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Todoroki shōto, son of the famous business owner, Todoroki Enji also known as Endeavor. Todoroki is a top student with a 4.0 gpa that exceeds in everything he does. Everyone expected him to become a businessman when he grows up but Todoroki had always had a passion for arts. His father, however, wanted him to go to the top business university and take over his business but we all know how that turns out. Todoroki wasn’t interested in anything his father wanted him to become and he wasn’t interested in pleasing him either. So of course he went against his father and went to an art university instead, he wanted to study it all, music, animation, sculpting and more. But what interested him the most out of everything else was photography. He loved that you could capture a moment and keep it forever, that you could tell a story with a simple image, he loved it. But obviously his father hated it and he didn’t give a single shit about it. With his slight social awkwardness and extreme bluntness you wouldn’t expect him to be the rebellious type at all but here we are.

Today will be his first day in the art university of his dreams, U.A. art academy, it’s a top notch university and even fits his number one requirements of being thousands of miles away from his father.

He hopped out of the taxi, pulling out both of his suitcases and his backpack. He looked up at the large building in front of him, he began walking toward the large gate and in the blink of an eye he was on the ground.

“ow...” Todorki opened his eyes to see piercing red eyes glaring down at him, the blonde had sweat dripping down from his forehead, down the side of his cheeks to his neck and disappearing behind his lose tank top, Todorki gulped. He took notes of this fine specimen on top of him, muscular arm, built body, glorious features and from the looks of it he was on a jog. Todoroki hadn’t realized how much he was staring, and before he could apologize the blonde spoke

“Watch it you damn Canadian flag” He pushes himself off Todoroki’s body and continued his jog. Todoroki was just beyond baffled 'did he just call me a Canadian flag??' the boy thought he groaned and began picking himself up, until another person came and helped him with his luggage

“Hey are you ok?” The green haired boys asked

“Yeah, I’m good, thanks” Todoroki dusted himself off

“I’m Midoriya izuku, and you are?”

“Todoroki shōto”

“Ohhh your the son of that business guy endeavor” Midoriya smiled brightly almost blinding Todoroki


“Are you new here, want me to show you around?”

“That’s really nice of you, I would like that”

“Alright, but first let’s get you to your dorm room” Todoroki followed the green haired boy to the dorm headquarters

“Hmm, looks like you’ll be rooming with Kacchan” Midoriya scratched his head “his an asshole at first, but once you get to know him you’ll come to love and understand him” Todoroki simply nodded

“I’m sure it’s nothing I can’t handle”

“Ok! um, leave your stuff in here and I’ll show you around now” once Todoroki’s luggage had been placed in his room, the two began their tour around the campus. Midoriya showed him each class room equipped with the tools needed for whatever major, animation, digital art, sculpting and whatnots. The cafes, lounges and various other places.

“And that’s all for now, there will be secret hidden places that you’ll discover on your own, maybe with a lover” Midoriya wiggled his eyebrows and winked at the duel haired male cause him to blush a bit

“N-no, something like that would never happen for me”

“Never say never Todoroki-kun” Midoriya smirked “anyways, we’re all gonna go out tonight, Jiro-san is throwing a party to celebrate the start of a new school year. Kacchan will be there too so you should come and also get to know him along with everyone else”

“I guess, ok” Todoroki nodded “then I will be returning to my room”

“See ya!” Midoriya waved good bye to the other boy

Todoroki began heading back to his dorm room, he entered his room and saw that his roommate ‘Kacchan’ still wasn’t there. He had gotten Midoriya’s number so he would text him when it’s time to go, so for the time being he would unpack his belonging. After about 15 minutes later the dorm door flew open, he turned around and nearly choked when he came face to face to this so called ‘Kacchan’ it was the guy that toppled over him when he just got here.

“The fuck are you doing here?” The blonde eyed him up and down “your that dude from earlier today”

“yeah that's me, the Canadian flag... it's Todoroki Shōto and I presume you are ‘kacchan’ “

“I presume you’ve already spoken to the bastard Deku” he walked over to his closet and stripped himself of his sweaty tank top “the names Bakugou, pretty boy, Bakugou Katsuki”

“Oh so you think I’m pretty?” Todoroki smirked

“Don’t look too much into it” he turned back to face him and Todoroki wished he hadn’t because Damn, he had a nice body and Todoroki almost, almost, drooled

“Like what you see?”

“Don’t look too much into it” Todoroki shot back. Bakugou just huffed and made his way to their bathroom to take a shower. Todoroki let out a breathe he didn’t realize he had been holding

Holy shit

He continued to unpack his belongings, somewhere along the way he decided to take a break and just flopped down on his bed. A few minutes later Bakugou walked out of the shower with only a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. Todoroki’s face immediately turned a dark shade of red which didn’t go unnoticed by his roommate, Bakugou simply smirked but did nothing more. Todoroki felt a sudden buzz from his phone, he looked at it and saw it was a text from Midoriya.

Midoriya- hey! Todoroki-kun, we’re gonna head out now, meet me at the front gate in 10 minutes.

With that he got up from his bed and began changing. Seconds later Bakugou had gotten a text similar to what Midoriya had just sent Todoroki, but it came from Kirishima. So he began to get changed too, he ended up with black ripped jeans, dark blue converse, and a black tank top. Todoroki however, settled with a blue button up dress shirt, khaki pants, and white converse.

Bakugou looked him up and down for a whole minutes wondering when the fuck that happened

“And just where the fuck do you think your going looking like that?” Bakugou shot at him

“Midoriya asked me to come hang out at the party with everyone, is something wrong?”

“yeah a lot is wrong with what your wearing” he folded his arms “change it”

“Why? This is fine” Todoroki refused

“Listen here rich boy, the type of hanging out we do is different from your cruise on a yacht, or your shopping trip in Paris” Bakugou walked over to Todoroki’s wardrobe to check out if he has anything better to wear. “you'll end up as a target dressed like that, here put this on” Bakugou brought out black jeans for him and a navy blue t-shirt. Todoroki was about to begin changing but Bakugou wouldn’t turn away

“Uhhh... do you mind?”

“What, you shy or something? Don’t worry I don’t bit”

“Whatever” Todoroki pretended the blonde wasn’t there and begins changing. Bakugou took note of his long pale legs, he also noticed that Todoroki was lanky but still had some muscles. He wasn't a goddamn stick like he had expected. Todoroki felt a shiver go up his spin under the intense gaze of Bakugou but tried his best to not be visibly affected. “If your done staring, let’s go now”

“Alright, your highness” Bakugou bowed sarcastically and began heading towards the door, with the other following behind him. Once they reach the school gate they saw Midoriya with Kirishima’s hands around his waist. With them was also Kaminari, Sero, Uraraka, and Asui.

“Kacchan, Todoroki-kun” Midoriya called out to them “your finally here. Todoroki-kun this is my boyfriend, Kirishima Eijiro, over here Kaminari Denki, Sero Hanta, Uraraka Ochaco, and Asui Tsuyu. Guys this is Todoroki Shōto” they each exchange some hellos, some asking whether he’s the Todoroki Enji’s son.

“Alright let’s bounce, the parties already started” Kaminari said excitedly, and they all began heading towards the party.

Todoroki was nervous as fuck, he’d never been to a party at all, only those fancy balls that his father forced him to go to. He saw in movie that these parties usually had drugs and alcohol, but Todoroki doesn’t drink, the farthest he’s went to is a glass of wine and a sip of beer, it tasted like piss so he couldn’t finish the can. He just hopes nothing bad happens, he’ll be fine... right?

He could hear the music from outside even before they had stepped in. Once they enter he was overwhelmed with the blinding lights, blasting music, smell of alcohol, and the sight of people grinding up against each other

Maybe this was a bad idea Todoroki nervously bit his lip as his eyes scanned the room full of tipsy college students. He turned around to look for Midoriya to tell him that he’s gonna leave for…personal reasons, but when he caught sight of the green haired boy, he was intensely making out with Kirishima in the corner of the room. 'That… was fast, I gotta leave, but I’m not 100% sure of the way back, I’ll probably get lost' Todoroki thought, he looked around to room to find someone that can take him back to the campus. Kaminari and Sero were chugging cans of beer with the crowd chanting “Chug! Chug! Chug!” Asui and Uraraka were dancing together with a bunch of others around them as well. And finally Bakugou was sipping a can of beer on the couch, with a bunch of girls chatting and flirting with him, while "casually" touching his arms and that pissed off the duel haired boy to no end, and why he felt like that… he didn’t know. Todoroki just decided to head upstairs to one of the rooms and hang out there until this was all over. On his way up someone had somehow forced a drink into his hands, he wasn’t sure what it was, maybe whiskey or something. The first room he entered was already occupied with a couple going at it. 'Well that’s gonna haunt me for a while…' The second room was the bathroom, luckily the third room was another bedroom and this one was vacant. The room was pretty nice, a bed, wardrobe, and other bedroom furnitures, the walls were painted dark blue with a few posters here and there, a drum set and a electric guitar in the corner. Todoroki took a seat at the edge of the bed still holding the drink in his hand, he took a quick sip and nearly gag. 'God, this is strong, I even can feel it burning my throat.' He put the drink on the nightstand and laid flat on the bed.

“I wanna go back to my room” Todoroki sighed “I don’t even belong here” he heard the door knob being fiddled with, causing him to sit up quickly to see who it was.

“The fuck are you doing here?”

“Bakugou…? I could ask you the same thing”

“Well, I asked first, so what is it? not fancy enough for ya?” Bakugou took a seat next to him on the bed

“Haha very funny” Todoroki rolled his eyes “well, I’ve never been to a party party like this before, I got uncomfortable and felt really out of place… now tell me, why are you here? the chicks not hot enough for you?”

“tch, hilarious... I got bored, nothing interesting” Bakugou noticed the still full cup of the alcoholic drink on the nightstand and smirked “hold up, is that too strong for you? What? Can’t hold your drink?” Todoroki knew Bakugou was challenging him, he knows he's gonna regret this, because no, he can’t hold his drink at all. But that won’t stop him from getting that smug grin off the blondes face

“Who says I can’t?” Todoroki reached for the drink and down it in one go, welp that was a mistake. “Oh God that’s bitter” he muttered

“Well, let’s just see how long you last until you’re drunk, I can easily tell your not good at this”

“Shut up, I’m not gonna get drunk just from one cup of… whatever the hell that was” Bakugou just huffed, his night was about to get a lot more… interesting.

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Todoroki knew that the moment he decided to chug down that drink he was gonna be fucked. He could feel himself slowly slipping away along with his sense of shame, dignity… and his shirt

“Oh my god! It’s so~ *hic* hot in here… or is that just you” Todoroki winked at Bakugou while stripping himself of his shirt and throwing it to some random corner in the room

“Jesus fucking christ! just.. put your shirt back on dumbass!” Bakugou yelled

“Don’t wanna! Toooo hwaaat!” He whined

“I don’t give a fuck!” Bakugou went to grab his shirt and forced it back on Todoroki “if I knew you would’ve ended up this drunk just from one cup, I wouldn’t have let you have it” he rubbed his temples and was thinking about what he’s gonna do with Todoroki now, because he can’t just leave him here. Who know what they’ll do to him, Bakugou’s thoughts were interrupted by Todoroki flinging himself unto Bakugou’s back

“Bakugou~! *hic* don’t ignore *hic* me!” He buried his face in his hair “woooow! *hic* your hair is *hic* soooo swoooft!”

“Get the fuck off me”

“Noooo!” He pulled Bakugou down to lay flat on bed and straddled him. “I’m not letting *hic* you go” he put both hands on his chest to keep him down

“You wish” Bakugou flipped them over, he grabbed Todoroki’s wrist and held him down as he settled between the boy’s legs “look, I can tell you don’t do this often, so—“

“Oh my god! How did you *hic* know!?”

“It’s pretty obvious….” Bakugou looked at him with the what the fuck face

“I never even *hic* mentioned anything about sex though *hic*”

“W-wha... huh?”

“Be gentle, it’s my first time” Todoroki hooked his legs around the blonde’s back and looked away shyly

“What the fuck!? I’m not gonna— wait… your a virgin?”

“Y-yeah! You said it was obvious! i’m still a virgin and i’ve *hic* never been to a party like this and the only alcohol I’ve had was wine and a sip of beer and….” He paused “Katsuki…” for some reason hearing Todoroki say his first name made him shiver and affected him more than he’d liked to admit “I’m hard”

“Excuse me what?”

“I’m hard…. And it’s your fault!”

“Bitch don’t blame me!”

“You have to take responsibility…” the duel haired boy was blushing, he spread his legs wider apart “please…” any more of this and Bakugou would be the one with the problem.

“Ok this has to stop now, listen up peppermint… I’m gonna go to the bathroom and when I come back I’m taking you back to our dorm. Got it”

“Got *hic* it” he giggled

“The fuck you giggling for”

“Peppermint, I like it, it’s cute”

“What the fuck ever dude” he got up and left the room to head to the bathroom. Once he got in he splashed water on his face ’the fuck is wrong with this guy, just one cup and he’s this fucked up drunk. And more importantly what’s wrong with me!? I get with girls and guys left and right, but why does he affect me so damn much. Uuugggh! Pull yourself together Katsuki! Just take this jackass back to campus’

When he returned back to the room Todoroki wasn’t there, Bakugou groaned and began stomping downstairs. Once he got to the living room, he quickly found the red and white hair coloured male in the middle of the dance floor. He was dancing in the centre of a bunch of thirsty guys, and he was also chugging down another drink. One of the guys even had the nerve to wrap their hands around Todoroki’s waist and grind up against him. Todoroki wrapped his arms around the guys neck and swayed his hips along with the music, then another guys came behind them and grind his crotch against Todoroki’s ass

“What’s your name cutie” the guy behind said as he ran his hand up and down Todoroki’s side

“It’s Todoroki Shōto *hic* what’s yours?” He hummed

“Tetsutetsu” the guy behind him said as he bent over and bit down on Todoroki’s ear

“I’m Monoma” the guys who was grinding unto him from the front said

“Oi~ my *hic* ear isn’t food” Todoroki giggled “pleasure to meet you two~” Tetsutetsu spun Todoroki around and squeezed his ass, Todoroki let out a soft sigh

“The pleasure is all~ mine”

“Hey, don’t hog him all to yourself tetsu” Monoma grunted pressing his own crotch against the boys ass and sliding his hand up his shirt. Bakugou felt his blood boil as he watched those two guys grinding up against what was clearly his. Ok sure they literally just met today, but they were roommates and whatever is in Bakugou’s room belongs to him, so technically Todoroki is his.

“Sorry to interrupt, but your holding something that belongs to me” Bakugou grabbed Todoroki’s hand and pulled him away from the two and glared at them

“Do you mind?” Monoma glared back, Bakugou was clearly about to punch this guy in the face but Tetsutetsu stepping between them

“Hey chill dude, sorry man, we didn’t know he was your boyfriend, we’ll back off” Tetsutetsu said and elbowed Monoma in the side

“He’s not… I.. we just.. ugh whatever!” Bakugou groaned and just dragged Todoroki out the door

“That’s too bad he’s taken, I wouldn’t mind spending the night with him, if ya know what I mean” Tetsutetsu wiggled his eyebrows while nudging Monoma

“Keep it to yourself dude” the blonde rolled his eyes and walked away.


Todorki could nearly walked properly because of that second drink so Bakugou had Todoroki’s arm draped over his shoulders and had his own arm around the boy’s waist to keep him steady as he walked them both back to the dorm. Luckily it was almost midnight, so not a lot of people were around to see this






“What! What! What! What the fuck do you want!”

“Your hot”

“The fuck? This is what you wanted to tell me?! Ugh! that second cup got you even more drunk”

“Yesss *hic* and i’m sorry I ruined your night *hic*”

“Whatever… I was getting bored anyways”


“Are you fucking kidding me!?” Bakugou groaned

“oh my gOD! *hic* the sky is *hic* crying!!” Todoroki yelled worriedly

“No, no the fuck it's not. Let’s just hurry the fuck up and get back” Bakugou grabbed Todoroki tighter and speed up through the rain.

Around 10 minutes later they finally made it back to their dorm, Bakugou took off his and Todoroki’s shoes


“What now?”

“I’m wet” Bakugou choked “the water is *hic* getting all over the floors…”

“Oh thank god”


“Nothing, just take off your clothes and dry your self off” Bakugou said as he began stripping himself of his shirt, once again revealing his toned and muscular abs. Suddenly Bakugou felt hands tracing over his abs, he looked over his shoulder to see Todoroki was pressing into him “Oi?! The fuck you doing!?”

“Nothing…” he hummed

“I thought I told you to change, you’re gonna get your dumbass sick”

“Uh uh… too *hic* tired” Todoroki shook his head

“I’ll push you down and strip you if I have to” Bakugou threatened

“Do it, I dare you” Todoroki smirk

“Alright, watch me bitch” Bakugou turned his body to face Todoroki, he pushed him back until his back came in contact with the wall. He pulled off his shirt, then his pants plus his socks leaving him only in baby blue underwear with white flowers “pfft”

“What’s so funny?” Todoroki questioned, weakly punching Bakugou in his bare chest

“Baby blue? and flowers? Really? How old are you six?” Bakugou laughed

“Don’t laugh it’s not *hic* funny~!” He whined “what about you?!” He reached for Bakugou’s pants but the blonde grabbed his hands and stopped him

“Sorry, that area is off limits for you” Todoroki pouted “what’s the matter? You want it? Well your gonna have to work for it” Then Todoroki got an idea, it might kill him but he’s drunk and nothing is a bad idea when you're drunk, he bit down on Bakugou’s shoulder causing said male to grunt “the fuck!?” He pushed him back to witness him smirking victoriously.

"Ha. Ha" He was able to leave a bite mark, bright and red

“Alright, two came play at that game” Bakugou bit his neck almost drawing out blood. He gave him more bite marks and decided to give him hickeys too, just to piss him off when he finds them in the morning. Todoroki was squirming under Bakugou and whenever Bakugou licked over the hickeys or bite marks he’d giggle like a school girl. Bakugou pulled back to take a look at his work, Todoroki covered in hickeys and bite marks, Bakugou might have gone a bit over board but fuck it. Todoroki was blushing intensely either from being drunk or from the heat of the moment, possible both. And to Bakugou amusement he was also half hard, he would’ve loved to go further but better to stop here and call it a night. “All right that’s enough, seriously change you shit and head to bed” he began walking away but Todoroki grabbed his arm

“Don’t” he pushed Bakugou unto his own bed and sat on him putting both legs on either side of the blonde “you can’t just stop half way”

“You drunk, and I’m not gonna take advantage of someone who can barely walk or think straight”

“Even when I’m sober I ain’t *hic* thinking straight” Todoroki mutter but Bakugou heard it clearly, he’s gonna keep that information in handy

“You’ll regret it in the morning, so get the fuck off me”

“No” Todoroki bent down and bit Bakugou again on the other shoulder and gave a hickey on his neck while grinding down unto him

“I wouldn’t have pegged you out to be the horny and honest drunk” before Todoroki could respond Bakugou flipped them over again, he pinned Todoroki’s hands above his head with one hand, while Todoroki wrapped his legs around Bakugou’s waist

“My body is ready” Todoroki with the most serious face ever

“pffft the fuck?” Bakugou snorted, he used his free hand and pinched Todorki's nipples, the sound that came out of him went straight to Bakugou's dick. "wow, wouldn't have guessed your nipples would have been this sensitive" he twisted them again causing Todoroki to let out a lewd moan. "and, as much as I would love to have you screaming my name all night" Bakugou grabbed the pillow and threw it at Todoroki's face "I'm not that easy, now go change and go. to. sleep"

"aw, no fair~" Bakugou got off of him and grabbed some clothes from his wardrobe, then headed to the bathroom and changed. When he came out, he was drying his hair, he saw that Todoroki hadn't moved at all. He was about to punch him but turns out he fell asleep, well, more like passed out.

"ugh! oh my fucking god" Bakugou grabbed a large sweater out of Todoroki's wardrobe, he sat the unconscious boy up and put the sweater on him, then used his towel and dried his still damp hair. After he laid him down properly on his bed and tucked him in, he looked so peaceful in his sleep "now that I look at him like this when he's not running his mouth, he's actually really pretty." Bakugou reached down and brushed Todoroki's hair behind his ear.


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The next morning Todoroki had a major headache and wicked hangover, he didn’t want to get out of bed but when he noticed he wasn’t wearing any pants he shot up from his bed. ‘Why aren’t I wearing any pants!?! What happened last night!’ He took a deep breathe and tried to remember what happened last night, the only thing he could remember was chugging down that drink when Bakugou came in but everything else was a blur. He looked to the other side of the room and saw his roommate still sleeping peacefully in his bed. He got out of bed and dragged his body to their bathroom, his brain pounding inside his head. He looked up in the mirror to see if he looks just as fucked up as he feels. His hair was messy, the white of his eyes were red and he could still taste the alcohol on his tongue. Then he looked lower and nearly fainted, his neck and shoulders had several bite marks and hickeys on them ‘what the FUCK happened last night’ he washed his face and brushed his teeth while trying to get back even a small flash of what happened the night before. The harder he tried, the more his head hurt and when he couldn’t remember a thing his imagination only became wilder ‘did I make out with someone? Was I drugged? Oh my god... am I still a virgin??!’ He reaches back and touched his ass, it wasn’t sore or anything, he slowly pulled down his boxers and looked at his bare ass in the mirror, he noticed that someone’s hand print was however on his ass ‘what the fuuuuuck!!??!’ And as if his morning couldn’t get any worse Bakugou walked in. He walked in to see Todoroki with his boxer down to his mid thigh, fingers grazing over the hand prints, shirt pulled up to the dip in his back as he was slightly bent over to have a full view of his ass in the mirror, now Bakugou has the same full view.

Todoroki and Bakugou made eye contact and the two froze in place for what seemed like eternity. When Todoroki finally came back to reality he quickly pulled his boxer back up and pulled his shirt down to hide more of his legs

“Wha-what are you doing here?!” Todoroki yelled keeping his head low trying to hide his obvious blush

“This is my bathroom too ya know” Bakugou said

“You could have at least knocked first”

“How the fuck was I supposed to know you’d be in here checking out your ass?!” He ruffled his hair

“I wasn’t checking out my ass!”

“Sure as hell looked like it” Bakugou chuckled, Todoroki was about to yell at him some more but then he noticed the bite marks and hickeys on him. ‘Did the two of us do…things… together’

“...Oi, how did you get those…” Todoroki asked pointing at the bites and hickeys

“What? don’t remember? You gave them to me” Bakugou smirked

“W-what? I-i did that…?” He stuttered ‘I could have a little fun with this’ Bakugou thought

“Yeah, you gave them to me, right on your bed and I paid you back the same way” Bakugou said gesturing to the marks on Todoroki’s neck and shoulder

“…Oh…” Todoroki gulped “what else happened…?” He wanted to get as much information as possible ‘if we did this together then… is it his hand prints on my ass…? and just how far did we go last night?….’

“Well, I could explain it to you…” as Bakugou moved closer, Todoroki moved back until he hit the sink and Bakugou was pressed firm against him “…or… I could just show you” the blonde smirked darkly

“How… how far did you and I… uh…” Todoroki asked not making any eye contact with Bakugou

“Did we fuck? Is that what your asking?” Bakugou tucked Todoroki’s hair behind his ear, he moved closer so his lips were brushing against Todoroki’s ear “…no” he felt the duel haired male’s shoulder relax

“What the hell Bakugou? Don’t mess with me like that, are these bite mark even from you? What about the hand prints on my a…ahh”

“The one on you ass?”

“Yes…” he muttered

“That wasn’t me”

“What…. then… who?!” Honestly Todoroki wished it had been Bakugou, at least it was someone he was somewhat familiar with, but now a complete stranger had been groping his ass hard enough to leave a damn mark! “Bakugou, after I got drunk, what happened?” Todoroki asked

“It was really fucking hilarious now that I think about it” Bakugou chuckled resulting in Todoroki slapping his shoulder “Oi, don’t fucking hit me”

“It’s not funny”

“It is, anyways I’ll tell you once you’re done checking out your ass”

“I wasn’t—! Whatever, just get out” Bakugou left closing the door behind him, then Todoroki took a quick shower, he came out with the towel around his waist, when Bakugou saw this, he got an even clearer view of the marks he gave him causing him to smirk “you can go in now”

“Mm” Bakugou went to the bathroom and began his morning routine, meanwhile Todoroki began changing, luckily for him he had afternoon classes so his mad handover could calm itself before class. He settled with dark blue jeans, a black button up shirt that covered most of the marks and hickeys. He had to use a bandage and cover one that was peeking over his collar. He sat on his bed and dried his hair while combing through it, after that he packed his bag for class, which starts in 2 and a half hours. ‘Getting drunk for your first time the day before your first day in college. Not only that but waking up with bite marks, hickeys, and a hand print on your goddamn ass. Nice going Shōto’

Bakugou finally finished taking a shower and came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist slightly showing his V-line and one towel on his neck. When he had stepped out the bathroom, steam from his shower emitted out from behind him, some water from his damp hair dripped down his neck, down to his muscled chest and abs and vanishing behind his towel. He also saw the bite marks and hickeys that were scattered around the boys neck and shoulder, he also noticed that there was one hickey much lower than the others, right on his pecks. Todoroki reached up and touched his lips, ‘did I really do that… to him?’ The thought made Todoroki shiver, now that he thinks about it, that’s the most intimate thing he’s done with anyone. He kinda wished he at least remembered that moment.

Bakugou also has afternoon classes so he wasn’t in a rush, luckily for both of them. The spike haired boy settled with wearing black jeans and a grey t-shirt, not giving a shit about exposing his bite marks and hickeys. His outfit also did a fantastic job is showing off his body.

“Ok, now can you tell me everything that happened last night?” Todoroki asked once he realized the other was dressed

“Alright, alright” Bakugou took a seat on his chair “well after just one damn drink you got drunk real fast, you flirted with me several times and told me certain things about yourself”

“…what things…?”

“That you’re still a cherry boy and that the only alcohol you’ve ever had was wine and a sip of beer”

“Oh jeez” Todoroki groaned

“Ohh, it gets better” Bakugou smirked, as shitty as it my sound, he found joy in seeing Todoroki embarrassed and in pain like this. For the next 12 minutes Todoroki sat through the painful, heart wrenching, full on embarrassment that was Bakugou telling him everything…. that happened last night, some in more detail than necessary. The pinning, the ‘be gentle, it’s my first time’, the ‘I’m hard, take responsibility’ the time when he went down stairs and took another drink while two guys were grinding up against him. Todoroki figured one of them had given him the hand print, Bakugou told him about their walk home, him telling the boy he’s hot and apologizing for 'ruining' his night. And finally about Todoroki wanting Bakugou to fuck him when they were half naked on Todoroki's bed, but Bakugou being the saint that he is refused and just settled with the bitting and the sucking, then Todoroki passing out. He did, however, leave out the part about fixing the hair on his face and calling him cute, he doesn’t need to know that.

“….so, did you put on my shirt for me?”

“Yeah and dried your hair cause your dumbass knocked out, I’m surprised you didn’t even throw up”

“I guess I should be thanking you, who knows what would’ve happened if you hadn’t been there with me” Todoroki looked up at Bakugou and smiled softly at him “thank you”


“…d-don’t fucking mention it, I’d just have a bad feeling if I left you like that and I was getting bored at the party so whatever” ‘tch, what the fuck was that’

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Todoroki got up and opened the door, behind was Kirishima, one of the people he meet yesterday, Midoriya’s boyfriend

“Hey Todoroki, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, um, Kirishima, right?”

“Yep” Kirishima said popping the ‘P’

“may I help you?”

“Is Bakugou here?”

“Yeah, in here” Todoroki stepped aside to let the boy inside their room

“The fuck you want hair for brains?”

“Wanna join…. Boi” Kirishima smirked


“Boiiii! Alright, start talking” Kirishima smirked “whose internal organs did you smash this time”

“What the fuck Kirishima??”

“Dude! You have hickeys on your neck, even bite marks, kinky” he wiggled his eyebrows “Yo, Todoroki, do you know anything about this” he turned to face the other boy, Kirishima noticed the blush on his cheeks and his embarrassed expression, he also saw the bandage on his neck sticking out of his collar then it clicked “…oh my god… YOU GUYS TOTALLY HAD SE—“ before he could finish Todoroki had covered his mouth

“We didn’t!” Kirishima grabbed his hand and pulled it away from his mouth

“Then how do you explain your hickeys and bite marks? Hmmm?” He grinned

“He’s a horny drunk” Bakugou deadpanned


“Ooh, I see” Kirishima nodded letting go of Todoroki’s hand “….so, how far did you go? You guys made out? Suck his dick?” Kirishima asked looking at Todoroki “you’re kind is hard to deal with, ya know”

“What kind of questions are those!?… wait, my kind?” Todoroki had never felt so flustered and embarrassed in his life

“Kirishima why the fuck did you come here?” Bakugou asked rubbing his temples

“Oh, right! you guys wanna join us for dinner later tonight?” Kirishima asked looking at Bakugou

“Us?” Bakugou raised an eyebrow “Deku’s gonna be there too?”

“Duuuh, and so will everyone else, the whole gang” Kirishima turned back to face Todoroki again “and you can properly meet everyone since you guys were busy last night and we barely saw you” Kirishima wiggled his eyebrows and gave Todoroki 'that' look.

“We didn’t do anything extreme…” Todoroki explained

“Yet.” Kirishima said so fast Todoroki barely caught it

“Excuse me?”

“Alright hair for brains, it’s time for you to fuck off” Bakugou stood up from his chair and began chasing the boy out his room

“W-wait! You guys will be there right?! you have to come alright! I’ll be back Bakubro!” Kirishima yelled as he was pushed out the door

“Don’t call me that!”

“Never!” He said as he ran off, then Bakugou slammed the door shut. He turned back around rolling his eyes, at that moment he and Todoroki locked eyes. They stayed like that for a few seconds before Bakugou began walking to his bed and flopped down.

“Uh… don’t you wanna cover that up?” Todoroki said gesturing at his marks

“No” he stated

“People are gonna question you a lot” Todoroki folding his arms across his chest

“Listen peppermint, I couldn’t care less about what the fuck people think, if they think I fucked someone, whatever, if they think I got attacked by a dog, what. ever.”

“alright... and don’t call me peppermint” Todoroki rolled his eyes

“Why not? Last night you said you like it” Bakugou sat up “you said it was cute”

“Tch, whatever” Todoroki said walking to his chair, he sat down and began tinkling with his camera

“photography?” Bakugou asked

“Yeah… that’s my major, and I’m taking a minor in digital art” Todoroki said without looking back “you?”

“Painting, drawing”



“Any minor course?”

“Same as you, digital art”

“So we’ll have some classes together” Todoroki turned around on his chair and snapped a picture of Bakugou with his camera

“The fuck?” Bakugou growled

“Wow…” Todoroki looked up from the camera to face Bakugou “your really photogenic”

“Gee thanks” Bakugou said sarcastically “next time fucking ask”

“Will you say yes?”

“Probably not” the blonde chuckled a bit

“Oh” Todoroki took another picture


“Anyways, you look better when I take the picture without you knowing”

“You’re fucking weird” Bakugou flopped back down unto his bed.


Now they had 15 minutes left until they had to get to class so they headed out at the same time. They had classes in a different buildings so when they had to spilt they separated without saying anything. Luckily Midoriya had shown Todoroki were everything was so he knew where he was going and got there 5 minutes before class began, the class was pretty small about 20 people in the class. Only two seats were left, one was next to this silver head guy, the other was next to this blonde chick who had bitchy written all over her. ‘i’ll sit next to the sliver haired guy’ Todoroki walked over and sat next to him

“Hope you don’t mind if I sit here” Todoroki said getting the attention of the guy

“No prob— Hey! It’s you! Todoroki Shōto” The boy smiled


“What? You don’t remember me?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t really remember much from last night”

“I’m Tetsutetsu! We dance together last night” he leaned in a bit closer

‘Ho-ly shit’

“O...ohhh” Todoroki remembered what Bakugou told him about when he was dancing between two guys, this must be one of them ‘is it his hand print around my ass?? Ugh, just my luck’ “I see”

“Hey, Hey, don’t worry, I don’t wanna make things awkward for you” Tetsutetsu gently elbowed him “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend and we were both drunk so--”


“Yeah, that ash blonde spikey haired dude, really angry” Tetsutetsu said

“Well, he’s not my boyfriend, he was just taking care of me… I’m not very good at drinking”

“Really, he’s not your boyfriend? Cause he was all like ‘you’re holding something that belongs to me’” Tetsutetsu tried imitating Bakugou voice… tried, causing Todoroki to chuckle and Tetsutetsu to blush

“Is that so? well we’re just roommates” Todoroki smiled a bit, then the professor walked in and class began.

--———After class————

“All right class, next time we’ll continue with the same lesson so come prepared” their professor said before leaving

“Hey, Todoroki if you’re free, wanna hang out tonight?” Tetsutetsu asked as they were packing up

“Oh sorry, I can’t, I already have plans tonight” Todoroki said

“oh, then maybe another time?”

“Yeah sure” Todoroki nodded

“Let me get your number?” Tetsutetsu said as he pulled out his phone

“Sure” Todoroki got his phone and put his number in “um, I guess I’ll see you around” Todoroki waved and left the classroom

“Yeah, I’ll see you around… cutie” Tetsutetsu said to himself with a smile

Chapter Text

After Todoroki had given Tetsutetsu his number, he waved to him and left the class. He ended up bumping into Midoriya and the browned haired girl he met yesterday, Uraraka.

“Hi! Todoroki-kun!” Midoriya smiled brightly at him

“Hello, Midoriya and Uraraka, correct?”

“Yeah, we met just a bit at the party” she shook his hand “you’ll come with us to dinner tonight right? It’s at 7.”

“Yeah, I’ll be there”

"nice, we meet at the front gate"

“So, how was day one?” Midoriya asked him

“Rough morning, but my class was enjoyable”

“Photography?” Uraraka asked


“Me and Deku-kun are in animation”

“That’s cool, I tried animation once… but I decided I’ll stick to photography” he rubbed the back of his nape

“Hahahha” Uraraka laughed

“Trust me, we understand” Midoriya laughed too “Anyways, you headed to lunch now?”

“Yeah, I am”

“May we join you?” Uraraka asked to which Todoroki nodded, the three walked together to the cafeteria, which was huge and packed with beautiful food, just gorgeous… anyways, they sat down at a fairly large table. Todoroki was confused as to why at first but then others started to come one after the other. There was a blue haired boy with rectangular glasses and a fit build that Todoroki had never seen.

“Todoroki-kun, this is my roommate Iida Tenya” Midoriya introuduced

“Hello, Todoroki-kun, I’ve heard somethings about you from Midoriya-kun” he said waving his hands around in a robotic manner

“Hello Iida, nice to meet you” Todoroki shook his hands and the boy joined them for lunch.

“Iida-kun, are you gonna join us for dinner?” Midoriya asked

“I can’t I have work to do and the last time I joined in, I woke up in Uraraka-san’s room with my shirt and left shoes missing and all sorts of rubbish on my face and body, and half of my memory from the previous night gone” he looked at the brown haired girl accusingly

“Boo! Party pooper!” Urarak stuck her out at him

After Kaminaria and Sero showed up, saying hello to the four at the table before sitting down to eat. Later Kirishima and Bakugou showed up together. Kirishima took a seat next to Midoriya and they began making out.

“Ew get a fucking room” Bakugou pretended to throw up, and Kirishima stuck his tongue out at him

“We’ll get a room when you get shirt to cover up those hickeys” the red head teased and Bakugou rolled his eyes. Now Yaoyorozu, Asui, and Jiro showed up to join the group at lunch.

“I’m curious Bakugou, who gave you those marks?” Uraraka asked and Todoroki choked slightly on his food. He looked up and gave Bakugou a ‘you better shut up’ face

“You’d be shocked” Bakugou stared right back at Todoroki but looked away fast enough not to be suspected “but that’s none of your damn business round face”

“Round face? Really?” Uraraka rolled here eyes, while Kirishima was smiling like a complete dork

“… I know who it is!” the boy suddenly spoke up, and once again Todoroki choked on his meal

“You better start talking dude” Sero said

“Who did Bakugou bag this time” Kaminari wiggled his eyebrows. The group began chattering louder, pestering Kirishima and Bakugou to tell them who it was that gave Bakugou those hickeys and bite marks. Meanwhile Todoroki was slowly dying on the inside.

“Hey, Todoroki, might you know?” Yaoyorozu asked, and the whole group went silent and turned to him waiting for a response. He looked at Bakugou, then looked and Kirishima and back at Yaoyorozu.

“…no, not really”

“Not really?” Jiro raised an eyebrow

“*gasp* you know something” Uraraka gasped exaggeratedly

“Talk” Sero demanded

“I think we shouldn’t pry into Bakugou-kun’s personal life” Iida said

“Are we really prying if he leaves all that out in the open….” Kaminari said

“Kaminari-chan has a point” Asui put her index finger on her cheeks cutely

“hey, What’s that? On your neck?” Midoriya pointed at the bandage on his neck, Todoroki slapped his hand over the bandage on his neck

“It’s nothing, just a… a mosquito bite” he replied quickly

“A mosquito bit you? Or… was it Bakugou that bit you?!” Kaminari said out as if he had just discovered the cure for cancer

“W-what!?” Todoroki eyes widened

“Aha! It was Bakugou! You guys totally did the dirty!” Kaminari yelled out

“Wow Bakugou, that was fast” Sero said

“Damn, it is shocking” Midoriya said

“Who would have thought, bad boy Bakugou and good boy Todoroki” Jiro said

“Bad boy??” Bakugou looked at her rolling his eyes

“Good boy?” Todoroki raised an eyebrow

“Can all of you just shut the fuck up” Bakugou snapped “we didn’t do ‘the dirty’, we didn’t anything”

“Did you guys make out?” Uraraka asked

“No the fuck we didn’t” Bakugou rolled his eyes

“So you just gave each others hickeys?” Asui asked

“He’s a horny drunk” Kirishima explained

“Aaahhhh” everyone ‘ahh’ed at the same time in understanding

“You kind is hard to deal with” Kaminari said placing a hand on Todoroki's shoulder

“Again? My kind?” Todoroki just facepalmed while the other laughed

The rest of dinner went by peacefully, well as peaceful as it could get. They dropped the subject of Todoroki and Bakugou ‘getting together’ and talked about other random stuff. After, those who still had classes went to their class and those that didn’t went elsewhere. Todoroki had signed up for some extra class other than photography and digital art, he signed up to take art history, because… why not? Unknown to him, Bakugou also had the same class. When everyone separated, the two were going in the same direction and it was beginning to get awkward, well, for Todoroki at least.

“Do you have a class right now, Bakugou?” Todoroki finally asked

“Duh, why else would I bet heading to the school building” he rolled his eyes

“Maybe you’d wanna talk to a professor” Todoroki shrugged

“I have art history, idiot”

“Art history?” Todoroki raised an eyebrow “that’s where I’m headed too, I didn’t think you’d take that class”

“The fuck is that supposed to mean?!” He snapped making Todoroki move back

“Nothing, nothing” he put his hands in front of him biting back a smirk, up ahead was Tetsutetsu walking towards them, he was waving at Todoroki with a big smile on his face, Todoroki waved back at him. Bakugou eyed them from the side, he didn’t know why but he felt extremely annoyed right now. ‘Isn’t this the same guy that was all over Todoroki last night, it’s probably his hand print that was on his ass this morning… his round, plump, soft looking— hold up, just what the fuck am I thinking!?’

“Hey you” Tetsutetsu smiled


“You gotta class now?”

“Yeah art histor--“ Todoroki was suddenly yanked away from the silver haired boy by none other than Bakugou

“A class you’ll be late for if you keep running your mouth” the blonde said as he pulled Todoroki away

“…I guess I’ll see ya around!” Tetsutetsu yelled out from behind them

Bakugou was so focused on getting Todoroki as far away from Tetsutetsu as he could that he hadn’t realized he was still holding Todoroki’s hands. He would have told Bakugou that he was still holding his hand but it felt… nice, he like how it felt, he liked how his and Bakugou’s hands fit so well together, just like puzzle pieces. He was so deep in the thought of how his hands were surprisingly warm that he hadn’t realized they were already walking into class and Bakugou was still concentrated on getting Todoroki away from Tetsutetsu that he too hadn’t realized they were already walking into class. So now, they had both walked into class, hand in hand for everyone to see. only when the professor, Aizawa Shouta, had cleared his throat had they realized where they were and where their hands were, Bakugou quickly let go of his hands and turn his face away to hide his blushing cheeks.

“Congratulation on your relationship” Aizawa said sarcastically in a tired tone “but please, keep the ‘love’ in your dormitories” the two boys’ faces went completely red and Aizawa chuckled inwardly. There were only two open seats left and were ‘conveniently’ right next to each other. So for the next 2 and a half hours they sat next to each other while the professor taught about art history. Since it was the first day they didn’t have an assignment yet, so they could head back to their dorm and chill. The two were headed back to the dorms, so they might as well go together

“Earlier, what was that all about?” Todoroki asked

“What? getting your ass to class on time?” Bakugou not spearing a glance

“You know that’s not it” Todoroki rolled his eyes “I know you didn’t drag me away so I won’t be late for class”

“He’s one of he guys from the fucking party” Bakugou crossed his arms over his chest “it’s probably his hand prints on your ass” this caused Todoroki to blush

“Shut up” Todoroki snapped and then he remembered what Tetsutetsu had told him in class “he did tell me something interesting though, that at the party you said I ‘belonged’ to you when you pulled me away” Bakugou spun around to face Todoroki


“You heard me” Todoroki smirked “you think I’m yours? Did you drag me away because you were jealous?”

“Shut the fuck up half and half bastard” Bakugou snapped “if I hadn’t said that they would’ve just insisted on trying to get their dicks up your ass. So your welcome”

“Do you always have to be so vulgar…” Todoroki face became pink

“I’m right though” Bakugou said nonchalantly, to save himself form anymore embarrassment Todoroki decided to keep quite as they continued to make their way back to their dorms.

Once they got back to their room Bakugou immediately flopped down unto his bed and was out in seconds

“Wow that was fast” Todoroki mutter, he took off his shirt and put on a simple grey t-shirt. “I having a feeling we’re gonna be out for a while, so I better sleep too” He took of his trousers, now only wearing boxers and went to bed, snuggling under his big warm fluffy blanket. After an hour Todoroki woke up to see that Bakugou was already up and was on his computer. Todoroki slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes while stretching, his blanket now only covering his legs below his knees.

“Finally awake sleeping beauty?”

“Hmm, so were you the knight in shining armor that kissed me awake?” Todoroki said sarcastically

“Oh, you wanted me to kiss you?” Bakugou smirked

“Mmm, let me get my barf bag first” Todoroki shot back

“Bitch please, a kiss from me would make you weak in the knees, you couldn’t handle it”

“Oh really?” Todoroki raised an eyebrow “I’d like to see you try” he challenged, Bakugou stood up from his chair and walked over to Todoroki, it was now that he had noticed the blonde was shirtless, his sweatpants low enough to show his v-line, Todoroki gulped, of course he wouldn’t back down from a challenge, but Todoroki wasn’t gonna back down either. He has kissed people before so what would make this time different? Maybe because it’s with someone insanely hot, pfft no… maybe because they only met yesterday, yeah that’s why? If he believes it hard enough, it’ll be true enough “h-hold up” Todoroki cursed himself for stuttering “we just met yesterday, you’re not really gonna… kiss me, are you?” Bakugou was right in front of him, he had his hands on either side of Todoroki and one knee on the boys bed

“What? you wanted me to” Bakugou smirked, leaning a bit closer

“I was kidding, jeez” Todoorki pushed him away “we have to get ready for dinner anyway, it’s already 6:30” Todoroki said looking at his phone

“Yeah” Bakugou muttered as he walked to the bathroom, once he shut the door he began splashing water on his face, his face was burning ‘why the fuck I’m I blushing?!’ He ran his fingers through his hair ’stupid fucking Todoroki and his fucking beautiful eyes and pretty face and sexy legs and aaggghhh!’

Meanwhile Todoroki was having a mild heart attack, ‘his face was so close! If I hadn’t stopped him we would’ve seriously kiss me! Gaaahh! Stupid Bakugou and his stupid pretty face and hot body…’ He got up from his bed and goes to his closet to pick out an outfit for tonight while Bakugou is in the bathroom. By the time he was done picking out his outfit Bakugou had already come out so Todoroki went inside to freshen up before getting dressed. When he was done we went back to the room and began putting on a pair of black jeans, then he took off his grey t-shirt and put on a red short sleeved button up dress shirt and finally his black vans. Bakugou wore black ripped jeans and a black t-shirt with a picture of a skull on it and black high tops.

“Hey Bakugou” Todoroki called to his roommate that was currently drinking water “how much money should I take, will 200,000 yen be enough?” Bakugou choked on his water and started coughing “oi, are you ok?”

“200,000yen!? What the fuck!?”

“What?” Todoroki looked genuinely confused “too little? I thought we wouldn’t go somewhere too expensive, no?”

“Oh my fucking god” Bakugou rubbed his temple “it’ll be enough.”

“Oh, ok” then they headed out of the dorms and met up with everyone else, Kirishima had his hands around Midoriya’s waist, Jirou and Yaoyorozu were standing side by side, Uraraka and Asui were holding hands, then Kaminari, Sero and, this one chick Todoroki hadn’t seen before were messing around together, the girl had pink hair and her skin tone was also a tint of pink

“They’re here!” Midoriya waved to them

“And it’s not seven yet so I didn’t have to drag them out of their room” Kirishima smiled at the two

“Todoroki-kun, this is Ashido Mina, Ashido this is Todoroki Shōto” Midoriya introduced them

“Hey Todoroki! I’ve heard about you a lot form the girls” she walked up to him and held her had out, and he shook her hand

“Nice to meet you, Ashido” he smiled

“Come on, let’s go! Tonight is gonna be lit!” Kaminari yelled out, then he, Sero, Kirishima, and Ashido howled causing the others to laugh. The eleven of them took 3 separate taxis to get to the location, Asui, Uraraka, Yaoyorozu, and Jiro took one taxi. Kirishima, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugou in one taxi and finally Ashido, Sero, and Kaminari in another one. It was about a 15 minute drive before they got to their destination they all exited and made their way inside the restaurant. It was a nice simple restaurant, it was nice looking on the outside and inside and affordable for an average college student. Todoroki was kinda excited, it was the first time he would be dinning with friends, he usually only goes with his sister, or some other rich family that his father wants them to meet for business purposes and there all excruciatingly boring. They got a large table and sat down, then a waiter came over and began taking their orders, after that, he left them and the group began chatting.

“So, Todoroki, I bet this is the first time your eating in a place that’s not 5 stars right?” Sero questioned from across the table

“What?” Todoroki looked up a bit surprised at the sudden question

“Yeah, you dad is like, fucking rich huh? So you must be loaded right?” Kaminari asked, Todoroki felt rage boil in his stomach at the mention of his godforsaken father, but he tried not to let it show

“Well, I mean, I suppose so”

“Oooh, rich boi~ the ladies must be all over you” Ashido wiggled her eyebrows “any lucky girl get it yet?”

“What?” Todoroki’s eyes went wide and his cheeks flushed red , Sero covered her mouth to keep her form asking more personal questions

“Ignore her, she was dropped as a baby” Sero smiled apologetically

“Many times” Bakugou deadpanned and the group laughed. They continued to talk until their food arrived, and made small chit chat here and there while they ate. Todoroki had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, he learned a lot of new stuff like everyones majors, Yaoyorozu and Asui were sculptures, Kirishima and Jiro were musicaians, Kaminari was an artist like Bakugou, Midoriya and Uraraka were animations which he already knew, and Ashido had digital art, he could ask her for some advise since that was his minor course. Ridiculous stories that happened in high school and bars, apparently Bakugou once knocked out a whole gang with a sock full of butter. Todoroki has never laughed so hard in his life, Bakugou was watching him the whole time, he found it endearing, he found Todoroki cute and his laugh was music to his ears. 'ok, enough with the gay thoughts' Bakugou shook his head slightly.

“Hey, let’s go to karaoke!” Uraraka suggested

“That’s a great idea” Asui said kissing Uraraka on the cheek

“I’m down for that” Jiro said turning to Yaoyorozu “you babe?”

“Sounds fun” Yaoyorozu agreed

“Yeah!” Kaminari and Sero cheered

“Cool! I haven’t been to karaoke in a while” Kirishima said

“We’re gonna have so much fun” Midoriya smiled

“Todoroki you in?” Ashido grinned

“Uh, Sure” Todoroki had only ever heard of karaoke, it’s when people sing and they can order some snacks, he barely spent half of the money he brought, so cash wasn’t an issue. He’d never gone to karaoke before so he wanted to try it out for the first time, 'what could go wrong?'

“This is gonna end well” Bakugou said sarcastically

“Come on! Let’s go!” They departed the restaurant, separating into 3 different taxis like before and headed to the karaoke place. Todoroki was excited and a bit nervous for what was coming up next, what if they forced him to sing, he could sing a little, not like a professional, what if he embarrassed himself in front of all of them. He’s only ever sang in front of his sister and mother, no-one else. If only Todoroki knew that singing in front of these guys wasn’t gonna be his biggest problem tonight.

Chapter Text

After dinner at the restaurant the gang spilt up in the taxis and headed to the karaoke Place. The place was nice, littered with bright decorations and lights. They headed to the counter to pay for a vip room, Todoroki offered to pay for the whole thing but they insisted on splitting the price “we’re not that broke” as they said. They paid for a good 3 hours in a large vip room that could comfortably fit all eleven of them. Bakugou complained that it was too long, “what the fuck are we gonna do for 3 fucking hours?” Were his words but Uraraka told him that time would pass by in a jiffy

The room they had gotten had a large red couch that surrounded the back and sides of the room’s red and blue walls, a large black table in the center already filled with alcoholic drinks and some snacks for the group. A platform in the front with a tv behind it and 4 mics for the singers, there was also a tablet placed on a high table near the platform where they could select the song and also look at the lyrics. The room was dark and decorated with neon lights to give of a neon, glow, club-vibe. ‘Wow… not what I was expecting at all…’ Todoroki pressed his lip into a thin line while eyeing the vip room

“Amazing!” Uraraka squealed

“They already have the drinks here”

“Tonight is gonna be awesome”

They all settled down on the comfy couch, Todoroki sat next to Kaminari with Bakugou right across from him. Everyone, except Todoroki, began pouring themselves some drinks and cracking open cans of beer.

“Todoroki-kun” Ashido called out to him “your not drinking?”

“Oh, no, I’m not very good at drinking” he politely declined

“Damn right he ain’t” Bakugou huffed

“Really? Then you sing first!” Ashido suggested

“What? No, no, I can’t really sing” Todoroki shook his head “Kirishima or Jiro should sing, their musicians”

“Jeez, how ‘bout we go outside so you can throw us under an actual bus?” Kirishima and Jiro shook their head slowly, Todoroki gave them an apologetic look.

“Bakugou should sing!” Kaminari piped up

“I will fucking choke you” Bakugou glared at him

“Oh, kinky” Sero wiggled his eyebrows

“Wow Bakugou-kun, is there something we need to know” Uraraka smirked

“I think Todoroki is showing a new side of Bakugou” Jiro said, Todoroki’s face went red and he hung his head low

“Oh, fuck off”

“Guys, please… you’re making him uncomfortable” Yaoyorozu said, holding back a small laugh

“If no one wants to sing, then let’s do something else” Midoriya piped up

“That’s a great idea babe” Kirishima pecked the boys cheeks

“Then… let’s play truth or dare!” Ashido suggested



“We are in fucking college, what the fuck are we playing truth or dare for?” Bakugou mentally smashed his face against a brick wall

“You’re never to old for truth or dare dude” Sero patted his shoulder

“And how about this, if you fail to do the dare or answer the truth you have a take a shot” Jiro said catching their interest, Todoroki hoped no one realized he was currently having an internal crisis. In order to prevent himself from making a fool out of himself in front of everyone, he decided that he would do every dare and answer every truth. He had to, he doesn’t have a choice. The last time he drank just two cups of some shitty alcohol he woke up with hickeys, bite marks, and a hand print on his ass, which are finally fading away. He just hoped he wouldn’t be questioned first…

“Then who’ll start?” Asui asked

“I’ll start!” Kaminari jumped up from his seat raising his arm up enthusiastically. “Ummm… Todoroki! Truth or dare?”


“Uh… truth..” This was gonna be a long night

“I’ll start of easy, for your sake because I’m such a good guy” Kaminari held his head up high while the others just rolled their eyes and huffed “umm, oh! Who was your first kiss?” Todoroki thought back to the first person he kiss, it was in his 1st year at high school

“Well, in my 1st year of high school this girl confessed to me, I didn’t know how to say no, so I just agreed to dating her. On valentines days, she just kissed me, I didn’t really react… I just kind of stood there… it was awkward… for me at least”


“Was she into it?” Todoroki thought back to how she had placed his hands on her ass and forced her tongue into his mouth and pressed her body impossibly close to his

“…yeah” he nodded slowly


“Ok, now you ask someone” Kaminari told him

“Uhhh…” Todoroki looked around the room deciding who to ask “Bakugou, truth or dare?” The blonde raised an eyebrow, an amused looked plastered the others face.


“Have you ever been arrested?” Todoroki kept a straight face, this was a chance to kinda get to know more about Bakugou, but why the hell does he wanna know more about him. What is that about the blonde that has Todoroki so intrigued. Everyone ‘ooo’ at the sudden braveness of Todoroki

“Not arrested… but, there was a fight, couple guys got shot and I was taken in for questioning”

“Haha I remember that!” Kirishima laughed

“Those guys got pretty beat up” Yaoyorozu said

“Blood everywhere” Asui added

“Were you the cause?” Todoroki asked again

“nah, you’ve already asked your question, now it’s my turn” he smirked “so... truth to dare, Todoroki?”



“This is gonna be interesting” ’Picking dare with this guy will be pretty dangerous…’ Todoroki thought

“Truth” Bakugou smirked dangerously at Todoroki and he felt a shiver rack up his spine

“How did you get that scar on your face?” ‘Bastard’ Todoroki glared at him, this was a touchy subject for him and he definitely didn’t feel comfortable sharing this with everyone… at least, not yet. Everyone was kinda on edge, no one had questioned him about his scar, they just assumed it would come up on it’s own… no one suspected it would be like this.

Fuck it.

Todoroki reached out and poured himself a shot of whiskey and gulped it down quickly, making a disgusted face as it made it’s way down his throat.

He place the shot glass back on the table in front of him, leaning back into the chair looking Bakugou dead in the eye. It irked him how Bakugou was looking back at him victoriously, like he had won… but Todoroki wasn’t gonna let him get to him, not gonna happen, no way, definitely not…

“Is it just me, or is there some sexual tension between you these two right now?” Sero said cutting the silence, Todoroki just gave him a ‘hell no’ type of look while the others laughed

“Fuck off” Bakugou barked but Sero just laughed with the others completely unaffected by his crude comment

“Anyways, Bakugou-kun, you have to asked someone else” Uraraka said

“Right… Jiro, truth or dare?”

“Dare” she replied quickly



“Sing.” Bakugou repeated “you can even pick whatever song you want, since I’m so nice”

“HAHAHAAHA!!” Kirishima bursted out in laughed “as if! That’s like me saying I’m straight!” Everyone else joined the red hair in his fit of laughter, even Todoroki was holding back a chuckle

“Shut the fuck up, fucking loser” Bakugou snapped

“If we’re losers what does that make you, hmmm?” Sero grinned, Bakugou just rolled his eyes not bothering to respond.

Jiro had already gotten up to the platform in front of them and picked a song, the music began playing and everyone quickly recognized the song, Shape of you, by: Ed Sheeran. She began singing and her voice was just beautiful, which should be expected, she is in the music department after all, she sang the whole song hitting each note perfectly with no mistakes. While she was singing it couldn’t be more obvious that she was staring at Yaoyorozu the whole time, the black haired girl couldn’t help but blush, and couldn’t stop smiling.

Once she was done, some of them began whistling and applauding, Jiro went down and kiss Yaoyorozu on the lips, it was quick and innocent but still filled with much love.

“Alright… Kirishima—“

“Dare” he responded before she even finished “dares are manly”

“Oh jeez”

“Well then, I dare you to…. Sing ‘I’m a little tea pot’ with the actions too”

“…that is so unmanly” Kirishima hung his head low in defeat, he stood up and began sing the childish song along with the actions making him look like a man child, a hot one at least. “That was so not ok”

“I thought it was cute” Midoriya kissed him on the cheek

“Aww thanks babe, but never tell anyone I did that”

“No need” Kaminari smirked

“I got it on video” Ashido grinned evilly

“Delete that”

“Hell no, this is gold”

“Mina!!” He pleaded but she only laughed “ok… truth or dare” he said to her

“Should’ve seen that coming” she sighed “truth”

“What’s the dirties thing you’ve ever done?”

“Dare” she said

“No way, you’re not changing”

“Fine.” She poured herself a shot of whiskey and down it all in one go

“…gurl what did you do?” Kaminari asked sounding horrified

“I don’t think I wanna know…” Jiro said

“Don’t judge me! And don’t act all innocent either! I know y’all done some nasty shit too”

“Lol, anyways Kirishima it’s your turn again” Uraraka said

“Hmm” Kirishima looked around the room “Asui, truth or dare?”

“Uhh… dare?”

“I dare you to strip” he smirked

“What the fuck man?” Uraraka threw her arms in the air

“Dude” Sero said

“Bruh” Kaminari said

“I’m not doing that” Asui took a shot of whiskey

“Babe, are you trying to get everyone drunk?” Midoriya said to Kirishima

“Maybe” Kirishima kissed his nose “Sero, truth or dare?

“Oh jeez… umm, truth”

“If you could kill one person in this room, who would it be?”

“This is a weird ass question… I guess… Bakugou”

“What the fuck? Why me?” Bakugou glared at him

“Well, knowing you, you’d probably come back to life and strangle me”

“Good point” Kaminari and Kirishima nodded

“Make sense” the others agreed and Todoroki just chuckle, he’s known the blonde for 2 days and totally understands where they're coming from

“Alright my turn” Sero clapped his hands together

“Yaomomo, truth or dare”

“Umm… dare” she smiled

“Lick the floor” he smirked and her smile immediately broke into a look of horror and disgust

“No way” she took a shot of whiskey

“Next… Midoriya…” he had a sinister look on his face

“Truth” Midoriya said quickly, he did not want to be licking floors

“Where was the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?” Midoriya’s face immediately went red, he'd rather lick the floor

“Dude” Kirishima looked at Sero, jaw dropped “not cool” Sero only shrugged

“Come on, Deku-kun” Uraraka was enjoying this way too much “where was it?”

“I’m not telling you that, it’s embarrassing” he took a shot of whiskey

“Alright… Todoroki” everyone turned to face the boy

“Um… truth” he said unsure

“Let’s see… oh!” He snapped his fingers “tell us the story of your first time having sex”

“Bruh, why are you so into people’s sex lives?” Kaminari said

“What? Not gettin’ some” Ashido made thrust movements with her hips causing them to laugh

“Oh shut up” Sero rolled his eyes “so Todoroki, your answer?” Sero said making everyone pay attention to Todoroki again. Todoroki saw how Bakugou had an amused glint in his eyes, just waiting for his move. This is something that Todoroki didn’t tell people, he thought they’d shame him or some shit, so he just kept quite, but taking another gulp of that whiskey seemed worse at the moment…

Fuck it

“Actually…” he bit his lip, to be honest this was nothing to be embarrassed about, so what if he’s never had sex before, he was too busy studying to worry about things like that anyways “I’ve never had sex with anyone…” the room went silent

“For real?” Kaminari finally spoke “someone as hot as you hasn’t bang anyone yet?” Jiro threw a cushion pillow at his face

“You gay is showing Kaminari” she said making the others laugh

“He’s right though” Ashido shrugged

“Well, because of my father I only focused on school, so I didn’t really have normal school life experiences. And that girl I told you that confessed to me, when he found out about her he made me break up with her”

“Well that sucks”

"total bummer dude"

“But now your free, you can awkwardly kiss whoever you want” Kaiminari said slinging his arm over his shoulder, making Todoroki smile a bit

“Now you ask, Todoroki-kun” he looked around the room

“Um… Ashido, truth or dare?”


“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done when drunk?”

“Oh damn”

“This should be interesting”

“Wow… um, oh! This one time I was so fucked up drunk I was running around the street yelling ‘the end is coming’ behind me was Kaminari and Sero chasing after me. Turns out I taped ‘the’ and ‘end’ on their backs” Ashido started laughing “and then I went skinny dipping into a random person’s swimming pool, they had to force me out and put my clothes back on before we woke them up” everyone began laughing

“I remember that…” Kaminari said shaking his head slowly

“This girl is fast when she’s drunk” Sero sighed

“My turn, Bakugou, truth to dare”

“…dare” he said uninterested, but immediately regretted when he noticed the evil look in her eyes “wait”

“Too late! I dare you to eat something off of Todoroki’s body!” They gasped

“What!?” Bakugou screeched, Todoroki felt his heart sink down to the pit of his stomach, Bakugou wouldn’t do it right? No way, that’s too… too... he just can’t!

“What? Too chicken?” She made chicken noises to mock him “can’t do it? You can just give up and take a shot” she smirked, she knew just what to say to get into his head and make him do it. “I know you’re not gonna do it” she stated

“Fucking watch me” Ashido smirked at her victory

“What’s he gonna eat?” Uraraka asked

“Brb!” She ran out of the room

“Are you really gonna do it, man?” Kirishima asked

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Todoroki argued

“Oh relax it’s not gonna be that bad” Bakugou rolled his eyes

“Easy for you to say”

“It’s ok Todoroki-kun, Kacchan won’t bite you” Midoriya said reassuringly

“I might” Bakugou shrugged

“Kacchan!” Midoriya scolded

“Wha—“ before Todoroki could finished protesting, Ashido hopped back into the room with the item Bakugou will be eating off of Todoroki

“Whipped cream?” Jiro raised an eyebrow

“Delicious” Kaminari said

"and sticky" Asui said

“Oh dear” Yaoyorozu put her hand on her chest

“Take off your shirt” Ashido shook the bottle smiling evilly at him, he hesitantly unbuttoned his shirt and took it off completely, not wanting to get whipped cream on it. “Nice body” she nodded in approval, the others agreeing with her “now lay down” he laid down on the couch with his left leg hanging off “Bakugou” she called him

“Yeah, yeah, just hurry and get this shit over with” the blonde said walk over and stood hovering over a red faced Todoroki, he could swear the whole room could her his heart beating fast. Ashido sprayed the whipped cream on both his nipples

“Why there!?” Todoroki said shuddering from the cool feeling of the whipped cream

“My dare, my rules” she said “...forgive Todoroki, but it is what it is” she sprayed it in a curved line on his stomach, making a smily face. The ones on his nipples being the eyes and the one on his stomach being the mouth “bon appetite” she giggled, some began whistling


“Tch” Bakugou rolled his eyes, he went on his knees to be more comfortable, placed a hand gently on Todoroki's side causing him to shiver. He lowered his head and licked the one on his belly first, Todoroki exhaled deeply trying his best to keep himself together. Bakugou then went up and licked the whipped cream off of his right nipple, he looked up, seeing Todoroki like this... bitting his lips, face flushed red, nipples erect and body slightly tremble under him, did something to him. Todoroki looked fucking amazing like this, right under him, reacting like this… because of him.

Todoroki put his arm over his eyes and braced himself for the next and final lick, he bit his tongue to keep himself from letting out any embarrassing sounds. Bakugou moved to the left nipple and licked the whipped cream, but this time… this fucking time… he took a long slow tantalizing lick, purposely making his teeth graze his nipple causing Todoroki to shiver and suck in a breathe. Bakugou got up and walked back to his chair, completely ignoring the fact that everyone was staring at him with their jaws basically touching the floor. Todoroki sat back up putting his shirt back on and buttoning it up, drowning in this awkward silence

“Ok, we technically just saw then fuck” Kaminari spoke up “just putting it out there” Bakugou just rolled his eyes and Todoroki face palmed

“I think I speak for all of us when I saw that’s enough truth or dare for tonight” Uraraka said

“You just wanna drink” Midoriya said

“You got me there, Deku-kun” she already mixed herself a cup of orange juice mixed with vodka, she tilted the cup towards Midoriya like she was saying ‘cheers’ and began drinking, the others following her. Todoroki just drank the orange juice without mixing alcohol.

“I’m gonna sing” Kirishima said out of the blue, they began cheering for him. He got up on the platform and selected a song. The sweet tune of a piano began playing, they all quickly recognized the song as ‘All of Me’ by: John Legend. Kirishima looked at Midoriya smiling sweetly before he began singing, his voice was just angelic, he sang the whole song without missing a single note and the entire time he was singing he was staring at Midoriya. When he was reaching the end of the song he walked down form the platform towards Midoriya kneeling in front of him and taking his smaller hands in his larger ones, causing his face to go red. Once the song was over he leaned in and kissed Midoriya on his lips, the others began whistling and cheering

“Smooth move, Kirishima”

“Someone’s gon’ get it tonight!”

Kirishima finally pulled away and put the mic back in place, then returning to his spot next to a blushing Midoriya.

For the rest of the night they continued drinking and others went up to sing more songs. At one point Kaminari, in his hella drunk state, dragged Todoroki up to the platform to sing, he was hesitant and insisted on NOT doing it but Kaminari forced him to anyways, Todoroki was a bit tipsy anyways, so he just agreed in the end. They sang Can’t Sleep Love, the group of drunk college students were taken by surprise how surprisingly well Todoroki could sing. He and Kaminari sang well together, their voice matched and it was quite harmonious. After them, Uraraka, who has had one to many drinks went up and began singing Rockstar, pumping them up, everyone (almost everyone) joined in and began singing along to the song not caring if they were too loud.

Once their 3 hours were up, they cleaned up a bit by putting the empty bottles and cups on the table, because they are not complete savages. Once the were done they grabbed their stuff and left the Karaoke place. It was dark outside, so all the street lights were on and all the clubs and bars were open

“Ooh! Lesh go to the club!” Ashido slurred her words, wobbling from side to side

“Yay! it’s only 11:30 anyways” Uraraka threw her fist in the air, she was fucked up drunk

“Then what are we standing here for!?” They rushed into the club that wasn’t too far from the Karaoke place.

This was gonna be Todoroki’s first time in the club, he honestly wasn't sure what to expected, just dancing with loud music, right?


He was so wrong

He wasn’t sure whether people were dancing with each other, or fucking each other.

Sweat, the stench of booze, the choking smell cigarets, the blinding lights, the explosive music… He hated it, he was not a club person, all of this was making him dizzy...

He wanted to leave

He needed to leave

He’s gonna leave

He looked around the club to tell someone that we was gonna leave, saying he actually had some shit to study for, a cat to feed, a dog to shave, any excuse, really. He spotted the girls dancing together, he's not gonna interrupt, then he saw Midoriya and Kirishima making out against the wall... again, not gonna interrupt. He couldn’t spot Kaminari, Sero, or Bakugou.

Fuck it

He’s just gonna leave, he can text them when he’s back in his dorm. He began squeezing through the sea of people, trying his best to touch them as little as possible. He was about to reach the door but one guy, around his late twenties walked up to Todoroki and grabbed him by his waist pulling him close to himself.

“Hey, cutie? Why you all alone” He breathe reeked of alcohol, Todoroki pushed away but he held unto Todoroki’s waist even tighter making him glare at the male “why don’t you come back to my place, we could have a lot of fun~”

“Sorry… not interested” he pushed away, harder this time, but he held on even tighter, there’s definitely gonna be a bruise there now.

“Relax, I don’t bite… unless you want me to” he reached down and squeezed Todoroki’s ass, Todoroki felt like throwing up, he did not like that this trash was touching him. Todoroki finally got free of the drunk bastards hold and kneed him in the gut making the guy bend over holding his gut “heh, you’re a feisty one I see” he smirk, he threw his arm back balling his hands up in a fist, ready to punch the boy in the face but a hand stopped him. “What the fuc—“ before he could finish cursing, a fist had flown right into face completely knocking him out. Todoroki looked down at the now lifeless body in shock and looked up at his saviour.


Turns out Bakugou didn't like that this trash was touching Todoroki either.

Chapter Text

“Bakugou…?” Said boy took Todoroki by the hand and began pulling him out of the club. They walked in silence for about 5 minutes with Bakugou dragging Todoroki by the hand before he finally stopped, letting go of his hand.

“...You ok?” Bakugou asked, already beginning to wave down a taxi

“Yeah… thanks” Todoroki said “but… I don’t think that guys is even alive”

“Who gives a fuck about that pervert?” Bakugou huffed, he finally got a taxi “get in, we’re going back to the dorm” Todoroki got in first and then Bakugou followed

“You’re not gonna go back?” Todoroki asked

“No, I wanted to leave anyways” Bakugou said

When the taxi arrived, Todoroki insisted on paying as a way to say thanks. The two walked back to their dorm room in silence, once they got inside they took off their shoes before they both flopped down unto their beds sighing at the warm and relaxing feeling.

Todoroki was the first to get up, walking over to his wardrobe to grab a T-shirt and headed to the bathroom to wash up. He washed his face in sink and took of his clothes changing into the oversized T-shirt and only wearing boxers. Todoroki felt a little bit woozy, whiskey was strong... but he had managed to keep himself maintained. Well, at least until they got to the club, the smell of the smoke and alcohol made him feel dizzier so he couldn't really fight off the drunk bastard that groped him. If it wasn’t for Bakugou who knows what would have happened to him tonight. But for a split second, just a little bit, he wondered what it would be like if it was Bakugou touching him like that, he honestly... wouldn’t mind at all. He quickly splashed more water on his reddening cheeks trying to get rid of these damn gay thoughts.

He walked out of the bathroom to see Bakugou still flopped out on the bed. He walked over to the blonde’s bed and hover slightly above him, now that they are in better lighting he could clearly see his face was a little bit pink and he was totally knocked out. Probably from all the alcohol, was Bakugou drunk?

Definitely didn’t seem like it

He seemed totally fine the whole time...

‘Anyways, I can’t just leave him like this...’ Todoroki thought ‘I’ll change his clothes and put him in a more comfortable position’ Todoroki went over his roommate’s wardrobe and pulled out grey sweatpants and a black T-shirt.

Oh, how the roles have reversed

Todoroki started by unbuttoning his pants and sliding them down his legs keeping his boxers on and putting on the sweatpants, of course with quite a bit of struggle. Then he went for his top, he managed to take off his shirt and was about to start putting on the t-shirt but Bakugou suddenly grabbed Todoroki’s hand and yanked him into his bed, wrapping his well toned biceps around Todoroki’s frame

Oh... fuck

He struggled against the hold, but for someone who’s drunk his grip was tight as hell.

“O-Oi... Bakugou! Let go!” Todoroki protested but was simply ignored by the blonde. He just snuggled closer to Todoroki, he had to tilt his head up slightly to see Bakugou staring down at him with half lidded tired eyes, he face tinted pink from the alcohol, the look in his eyes was something Todoroki couldn’t read. He gulped “you should sleep…. So I’ll go to my own bed” Todoroki tried to get up, but Bakugou kept him down

“…stay” he finally spoke

“What? Why?” Todoroki furrowed his eyebrows “my bed is literally right there, where am I going?”

“Seeing that fucking perv touch you like that really pissed me off and I don’t know why I give a shit that it’s you…. So just fucking stay” Bakugou snuggled closer to Todoroki, moving his left leg in between Todoroki’s own, placing one hand gently on the boys waist with the other brushing through his soft silky hair. Todoroki shivered from the feeling, keeping his hands on Bakugou’s bare chest

“wow… you’re really honest when your drunk” Todoroki said biting his lip

“mm” Bakugou hummed in a tired voice

“… so you basically got jealous…”

“Yes” Bakugou replied without hesitation

“…is that why you pulled me away when I was talking to Tetsutetsu?”

“…yeah, he also grabbed your ass at the party”

“oh wow… you’re really protective of my ass, huh?” Todoroki softly chuckled to himself

“I like it” Todoroki choked slightly when Bakugou said this

“Oh jeez… I wonder if there’s anything you like about me…” Todoroki mutter to himself not expecting the blonde to have heard him… but he did.

"There's a lot I like about you, for starters, You’re double hair colour is fucking stupid but I can’t help but get drawn to it…” Bakugou said running his fingers through the boys hair “I could get lost just looking at your eyes for hours, your pretty face pisses me the fuck off, it's smooth and make me wanna punch you in the face... but with my lips” Bakugou caressed the side of Todoroki’s face “you soft pale skin... muscular, yet, lean build” he traced his fingers along the boys shoulder and arm “you slender waist…” he slide his hands down to Todoroki’s waist and lightly squeezed it, then moved his hands into his shirt causing Todoroki to gasp softly “…you’re sensitive nips…” he pinched Todoroki’s nipples causing him to whimper and shiver, then Bakugou shifted his hands to come down and cup Todoroki’s ass “you’re ass, too.” Bakugou smirked lazily “I like that your body is so inexperienced that simple touches from me, can make you squirm and moan so easily… Your like an artwork come to life”

“Mmm~” Todoroki moaned from Bakugou suddenly squeezing his ass firmly

“So… anything you like about me?” Bakugou asked in a husky voice, his thumb running over Todoroki’s bottom lip

“….Well… in the past two days, you’ve helped me out a lot and I can’t help but feel grateful” Todoroki began “past all the cursing and rude attitude, you actually care. You’re really dependable, my short time here could have been a lot more disastrous if it wasn’t for you.”

“And?” Bakugou urged him to go on

“Your actually fun to talk to, well, when your not yelling and screaming” Todoroki said “you’re also very attractive, too… my heart always seems to skip a beat whenever you get so close to me and I don't understand why.” Todoroki looked up to see Bakugou had fallen asleep, the usual scowl on his face now turned to a soft and gentle expression. His mouth slightly parted as he breathed softly. Todoroki slowly lifted his hands and ran them through Bakugou’s surprisingly soft hair, down the side of his face and slowly tracing his finger over his collar bone and pecs. “And the fact that you’re super honest and like to cuddle when your drunk is an extreme contrast to your personality and that’s just really amusing to me…"

Bakugou still had his hands wrapped protectively around Todoroki’s body, Todoroki leaned his head closer so he was resting on Bakugou chest. He could feel the blondes steady heartbeat and the gentle heaving of his chest. Todoroki slowly drifted off to join Bakugou in dream world, so they lay peacefully cuddling in each other’s arms and the rest of the night.

The next morning, it was Bakugou who woke up first, he peeled his eyes open and took a few seconds to adjust to the brightness of the room, but still not fully aware of what was going on since he was facing the ceiling. He moved one of his hands but felt it resting upon someone’s hips, he moved his hands a couple of time feeling the soft skin under the shirt.

‘Shit, I must have ended up with some chick’ he thought

Then he moved his other hand and felt it brushing through short silky hair

‘Ok… maybe it was a dude’

He turned his head and his breathe caught in his throat when he saw his fucking roommate sleeping on his bed. His hair sprawled out in different directions. His lips were slightly parted as he breathed softly, and now that Bakugou had a closer look, he noticed just how long his eyelashes actually were. His shirt had lifted so Bakugou could see part of his stomach, and his hands still on the dip of the sleeping boy’s waist.

Bakugou’s eyes travelled lower down, one of his legs was in between Todoroki’s, a few more centimeters and he would be pressed against his crotch. Plus, Todoroki wasn’t even wearing any pants, just boxers, so Bakugou could really feel up his legs and thighs. Bakugou gulped, he had also realized that he has wearing his sweatpants and no shirt… hm? Wonder how that happened…

He contemplated screaming at the boy to wake him up or just fucking breathe for now and think about what happened the night before. He deiced to sit up and think about it, which was new, he didn’t usually do that, he’d just lash out at the person, but this hangover says other wise, screaming right now would help NO-body. Bakugo sat up, maneuvering himself in such a way he wouldn’t wake Todoroki up. He also wondered why the fuck he cared about waking him up or not… it’s his goddamn bed after all.

So he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, drink some water and a pill to help calm his headache, then sat back on the edge of the bed and thought back to last nights events, especially the ones that involved the boy that was currently half naked on his bed.

Bakugou wasn’t a bad drinker, he knew his limits, just how much to drink so he had some self control and would be about to remember stuff from the night before once he thought about it.

He remembered dinner with everyone, the whole Karaoke thing with the whipped cream, then they drank a lot. They decided to hit up the club and then…

That’s right, some perverted bastard groped Todoroki and he knocked the guy out with one punched. He brought Todoroki back to their dorm and then….

Yeah… he flopped unto the bed, the alcohol finally getting a hold of him…

Then Todoroki changed him out of his jeans and into sweatpants, then he took off his shirt but he pulled Todoroki into the bed next to him and… oh god…

Oh dear fucking god…

He cuddled with him…. Wonder where that self control went, huh?

And then they talked…

Bakugou thought harder about the conversation they had, gradually it all started to come back to him, bit by bit… Bakugou said he got jealous… then said he liked Todoroki’s ass, but in all honesty, who wouldn’t?… then he remembered telling him the shit he likes about him, that was definintely the alcohol speaking, not doubt, nu-uh, not a single one. He finally remembered Todoroki saying things he likes about him… attractive, fun, and dependable

Then he was final able to piece the whole thing together… the whole night… every single detail….

Bakugou has never felt this embarrassed in his life, come on! He’s Bakugou fucking Katsuki, he doesn’t get embarrassed about shit. But now, he didn’t want to talk about what happened last night, he’s just gonna act like it never happened. He didn’t touch Todoroki in places, he didn’t low-key confess to the him, and he didn’t did squeeze his ass making him moan… it never happen, none of it.

Bakugou heard shuffling behind him, he turned around to see Todoroki had woken up, the duel haired student leaned up on one hand while using his other the rub his eye. His bed hair was ridiculous and his shirt was hung loose over one of his shoulder revealing the smooth skin of is shoulder glistening from a bit of sweat.

Bakugou had the sudden urge to bite him right there, ruining the perfect skin by marking him… not that he’d like to admit it but the way Todoroki looked right now was strangely…. And ridiculously erotic

“Hey” Todoroki mutter softly, sleepiness laced all over his voice, Bakugou didn’t even bother to respond “…um, do you have a class today?”

‘So he’s not gonna talk about what happened yesterday? Well, better for me that way’

“Alright listen up Half and Half Bastard” Todoroki was not digging the new name “whatever happened yesterday didn’t happen, ok!? We didn’t fucking cuddle and shit, and whatever I said just fucking forget it, got it?”

“You mean all those things you said about me?” Todoroki smirked, the sleep clearing from his voice “you should drink more, I like drunk Bakugou”

“Fuck you, asshole! That was the alcohol talking” Bakugou suddenly grinned “and don’t forget, you said I was attractive and I make your heart skip a beat whenever I’m close to you” Bakugou turned his whole body so he had a knee on the bed and each hand on either side of Todoroki, trapping him there. Now Bakugou has the upper hand

“You remember that I see” Todoroki mumbled, he put a hand on Bakugou’s bare chest and pushed him away but the blonde pressed forward leaning closer to Todoroki until his lips were pretty much touching his ear

“What about now? Did you’re heart just skip a beat?” Bakugou said in a low husky voice, then gently bit the tip of the boys ear making him gasp quietly. When Bakugou felt Todoroki shudder he smirked “you like that don’t you.” Bakugou stated.

“I have a class… so get off” Todoroki said as stable as he could not wanting Bakugou to know how much something as little as this affect him as much as this. He wanted Bakugou to do more, a lot more, he didn’t know why but he liked it when the blonde was close to him… Todoroki cursed Bakugou’s ability to make him feel weak

If only he knew Bakugou was cursing him for the same reason

Bakugou moved off of Todoroki letting him get off his bed, and he went straight to the bathroom. Bakugou stared at the bathroom door for a few seconds before sitting back down on his bed and letting out a long exasperated sigh. He didn’t have class today so he decided he’d go back to sleep then work on his projects and if he has time later, he’ll go for a jog.

Meanwhile Todoroki was in the bathroom washing his face and brushing his teeth while trying to calm his heartbeat. Finally after a minute or two it was back to normal ‘This is crazy, I hope nothing like this happens again’ Todoroki sighed ‘Honestly, this is too much’ he began stripping off his clothes and got into the tub to take a bath. He had class today so he had to get ready for that. After his bath he went out of the room to see that Bakugou was laying on his bed, he couldn’t see his face so he wasn’t sure whether he was asleep or not, so he just assumed he was. Todoroki went over to his wardrobe and began to get dressed, he wore dark blue jeans and white long sleeve turtle neck with white vans. He double check his camera to make sure it was functioning and grabbed some other stuff he might need before heading out of the dorm and towards the school building.

As he was walking he accidentally bumped into someone and he ended up dropping his book

“Pardon me” he said in a monotone voice bending down to pick up the book but the person he bumped into reached it before he could. The person handed the book to Todoroki “thanks…” he looked at the person, he had blonde hair and a somewhat cocky look in his blue eyes, but Todoroki ignored this and just kept walking away.

“W-wha? Hold up!” The person grabbed Todoroki by the wrist stopping him from going any further

“…can I help you” Todoroki’s blank face remained the same

“What? You don’t remember me?” The boy smirked

“Should I?” The words sent an arrow right through the boys heart

“From the party? I’m Monoma” he pointed at himself “you and I danced together, along with my pal Tetsu”

‘Oh… so he’s the second guy…’ Todoroki thought

“Sorry, I was drunk, I can’t remember” Todoroki pulled his hand away, then he turned around and continued walking towards his class leaving Monoma alone

“Tch, whatever” he kicked a pebble that was near him then continued on his way to his own class

When Todoroki got to class he saw that Tetsutetsu was already there, the boy waved at him and Todoroki took a seat next to him

“Hey, Todoroki”


“Did you have fun last night?” Tetsutetsu asked “what did you do?”

“Yeah I had fun, we had dinner and went to Karaoke, after they went to the club but me and Bakugou went back to the dorm”

“I see.. um…” Tetsutetsu began to nervously rub his nape “how ‘bout you and I… hang out next week? get to know each other better” Todoroki blinked a couple of times, he doesn’t have any plans next week so why not

“Ok, then next week Friday.” Todoroki nodded

“Awesome! Ahem… I mean, cool… I’ll plan the whole thing, so just bring yourself” Tetsutetsu smile “and you can just call me Tetsu… it’s faster like that”

“Alright, Tetsu” he felt his heart skip several beat, the way his name rolled off of Todoroki’s tongue had him on edge, he wondered if this guy had any idea how attractive he is.

After the lesson was over they were already given an assignment that would be due next week. Everyone began packing up their stuff to head out. Todoroki was just about to leave but for the second time today someone had grabbed his wrist restricting his movement. This time it was Tetsutetsu that stopped him.

“U-um… if your free now, wanna have lunch together?” Tetsutetsu asked, slowly letting go of the boy’s wrist

“My friend already said I would have lunch with them” Todoroki replied

“Oh ok… um, maybe next time?”

“Ok, see you later” Todoroki waved and left the room to meet up with Midoriya and the others

“Yeah… definitely” tetsutetsu muttered to himself, he grabbed his stuff and headed to the cafe to meet up with his friends, Kendo, Monoma, and Shiozaki and they exchanged greetings.

“What’s with that goofy smile on your face?” Kendo asked nudging him on the side

“I’ve got a date next Friday” he smirked

“Who’s the unlucky soul?” Monoma teased but Tetsutetsu wasn’t affected

“Todoroki Shōto” he smirked making Monoma choked on his rice

“That’s greet, you were into him ever since the party” Shiozaki said

“He agreed to go on a date with you?” Monoma said sounding skeptical making the silver haired boy sweat nervously

“Well… it’s not a date exactly, I just asked if we could hang out and he said yes” Tetsutetsu admitted “But, we have each others' numbers and he calls me Tetsu, that’s already like… 2nd base right there” the three started laughing

“Todoroki is totally high maintenance and pretty much out of your league, if you fuck up he’s probably just gonna cut you off just like that” Monoma snapped his finger

“Monoma, don’t make him anxious” Kendo scolded

“But, I thought Todoroki liked Bakugou” Shiozaki said “I saw at the party they spent a long time in a room together, who knows what they were up too.” This only brought Tetsutetsu’s mood down even more

“Look, there he is, he’s even sitting next to Bakugou” Monoma pointed out

“For real!?” Tetsutetsu turned his head around, he was for real, Todoroki was sitting right next to Bakugouu and… was he BLUSHING??? The usually stoic Todoroki was blushing… is it because of Bakugou?

Hold up… Why is Bakugou’s hands on Todoroki’s thigh!??!?!

‘That’s it! I’ll have to step up my game next Friday’ Tetsutetsu thought determinedly


“So you two disappear yesterday again, huh??” Ashido smirked

“What did you do?” Kaminari asked “or should we guess”

“Was it at your dorm or at a motel?” Sero wiggled his eyebrows

“I bet my whipped cream dare got you two all hot and bothered, huh?” Ashido winked at them

“Guys you’re embarrassing them” Midoriya pleaded

“Shut it, Deku” Bakugou snapped “and we didn’t do shit, you fucking perverts!”

“We just went back to dorm, talked a bit and slept” Bakugou grabbed Todoroki’s thighs and squeezed it as a warning to say ‘shut the fuck up’ Todoroki’s body tensed and he swatted the hand away

“What did you talk about? Hmmm?” Uraraka narrowed her eyes at them

“If you don’t mind you motherfucking business” Bakugou snarled

“Chillax Bakubro, if you two are dating that’d be great, you haven’t had a real relationship in a while” Kirishima said slinging an arm around Bakugou’s shoulder

“I swear to god, I’ll break your arm Shitty hair. just fucking drop this”

“Alright, alright we’ll dropped it” Kaminari said “Anyways, we should do that again sometime”

“How about a trampoline park next time!?” Midoriya suggested

“That sounds super fun Deku-kun”

“Awesome idea babe” Kirishima kissed his cheek

“Also an amusement park!” Kaminari exclaimed

“But university is just gonna get more intense now, we should focus on our studies first” Yaoyorozu said

“Yaoyorozu is correct, we should wait after exams” Iida spoke up

“Sounds fair” Jiro nodded

“But in the mean time, we can just meet up to do something that won’t mess up our studies” Asui said

“Ugh, we’re spending way to much time together” Bakugou rolled his eyes

“You love us Bakugou” Ashido smiled

“Don’t fight it bro” Kirishima patted Bakugou’s chest “manly people are able to own up to their emotions” Bakugou just gave him a ‘wtf’ face

“Whatever hair for brains” Bakugou got up and headed back to his dorm since he was already done eating

“Is he always like that?” Todoroki asked


“Pretty much”

“I’m surprised he hasn’t kill anyone yet” Todoroki said mostly to himself but they all heard and bursted out in laughter causing some off the others to give them the stink eye. Todoroki was confused as to why they were laughing so hard, was what he said so funny?

“You’re hilarious Todoroki” Jiro said between laughs

“Kacchan may seem like an a jerk at first, but when you really get to know him, he’s caring” Midoriya said

“Caring in his own Bakugou ways” Ashido smiled

“A caring and lovable asshole” Kaminari and Sero said in unison

“He’s a piece of work…” Kirishima said

“But he’s our piece of work” Uraraka giggled, the others all nodded in agreement

*Ba Dump*

Todoroki felt his heart beat fast and loud

“You all really like Bakugou, huh...” Todoroki said


“He’s super dependable” Todoroki nodded, that he knew.


When they were done eating they all headed towards whatever classes they had, or back to dorm, or just went out. Todoroki went back to dorm, he wanted to start his project asap and he needed a major favour from Bakugou. When he went into the dorm he saw Bakugou was drawing something in his sketch book.

“Hey Bakugou, what are you drawing?”

“Dunno” he replied without facing Todoroki


“I just add lines and it ends up as something, you’ll see when I’m fucking done” his voice didn’t hold it’s usually threatening tone, guess he’s calm when he draws. Todoroki pulled out his camera and took a picture of Bakugou “…what the fuck you half bastard?” Bakugou glared at him

“Just continue what your doing” Todoroki said looked at the picture he took and admiring it

“I said not to take fucking photos of me without asking! What? are you gonna use that and jerk off or something?” Bakugou huffed

“It’s for a project” Todoroki said, ignoring the boys comment “and I want you for that project”

“…you wanna base your project around me?” Bakugou narrowed his eyes at him

“Yes” Todoroki nodded

“Ok” Bakugou stood up from his seat and walked towards Todoroki “however, you have to model for me”

“Deal” they shook hands, Todoroki looked at his hand to see that it was covered in black smudges from Bakugou’s pencil and charcoal

“Opps…” Bakugou rubbed his thumb along Todoroki’s cheeks “missed a spot” Todoroki glared at him before going over to the bathroom to wash his hand and face.

“Anyways, when is yours due?” Todoroki asked

“In three weeks”

“Mine is due next week, so we’ll do mine first, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, so how is it gonna work?”

“I’m not sure yet, I still have come up with idea… let’s start tomorrow, after school” Todoroki said taking a seat on his desk with a pen and notebook and Bakugou just went back to drawing his sketches. When he was done it ended up just being some futuristic looking landscape

“Trash” he mumbled to himself, he went to a new page and stared at it for a few minutes… he spun around on his chair and when the chair came to a stop he was in Todoroki’s direction. He was at his own desk on his computer and scribbling some things down, completely focused on the task so he didn’t noticed Bakugou facing him and drawing something on his sketch book.

A couple of hours later Todoroki got up from his chair to stretch his limbs, he looked back to see Bakugou went from sketching to painting. He walked over to him looking at the painting over his shoulder

“What the? Is that me?” Todoroki jaw dropped

“No, it Barack Obama” Todoroki just rolled his eyes at the blondes comment “of course it’s you, who else had ridiculous hair like you”

“You like me hair” Todoroki teased

“Imma fucking shave you’re hair in your sleep” Bakugou threatened but Todoroki was too mesmerized by his work to care

“it’s amazing” Todoroki spoke in a breathy voice “but you made me smile here...”

“…you should smile more often…” Bakugou muttered “it looks good on you” Both boys’ cheek heated up and became noticeably red

“Mm” Todoroki nodded slowly

“Uhh, anyways… I’m done with it… so you wanna… keep or something?” Bakugou grumbled

“Really? I can have?” Todoroki’s face brightened up

“Just take it, jeez, it’s already dry” Bakugou grabbed a thin marker and put his signature on the artwork “there, plus an autograph” he smirk a bit. then handed it to Todoroki

“Thank you, Bakugou” he smiled making the blonde blush

He was gonna keep this forever

Chapter Text

The next day once all of Bakugou’s classes were over he headed back to his dorm room. Today he would have to be a model for Todoroki’s photography project, he really hopes that Todoroki doesn’t have him doing anything completely insane and ridiculous. He wondered for what fucking reason he agreed to do this shit, but he remembered that Todoroki would be his model for his own project. The theme that Bakugou had gotten for his project was Eros, and he couldn’t get it right. He drew several sketches but he wasn’t satisfied with any of them, he didn't get the eros at all, but if Todoroki would model for him he knew he’d get the results he wanted. He wouldn’t make him be totally naked or anything just… something, Todoroki could be really erotic without even realizing it, it pissed Bakugou off that he could be so oblivious.


When Bakugou entered the room he expected Todoroki to be in there and he was… only someone else was there with him too.


“Who the fuck is this?” Bakugou glared at the male sitting on the bed next to Todoroki


“Hey man, I believe we meet a few times, I’m Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu” he stood up holding out his hands to shake Bakugou’s hand but Bakugou just glared at him


“What? do your parents hate you or something?”


“Bakugou don’t be rude” Todoroki scolded him


“Hahahah” Tetsutetsu just laughed “you’re funny, anyways I’ll see you around Todoroki” He smiled at Todoroki before leaving, closing the door behind him. In Todoroki's eyes it was a simple smile, just a friendly gesture, but Bakugou knew better. He knew that look, that smile, it couldn’t be more obvious… this guy clearly has the hots for Todoroki, but the idiot is too much of an idiot to even realize it. Honestly, the whole campus probably have some feeling for this dumbass.


“Why the fuck was he in my room?” Bakugou turned to face Todoroki


“First of all it our room, and I don’t see the issue with him being here, he just asked me what I was doing for the project and wanted some help.” Todoroki said packing up his camera and other stuff “what? Are you jealous?” He teased


“Tch, jealous my ass, just don’t what to have the smell of sex in my room” Bakugou scoffed folding his arm over his chest, but then he realized… they have classes together?


“Excuse me? We’re not like that, you idiot, we’re just friends, jeez” Todoroki groaned


“That’s not what he’s thinking” Bakugou mutter to himself, the thought of someone doing things like that to Todoroki not only pisses him off and just the idea of it just disgusts him. “Anyways are we doing this photoshoot shit or what?” This time he spoke up so Todoroki could hear him


“Yes, I reserved the studio on campus for us so we can go now” Todoroki was carrying his camera, the camera stand, some notebooks, and shopping bags… he was carrying a lot and Bakugou isn’t that much of an asshole that he doesn’t help. He walks over to Todoroki grabbing the shopping bags and the camera stand 


“Lead the way”


“Thanks” Todoroki said before exiting their room with Bakugou following closely behind him. On their way to the studio Bakugou glared at everyone and anyone that gave Todoroki any sort of suggestive look, immediately scaring them away. When they made it to the studio, there was a white background set up, and some paint buckets and big plastic trash bags in the corner. Todoroki grabbed the stuff from Bakugou who was still looking around the room and began setting up the camera stand. When he was done he handed Bakugou a shopping “here, put this on” Bakugou glared at the bag for a few seconds before taking it from the his hands.


He took off his shirt and slid off his shoes, then began unbuttoning his pants


“What are you doing!?” Todoroki blushed “there’s a changing room right there!” He pointed at a door in the back left of the studio


“…it’s not like you haven’t seen me like this before” Bakugou continued to take off his pant, now he was standing there, only wearing boxers. He pulled out the clothes from the shopping bag and began putting them on “so what’s this project even about?”


“Well, our professor was able to get in contact with a well known magazine, Vogue, they’ll have a section on the U.A. photography course”


“So your taking pictures for the magazine”


“Correct, and if my photos win you’ll be in one of the top 10 magazines in the world, and I’m confident that I’ll get pick” Todoroki said walking up and fixing Bakugou’s shirt


“Hmph, cocky aren’t ya? What makes you think you’ll win?” Bakugou said in a mocking tone


“because I have you” Todoroki said bluntly making Bakugou nearly choked on his own saliva, nearly…


…what?” He spoke trying his best to not sound so affected


“With you it’s not the same as the photos I take of others, it’s different, there’s just something there but I can’t quite pin point it” Todoroki lifted the collar of Bakugou’s shirt then looked him dead in the eye “as long as it’s you I’m positive I’ll win” Bakugou felt his heart flip, his stomach flip, even his soul fucking flipped.


“Your so fucking cheesy” Bakugou rolled his eyes


“Cheesy?” Todoroki said sounding confused, he took a sniff of his shirt and looked even more confused… he didn’t smell like cheese at all


“Oh my fucking lord” Bakugou face palmed “you no what, never mind, let’s just get this shit over with.”


Bakugou wore black dress pants and a white long sleeve button up shirt that was tucked into the pant, the collar was up, three buttons were left unbuttoned exposing his neck, collar bone, and some parts of his chest. The sleeves were rolled up showing his forearms, what freaked Bakugou out was how perfectly the clothes fitted him, he doesn’t remember telling Todoroki shit about his size… what in the fuck?


Bakugou stood in front of the camera and that’s when he realized…


He has never fucking done any shit like this in his life!


He had no fucking idea what to do, he’s not a fucking model! He doesn’t know how to fucking pose or tilt his head in such an angle that his neck looks longer, or make his face look sad, angry, happy, intrigued all at the same fucking time. Why the FUCK did I agree to this!? 


So what did he do… he just stood there, completely frozen, face rid of emotions as he just stared right into the camera


“Well… do something” Todoroki said looking up from the camera


“I don’t what the fuck to do!! I’ve never fucking modeled before, ok!?” 


“Oh… right” Todoroki looked Bakugou up and down, tilting his head from side to side “hey, look at that thing over there” Todoroki point to the left of the room and Bakugou’s head followed


“What fucking thin--”




“Bitch...” Bakugou glared at him “how many fucking times do I have to tell you not to do that shit? Are you fucking deaf!?


“No, look” Todoroki motioned for Bakugou to come see the photo he just took


Bakugou’s body was facing the camera but his head was turned to the left, and tilted in such a way that showed off his neck. Red eyes glistening and skin sparkling from the light, his body was lax and his usual scowl held a soft yet curious expression, like he was… searching for something


“Beautiful…” Todoroki spoke softly


“Oi, don’t go around saying shit like that” Bakugou glared a little at him, but he had to admit, he looked good in this picture, he even got his neck to look longer and shit like that. He was quite impressed with the photo, the timing was perfect, Todoroki was good… NOT that he’s ever gonna admit that to him.


“Let keep going like this, then change your clothes” Todoroki instructed, his eyes held some sort of excitement and enthusiasm that Bakugou found quite endearing. He could really see how much he loved doing photography, Bakugou felt the same way about drawing and painting, he was never good at expressing himself verbally but he was able to do so in his art.


For the next hour Todoroki would distract Bakugou and take several pictures, he also changed to like five other outfits, honestly he lost count. He remembered wearing a suit at one point, a really weird outfit with boots and a large jacket with massive shoulder pads. An outfit where he wore black ripped jeans with high-tops, and a white button up shirt that was left unbutton, completely exposing Bakugou’s tone chest. This outfit was definitely Todoroki’s favourite, but not like he was gonna say that out loud, hell no.


“There’s one more thing I wanna try, so change into these” Todoroki said handing Bakugou just a pair of boxers


“What the fuck? Is this turning into a porno or some shit?” Bakugou glared harshly at the piece of clothing in Todoroki’s hands


“Just put it on, it has the logo of the magazine on it… for branding” Todoroki said shoving the boxers into his hands “go change in there” Todoroki pointed at the same door in the back left of the studio. Bakugou went in there and began changing, he took off everything he was wearing including his own boxers then put on the one that Todoroki had given him. It was black, with the logo of the magazine around the hems and on the side. 


Once he was done changing he walked to see that Todoroki had also changed, for one, he wasn’t wearing any shoes just socks. He changing into black shorts and a large sweater that look old and beat up, his camera had some protective coat thingy over it, and only the lenses were sticking out. What the fuck is going on? Bakugou thought. The plastic bags from earlier were spread out on the floor which only made him more confused, is this some weird shit photographers do?


“Oh, perfect timing” Todoroki walked over and lead Bakugou to stand in front of the camera “stand here and… look right” Bakugou scowled before turning his head to the right “perfect.”


Todoroki pulled on a rope that Bakugou didn’t notice earlier and then it happened…


A bucket of dark blue paint dropped down all over Bakugou, dripping from his hair, oozing down his neck and chest and sliding down the rest of his body unto the black plastic trash bags. 




Then orange paint was dumped on him, following down the same path as the blue




Finally, white paint was dumped on him, now Bakugou stood there looking shook as fuck with dark blue, orange, and white paint dripping down his body and staining the boxers. Some of the paint had splashed unto the white background making intricate and random patterns behind the ash blonde.




Bakugou was still in shock, he didn’t realize what the fuck just happened and what the fucked was happening until it was over. He ran his fingers through his hair, looking at his arm as if he was still unsure of whether this all just fucking happened. The whole time Todoroki was still taking pictures, pictures of Bakugou’s raw emotions, shock, then realization, then something else that Todoroki couldn’t explain, and finally… rage. When he reached that final stage Todoroki stepped away from the camera


“Before you get mad” already too late for that though “let me explain—” Before Todoroki could finish, Bakugou walked towards the remaining paint bucket and grabbed a red one then began walking towards Todoroki


“I am going to fucking kill you, half-and-half bastard” Bakugou grabbed him and pulled him towards the plastic bags, pinning him down and pour the paint all over him. Todoroki wiped the paint off of his face to avoid it getting in his eyes


“Fine…” Todoroki slowly looked up at Bakugou and suddenly he pounced on him, spreading the red paint to him and at the same time the blue, orange, and white paint was mixing with Todoroki’s. Bakugou pushed back, a wicked smirk on his face, then he smeared his own paint unto Todoroki’s face with his hands.


They continued at this for a few more minutes, splashing each other with paint, pinning the other unto the plastic bag so the paint that was there would get on them. Laughing and cursing at each other as this continued on. Once they grew tired Baukgou had Todoroki trapped between his hands and hovered over him, the paint had all mixed forming a strange colour, and their fit of laughter had finally died down. They stayed like that staring into each other’s eyes, Bakugou eyes travelled down, stopping at Todoroki’s lips, it was tempting but he fought the urge to kiss him and finally get a feel of those soft looking lips.


Todoroki lifted his hand and ran them through Bakugou’s paint stained hair then flopped his hand back on the floor.


“You need a shower” Todoroki simply said


“Speak for yourself asshat, this is your fault” Bakugou glared, not so harshly, at him. He got off of Todoroki and stood up watching the paint flow down his body, some had already dried. “This shit better wash off”


“Don’t worry” Todoroki said standing up as well “it'll wash off with just water”


“Fucking amazing then” Bakugou grunted, the then helped Todoroki to clean up. They trashed the plastic bags and the empty paint buckets and changed the background. Todoroki grabbed his camera stand and his notebook, then Bakugou took his clothes and only put on his pants, and carried the shopping bags. After they headed back to their dorm room, getting strange looks and glances from the other students but they paid no mind to it. Once they got to their room Bakugou immediately dropped the stuff he was holding and went to the bathroom. 


Luckily, what Todoroki said was correct once he added water, the paint began washing off. After 15 minutes of scrubbing every inch of his body and hair, he was certain that he had gotten everything out. He dried off and came out with just a towel wrapped around his waist. When he walked out, Todoroki had connected his camera to his laptop and was downloading all the imagines from it to his laptop


“Go shower” Bakugou commanded, Todoroki would have said something back but he really needed to shower, there was paint where paint shouldn’t be. He took some clothes into the shower, then began washing every inch of his body and his hair, getting rid of every trace of paint on himself. Once he was done, he put on his clothes, sweatpants and a tank top, then he walked out with a towel over his shoulder to catch the water dripping form his hair. He took a seat at his desk, fortunately the photos have all already been downloaded unto his laptop so he could begin editing. He was looking through the photos but there were a bunch of pictures he didn’t remember taking…


It was pictures of him and Bakugou when they were have their paint fight, Todoroki must have accidentally set a timer to take some pictures or something. It was completely unplanned for, but the imagines were… amazing. Some of them were blurry but the others were beautiful, it captured the joy and happiness, the laughter… the mix of the colours from the paint on their bodies and in the background made the picture pop and grab your attention.


“Bakugou, come look at this” Todoroki called him over, Bakugou walked over to Todoroki’s desk, he put a hand on his table and hovered over his shoulder looking at his computer. Oh, did I mention that he was shirtless… because he’s also shirtless, only wearing sweatpants. Todoroki felt his face heat up a bit but he ignored it.


“When the fuck was this taken?” Bakugou said 


“I must have accidentally set a timer on the camera” Todoroki explained “look, your smiling in this one”


“Fuck off” Bakugou spat, he leaned in closer to get a closer look at the image “but these are pretty fucking cool” Bakugou nodded in approval


“Ah, also, the clothes, you can keep them” Todoroki suddenly said


“The fuck? No, I don’t need shit from you” Bakugou scowled, then Todoroki turned around on his chair to face the blonde


“They look good on you” he said bluntly “you keep it”


“Tch what the fuck ever”




For the rest of the week after classes Todoroki and Bakugou would met up and go to different places to have their photoshoot. They went to the studio, outside where it was filled with grass, trees, flowers and more beautiful landscape. On Wednesday it had rained, but they still did it outside, the results were just as breathtaking as the paint photoshoot. After each photoshoot, Todoroki would give the clothes that he had gotten to Bakugou, who always rejected because “you’re not my fucking sugar daddy, bitch” he would say. However in the end, Todoroki always somehow got him to take the clothes.


Finally, the week was over and Todoroki was currently editing his final pictures on photoshop for the project that was due the next day, Friday. It was already past 12 am, and the both of them were still awake working on stuff. Bakugou was working on an assignment they had gotten for art history.


About 30 minutes later Todoroki leaned back and stretched his body, pulling his arm back over his head, making his back arch beautifully.


“Hey, Bakugou, come” Todoroki called to him “it’s finished.” Over the course of the week the both of them built a somewhat mutual relationship. They insulted and teased each other, but never took it to heart, they sometimes talked in the room, deep conversations, thought, concepts, try to figure out the art history assignments together, or just goof off like the dorks they truly are.


Bakugou walked over to Todoroki with a long groan, he leaned over his shoulder to see the finished product of the week long torture, as Bakugou would say, but to be honest he didn’t hate that he had spent a lot of time with Todoroki this past weeks and he wouldn’t mind keeping it that way… again, NOT that he’ll ever admit that. 


“Wow, not bad half-and-half” Bakugou nodded, the pictures came out great. He had added the ones were both of them were playing with the paint and in the rain, those were Todoroki’s favourite shoots, no questions.


“Thanks for helping me, this...” he gestured at the images “wouldn’t have been possible without you” Todoroki smiled looking back at him, Bakugou felt his heart skip several beats


“Yeah, yeah whatever” Bakugou turned away to hide his blush “you’re still gonna do the same for me, so I didn’t do it for nothing”


“Of course”


“Good, let’s start tomorrow” 


“Tomorrow? Friday? Sorry I can’t” Bakugou turned around slowly narrowed his eyes at him


“And why the fuck not?” he sneered 


“I already promised Tetsu that I would hang out with him” Todoroki explained, saving the project then closing his laptop “we already decided since last week”




Bakugou felt this feeling of rage boil inside of him, Todoroki was gonna hang out with that fucking silver haired bastard alone… just the two of them. He notices how that goddamn tetsu x4 looks at Todoroki, he wasn’t being even a little subtle about it, it was so fucking obvious that Bakugou wanted to slap this idiotic fool, Todoroki goddamn Shōto, for not noticing it himself. Bakugou wanted him to cancel it, not because he was jealous or whatever shit like that, he just wanted to get his project over with. He didn’t give a shit about what he did during his free time, it’s just that… it’s just that he wanted to work on his project… the project… If it was on any other day he wouldn’t have cared right?… right?!


“Tch, whatever” Bakugou grunted walking back to his side of the room and going on his bed “but better not have any fucking plans on Saturday, I wanna fucking start this project already”


“Alright” Todoroki nodded and went to his own bed. 




The next morning, Bakugou barely talked to Todoroki, he said a lot less than usual but Todoroki, being the oblivious idiot that he is paid no mind to it and just assumed he was tired. 


During class Tetsutetsu told Todoroki to be ready around 6pm, that he’ll come and pick him up, as well as to just wear something casual, nothing too fancy.


After class Todoroki went straight back to his dorm, it was still early so Bakugou wasn’t there yet. He decided to do some work first for 2 hours or so, then he took a shower. Once he was done in the shower he went to his wardrobe to pick something. He decided on dark blue jeans and black high-tops, and black t-shirt with “Supreme” written on it. It was only 5:20 when he was done so he just laid down on his bed looking up at the ceiling, then he grabbed his camera and started looking through the pictures.


There were pictures of Bakugou, mostly just Bakugou…


Todoroki felt a smile creep unto his face and a weird feeling in his chest but he simply brushed the feeling away and put the camera down, returning to stare up at the ceiling. He heard the door knob twist and turn, he sat up expecting to see Tetsutetsu but instead Bakugou came in.


“Hey” Todoroki greeted 


“Aren’t you supposed to be a date?” Bakugou said in a petty tone


“It’s not a date, he just wants us to hang out” Todoroki rolled his eyes


“Tch, whatever”


“What? Jealous or something?” Todoroki had as smug grin on his face


“Fuck off, I’m not jealous” Bakugou glared at him “just fucking watch yourself, assha—”


*knock* *knock*


“Who the fuck?” Bakugou mutter as he walked over to the door and swung it open revealing Tetsutetsu “oh” Bakugou glared at him 


“Hey” Tetsutetsu waved at him, but Bakugou didn’t respond he just continued to glare at him, he moved away from the door and sat on his desk. “Todoroki, you ready?” Tetsutetsu smiled at him


“Yeah” Todoroki grabbed his wallet and his phone then joined Tetsutetsu at the door “see ya, Bakugou” Todoroki said walking out the door and closing the door behind him, leaving inside a fuming and possibly… possibly jealous Bakugou. “So what are we doing today?” Todoroki asked


“I was thinking dinner, then a movie… and one more thing at the end, that’s gonna be a surprise” Tetsutetsu explain and Todoroki nodded. Tetsutetsu had already called a taxi beforehand, so they already had it waiting outside the school gates. Tetsutetsu promised himself that he would go all out on this ‘date’ to impress Todoroki, but still manage to stay within his budget. 


Tetsutetsu took Todoroki to his favourite fast food place, the food was divine and better than any fancy restaurant in his opinion. He ordered for both of them a take out meal. Once the food was ready he took Todoroki to a nearby park, there was a picnic table already waiting for them with cloth on the table and candles burning


“…The reason I really like this place is because of this park” Tetsutetsu said “…uh, here” he handed Todoroki his burger, drink, and fries “bone apple tea!”


“Pfft, it’s bon appetite” Todoroki snorted, he reached across the table and took his meal, his fingers accidentally brushing past Tetsutetsu, making said male blush a bright red colour. 


“Haha, right” he said rubbing his nape, they ate peacefully with Tetsutetsu attempting to make Todoroki laugh just so he could hear that angelic sound, for a split second, just a split second, he wondered just how gorgeous he would sound underneath him in bed *COUGH* *COUGH* moving on…. 


Everytime Tetsutetsu succeeded in making the boy laugh or chuckle or even just show a small smile, he would feel butterflies swarming inside in stomach. 


After eating Tetsutetsu called another taxi and as they waited they talked about the assignment they had gotten for their class and what type of things they did. Around 3 minutes later, the taxi arrived and they were taken to a cinema. 


“I don’t know if you’ll like this movie…” Tetsutetsu said as he walked back form buying the tickets and popcorn “but it’s action, comedy, and romance, it was like a 5 star review so it’s worth a shot right?” He handed him a large bag of popcorn


“Sure” Todoroki nodded, taking the popcorn from Tetsutesu


They went inside the movie theater, and took a seat at the back away from the majority of the group. The movie started off slow, well for 5 minutes and everything just took off, the movie was insane it had everything and it definitely lived up to it’s five star rating. Near the end of the movie, there was an intense make out scene, Tetsutetsu looked around to see several couples making out. Then he looked back at Todoroki, whose vision was only focusing on the movie, then he began to do the most clique shit ever…


He stretched his arm over him head and slowly brought them down, his goal was to have his arm around Todoroki’s shoulder but that failed miserable so he just brought his arm back to his own side and just watched the rest of the movie with a pout on his face. After the movie they exited the cinema and walked along the sidewalk, the day was now dark and the street lights went on and the lights from the buildings showered over them.


“So how was the movie?” Tetsutetsu asked


“It was quite interesting” Todoroki responded “the plot twist wasn’t cliche at all”


“So you like it?”


“Yeah I did” Todoroki nodded “thanks for taking me, Tetsu.” Said boy gulped loudly and nervously


“W-well, no worries, I can bring you hear more often, I don’t mind at all” he laughed awkwardly “a-anyways, there’s one more thing i wanna show you”


Tetsutetsu called another taxi to take them to their next and final destination, he stopped the cab by a sidewalk and right in front of them was a pathway that led up a hill. They got out of the uber and began walking up the path, about 10 minutes later they arrived.


“Wait, close you eyes” Tetsutetsu instructed to which Todoroki complied, Tetsutetsu walked up to him, he placed one hand gently on Todoroki’s waist, then other over his eyes and led him forward “ok, now open” he pulled his hand away from Todoroki’s eyes but still kept the other on his waist.


Todoroki open his eyes to witness the most beautiful scenery he’d ever laid eyes upon. The full moon was out, glowing bright and proud, illuminating the city below them. The clear night sky with thousands of stars littered everywhere as well as the relaxing breeze causing the leaves of the many trees to shuffle and rustle together.


“I come here for inspiration” Tetsutetsu said


“Beautiful” was the only word that Todoroki could say, the sight was so breathe taking that there wasn’t much for him to say “…but why bring me here?” Todoroki asks curiously 


“B-becasue I wanted to share it with you” Tetsutetsu replied “besides, now I’ve found something else to draw inspiration from” Tetsutetsu turned to face Todoroki and gently brushed his smooth silky hair behind ear. His hand fell to his side, but the other still remaining on his waist, Tetsutetsu leaned in closer but stopped before they got too close, searching for something in Todoroki’s two coloured eyes, searching for any reaction telling him to stop or continue, but Todoroki didn’t move away or closer, just stood there… as if he didn’t know what Tetsutetsu was wanting to do.


Honestly, there’s a limit to how bloody oblivious you can be in this situation... 


Tetsutetsu lightly squeezed his waist and slightly pulled Todoroki closer to him, his eye widened slightly, now he understands the situation he’s in and he didn’t know what to do.


“…tell me to stop if you don’t like it” Tetsutetsu whispered to Todoroki, he leaned in closer to him now placing both hands on his waist. One hand however, began slowly inching down hovering over his ass. Tetsutetsu brushed his lips against Todoroki’s and felt his face grow redder at the feeling of Todoroki’s breathe against his.


“Wait.” Todoroki finally spoke out causing Tetsutetsu to freeze “I’m sorry but—”


“No, no! Don’t explain, it’s ok haha” Tetsutetsu moved back making the distance between them large again and releasing his hold on Todoroki’s waist. “I kinda expected this would happen, and you weren’t into it, so I should be the apologizing” Tetsutetsu said in a rushed manner, nervously playing with his fingers “sorry I brought you out here…”


“No, I’m glad you brought me here, I had fun with you today” Todoroki smiled softly to him “I wouldn’t mind doing it again, if you want” Tetsutetsu smiled at this


“…can I asked you one thing though?” Todoroki nodded “is there someone else?” Tetsutetsu’s caught Todoroki off guard. Someone else? Todooki thought, meaning what? “Is it Bakugou? You guys... together or something?…”


“We’re not” Todoroki responded quickly


“Oh, ok” Tetsutetsu nodded slowly that means I still have a chance to make you fall for me, I won’t give up on you, not when your right next to me Tetsutetsu thought “anyways, uh.. let’s go?” Todoroki nodded and the two headed back down the path




After about an hour when Todoroki had left with Tetsutetsu, there was a knock on his door, he got up from his desk and opened the door to show Kirishima standing there


“Sup bro” Kirishima smiled “let’s hang” Bakugou just grunted, he put on his shoes, took his wallet and phone and headed out with Kirishima to a nearby cafe at school. “Where’s Todoroki?”


“Who the fuck cares” Bakugou rolled his eyes


“Whooooa, what happened to your bae” Kirishima nudged his side “did he go out without telling you or something? Why you mad?”


“My fucking ass, he just went out with some dude from his class” Bakugou finally replied


“Ahh, I see, you jealous aren’t ya?” Kirishima smirked


“The fuck? Jealous of what?” Bakugou glared at his friend “he just said he’d model for me and I wanted to get the shit over with! Ok?! Don’t get shit mixed up, hair for brains”


“Bro… did I hear right?” Kirishima stared at him wide-eyed “YOU asked someone to MODEL for you??! You’ve like never done that! You just do it from your head or from online references or some shit. The only time you’ve ever drawn a model was in you figure drawing class.” Bakugou felt his face grow a little bit red


“Sh-shut the fuck up shitty hair! It’s not anything special!”


“Look man, imma be real with you” Kirishima spoke with a serious face “I really think that you have something towards Todoroki. like, come on, you’ve noticed, I’ve noticed, everyone else has noticed . You act differently with him, it may not be noticeable to outsiders but your nice to him, you help him and WILLING hang out with him.”


“Get to the fucking point, shitty hair” Bakugou glared at him


“My point is, you better take what you want before it’s too late man. You never know when someone else is gonna sweep him off his feet. Even at this moment someone could be making out with him, and that someone ain’t gonna be you if you don’t do shit” Kirishima noticed Bakugou’s face growing sour when he mention someone else kissing the boy


“Bullshit. What the fuck makes you think I’m into him, huh??” Bakugou growled


“Well, you helped him out at the party and the club, plus you modeled for his photography shit or whatever, Bakugou… you don’t do SHIT for just anybody. Not only that but I notice you glare at those that look Todoroki’s way and he’s gonna be a model for you… that’s the biggest hint”


“He’s gonna be my model for a project, so what?”


“Ok, look, you don’t just draw anybody, ok? Only in you figure drawing classes do you do that, but personally work, it’s different for you, it has meaning. You’ve drawn everyone in our squad at LEAST once and it took you months before you finally did, but this guys… only like 2 fucking weeks, man, I bet you’re already in love”


“Shut the fuck up, in love my ass?”


“Scientifically speaking, it only takes 4 minutes to fall in love, well... with Midoriya, I only needed 4 seconds”


“You cheesy as fuck”


“Look man, I’m just saying. If you feel it’s too soon, then just get closer to him for the time being, take it slow if that works for you”


“Tch, what the fuck ever shitty hair” Bakugou rolled his eyes


“Alright, let’s order something”


Once Todoroki arrived back to his dorm Bakugou was already there and he was painting again


“Hey” Todoroki greeted and Bakugou just responded with a grunt. Todoroki went over to his wardrobe and changed his clothes into sweatpants and a t-shirt, then he sat on his bed and pulled out his phone


“Tomorrow we’ll start my project, got it?” Bakugou suddenly spoke up


“Yeah” Todoroki nodded “when do you wanna do it?”


“…after lunch” Bakugou replied without looking back at Todoroki 




Chapter Text

Finally it’s Saturday again, meaning no classes, so Todoroki and Bakugou slept in, riding themselves of the stress of the long week. Todoroki was the first to wake up, it was almost 12am when he got up, stretching his limbs before getting up from bed and heading over to the bathroom to wash off. When he was done he went back into the room to see that Bakugou was already awake, he was sitting on the edge of his bed rubbing the sleep off his eyes. 


“Good morning” Todoroki greeted


“Morning” Bakugou muttered


They did the rest of their morning routine like usual, shower, work, chill and other things like that. A little bit after 12:30 there was a knock on their door, Todoroki opened the door and behind it was Midoriya


“Hey, Todoroki-kun” he smiled to him


“Hello, Midoriya” 


“Let’s go to lunch, everyone else will be there too” Midoriya said “you too Kacchan”


“Shut the fuck up, Deku. Don’t tell me what to do” 


“Will you be there?” Midoriya asked Todoroki, ignoring Bakugou’s rude comment already used to it from the years he’s known him.


“Yeah” Todoroki nodded


“Alright! I’ll see you two in 5 minutes” he spoke as he ran off


“The fucking nerd didn’t even let me respond” Bakugou groaned


“I can’t understand you two’s relationship” Todoroki shook his head 


“Yeah well, whatever” They got ready for lunch with the others, got dress, put on their shoes, grabbed their phone and wallets and within 10 minutes they were out the door and headed towards the campus cafeteria for lunch. They sat in their usual table, Kirishima, Midoriya, Kaminari, Sero, and Ashido were already there, eating and having a lively conversation. Later the others joined them at the lunch table joining in the chat, making jokes, talking about plans for the weekend. About 40 minutes later, Bakugou kicked Todoroki’s leg softly to get his attention, he nudged his head towards the exit, telling him that they gotta work on the project now, Todoroki got the message and they both got up to leave.


“Oi~?” Kaminari smirked “and where might you two be going?” Bakugou just glared at him


“Please, use protection” Ashido said


“And be careful not to break the bed” Sero wiggled his eyebrows


“These walls aren’t sound proof you know” Kirishima grinned will eyeing Bakugou, the other members at the table snickering and laughing


“All of you, shut the fuck up” Bakugou spat “it’s a fucking project, you shitheads” Bakugou began walking away with Todoroki right next to him


“Don’t go too hard Bakugou! Or he won’t walk for weeks!” Kaminari exclaimed, Bakugou just gave him the finger without turning around as he continued to walk with Todoroki. They walked back to their dorm room, Bakugou began changing in basketball shorts and a tank top, so if he were to stain them it wouldn’t matter.


“Change into something… simple” Bakugou spoke




“Yeah, just put on black shorts and…” Bakugou walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out a large black sweater of his with a white skull on it “...put this on” Bakugou handed it over to Todoroki, he took the clothing and his shorts then went over to the bathroom to change into them. The shorts were just above his knees and the sweater was slightly larger on him, the sleeves went past his fingers and it was almost reaching his mid thigh, just a few centimeters above


“Why am I dressed like this?” Todoroki folded his arm across his chest “I look ridiculous”


“It’s fine, I’ll explain everything when we get there so just fucking chill.”


“I am chill” Todoroki rolled his eyes as he put on his shoes


Bakugou grabbed a small black plastic bag along with the other equipment that he need and headed towards the art studio with Todoroki following next to him. Todoroki received some stares from other students, both girls and boys because let’s be honest… he looks cute as fuck in what he was wearing. When they arrived the studio, there were some canvas stands littered around the room as well as chairs. Some painting and other artworks done by some student, a few of them being Bakugou’s of course, there were cupboards each filled with either paint, charcoal, pencils, and other materials and in the front of the room was platform. It was only elevated a few centimeters with a white background behind it and some lamps to give the right lighting.


“Go wait on the stage, I’ll set up” Bakugou instructed, Todoroki stood on the platform and watched as Bakugou picked out a canvas plus a stand and set it in front of the platform, then he grabbed the pastel colours from one of the cupboards and charcoal from another then place them on a small table next to him. 


“So… what am I supposed to do?” Todoroki asked


“I’m only gonna say this shit once so better fucking pay close attention”


“I’m all yours” Todoroki said thinking nothing off it but Bakugou felt his throat dry up and his stomach twist, the simple, supposedly meaningless phrase repeating in his head. I’m all yours… I’m all yours… I’m all yours…


“Ahem” Bakugou cleared his throat “so basically we are supposed to draw two art pieces, each work must use two different art mediums, I chose pastel and charcoal. Midnight-sensei, assigned each student a theme and we must show the theme in our work”


“Pretty straightforward” Todoroki nodded “so what’s your theme?” He asked




“Eros??” Todoroki’s eyes went wide but he went back to his normal stoic face “so am I gonna be naked or something?”


“Oh my fucking— no!” Bakugou rolled his eyes “that’s what everyone would expect, I’m going for something different”


“But…why choose me for this? I’m the least erotic person you know” you’d be surprised how fucking hot you can be without even trying Bakugou thought to himself


“I know what the fuck I’m doing” Bakugou barked “I’m gonna start with pastel”


“Ok” Todoroki nodded “so what should I do”


“This one shouldn’t be too difficult for you, just sit on the ground and cross you legs and take off your shoes” Todoroki obeyed, he took off his shoes and sat on the ground cross legged. Bakugou took a few steps back to examine him, then he went back in front of Todoroki and knelt right in front of him. Bakugou pulled down on one side of the sweater he was wearing to expose Todoroki’s shoulder, Bakugou reached down and rolled up Todoroki’s shorts so that a little more than half of his thighs were exposed. Todoroki gulp, the skin where Bakugou’s hands had touched now burning from the sensation. Bakugou leaned in and whispered into Todoroki’s ear “relax your body, your too tense…” Todoroki shivered at the feeling of Bakugou’s hot breathe on his ear. Bakugou ran his fingers through Todoroki’s hair pulling back some hair strands from his face, then he ran his hands along Todoroki’s thighs before standing up and sitting on his chair getting ready to draw. Todoroki remained in the same position that Bakugou had left him at, Todoroki didn’t want to admit it…


He would never admit it…


But the feeling of Bakugou touching him, even as little as this, was… overwhelming, he wanted more of it, but again…


He would never admit it.


Bakugou grabbed his pencil, took a long look at Todoroki and began drawing, he would look back at Todorki after each stroke. 


“Tilt your head to the side and arch you back” Bakugou instructed and Todoroki did as he was told. After about 20 minutes Bakugou had completed the sketch and now began drawing more detailed. About an hour and a half more Todoroki’s legs were numb and his back was aching from having it arched for so long, how the fuck can people do this? Todoroki internally groaned, they had about 10 minutes more before their time was up. Bakugou took a quick glance at his watch 


“Fuck” he muttered under his breathe 


“What?” Todoroki gave a confused look


“Running out of fucking time” Bakugou groaned “I was hoping to start the other one, but we can do that on Monday or do you already have a date?” 


“Don’t be petty, and no, I don’t” Todoroki rolled his eyes


“Anyways, that’s it for today, you can get off the floor” Bakugou said as he stood up from his stool to begin cleaning up. Todoroki uncrossed his legs feeling the blood rush back to his legs, he stood up and stretched his limbs before fixing the sweater then putting on his shoes. Bakugou was already done putting everything back where they belong, he grabbed the small plastic bag I guess we’ll use this next time… Bakugou grabbed the black plastic bad and the other things he came with, then gently took the canvas he was just drawing on


“Let me help you with that” Todoroki reached to grabbed some of the things Bakugou held


“I fucking got it” he glared, he hated getting help from others, it made him feel weak. Even Todoroki modeling for him was basically him just helping and even that chewed at Bakugou’s inferior complex


“Shut up and give me the bag, then you can hold the canvas” Todoroki grabbed the stuff from Bakugou with force “let’s go” he began walking ahead, back to their dorm with Bakugou bitting the insides of his cheeks. That was happening for several reasons… first because Todoroki just did that, no one has ever had the guts, only Kirishima like… once


Secondly because Todoroki was walking in front of him, Bakugou’s eyes trailed lower and lower until they landed and stopped at Todoroki’s ass, the way his hips were swaying from side to side with every step he took. Even with Bakugou’s huge sweater on him, you could still see a bit of the curve I’d like to take a bite of that…… what the fuck?? Bakugou mentally facepalmed himself. 


For the rest of the way back to their dorm Bakugou had to stop himself from thinking about dirty things that may or may not have anything to do with Todoroki. It wasn’t an easy task but he somewhat succeeded.


When they got back to their dorm Bakugou placed the canvas next to his desk and Todoroki handed him his things, he was about to take off Bakugou’s sweater and had it to him


“You can keep that for now” Todoroki gave Bakugou a confused stare “you’ll use it again on Monday, so just fucking keep it for now, don’t think too much into it, alright?!” Todoroki just nodded


“By the way, what in that black bag?” Todoroki asked pointing at the little black plastic bag on Bakugou’s bed


“You’ll find out on Monday” Bakugou smirked making Todoroki feel a bit nervous







It was already past midnight and Todoroki was already asleep since he already finished most of his work, Bakugou on the other hand was working on his drawing. He wanted to finish it by tomorrow so that on Monday he could start with the second piece, he was really focus on drawing when he heard some rustling and shifting from Todoroki’s bed.


“Oi half-and-half, you awake or some shit?” No response, Bakugou looked up to see that he was still shifting a lot Does he do this when he sleeps? Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows, now that he thought about he’s never gone to sleep after Todoroki, it was either during the same tie or he sleeps first… does he do this every night then? Bakugou stood up and began walking over to Todoroki’s bed “Oi, the fuck is—“ Bakugou’s words were cut off when he saw Todoroki, a lot of sweat was forming on his forehead and dripping down the side of his face, his eyes were shut tightly and his breathe was heavy. “Oi? What the fuck is going on?” Todoroki was gripping unto the sheets so tightly that his knuckles were turning white and he was biting his lips so hard Bakugou was certain blood was gonna spill soon. 


Bakugou reached down to wake him up, the moment his hands touched Todoroki’s shoulder his eye shot open as he jump forward into a sitting position, he was panting heavily, sweating, and tears were at the corner of his eye. 


“Hey, hey, hey, calm down it’s me, it’s me” Bakugou said quickly “it’s just me, calm down” Todoroki body was trembling slightly and it looked like those tears would erupt at any moment. Bakugou leaned in closer and wrapped his arm around Todoroki, resting his chin on the boy’s shoulder, Todoroki wasted no time in hugging him back. He gripped unto Bakugou’s shirt tightly as if his life depended on it, his breathing was still heavy and uneven so Bakugou leaned into his ears and whispered softly to him, telling him to breath and calm down. After a few minutes Todoroki was finally calm but he still held unto Bakugous shirt “better?” Bakugou felt Todoroki nodding against his chest “good. Now, care to tell me what the fuck that was all about?” Bakugou shifted Todoroki so he could see his face


“Just a bad dream” Todoroki muttered turning his head to the side


“Didn't seem like just a bad dream” Bakugou grabbed Todoroki by the chin and made Todoroki face him “you’ll feel better if you just fucking talk about it”


“…are you drunk again? cause you being gentle with me again” Todoroki teased, despite what just happened


“Fuck you” Bakugou glared at him, but it wasn’t as harsh as they usually were “I don’t give a fuck, I just don’t want you to look like shit when I need you on Monday, ok?!”


“Oh, so you need me?” Todoroki raised an eyebrow


“Fuck off! Go suck a dick!”


“Yours?” Todoroki hadn’t realized what he had just came out of his mouth until it did, his faces quietly began red and Bakugou took this chance to get back at him


“oh? You couldn’t take it” Bakugou smirked success, Todoroki has never looked so red, but Bakugou wouldn’t stop here, he could have, but where’s the fun in that. He leaned in closer cupping Todoroki’s cheek and lightly traced his thumb over his lips “but… I wouldn’t mind seeing your pretty little lips wrapped around my dick, what a nice view that’d be, don’t you think?” Bakugou felt Todoroki shiver at his words and he would lying if he said that that didn’t do something to him


“I’m going back to sleep” Todoroki pulled away from Bakugou, turned around so his back was facing him and snuggled into the blanket. Bakugou leaned down and hovered over Todoroki, bringing his lips close enough that they were touching his ear lobe


“Sweet dreams~” he whispered huskily into his ear causing Todoroki to ball up even more and his ears along with his whole face turned into a bright shade of red. Now Todoroki was left with a tightness in his pants that would be too obvious if he would deal with it in the bathroom so he just had to wait until it calmed down


Asshole Todoroki thought, meanwhile Bakugou was snickering to himself victoriously, As if I wouldn’t notice your dick getting hard 


Yes, Bakugou was definitely an asshole…







Todoroki found it hard to look at Bakugou after what happened the night before, not only did he completely freakout in front of him but also got hard from Bakugou messing with him like that. He was just praying that Bakugou hadn’t noticed, but honestly can you blame him… with no experience in this area and only having kissed some people here and there, was is really such a surprise that he would react easily to thing like this. Especially with someone like Bakugou goddamn Katsuki, who had the body of a greek god and with a voice like that who the fuck wouldn't react to him talking about sucking his dick. For Christ sake…


Fortunately for Todoroki nothing significant happened that day, it was just a peaceful Sunday like any other. Todoroki met up with Tetsutetsu for lunch, to Bakugou’s displease, and he just went around the campus taking pictures with his camera. He preferred to take photos of people when they weren’t aware and weren’t posing because he captures the raw emotions and it’s not faked. 


Bakugou’s Sunday was also uneventful, he didn’t bring up anything that happened last night especially the bad bream, maybe another time, and his downstairs issue after Bakugou basically asked Todoroki to give him a blowjob. He spent most of the day working on the pastel painting for his class, the idea he had for this particular piece was more of a sweet innocent type of Eros. Normally when people think ‘Eros’ they think ‘Erotic’ and in art it’s naked people but to Bakugou it didn’t necessarily have to be like that. Todoroki is Erotic, without realizing it and that’s why so many people are just into him, there’s something in his eyes that makes you wanna bend him over on the table and fuck him until he forgets how to talk. And that’s exactly what Bakugou is gonna emphasize in this first painting… his eyes… he’s gonna make it so that everything else is just… cute, sitting cross-legged, colorful background, but when you see the expression, the look in his eyes, that’s where all the lust will be.


As for the second piece… that’s tomorrow’s surprise







Monday, everyone’s least favourite day of the week because it’s the beginning of a long stress filled week with no knowledge of what is to come.


After classes were over for the two roommates, they prepared to head over to the studio once again to complete Bakugou’s project. Todoroki put on the same sweater Bakugou had given him as well as the shorts, Bakugou took what he needed and once they arrived he set up like last time, this time with charcoal. He grabbed the little black plastic bag and handed it over to Todoroki


“Take off the shorts and put this on” Todoroki took the bag and took a look at what was inside


“The hell is this?” Todoroki look at Bakugou in disbelief 


“It’s exactly what it looks like” Bakugou smirked “now don’t bitch about it and put it on”


“No way, it’s embarrassing”


“I’m the only one that’ll see you in it anyways, maybe next time you’ll think twice before dumping buckets of paint on me”


“touché” Todoroki took off his shoes and shorts, luckily the sweater was long enough to cover his underwear and almost half of his thighs “I can’t believe you're making me put on these thigh high socks Bakugou”


“Quite whining” Todoroki rolled his eyes and put on the long stockings, the left was red and the right was white 




“To match your hair”


“I can clearly see that” Todoroki shook his head, on the top there was a ribbon and they reached his mid thigh, the material was really soft so they didn’t give him any discomfort 


“I knew it’d look good on you” Bakugou grinned mischievously 


“Tch, let’s just get this over with” Todoroki groaned as he stepped unto the platform “alright, what should I do?”


“Lay down on your back” Bakugou instructed and Todoroki begrudgingly did so, he laid down with his back on the ground “put you hand above head… bend your right leg, and uh… arch you back”


“Bakugou, this is stupid—” Todoroki argued


“Just do it!” Bakugou yelled, and with a rolled of his eye Todoroki put his arm above his head as if someone was pinning hims down, he bent his right leg and arched his back just as Bakugou had instructed. The blonde examined Todoroki for a bit before shaking his head


“...not good enough” Bakugou stroked his chin “sit up and spread you knees apart” Todoroki didn’t even bother to argue, the sooner he did this the sooner he’d be done with it and they’ll never have to talk about this again. “Still no good…” so for the next few minutes or so Bakugou had Todoroki in different positions until he got one he wanted “…perfect”


Todoroki was sitting up with is hands behind him to support his weight, one of his legs were bent on the side (like a criss cross but just one leg like that) and he bent the knee of his other leg upward. This caused the large sweater to rolled down showing off the stockings and underwear, Todoroki tilted his head to the side, making his hair cover one of his eye and his mouth was opened slightly, his chest going up and down as he breathed steadily.


“Good, don’t move” Bakugou grinned, he started with a light sketch in pencil before using charcoal to being the real work. He was focusing really hard on his drawing, this was going to be by far his most favorable piece, this one was definitely going up on the gallery, no questions asked. After about an hour, it was starting to come together, they still had another hour before their time was up and Bakugou going to milk ever single second of it. For this piece, everything will be lustful, the position was pretty much an invitation, the way his hair covered half his face, fuck it's gonna be amazing.


Meanwhile, Todoroki’s legs were beginning to get numb again, Seriously, how can people do this?  Todoroki internally groaned


“How much longer?” he asked


“About half an hour” Bakugou replied without looking up, too focused on his work to noticed Todoroki’s displeased face, he was currently working on the shading of the boys neck and when he moved up to the face, he looked at Todoroki and saw that he had a blank face. That wasn’t gonna cut it, he need Todoroki to make a sexy expression or something, so that he could fully capture eros, drawing it from his head wouldn't be good enough... he was gonna have to fix this. He stood up from the stool and walked over to Todoroki.


“I thought you said half an hour” Bakugou’s knelt down in front of him


“Yeah, i’m drawing your face and it’s not working out” Todoroki gave him a confused stare but his face quickly became blank again, just waiting for Bakugou to explain what was on his mind “your expression is too stoic”


“So what do you want me to do about it…? ” Todoroki questioned


“Make an expression damn it” Bakugou grabbed Todoroki by chin and examined his face “like your trying to seduce me or something, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?”


“No fucking away can I do that” Todoroki glared “this is why I told you to get someone else”


“…well, then I’m just gonna have to help out”


“What do you mean…?” Todoroki stared back at Bakugou


“This” Bakugou slipped his hands under Todoroki’s sweater


“O-oi! what are you doing!?” Todoroki grabbed the hand under his sweater stopping it from moving any farther 


“Helping out” he lightly squeezed the skin under the clothing and dragged his hand across Todoroki’s stomach “nice body”


“Gee, thanks” Todoroki attempted to glared at the blonde but it didn’t work out, Bakugou leaned close to Todoroki’s ear and blew air on his ear, Todoroki’s shoulders tensed up and he felt a shiver go up his spin. Bakugou used his free hand and opened up Todoroki’s legs a little bit before sliding in-between them. He ran his hands up and down Todoroki’s legs, feeling the smooth fabric of the socks an dragging his nails over the parts that the stockings didn’t cover. Bakugou dipped his head lower and bit down where Todoroki’s shoulder and neck join, causing Todoroki to let out a surprised gasp “B-Bakugou… that hurt” Todoroki panted, his breathe becoming uneven.


Fucking hell, if I don’t stop now, I won’t stop Bakugou thought


He licked over the place where he had just bitten, he pulled back to take a look at Todoroki’s expression and he nearly lost all self control. Todoroki’s eyes were half lidded and foggy, his mouth opened slight and breathing uneven, his whole face was flushed pink and his shoulders and legs were slightly quivering.


“…go back to the previous pose” Bakugou whispered into his ear, and Todoroki quickly did as he was told, moving his hands and legs back to how they were. “Don’t move” Bakugou returned to the stool and began drawing. This was perfect, now he could truly capture the eros, he didn’t have to do it off the top of his head. He would never admit it, but the face Todoroki was showing was making him so horny right now. He hasn’t fucked anyone since Todoroki showed up, no one gets him going like Todoroki does. Even if he were to go to a club, he wouldn’t see anyone that’ll get him in the mood. 


This fucking half and half bastard… Bakugou growled


After over 20 minutes their time was up and they had to clean up for the next person.


“Times up, you change and I’ll clean up” Bakugou said, Todoroki pulled the thigh high socks down and returned them to the small bag, then he put on his black shorts and shoes. Meanwhile Bakugou was returning all the materials, the stool, and the canvas stand, he washed his hands in the sink and dried them. He took some charcoal so he could finish up the last parts in his room, since this was due in two days. Bakugou held the canvas and charcoal and Todoroki held the plastic bag and other things Bakugou had brought with him. The walk back to the dorm was silent, not an awkward silence, but just silence, neither of them knowing what to say about what had just happened, which was quite unusual, because they both always had some snarky remarks to say to one another.


When they arrived at their room Todoroki put the stuff down, grabbed some clothes from his closet and went to the bathroom. He undressed and stepped into he shower, the heat relaxing all the tension in his muscles. He slowly traced the sides of his body, when he reached his shoulder he felt the bite mark that Bakugou had left on him earlier. The whole scene began replaying in his mind, how Bakugou had touched him, bit him, licked him, whispered into his ear with that heavenly voice of his. Todoroki felt his body quiver, he felt so pathetic to be so easily unraveled by Bakugou like that. He looked down to see that he was already hard… again, earlier when Bakugou was “helping out” he had gotten an erection and wouldn’t be surprised if Bakugou noticed it, he was only wearing boxers, he’s just glad Bakugou didn’t point it out. 


Todoroki reached down and grabbed his dick and began slowly pumping it, and gradually picking up pace, his thoughts filled with Bakugou. He rarely ever masturbated, he never needed to and deemed it unnecessary to him, but here he is jerking off to the thought of his roommate who was just on the other side of the door.


“F-fuck” Todoroki cursed, what if Bakugou could hear him right now? What would he think? oh God The thought of Bakugou listening to him on the other side of the room excited Todoroki so much. Before he knew it, he came all over his hand with a whine. He washed it off and quickly took his shower, when he was done he changed into his clothes, which were grey sweatpants and a plain black t-shirt. He came out of the bathroom to see Bakugou was already working on his drawing. Todoroki went to his desk and pulled out his camera, he sat crisscrossed on his bed and took a quick picture


“What the fuck did I say about take picture of me without fucking asking!??” Bakugou growled “you deaf or something?”


“My hearing is in perfect condition, thank you very much... plus this is for leaving a bite mark on me”


“Oh did I?" Bakugou said totally uncaring "Anyways don’t act like you didn’t love it”


“Shut up, you don’t know what your talking about”


“Your reaction was just like last night” Bakugou huffed and Todoroki just rolled his eye, he suddenly remembered the dream he had last night and his mood went to shit, he didn’t show it on his face though. “…speaking of last night… what were you dreaming about that got you to freak out like that” Bakugou asked sounding genuinely concerned, he looked up to stare Todoroki back in the eye “look shithead, I’m no good with helping people feel better, but I do know that keeping it inside won’t help”


“…it’s just…” Todoroki hesistated on whether he can trust Bakugou with this “family stuff”


“What? Did someone die or…?”


“No, not like that.” Todoroki pulled his knee up to his chest and hugged it “listen… I’ve never talked to anyone about this… so I trust you to keep It a secret” Bakugou nodded “…well, basically, my dad is an abusive asshole, I have three older siblings, two brother and one sister. My brothers left home and I rarely speak with them now, my sister is still at home for some goddamn reason. And my mom, she couldn’t take it anymore so she left, I can understand why…” Todoroki hadn’t even realized when Bakugou had moved from his chair to his bed “my dad has been pressuring me to study and run the business, so when I chose to come here he was fucking pissed, I’ve never seen him so angry before… it was honestly scary, so just thinking about the past makes me uneasy” 


“I really wanna punch that old douchebag in the face right now” Bakugou snarled out loud causing Todoroki to chuckle


“I didn’t know you cared so much” Todoroki teased


“Fuck off, what the fuck was I supposed to do when your were having a fucking panic attack” Bakugou yelled trying to keep his face from blushing 


“Then I guess I have to thank you once again for watching out for me” Todoroki rested his head against his knee with his head turned to face Bakugou


“Oh? And how will you do that?” Bakugou raised an eyebrow “I’m not easy to please” Todoroki lifted his head up and stared back at Bakugou, deep in thought... Todoroki moved closer to Bakugou and softly kissed the blonde on his cheek


“Will that suffice?” Todoroki asked with an ‘innocent’ look on his face


“Tch, barely” Bakugou growled, he quickly stood up and went back to drawing, but Todoroki was still able to notice the blush on his cheeks, it even spread to the tip of his ears.


Cute… Todoroki giggled

Chapter Text

“All right, before I dismiss you” the professor spoke to his class “as you all know, about a week ago you all turned in excellent projects for a chance to have it featured in a popular magazine. Well, the results are in, and two students from this class have their works featured in said magazine” the class began chattering in excitement 


“I’m so nervous now” Tetsutetsu said to Todoroki who was sitting next to him 


“Quite down” the professor yelled “you can all pick up a copy as you leave, so you can search for it and find out which two students got it” he passes out the magazines to all the students as they were exiting the class. Todoroki and Tetsutetsu walked out together, each receiving a copy of their own. Tetsutetsu began frantically flipping through the pages


“Todoroki, you got it!” Tetsutetsu yelled in excitement “you’re on page 10!” Todoroki flipped the magazine to page 10 to see that his work was featured in it, several of his photos even, it went on for 5 whole pages, front and back. They were all photographs of Bakugou, splashed in paint, outside by the sunset surrounded by nature,  while it was raining, wearing a suit, wearing a jacket that wasn’t button which exposed his nice abs, and the one when both of them were playing in the paint and in the rain. “And after yours is mine!” Tetsutetsu suddenly hugged Todoroki tightly, but quickly pulled back realizing what he had just done. “Ahem… u-um sorry” Tetsutetsu scratched his nape


“It’s ok” Todoroki shook his head “and congratulations, Tetsu” he smiled, Tetsutetsu’s face heated up becoming a dark shade of red


“Thanks, you too. Your photos of Bakugou are really cool, but how did you get the one with the paint, with both of you in it” 


“Oh, timer, but it was purely accidental”


“Amazing” Tetsutetsu gasped “hey, let’s… actually never mind, I’ll see you around” he ran off, not even giving Todoroki a chance to respond. Jeez, what’s wrong with me…? I was gonna ask Todoroki out again, after what had happened last time, now will be too soon… Tetsutetsu ran into his room and shut the door behind him, he flopped unto his bed and groaned


“What’s with you” Monoma, his roommate, asked




“Ahhh” the blonde nodded in understanding “let’s go out to eat, and get your mind off of him for once” Tetsutetsu nodded and the two got ready to go out and eat




After Tetsutetsu had run off leaving Todoroki in the dust, the male just blinked a few times and turned around to the direction of his own room. He was excited about getting his photos featured in the magazine, already on page ten and goes on for five whole goddamn pages, front and back. He was also happy for Tetsutetsu, but for now, for some reason, he had a strong urge to show it to Bakugou, he wanted him to know and felt that Bakugou needed to know, so he sped up to get to his room sooner.


When he got there he felt a ping of disappointment to see that Bakugou wasn’t in the room, but not even a minute later the door flew open then Bakugou marched into the room with a victorious grin on his face. Todoroki looked at the blonde with a confused look on his face.


“What’s with that face your making?” Todoroki asked


“Remember my Eros assignment?” Todoroki nodded “well, it just scored a place in the art gallery” 


“Really? That’s great, congratulations”


“Fuck yeah it is” Bakugou smirked widely “she especially liked the one with the stockings, see? never doubt” 


“Well, it just so happens that my assignments results are in as well” Todoroki handed Bakugou the magazine “page 10” Bakugou flipped the magazine to page 10 and was met with a picture of him in a suit, hands running through his hair, smirking at the camera. He continued to look through the pages and saw more pictures of himself, covered in paint, drenched from the rain, wearing semi revealing clothes, and his personal favourite was the one with both him and Todoroki in the paint. He should smile like this more often Bakugou thought


“I’ll admit it, these are pretty awesome” Bakugou nodded, he continued to flip through the pages and got to a point when he didn’t recognize the images


“Those are Tetsu’s, he got it, too” Todoroki explained, noticing Bakugou’s confusion


“Oh…” he muttered, he shut the book and handed it back to Todoroki “get dressed we’re going out”


“What? Why?” Todoroki furrowed his eyebrows


“To fucking celebrate, duh” Bakugou rolled his eyes “just wear something simple, we both worked fucking hard on this shit so we deserve a little break” he quickly explained already picking out his outfit for their little outing. Todoroki smiled softly and headed over to his wardrobe as well. He decided on wearing grey skinny jeans that showed off his ass very nicely, with a black fitted sweater as well as a black scarf, and to finish the look he just work his nike sneakers. Bakugou was wearing black ripped jeans and a red sweater, with his black nike high tops. “Ready?” Todoroki nodded, he grabbed his wallet, phone, and keys and then the two left the room. Bakugou led them outside to the parking area of the campus and stopped in front of black and orange motorcycle. Todoroki stared at the bike, I didn’t even know he had a motorcycle… fuck it just made him 10 times hotter Todoroki growled internally


“Get on” Bakugou said as he tossed Todoroki the helmet 


“Don’t you need it?” Todoroki asked as he held the helmet in his hand, Bakugou just gave him a questionable look, with one eyebrow raised and his eyes narrowing at male in front of him “alright never mind…” Todoroki said as he put the helmet on his head. Bakugou hopped unto the bike effortlessly and Todoroki followed, throwing one legs over and sat on the back seat and kept a small space between him and Bakugou.


“Unless you wanna fucking fall off you better hold on” Bakugou shouted over the roar of the engine, Todoroki shifted much closer, until his chest was fully pressed unto Bakugou’s back, he wrapped his arms around Bakugou’s torso. Todoroki could feel the other male’s abs underneath his sweater, he lightly felt around, feeling each bump and gulp… 




His gay was showing again…. 


He then rested his head on Bakugou’s back facing the side. Once Bakugou felt that Todoroki was secure behind him, he pulled on the gas and drove away


“So were are we going?” Todoroki yelled so he could be heard over the sound of the wind rushing past them 


“Just a restaurant in the mall not too far from here” Bakugou said, he slightly speed up and felt Todoroki hold unto him even tighter, making him smirk. Once they arrived, Bakugou found a parking spot near the entrance, he took the helmet, locked the bike and led Todoroki towards the restaurant “it’s one of my favourite places”


“Really? So you come here often” Todoroki asked


“Yeah” Bakugou nodded, they continued the walk to the restaurant, chatting every now and then about how they did on the assignment or just be in a comfortable silence.


“Todoroki?” The two looked forward to see that in front of them was Tetsutetsu and Monoma, both were about to enter the same restaurant as they were “funny seeing you guys here” the silver haired boy laughed


“Are you two going in here, too?” Todoroki asked and Tetsutetsu nodded frantically “wow, what a coincidence” Tetsutetsu looked Todoroki up and down and felt his face grow hotter by the second. Tetsutetsu’s checking out of Todoroki didn’t go unnoticed by Bakugou, the blonde glared furiously into the other’s soul but he was too focused on the gorgeous human specimen in front of him that he didn't noticed and quite frankly, he didn't care.


“Um… why don’t we all just eat together then?” Tetsutetsu suggest “since we’re all going in here anyways”


“That sounds like a great idea” Monoma smirked


“I’m ok with that” Todoroki nodded “Bakugou?”


“Tch, whatever” he rolled his eyes and just walked past them, stepping into the resturaunt, the three other joined and followed behind him. A waitress went to them, she was wearing a white long sleeve dress shirt that was tucked into a black skirt, long white socks that went up to her knees, black shoes, and a small apron around her waist


“Table for 4?” She asked in a soft voice


“Yeah” Bakugou replied.


“Right this way please” she led them to a table for four people that was in the far back corner of the restaurant, luckily not a lot of people were around so they had a bit of privacy. Todoroki and Bakugou sat next to each other leaving the other two to sit together, Tetsutetsu sat right across from Todooki and Monoma sat across from Bakugou. Once they were settled in, the same woman from before came up to them with four menu’s and four glasses of water, holding on to a small notepad as she waited for them to place their orders. Once they had decided, she wrote down their order and headed back to place the order for them.


“…it’s pretty cool how we both got featured in the magazine” Tetsutetsu randomly and suddenly said


“Um, yeah” Todoroki nodded 


“When I saw your photographs I knew you’d get it, no doubt” Tetsutetsu smiled brightly “I never knew you were so photogenic, Bakugou” said blonde looked up, narrowing his eyes at the male but he just brushed it off with a laugh


“You wouldn’t expect that because of his obnoxious personality” Todoroki said keeping his blank face


“Fuck you” Bakugou barked as he glared a the male but he didn’t react at all, already used to his outburst


“It’s true” Todoroki said matter of factly, the two began bickering back and fort. At the same time Monoma nudged Tetsutetsu on the side and gave him a look


“What?” Tetsutetsu whispered


“You know ‘what’ it is” he eyed the male “ask him, before you chicken out again. If you don’t I’ll shove my foot down your throat”


“Jeez, fine, I will” Tetsutetsu whisper yelled but the two were still to focused on their bickering to notice that he and Monoma just had a side conversation. Tetsutetsu waited for a bit until they had stopped, he took a deep breathe and cleared his throat “…um, Todoroki” said boy looked up with a hum “I talked to the professor and he told me we have another project coming up and… it’ll be with a partner this time” Bakugou already knew where this was going and he wasn’t liking it in the least bit, he clicked his tongue and pulled out his phone not even bothering to pay attention. Why the fuck should he care? He can have his own friends and be with however he wants. Bakugou shouldn’t give a single shit, it’s not like Bakugou’s dating him or anything like that… so why is he so goddamn irritated “So… do you wanna be partners?” 


“Sure” Todoroki nodded, Monoma nudged Tetsutetsu’s knee with his own and smirked. At the same time the waitress came with their food on a tray


“Your orders, gentlemen” she spoke as she leaned over and placed their meals on the table, she straightened up and began nervously twirling her hair with her index finger “um, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call for me” as she was saying that she was staring mostly at Bakugou, who honestly didn’t give a shit, but he thought maybe he could just get with the chick and that’ll get his mind off of Todoroki. He hasn’t fucked anyone in a while so maybe all this pent up frustration was what was making him feel all… weird inside when he was with Todoroki. Bakugou thought if he tried really hard he would believe it as the truth. 


“Certainly” Bakugou smirked and the waitress felt her heart squeeze and her stomach do backflips, just from something as simple as a smirk and she was melting. She gave a small wave as she giggled away back towards her other coworkers.


“Well, someone seems to be into you” Monoma gave a shit eating grin “you gonna hit her up?”


“Mind your fucking business” Bakugou growled 


“I think you should go for it, she’s pretty cute, don’t you think so, Todoroki?” Tetsutetsu joined in after swallowing the large bite he took of his food


“Whatever” Todoroki muttered as he picked apart his food. Bakugou noticed the sudden change in atmosphere from Todoroki, even though he keep that blank and stoic facial expression, Bakugou could easily tell that he was irritated. Wait a Minute Bakugou smirked Is he jealous??


Bakugou nudged Todoroki on the side and leaned in closer to whisper something to him.


“You’re jealous aren’t you?” Bakugou chuckled and Todoroki pulled away looking the other male with a slight frown but Bakugou only smirked 


“Just shut up and eat” Todoroki rolled his eyes facing away from him and focusing on his own meal. He’s not denying it… Bakugou didn’t press it any further and just ate his meal. Every now and then the waitress would glance over to their side and stare at Bakugou, this didn’t go unnoticed by Todoroki and every time he would caught her staring he would get more and more irritated. He didn’t understand why he was getting like this, it’s not like he has the right to tell her to stop staring, and that pissed him off even more. He didn’t have the right, so all he could do was just glare whenever they made eye contact.


However, when she wasn’t staring, Todoroki’s attention was focused on the three other people at his table talking, mostly making fun of each other. Todoroki would occasionally join in and just make a snarky comment, though majority off the time it was just Monoma and Tetsutetsu talking, with Bakugou making a rude comment here and there… nothing out of the ordinary. At one point Bakugou had received a text from someone, he pulled out his phone and saw that it was Kirishima.


Kirishima- hey, Bakubro! Wazzz uppp?


Bakugou- I told you not to call me that shit.


Kirishima- you know I won’t stop. Anyways r u busy rn?


Bakugou- just having lunch with people


Kirishima- ooo which people? Is Todoroki there?


Bakugou- shut up


Kirishima- hahhaa, he’s totally there, are there other people too? Or just you two~


Bakugou- there are two other people here, I don’t even know their fucking names


Kirishima- why I’m I not surprised? Anyways, better make your move soon, like I told you, if you don’t snatch him up fast someone else will. You and I both know that probably over 100 people on this campus wanna get in his pants.


Bakugou- and your assuming I'm one of them?


Kirishima- no, they just want his body, you want his heart <333. I know my Bakubro, and I know when he has the hots for someone


Bakugou- bullshit


Kirishima-  Don’t be stupid. because of what happened last time your afraid to love someone. Don't let the past hold you back, you have to move on.


Bakugou- fuck off, I thought I told you never to bring it up. 


Kirishima- Bakubro, I’m just worried about you


Bakugou- don’t start with that shit, just fucking drop it


Bakugou put his phone on silent and shoved it back into his pocket and continued to eat his meal, but obviously he was more agitated than usual, Todoroki had stared at him for a bit, he wondered what made him so mad, but just went back to eating his food without saying anything. 


Fall in love my ass, there’s no fucking way, he’s just pretty and I’m just horny, all I need is a good fuck and I’ll be back to normal and prove that Kirishma was wrong


At the end of they meal, Todoroki and Tetsutetsu were talking about the assignment that they just finished, like their other classmates own photographs, and what inspired their own. Bakugou waved his hand and the waitress pretty much flew towards their table in an instant.


“Check please” Bakugou said to her


“One moment” she smiled at Bakugou before walking away once more, Todoroki had zoned out of his conversation for a bit to stare at them with an annoyed expression. He looked back to Tetsutetsu so Bakugou wouldn’t catch him staring. But Bakugou wasn’t an idiot, he knew Todoroki was glaring at her multiple times during their meal and just now when he had asked her for the check. Bakugou thought about taking this a bit further, just to see just how pissed off he could make Todoroki, just to see how deep does his jealousy runs. When she came back with the check, Bakugou smiled at her with a very charming smile that literally made her squeal. Tetsutesu and Monoma brought money for their own meal, Todoroki brought out his card and put it on the table, but Bakugou got his card and gave Todoroki’s back to him.


“I’ll pay for you…” he mumbled


“No, you don’t have—”


I’ll pay” he brought his own card and gave it too her along with the cash, she scanned his card and pressed some buttons before hading him back his card.


“Thanks…” Todoroki muttered as he tucked his card back in his wallet. As the four of them got up and were about to leave the restaurant the waitress that served them, rushed towards them


“Excuse me” they all stopped and looked back to see her standing there nervously looking down at as feet, she held out a small neatly folded piece of paper towards Bakugou “u-um, sorry if this is a bit sudden and unprofessional of me, but m-maybe if you’d like to hang out sometime together, just call me” Bakugou took a peek at the paper she had given to him and saw that it had some numbers written on it, she had given him her number “or you could just come back and eat here again, haha” she laughed nervously, he face was so red and heated that you could probably fry an egg on it. Bakugou took the paper from her, purposely brushing his fingers against hers and tucked the paper in his pocket.


“We’ll see” he winked at her, then her legs turned to jelly and she was so close to falling over. She gulped and nodded her head quickly, before squeaking out an ‘ok’ and scurrying off. 


“Wow, she took a bold step” Tetsutetsu nodded his head slowly in approval “are you gonna go out with her?”


“None of you business”


“Hahaha” Tetsutetsu just laughed it off. As they were nearing the exit, Monoma nudged Tetsutetsu in his side and pointed to the side with his head “oh, guys, we’ll take off here, see you around school” Tetsutetsu smiled and waved at Todoroki. 


“Bye” Todoroki waved back and from behind Bakugou just rolled his eyes, he kept walking to where he parked his bike and Todoroki had to jog a bit to catch up with him “so, back to the dorm?” Todoroki looked back at Bakugou who was staring at his bike.


“Are you in a rush?” Bakugou asked Todoroki with a calm look on his face, Todoroki shook his head wondering what Bakugou had in mind. The blonde handed him the helmet and hopped unto his motorcycle, he glance back expectedly at Todoroki. The dual haired boys slide the helmet on and buckled it, swung a leg over he back and settled behind Bakugou. He wrapped his arms tightly around the others torso, he was so close that his chest was rubbing against Bakugou’s back. Once he felt that Todoroki was settled he drove off. Todoroki shut his eyes and kept his forehead rested on Bakugou’s shoulder. Todoroki felt the road get bumpy so he instinctively held unto Bakugou even tighter, any tighter he may just cut off his blood circulation. About 20 minutes later they came to a stop, Todoroki unhooked his arms from Bakugou’s torso and finally looked up. He had stopped right in front of a forest, ahead of him he could only see miles and miles of tall thick tree, the wind rustling the leaves together creating a calming sound. Todoroki took a deep breathe basking in the feeling of the fresh air. 


Bakugou already began walking into the forest and Todoroki quickly followed behind him. They walked for about 5 minutes in silences, only listening to the sounds and calls of various creatures, until they reached a circular clearing. It was surround by the tall trees and the ground was covered in thick grass, there were various types of flower and roses growing along the sides and occasionally a small rabbit would hop by. Todoroki looked up to see a few bird nest on tree branches, he caught sight of squirrels hopping from tree branch to tree branch. Past the tree he could see that the beautiful colors of the late noon sky, the orange hue pouring down on them. It was all so mesmerizing.


“This is place is beautiful” Todoroki awed, he pulled out his phone and began taking pictures of the area “I wish I’d brought my camera” he mumbled to himself as he continued snapping images at various angles. The whole time Bakugou was gazing at Todoroki, he found it really cute how his eyes sparkled when he saw this place, how his pink tongue occasionally stuck out of his lips when he was trying to find the right angle. He enjoyed the fact that Todoroki really like it here and found it just as beautiful as he did. Though, Bakugou wasn’t so sure why he decided to bring him here at all, there wasn’t really a reason, maybe he just wanted to share it with him. The only other person that knew about this place was Midoriya. While in the mist of thought Bakugou didn’t realize that Todoroki had snuck up on him and took a picture. It was only when he heard the camera click he turned his head and saw Todoroki holding up his phone. 


“How many times have I said—”


Not to do that shit” Todoroki finished the sentence. Bakugou just glared at him and rolled his eyes. “Look” Todoroki showed him the image and it was absolutely stunning. The background was blurred but you could still make out what it was, the way the light illuminated unto Bakugou’s face, with his head at an angle were you could see that sharp ass jawline.


“…not bad, candy cane” Bakugou huffed, he was actually impressed, but of course he wouldn’t voice that out. Bakugou hadn’t realized how close he was standing next to the other when he was looking at the picture, he could smell his sweet cologne and hear his soft breathes. He looked up and coincidentally Todoroki looked up too, they locked eyes with each other and just gazed upon one another. Red eyes piercing into blue/gray ones, neither of them knew who was the one that had started leaning in first but at some point they were both inching closer and closer until their lips were barely a centimeter apart. But Bakugou realized what was about to happen and moved back. He cleared his throat before speaking  “….we should head back now, it’s getting dark” Todoroki left in a bit of shock could only nod his head slowly and follow Bakugou back to his bike. He put on the helmet once more and took a seat at the back before they drove back to campus.


“Umm… thanks for taking me out today” Todoroki suddenly said as they were walking back to the dorm “the food was delicious and the forest was really beautiful...I enjoyed it” Todoroki smiled softly making Bakugou’s heart go bang bang in his chest


“Yeah whatever” he averted his eyes


On their way to their room they bumped into Midoriya 


“Hey, Kacchan, Todoroki-kun” the green haired boy waved at them “what were you guys up to?”


“None of your fucking business nerd”


“Don’t be like that Kacchan” he pouted


“Whatever, Deku” he rolled his eyes


“Oh, Kacchan, Ei-chan is looking for you, he’s in your room” Midoriya told him “did something happen?”


“No.” Bakugou looked off to the side before staring back at Midoriya. Now it was as if they were both community telepathically because they were staring each other down without uttering a single word. Meanwhile Todoroki wasn’t sure whether he should feel amazed or frightened. In the end Bakugou just stormed off and Midoriya let out a long sigh.

“is everything ok?” Todoroki asked, it wasn’t really any of his business but he still felt like he should ask


“It’s complicated” Midoriya huffed. He noticed that there was a leaf on the other’s shoulder “you have a leaf there” he reached his hand forward and  picked off the leaf “haha, where did you guys go? The jungle?” Midoriya laughed a bit


“Well, we went to dinner and then he took me to some forest clearing, it was really pretty” Todoroki explained “that’s probably where the leaf came from”


“Excuse me, did you say forest?” Midoriya stared back in shock, and Todoroki nodded, a bit concerned as to why he was shocked about the forest part “um, are you free right now?"


"Yeah” Todoroki nodded 


“Great, we need to talk”