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A Hike Through the Forest

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Go on a hike, he said.


It’ll be fun, he said.


Katsuki was so done listening to his boyfriend’s bullshit ideas from now on.


“Uhm- Kacchan.. You can just admit that we’re lost now..” Izuku trails off, keeping his eyes strictly on his aggravated boyfriend’s black backpack. The pair had been hiking for quite awhile now, and Izuku was slowly going mad with the amount of times Katsuki had declared that they were heading the right way- only to whisper a small Shit when he looked at the map again. Hiking was definitely not a good idea when both had a terrible sense of direction. Izuku had tried to pack the necessities, like a map, food and water, etc. But the one goddamn thing he forgot was to pack a fucking compass .


“Shut the fuck up, shitty Deku! We’re not fucking lost so quit your whining.” Katsuki holds the map in his hands, turning it all different angles and silently trying to figure out where the fuck they were. By no means would he ever admit that he had gotten them lost- since he really fucking didn’t. It was one hundred percent Deku’s fault for being so damn cute and distracting. Katsuki turned the map once more, growing ever the more frustrated and angry when he couldn’t figure out where the fuck they were. He threw his hands in the air and snapped, “Well, if some fucking idiot didn’t go chasing the goddamn fucking rabbits , then we wouldn’t be in this fucking mess right now.”


Izuku’s gaze sheepishly went to the ground, the dirt and tree roots becoming more interesting than his boyfriend’s angry scarlet eyes. “It- It was really fluffy, okay?” He mumbled, as if it would justify running off the dirt path and chasing the fluffy rabbit. “Well you’re really fucking fluffy too, but you don’t see me fucking chasing you everywhere!” Katsuki retaliated.


Izuku looked up at Katsuki and blinked.


Silence met them, save for the occasional scurrying of a small animal on the forest ground.


“What are you- Kacchan you literally chased me everywhere when we were younger- even in our first year at UA,” Izuku said nonchalantly. “You chased me down the street just yesterday because I accidently showed Kirishima-kun your baby pictures.”


Katsuki whirled around and scoffed, “Accident my fucking ass! You were just swiping through your camera roll, showing EVERY goddamn picture of me on there. Fuckin’ asswipes were laughing ‘bout it the whole time too.” Izuku’s gaze dropped to the ground again, a blush steadily rising to his freckled cheeks. Ah. Katsuki had that part right.


“It- It wasn’t intentional! I was j-just looking at one picture and then Kirishima-kun popped up behind me and asked if it was you a-and I may have said yes and accidently shown him the rest of them-” Izuku’s mumble session was cut off when a hand slapped itself over his mouth. Wide emerald eyes glanced up and met with scarlet.




“Mhmfh?” A muffled reply came.


“Shut the fuck up.”


Once Katsuki felt Izuku’s head nod, he grunted in satisfaction before letting his hand drop from Izuku’s mouth. “Now, help me figure out where the fuck we are,” Katsuki said as he put his attention back onto the forgotten map.


“Ah ha! So you do admit that we’re lost!”






The sun was setting by the time they found themselves on the dirt path again, on track to to the forest’s entrance. The whole day was spent just trying to find the goddamn path again, when it should’ve been a relatively peaceful hike ending with a nice, romantic picnic- courtesy of Katsuki making their lunch.


“T-The last fucking time I let you plan a fucking date, Deku. I swear to fuck this is the last time you ever plan a goddamn date.” Katsuki’s breathing was coming out harsh and labored, due to him refusing to rest until they were out of that goddamn forest. Izuku was fairing a bit better, as he was the one who stopped for a bit every few miles.


“I’m s-sorry Kacchan!” Izuku’s eyes were becoming misty, guilty for ruining what was supposed to be a nice day. He focused his attention to the ground again, not wanting to look up and see how tired and annoyed his boyfriend was. Shuffling in front of Izuku, Katsuki placed two fingers under his chin and lifted it up gently so that the emerald orbs he came to love were looking at him.


“C’mere, you crybaby nerd.” Katsuki enveloped Izuku into a hug, nuzzling his nose into Izuku’s poofy, fluffy hair. Izuku clinged to Katsuki like some Koala bear, happily burying his face into Katsuki’s neck as he hummed.


Katsuki was damn glad he went on this fucking hike.