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Ice Queen Victoria Thaws Her Heart

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Chapter Four: Hurting


   Taylor and Max, hand in hand and breathless in their excitement and arousal, trotted from the Blackwell student parking lot, up the steps and through the main doors of the Prescott Dormitory, pausing in the lower lobby to catch their breath before ascending the staircase to the second-floor girls dorm. Taylor hurriedly unlocked her dorm room door and yanked Max inside before slamming the door and throwing the lock. Turning to Max, she pulled her newfound doe-eyed girlfriend into a frenzied kiss, crushing Max in a bearhug then exhaling a loud groan of impatience and exasperation. “Maxie! My insides are aching like they’re going to explode, we have to make love right away! I’ll help you undress and fold your outfit over the back of my desk chair, then you help me skin off my clothes and we can just leave them in a pile. I have to get you in my bed right now!” Max grinned nervously, but moved to comply with Taylor’s urgent demand, until they were both embracing and kissing naked in an amazingly short amount of time. Max was unsure what to do next. “You know that I love you, Taylor, but this is my first time and I don’t want to mess it up, so you need to explain clearly what it is you want me to do.” Taylor nodded and pecked Max on the tip of her nose. “Of course, sweetheart, let me get the bed ready, first.” Taylor pulled back the comforter to the end of the twin-size bed, revealing a half-inch thick shiny beige drape cord that had been passed under the mattress and left with the tasseled ends crossing over about midpoint on the bed, turning to Max, Taylor grinned, with a little worried look in her eyes. “Uhm, Max, I lay on my back with my legs bent, then wind the tasseled ends around my knees so that I can’t close them when I whip my Lady, which satisfies my bondage fantasy while I rub myself out between lashes. There is a little bundle of knotted leather boot laces under my pillow, I put two big knots on each of the four looped ends, for weight, then taped off the cut ends to make a handle, it’s about ten inches long, I can flog my Lady with all of my force, so that she really burns and aches so sweetly, without drawing any blood. Before you and I were together, Max, I’d tried to get myself off, doing just what I’d described to you, with Victoria watching, because I wanted to demonstrate that I enjoyed being whipped and that it wasn’t really damaging my Lady, but she broke down crying and left my room before I could climax for her. Knowing about that, Max, how do you feel about my, admittedly kinky, little masturbation ritual?”

    Max moved to the head of the bed and lifted the pillow, taking in hand Taylors’s little whip and whooshing it through the air, smiling, as she turned to Taylor. “I’m getting wet just imagining you whipping your Lady, my darling Taylor, so what do you want me to do? I’m ready for anything!” Taylor smiled brightly and climbed onto the bed, turned on her back and bent her knees while she smiled up at Max. “Start by winding the tasseled ends of the cord around each knee, about three turns should be enough, don’t knot them, just leave the ends hanging, they’ll work just fine and are easy to undo when we’re finished. Make sure to adjust them so that I can’t clap my thighs closed while you are whipping me.” Max did as Taylor instructed, although it took a couple of tries to get the spacing of Taylor’s thighs just right. Max leaned down to kiss Taylor, with a little tease of her tongue, then looked Taylor in the eyes with an excited, lustful expression. “Now what, Babe?” Taylor licked her lips and swallowed. “Lick my Lady to get her juices flowing, then straddle my face and I’ll wrap my arms around your hips to guide you down. I’m going to lick and suck your Lady to orgasm while you are whipping me, I’ll scream into you, so you may quiffe sweetly after I blow a little air into you. Please don’t hold back, Maxie, really whip me hard and fast, when I’m quivering and bucking as my orgasm starts, bend down and start sucking me until I gush. I’m going to swallow as much of your climax as I can, and I hope that you’ll swallow mine, I love you, Maxie, you’re fulfilling my deepest fantasy!” Max placed a hand on each of Taylor’s bound knees, rocking them back towards her chest, exposing the full length of her vulva and anus. Then Max lowered her face until her nose and lips were caressing the little stretch behind Taylor’s crease, first inhaling the ripe scent of Taylor’s pretty pucker, then moving up to enjoy the tangy, musky scent of Taylor’s damp, matted, dark-blonde hairy Lady. Gently parting Taylor’s crease with her nose, Max began licking and sucking the fragrant folds until her tongue penetrated the hood of Taylor’s clitoris, a shudder and moan from Taylor signaled that Max had found home. Max sucked the Lady’s sensitive nub between her teeth and enjoyed Taylor’s squeak of pain as she nibbled the sensitive little knot of nerves. Max looked up from between Taylor’s thighs and admired her writhing, arching belly and jiggling, splayed breasts, it was definitely showtime! Max crawled along Taylor’s torso, briefly squatting to rub her own wet, bushy brown Lady back-and-forth across Taylor’s stiffened nipples as Taylor looked up in surprise, gasping and moaning. “Max! Are you sure you haven’t done this before? You really seem to know what you’re doing!” Max laughed and kissed Taylor before pivoting to spread her thighs over Taylor’s face. “I’ve watched lots of lesbian porn while rubbing myself out, but now I’m just riffing, I might surprise you yet, Taylor!” Max closed her eyes as she tilted her face up at the ceiling and exhaled while Taylor’s lips and teeth started tugging on Max’s pendulous, hairy folds. Max’s insides started that delightful cramping as her juices dribbled down between her Lady’s engorged lips into Taylor’s questing mouth.

    Max shuddered from the ecstasy of an intimate experience that was proving to be so much better than she’d ever imagined. Taylor is truly Max’s love, and now it’s time to give her lover the pain, pleasure and release she’d been craving her whole life. Max reached behind herself to toss Taylor’s pillow on the floor as she groped for where she’d placed the knotted leather thongs, ah, there they are. Max gripped the ends of the little whip and stretched it to full length before grasping it firmly in her right hand and raising it above her shoulder as she paused to aim.  Max brought the thongs whooshing down smartly to impact, with a loud smack and a spraying of Taylor’s vaginal lubricant, as she shrieked into Max’s vagina while bucking her torso and hips with the shock and surprise of Max’s merciless first stroke. Max was breathing heavily as both she and Taylor began perspiring from their mutual arousal. Upon hearing Taylor’s muffled shout, “More!” Max began a calculated pattern of five hard lashes on Taylor’s squirming Lady, followed by a series of painful little flicks of the thong’s knotted loops across Taylor’s “Girls,” while enjoying the spectacle of Taylor’s writhing, perspiring torso, accompanied by the bleating and anguished cries between Max’s legs, as a series of crisscrossing red welts were laid out on Taylor’s lovely, sweaty bosoms. Max was suddenly overwhelmed by all of this erotic stimulation and began keening loudly as her orgasm pulsed and sprayed into Taylor’s choking mouth, even as Taylor’s back arched, her knees straining against the cords, and her gargled wail “Now, Max!” alerted Max to drop the thongs and stretch across Taylor’s trembling torso, to begin vigorously sucking, slurping and gulping the hot jet of Taylor’s squirting fountain of climactic ecstasy. Both girls collapsed in a moaning, sweaty heap, their bodies limp and wrung out from their spent passions.

    Taylor’s voice quavered weakly, from between Max’s passion-drenched thighs. “I’m yours forever, Maxie, I’m never, ever letting you go!” Max gently squeezed Taylor’s face between her trembling thighs as she lovingly kissed Taylor’s Lady. “You are the love of my life, Taylor, and after you punish my little Lady, I want them to kiss and make up!” Taylor gasped and chuckled weakly. “You’re insatiable, Maxie, everything about you is way beyond my wildest expectations, I’m already tingling and dripping again in anticipation! Oh, Maxie, just wait until you feel the incredible aching, burning, stinging afterglow of your flogging, your next orgasm will be so much more intense that this first one we’d enjoyed together!” Max rolled off of Taylor and groaned with the effort to unwind the cords binding Taylor’s thighs then repositioning herself so that she and her true love could embrace face-to-face, their bosoms pressed together as their thighs entwined so that their sensitized Ladies could rub their moist bushes against each other’s warm, sticky flesh. Max kissed her Taylor tenderly and murmured with a sultry, gravelly voice. “I love you so much, Tay, and I really crave my own whipping, but if we do that and then scissor our Ladies together until we climax, we’ll be too exhausted afterwards and we won’t feel like getting Bev and Vicky’s things ready. But you know what? I’m not going to shower after making love with you, Tay, because I want the scent of our passion to dry on my skin and hair, so that I have you on me until we can finish making love, hopefully later this evening? I’m not wearing panties or trousers, either, so that you can touch me down there whenever I want you to, but I’ll need a mid-thigh skirt to wear, do you have one?” Taylor had started breathing hard as Max’s decisions caused her to heat up in arousal, she swallowed and answered her lover’s query. “I only have miniskirts and short-shorts, which will cause our Ladies to flash too easily, but maybe we can try on some of Bev’s skirts until we can go clothes shopping for our own? I like your idea, Maxie, so I’m also wearing a skirt without panties from now on. I’d like it if you still wear the cardigan and blouse I’d given you, because they’d look so hot with Bev’s skirt, and don’t look so surprised, Max, we’re a couple, now, so what’s mine is yours and vice versa, of course!”

    Max went to Bev’s room with Taylor and they raided the wardrobe for skirts, Max was delighted to find a scratchy light-grey wool skirt and Taylor settled for an off-white one, since it was nearly the same tone as her cut-off white denim short-shorts. While  admiring their new styles, the girls playfully practiced reaching up under each other’s hems to caress their mate’s privates and finger their partner’s anal rosebuds.  Max sniffed the high, sharp scent from the moist, brown smear on her fingertips after swiping aggressively up the length of Taylor’s butt crack. With a mischievous grin, Max caught Taylor’s gaze before she slowly shoved the soiled fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean, pulling them out with a noisy pop. Taylor made a face. “Eeew! Max, that’s gross! How can you stand to just suck my poop from your fingers like that?” Max mischievously moved closer to kiss Taylor as she pulled back, horrified, then Max relented and laughed. “Don’t you remember, Tay? I’d tasted stronger chocolate when Victoria ’sharted’ in my mouth, so, you might say that I’ve acquired a taste for it. Besides, now that I know how unhygienic you are, after doing your number two, part of my love-making is going to include me licking your messy little sweet butt clean whenever I go down on you, and I fully expect you to kiss me, tonguesies and all, afterwards, so just deal with it!” Taylor melted against her Maxie and forced her tongue between Max’s lips as she probed and swallowed all of the saliva she could, in a passionate, fierce kiss, then she pulled back and touched noses with her lover. “I’m not letting you get one over on me, Maxie, so if you’re going to lick my rosebud, then I’m also going to lick yours, it’s called sharing our love!” Taylor reached under Max’s skirt and caused her to jump and squeak as Taylor’s finger boldly penetrated her sphincter. Whereupon, Taylor showed her stink finger to Max, sniffing it appreciatively before popping it into her pursed lips and sucking on it noisily, before embracing Max with another fierce, wet kiss. “There, Max, now we’re even!” Max couldn’t resist and smirked saucily at her Tay. “So, how was it?” Taylor hugged her Maxie and murmured in her ear. “I actually liked it, it’s so naughty and sexy, I’m going to beg to kiss your ass from now on!”

    Max and Taylor found a tote in Bev’s wardrobe and loaded it up with everything she’d requested, then Taylor carried Bev’s things and followed Max to her dorm room across the hall, where Max set up the little bunny’s cage and supplies under the far window, next to Max’s dead plant, Lisa, then Taylor snarked. “I hope that you take better care of Alice than you did your own plant, Max.” Max turned to Taylor and pretended to be cross with her. “That’s enough from you, missy! Pull down Bev’s skirt and lay on that bed while holding your ankles up by your shoulders, because I’m going to give you a licking you’ll never forget!” Taylor blushed hotly as she complied, expecting Max to whip her exposed bottom. But, to Taylor’s surprise, Max dropped to her knees and gripped Taylor’s thighs, forcing her buttocks to spread wider as Max rocked Taylor’s knees back against her chest. Max started licking, tonguing and sucking the entire crack of Taylor’s ass, paying particular attention to her sphincter. Taylor gasped and shivered as Max’s tongue forced its way past her pucker and probed the inner ring of her rectum. When Max was satisfied that Taylor was clean enough, she placed a tender kiss on Taylor’s squeaky-clean rosebud and released Taylor’s thighs, pulling Taylor into a sitting position, Taylor was breathing hard and gasped out. “What was all of that about, Max?” Max licked around her lips and smiled proudly. “How do you like my shit eating grin, now, Taylor?” Taylor was getting angry. “Just answer me, Max!” Max laughed and forced a kiss on Taylor’s resisting lips. “Alright then, it bothered me that your butt crack was so messy that you would be leaving a hash mark on Bev’s white skirt, so I took matters into my own hands and groomed your pretty pucker with my tongue.” Taylor glared at Max, then broke into a laugh. “When you threatened me with a licking, I was hoping that you were going to spank me!” Max moved closer to Taylor’s lips, and this time Taylor kissed her without hesitation, then Max explained. “I want to use my belt on your anus, Taylor, but I needed to clean it, first. I’d watched a hot lesbian femdom video, showing how the sphincter dilates open and closed after it’s smacked hard with a riding crop, it pushes out, after its hurt, and looks like a little mouth opening up. That has to hurt a lot, and I want to do that to you, then, when you whip my Lady, I also want you to hurt my rosebud before we have our Ladies kiss. Taylor was breathing even harder in her excitement. “Oh, Maxie, please hurt my rosebud right now! I’m taking my clothes off and getting in the position again, find your belt!” Max had a hard, shiny black patent leather belt, a little over half an inch wide, hanging on a hook in her wardrobe, she took it down and rolled it up to leave about a foot-long length exposed. “I’m going to hit you hard one time, so we can see how much it hurts you, before we do it any more, okay, here it goes!”

    Max held Taylor’s knees back with her left hand as she brought the tip of her leather belt down, hard and fast, directly across Taylor’s sphincter. Max got the briefest glimpse of Taylor’s rosebud opening in agony just as Taylor shrieked and rolled away from Max’s grip, writhing and crying from the unexpected level of her pain. Max grabbed Taylor’s knees and forced them apart so that she could lick and soothe Taylor’s hurt. Taylor’s crying slowed to a whimpering. Afterwards, when Taylor gained some control of herself, she pulled Max into a hug, wrapping her legs around Max’s waist as she rocked her Lady against her lover. “It hurt me so much, Max! But I really liked it! Just wait until later, I’m going to hurt your rosebud so good, Max!” Max broke away from Taylor and removed her own skirt. “Why wait until later, Tay, do me now! In that video scenario, the dominatrix forced her pretty little submissive to kneel with her butt in the air and her thighs spread wide, showing her anus. So, I’m going to assume that position for you, Mistress Taylor!” Max crawled up on the bed and knelt on her knees with her thighs spread wide and her face down on her folded forearms, “I look like a punished schoolgirl with this blouse and cardigan on while my bare ass is sticking up in the air!” Taylor chuckled, then spread Max’s butt cheeks while she hesitantly sniffed and then started gingerly lapping Max’s redolent crack. Max was getting turned on as her “Mistress” started humming appreciatively to herself while she aggressively enjoyed exploring this new territory with her tongue and lips. After planting a wet kiss directly on Max’s rosebud, Taylor decided, that to get the best angle, in order not to miss her target, she would straddle Max’s back as she faced Max’s exposed rear. Taylor gripped Max’s ribcage firmly between her thighs, pulled one of Max’s cheeks aside to expose her sphincter and brought the belt down with all of the force she could muster. Max screamed and tried to buck Taylor off, but was held in place by Taylor’s thighs, so Taylor took advantage of her lover’s helplessness, deciding, in that moment, that a harsher punishment was called for, and then cruelly lashed the entire length of Max’s crotch, as hard as her strength allowed, punishing Max’s rosebud, along with her exposed Lady, four more times. Max collapsed, stretched prone between Taylor’s knees, shrieking, writhing and thrashing her legs. Taylor stretched out on top of Max to hold her down until her bucking and wailing subsided. Max was sobbing and shaking as Taylor climbed off and helped Max roll over face up. “I’m sorry, Maxie, I got angry and really hurt you! I’d wanted your first whipping to be more loving and gentler, but you insisted on using this belt! Now you know why I prefer my little whip, it’s safer!” Max pulled Taylor down on top of her for a kiss, then sobbed in her ear. “It’s okay, Babe, I asked for it, but God! It burns so much! Help me finish undressing, Tay, I need for our Ladies to kiss and make up, right now!” Taylor pulled her trembling, perspiring Maxie upright, slipped off her purple cardigan and then pulled the blouse up over Max’s head and off over Max’s arms. “Oh, Maxie, you’d left you bra off and your titties are so pretty and pert! I’ll whip your Girls another time, because this mean old belt will hurt them too much!” Max pulled Taylor into a fierce kiss. “No, Tay, I’m the one who started this, and I need to make it right with you! I’d whipped your Girls when I had you helpless, so I need for you to whip mine. I’m holding my hands behind my back, so please, Tay, lash my Girls hard!” Taylor sniffled as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Okay, Max, but this is really going to hurt you bad! I’m only doing this on the condition that you freshen up my Lady with this belt before they start kissing, okay, my love?” Max nodded as she clenched her hands behind her back and thrust her bosoms forward, braced for her punishment. “I love you, Tay, hurt me now!” Taylor rapidly lashed Max’s jiggling breasts, back and forth, leaving an X-shaped pattern of red welts, as Max vented a prolonged yell and doubled forward, gasping and crying. Taylor dropped the belt and lifted Max’s face, then knelt to begin kissing her beloved’s thick, raised belt marks, sobbing as she noted the beads of blood welling along the edges of Max’s welts. Max was gasping and sobbing, Taylor wept, also, as she felt her Maxie’s tears spattering down on her neck and shoulders, while she tenderly kissed and licked the blood from Max’s wounded little Girls.  Max hoarsely exclaimed. “Oh, Tay! Oh my God, Tay! That hurt so good!  I love you so much, Babe!” Taylor straightened up, holding Max’s face as she kissed and sipped her lover’s bitter tears. “I’m laying down on the bed, now, Maxie dearest, please unroll your belt to make it a little longer, this time, and really hit my Lady hard! Afterwards, my beloved Maxie, lower your hurt Lady between my legs, so that their bruised lips touch, and then grind and pound our Ladies together, as fiercely as you can, make them rub and hurt each other until they shiver and gush! Oh, God, Max! Do me now!” Max switched places with Taylor, bent down to pick her belt up off of the floor and adjust the length of its tip to about a foot and a half. Max turned and knelt between Taylors thighs and began licking and sucking her pretty Lady until Taylor moaned, as a viscous trickle of vaginal lubricant welled out of her Lady’s folds and oozed down the crack of Taylor’s bottom. Max rose to her feet, braced Taylor’s right knee apart, to keep her crotch exposed, and sobbed. “I’m so sorry, Taylor, but my love has to hurt you!” That being said, Max brought the belt tip down harshly, repeatedly, along the entire length of Taylor’s sopping, swollen, hairy little Lady, forcing Taylor’s legs wide between each blow, as she shrieked and bucked under each lash, the belt-driven misting, of Taylor’s pain, spraying up and dotting Max’s face and breasts with pink droplets. Max wept as she dropped the belt and thrust her face between Taylor’s thighs, savoring, sucking and swallowing the metallic taste of her beloved’s blood-tinged vaginal mucous.

    Furious with herself for hurting her lover so cruelly, Max stood, with her legs spread wide, and lashed her own privates, as hard as she could, yelling with the fiery pain until she dropped to her knees, clutching herself until she could regain her breath. With grim satisfaction, she examined the blood-streaked wetness glistening on the palms of her hands, then resolutely stumbled to her feet and lurched over to the bed, clumsily clambering between Taylor’s spread thighs, to finally, lower her bleeding Lady onto the purple, swollen nether lips of her most-cherished loved one. Grinding and slapping together, the aching and fiery stinging of the two oozing, wounded Ladies, their matted pubic hair tangling, tugging and ripping loose in bloody little tangles, giving sharp little accents to their burgeoning pain and pleasure. Screaming and gushing, their pulsing jets of passion sprayed and blended in a blood-streaked, viscous wetness, drenching their thighs and bellies, while pooling beneath their writhing bodies, soaking into Max’s bedding. The two beautiful, perspiring young women clutched each other in a desperate embrace, their bloody thighs entwined as they kissed and swallowed each other’s saliva, weeping together in the aching, hot afterglow of their agonizing ecstasy. “I love you so much, Taylor!” “I love you even more, Maxie! Let’s taste each other’s pain, before it all dries up!” Max and Taylor painfully swapped ends and languidly licked and swallowed the cooling, thickened residue of each other’s pain and passion, swallowing every clot and gelatinous blob, until their swollen, purple privates and smeared inner thighs were clean enough to clothe, once again, after they’d napped together, embracing their whiplashed chests, bosom to bosom, in the most incredible afterglow that only an extreme erotic flogging could gift them.

    It was mid-afternoon, when the lovers awakened, smarting and groaning as their movements pulled scabs on their wounded Ladies. Taylor kissed her Maxie and spoke with a weak, trembling voice, the profound effect of her emotions lending emphasis to each word. “Our Ladies pledged their troth with an unspoken oath of blood, Max! We swallowed the fruit of our pain, a blended sacrament of our mucous and blood. We are bonded for life, Max, and this is a union deeper than mere love. We are wedded by body, blood and soul now, Max! My whole body is vibrating and thrilling as I hold you, beloved Maxie, you are mine and I am yours!” Max wept as she kissed her Taylor, then responded, as her heart ached like it was bursting with her emotions. “I love you more than I have words to tell you, Taylor! We’ve only just begun to share our agony and our ecstasy, on this, our Cosmic Wedding Day! Our Ladies are married now, so it’s only proper that we proclaim our Engagement. Taylor Christensen, will you do me the honor of becoming my lawful wedded wife?” Taylor clasped Max to her bosom, weeping with happiness. “Oh yes, Max! Yes! Yes! Yes, I’ll become your wife! Now, Maxine Caulfield, will you, also, marry me?” Max pulled her trembling Taylor into a tender, heartfelt, passionate kiss, then held, with her penetrating stare, the moist and adoring gaze of her beloved. “I am already your wife, dearest Taylor, my heart, body and soul are already yours. I offer you my suffering as I accept your suffering in return. May your cord always bind me as your whip caresses me, and I swear that I will mark you with the red welts of my adoration, loving you with my lash!” Taylor pursed her lips and looked askance at Max. “So, is that a yes?” Max sighed. “Yes, Taylor Christensen, I will be your lawful, wedded wife!”

    Both hugged and laughed, then Max snickered. “How did we become so pompous and bombastic? But really, Taylor, I meant every word, after all, we bled into each other, but we left out one important detail. Anybody can take a blood oath, kids at play will prick their fingers and smear the blood together, but we did a little something that almost nobody would do.” Taylor scrunched up her face in thought. “Okay, Maxie, I give up, what did we do?” Max put on a mock hurt expression. “Taylor! Did not the fragrance of exotic roses entice us to trespass between the vertical gates and taste of each other’s forbidden fruit?” Taylor became exasperated. “What are you talking about, Max?” Max laughed. “Oh, Taylor! Everything that just happened to us is a result of our tasting unsweetened chocolate!” Taylor blanched. “You can’t mean, that?..” Max guffawed. “Oh, yes I can! The greatest proof of love is that we ate each other’s shit, and that’s why we have to get married!” Taylor swatted Max’s bare arm. “That’s just mean, Maxie!” Max pulled Taylor into another kiss, then murmured in her ear. “We’re confirmed sadomasochists, Tay, ‘mean’ is how we show affection! And, I have an idea on how we can display our pledge to one another, we can make or order black velvet bondage chokers, perhaps mine will say ‘Taylor’s’ and yours will say ‘Maxine’s.’” Taylor smiled. “Let’s do it! But you always say to call you ‘Max, never Maxine.’” Max smiled. “I’ll make an exception for your choker, Tay, because if it says ‘Max’s’ then some people will think that you are the property of a male, and I can’t have that!” Taylor hugged Max tighter. “Oooh! Maxie! I’m your property, to have, to hold and to punish, ‘till death do us part!’” Max grimaced and gasped. “You’re making me wet down there, Tay, only this time it stings!” Taylor cooed. “I wouldn’t have you any other way, Maxie, because ‘my love has to hurt!’” Max smiled lopsidedly. “I want that little catchphrase inscribed on our wedding bands, Tay, it’s just so ‘Us.’ Now, dearest, we should get dressed, pick out Vicky’s things and go back to the Hospital.”

    Max dragged Bev’s tote, as Taylor went to unlock Victoria’s dorm room, only to find the door slightly ajar and the sound of sobbing inside. Upon entering, cautiously, they found Courtney curled up on Victoria’s bed, wadded tissues scattered on the floor. At the sound of Taylor and Max’s entry, Courtney snuffled and sat up, wiping her eyes. “It’s about fucking time you got here, Taylor! Tori texted me about her engagement to that Kate Marsh loser! Now I’m supposed to go over to the Hospital and cut Kate’s hair for her! And here you two show up reeking of blood and sex, I’m fucking losing it, you filthy bitches! What the fuck is Victoria thinking?” Max tried sitting next to Courtney to sooth her after that outburst, but Courtney shrugged off the hand Max placed around her shoulders. “Are you some kind of ringer, Caulfield? I have to fight tooth and nail to stay in Queen Victoria’s Court, working my ass off doing her homework assignments and prepping her Vortex Club parties! Now you show up, awarded carte blanche, Kate is the Queen’s fucking Consort, you are fucking Taylor and I’m just fucked!” Taylor yanked Courtney to her feet and felled her with a resounding slap, then held the wailing girl on the floor with her foot. “Get a grip, you sniveling little bitch, and listen up really good or I’m going to stomp the shit out of you right here and now!” (Max scooted further back on the bed, thinking ‘Whoa, my Tay is so hot when she’s angry! Me likey!’) Taylor bent down, grabbing Courtney’s hair and giving her head a fierce shake. “Stop blubbering or I’m going to snatch you bald-headed, do you hear me?” Courtney swallowed her phlegm and sulked up at Taylor. “Yes, Tee. Please don’t hurt me anymore?” Taylor, red in the face with fury, lifted her wool skirt and thrust the swollen, bruised folds and the tangled, blood-clotted pubic bush of her fragrant mons towards Courtney’s shocked face. “Hurt is what I do for fun, Courts! Max did this to me because she loves me, so, just imagine what we’ll do to you, now that you’ve pissed us off!” Courtney quailed and started whimpering in fear, so Taylor pulled her hair, again, reminding Courtney to “Stop your whingeing, or else…Are you done, Courts? Kate isn’t a ‘Queen’s Consort,’ she’s Victoria’s legitimate Fiancée, so you show her the proper courtesy and respect she deserves, from now on! Max isn’t some ringer who’s ‘fucking’ me, you little idiot, she saved Victoria and Kate from falling to their deaths. I lost Victoria’s intimacy and Max lost Kate’s, when those two pledged their troth. But that’s okay, Courtney, because Max and I are perfect for each other, and your tastelessly denigrating what Max and I have as ‘fucking,’ offends us to the point of violence!” Courtney whimpered. “I’m sorry, Taylor, and sorry, Max, I didn’t know! Ugh! Could you, please, cover up you lady parts? They’re making me ill!” Taylor scoffed. “How typical, Courtney! Why do you even want to be a part of our group? We’re all lesbians, and proud of it! You play it off that you’re so straight, acting like my pretty Lady offends you, but I’ve never known you to hook up with any of the eligible males, and that’s odd, since there are so many of them at the Vortex Club parties! So, Courtney, either ‘go away or go all the way in,’ what’s your deal?” Courtney, eyes brimming with tears, sniffled and cleared her throat. “I still live with my parents, Tee, I have to be straight for them, but I’ve been crushing on you, Taylor, and all you do is ignore me!  I tried making excuses to sleepover with you, Tee, but you always give me a blanket and send me to your couch, you won’t even snuggle with me! Now, I’ve lost you to Max, and now I just want to fucking kill myself!”

    Max scooted to the edge of Victoria’s bed and stood next to Taylor, furious with Courtney’s self-pity and insensitivity. “Taylor, she obviously isn’t paying attention, so I say we strip her and whip her tender parts to bleeding fucking ribbons!” Courtney curled up in a fetal position, hugging her knees for protection. “Noooo! Please Max! I’m sorry! I’m listening, I am! Please don’t beat me!” Max stepped around the quivering mess and smartly booted the crack of Courtney’s ass, eliciting a yelp. “I’m ready to beat you like the yammering little bitch you are, Courtney! If I ever hear you mock our Kate’s suicide and our Vicky’s sacrifice like that again, Courtney, then Taylor and I will drag you up to the roof of this fucking dormitory, stand you on its ledge and give you the opportunity to make good on your pitiful threat! And if you are bullshitting us, then we’ll hurt you so bad that you will fucking wish that you had jumped. Don’t you even test me on this!” Courtney choked on her phlegm and bleated. “What do you want from me, Max?”