, this young woman is Miss Chase, she obviously injured herself saving our Kate from falling, we owe her our gratitude, at the very least?” Miriam Marsh scowled at her husband. “Very well, Richard, but that doesn’t explain why this woman has our Kate in her bed! Lynn, you get down from there and Kate, you get back in your own bed right now!” Lynn bolted from Vicky’s bed and clung to her older sister, hiding her face in Amanda’s neck and shoulder. Lynn’s oldest sister frowned defiantly at her mother. “Lynn wasn’t doing anything wrong, mother, she was just hugging me because she missed me. And no, mother, I’m not going to that other bed because this bed is where I belong, at the side of the woman I love, and since you didn’t have the decency to introduce yourself to her, I’ll do the honors for you! This is my Fiancée, Victoria Maribeth Chase. Vicky, these are Kate’s parents, Richard and Miriam Marsh, my sweet little sisters, you’ve already met, thanks to Amanda, who remembered her manners and introduced herself and our little sister, Lynn.” Miriam, mouth open in shock and working silently, face white as a sheet, choked and gagged before regaining control of her faculties. “Kate! How dare you? You dare to mouth those foul, sinful, abominations in the presence of your innocent, unblemished little sisters, your righteous father, Pastor Richard Marsh and me, your own mother?” Kate regarded her mother’s outburst coldly. “Two people in love, pledging their troth, abstinent and chaste, announcing their jubilant engagement to their families, this is what you scream foul, sinful and abomination about? Mother, you owe my Fiancée and I an apology!” Miriam reached her limit and screamed. “Richard! Say something!”

    Pastor Richard, blushing in shock and embarrassment, furtively glancing between Kate and Miriam, cleared his throat and visibly shook to compose himself, with a warm smile and a wink directed at Vicky and Kate. “Well played, Katie, it certainly is better to ask forgiveness than permission, where our family is concerned, so, for my part I’m saying congratulations to both of you and welcome to the family, Miss Chase!” Miriam lost it. “Richard! How could you allow this? They’re lesbians! It’s a mortal sin!” Pastor Richard turned a stern face to his wife. “Based on what, Miriam?” Miriam yelled, as if nobody could hear her. “The Bible!” Richard answered with his poker face. “Which part?” Miriam gasped as her face reddened in fury. “The Old Testament! You know this Richard, you’re a Pastor!” Richard grinned very slightly. “So, Miriam, are we Jews?” Miriam thrashed the air with a sweep of her arm. “We’re Christians, Richard! What are you getting at?” Richard nodded. “Exactly, Miriam, did not our Savior elect to dwell among Gentiles and sinners? Did not our Lord Jesus rebuke the rigid and unforgiving condemnations and judgements of the Sadducees and the Pharisees, those very Elders of the Temple?” Miriam countered, sulking. “Kate just admitted to the sin of homosexuality and you just accepted her unnatural union with this woman!” Richard exhaled in exasperation. “The last time I checked, Miriam, we’re living in the third millennium, not the first. Homosexuality is no longer judged to be an aberration, an illness, a perversion or a sin! How our daughter must have suffered, hiding who she really was from us, don’t you see it, Miriam? We drove our lovely daughter to throw herself from that building! This young woman, Victoria, cared enough about our Kate to risk her own life saving our daughter, and you would condemn the souls of these beatific and innocent young women to the Pit of Hell, were it in your power to do so!” Miriam screamed. “Hell is where their souls belong! This is not my daughter, anymore!” Amanda and Lynn had scurried to the guest chair on the far side of Bev’s bed, huddling together and crying, from the all-too-familiar self-righteous vituperation spewing from their mother’s enraged mouth, Lynn squalled. “Don’t send my sister to Hell, Mom! Please, Mom?”

    Before Richard could angrily retort, Bev sat up and laid a hand on his shoulder, shook her head to silence him, then addressed the furious harridan that had been her mother. “You are correct, Miriam, you don’t have a daughter anymore, because the part of my soul that was your Kate fell to her death, joined by the self-sacrificing part of Vicky’s soul that was Victoria. I call myself Bev, now. If it comforts you to tell yourself that Kate died and went to Hell, then, may the Lord have mercy on your soul!” At that moment, a woman cleared her throat from just behind Vicky’s privacy curtain and spoke in a rich contralto. “Perhaps it is time that I introduced myself. I am Victoria’s mother, Marina Bethany Chase and with me is my personal lawyer, Gretchen von Reichenbach, I must apologize for the absence of my husband, Gregory, but he has to remain in Seattle to handle pressing issues at our Chase Place Exhibition Center. So, it would seem like I have arrived at the right time and place to meet the In-Laws?” Miriam Marsh blanched and dropped to the empty bed, seated numb and stupefied by the power and assurance radiating from the whippet-slender and conservatively attired businesswoman extending her hand in greeting. Pastor Richard Marsh blushed and grinned widely as he gingerly held the impeccably manicured fingers of this stunningly lovely, regal and mature version of his prospective daughter-in-law, Vicky, who reclined in her bed, a look of amazement on her pretty face as she protectively wrapped her arm around his daughter, Bev. “Oh, I am so pleased to meet you, Mrs. Chase, and Attorney Gretchen, of course! I’m Pastor Richard Marsh, and this is my wife Miriam and our daughters Kate, next to your Vicky, and the younger ones over there, Amanda and Lynn, the youngest.” Lynn grinned widely and bounced. “Hi, pretty Lady!”

    Marina laughed and walked around Bev’s bed to bend down and offer her hand to little Lynn. “I’m so pleased to meet you, such lovely young ladies you are!” Marina gave each girl an affectionate peck on their cheeks, brightening their mood from the gloom and terror that their mother had been spreading in the room. Lynn smiled with a tear in her eye as her voice quavered. “Are you Katie’s Fairy Godmother? Will you save Amanda and me, too?” Marina nodded solemnly to the young girls as she turned her head to address Miriam Marsh. “Yes, little one, it would appear that your Fairy Godmother has arrived just in time, this sweet and kind young woman at my side is Gretchen, would you like to go with her for some snacks and refreshments while I talk with your sister, Beverly, and your parents?” Gretchen had one of those sweet, animated and sometimes pretty faces, with smiling blue eyes, a prominent nose and a wide, toothy smile, her blonde hair in a messy bun with wispy beribboned braids framing her face. She had an almost fairytale attire consisting of a puffy-shouldered white blouse, an embroidered vest and a voluminous mid-calf skirt, with matching embroidered hem. Gretchen sported an oversized messenger bag hanging from a shoulder strap across her torso. The girls rushed to embrace Gretchen as she knelt to plant affectionate kisses on their cheeks. “Komm her, meine lieben Kleinen, let’s get some cookies and hot chocolate in the waiting room, I can tell you stories until your Fairy Godmother calls me, when she’s ready for us to return!”

    Marina Chase pulled the guest chair over to the space between the foot of the beds, as Pastor Richard took a seat on the side of the bed facing the anxiously embracing young women. Pastor Marsh wrapped one arm around his wife Miriam’s waist, as she sat silent and defeated, her wary eyes flickering between everybody present. Once seated and composed, Marina began the discussion. “Gregory and I have known, since our Victoria became a young woman, that she was gay, which, by the way, is actually a plus in the artistic circles we inhabit. Victoria’s father and I were shocked, frightened for her and then amazed, that our daughter’s life had taken the perilous path of self-sacrifice, faced with certain death and winning through to true love, dramatic, I know, but absolutely true. Nonetheless. I’d spoken with Bev, over skype, while my Victoria was in surgery, and I was favorably impressed by her concern, sincerity and candor. The wealthy exist in a state of trepidation that their offspring will fall into the clutches of a gold digger, marrying into the family for the lure of wealth and prestige. Your daughter, Richard, is most certainly not one of those people. I am a good judge of character, and we should all be thankful that Victoria and Bev found each other, I cannot imagine a more deserving daughter-in-law than your sweet Bev. Gretchen is an attorney specializing in LGBT issues, she is eager to help our families through all of the legal hurdles encountered when these two lovely young women wed. Although it is still up in the air, our daughters would prefer to change their married name to Chasemarsh, thus honoring both of our Houses.” Pastor Richard’s face brightened. “Your acceptance and support for our daughters goes far beyond anything I’d expected. I would be honored if you would allow me to perform their marriage ceremony, in whatever State of the Union or venue is decided on.”

    Miriam jolted up and threw her husband’s arm from around her waist as she wheeled on him in fury. “How dare you defile your Faith and the Sacred Ground of your Church! You will be defrocked and banished from our congregation for this blasphemy!” Pastor Richard lowered his head and pinched the bridge of his nose as he slowly shook his head back and forth, then he looked, with red-rimmed eyes into his spouse’s furious stare. “Perhaps you should just leave me, Miriam, and go live with my sanctimonious sister, Esther, the redoubtable ‘Aunt Marsh,’ as she likes to refer to herself. The entire time we’ve been married, I had to meekly submit myself to the two of you bullying and haranguing my daughters and I, keeping my thoughts and opinions to myself, just to have some peace in our home. Well, now you’ve crossed the line, Miriam. I’m standing up for my girls and myself, from this moment on. I intend to go before the Church Board and make a proposal to have an LGBT outreach, and I would very much welcome and appreciate it if Vicky, Bev and any of their like-minded friends would attend some of our Church services and community outreach activities. This very next Sunday, I’m telling the tragic and beautiful story of these young women. I’m going to be mercilessly on-point about our failings as a family and our shortcomings as Christians, the theme will revolve around tolerance and acceptance. If our congregation is so narrow-minded as to condemn rather than welcome our daughter and her intended, then I’m stepping down, Miriam, and you can run my father’s church as you see fit, along with my ‘holier-than-thou’ older sister!” With that, Miriam resoundingly slapped her husband’s face and stormed out, Marina phoned Gretchen and warned her to bring the girls back into the room before furious Miriam could grab them and leave.

    Whatever the legal issues with custody of the innocents might arise, Gretchen would use her steely attorney’s skill to keep unsuspecting Miriam at bay, until Richard could return the girls safely home. Marina placed a hand on Richard’s arm and assured him that, if Miriam leaves in his car, then she and Gretchen would give them a ride home, offering to treat them all to dinner and conversation at the Rue Altimore Restaurant near where they were staying at The Harbor Inn, if he was in the mood for it. Richard sighed and nodded in acquiescence. “I’m taking you up on your offer, Marina, I need to unwind in pleasant company and am delighted for this opportunity to get better acquainted with my future Co-Parent In-Law, not to mention, that my girls have really taken to Gretchen.” There was shouting in the Hospital corridor, and the wailing of little Lynn. “No, mommy! I want to stay with Katie and daddy!” Amanda shouted. “Let her go, mother! We don’t want to go with Aunt Marsh!” Gretchen raised her voice and sternly informed the angry, hysterical Miriam. “I am taking temporary custody of your daughters until such a time as I deem you fit to care for them. Leave immediately or, as an Officer of the Court, I will subdue you and have you remanded into custody on the charges of unlawful abduction and assault!” There was the sound of a scuffle and a sob as Miriam was slammed face down on the floor of the hallway, her arm twisted up in a lock behind her back. Gretchen boomed in a surprisingly authoritative tone. “Last chance, Miriam Marsh, leave now without any further disturbance, or I will Gottverdammt keep you here until the authorities arrive!” More sobbing and an unsteady shuffling as the weeping sounds disappeared through the double doors leading to the waiting room. Gretchen appeared in the Hospital room doorway, a little out of breath but no worse for wear, the frightened girls clinging to her waist. “Gott im Himmel, Marina, she bought it!” Richard whistled a low, long note in admiration for Gretchen’s play. “Was any of that true, Attorney von Reichenbach?” Gretchen smiled toothily. “Seriously, Pastor Marsh, did you just ask a lawyer about telling the truth?”

    Gretchen moved, with the girls still clinging to her, and sat on the edge of the bed, passing little Lynn over to Richard so that she could cuddle on her father’s lap. Amanda seated herself next to Gretchen and sidled up against her with both arms wrapped around her waist, looking up into her kindly face. “Thank you, Miss Gretchen, for saving Lynn and me from Aunt Marsh. Will you hold me? You smell so good!” Amanda pivoted to cross her left leg over Gretchen’s lap and wrap her right leg around Gretchen’s waist, her skirt riding up as she snuggled her panties against the warm woman’s hip, pressing her chest against Gretchen’s ribcage, her face nuzzled on Gretchen’s collarbone and neck, and her arms wrapped firmly around Gretchen’s bosoms and back. “Do you think that someday you would love me like Vicky loves Bev?” Gretchen turned her face to kiss Amanda’s forehead. “How could anyone not love you, Amanda, my dear? You’re so sweet!” Amanda looked up with tears in her eyes. “I’m not a little girl anymore, Miss Gretchen, I know how it feels to be in love with another girl and be ignored! You like me, I can tell, if Bev can love Vicky, then I can love you, too!” Richard was stunned, but just retreated into denial, hoping that Amanda was too young to understand her feelings for Gretchen. “Amanda, sweetheart? You have a loving heart, and Gretchen just saved you from being dragged off to Aunt Marsh, so it’s natural to feel affection for her, but you shouldn’t expect her to be your girlfriend, just like that, you barely know each other.” Amanda, with a determined scowl, reached up and pulled a surprised Gretchen into a forceful kiss, Gretchen found herself taking Amanda’s tongue between her teeth as the determined young lady sucked Gretchen’s saliva. Both Richard and Bev cried out, as Marina smirked knowingly. When Amanda released her stunned Miss Gretchen, she glared defiantly at her father. “That was true love’s kiss, father, I’m almost fifteen, so I know about these things!” Gretchen tried to speak up but Amanda covered her lips with her fingers. “I don’t care if you say it isn’t true, Miss Gretchen, because I have dibs on your heart, forevermore, your heart loves me now, and I’m going to wait until the rest of you catches up! You’ll never love anybody else more than you love me!” Gretchen sobbed. “Vermutlich. Ich bin deine Liebe, Amanda, mein schönes Mädchen!"

    Marina sighed and rolled her eyes, Vicky snorted and suppressed a snicker, Bev looked at everybody, then twisted to confront Vicky. “Okay, sweetheart, what just happened?” Vicky sighed and pecked Bev on the nose. “Uhm, Bev? This is Old World stuff, but what just happened is, well…your father, Pastor Marsh, is going to…eventually, preside over another wedding…Likely in Switzerland?” Richard Marsh was at a loss for words, so he turned helplessly to Marina, gesturing weakly in the air with his free hand. Marina huffed and answered. “I’m sorry, Pastor Marsh, but what’s done is done. The bolt of true love has transfixed my Gretchen’s and your Amanda’s hearts. There’s, ultimately, nothing any of us can do, for across the oceans of water and the void of time, these hearts will find each other again.” Amanda turned to her father as she desperately clutched her weeping Gretchen. “You must be fair, father, how can you bless Bev and Vicky’s engagement and then deny me mine?” Amanda turned to Gretchen. “I’m still too young to travel by myself, my dear Miss Gretchen, so you must find your way back to me!” Gretchen lowered her head, nodded twice and snuffled as she was wracked with another bout of weeping. Bev spoke up, tears brimming in her eyes. “Father, thank you for standing up for Vicky and me, I am so proud to be your daughter, I love you so much! But I need to talk with Gretchen and Amanda, and Vicky needs a little private time with my future Mother-In-Law, so, would you, please, take Lynn with you to the waiting room until Amanda, Marina and Gretchen are through?” Marina rose and closed the short distance to take Richard’s free hand and help him stand while he cradled sleepy little Lynn against his hip. Marina gently hugged Richard and planted a kiss on his cheek, causing him to blush. “You were most valiant to defend our daughters, and surprisingly level-headed about what is happening with Gretchen and Amanda, there is much to discuss, yet. We won’t be long, Richard, then we’ll all go to dinner, yes?” Richard nodded and smiled weakly as he quietly left the room. As he carried little Lynn down the hallway, she stirred and murmured in his ear. “Daddy, when will my own princess find me, so that I can live happily ever after, just like Amanda and Katie?” Richard shed a tear as he kissed his little daughter’s cheek. “Your Fairy Godmother, Marina, is looking out for all of us, dear, she may have the answer, I’m sure that someday your princess will come, Lynn, so for now just be patient.”

    Bev hopped down from Vicky’s bed to sit next to disconsolate Gretchen, who was still firmly wrapped up in Amanda’s tenacious embrace. “Why are you crying, Gretchen? My sister just declared her undying love for you in the presence of us all, is there anything I can do?” Gretchen looked up at Bev, her face blotchy and red, cheeks soaked with her streaming tears. “Oh, Bev, I did not mean for any of this to happen, please don’t hate me! How does a grown woman fall in love with such a young girl as your Amanda? It just happened to me and I can’t change that, look how she clings to me, Bev, and I never want her to let me go!” Amanda started weeping as she clutched her Gretchen tighter. “Help us, Bev, I can’t lose my Miss Gretchen, oh, why does my heart hurt so much?” Bev embraced the lovers, taking on their heartache, blending her tears with theirs. “Oh, my sweet little Amanda, Vicky and I know this, Gretchen knows this, see how she weeps? And now you know this, Amanda, because you’ve grown a woman’s heart, and it aches with yearning and loss, dearest sister! There is so much pain when you love, but the brief moments of happiness are so brightly seared into your memories, that your love outlasts separation, and even death.” Bev kissed Gretchen on her wet cheek. “Give me your email and phone number, Gretchen, then Vicky and I will buy a smartphone for Amanda, so the two of you may skype. Please take good care of my sister’s heart, dear Gretchen, and I’m certain that she will take care of yours!” Gretchen gently coaxed Amanda around to straddle her lap, face to face, as the pair wept and kissed, over and over again, murmuring desperate promises as they embraced.

    Marina glanced over at Bev, Gretchen and Amanda, resolutely holding back her tears as the three embraced, then she turned to slide into bed with her convalescing daughter, Victoria, enfolding her in a gentle hug and kissing the crown of her head, finally gasping out a little sob as her tears dripped into her daughter’s hair. “Oh, sweetheart, I’d nearly lost you! You injured yourself so gravely, saving our Bev, but you’re going to be alright, dear. Gretchen and I will come visit you, tomorrow, after you wake up from your operation, we’ll bring you and Bev something to eat and say our goodbyes before we drive up to Portland International Airport to catch our flight back to Seattle. Tomorrow morning, Gretchen and I will be making the rounds of the Arcadia Bay Police Station and the Blackwell Academy Administrative offices, to gather reports on Bev’s suicide situation, so that we may negotiate a favorable outcome for my future Daughter-In-Law. I do have to wonder, Vicky my dear, about just what magical properties emanate from Arcadia Bay, causing this contagious outbreak of true love?” Vicky pecked her mother on the lips. “Are you sad about what just happened with Gretchen and Amanda?” Marina sobbed and sniffled, speaking low into Vicky’s ear. “You are an adult now, Victoria, so I must tell you something. Gretchen and I were having an affair, she is so incredibly natural and sexual, all of her body hair is untrimmed on her inner thighs, between her buttocks and around her delightfully pink privates, and, along with her exquisite, silky armpit hair, the nearly invisible tips, of Gretchen’s honey-colored feminine body hair, broadcast her alluring womanly scent. I go wild, my senses overloading with the sheer bliss of placing my wet mouth all over Gretchen’s body, tasting and breathing her pheromonal essences. So, yes, I am sad that my Gretchen has just found true love with your little sister-in-law, Amanda. I don’t have the heart to impose myself on our Gretchen, after this, because I respect that she is old-fashioned and won’t do anything to betray her true love. I’ll be fine, eventually, there’s always a new playmate waiting in the wings for me, but it still breaks my heart, knowing with what profound yearning and heartache, my sweet Gretchen will suffer for her love of Amanda!”


    When Courtney, Taylor and Max entered the foyer of the Wagner household, Court’s mother, drying her hands on a dish towel, embraced each of the girls with a peck on the cheek. “Nice to see you again, Max! It’s so lovely that the three of you will have a girls night here, is there anything that I can get you before you go upstairs to Courtney’s room?” Taylor, knowing that she was the mom’s favorite, clasped her hands behind her skirt and rocked coyly on her heels as she simpered. “Thank you, Mrs. Wagner, we’re all going to change into our pajamas, now, but these borrowed skirts and blouses need to be cleaned before we return them to our friend, Katie. Could we, please, borrow your ‘Woolite’ and use your washer and dryer?” Courtney’s mother tch-tched and shook her head. “That’s okay, Taylor, it’s better if I do your laundry, a mistake could ruin your friend’s wool skirts, and they need to drip dry until tomorrow morning. But I must say, Taylor, I never pictured you or Courtney as the skirt-wearing types, was this your friend, Max’s idea?” Max blushed and looked down at her feet. “Uhm, kind of, Mrs. Wagner, we’re doing a Cosplay with the theme of a retro girls gang called “Smol Cutie’s Clique,” like Manga comic book school girls, who appear to be frivolous, cute and helpless, but in fact, are deadly when challenged by bullies!” Rearing back in mock fear, with her hands up, Mrs. Wagner squinted with suspicion. “I’m not entirely sure that you little cuties are play-acting; your clothes are so rumpled, filthy and sweaty, plus, you all look a little roughed up to me!” Taylor covered up. “It’s okay, Mrs. Wagner, we were practicing our fighting techniques, we discovered that the only thing we need to buy, for our outfits, are matching patent-leather, steel-toe, ladies work shoes, so we don’t hurt our toes when we kick the bullies unconscious!” Mrs. Wagner crossed her arms and mock frowned. “Very well, cuties, take a laundry basket upstairs and leave the clothes outside of your door, I’ll do the rest. Oh, and take some sodas and chips upstairs, so you have some munchies to refresh yourselves, after your rambunctious roughhousing!” The three devious minxes grinned at each other as they did what they were told, Mrs. Wagner was discrete enough to not open Courtney’s bedroom door, but a slide bolt would ensure that she wouldn’t be shocked at the sight of three naked girls lasciviously wallowing together on the bed.

    Once the door closed behind them, the three beauties hurriedly stripped naked and piled the soiled church girl outfits in the laundry basket, then Courtney opened the door and shoved the basket out into the hallway, hastily yanking the door closed to slide the bolt home. Breathing hard, the three girls stood facing each other in a triangle, exploring each other’s nakedness with their fingertips. Courtney dropped to her knees and gripped Taylor’s hips, drawing her fragrant bush closer to Courtney’s mouth. Taylor grabbed a handful of hair and yanked Courtney’s face up to meet her angry gaze. “Rule number one, Courts, you may sniff and you may caress, but you may not touch your lips and tongue to our Ladies, and no mutual masturbation for you, either! Max and I will pleasure you, Courts, but you are not allowed to pleasure us, Max and I will do each other, are we clear?” Courtney grimaced and sobbed from the painful tugging on her hair, as well as, the severe rebuke from her Taylor. “Yes, Mistress Tee, I understand!” Max examined the brass tubing on the headboard and footboard of Courtney’s queen-sized bed. “How convenient for us, Tay, we don’t need to keep reminding our Courtney about keeping her lips and fingers to herself, we should just bind her spread-eagled to the brass fixtures of her bed, then we can do with Courtney whatever we like, while she’s helpless and under our complete control.” Courtney started squatting and cringing by the foot of the bed. “Mistress Em, please, you don’t need to tie me up, I’ll obey you both! I promise not to lick or rub your privates!” Taylor pulled Courtney upright and held her wrist as she swatted her buttocks with three hard slaps of her open palm, Courtney squirmed and yelped at each painful smack.

    Taylor could feel her arousal, from hurting Courts, heating and moistening her Lady’s crease. “You’re making too much noise, Courts! Now, do what you’re told! Lay down, face-up on the middle of your bed and stretch your hands and feet to reach the brass bars!” Courtney whimpered. “Yes, Mistress Tee.” Eagerly rummaging through Courtney’s dresser drawers, Max and Taylor found some full-length, waist-to-toes pantyhose, that could be satisfactorily stretched and passed behind the bars, with the toe ends used to bind Courtney’s wrists and ankles, Courtney sobbed and wept the entire time, so, Max sorted through the drawers, again, and found a pair of low-top white socks and a faded grey-on-white bandana. Not wanting to alert Courtney to her inspiration, Max turned her back to the anxious girl, squirming on the bed, and grinned at Taylor as she mimed gagging herself with the rolled-up scarf. Taylor nodded, enthusiastically, then the amateur dominatrices proceeded to bind Courtney’s ankles close to the footboard, spreading her legs to fully to expose her pretty black bush and its fleshy folds. Giggling, the excited girls moved to either side of the headboard to spread Courtney’s arms wide, before tying her wrists near the bars, Taylor smiled sweetly down at her anxious Courts as she gently stroked those lovely brown areolae on Courtney’s vulnerable, ample breasts. Max frowned down at Courtney. “Why do you continue to misbehave and obligate us to punish you, Courtney?” Courtney sobbed and struggled against her bonds, breathing rapidly and glistening with beads of fear sweat. “Mistress Em! I haven’t done anything! You promised to make love to me this time!” Taylor gripped Courtney’s jaw and turned her face to meet Taylor’s unsmiling glare.  “Wrong answer, Courts. Now, do you remember what you are supposed to say?” Courtney started sobbing and trembling, Taylor slapped her face and Courtney cried out. “Oww! Mistress Max, p-please, oh God no!” Another slap on the opposite cheek. “Yaaah! No! Please, Mistress Em! Please p-punish me?”

    Max leaned down and gently kissed Courtney on her lips, then held her face and looked sympathetically into her eyes until the sobbing girl quieted down. “Much better, Courtney. Taylor and I see that you won’t keep quiet, so I’ve decided to give you a little help. Now, open your mouth. Wider!” Max rolled up a short white sock and pushed it between Courtney’s teeth, as tears of realization and fear trickled from the corners of Courtney’s eyes. Taylor lifted Courtney’s shoulders as Max knotted the bandana at the base of Courtney’s neck, then the dommes stood back to admire their handiwork, Taylor looked at Max and asked. “Now what?” Max considered. “Let’s find a leather belt.” As they searched, a terrified Courtney struggled against her restraints and yelled out incoherent, muffled protestations. The two young women just smiled at each other as Taylor held up a wide, hand-tooled and decoratively perforated fashion belt made for a Disco-era miniskirt. Max took the belt and rolled up the buckle to expose about a foot and a half of the tip, then swung it fast to hear the satisfying whistle of the perforations. “Help me, Tay, I need you to roll Courtney enough so that I have a good shot at her buns.” Taylor moved to the other side of the bed and gripped Courtney’s hips to rock her lower torso up on its side, straining Courtney’s bound limbs for added discomfort, Taylor nodded to Max with a sadistic little grin as she enjoyed the frantic, muted wails of their terrified submissive. Courtney’s muffled cries of terror changed to muted shrieks as Max swung the whistling, whooshing fashion belt, with all of her strength, to lay five powerful strokes across their Courtney’s exposed bottom. After belting Courtney so hard that thick, red welts were raising on her mortified flesh, Max panted with excitement and reached across the suffering, writhing bound girl, to grip Taylor’s hand, leading her to the foot of the bed where she vigorously yanked her Taylor into a bosom-on-bosom embrace, forcing a passionate, probing tongue deep into Taylor’s mouth. The intermittent muted moaning from the bound, beaten and gagged girl, squirming and thrashing weakly against her restraints, fueled their arousal. Max and Taylor separated enough to smile into each other’s eyes, as Max breathlessly whispered. “If we keep this up, then we’ll end up covering Courtney’s helpless, naked body with bleeding welts, and, oh Tay, I’m so turned on by beating our Courtney, I’m totally soaked down there from hearing her muzzled shrieks, and I want to just keep hurting her and hurting her, until my arm tires! But you know what, Tay? Then we’d be breaking our agreement with Courtney, to reward her with loving, for the nice work she did with Bev’s hair. What would you like to do with Courtney, Tay?”

    Tay thought for a moment, then smiled back at Max. “I would like to throw you down on the rug, Max, and eat your hurt little Lady raw, while you bury your face between my thighs and do the same to me! Courtney needs a time-out to think things over, and I would rather passionlessly pleasure her after I’ve spent my climax into your pretty, pouty lips! Oh, beautiful, sexy Maxie of my heart!” Max gasped. “Let’s waste no more time, my beloved Tay!” End-to-end, laying on their sides with the spiral ridges of the oval rug imprinting their bodies, Max and Taylor greedily sucked, nibbled and sipped each other’s hot, swollen, painfully tender Ladies. The dull stinging, aching, pain, from their previous belt lashes and vigorous tribbing, escalated their sweet suffering to burning streaks of fire, wherever their greedy tongues and lips reopened the scabbing wounds of their mate. Moaning, gasping and crying out, as they savored each other’s viscous, faintly musky and metallic blood-tinged vaginal mucous, while their bodies spasmed, writhing and bucking, as they frantically slurped each other’s slick, hot, faintly saline climaxes. Taylor rolled onto her back, clasping Max as she pulled her lover on top of her damp torso, each relishing the wetness and fragrance as they caught their breaths while breathing through each other’s pubic hair. Max sighed, mumbling with her face between Taylor’s thighs. “I’ll never love anyone more than I love you, Tay!” Taylor laughed, as she tried to spit out Max’s hairs from her mouth. “I can barely hear you, sweetheart! Let’s get up and go cuddle with our Courts!”

    Pausing on each side of the bed, Taylor to Courtney’s right and Max to her left, Taylor pondered. “Max, dearest love of my life, and yes, I heard what you were mumbling, ahem, should we make love to our Courts all tied up like this, or should we unbind her, remove the gag, and give her one more chance?” Max considered the pros and cons. “We’ll enjoy Courtney more if she’s untied. But we can always tie her up and gag her again, if she misbehaves, and Courtney, nod yes if you understand this time. I will flog you until you pass out, if I have to go to all of this trouble, again.” Courtney whimpered and nodded her head vigorously, red-rimmed eyes spilling tears. Max and Taylor pulled free the looped knots binding Courtney’s limbs and slipped the bandana down around Courtney’s throat. After giving Courtney a few moments to rub the feeling back into her numb hands, Taylor and Max bracketed her in a cuddle, wrapping their thighs around her legs to pull her thighs apart, and pressing their nipples against her ribcage, their hands cupping Courtney’s bosoms, then they relaxed, holding her without speaking. Max had a wicked notion. “Taylor, dearest, I’m a little tired after our lovemaking, do you feel like doing anything right now?” Taylor grinned as she caught on, suppressing the urge to snort. “I don’t know, Maxie, I’m really comfortable like this, would you mind, terribly, if we just take a little nap?” They waited for it and laughed as Courtney lost her cool and exhaled with a little growl of frustration. Taylor capped the moment. “Did you hear that, Max? What do you think, should we eat her or beat her?” Max hollered “Dibs!” as she uncurled from Courtney’s side and sprang to crouch between her thighs, lift her knees up to expose Courtney’s rosebud and black-haired crease, then clamp her mouth over Courtney’s moist, fragrant, flavorful Lady’s lips. Taylor yelled. “Max! You’re such a little cheater!” Then, Taylor shifted to suckle Courtney’s left nipple as she pinched and pulled the right one. Courtney started writhing and arching her back as soft, drawn-out moans escaped her lips. “I love you, my Mistresses! Oh, I love you so much, aaaah!” As Max nipped Courtney’s clitoris at the same time Taylor bit down hard on one nipple, while painfully twisting the other. Courtney squealed and writhed, as Max and Taylor continued their stimulations, finally tensing, arching her back and keening, as Courtney’s orgasm gushed into Max’s mouth and trickled down her chin. Max and Taylor resumed their cuddle with Courtney, the Fiancée’s drifted into slumber, embracing her sweetly, just as they’d promised. Courtney relaxed, sighing and basking in the afterglow of her climax, made so much more intense because of the accompanying stinging, aching and burning of her punished posterior, she didn’t mind her punishment, this time, since both Mistresses, Em and Court’s own Tee, had inadvertently allowed her to experience the ecstasies of pain and pleasure. Courtney gently pulled her left arm from beneath Max, then turned facing Taylor, pulling her sleeping love goddess into a face to face embrace, thighs entwined and bosoms touching.  As she drifted off to sleep, the thought crossed Courtney’s mind that Max could flog her to bloody ribbons later, but it would be worth it just to be holding her Taylor, right now…