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Almost perfect

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He was honoured to be married to Leo, he really was. Being an Empress to a husband that actually loved and cared about him was no small thing. It was a feat that some of the prettiest, most powerful of women could not achieve, as their marriages were arranged and the husband's had no romantic feelings towards them most of the time. Hell, everything was good if the spouses even ended up taking a liking to each other, let alone a romantic interest. And boy, young princesses being married to middle aged men as it was customary in the history sure did not help that.

Leo was a great husband, although he had to say that there were issues involved. First of all, he wasn't all that found of the royal concubines, even if Leo spent zero time with them. Currently. But he knew that as the King of a country, he almost had a duty to reproduce a heir and obviously Haruto himself wouldn't be able to give him one. And even if he could, he wouldn't. He didn't like children and he much less wanted to have ones on his own. He didn't really like the thought of being a step mom, either. Haruto did what was most logical and spoke with Leo about that particular issue and they came to the resolution that when that happened, if that even happened, Haruto would be kept away as far from the prince as possible. He's have his own mother and plenty of maids, tutors and guards to care for him anyways. And so it was settled, Haruto would have no relationship with all and any of Leo's children, if there would be any in the first place, until they reached adult age. If he wanted to.

He wasn't really okay with his husband going around and fucking other people in order to impregnate them. Unfortunately this world didn't have the convenience of modern medicine. So, he wasn't sure if he would ever be okay with any offspring of Leo. It wasn't cheating per second, and even very common for emperors to have several concubines, but it still felt like cheating. Fuck Haruto for being monogamous, okay?

He knew he still had plenty of time untill that even begins to become a real issue, and he was also well aware that he should enjoy that time they still had like this as much as possible, but it still was a lingering bother in his life. He's say that if only it wasn't for that and that he was still in Orania with his friends, his life would be picture perfect. Picture perfect! Ah, he could dream, couldn't he. At least Elias still visited him, even if there was no need for that. It was a nice way to remember the past, very nostalgic, but not as much as seeing snippets from his past, past self. Like the wisteria one. Ah, how he longed about that flower for all these years.

He'd spent the vast majority of his days in that room, when he wasn't doing his duties or being with Leo.