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Ice Queen Victoria Thaws Her Heart

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Chapter Six: Infidelity


    Max handed Bev a fresh set of bra and panties from her tote, which she slipped on to preserve her modesty, as Max hooked Bev’s bra and helped her out of her backless gown, then Max slid the cute pajama top over Bev’s raised arms, tugging the hem to straighten it at Bev’s hips. Max and Taylor knelt, as Bev braced her hands on their shoulders, while they held the waistband of her pajama bottoms open so that Bev could step into them. Courtney went to the window side of Bev’s bed and pulled the guest chair out into the space at the foot of the bed, then gestured for Bev to have a seat. Taylor kissed Max on the cheek and whispered. “I’ll take it from here, Max, you should go snuggle with Vicky while I assist Courtney to cut Bev’s hair, okay sweetie?” Max felt unsure and frowned as she looked from Taylor to Vicky, then smiled a little as she saw the welcoming grin on Vicky’s face as she beckoned Max over and patted the unoccupied left side. “Please, lay down with me Max, I haven’t had a chance to visit with you yet!” Max cautiously crawled into bed and arranged herself in a snuggle along Vicky’s left side, so that she was facing Vicky’s cute, bespectacled face, Max sighed. “You are so ‘smol’ and pretty like this Vicky, your natural beauty needs no make-up!” Vicky beamed with pleasure and wrapped her left arm around Max’s shoulders, pulling her into an affectionate kiss on Max’s surprised and slightly parted, pouty lips. Vicky hummed with satisfaction, then caught Max’s startled blue gaze with her own smiling green eyes. “Please don’t be so shy Max! I’ve wanted to taste your luscious, pouty lips ever since I first caught sight of them! And Max, I’m really sorry that I wasn’t nicer to you before, I had serious social-image, self-image and self-esteem issues, but fortunately, those seem to have died on the pavement when Victoria and Kate fell.” Max pulled back, a concerned look on her face. “Uhm, Vicky? You and Bev keep bringing that up and I’d thought that it was just a metaphor, but it seems like you both mean that literally?” Vicky snuffled. “Bev and I should be together, holding hands for mutual support, before we tell all of you more about that, the time doesn’t feel quite right yet, is that okay Max?”

    Vicky’s eyes started brimming with tears as she sobbed. “Hold me close Max, so that I can speak into your ear, because I have something very personal to tell you!” Max’s eyes started weeping as she embraced Vicky’s trembling, feverishly warm body, Vicky’s voice was low and choked with emotion. “Max, I was so conflicted and stupid! I was so attracted to you that I ached inside every time I saw you! I know that I came off as annoyed and angry whenever you were near me, but I was too hypocritical to admit to myself that I lacked the courage to approach you with the truth. I was jealous of you and in love with you, Maxine Caulfield, because you were everything that I wanted to be! My wealth and prestige meant so little in the face of your unassuming natural talent and unfailing kindness towards everyone, even…Oh Max, you were kind even to me!” Max wriggled uncomfortably, but Vicky pulled her closer as she squeaked and gasped out. “But Vicky, why are you confessing all of this to me now? What about Bev?” Vicky lightly kissed Max’s cheek. “I haven’t stopped loving you Max, and neither has Bev, we’ll always love you! Seeing that you and Taylor have opened your hearts to Courtney, well, that gives me hope that someday we might all unselfishly love each other enough so that we could, all of us together, make love to one other? I know that you don’t see yourself the way I do, but Max, you are the most desirable woman I’ve ever seen! The scent of your lovemaking is in my nostrils, and I’m crushed that your passionate aroma isn’t because of me! Surely, Taylor knows how very fortunate she is to have your love, doesn’t she Max?”

    Max decided to be forthcoming with Vicky, in spite of her innate tendency to keep her feelings hidden. “Uhm, Vicky? I need time to think over everything you’ve told me, because I was generally frightened of you before, and even though I’ve always been attracted to your haute couture edginess and beauty, I didn’t have a clue that you felt anything for me other than disgust! That fateful day, when you grabbed my arm and dragged me to Kate’s rescue, was the first time I saw any regard for me, whatsoever, coming from you! My heart was in my throat, and my world was turned upside-down, when I saw you slipping over the edge of that roof with Kate nowhere in sight!” Max felt hot tears trickling down her face from Vicky’s crying, again. “But you saved us both, Max!” Max shook her head, her own tears blending with Vicky’s. “No, Vicky, I was my usual inept self, right after I wrapped myself around your legs, while breathing ignominiously through those rain-soaked panties covering your butt crack, I had the hideous realization that I should have been facing the other way, so that, maybe, I could have braced my feet against the roof’s ledge, but no! I was just a dumb weight being gradually dragged over the edge by you and Kate!” Vicky gasped. “Oh, Max! If those Officers hadn’t rescued us, would you really have chosen to die with Kate and me?” Max chuckled. “Did you forget, Vicky? You filled my mouth and nostrils with your diarrhea, and yet, I still held onto you for dear life. Do you imagine that I would want to live after that? You were my first experience of sexual intimacy!” Vicky chuckled in spite of herself. “You’re joking with me, right Max?” Vicky could feel Max shaking her head “No.” “Not entirely, Vicky, that experience imprinted me to my core, I am sexually aroused by the scent and savor extruded by, shall we say, rosebuds? I would ecstatically rim you right now without a single qualm. I would avidly probe your pretty pucker with my tongue until I could run it around your inner rectal ring. I wouldn’t waste a single morsel that I could tease from between your exquisitely rounded hemispheres. When I wipe my fingers up between your backsides, I’ll look you straight in your eyes as I tease you by sucking them clean of all your bitter goodie. Then, sweet Vicky, I’ll grab your face and force my shit tainted tongue between your lips and teeth, to share that unique taste with you as I force you to gulp and swallow my saliva. That’s what Taylor discovered about making love with me, and you know what? She’s a convert now, begging to kiss my ass for a taste of honey!”

     Vicky sighed. “I can tell that you are trying to discourage and scare me away from wanting you Max, but that’s just not going to happen! Because I’d do anything for a taste of your honey!” Max sighed with her eyes closed as she slowly shook her head, then held Vicky’s surprised gaze as she stretched to plant a kiss on Vicky’s lips. “Alright Vicky, you win. But anything that might happen between us must wait until both Taylor and Bev are on board!” Vicky smiled and kissed Max back. “I notice that you didn’t include Courtney?” Max whispered into Vicky’s ear. “The kind of polyamory we’re contemplating will only work with committed and understanding couples, and Courtney is still a fifth wheel. Taylor and I will only give Courtney half of the pleasure, we’ll bring Courtney to orgasm, but we won’t allow her to pleasure us in return. We’ll punish Courtney with whips and belts until she’s squirming with pain and its attendant sexual arousal, then leave her to her own devices. Our style of sadomasochistic lovemaking will continue to be exclusive for Taylor and me, and the jealousies that grow between us from enjoying Courtney, can always be resolved most satisfactorily with the whip! Our erotic punishments are always followed by indescribable orgasmic excesses that wrack our bodies as our agony transforms to ecstasy! I’m sorry, Vicky, but that is a level of lovemaking that you chose to turn your back on when you turned down Taylor’s simple request to be whipped by you, because that’s how she loves!”

    Vicky abruptly tensed, shuddered, gasped and moaned. “Oh, Max!” Max felt a flash of alarm shoot through her body. “Vicky! Are you in pain? What can I do?” Vicky slowed her heavy panting, sighed and started kissing Max’s cheek, repeatedly. “Oh, Maxie, Maxie! Oh my God! Maxie!” Max cradled Vicky’s face to look into her wild green eyes. “Vicky, please tell me what’s wrong?” Vicky forcefully planted a wet, passionate kiss on Max’s lips, forcing her tongue between Max’s teeth, Max couldn’t pull away as her shock and alarm settled in her belly as a knot of desire, she moaned and returned Vicky’s kiss as both drank of each other’s saliva, with Max’s shame adding spice to her sudden arousal! When they broke for breath, Max gasped out. “Why, Vicky?” Vicky caught her breath as she smiled through tears. “I climaxed, Max! Just holding you, from listening to your voice, and inhaling your scent! Oh Max! I came so sweetly just from being this close to you, Oh, my dearest Maxie, touch me down there! Please? Please touch me now, Maxie?” Max, feeling the heat of her blush, the knot of sick desire deep in her privates, swallowed as she slipped her left hand down between Vicky’s thighs, then gasped as she felt the cooling, slick wetness there. Sobbing, Max scooped as much of Vicky’s climax as her fingers would hold, then remorsefully sucked Vicky’s most intimate mucous from her fingertips, as scalding tears coursed down the side of her face. “Oh, Vicky! Why couldn’t I stop myself? What have I done? What are we doing?”

    Vicky started weeping along with Max. “I’m not sorry for any of this Max, and don’t you feel sorry, either! Bev and I haven’t had a chance to have sex yet, so this agonizing arousal had been tormenting my insides ever since Bev and I became a couple! So naturally, being this close to you triggered my release, because, my dearest Max, I desire you so fiercely, and I’m in love with you, so please don’t be ashamed of us? Bev knows that I love her, she could see us the whole time, so when you get a chance to hold Bev, like you’re holding me now, do what’s right Max, not what’s proper! Help her release her passion, because my sweet Bev also aches inside for your love!” Max choked and sobbed. “This is all moving so fast, Vicky! I’ve just betrayed Taylor and we’ve both betrayed Bev!” Vicky kissed Max. “Remember what you’d just told me, Max? Jealousies are best resolved with the whip. I still have the images from Taylor’s dominatrix drawings, burned into my imagination, only this time, I picture Bev standing over me, swinging her whip, as I spread wide my bent knees and push my privates up towards her for my punishment!” Max gulped. “Oh, Vicky! Now I’m getting wet down there! Do you still have those drawings? Will you let me see them?” Vicky sobbed, shaking her head. “Taylor has them hidden away in her room, so just ask to look at them with her, and Max? When Taylor makes drawings like that of you, would you please let me see them?” Max smiled at Vicky’s hopeful face. “On one condition Vicky, that all four of us look at Taylor’s sketches together, and maybe then, Bev will do some of her own erotic ‘studies from life’ drawings! Oh Vicky, I’m hoping that, just maybe, our polyamory fantasies will come true after that?”

    Vicky’s face scrunched up in alarm as a muffled squeal and gurgle sounded from her insides. “Oh no, ungh! Oh, God! Oh, Max! The nurse made me chew some chocolate-flavored laxatives! I’d been constipated since they operated on me! I think my orgasm loosened everything up, and now I feel like the dam is about to burst, and that nurse’s aide took away the bedpan! You have to help me up so that I can lean on you as we hurry to the toilet, I need to roll this damned IV stand with us!” Max hurriedly rolled away, then regained her footing as she rushed around to the other side of Vicky’s bed, and threw back the privacy curtain blocking access to the bathroom to the right of the door to the hallway. Max nearly panicked because she could hear Vicky’s bowels squealing and rumbling as she pulled Vicky into a sitting position with her legs dangling over the floor. ”Place your hand around my shoulders while I brace you under your arms, use your right hand to guide the IV stand, the bathroom door is just a couple of feet in front of us, we’ll make it, Vicky!” Vicky was moaning and gasping as Max laboriously ushered her through the bathroom door. Max flipped the backless gown up over Vicky’s shoulder, noting with particular interest the pink areolae on those pretty little dangling bosoms above Vicky’s torso bandage, even as Max slowly lowered Vicky onto the high hospital toilet. There was a loud sound, like the soupy, lumpy spray from an old faucet, along with a couple of wet, gassy spurts. Vicky closed her eyes, a blissful smile on her face as she sighed with relief and contentment. Max turned to close the door and then knelt, facing Vicky with her hands cupped over Vicky’s bare knees, mouth pushed out in a sultry pout as she leaned close to inhale that beloved, familiar scent. Vicky’s eyes popped open to see Max’s face near her own, blue eyes half-closed as Max sighed while sniffing audibly. Oh! That incredibly sexy mouth, with its corners turned up in a slight smile as those parted lips were moistened by that precious pink tongue tip! Vicky squealed in delight and grasped both sides of Max’s face to pull her into a passionate, deep wet kiss. Both young women broke apart laughing as the “Kiss-to-end-all-Kisses” was interrupted by squealing bowels and another fragrant gush and splattering from beneath Vicky’s bespattered buttocks.

    Vicky smiled as she pecked Max on her lips. “I thought that you were just spinning a tale Max, but you seriously enjoy the smell of my diarrhea, don’t you?” Max kissed Vicky back, then smiled into her hypnotic green eyes. “It brings back poignant memories, we’ll always have our rooftop in the rain Vicky, and the unforgettable aroma of our very first time! Now, sweetheart, let’s stand you up and pivot your IV stand around so that you can place your hands on the toilet tank and spread your legs for me!” Vicky blushed and gasped, licking her lips and dropping her eyes, bashfully. “Oh, Maxie! Are you seriously going to clean me up with your lips and tongue?” Max chuckled softly, then picked up Vicky’s chin to meet her eyes. “More than anything in the world, Vicky dearest, wouldn’t I love to leisurely lick all of your lovely, aromatic goodie? But you’ve been on antibiotics, painkillers, laxatives and who knows what else. Plus, Taylor will be suspicious of us being closed up in the bathroom together, and so, I suspect that she’ll kiss me just to check my breath for any telltale scents.” Vicky pouted. “Awww, so why do you want me to spread my legs and present my bare bottom to you?” Max affectionately pecked Vicky’s lips, one more time. “Oh, my little sweet treat! I’m going to clean you up with moist tissues and a little gel sanitizer, then I’m going to swab out the splattered toilet so our ‘Smol Cuties’ don’t see the mess we’ve made, okay? Now, let’s get started!”


    Courtney set out her scissors, clips and salon comb on a towel at the foot of Bev’s hospital bed, then draped a vinyl cape around Bev’s shoulders and removed the scrunchie, allowing Bev’s billowing, wavy dark blonde hair to cascade down her shoulders and back, Courtney had to admit to herself that she was impressed! “Wow, Bev, you’ve been growing this beautiful head of hair all your life, right? Are you sure that you want it cut so short?” Bev nodded. “Please pass me my i-phone and I can show you some pictures…Okay, these are headshots of my favorite Rom-Com actress, Meg Ryan. Her hair seems to be as wild and unmanageable as my own, so I thought that her hair styles would work for me. I particularly like her style in ‘City of Angels,’ it almost looks like it was cut the same length all around, and it looks good even when its messy. How would you cut my hair to look like that, Courtney?” Courtney studied the head shots. “Well Bev, the quickest and cleanest way would be for me to bunch up tresses and grip them a handspan width from your scalp, something like what wig-makers do when they harvest women’s hair, that will give you the look you want and we can salvage all of your tresses for keepsakes. Your tresses will even be long enough to braid for making handicraft curios or gifts, what do you think?” Bev beamed up at Courtney. “Oh, what a beautiful idea Courtney! My little sisters, Amanda and Lynn, would flip over keepsakes made from my hair! So please, let’s do that then, I’m ready!” Courtney turned to Taylor. “Mistress Tee?” Taylor grinned as Bev started and glanced worriedly between herself and Courtney, then she addressed her Sub. “Very well Courts, you’ve earned the privilege of speaking freely without punishment. If you do well with Bev’s hair styling, I’m sure you’ll find this evening’s reward to be more than satisfactory?” Courtney dipped her head, blushing. “Thank you, Mistress Tee. I will need your help combing out and setting clips on even-sized tresses ahead of my cutting, and then I’ll pass the tresses to you, one at a time, so that you can arrange them in rows across the towel, and then we can roll them up when we are finished. Thank you, Mistress Tee.” Taylor leaned over to kiss Courtney softly on the lips as she whispered. “You can drop the ‘Mistress Tee’ until we are together in private, Courts, it’s upsetting our Bev.” Bev spoke up. “Are you going to whip Courtney after we’re finished? I don’t want to be the reason she gets punished, Taylor!” Taylor caressed Bev’s cheek and smiled. “No Bev, I gave Courts permission to speak freely. I intend for Max and me to make love to Courts and snuggle all night, sleeping nude together until morning, okay?” Bev blushed. “Uhm…how do I sign-up to be your Sub, Tay?” Taylor laughed. “You have a deal, Bev, but only if you can convince Vicky to sign-up with you?” Bev blushed and simpered, her eyes demurely downcast as her breathing quickened.

    Bev’s eyes were closed as she smiled blissfully, enjoying the sensations of Courtney and Taylor’s skilled fingers combing, separating and cutting her tresses, she was abruptly startled out of her contentment by Courtney’s gasp. “Tee, look! Isn’t that Mistress Max and Vicky swapping spit?” Bev’s eyes popped open as she peered intensely at her Fiancée’s bed, but from where she was sitting, all she saw was Max’s back as she briefly struggled against Vicky’s arm pulling her tight into an embrace. Taylor gasped. “Oh, no, she didn’t just do that!” Bev became alarmed. “What did you see, Taylor, please tell me?” Taylor gulped and sobbed. “It looked like Max just sucked her wet fingers!” Bev gasped. “What?” Taylor let out her held breath. “Wait, it looks like something’s wrong with Vicky! Max is helping her up, and they’re going into the bathroom!” Bev started to rise from her chair. “Shouldn’t we go help?” As the three hurried past the foot of Vicky’s bed, they all paused at the loud noise of Vicky’s explosive attack of the runs, magnified by the acoustic properties of the toilet bowl, then the bathroom door closed. Courtney stopped and hung back. “Eeew! I’m not going in there, gross!” Bev looked at Taylor, worried. “I couldn’t see anything Taylor, do you really think that Max and Vicky were doing something they shouldn’t?” Taylor sighed. “Let’s just go back and finish cutting your hair Bev, there’s something I feel that I need to tell you about Victoria, from the time before your fall.” Once Bev was seated with her vinyl salon cape once again in place, Taylor busied herself with Bev’s tresses as she related Victoria’s former obsession. “It’s kind of my fault Bev, because I’d teased Tori about hiding her crush for Max and also, for her resulting mean treatment towards you, probably because of her jealousy over your closeness with the object of her desire. I chided Tori for having a crush on you also, Bev, and for not knowing which one of you two she was really the most jealous of, then she told me something I never expected to hear. Victoria described a scenario of her being naked with you and Max snuggled to either side of her and with me kneeling over the three of you, with my face between Victoria’s legs, and well, uhm, you get the picture, Bev?” Bev gasped and sobbed. “But Max was always so afraid of Victoria from before we…Oh, Taylor! So why would your Max be kissing my Vicky like that?” Taylor sighed. “While the EM Responders transported you and Tori to the Hospital, I’d met with Max, after the Police Officers had questioned her. Max’s face, hair and chest were still dripping with Tori’s diarrhea, and Max joked that Victoria was her first experience with intimacy, then acted worried that she would probably have to get married with Tori because of it.” Bev blinked and snorted. “Oh? Max was joking, right?” Taylor shook her head. “I’d assumed so at the time, but I know Max a lot better now. This part is really personal, Bev, but I think it’s something you need to know about Max. Since Max gulped Victoria’s poop, while breathing through her messy panties with her face pressed into Victoria’s butt cheeks, she’s developed a taste for ‘anal-lingus.’” Bev gasped and grimaced. “Is that what I think it is?” Tori nodded. “Max enjoys licking my bottom and probing my rosebud with her tongue. When she wipes her fingers up my messy crack, she teases me by making me watch her suck her fingers, then she forces me into a kiss, and now that I’m used to it, I kind of like licking her rosebud, also!” Bev inhaled sharply. “Oh, Taylor! Do you think that your Max is doing that with my Vicky right now?” Courtney added fuel to the embers. “Hah! When it was Mistress Max’s turn to spank me, she poked her fingers into my sphincter, wiped them up my butt crack, sucked them clean, and then she told me that it is something she’s compelled to do!” Taylor cried out. “Oh, no you don’t, Max!” Then Taylor dropped what she was doing and rushed around Vicky’s bed to push the bathroom door open, with Courtney and Bev hurrying behind.

    Max cried out as the door slammed into her squatting buttocks, pushing her head between Vicky’s spread thighs as Taylor angrily squeezed into the small bathroom. Taylor was livid with her hurt and anger as she grabbed Max by her waistband and hair, yanking her forcefully back into a dazed sitting position, legs splayed wide, wool skirt riding up to her hips and her swollen, belt-marked, wounded privates prominently displayed for all to see. Taylor felt a cold lump of chagrin in her belly as she saw that her Max was gripping soiled wet tissues and a small pump bottle of sanitizer gel, her face innocent of any telltale smears. Vicky could barely manage to glance down between her thighs, only to be greeted by the unexpected sight of Max’s fully exposed, swollen, bruised and strikingly arousing, Lady parts! “Max! what happened, did you slip?” Vicky caught her breath as she heard Taylor’s gasp and sob. “Oh, Maxie! I’m so sorry, Babe! I’d thought…” Max cut Taylor off. “Help me up, already, Tay? I know what you thought! Do you seriously believe that I was licking the diarrhea out of Vicky’s bottom?” Taylor hurriedly pulled Max to her feet and straightened her indecorous skirt. “I’m sorry, Babe, but I was worried that Vicky would be too tempting for you, after all she was your first!” Max huffed, blushing. “Well, uhm…now that you’re here, Tay, would you please grab some paper towels, moisten them and help me finish cleaning poor Vicky’s butt and thighs, before she collapses?” Taylor sobbed. “Okay, sure Max, I’m sorry Vicky, I’m so embarrassed!” Max called back. “I can see you there, Courtney! Mistress Max orders you to clean the toilet and wipe the spatters from the floor, I would’ve taken care of everything myself, but it’s your own fault for being nosey! Chop-chop, Courtney!”

    Max, Taylor and Courtney had put away the salon kit and taken Bev’s cut tresses for Courtney to comb out, braid and bundle with ribbons. The three girls said their goodbye’s and left, since they had to make a stop at the Arcadia Bay Police Station, in order to finalize Max and Taylor’s statements regarding Kate Marsh’s attempted suicide. The dinner cart had arrived at five-thirty in the evening, but there was only a tray of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans for Bev this time, since Vicky had to fast before her early morning surgery. When Vicky had informed the nurse that she’d had a bowel movement due to the laxatives, the nurse shook her head and corrected Vicky that they hadn’t had enough time to act yet, so she was probably still due for another bout of diarrhea later. Bev was snuggling next to Vicky, smiling brightly as Vicky leisurely ran her fingers through Bev’s pretty mane of short tresses, radiating out messily in a fluffy halo. Bev stroked Vicky’s face and ruffled her shaggier pixie cut, moving her face close enough for a sweet, gentle peck on the lips. “How do you like the new me, my pretty Vicky, do you think it will shock my parents?” Vicky huffed and grinned. “What, more than seeing us cuddled together? They’ll have so many jolts, this evening, that they won’t know which way to turn! And, by the way, my little ‘Smol Cutie,’ you look adorable in your Pee-Jays, I can see that you are definitely channeling Meg Ryan. I’ll admit to rubbing one out while watching her Rom-Coms, I fantasized about totally owning her by covering her pretty neck with hickeys!” Bev mock frowned and tugged Vicky’s hair hard enough to make her squeak. “I’m having none of that, Vicky! Your mouth better be giving those hickeys to me and my fingers better be the ones rubbing you out! Get used to it because I’m all of the Meg Ryan you’re ever going to get!” Vicky sighed and kissed Bev, passing a little tongue. “Yes, Mistress Bev!” Bev gasped and tugged Vicky’s hair again. “Are you comparing me to Max and Taylor, now?” Vicky gazed at Bev with a somber pursing of her lips. “I’ve been meaning to run something by you sweetheart, you may not feel ready for what I have to tell you, but just know that I truly love you, Bev, and I am marrying you, but…something’s happened.” Bev’s eyes brimmed with tears as she sniffled. “It’s about what happened between you and Max just now, isn’t it?”

    Vicky sobbed and pulled Bev into an embrace. “Oh, Bev darling, you already knew that something happened with Max and you still gave me the benefit of the doubt, didn’t you?” Bev started weeping. “I didn’t want to risk losing you over something stupid, Vicky, you’re my whole life now!” Vicky started hitching and sobbing. “Oh please don’t leave me, Bev! Hear me out first, please?” Bev nodded and remained silent, Vicky snuffled and spoke with a weak, contrite voice. “Before what happened on the roof, I’d been tormented by my long-time attraction to Max and my newfound desperate love for you, Bev! After Kate and Victoria fell to their deaths, your Vicky had left behind her former repressions and inhibitions, resolving to never hesitate in giving and receiving love ever again, because life could be over at any instant and Victoria had wasted enough of it, do you see? When I saw our ‘Smol Cuties’ this afternoon, an aching knot of yearning grew in my deepest womanhood, when I’d realized that Max and Taylor, even though they’re committed to each other just as strongly as are you and me, were still able to open their hearts and make love with lonely Courtney. When Max cuddled with me, I couldn’t help myself, I told her how I’d always felt about her, that I wanted to love her even as I loved you, Bev. Max tried to discourage me with an overly graphic description of her ‘scat play’ kink, but I insisted that, given the chance, I would also gladly lick her rosebud for a taste of her honey! Max then threw in my face the fact that I’d lost Taylor by refusing to whip her during lovemaking, then Max proceeded to describe their superior degrees of orgasm, that I’d turned my back on, which were only obtainable through whipping each other to the point of transforming agony into ecstasy! Oh, Bev, I couldn’t help myself, because all of my sexual tension exploded into a spontaneous orgasm! I’d been ardently imagining that I was spreading my thighs and lifting my pelvis for you, my dearest Bev, just begging you to punish my privates with your whip! I felt queasy with arousal and remorse, then the lingering scent of Max’s lovemaking with Taylor tipped me over the edge as my orgasmic spasms caused the pain in my bruised ribs to flare up, heightening my climax! Max was afraid that I was having a fit, so I panted out her name several times, then I forced her into a deep and passionate kiss. Max stopped resisting me and kissed me back, and I’m deeply sorry to admit, I’d ruthlessly manipulated Max’s moment of weakness and pleaded with her to feel me between my legs, she wept so sweetly as she reflexively sucked my orgasmic mucous from her fingertips! Her attack of remorse, at our betrayal of you and Taylor, was cut short by my sudden advent of diarrhea, so, the rest you know.”

    Bev held back her hurt and anger until Vicky had finished telling her version of what happened. “You know, Vicky, Taylor isn’t stupid. She saw enough to be worried and decided to tell me Victoria’s fantasy about having Kate and Max naked, cuddling her sides, while Taylor presses her face between Victoria’s thighs. After confiding to me that she and Max were planning on simultaneously making love to Courtney, then sleeping nude with her all night, I’d joked with Taylor about becoming her Submissive, except I wasn’t really kidding, I actually did feel a strong desire to explore pain-and-pleasure lovemaking with Max and Taylor. Sweet Taylor played along, accepting my petition on the condition that you be invited as well, Vicky. So, I really need to know, Vicky, were you planning on having Max on the side without me knowing?” Vicky blanched, then blushed, dropping her gaze. “No, no Bev, I wore Max down until she’d reluctantly agreed to intimacy, but her condition was that you and Taylor be on board. I know this sounds shitty, but I honestly believe we have the unique opportunity to share our first loves with each other, and, as Max had pointed out, any resulting jealousies are best handled with the whip!” Bev grinned weakly, then hesitantly moved in for a kiss. “I love you Vicky, and I’m willing try this four-way arrangement with Max and Taylor. And, just so we’re clear…even if we decide not to go through with ‘Victoria’s Harem,’ once we’re out of the hospital, I will most certainly make your other fantasy come true, sweetheart. You know, the one about me punishing you with my whip? You richly deserve that one, my beloved, naughty little Vicky, but until that time, I fully expect you to tell me when you need me to go down on your Lady, so that I may enjoy drawing out your climax with licks, nibbles and kisses, allowing me to sip the precious nectar of your love!” Vicky wept. “Oh, Bev! I do love you! Can you ever forgive me?” Bev smiled ruefully. “Oh…I’ve already forgiven you, my Love, but our reconciliation will have to wait for the whip!”


    Max and Taylor had temporarily parked a bored and impatient Courtney in Vicky’s dorm room, as they adjourned to Max’s room across the hall for some much-needed couple’s time, before they fulfilled their promise to have a night of three-way lovemaking with their expectant Submissive. Max groaned as she fell into Taylor’s embrace and rolled with her onto Max’s bed. “I’m glad that our statements to the Police Department are over with, all ‘signed-sealed-and-delivered!’ I didn’t expect them to keep grilling us like that, over and over again, questioning every detail! We just couldn’t give them a good explanation, Tay, for why you’d dialed ‘911’ before it was absolutely certain that Kate was going to kill herself. They were also, awfully suspicious of why Victoria and I were at hand just in time to grab Kate as she jumped. How could we tell them that everything happened because Victoria had a premonition? At least Officer Berry was nice afterwards, letting us eat some Two Whales Diner leftovers from their lunchroom fridge, I was starving after all of the stress they’d put us through!” Taylor grimaced. “Courtney got a free pass, since she wasn’t involved in the whole thing, but at least she annoyed the desk Officer with her constant whingeing about how bored, thirsty, hungry and uncomfortable she was. That being said, Max, I believe that it’s high time that we talked about the elephant in the room!” Max blushed and swallowed nervously. “Oh, Taylor? I feel terrible about what happened with Vicky, she took me by surprise when she confessed that she’d desired me all along, I tried my best to convince Vicky that we shouldn’t be that close, but she’s so willful and persuasive, that I found myself giving in to her! What was I thinking? How could the three of you not have seen us grappling together in Vicky’s bed?”

    Taylor scoffed. “You can blame Courtney for calling our attention to you and Vicky ‘swapping spit,‘ as she called it! Bev couldn’t see what was happening, since she was seated for her haircut, but I went fucking ballistic when I saw you suck your wet fingers! Then shortly after that moment, Vicky was thrashing in distress, so Bev and I hurried to help you when we saw you rush around the bed to support Vicky into the bathroom. Bev and I consoled ourselves with our mutual denials, hoping we’d misunderstood what had happened between you and Vicky, and, so we’d simply returned to the task of styling Bev’s hair, after we heard Vicky’s ‘Hersey-squirting.’ Bev still had doubts, as did I, so out of pettiness, I’d betrayed Vicky’s confidence by telling Bev about Victoria’s fantasy, the one where she’d imagined making love to you, Kate and I, simultaneously. I’d also betrayed your confidence Max, by telling Bev and Courtney about your remark that you might have to wed Victoria after the prolonged intimacy with her ripe bottom, and then I used that to explain your acquired taste for ‘anal-lingus,’ as resulting from you having swallowed Victoria’s diarrhea. I should have known better and not said anything, but I was angry and hurt after I saw you licking wetness from your fingers, that was Vicky’s nectar, wasn’t it Max?”

    Max sobbed and nodded. “I’d tried to gross out Vicky with a graphic description of my ‘anal-lingus’ practices with you, Taylor, but that didn’t faze Vicky in the least, since she readily agreed to lick my bottom just to taste my honey! I tried scolding Vicky for refusing to whip you, Tay, and losing her chance to experience the heightened climaxes resulting from pain and pleasure. We became increasingly aroused and Vicky spontaneously climaxed as I was snuggling with her, that’s when she pulled me into the kiss Courtney saw. I’d stopped resisting her after that deep and passionate kiss! Vicky pleaded with me to touch her between her legs, I was lost in the moment as I scooped up Vicky’s release and sucked it from my fingers. I felt so remorseful over betraying you and Bev, but Vicky scolded me for being ashamed of our affection, so I agreed to further intimacy with her, provided you and Bev were on board with our polyamory. Vicky continued by telling me about your dominatrix sketches depicting her holding the whip and you, Tay, naked and bound with your breasts and privates exposed for your punishment, she could see that I became excited. Then, Vicky related a fantasy about being the one, on her back naked, thighs spread wide and hips pushing up, presenting her privates to Bev, who this time, was the dominatrix, standing between Vicky’s legs, holding the whip! I came up with the idea of looking at those sketches with you Tay, and then all together with Vicky and Bev, suggesting that it would help promote the idea of polyamory between all of us!”

    Taylor frowned. “Well, at least it’s out in the open now, so that we can deal with it together, my love! I’m still very hurt and angry with you, Maxie, but since we’d already wounded our Ladies really badly, when we used your stiff belt and beat each other bloody during that last time we’d made love, I’d rather not punish you at this time, with the flogging you so richly deserve, even though I’d really enjoy hearing your cries of pain right now! Besides, there’s another issue we need to deal with, namely Courtney’s malice and vindictiveness towards you and Vicky! She’d egged Bev and I on, when she told about you feeling compelled to wipe Courtney’s ass and suck your fingers, just before you started spanking her! That’s why I rushed to break into the bathroom while you were cleaning up Vicky. At that instant, seeing you from the back, squatting between Vicky’s spread thighs, it did look to me like you were enjoying her gorgeous ass, so I’d lost it, and I’m sorry for that, Babe!”

    Max was weeping as she tentatively pecked Taylor on her lips. “Vicky was tempted by our three-way arrangement with Courtney, she saw that as an opening to unite the four of us, as committed couples sharing our first loves with one another, she was even willing to accept our practice of whipping each other to settle our jealousies. Vicky convinced me that Bev still loved and desired me, even as you, Tay, still desired Vicky, and that polyamory was the only solution to our dilemma. I don’t want to lose you Tay, I love you so very much and I’m sorry for my weakness! I’m begging you Tay! Please strip me naked, straddle my face and beat me with my belt, again and again! Whip my Lady and Girls until they bleed, Because I so desperately need to scream my heart-felt repentance into your Lady’s lips and swallow the hot, slick absolution of her orgasm! I must be punished severely for my betrayal and I want you to enjoy my pain, as the hot breath of my shrieks stimulate your pretty Lady’s folds! Please, Tay-Tay, punish me, forgive me, reconcile with me and let me show you my love!” Taylor wept as she sweetly embraced her repentant and sobbing Fiancée. “You’re not going to lose me over this, Maxie, I love you too much to ever leave you! I’ve decided what I’m going to do for your punishment, and part of that is to make you wait for it until after you and I have settled up with Courtney! Let’s take your shower kit, collect Courtney, and all go squeeze into a stall so that we can bathe and shampoo each other. Afterwards, we’ll put on these same smelly ‘Smol Cuties’ outfits and go to have a sleepover at Courtney’s house, since she has a bed large enough to handle the three of us, is that alright, Babe?” Max snuffled and kissed her beloved Taylor. “Aren’t we going to punish Courtney for her attempt to break us apart?” Taylor shook her head. “Not this time, sweetheart, we’d given our word that Courts had permission to speak freely without fear of punishment, and she stupidly took full advantage of our permissiveness, but there will be suitable consequences, I can promise you that!”