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Rift Clan

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Sharon's whole body tensed at the exposure of the woman's sharpened canines drawing closer and closer yet.

"It's about time you return to the Hell from which you were spawned." Scowled a voice from somewhere within the trees.

Madame Scarlet snapped her head in the direction of the voice with a hiss. Her fangs jutting out even further. Further than Sharon thought possible.

A bolt of purple electricity sailed between the trees-it's sender leaping out right alongside it. Her long silvery hair blowing about wildly in the wind.

"Morgan Lacroix..." Madame Scarlet muttered. It was a the kind of murmur you'd give to only your archest foe. "What incentive have you in stealing my drink and interfering with my business transaction?"

"What incentive have I?" Morgan repeated the question. "The only one that really matters. Making sure the lands know that not all night creatures are out to kill."

Madame Scarlet gave an enthused snort.

"It is your fault that witches are executed, werewolves are hunted, and vampires are burned." Morgan continued.

"Hurtful..." Sonya hovered a hand over her mouth to cover a forced and dramatic yawn.

"You've got centuries of age, Sonya, act like it and drop dead." Morgan hissed.

"As amazingly hilarious this snark-off is, I'd really like to be removed from the line of fire." Sharon declared. The regret of drawing attention to herself was immediate.

Sonya bared her fangs again and like the drop of a mask mid-masquerade; the whites of her eyes blackened simultaneous with a reddening of her pupils and a scarlet set of lines spiderwebbing up and down her entire body. These lines seemed to pulse like veins. Veins that all connected to her mouth, caking it with crusting blood. Centuries of blood.

Morgan muttered a rather soft incantation. Green sparks tingled at her fingertips-the same green sparkling around Sharon's body.

"Don't waste your time. Get out of here." Morgan shouted.

Sharon didn't need a second telling. Ignoring the protests of her still tense muscles she got to her feet and took off. The woman hadn't even the remotest idea of where she was going, or where she even started for that matter. She just had to get away from the vampire. Away from Sonya.

"Where do you thing you're going?" Tuomas stepped in front of her.

Sharon bit her lip. "I'm...going to find a pyxi to suck dry. Didn't Son...Madame Scarlet tell you? I'm a vampire now."

"Oh. Sweet. Welcome to the clan. Well, I'm not in the clan but..." Tuomas started.

Sharon shoved past. A look to the left and to the right revealed what Sharon already knew...nothing familiar.

When Sharon felt like she put enough distance between herself and the night creatures she perched herself upon a log-she did her best to find a spot without a large patch of moss or mushrooms.

And with a frustrated groan she buried her face in her hands. Looked like she'd be sleeping under the stars-or lack of them-in the rain.

The next thing Sharon knew, she had another companion. This one seemed to have come out of nowhere and flounced down next to her.

"You alright?" The woman asked.

"I will be if you could give me a hand...rather a sense of direction." Sharon replied. "Who are you?"

"Just a troll huntress." The woman shrugged.