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Haruto wasn't quite experiencing the marital bliss he apparently should have, but he was fine with it. His knowledge about marriage was that it started off great, turned for worse and ended catastrophic. He saw that happen many times over, the vast majority of older couples living in a miserable marriage. So, in his thoughts, starting things off unconventionally might even be good.

Except that everything about this was unconventional, at least from the point of view where he grew up; he hadn't paid attention to the marriage practices of the Orania folk. He had friends and a beautiful garden to take care off and while he liked learning about history and everything new and uncertain, marriage wasn't something he was interested in despite already being in his late twenties. Not in body, but in mind.

All he knew was that at this point and place, he was happy. His husband was as lovely as ever, even going so far as to indulge all his wishes. Not that Haruto had a lot, but that wasn't the point.

When he woke up in this strange place, the last thing on his mind was that he would end up being and Empress; pretending to be a female and having a king as his husband. Husband!

He couldn't claim to not like how things have turned out, though. He didn't have a wife, but was the wife instead, yet at least he had a husband one could only dream off, plenty of things to do and a relationship he only hoped to ever have. When he was still in Japan he was as single as one could be and sometimes felt that he would never be able to get a girlfriend, let alone marry someone. He had great luck getting dates, but usually after a couple of them they would conclude that they really didn't have much in common - or chemistry - they thought they initially had. And so, his worry about his personality increased.

Coming here was a definitive boost in his self esteem and also the realisation that he didn't need a special someone to be happy; he could be that entirely on his own. Now that he finally had asignificant other, he was happy rto conclude he was right. He was happy when he was alone and he was happy now that he was with someone; he wasn't one to be a miserable single or a supposedly proud one that would as soon as he/she would get a partner turn to that whole 'thet weren't aware how miserable they were without someone'.

So, yeah, life was nice. Even nicer when Leonhart had nothing to do in terms of leading a country and could focus his entire energy on his marriage duties. Oh, how he loved those times.

it took some adjusting in the beginning, okay - it took a whole lot of that -, but it was so worth it in the end. He was fine being a single, but he did regret not occasionally sleeping with someone while he was doing his own thing. Ah, that was his worst regret or his single days.

He wasn't going to tell that to Leonhart though, for obvious reasons. His husband was the jealous type.