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Ice Queen Victoria Thaws Her Heart

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Chapter Three: Convalescence


    Max and Taylor sat in the lobby of the Hospital, intermittently glancing at the old analog wall clock above the admittance desk, between sessions of listening to tunes with their earbuds while checking for texts on their smartphones, until finally, the minute hand ticked past eight o’clock and the pair rose to sign the visitors register and pass through the double doors to the long hallway of the in-patient ward rooms. Halfway down the hallway, and to their left, they found the door with a whiteboard having “V. Chase” and “K. Marsh” written with a blue sharpie. The door was halfway open, and a curtain drawn around the nearest bed was the only thing visible, from where they stood, so Taylor rapped lightly and heard Kate’s voice. “Come in, we’re awake!” Taylor pulled aside the curtain enough so that she and Max could stand in the space between the two hospital beds, being greeted by a smiling Kate, in the bed nearest the far wall, with her arms extended for a hug. Max rushed to crawl onto Kate’s bed and wrap her in a tight embrace, both girls weeping and sniffling, murmuring affectionate greetings as they released their pent-up emotions. Kate, who was clothed in the typical backless hospital gown, with her long, wavy, dark blond tangles tied back with a scrunchie, blushed shyly as she looked Max up and down her length. “Wow, Max, this is quite a change for you, that outfit is so pretty, and your hair is so nice, are you on a date with Taylor?”

    Max’s face flushed, as she recalled all of the naked intimacy that she’d enjoyed with Taylor, but she didn’t have the heart to entirely deceive Kate, deciding that, perhaps it is best to leave out the most uncomfortable details. “Taylor helped me get cleaned up after what happened, uhm, you know, while I was holding Victoria’s legs? I was filthy, soaked and chilled, so we snuggled for warmth and fell asleep until early this morning. Courtney arrived, a little later and, since my clothing and sneakers were soaked, they dressed me up in one of Taylor’s nice outfits, then Courtney did my hair and make-up. Taylor drove us to The Two Whales Diner for breakfast, since we were hungry and had to wait until visiting hours at the Hospital. Oh, that reminds me, we brought you and Victoria some carry-out, it isn’t much, just home-baked apple pie with a side of bacon, but it’s tasty!” Kate smiled, a glint of mischief in her eye. “So then, you did everything backwards on your date, I mean really, Max, sleeping with Taylor before going out to eat?” Max blushed deep crimson, unable to reply, so Kate swatted her lightly on her arm. “Just kidding, Max, but thanks for the thoughtful snack, if Victoria doesn’t eat hers, then that means all the more for me!”

    Taylor stood by Victoria’s bed, tears brimming in her eyes, as she noticed the IV bag and serum tube stuck into the crook of Victoria’s right arm, along with a body cavity drain poking out from a torso bandage, with a tube leading to a nasty-looking fluid trap bag, hanging on a bracket, lower down on the IV stand. Victoria’s eyes opened slightly, and she mustered a weak smile as she caught sight of her sad bestie looking down at her. “Good morning, my sad-face ‘Sweet T,’ I’m not going to break if you touch me, so please, scoot onto the bed beside me, I need a cuddle!” Taylor started weeping and snuffling as she kicked off her shoes and pulled the light blanket aside to curl up against her Victoria’s left side. “I didn’t know that you were hurt so bad, Tori, what did the doctors find? I thought you just had some scrapes and bruises, and I was hoping that you’d be leaving the Hospital today?”

    Victoria closed her eyes as she mustered her thoughts, then turned her head to catch Taylor’s gaze. “Oh, Tay-Tay, I feel better now that you’re holding me, but I’m a little fuzzy from painkillers and my mouth is dry, could you please reach for my sippy cup and put the straw between my lips?” The lap tray was swung away, on the right side of the bed at Victoria’s pelvic level, so Taylor pushed the bed control button, near Victoria’s face, and raised her upper body to a more comfortable inclination, before fetching the cup of water and holding it as Victoria quenched her thirst, Tori then released the straw and spoke. “I got slammed really hard on the lip of the building when I stopped Kate’s fall. By the time the paramedics transported me to the Hospital, I was showing signs of internal bleeding, so the urgent care doctors ended up performing a laparoscopy to repair a tear in my spleen. I was out cold, anesthetized, so I’m not sure about what all they had to do, but I believe that they had to flush the accumulated blood and fluids from my body cavity, so that’s probably why I have this drain, I may be in-patient for a week or so, but at least I have Kate here to keep me company. The nurses keep shooing Kate back to her own bed, because we’re always found cuddling.” Taylor was puzzled. “Kate doesn’t look like she’s injured, so why are they keeping her here?” Victoria had a pained expression as she gathered her thoughts, then met Taylor’s gaze, again. “Kate is under observation, a nice way of saying ‘suicide watch,’ while receiving psychiatric medication and intervention therapy, because of her nearly-successful act of suicide, since she actually jumped and would have died. There could also be criminal charges, because she’d endangered Max and I, so the authorities, at least, have agreed to keep her in the ward with me, pending some kind of resolution. My parents have been contacted, both of our medical expenses are being covered by them, pending some future settlement with Blackwell’s insurance carrier, and our family lawyer should be able to get any sentencing, resulting from the charges against Kate, commuted to a local outpatient therapy program.” Taylor mulled over Victoria’s summary of their situation. “But Tori, why would your parents offer to help Kate after she’d caused your injuries and nearly dragged you to your death?”

    Kate raised her head over Max’s shoulder and answered Taylor’s query. “It’s because Vicky proposed marriage to me and I accepted, we’re engaged now. So, Taylor, you are cuddling my future wife, Victoria Maribeth Chasemarsh, and that’s why Vicky’s parents are helping a prospective family member!” Max gasped and rolled out of the bed, falling to the floor, she pulled herself up to peer over the bedside at Kate and wailed in shock and grief. “Oh Katie, no! What about you and me?” Kate answered softly, with a serious, wistful expression, a tear rolling down her cheek. “All of that time we were together, Max, before I finally jumped off of that roof, I’d tried everything, except physical sexual assault, to penetrate your thick skull with the fact that I’d fallen in love with you! You were always so blind and clueless about all of the affection I’d showed you, each and every time that we were together. I don’t understand you, Max, why couldn’t you see that you were the only one I was being so physical with? You behaved like my caresses, snuggles and hugs meant nothing special to you, just taking them for granted, Max, playing off all of my efforts to get closer with you as just friendship. It’s too late now, Max, but If you had, even once, been courageous enough to take a chance, kiss me on my lips and confess to me that you loved me, I would have held fast to you through all of my depression and turmoil, instead of feeling so alone and rejected by everybody, that I went through with my desperate plan to kill myself! So, I’m truly sorry Max, I’ll always love you, but when I made my leap, the Kate Beverly Marsh you’d known was already dead, metaphorically splattered on the pavement below, along with her self-sacrificing Victoria. You stopped our bodies from plunging to their death, Max, and we’ll always be grateful. But I’m second-born, now, and my reinitialized backup personality would prefer to be addressed as Bev, never Beverly.” Max slid to the floor, curled up and weeping face down into her crossed forearms. “Why are you mocking me, Kate? I always say ‘Max, never Maxine.’ You just threw that back in my face! I lost Chloe because I didn’t tell her that I loved her, and now I’ve just lost you, too! Isn’t there ever going to be somebody who understands me and can love me, in spite of all of my flaws?”

    Taylor kissed Victoria on her brow, tearful eyes pleading for permission, and got an assenting nod from Tori, with a brief head tilt towards Max. So, Taylor kissed Victoria softly on the lips, smiled gratefully, silently mouthed “thank you,” through the blur of tears, and then squeezed Victoria’s hand before Taylor crawled out of Victoria’s bed and knelt, on the floor, to gather her weeping Max into her arms. “Maxie, darling, didn’t we make a pretty good connection, today? I could tell that you really like me, and I’ll never be the same after holding you so close. I know that you’ll be sad, for a long time yet, about losing your chance with Bev. But you have me, now. I’ll hold you, comfort you and sleep with you, for as long as you will have me. Don’t you see, Max? Tori and Bev, nearly dying like that, should teach us not to waste any time in telling somebody, that we care about, how we really feel about them. I’m taking a big chance here, Maxie, and I’m really nervous about it, so please listen to me, look me in the eyes and open your heart to mine? Because, Maxine Caulfield, I love you, I need to be with you, and I want us to make sweet love together. Tori and Bev have each other now, so we are free to be intimate, with no more doubts and reservations, if that’s what you want to do. You’d just told us that you’ve lost two loves, and seeing you sad like this hurts me, Max, but I can help you let go of what’s past. I’m the one holding you right here and now, it’s game time, Max, third strike and you’re out, so, what do you say?” Max started bawling as she desperately clung to Taylor. “I want to try, Taylor, I’d started falling in love with you, too, but I felt guilty because of Kate, uhm sorry, I meant Bev, and I was afraid of what Victoria would do to us, you’d told me that she punishes you with a whipping whenever you disobey her!”

    Victoria broke into Max’s confession with a chuckle, a moan of pain and an agonizing coughing fit, then gasped out her comment. “Max, I am actually so pleased that you and Taylor have found each other, even though Taylor is my first love. But, whether or not I whip her, well, that needs clarification, and I’m going to need Taylor’s permission to say anything more. My beloved Bev needs to know some of our history, also.” Max pulled back enough to look Taylor in her eyes. “Taylor, what is it that, uhm, Bev and I should know?” Taylor sniffled and wiped away the tears that were still brimming in her eyelids. “I’m a submissive, Max, and before you decide anything, hear us out, because I don’t want to ruin what you and I could have together!” Max nodded, with a look of uncertainty in her eyes. “I’m not sure what you mean by ‘submissive,’ Taylor, but I love you now, and I’m sure that I will still love you after you explain these things, okay?” Taylor looked pleadingly over at Victoria and whispered, “you begin,” whereupon Tori nodded affirmative, sighed and started the elucidation of a very delicate matter. “Taylor is so beautiful, with the sweetest smile, loveliest long blond hair, oh, how I love those cute bangs just touching her eyebrows, and the ‘smokingest’ body that I’d ever desired, so, it’s easy to see why Taylor was love-at-first-sight for me, and I had to have her.” Bev broke in at that point, a little cross with what Victoria had just confessed. “So, do you still think that Taylor is prettier than me?” Victoria coughed, winced, then replied. “To be perfectly honest, Bev, I love you above all others, you are my one and only, I’m marrying you, but if you want a comparison with Taylor, then you’ll have to show me more skin, and some serious physical affection, first! So now, back to my story, and let’s have no more interruptions, Bev, even though your jealousy is making me a little wet down there.” Bev stuck out her tongue and then made a zip-her-lip motion.

    Victoria smiled at her Fiancée, then continued. “I’m so standoffish and hard to approach, as you all have experienced with me, but for some reason, Taylor was as eager to get together with me as I was with her. We are both virgins, you know, are you surprised? Well, neither of us has ever been penetrated by a male, just like, from what you’d said, is the case with you, Max, and, of course, my Bev, also. Don’t get too jealous about this next part, Bev, well, maybe just a little bit? Where was I? Oh yes, so anyhow, Taylor started by hanging out with me, in spite of how mean and difficult I’d behaved towards her, and she was, curiously, mostly unfazed by the habitual snide and snarky observations directed at her, as well as my demanding behavior. Taylor steadfastly went to great lengths to placate and please me, no matter how ungrateful and entitled I’d behaved towards her, she seemed to thrive on my abuse and blossom with whatever crumbs of privilege and personal confidences I’d deigned to gift her with, as paltry and niggardly as they were. Until, at some point, we were drinking wine and relaxing together, when she abruptly invaded my personal space with a kiss…”

    Taylor broke in at that point. “I held Victoria’s face so that she couldn’t back away from me, she’s so skittish and nervous when touched, just like the exquisite thoroughbred that she is. So, little by little, I overcame her defensiveness and, figuratively, broke her, tamed her to my purpose and mounted her, until, at last, Victoria was mine! We disrobed and made the sweetest love with each other, it was a little awkward, at first, since neither of us had ever been intimate with anybody, but it was the happiest moment of my life. I wanted nothing more than to serve my beloved Tori and make her life comfortable, my heart was aching and overflowing with love for Victoria, and I worshipped her, utterly submitted to her, offered myself unreservedly to her, but then, my darkest, most suppressed secret began to intrude. Throughout all of our lovemaking, I had become increasingly adept at bringing my Tori to a glorious, shrieking, thrashing, gushing orgasm, my own pleasure being derived from just pleasing her, and my reward came from savoring the fountain of Victoria’s passion, reveling in her musky scent while sipping her precious orgasmic release. Oh Max, I’m blushing with shame, from recalling this next painful memory…In time, it happened that Victoria loved me enough to want to be the author of my pleasure, and that’s when she discovered I wasn’t really climaxing for her. Victoria’s feelings were so hurt, because I’d been pretending, and she didn’t accept my protest that my climax didn’t matter, since I still loved her. I couldn’t bear losing her, so, even though I’d been fearful of confessing to Victoria what I really needed to have my orgasm, I broke down in tears and admitted to my Tori that I craved pain with my pleasure!”

    Taylor caught Max’s gaze with tearful, anxious eyes. “You must understand this about me, Max, I have these obsessive erotic fantasies about being lovingly bound, so that my privates are exposed and vulnerable, followed by this aching, overwhelming yearning for my beloved to erotically whip my most sensitive and personal places, until I am lashed to the limits of my agony and my ecstasy, then, in all of my erotic scenarios, my lover drops her whip and plunges her face between my thighs, grasping my hips as she fiercely suckles my pain, to draw out from deep within me, my glorious, gushing climax! Oh God, I apologize to all of you, I’ve aroused myself in the telling, and gotten carried away, but, back to my story…Victoria acts mean, and that’s what initially attracted me to her, just imagining that she would dominate and punish me, is what really turned me on, but she’s just putting up a front. Once Tori trusted me, I’d discovered just how old-fashioned sweet and loving she really is. But, once I’d confessed my desires to her, there was no going back, so we argued and fought, then I wore her down until I’d cajoled and bullied her into just simply spanking me with the palm of her hand, not too weird, right? She wouldn’t do it hard enough to get me off, and then, when I got frustrated and angry with her for not trying, Tori started crying because I’d forced her to hurt me…When Victoria loves you, Bev, she will do anything for you, but she won’t hurt you, it’s not in her nature. Victoria was so distraught, that I was willing to continue pleasuring her while denying my own needs, that she couldn’t bear to harm me anymore by taking advantage of me. Because she was raised with so little affection in her life, your Victoria, Bev, places the highest value on ‘true love,’ more so than anybody I’d ever met. We still love each other, and up until this moment, I’d tried to give Victoria as much emotional comfort and physical affection as she would accept from me, but that is your office, Bev, from now on. I’ll still assist your Victoria in less personal matters, as much as you’re comfortable with, Bev, but please, just give me a gentle reminder if I overstep my bounds, okay?”

    Victoria was weeping as Taylor related her heart-rending version of their failed pairing. “There was no going back, once I knew what she desired from me. Taylor patiently tried to educate me on how I could fulfill her fantasies, she’d spent hours sketching these lovingly detailed illustrations portraying me as a dominatrix, binding and flogging my Tay-Tay, in every position and variation that she could imagine, clearly showing her body’s responses and the expressions on her face as her agony was transformed into her ecstasy, under those merciless lashes from the different kinds of whips that I held in my hand. I collapsed to my knees in tears, when I had to study those impeccably detailed, unmistakably clear instructions on how Taylor wanted me to punish what I loved, those incredibly beautiful, personal, most treasured and cherished private places on her body! There are lyrics to a Jim Steinman song: ‘I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that!’ As much as I’ll always love her, I’m not the one Taylor needs. Oh, Max! Please don’t break my ‘Sweet T’s’ heart, if you can’t deal with her desires, then don’t lead her on, because, in order to really and truly love our Taylor, your love has to hurt!”

    Max was sobbing, harder than ever, as she clutched her Taylor in an anguished embrace. “I love you Taylor, but I haven’t made love with anyone before, so you will be my first time, and I want to give you your first climax, and if we can do that, then I want to be with you for the rest of my life! You have to understand, Taylor, that I’m paralyzed and wracked, constantly, with guilt and remorse over how I’ve failed everyone that ever cared about me! I’ve habitually repressed my impulses for closeness with anybody I’m attracted to, and lacked confidence to act on my desires, because I feel undeserving and fearful of putting myself forward. You are a proactive submissive, Taylor, you knew how to overcome my reservations and convince me to get naked with you and let you pamper, preen and pleasure me, although, you did trick me by planting that emotionally-charged image, of Victoria whipping you, in my imagination! I have such a lurid and erotic imagination, Taylor, I’d pictured you tied, standing upright, with your arms spread above your head, your bosoms unprotected, and your legs splayed wide, leaving your privates exposed and vulnerable. I’d started obsessing on how you would writhe and scream, sweat filming your body and a spray of droplets flying off of you each time Victoria lashed your breasts, buttocks and lady parts! Then I became so aroused, as the image in my mind transformed into me being the one under Victoria’s lash. Oh Taylor, I’m breathless and wet down there now, as I’m revealing this to you! I still can’t believe that you chose me, Taylor, because I’m so indecisive and inhibited, that my inaction ultimately resulted in Kate almost killing herself! The only things I have to offer you, Taylor, are the love in my heart, my unfulfilled yearning, the prize of my virginity, and my utter surrender to you! I’m no dominatrix, dearest Taylor, but I promise to learn how to whip you, on the condition that you whip me, in return, just as hard! I’m certain that being punished by your loving hand will help me expiate my lifetime of guilt, releasing my deepest passion, as my gift, only for you, my beloved!” Taylor started bawling and clinging to Max with a desperate passion. “We’ll try, Max, I’ve always felt that love is pain, we’ll hurt each other so good! Oh Max, I promise you, that our love will be so good!”

    While Max and Taylor were weeping, kissing passionately, and clutching each other, on the floor between the beds, Bev slipped out of her hospital bed and crossed over to snuggle with her Fiancée. Bev grinned as she looked down at the other two and shouted. ”Hey there! Why don’t you two get a bed?” Max and Taylor broke their embrace, laughing and sobbing, as they helped each other up from the floor, straightening and smoothing each other’s rumpled garments, and then, finally seating themselves on the side of the empty bed, facing Bev and Victoria, with their near arms wrapped around each other’s waists and their far arms, fingers entwined, across their laps. At that moment, the breakfast cart trundled up to the door and a cheerful young candy striper brought in two trays, placing one on the pivoting lap table by Victoria’s bed and tch-tching as she brought the other over to Kate’s vacated location, now occupied by the two embracing visitors. “The whole ward is buzzing about the news of your lighting-flash engagement, ladies, so I’m overlooking your snuggling. In that case, Miss Marsh, would you like for me to set your tray on Miss Chase’s table, so that the two of you can enjoy breakfast together?” Bev smiled brightly and nodded enthusiastically. “Oh. That is so sweet of you, Chelsie, thank you!” Chelsie mentioned, to the visitors, that there were vending machines for snacks and beverages, in the waiting room, even one for coffee and hot chocolate, but sorry, no tea for Miss Marsh. The hospital breakfast, on the compartmentalized tray, was about what they’d expected, scrambled eggs and O’Brien cubed potatoes, a pair of skinless sausage links, applesauce, orange juice, white toast with margarine and jelly packets, but no coffee, though. Bev and Victoria sighed, and then tucked in, dutifully. Max grinned as she pulled the carryout containers from her messenger bag, then she and Taylor stood by the Fiancées’ bedside and chatted with them as they picked at the hospital offerings, while their convalescing besties enjoyed the tastier Two Whales fare.

    After eating only what the four girls felt like, leaving some things, namely the mushy O’Brien potatoes, untouched, the lap tray was pivoted out of the way and Bev turned on her side, facing away from Victoria, snuggling the open backside of her hospital gown tight against her Fiancée, letting out a squeak, followed by a naughty smirk, as Victoria gave her bare bottom a smack before tucking her left hand between Bev’s thighs, who closed her eyes, briefly and sighed in contentment. “Oh, sweetheart, that feels so nice. I’m going to ask some favors of Max and Taylor, so close your eyes, rest a little and leave that hand where it is, Vicky, but please chime in if you have anything to add, Babe, I love you!” Victoria hummed an affirmative as she followed Bev’s suggestion and relaxed while languidly rubbing Bev’s moistening, bushy crease, then Bev gasped and struggled to focus her concentration as she turned her attention to Max and Taylor. “You can see how embarrassing these hospital gowns can be, when I need to go into the bathroom, or, if I want to walk all the way to the vending machines, my gown flaps open, showing my backside to anyone that looks, you’re looking now, aren’t you, Vicky? Ahem, my dorm key is in my purse, there on the bedside table, so Max, would you please go through my wardrobe and pick out some underwear, socks, pajamas and a robe? Oh yes, and most importantly, please take care of my sweet little bunny Alice, in your room until I return to Blackwell. And, as an extra favor to me, if you can find my phone charger, sketch book and drawing supplies, then that should be enough to tide me over, for now.” Max bent over to embrace Bev. “Of course, Kate, oops, I meant Bev, I’ll do anything for you and Victoria, so just text or call me, if you think of anything else you need.” Max briefly inhaled the scent of Bev’s arousal before she returned to sit on the side of Bev’s bed, her arm around her new girlfriend’s waist, then Bev turned her attention to Taylor. “Taylor, I’d like to ask a favor of you, and possibly Courtney, also. I’ve made a decision to change my hair style, in order to match my new self-image, and I’d like advice to help with my fashion changes, especially after seeing the wonderful job you’d done with ‘Plain-Jane’ Max, here.” Max huffed, but didn’t say anything more, then Taylor turned Max’s face towards hers and consoled Max with a lingering kiss. “Never mind Bev’s snark, it seems like Victoria’s attitude has rubbed off on her, it’s a couple’s thing. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world to me, Maxie, and I’m already jealous whenever anybody else turns to admire you!”

    Victoria spoke up. “Taylor, dearest, the EM Responders cut my expensive clothing open in order to bandage my ribcage, and then, when the Urgent Care Staff prepped me for surgery, they threw away everything, except my denim jacket, purse and shoes. So, I’m going to need the same clothing items that Bev asked Max for, also, my eyeglasses and phone charger would be a welcome addition, while you’re at it, and thanks, ‘Sweet T.’” Taylor felt that Tori’s list lacked a few items. “Uhm, Tori? What about your contact lenses, make-up, skin care and hair grooming items?” Victoria chuckled and moaned as her ribs twinged. “You’d just said so yourself, Tee, about that ‘couple’s thing’ with my Fiancée. Bev tells me that I’m beautiful just the way I am, so, I’m fine with wearing my glasses in public, now, and I’ve decided to let my hair grow out, top and bottom, if you know what I mean. After all, Taylor, I’ve found the love of my life, so, I don’t need to ‘dress-to-impress’ for anyone else but my Bev.”

   Taylor smiled wistfully, a ‘might-have-been’ little ache in her heart, as she reflected on how she’d miss the intimacy that she’d once enjoyed with Tori, but Bev was so good for Victoria and, besides, just imagining the sensual possibilities with her Maxie, now that they’d opened up to each other, oh my God! Taylor swallowed as she felt the twinge in her belly and the moisture seeping from her privates. Max hadn’t even whipped her, yet, but the certainty, that Maxie would do so, had Taylor’s privates humming with anticipation, and her nipples stiffening. Max was looking at Taylor, mildly alarmed, as her hand was being squeezed tightly and her girlfriend’s breathing grew rapid and shallow, her gaze unfocused. “Taylor, are you okay?” Taylor shuddered and briefly clasped Max’s hand tighter as she turned, blushing hotly, to see Max’s worried face. “Uhm, I got lost in thought, for a moment, it was mostly about what I want to do when I get you alone, Maxie, so, I guess that we should get back to the dorms to gather Bev and Tori’s things together?” Max blushed at Taylor’s bold innuendo, leaned in for another kiss, then turned back to a grinning Bev. “So, uhm, Bev, we’ll be back later today, after we get your things ready, oh, I just remembered, would you like me to take your dirty clothes back, so I can get them washed with mine?” Bev nodded her head as she smiled. “That’s so sweet of you, Max, my wet clothes are drying on the hook behind the bathroom door, so sure, please take them with you and thanks. We’ll see you later today, then, and Max, be sure to enjoy some couple’s time with Taylor, she looks ready to explode!”

    On the drive back to the dorm, Taylor was squirming in the driver’s seat and panting with anxiety, swallowing and gasping little moans and sighs. Max was getting increasingly aroused each time she glanced at her agitated girlfriend, so she reached across the console to place her hand on Taylor’s bare thigh. “Are you going to be alright, Taylor? Is there anything I can do?” Taylor swallowed her excess saliva and flashed a nervous grin at Max before returning her fidgeting gaze to the road. “Maxie! I’m so turned on that my insides are aching and squirming, the crotch of my panties is soaked from needing you! So, please Maxie, when we get back to my dorm room, I want to make love to you! I know this is sudden and it’s your first time and all, but we’d confessed our love for each other before Bev and Tori, so we are officially a couple in all of the ways that matter! Our first time together doesn’t have to follow any rules of courtship, because we’d already bypassed all of that when we pledged our love in the Hospital, it doesn’t have to be world-shaking or great, it just has to be fast and dirty, good enough is good enough! Don’t worry, Maxie, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to take our time and perfect our techniques. But just for now, I feel like I’ll curl up and die if you don’t help me have an intimate orgasm with you, and of course, Maxie my true love, I’ll make sure that you have your climax, also!” Max smiled uncertainly, but gamely pushed her fingers past the narrow crotch of Taylor’s denim short-shorts and cupped her fingers on Taylor’s mons, between the damp, rough fabric of the shorts and the sheer, satiny surface of the panties. Max sharply inhaled, with a little catch in her throat, as she felt the soaked crotch of her lover’s panties and the warm, swollen outline of her aroused nether lips. Max pulled her fingers out and held them under her nose to delicately sniff Taylor’s scent.

    Taylor flashed a grimace of annoyance, snapping at Max. “Lesson one, Max, don’t waste my precious vaginal fluids, stick your fingers in your mouth to savor and swallow me, then get some more, my lady parts are flowing just for you, Maxie, so do the right thing!” Max closed her eyes as she sucked the watery, warm mucous and noted its slick and faintly saline character, complementing the light, musky scent of Taylor’s arousal. “I like your flavor, Taylor, so what’s lesson two?” Taylor gasped and quavered. “Put your hand inside my panties and touch my Lady, feel her folds and rub her nub!” Max gasped as she eagerly complied. “You named your privates ‘Lady?’” Taylor gasped out her reply. “I like to call my nipples ‘The Girls’ and I like to call my privates ‘The Lady,’ it helps with instructions during our love-making, a kind of shorthand, for example, I might ask you to have our Ladies kiss, then you would know to scissor your privates with mine, so that we could hump and rub them together, understand?” Max blushed, as she withdrew her fingers for another taste. “Uhmmmm, oh Taylor! There’s so much I don’t know, I’m lucky to have you as my Sex Ed teacher!” Taylor grabbed Max’s hand and shoved it back between her thighs. “Okay, Max, you are officially my ‘Teacher’s Pet,’ now, so pet the teacher, and don’t stop!”