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“GUYS! ARUJI GOT US SOMETHING NEW!” Imanotsurugi came running in slamming the doors open.

“Hm?” Everyone looked up from what they were doing. In the middle of the room Kashu was painting his nails, Mikazuki and Kogitsunemaru were eating snacks with tea, Ishkirimaru was in the corner cleanising who knows what and Iwatooshi was sleeping by where Imano opened the door.

“Aruji got us a karaoke machine!!!”

“Eh.” Kashu was having memories of AWT48 did it happen or did it not happen is still a mystery. 

“Haha, what fun! Why don’t we try it out before the others.” Iwatooshi just wanted to show his possibly amazing singing ability.

“Well you see... it’s actually in the karaoke room, that we recently renovated.” Imano smiled. 

“Ok, lead the way.” They all followed Imano to the karaoke room. Inside it was dark with some colored lights, suspiciously the colors that they were wearing. There was a table with a corner couch and a seat cushion and a side table to the side of it. The machine was in front of the table and seats facing the boys. On the table was a piece of paper and a small machine.

“So how does this work?” Mikazuki was already touching several buttons on the song selection

“Oh? Aruji left instruction here,” Ishikirimaru read aloud the instructions,” First you turn on the tv. Secondly, you can choose a song from the selection or search for one use the keyboard. Thirdly, have fun. Fourth-.” 

The last part was suspiciously scribbled out. 

What reason did Aruji make this for?

“A-anyway why don’t we try it? It won’t need any appeasing will it?”

Choruses of no and of course not went around the room.

“Hm? These all have English titles,” Kashuu was scrolling through the songs,” Eoeoa, whatever that means. Otokomichi? That sounds too manly for me. Tokenai Mahou? Why does that sound familiar? Uh...”

“Right, right. Let’s just pick a random one... aaaaand here! We! Go!” Iwatooshi pushed kashuu aside and rolled the song selection like it was a wheel and hit a random song. The machine made a ding noise clarifying that a song had been chosen followed by a choice of how many people will be singing. 

“We all will be right?” Mikazuki was rummaging through the side table and turned around with five mics of five different colors. 

“I guess we have no choice.” Kashuu sighed,” by the way why am I roped into this?!”

“Guess you can say curiosity killed the cat~?” Kogi laughed a bit. 


“Look! Look! I found a box of instruments!” Imano pulled out a box from under the table,” I’m taking the tambourine!”

“I... I guess I’ll take the bells?,” Ishikirimaru took them,”will they even fit the song?” 

“I’ll just clap my hands, hahaha.” Mikazuki plopped down onto the couch. 

“I’ll take the maracas!” Iwatooshi smiled infectiously,” cha-cha-cha!”

“I’ll take the flute but I might not even need it.” Kogi laughed.

“I guess... I’m left with...?What is this...a triangle?” Kashuu sighed. 

“Well then, let’s start!” Imano smiled hitting six singers and then play excitedly,“ It’s starting, it’s starting!”

After a short 3 second beginning the first lyrics came on.

“Let’s get on, let’s get on the night! Wooaah!” 

Half of them did the hey-ho part. For the most part it went smoothly until the chorus came on.

“MITSUME NAI DE, DU DI DO DO DU DO!” The instruments clashed with one another. 

“Stop, stop!” Kashu pauses the song,” we can’t use the bells or flute! Kogitsunemaru how are you even singing with a flute in your mouth???” 

Ishikirimaru and Kogitsunemaru both gave up their instruments and went back to singing.

The second time the chorus came around, everything was a mess. Imano was on Iwatooshis shoulders playing his tambourine while Iwatooshi was using his maracas, Ishikirimaru was fumbling with the words, Mikazuki was being the god like jiji he was, Kashu who was extremely miserable with the triangle might’ve broken a nail or two, and Kogitsunemaru had begun to comb his hair a while back. 

In the end, this song was a Mistake. They vowed to never use the machine again, little did they know that they’d see it again, only to perk their interest more and they ended up making the honmaru a myuhonmaru.