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Sweet Triumph to Be

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The female cat chuckled sinisterly, and gave him a long, searching look. "Don't you ever wonder, though? I know you love your human. You're a good familiar, no doubt about it. But.... don't you ever wonder what you could do, if you just tilted his scales? Sent him down a different path?"

He blinked and twitched his tail; he had never thought of that before. And her offer was tempting....

"Ah, there you go, darling. I can see the cogs moving in your mind. You're thinking of it. But let me tell you: we familiars hold a lot of sway. The human magic users.... they trust us. We can hiss at someone we don't like, lead them down a different alley way, tell them things that are only half true, and they will always believe us, always trust their dear familiars. And we mean no harm, not really. Just a bit more comfort. More power."

More tail twitches as he thought. Would he dare to manipulate his boy in such a way? Then again, Moira wasn't evil. She wasn't like the rabbit, and she wasn't preaching the same things. She was simply.... suggesting an alternate form of income. No familiar superiority, no death to all humans and slavery for what's left. It would be good for both he and his boy, actually.

Yes, he could do this.

An amused hiss broke from Moira's throat, and she purred at him. "I can see it on your face now, sweetie. You've said yes." She purred triumphantly.

He nodded, slowly. They needed the money, anyways. Glory from his and his boy's past exploits wouldn't fill their stomachs forever, after all. This could work. It would ensure their future, and it wasn't necessarily bad. Maybe even a good deed, if you looked at it juuuust right.

"Great. I'll tell my girl as soon as I get back to her. She'll be so delighted, you know."

He shrugged his black shoulders, and as Moira walked past to go home she bumped into him, slowly rubbing her sleek tabby body against his black one, a vision of grey and burnt umber stripes with rose gold eyes.

"I look forward to this, Aldwyn. I can think of no better tom to take on the world with." And as she walked away, she yowled over her shoulder and waved her tail seductively, the picture of perfect and powerful. "And the world will most definately fall."

And Aldwyn hoped she was right, for the sake of both them and their owners. He hoped they would be alright. But he also knew they would be. He could protect his boy, and Moira with her practically unlimited powers, could protect whatever the hell she wanted.

The world would fall, and it wouldn't even notice. They would win. They always did.