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Shatter the Dark

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I wanted to sleep. Adrenaline had long since worn off, replaced with debilitating exhaustion and a longing to rest. At her insistence, Brie and I sat on the bed listening to music, taking turns choosing songs, singing to our favorites, humming along with the ones we forgot. Fortunately the room was well insulated, so we had no need to stay quiet.

"Did you know" She said, "That this part wasn't actually meant to be in the song?"

At the end of the prechorus the instrumentals died down, and in that brief intermission echoed heavy, distorted guitar strums, a sharp sting cutting the silence.

"That right there! That loud part! That wasn't gonna be in the song. You know why it is?"


"Because the guitarist was like 'It's too quiet here, let's throw in some noise.' The band was all like 'This guy's tryin' to ruin our song!', but they liked the way it sounded anyway so they left it in."


She laughed at my incredulity. "Yeah, seriously!"

We continued to listen and enjoy each other's company. Stretching out by my side as I brushed through her soft fur, she leaned into each stroke, scratching the air with her back leg when I hit that itchy spot of hers. "Yes! Oh Arceus yes right there!" She sighed in content.

"You know, Shaun, I always admired how quick you were."

"What? You're so much faster-"

"Not that kind of quick you idiot! I mean like, you always seem to have a plan, even when you don't."

"Brie, I never have a plan. I just wing it."

She inched closer, looking up with those sparkling cyan eyes, and stuck her tongue out. "That's what I was getting at. Not like in general, I'm pretty sure you'd get lost on a straight road if you didn't have me to guide you, but I mean when things go down I can always count on you for direction. You... uh... think on your feet I guess?"

Flattering, but untrue. "Pfft. Brie, you're a horrible liar-" She glared at me, the words catching in my throat. I tried to speak, but failed, so I dropped my gaze instead.

"Stop doing that! Why do you always shut down every nice thing I say to you?"

"It's... it's not like I'm trying to-"

"I know. You just don't have confidence in yourself. You're always like 'I mess everything up' and 'things would be better off without me'. Well, face it Shaun. I want you here, I need you here, and if you don't like it then don't do it for you. Do it for me." She finished her speech, placed a light touch on my nose, and climbed into my lap with a huff.

The music faded into the background as the next song in the queue popped up. A slow, steady beat.

"Hey Brie?"


"Aww. You look so cute when you're mad."

She squeezed her eyes shut and smacked me in the stomach with her paw. It hurt, but left no lasting pain. "Don't even try sweet talking me-"

"But it's just adorable when your cheeks puff out like-"

She hit my face this time, made even worse when her assassination attempt landed right on the big bruise I'd earned from the Gengar's Sucker Punch. She hit dead center, too. I rubbed my cheek and looked down to see guilt and shame mixed into her sad expression.

"I forgot! Oh Shaun I'm so sorry. That wasn't supposed to hurt."

"Shit, Brie, that would have hurt anyway." I wrapped my arms around her and hugged tight, leaning back with her. She yelped and squirmed as we fell back, inadvertently hitting me in the face again. "Gah! Watch it, I don't need even more bruises!"

We listened to a few more songs, just laying there with each other. Eventually, I broke the silence.

"I was always jealous of how nothing bothered you. You're always so adventurous and upbeat."

She laughed. "You've just gotta treat life like a game. That's all it is, one big game. If you're not having fun, then you're not living!"

"I wish it were that simple. It's just... so fucking hard sometimes."

A pause.

"I can help make it easier." She mumbled. "If you want..."

Help? "What do you mean?"

She pulled herself further up my body, the weight of her smaller self resting on me, rising and falling with each breath in.

"Uh... Brie?"

She hugged herself close to my chest, paws wrapped over my shoulders and face inches below mine. Heavy eyes, half closed and unsure, bore through me. Oh shit.


This is wrong.


This is so fucking wrong.

She pulled herself closer, the steady flow of our breath connected in both timing and depth. I wanted to resist. Well, it wasn't like I was... uh... opposed to her advances or anything. It's just, it's not the most common of things. It did happen sometimes, yeah, but that didn't make it any less taboo.

A low, romantic guitar tune continued playing in the background, how fucking fitting.

"Uhhhh... Brie, I don't think-"

"Oh hush." Her lips met mine, the thump of our hearts beating in our chest. In no time the whole world melted away, leaving just us two.


We parted, and she opened her eyes, guaging my reaction. What the fuck came over me next, I have no clue. Maybe I was just thinking with my dick, my long held drought of romantic interaction fucking with my decision making. Maybe I just couldn't let her down, not after after all she'd done for me. Or maybe I really did love her, despite all my fear and doubt and hesitation.

Let me reiterate, I had absolutely no clue what I was thinking, but in that brief moment my hands wrapped around, sifting through the fur of her neck, and pulled her back into the kiss. Holy fuck we shouldn't be doing this. I pushed as deep as I could.

Conflicted, confused, passionate.

She purred, grinding her crotch against mine in a desperate attempt to convey her need. The warmth of her breath, her overpowering taste. A rough tongue forced its way into my mouth, grazing against my own in a dance for domination.

She pulled back, panting. "Oh Arceus that was hot." Jagged breaths, short and shallow, bathed my skin, tickled my hairs as she nestled into the crook of my neck. "I love you Shaun."

"... I love you too."

We stayed like that for a few minutes. Her on top, occasionally leaning in to nuzzle my cheek, share a short kiss. My pants suddenly felt felt way too restricting, and by her sultry expression, she could feel it too.

"Does this mean... I can call you my boyfriend, now?"

"If you'd like."




She pressed her paws to my shoulders, saddling me with her back legs. A damp spot soaked my abdomen through the shirt, an obvious indicator of her train of thought. My heart skipped, not just one, but a million beats.

"Is it okay if...?"

"That's a bit... uh... f-fast, Brie-"

"That's why I'm asking. I just... want to know if you'd be okay if we... I mean..."

The gentle caress of her cheek put her at ease. She leaned into my hand. "Mmm. So, is that a-"

I... wasn't sure what to say. My mouth ran a mile a minute, leaving behind the brain that usually dictated my decisions. I was drunk with whatever the fuck it was. Fear? Love? Lust? They say drunk words are sober thoughts... so I guess I spoke from the heart?


She smiled the brightest, happiest, most embarrassed fucking smile, melted me in her paws. "Oh Arceus, this is happening..." Shaky voice, she trembled in my arms. "This is really happening." Another kiss, slow, passionate, hungry. She retreated, fumbling with the button and zipper that held the pants to my body. She looked back up, fierce and determined.

"Pants. Now."

I reached down, blushing under her watchful eyes. Fuck, why did it have to feel so embarrassing. "Sure... uh... g-give me a second." Undoing the barrier between us, never had I felt so self conscious before.


She hooked her paws into the waistband and yanked down, snagging the underwear and pants in one swift motion, a brief pain when I got caught in the clothing.

"Brie, just... um..." Words failed me.

"Shaun, I never thought I'd get to say this. You look so much hotter than I ever imagined."

She pecked my chest with a quick kiss, before dragging a slow tongue up my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. "You do too, Brie."

She giggled, licking along my shoulder and throwing in a small, stinging bite at the end.

"You don't mind... rough, do you?"

"Not at all. Just... be careful around the sensitive parts, alright?"

She nodded. "Just sit back and enjoy." The brief warmth of her tongue across my skin, the occasional nip, bite, but nothing too deep. She inched lower and lower, until her face was level with my hips. She hesitated.

"This is my first time... I have no clue what I'm doing, so if you don't like it or anything, just tell me."

"It's okay Brie, I'm nervous too."

She flashed her teeth, not exactly the sight I wanted to see so close to my crotch, and lowered her herself, placing me in her mouth and suckling. Warm and wet and rough and loving, she bobbed her head up and down. I shuddered at the sudden pleasure, at least until her fangs scraped against the head.

"Gah! Watch the teeth! The teeth!" Shit, that hurt.

She pulled off, still connected to me by thick strands of saliva due to her rapid removal. "Sorry!"

Pressinh her face to my inner thigh, she sniffled and blew a cool gust of air, pouting. I didn't ask her to stop, her teeth were just a little painful. So I spoke up.

"Um... Could you, uh, use your tongue a little more? I really like the way it feels..."

She brightened, giggling. "Okay then, perv. More tongue coming up"

"Hey! I'm not a-" My gasp cut off the words as she resumed her work, tracing her tongue along the base before slowly dragging it back to the tip, adding a few kisses along the way.

It felt like seconds, but had been at least a minute or two before she popped back off, with one last, drawn out lick, the friction from her rough tongue dripping off the skin, mingling with the quickly cooling saliva that now coated me.

"My face is getting tired, but that's not why I stopped. I have something... fun in mind that I want to try."

"Uh oh."

Crawling up my chest to reach my lips, she wrapped her arms around my neck and forced a greedy tongue to my own. I pushed the thought of what was just in her mouth out of my mind, and instead focused on her display of enthusiasm.

Further up my body she went, still engaged in our locked lips, until she straddled my torso and I had to tilt my head back to hold the kiss. She whipped her hips forward and back as she soaked my shirt, not quite dry humping as she whined. Not loud, just a cute little hum that resonated through the two of us.

"Mmm... glad you like using tongue," she said, "'cause i want a whole lot more of it." She lifted off, moving her dripping sex inches from my face. "Is this... okay with you?"


"I'm not gonna slow down unless you really want me too. 'kay?"

"Oh. Alr-" I didn't finish, because she ground herself down. Beneath the sweat and musk and... Wait. Is that poison? A tang filled my mouth, not horrible, but not exactly appealing, either. Tart. Salty. Buttery?

Whatever the fuck it was, the taste quickly dissipated, turning instead to a sickly sweet, candy-like flavor, sugar and caramel and cinnamon and oh fuck there just wasn't enough of it. Starting with her outer lips, licking them clean of precious honey drops, savoring each stroke of my tongue. And then a little deeper, taking one long lick from the base, up to the inner top of her vulva, and tracing light circles around the clit resting beneath the folds.

Muffled by the fur in my face and ears as her thighs wrapped around my head, her voice barely reached me. She placed a firm paw atop my head and ground her hips back and forth, grinding with increased fervor and fucking my face with all the strength she could spare.

"Not..." She panted between breaths. "struggling... enough! Fight me... huff... you pussy."

Well, if that's what she wants. Starting off slow, just gripping her legs and pushing back ever so slightly, I wiggled beneath her.

She sighed, gripping my hair with her paw and holding me down as she yanked herself away from my mouth, still coated in a thick mixture of saliva and her own natural lubricants. No, no. I need more. Please.

"Want another taste?"

"Um... yes."

"That's no way to beg!" She snapped, her tone shifting from chastising to taunting as a wicked smile stretched across her muzzle. "Are you sure you don't want more?"

Shame and self-respect took a backseat to the overpowering desire hazing my thoughts. "No, no. Please! I'll do anything... just please let me-"

"Then struggle. Like your life depends on it. Actually try to get away, you got that?"

"Of course, I'll-"

"That's not a 'Yes, madam.'"

"Yes, madam..."

She lowered back down. "Good boy." So I scrambled beneath her, pushing back with quite a bit of force as she rubbed back and forth, but to my surprise she stayed on. Just how fucking strong was she?

I tried again, harder this time, and found no success. No matter how badly I shoved and twisted and flailed beneath her, she stayed almost still as a statue atop me.

"Ooooh, that's perfect." She squealed, gripping the sheets beside my head with her claws before pulling off once again.

"Wait, but I-"

She shushed me with a paw, sitting back on my stomach while sliding a toe between my lips, against my tongue. Her other paw cupped my cheek, slow downward strokes as though she were petting a dainty flower. Cyan orbs glowed with pure emotion, shiny with... tears?

Is she crying?

"Shaun..." She blinked her tears away. "I'm not sad. I'm... I'm happier than you could ever imagine. I mean, it's like I... I've wanted this for so long. And now we're here, and this is... I'm just so glad, okay?"


"I'm so emotional..." She laughed. "Just a big ol' softie. But I just need you to know how I feel, okay?" She retreated to a laying position, the velvety soft fur of her muzzle pressing against my cheek as she wrapped her paws around me.

The many perked nipples hidden beneath her fur pressed against my upper body, and the most romantic idea popped into my head. Reaching around to grip her hindquarters, I rolled her to the right side so that she straddled my arm. She gasped as I played with her outer folds, and licked my left thumb, index, and middle fingers as I toyed with the closest nipple in reach. Claws dug into my shoulder as she kneaded, sandpaper tongue licking bare skin, occasionally sinking teeth deep enough to draw blood, a heavy purr reverberating through my arm.

"Damn, Brie. You're so fucking cute."

She tried to respond, but her voice melted into a whimper, somewhere between a meow and a growl. Holy fuck she's so fucking cute.

"Aww. Brie, did you just mewl at me?"

"Mmm. Can't help it..."

The minutes passed as we cuddled in each others arms, teasing and kissing and enjoying the moment.

"Hey..." she said, "I love your eyes."


"They're so blue... it's like looking into the ocean."

"Thanks, Brie." I took to stroking her fur as we laid.

"Did I ever tell you how handsome you are?"

"You never needed to, it was pretty obvious."

"You're such a liar. How come I've never picked that up before, even when we were synced?"

"I meant that it's obvious now. I always thought you were just teasing me before..."

"Really? Teasing? I thought I was being pretty clear to you."

In retrospect, it had seemed stupidly obvious. "I just thought that... uh... you were joking around. Because of the... because of how forward you were."

She giggled, a sultry look on her eyes. "I'm pretty forward about things, Shaun. You should know that by now. Speaking of which... can we...?"

"Can we what?"

Annoyance crossed her face. "Oh don't make me say it." She shifted closer. "I want to make you mine."

Nervous would be an understatement. My thundering heart, paling face, and long pause gave away my feelings. "O-okay."

"Don't sound so scared. I'll be gentle~" her warm cheek pressed against mine. Soft, familiar, calming. "Promise." She winked.

Wellp, guess I'm back to bottom again.

"If you really want to be on top, we can take turns."

Wait a minute...

"We're really gonna have this talk again? You didn't forget again, did you?"


"Don't answer, that was rhetorical." She laughed. "How did I even fall for you?"

"My natural charm. Duh."

She climbed on top. "Oh yeah, definitely. You're so smooth you make glass look rough. So... are we doing this?"

For some reason, the dumbest song popped into my head, and I reflexively belted out the lyrics. "My mind's telling me noooo! But my body..." Brie was glaring again. "my... body?" I was pierced by a scowl sharp enough to cut diamond. A scowl that very quickly turned to a mischievous...

Uh oh.

I didn't have time to react, and even if I did her murderous intent (not to mention her absurd strength) had me frozen in place. She positioned herself above me, lowering herself down and missing as I slipped right past her.

"Damnit, why's it so slippery..."

"That's real romantic, Brie."

"Oh hush. Let me just..." Using her front paw to hold me still beneath her, she slowly sat down with a sharp inhale. "Okay, wow. This is..." She failed to find the right word. "This feels like... it's way better than I thought it'd be."

My mind's telling me... Fucking shit now it's stuck in my head. I tried to focus on our heaving breaths, the hitching cries, hell, even the ungodly squelches our intimate experience entailed, but it just played out over and over, I couldn't stop thinking it.

"Stop... huff... singing that... stupid song."

"I can't..."

"Here, focus on me."

And so I did. The soft fur of her paws, the sharp sting of her claws as she dug into my chest. Her voice a soft yelp, a low growl, a deep purr, loud, consistent.


I don't know how long we had been at it. With every bounce, she trembled in my arms. With every kiss, with every touch, with every brush, we connected in the deepest possible way. I lost myself to her, she lost herself to me. I was hers and she was mine.

"Oh fuck, Shaun..." She collapsed, quivering and convulsing as she tightened around me. "Fuuuuuuuck~"

I continued to thrust for her. By that point, she'd given up control, her eyes squeezed shut and her tongue lolling out her mouth as she sunk her claws into soft flesh. She looked so fucking cute.

"Mmm." She purred. I slowed my movements.

"Uh... you okay there Brie?"

"Don't ruin the moment Shaun." She snuck a kiss. "I love you."

"Love you too."

So I held her to my stomach as she continued to work my chest with her claws. It wasn't until about ten minutes later that she shot upright in my arms.

"Wait, you didn't-"

"I'm tired, sweaty, sticky, and gross. I kind of want to just call it a night. Um... if you're alright with that-"

"Okay..." Her ears fell back.

"Oh, no. No, Brie, I didn't mean it like that-"

"It's okay. I know..."

I took her hands, massaging them in my own. "Brie, I had fun tonight, I really did. It's just been a long day, and I'm... Brie? Are you laughing?"

"Pfft. It's just so funny! You get all sorry and flustered when you think you hurt me-"

"Fuck, Brie! I thought you were really upset-"

"About what? You took my confession, along with a few other things..." She winked. "This is like a dream come true, I'd be a sucker to be sad now."

Ugh. I can't read your mind...

"Actually, you kind of can."

I sighed. Not what I meant, Brie.

– – –

It was black. Pitch black. Not the kind I can see in, either. I was... in a void? All around was just nothing.

"Shaun?" I called. My voice didn't reach my own ears. Thinking about it, no sounds did. A jarring lack of sensation: no sights, no sounds, no scents, no feeling... even the taste of my own mouth was gone.

Am I... am I dead?

Panic buried itself deep in my head, sanity slowly slipping as I hung in limbo and the void just continued to mock and jeer with its persistent silence. No, get ahold of yourself. Okay... okay. Let's think this through. I'm not dead. I can't be, just a few minutes ago I was...

What was I doing before I got here? My memory failed me.

Okay. So I'm breathing, I know I am. I just can't feel it right now. Is this-

I stood on the sidewalk, blinking. The street was empty, save for Shaun. It was quiet, a chilling scene devoid of life. No birds and no breeze and the trees just stood there watching everything. Even the grass looked fake, like spiky pieces of plastic stuck into the ground.

"Brie." Shaun's voice. "Brie?" He walked to me, fear and surprise on his face. "Why...? You... you killed them! Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck, you fucking killed them, Brie!"

"I-I don't know what-"

"Are you... are you going to kill me too, Brie?"

No. No. Never. I would never hurt anyone it must be a mistake



"Brie... Brie? Wake up."

And suddenly everything was dark again: blurry, foggy, groggy. But... warm and cozy, too. "Wuh?"

"It's just a dream, I'm here. Alright? I'm right here."

Nestling closer, I whispered my three favorite words. "I love you."

"I love you too."

I don't know what happened next, I think I fell back asleep. All I do know is there weren't anymore nightmares that night.