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Highschool HxH

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“This is insane,” Akeno insisted.

“It was your idea,” Rias shot back.

“Yes, to put Issei in his place. Not to keep going like this. It’s been three days.”

Rias shrugged “So?”

“You need to take off that thing and leave him alone.”
“He tried to enslave me,” Rias insisted. Her voice grew louder and louder.

“And what is it you’re doing right now?” Akeno shot back.

She was taken back by that. “W-Well I’m allowed to,” Rias said. “He’s my servant, I’m his Master. Besides, he hasn’t learned his lesson yet. He’s still rebellious.”


“I don’t get what the problem is,” Rias said. “I’m a high class devil, he’s my servant. This is pretty standard practice. And I caged Kiba as well.”

“Kiba asked you to help him with his sex addiction. This is completely different.”

Rias frowned. “You mean you’re on his side?”


Her eyes darkened. “I think you are starting to forget your place, Akeno. You are my servant. I have listened to your suggestion and the answer is no. I won’t release him. Issei is mine. Now go get him.”

Akeno threw her a look of defiance. “Fine.”
She left the club room and searched for Issei.

Not long after, she found him.


“Akeno. Do you know where Asia is? And Xenovia.”

“They…” Akeno looked down. “They are being home schooled for now.”


“Rias is looking for you. You better hurry, she’s in a bad mood.”


Akeno watched him hurry to the clubroom. She wanted to help, but there wasn’t a lot she could do.

Issei arrived in the clubroom. “You called for me?”

“Yes. Close the door.”

Issei did as she asked.

“Now, take off your pants.”
With a sigh, Issei took off his trainers. He threw them behind her desk.

Ever since he was locked up, he only wore loose trainers without boxers. The cage hurt too much in tight pants.

Rias inspected his cock. She seemed troubled by something.

“Are you and at me?” she suddenly asked.

He didn’t reply right away.

“Didn’t you have enough fun yet?” Issei said eventually. “I’m really sorry about what happened. I wasn’t thinking straight and things got out of hand.”


“But I don’t have a choice. I’m destined to fight the White Dragon Emperor and I can’t do that on my own. I’ll die.”

“You do have a choice,” she told him. “There are lots of girls that would willingly submit to you. If you’re a high class devil getting a harem would be easy. And I would have helped you get there.”

“It’s no good if you’re not in my harem.”
“I would have been in your harem.”

“There wouldn’t have been a harem,” Issei said. “You won’t allow it. You want me all to yourself.”

“That’s not true,” Rias insisted.

“Then why am I being locked up? Why haven’t I seen Asia or Xenovia in days? Even when I’m helpless you won’t let me see them. You-”

“That’s enough,” Rias cut him off. “Clearly you haven’t realised I am all you need yet. You need to be trained more.”


“Shh. Your mouth isn’t for talking.”

He shut up.

Rias took out the usual set of handcuffs from a drawer.



About time. Tell me.

[The key has several protective spells on it to make sure you can’t just take it. I’ve analysed all of them and breaking them will be very difficult. Similar story for the cage itself.]


[But the ones on the key will only activate if you touch it.]


[It’s tied to the cage itself. Basically the spells are designed so the one wearing it can’t take the key. Even if you’re wearing gloves, it will recognise you as the one wearing the cage.]


Rias cuffed his hands behind his back.

Can’t I overwhelm her if she takes it off?

[Difficult. Magic is fueled by desire. Same thing for Sacred Gears. You know that, don’t you?]


[As long as you are in that cage, your magic is severely weakened. You need to get hard and cum to keep your magic alive. Rias is a high class devil, you can’t take her on without your full power. And I doubt you’ll get a second chance.]

“On your knees,” Rias said.

He obeyed.

Issei had made the mistake of not thinking things through before. He wouldn’t do that again.

So someone else can take the key for me? You’re sure of that?

[Yes. The spells only activate if you take it. You just need to wait until she falls asleep and have someone else take the key. And then… well I guess you’ll have to run. She’ll be pretty angry.]

Rias took off her skirt.

“Why don’t you take these off?” she asked seductively.

Issei could already smell the wetness that had seeped into her lace panties.

Using his teeth, he pulled down the red lace panties. It was no easy task.

“Good boy.” She patted his head.
Rias stepped out of them.

“Bring those with you,” she ordered.

Rias walked back and sat on her desk chair.

Issei took her panties in his mouth and crawled to her.

If he got out of this cage, she was so going down.

“Good boy.” Rias praised him. She held out her hand.

He put her panties down in her palm.

Rias put them on her desk.

“You know what to do next.”

With a sigh, he got to work.

“Slowly,” Rias said. “Make love to my pussy. Let me really feel your tongue.”

He did it more slowly.

Rias seemed to enjoy that a lot.

She leaned back in her chair. “There we go. That’s a good slave boy.”

Issei hummed while licking her pussy. In just a few days, he had become quite the expert at pussy licking. Rias had taken every opportunity to let him practice. One time, she had woken him up in the middle of the night to ride his face.

Luckily, she had decided they wouldn’t sleep together so on most nights he was safe.

His cock struggled in its cage while he licked her. This was the only stimulation he got after all. He hadn’t even seen breasts since he was locked up. Rias had taken away all his porn and somehow, there were no opportunities to spy on the kendo club anymore.

“You know,” Rias said. “I’ve always wondered how it feels like if you licked me down there.”

“Down there?”

“You know what I mean.”

She couldn’t be serious. No way he could lick that. He had once fucked Akeno there, but that was very different.

“Do it,” she said. “Or do you need another whipping? Or maybe more denial?”

Before he could reply, someone knocked on the door.

Rias sighed. “Stay there.”

She quickly picked up her panties and threw them on the floor. Then, she looked up again. “Come on in.”

Someone entered.

“Oh, hey Sona.”

“Hey, Rias.”

“Have a seat.”

Issei kept sitting under her desk. Sona shouldn’t be able to see him as long as he stayed quiet.

“So,” Rias said calmly. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Well-” Sona hesitated.

Issei got a deviant idea.

Rias yelped when he licked her clit.

“Everything okay?” Sona asked.

“I’m fine.” Rias tried to keep her face straight.

She subtly put her hands beneath her desk and grabbed Issei’s hair so she could keep him off her pussy.

“So, why are you here?” Rias asked.

Issei tried to lick her pussy again, but she held him off.

She wouldn’t even let him have some fun.

“Well,” Sona hesitated. “I’ve got a problem with Saji-kun.”


“He’s… well he’s a bit… you know that most of my peerage is female, right?”

“All of them save for Saji.”

“True. He… He has a hard time focusing around them. He always acts like a fool trying to get there attention and such. I’ve talked to him, but it’s no use.”

“Hm. Looks like you need to train him.”

Issei stopped struggling.

What the hell?

“Train him?” Sona asked. She seemed pretty surprised too.

“Yes. In fact, I have just the thing you need.”
Rias pulled open a drawer and took something out.

“Oh my.”

“Just put this on him and he’ll behave,” Rias assured her.

“All the time?”
“Well if he’s a good boy you can take it off once a week or so to give him a supervised orgasm. That’s a good motivator.”

“Hm. Well it couldn’t hurt to give it a try I guess.” Sona still seemed hesitant.

“Boys need you to control them. He’s behaving like that because you don’t act like a Mistress should.”


“You’re a high class devil, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” Sona said.

“Well then act like one.”

“Okay. I’ll give it a try.”

“You’ll love it. And if you need any more help, just come to me.”

“I will. Thanks a lot.”

She stood up. A bit later, Issei heard the door open and close again.

“Of course,” Rias said. “If they haven’t been a good boy, you shouldn’t release them.”

He gave her a cold look.

“Still so rebellious? Oh well, you’ll break soon enough. Now get started again and make me cum.”

She pushed his face on her pussy.

He got back to work.

Not long after, he made her cum.

“See,” Rias said. “Wasn’t that fun?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he mumbled. He didn’t want to go another round.

Rias kissed him. He kept his lips closed tightly.

“You’ll learn to love it soon enough,” she said, still a bit frustrated.

She made him stand up and took off the cuffs.

Rias handed them to him. “Here, keep them in your room. I might want to go for another round tonight.”


He took the cuffs.

Issei put on his pants again and went home.

Once there, he took a long shower and then went to bed.

Some time later, there was a knock on his door.



He jumped out of bed and opened the door.

She stood in front of him, fidgeting slightly. “Sorry for barging in like this.”

“It’s okay. Come on in.”

She entered.

“I-I wanted to come earlier, but… Rias-senpai-”

“It’s okay,” he assured her.

“She normally locks me up at night, but she must have forgotten this time.”

Asia sat down on the edge of his bed. He noticed she wore thick white pyjamas.

“Those clothes.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t wear sexy clothing anymore,” she explained. “And I can’t come to your room anymore. If Rias-senpai notices I sneaked over here-”

“Shh, it’s okay. Did they hurt you?”

Asia nodded. “I-I had to tell them, Ise-san. They-”

“I understand.”

“But-” she was really freaking out. He would have to calm her.

“Shh. I love you, Asia.” He kissed her softly on her lips.

She kissed him back. Asia calmed down completely.

After a while, he reluctantly stopped kissing her. He still wanted to talk to her.

Asia wiped away a tear. “Thanks, Ise-san. I’m so sorry for betraying you. Let me make it up to you.”

She reached out and touched him over his boxers.

Her eyes widened. “What the…”

“Sorry about that.” He tried to sound casual.

Frowning, she pulled down his boxers and studied it up close. Her face was almost touching the cage.

“Does it hurt?” she asked. The girl hesitantly reached out and touched the steel.

“Yeah. Especially when I get hard. And you’re kinda-”

“Ah, sorry.” She pulled her hand away.

“She promised she’d unlock me next week for a supervised orgasm. If I behave.”

“We need to get you out of this,” Asia said.

“You can’t. It’s magically enforced.”

“Hm.” She raised her hand. A green glow appeared. “Then we’ll just have to-”

“No.” He held up his hand. “That’s not a good idea.”
She blinked a few times. “Why not? I’ll be carefull.”

“It has a safety mechanism. And I can’t touch the key.”

“Oh. Well then I’ll just take it for you,” she said. “Is it that key Rias has on her?”

“Yes, but… look it’s not a good idea. She’s just gonna put it back on and punish us both.”

“We can run away,” Asia suggested. “Together.”

He hesitated. “I don’t know.”

He did want to run away but this was kinda risky.

“You want to stay a slave for the rest of your life?” Asia asked.

“I want to stay alive. If we leave we’d be strays. They will hunt us down and kill us.” He did want to escape, but only if he had any chance of actually getting away.

“We’ll manage. And with your new spell maybe we can-”

“No, Asia. It’s not worth it. We’ll get caught and it will be way worse.”

Asia lifted her pyjamas up to expose her belly. “Look at this.”

There were red welts criss-crossing her belly.

“You didn’t heal them?”

“I wasn’t allowed to. She checks every morning to make sure I didn’t relieve any of the pain. And if they are starting to fade, Rias…” her voice trailed off.

“Look, Asia. We can’t leave. It’s too risky.” He wanted to leave too, but it was just too risky. Especially…

If he left by himself, she would probably leave Asia alone. She’d be much safer. He couldn’t endanger Asia. This was all his fault in the first place. If he hadn’t gotten carried away with that spell-

“Please,” she begged. “I can’t take this anymore.”

“I can help you leave on your own. You don’t have this thing on. I’ll just unlock your door and you can run away.”

“I can’t.” She embraced him. Asia put her head on his shoulder. He felt her tears soaking his shirt.

“I’m sorry, Asia.” He embraced her. “But-”

“H-How about… I… I’ll be your slave?” she stuttered.

“You what?”

She pulled out of the embrace and looked at him. “I’ll be your little slave. You can do whatever you want with me.”

“Asia? That’s-”

She got down on her knees.

“Please.” Asia reached out and tentatively licked his cock. He could hardly feel anything due to the cage though.

“Don’t you want to put it in my mouth?” she asked.

“Of course, but-”

“I’ll choke on it if you want me to,” she said. “I’ll learn to take it down my throat. You can fuck my face if you want to. And you can…” She turned around on her knees on the bed and bend over.

Asia pulled down her pants and her panties, exposing herself. She reached back and spread herself open with both hands. “You can fuck my p-pussy whenever you want. You can do it hard, soft, you can… you can fist it if you want to. You can put clamps on it, you can pierce it, you can… you can shock it. You can-”


“M-My ass as well. It’s all yours. I’ll learn to take your cock in all of my holes. Or anything else you want to put in there.”


“You can hurt me if you want to,” she kept going. “You can humiliate me, you can make me-”

“I get it, Asia.”

“No, you don’t.” She turned again and pushed up her breasts. He could hardly see them under the formless pyjamas. “I’ll make them grow for you, Ise-san. I can use magic for that. I heard it’s extremely painful, but I’ll manage. As long as you’re happy I can take it. I can change everything. I can change my height, my hair color, my eye color, my character, everything. I’ll be your perfect girl, I promise. But just please-”

“Stop it. It hurts.” His cock was getting painfully hard under the cage.

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

Issei sighed. How could he say no to this? “Alright then. If this is really what you want.”

“It is. Please make me your slave, Ise-sa-… Master.”

“Okay. You can be my slave. If you can steal the key and get me out of this, we’ll run away together. And you’ll be all mine.”

She embraced him tightly. “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

[You’re gonna have to plan things properly,] Ddraig said. [You’ll only get one chance.]

“You need to go back to your room before they notice you are gone,” Issei told her. “We’ll talk later.”

Asia nodded. “Okay.”

“No,” he said gently. “Reply properly.”

She blinked a few times. “Yes, Master. I’ll go back and wait.”


He leaned in and kissed her. It was a long, deep kiss.

“Now go,” he said.

“Yes, Master.”
Asia went back to her room.

Maybe Rias was right?

[About what?]

There are girls that willingly submit to me.