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Tumblr Drabbles

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He did not particularly want to be here. The ocean was fine, he supposed, so long as it never went past his knees. And if he really had to admit, the beach itself wasn’t the worst he’d been too– this stretch seemed to be a secret only Rio knew of, judging by the way she winked at him when she asked if he wanted to get some alone time.

While it wasn’t his favorite place to be, Durbe was still serene as he watched Rio dive into the water and glide as if she were a creature made for the sea who just happened to be bound to the land time to time. He was starting to get worried when she didn’t pop up after a minute– but jumped as a wave of water splashed him from behind. She had managed to slip around the peer, and was now pulling herself up to sit besides him. Durbe’s pout was met with a shit eating grin and a flash of sharp teeth as Rio proceeded to wring her hair out over his head. “Just trying to help you cool off.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” He smiled and pushed her right back into the oceans waves. She yelped and quickly retaliated. Most of their day went on like that, alternating between picking on each other and just relaxing to the sounds of the lapping water.

“Don’t you think you should reapply sunscreen?” Rio pushed herself onto the pier, flopping down besides Durbe and looking him over.

“I’m actually more worried about you. I’ve at least been under the umbrella.” Her skin, while darker than his due to her stronger affinity for the outdoors, had taken on a bit of a redder tint than normal.

Rio pinched at her shoulder, then hissed. “Mmm, yeah I think you’re right. I might have overestimated my resilience.” She reached into their swim bag, pulling out the sunscreen along with water bottles and some snacks. He watched out of the corner of his eye as she applied the block, drinking slowly. Of course she caught him quickly. “Sorry, I’m too flexible to really need help getting this on. But if the knight wouldn’t mind a little chivalry from a princess, I could get your back?”

He felt his ears going pink and knew he couldn’t blame it on the sun– like she’d believe him. Nodding, he stripped off his shirt– while he kept his binder on, the tee had started to dry and was becoming counter productive at this point anyways. Rio nudged him into laying on his stomach, then mercilessly slapped a freezing glob of sunscreen right on his lower back. “Hey!” Durbe squealed but didn’t fight Rio off as she began working it into his skin. It could have been the heat, or the lull of the ocean, but under her hands (he was sure she had gotten all of the sunscreen rubbed in a few minutes ago) he found himself quickly dozing off. Only a sharp snort of amusement kept him awake, mumbling, “What are you laughing at?”

Rio found a particularly tense spot, making him melt as she worked it away. “You purr.”